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My VW '92 Passat gives me a headache once in awhile. The trouble is: seldomly the engine... by SashokOguH 11/9/03 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     More than likely is your fuel injection system - somewhere in the boot there is a crack... by Unplato12/16/03  
     why is my car so damned expensive to fix??? this isnt my first volkswagon but it is for... by your buddy fyl3/20/04  
     check your wires for loose ons around the distributor..... by mike 5/10/04  
     Had same problem, The computer was shutting down the fuel pump intermittantly, one of the... by Al 2/15/05  
     I have almost the same problem. When I am stopped at a stop sign or traffic light or... by janet 3/5/05  
     buy a pontiac by dinglebarry 6/30/05  
     Your injection timing is off its the major problem of the 2l 16v p.s. gas in Europe is 91... by vw lover 1/7/2006  
     car does not downshift by john 4/9/2006  
     my 92 Passat keeps overheating only when I am at a stop, by German Man 9/4/2006  
what is the best varnish you can use.that gives the best protection for those miniatures... by chip 12/31/03 Miniatures Painting Guide and FAQ
     If you are in the US look for Krylon brand clear spray, either the gloss or semi-gloss.... by Jana 9/6/04  
     I normally use a base of Testor'sGlossCote, followed by 2 to 3 coats of Testor'sDullCote.... by MinipainterUS 2/20/2006  
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I met a lady today who had an alaskan malamute..however it was larger than the regular... by kate76 8/29/03 rec.pets.dogs: Alaskan Malamutes Breed-FAQ
     Blue, Maybe Blue eyes which are not acceptable in this breed, Those are Siberian Huskies,... by Brenda10/3/03  
     Alaskan malamutes, which I have had the pleasure of living with for 18 years now, can grow... by cosmicone12/1/03  
     also known as giant alaskan malamute by big guy12/5/03  
     Some people find there's a market "bigger is better" so breed only for size knowing it's... by starry12/21/03  
     AKC'sstandards say 85lbs male/ 75lbs female. A very large male according to typical owners... by rthemisphere4/3/04  
     Okay, larger IS how they should be bred as that is how they were originally bred by... by ya Stupids 8/30/04  
     Go to see the giants at wakon, or call her, she has been doing this for 50 proven years!... by giant mal girl 5/6/05  
     Malamute size is distributed in the form of a normal distribution. Some Malamutes are... by Arnold 5/10/05  
     As natures helper and to this fine breed since 1969,(breeder) I can tell you a couple of... by mtnman 7/29/2006  
i am a graphic designer, living in paris /france and trying to sell my YAMAHA CP80 MIDI (... by haymo 9/2/03 Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
     I would be interested in this piano!! please mail me by simon drums 12/29/03  
     I'm interested. € 1250,00 by maarten 9/28/04  
     wael by wh6452000 4/5/05  
     I'm would like to know the price and buy. Thanks by spookypookmusic 8/16/05  
     How do you start by deano 1/3/2007  
does anyone know the answer to the how far to zequop problem? by butch 11/16/03 rec.puzzles Archive (references), part 33 of 35
     lkljlij;kj;ojol;iuorsdfghuijhghfdsfghyuik juhhfdsfghuikdsdfghjuikofdzsdfghjkl by sgdkjlhj; 9/5/2006  
     Heck if I know by junior 9/11/2006  
     The answer is three miles. by Someone 9/26/2006  
     No clue man >< by Bleh 9/28/2006  
     hmm dunno :D by bobby jean 9/28/2006  
i am on msn/hotmail. i am trying to send a picture to an aol user. she doesn't know how... by shug 9/16/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     my name by eddie gueerero 5/22/04  
     i want 2 no how 2 get on 2 my own msn site by leelee 3/26/2006  
     i want to be on msn hotmail by rizwana farooq  9/20/2006  
     evfevf by stevenenenenne 5/28/2007  
can two computers that are connected two the interenet service in one house hold run the... by jay 8/15/03 TCP/IP FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions (1999-09) Part 1 of 2
     You can share the same connection, but each computer must have it's own IP. If you have a... by EJD 9/17/03  
     if you have several Computers in your home, can they be connected to the same account and... by msa911exp@aol.com9/28/03  
     Technically they can't since they're physically separate :-) But they can be masquarade... by Sostenuto 12/24/03  
     yes, with remoteScan by carz 1/16/04  
2000 tundra wont idle when cold by Marco  7/13/03 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     you need to clean the flap in the breather intake tube that feeds the manifold. by sinbad327 9/29/03  
     I had the same problem with a chevy but I fixed it by eating a turkey sandwich with tons... by 4.3 1/22/05  
what is regional test and time utlity test? by hari 7/20/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Regression test is nothing about Retesting the test which is already executed to compare... by Jagadeesh9/19/03  
     If your product is based on the regional language,we have to test based on the regional... by Bibhu 2/11/05  
     Regression test is a test to make sure the unchanged portion of the software remain... by vithi 11/6/05  
HOW DO I FIX THE HORN ON A 1988 PLYMOUTH HORIZON? by FLT 8/14/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     if the horn does not sound check for a blown horn fuse #7 cavity in the fuse block by bruno 9/14/03  
     check the fuse, check the horn ground, check with a known good horn at the horn itself,... by markie 1/20/2006  
     We have a 1979 horizon that has a short in the horn circuit (fuse blows when the horn pad... by moeszu 5/8/2006  
     I am looking for a gaint schnauzer to adopt. thanks by Lenay10/9/03  
     try looking at your local pound, there are occasionall g.s's roaming th world. by cenine 10/24/03  
     i look puppie standard or giant schnauzer by i lover dog pls u write to me ... by tle8496672@aol.com10/27/03  
     Try Giant Schnauzer Rescue. Go to the Giant Schnauzer Club of America website. by DrCary12/5/03  
     If you are interested in adoption I would contact Skansen Kennels at by Angela Bracco 2/8/04  
     spend the money to get the right one, you will aways wish did by kls2/19/04  
Do you have any information about a 4 masted schooner named Forester? Does anyone know... by Barb 7/8/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 5)
     Perhaps I can assist you. Hyman Brenner, Lynn, MA 01902 ... by Hyman Brenner 7/22/03  
     how am i suppose to know by wendy 10/21/04  
     I have plans for the Forester of San Francisco. This is a 4 masted schooner. She was... by Tim Dolan 1/8/2006  
     Perhaps I can assist. This is an interesting search project. Hyman Brenner by Hyman Brenner 8/1/2006  
     Have you had any luck in finding any further details? by Hyman Brenner 8/10/2006  
i can't find the restart & power led pin on my mother board it is sis 810e motherboard... by yusuf bamdukwala 1/17/04 alt.comp.hardware. homebuilt FAQ Version 20 (modified 06/18/97)
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what is the diffrent between firmness of bread during storage made by sourdough and of... by michael 7/5/03 FAQ Questions and Answers
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have a 1996 chrysler lhs, which has ( what feels like an engine)vibration upon acceleratio... by ranger 5 3/13/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     My 1996 intrepid does the same thing. Can't fiqure it out either . I'm waiting for it to... by Paul 4/1/04  
     My 1996 intrepid does the same thing.If your car is vibrating when its in nuetral and its... by Paul 4/1/04  
     you probably have a short in the wiring harness. by kazmo98 11/17/04  
     I had the same problem on my 96 LHS. Mechanic finally figured out that if he put... by dennis 2/5/05  
     My 96 was doing the same and got worse, started missing badly at low rpms. Final remedy... by Robert 2/7/05  
     I have a 1993 chrysler intrpeid.I had a vibration problem similiar to yours and it turned... by james 11/23/05  
     I have a 1996 lhs it ran beautiful until 160,000 miles..which is pretty good considering... by james 8/15/2006  
the last time i smoked weed was 7 days ago it was about 2 hits and before that 2 weeks... by none 5/13/04 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     hmmm, For me who is a semi athletic skinny person who has a very fast metabolism,... by sirshmokealot 10/9/04  
     naw iss all good, when i smoked a whole blunt and im on the high school football team,... by i have a big chole 11/28/04  
     You're screwed! by buddy 1/27/05  
     if you are worried about a drug test at work, i smoked daily, and smoked 2 days before... by ferdi 8/5/05  
     its out of your system in about 3-5 days by holla 2/24/2006  
     The bud will only stay in your system for about a month. Tea helps reduce the weed in your... by budking69 3/28/2006  
     Damn dude....thats the answer im looking for...I smoked 6 days ago and 1 time 2 weeks ago... by prot0 7/25/2006  
     You got nothing to worry about. THC can last anywhere from 2 hours to 40 days in your... by Prof. THC 8/20/2006  
what is soft ware Eng? by omid afghan 9/20/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Software engineering is a systematic approach to the development , operation and... by Rani10/27/03  
     software is the study in which we learn to write programs and thereby solving any... by jeya 12/29/03  
     Software can be as the driving force of computer without which it would be nothing except... by noreen murtaza 11/27/04  
     software engineering is a process which contains the foll phases 1. requirements phase ... by surekha sridhar 12/23/04  
     It is decipline whose aim if to develop a software , within a budget, in specific... by arpit 3/3/05  
     the application of a systanatic desciplined quantfable approcah to the developmen... by amin 6/16/05  
I am 6'3" guy weighing 280 lbs. I would like to bike to loose weight. But the only bikes... by Ted 8/1/03 Rec.Bicycles Frequently Asked Questions Posting Part 1/5
     think about maybe a 29 in. tire, you can get these from gary fisher, if you cant afford it... by simonds081/23/04  
     Im 6 foot 3 inches and i wieght 280 lbs too...I would like to loose wieght also,... by Tony1/28/04  
     I'm 6'5" and 245 lbs. I'm trying to get into bicycling, but almost every thing is too... by Scott4/1/04  
     I'm6,1" and weight 300 lbs. been doing a lot of bicycling. you don't really need any... by Raino 4/5/05  
     I am 6'9" and 345 lbs. and i was wondering what size bike would be appropriate for me P.S.... by N.S. Mann 11/20/2006  
     I'm 6'3" and 325 pounds, But I have a very large frame and used to power lift. I look... by By Corey 6/28/2007  
on the bottom of the nintendo nes what is the port for? by pre 6/30/03* Frequently Asked Questions (part 1 of 3)
     I saw it too.. and I'm looking for information about it.. by DJ Rowe 7/28/03  
     Multilayer Link (Unreleased) There is an expansion port on the bottom of the NES,... by ART4/8/04  
     I wonder if it could be used for a progressive scan or digital video out type thing. I... by randar 4/26/2006  
     it was many years ago but when i was 7/8 years old a friend had one and i don't know why... by muncher2002 5/15/2007  
we are moving to spain next year will a 6 7 month old adjust to the heat? by nikki 8/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: English Cocker Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     Try looking at the site its great for all kinds of tips and... by Terry12/13/03  
     I imported a cocker from the UK a few years ago, she was 6 months old and left a cold ... by Bernie 2/4/04  
     check out everything you need to know including... by britsintorre5/10/04  
     Hi there.. you will find a great deal of information on living - moving and working in... by Lucia 8/26/05  
     Come to Spain you will love it!! by Helen 10/19/2006  
I have about 25 copies of the Rolling Stones Monthly Book from 1964 thru 1966 and was... by dave 8/13/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     do you still sell them? thanks by joe9/15/03  
     I would like to buy no. 4, 23, 27 and 30 for 10,00 Euro each one. by country-ballade4610/30/03  
     I have seen a few sold on Ebay upward of 5 British Pounds each. If you are interested in... by Steve 11/3/03  
     I have all 30 of these monthly Rolling stones books, all in very good condition, with... by nashed_uk12/8/03  
     Yeah.. ok £300 mail me maxallen (@) by Max 11/17/04  
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how many hosts r there in the world by mimi 8/6/03 Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (Part 1 of 6)
     Considering the version of IP that we use (IPv4). Each IPs (,,... by tpcvasco1/11/04  
     4 billion by mac 3/29/04  
     Ipv6 actually uses 128 a bit more than 2^48... by Max 10/3/04  
Hi-I just bought an Excalibur Flour Mill second hand made form a kit (wooden) in the 70's.... by tami 1/30/04 FAQ basicbread
     Hi. I also own one these Excalibur Flour Mills. I have a fancy one now so rarely use the... by Georgia 2/25/04  
     I am looking at a excalibur now. Used of course. Glad to hear that it grinds coarse... by Troy 3/24/04  
     Hi: I bought a used Excalibur on e-Bay for my dad. He loves it. Grinds corn in it. ... by Sam 8/7/04  
     I too have an Excalibur Mill. It makes great cornmeal. Nice and coarse the way I like... by Sam 8/18/04  
     We have an Excalibur. I'll like to have a drawing of it. Tami called someone and ordered... by Joe 7/17/05  
     check out new mills at by SKSABOO 8/21/05  
     Troy; I have an Excalibur Mill for sale. Contact me at so we can... by jimjohn 7/30/2006  
     I have a wood excalibur for sale, and can be contacted at by jimjohn 7/30/2006  
     Is there a website for these grinders besides ebay? by RK3 11/2/2006  
I'm a flute player. In jazz band, I need to be able to read trumpet music (transpose).... by Emily 10/23/03 Music composition Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
     An E sharp is the same as an F natural, there is a such thing, it is just very uncommon. by trumpet player 11/16/04  
     well, I'm not sure about flute<->trumpet relationship, but if you are right, E... by Caroline 1/14/2006  
     Hi I am a flute player as well and I am pretty good at it. How long have you been playing... by Eskimo 12/15/2006  
     If the trumpet plays F#, then you should play an E (natural). You will always play a... by Joel 12/20/2006  
     so you would just play an F natural. try it. i think it works. i play trumpet. by Stephen 3/28/2007  
     the note you should play is f the reason is because f is the same as e sharp. by flute player  5/6/2007  
     :X An E sharp is the same thing as a F natural, deary. hfruighuinf by Beebooop.  7/12/2007  
I have DTC code P0301 cycl. #1 misfire, what does this mean and what needs to be fixed by Stephanie 11/22/03 General
     It means one of your sparkplugs is misfiring. Remedy is to replace all sparkplugs. by Bob1/19/04  
     Could a P0301 mean that the ignition, fuel, and air filters have to be replaced as well? by Hicham6/8/04  
     P0301 is caused by a misfile on cylinder 1 (2 would be P0302 and so on..) Fuel... by Dan  Reed 10/30/04  
     I have the same problem and have found out a lil information. First change the spark... by mahoneybologna 12/20/04  
     If you get code P0301 make sure to check the module, spark plugs, plug wires and injector.... by sam 6/29/05  
     This is usually the spark plug coil pack. THis has happend 2x on my 2000 mercury sable. by redbone 6/29/05  
     It could be the wire between the coil/coil packs (whatever your car has), or, the... by Buickguy 12/15/05  
     It can also be your ignition coil. do a tune up first. if that doesnt help, It can be your... by AlexAMT 2/1/2006  
our cat had her first batch of kittens inside of a cupboard and we tried to move them to a... by cindy 7/28/03 rec.pets.cats: Care of Orphaned Kittens FAQ
     I have been through the same thing! My cat had 8 kittens in my mother's closet ontop of... by Kaeli 9/8/04  
     our cat had 5 kittens today. what should we do to take care of mama and her kittens? by doodle 2/19/2006  
     My cat had kittens about 7-8 weeks ago but she is pretty young her self, i have noticed... by EMMA 5/10/2007  
I have an 89 VW Jetta GL 4cyl 8v. Just had a used transmission installed and the mechanic... by jeff  9/28/03 [W] INTRO, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     check you exhaust mounts and gasket by mikey58 1/31/04  
     its the motion shaft in the box its self gets distorted wen removed n can collaps by baby blade 2/1/04  
     if its more of a rattling its definitley the exhaust mounts cause i had that same problem... by evan 7/14/04  
     The carburator or injecector vacumn switch needs to be checked it probably does not shoot... by melvin  9/8/04  
     its the rods one most be bent i had the same problem in my 89 lambo by josh 2/8/2006  
     check to see if the blinker fluid is full by josh 2/8/2006  
Why is the string position on a classical/accoustic guitar: E A D G B E and not any other... by Harpie 12/28/03 Classical Guitar FAQ
     Because it is traditional. Not because of logic. There are much better string counts ... by Fred3/9/04  
     i dunno by bob5/6/04  
     because it's the normal position that is been found in guiter.but i the real sense it's... by Frank5/10/04  
     Other stringed instruments similar to the guitar world wide tend to be tuned in fourths... by jack and frances 10/10/05  
     XD>'s true.. the baboon IS related to man.. by the long one 5/4/2006  
     [For those unfamiliar with guitar: Logically one would expect all strings on a chromatic... by Y 9/11/2006  
     hmnivy by vby 1/30/2007  
ok i got my belly button peirced about 2 weeks ago.. and now its really swollen i clean it... by Sarri*babee 5/7/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 7--Healed Piercings
     Try using sea salt soaks. Dissolve 1 and a half teaspoons of sea salt (not table salt)... by PurpleSpikes6/3/04  
     I pierced mine to about 4 days ago and mine was swollen but now its not beacause I put... by Trina:)7/12/04  
     i have pierced my belly button like 3 times already and nuthin happend the first time i... by cheer_queen* 2/17/05  
     I want a belly button piercing but i dont know if it affects people with VSD by ***4u bayb***** 4/6/05  
     I got mine done about 2 weeks ago too and I was told to use Bactine. Mine hasn't gotten... by rainbow kisses ;) 4/9/05  
     I just got mine pierced today!! its so0o0o cute but it hurt like about a trillion times... by cierra 6/24/05  
     Do not use Bactine, it is a very harsh chemical for new piercings. and do NOT by any means... by Brittany 6/21/2006  
     i want my belly button piced but my mum wont let me have it done because ma friends went... by kimberley  8/7/2006  
     dont clean it as much as possible just leave it and dont fiddle with it! clean the... by anon 1/18/2007  
     You should never use polysporin, hydro peroxide or vaseline. That stuff all traps bacteria... by Sinful_kisses 2/6/2007  
1)what is the use of simply writing main() { } only? 2)what happens while... by balu 7/22/03 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     1) In this program, main{}, it doesn't do anything, simply executes 2) And here, it... by Manju 8/11/03  
     1) In this program, main{}, it doesn't do anything, simply executes 2) You cannot call... by Biju 9/5/03  
     1. thew empty function just executes it body only. 2. it is an infinite loop. by chittem.v.n.sanyasi rao9/16/03  
     1) Does Nothing 2) Error... u cant define a function with in other function by raghuveer 12/9/03  
     The point is, to start of with c programming, main must be the first calling function... by Raj2/23/04  
     2. This looks like an attempt to redefine main inside main; and in C you can't define a... by Daniel3/24/04  
i would like a c++ algorithm and program that calculates the transpose and inverse of a... by divinity 11/21/03 General
     999999999 by ee 9/12/04  
     make a c++ program for simplex algorithm m*m matrix by Anthony 1/15/05  
     hangman game by lionking 4/9/05  
     Using Gauss Elimination method by Srivatsan 10/30/05 asp?ID=6221 by me a really expensive car!!! 5/13/2006  
I have a 1987 dodge lancer 2.5 liter. It's possessed. starts most of the time stays... by John 2/21/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have a 1988 Caravan with 2.5 TBI engine with the same problem. I am going to try and... by Bill Wong3/20/04  
     Replace your ect sensor (engine coolant temp sensor) by Injector4/27/04  
     post this on or by jp 11/24/04  
     Probably the Hall sender or the ECU. by Jackaski 12/10/04  
     i would definatley say vss or vehicle speed sensor ive owned many dodge products including... by dodgekickemassem 12/27/04  
     i have 91 spirit, same problem. replaced coolant temp sensor,,didnt help. by crs 1/15/05  
     my car starts but it drops down,I have changed everything, the trotle position sensor,the... by elaine 1/30/05  
     I Have A similiar problem. What I was told by the previouse owners, is it it a vacuum hose... by Jill 4/5/05  
     Hello John, for your dodge Lancer 1987 2.5L I think it's your throttle position... by Rogers 4/28/05  
My 2000 Jetta TDI is sluggish one minute and not the next. What might cause this problem? by barlow 3/14/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     Because that Jetta has a turbo charger, hence TDI, it hesitates. Turbos run off the... by lifeatlast5/18/04  
     I had that same problem. its your "air flow meter" its blocked. if u get it replaced (no... by Buddy6/16/04  
     Another thing you may want to check is your fuel filter. If it hasn't been changed in... by steve 10/2/04  
     I had the same problem with my mass air flow meter I got the part from the parts store for... by cboots 12/9/04  
     I am having a problem with my 2000 Jetta TDI, the Turbo doesn't seem to be working at... by lrod 12/28/04  
     check all the vacuum lines. Replace with windshield washer hose. Costs: less than $4.00. by greg 2/25/2006  
     i drive a 2000 jetta and yesterday my low coolant light came on. Then suddenly my car... by jon 6/11/2006  
     should i get a TDI? by tj 6/18/2006  
     i had the same problem, my friend put my car through his program on the computer and did a... by marcus 9/6/2006  
     mass airflow sensor! definately change your air filter too. by 11/13/2006  
     First its your turbocharger. Like said above it has a bit of a lag but no more than most... by george X 6/23/2007  
Is it possible to book and pay for air travel on-line with a credit card and then pick... by Chump 7/21/03 General
     You can book and pay for airline tickets by credit card and they will be posted or... by Ems8/26/03  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/6/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/6/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. auto site insurance, car... by insurance auto 6/6/2006  
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what does skeet mean by byron 3/17/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     to nutt you dumb fucc by chelsea 12/31/04  
     the white stuff that come out of a man im not talking about spit by brotha b 7/13/05  
     when you jerk off by bjbods113 8/18/05  
     shootin sperm by ALI/ckuz killa 1/24/2006  
     it means sperm lmao by j 2/11/2006  
     I dont know lol Im Not that Smart by Joe 2/11/2006  
     To skeet means to ejaculate; it can be used whether your ejaculating on someone after... by LBoogie 8/18/2006  
I need help. I am a first time Dane owner with an 8 month old feamle, and I am trying to... by ED 9/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: Great Danes Breed-FAQ
     I wouldn't suggest any door because you probably won't find one big enough. I would... by Jessica9/30/03  
     I wouldn't suggest a doggy door for a Dane. The size needed to accommodate the dog will... by little111/9/03  
     I also agree that a doggy door is a BAD idea. They might sometimes sound mean but they... by Char12/1/03  
     My husband built an in and out doggie door through 2 windows in the "dog's" room. It is... by sherry  2/1/04  
     I use to say the same thing about dog doors and Dane's. But, my Dane is now 9.5 years old... by Jo2/20/04  
     I have a 7 mth old dane she uses our dog door that we installed for our boxers, and she... by Heather2/29/04  
     I have a 4 year old 153 pound fawn female. I got her as an 8 week old puppy. We found... by Von3/9/04  
     Why has nobody answered the question. I am building a dog house for a great dane/... by jake 6/17/2006  
     I'm having the same issue, here (that of finding a decent sliding glass doggie door for a... by Skip 5/1/2007  
i HAVE A 1914 1.00 BILL COULD YOU TELL ME WHAT IT IS WORTH by TAMMY 9/27/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi...I believe your note is a 1918 series note.The value depends on signatures and the... by Pete 9/28/03  
     1.00 by strech_meat 10/31/05  
     I HAVE A $5 BILL DATED 1914. ITS A VERY LARGE BILL COMPARED TO NOW A DAYS. IT IS A... by bklucky 1/16/2006  
     Gower's Pharmacy by abbymist 5/9/04  
     8qF0cHHPCui6 dB59DFmlLYL55 OmYoB1fXLNeqBx by wexAGcBpWs 3/1/2006  
     aCAFw0wLzoarP AuAcPb1ZtaY1C DtGWwsykaVwhf by LikYreI9rr 3/17/2006  
     w3u4hwhOAO RadGvgMQxofUTq MkQSivQP9Oyz by vbhS0DXqIn 7/7/2006  
     jkz1XkhstRjhj gkdxDUoEVF6 mNNhJ8642By4Pv by L0nEtLHcTE 8/5/2006  
Who played "Goat Boy" and are their any photos of him on line? Thanks, apricotfawn ... by apricotfawn10/3/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: General Questions
     Jim Brewer by Bz2/18/04  
     No, Jim Breuer by Kennybobjoe5/28/04  
     No, Bill Hicks by vaguely 9/26/04  
     No, Jym Broower by guhalabash 1/30/05  
     can i watch the episode please by karam 4/14/05  
     http://su.wfu. edu/content/attractions/breuer.htm picture by keana 9/20/05  
     Jim Breuer played goat boy, and impersonated joe pesci on SNL...for about 3-4 seasons, he... by Rob Breuer 9/22/05  
     See htm by dkm 11/19/05  
     goat boy by goat 11/24/05  
Is it OK to let your Yorkshire Terrier ride in the car with you, if they want to? And how... by Nick 11/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     sure! just dont let them fall out the window by kay 1/8/04  
     Sure it is,Iv got an 8 week old yorkie and I take her every where with me.She loves riding... by Chelsi 1/24/04  
     Just curious--has anyone tried the car seats for dogs? I'd like to get one but don't know... by gh 2/15/04  
     SURE! of course,keep in mind that the yorkie should be 8-9 weeks old,if the dog duz not... by Teddy 3/14/04  
     I have car seats for my Yorkie and my Pomeranian. When they get into the car, they... by Heather 3/22/05  
     I just purchased my little yorkie boy, and he goes everywhere with me. I start out holding... by Lauren 6/13/05  
     Yes, I have a doggie car seat for my dog and it's safe and great because he can look out... by Ann 1/29/2006  
     yea it is fine if they ride in the car my dog LOVES to ride in the car with me. by kels 7/15/2007  
     I think this is a very relevent question. Dachshunds DO have a Doxie smell. It's not a dog... by Girlwhoagreeswith Marsha7/27/03  
     go to your vets and ask by Teddy9/9/03  
     I have a mini dachshund and I bathe her with Johnson's baby shampoo. Not only does it... by Lucille6/9/04  
     i have a little fat dachund that is very loyal and nice and give it a bath every day .My... by sepheroth6/13/04  
     clean the ears. it's the source of smell. dab "ear cleaner with eucalyptol" in cotton... by jackson 8/19/2006  
     i have a mini dach , female 8 mo.old, and she does have a smell to her , its her ears... by baggy 6/9/2007  
I have a new pup and she is Jack russell, labrador mix. She definitely has the J.R.... by Linda M. Bridge 2/12/04 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I have a jack russell-lab mix and he loves retrieving and catching freesbies. What does... by servs 3/16/04  
     we think our jack russell mated with a lab. she had 6 beautiful pups, thru cesarian. we... by birdie 10/26/04  
     I actually have a question about your jack russell-lab mix? Do you find that they shed as... by Angie 1/18/05  
     We to have a jackrador or labrussell. She is the size of a jack russel but looks like a... by Charlie and ellie 3/17/05  
     I have a J. R. lab mix too. her name is brooklyn and she is a nut. she love to play... by T J  7/27/05  
     OMG I would love to see your dogs. I have one too. She is white with a small black mark... by Paris 2 9/14/05  
     We have a 1½ year old labrador-Jack Russell named Chloe. She looks like a PURE bread black... by Chloe's  1/23/2006  
     i would like to know what you find out about jr/lab mixes. we JUST got a puppy that is... by melissa 10/26/2006  
     i also have a lab,russel mix and she loves to have a water ball, its a ball and its filled... by crissy 10/29/2006  
     No one will probably ever read this since it's been 2 years since these have been posted. ... by Pia 12/8/2006  
AT WHAT AGE ARE MALES READY TO BREAD? by SHAE 1/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     They are sexually mature at 6 months although it is advised to wait awhile after that... by Tanisha1/18/04  
     they are sexually mature at 6 months but you should wait until their joints and bones are... by chika1/30/04  
     WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE BACKYARD BREEDERS!!! If you aren't going to put the effort into... by CH4/16/04  
     amen CH.... by tigercats124/23/04  
     depends on the yeast and flour and how well you knead it ! by dog 04/28/04  
     the dogs do not need to be breed,let it go,enjoy your puppy ,,over kill,,wrong hands then... by jack k 9/11/04  
     Dogs In the past were bred for work by humans. they carefully selected dogs for the... by Enthusiast 11/10/05  
     ch your gay by jr 2/1/2006  
     love the bread comments lol omg i about died we really need people breeding that cant... by JEN 4/5/2007  
     I have a question I been looking on line for information about my red noise Pitt bull and... by dogs 101 5/3/2007  
what is the difference between cut and copy on the computer by Jelly bean9/11/03 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     CUT will simply MOVE your data to a different place and not reproduce it instead, whereas... by YUVI11/15/03  
     It change also the Modification and creation dates of the files, and it also differs from... by Zaghloul 8/30/05  
     CUT moves the text from one place to another, but COPY just makes another copy of it so it... by me :P me :P me:P 1/22/2006  
     difference copy &move by M.Balaji 11/1/2006  
     Cut can be removed and placed to another cite. Copy duplicates and places it on a new... by B-baller77 11/14/2006  
I have purchased a RAM studio mixing board. I cannot find the MFG. for this board to... by evrenfro 7/7/03 FAQ (v 0.9)
     Forget it, i got one too, you have to build on to your own, if you need specs email me!!! ... by matthis 9/4/03  
     I have a Soundcraft CPS 150 power supply that needs a good home. Make an offer by dr2milb 9/19/05  
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     Hi! ringtones site. Free nokia ringtones here, Download... by ringtones free 6/16/2006  
     I just picked up a RAM mixing console, a RM10 Micro. has anyone ever used one of these?... by snoopymelvin 2/19/2007  
who was the musical guest on the episode tom green hosted!!! by cbass 8/20/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     Damien Rice was the guest when Tom Green was the guest host. by adamsemtp 10/13/03  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/15/2006  
     Thanks!!! ringtones site free. [URL=http://www.ringtones... by ringtones free 6/15/2006  
     Hi! ringtones site free. ringtones site, Free nokia... by ringtones free 6/15/2006  
I have to have surgery and must remove my belly ring. I have had it for 7 years. A... by Purplevol 1/15/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 3--Getting a New Piercing
     when u have surgery u must take off all jewelery cause it is not sterilized and thats just... by ca4/27/04  
     if uve had it for 7 years, it shouldnt close up... the hole should be completely healed so... by milkchokolate-shawty 6/25/04  
     I have my belly button pierced (like everyone that write here but any ways....) i got... by Baby Bratz 4/11/05  
     no matter how long you have had the piercing it can close up. Ask your doctor if it... by jayne 6/27/05  
     How do i get out one of those rings that they first put in there..i forgot wat they are... by Corkey 9/1/05  
     I took my belly ring out overnight cause it swelled on the side, when I tried to put it... by babygurl86 4/20/2006  
     I have had my belly ring for just about as long as you and last year found that i was... by chyna 6/15/2006  
     This is not correct. I just recently had surgery and the reason you have to take jewlery... by emily 9/17/2006  
     I am also having surgery and must remove my belly piercing for the surgery and recovery... by Rivkah 5/11/2007  
     i have had my lip pierced seven years and i am a piercer myself i work in a piercing shop... by moe 5/21/2007  
I was cooking on top of the stove with a glass Pyrex baking dish browning some chicken... by Barb 10/23/03 What's New at the Internet Mall [11 Jan, 97]
     ur a moron by big daddy2/8/04  
     The same thing happened to me. I was cooking cookie bars in the oven in a green tinted... by golfer chick7/20/04  
     I was cooking chicken tonight in the oven in my 9x13 pyrex baking dish and it exploded. ... by nickleplated 8/3/04  
     Glass bakeware designed to be used in the oven is not usually able to with stand the... by WATERMOUSEY 9/16/04  
     messages 2003 and 2004 not answered yet. The same thing happened to me with a pyrex dish... by anne 2/13/05  
     Glass Pyrex baking dishes are not made to be used on top of the stove and they are so... by Roadrunner 2/15/05  
     suck 9 inch pyrex dildos hobag by big mamma 4/19/2006  
     That is strange as Pyrex is known to be able to go from the hottest to the coldest temps... by RE Guy 8/11/2006 indicates that, starting in 1998, they stopped making... by Troy Goodson 4/22/2007  
My boyfriend hasn't smoked marijuana in 3 years. And 3 weeks ago he took a hit of a... by skeeks9/8/03 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     Yes, it shows in urinalysis for one month. by knowing19/29/03  
     No, if you haven't smoked in a while its easier for your body to metabolize it. by jessilyn3/20/04  
     I don't know why,but when my girlfriend smoke marihuana I'm allways become sad,feel... by gabor 5/27/04  
     No each J is present in your system for approx 3 days the more you smoke the harder it is... by Goose 1/11/05  
     i say that u should chew bubble gum by toto 1/25/05  
     I smoked and two weeks later had a urine drug test. i was negative. I smoke regularly...b... by igasp4air 5/21/05 cant be emotionally allergic to anything, you just have your mind made up so much... by ferdi 8/5/05  
     Hi I think I have the same problem as gabor. I don't know why I am crying. He only did... by Millie 2/10/2006  
     where the hell is harvesting i have 12 seeds in one 5 gal bucket and nothing has happened... by crazyboi 9/1/2006  
Can anyone suggest a site that has access to tattoo release/consent forms in Spanish? If... by dmom33777 10/24/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography by flowers to india 10/12/2006  
     christmas <a href="http://christmas-trees.vserpi. com">christmas trees</a> ... by christmas 10/31/2006  
     ept blya abcba88a4b pizdets by jboenx 3/3/2007  
     up abcba88a4b here by icneen 4/15/2007  
     look at abcba88a4b here by rvkszu 6/9/2007  
     look at abcba88a4b here by rvkszu 6/9/2007  
     look at abcba88a4b here by rvkszu 6/9/2007  
     ebicheskatyasila abcba88a4b chekaemvseneibicheski by zymhvy 6/27/2007  
can you give me examples of the reserved words and data types in Turbo C? by DYLANg-anghel7/10/03 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     I want a nickname, I'm very very shy by Bertha12/8/03  
     i need a nick name everyone calls me jo but i think it sounds like a guy i'm ditsy and i... by Jolene4/30/04  
     I Need a nickname and I'm very flirty by Melissa5/27/04  
     v vc doode odkfjlksdfjkgjdfg dhid yoo knoe dat by srret 8/24/04  
     I need a nick name and I'm very delicated by muneca 9/29/05  
     u have no friends by daniel 10/19/05  
     flirtissa lol by tam tam the pom pom 7/16/2006  
I have several AIM s/n's linked to an unknown e-mail, how do i find out that e-mail with... by desperate guy 7/17/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     sanela by xBosnian4ever14x 8/2/04  
     marvin ok now yo by yahooisbetta 11/13/04  
     midnight by Deseree 11/14/04  
     i have this same problem so anyone with the answer, please email me at LaurLaur12@comcast.... by laurlaur12 1/4/05  
     i need a s/n by missy 1/15/05  
     themack by LLCoolF 3/10/05  
     other peoples s/n's who live in Shreveport La. by BigByoron816 3/13/05  
     I glitter, and I hate bugs, my three hated numbers. by Haileigh 8/25/05  
     name by mar 11/10/05  
     Shpresa's last name & birthdate by ~ACHibbs~ 3/7/2006  
     Shpresa'slast name & birthdate by ~ACHibbs~ 3/7/2006  
     xMiLkxMaNzxBaBiix by KYLIE 5/21/2006  
     you ask them dum butt~~!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ by austin_star_10 2/19/2007  
I am looking for a tape of Warren Zevon on David letterman on 10/30/02. by Jen 7/21/03 Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     I have a tape of just the three performances by Zevon, none of the rest of the show. by Gypsy D 8/10/03  
     I'm dying to get a copy of it myself. Let me know if you get one!!! I'll do anything for... by Amanda 9/8/03  
     I have not seen the show with Zevon as lone guest in its entirety. I won't do ANYTHING... by Fergie 9/9/03  
     I believe I still have a copy of the entire show where Zevon was the only guest. If... by wayneee 9/10/03  
     I am looking for an episode of the David Letterman show where Warren Zevon allegedly said... by 4/9/04  
     I have no idea to post my own question.. so, please excue my invasion... Does anyone have... by vinnie816 10/20/05  
ARE THERE ANY CD RECORDS THAT I CAN PUT INTO MY OLD G4 POWER BOOK? by MIKE 7/6/03 [comp.publish.cdrom] CD-Recordable FAQ, Part 1/4
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     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     ringtones free by 6/15/2006  
i was divorced 3 talaaq at once and my halaala is done on the phone on the persons wish he... by nazia61 8/6/03 General
     religiously a divorce on the phone is valid but the law in the country where you live will... by Ems8/26/03  
     SALAM this kind of Halaala is not allowed in Islam, it is kind of fixed marriage, and... by Amin1/8/04  
     Salaam, Halaala is permissible but at the time of Nikah there cannot be any conditions.... by Tauseef4/21/04  
     Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 63: Volume 7, Book 63, Number 188: Narrated... by Nawaye 11/3/2006  
     Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 63: Volume 7, Book 63, Number 188: Narrated... by Nawaye 11/3/2006  
     Respectful Madam, You got to understand Fornication, Adultary, Rape Incest, Bygamy,... by Mohammed Khalil Ahmed Bhamla 1/19/2007  
As soon as I start my 1999 VW Beetle the light comes on saying that the vehicle is... by Wil 3/28/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     mine does the same thing!! i think.. a blue light comes on and stays on for a few... by nikki 6/17/04  
     It does not mean it is overheating the light indicates the engine has not warmed up and... by brian6/23/04  
     The red overheating light indicates the coolant level is low. There is a sensor in the... by Gere7/11/04  
     need help. I added few gauges to my 2002 vw beetle 32K miles(air/fuel,turbo, turbo... by kelomi 11/3/04  
     the blue light means the engine is cold. once the engine starts to warm up it will go... by chris 4/5/05  
     Umm..i was where is the little thing you pull to pop the hood?? lol i cant... by Bekka 7/2/05  
     If the light appears red you are going to have to pay allot of money. This car is planned... by Valentina 1/13/2006  
     oh, and you can get coolant from walmart for like 7 dollars, make sure you get the coolant... by Whittney 5/5/2006  
     Alright got to ask is there a special coolant for VW Beetles. I just bought a used 1 this... by Jim 8/16/2006  
     Alright got to ask is there a special coolant for VW Beetles. I just bought a used 1 this... by Jim 8/16/2006  
     i have a 1998 vw beetle 2.0. it has been over heating. and i found that it needed oil. now... by Henry 3/4/2007  
     My wife's '99 Beetle overheated with only 34k miles on it. They replaced the water pump... by euro911 4/7/2007  
I purchased a 2002 tundra trd ivan stewart new in february of 2002. Have always had... by gary 4/8/04 Toyota Tundra FAQ
     I purchased a 2002 tundra trd ivan stewart new in MAY of 2002. Have always had trouble... by DUKE 4/22/04  
     Make sure the dealer balances the wheels as per TRD Bulletin WH002 - 00 (Nov 19, 2001).... by A-1 Toyota 9/9/04  
     I have 2002 Tundra. I just received my 9th TRD rim in 1-1/2 years. The finish flakes off... by Stevez 9/15/04  
     its out of balance dumbass i have one and it is fine by badtrd 9/19/04  
     it might be a driveline harmonic distortion. i had one in the last tundra i owned. the... by jwciv 9/24/04  
     I owned 03 Tundra and had the same problem. Toyota dealer changed tires, re-packed... by POS Tundra 4/21/05  
     I have a 2001 Ivan Stewart TRD, I have not had any issues with vibration but I have had an... by Chuck 5/18/05  
     yes this is a problem but not with just the TRD all 6 lug wheels have this problem it is... by tire guy  5/29/2006  
     I own a 2002 TRD Ivan Stewart Edition and have the original wheels. I had it rotated and... by Carl 6/6/2006  
     make sure who ever balance your wheels uses a haweeka adapter on the balancer...all toyota... by redjneck 6/30/2006  
     Yes, I have a 2001 tundra with the ivan st wheels and they vibrate bad by Tk 1/16/2007  
There is a Rap song where at the beginning there is a woman on the phone with the police... by BECKY!!!!! 12/15/03 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     Srry becky but i think it is a song by 50 cent by YOOOOO2/2/04  
     no its not...its called chin check by nwa by ruby 2/8/04  
     its chin check by nwa n n w a a by g2/19/04  
     woman its chin check from nwa u must b blond by stone n bone its da life 3/22/04  
     u r all losers and battys with no life by ghf5/4/04  
     im gonna go wit chin check from nwa by lp 67 5/8/04  
     N N, dup dup, dup double u, a a, a a by jjj 1/2/05  
     by the ying yang twins by jerrica  2/23/05  
     Chin Check By NWA by BigBentley 11/11/05  
     yo yo yo its definitely chin check by me Dre and e by ice cube 11/18/05  
     china chick nwa and it sound like one of 50 cent songs by britz 2/1/2006  
I am really new the the wicca religion, My boyfriend is in it and. Well, I was wondering... by Isis_301/24/04 ALT.PAGAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I don't know how you would go about that but i would really like to learn more too. I am... by baby girl3/17/04  
     check at the top you can enter your location and when it forwards you... by julierose4/22/04  
     I'm new to this religion and I would like to meet people in my area who can teach me... by Monika 10/14/04  
     I've only been in the religion for a few years (I'm 13) and I'm already happily engaged. by iRocktheWorld 11/14/04  
     Im new and getting into the religion too and i am under 13 so i cannot create an account... by raistlin 11/18/04  
     hey im new at this two and i was wondring if any one wanted to chat and if u wanna know... by fate2005 7/30/05  
     I love Blue Moon BlueMoon Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon Me marry Blue Moon... by BlueMoon 10/7/05  
     please can somebody help me.i want to know more by mono 10/21/05  
     Hey, I like what you've got going on. If you want or need more info on Religion. I... by Danny Fenton 11/10/05  
     Research wiccan handfasting'son google (handfasting=marriage) that should help get you in... by FalconFireWolf 5/4/2006  
     well my sis knows more than me i was in it at first then i stopped because i feel staying... by GrimPyro 2/9/2007  
I am looking for a long lost friend and schoolmate, Sebestyen Erno. He is a very famous... by hazam 1/24/04 Hungarian Commercial On-Line Services=20
     i am looking for Tony Newisham by george 8/9/04  
     looking for a lost love by llyroid 11/16/04  
     im looking for a long lost friend she lives in austrailia her name is charllote pasco by rachel shoemark 2/21/05  
     typical by Barbara Rusinek 8/23/05  
     AM looking for a long lost friend living in dawlish devon .he was on the internet as ... by val 2/11/2006  
     I'm looking for Orshi who lives in Dubai, goes to JAPS ( Jebil Ali Primary School) please... by Veronica Farah 11/20/2006  
     Hi, I know Erno very well, he lives now in Hungary in Kõszege you have his emailadress:... by Maria Kerekes 1/23/2007  
Can someone please help me. My norton antivirus said malicious script. it asked if I... by xxlilachickxx 10/19/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     Every day at 3:30 my Norton AntiVirus software does a "Daily Systems Scan". Because of... by Mel 4/15/04  
     How can I get into my just renewed Norton AntiVirus account so I can put in my Key? by Margaret 5/9/2006  
     I wanna activate my Norton Internet Security 2006 , please send me the keys of activation ... by 6/1/2006  
     ya it can be solved by log in to Norton by dinesh 9/3/2006  
     I heard from Norton it's time to renew my acct. At the time I subscribed my e-mail... by Frances Watson 10/18/2006  
     can i give my friend my norton disk to use on their computer ????? by jacob 3/25/2007  
     I recently bought Norton Antivirus at ( and I'm having... by Matt 4/4/2007  
CAN YOU USE A "SINGLE 16 WRAP COIL TATTOO GUN" FOR "BOTH" SHADING AND LINING ???? by SILENCIO 9/19/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     YES, You can use them for both lining and shading r u new to tattooing???? by SUPER MEX3/31/04  
     where can i find a wrap coil in south africa by softkill 11/15/04  
     Yes, of course use could do that, but I'm assuming you are refering to placeing tem into a... by pablo diablo  'paul' 7/21/05  
     yes i am ... by bass01 8/12/05  
     pls i have woman which she is pregnant and she been to a clinic and the doctor have find... by patrick 3/13/2006  
     i wouldnt use a gun...might shoot your eye out kid! by tommy 5/24/2006  
I am thinking of getting an Lhasa Apso puppy , I don't know anything about that breed.... by Doris 12/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Lhasa Apsos Breed-FAQ
     They have a independent nature and are wary of strangers, although very affectionate with... by Tanisha1/10/04  
     Our Lhasa (a male) loves his immediate family, although he does have his favorites. He... by Terri2/5/04  
     I have 3 lhasa apsos. I absolutely love them BECAUSE of their independent nature. They... by Kim3/25/04  
     I know a horrible family with 23 lhasa apsos. They are the most vicious horrible dogs... by PourSavoirPlus 2/23/05  
     we have an 8 year old female-our kids were 11 and 12 when we got her, which turned out to... by ranel 5/17/2006  
     i had 15 dogs at my home.But they were of differenr nature.Toy Dogs,Guard Gogs,Gun... by sumer 5/27/2006  
     I have a llasa. He is 16 years old and crazy as the day is long. I love him to death --... by ac 7/25/2006  
     I have had my apso for over 4 years. He's been great especially with the kids! I have a 6... by Have Kids 9/2/2006  
     hey i just bought a lhasa apso.... yesterday he is 48 days old... he is the cutest little... by ashley 5/17/2007  
ATTENTION! Do you need any info on heat, breeding, pregnancy, whelping, signs of all of... by Tanisha 3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     when is the best time to mate during a females cycle? by keri4/25/04  
     The average breeding period would be somewhere between the first and second week. However... by Tanisha5/18/04  
     were would i find a breeder in Newcastle by tori49870113 6/14/04  
     I don't check in here often so if you want help soon, email me instead of posting a... by Tanisha 6/19/04  
     i have a lab that is due to deliver at any time.she is 58 days today. any suggestions on... by jdmarti 11/19/04  
     hi i have a female labrador retriever and my sister has a male and my sister babysits my... by CaLiAnGeL1973 6/7/05  
     I will like to know more information about when a dog is in heat? and how long do they... by Jasmin  11/19/05  
     I know this is old but never just put the 2 dogs together and leave them alone as this is... by micky 2/9/2006  
     you're answer really helped NOT NOT A BIT UGLY TANIShWAAAAAAAA you r so ugly no one... by roby  3/13/2006  
     Youre answer really helped NOT. NOT EVEN A BIT UGLYTANIShWAAAAAAAA you r so ugly no one... by roby  3/13/2006  
     What are the signs that a yellow Labrador is pregnant and when do you start to see them? by yellowlab93 7/31/2006  
     my dog sasha was on heat know her boods are large and hangin only two is ther any way i... by joe  wigan 10/9/2006  
Well, my dog is very lazy. I was wondering if getting another dog would help him in... by Linds 7/18/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Yes! Or at least it did mine. My dog was very lazy but I got a young puppy and he started... by courtney8/15/03  
     The same thing worked for me. At first my dog acted like the pup was a bother then she... by Tanisha2/20/04  
     how do i get my dog to be more playful by channell 3/17/04  
     wht is my dogg so lasy by channell 3/17/04  
     whit is my dig so Lacy by channell 3/17/04  
     marshmellow by channell3/17/04  
     i dnt like marahmellows channell. I find them far to soft and eeeerrr and yucky: ... by purple luva 5/31/05  
     We have four labs from 6-5-23months-6.3weeks and in the winter we found that because we... by labrdogs 7/6/05  
Can anyone help me price the following silver certificate? The following is the certificat... by Swurv 10/19/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ have a Hawaii silver certificate.These notes were issued during the World War 2... by Pete10/21/03  
     I have a silver certificate with lincoln and grant on the front. it has a serial # and is... by katt 4/5/04  
     I have a silver certificate with lincoln and grant on the front. it has a serial # and is... by katt 4/6/04  
     I have a $5 Silver Certificate Series 1934 C and a $1 Silver Certificate Series 1957 A Can... by D7114/16/04  
     I have a $5 silver certificate 1953 series and 6 1965 quarters, can anyone please tell me... by Tina 5/10/04  
     I have a 1953 silver certificate with no folds it looks almost like new is it worth any... by carol 5/11/04  
     A friend of mine showed me a 1934 US$100,000 gold certificate authenticated and with a... by cid 10/14/04  
     A friend of mine showed me a 1934 US$100,000 gold certificate authenticated and with a... by cid 10/14/04  
     I have two, one dollar silver certificates, both in very fine shape, very crisp. One is a... by Megd 11/7/04  
     i have a 5 dollars series of 1934 d silver certificate i want to know how mush is it worth... by lex 1/22/2007  
     I have a 1934 silver certificate no folds in a glass frame and in well condition. how much... by Rosie 1/28/2007  
where can i find a code wheel for forgotten realms archives collection 2 by acedsword 11/8/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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     i would like to creat a account by Cameron smith 2/15/2007  
I'm interested in starting an ultimate frisbee league in Suffolk County on Long Island... by Jen10/27/03 UPA on E-mail
     i don't know how to go about doing that, but do you know of any leagues on long island for... by meg 1/1/04  
     i don't no about leagues but Hofstra has a college team. by djball212 4/14/04  
     Me and my friends really wanna ge something started for middle-high school kids too... by Jesse4/16/04  
     you're all pretty good at ultimate frisby i take it. then there is one league you could... by poohead4/19/04  
     Well see my girlfriend in woodinville,Washington state, i moved here like 3 years ago so i... by GenoSuave 5/11/04  
     Me an some guys from the UK have recently purchased a frisby an well what can I say.It... by Bingo 6/14/04  
     yo wats up... me n my friends have our own league, our high school kids n i started it...... by jj 8/19/04  
     There is a growing craze for Frisbee 101 in the Peterborough area! a uniquely created game... by Member Of The Eagle Flyers 5/17/05  
     I'm looking to put together a local middle school club. So I'd be interested in pursuing... by tombo 6/28/05  
     my gym teacher asked us to go and check out what ultimate Frisbee means so i did but... by people 11/8/05  
     me and my friend would join an ultimate frisbee team for middle-high school students by alex 2/24/2007  
how old do you have to be to get your scrotum pierced? by cc7/26/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     is that possible by dan10/30/03  
     You'll be old enough when you come to your right senses and realize the dangers and... by babd11/15/03  
     ok lets put it this way if your balls have not dropped you are not old enough to make that... by Shimmygirl 2/4/04  
     why would you want to,ew. by *star* 6/21/04  
     I've got a better idea... Why don't you get your CEREBRUM or CEREBELLUM pierced? ... by zipper7/18/04  
     i pierced mine yesterday and i am 15 by adrenaline_junkie199 3/18/2006  
     zipper, i love you. EIGHTEEN! GET OVER IT, ALL GENITAL PIERCINGS, INCLUDING FEMALE... by foxy 5/9/2006  
     Why do you all bash him so much about that? It's fine for him to think about it and he may... by curly 1/19/2007  
In final fantasy X I am up to braskas final aeon, but I havnt beaten him yet. I want to... by OrC10/3/03 FAQ (Part 1 of 3)
     you will not get in bevelle,but in final fantasy x i am up to braskas final aeon too, but... by nonny florentine10/29/03  
     dude, you can't get bak into the temple, even if u beat the whole thing., see, ppl tell me... by mels12/10/03  
     hahahahaha i got anima cause i opened the chest (its kimaris weapon spirt lance) and... by tidus the unbeatable (except for overdrive sin)12/17/03  
     If you get all the aeons: yojimbo and anima, you can get the aeon called the magus... by final fantasy man12/18/03  
     LY by KARL1/8/04  
     i'm only up to the part where they're flying over bevelle and they're suppose to battle... by LoSt_anD_nOt_FoUnD1/8/04  
     im in the worm guy in the sky but dude if u get 2 bevelle temple it will be 1 of kimaharis... by kaleel1/26/04  
     i wonder how the final aeon looks like?dus anywan now's by tidus the great2/1/04  
     In final fantasy x your not ment to really go back to bevelle but go to all the other... by Ash2/7/04  
     by the way you cant go back to bevelle after youve been there so if you dont get the... by M@m£!$t£R2/10/04  
     I'veheard that you don't need the spirit lance. O.o i seriously don't think they would... by Omega2/11/04  
     you don't need the lance or anima or magnus sisters to complete it. you don't even need to... by boy of muff2/11/04  
     I was lucky and got Spirit lance,and anima rocks my socks off! But I have yojimbo and... by Sir Auron2/14/04  
     u get the spirit lance once ur in the nucleus of sin where u have to collect those ten... by Mr Blonde2/15/04  
     I meant knight lance by Mr Blonde2/15/04  
     Its impossible to forget the item in Bevelle temple unless you meant to. so double check... by Dido2/17/04  
     what is tidus fianl overdrive called? by Tidus2/19/04  
     Blitzball Ace. You can get this move by using Tidus' previous overdrive 50 times. The best... by Faded Memories of Tidus2/27/04  
     To boy of muff If you want he woman in Macalania Woods to move, you have to talk to the... by terra2/27/04  
     Let me tell you how I defeated Evrea (the worm guy). I know you have only limited space in... by terra2/27/04  
     Everybody is stuck on Braska´s Final Aeon. I´m not even there yet and don´t know what the... by terra2/27/04  
     HAHAHAHA, everyone is stuck on braska's final aeon. Well, let me help you out here: You... by NoFate2/27/04  
     The item isnt the knight lance, its an HP SPHERE.Thats the thing thats part of the story. ... by *******2/28/04  
     i need help soo bad let me tell you my prob. my characters are not massivly strong and i... by need help soo bad3/9/04  
     something else, what is all this about the woman and child? i have heard it before! and... by need help soo bad3/9/04  
     How do you get the last destruction sphere in the underwater chamber cause its the top... by FEARNY!!3/12/04  
     i think its the last aeon temple the dradon one os heres waht you do 4 that one hope it... by need help sooo baddly3/13/04  
     or the zanerkand one..... Zanarkand Temple - Cloister of Trials #6: 1. Step on the... by need help soo bad3/13/04  
     continue to zanerkand... then leave the room when you go back in the 1st chamber step... by need help so baddly3/14/04  
     you dont need the knight lance at all and you don't need to start again if you can't get... by Wakka ya3/23/04  
     thank you sooo much WAKKA YA! i have another question. i no that i need the besaid and... by need help soo badly!!3/25/04  
     sorry spelling mistake *cant and i ca nfind the besiad temple but the flying aeon is... by need help soo bad3/25/04  
     I am currently battling the final aeon and guess what, it sure does help if you have the... by Auron X 3/27/04  
     FEARNY!! did my help work? still need help guys!!! by need help soo badly3/30/04  
     You Lamerz, go out and buy the walkthrough, cheap bastards. Generally you should beat the... by Weiner3/31/04  
     Remiem temple is in the calm lands, go there and find the chocobo training lady - shes... by Simple14/9/04  
     For those that don't know, Evrae is relatively easy to defeat. I've defeated it on both... by vitualis4/11/04  
     its this simple, i need the macalaia and the dojos temple items to get anima but there are... by ffx help4/11/04  
     dojose's temple isn't guared by a dark aoen, macalnina is. good luck trying to beat dark... by u guys suck4/11/04  
     hi i am on braskas fianal aeon and if any one knows any tips for me like cast refect or... by can YOU help me?4/12/04  
     you need to train chocobo to fly before you can get into reniem temple, to get anima you... by auron4/14/04  
     I need help to defeat jecht. I have holy but no secret aeons. i can beat his first form... by Raven 4/15/04  
     raven how strong is your character to kill his first form with only one holy? by ??? 4/16/04  
     Dude I can not get past Evrae in the sky if anyone helps they are the champion. by eman4/18/04  
     well the way to do that is to... -go down on deck and fight some monsters to get... by i am the question lady4/18/04  
     WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS! O.k all you need to do is get the ultimate weapons... by Gordon4/23/04  
     If you're looking for tricks to beat braska's final aeon, apparently you can zombify him,... by ooga4/25/04  
     i"m now in the calm lands at that temple where you have to fight the aeons. I killed all... by IFRUT 4/30/04  
     You'll need the Flower Sceptre and the Blossom Crown to get the Magus Sisters from the... by HyperXaos - Help is on the way!5/5/04  
     Do defeat Braskas final Aeon use yojimbo and pay him lots of gil (won't be any use to you... by Wicked Cait Sith5/7/04  
     Im stuck on braskas final aeon.iv got holy and all that junk but i still cant beat him. ... by wade 5/11/04  
     Hello guys,You can get the "Knight lance" As one of the items picked up in the "Tower of... by Mr-Davo 5/12/04  
     Well...if ya tidus is high level n have blitz ace,than BFA will be a breeze for u.....simp... by ZeRo5/16/04  
     help I cannot get past sin & sinspawn genias HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP by tidus & yuna5/19/04  
     For Braska'sFinal Aeon You Could Just Have Anima use zombie Attack then have her use full... by Neo_Bahamut_Zero6/21/04  
     Damn it, i owned the game until braskas final aeon! just go to Omega dungon steal from... by Sniper VVolf6/24/04  
     Hi! I'm in Bevelle Temple at the sec going towards the exit. I've picked up Kimahru and... by Kat7/2/04  
     This method is sure-fire method to win almost any Bossfight, so listen up, folks! First,... by GoBlackJack7/4/04  
     I know I was stupid not to get the item from Bevelle so now i can't get Anima,but is there... by Amaya-chan7/14/04  
     Can someone please tell me how to get the blossom crown. I'm on Braska'sFinal Aeon and... by Anima The Great 8/4/04  
     so there is no way to get anima if u didnt get the thingy ? if thats true than this is gay... by cheese 8/7/04  
     I'm realy stuck with braskas final eaon pleas is there anyone ho hes a GOOD strategie (i... by iXion 8/14/04  
     go buy the guide if your stuck its only 10$ by uwontfindme 8/16/04  
     you don't need the secret item from bevelle. it gives it to you anyway, that is, un less... by bob 8/27/04  
     go to for complete walkthroughs for free. And for BFA use zombie attack... by Ronso man 8/29/04  
     CAN SOMEONE HELP ME KILL SINS HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by SinHater 9/1/04  
     Does anyone know how to defeat Sin? I've tried so many times but he always does that... by summoner jenny 9/2/04  
     i have already beat FF10 lots of times and i have also beat the dark aeons. by sephiroth 9/6/04  
     HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I'M STUCK ON BFA AND I ONCE GOT HIM DOWN TO 3000 HP, BUT HE USED... by stuck 9/7/04  
     yeh U R A TOTAL "*****!!!" IF YA DIDNY GET THE ITEM FROM BEVELLE,SOOO I DIDNY BU I STIL... by Ally G 9/15/04  
     where is the reniem temple!!!!!!!!! and if i find it how do i get in or what ever by man 9/18/04  
     Hello ppl!!!I have trouble defeating Braska'sFinal Aeon in his second form. I've tried... by Star_curtain 9/25/04  
     in the baaj temple the statue first left will not light up. what do i have to do? by agilex58 10/13/04  
     How I can kill Penance. by   Angra Mainyu 10/16/04  
     You can get the item in the Bevelle temple even after it's destroyed. I'm not 100% sure... by Bob 10/22/04  
     I got to bajje temple but I cant find the temple that lights the bottom right light.Help... by ????? 11/2/04  
     im at bajj which temple do i go to to light the bottom rit light by help 11/2/04  
     to get the celestial weapons you have to go to macilania woods and talk to a child and ... by dragon 11/10/04  
     i have defeated all of the dark aeon's but when i go to the airship Penance isn't on the... by cat 11/14/04  
     I hear that Kat is having trouble with fighting a guy and aeon's? Well firstly this isn't... by cat 11/14/04  
     HEY ASK ME IF WANT! I need help defeating Evrae on the airship the one were he is still... by XGAMER 12/7/04  
     also, if you need any help in the game, go to for all your gaming needs. its... by Duragon C. Mikado 12/15/04  
     Yo, how do you get back into the temples to get Anima if the f***ing dark aeons are in the... by The Black Rose 1/11/05  
     OrC if u want anima you dont have to get the treasure in Bevelle just go to the dome in... by Tidus89 1/11/05  
     snap auron's brilliant by zell son, zell 1/14/05  
     can someone plz help? im getting really annoyed with braskas aeon and i have yojimbo but... by Yuna 1/23/05  
     im stuck on brskas aeon also... im freekin in omega ruins for hours gettin bahamuts... by cutler 1/23/05  
     im stuck on brskas aeon also... im freekin in omega ruins for hours gettin bahamuts... by cutler 1/23/05  
     Is it possible to make Jecht zombie, and then use full cure, or full life?? by me 1/27/05  
     You can not go back to Bevelle to get the item there so the creators of the game let you... by DEMON BOY 2/4/05  
     Ya I like the graphics. by 99999999999999999 Damage 2/4/05  
     PLZ ANY1 help me do evrae hes so so so hard i cant do it the 1 on the airship!!!! by HAZ 2/11/05  
     to beat braska'sfinal aeon you will need to train a lot. I would reccomend having ribbon... by madman jr 2/13/05  
     it is impossible to not get the chest in bevelle because it is the only 1 u have to get it... by final fantasy maniac 2/15/05  
     can any help me to kill dark anima i keep getting ambushed by it i've finished the game 10... by final fantasy maniac 2/15/05  
     I know how to beat Braska'sfinal aeon this should help: 1.if its Yuna first use Valefor... by Kathy 2/17/05  
     ok guys, let me just say to those who think they can't get anima, you're wrong. you have... by Stef 2/17/05  
     the way i killed braskas final aeon is i used all my aeons overdrives on the first form... by final fantasy god 2/19/05  
     Well, this is it.In Bevelle, there are to treasure chests. One is required to get because... by Yuna Gal 2/24/05  
     in trying to get back into the temple but these stupids guys keep standing in the way n... by bahamut 3/2/05  
     i am a FFX guru so if you have any questions then ask me and i will be willing to tell you... by tidus 3/8/05  
     i beat ject it was not that bad until you have to beat your own aeons i gust cant find the... by phantom 3/13/05  
     i have 2 of the statue things in baaj temple still not shining there both on the left the... by tidus 3/14/05  
     i have just got to sin. and anima dies to him pretty easy. but i can still kick his ass... by deadman2004 3/14/05  
     ok ummm....was the wepon at bevel kemaris knight's lance? or was it something els by deadman2004 3/14/05  
     Braska's Final Aeon really isn't that hard! My characters only have 9999 damage and maybe... by Catwoman 3/18/05  
     Beating Braska's final aeon took me a while, but at last I finally killed him, and without... by AR 3/20/05  
     hi,um if u want to beat the worm in the sky (evrae) first use tidus, wakka, and lulu. 1.... by ******* 4/3/05  
     how do you defeat yunaiasca by jordan 4/7/05  
     To beat Braska's final aeon get Yojimbo's overdrive and pay him one gill. When Braska's... by Cool Guy 4/7/05  
     How the heck do u get back into macalania temple with the stupid guard guado blocking it ... by Dniel 4/19/05  
     if you forget to get the spheres and you want to get anima well you just need to defeat... by i rule 5/3/05  
     im on the evrae boss on the airship, i can just about kill it but after that you have to... by sonicboom66 5/4/05  
     keep training in Bevelle, before you fight seymour 2 and in Zanerkand Dome till you got hp... by The guy that finished ffx without memorycard 5/7/05  
     Hey everyone! I thought I would help you all....cause this is how a friend of mine... by Ayla-chan 5/8/05  
     i know im some random person but r u serious u can zombify jecht!?!??! because i have... by n/a 5/15/05  
     For all you LUZERS that cant beat Sin's head. Before you start the battle go to Omega... by F FXmaster 5/15/05  
     YES,Amaya-chan, there is a way to beat Braska's final aeon, u just suck by F FXmaster 5/15/05  
     i'mnot even there yet i have to beat seymour for a 3rd time someone HELP Me by randomer 5/20/05  
     guys im new but how do you defeat yunalesca by tidus 5/22/05  
     I don't know what you people are on about, you can't leave Bevelle Temple without getting... by Monsieur 5/23/05  
     hey i did not know we could get anima or mangus sisters how can i get them im allready in... by tidus was not killed 6/4/05  
     *cracks knuckles* All right then. A few minutes ago, I finished the game, and had this up... by anime angel ash 6/12/05  
     You don't need to go to Bevelle. You had to enter the destruction sphere to get this far.... by Terminotter 6/14/05  
     you don't need the item in bevelle to get Anima. Get the rest of the items and BAM! you... by shadowblaze0 6/15/05  
     i can not kill the f***ing d*** final aeon. dude and i get my d*** a** kick everytime.... by jordan 6/23/05  
     to beat evrae the worm guy, have this format of ppl when u pull in: tidus,auron,rikku n... by rikku 6/25/05  
     Braska's Final Aeon is the very LAST Boss! by Quantum 6/29/05  
     okayyyyy....i'm stuck on braska'sfinal aeon but i heard that you can use zombie to beat... by Rikku X-2 7/5/05  
     To beat Braska`s Final Aeon you need to have doublecast with Lulu(or any other character,I... by sas 7/6/05  
     OK, heres the scoop. Anima is not vital to the storyline. It just makes beating the big... by the answer 7/7/05  
     what is the bottem right one in bajj temple or whatever the hell you want to call it (the... by mateo 7/9/05  
     what is the bottem right one in bajj temple or whatever the hell you want to call it (the... by mateo 7/9/05  
     Well muhahahaaahh i think i am the master i have complete 800 hours of the f.f.x and all... by Weskar 7/12/05  
     Take it from me I have Completed Final Fantasy X. To get Anima you have to obtain the... by ANT619 7/14/05  
     well i dont know!!! i havent even beatin the fiend in baaj temple yet cuz every1s dying... by the best!~!~!~ 7/15/05  
     I have completed the game several times and you have to open a chest in each temple you... by Becky 7/18/05  
     tell me ur stats spells 4 all charchters den i can help u alot by veggta 7/19/05  
     what are some sweet names for the magus sisters i think cindy and mindy and stuff are gay... by Brandon 8/4/05  
     I did not get Anima but still beat the game. if u Get Yuna really powerful u can beat... by just a guy 8/5/05  
     dammit i cant get up to the final aeon!! by ??? 8/11/05  
     Im really trying sooo hard to get Anima but I just can't beat Dark Valefor or Dark Shiva... by YuNas fLiGhT rOcKs! 8/12/05  
     ha by i need help where hte hel is  the chochabo trainer 8/16/05  
     ha by i need help where hte hel is  the chochabo trainer 8/16/05  
     I beat Braska's aeon my second time, and to all you people out there with characters with... by Fantasy_Princess 8/17/05  
     yea right by yea  8/18/05  
     Guys please stop the talking and show some REAL tips. Look, in Bevelle you must take the... by GameMasterFreak, Zero 8/20/05  
     I need serious help with the Braska'sfinal aeon, your ways didn't work. I even have holy,... by The Surpreme One 8/21/05  
     also this works on the dark aeons aswell xD by Kn!f3$ 8/22/05  
     the final aeon is easy, Auron killed the thing with 1 hit on the first form, 2 on the... by Nilok 8/26/05  
     instead of going to bevelle go to the zanarkand ruins do that cloister of trials but this... by 8/27/05  
     I know how to get anima if u dont have the all the destruction spheres first if u have the... by Lightning Tidus 9/5/05  
     OH i forgot after your done talkin to trommel go to the farplane and talk to him again... by lightning tidus 9/5/05  
     To beat the dark aeons easier, grand summon yojimbo and pay him about 100,000 gil, if he... by Davino 9/7/05  
     where is the omega dungeon? by what? 9/17/05  
     I really need help on getting all the hidden items. The only statue that won't light up it... by Allie 9/18/05  
     oh and i dont have yojimbo anima or magus sisters :0 by EviLDeMoN 9/19/05  
     If anyone of you faggs had any problem beating FFX you all just completely suck cock!!! I... by FFX-master 9/19/05  
     DON'T...YOU...GIVE...UP...ON...IT by hey 9/25/05  
     I just killed it... nothing much else to it, just casted hastega so I got more goes, and... by Whatever 9/30/05  
     Somebody mentioned earlier about using Auron's zombie attack on braska's final aeon, and... by Lady Yuna 10/1/05  
     Im up to seymore onimus and i want anima just 4 fun ya, i no i dont need him to kill cmor... by Am I screwed or screwed? 10/7/05  
     i need some serious help ..i'm playing the game for the second time and at the wedding in... by Ant 10/8/05  
     eat lots of cheese by goooooooo 10/9/05  
     how do u know what statue in the baaj temple is fro which temple??? i missed kimahris... by kickbutt12yr.old 10/11/05  
     My Tidus has 9999 heath and i cant seem to find anything that will let him break the HP... by Saint Jimmy 10/12/05  
     im stuck on braskas final aeon, jecht. i heard that u use zombie and then life or omethin,... by magus*sisters*own 10/15/05  
     You dont have to do any of this to beat BFA... if you get capture a tonberry and fight it... by XERON 10/20/05  
     to BENSON The top left is Bahamut. ALL EVERYONE HAS TO DO TO GET BACK INTO THE TEMPLES... by Final Fantasy X freak 10/22/05  
     Okay the best way to kill Braskas final aeon is to get two or three doors to tomorrow and... by Baker Man 10/23/05  
     hmm.. its true there is no way to re-enter the palace of st bevelle.. so getting the... by MagusBrothers 10/24/05  
     to orc you don't need the chest because you only need the ones from all other ones... by john sterling 10/28/05  
     How to kill Sin {final sin - giga gravitation Have all your players on their overdrives... by Racquel 11/5/05  
     want loadsa AP? Get a weapon with free spaces and put overdrive to AP and (triple/double... by FFX Help 11/9/05  
     i dont know how to get Anima but i need to know how to beat ject does any one have any... by dude 11/13/05  
     I'm up to the gaurdian worm Evrae but some how his hard to defeate i'vetryed everything... by smuggle 11/13/05  
     Is any one online right now by Ekridice 11/16/05  
     Ok hi im jake i am a fianl fantasy MASTER if anyone needs help or has any questions email... by FF MASTER (Jake) 11/17/05  
     dude...its impossible to miss the destruction sphere in finish the cloister... by ... 11/18/05  
     im using freaking cheats and i cant beat braskas final aeon! by yuna reminds me of the girl i love 11/19/05  
     you have to get the special destruction sphere treasure thing from bevelles temple if you... by billy 69 11/25/05  
     You can't get in bevelle at all after seeing master miker,to get anima you have to get all... by Sister of the tea cup 11/29/05  
     you only need one item for betting braskas final aeon by The master of games 12/5/05  
     tip: don't use aeons at braska's final aeon cause when u do a overdrive with it, jecht(fin... by niels 12/6/05  
     i don't know of this works but yojimbo's overdrive with 10.000gil usualy kils people with... by niels 12/6/05  
     you should feel lucky I didn't pick up the secret item for tidus' ultimate weapon and now... by Tidus the relentless 12/11/05  
     what i also do all the time is go to ummmmmmm zanarkand and get all my aeons up to there... by Leonresidentevil4101 12/13/05  
     i hate qbesgb rdfnbktfcvthis guy nooooooooooooooooooo some call 91 by Leonresidentevil4101 12/13/05  
     how to defeated evrae by john 12/18/05  
     HELP MEEEE!!! >.< sos!!!!!!!!!!! i want to know how to get to the reniem temple... by RENIEM TEMPLE 12/20/05  
     Apparently I missed Anima (although I'm going to tackle the dark aeon's.) I have Yojimbo,... by stucky mcstuckerson 1/5/2006  
     yo, anyone think they know tha colors of the different cities by heart or know a site i... by holesknowles 1/20/2006  
     u don't need anything but a full sphere grid and all the ultimate weapons of ur characters... by finalfantasyguru 1/23/2006  
     to all those fools that tought they haven't picked up the item in bevel i tell you this it... by ffx god 1/23/2006  
     Hi, I'm new here. Can anybody help me out? I'm on the final aeon and can't kill him. I... by Flare50 1/28/2006  
     you can beat braskas aeon with yojimbo just give him around 10000 gil he should use... by final fantasy master 1/29/2006  
     i cant beat sins head some one help plz? by gotanks333 2/9/2006  
     I recently finished the whole game... Braska'sFinal Aeon is the hardest, and once you beat... by Anni 2/18/2006  
     Braskas Final Aeon Is Simple Even His Second Form I Have 4 Celetial Weapons And All My... by Nathan Burdess The King Of FFX 2/19/2006  
     how do you get anima by mechace 2/20/2006  
     how do you get anima by mechace 2/20/2006  
     Ok can someone help seriously i cant defeat the first evrea plzz!!0.0 much appreciate... by Rikku & Lulu Rox!!0_~ 2/23/2006  
     this is for the one at the top your a bunch of idiots everyone knows yojimbo hasnt got a... by cloud 2/25/2006  
     Hahahah u r all wimps i beat all the dark aeons got all celestial weapons. plus beat... by 2/27/2006  
     It's true, if you do not get all the secret items in the trials for the aeons you cannot... by Metz 3/11/2006  
     Just train and train and train. the best place i trained in was Omega ruins and inside sin... by Metz 3/11/2006  
     Can I point out somethin? It is Mandatory that you get the treasure from Bevelle!! And an... by Tidus 4/1/2006  
     Hey could someone help me please? near the end where you have to fight the aeons i... by BabiGrunger 4/1/2006  
     do any of you know how to beat the sin with 400000 hp in the sky with out anima? by ggghhie 4/7/2006  
     i have clocked the game but at the end it just says the end and nothih else it wont move... by peace be to yevon 4/7/2006  
     eman: to defeat everea (wormguy) you half to have auron, tidus, and rikku as your party... by Hillbilly 4/8/2006  
     how do u get past Seymour on mt gazette by d 4/8/2006  
     i cant get past bevelle cloister to get bahumet. lol. i think bahumet is in there but i... by Evrae 4/10/2006  
     an easy way to beat evrae. first have tidus or rikku pull the sub back and have lulu cast... by Evrae 4/10/2006  
     Listen up! if you want to beat the dark aeons just follow this. to beat dark valefor have... by Evrae 4/10/2006  
     STOP!!! dont start a new game if you didnt get the treashure in bevelle its immpossible... by GAMEMASTER 4/11/2006  
     I fink I forgot the destruction sphere in malcalania but the dark shiva just kills me, she... by CALADBOLG 4/11/2006  
     Hey has anyone younger than 7 ever beaten this game ? by GAMEMASTER 4/11/2006  
     HEY PEOPLE! 1 million questions 1.How can I get some lvl 4 keys? 2.How can I get... by pronosis 4/14/2006  
     whats kimmaries nova do ? by gamemaster 4/14/2006 fighting braska's final aeon and almost like everyone,i can only defeat the first... by rizki 4/21/2006  
     when you fight braskas final aeon {which im stuck on use hastega with tidus then switch... by jiggy1725 4/23/2006  
     The item in bevele is automaticly picked up by tidus so u still can get anima u just have... by Gamemaster 4/30/2006  
     Is Dark Shiva even possible to kill? she always gets first attack and kills my whole party... by Sean 5/12/2006  
     i cant get anima ive tryed every were (all over the net) how the do u get the item from... by jordz amora 5/19/2006  
     hi i am in the forest or jungle but how i defet the fire monster? by Nick 5/20/2006  
     to beat sin's head just use yojimbo and pay him 55000 gill every five turns and he will... by shoe box bob 5/23/2006  
     how do u get the destruction sphere in zanarkand? by fightstarman 6/2/2006  
     Okay, if you are having trouble beating Sin's mouth or whatever the heck that is before he... by Can't Beat The Game But Have Gotten Far Enough To Help 6/3/2006  
     i'vecompleted the game Braska'sfinal aeon is well easy so is Yu Yevon!! 2 defeat braskas... by Yuna 6/3/2006  
     i dont have have the game anymore but you do NOT!!! need anima but yojimbo and lulus... by jiggy1725 6/3/2006  
     if anny 1 is having problams defeting yu yevon the last battle of the game. just use ur... by Robert Evans 6/7/2006  
     I did the exact same thing! Good I'm not the only one. I need advice. BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Blade292 6/9/2006  
     to beat his braskas final aeon its best to get wakka's ultimate weapon and that will hit... by jinxcy 6/10/2006  
     here's an idea for ya! find some fiends, kill em, do it a lot. and level up.i played the... by mighty whitey 6/12/2006  
     im tryng to beat dark yoyimbo but i cant beat him please gimme some hints by final 6/13/2006  
     I want to fight a dark Aeon but i don't know where to go to fight them please tell me... by FrankieM. 6/13/2006  
     well everyone i have all my aeons level 89 and all my guardians and yuna level 79 and to... by Todd 6/23/2006  
     I'm also stuck getting Anima, the only statue that won't light up in baaj is the one on... by crunksmash 6/23/2006  
     just train alot more in omega ruins i am and me party is cool just train be patient by rizzo1456 6/24/2006  
     now for all of that tell me what to do at omaga ruins after u beet the shadow by strudle 6/24/2006  
     I can understand asking for help with Braska'sFinal Aeon, but as for all the others just... by j-nig 6/27/2006  
     people that is so easy i pass it in seven days i got all the celestial weapons and all the... by The pycer 7/4/2006  
     Okay I've read these a lot and here are my helpful tips. For Anima: Go back to all the... by Over played 7/5/2006  
     Hey about that Braska'sFinal Aeon question, you probably DID get the chest in Bevelle.... by FFX Pro 7/15/2006  
     if you have any more tips could you email me them at by yuna rules 7/15/2006  
     I went through all the temples again like 3 times to make positive i got the... by my_own_ruler 7/16/2006  
     You don't need to get the item from Bevelle to get Anima.You already have it.Just go to... by Rikku_Fan 7/22/2006  
     I beat the game so if anyone has a question about anything: ultimate weapons,bosses etc. I... by Rikku_Fan 7/23/2006  
     i need to know the 3 sphere things on the right at the baaj temple thing. i already have... by Some help plz 7/26/2006  
     i need some help on what all the things on the right are at the baaj temple. if i can... by Somebody plz help me out here 7/26/2006  
     ive beaten braskaas final aeon its easy, just train all your aeons till theyre overdrives... by aydinn- 7/27/2006  
     i beatet the crap out of sin he is so eysy i killd him with yuna but how can you beat... by koru 7/28/2006  
     sup ppl i am stuck on you know who barska'sfinal aeon any tips i can kill the first one... by mega lycan 7/28/2006  
     i mbnbkgkgkigki'tseorkose. ;tskjg;ru,k56lp56pp57p6poi8yuiyiyuiyuitiy ugtuty78y7ituiyuyuiyuuu... by JDuB 8/4/2006  
     hey a easier way 2 kill braskas final aeon is, to defeat his first form, as soon as he... by Tidus704 8/9/2006  
     can some1 tell me where 2 get the secret weapons? and how to power them up? Ty by dbzlover0 8/11/2006  
     i need help i am ditermind to win al blikzball but i cant rember the trick to aviding... by Flikerz1 8/12/2006  
     Okay, I am having issues with Braska'sFreakin' Final Aeon. Said issues are as follows: ... by DAMN 8/12/2006  
     i have finished the game abd i wanted to complete my sphere grid so i went back to the... by nicky b 8/13/2006  
     man, u all stuck on braska's aeon? i defeated all dark aeons, got all aeons , and i... by killdwarfje 8/19/2006  
     you idiots you allready have the DESTRUCTION SPHERE you dont need the items (they help... by jaffar8 8/27/2006  
     looks people geez iv been playin this game a week and up 2 the braska's final aeon only... by Sephiroth 8/31/2006  
     masamune is a strong weapon but... its takes years to get it it took me ages just to get... by i have witnessed 9/1/2006  
     ok guys first of all the lance is a vital part to the storyline u have to get it to... by theknowitall 9/14/2006  
     and for yu yevon just use a phenoix down on him and he is KO'D(hes a zombie) by theknowitall 9/14/2006  
     you fools i have already completed the game an beat all monster creations and nearly all ... by jason 10/4/2006  
     Hi my auron can hit for around the 9,000 mark and he has his best wepon and i can't beat... by luky  10/6/2006  
     how do you get the secrete item in macalioner temple and where do u get shiva is it before... by biltzbalss-ace-guy- 10/9/2006  
     Evrae Atlanta hint: Use life, full life, phoenix downs or any healing spell eg.cure, cura... by FFX GOD 10/12/2006  
     Hey Kat, that's not Braska. That is a very weak summoner by the name of Isaaru. Get all... by FFX GOD 10/12/2006  
     I have won game, al you gotta do is use zanmato 2 times and u kill final aeon. The ending... by hjihi 10/13/2006  
     Hi people I'm a new person in here and I'm only 12 years old I got my game last Christmas... by Jason 10/14/2006  
     ive pwned the game its hard but beatable my wining team was tidus,auron,and kimahru. you... by pwner 10/15/2006  
     >_>..i beat braskas final aeon with bahamut who i taught curega, so he was no... by eXec 10/19/2006  
     i just used Bahamut with the curega skill. killed braskas final aeon easy. by eXec 10/20/2006  
     i kenot defite dark yojimbo heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp by david 10/28/2006  
     to deafeat everea in bevelle(the zombie one) just kill him with 2 Phoenix downs by Ichigo 11/3/2006  
     i beaten jecht, wat i did was have all the aeons overdrive up, then have tidus auron... by noobsaibot14 11/4/2006  
     right now im leveling up to beat omega wepon by yo momma 11/7/2006  
     Ive found if you've missed kimaris spirit lance you can get it at zanarkand ruins by Alucard 11/18/2006  
     u can get back into bevelle temple but u gotta give yunie a reason by lulu 11/26/2006  
     dark aeons...???? it even possible to defeat these beasts? by spiders from mars 12/1/2006  
     a major trick with braska's final aeon and yu yevon is using zombie attack. every time... by cypher 12/5/2006  
     i am on braskas and i have all the aeons the magunus sisters are probaley the best becaus... by lot 12/7/2006  
     if nowone here knows the way to beat dark aeons il say. all u got to do is ......... use... by dark aeons easy 12/9/2006  
     I am on a noticeably unusual place to be stuck as no-one has mentioned it, but i am stuck... by DeantheBean 12/19/2006  
     Alright, all you people stuck on Evrae in the sky i have my solution to it. First you... by DeantheBean 12/20/2006  
     to kat those aoens are differnt from yours you need 2 either use the same aeon or the... by pie 12/23/2006  
     and if you try i havent yet though my friends borowin the game but use auron's zombie move... by pie 12/23/2006  
     yes you can, TRY TRY TRY! by yes you can 12/27/2006  
     I finished it.. again last night =] such a sad ending. but.. if you dont have kimarhi's... by gl0ww0rm 1/9/2007  
     were are all the tempals located!! cause i think i got the hp spere but a light wont light... by melvin 1/21/2007  
     you can do it yes you can by walid 1/21/2007  
     Omega dungon,steal from omega weapon-i mast steal weapon to get anima or magues by jbarbic 1/28/2007  
     hey wat item is 2 get hp over 9999? by jono2234 1/29/2007  
     U ALL SUK! its soo easy... i finished da game... and for all u guys that can't beat dark... by khriku11 2/2/2007  
     where do i find items 2 get past 9999 hp? by jono2234 2/2/2007  
     hey muff u have to talk to the dad and the mum twice. Then they say their boy is missing... by ffx dude 2/7/2007  
     in omega dungeon u cant run away frm fiends there. it's rlly annoying cos i want the 10... by ffx dude 2/7/2007  
     It's fairly easy.... Tidus should cast Haste Straight away. When He gets his Overdrive... by Zackster 2/17/2007  
     can i can kill him in one shot!!!!!!! by ffx dude 2/18/2007  
     It's easy to defeat sin and braskas final Aeon, just train yuna like hell and reach 255... by Kiko 2/26/2007  
     does any1 kno that u can get yojimbo to do gr8 attacks with onlly 1 gil, thot every1 2... by sephiroth 2/27/2007  
     on the air ship after yunalesca, go to the high brige and talk to a girl there (woman that... by bahamut 3/7/2007  
     I need help on jecht my characters atk is 50 somthing yet i can't seem to kill him on... by xemnas 3 3/16/2007  
     ive just bought the ffx official guide so plz ask, n my friends also finished the game by Riku 3/19/2007  
     can any one help me on the fight with seymor on gagazet i keep getting killed by total... by shinra 12 3/24/2007  
     Dude all you really need is to yuna use holy like constantly. Have tidus hastega first... by Dude...boredom 4/11/2007  
     a) First of all you cannot miss the destruction sphere in Bevelle the game will not let... by Chaos_Overlord 4/25/2007  
     good job blackjack...thats my way too...and ye it isnt the best against braska's aeon bcuz... by Munti 5/4/2007  
     well ima have 1 more shot at braska's aeon and then if i lose ima go into poo file ( up to... by Munti 5/4/2007  
     w8...if i go back to kilika will i have to vs dark ifrit or sumfin? bcuz i want anima!!!!!... by Munti 5/4/2007  
     i beat that entire game without anima and the magus sisters because all my guys hit the... by Matthew 5/5/2007  
     omg braska's aeon ya just get bahamut or anima to use zombify then full life ( not all... by munti 5/6/2007  
     i had to restart the game for anima an now im in bevelle temple by dude 5/7/2007  
     do you get a marked complete tag after you bet it because i didn't and i was wondering if... by ff craz-e 5/7/2007  
     Braska's final aeon is SO hard. I read somewhere that zombie attack would make it easy,... by Bxela 5/9/2007  
     i finished the game x2 but i wonerding if the next one has yuna in does it? by dany666 5/12/2007  
     Amaya-Chan, my suggestion to your problems is train, customize great weapons, customize... by deathdoom89 5/20/2007  
     I have successfully beaten the game without acquiring any of the special aeons by Jamie 5/22/2007  
     how u get magus sisters ocne u got yojimbo and anima? by munti 5/27/2007  
     omg stupid braska gets like 50 turns...word of advice guys...aeon overdrives arent good to... by munti 5/27/2007  
     i finally best braskas aeon! it was easy acctualy! get a stamine tonic and get 3 people... by munti 5/31/2007  
     ha!ha!ha! Iv got every thing and im not helping not a damn one of youzzzz! and that... by dice man 5/31/2007  
     the games easy and anima is not hard unless u missed the bevelle sphere by u guys are pathetic 6/3/2007  
     i made a brand new file to get anima i got him i smashed braska'saeon ( once u beat him u... by munti 6/8/2007  
     get auron to zombify him then use yuna to curaga him and repeat this i dont know if this... by lopopo 6/24/2007  
     omg i beat the game with out holy or those other aeons my first aeon i got is a beast he... by willdabeast 6/25/2007  
     Hey to beet any boss all you need to do is steal some doors of tommorow from ultimate... by Chris 6/29/2007  
     Ok how to beat The Entire game this is how I did it and it helped A whole lot Never Run... by Verticals 7/1/2007  
     to defeat evrae is to get rikku to get luck and then cast it on party and have tidus... by flockaz  7/4/2007  
     hey adam this is for you so you can stop asking me how to defeat dark aeons 1 get 1... by flockaz 7/4/2007  
     hey i cant beat Evrae, but when your on the airship, you cant use summons coz yuna aint... by calvin 7/8/2007  
     ok what was the item needed at bevelle? by tidus superior 7/10/2007  
     I've found that Yojimbo is most likely to do Zanmato when you offer him the maximum amount... by Segundas 7/12/2007  
     to beat evrae de ting in d sky u need d warrior mode for auron kimahri and tidus (maybe... by seymour deado 7/19/2007  
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     I have a 1997 Tiburon, I just had my Transmission rebuilt and was experiencing some... by Trixxen Vixxen 1/16/2007  
     common things that go wrong in passats are the fuel pumps are junk. LAck of fuel from a... by b4 2/5/2007  
     My '94/B3 Passat had similar probs,the fuel accumulator was replaced. by Jeff Skarda 2/6/2007  
I'm looking for the answer to a rebus puzzle it reads kanel the "nel" is gradually... by Tony30 8/19/03 General
     twisted ankle? by shapirofam9/18/03  
     back up lens by preacher9/27/03  
     Could it be 'Leaking' by Zazzy 8/26/04  
     sm + I squared = le by ml 11/9/04  
     puzzle reads 8dz. a picture of a horse +r, NL+picture of two sets of eyes on top of... by Tami 4/24/05  
     I have five rebus puzzles I need help with here they are. 1. polmomice 2. NOXQQIVIT ... by gbpckrfan68 9/20/05  
     take one meal take one meal take one meal I gave this one to my students but have... by shona 10/10/05  
     N N N N N N N A A A A A A A C C C C C C C by Cor 11/1/05  
     I need the answer to a Rebus question that is driving me nuts!! It is + deef by locobaybee 10/23/2006  
     Hey, I could use some help too. It looks like this: W O R K SEESAWS Anybody? by Andrew 2/2/2007  
I am looking for a CD recording of the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle coprs from 1996. Can... by ytlitng9/17/03 General
     i have the cd. as well as i was in that drum corps! by snapple 3/9/05  
     Didn't they fold in '94?!?!? by sdf 5/17/05 by Patrick 9/19/05  
     I have an mp3 copy. I know it's late but you can e-mail me at by Ad®ian 9/29/05  
     win mx by audiodave 10/25/05  
     You can go to and then go into seasons pass and you can download a copy of... by Rich 11/4/05  
     Me too. Such a shame DCI only has recordings back to 1997. I guess we gotta find fellow... by Chellebelle 4/6/2006  
     Unfortunately, the 1996 DCI World Championships CDs are no longer available from DCI. The... by JJChar72 8/26/2006  
     Yes I am looking for Velvet Knights 95 videos and recording by Gorge Ortega 8/28/2006  
     Go to and see if they still offer it for sale. They have a huge library from... by drummergoalie 11/26/2006  
Can anyoen tell me if cut creator is still alive or whatever, i cant seem to dig up much... by 8/24/03 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     yeah baby still kickin it in h-town tx by cut creator9/12/03  
     Yeah he is around, he is just hangin around gettin fat, and I aint talkin PHAT by rocketman15153/5/04  
     Yeah he is around, he is just hangin around gettin fat, and I aint talkin PHAT by rocketman15153/5/04  
     I just wanted to register here just to say how much of a idiot rocketman1515 is. That last... by vjhe 9/10/04  
     I just wanted to register here just to say how much of a idiot rocketman1515 is. That last... by vjhe 9/10/04  
     Rocketman 1515 is whack Cut is alive and doing great still rockin' check the resume... by Hater Killer 8/1/05  
     He is now on The Beat 104.3 in Austin . . . you can check out his profile. by AUDIO BOY 9/3/05  
     oh yes he's still around by 5/23/2006  
     He is a heavily requested DJ at parties in Austin, Texas. He'll be DJing at Tangerines in... by Anonymous 9/3/2006  
     Yo Cut Creator IS Still Avile He is my cousin we talk every now and then though by Marquis 6/30/2007  
I had an inside/outside cat until I got married and at my new home he is only allowed... by Jacqueline 10/22/03 rec.pets.cats: Cats and the Outside World FAQ
     Maybe your husband could sleep outside with the cat to keep him warm. by P.11/11/03  
     Get a new husband! Many studies show the man treats your animal, (something smaller and... by bubbles12/18/03  
     I totally agree with both of the above respondents. Husbands are a dime a dozen, but a... by jobinky7/5/04  
     The cat was there first! Your husband should respect you and your feelings and try fix... by Deeder 11/12/04  
     To the other responses: You people don't know the first thing about cats. And you have... by N 12/18/04  
     tigers live outside?lions king of the jungle if your not living in way north of states... by new_era_wake_UP_ladies 6/4/05  
     I have just taken on a stray and can't get him indoors yet. I have bought a kennel and he... by Debs 9/26/05  
     tell your husband that it could be worse, the cat could be going in the bed. The time to... by Roach 11/6/05  
     put the litter box in the tub and eventually your cat will get accustomed to using it... by shadow201 1/6/2006  
     i have never had a cat but i think that you should tell your husband that if he doesn't... by Blondie 5/18/2006  
     you people are amazing. how about this one little fact... they're ANIMALS!!!! if your... by TJ 2/9/2007  
     I think the husband is quite right. I have a cat, but if it started crapping all over the... by Cooking Fat 5/13/2007  
Which software allows me to add a comment to a JPEG file, a TIFF file, or (preferably) a... by 9/12/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     hey man cool <a href="http://www.descargar-messenger-">Descargar... by morgan3/5/04  
     nice comment. keep the work! aff dan <p><a href=" by affdan 4/27/04  
     Hola: Algunas cosas no me quedaron claras pero en líneas generales encontre interesante su... by dffd 9/21/04  
     <a href="">cheap go cart products</a> by Matt 9/21/05  
     Hard question, you should go looking around more. by chaz 3/2/2006  
     fagoted by dgfdg 3/19/2006  
     You have come a long way! it will be great to have you here! Awesome book. <a href="htt... by Mario 7/17/2006  
     Hello.You have a nice site. Good job. <a href=http://compact-tractor-reviews- search.50... by George Dos Santos 12/24/2006  
     Hello.You have a nice site. Good job. <a href=http://compact-tractor-reviews- search.50... by George Dos Santos 12/24/2006  
     How to distinguish hight quality Supplier of Quality Swiss Rolex Replicas - Swiss Replica... by Mandy 4/17/2007  
     How to distinguish hight quality Supplier of Quality Swiss Rolex Replicas - Swiss Replica... by Mandy 4/19/2007  
87 Chrysler Lebaron GTS 2.2L Turbo that stalls out at idle mostly when engine has warmed... by Jerry 9/28/03 General
     i have same problem with my 2.2 non turbo if you get and answer email me back torin_ca@yah... by torin 11/29/03  
     Replace The AIS(Automatic Idle Speed) Motor Thats Where Your Problem Is. They Run About... by Shadow1/27/04  
     I have a 1986 2.2L w/ turbo that does a simular thing. Except it happens mostly when the... by fk 9/21/04  
     I"m not a car genius, but me and my brother both drive chryslers (I had a dodge shadow,... by pinkie1205 12/14/05  
     hey i have a 86 with the turbo that when it got warmed up it would cut out and die. i... by justin 1/31/2006  
     i had that problem with my 87 gts and i changed my O2 sensor and now the car runs fine by metalhead 3/14/2006  
     sounds like a vacume leak or possible map sensor. by one fast mopar 4/25/2006  
     you all suck by mor 6/15/2006  
     i need the firing order for a chrysler labarian gts turbo 2.5 fring order by needhelp22 9/18/2006  
     I have found a part (broken) and I don't know what it is. It is hooked next to the... by 1987lebaron 7/20/2007  
I have a 9 month old female chihuahua. She started to loose a patch of hair on her thigh... by Princess4/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     One of my babies is doing the same thing at just over a year old. I took her to the vet,... by chimama4/9/04  
     Well, she kept losing hair, so last Saturday back to the vet she went. No fungus was ... by chimama4/12/04  
     Update : After the skin scraping, I put some triple antibiotic ointment on the area,... by chimama4/19/04  
     Chimama...I have the same problem with my Chihuahua...what happened with yours?...You... by X7/13/04  
     I'm curious to find out what happened with your Chi's skin condition. I have a 21 month... by pamela 11/1/04  
     I have a chihuahua too who has lost hair on her legs and now in the middle of her back. ... by lilredmnm 12/2/04  
     I have the same problem with my 1 year old long haired chi. What I have been doing is... by tequila16 5/29/05  
     I have a four month old short hair male chihuahua and he is loosing hair in patches all... by Crystal 6/17/05  
     I am going thought the same thing with my Chihuahua. We bought her from a pet store when... by lulu's mom 11/16/05  
     Do any of you have a cat? If so, is you chihuahua getting into the cat food? Sounds like... by sandi 11/27/05  
     I have a 9 week old little boy and he is losing hair behind his ears and I am kind of... by Meka 12/30/05  
     I'm also having the same problem with my Chihuahua... a little spot on his shoulder just... by ckoisme 5/15/2006  
     I'm also having the same problem with my Chihuahua... a little spot on his shoulder just... by ckoisme 5/15/2006  
     What happened with your baby because my little one is doing the same thing on her thigh... by Bonnie 8/4/2006  
     Chimama ... is there an update. The same thing has been going on with my 7yr old chi for... by shastadaiy 3/23/2007  
     my chihuahua is 3 years old and just gave birth to 5 puppies on March 5th. I have just... by Elle 5/2/2007  
if i were to pierce my lip, how long would it stay swolen? or if it will at all. by Aadno 4/20/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     Well it depends on your body. Usually for everyone, it doesn't swell at all the day you do... by Riotingpacifist7/3/04  
     what cant i eat and drink? and what can i do to keep the swelling down? by spaz 11/22/04  
     hi im 14, and i want to get my lip pierced but my parents wont let me, and i wanted to get... by kay 12/11/04  
     i wanna know how to conceil the peircing if i get it (from rents, bosses and teachers)...... by Modest_mouse_LUVER 3/2/05  
     i pierced my lip last night and its a lil swollennd its sore but i think it will go away... by ?????? 3/18/05  
     hey. ummm any good ideas for concealing a lip piercing????????? I'm stuck on this, i... by Live 10/25/05  
     well, for me it swelled up as soon as i did it, but it didn't hurt or bother me, the only... by d~rock 2/1/2006  
     i pierced my lip myself and it has been swollen for the past three days. but it doesnt... by britten 2/2/2006  
     subtasks Dada stinkbug sinked as dasnkbdknas dnkbasknd sand ankh tungsten dank astigmatic... by dvaefdif 2/12/2006  
     i want to peirce my lip but i dont no were to do it at and how high to go and in the lip... by wicked one 3/26/2006  
     Well it would only stay swollen for a few days, it actualy depends on your type of skin,... by xXGunbunnyXx 7/28/2006  
     i want my lip pierced and cm going do it myself how do i make sure its strait by poncho diaz 12/31/2006  
     i just periced my lip but like i did it half way one day and the rest the nest and it is... by melllyissa 2/27/2007  
     yeah but it also depends on how they do it mine they couldnt get through so it did swell... by alexis 3/14/2007  
Is There an insurance to put on your dog? (cannot find a rental with my dogs as for house... by brutus 7/7/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     i would also like info on this i have a rott and just bought a new home and my home owners... by angie 12/21/03  
     I just recently had to get rid of my beautiful rottweiler because of that stupid insurance... by j.j.2/5/04  
     J.J. I'm looking to adopt a Rott in the Rochester, NY area. Do you have any contacts? ... by Margo 2/17/04  
     i live in indpls in and can not find home owners insurance because of my rottweiler does... by tpratt 3/26/04  
     Hi. I think State Farm will insure your house with a "large" breed dog. I have been... by nancy a 6/18/04  
     USAA Covers rotties by chula 11/13/04  
     i am an insurance agent and have a 7 year old female rottie. i also do not currently carry... by bubbles9802 12/27/04  
     I just called State Farm and they do insure people with Rottweiler mixes (I was turned... by Judy, 4/11/2005 4/11/05  
     Hi All, I live in Rochester, Ny and I am a home owner and Rottweiler owner. I am insured... by Teri 1/19/2006  
     i talked to several companies and was denied but after talking to a co-worker, called... by docholliday212000 6/2/2006  
what does doowop mean?! as it goes "therez my shorty doowop" whatz shorty doowop? by mish 10/2/03 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     I heard the sentence "Don't fling the doowop Baby" in an adult movie. The female actress... by Big D10/7/03  
     in the verse "there,s my shorty doowop", shorty doowop refers to a girlfriend, or a girl... by scrumpmami12/14/03  
     Everyone's right cause it's not a real term in rap. Doo wop is a style of music from the... by daveg3/20/04  
     SHUT DA HELL UP daveg!!!!!!!!!! by RAMBO3/31/04  
     daveg i don't think that you should shut up. i think you have a very broad outlook on the... by icee 4/19/04  
     U lick his ass anymore, he wont ever need to use toilet paper agen! by The White Cracker 9/18/04  
     shorty doowop usually means a kid, thats what nas calls one kid in "one love" a song... by benv 1/13/05  
     After all, it ain't nothin but a doowop by Arthur Cook 1/22/05  
     aw! how sweet. one says SHUT UP. the other defends. aw! by JMAO 1/26/05  
     ok.... icee's a fagit by heyhey 4/18/05  
     dave is right doowop is a fifties term for vocal group harmonizing with background call... by rockin richard 1/18/2006  
     I don't know you guys but i like it by shorty 4/9/2006  
what is the royal document granting a specified group of peolpe the right to form a colony... by stunna's grove 8/25/03 General
     i don't konw by Ladie 9/3/04  
     The charter of the Virginia Company? by Erica 9/4/04  
     Pewaukee by lc 7/24/2006  
     Mayflower Compact by lizzie 7/31/2006  
     dont know by ushistory 8/1/2006  
     The royal document that grants a specified group of people the right to form a colony, as... by Pupp 8/21/2006  
     Either a charter or a land grant by Dwayne 9/10/2006  
     i think it is a charter by James 6/15/2007  
The Japanese wife of my Caucasian nephew scrubs the entire house after each visit of her... by sam 4/9/04 American misconceptions about Japan FAQ
     I'm a Japanese female often visiting the parents' house of my American boyfriend. It... by Pumpkin 9/27/04  
     They wore shoes in the house and have toenail fungus! by Jap Psych! 9/29/04  
     Because the Japanese wife has a psychological complex. A neurosis bordering on psychosis.... by bitter gaijin 11/28/04  
     OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder Rx paxill 20 to 40 mg qd* 30 days 12 refills by DRBB 2/20/05  
     I don't think it's anything related with being Japanese. It's more often related with some... by passerby 3/11/05  
     In general Japanese people are very clean and orderly. Take those shoes off before... by Deh 9/4/05  
     Japanese women are crazy about appearance because they want to please the men. Typically,... by Dudanation 11/2/05  
     Despite stumbling across this question long after it was posted, I feel compelled to point... by BSouther 11/16/05  
     Japanese are traditionally very clean people. For example it is a rule that you must take... by dan2020 1/10/2006  
     they need to be more generous and take off shoes and be more relaxed. this will help by jeff 1/10/2006  
     Well, the scrubbing the house isn't all that unusual, but it usually happens before the... by Sam 2/16/2006  
     Well, from what I can guess, have you asked the wife if she likes her in-laws? Because if... by kyoko gunterman 3/23/2006  
     To the Japanese, it is a sign of respect. His wife loves him so much, that she is willing... by Japan Guy 4/26/2006  
     im guessing they wear there shoes in the house japanese usualy find that disrespectful by observer 12/19/2006  
     A friend's wife (not Japanese) had a similar problem. Washed her hands (and the sink and... by haruo 7/6/2007  
I HAD MY PIT PUP ABOUT 9 MONTHS OLD STOLEN A FEW DAYS AGO OUT OF MY BACK YARD. HOW DO YOU... by STACEY 5/21/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     i am really sorry to hear that!! but you shouldn't train a pit to be aggressive.the best... by chris 5/22/04  
     I know loads of people who train their dogs to be aggressive in order to keep them from... by CH5/27/04  
     Did you baby her to much? HA... thats a laugh, you kept her outside. I don't know your... by your a butt head6/2/04  
     hello to "your a butthead" i dont belive stacy actually said anything about chaining her... by Rob 6/10/04  
     same thing just happened to my cousin by matt 9/8/04  
     I just got a male 4m old brindle pit,Ill admit b/c of the media I had a very closed mind... by dobiegirl 1/17/05  
     beat him every day with a hose for about 1 hour. if he just gets scared then try using a... by macker 1/30/05  
     well u shud teach ure dog 2 b agressive wen a stranger cums in cos 1 day that cud b a... by lewy 2/5/05  
     Last October some mutherf****er stole one of my females out of the playpen..... I just... by hsb 3/30/05  
     Has it occurred to anyone that she may have climbed the fence? These dogs are extremely... by Jeni 9/11/05  
     A pit isn't supposed to be aggressive towards people. The best thing for you to do to... by sleepystoner05 10/12/05  
     I agree with the person that sounds upset you left a pitbull outside and agree, that poor... by cava 10/21/05  
     I agree with the person that sounds upset you left a pitbull outside and agree, that poor... by cava 10/21/05  
     im very sorry to hear about your puppy and your a butthead you are the butthead y say... by 3PITTBULLS 8/12/2006  
can a dachshund breed of dog and a rottwieler breed of dog breed together? by trixee5/31/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     sure they can but it is a bit unusual. If the male is a dashund put a stool behind the... by paul7/14/04  
     Hey, anythings possible I guess but be absolutely sure that the male is the smaller breed.... by Tanisha 8/22/04  
     can my female beagle mate wit a large breed dog? by i love my dog 11/1/04  
     the two breeds have problems in bone and blood there made for two jobs rotti is for... by sensei atemi ryu 11/7/04  
     billing address software senerator of credit card by baas 11/14/04  
     why would you even breed a rott to a dachshund there is enough unwanted dogs dont you... by dtown bullys 1/6/05  
     Can a female beagle mate with a male husky? by Shelby 3/8/05  
     it is all good by khan 4/23/05  
     Why would you ever even want to do that? The puppies would be VERY unhealthy. by Andrea 5/11/05  
     It is not safe for a larger size dog to breed a smaller dog due to the size of the... by Deb 1/7/2006  
     Yes it can happen. My neighbor has a dachshund mix Golden Retreiever. by hj 3/11/2006  
     If the female is the dachshund and the male is the rottwieler, you will need LOTS of... by Mike 3/15/2006  
     no. they cannot breed together. If they did, the female could die. Well if the female... by tarven 4/16/2006  
     Yes I would like to Do a new account. by Kristen Washington 4/27/2006  
     did you know when yorkies mate there's sperm ball i think it look's whitish or yellow ... by superchick56 3/5/2007  
does any know any software I can download or buy to chop and screw,songs> If so email... by xstac1 6/27/03 MP3 Binaries FAQ - alt.binaries.sounds.mp3. * (05/01/04)
     Go to, but i've had trouble getting the program to record my songs. On the... by Greenshak Records 1/30/04  
     does anyone know how to put the songs in screwlab to chop & screw them by sureno13_187 3/15/05  
     go to and type in kramixer in the search bar. the best thing is its totally... by choppedandscrewed4life 5/28/05  
     screwlab is the best but u gotta buy a licesnse after 14 days or something like that by screwedfrmTxthehomeofdashiz 6/11/05 Drip Drape Latest Screw And Chop software! by someone 7/9/05  
     you can download wavelab or cooledit pro those are some great programs you just cut and... by dondm 2/19/2006 or Drip Drape 2006 chop... by hey 5/1/2006 ..... goto dripdrape section and download. chop and screw software.... by check this out 7/14/2006  
     screwlab is a great program, i use it frequently. It doesnt sound exactly like the way the... by [SoC]GHOST 9/10/2006  
What is the difference between integer arrays and character arrays? by paw 8/6/03 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     When you access an integer array with out any index specification you will get the address... by Raveen8/8/03  
     Obviously, the length of the items in it.... Chars are 8 bit in length while integer are... by Chava8/11/03  
     In integer array each element ocqupies 2 bytes. but in character array each character... by Kishore reddy2/10/04  
     integer array takes 2 bytes for each cell whereas char takes 1 byte by chiru-k6/10/04  
     character array could be printed using printf statement but we cannot do that to a integer... by pummi 6/18/04  
     Inter array ends with "don't the character",but character array ends in "/0". by ilias mohd 12/13/04  
     Hi viewers, +---------------------------------------- --+ | Integer array |... by l.gnanasekar 5/20/05  
     Strings r terminated with NULL(\0) character and array 's r not by ramya 5/25/05  
     main difference is the NULL character as character arrays are considered as strings by shadowman 10/6/05  
     Arrays:We can access randomly any individual element of an array, but Strings:We have to... by Aftab Alam 2/13/2006  
     The all above answer are given by the student is wrong aur yeh bhosdi k chutiya hain. by abhinavballu 12/10/2006  
     Du musst ein Fachmann sein - wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast! http://www.obiet... by figa 6/13/2007  
     pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =) cavalli by sesso con cavalli 6/21/2007  
I have 1996 v w golf and the ignition is bad is this a recall and if so what do I do? by joe 7/17/03 [W] GENERAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     yeah i have to and i have the same problem, and it was a recall and they do it for free if... by jock9/15/03  
     I need that same info if you don't mind, I have that same problem on my 1996 vw golf. ... by stu 11/7/03  
     Thanks Answer Jock, I definetely need those documents. My address is ... by 1/19/04  
     I am also having problems with my ignition as well. Hmmm, it looks like a continual... by Rayna 3/9/04  
     Oh my god, My golf was workinh like gold 2 hours ago, but now when i try to start it wont... by snipet 5/1/04  
     I would also like those as well my car just bummed out on me today. 1996 vw golf gl ... by Kyle_stewart_1234 6/30/04  
     97 golf elect windows comedown when car is opened with key? by mick 3/28/05  
     i having the same problem with my golf, it just doest want to start, after much effort it... by zak 4/11/05  
     I just replaced the switch on my 96 gti, maybe they'll give me a credit. Send me that info... by bugged out 10/7/05  
     My golf also has an ignition problem, can you please send me those documents too. ... by Nuvan 1/1/2006  
     I have this ignition problem as well,how can I fix it other than torching this piece of... by Doug 8/27/2006  
     My girlfriend is having this same problem. Any help? by Jimmyaf 6/14/2007  
     Can i get the information for the recalling of the vw 1996 ignition problem? woodrowcooper... by mrwood 7/9/2007  
I need help finding the Zoloft parody About ecstacy Does anybody know where to Download it... by photorah 12/31/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: Commercial Parodies
     i'm pretty sure that the zoloft/ecstacy commercial was MadTV by I_Just_Farted1/15/04  
     The Zoloft parody is from Madtv, and can be found at ... by Linda564/6/04  
     Unfortunately... Mad TV has caught on to our ways and blocked us. But you can still see... by Cronus 10/13/04  
     The Mad TV link no longer had it. But I found it on another site. http://www.i-am-bore... by Jane 4/24/05  
     http://www.milkandcookies. com/links/26289/ by bob 7/1/05 cfm?link_id=8597 by Jerry 5/6/2006 by anon 7/9/2006  
     Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like... by Guorri Hugo 8/5/2006  
     http://orderviagraonline.freecities. com/orderviagraonline/orderviagraonline. html#viagra... by Afbwc 8/5/2006 <a href="http://genericcialisonline.sida. nu/">... by Zsdvud 8/5/2006  
     http://genericxanaxuk.forumup. it/#cheapxanax <a href=" . by Elozud 8/5/2006  
     http://pc-dmis. com/anyboard9/forum/uploads/genericxanax. html#cheapxanax <a href="http:/... by Iihbw 8/6/2006  
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     by Whitworth-Smith 7/2/2007  
I have a Chrysler LHS 1994. The thermostat gauge has recently been going to H at random... by Mike 9/6/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     My 94 LHS pulled the same stunt. I replaced the thermostat and that cured the problem. It... by dlikens9/25/03  
     We have no heat after changing the thermostate,what do you suggest? He did put in on the... by Bruce 3/7/04  
     I have a 94 LHS chrysler and we put a new thermostat in it and we still have no heat, we... by Bruce3/7/04  
     well all of you are doing something i see all my customers do. that is try and fix a... by xibishn 3/18/04  
     The shade tree mechanic will start with the cheaper part, and find a lot of times that is... by Buck 4/14/04  
     first thing diagnostic is to determine if the area of problem is not centralized. cooling... by xibishn 8/31/04  
     where is the thermostat located for the lhs by jan 11/7/04  
     my oil pressure on my 1994 chrysler lebaron is dropping really low when the car is idling... by big red 7/26/05  
     Recently I brought a LHS '97 and it goes hot suddenly. LHS doesn't have thermostat. Once I... by VinMx 11/15/05  
     Power windows and panel lights involved? Though I'm not an automotive technician I would... by elenalor 5/22/2006  
     Hello, how long does it take to replace head gasket on chrysler LHS 3.5 by Elshan 6/12/2006  
     I have a 93 and it has been running hot and up and down. I live in Phoenix area and the... by rockjuice2 7/15/2006  
     I just laid my 94 LHS to rest. I loved that car. I work at a Chrysler dealership and... by Tracy  2/12/2007  
     yeah drive the same boat...except my water pump went out which then caused the timing belt... by griff 4/11/2007  
is fast food healthy? by hadoor3/23/04 FAQ
     no by sex4/22/04  
     NO. Fastfood is slave food. Made with lots of fat. by MONOLO from milwaukeeWI7/17/04  
     hello hello by ang 8/5/04  
     ha ha u ask funny question. of course fast food is unhealthy. except for subway. it is... by bon 8/17/04  
     No,fast food isn't healthy,though it is delicious,but it makes purple very fast,and it is... by wendian 9/19/04  
     That depends. You need to be a wise consumer and read the nutritional data. You also... by Philocrates 1/13/2006  
     I also think it's slave food. Besides it makes us become zombies! by slick 2/2/2006  
     In my opinion, fast food is tasty and cheaper than restaurants but there's no choice of... by Ronald 2/3/2006  
     I think that it is tasty and it is good for the meat with the friend but it is for thin... by Matt/Gui/Rem 2/3/2006  
     It's right , fast food isn't healthy : it is fat food ! Often , the food is pre-cooked &... by AdG `DA != 2/3/2006  
     In my opinion fast food is unhealthy. On the one hand fast food is teasty and unexpensive... by trempoline 2/3/2006  
     Fast food? On the one hand, we can say: "Yes", that's not very expensive, we can eat... by astral 2/3/2006  
     well.. not exactly. but occasionally, it is good for you. by lapdupSHOO 2/14/2006  
     yes fast food is unhealthy because it make fat and no represent Americans values !!!! by aude 6/2/2006  
     yes it is by noneofyourbuisness 5/8/2007  
Can you regenerate a sacrificed creature card? by Teabone 8/20/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     NO!!!! when you sacrifice a creature it is considered buried, and buried creatures can not... by justsomeguyanswering8/28/03  
     i say yes.. since it doesn't say that the sacrificed creature can't be regened. by blah12/21/03  
     dont ask me! by ahappyguy 1/11/04  
     Have to agree with justsomeguyanswering on that subject. Would not be far would it if it... by Dead_Gargoyle 1/17/04  
     By definition, the Sacrifice effect cannot be regenerated. It cannot be prevented from... by Halfelf2/26/04  
     Sacrifice means to take your own creature to the graveyard; regeneration prevents your... by XeL4/9/04  
     I say yes it can. What my friends tell me is that you have to play the effect before it... by Brolly5/11/04  
     In my mirage rule book it says u cant regenerate sac'd creatures, but who knows if it... by Yodog 6/9/04  
     OMG!!!....for all the people who think that you can't regenerate sac'dcreatures, thank... by Sasuke 6/24/04  
     Ok, to set the record straight... Regeneration only prevents the DESTRUCTION of a... by MillMaster 6/29/04  
     what the hell did I want to say now... oh yea... uh, um,, ... sacrifivcation is... by poopheead 9/20/04  
     Read page 52 of official WotC rules: http://www.wizards. com/magic/rules/en_8e_rulebook.... by masteraka 6/14/05  
     I was wondering If you put a Hypervolt Grasp on a Gelectode, when you tap gelectrode, will... by Anonymous 3/20/2006  
     you da man millmaster by nooyess 5/1/2006  
     yes regenerate prevents the creature from being destroyed sac'ing is destroying the... by blaze 5/18/2006  
     yeah you can't i really wish you could, then my green regenerate deck would be amazing to... by Drapeir 10/26/2006  
I got my tongue pierced a week ago and it doesn't hurt or anything. But the lady piercing... by Samantha2/2/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     yeah the crater is normal. it is just where the ball rests on you tongue. by Millie 2/4/04  
     i got my tounge peirces about 3 weeks ago, and it has fufed up heaps. i am sarting to not... by minny 5/6/04  
     it should heal its all in the process of healing k by dani 5/13/04  
     go to let me know if they help. by Tiffany 6/20/04  
     i got my tongue pierced 3 days ago and i have a bump around the ring inside of my tongue... by angele 10/11/04  
     I just got mine done 6 days ago and I have a crater, too. It's perfectly normal. i got... by Krista 1/20/05  
     i want to get my tongue pierced but my mum is worried about the problems that may occur,... by lisa 3/10/05  
     how much does it cost to get your tongue pierced? by Kim 5/29/05  
     i haven't had my tongue pierced yet but i've done alot of research. doctors say that if... by shorty 7/8/05  
     hey im meagan and im only getting my tongue done in 4 weeks and im scared!! should... by megz 10/17/05  
     I have had my tongue pierced for about a lil bit less than a year now and i was sick this... by YuYu 2/26/2006  
     I just got my tongue pierced yesterday and it doesn't hurt at all. Just keep ice on it... by Ker-Bear 3/29/2006  
     i ave another 6 weeks till then end of ma school term and i reallllllly wanna get ma... by JEZZA K 5/25/2006  
     i dont really have an answer but i wanted to get my tongue done and heaps of poeople are... by jel 9/13/2006  
     i am getting my tongue pierced this weekend, and i can handle any piercing, but i am sorta... by pierceme_123 10/10/2006  
     i really really want to get my tongue pierced but the webing in my toung is really fsr... by champ  11/27/2006  
Hey, for everyone out there that has gotten their bellybutton pierced i need ur help!... by jEnAy 11/8/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     wait it out until youre 15. if thats not possible, do it yourself. you wont need to numb... by puss puss4/9/04  
     It was quite simple, really. My parents told me that I couldn't get my bellybutton peirced... by Erica5/13/04  
     DON'T BE TEMPTED TO PEIRCE IT YOURSELF!!!! It can be dangerous, and very painful, plus... by bluegecko 6/19/04  
     ive just had my belly button pierced and i am 35 years old, i dont think age comes in to... by debbie 6/22/04  
     belly button piercings do NOT make ur period hurt more, i had mine pierced when i was 12,... by Pierced-freak 7/16/04  
     Hey my parents told me that when I turned 14 that I could get my bellybutton peirced, but... by Linz349 10/23/04  
     pierce it your self!!!!!!!! be a thug and take a drug then pierce it yourself by bsp piercer 10/27/04  
     hey... im almost 15 and JUST had my belly-button pierced.... my dad had said no.. and my... by chelly 1/5/05  
     i had me button pierced and i wasnt dad sed i wernt allowed so he smaked me and... by shelley 3/15/05  
     Oh my god. I asked my mom if I could get my bellybutton pierced. She said I can after I... by Mira-chan 5/27/05  
     how do u get ur parents to let u? like wat can u say to persuade them? by ? 6/9/05 and my friend went to the hospital to get our bellybuttons really... by bluefriends 6/24/05  
     i just got my belly button pierced two months when i was 14. i had the same problem as... by sneezebug 9/13/05  
     i would like some help please people!! i am allowed my belly button pierced in two weeks... by emma 3/20/2006  
     well 4 who ever wants to pierce it by themselves they can do it but right i did it when i... by angelale91 5/10/2006  
     Have the same problem with a 98 Passat, 4Cyl. Turbo engine. Has been back to the dealer... by RK 11/15/03  
     I have a 2000 Passat V-6. Same problem, the dealer replaced the cam seals, but no fix. ... by TS 4/24/04  
     Hi, I have a 2003 Passat and I get an oil/gas smell when the car is at a stand still. VW... by Rich 5/13/04  
     I have a 2000 Passat V6. The oil has ran completly dry twice, the dealer tried replacing... by GSS 6/8/04  
     I have the same problem with my 1999 Passat. The oil ran dry and the dealer said it was a... by VVM 9/7/04  
     It is your camshaft seals most likely. by peppy 12/22/04  
     I have a 2000 Passat wagon with V6. I just took it in to a 3rd party mechanic for the oil... by Vitaly 11/15/05  
     i have a 1999 passat turbo 4 and get an exhaust smell through the heater when stopped and... by vlad 11/28/05  
     I have a 1998 Passat 4cyl turbo. Same problem. It's been in 4 times and no remedy. did cam... by roget 12/3/05  
     i have a 1.8T fully supped up in everyway pushes 18 pounds but never gave me a problem... by TTdawg 5/9/2007  
     The problem is likely your PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system. The whole system... by macaddiict 5/14/2007  
can I breed my female with her father or even a brother, I was told that I could? by choco.lover7/10/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     Not a good idea. You may end up with puppies that have severe temperament problems. ... by Jenn7/21/03  
     My dog called fluffy was bred with another dog and had puppies she is now pregnant because... by ccm7/26/03  
     ccm, Why is Fluffy not spayed? Why haven't you neutered Fluffy'soffspring? You wouldn't... by Jenn7/28/03  
     FFFFFFIIIIIIIXXXXXX Fluffy please!!!!! by dtown bully 1/6/05  
     PLEASE be more responsible then to let that happen. I adopted a 6 month old dog from a... by Melissa 6/23/05  
     Can you breed a male rottwieler with its daughter. and if you do what could happen. by nini 12/19/05  
     ccm, don't worry, the breed takes care of it's self. You might have a miscairage, or... by molly 5/30/2006  
     How in the World do you think we ended up with different dog breeds to begin with ???... by Funnman 6/7/2006  
     I volunteer at our Humane Society and it is sad we have wonderful dogs who are there... by Bob 6/8/2006  
     Breeding related dogs is the same and related humans breeding, if either dog has a... by Blah blah blah! name 8/10/2006  
     not a good idea by paige 12/10/2006  
     When you breed close relatives you double up on all genetic faults, like blindness, hip... by Mayo 3/26/2007  
     Line breeding or "breeding back" is not always a bad thing in animals as long as you know... by jene 6/14/2007  
I just got my eyebrow pierced about 6 days ago. The top of it where the hole is, is... by Jess 4/4/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     oh no that means its infected now your going to die..........sorry! by cory4/5/04  
     after six days it will be by steven4/10/04  
     its normal. by LatinaNeNa 4/11/04  
     u have crusties just wipe it off gentally with a q-tip and the soap by frq111 4/21/04  
     yea your gonna die so be aware by ballin T 5/30/04  
     i believe is normal its just infected because its getting used to the ring but its normal... by julie 12/30/04  
     you are going to get VERY ILL and possibly DIE!........sorry by Revren 2/5/05  
     its normal. just get a q-tip with some warm water and gently wipe away the crusty! your... by rose 2/9/05  
     your gonna die!and your eyebrow is gonna fall off! by stormi 5/26/05  
     Its normal, after about a couple of weeks it will go away. But the best thing to use to... by Crystal 6/1/05  
     yeah its normal i have had my for awhile by krazykay 8/19/05  
     yeah, i just got mine piercered so it is normal, it just means it is dehidrated...the best... by megas 9/26/05  
     it's normal so do worry ok!!! by Amy 10/21/05  
     It should be fine just wash your hands before you mess with it and pay more attention to... by Bl00DSH0TS_foreveryone 4/16/2006  
     does it hurt when you get your eyebrow done tell the truth by neddy 4/28/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/9/2006  
     Thanks!!! ringtones site. [URL=http://www.ringtones-dir.... by ringtones free 6/9/2006  
     Hi! ringtones site. ringtones site, Free nokia ringtones... by ringtones free 6/9/2006  
     hey i got my eyebrow pirced and im 14 n i got bits of crusted blood it is normal. and also... by pjbuzzin 7/21/2006  
     i want mine done by Meggaan 5/5/2007  
Ok....i have Kazaa media desktop on my computer. and one day i'm downloading music up to... by chad?! 10/22/03 Firewalls FAQ
     what? by killaklub 2/27/04  
     I can't see the first page of kazaa Please help me and say the way for me . Thanks. by Amir3/18/04  
     A firewall wouldn't directly slow down a network connection. It only allows or prevents... by JH5/19/04  
     very excited to have it by amit 7/12/04  
     Ok. First you might wanna check your internet connection. Another is you might wanna get... by mist 8/7/04  
     Create new account by Eric 4/4/05  
     How Works? by Nelson 9/22/05  
     well im thinking of geting it but i have heard it slows down your computer. should i... by sup 9/29/05  
     ok i have kazaa plus on mine and today i found a message saying that top search was not... by SaRa 10/7/05  
     dear, kazza med. desk top, i just wantto know is it safe to used kazza med. desk top. and... by tressie glenn 2/11/2006  
     ACCOUNT by vangieromero 3/22/2006  
     karangalan elementary school by elapanes 3/29/2006  
     My password doesn't work I can't get into Kazaa Gold and I have paid my fee by 5/30/2006  
     i don't know how to open new kazaa account by du_albi 8/13/2006  
     everytime i try to searxh music it keeps saying kazaa application not connected when im... by anonymous_user 9/7/2006  
     i want to talk to someone from kazza by Nancy 7/18/2007  
I am trying desperately to find someone in Canada. His name is J.Baker. He can mail Jen at... by foufy 6/1/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i am trying to find a Mr. Robert Knight who works for the OPP and this mother name is mrs... by Bill  6/27/04  
     i am looking for a Thomas brown from Halifax . He should be about 50 to 65 years old . I... by nicole 9/2/04  
     I'm looking to find an old friend. Her name is Diane Gribbin(Gribbon), and she lived in... by gfields 9/29/04  
     am looking to find Jeremy Rhodes, who lived in Worthing Sussex England in the 1950's by caroline fusciardi 10/17/04  
     i am looking for my dad i am16 and haven't seen him for 13 years i lived in newmarket with... by SamanthaAnne Reader 12/21/04  
     workstation by catfish 1/19/05  
     I'm trying to find a long lost love kyle Stewart by steph 7/18/05  
     I am trying to find an old friend of mine, her name is Manila Hakimyaar and she lives in... by Zohra 9/18/05  
     I am trying to find Elizabeth Bertha (Lynch) Clearwater. As far as I know she moved back... by charlene 9/22/05  
     I am searching for Alan Rubin who I met when I was 16 in Florida. I am from New Jersey.... by diane 11/5/05  
     I really and desperately need to locate and speak with Abimbola Oshungboye. I have... by Woman who shares your enemy 2/18/2006  
     I am trying to locate Huma Qaiser in Canada. please reply to my email imran.amin@shell.c... by Imran 3/8/2006  
     i am looking for a guy called justin, he was in cancun late april 2006. he is 6ft 7.... by janine 5/17/2006  
     Im trying to find Umesh Patel, his DOB:02/10/1978 he lives in Edmonton,Canada. I need to... by neelu 5/20/2006  
     Im looking for a guy by the name of Andrew DeMarco i kno he lives in montreal canada and... by Angela DiBella 6/29/2006  
     hi im trying to find my daughter jessica mc intosh she is 21 now ans last i knew lives in... by veronica 9/24/2006  
     Im Lokking for and 18 maybe 19 ow bot called charles cageux hes the most sweetest n... by Lisha 12/27/2006  
     I am trying to find my bother william g rommelaere. Goes by billy. I have last seen him... by donald rommelaere 2/10/2007  
     hey i am trying to find my father Dr Abebe Wezam, in canada, you can email me at wezamyona... by Yonas 6/7/2007  
     looking for Shawn Allan born May 31st 1971 Ottawa Ontario Riverside Hospital Dr... by goodwill 6/18/2007  
Please help me register with e-Bay? I cannot get through because of a Catch-22 situation.... by Wm. F. Daniels 5/6/04 ebay FAQ
     how can i review items i have bid on and know status of my bid.after leaving e bay site I... by charles 8/25/04  
     I wish to register on eBay so I can Bid for items. Please help me register. by Ava 8/28/04  
     GARDENING by G BROUGH ESQ 9/26/04  
     can't get in by peter timms 10/6/04  
     i lost my password by lena252 10/27/04  
     2875264 by Tom.Peng 4/18/05  
     create a new account by 4/26/05  
     I cannot get through to register properly for e bay by Rosie 5/23/05  
     want to bid on items but can not get in e-bay. by GLORIA 9/30/05  
     bare face hanging out by Unklweenydo 10/31/05  
     Racetrack by go2track 11/5/05  
     i can't register to buy on e bay. by richard pardue 11/13/05  
     Did my registration go through? If so, what next? I would like to buy/sell on ebay. ... by com.ere 11/27/05  
     I want to register for the first time and also make a bid on a red microwave oven at this... by Jean Ford 4/14/2006  
     Cutoria by vicky 6/24/2006  
     I wish to register to sell copies of my book but I cannot seem to register. ... by larry 1/9/2007  
     new account by Jane Hirsch 1/11/2007  
     open an new account by frank 5/17/2007  
     maggie by dottie 5/25/2007  
     I did not write my first information to you (big Mistake) and have failed since. If there... by Williamtdrake 5/28/2007  
what is a tipdrill by bubbles4/17/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     A TIPDRILL IS A GIRL WITH A BIG BUTT AND A ULGY FACE!!!!!!!! by moochie5/10/04  
     "I said it must be your ass, cuz it ain't you face; you is a tipdrill, a tipdrill." ... by Essy5/26/04  
     i think ladies shuld not be tip drillls men are to by ashant123 10/16/04  
     a tip drill is a girl with a humoungous ass that can shake something,i almost forgot but... by moo-moo 10/18/04  
     I think it's a girl with a bangin' body and an ugly face or a brotha' with deep pockets... by princess toni 11/6/04  
     its a three some, but thats just what I've heard from friends. by mystery woman 12/25/04  
     TIPDRILL=KELSEY HICKS by caitlin 12/29/04  
     A tipdrill is a gurl wit a ghetto booty and an ugly ass face or or a guy with money and an... by Rico 1/24/05  
     it must be your a** cause it aint ya face, so you a tipdrill. by lilkrissy 3/4/05  
     ITs Brandon Flynt Moseberry, He has a big ass, but a beautiful face, the exception to the... by C-money 3/12/05  
     A tipdrill is many different things in the song like a gurl wit a big booty and an ugly... by Tootie_14 3/23/05  
     WHAT IS A "tipdrill?" A "tipdrill" as described within the song itself is the... by E Z GREEZY PLAYA INFO 4/2/05  
     i dunno wot a tipdrill is. u gon tell me? by gawjuss_gal 4/28/05  
     or in other words a body like j-lo face like hell no by lil ville 7/16/05  
     tank, neskarsia and peach is a tipdrill at lcchs by nikki 8/6/05  
     Hey guys!!!!!! If Nelly describes a big butty girl by tipdrill how comes that he says: ... by Ramsay 8/8/05  
     When A golf shot is played and the ball lands within a reasonable distance of the hole... by Savros 10/24/05  
     yo my teacher got a bigg azz and a UGLY face but i still sex ED her up^ by pimpem25 B$^ 12/23/05  
     It is a girl with a big butt and ugly face and can give flap-flap. by J brick 9/26/2006  
     a tipdrill is a guh wit a big ass and a ugly ass face by suyein aka susy  10/23/2006  
How do you stop your dog from eating your weed? by weedhead7/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     get him he's own bag. LOL by pitts&boxers 8/3/04  
     Put it where the dog can't get to it, dumbass. Or better yet, sell the dog to a nice... by CH 8/13/04  
     put it away by wow 8/15/04  
     just let hi eat it it won't kill them and plus they need a little hydro ponic in their... by jesse  9/29/04  
     Keep it away from him you schmutz! Many dogs will eat weed if given the chance, but... by 420 11/17/04  
     quit doing drugs........ that's easy by jenn 1/9/05  
     don't leave any around jeez LOL by dobiegirl 1/17/05  
     you can only put it up but after they do they are f*cked p for a day or two! by myself 2/8/05  
     dont leav it lying around cus thats just a waste. by k 2/24/05  
     what kind of weed by unknown 3/28/05  
     after you get bombed try to hide it by izzy 4/17/05  
     straits, hooks and uppercuts! by bull nuts 6/6/05  
     don't get any weed by me 7/27/05  
     I think that dogs do not stop eating as dogs are always depressed and eat for comfort. My... by bumbacla 9/2/05  
     Don't leave it lying around! Stash it! by Crunch 9/4/05  
     my friend had this prob. his pits loved weed he finally had to hide really well & lock the... by Flindie 1/23/2006  
     Stop leaving it laying around were he can reach it, put it up on something that at least... by Cheeks 2/21/2006  
     smoke it before he gets his grubby mits on it by pey 3/25/2006  
     I would seriously suggest storing yo pot in a coffee can because dogs have trouble... by miss weedy weed 3/30/2006  
     my dog does that too..but i jus let put it somewhere she wont get it.. by Jessika1023 4/13/2006  
     ummmm u shouldnt do weed anyways jacka$$ by longhorn 4/19/2006  
     smoke it by bob 5/2/2006  
     smoke it fast i guess lol by cypher 5/13/2006  
     PUT IT AWAY...DUH! by BH 12/28/2006  
     oh that's easy I had the same problem. You just smoke them completely retarded and they'll... by moneyboy 6/9/2007  
what is the surface area of the sphere by rajesh9/5/03 sci.math FAQ: Surface Area of Sphere
     4 * pi * r^2 by jacoutofthebox9/14/03  
     We know that the volume of a sphere is 4/3*pi*r^3. To find surface area take the... by Matthew11/18/03  
     I hate you by I hate you5/13/04  
     o yeah???? well i hate you both!!!! you can call me fluffy marshmallow.... or homestar!! ... by fluffy marshmallow5/19/04  
     4pr2 which means multiply the radius by 2... then multiply pie by 4 and multiply those two... by sally 9/7/04  
     ah, the old "surface area of the sphere" problem... by eric 12/23/04  
     monkey by monkey 2/17/05  
     why 4? by chini bikini 2/20/05  
     What is the circumference and volume of the earth? Thats if everyone says it's round. by J- Dude 2/28/05  
     OMFG LOL WTF J00 F001!!! OMG L34V3 B4 I PWNZ J00... N00B OMFG LOL!!11!@ by Sloppy 3/13/05  
would a siamese cat in-heat act strangely ie: hide constantly-not wanting to be touched-sh... by Cecilia9/18/03 rec.pets.cats: Traditional Siamese Breed-FAQ
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     I agree with the posts above - my cat is all over us when she is in heat, and gives us the... by 3 Cats and Counting 1/25/05  
     I agree with the posts above - my cat is all over us when she is in heat, and gives us the... by 3 Cats and Counting 1/25/05  
     i have a siamese that i rescued, but she was just a kitten at the time and has been with... by lilmonkiesmama 3/17/05  
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     How do you know if a Siamese cat is in heat? Mine is about 10 months old and just started... by deeewooo 11/16/05  
     How do you know if a Siamese cat is in heat? Mine is about 10 months old and just started... by deeewooo 11/16/05  
     My Snowtiger Siamese is extremely vocal while in heat. She meows so loudly that she can... by Blacky 11/21/05  
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     Believe this or not, my father was a vet. for 32 yrs before his death. He also own his... by Debbie 1/14/2006  
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     Hello,I have a siamese kitten 6 months old and she is in heat for the first time. She... by Tara 4/16/2006  
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     where would a siamese chocolate be in genaral? by jacey 12/26/2006  
     my cat is in heat. she is driving me nuts. what can i do. by olivialogan61 1/20/2007  
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How did the Civil War start? (what actually happened to start the fighting?) by tabbi4/27/04 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     The Civil War Started Because Of The Slavery Issues by domgreco4/29/04  
     i think thats the civil war starred because every one could not agree on anything. take... by bejlo5/16/04  
     I think it started becaues the idustrial advancment by dkhab5/25/04  
     i love cats by poop6/1/04  
     I believe the civil war began like this... The north and the south are fighting under... by owlex6/1/04  
     i think that the civil war started because of slavery and the south wanted it but the... by ME6/4/04  
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     I think the Civil War started because of the slavery issue. It was a very stupid reason... by bRiNk_11146/8/04  
     I think the civil war started because of seven by sparkie6/8/04  
     as a historian I would like to point out that the war was not over slavery, General Grant... by DixieRebel6/19/04  
     The war started over comercial trade benifits.Confederate money was worth less on exchange... by history buff7/4/04  
     I think the civil war started because of slavery.The North and south fought over slavery... by BaBy_gUrL_057/6/04  
     i think that the civil war started because of mostly slavery.But slavery was only in the... by SmartyGurl047/6/04  
     You all need to go back to school http://elephantrants.blogs. com/elephant_rants/2004/02... by History7/11/04  
     Ok. Here we go. Why did the civil war start? Because the American constitution was... by Jazza7/12/04  
     It's a shame that history can't be told as it happened . It all depends on your ... by WEEZER7/13/04  
     First of all for all of you who thought y'all knew it all y'all are wrong the real answer... by Moni_fa sho 8/16/04  
     KoRn rocks my socks. weewoo by pennywise 9/9/04  
     BECAUSE OF GAY RIGHTS!!! by GLAAD 9/9/04  
     what is the time following the war called? by stepahnie? 9/12/04  
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     Ok the Civil War was not started over slavery ,I agree that it started over cultural... by gray1860 9/20/04  
     it started because the south pulled away from the north and tried to become a different... by *northern*chick* 9/23/04  
     The civil war happened becuase of misunderstanding. People were treating each other like... by Soua Lor 9/27/04  
     The civil War started with the main thing SLAVERY. But also because of economics. The... by Amanda 10/3/04  
     The civilwar sarted because of slavery. The man never wanted the americans to get loose... by Markendra Fosetr  10/6/04  
     I believe the civil war started do to the fact that the north had factorys to do their... by do da 10/7/04  
     ask someone else by playboy's best 10/11/04  
     the fighting started becouse the south seceded from the union, if they hadent done that... by corty 10/17/04  
     because it did they felt like it by lil one 10/18/04  
     I think the American Civil War started because(mainly the South)of the different and... by duckie diehl 10/19/04  
     JOHN KERRY STINKS by BOO 10/20/04  
     JOHN KERRY STINKS by BOO 10/20/04  
     Actually the slave trade started because the white people thought the black people were... by heena 10/22/04  
     I thik they are all good, very creative i would live them a 10 by Kyrsten 10/26/04  
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     i truly dont know but hillsborough number one. and i have to send a shot out to my baby... by bodouble 11/15/04  
     i hav no idea how it started but i blame Charles 1 coz...i hav no idea...i jst blame him... by minidude 11/18/04  
     i think it started by me 11/19/04  
     i don't know by big dogg 11/22/04  
     The Civil War was started because of the attack on fort Sumter and also because the South... by Duh 11/27/04  
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     It started with the attack of Fort Sumter. It also started when Abraham Lincoln was... by Freddy 12/8/04  
     Jazza is right; and If the north would have one the war a year earlier they probably would... by civilwarrior 12/8/04  
     i think the civil war started because the north wanted to have more slaves and the south... by kummar 02 12/9/04  
     After the Revolutionary War, America got more land and states. In many states, people... by BABY LOVE  12/10/04  
     What are the five easons why the Civil War started by liz bug 12/13/04  
     I believe the U.S. Civil War started because of slavery issues that Abraham Lincoln did... by Heartbreker 12/14/04  
     I think that the civil war started because of the differences of the North and South over... by A person  12/16/04  
     I'mdoing a history project on the American civil war. what would be a good topic to talk... by some jerk 1/5/05  
     the civil war started because of mostly slavery. slavery was only in the south. The north... by lilnicholee 1/5/05  
     I think the civil started because south and north did not agree in anything and it was not... by higorio 1/5/05  
     i think the civil war started because ppl had to go poopoo to much an the started to fight... by poopoo 1/7/05  
     blablalblablalbalblalbalblalblalblalblalb lalbl by sloslo 1/8/05  
     ok... slavery was not the reason the civil bagan it was because south carolinians were... by history hog 1/9/05  
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     I think it started because the South wanted more land from the North,and the North Refused... by Sung kim(*monkey king) 1/11/05  
     i think that the civil war started because as my teacher points out the south simply said... by krista 1/18/05  
     da slavery by kraker 1/18/05  
     slaves,money.power by nancyHelwig 1/18/05  
     The civil war started becasuse of the shooting at Fort Somter, when the North came under... by cream 1/18/05  
     It's amazing to come up with all the different reasons why America had a Civil War. In... by Elizabeth 1/18/05  
     the answer is Q. Q is the answer to everything. why you ask? well...BECAUSE I SAID... by homy jizm 1/25/05  
     the answer is Q. Q is the answer to everything. why you ask? well...BECAUSE I SAID... by homy jizm 1/25/05  
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     Did the civil war change anything? by typhoon 1/26/05  
     I wasnt there so i dont know and neither do any of you so stop guessing and go buy the... by jimbob 1/29/05  
     omg! i don't really care! by lalala 2/6/05  
     I think the civil war starts when the leaders wants to own and rule more than one states... by rejoyce 2/6/05  
     you are all dumb and read a book once and a while......idiot's!!! by licka my balls 2/7/05  
     you are all dumb and read a book once and a while......idiot's!!! by licka my balls 2/7/05  
     i thing it started becasue there were gay by DUDE 2/8/05  
     i think the civil war started because the south wanted slaveys to help with there farming... by i 2/9/05  
     the civil war sucked by da pimp 2/11/05  
     The Civil War sucked. by da pimp 2/14/05  
     The Civil War started beacause of slavery and they wanted it tto stop. by Mitra 2/14/05  
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     you guys are all dumb, It began by the state of south carolina seceeding from the union.... by anonomous 2/22/05  
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     YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG IM ALWAYS RIGHT BOOYA!!!!!! by shorty 2/22/05  
     The civil war started because of Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation. It stated... by SuperLotus 2/23/05  
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     I'm doing an assigment on the Civil War and I can't even work out who it was between... by **LUCe** 2/28/05  
     The reason the civil war started was because the people in the south where owning slaves... by Anna Banana 2/28/05  
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     the civil war started because all of the slaves.The people in the South were having slaves... by lazyer 3/5/05  
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     This is how the Civil War began. In 1861 the United States was split apart. Seven Southern... by Cady 3/10/05  
     This is how the Civil War began. In 1861 the United States was split apart. Seven Southern... by Cady 3/10/05  
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     The civil war happened because the South and the North didn't get along because Abe... by ash 3/14/05  
     I think it started because of slavery by Pheonix 3/21/05  
     I think it started because one dude shot another dude so there were friends and they... by Pheonix 3/21/05  
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     me I started the civil war I took an eternal life potion so I'm still living today except... by Pheonix 3/21/05  
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     THEY DIDN'T LIKE ANIMALS robot cat by NASTMAN 3/27/05  
     Its all nothing but a conspiracy. The north planned it all. the south was paid to lose.... by whattheprobman09 3/27/05  
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     i think the civil war started because of slavery. The south wanted to keep its slaves... by mex-man 3/31/05  
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     The Civil war was started over power, When Abraham Lincoln was elected President the south... by drk 4/3/05  
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     Why was the north against slavery? by Joelmadden lover 4/4/05  
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     I'm working on a project with that too. When the Westward Expantion started, the settlers... by Stargirl 4/6/05  
     I'm working on a project with that too. When the Westward Expantion started, the settlers... by Stargirl 4/6/05  
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     they are all wrong it was started because of the south leaving by oooooooo 4/10/05  
     because the union wasn't staying together by danielle 4/11/05  
     well, the civil war was not really stated on the issue of slavery, but because of Abe... by Sandy 4/11/05  
     b/c your gay by me 4/12/05  
     I beleive the civil war began because the election of Linclon. The south new he wasnt for... by Brittany 4/13/05  
     the north and the south didnt get along because they couldnt agree with certain issues.... by nessa 4/14/05  
     Slavery was the main reason as your school most likely says. But i think it was for power... by sCiEnCe wHiZ 4/14/05  
     The civil war started because tension was rising between the North and South, primarily... by Bob 4/17/05  
     cuz people b dumb by skittles 4/18/05  
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     I think the war started because of slavery , You cant say it only had ... by Roach 4/19/05  
     We are learning about the civil war by Atomic_Jellybean 4/21/05  
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     because the south rocks and the north got jelous and thats how the civil war started. by person 4/24/05  
     I think that Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's cabin started the Civil War because the... by Monkey 4/26/05  
     I think that Natalie English is so gay and a total jerk she thinks im her friend but im... by Shelby Jones 4/26/05  
     DixieRebel is right. The Civil War started because the Confederates, or Rebs, under the... by allyoop 4/26/05  
     I think the Civil War started by when the south said they wanted slaves and brought that... by tana 4/26/05  
     The civil war began because of the two opposite views of the northern and southern... by crazy blazed 420 4/27/05  
     I think that the civil war started because a mexican was eating a taco and someone stole... by The Beaner  4/28/05  
     every one is wrong except for "Jazza" and "DixieRebel"(except Dixie Rebel's answer is too... by soupieeee 4/28/05  
     to keep the union together, cause of taxes(tariffs) and the other was cause of slavery....... by Rebel lover 4/30/05  
     tnx peeps im doing dis @ shool so its great help[ by perfect 5/1/05  
     The Civil War started because of slavery between North and the South. the north didnt want... by MaryLou Drobish 5/1/05  
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     98% of 100 people would say the Civil war was started because of slavery, but it wasn't.... by Im smart  5/4/05  
     the civil war happend because the north(union) and south(confederate) were having issues... by Ansiha 5/4/05  
     The war started because the north was forcing the south to buy there goods. Also because... by Kim Cub 5/4/05  
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     how did the civil war start by qwiy 5/5/05  
     1. The areas of the United States had different economies 2. new territories were... by right 5/9/05  
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     I think civil war started by people wanting become to king by con_tagious kid jr 5/10/05  
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     they fought after south seceded after Lincoln's election winning, and when south attacked... by Ngagin 5/11/05  
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     i think the civil war was started over racism and the meaning of the reble flag but it was... by bonka  5/12/05  
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     Most people believe the Civil War took place because of slavery, others believe it... by Sydnie 5/13/05  
     The War started over the north and the south fighting!!! by Mockingbird 5/15/05  
     It started from the slaves because north was against slaves but south was for slaves. by Brooke 5/15/05  
     there is only one word to explain the start of the Civil War. That word is............... by history_grrl1234 5/16/05  
     the civil war started alot like this a giant chicken started laying eggs in abrahams... by jhon 5/16/05  
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     Well I think It started because of the south Carolinians fireing on Fort Sumpter. by Chip 5/16/05  
     the civil war started by everyone growing up and having sex by lil xto da z 5/17/05  
     I don't know about this war being about slavery. This war was definitely WASN'T ABOUT... by chick 5/17/05  
     where did the battle happen where children allowed in the civil war how long did the... by chava 5/20/05  
     "I'm mean yeah maybe slavery was wrong, but maybe instead or fighting they should have... by Ronenriku 5/21/05  
     U ARE ALL A BASTARD....WRONG ANSWER PPL... by .....WFInc....lilMonk¹ 5/22/05  
     I believe the civil war began like this... The north and the south are fighting under... by naya 5/23/05  
     i weren't alive then so how am i supposed to know by little mizz cheeky 5/23/05  
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     It started because of slavery. by JB 5/24/05  
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     I think the civil war started because of slaves because they had to have slaves didn't... by I am not telling ! lol 5/25/05  
     i agree with smart historian guy #1 the history buff by Chip 5/25/05  
     The Civil war started because south carolina succeded. After SC did this, so did alabama,... by reliable 5/25/05  
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     The civil war did not start because of slavery. infact most of the union troops did not... by blogster 5/29/05  
     its common sense but for the idiots out there first of all it started april 12, 1861 - at... by joker 5/30/05  
     I Think Slavery Was A Small Part of it.Mostlty It Started Because Of Presidental Issues. by C.H. 5/31/05  
     I think the civil war started because of slavery and other reasons. If you don't know... by Suzy Q 6/2/05  
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     The War Between the States was fought over the reasons of states rights and unfair... by stanley k. lott 6/3/05  
     can someone give me a right answer?? i got a freakin project to do on this freakin... by hhfhhff 6/4/05  
     No the civil war was NOT i repeat NOT started over slavery!One main reason was State... by KITKAT 6/7/05  
     they went in the field and all got blown up by bunnhole 6/8/05  
     Didnt the civil war start because of the court case of scott dredd? by qq 6/10/05  
     The civil war started becasue the south wanted to secede from the north because they... by Jenna 6/11/05  
     The civil started is when the North doesn't want slavery and south wanted slavery.Then... by Mr.l3LuE 6/11/05  
     i am not sure, but i know that it was not mainly based off of slavery. according to my... by karon 6/12/05  
     it started cuz the north was kewl and hte south was not.. and thats it.. no other... by ss major 6/13/05  
     http://www.ozyandmillie. org/2004/om20041122.html That about sums it up... by ozy and millie 6/15/05  
     i think that slavery was a big part in this and that when president Lincoln said no more... by wahl 6/19/05  
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     The civil war created an indelible imprints on the minds of many Americans. Indeed,it was... by mikey 7/24/05  
     The south wanted slavery and the north did not so they went to war which was the civil... by Stejaz 7/27/05  
     I am sooo sick of people saying that it was about slavery. They did not care about... by j 7/31/05  
     i think that the Civil war started because there was a big issue on slaves and how they... by Chickie Babe 8/1/05  
     I believe the Civil War started because of free labor both in the South and the North.... by Lovely 8/9/05  
     Let there be light,Slavery threaten to dissolve Union in 1850. A 72 year old Kentucky... by Hartlessn99 8/14/05  
     i think the civil war-started because the fighting over slaves and the president stupid... by felicia gibson 8/26/05  
     For everyone who said the civil war stated because of slavery or mostly because of slavery... by Kurt 8/30/05  
     The war was started over a tariff imposed by the North on goods and equipment that the... by jaredsem 8/30/05  
     like every so called great war in the world, it is made to be of good cause to help out... by the don 8/31/05  
     because the north thought that they were right and the south thought that they were right... by kayla  9/1/05  
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     hmm i have no idea! hehe by HAAAOOTTIEEE 9/6/05  
     i think the reason why the war started was not because of slavery but the many differrence... by stella  9/8/05  
     sectionalism: economic interests, slavery, internal improvements, banking system, cheap... by hiitsmeagain 9/9/05  
     Basically everything starts because of money. The South wanted slaves so they could get... by Jen 9/10/05  
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     The war began because the south had all of those slaves and refused to release them.... by herman 9/15/05  
     The Civil War was a completely tragic event. Just think, a war in which thousands of... by dude 9/15/05  
     Jazza's Answer, while informative, Does not completely answer the "Why..." question. The... by Solid 9/20/05  
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     DixieRebel God bless ya, but WHY did the Union fire on Fort Sumter? The North had the... by Candyman 9/23/05  
     i think the civil war cause i pee pee on the south and mad them mad then i pee pee on the... by i love poopy 9/25/05  
     The civil war started because the north wanted to destroy the rail road bridge and they... by Manny 9/27/05  
     It happened because people need a reason to kill each other. Another person to blame for... by Ash 9/30/05  
     i dont no by cherrios 10/3/05  
     i think it started because the north wanted to free the slaves, and the south wanted... by styna 10/4/05  
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     The civil war was fought because the majority of the southern states left the United... by blcknewyork 10/5/05  
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     Ok. I think the civil war began because president Lincoln wanted to stop slavery and... by Cici 10/10/05  
     thanks all, I'm doing a term paper and this all helped out quite a bit. by cloud 9 10/13/05  
     history sucks im just trying to write a paper...and i need some help. by pook 10/13/05  
     What.... by tinkiwinki 10/14/05  
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     it happened because of king Charles'belief in the divine right. I'm am always SO right ... by history explainer 10/18/05  
     i am 16 yrs old and you all don't know anything world war 1 began because of the fight for... by la la 10/18/05  
     i think the civil war began two thing because of Jefferson Davis and because some body... by jasmine 10/20/05  
     i think it started because the south wanted slavery in the nortern states but the north... by may 10/23/05  
     The civil war was started by Robert E. Lee when he decided one day to shoot the president... by Spoonuh 10/30/05  
     This is a waste of time love a canadian by Rachelle 11/1/05  
     why did the civil war really happen i mean like with all the slaves and stuff? by jasmine 11/1/05  
     i think that it was started because the slaves revolted. they felt that they were being... by kz100 11/3/05  
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     I think the Civil war started because the South wanted slavery but the North didn't so... by Alexandria 11/9/05  
     i think the war start because somebody died by social study boy 11/13/05  
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     the civil war started because of slavery in the north and east of America and a Sergeant... by aidzo 11/14/05  
     I'm not sure, but I want to comment that I think that the North was right in everything... by No Name Please 11/14/05  
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     The war happened because the government was acting differently. And we where arguing with... by Angel 11/15/05  
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     the civil war started over who had power. the north tried to tell the south what they... by loser 11/15/05  
     personally i believe nobody can say the civil war was started by one single thing. it was... by yayhoo 11/15/05  
     The Civil war started because of the issue of states rights and because of slavery. by coco bean 11/17/05  
     I have never seen a bigger group of illiterate idiots in my life. Has anyone ever stopped... by dave 11/18/05  
     personally, i believe the ku klux klan deteriated with the wind in a summer storm...a... by doo doo poop head 11/19/05  
     As far as I know, slavery was the directed reason for the Civil War. Besides, the war was... by Misaki 11/21/05  
     Oh, and by the way (to someone called Weezer), people have the right of freedom. What... by Misaki 11/21/05  
     I'M A BALLAR SAY WHAT by little_ballar 11/26/05  
     to be serious,i have no clue how the civil war started by lady d 11/26/05  
     I think the American civil war started because of the both side want money!!!!! And the... by ollie 360 11/26/05  
     always the same all war start because leaders want money and power and control over the... by no one 11/26/05  
     HELP, i don;t understand. if the reasons weren'tjust because of slavery, what were the... by help 11/27/05  
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     The correct answer is the south was not making any money off of their crops. the north was... by U.S. History Knower 11/29/05  
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     because no one knows.....where is the right answer! wrell i decided on the first one... by mia 12/5/05  
     This is something i learned in history class...... i think the civil war happened... by sockerlalala 12/5/05  
     the southern states seceded and the northern states wanted to preserve the union and the... by your mom.  12/6/05  
     it all happened because of the slave issue by matt 12/7/05  
     i think the civil war started because in oh never mind i have no clue by joes scarry 12/8/05  
     as a historian I would like to point out that the war was not over slavery, General Grant... by aky 12/8/05  
     the real reason for the civil war was nullification.some of it was because of slavery but... by avacado 12/12/05  
     Slavery was only a small factor like was said. It is not that the North didn't want... by dwreck 12/18/05  
     I think the civil war started because of a few things,like slavery,money,and religan.Slave... by kate spencer 12/19/05 by markus 12/20/05  
     i think the civil war started as no one was getting along and the king wanted England to... by patsy 12/21/05  
     the civil war was so not about all dis slavery rubbish. basically, charles was a bad king... by kitkat :)  12/29/05  
     i think that the civil war was started for that fact that no one really agreed with each... by twyla 12/31/05  
     the civil war starts because they just feel like it by li 1/4/2006  
     the civil war starts because they just feel like it by li 1/4/2006  
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     The Civil War started because Abraham Lincoln wanted to get rid of slavery in the South.... by danny fox. 1/6/2006  
     alright here it is So geographically speaking the North and the South were two different... by K-mix 1/9/2006  
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     I know the civil war started because of the constitutional rights of the people of... by Baby_Britt11 1/12/2006  
     people who say wee-wee usally have a small one.there was tons of reasons it started...but... by lol 1/14/2006  
     I agree that the civil war did not start because everyone in the North, or even most... by Bucket 1/16/2006  
     the civil war started because the south tried to count slaves as citizens the north was... by dont worry about it 1/17/2006  
     the civil war began by the general bringing 50 cannons onto the battle field and firing... by lobo 1/17/2006  
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     i think that the civil war start because of slavery .yeah every our is lazy once in a... by confused gurl 1/29/2006  
     Becuase disagreements,greed,selfihness and corruption.People can't do anything but tease... by Tedsky 1/31/2006  
     Well, I must admit I'm inclined to agree with those who say that the civil war did NOT... by anti-moron 1/31/2006  
     Emancipation Proclamation; One Step Closer To Freedom ... by lane 1/31/2006  
     i think it started because people with blonde hair and blue eyes were prettier than... by Devon and marley are awaesome 2/3/2006  
     I'd luuuurv to help, but I'm from England and right now I am puzzeled because I don't even... by Moosha 2/4/2006  
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     I believe that the civil war was caused by slavery. And the people that started it new... by tash 2/14/2006  
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     This is what happened. The main reason the civil war started was because the south began... by island kid 2/16/2006  
     The Civil War began due to a region of prideful people breaking off the country and the... by Shadow 2/20/2006  
     The Civil war started because the South were farming and sending the food up to the North.... by VICTORIA 2/20/2006  
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     The North and south fought over slavery because the were lazy and didn't want o do any... by Kort you eff 2/28/2006  
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     it started because the south wanted to keep slaves but the north thought that slavery was... by em 3/1/2006  
     i think it started the right way,if you ask me by munkey boy 3/4/2006  
     i suggest that civil war started bcuz of the slavery backing up when the 7 seven southern... by i dont hav a name 3/5/2006  
     it all started because of charles the 1 ......................................... ............ by wilko 3/7/2006  
     I think the Civil War started because of The Battle of Fort Sutmer, or however you spell... by nnn 3/8/2006  
     one of the main starting points of the civil war was when the country elected a new... by alexis gabrielle pepin 3/9/2006  
     I think the civil war started cause ummmmmmm well because of the FREAKIN slavery issue!! ... by GANG-STA 3/13/2006  
     I think you are all crazy! But hey, so am I! And I really don't care! Well I have to go... by Ellz 3/14/2006  
     it's sad that people don't know what impact slavery had on people. instead of studying... by ignorant-one 3/14/2006  
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     The civil war stated because of the attack on Fort Sumter! by stephanie 3/14/2006  
     I think the civil war started by the south and the North because the south wanted... by bad boy 3/14/2006  
     Um... because of slavery. by proslayer11 3/17/2006  
     I think the Civil War started because of disagreement of slavery. The north wanted... by Shifflett's Cheat Codes Service 3/21/2006  
     i think the civil war started because of slavery and UR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE!!! by jDIZZLE 3/22/2006  
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     Slavery was the cause of the civil war. And because Lincoln thought he'd impress awesomene... by Sir Majesty Awesome 3/27/2006  
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     i beleive the civil war started like this...when the south became angry with president... by butthead 3/28/2006  
     well i know for a fact that it obviosly started because of slavery but not only that........ by freek that knows everything 3/29/2006  
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     are all of u crazy?!?!?!?! The civil war began because the North was jealous of how the... by gdogdj2000 4/6/2006  
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     I think the Civil War Started "Because" of all the things that had happened in the "Great... by sammy 4/12/2006  
     the reason why the cilvil war started was beacause of slavery issues thats when "succetion... by emporor dog 4/13/2006  
     Because they all were stupid and didnt have toilets by dummy 4/13/2006  
     the civil didn't start simply because of slavery, what was happening was with the coming... by history dude 4/14/2006  
     Most of you guys are dumb. The Civil War had nothing to do about slavery. Hell most white... by Rogue 4/17/2006  
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     The civil war probally occured because the North did not agree with the South on slavery.T... by Nikkipoo 4/18/2006  
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     What happened after the war? by Fayt-Chan 4/20/2006  
     the war started partially over slavery but not all of it was over slavery. president... by meme 4/20/2006  
     the civil war started because American constitution was unclear. by patrice 4/21/2006  
     O.K, the Civil war did not start because of slavery. Yes, slavery was an issue, but I... by Mike Jones 4/24/2006  
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     I think the civil war started because the south wanted the north to understand their... by Shorti 4/25/2006  
     i think the civil war started because of econnomy,slavery and state rights. by frosty  4/25/2006  
     The war started over slavery due to Abraham Lincoln trying to help the slaves get there... by civilwarangel 4/25/2006  
     The North and South had many differences. These differences somehow started different... by SOmEoNe 4/25/2006  
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     The civil war was not a result of slavery issues. It was a result of a violation of the... by Eve 4/27/2006  
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     started because of slavery! by gia 4/28/2006  
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     i dont care how the civil war stared cause i don't care by Tita  5/1/2006  
     it started because of states rights by redneck 5/1/2006  
     i personally believe the war was starte d because of slavery also if you look at the... by smartie 5/1/2006  
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     i think the civil war started because of people hateing on people me as an mixed girl i... by rachelle 5/3/2006  
     it started mostly because of slavery because the south thought we needed slaves and the... by kat 5/4/2006  
     It started because the north voted on laws without southern say so!Go rebels! by Snakeeyes 5/4/2006  
     how did the war end (the real reason why the war ended). by fart 90 5/6/2006  
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     Because some of the southern states wanted to leave the united states to start there own... by Tony miller 5/8/2006  
     i think the civil war happened because of slavery. i have a lot of friends. if you are... by efrondancer14 5/8/2006  
     WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by crap 5/8/2006  
     The Civil War did not start just because of slavery. It was because of Tariffs & Taxes,... by Sam 5/9/2006  
     u lot are neeks and bods coming on here to find out the answer I'm on here because its my... by simon/joey 5/9/2006  
     i really dont know by rose 5/10/2006  
     the civil war was mainly started because of slavery but also because of the way the... by i am me 5/10/2006  
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     the subition by owlex is completely right just look it up if u don't believe it!!! by SuperUnknown 5/11/2006  
     It started because ABE Linkon didn't like slavery and he wanted to stop it. but the south... by SuperUnknown 5/11/2006  
     It started because ABE Linkon didn't like slavery and he wanted to stop it. but the south... by SuperUnknown 5/11/2006  
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     because it did by angie 5/11/2006  
     the main reason that cause civil war is that the slavery issue, the south wants slavery... by ¶Ç»¡¤¤ªº°­°] 5/11/2006  
     Some pretty incredible answers in here! The Civil War started because the Confederates... by Bunkford Quimby 5/12/2006  
     look it up on your own by gigi 5/13/2006  
     I dont give a damn! by Nooooooooooooooooo! 5/13/2006  
     It all started because the south sucked ass and they got jealous. They just felt like they... by Soysauce Aka- BWS 5/15/2006  
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     The civil war did not start over slavery as many make believe(it was a small part of the... by bookishgrl 5/16/2006  
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     I think it started becuase lincoln was wanting or just wanted to act unfair with his... by Ruden Hilarayayiaya Misuki Gissele Alyson Geena stacy jonasisa Cyrus aladosias 5/19/2006  
     The civil war did not start over slavery issues. Slavery was a minuscule part in the cause... by Lissy 5/21/2006  
     don't get it by girl 5/22/2006  
     The Civil War was caused by a myriad pressures, principles, and prejudices, fueled by... by fcgc 5/22/2006  
     the civil war started because of SLAVERY. ECONOMIC REASONS. MANY MANY different opinions.... by mamma_mia632346 5/22/2006  
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     i think that if i was ther i would think that the civil war stared becouse the south &... by michell 5/24/2006  
     I think it started over slaves. like come on the north hated slavery and the south loved... by Zachary Fitterer 5/25/2006  
     How did the civil war start? There are many causes. There was lots of contraversy... by Min 5/26/2006  
     Yo momma by Squid 5/29/2006  
     I think that the Civil War began with the North and South. The North had freedom while the... by MYREYNA 5/31/2006  
     those answer are all stoopid by babe_dude 5/31/2006  
     I think the CIVIL WAR started this it was most of slavery because the north and the south... by dasha 6/1/2006  
     I think that slavery started because of the slavery. I confederisy wanted to win. So did... by the 6/1/2006  
     Actually, the main generals were Robert E. Lee (Confederate) and Ulyssess S. Grant... by radse 6/2/2006  
     it started like be continued by booka 6/4/2006  
     There was a debate about if the new territories they won from the war with Mexico... by sissy29 6/4/2006  
     It started because lincoln thought the south where idoits. So he killed them all. this is... by Shugo 6/5/2006  
     I think slavery started because of slavery. The war was about the fighting between the... by zach Knight 6/5/2006  
     chicken and beef and srimp. by bob 6/5/2006  
     I blame the commies by jay-brms 6/6/2006  
     slavery started because the north wanted to abolish slavery but the south didnt want it... by tas 6/6/2006  
     i think it was because lincon liked guys and the homophobes couldnt stand it so they... by hhii 6/7/2006  
     for people who didnt answer about the war you real stupid it started because the... by dont kno 6/7/2006  
     Ok i just have to say this You retarded nerds. Thats not the way it happened!! Your... by Yo momma 6/7/2006  
     The civil war started because of many different reasons. The main reason it started was... by lalaland...sss =) 6/7/2006  
     it started because the south wanted to keep their slaves and the noth knew it wasnt... by The Union 6/8/2006  
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     blah blah blah by civel war 6/13/2006  
     I think it started because of slavery. But that was not the only reason. The other reason... by Adrian 6/14/2006  
     i think the war happened because the southerners wanted slavery. and the northerners... by nba 1994 6/15/2006  
     The civil war started for many reasons, slavery is the main reason people know, but it was... by nevets 6/21/2006  
     The war was started due to an act of Northern aggresion. The issue of slavery came into... by rooster 7/4/2006  
     hi I'm bob i think it started cause of slavery and that rave being a slave was really... by bob 7/10/2006  
     i think the civil war started because of slavery.the south belived in slavery and wanted... by jessica la gordita 7/20/2006  
     im constapated by fat poop 8/17/2006  
     Lincoln wanted to tax the south about 40% more than the north. southerners didn't like... by dixies' my home 8/31/2006  
     i dont no y it started in researching about it because r teacher asked us 2 by harriet 9/7/2006  
     i dunt lyk the civil war by doo doo head 9/7/2006  
     i think the civil war started for a few reasons. first, it was not all about slavery. it... by Charliefreak 9/10/2006  
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     i think it was just dumb.because they don't need to start a war over something so little... by bell 9/16/2006  
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     ur all doozy it started cos charles marrieda catholic drrrrrrr by moe 9/21/2006  
     i would encourage anyone who thinks the war was about slavery to read a history book. the... by the general 9/23/2006  
     the civil was started because people got mad by furry 123 9/27/2006  
     booga booga pickles by sevenator 10/2/2006  
     If any of you are still in school go ask your history teacher, he or she will give you a... by Reenactor 10/3/2006  
     i think that he cizal war was caused by the slavery by Delhane  10/5/2006  
     the civil war started because Lincoln had a debate with this man named Sthephen A douglas... by Researcher 10/5/2006  
     The historical event that looms largest in American public consciousness is the Civil War.... by tc 10/6/2006  
     Wow...there are WAY too many stupid people in this country that believe that the Civil War... by liek woah 10/11/2006  
     I think it started because of you by Colby winkler 10/11/2006  
     it all started because of slaves and freedom by mikey 10/14/2006  
     fook all yall fook the civl war in mi pants niga the civil war started b.c yall u dam... by chingy chong 10/22/2006  
     civil war was caused because of high taxes by no 10/23/2006  
     I think that slavery had a huge part in the civil war. All those out there who think not... by Sweet child 10/23/2006  
     why did the civil war start? by the man 10/30/2006  
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     It Started Because of slavery! And because of stupidness. by DudeGuy 11/1/2006  
     I dont know how this all happend thats why im reading this!!!!!! Im doing a report on this... by Smarttttie 11/1/2006  
     i love nuts by squirrel7319 11/2/2006  
     The civil war started because the North and the south did not agree with eachother over... by taytay 11/5/2006  
     i think the civil war started because of the issues between the presidents!!!and i think... by Angie 11/7/2006  
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     The Spaniards started slavery. It's a shame the history books in the schools don't set... by A Historian 11/16/2006  
     The civil war begin with political views. Each state wanted the rights of their own... by kimbo 11/20/2006  
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     your all dumb the war started over states rights to vote and the ndustrial revival. by god 11/28/2006  
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     I know that the civil war was not all about slavery. Actually, the North may not of had... by derrr2356 11/28/2006  
     if you were given 5 possible reasons of which to had to choose one which was the most... by bolander 11/28/2006  
     I think the civil war started because charles I married a catholic and parliment didnt... by popcorn 11/29/2006  
     The civil war mainly revolved around slavery. The south succeeded becuase they wanted to... by I Read History Books 11/29/2006  
     uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum its none of thhose reasons I know the true answer but... by lexi 12/4/2006  
     The Civil war started because of three conflicts. Slavery was one of them. The south... by Cody  12/4/2006  
     i dont know by micah 12/5/2006  
     i also belive that the civil war began because of the slavery!!! by samica 12/6/2006  
     you plonkers the civil war did not start because of slavery it started because King... by I am a boff at history 12/8/2006  
     thanks this website has helped my sons a lot by david beckham 12/8/2006  
     I think that what happened happened, we should just focus on not letting it happen again,... by bertha 12/10/2006  
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     I think the civil war started because minnesota was a new state ( slave free ) the south... by j-town 12/12/2006  
     it was because of slavery. the north wanted slavery but the south didn't. they decided to... by av babe 12/12/2006  
     The civil war started because of the slavery. South had big amounts of slaves, these... by historyprof. 12/17/2006  
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     Hello .. The English Civil War ? by Ashley Tisdale 1/7/2007  
     i think the war began because of the union taking up most of the land and the southern... by kim 1/7/2007  
     i think it started because of slavery. they did not feel like doing anything them selfs.... by hottiegurl 1/10/2007  
     Well this is how it started:.... God desided! The end! by billybobmebob 1/10/2007  
     i need to do a project and i hate projects a lot by ........ 1/15/2007  
     the civil war was stupid, and it sucks. by the man 1/17/2007  
     What a load of rubish ha ha ha by rubish 1/18/2007  
     the civil war started when the south secceded and when the south fired on Fort Sumter by Colleen 1/18/2007  
     the civil war started when the south secceded and when the south fired on Fort Sumter by Colleen 1/18/2007  
     i think it was over the slavery issue if them wanting the slaves to be free and the south... by 1/18/2007  
     Why was Charles so mean to the parliament about taking money from them? by alex 1/21/2007  
     The civil war was because Abrham Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union... by 123456 1/21/2007  
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     what happened to the social life of citizens after the Civil War by Jessica 1/29/2007  
     go to school look in a dictionary by mad 1/30/2007  
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     i think the civil war was started because of slavery too. but i think that the north was... by nicole 1/31/2007  
     i think the civil war was started because of slavery too. but i think that the north was... by nicole 1/31/2007  
     well...the civil war happened because the south captured fort Sumter from the union in... by boosh baybie 2/5/2007  
     it started because the north and the south could not solve their conflicts. the confederac... by honey 2/6/2007  
     I agree with Jazza by 5th grade project 2/7/2007  
     you are right but i am learning about all this right now and you guys gave me some good... by kiss this  2/7/2007  
     i think it started with 2 girls bieng lesbien and made out wit guys by Losers 2/8/2007  
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     I think everyone who answered truly was correct. I'm very happy for everone who answered... by joeboy 5 2/13/2007  
     hiiii. by social studies freak 2/13/2007  
     I think the civil war started because both sides wanted power over states rights. that... by F dog 2/14/2007  
     this is wrong you guys do not know what you are saying by me 2/15/2007  
     yall r idiots by padbfhhkma 2/15/2007  
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     erm it starts cos if everyone disagreeing i had no idea ABOUT SLAVERY erm so im totallly... by history peron trying to dfing about charles 1 2/24/2007  
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     well....The civil war started during the French civil war and the French activists didnt... by smart facce 33 seven 2/26/2007  
     I dont know anything by Michael James Chambliss 2/26/2007  
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     I THINK THE CIVIL WAR STARTED BECAUSE.............................. by TNMBVAS 2/28/2007  
     because the black people were fighting on food and so they just happened to get in to a... by pinki 2/28/2007  
     i think it was because of slavery by p.m.c 2/28/2007  
     the civil war started because the south wanted to keep the slaves and the north didn't by Tator Tot 3/1/2007  
     but faced noodles that's what you are by MA KHASSAK................ RALPHe 3/4/2007  
     We're stupid....we love social studies but we dont pay attention to it. by SocialStudiesFreaks 3/7/2007  
     the civil war started due to the north and south feuding over the slavery issues. The... by lala 3/13/2007  
     MASDEBATION FOR THE NATION! by masdebation for the nation 3/13/2007  
     I think that in history they had the civil war and that war didnt change anything about... by smarter than you 3/14/2007  
     you're all actually correct, minus the immature people posting off-topic, not very funny... by katie_co 3/18/2007  
     I AM IN SCHOOL AND I LOVE CATS 2. by HOBBIT 2.0 3/19/2007  
     over slavery by nnnnnnn 3/21/2007  
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     i dont care and i dont want to know!! by poopyface121 3/22/2007  
     I know the Civil War started because of slavery, the economy and that the southern states... by Smart@ss 3/23/2007  
     I think it was started by the slavery in the south so Lincoln wanted to get rid of it and... by soccer 3/24/2007  
     I don't care. nor do I want to know, but my cow of a teacher assigned a report on the... by i hate history with a passion 3/26/2007  
     well it could of started over a donut!!! only because ab lincon loved donuts and the south... by homie 3/28/2007  
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     The Civil War Started Between the North and the South. The North didn't believe in slavery... by Hezzer 3/29/2007  
     I believe that the states just got a president who is apposed to slavery. And disapproved... by gaggle30 3/29/2007  
     basically the northern states = free states and the southern states = slave states, and... by kayce 3/30/2007  
     basically the northern states = free states and the southern states = slave states, and... by kayce 3/30/2007  
     i think it started because of caca and peepee also farts by nooob 3/30/2007  
     because there was slavery issues, and people were dying because of getting treated the... by shahbootyflanclayah 4/2/2007  
     i think it happened cuz of antiavery and the us constitution didnt say if the 11 states... by baby j+ 4/6/2007  
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     how did the slavery part really get to the core of the civil war?? because of the south... by jess 4/13/2007  
     It started over slavery. The North and South quarelled over it. Thus, it began the Civil... by Ashley Nicole 4/13/2007  
     the civil war started because of the dissagreenments between the north and south states. by bah bah black sheep 4/13/2007  
     because i like men by austin ortega 4/16/2007  
     the civil war started when President Abraham Lincoln wanted the hole country to be one but... by Shawn Michael Fisher 4/18/2007  
     yes the civil war was started by the slavery issue however it really started when the... by j man 4/18/2007  
     It started because the North and the South did not get along. and then they had slave... by joey 4/19/2007  
     ummm....well.....all i know is that the civil war started because 1.union troops met... by misscutiepie123 4/20/2007  
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     your mom started it by cc 4/23/2007  
     I think the civil war started because know one or anybody could agree on the same things... by createtor 4/24/2007  
     I think the war started because of slavery.oh and hi.hjfjfhjfhjjhj by sara Nichole 4/25/2007  
     i know that the civil war started because we all southern folks were livin good, and we... by jacky 4/25/2007  
     amen, weezer!!! whoever u are... preach it brotha!!!! :) by jacky 4/25/2007  
     i am jack. this is y im hott. j/k the civil war rox my sox off, yo! It all started cuz... by jacky 4/25/2007  
     the civil war started because the south wanted it and the north did not! This led to a... by holly 4/26/2007  
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     I think the Civil War started by the south secceding, slavery issues, and the constitution... by Dan I 4/26/2007  
     I think the Civil War started by the south seceding, slavery issues, and the constitutiona... by Dan I 4/26/2007  
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     i think that dogs bit each other so it made civil war begin between the owners and people... by kelly kanson 4/30/2007  
     Because the south did not want the slaves to be free bu t the south was willing to fight... by Big mama 4/30/2007  
     Because the south did not want the slaves to be free bu t the south was willing to fight... by Big mama 4/30/2007  
     the civil war happend yesterday by civil master 5/1/2007  
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     The Civil war started yesterday so I cant say much. But i can say that some stupid guy... by crash 5/1/2007  
     its 07 who cares by your dumb 5/1/2007  
     its started becuse the north wanted to keep slavery and the south wanted to become an... by your mommy 5/3/2007  
     you guys have sooooo many good answers Ha that i love cats one was hecka funny but i didnt... by totaly confused about history 5/3/2007  
     the civil war started because they had sex by peter 5/3/2007  
     i dont have a damn clue by Xclusive 5/4/2007  
     The civil war started because of three things: 1. Abraham Lincoln 2. Slavery 3. states... by Kat 5/6/2007  
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     The war started because of two sides, north and south, that depended on each other split.... by track star 5/7/2007  
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     Uh hum you all are stupid appearantly I am too because i don't even know but the dang war... by Maymay 5/10/2007  
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     i tink da war started wit a fight then some killing happened then some ppl died n den it... by p-dawg 5/11/2007  
     i think that the south shot fire on fort Sumter by driss 5/13/2007  
     i think that this is a little bit boring but hey you gotta know it. even if it sucks. so... by flaca 5/14/2007  
     The civil war did not start just because of slavery, but for the dispute over unjust state... by #1gpagirl 5/14/2007  
     I think that you need to go back to school, or you can work at McDonald's flipping burgers... by Robbin 5/15/2007  
     i think the civil war started because the king wanted all the protestarians to do what he... by maddy 5/15/2007  
     ur all wroung the south tried to split up to become the confederate states of america... by LIL shado 5/17/2007  
     the civil war started because the south wanted to break away from the north[succesion]and... by Emily  5/17/2007  
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     The civil war started because the North depended on factories to make a living and the... by Austin 5/18/2007  
     i think ON SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by julio 5/19/2007  
     i think it started because your mom saw your face by your mom 5/20/2007  
     The civil war started because of the slavery issues. Mr. Lincoln didn't believe in... by sj baybii<3 5/21/2007  
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     I think slavery started because the white ppl were to lazy and didnt want the black ppl to... by Jessica 5/23/2007  
     slavery, preservation, the American constitution was unclear, industrial advancements, and... by heyloo 5/23/2007  
     Seccesionalism happened because of the because of the threat of states rights...the... by T 5/24/2007  
     i think that it had started b/c it had to there was no other way to go lol jk idk that is... by kiki 5/24/2007  
     the civil war was fought because of you....yes you right there! by awesome face 5/24/2007  
     The Civil War started because of slavery, economy, and states rights. The... by Hannah the Critic 5/24/2007  
     the civil war started because the confederate states had a machine called a cottin gin... by h=ii 5/25/2007  
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     Slavery steadied cause south wanted slavery, because of industrial advancements and the... by steve-o-matic 5/26/2007  
     HIIII! by r 5/29/2007  
     The confrontation between the "Whigs" and the accepted government, escalated to sects ... by   pi/homage 5/30/2007  
     i know 1 reason the war started.Because the south thought that Abraham Lincoln wanted to... by cutie pie lover 6/3/2007  
     the civil war started because of slavery in the south. the north didn't want slavery in... by wackiejackie 6/5/2007  
     I think the civil war started over money, power and relogion, The south broke off the... by Me x 6/6/2007  
     I think the civil war started over money, power and relogion, The south broke off the... by Me x 6/6/2007  
     wee wee, what is wrong with u? by baby boo 6/7/2007  
     i love my money and my girlfriends' by money 6/11/2007  
     Whether or not you all agree that slavery was the cause of the war, it was a great common... by Rob 6/13/2007  
     you all are started by anger by Junky 6/13/2007  
     wow. you guys are cool by Rachhhhh 6/13/2007  
     After the Revolutionary War, America got more land and states. In many states, people... by egzona 6/18/2007  
     i fink civil war started b'coz america wanted 2 keep slavery nd d rest of d countries... by CiNdY LoO 7/11/2007  
     i fink civil war started b'coz america wanted 2 keep slavery nd d rest of d countries... by CiNdY LoO 7/11/2007  
     I'm cool by numpty 7/16/2007  
     The Civil War started when a canon was shot at Fort Sumtner. by PERson64 7/18/2007  
No offense, but is Paul Wall part black, black, white, or something else? It's a shame... by duh-g4/16/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     He's all white by Adria5/3/04  
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     He's half black because his dad is white by LiL DreameR 5/31/2007  
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why might appeasement be the cause of world war 1? by kate2/12/04 [ war-ii] Frequently Asked Questions
     well, there are many reasons as to why apeasement might be the cause of world war one, and... by frankfurter6/17/04  
     Ooooh! I wrote a whole essay about this! And appeasement was one of the causes of World... by Bex6/23/04  
     i love kurt cobain! by jess alley7/2/04  
     yes. the policy of appeasement practiced by Britain and France encouraged Hitler to do... by rae 8/26/04  
     i luv orlando bloom by sara 9/28/04  
     Nationalism, Militarism, the alliance system, colonial and economic rivalry! by Camper 2/14/05  
     i need help, i dont no by chocodudette 2/19/05  
     One person who relied was completely ignoring the question. everyone knows those reasons... by Canes Punklet8706 3/1/05  
     One person who relied was completely ignoring the question. everyone knows those reasons... by Canes Punklet8706 3/1/05  
     jimi hendrix by josh 3/6/05  
     Appesement caused world war 2 because firstly hitler invaded the Rhineland he said it was... by mitch 4/24/05  
     assaent of akker dsnkv by tj  5/2/05  
     list of causes of world war one by trackle 5/5/05  
     i love my baby mitz by SeCxPrInCesSbUnNy 5/29/05  
     its world war 2 not world war 1!!! by mickey 9/13/05  
     hey people i asked this question and this is the third time this website came up i hate it... by Katie Ceron 10/5/05  
     Well the causes of world war one where: Nationalism:Serbia led a movement to unite the... by Stephanie Moser 2/21/2006  
     hes right. it isnt ww1 its ww2. and his answer gave me Bex' answer gave ideas for a paper... by jacobt 4/5/2006  
     i have a question really! what was the direct cause of world war 1? by gayprince 5/31/2006  
     Honestly, who cares? by Your Mom 6/27/2006  
     pooooooooooooooooooooo ! f u by cory 10/1/2006  
     imperalism, nationalism and miltiarism also assassination of archduke by mi 12/11/2006  
     imperalism, nationalism and miltiarism also assassination of archduke by mi 12/11/2006  
     kjlh.l by mjhkg, 4/23/2007  
     My history teacher is a dumbass by bunnyfukr 6/8/2007  
     world war one was coursed because of the death of franz ferainand. he was sepose to be the... by pat 6/19/2007  
Is there an owner of a Shih Tzu stud dog available in the Stoke-on-Trent area. Would like... by Mary 4/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
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     johnny depp is mine!!! back away!!!!! by leah8/8/03  
     I Love Johnny Depp much!!! by vanessa8/9/03  
     sadly,leah, johnny depp is already someones. His girlfriend. It kinda sucks, I know- and... by grapepirate8/9/03  
     Try this one: C/O United Talent Agency 9560 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 500 Beverly Hills, CA... by Sarah8/16/03  
     Johnny Depp is SO my man - I love him so much! He is such a hottie! I WANT HIM! :D by Taylor8/20/03  
     OMIGOD you all KNOW you don't have the looks 4 him! HAHA Jk... anyway I haven't seen any... by GallopBabi8/20/03  
     Johnny's mine I called him first none of you guys can get him. ha by Angel8/21/03  
     you all r soo silly. hes married with kids and dosent even no u all exist so would you all... by xXAngelXx8/22/03  
     Hello, I am mad on Johny Depp and i love him as Jack Sparrow. i would really appreciate it... by Katie Depp8/24/03  
     its me agen.......................the 1 whos gonna meet johnny depp! 2 get an email... by polly 8/26/03  
     I also wish that Johnny was my boyfriend like all you other girls. But he is married and... by Candybabe8/26/03  
     I love johnny Depp just as much as the next girl but at least deep in my heart i know he... by Blondie 8/26/03  
     Holy Crap..Ppl get over all know Johnny Depp is with me! haha Just kidding..Im... by Blondie Andrea8/27/03  
     OMG!!!!!! like OMG!!!!!! I saw him in pirates and I was like WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN HIM... by liisi8/29/03  
     We all know that Johnny Christopher Depp is the hottest thing in the world, right? Well i... by Nakida8/29/03  
     Holy crap.. If you really wanna see a movie that Johnny is really cute in watch the movie... by Blondie Andrea8/30/03  
     hes like a giant kid. hes so funni! like this guy asked him if he thot he had "apytical... by polly8/31/03  
     johny depp is the hottest thing on earth. we know this. my drunk horny friend and i . we... by ilovjondep 4evr9/1/03  
     FINALLY, people who adore that 40-year old fox as much as my friends and I. So many of my... by Midgie9/1/03  
     I've tried everywhere to get hold Of Johnny Depp's fan mail address! HE IS SO GORGEOUS!!!... by Chaz9/2/03  
     I wish Johnny had a e-mail thing!! I love him!!! HE IS TOO GORGEOUS TO BE TRUE!! I wish I... by Danielle 9/5/03  
     hi people nearly all of you are great everyone should LOVE johnny he is soooooo nice in... by Steph9/6/03  
     No one is allowed to love him except me!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so hot since I saw Pirates of... by Stephanie9/7/03  
     hey! my bff luffs, with all her heart, johnny depp. for her bday, i would like to get her... by OrlandosHunni9/7/03  
     Johnny Depp, I`m from Spain and I think that you are the best, I love your films.And... by ELENA9/8/03  
     Johnny Depp, I`m from Spain and I think that you are the best, I love your films.And... by ELENA9/8/03  
     ok johnny depp is definitly the hottest and most talented man on the planet. i have seen... by Keb9/8/03  
     I really think Johhny Depp is soooooooo cute.I love him soooooo much. he is always mine ok... by Irene9/8/03  
     I think you all have missed the boat with your comments...Johnny Depp is an exceptional... by SeriousStatement9/9/03  
     okay, okay. You can have Johnny, and I'll be content with Jack Sparrow! lol! sorry...... by vanilla9/9/03  
     Look Look i doubt he wants girlys like you lot man hes mine....him and me are untouchable... by Emma9/9/03  
     Hello!!!! He fears us null!!! Hahaha!!! Fear the null!!!! He's old enough to be my... by The notorious Depp lover9/9/03  
     OMG!! YOU ALL ARE SO MISTAKEN!! JOHNNY DEPP IS MINE DAMN IT!!! by blondie Andrea9/12/03  
     hi dead man, do you read my poems? do you know something about yearning,wishes and life?... by camorra9/12/03  
     omg everyone i broke my arm! the wierd thing is i was thinking of johnny depp right when i... by blondie andrea9/13/03  
     I SO LOVED HIM IN 'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL' he is SO gorge i... by Mrs Captain Jack Sparrow9/13/03  
     ahem i think we should think nicolas cage for putting him into bussiness because we... by blondie andrea9/13/03  
     u guys can have him in all his other films but I am so having him in p.o.t.c. deal? by Mrs Captain Jack Sparrow9/14/03  
     um how bout no by blondie andrea9/14/03  
     i have one of his email BUT IT ONLY WORKS FOR AOL!!!!!! so email me at SK8CRAZY918@AOL.COM... by candice9/15/03  
     You guyz are like no freakin fun .. I mean u should post more!! God damn!! You guyz are... by Blondie Andrea9/16/03  
     johnny is the best!! ALL his movies are always soo awesome!! :) :) by Aurelia9/17/03  
     i so agree!! Aurealia! nice site! i totally love it!! omg right when once upon a time in... by blondie andrea9/17/03  
     Johnny Depp is so cute and he is mine so back off.BEWARE OF ME by vanessa m...9/17/03  
     all of you stay away from my johnny! i'm only 12, but in like 10 years i can date and then... by Mrs DEPP!9/18/03  
     Hello everyone, I read everyone's thoughts and to be honest, I love him too! Didn't he... by Laura9/19/03  
     I also love Johnny Depp at Pirates of the null.Hes a great Actor, I think he´s really THE... by kokosnuss9/19/03  
     When I saw Johnny in Pirates I could not believe my eyes. GOD EXISTS (I started to pray... by Pianist9/19/03  
     No Johnny Depp is mine. I seen pirates of the Caribbean 44 times. and I know his parents... by naomi depp9/19/03  
     we all love him!and we know that we`ll never gonna have him,he is just in our dreams!! by no name!9/20/03  
     JOHNNY DEPP IS BY FAR THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES MINE!!!!!!!!!!! I... by jen9/20/03  
     You cuz are just so so sadly mistaken! lol didnt u hear? Johnny depp loves.....ME! WEE!!... by blondie andrea9/20/03  
     Hi guys i realize how much you love me but really I've got a girl by Johnny9/20/03  
     ya, me and my cousin have writen this whole roleplaying thing on Jack and his mother. (he... by Livs9/21/03  
     livis.. god u should mension his cheekbones by blondie andrea9/21/03  
     I wish someday I could meet johnny depp..I think he is really cute and I also think he has... by ***megan***9/21/03  
     Hello everyone, I love you all also. I sincerely appreciate you being such big fans. Here... by John himself9/21/03  
     O.K. we all want him so much but HE'S MINE AND ALL MINE!!!!! he is the most wonderful and... by Emma Jane9/21/03  
     Hi everyone! Just to let all of you know, JD is a fantastic person off the screen as... by CJ9/22/03  
     Ya`ll I know how u feel. Me and my friend Kaylyn have been obbsessed since we saw POTC.... by Tay9/22/03  
     Okei...let make this clear.... Johnny depp "belongs" to VANESSA PARADIS! and you all mad... by NORMAL 9/23/03  
     ok naomi depp dear u r crazy talking that crap look ive realised how stupid ive been sayin... by Mrs Captain Jack Sparrow9/23/03  
     have any of you seen benny and joon... or anything other than pirates of the caribbean? i... by Jacob Carnahan9/23/03  
     Holy crap u ppl! omg.. you guyz dont understand that johnny depp has a life thats doesnt... by blondie andrea9/23/03  
     omg! i love johnny so much! you know when i see him i get this warm funny fealing .. i... by johnny i love you!9/24/03  
     god u retard!! he has a son to damn it...god u put a bad name to johnny depp fan!! by blondie andrea9/24/03  
     You can't have my email address, I live anonymously under my real name (which is private).... by Johnny Depp9/24/03  
     NO i don't know his email address BUT i do know his agents... it is Tracey Jacobs ... by Susan9/24/03  
     I think my dear friend is a bit "rayada" with this guy Mr. Depp, however I wouldn't say no... by Friend of johnny lover (pianist)9/25/03  
     God Damn it! Once upon a time in mexico isnt in theaters yet here!! im dieing here!! I... by blondie andrea9/25/03  
     god damn u ppl WRITE COMMENTS! by blondie andrea9/26/03  
     OK i have been waiting a couple dayz now for someone to write something actually intererst... by blondie andrea9/27/03  
     My Ante was his costume designer for one of his movies.... Astronots wife, and they used a... by Commadore Mao Elizabeth9/27/03  
     before i came on this web page i didn't know that so many people loved johnny depp. His... by j.t9/27/03  
     Once Upon A Time In Mexico aint down here yet either blondie andrea but its a 15 and im 13... by Mrs Captain Jack Sparrow9/28/03  
     you all none of you like him more then you..ok first of all i got somthing of him that you... by Andrea9/29/03  
     wow you def need to get a life seriously oyur all like OMg def like i totally love johnny... by Andrea- the hott brunette not gay blonid ova there9/29/03  
     Yall best stop criticising mah gurl andrea! And by andrea i mean the COOL one not the lil... by Lizz Dubble D9/30/03  
     Hi ya i agree with Andrea *the Blondie* You guyz shouldnt be threatening her like that,... by Sarah Girl9/30/03  
     NO JOHNNY DEPP IS MINE SO BACK OFF!!!!!!! lol we can share him! God he is so hott I love... by Juicyfruit10/1/03  
     Wow, this site is harsh. I just wish some of you could at least spell!! DUH by Sally10/1/03  
     Really! Johnny Depp has something special! Something that someone could count on. He has a... by Lianna10/2/03  
     Lianna that was sooo cool!! God most of u guyz only talk about pirates of the carribean... by blondie andrea10/2/03  
     im writing a script for his daughter and him and i think it's gonna be grea.t...johnny..if... by amanda -thedepponator10/2/03  
     Hey i def no what johny sbaout. He's sucha great actor and has sucha sweet soul and hes... by Andrea10/3/03  
     If any 1 is on this site, I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!... by Raquel Ortiz10/3/03  
     Guys...u ppl probably dont know HALF the things i know about john cristopher depp... by Liz Dubble D10/4/03  
     You people do not understand no one cares how many movies you have seen with him, and if... by Blondie Andrea10/5/03  
     It's me again! I agree... he has something special. I knew the first time I saw his eyes.... by Pianist (again)10/5/03  
     Hey Everyone :D! I updated alot on my site.. I put all of his movies descriptions..... by Blondie Andrea10/5/03  
     Omg guess no one went!! jesus by Blondie Andrea 10/7/03  
     Now, I just have one question: How can there be such HOT guy on Earth?? And why isn't he... by 10/8/03  
     Umm.. god... Like Pirates wasnt the first movie I saw.. You should see more of his... by Blondie Andrea10/8/03  
     Ok, now I've seen him in Sleepy Hollow too, It's just I didn't realize they where the same... by 10/9/03  
     You guys are all sad! Get real Johnny Depp is married with two kids ok! If you were real... by J10/11/03  
     Hey, ya you can say that.. But it wont change how I will feel.. God I know I probably wont... by Blondie Andrea10/11/03  
     JOHNNY!!!!!!!! You're gonna be so CUTE as Willy Wonka, IIIII KNOOOOW!!!!!!! I love u and... by Pianist10/13/03  
     Hey let me make a correction on ur entry Pianist.. #2 fan in all the world! :o by Blondie Andrea10/13/03  
     i think johnnny depp is so fit so dont even touch him i see nearly all his films me and my... by dana 10/14/03  
     I like to know what about Johny, what's he doing now? what's the latest film? It's... by Joceva1980@hotmail.com10/14/03  
     hey all, you can email johnny depp at p.s johnny depp is 100%... by tonitailsbob10/14/03  
     Hey hey Blondie Andreita. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!! You might be his fan .... BUT... by Pianist10/14/03  
     Johnny is many more for me that you say. I write from Andorra, near France, and I'm going... by ALBA DEPP10/14/03  
     OMG!! HEY EVERYONE I UPDATED ME KIK ASS SITE!! check it out!! by Blondie Andrea 10/14/03  
     HiHiHi ya'll i love johnny depp too hes so sweet in P.O.T.C. my friends and i r crazy... by Megs 10/15/03  
     Hi friend of pianist! I'm just writing what you'd like to hear from me, and I'm doing it... by Rory Barlow10/16/03  
     umm.. sorry i love johnny depp :D by Blondie Andrea... 10/16/03  
     Rory, I don't know how u got into this site, but I still love Johnny Depp more than ANYONE... by friend of pianist10/17/03  
     Yo ho yo ho a pirates life 4 me!!!!!!!!!! Alctually, thats the only thing I like about... by footballer,  friend of pianist 10/17/03  
     Paula, IS IT POSSIBLE!?? RORY LOVES U!!!! OK go with him, Johnny's waiting for me in my... by SUPA EVIL PIANIST 10/17/03  
     HEY OMG!! who ever comes to this site all loves johnny depp. and who doesnt is just gay... by Blondie Andrea10/17/03  
     Oh ya and Evil friend of pianist or something like that it doesnt matter if u saw it... by Blondie Andrea10/17/03  
     Yo ho!It's me again.Raxy, raxy, i'm also very happy of you answering my letter, but it was... by footballer firend of pianist10/18/03  
     Now, LISTEN Rax, Blondie, Aimariana and Rory: This is getting a bit confusing :S If we... by CALM DOWN!!!10/19/03  
     u guys you have to understand that me and my friends like him as much as you all do BUT he... by u guys r gay10/19/03  
     to "u guys r gay": I think he is FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINEEE But I also admire him as... by Pianist10/19/03  
     ok.. all i ask from u ppl is to go to my site and to sign my... by Blondie Andrea 10/19/03  
     hi guys!I'm back!I'm with raxy, johnny is really cool in "Don Juan de Marco", i've got the... by footballer friend of pianist 10/20/03  
     Back again!mikel, i didn't know that you and rory were together, ey!What a surprise, i'll... by footballer friend of pianist 10/20/03  
     OH XD By the way. THANK U ALL, JOHNNY DEPP LOVERS: Paula-LOBA, AIMARIANA, JELLY (he is... by Pianist 10/20/03  
     Footballer, please dont tell me what i can or cant do..This is a place where we can voice... by Blondie Andrea 10/20/03  
     Oh, you people are so mad. Johnny Christopher Depp II is married and has a daughter and a... by The BRAIN 10/21/03  
     Of course this is a place were we all say our opinions, Blondie, but i'm just giving you... by footballer friend of pianist 10/21/03  
     Okay then Footballer you can have ur opinion and i can have mine, lets just leave it at... by Blondie Andrea 10/21/03  
     hei pianist and company leave andrea alone. she's his fun nº 1 and i'm nº 2. and if you... by friend of blondie andre 10/22/03  
     Ei, friend of blondie, i don't know chinese, but i know spanish: las ganas de ser las fan... by footballer friend of pianist10/22/03  
     MONKEY TU MADRE!!!!!!! A kien llamas MONKEY?????????????? by To Pianist 10/22/03  
     Eh! A partir d ahora tengo nuevo nick (soy Paula ) by paulami 10/22/03  
     Hey now, you're wrong footballer. This has nothing to do with pianist, it was ME who... by Rory Barlow 10/22/03  
     Hey Guyzs! Hem, hem, friend of Blondie. I, AT LEAST WAS NOT NASTY TO U TWO, SO SHUT YOUR... by Pianist 10/23/03  
     Footballer, when u ask Rory, make sure I'M infront plizzzzzzzzz K viva Johnny!!!!!!!!!!... by paulami 10/24/03  
     Ha, ha, pianist!Remember that we both entered the psyqiuatrical centre together! and you... by footballer friend of pianist 10/24/03  
     Hey, Footballer, don't get cross with me, I was only joking!!!! Hi, guyz, it's me again.... by Pianist 10/24/03