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UPA on E-mail

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Archive-name: sports/disc/upa_email
Rec-sport-disc-archive-name: upa_email
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: October 4, 1996
Version: 6.04

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The UPA is the Ultimate Players Association, a non-profit
organization that promotes the sport of Ultimate, a disc/frisbee

The following is a list of UPA Officials that have e-mail addresses.

**NOTE** for each address that ends with a '@', append:  So, for example, the Executive director is
listed as "upa_ed@".  The full address is


1.  Pick it up from anonymous FTP sources.
    The name of the file is: upa_email

2.  Send an e-mail message to with
    no subject and in the body of the message:
        send usenet/

3.  With a Web cruiser, check out the UPA Home Page, which is at:
    or, via the hypertext faq archives at:


Please send any additions/corrections/updates to

Executive Staff:
Exec Dir             Bob Byrne        upa_ed@
Managing Dir         Mike Guiietz     upa_md@
Financial Dir        Carney Foy       upa_financial_dir@
Dir of Comptn        Rex O'Quinn      upa_doc@
Women Ntnl Dir       Kim Forsten      upa_wnd@
College Ntnl Dir     (vacant)         upa_cnd@
Juniors Ntnl Dir     Dave 'Mo' Moscoe upa_jnd@
Co-ed Ntnl Dir       Joey Gray        upa_coed_dir@
Assist Junrs Dir     Jesse Weisz      upa_njd2@
Dir of Promotions    Frank DeFazio    upa_dop@
Dir of Pub.Reltns    JR Reynolds      upa_pr@
Int'l Director       Andy Borinstein
Int'l Liaison        Julian Durand
Newsletter Editor    Bill Penrose     upa_newsletter@

UPA Board
President     Troy Frever    upa_prez@
Vice Pres.    Eric Simon     upa_vp@
Tresurer      Cindy Fisher   upa_treasurer@
Secretary     Dave Raflo     upa_secretary@
At-Large      Steve Courlang steve.courlang@
At-Large      Rex O'Quinn    rex.oquinn@
At-Large      Josh Adler     josh.adler@
At-Large      Ed Fox

Special Addresses
College Top 25       upa_top25@ (or Eric Simon)
UPA Home Page
UPA Headquarters     upa_hq@
Oaks Travel (Official UPA Travel Agency)

Info on UPA Alias System
send a message to ultimate_report_send@ with
'help' as the subject line

UPA Coordinators  - 
C  RC          Greg Williams       upa_central_rc@
C  WRC         Lynne Nolan         upa_central_wrc@
C  CRC         Pat Wolf            upa_central_crc@
C  WCRC        Julia North         upa_central_wcrc@
C  CntlPln CSC Jen Bedell          upa_central_cplains_csc@
C  CntlPln WSC Dorothy Payne       upa_central_cplains_wsc@
C  EstPln SC   Chad Yoakam         upa_central_eplains_sc@
C  EstPln CSC  Rob Beyke           upa_central_eplains_csc@
C  NWPln WSC   Barb Duffrin        upa_central_nwplains_wsc@
C  NWst CSC    Polly Sackett       upa_central_nwplains_csc@
C  WstPln CSC  Liz Schmidt         upa_central_wplains_csc@
C  Mich WSC    Janine Konkel       upa_central_mich_wsc@
C  RckyMtn CSC Kate Bergeron Gull  upa_central_rocky_csc@
MA RC          Dave Raflo          upa_ma_rc@
MA WRC         Melissa Iwaszko     upa_ma_wrc@
MA CRC         Paul Socolow        upa_ma_crc@
MA NJ SC       Scott Sayers        upa_ma_nj_sc@
MA NJ-Penn WSC Lisa Meeden         upa_ma_north_wsc@
MA Pa SC       Matt Weiss          upa_ma_penn_del_sc@
MA Pa CSC      Eric "Boots" Cohen  upa_ma_north_csc@
MA Cntrl CSC   Farrell Sullivan    upa_ma_central_csc@
MA SouthSC     A.J. Iwaszko        upa_ma_south_sc@
MA NC SC       Mark Parris         upa_ma_nc_sc@
MA NC WSC      Beth Kates          upa_ma_nc_wsc@
NE RC          Lee Tonuzi          upa_ne_rc@
NE CRC         Tomas Bok           upa_ne_crc@
NE ENE SC      Alex Pozzy          upa_ne_ene_sc@
NE ENE WSC     Kate Coyne          upa_ne_ene_wsc@
NE ENE CSC     Andrew Sachs        upa_ne_ene_csc@
NE WNE CSC     Lyn Debevoise       upa_ne_wne_csc@
NE WNE WCSC    Sarah Neslson       upa_ne_wne_wcsc@
NE MetroNY CSC Adnan Qadir         upa_ne_metro_csc@
NE Upstate CSC Deepak Sampath      upa_ne_upstate_csc@
NE Upstate WSC Debra Go            upa_ne_upstate_wsc@
NW WRC         Diane Pagel         upa_nw_wrc@
NW NoCal SC    Bill Layden         upa_nw_no_cal_sc@
NW Wash SC     Bill Scheif         upa_nw_wash_sc@
NW Oreg SC     Doug Oetter         upa_nw_oreg_sc@
NW NWest CSC   Michall Firth       upa_nw_nwest_csc@
NW BigSky WSC  Amber Rowland       upa_nw_big_sky_wsc@
NW Alska SC    Jim Adams           upa_nw_alaska_sc@
S  RC          Rex O'Quinn         upa_south_rc@
S  CRC         John Malone         upa_south_crc@
S  E.Coast SC  JR Reynolds         upa_south_ecoast_sc@
S  GulfCst SC  Pete Galt           upa_south_gcoast_sc@
S  GulfCst WSC Cheri Moss          upa_south_gcoast_wsc@
S  Florida WSC Susan Siegrist      upa_south_florida_wsc@
S  Texas WSC   Erik Ward           upa_south_texas_sc@
SW RC          JD Lobue            upa_sw_rc@
SW WRC         Rochelle Simpleman  upa_sw_wrc@
SW RckyMtn SC  Bill Novak          upa_sw_rocky_sc@
SW RckyMtn WSC Anna Arambula       upa_sw_rocky_wsc@
SW Desert SC   Eric Wernet         upa_sw_desert_sc@
SW Desert SC   Elin Mehlin         upa_sw_desert_wsc@
SW SoCal SC    Paul "PT" Thoms     upa_sw_so_cal_sc@
SW SoCal WSC   Darrah Waitley      upa_sw_so_cal_wsc@
SW Hawaii WSC  Dan Harrington      upa_sw_hawaii_sc@
SW Hawaii SC   Sharon Faulkner     upa_sw_hawaii_wsc@
W  CRC         Skippy Jammer       upa_west_crc@
W  WCRC        Andrea Givens       upa_west_wcrc@
W  SoCal CSC   Dave Adelson        upa_sw_so_cal_csc@

(RC = Regional Coord; CRC = College RC; SC = Sectl Coord)

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