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How do I know if my computer has a virus? by michi9/6/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     Go to It's free and it will check your computer for you.... by computer man 8/12/04  
     boy by charlesson brownson 1/13/05  
     your computer will slow down and you will get laggs and frezes.. by CoMpUtEr FrEeK 3/25/2006  
     how do i know if my computer has a virus? by sara 5/13/2006  
What is going to happen to the Ozone Layer in 30 years??? by Dani1/3/04 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part I: Introduction to the Ozone Layer
     i no exactly what will happen it will get so thin there with be a hole and everyone with... by taytay4/30/04  
     Apparently, the last person has no clue...PERIOD!!!! He can't even spell "know". So... by dynanny7/2/04  
     Go to hell all, because God will protect muslims... by JoJo 10/31/04  
     i think that the ozone layer is being depleated because of everyone leting out toxic fumes... by bum holoeo  1/20/05  
     eventually, that will happen because if we keep poluting the air there will be a hole!... by zsdkhf 1/30/05  
     The Ozone layer will turn into a giant toad and attack all the frogs. by izee 3/21/05  
     weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee... by Toad 3/21/05  
     Well I think in thirty years the Ozone will become weaker thanks to our modern way of... by Me 6/8/05  
     I think that the Ozone will start to get better, the hole over Antarctica will start to... by SoftballRocks 1/14/2006  
     nobody knows what is going to happen in the the next thirty years it will be a mystery... by holz 2/18/2006  
     you both are so0o0o0o stupidd!!!!!!!!!!!!! by ksgjkzdjfmb 5/2/2006  
     um i actually came onto this site to find out information about the ozone layer and i find... by Dicey 6/13/2006  
     I what to now what going happen with ozone if ozone going be berger and berger of the... by Vanessa Anne Hudgens 6/28/2006  
     What is going to happen to the ozone? If ozone be more begar we going die bout the true is... by Vanessa Anne Hudgens 6/28/2006  
     why isnt the goverment and us doing anything about it we are ruining r world by car fumes... by chaz 1/12/2007  
     Well, I don't know what will happen to the ozone layer in 30 years but I do know that if... by music and science lover  1/25/2007  
     I think something is going to happen to the ozone layer that it will not be able to fix... by ana 2/12/2007  
     i think it will pop in the next decade or so by banana 3/12/2007  
     The Answer is that we need to stop putting cfc'sin the ozone and the rays from the sun... by Dan 5/25/2007  
My chihuahua has a nippy biting problem... not vicous, just annoying... constant nipping... by Kerry8/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     If she's a puppy, you've got a much better chance of breaking her of this. Both of mine... by chimama8/21/03  
     my chihuahua is 8 weeks old she bites me also but in a playful way she will pounce around... by charity 9/12/05  
     sorry I can't see how to add a question so put it as an answer by kristy and toto 12/7/2006  
     how can I get my 9 week old chihuahua to stop biting? I do yell " ouch" and tell her "no... by shlena 1/10/2007  
     Take your puppy to petco/petsmart as soon as possible they offer free classes for... by Choco 6/1/2007  
I want to get my nose pierced this weekend. And I would like to know how much it hurts...t... by Debra5/26/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     a friend of mine has had her nose pierced on 5 occasions. she says it makes her eyes... by astidog 8/21/04  
     ok... when i was 13 i had my best friend's mom pierce my nose with an ear piercing gun...... by the deister 9/18/04  
     doesn't hurt at all. by me 9/22/04  
     Hi. I work in a tattoo shop. I've had my nose pierced before. 3 or 4 times actually. The... by Kat 9/29/04  
     does the nose piercing hurt worse than a belly button piercing? please let me kno! by chelsea 10/15/04  
     well Debra...although piercings seem to be quite popular and attractive it all depends on... by chicka dee 11/1/04  
     yes it does hurt but not for makes your eyes water when it peirces through and it... by snuggles 11/26/04  
     Hey ya'll I got my nose done on both sides, it hurt like anything but I done it. At... by Chicky_Boo Kayla 12/24/04  
     I got mine done a few weeks back, it didn't hurt but I did flinch when it took place, it... by Claudia 12/28/04  
     i got my nose done it didnt hurt me at all untill i kept hitting it. you have to clen it... by bubbles 1/6/05  
     i got my nose pierced about a month ago, and it's completely healed already,it didn't hurt... by Linzee 1/25/05  
     it hurts mre than getting your ear pierced, just because theres more flesh to go through.... by tinker_bell 2/18/05  
     it hurt alot when i did mine and it bleed to by little crazy girl 2/26/05  
     it does not hurt as much as getting your ears pierced It will make your eyes water a... by kristina 3/31/05  
     Well, I don't actually have a nose piercing, but I want one, so i've been doing a lot of... by *moi* 5/28/05  
     You will get so many different answers to the question "does it hurt", before i got my... by Chelsea 6/1/05  
     I also want to get my nose done, and after asking how much it hurt from someone who... by Jesse 6/23/05  
     Well, it hurts, but it's not unbearable. It's over before you know it. I just got mine... by Jessica 7/3/05  
     It hurts a little and there is a little scar by Kenrd 7/16/05  
     if you care about how much it hurts then you shouldn't get it pierced. by hello 7/22/05  
     As much as having dry anal sex , you certainly know about this , don't you ? by robbert 8/8/05 html by Camilla 8/13/05  
     It does not hurt at all...mine closed up a few months ago and you can hardly notice the... by Babycakes 8/22/05  
     okay it seems you are fussing over nothing, I'm a hairdresser and i Peirce noses at my... by nosePeircer by nature 8/24/05  
     nose piercing doesn't really hurt, it just feels a bit weird, although people react to... by leannewright43 8/26/05  
     i wud lyk to no tht aswell i reli want it dun my frnds have had it dun n my advice is it... by heather 8/30/05  
     it hurts like a b*tch by Ello 8/31/05  
     its doesnt hurt..i had it done when i was 13 and i thought having my ears pierced hurt... by kerrie 9/9/05  
     i had my nose piercing it didnt hurt that much but i had to take it out for school but im... by i luv nose piercings 9/22/05  
     a nose piercing hurts a little bit when the needle goes through but after that i doesnt... by jasmine 9/22/05  
     When I had my nose pierced it hurt REALLY bad. I can't really describe the feeling, but I... by Lyla 10/6/05  
     yea I'm getting my nose pieced 2 i don't really think its going 2 hurt before u do enying... by karrigan 10/17/05  
     it feels like pressure GET IT... !! if u dont ur a coochie! by mmeemmee 10/24/05  
     hey i want the same thing tomorrow! by michelle 11/2/05  
     have u ever given birth? ok, its the opposite of that...and idk if it would heal, you... by dan 11/27/05  
     When I got my nose pierced, it hurt a lot. I got it done with a needle (not a gun). ... by run42k 12/28/05  
     Don't do friend has one that she doesn't wear anymore and it is sooooo ugly!!!!!... by Sunny 12/28/05  
     It hurts ALOT! I got my tongue pierced, no problem. Couple of weeks later, went back,... by BlackWidow 1/12/2006  
     oh come on Debra, you're getting a dang piece of metal stuck through your nose! Not... by charlie b. 2/14/2006  
     it really hurts.think about it by goaway 3/4/2006  
     i gt my done 2 years ago and i couldn't feel it its amazing.I asked the same question if i... by mel 3/18/2006  
     Hey Debra. Ive had my nose pierced a couple times, piercing it does not hurt at all. the... by Yohanna  5/6/2006  
     i dont have my nose pierced so i dont no how much it would hurt but someone i no got hers... by rd 5/8/2006  
     hi. um yeah i did mine myself it actually doesnt hurt at all. i was really suprised. the... by krissy 5/14/2006  
     Dear Friend i am not understanding why you are un neccessarily putting yourself in to... by Nikki 6/8/2006  
     it will make your eyes water by mike  6/10/2006  
     heyyy i got my nose pierced and i too only have a diamond stud i LOVE it it hurt a lot but... by melissa 7/9/2006  
     U r gay u cant spell hole ha ha ha ha ha ha! by Jo-Jo 7/19/2006  
     It doesn't hurt at all. I would definitely go for it, i've had mine done for a while and... by Lost14 7/21/2006  
     dont, hurts like hell youll have snot and tears all over the place and when you decide you... by movado187 8/10/2006  
     ryt it doesnt reli hurt i got mine dun wif a needle nd all it dun 2 me is made my eyes... by [[gina]] 10/9/2006  
     Hey Debra, I won't lie to you, it will hurt a tiny bit.. mine hurt about 2 out of 10, but... by Sorcha 10/31/2006  
     It doesn't hurt at all. I got mine pierced with a needle. The best way to take care of it... by keeya 11/24/2006  
I'm getting a Shiba Inu next month, and she is pretty dark in color mostly dark reddish... by Katy12/9/03 N/A
     Your puppy is probably a sesame, red with dark tipping. This is a "normal" color. by M1/15/04  
     I have a red and a red sesame. they very in shades dramaticlly they had two puppies but... by shawn1/21/04  
     I have a red and red sesame, and they are brothers.(so parents really doesn't matter i... by G1/22/04  
     It sounds like you might have a red-sesame but usually they do get a little lighter as... by Kelly 1/26/04  
     Are all of them the same or different by JACKAHOLICK 1/29/04  
     I have a shiba Inu and he's black and tan. (I'm only 12) Anyways when we got him he was... by jafa 11/10/04  
     How much do Shiba Inu puppies coast? by Kimberly 12/6/05  
     Why do some golden retrievers have a reddish brown colored coat? by Yvonne 7/24/2006  
IS crab meat halal? by Amber8/14/03 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     Many crabs are able to live on land and under water and this, according to muslim friends... by daisy8/29/03  
     From seafood, only fish is made Halaal for us. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam)... by pun 8/12/04  
     It really depends on the school of thought, as the Hanafi scholars have expressly... by Ahmed 12/25/05  
     crab sholud be hallal by aadil 1/20/2007  
how to evaluate system testing tools?? by andy1119/18/03 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     i would like to create new account... by madank 1/11/04  
     system tesing tool should be compatible with all applications. by kvs 3/3/04  
     System testing is a serious of different test who's primary purpose to execute the system... by KrishnaKishore5/18/04  
How come i cant read Nostradamus's predictions online instesd of buying his book? by Ashley7/6/03 Prophecies of Nostradamus: part 8/8, "Grab bag"
     because information is not free by s8/2/03  
     You can actually all of Nostradamus' predictions at the following website. They are... by the producer8/14/03  
     Was Nostradamus the person that predicted the we would have 3 days of darkness? And if it... by Grace8/19/03  
     There are many prophecies about 3 days of darkness. A lot come from the Christian bible. ... by tkd8/20/03  
     Answer to Ashley -- You can read all of Nostradamus' prophecies with French and English... by Grant10/27/03  
     Human knowledge shouldnt have a price. Human knowledge isnt a privledge, its a right. by Doughboy12/26/03  
     i wondered that too, is this old stuff copyrighted, i really doubt it by Mike12/28/03  
     Nostradomus was as nutty as a fruitcake! Nothing more than a blittering idiot! The only... by prof killer1/14/04  
     i agree with prof killer nostradamus in him writings he is to common example:a great... by omi1/19/04  
     Not only does Hister come close to Hitler, it's also the Latin name of the river the town... by Dirky1/21/04  
     hmmm..... random nonsense that people try to decipher.. good thing this hasnt taken over... by AT10002/4/04  
     NO idea what your talking about....why dont you worry about something under your control..... by princessholly2/24/04  
     the predictions are in french and all though they are there are still ways to find out... by plutonic3/23/04  
     Nostradamus predicted there would be a World War Three that would happen between 1994 and... by Katie B3/31/04  
     Nostradamus said there would be a world war 3 after 9/ll it hasn't came yet. I think it... by gereminator4/7/04  
     I know!!!!!!! that nostradamus did not predict 9/11. Because he didn't write that quatrain... by gereminator4/7/04  
     Nostadamus didnt predict anything about 9/11... he predicting something close 2 it.. but... by Russell R4/21/04  
     he was right about alot of things; 9/11 -----taken from the book ... u decide---- At... by markymark5/28/04  
     Just go to and type in Nostradamus predictions. There's several pages of info... by angie6/1/04  
     Just go to and type in Nostradamus predictions. There's several pages of info... by angie6/1/04  
     I believe that Nostradamus's predictions are true..if you look at past events 9/11, world... by Ari 9/10/04  
     The world will be distroyed in the year 2011 A asteroid will hit the earth knocking it... by ? 11/5/04  
     I do think that Nostradamus made most of those predictions though since I have found it in... by armydude199 11/15/04  
     his books are available world wide by joseph 12/29/04  
     Nostradamus predicted so much stuff, he predicted fighter jet.. At night they will... by ben 1/9/05  
     Nostradamus saw the overall future picture of our own current time, from his point of... by Darren Shai-Hee,-Sydney, Australia 1/13/05  
     you can also go to http://www.sacred-texts. com/nos/#prophecies which gives you the... by purpleprincesspal 1/23/05  
     The WWIII has come... Hello... AIDS is the WW# it will kill many ppl... suddenly by Human 2/24/05  
     Hey if you really wanna see Nostradomus' true things go to!!! ITS... by m-h 2/28/05  
     Hey if you really wanna see Nostradomus' true things go to!!! ITS... by m-h 2/28/05  
     The date Nostradamus spoke of was 1999 and 7 months which could be the date that Saddam... by Jizzo 3/3/05  
     man whoever said the last thing nostradamus said was "i cant beleive you idiots are trying... by stuey 3/20/05  
     Question:What were his predictions on the death of the 3rd king?Could he be referring to... by michelle mccance 4/3/05  
     I think that Nostradamus's fans are taking his predictions beyond the scope. As far as I... by P.N. Eze 4/4/05  
     man, yall dont know, they made a movie about his predictions before 911 and showd... by Jonninamus 4/12/05  
     Link exchange Hello: Would you be interested in exanging links? All about... by dr.turi 5/24/05  
     Did Nostradamus ever see Jesus returning to earth? Did he see more American presidents... by Steven1961  7/19/05  
     sometimes people are scared to believe in reall..everything is talking the same things not... by whatever 8/16/05  
     let time decide , til den enjoy da fiction or truth,as u like it. There is one prediction... by zef 8/26/05  
     Dont you think its possible that maybe nostradamus was just writing about the things... by Susan 9/6/05  
     The bible and Nostradamus' writings can all be interpreted subjectively. All this 'its... by jeebus 9/7/05  
     no he predicted the 3rd world war would start some time in 2005 (lead by an antichrist)and... by dart 9/15/05  
     some of you have no faith in anything do you? It's an interesting thought to think that... by nar-nar 9/17/05  
     Don't you think with everything happening around the world that Nostradamus is correct in... by nicky 10/23/05  
     OK u say this stuff isnt true we are in world war three ohhh dear lord a few years off... by shorty 11/28/05  
     Nostradamus does not like to give too much info about what will happen, pretty genral sort... by Kayne 1/6/2006  
     Markymark, that last one sounds like The New Orleans Disaster. Right, I do believe that... by Cody 1/10/2006  
     *sigh* you can access information on the e-net but it can never be right, we do no know... by Menthy's 2/13/2006  
     I have wondered about his predictions too, and have found that he was a fake. Lets say... by candy 4/17/2006  
     Actually Nostradamus did predict the 9-11 attacks. Check out the following quatrain: ... by sfguy 4/23/2006  
     hello! online directory. About DIRare, Search in Business... by online directory main 5/6/2006  
     nostradamus was specific ith his predictions but he had to be careful because oif all the... by heinzmoleman 5/14/2006  
     In Nostradamus' years what he does is called witchcraft and he would be burned if he... by a_margaret 5/18/2006  
     Just so you know Hister is what Hitler was going to change his name to but he couldn't... by Coco 5/21/2006  
     well i rekon some of it is true cz he sed sumat bout the twin towers being burn, well i... by Punk_Princess 5/31/2006  
     I think that the predictions are right, I THINK, they do sound very convincing, and almost... by Kingy 6/3/2006  
     Hes a moron, don't believe him, people say he was passesed by satin, that's why he said... by Johnny 6/3/2006  
     You have to give Nostradamus some credit, he did make these predictions 500 years ago so... by Blue Man #1 6/12/2006  
     WW3 is supposed to start around 2006-2012, it will last 27 years and be the worst war yet.... by Blue Man #1 6/12/2006  
     yes i told some to type this for me in the year 2000 and plus 6. wow its me yes a big war... by Nostradamus him self 6/24/2006  
     yes i told some to type this for me in the year 2000 and plus 6. wow its me yes a big war... by Nostradamus him self 6/24/2006  
     This guy is a load of bob sorry guys lol he said Spain was to win the world cup of 06 but... by bbp_bigbadpeanut 6/27/2006  
     The guy made some pretty precise shiet. Like the whole JFK/RFK stuff. Pretty frickin... by Hank 7/10/2006  
     who the hell are uguys talking about?? and who the hell is nuttydumass by 187 7/16/2006  
     You asshats. by Me 7/29/2006  
     when will pakistan destroy?& canada will progress or not by znznz 8/29/2006  
     I think you are all trying to hard to give him credibility for somethings that he only... by Bob 9/12/2006  
     Oh man. I love the idea of Nostradamus, but I think it's mainly an IDEA. Who actually... by iseultte 9/18/2006  
     Prof killer and all who agree with him are idiots Nostradamus already predicted half of... by Brian 3000 9/20/2006  
     this is all bull. none of this stuff is going to happen. no world war III. by kayla 10/8/2006  
     Oh ye people of 2004, such fools!! If only they had listened to the profecier and not... by argos 10/19/2006  
     I just wanted to mention a prediction of Nostradamus which sort of goes with a bible... by Sophia 1/3/2007  
     Wasn't the Third Antichrist born in 1986? by grathen 1/14/2007  
     Nostradamus predictions or at least some of them have came true.Not all of it can be... by Jovon green 1/25/2007  
     you all need to shut up, my god. you cant deny that what he said was fake. he said that... by Dave 3/23/2007  
     Well is is kind of weird but honestly he predicted stuff about USA!! Usa wasn't even a... by JBunit 4/14/2007  
     There are 2 ways you could mean too big. Firstly file size. If this is the case then you... by Ken1/8/04  
     Nicko by angeline1/17/04  
     GIRL PICTURS by WAN1/23/04  
     you can always use, which is a free, easy web page that... by Jim 10/14/05  
     dfsdfsdfsdfsdf by ddddddddd 11/11/2006  
My four and a half month old Newfoundland puppy is breathing heavily and panting even when... by sharna10/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Health Care Issues FAQ
     My 13 week old German Sheppard/Golden Retriever is doing the same thing. Please keep this... by Renee12/17/03  
     I'm having the same problem with my 8 week old Black Lab/Golder Retriever. I can't find... by Noah2/9/04  
     I'm searching all over the place for an answer to that question! My 18 month old Australia... by Scarlett 8/27/04  
     I am having this problem with my 6 week old Husky. When he sleeps his breathing becomes... by Shelly 10/25/04  
     Hi I have the same problem with my 7 month pups. the answer is they have worms. give them... by Kevin 11/9/04  
     I want to becomes a breeder with my newf but every time I put me boy and girl together... by Naya 4/19/05  
     GO TO THE VET RIGHT NOW!!! This is a seroius disease that can take the life of your dog... by V 2/8/2006  
I'm about to become involved with a guy who is polyamourous and well, I think I still tend... by vashti8/9/03 alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     The hell with him - he's just trying to cover his rear with you so it will be okay to... by Patrick11/4/03  
     Relationships come in many different ways...there isn't a one size fits all!! However... by GAje11/24/03  
     I say RUN. You are obviously not into don't try to tell yourself you can do it.... by dawn12/8/03  
     Remember the more one loves the more one is able to love. Not everyone is able to accept... by Sean1/9/04  
     If you're thinking about being in a relationship with a polyamorous person, you should ask... by MiCroStoogE2/15/04  
     I'm in a relationship w/a polyamorous guy I met overseas.I'm so inlove w/him & don't even... by margie 12/2/05  
     I think that polygamous relationships are people who are unable to make a commitment to... by a woman; a mother  a grandmother a aunt  and a role model 6/26/2006  
     Here's the thing about polyamorous relationships and dating. When I am single I meet... by mreous333 1/14/2007  
Where can i see different breeds of Chihuahua's, and how big can a chihuahua get? by Jamie1/28/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     According to the American and United Kingdom Kennel Clubs, there are two breeds of... by chimama2/4/04  
     I have a question about a male chihuahua that I bought for a stud and he turn out to be... by Janet4/19/04  
     He could indeed be pure-bred, but if you are going to breed him you should have gotten... by chimama5/7/04  
     what is the best kind of dog you can get for a good price and I would expect, good... by Shannon Alexander5/17/04  
     fag vivify by cgdb6/13/04  
     I have a chihuahua pup that is papered as a deer chihuahua and is right at 10 lbs and is... by Chrylsq 12/30/04  
     I would like a chihuahua. i have looked up about thier health food they need ANd exersize... by (name) 2/26/05  
     my chihuahua is 10lb. But he is does have an apple head, he is is about 10inches high by asia 6/2/05  
     hi im doing research on buyin a chihuahua but i just wanted to know around about how much... by kate 7/30/05  
     Is there a special name for the furry chihuahua's I want one that has alot of furry hair.... by amandalovesryan 1/24/2006  
     do some chihuahas have long legs? by shannon 5/2/2006  
     we purchased a chihuahua with papers from "the puppy store" in tampa, fla. she is less... by Lynne 7/19/2006  
     I'm so excited and cool by marcus 7/31/2006  
     does anymone know how much a mexican hairless would cost to buy and where can i find one... by silvergray98 10/22/2006  
     i dont really get the question. ;) by *jennah* 11/25/2006  
     Hi, I have a chih/min pin puppy and he weighs around 2.5 pounds and his mom weighs 8-9... by AJK 2/28/2007  
     I need a size between a chihuahua mixed with a short haired Lhasa Apso I am confussed. Can... by Steven Jones 3/14/2007  
     Can a larger breed chihuahua, breed with a smaller breed chihuahua. the sire looks to be... by belladonna 3/24/2007  
     You would have to do research. It also depends on who lives with you. Some dogs get... by taimarain 6/5/2007  
If I have an email address, how do I find out who the person is? by Kathy8/26/03 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     Hi Kath I would like to know the same, want to find out who the person is by their email... by Hassan12/16/03  
     i want to know tha answer too please let me know by sunshine12/22/03  
     I'm not sure if have an email or i forgot it by corrine williams1/21/04  
     I would love to know the answer to this Q as well i have a woman emailing my husband but... by kmy2angels2/14/04  
     i want to know everthing about , my e-mail is by saima6/20/04  
     I want to know the answer of "If I have an email address, how do I find out who the person... by mary 10/14/04  
     I want to know the details of a person whose email id is This... by spinky 11/16/04  
     Haller! I wanna know to the answer to the question! Its so great to know the answer! I... by Princesss Angel 12/3/04  
     i forgot my email address and my passwor by magickblood13 12/10/04  
     Hi Kath I would like to know the same, want to find out who the person is by their email... by Anjum 12/22/04  
     if it's a server account then the server knows who the account belongs to. {they're not... by birdwalk 4/5/05  
     I would also like to know as I have an e-mail address for someone (with a hotmail account)... by soulsearcher45 2/18/2006  
     u have to know info ab'ot dem.... by 4g 5/25/2006  
     will you please give me a e mail adress because i dont know if i have one or not by kimmie 6/24/2006  
     i contacted someone on in response to an ad; he was looking for old... by pokey 8/17/2006  
     I would like to know how to search an email to see who it is as well. Can you send it to... by Kim 10/5/2006  
     There are a few websites with which you can look up an IP address and find out about its... by techron 4/28/2007  
I have a pit bull and i would like to know if anyone can tell me how to tell if she is... by craig9/1/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     you can tell if there stomach looks bigger then usually, behavior has changed, more... by lighteyez9/29/03  
     Take her to the vet! Not only can they tell you if she's pregnant, they can also help set... by topdog10/16/03  
     you can tell if she tries to bite you which means her behavior has changed and if she has... by nook11/8/03  
     My pit bull just had her baby, but now her vagina is still leaking some kind of liquid,... by Rock11/24/03  
     If you dont have the money to take her to the vet,get a dog breeders book at any local pet... by drew3/15/04  
     fell her nipples if milk squirts out when you squeeze them then she is. by joe4/28/04  
     if ur dog has a vagina problem u shud be in the vet now retard not in this room what a... by CH5/27/04  
     I have a pit bull her last mating was on April 17, 04..... She has only 3 nipples that are... by Mandie7/5/04  
     i have a pit and she's been puttin on a lot of wait.and her stomach is bigger beacuase... by 8/15/04  
     I was wondering if my dogs nipples are leaking does that mean she is pregnant?If not then... by BandCINC 9/19/04  
     i just mated my blue nose and they got stuck for about 30min should i let them do it... by cannlbalism 9/29/04  
     i have a 5 months old pit bull and she loves every thing dogs birds kids i mean every... by vamp 11/9/04  
     get-r done by yo mom 3/28/05  
     I actually ave a ?.Hey ne one who can help me pleez do. Ne ways my dog has been producing... by Milly 7/13/05  
     i have a rednose chocolate brown male and i want to mate him with a good looking female in... by blah 8/10/05  
     I think my female pitbull has recently mated with her husband but I'm not sure. How can I... by jermaine 11/1/05  
     If you dog bites you that is a way to tell if she is pregnant? She you serious, that is... by Lisa 11/22/05  
     My dog was mounted by a yellow lab and if she is pregnant she should have about 20-25 days... by Lisa 11/22/05  
     i have a pit bull and i don't know what kind of pit it is by cleto 1/2/2006  
     what is the baby pits name? by Veronica 2/27/2006  
     i need some steriods for my pit so he can compete in the pulls he does ok but need some... by pitman 6/28/2006  
     Alright i have a pitbull and i was wondering how to find out if she is pregnant i know i... by Justin 8/11/2006  
     I have a question. I just bought a male and he has 11 nipples, is this normal for a... by Shari 10/4/2006  
     how can i tell if my dog is a pit bull. i adopted the dog and am being told the dog is of... by david 2/3/2007  
     no but mix by bhibhk 3/13/2007  
     If Her Stomach gets large, and her mood changes. Most likely she is pregnant. by big boy 5/8/2007  
     Hey CH you arrogant jerk. I picked my pit up off the street as a stray. The pound would... by SG 7/10/2007  
who sings the opening theme song for charmed by debz10/30/03 General
     The song is : " How soon is Now?" By: Love Split I'm pretty sure who sings it! ^_^ by Jess12/2/03  
     Just so you know though, the original was done by the Smiths. Much better version. by Mari1/18/04  
     actually, it's sung by Love Spit Love - How Soon is Now by CeReaL1/25/04  
     iT IS DONE BY BOTH ACTUALLY IN THE FIRST 3 SEASONS ITS Love Spit Love but in the 4 and... by CALY2/2/04  
     love spit love by fareiboy2/19/04  
     The song is "How soon is now" originally sung by Love Split Love, then by The Smiths, and... by Talina5/31/04  
     How Soon Is Now by Love Split Love by xXx6/28/04  
     the original was sung buy the Smiths, and written by them, an English group by tak 9/19/04  
     The Smiths released how soon is now in 1984, Love Spit Love released it in 1996. by nicole   10/1/04  
     originally sung by "the smiths" but in the show it's sung by "love spit love" by BoYcRaZzY 11/5/04  
     LOVE SPIT LOVE the first 3 seasons the forth it was the Smiths by Charmed 11/24/04  
     How soon is now THE BEST AND ONLY VERSION IS BY THE SMITHS . . . DON'T SELL YOURSELF... by morrissey love 12/6/04  
     People.. get your facts straight.. here's enough proof. by runetide 12/29/04  
     It was originally sang by the Smiths, but they both sang it. The Tatu version is okay, its... by Krispy 1/8/05  
     the original version is sung by the smiths then it was remade by love split love by LilmissRED 1/16/05  
     Love split love sing it, and original it is by the smiths... sorry about my bad English,... by ..Some-1.. 2/8/05  
     mmmm doesn't also the Psychedelic Furs by rhesildinho 2/17/05  
     How soon is now by Love Spit Love by Charmed 3/9/05  
     there are 2 other people who sing it too Morrissey, and Harry Perry by charmed_lover 4/21/05  
     Yes, yes. I love the t.A.T.u. version. xb I wonder if they'll ever have it...? by Pie 5/18/05  
     No its by everclear how soon is now by .. 6/30/05  
     love split love, how soon is now first. then the smiths then tatu by she of the large 8/9/05  
     The theme song is How Soon Is Now by Love Spit by Leanna Artrip 10/21/05  
     but come every time i try and look up something on love split love, i cant? by me 11/1/05  
     its origanally sung by THE SMITHS but is sung for charmed by LOVE SPLIT LOVE!!! by :)louise:) 11/8/05  
     yea it's definitely the smiths. in fact, I'm listening to it right now! so beat that... by OggaBooga 11/16/05  
     how soon is now! by love spit love but, it was originally done by the smiths by val 11/17/05  
     love split love then smiths thats it by charmed fan 11/18/05  
     penis penis penis by lolz 1/16/2006  
     The TATU version is one of the best! I liked the The Smiths version too. Thanks for the... by Vinosec 2/13/2006  
     The song "How Soon Is Now?" was released in 1984 by The Smiths on their album Hatful ... by YouHandsomeDevil 2/13/2006  
     Mari is correct, Talina is incorrect. "How Soon Is Now" was originally a song written... by Soon 2/20/2006  
     Oh how I danced the night to this SONG, who cares who sings it. Play and Loud and DANCE... by Easy E 3/7/2006  
     y by boobies 4/3/2006  
     you guys are smart and cool. Thanks, I can breathe better now. =0) by debs 4/19/2006  
     Morrissey wrote it but the version they use is by someone else but it's a Smith's Song by Fred Ex 5/4/2006  
     um first of all, it was originally written and performed by The Smiths, but the theme song... by likeBAM! its emma 5/6/2006  
     This song was actually originally done by The Smiths....Morrissey wrote it when he was the... by Dagmar21 5/8/2006  
     yes it is love spit love by troi 5/9/2006  
     It's is actually ORIGINALLY sung by the Smiths. Love Spit Love did the remake and did it... by Sarah 5/22/2006  
     NEW SEASON OF CHARMED TONITE C4! by xlove_scopesx 7/16/2006  
     You're all wrong. the Smiths put the song "How soon is now" out in 1985. Love Spit Love... by Ink 8/8/2006  
     I wanna bone all of the sisters at the same time!!!! by Neegrodomus 8/30/2006  
     its Love spit love by Lania 9/17/2006  
     http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/How_Soon_Is_Now? it was originally sung by the Smiths...there... by udntnom306 9/17/2006  
     How soon is now by Love Split Love by Drew 9/26/2006  
     The Smiths sung the original song and then Love Spit Love covered it, and that was used... by xochi222 9/27/2006  
     its sung by smiths so shosh by phoenix 10/26/2006  
     i think that the smiths sang it and tatu by girl 10/31/2006  
     find the truth at uk/charmed/charmed_theme_music.htm by Chaos 11/14/2006  
     The song How Soon is Now was written by Morrissey of the Smiths, but was first played by... by JCRamirez 11/15/2006  
     "How soon is now" by love spit love also by the smiths and tatu and morrisy by Dominix 11/27/2006  
     i would like to know who does it NOW! by kay 12/10/2006  
     How Soon Is Now? By The smiths I didn't find this song by Love Split Love. Only by The... by power of 3 12/31/2006  
     The theme song is, "How Soon Is Now" performed by Love Spit Love, written by Steven... by kernel-panic 1/1/2007  
     the smiths first did it in 1985, then love spit love in 1995-1996 for the movie the craft ... by kat 1/6/2007  
     The Smiths sung the origional...then love spit love...wikipedia is your friend http://en.w... by ozzy 1/11/2007  
     This has also been done by Hundred Reasons. by Predator 1/12/2007  
     this song is good by rachel 1/23/2007  
     I just thought I would let you all know that the name of the song is "How soon is LOVE" by Me 2/8/2007  
     love spit love~~~how soon is now? the lyrics are... i am the sun and the heir i am... by niki 2/25/2007  
     the smithes did the song way better!!!! by HeartBroken181 3/11/2007  
     You pubescent dorks who think that Love Split Love did 'How Soon is Now'--are you even old... by Hooter 3/12/2007  
     Thanks that helps :) by hazeygirl 3/29/2007  
     love split love's version is better 'actually', in my opinion by me 3/30/2007  
     Who sings the girl version on the Theme song? by Anaid 4/6/2007  
     I ♥♥♥ Charmed and the theme song is how soon is now! No arguments! ... by caro 4/17/2007  
     the song was originally done by the smiths and was covered by love spit love for the... by youronlygod 4/20/2007  
     it's "love spit love" not "love split love" by niccky 4/20/2007  
     THE SMITH'S DID IT FIRST!!! JUST LOOK AT WIKIPEDIA FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! No respect for the... by Enigma 4/20/2007  
     Actually it's just Love Spit love who sings the opening theme for charmed, the smiths... by kkkk 4/30/2007  
     you guys are fags by cwilson 6/10/2007  
     "How Soon is Now?" is sung by "Love Spit Love" and " The Smiths" by 20272 6/21/2007  
     For gods sake do people know nothing about music? "How Soon Is Now Was" written by... by Inkey 7/15/2007  
What makes a cat paw (or kneed)a pillow or blanket? Every time we pet her she starts... by Mary7/30/03 rec.pets.cats: Getting A Cat FAQ
     It is a sign of marking their scent/property apparently.... by Sophs8/14/03  
     IT a sign of comfort, and scent as well. They do it before they lay down, and is often... by Thomas 9/6/04  
     Before cats were domesticated they had to mash down grasses and weeds to make a bed. by Karen 10/5/04  
     I've heard that it means the cat was taken away from its mother too early. I don't know... by Lizley26 1/31/05  
     when your cat was a baby and would drink from her mom she would kneed her mom's tummy to... by boojagirl 4/23/2006  
     While kneeding does allow a cat to lay down scent marking that is not the primary reason... by Kara 11/9/2006  
getch()and getche() does not work in linux pls. give tell me its alternate. by haroonrawat4/7/04 Objective-C FAQ
     man getchar by Midget 8/2/04  
     don't know by jim 8/26/04  
     I have a file named kbhit.c that contains getch as well as others, but it does not contain... by Katushai 10/6/04  
     use getchar by Torimuf 2/17/05  
     getchar() by HelloWorld 5/7/05  
     hi! you ask at that getch()and getche() does not work in linux... do you... by michael 5/18/05  
     use curses.h it will work!!! by deedee 11/24/05  
     Install Aarno's Advanced I/O Library, Then... by billeuze 12/10/05  
how can you tell when a dogs goes in to labor by roy1/1/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     She will be restless, dig and tear things up as if making a nest for her pups, and she... by Tanisha2/15/04  
     my dog is 63days and she has all the signs of labor and has for 3 days but nothing is... by Tam 12/18/04  
     i am wondering if my golden lab is pregnet but i am not sure how do i tell? by m 7/28/05  
     i'mlooking for help my dogs due her pups today,she had me up all nyt last nyt,on the move... by teeny 11/9/05  
     i think my dog is in labor but i'm not sure how do i know? or is she just in heat? by amber 6/7/2006  
     my dogs tep is at 100 right now and shes at 58 days preg any ideas when she'll go into... by mom of 2  mini doxies 6/6/2007  
     my dog is breathing hard,her vergina is swowlen what do you things goin on by mae mae 6/7/2007  
Are left handed people naturally more artistic than there right handed counterparts? by FLOYD14/2/04 alt.lefthanders Frequently Asked Questions
     That's what people say - something to do with left handed people use more of their left... by Sammylou5/12/04  
     big up all thoes left handers!!!!! by !5/27/04  
     Actually, left-handed people are in their right mind!!! by THeiks@cros.net6/13/04  
     Well... I'm left handed and people tell me that I can draw. Yet, all of my pieces that I... by whatever6/17/04  
     Im a LEFT HANDED female, i luv when people say does it hurt when you write? NO FOOL! by Eunice6/19/04  
     I love being left handed. Apparently, in my 'culture' its bad 2 b a lefty, wot the heck!... by DartsOfPleasure6/23/04  
     Being left handed rox!!!!! by Chickadee7/3/04  
     I'm Right-handed and I can't draw worth a hoot. But my son is left-handed and he can draw... by Bettye 9/21/04  
     "Of course there are more right-handed people than left-handed You have to create many... by Cellotiff 10/12/04  
     Im a left handed......and yeah We left handed ppl are somewhat we tend 2... by Sam 11/30/04  
     lefties rule im the most artistic and creative in my grade! by none 3/1/05  
     I'm left handed and I love it more than anything in the world, but I have absolutely no... by Audrey 3/24/05  
     i'mleft handed but i play bass guitar righty.couldn't find a lefty bass when i was... by sandman 6/4/05  
     Left handed does rock!! I love being left handed and people ask me, "How can you write... by Devin 6/26/05  
     I'm a righty, but I'm trying to draw lefty-it's hard as heck-cause I figured that if the... by Sketch 7/16/05  
     I have alway'slove being left handed my parent's both had left handed parent's and... by leprechaun27  9/1/05  
     As stated above right brained people have a tendency to be more artistic and left handed... by dividion 2/18/2006  
     That's a myth. I'm right-handed and artistic. by Fuzz 4/28/2006  
     I was recently in the company of a large group of actors and I have never seen so many... by Arabella 5/19/2006  
     Thanks!!! ringtones site free. [URL=http://www.ringtones... by ringtones free 6/18/2006  
     Hi! ringtones site free. Download ringtones FREE, Best... by ringtones free 6/18/2006  
     i'ma female southpaw, and i can draw pretty awesome! LEFTYS RULE!!!! =) by Blueberry 9/22/2006  
     Im left handed and I love it!!!!! by Jess 9/27/2006  
     I believe left handed people are more creative and artistic. While taking a recent art... by Karla 12/26/2006  
     im left-hander idk wat the hec but left are ten to be quick thinker bu depends on u if i... by left hander  2/10/2007  
     It is nonsense that left handed people are more artistic than right handed people. I am... by Tara 3/15/2007  
     Everybody is born right-handed, but only the greatest can overcome it! by moosenuggets 3/19/2007  
IN IBM 360 model 65 and 75 address are staggered in two seperate main memory units( all... by sudha3/25/04 General
     if u got the answer please update the site... by sai3/28/04  
     I have no idea Sorry!!!!!!! by fartomatic034/25/04  
     Probably to speed up double word access. A lot of floating point used double words, and... by MGS4/27/04  
     Sudha, did u get anything? by eli 5/18/04  
     Maybe the purpose is to distinguish whether the particular address in main memory is... by awi_ok 1/26/05  
     The memory is divided into two blocks, even and odd blocks called low order and high order... by INAM BARI 8/31/05  
     I don't know now by fanjialin 3/26/2006  
     please what's the right answer!!! by jhezz 7/13/2006  
     can u please give another answers???i guess there would be a better answer to this... by daldal 7/21/2006  
     sudha if u got the answer plz mail it to me coz i also searching answer for the question.... by rip 9/1/2006  
     I have the same question by Andu 4/26/2007  
     I have the same question by Andi 4/26/2007  
Is there anyone who can teach me the basics Magic The Gathering Card Game. I want to learn... by rubberbandman774/22/04 alt.magicK KfaQ#05: Pentagrams (kreEePing oOze faQ)
     can anyone teach me anything? by babydoll 11/6/04  
     how do you magic can you treach me magic can i lear. by phil 2/9/05  
     ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggg... by fffffffffffffffffffffffffff 2/23/05  
     i want to become a magician by ghouse 5/5/05  
     E-mail me, I'll teach you by Morbid 7/21/05  
     i want to learn magic because i can antortan my friend's so can you help me learn magic... by natasha 12/8/05  
     teach me good magic of cards by chirag 3/2/2006  
     kil by will 3/31/2006  
     Can you teach me magic? by georgi 11/13/2006  
     is there a institute or school where i can learn magic or simple tricks please let me... by kiran 11/18/2006  
     whats your user name you use all the time like the one in notes or in nick the one that we... by crazy joe 12/16/2006  
where can you get certified to do body peircing???? in ontario by Christine3/25/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     How long do I have to wait to change my little stud in my nostril? by lica 9/20/04  
     ide like to know where i could get certified to peirce by gooch 10/6/04  
     how old do you have to be to get your tongue peireced by cheryl 1/7/05  
     Where do you get certified for body peircing? by jodi 1/7/05  
     i would like to learn how to peirce. by jessica 3/31/05  
     i wanna be a body piercer and i don't know any info on it where can i find it out ? by cece 9/7/05  
     Where Can you get Certified in body piercing in California by Nicole 9/21/05  
     in georgia by tuff 11/12/05  
     I believe that I read ,that you don't have to be certified. I live in Bixby by rc60cooper 2/1/2006  
     how do i put thread on a bobbin from a portable sewing machine #7011 and how do i... by Joe4/21/04  
     help by imber 8/10/04  
     how do I thread the bobbin? by dixie 11/24/04  
     How do you thread a bobbin on a singer merrit 9608? by blue 1/21/05  
     how do i thead the bobbin on my singer sewing machine by sally 4/7/05  
     Does anyone know how to thread a bobbin on a singer 185k by Mariamarti 8/7/05  
     how do i thread a bobbin, see i go this old sewing machine and the bobbin is not taking... by trish 1/22/2006  
     Create new Account by MSRyman 2/9/2006  
     How the heck do I thread a bobbin on my 'Singer Machine?'..... * HELP PLEASE * P.S... by A_L 5/20/2006  
     Err I Dunno? by Emily 11/30/2006  
     biconcave Assisi's Jude Mo wigwam's CD n n n by brookeeeeeeyy 3/29/2007  
     i want to know how to thread a singer sewing machine and bobbin by cindy 7/2/2007  
     I want to know how to thread a singer sewing machine and bobbin. by cindy 7/2/2007  
How can I get rid of my big fat thighs? by Paula7/17/03 Big Folks Exercise and Fitness Resources FAQ
     Read this: http://sdsd.essortment. com/ridofcellulite_rmcu.htm very practical and... by JenniBigBum9/24/03  
     I know of one exercise and its to get on all 4's and lift your leg straight out as many... by Niki1/20/04  
     that is so right i weighed 457 poundas and i am only 13 and i did that for a year and now... by Court5/3/04  
     You can't go from 457 32...? at 13? and 32 lbs? to light! by Courtney6/18/04  
     Some simple excersising may do the trick, such as squats, swimming, gymnastics, or just... by Liz6/20/04  
     This isnt an answer its a ? but i'm 13 n i weigh 135 n i'm 5'7 n a half inches is that fat... by Britt7/13/04  
     5'7 135 lbs is not fat! I am 15 1/2 and 5'9' and i weigh 180lbs and i have huge thighs! i... by Jessica 8/13/04  
     Sorry, this isn't a question either, but I'm 13 too, and i weigh 140 pounds, is that big,... by Jelly 8/23/04  
     i am 13 and i weigh 78 lbs. is that too light? by jenny 9/3/04  
     I am about 80lbs overweight and find that the insides of my thighs have turned a dark... by thunderthighs 9/19/04  
     Well, Paula, incessant, day-in and day-out sexual activity will help reduce those big... by Ted 10/9/04  
     I think that your arent in fat because you are so tall and only wiegh 135 you just have to... by LaLa 11/28/04  
     if your 5'7 and 135 you're probably average. but if most of it is muscle, than you could... by inthespotlight 12/4/04  
     yes it is fat! by kwcr 12/11/04  
     Help i have big thighs, how do i get rid of it? by ih 12/27/04  
     i want to lose my thigh fat but i don't want to cut down on my food because i'm scared to... by nikki 1/8/05  
     Im 15 and im about 5'7" and i weigh about 118 pounds,am i fat??? I need ot get rid of my... by Hannah 2/6/05  
     The only thing i find disappointing about myself is my butt and my thighs. I am a size 6... by Someone 3/8/05  
     i was wondering if any of you guys have those little fat ouches under ur butt? i need to... by allie 3/26/05  
     Get off the 13 year old and get back to the main question. You can lose big thigh by... by Sue 4/6/05  
     Omg. I have big thighs too. I have been using Gunnar Peterson's Bun Battle and it is made... by thunder thighs 4/9/05  
     i'llbe 13 in 5 months...and i weigh around 99 pounds. i know your thinking why is she on... by kristen 4/22/05  
     No youre not fat at all...for your height and that weight..that matches up real well... by angie 4/27/05  
     by eating a lot of cheesburger u get rid of thigh and suk alot of dik by eastwick_shorty 5/3/05  
     plea squats, exercising, and working out your legs really loses leg fat. you should also... by moana 5/15/05  
     im pretty thin but i have huge thighs!!! its seems like nothing but my thighs... by Eri 6/18/05  
     Omg i hate having huge thighs!!! I do regular exercise and i think i eat well but they're... by jayne 6/24/05  
     Squats and lunges, speed walking, and a balanced diet should do it. If you have a gym you... by Lora 7/7/05  
     the best way i find to get of that unwanted fat is just eat right have 3 normal meals... by Daisy 7/12/05  
     i tink all you have to do is just do running. by woola 7/21/05  
     Well, I figure that if you do legs lift, 5o-75 on each leg for about two weeks, then you... by Helpful Hannah 8/11/05  
     No britt thats not fat at all by K-kun 11/28/05  
     My name is Lucas i just looked this up on google to the girl above me in my opinion your... by Lucas J 1/9/2006  
     5'7" and 135 lbs is not even close to being fat...why are you thinking about that? Can't... by Lee 1/21/2006  
     hey i am 13 and i am 135 and 5'3! i dont think i look fat! but i can never ever let my... by Ash 1/23/2006  
     no thats not really that fat. im 13 and i weigh 128, but ive been noticing that my legs... by kitty 1/25/2006  
     The most simple answer to lose weight off your thighs, hips and butt, is to go on a... by mouth-all-mighty 1/29/2006  
     no your not fat I play soccer and i have toned thighs i weigh 115 and i am 5'6'' how do... by soccerzlil hottie 2/25/2006  
     Im 13 and I way 135 and im 5'4 would you consider that fat? or just alot of muscle? by Lexui  3/16/2006  
     to Britt your not fat but you could loose a few pounds. SO could I im 12 5'3 and way 105 by Sam 3/18/2006  
     Britt, No, you're not fat at all. Considering your height, you are pretty slim! by Chaim 4/12/2006  
     Same here mines a question as well I'm 14 years old n i really do hate my thighs they are... by alisha 5/10/2006  
     but crunches definetly work the best. that is when you stand next to a wall with your back... by jenni coolgurl 5/10/2006  
     what if you don't really have too much fat in your thighs, but they're like muscle and... by nesik 5/11/2006  
     No way are you fat! i happen to be 13 and 5'7" as well and weigh roughly 133lbs. I thought... by Ari 5/16/2006  
     its a question. Am i overweight if Im 125lbs. at the height of 5'2 and age 16? im trying... by blah 5/29/2006  
     i kinda think its fat cuz im the same but im 5'5 soo no i think ur good actually!! but... by linda 5/31/2006  
     you are not fat- i am 13, 5'5 and i weigh that if not more-trust me neither of us are fat by lizzy 6/1/2006  
     you r not fat no the girl before you will b makin it up or she is far too skinny and your... by chaz  6/6/2006  
     i am also at to and i am only 12. i weigh atleast 155 but its not really my stomach its my... by rachel 6/18/2006  
     do running. a mile everyday. not on a treadmill but on a actuall street. by nat 6/25/2006  
     loosing weight on your thighs is difficult to do,exercise seems to bulk them up.i... by treetrunks 7/9/2006  
     don't eat fast foods by tt 7/21/2006  
     I'm 5'3 and I weigh 127 lbs, but i exercise a lot, and my legs are very muscular, i just... by blah 8/5/2006  
     ew 13 and 135! that's DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! i'm 17, i eat extremely healthy, and i'm a... by Carissa 8/15/2006  
     if you bike it makes your thighs smaller, but wear shorts or sweatpants, becasue if you... by igotstretchmarks 8/19/2006  
     this isnt a awnswer but im 14 and i have hige thighs but i cant get them to go away,...... by Morgan 8/29/2006  
     how can i get my thights to go down before school starts again i have about 4 weeks,...... by Morgan 8/29/2006  
     yea w/e at 13 you cant go from 457 pounds to 37 liee!!! by Rachel 9/15/2006  
     No you dont weigh alot that is pretty much normal for a 13year old. Good luck if you wana... by BeastGirl11 10/24/2006  
     Hey Guys i have a question my cusin is 12 and she weighs like 197 pounds what should she... by Beastgirl11 10/24/2006  
     im 13 aswell i have massive thighs and i hate it !! how do i gt rid of da leg faT??? i am... by ash 11/25/2006  
     i'm16, 135 pounds, 5"4, and i think i'mabsolutely beautiful the way i am. i exercise and... by Mercedes 12/6/2006  
     erm, no. i wouldn't think of you as far. Seeing as i am about 132 and I'm5"5. But i can... by picka-boo 12/16/2006  
     According to a standard Body Mass Index calculator, you're at a perfectly healthy weight.... by Lissa 12/24/2006  
     okay i am 13 and I'm thick is what my family say in my freinds and I'm African American. i... by kiyla 12/25/2006  
     I am 17, 5ft 5inch and weigh 10 stones 4 pounds. i am not 'fat' and i have quite a slim... by Chloe 1/9/2007  
     im only 13 and i weight 130 and my waist is 30' and i wear a 16 at wal mart and a 30 in... by josh 1/29/2007  
     i think that if you fart in the room it excentuates the formality of the air which... by gorshoucktha 2/5/2007  
     I'm over wieght tooo. i'm 14, weigh 170 and i'm 5"2. Britt, your not fat!!!!, but size... by ang 2/12/2007  
     Im Only 12 Years Old & I Weigh 116 Pounds. I Am 5'3 Feet Tall. A Lot Of PEople In My Grade... by Rather Not Say 2/27/2007  
     yes it is. by anonymous 2/28/2007  
     yea britt thats really fat you should probably kill yourself by coolgirl 3/3/2007  
     no, your BMI is normal for your height. by Ashly 3/7/2007  
     No!!!! at 13 and 5'7 that is not fat!!! i'm13 and 135 lbs and i'monly 5'3... yea..i... by shabalamadingdong 3/14/2007  
     no, im pretty sure thats in the healthy range. if u google healthy weight ranges (or... by sarah dee 3/19/2007  
     http://www.flat-stomach-exercises. com/ideal-body-weight.html that link to the site has... by smiley_glitter 3/19/2007  
     ummm well no if you are that tall. Do you have a thick waist? by Juju 3/19/2007  
     yes, that is rather large! by the doctor 4/8/2007  
     Britt, i myself am 16, 5'10, and 154lbs. you are by far not fat! i seem to think i myself,... by lena13 4/30/2007  
     Yes, yes it is. by Biatch 6/5/2007  
     um well at practise we do lunge walks, squats, tuck jumps, kick walks, and V-ups. These... by unccheerleader8894 6/11/2007  
     dont eat that much junk food...perhaps a salad by yo mama 6/21/2007  
     to Britt. no thats not fat. thats about the perfect size. by hannah 6/23/2007  
     I have the same problem. I'm 5'6 and i am 17 years old. Many people have told me to cut... by sarah 7/15/2007  
     wall sits help bur the fat of ur theighs by bob 7/17/2007  
     walking and running are excellent workouts for your legs, I guarantee that if you walk or... by Tiffaney 7/19/2007  
I was wondering if certain states have laws about piercing the belly button at certain... by julie7/1/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 9A--Resource List
     in texas the law is under 14 by Mar!12/31/03  
     sounds like you need to wait untill you are 15. I am in a state where it is 15 i will be... by jenny n3/9/04  
     you wont be able to get pierced unless your mom signs a parental consent form, 15 is just... by T3/25/04  
     well i live in the state of Mississippi and i think that you have to be 18 to get it done... by Felicia 4/1/04  
     there is no piercing laws in Idaho but a dumn a s s righty (republican) is going to change... by chaospunx 6/12/04  
     yeah i dont know either cause i live in texas and i have been calling around and you have... by Caroline 7/12/04  
     In State of Washington you have to be 16 to get a body part pierced, and 18 to get a body... by Laura7/16/04  
     Wow, I didnt realize anyone younger than 16 got anything pierced but ears...why the hell... by Wow 9/11/04  
     well i live in illinois and i got my eyebrow pierced and a tattoo and i was 14 and i... by alex 10/25/04  
     I am 14 and i have 2 cartiledge peircings. In Ohio you have to be 18 to get a tattoo or... by Sam 12/6/04  
     I have 11 piercings so I feel safe to offer some advice(navel included) jenny n your... by Jen 1/1/05  
     in Texas you dont have to be 16 but most places will not do it till then because they dont... by skully 1/28/05  
     in parts of Cali like Santa Rosa you only have to be 10!! with a parents consent or 18... by melissa 2/20/05  
     In canada, you have to be 16 without parental consent no age for with consent :) or at... by gremlin_zeef 3/15/05  
     I dont know im 15 and live in wisconsin, is there any laws against getting your navel... by Alicia  4/18/05  
     If i live in S.C. and my aunt lives in Georgia and my mom is taking me down there this... by Courtney 5/30/05  
     I'm twelve and my cousin got her belly peirced when she was thirteen. my mom says i can... by kelsiebellsie 6/2/05  
     Just wondering if anyone knows...what the idaho law is for by T-Jay 7/27/05  
     In Most states and Countries, the PIERCING Laws state that the child must be OVER 16 to... by Pooombocity 8/10/05  
     there are so piercing laws in idaho, that would be moronic if there weren't. just think of... by chelsea 9/5/05  
     i live in washington and i am going to get mine done tommorrow in idaho where you only... by jes 8/1/2006  
     So, do you know if you can get it pierced with a parent's consent? Or do they have to be... by Kara 9/11/2006  
     We live in the state of Mississippi, and we want to get our lip pierced. We don't know the... by Brandy & Jessie 10/12/2006  
     i had mine nipple pierced when i was 16 without parental consent, the practioner didn't... by noah 12/5/2006  
     i live in mississippi and i think since my mom wont let me get my belly button pierced im... by bellyringluver 2/26/2007  
     I got mine done for my 15th birthday in Florida, But I want to know about nasal piercing... by Tori 3/9/2007  
     I believe in Washington, there is no true body piercing law, because thats what caused the... by someone 5/31/2007  
can you get a tattoo on your butt by LAlA3/17/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     Yes, I have one on mine. by JackNBox4/6/04  
     yes! tattoos on your butt are the best way to go.. they are not very painful and they look... by katie 4/9/04  
     Yrah got one of my bum today! Got a wee heart with Scotland flag in it! Its well cute! ... by Chazza4/19/04  
     I have a tattoo on my left cheek with my name, it hurt because well.....because I have a... by Brittney 10/14/04  
     oh yea i got a pair of lips on my butt like someone kissed it, my dad got it too, im gunna... by Dalton 3/9/05  
     only if your a lady and it better be a small one by hunggreat 5/2/05  
     i think getting a tatto on your butt is a wiked idea, top class, spot on, just sheer... by chapman & smith 6/14/05  
     i have a tat on my ear. DONT GET IT!! bum does not hurt. by KYYYY 7/12/05  
     I have one also, no big deal. by cooldude 9/28/05  
     i want betty boop on my bum :p by jenni 5/2/2006  
     I have my first and last name across mine and I have a crescent moon with a face above my... by ba 5/10/2007  
my monitor screen does not show red color. Red objects displayed as black. How can I solve... by kemalx2/25/04 AVI Graphics Format Overview
     Got the same problem, any help? by Roger 12/16/04  
     color gun in your monitor is busted. please have your monitor serviced. by alod 12/26/04  
     sorry I do not have the answer yet but I have the same problem.It might have to do with... by othmar 2/11/05  
     I have the same problem as you, and do not know how to fix it. by Akstika 8/22/05  
     My monitor does not show red color. by raja 11/18/05  
     I'm sorry I have no answer.. only the same problem. Please let me know if you get an... by marcia 5/8/2007  
What is the story of Carmina Burana? Who is it about and what is its meaning? by Shirley5/3/04 Drumcorps FAQ 1/6 What is drum corps?; DCI; online
     I don't really understand the purpose of this website, I happened upon this page while... by joelslaw6/23/04  
     well Carmina Burana was a venazuela prostatute who got raped by a blasian (black asian)... by storytella 2/5/05  
     THIS IS STUPID by REPCITY 10/31/05  
     u freek 4 writin so much hoo iz gonna reed it??? i didn't 4 1. hoo is carmina she sounds... by polly 7/19/2006  
     Amazing!!!!!!!!! by erinatselu 11/25/2006  
I would like to know the words to the All Black Haka and the translation in English by Cogs11/12/03 The FAQ (part 2 of 6)
     i am overseas and we will be invited to do the haka here by bushy5/23/04  
I found a small amount of blood in my Cats poop.This is the first time.What would cause... by Mary11/11/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     What is the answer? by catlover123123 11/8/04  
     please let me know what you find out becasue my 1 year old cat has a small amount of blood... by Kristen 5/24/05  
     ok, my kitty is about 6-8 weeks old, she has been pooping all over the house, we have a... by sydney 10/8/05  
     My male cat with FIV had this problem earlier this morning. by Tina 4/25/2006  
why do schools exist? what should be taught? what is the role teacher and student? how... by doods9/17/03 Naming Guidelines For uk.*
     the school exist and cates for the transistional stage of students by recognizing the... by jennefer10/9/03  
     Schools exist so that people all around the world can learn things like English and maths... by Lucy4/19/04  
     schools exist to help us conform to society, yet they should exist to help us prepare for... by Gmoneyloveboat 1/27/05  
     schools exist so that individuals have an equal opportunity at bettering themselves. by kk 2/1/05  
     i don't knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww by baby 2/10/05  
     schools exist because there needs to be a place for kids to learn by rose 4/12/05  
     A schools purpose of existence should be found in its doctrine of education. To build,... by Stevon  10/4/05  
     I think its just a wast of time. I mean no one even uses this stuff in real life! by Chanelle 5/3/2006  
     Schools exist so we can explore our world. by Chelsea 3/8/2007  
     school is basically childcare by tiger 5/9/2007  
What is the diff between client-server and web application by Ranganath4/27/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Client Server application:Two tier architecture applications comes under Client server... by R Purushotham Reddy 10/5/04  
     client-server is just a 2 tier architecture testing is confined only to functionality... by nammu 10/26/04  
     In testing point of view. Client Server Application. .Data transfer by TCPIP Web... by Bibhu 2/11/05  
     In the client server architecture, the application software resides on the client machine,... by shashidhar mahavadi 6/15/05  
     In the client server architecture, the application software resides on the client machine,... by shashidhar mahavadi 6/15/05  
     Client -server is window based application.Now a days the concept has changed.Web... by Ranjith CV 7/22/05  
     From Testing point of view,Web application needs "Compatability Testing" to be conducted(w... by RajaVenkateshwara 12/18/05  
     Client-Server:- You have to install Java (J2ee 1.x) for an application to run and in case... by ivan 12/21/05  
     xcxzczx by ffgfd 4/14/2006  
     Webserver:this can receive only html requests and as well this can only give out html... by aaa 7/4/2006  
     Your question could be answered from a design point of view. The Web Server is the... by ajjax 9/8/2006  
     sdfsdfsdfsdf by sdfs 9/25/2006  
     hello r u there by azeem 10/17/2006  
     Web server: this can receive only html requests and as well this can only give out html... by Senz 12/13/2006  
     A Web Server understands and supports only HTTP protocol whereas an Application Server... by amit 5/16/2007  
how do u uninstall the new worm/virus by brownie12/6/03 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     Press control+alt+delete and select the processes tab. Locate av.exe and select end... by webry12/12/03  
     its not an virus. its just a program that changes your AIM profile to advertise buddypictu... by softballgurl667712/13/03  
     DO NOT GO TO BUDDYPICTURE.NET/REMOVE!! it just installs another trojan. delete the files... by cheerbabe0612/13/03  
     i went to the site and do not see av.exe in my prosseses and cant "find" it. i do not have... by ads847812/14/03  
     thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!! i got that virus yesterday and didn't know about it. at... by camman97712/15/03  
     i have succefully created a removal program for win. XP only!!! if you have windows XP and... by camman97712/15/03  
     Well you could always reinstall AIM, that's what I did. Easiest thing to do if you ask me.... by Devin12/18/03  
     Thank you so much. I am finally rid of that acursed virus! I have tried everything to get... by RebelAngelinfrno12/18/03  
     Benways process works you guys dont do anything else OMG!!! thankssssss by miss vicky12/18/03  
     Should work for all Windows Versions. by woo12/19/03  
     Thank helped alot av.exe thing is the only thing that works so everyone use it!!!!! by ME12/19/03  
     guys do what webry told you it does work, go to search av.exe and delete them by daplaya12/20/03  
     well i did what softballgurl said, to go there and click "Remove" and then cheerbabe said... by ashlee12/20/03  
     someone just instant messaged me and said that my way of getting that advertisement off of... by softballgurl667712/20/03  
     ive found a way to delete it. all you have to do is to go to save buddy list and only have... by me12/20/03  
     why would want to advertise theres nothing at that site except this... by buttmunch196112/20/03  
     yea the thing softballgurl said and it works. thanks a lot by hello12/21/03  
     This virus ( Av.exe ) Sends info like passwords and stuff to I... by FireBomb1512/21/03  
     hm... this website should be organization of fags and noobs... by lol12/22/03  
     if you people had only been not stupid enough to click "DOWNLOAD" you wouldn't be faced... by laguna12/22/03  
     It's only a 1/4 centimeter change to the Caps lock key. It may be a big jump, but it'll... by David Edwards12/22/03  
     "By entering the site,, you agree that you authorize an... by me12/22/03  
     dude, if you go back to the website and uninstall it from there, yes it would go away but... by sam12/22/03  
     I wish I would have known this before I went through the big pain of getting rid of it... by the other me 12/23/03  
     ummm, i went to the website, did everything there....and it still wont go away. i searched... by help me 12/23/03  
     when I find the av.exe file on my friend's comp, I also find a group of what I think are... by Paul C. 12/23/03  
     Something interesting that I dug up: Back-order this name ... by Paul C.12/23/03  
     So, is this a virus or not? Will it send passwords and other important information to a... by Justin 12/24/03  
     the site is down now.... by JaggedIce12/24/03  
     i used the removal site and have had no trubble since so idk what all the fuss is about... by mel12/24/03  
     ok...i agree with the LOL dude.....noobs.... by trips.rolls.and.bowls12/25/03  
     the site is no longer working. i can not go to it at all... by softballgurl6677 12/25/03  
     when i tried to delete the "antivirus" in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \... by me 12/26/03  
     Follow the 12/22 "answer by me" it works, thanks dude by hypersonic2757 12/26/03  
     The thing that webry said took away the virus from my profile. Gracias, it was buggin the... by Andres  12/26/03  
     ok, here's how I got it to work... screw what everyone else said, I tried most of it... ... by bleh12/26/03  
     LMAO This is a conversation that I had with a girl (who is none too bright I might add)... by Idiots12/27/03 by thadjsixxx 12/27/03  
     download ad-aware. thats all you need to do, it will scan the registry for... by wtf 12/27/03  
     wassup pplz yallz is stupid by TUPAC IS BLACK12/28/03  
     go to and do what it says there...its the ONLY thing... by ash 12/28/03  
     Everyone just shut up. CTRL ALT DELETE .. End Task on Av.exe. Start > Find Files/Fol... by J 12/28/03  
     To remove this "adware" you should download and run both Ad-Aware Pro, and Spybot S&D. ... by Stealth12/28/03  
     It's ok to click stuff in ur buddy's profiles, but check the hyperlink first to see if it... by sugarNspice5687 12/29/03  
     Thank you so much for helping me out with the virus i thought i was going crazy with that... by G12/29/03  
     HMMMM CICK A I dropped outta high skoo sum called me a fool but... by BETTY12/29/03 who ever is "ash" i love you and thanks so much ... by abcde12/29/03 not much of a hacker or the greatest computer wiz...but come on ...someone... by freddzonaim12/30/03  
     yea, gotta thanks to webry.....what he said works and thats all u gotta do by ccccc 12/30/03  
     ok sum please tell me the easiest way 2 delete this thing. and what is it and what does it... by aeballer2106 12/30/03  
     guys, i did like webry said and deleted the two files...but this ad thing is still there.... by wen 12/30/03  
     Lol av.exe is norton antivirus on my comp. I've never even been to by Voice in the Wind 12/30/03  
     I traced this thing and it goes through washington, then st. louis, then l.a. then is... by SB12/31/03  
     just go to search files and folders and type in SQLoader.exe thats the virus, delete it... by nikki 1/1/04  
     well obviously different things work 4 different ppl... i got rid of the thing with a... by lauren1/1/04 <- removal instructions and patch for IE that will save it..... by theSpear1/1/04  
     gimme a break! by dumass 1/4/04  
     black girl by marshal2471/4/04  
     Answer by webry Submitted on 12/12/2003 Rating: Rate this answer: N/A Worst Weak OK... by dave1/4/04  
     Ok, first off, to all of those who have stated that it is NOT a virus, you're retarded. ... by Yeags1/4/04  
     go to this website download the file, and it will check... by Kelly 1/4/04  
     yeah, on some computers, like mine if you try and access av.exe it wont let you delete it... by sarah1/4/04  
     I just found out a few days ago that i have this thing, wheat is the easiest way to get... by Lost 1/13/04  
     I had this virus for a little bit. You don't even have to click "download" when it gets to... by Guy 1/13/04  
     Hello! i am soo happi that i dont have that virus!!! I Restored my computer back in tyme!... by Tony1/14/04  
     THANK YOU SOOO MUCH WEBRY!!! IT WORKED PERFECTLY!! softballgurl your thing didnt work...TH... by Jane 1/14/04  
     Please, people. If you want to avoid these problems, you *need* to stop using Windows.... by person1/15/04  
     if u dont find "av.exe" it can also be called "b.exe" by okthatsnice 1/15/04  
     after you delete the av.exe thingys go to your aim file or where ever you put aim then... by THEanthony1/17/04  
     you knoe wut? i tried everything on here and none of them work. then i got rid of my virus... by ~litobbydev~ 1/19/04  
     another way is jus use system restore by kenny1/21/04  
     I never realized how many dumb asses were online. You geeks need a life, it's just a... by HAHAHAHA1/21/04  
     do what ~litobbydev~ says it's how i got rid of mine by SportFranatic17141/23/04  
     To whomever said to stop using Windows... thank you. Windows blows. Apple and Mac OS X are... by brian1/26/04  
     Answer by ~litobbydev~ Submitted on 1/19/2004 Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer:... by ash 2/2/04  
     When you go to, it says *Click Binary. What is... by HELP!! 2/10/04  
     i was wondering if anyone knew how to fix the problem on a mac system... i downloaded all... by macuser2/12/04  
     it's ok to click on links that people send you, but : when something pops up saying "do... by the bruce 2/24/04  
     before you click on a link, if you hover the curser above the link for a few secounds, it... by lynn 2/28/04  
     wow thanks!! that helped by kT 3/15/04  
     macs suck. by god3/20/04  
     All of you guys are extremely ignorant. First off... I seriously doubt that a virus this... by Jay4/16/04  
     i got 2 viruses called something like W32 HLLW Gaobot gen and the otha one is W32.Welchia.... by help 5/17/04  
     F these viruses. The people who get paid to work for them should be shot. by Angela 6/9/04  
     This has got to be the funniest page I have read in a long time. It should be published... by crazy7/13/04  
     Try this: Windows has this built in thing to check for problems like virus. Go to start:... by Kyle ;) 10/25/04  
     I read this entire page, out of I suppose, morbid curiosity and part boredom. I don't... by -Skynyrd Girl- 10/25/04  
     to uninstall by Fleca 2/28/05  
     some of you say that Macs are good because they're virus-free. This is true. But what's... by |_33T 5TY|_3 4/13/05  
     WWW.BANTHIS.COM ROX0RZ!!! by TROY 6/12/05  
     how lock short-key of "Ctrl+Alt+Delete"? by niloofar 5/10/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Thanks!!! auto site insurance. [URL=http://www.insur... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. The autos insurance... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     i want to add people profile on my aim boys by tawana aka tootoo 5/15/2007  
Does anyone have any information on demodex mange in pit bulls. About four years age I... by Gyp5/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     This is long, but I just had to tell people about my experience ! My pyrenees/dane mix... by davmeli5/27/04  
     I have a 9 month old pit bull who had an extremely bad case of demodex...he was 95 percent... by laj 12/9/04  
     my dog has demolic mange i have to spend alot of money but i wont put her to sleep cause... by PITlover 12/13/04  
     my dad use to get burned oil,( oil when you changed the oil in your car )and put sulfur in... by weezie 1/12/05  
     Mitaban and interceptor.Thats all you need...Nothing else seems to work no vitamins, no... by Wendigo 4/5/05  
     My pitt had demodex, I found out when I took him to the vet. They prescribed some... by Theodd001 4/9/05  
     Hace muchos anos investigo acerca del parasito, en los ultimos anos tal vez devido al... by Dante Sonzini 5/31/05  
     i have 2 pitbulls chino & cyrus. chino is a rednose and cyrus is brindle with a mix of... by pitbullx5 6/26/05  
     i have 2 pitbulls chino & cyrus. chino is a rednose and cyrus is brindle with a mix of... by pitbullx5 6/26/05  
     I have a month and a half old pitbull puppy who was diagnosed with demodex mange and a... by Scoon 7/31/05  
     Mange is a parasite. Every puppy you get could get it if its around your place somewhere.... by blame 8/12/05  
     we also have a pitbull/rotti X who had mange as a puppy. she lost a good deal of hair... by fred 9/15/05  
     I have a 4 year old Jack Russell (Jasper) who from birth suffered (demodex) or rather... by wizzie 9/21/05  
     I hope this will help. My mother has a German Shepherd that had the same problem when she... by Krystal 9/22/05  
     You can use Ivermectin to cure it. I work for a vet and this is what we do, however, you... by Lisa 11/22/05  
     Demodectic mange is a mite that lives in and around the hair follicle of the dog. It is... by K9Trainer5 12/6/05  
     I know this is a late posting, but if anyone is looking on-line for an answer??? This... by Teacup31 1/26/2006  
     I have bred & raised a lot of dogs. My father raised hunting dogs and I have had boxers,... by Ava 7/3/2006  
     Thanks so much davmeli for the info.I have a 14 week old blue pit bull terrier pup that... by jade8531 9/3/2006  
     Fish oil worked so well clearing up our Doberman'sdemodex (30-40% body, head almost bald)... by athena 9/19/2006  
     Demodex is inherited by the parents. Never breed a demodectic positive dog as it will be... by suzqzzoo 9/30/2006  
     I have taken in a bullmastiff/german shepard mix that has Demodex. I have never encountere... by Trish 1/28/2007  
     We have a dog that was being raised to be a bomb sniffing dog. She had a very bad case,... by scott 2/23/2007  
     I too had a dog that I had to put to sleep and he suffered from demodex. He was a doberman... by Boomerlady 5/28/2007  
     I had a blue pitbull who had demodex and because it is passed through parents i had to fix... by Jessica 6/19/2007  
     yes there is actually i recently bought one from smith's books by justine7/11/04  
     Well..then what's the name of it? by Kathy 1/22/05  
     I know the average gestation of a dog is 60-65 days, but is it possible for a pregnancy to... by keri 5/23/05  
     i have mated my dog and she is still bleeding is this right ? by craig 8/4/05  
     Can a female be pregnet after one stick be a good one by BJ 5/25/2006 auto site insurance. [URL= by insurance auto 6/18/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a> <a... by car insurance 6/18/2006 auto site insurance. The autos insurance company,... by insurance auto 6/18/2006  
What is the downside to ingesting sasafras teas periodically as a cleaner while taking... by Peache3/13/04 Medicinal herbFAQ Part 7/7
     There is an article here (http://www.foodreference. com/html/artsassafras.html) that says... by Lemmiwinks 10/17/04  
     I don't know, but would like to. by wilbyrd 11/4/04  
     yes, I think you can. by jo 10/15/05  
     does sassafras thin your blood? by shelby 2/26/2006  
     never heard of any negatives as a kid in Mississippi. we drank it a couple times a ... by Bobbie 7/16/2006  
     SASSAFRAS Botanical: Sassafras albidum Family: Lauraceae (laurel) Other common names:... by Jalisco 5/23/2007  
How early can you test for pregnancy? by lizzy11/7/03 General
     after the first missed period sometimes you can get an over the counter test that you can... by dawn 12/9/03  
     There are test that you can puchase that can be taken 8-10 after ovulation. The test is... by Missy Dawn 8/31/04  
     will be 3 weeks late still negative result by F R I E N D 12/18/04  
     You can get an exam by the doctor between seven to ten days after. by Mitsune 3/30/05  
     You have to wait until your first missed period or 19 days after unprotected intercourse by Lola 6/1/05  
     The brand First Response can detect the pregnancy hormone about five days before your... by Erika 8/2/05  
What are the Nevada laws on the age you must be to get your bellybutton pierced or to get... by SpaceCadetQuack3/25/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     I don't know, but I'm dying to find out!!!!!!!!! by Nicole-Kellene 6/19/2006  
how do i find someones e-mail address? by irishkiwi5/5/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     i want to know the password of this e mail please send me the... by yassin 2/13/2006  
My son died of SIDS in April, i laid him on his back and did everything the doctors said... by Stormy7/15/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     my answer is that you did all that you can do to help your son and obviously god was ready... by lotta10/2/03  
     My daughter passed of SIDS one month ago yesterday as well. I have not found comfort in... by Francine10/14/03  
     God took him!This is simply not so. by Deb11/13/03  
     Nothing any of us can say will give you any peace on this. I have two kids, and can not... by Stacy12/5/03  
     i am so sorry bout your baby. i no what your going through.i am 18 and i lost my triplets... by kai12/21/03  
     I can't tell you why your son died, however even though you were the best parent you could... by Jen12/27/03  
     Babies are passing of SIDS all the time that don't have anything soft at all in their... by Francine12/29/03  
     you can never get over the fact of losing a baby.. I was sixteen when i got pregnant.and... by kori 1/7/05  
     God has a divine plan for all of us, unfortunately your baby (and mine) were a part of... by Liv 2/14/05  
     My name is Pamela. I've also lost my child from SIDS too and it's very discouraging... by Pammy Poohbear 3/8/05  
     My heart hurts incredibly...for you...i cryed for four days straight when it happened to... by RENEE  3/12/05  
     i just wanted you to know i know how u fill i lost my baby boy when he was 5 months and... by johanna 9/14/05  
     I lost my son, Damien, to SIDS on January 1, 2006. He was asleep in the couch for a 10... by Shannon 2/7/2006  
     My son did not die of SIDS but he has been gone for 7 weeks today and I feel your pain. He... by Jerry 4/21/2006  
     my baby boy just passed away from sids on aug, 12, 2006. he was playing and awake then he... by Dawn Smarr 8/20/2006  
     my son died of sids in 2001. 3 days before his first birthday. I know to well your pain .... by heather2525 9/14/2006  
     My son was Still Born, full term, just days before he was due. I do NOT believe that God... by Elaine 9/19/2006  
     I lost my baby boy to SIDS as well. I found it really annoying when people tell you how... by Angela 11/3/2006  
     i feel for your baby i have a child of my own and every night i check to make sure that my... by Crystal 1/9/2007  
     i have been doing research on baby's who have died from SIDS and i can tell the hurt and... by Crystal 3/22/2007  
I want to import clips in adobe premiere and the compression format is unsupported. I... by killer1/11/04 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     One would thing that for 700 dollars Adobe would allow their program to import as many... by dude 11/9/05  
     ive got the same problem by dan 4/6/2006  
have a 1934 a series 10.00 dollar bill with no god in trust on back is this rare by ron8/23/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the motto was first added to ten dollar Federal Reserve Notes with the 1963 series. ... by Pete8/23/03  
     i have the ten dollar bill you are talking about do you knwo the the valule of the bill by I ahve the ten dollar bill ya2/17/04  
     looking for answer for ten dollar with no god we trust on back by suaie6/12/04  
     looking for answer for ten dollar with no god we trust by suaie6/12/04  
     i also have a ten dollar bill from 1934,and it has no "in god we trust" i wanted to know... by mumbles 11/5/05  
     there no ting on tit by wangchangfang 12/5/2006  
Saw on the news hackers hacked the codes on nokia's software games site, where is those... by macs_domain11/14/03 FAQ 1/3
     try google by nerdmicster1/25/04  
     why??? by crow1021 7/16/2006  
how old do u legally have to be to get your tounge pierced by girl9/26/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     You can be any age as long as your parents let you. by Neo1/15/04  
     Doesnt MAtter if ur parents say ok and go wit you!!! by hingufg2/3/04  
     in canada (ontario, specifically) you have to be 16 WITHOUT permission, because let's face... by kait.2/5/04  
     any age is fine if someone over 18 is with you by crazy chika6/15/04  
     the eyebrow because of majour nerves by nemo 8/29/04  
     i am 13 and i am thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced.. do it hurt? by mitchell 8/29/04  
     its so nasty when your mum says no but your dad says yes i so so anoying dont u think by graham moss 9/27/04  
     does your parent or gaurdian have to go with you if you want to get your tounge pierced? by mandy 9/28/04  
     what happens when you get you get your tounge pierced and you get a white bump around it. by jadizzle 10/28/04  
     i think that you can be any age just as long as u have a parent with you at the time !!... by sxc hunni and mo 6/8/05  
     over 16 and with a parent or guardian... im getting mine done soon and i think there... by 8/14/05  
     as long as u got a parent wit u u can do it by 305 till i die 11/5/05  
     16 in South Dakota with or with out a parent by green_day1313 11/6/05  
     i thought u had to be 16 with a parent and 18 without but i guess i am wrong by katie 7/17/2006  
     can you get your tounge pierced whith braces by boo 7/25/2006  
     Umm... im Kentucky you have to be 16 and it sucks!!! by Babi Girl 10/23/2006  
     I'm not sure. But i'dlove to know too! by starr 11/16/2006  
Can you get a weight gain supplement for dogs by Dog lover11/14/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     I am not sure, but for Pitt Bulls a lot of excerise and a good diet is the best thing for... by Jessica11/14/03  
     my pet has been loosing weight despite feeding him twice a day. we feed him about four... by crystal12/22/03  
     I suggest that you get your dog to the vet ASAP your buddy could be sick. It sounds like... by Reds1/3/04  
     Tapeworms from scraps suggestion. by Slimm1/21/04  
     puppychow; supplements sould be administered by a vet by moondog2/6/04  
     i just leave a full bowl of dry dog food out at all times and she seems to gain weight in... by norml 5/2/04  
     Nurish-um Supplement... I haven't tried it yet, but just ordered 6 tubes for my... by multichick5/7/04  
     i give my do a calcium supplement and something called quinua and kiwicha. Their grains... by macker5/27/04  
     Crystal, what kind of food are you feeding your pooch? Four cups in the morning (I'm... by Iggy6/24/04  
     i have a one year old rottwiler dog who finds it very hard to put on weight and is slimer... by roxey 9/18/04  
     I have a dog that will not gain weight. I don't know how to get him to eat. The vet says... by Todd 11/2/04  
     my dog seems to be incredably skinny any suggestions on how to help her gain weight? by britney 11/12/04  
     I have a 2 year old female Olde English Bulldog ,we had a tragedy , and her brother of 8... by jamiea320 12/2/04  
     Try Blackwoods dog food, its like dog steroids (omega 9 fats and protien)....I start my... by Azaria 3/18/05  
     my mastiff is 8months old and weighs 75-80lbs. i give her 8cups of dry food a day pluse 2... by Terisluvbug 5/8/05  
     shoot it by earl jr 5/17/05  
     My dog is only a year and a half old and has been losing weight. I've taken him to the... by blackviolet 8/27/05  
     I was asking the same question about my pointers. I was told to go to the co-op and feed... by Canadiandogs 9/12/05  
     macker, where can i get these grains you are talking about? Crystal, the problem you... by gunsmoke 10/8/05  
     exercise gets a dog to get bigger? like fuller in size? cause i had a pitbull that was... by jones 10/27/05  
     I haven't been feeding my dog for a while until now and I am really worried because she... by Jessica 11/20/05  
     I have a boxer male he is approximatly 1 year old I dont know anything about where he came... by destkyle 11/29/05  
     I have a boxer male he is approximately 1 year old I dont know anything about where he... by destkyle 11/29/05  
     I somewhat have a question i have a 9 month old pitbull and very concern about his weight... by Red 12/19/05  
     how to get my dog to gain lots of weight by doglover05 1/7/2006  
     my dog Jackson has no worms but his ribs are showing. i am very worried. he eats fine and... by kate-lynn thurman 3/24/2006  
     where can i buy the food "quinua and kiwicha" online? can someone please help me with... by elcolombianodqnz 4/6/2006  
     my dog wont eat help!!!!!!!!!!!! by phil 4/23/2006  
     I actually am haveing problems with my dog, He is 1 year old, he doesnt have worms(I have... by Nine 5/3/2006  
     Is it bad to mix dry food with meats. I have two pits and i cant seem to find a food that... by Marta 8/13/2006  
     i feed my dog a mixture of food, i feed her dog chow iams and kibbles and bits .. ihave a... by avi 9/15/2006  
     My dog hasn't been eating when i amnot around and she has loss a lot of weight what should... by Dannielle 9/16/2006  
     I have the same weight loss problem with my 3yr old german sheperd. She doesn't have... by sheperd smart 9/20/2006  
     hey what kind of dog u have macker? by nintendo 10/16/2006  
     question if i feed my dog puppy chow he will gain weight he is about 35 pounds by proj 11/7/2006  
     i also have a pit bull he is a fawn blue male he is about 4 months now and weighs 30-35... by carmen 11/22/2006  
     I have a 15 month old chihuahua/papilion mix who only weighs 7lbs he doesnt eat very much... by bubba 12/9/2006  
     My dog has dry food offered to her 24/7.We have a big bowl that we fill every morning, and... by Watson 12/11/2006  
     Nutri-cal. I bought a very undernurished puppy a few years ago. Vet recommended... by Boxer 1/16/2007  
     Whats THe Fastest Way To Have Your Dog Gain Wight? by Presa 1/18/2007  
     Try canine RED CELL!! It's a weight gain for ANY kind of dogs and it makes them bucky by lOve DOgs 2/6/2007  
     My dog is a small chiwawa and she doesn't eat alot and she doesn't drink much water. i... by ashleigh 2/19/2007  
     what can you give your dog that dose not have worms and is fed 3 times a day likes to run... by sugar 3/16/2007  
     yes. if shes eating and losing weight then its a possibility she has some sort of worm or... by tjilla 3/26/2007  
     ive had great results using a whey protien used for human consumption in order to gain... by dan81 5/27/2007  
     I have a german shepher that is way too thin. He is 3 and a half years old and only... by mario 6/10/2007  
     I just got a new blue pit bull. I wanted to know what the best dog food is to feed my pit... by JBlack 6/11/2007  
     I heard an interview and they had the author of Flight on, Quanta Bonta, who loves dogs... by DogBuddy 6/28/2007  
I have recorded several personal macros in Excel(VBA) and when I try and access another... by stalechip9/19/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     no I'm not very shy and i want to be famous because i sing and i can play the guitar very... by nivisbombom2/2/04  
     Yes,i hope you have a nice day to. by ChatBot 00092345/4/04  
Why does my 3 month old Boston Terrier shake constantly? He shakes even when I know hes... by Jenn9/4/03 rec.pets.dogs: Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists
     Sometimes your Boston really is cold when it does not seem cold to you. Too often people... by crazy dog lady 12/1/04  
     Look- i'monly 15, but i have had a lot of experience with animals from working at a vet.... by Nikki15 9/15/05  
how do you convert a three prong plug to a four prong plug. by kevin3/7/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Connect the neutral and ground together of the four prong plug. The other two lines... by sitichon 1/6/2006  
     I have the same question?? Thanks in advance!! by jimbo1234 4/30/2006  
     i pop a breaker when i plug in my stove by sonny 5/7/2006  
what's the japanese for " i love you"? by charlie1/23/04 sci.lang.japan (TT topics) FAQ
     Watashi-wa anata-o aishtemasu. by sheik3/3/04  
     aishteru for short by swizzle4/27/04  
     or Suki desu which is like first love not all really really deeply i love you by Tsuko6/11/04  
     myu-shu-bu-bu by derek 10/15/04  
     itsumo aishtemaru! by xatzhu 11/25/04  
     whats the easiest way of saying i love the most common way? by grievor 4/28/05  
     whats deeply love? by shikage 11/21/05  
     or daiske which means like,i think i spelled it right by shinobu 3/28/2006  
     what about daisuki?? by sirius 8/10/2006  
     Dai suki i'm 100 percent sure of this by Vinny 8/24/2006  
     Suki desu is most commonly used. It's not as common to say I love you in japanese. by Conscience 10/13/2006  
     How do you say I love you Brad in Japanese? Thank you x by Shanou 11/2/2006  
     what are the symbols you use for saying i love you? by Caylah 1/13/2007  
     um i dont really know by Kyra` 1/23/2007  
     Due to japanese culture, they rarely use aishteru. It's usually Daisuke desu by Anonymous 2/18/2007  
     Well, Suki is like so that could just be a friend. Not really love. by TayakoChan 2/26/2007  
     Can someone put up the kanji? by Kaori  3/13/2007  
     check this out http://japanese.about. com/library/weekly/aa021101a.htm by Tesh 4/20/2007  
     anata ga suki desu by kerii chan 4/24/2007  
     lgtyuuuuuuuuu by hvhv 5/1/2007  
     some people actually say "daisuki desu" since daisuki means liking someone (or something)... by tinkillua11 5/26/2007  
Is it better to do cardio before or after weight training? by Jonathan6/4/04 FAQ (part 3)
     cardio should be done after resistance training by richie 10/19/04  
     i don't know by cmoney 3/24/05  
     not sure by missiokie 6/19/05  
     1ZKCu8SOEAyn12 cLoZztOfkVoxo6 2dQeRPfvz8BE2b by DPJ3EAi28o 2/23/2006  
     Glycogen stores are stores of energy that your body uses during weight training and... by Beretta 5/5/2006  
     gfdghfdfg by hjgjh 6/23/2006  
     nah, just owrry about how big u are in the pants, thats what really counts. If you have a... by pennis 7/31/2006  
     well, i picked up from and article I read that you should do weight training before... by zimbabe07 8/22/2006  
     Jog negro, jog!!! by Ish 5/9/2007  
1993 Plymouth Sundance looses power intermittently and slows down with normal acceleration... by bobby7/31/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to your question. Instead I'm joining you. My '92... by P. Kelly9/1/03  
     I have a 93 vette I was having the same problem!I work at a dealership they told me to run... by patti9/13/03  
     Your problem is clogged fuel line or fuel injectors. you get it from running your gas... by red79/27/03  
     This is mainly for P. Kelly, I had the same problem with my 93' Sundance for two years,... by Sue H10/6/03  
     I recently had to replace the tranny in my 94 grand caravan. Every place in town wanted... by trent11/29/03  
     The problem is the cruise control unit, had it fixed on my 93 duster.(sundance).. all... by Actuallyfred12/2/03  
     may be the fuel filter is clogged. by the big tim2/17/04  
     I had the same problem of loss of power or stumbling. It could get really bad on the... by mike3/7/04  
     i do not have a anwer but i like to know cause i have a 88plymouth sundance it runs great... by stello6/6/04  
     It is something with the fuel system. I had this very same problem last year, it came on... by Lori 9/18/04  
     I have the same problem as the last guy. My 91 Plymouth Sundance will just die as though... by Dallas 3/5/05  
     I had the same problem with my 1993 Plymouth Sundance and it occured twice...first time... by Chris 11/21/05  
     Dunno if this site is in use much.... but i just got my 87 sun dance back on the road,... by moe 3/23/2006  
     93 Plymouth Sundance 2.5L SOHC, and I am having the exact same problems. When I hit 55... by Nico 6/19/2006  
     People....the problem here is a simple one. Codes show oxygen sensor, replace it. I had... by Mike 10/7/2006  
     i have the same problem with my 92 ply voyager and my first thought was the tps sensor was... by 95RAM 10/14/2006  
     yes it could just be the o2 sensor or it could have other problems.or it might be a... by big john 11/25/2006  
     Recently I had that problem as well with my 92 plmouth sundance. Going on an incline or... by matthew 12/1/2006  
     men it s clearly a sensor .if you wanna be sure change this and you will see. by leo 12/20/2006  
     master by sterjess 1/18/2007  
     I was having a similar problem with my 93 geo metro, I also have a '92 metro so I have the... by sterjess 1/18/2007  
     My 88 turbo Sundance would intermittently cut out under sudden application of power. (I... by Brad 2/19/2007  
     My 88 turbo Sundance would intermittently cut out under sudden application of power. (I... by Brad 2/19/2007  
     Had same problem with my 93 Sundance. Symptom was hesitation and sometimes stalling when... by 3/22/2007  
     Yes, it can really be the O2 sensor. I have had the same problem on both my '93 Sundance... by Doug 3/29/2007  
     hello i have a Plymouth sundance 1993 and every time i drive it the transmission seems... by kay 6/13/2007  
what is the life expectancy of a beagle by karen4/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Beagles Breed-FAQ
     12-15 years by Dellen513 8/9/04  
     A beagle's life expectancy is 12-15 years. However, it can depend on care. Plenty of... by Tanisha 8/22/04  
     12-15 yrs by ... 1/19/05  
     The people we got our beagle from said the life span is about 12 years by Nancy 4/13/05  
     To be a good pet and companion! by Kacey                           5/19/05  
     Too long. by Beagle Lover 5/24/2006  
I have lost my dog's registration papers,but I found her ID#. How can I get a copy of her... by Charmaine1/28/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Kennel Club FAQ
     E-mail to your registration and ask them what you have to do. When we lost our dogs papers... by Tanisha2/1/04  
     question my male Pomeranian was adopted by me from a woman who purchased him through a... by beagles343/5/04  
     ? I bought my St Saint Bernard from a friend witch has the mother and father but she... by Victoria3/11/04  
     I have a American Pit Bull Terrier but i did not send my registration off,and it been... by Bo6/25/04  
     I was in the process of registering my pit and it got stolen from a Kennel, What do I do ?... by Scoppy7/13/04  
     how can i get some kind of paper to shown what kind of dog i have he has never been... by pudding 11/19/04  
     my pom. the papers on her was in a safe and the safe was stolden how do i get copies of... by coby  russ 12/19/04  
     someone gave me a shih tzu and they are gone,but i believe she is purebreed,how do i find... by nicole 1/6/05  
     I bought this dog from from a friend. The dog i bout from her me is a purebred. (a really... by jess 3/22/05  
     I bought this dog from a friend. The dog I bought from her is a purebred. (a really nice... by jess 3/22/05  
     I have a min pin that we bought about a year ago from the flea market in Savannah,... by cpcmom 3/22/05  
     best friend by Tanya 4/4/05  
     we wanted to bread our shelty but we couldn't find the paper's so we just e-mailed the... by kelsey 4/18/05  
     I have a pure breed pomeranian but I lost the papers and don't remember where I got him... by Emma Jones 7/17/05  
     dont know by scooby239662 7/29/05  
     Look i need to send in the paper to get my dogs real papers,but lost them and i want to... by Chinks 2/12/2006  
     where are his papers by bluto henry bartlett 10/17/2006  
     I have a very beautiful Shetland sheepdog and I have lost his registration papers. I tried... by Chewy 10/23/2006  
     I have a very beautiful Shetland sheepdog and I have lost his registration papers. I tried... by Chewy 10/23/2006  
     I have gotten a dog from my dad which he bought for his ex- wife she is a pure breed... by alicia 12/29/2006  
     My moms boyfriend bought me a dog about 6 years ago from a mall and he never gave us the... by Ashlyn 1/1/2007  
     I have 1 male pit and one female I have had my male for 9 yrs. the thing is I'am tring... by mike burmeister 3/16/2007  
     I have american pit bull dog and the guy told me . That he has papers on but i never got... by sandy 4/17/2007  
     she name is sky she is 1 ywar old by star  5/30/2007  
     ? I have a toy pom who I baught from a vert neglectful women. Anyway she never goyt his... by bettyboop123 6/1/2007  
     nothing freak by pimp 6/5/2007  
     hi i bought a pug about a year ago and moved house and lost the papers for her and the... by brooke 7/9/2007  
I own a BMW with German front license plate. It has a valid CA number. I was ticketed... by Janie12/13/03 FAQ: California Driving (and Surviving)
     "I own a BMW with German front license plate. It has a valid CA number. I was ticketed... by lwpat12/14/03  
     California State law requires that all vehicles Registered in California) display... by Mary4/5/04  
     Does anyone have the wording for the law that states it is required to display a Maryland... by Johnny G 2/17/05  
     I discovered that my front car license plate was stolen when I received a ticket for not... by bestbude 2/20/05  
     Calif. vehicle code: 5200 CVC - When two license plates are issued by the DMV for a... by Kines 10/14/05  
     can i buy germany license plates and register them in calforina and drive around without... by Leif 4/17/2006  
     beast1 by jeeperjim 11/22/2006  
     <a href="http://www.customeuropeanplates. com">european license plates</a> by european license plates 5/21/2007  
how do you get all the characters on super smash bros. melee by Jadman4/27/04 General
     Jigglypuff:Beat Classic or Adventure mode with anyone once or play 50 vs mode matches ... by Kevin 8/27/04  
     ?????? by camouse 1/28/05  
     I like to play with bombs by pee pee pee 7/1/05  
     don't know by blah blah 11/16/05  
     To get Luigi finish the first mushroom kingdom stage with 20 written up on the time. he... by Cool 5/21/2006  
     how do you get mewtwo? by cow 12/22/2006  
     battle with all of the characters to get marth then do the classic with marth to get roy by higal 12/23/2006  
where can i find the lyrics of the Jamie foxx show theme song? by LaShawn7/26/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     I want Jamie Foxx lyrics by J-Shawn4/8/04  
     the lyrics that jamie foxx song on his show at the wedding by fatt boi 8/24/05  
     It the jaime fox show boy whats up son Simple things are all i need for my piggled pig... by foxxylady22 2/15/2006  
     Um U could google it... "the simple things are all i need" by Brooke 1/5/2007  
My period is not due for a few days, and it is too early to take a pregnancy test. I feel... by PrincessJ11/19/03 General Pregnancy FAQ - Part 1 of 2
     I have the same problem. I really wish I could find an Answer. by Tiff 9/19/04  
     maybe. i dont know. if you puke in the morning then yeah. by freak11214 12/13/05  
     I've been having unprotected sex for the last 2 1/2 months,I've already had a ectopic... by redd 1/23/2006  
     I've been having unprotected sex for the last 2 1/2 months,I've already had a ectopic... by redd 1/23/2006  
     honey, i am feeling the same way except my period should be another week or 2 away, can... by pendleton86 7/21/2006  
     HOW COULD I GET MY PERIOD. by JANICE 2/9/2007  
How old do you have to be to legally get tattoos and piercings in Canada? I heard you can... by FlY_huNi12/17/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     16 without consent for peircings, 18 for tattoo's (you have to be an "adult"). but this is... by kait2/5/04  
     Hi, ^ I have heard that you only have to be 16 for piercing yet live in Ontario Canada and... by Virginia5/25/04  
     i think you can what ever age to get pierced only if your with a parent and if your you... by hey5/27/04  
     You can get a piercing on your lower ear at any age with a parent or guardian present. ... by Julie 9/25/04  
     i got my tattoo when i was 15 and i was with my father, they didnt say anythign so yea by uh whatever 12/6/04  
     i think you have to be at least 18 to get one by yourself and 16 with a parent. by Pookie 3/21/05  
     in oshawa u can get pierced at wild ink at 16 w/o parent consent..not in kingston or... by leanne 4/28/05  
     I believe you must be 16 with a parent or guardian by sam 5/24/05  
     hello so lets make this Clear: You have to be (age) to get a tattoo You have to be... by tattoo 7/21/05  
     i wanna no if any one knows of where to get my tongue peirced in ottawa thats clean safe n... by luvin cici 9/20/05  
     What if you're 15 and you want to get a tattoo but you take your sister which is 18 ... by Shae Shae 10/28/05  
     you have to be 18 to get a piercing or a tattoo in minnesota by me!! 11/9/05  
     Artatorture at Queen & Shelbourne in downtown Toronto tattoos people 14 and above. Ask... by lacus 11/11/05  
     im 14 and i live in dundas ontario canada. im thinking about getting a small tattoo im... by frusterated 11/20/05  
     My daughter is almost thirteen and I took her to have her nose pierced and the guy... by Lori 11/20/05  
     You have to be 16 to get a piercing in Canada but I'm not sure how old to get a tattoo. I... by Sally 5/9/2006  
     i think u have to be 16 to get a tattoo because i want one and my mom is like no but am... by keon 8/4/2006  
     um i heard you have to be 18. but i dunno. by gottaluvjessyboo 8/23/2006  
     You have to be 18 years old! by hotcakes 9/26/2006  
     you have to be 16 to get piercings in calgary and 18 to get tattoos unless you have... by angel 11/16/2006  
     You can get a piercing here in alberta at 16 with out your perants consent. But I am not... by danielle 12/12/2006  
     You have to be 16 with a parent and 18 just by your self in Michigan... thats all i know! by Penny 1/11/2007  
     If you are 16 years of age you are able to get a tattoo if you have parental permission... by mitch 1/17/2007  
     my friend got her lip and eyebrow pierced and shes only i'm a little confused by Kenzie<3 6/30/2007  
     I am wondering what education i have to have to become a tattoo artist in Canada I live in... by 7/16/2007  
where can i get insurance for my pitbull dog? by Riksta11/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     I need help in finding a cheaper insurance for my pitbull before he is put to sleep he has... by Josh Commeans3/5/04  
     Fidelity National Insurance Company I have a Pit and took long hours trying to find... by tempernace 12/16/04  
     State Farm declined coverage of my pit bull, but allowed me to keep my homeowners... by Cleopatra Golembiewski 8/31/05 or 1-800-usa-pets by Lisa 11/22/05  
     Nationwide will insure pitbulls that have passed the canine good citizen test. by jgabriels 3/14/2006  
     where con i get pitbull insurance by b 10/23/2006  
     I need insurance for my AmStaf as well. Can any one point me in the right direction? by Gomer 1/5/2007  
     Farmers insurance was willing to give us insurance for a pit bull for $150 a year on top... by Sarah 6/17/2007  
How to connect Bluetooth module to Microcontroller? by Kri2/19/04 Embedded Processor and Microcontroller primer and FAQ
     plz i want to know how could i connect a microcontroller to a bluetooth by neo0027/6/04  
     Go to and look at their modules that made for that with a serial port. by eewizard 9/13/04  
     Our products may help you - by Richard Hoptroff 2/7/05  
     Call the manufacturer, whether it be Microsoft or HP or whatever. I had to and Microsoft... by Jan in Texas 2/11/05  
     check this link: http://www.vs.inf.ethz. ch/publ/papers/iswc2001.pdf by hagendasz 2/21/05  
     I want to know too! by hassler 4/4/05  
     hi kri, I have sucessfully connect Bluetooth module to PIC microcontroller through UART... by ober79 5/16/05  
     i need ti know how to connect Bluetooth module to Microcontroller? by laxs 7/2/05  
     Hey there, interfacing a microcontroller to a bluetooth module isn't as easy as it... by Nikolai 7/14/05  
     I don't know.Please tell me the answer by chand 7/29/05  
     Most of the bluetooth modules that I've come across recently (as of 16 Feb 2006) communica... by kso 2/16/2006  
     Take an OEM-module with serial connection (USART), and use USART at side your MCU by sgmir 5/29/2006  
     i want to know how by hambaky 11/6/2006  
     i don't know by jmj6 12/1/2006  
     i want to know how could i connect a microcontroller to a bluetooth by kotaibaalhariri 12/4/2006  
     vcvdydhgedytdute by fesa 5/16/2007  
how do i teach my pig to use a litter box? also, does cat litter work well? by lilo7/30/03 Guinea Pig FAQ, Version 1.2.2
     i am not sure if cat litter works well, but you can litter box train your guinea pigs. You... by julia6/21/04  
     I haven't done it yet, although I am wondering how I make them go in the litter box.... by Michael 2/16/05  
     what i did is put some of the giunea pig droppings and put some savings with its pee on it... by booboobeebe_11 8/10/05  
     jhjhjhkshahdhdahhs aslhdashdaskuhdelhual awdjsdjdajkhsxajhfeasj sjhsdxajk hxlaudxu;siaiox ... by hayden 2/21/2007  
I was wondering how you tell how old a turtle is? by Ashley3/25/04 rec.pets.herp Frequently Asked Questions (1 of 3)
     to be able to tell how old a turtle is you just count the number of boxes on their shell!... by ncihcroilset6/13/04  
     um ...that's not really true ..... by jiffyjeff6/16/04  
     u count the boxes on the shell. mate thats true!!! by das 8/18/04  
     just count the # of lines on it shell by brandy 8/23/04  
     THEN SAY THE ANSWER!!!!! by blabla 10/31/04  
     I Don't Know If That IS TRUE by Justin 11/1/04  
     Ask it! by Jesusanallover 12/20/04  
     by determining how smooth there shells are thats if there old its from all of the hard... by jenny 4/29/05  
     actually, you count the rings at the bottom of their neck! by tara 6/7/05  
     The spot that you count are not the exact age but it is the idea by dudemansam 6/26/05  
     Yes it is true!!!!!!!! My turtle is 13 and I can tell cause of its shell, I went to the... by Taytaylor 7/7/05  
     that is on tortoises by hghgfd 10/13/05  
     I want to know how to tell how old my turtle is? answer do not count the rings in a box... by rachel 11/14/05  
     no you really find out how old your turtle is by seeing how it take to have sex with u,... by pink panther 12/18/05  
     ya...thats true each one means a month... by rockstar 1/3/2006  
     All turtles with hard shells should have 13 plate lets on their back. pick one plate and... by Tish a Lish 1/3/2006  
     you cn tell by how many boxes are under neath it by baby 1/17/2006  
     you just count how many circles the got on the bottom but just one circle you will ... by gabby 1/26/2006  
     spots on their back by jocie 2/2/2006  
     by the bottom of the shell count, how many boxes there are. by Nancy 4/16/2006  
     how do you tell how old a turtle is by poor  4/26/2006  
     yah right by coolio dude yo 5/1/2006  
     the back of the shell. or by counting the squares on the back. by leo 6/10/2006  
     All the turtles I have seen has 12 boxes by Kdowg 6/22/2006  
     yo mama by yo mama 6/29/2006  
     i wanna know how old is my turtle what can i do by cd88 8/21/2006  
     i say just count the squares on the bottom of the turtle and thats how old it is!!!remembe... by mary ellen 10/2/2006  
     YEAH IT IS.. YOU JUST COUNT ITS BOXES DUHH... by RMFD! 11/23/2006  
     Who knows how to tell how old a deer is by Taylor 12/9/2006  
     Go to they will tell you all about turtles and there the best... by Aaron 1/15/2007  
     How do you tell how old a box turtle is? by kuygfkuf 4/5/2007  
     that is so not true by not true1234567 4/8/2007  
     well my turtle is not 12 yrs old so it's not that true.......... by Nancy 4/11/2007  
     Currently there is not an adequate method of aging sea turtles. The most accepted method,... by Nevinyrral 4/15/2007  
     do you count the tiny boxes to by chelly 4/19/2007  
     I'm not sure by coolsters 5/6/2007  
     is there a sertent temp of water they need? by bri 5/10/2007  
     is it the top shell or under the under shell with the design. by care bear 5/15/2007  
     You can't tell how old a turtle is by counting the boxes on it you retard!!!!!!!!!!!!! by ashley 5/28/2007  
     It might be true by bina 5/30/2007  
     i thank the box s on the shell. by lauryn 6/5/2007  
how can i began to start my own shih-tzu breeding by tootie12/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     I Want To Know Why My Three Year Old Female Is Not Pregnat Yet ? by BrattyBratty5/31/04  
     it could be because she might have to go longer by Joyce 11/21/05  
     Learn all you can about breeding first, then find out if your dogs are healthy, fit the... by LaylaJ 11/23/2006  
     you have to mate her for this to happen! by angelicangel0 2/7/2007  
     how do i know if my dog is praganet by angela 3/8/2007  
What causes weight-loss in cats? by CATLADY7/8/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     Hi My friend's cat kept losing weight ,and having diarrhea, and the vet said it was... by Juliana9/1/03  
     There are a lot of reasons for weight-loss in cats. 1) Feline Leukemia; 2) Feline AIDs; 3)... by Erin 2/5/05  
     Hello my cat also had a hypertyroid and lost alot of weight, she went on tablets for it... by Charlotte 9/29/2006  
     My cat is about 13 years old. I was told today by my mom that my cat weighs 3 pounds but... by Jilli 3/15/2007  
     Unfortunately my cat died. Weight loss was the first sign. I put my baby through teeth... by Deb 4/14/2007  
why does the cat pee every where now when it never used to? by chazs2/22/04 rec.pets.cats: Basic Health Care FAQ
     Cats today have become a lot different then what they used to be. Cats weren't kept in... by Kat Anserz5/2/04  
     it's me against my cat... he pees EVERYWHERE!! i used to rub his nose in the pee, scream... by grl6/30/04  
     Urine marking Spraying AffectedAnimals: Any cat that is at least six months old, the... by ai6/30/04  
     My cat is two years old and she has been peeing on my carpet for who knows how long. She... by tawny 9/15/04  
     I have read your answer on cats urinating but unfortunately it doesn't help me. I have 2... by Kay B. 9/26/04  
     this is to the person whose cat was peeing everywhere but they do not want to neuter the... by kaat1220 12/2/04  
     My almost 10 year old neutered burmese/siamese cat is suddenly peeing in the seat corner... by catowner woes 1/14/05  
     Your cat pees everywhere because it hates you. Incidentally, it's also working on getting... by Random 1/19/05  
     I have a cat and he used to go poo on the floor every day, we would rub his nose in it and... by Fallon 2/1/05  
     my cat is urinating on my couch. he will also urinate on clothing left on the floor. He... by lilkarenfl 2/21/05  
     I have had our cat for over a year and no problems. We got a puppy a month ago and now he... by Monique 4/3/05  
     I too have the same issue with my cat. It's definetely urination. I'm at my wits end. I... by kaganj 4/21/05  
     I don't have an answer, I have a question. Our cat Abby, who we have had for about 2... by Brittani 4/26/05  
     Ok, I understand the cat marking thing but here is my issue. I have a male kitten who IS... by Baby*Crazy 5/6/05  
     hi i pm by mark is da best woz ere 05 tit in  6/23/05  
     My cat stopped peeing on our leather sofa after we scrubbed it down with a strong lysol... by Lori 7/18/05  
     I have also been frustrated with my male cat not only marking but blatantly urinating on... by Hannah 7/26/05  
     I have a 7 month old son and when I took him with me to stay at my parents house for two... by Tam 7/27/05  
     Why does one of my female cats pee on my husbands clothing and how can I get her to STOP!?... by Sue 9/5/05  
     Help!! i have a female cat who is about 8 yrs old she is fixed but she keeps peeing... by marinaluvscats 10/6/05  
     My cat only pee'son the couch. He never did this before however, I moved into a new place... by Jeni 10/8/05  
     give him a litter diaper that'll solve the problem by dr chad 10/23/05  
     My wife has 3 cats and they all seem to be culperates on the pee game. I have found for... by cat be gone 10/30/05  
     I have a total of 3 cats (2 males and 1 female) in a 2 bedroom apartment. The female cat... by Andre 11/1/05  
     This is a well bling website i will recomend it to my cat by Wattsy 11/4/05  
     my cat is about 12 years old. he is fixed and has been for a while, yet he still continues... by Gerry  11/10/05  
     my cat pees everywhere. to stop this from happening i started letting it outside and it... by somebody 12/19/05  
     my male cat is neutered when he was 3 months old ,now he is 1 and 1/2 year old and... by naghme 12/27/05  
     My cat is getting fixed this Friday and we are so mad he is peeing everywhere even on me!!... by Beenie Benson 1/23/2006  
     i dont like to pee by .. 1/27/2006  
     My 12 yr old female cat wets a towel on the floor or will wet on my bed if she is not... by Elvira 2/6/2006  
     yea this really sucks when a cat pees all over and its like ahhhhhhhhhh but then i just... by wah wah 4/10/2006  
     we have the same problem described above except our cat is neutered and her peeing has... by miles 4/17/2006  
     I have three female cats not yet fixed about one years old. They mostly go in the litter... by amy 5/22/2006  
     Yous are all sick sick basterds by Milkshake 6/12/2006  
     my female spayed,outdoor mostly, adopted cat is peeing every where. Any solutions? by ej 7/4/2006  
     i have another question. i read all these and i still cannot get my cat to stop peeing on... by carolyn 7/8/2006  
     639KwycCdV9fgG OsWtZaBdng65W KS0HafHWae by W0o55d2UgZ 7/27/2006  
     Cats today have become a lot different then what they used to be. Cats weren't kept in... by Sharleen 7/31/2006  
     my brother some times misses aim of the toilet and pees on the floor or the bowl so then... by heaven 8/11/2006  
     My cats use to occasionally pee on the sofa. At that time I would change my cat box every... by DB 8/15/2006  
     I have a question - how do I get rid of the smell of cat pee???? by choccy_monster 9/23/2006  
     Okay my cat is neutered, has been for a long time, but will not use litter box, he will... by Prinzess 10/1/2006  
     my cat pooped in the grown up potty today. i am so proud. by belly up 11/10/2006  
     I think you should send him to a cat trainer and get him back if you really love him. by kelly 12/16/2006  
     Hello Everyone.... I want to first start by the litter at petstores called Dr. Elsey's... by Leigh4cat 12/22/2006  
     I found this thread when I was trying find a solution to my beloved cats peeing problem. ... by lee 12/24/2006  
     try searching "cat peeing problem" on a Google search and the first thing that u find is a... by rae 1/8/2007  
     I have a female pedigree persian, she pees in the house at any given opportunity, & she... by hugabug 1/19/2007  
     I'm concerning putting my cat down, his name is Midnight he just started urinating on our... by moe 1/22/2007  
     if you would have neutered him at or before 6 months you would not even had this problem... by cdink 3/7/2007  
     My male Bengal is 5 and started spraying all over the house on doors and furniture a year... by omarsmom 3/9/2007  
     My cat is a 4 year old neutered male that for no apparent reason will pee in random ares... by blackkryptonite 3/14/2007  
     I have a young female cat that is going pee in her litterbox as well as on any clothing... by notyme 3/19/2007  
     First I would check with the vet to make sure their is not a medical situation for the... by notyme 3/20/2007  
     my cat sprays even when he is not in heat or when he is ready to mate . he sprays my... by lisa 3/29/2007  
     There is only one female in the house and the male 1 yr is starting to spray frequently... by Punkey 5/5/2007  
     What do I do about A neutered male that just squats everywhere ? by D 5/27/2007  
     my male cat who is fixed just started peeing everywhere when we got a male dog by pat 6/6/2007  
     My cat is a female and is not fixed, but she pees everywhere! It smells and it's disgustin... by Barney 6/9/2007  
     if my cat don't stop peeing she has to go i have an 9 month old baby and don't need him... by tried of my cat peeing 6/13/2007  
How did the Vietnam War impact on the lives of Australians who served there? by justin8/4/03 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     uknown by prethy 2/11/05  
     it just started okay by lil mcpill 2/23/05  
     it was horrible by bob 6/3/05  
     it made them sad by jacquie putland 9/7/05  
     I want YOU to tell ME the answer!!!! Thats why I'm here in the first place!!! by Me 2/8/2006  
     ummmmmm can u answer the question above plz tnx bibi by my name is li li chikili chikili oe oe somethin he he lol 3/7/2006  
     lol faggot by lawlzor 11/11/2006  
what affects did the vietnam war have on australia by gabi7/20/03 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     they made them thangs explode and the people died but after that they went to sleep and we... by sit and drop3/9/04  
     yall are retards by peterrabbit6/2/04  
     go get a life u cycos by sharky 11/7/05  
     Our Answer is so much better than everyone else who has answered. Because obviously you... by Losers 3/12/2007  
     Some affects that vietam had on Australia are: 1. economic break down 2. Fear with the... by Matt 5/15/2007  
How do I open MIME attachments? by Razzy2/27/04 comp.mail.mime meta-FAQ: Help for MIME problems
     if you got something about a MIME attachment it means that there was supposed to be an... by na3/11/04  
     how do i open my MIMIE??? by luly6/28/04  
     You can use one of the MIME decoders available in i-net (use GOOGLE or another searching... by Daemon 9/8/04  
     how to open mime attached by rinks 11/4/04  
     Just open it with Notepad by ok? 9/15/2006  
Do Dachshunds have a lot of problems with pregnancy? by Alisa3/15/04 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     how long do it take for my dog to get pregnant. she's been mating for 2 days how long... by dee6/7/04  
     (Q.1)are dog is pregnant and so far we have had no problems with her, but all dachshunds... by dachshundlover 10/16/04  
     A female will be in heat for approx. 3 weeks, usually you put the male with her every... by Sandra 12/31/05  
     haha``. i like chicken nuggets.! by youu`re mom. 6/3/2006  
     how do you know when they are pregnant. by rebecca 8/13/2006  
     answer to mating ...... they can stand for a dog for anything from a day to a week, day 12... by beth4d0317 1/8/2007  
We have a yorkie who is 2 years old. We have found it extremely difficult to train him to... by paul greer9/19/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Yorkies are not the easiest dogs to potty train. Crate training usually works. But you... by Miracle Yorkies10/28/03  
     There is now litter box for dogs. You can get the box and the special doggie litter from... by William2/2/04  
     how do you litter train a yorkshire terrier by maria4/30/04  
     how do you litter train a yorkshire terrier by maria4/30/04  
     i have a two year old yorkie that i have only had for 2 weeks,he was fine when we first... by dollycurl 8/24/2006  
     My yorkie pup came paper trained when I got her at 3 months. If the puppy is paper... by Jillybean 12/3/2006  
I am a Ji visa holder, in what kind of circumstance, I can be exempted by the 2 years... by JI holder7/9/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I am a Ji visa holder, in what kind of circumstance, I CAN EXTEND MY J1 VISA by ANDY 9/10/2006  
     If you want to get the J1 visa waiver you need to ask for a No Objection letter from your... by luna 12/15/2006  
how do I know when my dog is ready to breed by jeannie12/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     She can be bred when she goes into heat. To help you decide when to breed her I'll give... by Tanisha1/15/04  
     you should breed your dog when she is about 9 months old. but how will you know when she... by poochie2/26/04  
     i dont know dawg by doglova3/13/04  
     Jeannie, you should wait until your dog is 1 1/2 to 2 years old so that her body can fully... by MIKE4/29/04  
     my dog does not get real swelled only one time did she she gets a little bigger but... by two-d5/26/04  
     she can still be bread it will just take some time by Nana6/7/04  
     well,all dogs are diffrent and your dog just dosent get as big. I don`t think thiers... by pebbles7/10/04  
     My female german shepherd just had her heat about 4 weeks ago. I also have a male german... by ALlCity 8/21/04  
     MY dog is about a year and 1/2 ad she is in heat and my other dog pockets is attracted to... by Chris 8/22/04  
     my dog is in heat and it is her first time and mine to I was wandering she is pretty... by rose 8/24/04  
     I have a 3 yr old Shih-Tzu who has been in heat about 1 1/2 weeks. She is still bleeding.... by mimi 12/17/04  
     Umm... I got a Rot Whiler (hope I spelled that right) and I have no clue about her... by AngelG 1/20/05  
     Toro is my boy chihuahua, our friends brought over their female dog who started heat 4... by Stella 2/9/05  
     I have an 1 1/2 year old Rottweiler mix female dog, i would like her to breed with my 8... by K-9 3/20/05  
     I think that it is 12 months by kim 4/21/05  
     You see when she starts breathing deep. by Andrea 7/11/05  
     ;lihkjlkjlhjghd[jhlj;jghjbdjhjhjhjkhjhhsj hkjhkjghkjhjhsjkhjkhjkfhjkfgjkjgkkjghfkhg jkhsgjkd... by angel 9/28/05  
     My dog has been in heat for about 8 days now she still has not breed the male is all over... by joanie 10/18/05  
     There is not a need to breed dogs today....If you really care about the animals then you... by liz 10/23/05  
     My Pom had a litter two months ago, We were wondering if she has to be in heat to get... by Twinzz 11/21/05  
     What week when the dogs in heat do you breed her? by katie 12/28/05  
     firstly i dnt noe n secondly dont make ur dawg a slut ok n thirdly take care of your dawg by cwazii one 2/2/2006  
     when is the best time to breed a dog in heat to get the results you want? by tkskinner 3/4/2006  
     I have two miniture pinchers and I would like to know when would be a good time to breed... by mompincher 3/8/2006  
     Your dog SHOULD NOT be bred until she is 2. She should only be bred if she is an asset to... by Bella Clan 4/4/2006  
     you can go to the vet and have a progesterone test done. this will tell you when she is... by Beth  5/1/2006  
     hello, i'mgoing to bred my long haired chihuahua and she has just come into season ,she is... by tequila 5/17/2006  
     my cocker has been bleeding from her vulva is she in heat or is she already pregnant?... by animal lover 7/5/2006  
     hi!!! i read all of the articles they were all grate thank you for all your help my dog... by kero 7/5/2006  
     i've never breed before and i want to know how...can you tell me by home dog 7/11/2006  
     I have a mini dachshund. This is her second time in heat. One week ago I notice a little... by Heather 7/17/2006  
     My dog is in heat, she has like 3 or 4 days left. I tryed breeding her with a toy... by x_Sally_x 8/1/2006  
     its all good in the neighborhood by Mdocs 8/12/2006  
     how long does it take for a dog to breed after it gives birth?????? by brosco 8/30/2006  
     i have a female mutt but is mostly chawawa and i have her with a male chawawa right now... by zoey 9/10/2006  
     my dog has been in heat about a 1 1/2 weeks. she should be about ready to breed right? by person 9/11/2006  
     my dog is on heat know shes on her 8th day when will she stand by catrina 9/23/2006  
     Once your female has come in heat how many days into the heat should you wait before you... by Dee  1/9/2007  
     I have a Puppy thats about 5 months old. About how much more time should i wait for her to... by Shelly 1/15/2007  
     can u breed your dog when she has her first cycle (heat)????? and if u did will it hurt... by numba 1 dog luva 2/24/2007  
     Individuals who do not understand correct grammar, are not prepared to undertake the... by common sence 3/25/2007  
     Do you what till she's done bleeding to breed?how many days after? thanks by sam 3/26/2007  
     what days do i breed my dog by renae 3/27/2007  
     do you think my 6 year old dog will survive the stress from birth? by ashley.a 5/3/2007  
     It is best to wait until you dog goes through at least 1-2 heats before you breed her. If... by Mego 5/9/2007  
     no it not good 2 do that no what when 2 or1 so it no die by Bri~bri 6/18/2007  
     Is it true that you can not breed your dog untilL the dog stops bleeding if not when is it... by flower 7/8/2007  
     when is a dog ready to be breed? after or before the bleeding? Thank you for reading... by flower 7/8/2007  
where can i find pictures of bodyart like tatoos by bobby12/19/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     ruben by ruben4/9/04 by LatinaNeNa4/11/04  
     tattoo finder . com by CHIZLPIC6/13/04  
     my asshole by shroomie 1/10/05  
     Not rated yet by Cathy 1/24/05  
Is is safe to give dogs asprin by Jue5/26/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     my dog limps after extemsive play time,can I give her aspirin, if so, what type? by kathleen klipp 9/3/04  
     I gave my dog an asprin and she got such an upset stomach that she pooped all over the... by Joanna 10/21/04  
     Is is safe to give dogs asprin that is what i came here to find out ! by huxley 4/7/05  
     dafbfdab by adf 10/2/05  
     It can be hard for the liver to filter. by Bee Bop 2/6/2006  
     NOOOOOOOOO dont do that it can make them very sick as far as i know. read the label i... by Boxer Luver 12/9/2006  
is there any truth to chihuahuas helping humans with asthma? by niki8/6/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     I have two beautiful chihuahuas. One has dew claws and other doesn't, why? by leoj6@msn.com8/9/03  
     1) No, there's really no substance to that rumor. The problem with asthma and allergies... by chimama8/11/03  
     Asthma has a very strong psychological weight on its causes. As pets can help psychologic... by Sugaar10/5/03  
     I have had asthma all of my life and am very allergic to many animals. Until I became a... by Tracie1/1/04  
     I have pubic hair. by yoyo6/30/04  
     I grew up with a sister who had astma and my mom got a chihuahua which help alot. before... by Carol 2/28/05  
     I was 9 years old and was having asthma attacks at the drop of a hat. My parents bought... by Margaret 5/28/05  
     your retarded yoyo by trixie 6/12/05  
     My husband has allgeries real bad and we have 5 chihuahua'sand a litter on the way that is... by Kimberley Jones 2/8/2006  
     I adopted a chihuahua puppy three years ago, and was curious whether she might help my... by Isobel 2/18/2006  
     Do Chihuahuas really help peaple with their asthma? by mlg 2/27/2006  
     I have had a chi for about a month and I already see a difference in my wife's asthma. I... by guitarstring 3/9/2006  
     i don't by koko 4/11/2006  
     My sis-in-law breeds chihuuhuas and sells them as "asthma dogs." Her daughter was... by momofthree 10/24/2006  
     shave your pubic hair and glue it to your nose... by nutlick 2/8/2007  
what is subband coding its use in signal processing of audio signal working principle... by ananth10/23/03 MPEG-FAQ: multimedia compression [0/9]
     fgdaaf by vajra_007 9/25/04  
     It's a coding algorithm used to decomposed signal. by sbm 9/12/05  
     In digital signal transmission ,the analog is converted into a digital signal and after... by Deepu 9/25/05  
     Subband coder divide the signal into multiple subbands. Every subband contains a spectral... by arun 2/28/2006  
     ffsfassfsd dsfsdfds f dfgdfgd gdgsdf by pramod 5/3/2006  
     SBC depends on a phenomenon of the human hearing system called masking. when a lot of... by Sri 11/30/2006  
     Introduction Sub-Band Coding (SBC) is a powerful and general method of encoding audio... by prakash 12/1/2006  
I got married and changed my name, can I change my name on my social security card online?... by Andrea4/29/04 Social Security Number FAQ
     You can't get the name changed on line as Social Security needs to see original documents... by lucky ducky6/18/04  
     i have credit card but no full information can u give me the full information with free of... by kolawole 4/23/05  
     Form required is at this URL: 5fs.pdf Make sure... by loveistheanswer 6/11/05  
     Shoot.. we hand out Social Security cards to illeagals.. why the hell wouldnt you be able... by President Kerry 9/24/05  
     You sound lazy.. just go in person.. gosh you are going be a very lazy wife.. I feel sorry... by perro 10/27/2006  
     It's not a certified copy of your marriage license, it's a certified copy of your marriage... by ari 3/4/2007  
My dog keeps licking his rear end for extended periods of time. There does not appear to... by Lori10/11/03 General
     take your dog to the vet; there is a medical condition (for dogs) in which the anal glands... by John10/16/03  
     John is absolutely right. But also if your dog is a female, when she is on her period(heat... by Animal-Lover5/15/04  
     You should take your dog to the vet. If you have just noticed this recently, your dog may... by Hotharley 6/14/04  
     you should stick your penis in there to see what the prolem is. if it feels good then... by Escalade 1/13/05  
     My dog is so gassy. She is 10 but has never had this problem before and she is also very... by SummerNiko 12/24/05  
     my dog walks like she is dizzy and when she stands she looks weak. what could be her... by bj 2/7/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006  
     maybe it does have worms. you should take it to the vet. my puppy does the same thing and... by anonymis 12/18/2006  
     And then people let dogs like their face and lick the ice cream cone they are eating. Now... by Harley 2/10/2007  
     I am having the same problem w/my weimeranar that is 2 years old. He licks his anus at... by dana 3/17/2007  
what is best to treat human flea bites by mr fun8/11/03 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     what is good for fleas bites by bruno10/11/03  
     Tea tree oil by Cajun healer11/1/03  
     Baking soda paste. Mix baking soda with water so its in a pasty like substance rub on to... by Kishy4/28/04  
     Vinegar...rub with a cotton swab by Janet5/20/04  
     Lemon peels boiled in water and applied when cooled is a flea repellant. by Max6/2/04  
     After my shower I take cotton soaked in alcohol and rub on them. Then I spray them with... by Lorraine Swanger6/23/04  
     I've got what i think are flea bites but have no idea where i got them, i don't have any... by missy 8/7/04  
     This is the only thing that works for me. place a washcloth that's been soaked with... by Alice 8/16/04  
     take 1 cup corn startch 1 half cup of water and about 1 half cup of salt and mix over a... by lindseyy 9/16/04  
     When does flea bites go away? by Francesca Deluke 9/21/04  
     Bite it back by frqurt 10/18/04  
     how do i find where the fleas are coming from if say my bed matress whats the best... by jonathan b 11/25/04  
     Cow dung Hey it at least gets your mind off the itch by True True 4/12/05  
     I use ICY HOT on the bites and it takes away the itching. by MC 4/20/05  
     dawn dish washing liquid kills fleas. You can wash in it and your pets too it is not... by abby 4/25/05  
     benadryl for you calamine lotion for your bites on the skin by maria 5/17/05  
     if other methods aren't available, rubbing an ice cube over the bites may help relieve... by siapet 7/15/05  
     Take a poo and then rub it all over yourself by lasdjfasdjklf 7/16/05  
     smoke lots of marijuana (INCLUDING HASH) and the flea bites go away with time.... by breeze 7/21/05  
     when i get ready to bath i would put some salt and bleach in the water to stop the itching... by keke4blue 7/23/05  
     also a healthy diet of food with garlic in them will help repel fleas and mosquitoes by... by Sandbeast 7/26/05  
     how du u no if there rele flea bites cuz i think we got em but were not sure by b&s 7/27/05  
     07/28/2005 12:35 AM Comment: I do not own a pet however my home is envaded with... by scratchier 7/28/05  
     Apply some alcohol to the area and then apply Calamine Lotion by Jenee 8/1/05  
     i rub calimine lotion on them to stop the itch by janett 8/2/05  
     put flea collars around your ankles. it works as a flea repellent by Dr. Martiny 8/2/05  
     Take a cotton swob get one end wet and put salt on the watered part. Then rub on affeced... by Dee Alderson 8/25/05  
     I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO? There are so many answers which is best! THEY KEEP ITCHING!!!... by Dagget 9/5/05  
     I would like to know also my daughter is getting ate up!!! by bosshogg 9/12/05  
     Hot water! Let water run until hot. Quickly, put bite under hot water. Don't burn... by Dorie 9/19/05  
     Best thing is to scratch them. by Xena 10/5/05  
     Poop on them by poop mcgee 10/23/05  
     Clear nail polish applied over bite(s) stops itch. by Lynda 1/25/2006  
     They have several forms of Benadryl now and the creams work great for instant relief. If... by Jacque 4/17/2006  
     ammonia by Lynn 5/10/2006  
     Something called Hydrocortizone creme is amazing by mark 5/16/2006  
     Life Clear Anti-Itch works well... but if not on hand, freezing the area with an ice cube... by Rachael 6/6/2006  
     i take a shower with tea-tree oil on me. it works great i never get bitten by fleas after... by brook 7/10/2006  
     first take a bath in baking soda then soak for about 15 minutes or so. after your bath... by kay 8/22/2006  
     Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder relieves the itch almost immediately. Gold Bond also has a... by Lem 9/5/2006  
     Wash gently, then cover with Caladryl lotion. by Robert Jones 9/5/2006  
     try blowing you load and rubbing it on the affected area! it works like mad good!! by steve-o 11/13/2006  
     i think the best thing is tea tree oil with water obviously mixed all together for hair.... by amy 11/23/2006  
     I looked all over the internet for at least a week and could not find any valuable info on... by sfagent07 12/29/2006  
     i found vinegar is the best releif but whats the best way to kill fleas by kat 2/24/2007  
     The vinegar solution is AWFUL my daughter was crying she was in so much pain from it by momof3 6/22/2007  
Who invented Dr. Pepper? by Rock11/11/03 FAQ v. 3.40 (1/2)
     George Washington by jen3/4/04  
     i was askin you by 2 stupid 2 know4/15/04  
     I do not know by wiggle5/12/04  
     yall are gay buttface chixenheads by natalie5/12/04  
     Charles Aderton in 1885 by Carper 10/26/04  
     Charles Alderton invented Dr Pepper and im not kidding this time. Dr Pepper is in fact... by BreesterBomb1 11/16/04  
     i tn=hink it is charles astern by Stena 12/6/04  
     Charles Alderton by Amerivan 1/6/05  
     I don't know who do you think i am? "Dublin" by Josh 4-ever 2/3/05  
     dr. peppy of course hes my dad by tidizo 4/4/05  
     u r gay people by blah 4/4/05  
     Chris s by bob 4/6/05  
     Charles Alderton by Taylor 4/27/05  
     you are stupid people. i actually found this on google and need the answer...... by -d- 7/30/05  
     gary busey by cheese 8/22/05  
     dingbat johnson by CLay bung 9/29/05  
     it was invented by marilyn manson by miranda 10/18/05  
     I think it might have been some guy that had the last name Pepper or something. by Lil Tipp 11/10/05  
     what up by britt 11/16/05  
     Charles Alderton by Brittney the smart one 12/31/05  
     Dr Pepper was invented by a pharmacist named Charles Alderton in Waco,Tx in 1885 by Sarah 1/11/2006  
     the cola person by bob the builder 1/18/2006  
     Charles Alderton is the answer. by horse freak 3/1/2006  
     a scientist in 1843 by Emma  3/18/2006  
     Charles Alderton invented Dr pepper!! by Britlyxx 10/1/2006  
     it was charles aderton!!!! by jessica zavaleta 10/23/2006  
     charles alderton invented dr pepper people by baby 12/12/2006  
     I don't know his last name,but his first name is...John!!~!! by vicky 2/23/2007  
     Charles alderton did!!!! hahahhha i am smart you fools!!! =) by emma  3/2/2007  
     i dnt freakin kno i was totally askin u... wtf? lol. but ya who did n when? by rhi 3/29/2007  
     whoa u can do this at school? whoa. by peanut 4/11/2007  
     Charles Alderton by sistersix 4/20/2007  
     charles alderton you loser by stuffy 5/10/2007  
i want to practice wicca so bad but i need someone to guide me through the steps needed to... by twin2/7/04 General
     hey! i know a little about wicca cuz alot of my friends are wiccan, if you have any... by bella~ 9/12/04  
     If you ever need any assistance email me at by Wiccan Laken 3/26/05  
     At first find out as much as you can about wicca from books,internet etc. I know alot... by WiccaGirl 1/22/2006  
     You don't need to find a coven. You don't need a guide. There is a book "A Guide for the... by jenn 2/1/2006  
     you need your fairy god mother and her magic wand i also advise you to leave those... by winona 1/27/2007  
How to plot graphs in java? I need to plot network traffic against time. Are there any... by bhargavi3/4/04 Java Network Programming FAQ
     Who is really me? by tcnyandeni7/7/04  
     Ask your brother by nkji 1/9/05  
     You belong to the Squak and all the squak's helpers. the squak can create cyclones and... by Santa Claus 2/12/05  
     I know we all ask questions, but surley the altimate question should be... what am I doin'... by tb 9/19/05  
     Hi you can use third party jars to do that one. 1) JGraphs. 2) YFiles. search on... by Nazeer Hussain 11/7/05  
     u r ur own person dont let any1 tell u wat 2 do by crazygurl 12/21/05  
     Yes, there is API for Java - jpcap at http://netresearch.ics.uci. edu/kfujii/jpcap/doc/ind... by Micke 8/20/2006  
     riyadi** by WhoCares 4/16/2007  
     well if your having troubles talking to him just walk up to him and be your self!! ask him... by answer person 4/19/2007  
     well if your having troubles talking to him just walk up to him and be your self!! ask him... by answer person 4/19/2007  
what is java.lang.nullpointerexception? and why does it keep popping up when i try to play... by julie10/14/03 Java Programmers FAQ
     Because of your mom!!! by romper 1/14/05  
     erte ertert by joe 5/6/05  
     Work is work. by Coloradowishing 11/7/05  
     i have the same problem but no answer by jo 4/13/2006  
What is the price range for a Boston Terrier? Does the price differ if the dog is not... by April7/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Boston Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Hi April, I am not a breeder and cannot claim to be knowledgeable on many aspects of... by J. Dudash7/22/03  
     well, april i have to say i am from a small town in texas and have feel madly in love with... by Z.Garza9/17/03  
     hi i used to raise boston terriers i sold mine for 300 there great dogs very loving pets... by petey742000@yahoo.com9/26/03  
     Hi April, I have a Boston and his name is Willie. He just turned 7 last week. I got him... by Pablo 9/28/03  
     Hi April I have a 8 month old Boston,and paid $350 for it . I would not take a... by Darlene10/8/03  
     I just bought a female BT in July. She was $600 from a breeder in FL. Her website is... by Alana 10/12/03  
     I am on my forth Boston, my first one I had for 17 years, the second was a rescue do ( the... by Pat1/10/04  
     i have a two year old boston terrier and i payed $250. He is AKC registered and one of the... by Ryan1/25/04  
     hi i got mine from a friend who has been breeding for more than ten years my dog is a... by steve2/3/04  
     Hello April, My family has been raising Boston Terriers since 1948 the best... by Angel2/7/04  
     YES!! we do have expensive puppies but we do give full written guarantees and they are... by Blue Skyz2/12/04  
     I am from Southern Indiana and was wondering if someone could tell me about any AKC... by Jackie3/12/04  
     I am on my second Boston Terrier and I paid $500 for the female and 450 for the male (12... by Misskris3/20/04  
     I am looking for am puppy male or female. I want one for my daughter. She bought one on... by lizvann3/21/04  
     Hi! My husband and I are looking for a boston terrier puppy to join our family. We live in... by randisavage 3/29/04  
     Can anyone help me find a responsible breeder in the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area. I have... by claud9 4/8/04  
     My female Boston cost $1200 from the breeder someone mentioned earlier on Long Island. My... by BTfor me 4/11/04  
     I have 2 male Boston Terriers now. I have had Bostons for 13years now. And love them so... by Nicki 4/25/04  
     My Boston passed away quite some time ago and I would really like to have another one but... by Barbara 6/5/04  
     i really want a baby boston terrior for around $300.00-350.00 email me @princessjh21@hotma... by Jenn6/27/04  
     I knew nothing about BT's but went to my local animal shelter in VA to adopt a pet. They... by Grandmaof47/2/04  
     I have three male CKC Boston Terrier puppies. They have perfect markings and are very... by Paige7/4/04  
     I have three Boston Terriers. they are great dogs, very loyal and affectionate. i've grown... by richard 11/4/04  
     I am interested in purchasing a boston terrier. However due to money constraints my wife... by marc edwards 11/15/04  
     I have two adorable male purebred Boston Pups, mom and dad on site. I am asking $500 each.... by Tina 11/19/04  
     PS.. If anyone is interested in the two male Boston pups I have ready 12/20 my email is... by Tina 11/19/04  
     I am in Wyoming and have a liter of 7 Boston Terrior puppies. They were born on 11-2-04. ... by Cody Branscom 12/10/04  
     I have four male CKC Boston Terrier puppies. They have perfect markings with brindle and... by JARROD HINCKLEY 12/29/04  
     I have a male BT that I purchased for $475. I was originally set to purchase one for $850... by k bean 1/6/05  
     we are looking for a boston pup. We are located in Punta Gorda Florida. That is S.W.... by bamboosmom 1/14/05  
     Hi I raise Boston terriers and their are the greatest dog ever. I have sold 4 litters and... by Sandy 1/26/05  
     I am looking for a female boston to breed with my male. I am looking to purchase one. I... by 3/16/05  
     The Boston Terriers are the most perfect dog as a family dog. I bought a pure bred BT for... by LI'L  MAN  657438 4/21/05  
     I think Bt's are a really good breed. Their lovable and are really cute. I saw a Boston... by Beth 4/23/05  
     I think Bt'sare a really good breed. Their lovable and are really cute. I saw a Boston... by Beth 4/23/05  
     Iam really interested in a male boston terrier. Iam having a hard time finding a breeder.I... by Nicole  4/24/05  
     Hi. I am looking for a breeder of boston terriers in new jersey.. please email me if you... by Cal 5/1/05  
     i have a Bostons terrier that i purchased for 1,500$ her name is baby and she is a... by boston lover 6/13/05  
     we're getting our pup for $250, no papers, from a friends mother who breeds them. she... by ceridwen 7/24/05  
     I have 3 AKC male Boston Terrier pups that I would love to see go to a good home. I have... by red 8/5/05  
     Hi, I bought my puppy in April of 2005 for $600. The breeder was ok but his kids were a... by Lily 8/31/05  
     What's wrong with you people??? There's plenty of good bostons available from your boston... by Kathi 9/7/05  
     I got my Boston free but he was 4 and no one wanted him. The guy i got him from sold all... by Monkey 10/19/05  
     hi i just recently bought a little male boston for 437 dollars. he is adorable and just... by amber 11/17/05  
     I have 6 pups for sale 3 males and 3 females, do I sell females for more or the same... by terrires in Dexter 12/11/05  
     Seeking a female in Philadelphia, Pa so looking for folks that are in area. Can... by Leti 1/1/2006  
     Hi, I breed Boston's and have now for about 4 years, they are the best breed I could ask... by Overcash 1/3/2006  
     I live in Orlando, Florida and am looking for a male boston terrier puppy. I have been... by Andrea 1/25/2006  
     Im looking for a boston terrier. I see that there are so many different kinds Im not sure... by dyamond 3/10/2006  
     I have a boston terrior that 3 years old and is spoiled rotton. I got him given to me as... by tammy lucas 3/27/2006  
     I recently got a Boston Terrier. by sal 5/2/2006  
     we have a male &female unrelated boston terrier for sale 400.00 for female 400.00 for male... by rich 5/6/2006  
     I would like to purchase a Boston for a good deal. I live in Pennsylvania. If you are... by Zack 5/20/2006  
     One of the price problems for BT's now relates to the recent national TV ads using BT's.... by Bob 6/27/2006  
     i just love boston terrier!!!! by cook 7/30/2006  
     I just purchased a 5yr. old from the paper. She has the best temperment, and when I went... by smoran 8/21/2006  
     I have a Boston terrior and some what saved her from the family that had origannaly bought... by 8/31/2006  
     hi-we are seeking a family dog and love the bt breed. can anyone tell me a little more... by marie 9/3/2006  
     I just Purchased a Boston terrier from Moondoggies a pet store in orange, he is so... by Griz 9/8/2006  
     I have a Boston Terrier that I adopted from a Boston Terrier Rescue. I paid an adoption... by Erika 11/16/2006  
     hi, i would love to have a boston terrier for about $300.. by cook 12/5/2006  
     I have a Boston Terrier whom is Mya-Mae. She is my first one to own. I love her so much.... by Susan-Texas  12/14/2006  
     I live with my boyfriend, Dan, and he bought a Boston Terrier 6 months ago. Dan grew up... by Stacey 1/4/2007  
     I have two puppies for sale. I have a female for $550.00 and a male for $500.00. They will... by 4/8/2007  
     we just got a boston terrier we wanted a small dog and i saw this one she was a ckc female... by rachel 5/25/2007  
     Hi my name is michelle & my boyfriend and i are looking to purchase a boston terrier & i... by MiCHELLE 5/29/2007  
     i can give anyone 1 for free because i breed them. by johnny 6/17/2007  
what is a open neutral? by woodman522003@yahoo.com1/12/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     An open neutral simply means that neutral, or common wire is not connected somewhere. If... by MidSage3/4/04  
     I will differ with your terminology. The outlets in room are generally connected in... by jjsgranpa5/6/04  
     Why would you bother to post something if you have no idea what you are talking about,... by Stavier 8/24/04  
     Recepticles are wired in parrallel the tab you break to make it split circuit enables the... by Get a clue 6/14/05  
     Parallel if the line and load conductors are joined (hot to hot, "neutral" to "neutral")wi... by 2bits 6/27/2007  
     Parallel if the line and load conductors are joined (hot to hot, "neutral" to "neutral")wi... by 2bits 6/27/2007  
     Ahh, but you can wire receptacles in series and parallel. If you have an open neutral in... by Ewaro 7/13/2007  
can the tendency of suicide be passed from parent to child i mean is it heredity? by just wondering7/21/03 Suicide - Frequently Asked Questions
     i just wonder if suicide is hereditary there has been so many in my family 2 uncles... by lorraine8/4/03  
     I think yes. It can be passed down like many other family traits. Out of a survey that I... by Laura11/18/03  
     I do not think it is heredity, but I think if you saw your brother or sister commit... by crazy daisy12/11/03  
     Suicided goes against every instinct we as mammals have! what sets humans apart from most... by Amalius 1/12/04  
     No, I don't think that having suicidal tendencies is influenced by the genes. A person... by genthro2/10/04  
     I know for a fact that it is passed down. Do you ever wonder why you want to commit... by Tanisha2/11/04  
     I don't think that suicide is passed down. But I believe that depression is. by bob4/2/04  
     I do not think is heredity,cause at the age of 14 you're accountable for all of your... by jasmine patterson5/4/04  
     i knew someone whose dad and many uncles commited suicide, and the boy is suicidal... by sara5/10/04  
     I know of two boys (one ended up my cousin) any both were given up for adoption. Each... by believe 9/19/04  
     no no and no by Alyssa coomer 12/13/04  
     I think that you all just need to calm down being that you don't really know that... by Alyssa coomer  1/5/05  
     a tendency towards suicide seems like a meme. i suspect it's not hereditary by melinoe 2/8/05  
     The debate of "nature versus nurture" will probably never be solved, and I don't think it... by peacefan 9/13/05  
     Depression is the thing that is passed down from parent to child and suicide is something... by Nikki 11/4/05  
     yes, suicide is genetic. In the neurobiology of suicide there isnt enough emotional... by antoinette 1/26/2006  
     I think this question was asked in the wrong format. I think it should'vebeen asked "Can... by Summer 2/22/2006  
     My Father committed suicide less than a year ago, heredity... I don't know, depression..... by Christelle 3/6/2006  
     I think this can happen because if your child sees you die they might think they don't... by Ariel Brown 3/22/2006  
     I think suicide is heretitary be cause all but a few people on my dads side has including... by Roxxy 5/15/2006  
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     Yes suicides run in the family, if the person was close to the person that knew the person... by Shortay 7/10/2006  
     I asked a friend who is a paychiatrist. He asked me, "Haven't you heard that suicide is... by janeej 7/13/2006  
     i think it is the influence of another's actions my cousin had committed suicide and i... by oh, me 8/6/2006  
     i dont think its hereditary. it depends on the person's way of thinking... those persons... by dayle 8/22/2006  
     Like most physical, intellectual and emotional traits, there may be a basis in genetics... by Donna 10/18/2006  
     i think that suicide is pasted down my generation because my mom attempeded it and my dad... by angel 2/14/2007  
     I strongly believe it to RUN in the family!!! By that I mean it is NOT like a disease of... by Cindy 3/29/2007  
     No. Because suicide is not a trait but a mental thought that is arised when the victim has... by amanda 4/8/2007  
     I am sorry to those who think that suicide it hereditary. But many studies have shown that... by angie 4/19/2007  
     I think that the genes for depression and mental illness are absolutely passed through the... by Tammy Brogan 7/14/2007  
     i believe that it is.. my father killed himself.. and i attempted a few times as a... by grant 7/19/2007  
what is the function of a watch dog timer? by nachi10/9/03 hardware.* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/5
     Watch dog timer is a robust timer. It is independent with existence the whole system. If... by hungvt11/18/03  
     watch dog timer is a benefit reset for your system.when it is hanging or cant be able to... by mohsen kowkabi2/7/04  
     if the watchdog isn`t enable. whats up? by laxel4/17/04  
     if watch dog timer is not exiting ,our system will be remain the name ,it... by rakesh kumar giri 11/18/04  
     Software stability is a major issue on any platform. Anyone who uses software has probably... by zap 4/25/05  
     it is a timer which resets the machine with the specified time in the routine. Initially... by ramya 5/4/05  
     vmvmbmnv by prash 5/10/05  
     watchdog timer is used to stop system to do malfunctioning.In embedded system it is better... by jam 8/10/05  
     Main feature is to ensure that software runs smoothly and system does not get hang. The... by prank 10/20/05  
     if the watchdog isn`t enable. whats up? >>if you overclock your system , then... by Kurt 1/3/2006  
     Software stability is a major issue on any platform. Anyone who uses software has probably... by Ari Narayanan 1/20/2006  
     A watchdog timer (WDT) is a device or electronic card that performs a specific operation... by ganesh.v.r 5/18/2006  
     A watchdog timer (WDT) is a device or electronic card that performs a specific operation... by MANOJKUMAR T 12/19/2006  
     It is a timer loaded with the value as required for the application .if the system is... by Shobana.S 1/24/2007  
     Most Embedded system have no resetting the processor. To facilitate the processor... by Jeyaseelan 2/12/2007  
     Watch dog timer is a robust timer. It is independent with existence the whole system. If... by seenu 4/24/2007  
     watch dog timer, by the words alone, it already gives you an idea of what its definition. ... by juan bibo 6/20/2007  
what does skeet mean by g3/4/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     its jizz by ricky james3/9/04  
     skeet isnt jizz its when a girl has a orgasm skeet so much they call up in the ocean durr by lp 675/8/04  
     Skeet is when a guy nuts everywhere. by Your_name_here5/8/04  
     hahaha... it's when you eat somthing really yummy!.... after these guys would eat somthing... by ahahaha5/10/04  
     skeet really means sex....i had a hard time wit that to until i looked it up by tank6/4/04  
     I taught my baby sister how to skeet! She loves to coo and skeet all over ya'll'sace!!! by Ilovmommynude 10/1/04  
     OK Another 1 off these Q & A thingy's....IDOUTZ>>> SKEETING IS TO SNIFF... by Sk337 12/1/04  
     wtf ? lil jon says skeet skeet skeet what he mean some 1 email me iight china13loca@yahoo.... by la china 12/20/04  
     Skeet is the sounds a penis makes when it ejaculates by Skeeter 12/22/04  
     it means to blow a load common its not to tough to figure out by MMF 12/22/04  
     skeet skeet means to ejaculate over and over again ahh skeet skeet originated from lil jon... by george 1/10/05  
     yo, its "Skeet so much they call her Billy Ocean" not call up in the ocean by bucks21 1/10/05  
     beatin ur meat by sickvick 1/14/05  
     skeet is when a chick has a huge orgasum by cody 2/2/05  
     skeet is a nickname for pete by ty 2/6/05  
     it means when a guy/girl nuts/cums/orgasmed whatever you want to call it. by Michelle 2/9/05  
     Skeet is simply nuttin by Sir Cronizzle 2/14/05  
     wetweg by dkdgs 3/19/05  
     Skeet is sex by Skeet Peet 3/24/05  
     skeet is just when a man has an orgasm, and ejaculates. . .simple and plain. i am from... by the one 3/31/05  
     uhhh like it says skeet is wen a guys busts a nut all over the place. ex. im gonna skeet... by tiedgery 4/5/05  
     it means pun tang juice. Duh by The Skeet Doctor 5/3/05  
     Say skeet skeet skeet, into something that can play things backwards than play it... by the motha f**ken 305 6/9/05  
     skeet (skt) n. A form of trapshooting in which clay targets are thrown from traps to... by Notme 7/12/05  
     "skeet so much, they call him Billy Ocean"...indeed, skeet means to bust a nut, jizz,... by jaclyn1818 8/8/05  
     Skeet means jizz!....but i don't know what Lil Jon would want to be called jizz?...humm... by Chicken Head 8/12/05  
     Damn yall gotta pic wun ansa and stop giving ppl a million so witch one is it ? by Dyme 9/10/05  
     it means to do the big "It". by peep 12/20/05  
     Skeet means, when i bust in your grill BIATCH by Joey G ( The G stands for GANGSTA!) 2/14/2006  
     it means to cum/have sex. by Me =] 2/17/2006  
     Skeet is male cum, sperm.... im 13 and i know more than u, lol by weed head 6/7/2006  
     it means your mom by snoppdogcousin 12/15/2006  
     a bleusdhh gig forhuh menna by mnn 3/12/2007  
     it means to cum i am a cum guzzler i love my man's cum in my mouth i swallow by ashley 3/30/2007  
     it means cum by beantownskank13 6/10/2007  
Are German Shepperds good family dogs? by Katie1/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     If they grow up as pups with the kids they should be fine. However they will be protective... by Tanisha1/31/04  
     Shepperds are great family dogs. And I agree with Tanisha in that it is best if they grow... by Johnny4/5/04  
     German Sheperds are the best dog ever. They make good guard dogs, watch dogs, show dogs,... by Alex5/20/04  
     German Shepherds are a great family breed. I have a white shepherd and I had a black and... by Jim5/22/04  
     We just adopted a beautiful German Sheppard and I connected and bonded with her within the... by Chantale6/11/04  
     yes they are protective,my dad had a german shepperd and a little dog came a startted to... by hayley sweet6/14/04  
     I grew up with Shepherds and shepherd mixes.. they were always wonderful dogs as well as... by UB7/9/04  
     The answers isn't going to come in a yes or a no. To generalize all German sheperd dogs as... by Genuine55 8/5/04  
     mutly is a black mut hes just a pupey but verery hiper. by chewy 8/10/04  
     I have a German Shepherd and agree with everyone else about their great disposition.These... by GS 8/14/04  
     i own two german sheperds a son and father they are both very protective of our home... by lk 9/21/04  
     I agree with the others, if a German Shepherd is trained and cared for correctly then... by Polina 9/25/04  
     Sheppards are beautiful dogs. We recently adopted a Black and she is a very gentle, loving... by Coopy68 9/26/04  
     I think that German shepherds are a great dog, but they are very hard to train. I suggest... by fred 10/1/04  
     Yes German shepards are the best family dogs you could require for children, I have a... by chantal 10/3/04  
     If your puppy is allowed to be part of your family and grow and bond with each member he... by Tex's Mom  10/29/04  
     ronnie by ronnie 11/1/04  
     I'd like to say that German Sheppards are a great breed. I had a German Sheppard when I... by BM 11/8/04  
     wtf by yur mother 12/18/04  
     that stinks why don't you just look it up on the Internet? by dude 1/18/05  
     I have seen and been around alot of Germen Sheperds but I have never had one. Although I... by K.M.S 1/20/05  
     My father grew up with german sheperds and now my family has had two. The first dog i had... by Elyse 2/6/05  
     Im buying a germen sheperd this summer and i need to know which is better, females ro... by crosey 2/18/05  
     The first dog I ever got is a German Sheperd and I am still amazed with her she is 5 yrs... by Kris 2/19/05  
     i got brought up with german shepperds and they are rearly good guard dogs i agree with... by dee 3/1/05  
     Ihave hade a german shepard but we had to give her away that was sad.BUT thay are REALLY... by herburt 5/2/05  
     Ihave hade a german shepard but we had to give her away that was sad.BUT thay are REALLY... by herburt 5/2/05  
     My dog, Roxey, was a German Shepperd/ black lab mix. She was a good, well trained,... by Jax 5/17/05  
     well i need a good family dog..non shedding..does any one know of any? by confused 5/21/05  
     we have a GSD & he is great, he will be 7 years this month. we didnt have children till 3... by candice 6/3/05  
     I had been aroud shep's for the last 47 years, rread doge, would tust them more than a lot... by stew 6/4/05  
     Yes because they are really easy to train and don't flustered easy! by Aleisha Bailey 6/5/05  
     I think Shepperds would be a pretty good family dog but, will be very protective. I... by Megan 7/11/05  
     I have a three year old G.S. and also have an 8month old son. Allison ( The dog) is... by Kristin 7/23/05  
     my grandma has a german sheperd that's seven weeks old, will they ever atack you if they... by caitlin 9/4/05  
     I agree with all that is been said about the qualities of the bread. As people, all dogs... by Tango 9/5/05  
     Yes, they are good dogs. I had a mixed and he was a very good dog he never bit any of our... by Shane 9/19/05  
     German Sheperds are a wonder to own. Very matured and understanding. Sometimes will try to... by Shailendra 9/27/05  
     I have had my shepperd for 2 years and she is my best friend. they are great protectors.... by sugarnspicelb 10/22/05  
     i have three German Sheperd they are the greastest dogs EVER!!! He is one of my fav. dogs... by rodeoer 10/28/05  
     I think that german sheperds are great family dogs If you exersize them onece a week then... by anna gajian 11/1/05  
     well i think german shepherds are wonderful dogs i had mine for bout 10 years and she is... by stephanie kolschowsky 11/1/05  
     i have a German shepherd named baron and he is so sweet he has never shown aggression. by ari 11/6/05  
     well my opinion is that german sheperds are the best dogs ever imean they are used for... by Mr.pit 11/22/05  
     They are wonderful pets. I got a Female German Sheperd a month ago and she is very gentle... by Frosty/chook 12/3/05  
     Oh my gosh I love my German sheperd he is one really smart animal and does so many things... by Sara  12/7/05  
     i have a germen sheperd that i got from a familey that never bothered with her she was 14... by brackenboy98 12/8/05  
     I have grown up with dogs all my life. As a child my parents bred Dalmatians. And through... by Michelle 12/12/05  
     Last year I adopted a one year old female. As soon as I brought her home she was a... by kim m 12/14/05  
     YES!!!! very good family dogs, loving and gentle, but may dig alittle , but you will... by Leela 12/27/05  
     German Shepperds are the best dog any family can have. I had one for 13 years and when he... by fstilts 1/4/2006  
     German Shepards are probably the most loyal and loving... I had a white German Shepard... by Stephanie 1/10/2006  
     wich dog has the gratest dog that can obay your camands by bernice 1/26/2006  
     i want to get a german shepard i have a 7 year old and a 15 month old ,is it a good idea? by rocky 1/27/2006  
     German Shepherds are a great family pet. They are protective but with training they can... by Megan  2/1/2006  
     our german Shepperd cassie was the most gentle dog ever not an once of aggression in her,... by flid 2/1/2006  
     I adopted a GS pup and he is 4 months old. I have a 6 year old boy and a two year old... by kim 2/1/2006  
     I agree with all of the above.It is true if they grow up as pups with kids they will turn... by unknown 2/13/2006  
     DOGS ARE MY LIFE by JAZZ 3/16/2006  
     I have a Red Sable German Shepperd that digs at herself all of the time. Is there... by dln 4/2/2006  
     yes German shepherds are VERY good family dogs i have 3 of them and they are all very... by Danielle  4/8/2006  
     i have had 3 German Shepperd's and all of them have had loving temperaments but u have 2... by caroline 4/16/2006  
     German Sheperds are the best dog in the world. I have 3 nieces and 1 nephew. My dog has... by Tornado 5/10/2006  
     I messed up on what I said earlier. I meant, that to day is a sad day for me because, I... by Tornado 5/10/2006  
     german sheperds SUCK!!! PITBULLS RULE!! by ceasar 5/14/2006  
     When I was a little girl my uncle had a shepherd and my family was never scared when I was... by Bocker 5/25/2006  
     The german Shepperd may be a good family dog but trust me they can be aggressive. That is... by Dana 6/5/2006  
     I think german sheperds are great pets i have 2 and there very funny my male dogs likes to... by german sheperd lover 6/8/2006  
     i own a sheppard from a pup he is not quite a year old but so far he has been really... by north man 6/11/2006  
     yo my german shepherd be da bomb. Me and him get it crunk where we stay. I swear the... by Wang 6/11/2006  
     I agree with Ub.I have 2 Shepperds as my own.I trained them,to be well manered with others... by Erika Negrete 6/25/2006  
     I love German Shepherds! 4 years ago when I was a teenager, someone broke in our house. At... by JL 7/1/2006  
     gelikac,.agdddddddddddddddddddhasJL< by roo 7/2/2006  
     I have a german shepered. and his name is rebel.I love him so much and he is such a good... by ash 7/28/2006  
     I agree that Germans are very good dogs that is if they are not babied. I have a now four... by Jessica 8/2/2006  
     yes German shepherds are great protective companions i would of died because of a wild... by lindsey 8/11/2006  
     My shepherd does not seem to gain weight. Everyone remarks how skinny he is. We feed him... by Katherine 8/14/2006  
     germen shepherds are good dogs. I have a white Shepherd's of my own. It is a girl dog her... by Kristy snow 8/16/2006  
     My first sheppard lived for 16 years.He was the best dog Ive ever had,very freindly to... by tone 8/24/2006  
     I own two Sheppards. They are very well behaved dogs. They are good at letting me know... by sheppardgirl 8/25/2006  
     german shepards are the best kind of dogs. they will make a perfect family dog by ellie 9/1/2006  
     German Shepherds are great loyal dogs and can be a wonderful addition to your family if... by Candi 9/14/2006  
     german sheperds are great dogs i have 4 of them we grew up with them and u get really... by ribal 9/18/2006  
     Hell yeah. German Sheperds are the best dogs ever. everyone i know thinks they are very... by Pippi 9/25/2006  
     Will a Newferland make a good family dog? by John Bull 9/26/2006  
     Yes, they are good dogs even if they don't grow up with the owner. i bought mine from the... by cody-ray 9/26/2006  
     we adopted "scoobie" now oobi, from the dogs home a skinny mangy mad barking headcase. i... by sarah 9/30/2006  
     Annie Belle will be 10 monthd ols tomarrow.Although she drives our 2 year old Golden crazy... by Bbob 10/7/2006  
     i have a 2 year old German Sheppard named Prince Maxamilion Van Houz.Wonderfull and loving... by nikki 10/10/2006  
     German Shepperd's are the best dogs,I have one of my own.They are obedient,very loyal and... by trish 10/11/2006  
     They are great dogs. I grew up with my German Sheperd and she was always gentle with us.... by tiny girl 10/21/2006  
     They are great dogs. I grew up with my German Shepherd and she was always gentle with us.... by tiny girl 10/21/2006  
     We have a female german shepherds, we got her when she was 8 weeks old, she is now 2 yrs... by Sophie 10/28/2006  
     they are great with family but you need to train i have 5 germanshperds they are amazing... by barry polyansky 11/23/2006  
     I think german sheperds are great dogs too I have one and he is very protective over me... by aro365 12/11/2006  
     There great family dogs and are loyal.The are great guard dogs but its a most to train... by bobby 12/23/2006  
     german sheperds are great family dogs, they are also great working dogs because of their... by brendy m  1/4/2007  
     My GSD is very timid, how can I toughen him up? by toto 1/19/2007  
     Yes, German Shepherds make a great family dog. I had won that was German Sherpherd and... by Geo 1/24/2007  
     Yes, they're loyal and very protectve. But they are awosome to be around and play with.... by Geo 1/25/2007  
     Yes, German shepherds are fabulous dogs!! I have four of them and one 35lb mix breed and... by Melissa 1/25/2007  
     sFFHGCFDFGNDYNH by maggie hong 2/6/2007  
     i think that they are great dogs! but the females tend to be shy!! they love the male who... by aubrie 2/7/2007  
     I have had nothing but German Shepards for over 35 years. They are the greatest. Loyal,... by Steve 2/9/2007  
     All dogs can be a good family dog. But all dogs have problems you most watch. My family... by Gunther  2/22/2007  
     we live in ontario and we saved the life of a 5 month old white german sheppard as far as... by cj 2/23/2007  
     i love germen shepperds i had my 1st 1 as a pup. it walks without a lead. stays close to... by SKINZ 2/25/2007  
     I think that they would be great house dogs as long as they are kept clean and they don't... by Ashlee .J. 3/9/2007  
     dddddddddddddddddddddddddd by dddddddddd 3/14/2007  
     hi all,, we have just added a new little addition to our household a 7 week old german... by karen 4/16/2007  
     yes i have a question for all german shepherd owners. i just got i think he is 8 year old... by nolan 4/20/2007  
     They are the best family dogs! they just have to be treated nicely and they will be fine. by RMTS 4/22/2007  
     German sheppards are marvelous dogs, very clever and retain the trained information well.... by PETER MOSSING 4/24/2007  
     I agree even though I don't have a German Sheperd i play with my nieghbors. He listens... by Harrison 4/24/2007  
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I am a citazen marrying an illegal mexican, what is there to be done for him to acquire a... by Carla6/28/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I would like to know the answer to this too. My situation is slightly different, however.... by KARICIAS11/29/03  
     If they are illegal then they need to go back to where ever the heck they came from! by sue3/3/04  
     There's no penalties for getting married but you should not have sex even when you are... by fool3/5/04  
     I would like to know how you can get married to an illegal Mexican because me and my... by gina3/9/04  
     I would go to a j.p. and see what he says. If this does nothing for you, go to a Las... by mark3/25/04  
     I'm sure I speak for millions of American's and legal immigrants, we are tired of doing... by FED UP4/17/04  
     my husband and I got married,he has no papers at all.they dont care if your a citizen or... by christina4/17/04  
     I've been married to an illegal mexican immigrant for 3 years now. He is the best husband... by FED UP W/Americans Opinions6/21/04  
     My boyfriend is MEXICAN and to all you Americans (yes, I'm American) who say these people... by Kelly6/26/04  
     well to get your husband what my people call it papeles (papers) you should check this... by mario 8/9/04  
     Thank you to all who defend illegal immigrants....who the hell are we to say who can and... by Lisa 8/11/04  
     My fiance is mexican. He is the greatest guy ive ever met. Hes hard working, respectful... by Christina 8/20/04  
     why am i punished because i love my MEXICAN husband? by rara emerterio 8/27/04  
     This is addressed to those 'Americans' that don't want Mexicans here (particularly FED... by Disappointed American 9/2/04  
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     I am engaged to my illegal boyfriend and feel these laws are messed up!! If the Mexican... by Yvonne 9/24/04  
     I am astounded at the obvious and outlandish, horrible prejudice statements made here. I... by JJ 9/26/04  
     I have been married to my husband for 3 years now. I have filed a petition for him to... by Love my mexican 10/9/04  
     i feel what was said by Kelly. i look at it this way if they really wanted the jobs they... by AJ 10/16/04  
     This note goes out to all you WHITE SNOBBY Americans. You guys think that just because... by Carmen Garciaxoxo 10/18/04  
     This note goes out to all you WHITE SNOBBY Americans. You guys think that just because... by Carmen  10/18/04  
     I am an american born citizen. It is truly disgusting and unimaginably ignorant how so... by Jazz 11/8/04  
     I have been with my illegal Mexican husband for over 6 years. We have no children... by Mrs. Gonzalez 11/16/04  
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     My situation is slightly different. I am a Canadian who wants to marry a US citizen. We've... by melah.ny 12/14/04  
     Awesome kelly, I wish all of those people never have to go through the system like we... by Leon (Mexican) & Anna (American)  1/5/05  
     All I have to say is that i'm proud to be in love with an illegal hispanic. There are so... by IGNORANT PEOPLE 1/5/05  
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     ok i am american. I live with an illegal mexican. Hes the best thing that has ever come... by cant believe u people 3/24/05  
     My lord, and none of these responses take into account the literally hundreds of thousands... by Mae Angeles 4/4/05  
     If we had a President with any balls, you illegals would be back where you belong! What... by jake 5/4/05  
     My husband is hispanic and illegal. I dont know what I would do if they took him away. We... by Shellbell 5/12/05  
     Laws are laws good people or not we need to follow laws. In America if you break a law you... by Jeana 5/30/05  
     those illegal Mexican immigrant are willing to come ant clean restrooms unlike some... by kayla 6/26/05  
     i would like to know the answer for this situation also by manuel 6/28/05  
     I find it shocking that there are so many heartless people in this world. How can people... by Sara M. Kennedy 7/11/05  
     my boyfriend is Mexican he was deported last year i was pregnant and had his son 8 months... by worried1234 8/1/05  
     I'm a mexican american and i am 17 years old and my boyfriend is 21.He is also mexican and... by Aurora 9/15/05  
     I wish everyone was not so negative about the Hispanic population growing, they are almost... by jessica 9/16/05  
     I am dating a Mexican guy who is here legally. Honestly, I really do not see what the big... by Marian 10/27/05  
     good one kelly i'malso sick of those selfish assholes by Jesse 11/3/05  
     For everyone that says the illegal mexicans are destorying this country look at it this... by Heather 11/14/05  
     Trying to get around the law to suite your situation, is not the answer. Laws help and... by Gordon 11/19/05  
     I'm too a american with a hispanic for two years.i do not understand what everyones... by kraissa 12/1/05  
     To get married to an illegal in the U.S. you will need to have $50 and get you marriage... by Cheleah 12/14/05  
     Hey, I'm in love with a Mexican man, he is 200 times more intelligent, nicer, and cuter... by La Sirena 12/22/05  
     I am married to an illegal alien. You can get married in any state that does not require a... by Choo1 12/23/05  
     hey man, im a 19 yr old white girl that fell in love with a 30 yr old mexican over the... by michele 12/29/05  
     I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years and he just recently went back to... by bsmartt81 1/7/2006  
     1. Hispanics take the jobs Americans don't want. 2. To everyone who wants to kick... by hecho en los ustados unidos 1/11/2006  
     You people are no help at all. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and plan to... by Sicily 1/19/2006  
     Well, I don't think there is much hope for getting a green card for your illegal Mexican... by Gordita 1/23/2006  
     i think that last one was really great its the truth my boyfriend is mexicono and i love... by aleisha 2/1/2006  
     Well i havent fallen in "love" with a illegal mexican but i believe that the government... by MexaRican 2/8/2006  
     Well i havent fallen in "love" with a illegal mexican but i believe that the government... by MexaRican 2/8/2006  
     I think that all of us Americans need to back off of these Mexicans i am married to a... by ASHLEY 2/20/2006  
     i work with mexicans all the time they are great people they work great people have to... by pokey  2/22/2006  
     To FED UP, my husband is illegal and let me tell you he probably makes more in one week... by ANGELA 2/27/2006  
     you people are sick and nasty and should stick with your own kind ........... by jimmy 3/10/2006  
     I am with an illegal immigrant. We have two children, and are getting married in May. It... by Ashley 3/20/2006  
     For all of you, your significant other crossed into this country illegally, he/she knew... by Baka 3/29/2006  
     For those who married ILLEGALS what part of that word do YOU not understand? Oh hes so... by To_the Dum_Arze_bleedinghearts 4/5/2006  
     i would like to know the answer to this question also i have been looking and lookin and i... by 4/21/2006  
     As you can see we all are going backwards becoming more racist, like to black people,... by Someone who thinks and feels 5/7/2006  
     Well just to let you lazy americans know i am with a mexican who is illegal and out of... by KK R. 5/15/2006  
     Corporations are outsourcing the jobs you claim to be to taken from legal immigrants to... by dm 5/17/2006  
     American citizen girls who fall in love and want to marry illegal aliens should be sent to... by Joe 5/18/2006  
     I once was one of those people that believed that the Mexicans were stealing our jobs but... by victoria 6/7/2006  
     I have been involved with a Hispanic male from Mexico for 3 years. He works not one but 3... by Heather 6/28/2006  
     ya assholes....unless you're 100% native american i guarantee someone SOMEONE in your... by ayo ayo 6/28/2006  
     quiero coger putas gringas by oscar 7/12/2006  
     I'm married to an illegal Mexican also and from what we could find out you will have to... by susie 8/21/2006  
     Me (American) and my Fiance (Mexican) have been together for 2 years now and we have a... by I love my Illegal! 8/21/2006  
     i love my mexican and you are damn right get off your high horse cause only the native... by mexican lover 8/30/2006  
     I LOVE ARLETH IN JESUS NAME! by Drew 8/30/2006  
     This isn't an answer, but true. If we are not an American Indian, we are born of... by rebakah 9/2/2006  
     I am from canada and plan to marry a mexican. Anybody know the process on this? send me... by darla 9/19/2006  
     How do they obtain a green card or social security card? by bjgatorgranny 10/5/2006  
     i am going to marry a immigrant and i am expecting his baby and i am tired of all the... by Becka 10/9/2006  
     I just have a comment, to all you ignorant people saying that illegals are taking jobs... by Queen 10/12/2006  
     i am in love with one to. I don't know what to do! I want get married but I don't know... by sara 10/13/2006  
     its true there is alot of lazy americans and they should not talk bad about no one all... by samantha 10/17/2006  
     well Ive been married going on 1 year been with my husband for 7 yrs.And yes Im from the... by Brenda 10/23/2006  
     To all the Americans that think all illegal Mexicans should go back to Mexico...I am... by Sheila 10/24/2006  
     Well as far as Illegal Immigrants... I am a USA born citizen, 100% Mexican. I have found... by Brenda 10/30/2006  
     I'm marriead to an Illegal and we have a child together. we did apply for the I-130 and... by SARAHM 11/1/2006  
     i would like to now the answer to that question as well i have been with my husbind now... by Tanisha 11/5/2006  
     Right on Kelly and "fed up w/american opinions"! And I would like to add that illegal... by Jess523 12/3/2006  
     I have been with my Mexican husband for almost two years. To all those who say they need... by Amanda 12/8/2006  
     I am married to a korean. we have a child. I don't think he wants to be married. I want... by jean/stacy 12/15/2006  
     Here is some thing you all don't seem to think about. 5 months ago I was hit by a... by Mike 12/30/2006  
     do what you gotta do no-one can stop how you feel. im married to an illegal mexican and im... by melmac 1/4/2007  
     My Mexican fiance and I have been together for two years and we are getting married in... by PeaceLovingFreedomFighter 2/19/2007  
     Never speak ill of a man that has Mexicans. by sn102 3/1/2007  
     I am so sick of the greedy needy illegal chicks coming to the US, marrying our nice guys,... by illegals who take advantage 3/3/2007  
     i want to marry my loved one but not sure i can hes an illegal by traci 3/18/2007  
     First of all i am with a guy who was born in mexico but came legally to the u.s at the age... by Emily 3/26/2007  
     I am dating a mexican guy who is illegal and i think if you dont like them (mexicans) then... by maranda 3/28/2007  
     Excuse me for the people that are so ignorant to say such stupid things like they still... by linz 4/17/2007  
     I have to agree with Kelly. I too am married to an illegal Mexican, and I am also white.... by rckpnk469 4/27/2007  
     I am an American going to marry a Mexican. I Love him he loves me and my kids. He is the... by Rebecca  4/30/2007  
     Hi FED UP and people like you... My great- grandparents came here from Eastern Europe. ... by maddie 5/1/2007  
     Thats all very nice that y'all are specking your minds, but nobody has really answer the... by angelina 5/3/2007  
     my ex boyfriend got married and was in a bad car wreck his fault and he did not get... by michelle 5/5/2007  
     To the man and woman that wants to get marred Just gave me a call my name is Karen I think... by Karen Millikan 5/5/2007  
     you can get married to a mexican here in south carolina in the little city called camdon... by april 5/18/2007  
     Why do people come on these newsgroups if they aren't going to offer something productive?... by boz 5/19/2007  
     To the lady about the illegal mexicans bringing down our economy. My fiance is illegal, we... by sassy 6/15/2007  
     To all you girls out there with hispanic husbands, I got ur back. I have been with my... by cRiSTiaN's GiRL 7/6/2007  
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     go to and sign up, then type in the url of the page you want. by Emma4/14/04  
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     hit start, go to control panel, hit security center,then go to windows firewall, and... by szorc 12/17/05  
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     Look I know that this site has enough of people complaining about their problems, however... by pearljam 1/4/2006  
     Hey i have a dumb firewall and i can't burn music or play games either, can someone help... by Tracie 1/4/2006  
     i want to try downloading porn but my firewall won't let me get on to my downloading... by super_man 1/5/2006  
     i need helpgetting rid of this fire wall crap! someone please please help!no it's sad but... by rodwell 1/25/2006  
     pfft its easy guys all you have to do is go on internet options on control pannel, then... by Justino Montana 2/24/2006  
     I dunno how 2 get rid of firewall! I's driving me nuts! I cant log onto msn or put music... by groovy_chick 2/25/2006  
     WTH I can't frikkin sign on MSN cause of this idiot fag firewall. this is slowly killing... by TreeZA 2/25/2006  
     how do i get rid of this firewall by beercase24 3/21/2006  
     i need to get rid of my firewall now please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do i get rid of... by tallis 3/27/2006  
     See here, you can go on to google and type in httpbridge and then sign in as guest,... by Billy Boy 78 4/6/2006  
     my msn has been blocked by a firewall for what seems about 100 years so ive given up and... by beeanio 4/14/2006  
     the firewall is getting me annoyed how do you get rid of it by alicia 4/17/2006  
     DAMN YOU FIREWALL!!!!!! it's stopping me from downloading music from my limewire....HOW DO... by Morgan 4/22/2006  
     Alright guys first thing FIREWALLS ARE GOOD! they protect you! by Joe 4/22/2006  
     I can not get on ma MSN nd i've been trying 4 ages! But does any1 actually have the... by FlowJoe 4/24/2006  
     HAHA SUCKERS! by GFCANADA 5/2/2006  
     i want to get rid of my firewall so i can listen to limewire by littleman 5/7/2006  
     Uh.. I really need some help on this dang thang! I have no darn clue on what i am doing!!... by ..ashley>> 5/12/2006  
     argh.. i no! i have same problem. so bloddy confusing and it sucks! by kimmi 5/14/2006  
     ports 6981-6900 ain't work.i already allow the ports 6981-6900 but i still cant open my... by w2n 5/15/2006  
     i cant get rid of this damn firewall..... i need 2 know how 2 get rid of it because my... by lilcoog 5/18/2006  
     How the hell do i get rid of this stupid firewall? It is getting on my nerves everytime i... by Tara 5/19/2006  
     hi i dont know if its fire wall because when i try to get on msn messenger it wont let me... by !twinny! 5/30/2006  
     i have a firewall on my msn and i can not go on it so i need to get rid of my firewall so... by alice 6/14/2006  
     I have had problems with Northon's firewall since I installed the renewal. When I called... by Margo 6/20/2006  
     yeah i have a bunch of programs for antispiware or whatever and went in to every one of... by ryan 6/30/2006  
     Shut the hellz up by Gdaad 7/11/2006  
     hey folk sorry ave tryed so many times to get it off !!! but canny :s grrrr by lauren...x 7/17/2006  
     can u get rid off my fire wall because it want let me sign into msn plz plz plz by pauljo06 7/27/2006  
     yo man i cant play rune scape becaue of the dam fire wall plz get the dan fire wall out... by spom king1 8/3/2006  
     hey can u plz help me i havent been able to get on msn since about 2 and a half months ago... by princess playboy .!!xx 9/1/2006  
     How the hell do I get rid of a firewall on my computer cuz its messing with my Ipod. by Nikki 9/1/2006  
     I'm in college and I was wondering if I could get rid of the firewall. by Jazz 9/5/2006  
     Has anyone got any answers ever on here, all I read about is problems. So suppose will try... by noanswersonhere 9/24/2006  
     first go to "my computer" and then go to "my network places" which is on the left. then... by Aakash!@#$% 10/2/2006  
     my msn wont come on because of dis firewall by nikkie` 10/10/2006  
     How do you get rid of fire wall and how do i find out the tcp for napster and limewire? by Tennis924 10/21/2006  
     How do you get rid of fire wall and how do i find out the tcp for napster and limewire? by Tennis924 10/21/2006  
     You DONT want to get rid of your firewall, or youll be open to hackers/crackers, viruses... by b3n 10/29/2006  
     how do i get rid of this firewall so i can go on msn.i need to get on msn.please help... by lottie 11/25/2006  
     <b><i>omg!my msn isnt working! i dont know y:S it just keeps saying wrong... by Jayne! 11/26/2006  
     how do i git rid of a firewall im trying to git to world of war craft the 10 day trial and... by mat puckett 11/27/2006  
     i hate peoplee my parents wan't leet go on AIM so i downloaded it and now it says like ... by Darla 12/1/2006  
     school websites blocked how do i get past?? xxxxxxxxxxxx by thta kid aimee =] 12/5/2006  
     how da hell do u get rid of dem coz its stopping me from downloading movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by dale 12/17/2006  
     i cant get on to msn because of firewall and i'vejust got a webcam and i'mreally annoyed... by megz 12/30/2006  
     I need to get rid of a firewall but it's not the windows firewall because I've looked... by Tinks848 1/1/2007  
     i cant download on lime wire wats with that by hip hop is dead  1/4/2007  
     start, control panel, security settings, firewall - turn off. stupid people. by Wazza 1/17/2007  
     i cant accept things on windows messenger by kyle 1/27/2007  
     first thing why get rid of a firewall thats the one thing stoping u from having comp... by quby 2/1/2007  
     How can I get rid of my firewalls...they won't let me on Myspace just stopped... by noneyabeeznaz 2/5/2007  
     FIRE WALL! FIRE WALL! FIRE WALL! FIRE WALL!Is that all peaple care about? "oOoOoOo i'm... by apoctalyptica 2/19/2007  
     You will need your firewall unless of course you fancy sharing your information with the... by pav 2/25/2007  
     im wondering... where can we get to a port or something and then where to we put those... by meme 3/1/2007  
     What is the port numbers for the gaming Ports? i need so i can host games on Warcraft... by YOUR MOM 3/7/2007  
     If you're using someone else's Internet, i.e. your school, work or whatever, you may be... by computerguy 3/25/2007  
     How do you get rid of fire wall cause it wont let me do frostwire or limewire by Kay_kay 3/31/2007  
     I am having the same problem! for a month now!! i cant figure it out. i have done... by kay 4/6/2007  
     argh omg same i cant get on 2 any thing plezz plez plez help every thing is blocked... by ariana 4/30/2007  
     fo to and it will take you to a page then type in the url and it will... by big wil 5/3/2007  
     y cant anyone answer the firewall question i hate them i cant play checkers someone answer... by princesssara 5/5/2007  
     I love to download music and burn, but firewall is preventing me from doing it. Please... by Dana 6/9/2007  
     i want to get on msn but i cant and its really makeing me made by Slater 6/24/2007  
What happens to older dogs after recieving radiation treatments every day for 3 weeeks? Do... by Lional 1/24/04 General
     Dogs LOVE radiation. To see if your dog likes it, put your dog in the kitchen microwave. ... by Shelby 1/28/05  
     It all depends on the dog and how healthy he/she is at the time. We just finised radiation... by barb 2/26/05  
     I forgot to add one more thing. The only problem we have with frank after his radiation... by barb 2/26/05  
     It depends what the treatment is for, and what severity. Generally the treatments will... by Dormarth 3/5/05  
     Why on earth would one wonder something so horrible?? by tokebrat 4/15/05  
     Pincher dogs have a rare vulnerability to radiation, resulting in massive prolonged... by Jay 6/27/05  
     no, the age is a major factor and could cause some bad mutations. but if you want to end... by faggot 9/11/05  
     You might want to add the herb thisilyn to his diet. Thisilyn cleanses the liver. One of... by Mum 10/31/05  
     please send the tutorial of win runner,load runner and test director by sanjaykumar 11/30/05  
     Radiation affects young, rapidly dividing cells the most. In almost all situations a... by Josh 12/1/05  
     Depends what the radiation treatment is for and the severity of the condition. All... by thinkiknoweverything 11/16/2006  
     i did that for my dog and something went rong and it died (i wudnt try it) by me! 1/17/2007  
     THey die because of drinking too much semen! you jew jap dumass!!!! fag by Justin Galusha 3/16/2007  
     we have a 10 year old black lab, rottie mix. she has had 3 mast cells in 2 years. The... by momsmissy 5/7/2007  
Why are soldiers called GI's by Mr. Ajax10/20/03 Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
     i would imagine it stands for 'general infantry', but i'm not in the military, so it's... by trosenbl11/18/03  
     G.I. = Government Issue by dan12/22/03  
     It means "good imitation." Back in WWI, General Hammond was considered the ideal soldier.... by cheesecrunchies1/3/04  
     Dan has the answer covered. GI stands for Government Issue. This reverts back to... by Wordsmith1/18/04  
     It means General of infintry by Kyle Hooker2/27/04  
     GI or GI's An enlisted person in or a veteran of any of the U.S. armed forces, especially... by Stu Smith5/5/04  
     Great question. I am helping my granddaughter research this very question for school. This... by nonieskin 9/10/04  
     That's correct GI stands for Govt. Issue by Macha 9/30/04  
     it means galvanized iron by exoteris 12/3/04  
     G.I. stands Government Issue. by Mr. Showtime 3/22/05  
     The most plausible answer when speaking of a soldier is, of course, "general infantry",... by pierre l'éclair 5/8/05  
     government issue by marine 11/26/05  
     G.I. stands for "German Invaders". It refers to the German Invasion of the second World... by PIemel 2/22/2006  
     I'm confused, which one is correct? by Ms. Morris 5/22/2006  
     umm your all wrong GI's stands for 'general issues' because of the uniform they wear and... by dave 5/30/2006  
     GI stands for Gay Immigrants by baby H 6/28/2006  
     it means general issue too you losers by um im me who are you? 8/10/2006  
     Gay Idol by GI 8/17/2006  
     GI stands for Garanteed Idiot the GI is used to kill, torture ... other people in other... by maher 8/19/2006  
     G.I = General Infantry; refer to play - 'Minefields and Miniskirts' i did it for my I.P in... by rosie 8/22/2006  
     government Issue by GI Joe 9/24/2006  
     ???????????????????? by SKY DOG 9/28/2006  
     G.I. 1936 (adj.), Amer.Eng., apparently an abbreviation of Government Issue, applied to... by Grokker 10/16/2006  
     It means "Ground Infantry", by haus 11/1/2006  
     i think it stands for government issue since everything that involves the army belongs to... by william 11/28/2006  
     "This reverts back to military law which says that all military personnel, like the bunks... by DIZZLE 12/7/2006  
     It does stand for Goverment Issue, i take a college history course at Yale, and we have... by TurtleFart8 1/9/2007  
     What does GI stand for?? by kota 1/10/2007  
     GI is short for Government Issue. However, these are all common interpretations or... by Rob 1/24/2007  
     is not it a shortcut for Bush's policies in Iraq which stands for : Goals Irrelevant Or... by jack-the-GI 2/1/2007  
     government issue Everything in the armed forces were belongings to the goverment by billy 2/9/2007  
     G.I. = Governement Issue. Used as a jokes amongst soldiers, because they had an owner.... by Will 2/19/2007  
     The term is often thought to be an initialism of "Government Issue" but the origin of the... by Truth 2/27/2007  
     G.I. stands for Issues Issues by Slug 3/9/2007  
     government issue was the gi's by peacock 3/16/2007  
     GI stands for Government Issue(GI). by yo 4/18/2007  
     Government issue by Ace 4/30/2007  
     GI stands for gas igniters. When they fart they ligt it with a lighter (gas igniter) thats... by BOO 5/8/2007  
     dan has got the rite answer by ron 5/24/2007  
     GI=Government Issue. by Johnnie 5/28/2007  
I have tried several products to kill fleas in my home and nothing has helped, do you any... by mountain woman6/26/04 rec.pets.*: Fleas, Ticks, and Your Pet FAQ
     try dawn soap on it in a spray bottle and that should work by rachel bailey 8/7/04  
     the only way i found is working is the hoover 3 times aday.... by sean 8/8/04  
     there are a few products at places such as Wal-Mart that are made just for killing fleas... by m0nk3y 8/19/04  
     Hi, I just encountered this problem for the first time with my indoor dogs. My vet gave... by tammy 12/1/04  
     Well I vacuum my floor good then I pour salt all over it and let it sit there til the next... by SHoRTy 4/3/05  
     bananas peelings fleas cant stand the smell by geronimo 7/3/05  
     Shampoo your carpets with a steam cleaner but put a little DAWN dish soap and then also... by FleaMaster 8/24/05  
     So far we have spent $325.00 on all the products that are suppose to be the best. in the... by Kathie 9/1/05  
     There is a product called Flea Stoppers..You can purchase it thru the internet..(Just type... by farmlady 10/9/05  
     A man on this site had wrote: Take four lemons, sliced thin, put in a large pot, pour a... by DaRealSnuggles 8/7/2006  
     I how fleas in my home,how do get rid of them by sonya 8/10/2006  
     when our next door neighbour moved in we had these fleas, we used frontline and the... by ben ing 1/1/2007  
     My friend had flees and did not want to use a flee bomb (it Causes so many health... by kathleen 2/9/2007  
     there is a spray for your carpet that you can purchase at any vet. office or check any pet... by ice t 5/23/2007  
What is a "milkshake" as in from the song by kellis by BMWLucky1/19/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     I just submitted to see the answers by JT2/1/04  
     god knows by trigg2/3/04  
     Ok Kellis says Milkshake is about showing off what youve got (for girls) i.e breasts etc... by Oriel2/3/04  
     Ok kellis could be talking about slobbin on the knobs,not just that she could be talking... by Nuk2/7/04  
     Does it matter? The song is gr8 anyway by Ka2/7/04  
     milkshake = blow job ever watch the music video? the milkshake machines are splurging all... by Wednesday2/10/04  
     who knows? by hello2/19/04  
     k listen retards its obviously is talking about her boobs and ass duh by amanda2/19/04  
     how can she teach you boobs and ass duh by memyselfandi2/20/04  
     You people are such retards i swear to god!!! Its about a BLOW JOB... how shes so good at... by Bob2/21/04  
     Ma milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and their like itz betta than yours! you dam... by Dolly2/21/04  
     haha u r all stupid it means waffles and maple syrup der!!!! by asDas2/21/04  
     Upper part of a girl by tab tab2/22/04  
     i like bran flakes by farn flakes2/25/04  
     In interviews she says that it basically means sex appeal. It's how you show off your... by errr2/26/04 by ?2/27/04  
     ejaculation definetly she like it on her face by marko3/3/04  
     It's about she makes the best chocolate milkshake and it's so good all da boys want some... by LongDongSilver3/4/04  
     It's when a guy puts his thang between a woman's breasts and she shakes them up and down... by SinAMin Girl3/8/04  
     blow's the only thing u can teach by cuteblonde3/9/04  
     It's when a guy does a girl up the butt then goes in her and drinks it out with a... by You're all wrong3/19/04  
     The answer is quite simple it is her mojo. milkshake=mojo.. to much similarity by Prof. M 4/2/04  
     Wtf? People grow up. You all sound like perverted 10 yr olds. (And you probably are) by Sabrina6/6/04  
     you're all dumb-arses, it's about her time employed in a fast food emporium, when she was... by sprostafari7/18/04  
     Its about the boobies by demir 9/12/04  
     kellis is suck music is great...and boys,boys,boys by Bukeeeeeeee 1/13/05  
     Milkshake is charisma. by Candy 2/7/05  
     its about mr. bush, it makes perfect sence by haha 4/26/05  
     once upon a time a girl named Kellis who had a milkshake and she was a princess. One day... by poo poo 7/12/2006  
     erm i duno wat it is but the one who wrote that disgusting thing about drinking it out... by dunno 12/17/2006  
     i want all of you dead. (period) by i hope your all from canada 5/31/2007  
     Jesus loves you by pasystem 6/22/2007  
     its about her shaking her boobs, get it she shakes them and theyre full of milk by Nazo 6/27/2007  
when i open the file .avi in my windows pc i only hear sound but no video. but that the... by access7/6/03 AVI Graphics Format Overview
     by deathwalker2/20/04  
     I want to open file avi by Smey 4/9/2007  
     when i open the file .avi in my windows pc i only hear sound... by kandanai 7/18/2007  
1. Is it possible to convert .DAT file format to excel file or in any other format? by rex7/28/03 sed FAQ, version 014
     I want to know the answer to the DAT question as well. by Ruth 2/7/05  
     jjk;lj by jhkhlj 8/25/05  
     ak sdkasn? by expertu 10/1/05  
     Not sure how to convert! by honey head 11/1/05  
     How convert .DAT file format to excel file or in any other format? by judy 12/1/05  
     There are numerous variations of a .DAT file. Without knowing the specifics (ie. which... by Ty 12/28/05  
     [from davidt / web searching] I am guessing that you mean an email attachment called... by sunset 1/1/2006  
     korviet by korviet 1/13/2006  
how much is a 1953 silver certificate 5 dollar bill worth? by parker1/12/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..value depends on grade/condition.Email me a scan front and back.I can come up with an... by Pete1/14/04  
     one 5 dollar silver certificate great condition by emy mae  12/15/04  
     where do I e-mail this to? by 1/19/05  
     Hi, I also have a 1953 silver $5 Silver certificate. It is in okay condition, it has quite... by 8/5/05  
     Mint condition. by josh 1/30/2006  
     how much is a 1934 D silver certificate 5 dollar bill worth. in excellent condition by christina 6/21/2006  
How many gallons or liters of gasoline are made from a barrel of crude oil? What are the... by Dlizzy5/30/04 Gasoline FAQ - Part 4 of 4
     That is an excellent and very meaningful question! The answer varies quite a bit. The... by JGMagoo 1/19/05  
     50billion gallon by hi 2/3/05  
     42 gallons in barrel by mike 2/10/05  
     what is the answer by dino 3/9/05  
     Well i don't know much about math cause it is to hard for me. I'm a stupid girl. by Sissy 3/16/05  
     dfhgfh by fgjtyj 8/4/05  
     20 gallons by AliG 12/28/05  
     42 us gallons by Aninkpu peter chukwuemeka 2/19/2006  
     PUTANG INA MO by buratski 4/25/2006  
     google it by mk 2/20/2007  
Are you suppose to turn your belly button ring? And does it matter if you use iodized sea... by Stephanie5/29/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     go to they are pros. let me know if they help. by Tiffany 6/20/04  
Where do larger folk go to buy mattresses and box springs that will not wear out in less... by Russ5/22/04 General
     They go on a diet! by mona 2/13/05  
how long does it take until the puppies are born? by lindsey3/28/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     avg of 60 days. you need to check her temperature (rectally). if it drops below 100,... by mike4/29/04  
     The average is not sixty days it is 63 days or more. She may deliever a day or 2 early,... by Rachel6/30/04  
     it is not bad for a chi to have puppies after 50 days by nikki 11/11/04  
     thanks for answering my question now iv got about 60 days till i get my first two litters... by gerard 5/22/05  
     my dogs puppies are starting to kick and move around a little bit. Is this a sign that... by gracie lou 6/16/05  
     Well i don't know i just need to know the steps for Min schnauzers giving birth by Alex 7/5/05  
     yes you are right but my vet added its 63 days +/- 5days just to give someone curious a... by tatt2man 11/6/05  
     dont know i need to ask a question by malygurl101 1/1/2006  
     how do you take a dogs tempreture? by hannah 1/2/2006  
     if a dog is in heat and she is still bleeding then can she still be pregnant? by Nicole 1/18/2006  
     What do pitbull terrier puppies look like when born. by tyty 2/17/2006  
     it will be around 60 to 65 days after your 1st sign of pregnancy!if the dogs temperature... by lilpimp 3/12/2006  
     and if you don't have a thermometer at home u can always go to the vet by fuzzyluzzy 3/16/2006  
     they take 400 days by mimi 5/10/2006  
     i think it would take up to 60 to 70 days. you should check her temperature if it 100.00... by becky 5/11/2006  
     Thank you my dacshund is also having puppies and i have noticed that she is getting... by ashley 5/26/2006  
     7 to 10 weeks by bob 6/28/2006  
     I think it would take about 68 days because all of our other dogs had puppies and it took... by Jazzy 7/28/2006  
     it depends if you impregnated the dog yourself, or if another dog did it by cock master 9/5/2006  
     I dont know by beebee 9/5/2006  
     i thank that it is 60-63 days.My dog is going to have puppies in 60-63 days. by KC Chiefs Fan  11/5/2006  
     how long between puppies? my pit had two and has more inside. by Ashlee 11/18/2006  
     yes it will take about 60 days by bb 12/1/2006  
     I love Puppies!!!! by Korye 3/12/2007  
     hihihihihi by wewerocks 3/17/2007  
     It takes 60 days for a puppie to be born but if the mom and dad dont have the right sex... by ALrionna 3/25/2007  
     I was going to ask that, lol by Shadow 6/22/2007  
6 years ago I have overstay on my visa in the USA, now my husband has received invitation... by Kent6/9/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     A little bit. by kris 12/10/05  
I disabled the Key Distribution Center user by mistake and can no longer log clients into... by phntm4/26/04 Kerberos FAQ, v2.0 (last modified 8/18/2000)
     As summed up in the last paragraph below, that's just the way it is. This was quoted... by haybaker 11/9/04  
My employer has put a filter on Yahoo email. Is there any way that I can get in to Yahoo... by  4/30/04 Filtering Mail FAQ
     i want to make email by shakir5/7/04  
     use other yahoo sites like by jvgnr@spymac.com6/15/04  
     If your that stupid, and want to get fired from your job then go for it! Get a grip...... by LOL..... hehehe6/17/04  
I want to convert XML data int Ms-Excel File. by Anjani Kr Mishra4/6/04 General
     i would like to see other answers by SJ5/3/04  
Can I re-enter in USA with I-94 card still valid when my visa is expired in meantime ? by Mig5/20/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Your Visa and your I-94 are two different documents. The Visa gives you permission to... by Frankie 7/19/05  
     Can I re-enter in USA with I-94 card still valid when my visa is expired in meantime ? by bari 2/20/2006  
what is virtual function?what is its utility?explain with an example? by prodyot6/7/04 C++ FAQ (part 1 of 10)
     A virtual function allows derived classes to replace the implementation provided by the... by Narasimha Rao Tambareni6/14/04  
What does the word "Skeet" mean in the song Get Low by lil John? by M.C. GUSTO2/26/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     someone watches chapelle's show by finner2/27/04  
     It meand to have sex. by ashooo2/27/04  
     it means to bust a nut, comin straight outta lil jon's mouth by J LuVa2/29/04  
     Skeet means to have sex then bust a nut. by Jordan3/4/04  
     Smoking crack while crusing the Internet. by InDaNoBitz3/6/04  
     busting a nut on a females face and breasts and have her girlfriend (preferably her... by ooooh face3/24/04  
     it means 2cum duh... by ally4/11/04  
     it means 'semen' or 'to ejaculate' by listen to ally..7/20/04  
     it means to bust a nut while lil john sucks it by shut up 8/24/04  
     i have no idea. i'mwhite. by bob marley- not really, he's dead 9/9/04  
     It meanz cum by Da_one 9/14/04  
     Do You Know What Skeet, Skeet Means....Butt Sex! by Pablo 9/29/04  
     oh skeet skeet skeet means to skeet all in yo mouth by dum mofo 11/16/04  
     It means to cum all over janice'seye by Tony 11/16/04  
     bust a nut by Thisangel 12/1/04  
     It means whore, ho or stripper by listen to ally 1/5/05  
     To come out to give ice cream to the fat Llama, duh by FatAssMomma 1/15/05  
     skeet skeet mean to ejaculate. duh! by boobwee 1/26/05  
     it means to bust a nut in your sisters mouth and then slap her for swallowing by IcThreeeou2 4/12/05  
     it means when you go to a bar late at night in your cut off flanel shirt, and pick up on a... by westside gangster 4/13/05  
     It is a reference to Hollywood actor and Johnny Depp lookalike Skeet Ulrich. by VAN 11/12/05  
     it means when a guys jacking off and cum comes out. the noise it makes. by julia 6/18/2006  
I am beginner to salt water aquarium. I have read numerious articles on artificial salt... by Phil4/2/04 [FAQ] Aquaria: Beginning Saltwater
     yes you can.and it is better. you must collect it away from stream mouths and any other... by dougbender515/10/04  
     I am extremely new to salt water. I have a 72 bow and have just completed my cycle. I am... by Virginia 6/11/2006  
How do u Change an Art. Aol File to a jpeg file . i tried save as and just put .jpg to... by guyumi3/26/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     In AOL : Settings/Internet Properties check "never compress graphics." As for changing... by Wilber4/14/04  
     I have this same problem, please help me i can only save pictures at Art(*.art) or... by Eddy4/24/04  
     I have this same problem too and I don't know what to make !! I live in France !! ... by Fanny7/12/04  
     Covert .art Formatted Images to .bmp or .jpg What is .art format ? When... by locosoto267/16/04  
     That worked for me. Thanks alot guys for asking and answering the question! :) by Zulu 9/5/04  
     I need help I made a drawing in paint. Its a bmp but need to convert it to a jpg for a... by Frizzly 11/23/04  
     i tried the thing for windows to change a myfile.bit picture, but i cudnt. i dont... by djdancer 12/28/04  
     nvm..locosoto26..i figured it out after doodling with it for awhile..thanks for your... by djdancer 12/28/04  
     locosoto26's method for AOL users did not work for me does any one else have any answers. by angelus38 4/11/05  
     @ locosoto26 -THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!! That answer worked. I had tried the "never... by Fräulein 4/18/05  
     can someone change this link http://us.f1f.yahoofs. com/bc/42bbd3fc_1715b/bc/Mail+Attachmen.. . by Reconrick 6/30/05  
     can someone change this link http://us.f1f.yahoofs. com/bc/42bbd3fc_1715b/bc/Mail+Attachmen.. . by Reconrick 6/30/05  
     Thank you locosoto 26, that was exactly right. It made my day!!! Up and running. by lisa7akalou 7/6/05  
     download Ifranview from It's a free program. Here's how to convert from... by mikesnana 7/18/05  
     I,ve been going crazy trying to change an art image to a jpeg. i've even download programs... by notbob of Oi 8/26/05  
     It works for me by Ray 8/31/05  
     AT LAST! I've figured out how to convert an .ART format to a .JPEG format! I used a... by Theperv 9/9/05  
     Outstanding. It is a real pleasure to find a clear and accurate response that solves a... by Bruce - Seattle 9/27/05  
     Go to this page: No offense to the person... by Lux Interior 10/4/05  
     It's very easy. Go to and download this free program. It's... by marla_j98 11/11/05  
     Me too. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Las Vegas. by Einstein  1/6/2006  
     help me i need help i tried it. it never works it wront save it by help 2/8/2006  
     Or when you are using Aol browser just right click on image and refresh. This will allow... by trappr 2/22/2006  
     If for some reason, there is a problem viewing the .art images in IE (use 'open with...'... by rinscewind 4/29/2006  
     how do you convert over 8,000 of these? quickly? maybe using a batch file? by goege 5/2/2006  
     To change an art file to a jpg file using Windows XP, open the art file, a "View File"... by sp 5/25/2006  
     Thank you so much locosoto26. This worked for me. You were clear and specific. Thank you. by aglane 7/6/2006  
     how do u change a jpeg file to a jpg file? by jess 7/8/2006  
     Thanks locosoto! I thought I was going to lose about 400 photos. It will take me awhile... by clockwork 7/10/2006  
     This method will not help everyone, but it was a way that I found to convert old AOL... by Hal 8/30/2006  
     i have the same problem but i uninstalled AOL months ago and wish not to use AOL ever... by a 11/12/2006  
     I'LL TRY ANYTHING! DAVE by DAVE 1/18/2007  
     Need help, like what to do when the .ART comes up as a Red X in internet explorer or... by bluebutterfly 2/19/2007  
     I tried to do what you said but i'm using explorer 2 and it won't work. any suggestions? by EVILCHIPPA 3/28/2007  
How can we use Ascorbic acid to preserve homemade mustard, pesto, hummus, and sauces? by Baby Ta3/6/04 Rec.Food.Preserving FAQ (v.7.08) Part1
     14FE6U2mpogDO MUA6cqZIj1yXv PrM9EJNp5S by N1VuySJFWo 2/20/2006  
I am a spouse of an H1-B visa holder and desperate to work. My children are American and... by Julie2/10/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     H-4 dependants are not eligible for employment authorization. If any of your children are... by Isabel machado2/15/04  
What compromises did Henry Clay write? by nonothing5/10/04 General
     Compromise of 1820, 1833 and 1850. he died in 1852 by Manda 1/26/05  
     abuncjh by Alex 5/16/05  
"Ladies and gentleman, take my advice: Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice." Dr.... by Goth Guru6/20/04 M*A*S*H FAQ
     pull down my pants by jacob 12/16/05  
     I learned it from my mom in the 40s so the writers didn't make it up. I'd love to know... by Grammy 17 6/7/2007  
How do I get rid of a Virus called "BKDR_SANDBOX.A" it is located in my C:\Windows\System... by Howard Myers4/14/04 General
     Go to and run a scan with their online antivirus scanner called housecall. ... by JoeR5/3/04  
Where is the oil pressure sensor on a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 3.9 liter located? by Gary2/16/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     It should actually be an oil sending unit, and is located on the back of the intake... by chrandi3/6/04  
     Where is the oil pressure sensor on a 1992 Ford Taurus... by Jouce 7/24/2006  
When I try to save a .JPG file on my computer, it doesn't work. Only .GIF files work. Why... by Tom2/16/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     Delete your Temporary Internet Files. More info at the link below. http://support.micro... by Klej 1/30/05  
my friend cannot use his computer at the moment because what he and i both think is a... by adam4/13/04 ALT.COMP.VIRUS POSTING GUIDELINES - READ ME FIRST
     If this is a Toshiba Laptop you may be hung in Hibernation mode. View the following... by Who Cares4/16/04  
How can I befriend a bird without scaring it? by George1/10/04 rec.birds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Part 1/2)
     I think you should start by leaving small bits of food in feeders around the exterior of... by bunnyboy22/14/04  
what is the GNP in rome italy as well as the main type of agriculture practices and the... by brittni3/22/04 [] Paris Transport FAQ
     I would like too know myself by cool cat 3/5/05  
I have a $1 confederate dollar bill issued on 17 Feb 1864. Does anyone know what it is... by rocketxray4/22/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..well with Confederate notes the most important thing is to verify that it is not a... by Pete4/25/04  
     I also have a $1 confederate dollar bill issued on 17 Feb 1864. What is it worth? by yellow10 12/17/04  
     I am trying to find out the answer to this question. I guess i don't know where too look by mary Ames 9/13/05  
Does anyone know the name of the song played during the masturbating bear skits? If... by beerbaronstatic1/26/04 Conan O'Brien Faq, v.3.1
     The song is actually a piece of 20th Century music called "Sabre Dance" by a composer... by Snow5/1/04  
     anyone know this song? Shes got a different star, in her sky, she got a different look, in... by jimymym 3/28/05  
How do I tell if my corgi is pregnant? by white mike3/24/04 rec.pets.dogs: Pembroke Welsh Corgis Breed-FAQ
     Is it true that corgi's have pups anywhere from 53 days to 63 day?... by Smokeyhawk 2/4/2006  
     to tell if your puppys pregnant you need to contact your vet or else just wait.hope i wqas... by kjhk 3/23/2007  
i have a red rose bush. it was not in bloom when i planted it. i wanted pink roses. is... by rita5/15/04 rec.gardens.roses FAQ (1/6) Frequently Asked Questions
     I really don't think you can but if there is a way please let me know because I'm doing a... by Laurie Spiers 12/6/05  
I am on H1-B with an employer on part time basis. Can i work for two employers simultaneou... by USTAD1/12/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     [uiohuiygjj by tu757457 11/30/04  
where is the EGR valve located on a '92 plymouth acclaim? Can I check it to see if it is... by ralph2/29/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     It's probably too late to help you, Ralph but hopefully this will help others. The EGR... by ryeguy79 6/28/05  
I would like to know which beverage is "healthier", coffee or soda (Pepsi). by Wendy4/19/04 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
     Due to the sugars used in soda, the answer is easily coffee. TechnoRoasted coffee retains... by 12/4/2006  
     Due to the heavy sugar content of pepsi(and almost all regular pop) and they use chlorinat... by Brian 4/15/2007  
How many viruses are composed each day (year?)? Is it 1 a week or 1000 and can they be... by Piers 133/8/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     over 35000 per day by vickie 2/22/2006  
     53673298494034729436349465389365458452874 85637846548452783644527254372361287353873 2653.978... by dug 5/3/2006  
How do you create one JPEG file with multiple scanned pages? by VFrench3/11/04 Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.9 (04-02) Part 5/13
     Do Not know by sudhakar 6/16/05  
     how do you get JPEG? by robzzi 6/17/2007  
what is the value today of a 1926 silver doller by rick6/20/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     What is the value of 5 Very Fine brillant Morgans. 1887 no mint on back, 1885 O, 1883 O,... by Ronald 1/10/2007  
What riddim is sean paul and sasha'sI'm still in love by buttress3/19/04 Frequently Asked Questions (1/3)
     hjgfhjsfdhjdjhgjmdfgj fdffbgnmcghk by chjcg5/7/04  
     still in luv riddim by kaykay 9/8/2006  
Why hasn't anyone made a sequel to drop dead Fred, is it because some mothers didn't like... by someone2/2/04 General
     I agree, this is a great movie, but it was very badly recieved by critics. by slacker 2/18/2007  
Best wood jointer in 500$+ range? by Trying3/9/04 rec.woodworking Frequently Requested Tool Reviews
     Who is your cat? by TheHar 2/19/2007  
     Yorkcraft by rsellers 2/23/2007  
How do I delete files based on a date and time. Ex: I would like to delete files which... by unixnewbie1/29/04 General
     Just mash the delete key. by Work Around 9/28/04  
Is aluminum wiring in a house a major concern? by Al1/10/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     Not just because it is aluminum. If the circuits are not overloaded. Never install a... by Lincoln1/12/04  
     Aluminum wiring may not pass your local wiring codes. The problem of thermal expansion... by jj1/14/04  
     See NBSIR 83-2803 at NIST. This study done for CPSC showed that all elec problems leading... by Bob 12/12/04  
help what do you do when your male dog does not show interest in the female when she is in... by SYL5/4/04 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     Has he been bred before? if not he might not be quite sure what to do. if he has he might... by wake up and smell the puppies5/16/04  
     i have discovered that the 2 dogs don't really want anything to do with eachother the... by kellbell 4/29/2006  
Tenor banjo player, Singer, dixieland, ragtime and some country styles doing music before... by Flamboyantbill1/4/04 General
     What I donut understand by pedro2/6/04  
How much is a 1$ 1957 silver certificate replacement note worth? by Froibo1/16/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..the final collector value depends on grade.Best is to send me a scan front and... by Pete1/16/04  
     i have a book that has all the answers you are looking for. So you need to find a 1957 is... by Eric Truong 4/18/2006  
how much time it takes to change from F2 visa to J1 inside US by doon3/3/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6) by Google 3/28/2006  
dodge caravan 88, computer reads trans lockup relay code 37 as trouble. What's that? by samrio1/28/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     the torque converter lockup signal is not being detected.check that the plug is securly... by jim 11/24/2006  
How do they film Dr. Romano with only one arm? by Kris12/1/03 ER FAQ 5.00, Section 5: Specific Questions (5/8)
     I remember hearing somewhere how they film those scenes. Paul McCrane must wear a... by mrgavins2/6/04