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Archive-name: tv/soaps/abbrevs

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Original Author:  Melissa Wauford
Maintainer:	  Margaret Gibbs

[Last changed - 1997/06/16]
[Changes since last posting - none]

One of the following abbreviations should be used at the beginning of the
subject line of all postings to*.  For example:

Subject: DOOL - Update for Thursday


Subject: AMC: Tad and ?

This will allow those who use rn or any other method of pre-selecting
articles to determine whether they wish to read the article or not.  For
information on these methods see the monthly Frequently Asked Questions
posting by Margaret Gibbs (  The FAQ is available for
anonymous ftp from in /pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq/part1
thru part4, or send email to with any or all of:
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq/part1
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq/part2
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq/part3
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq/part4
in the body of the message. 

Remember that if you want to write about, for example, AMC and GH in the
same article, half of your intended audience may filter out whichever
abbreviation you put first.  In such a case you should use the network
abbreviation or, as a last resort, post the article twice.

ALL	- To be seen by all readers of whichever r.a.t.s.* group you
	  are posting to.

ABC	- All ABC daytime soaps (PC, AMC, OLTL, GH)
CBS	- All CBS daytime soaps (Y&R, B&B, GL, ATWT)
NBC	- All NBC daytime soaps (DOOL, AW, SUBE)

AMC	- All My Children 
AW	- Another World
ATWT	- As the World Turns
B&B	- The Bold & the Beautiful
CITY    - The City
DOOL	- Days of Our Lives
GH	- General Hospital
GL	- Guiding Light
LOV	- Loving
OLTL	- One Life to Live
PC	- Port Charles
SB	- Santa Barbara 
SUBE    - Sunset Beach
Y&R	- The Young & the Restless

BH      - Beverly Hills 90210
CPW	- Central Park West
HF	- Homefront
KL	- Knots Landing
LGO     - Life Goes On
PP	- Pacific Palisades
SAV	- Savannah
SIS     - Sisters

Many of the soap subgroups use the abbreviation TAN (for tangent) to
indicate postings which don't necessarily have to do with that soap but
which should be addressed to that subgroup.  General intra-group banter can
then be differentiated from actual information and commentary on that soap. 
The TAN abbreviation should always follow the soap abbreviation, as in the
following example:

Subject: AMC: TAN: Unca Matt

Discussion threads which stray off the topic of the soap should be renamed
to include the TAN indicator.

copyright 1995-1997, Margaret D. Gibbs.  Use and copying 
of this information are permitted as long as (1) no fees or 
compensation are charged for use, copies or access to this 
information, and (2) this copyright notice is included intact.

Margaret D. Gibbs		"Practice random kindness and 		 senseless acts of beauty"

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