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...price range for a Boston Terrier? Does the...

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Question by April
Submitted on 7/11/2003
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What is the price range for a Boston Terrier?  Does the price differ if the dog is not used for showing purposes?

Answer by J. Dudash
Submitted on 7/22/2003
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Hi April,

I am not a breeder and cannot claim to be knowledgeable on many aspects of breeding, but have been researching Boston terriers myself and am in process of trying to get one.  They are a very intelligent and affectionate breed.  Companions from a reputable breeder seem to range from about $650-800 while show dogs are around $950 and up.  Please be careful - there are a lot of "puppy mills" out there that aren't responsible breeders.  This can cause sad long-term health issues. Your puppy, should you choose to get one, should have CERF testing (eyes) and OFA Patella certification(knee).  There is also a Baer test for hearing, which is offered less frequently.  Be aware that dogs with too much white or blue eyes are more likely to have hearing problems.  It is really nice if you can meet the dog's parents to see their temperament.  I am not sure where you're from, but BBunch1024@aol.com is with the Boston Terrier Club of America and she can give you a list of reputable breeders in your state.  Again, these are great dogs...good luck to you.  Hope this helps


Answer by Z.Garza
Submitted on 9/17/2003
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well, april i have to say i am from a small town in texas and have feel madly in love with boston terriers i have 3. 2 females and 1 male. my close friend sold them to me for $100.00 when we obviously know they are worth more. Now my female has just had puppies for her first time 6 to be exact and then other female should be expecting next week. now being that i live in a small town i am going to sell them for $200.00. but the correct range would be around $700-$850. i just don't think they would sell here for that price.great dogs good luck hope this was useful.


Answer by petey742000@yahoo.com
Submitted on 9/26/2003
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hi i used to raise boston terriers i sold mine for 300 there great dogs very loving pets easy to train mine are seven now and retired now im just enjoying them retired them at age five bandit and brutus


Answer by Pablo
Submitted on 9/28/2003
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Hi April,
I have a Boston and his name is Willie.
He just turned 7 last week.
I got him as a pup for $600.00 from a breeder.
I saw dogs at pet stores for more than that.
So you get a better selection and a better deal at
breeders. I hope I helped.


Answer by Darlene
Submitted on 10/8/2003
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Hi April
  I have a 8 month old Boston,and paid $350
for it . I would not take a thousand for her.
She is my baby,at any price they are great dogs.


Answer by Alana
Submitted on 10/12/2003
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I just bought a female BT in July. She was $600 from a breeder in FL.  Her website is www.blue-skyz.com. Females are usually $100 to $300 more than males. A smaller BT (sometimes called teacup) will sometimes be more money than a larger one from the same litter, as well as a BT with perfect markings. Yes, small towns or rural areas will sell BT'sfor around $300, like in upstate NY.  Pet stores usually will be more. However, a pet store in Brooklyn wanted only $500 (most likely shipped from a puppy mill). One pet store in Long Island, NY, wanted $1,000 for a male and $1,200 for a female.  Outrageous!!  A local breeder on Long Island wanted $1,200.  Her BT'swere most likely show dog quality with perfect markings. I recommend buying from a breeder where you can meet the puppy's parents!!  My puppy has the same great personality of her mom: calm and layed back. BT'sare a great breed. They have short hair, so they are easy to groom and keep clean. A short tail, so they can't knock over anything on the coffee table.


Answer by YVETTE
Submitted on 10/15/2003
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Answer by Pat
Submitted on 1/10/2004
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I am on my forth Boston, my first one I had for 17 years, the second was a rescue do ( the lady loved him and wanted him to go to a good home), Third one bought for my dad, my baby I have now is a year, bought him from a breeder I found in the news paper, if at all possible meet the parents. I met his mom, dad and brothers and sisters from two other litters. The only problem is sometimes they don't know they are dogs, they are our children. I too hunted for a long time to find the right breeder its worth it.


Answer by Ryan
Submitted on 1/25/2004
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i have a two year old boston terrier and i payed $250. He is AKC registered and one of the best looking boston terriers i have seen.  he only has a black patch over one eye but he is very muscular and about 20 lbs. both of his parents had the traditional markings.  i am currently searching for a female to breed with Otis but am very surprised to find dogs sold on the internet to be so expensive.  if anyone knows where to get nice dogs for a reasonable price email me at rsl5431@yahoo.com


Answer by steve
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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hi i got mine from a friend who has been breeding for more than ten years my dog is a female 12 weeks old and loves to follow me and plays with my 7 year old miniture datshund i recomend the dog to a family with kids there great pets good luck on your dog


Answer by Angel
Submitted on 2/7/2004
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Hello April,
             My family has been raising Boston Terriers since 1948 the best advice I can give anyone is get your puppy from a responsible breeder, they may be a little more expensive up front but compared to the medical bills and heartbreak you will encounter from a backyard breeder it is money well spent.
Ask about the health test done on the parents prior to breeding, Patella's, Eye's, and hearing?  Ask if the breeder is involved in dog shows? a GOOD breeder is involved in showing their dogs and are breeding to the Standard.
also be ready to awnser alot of questions a GOOD breeder wants to place their puppies in the best home possible.
Run don't walk away from Backyard breeders, Kitchen breeders and puppy mills.


Answer by Blue Skyz
Submitted on 2/12/2004
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YES!! we do have expensive puppies but we do give full written guarantees and they are worth every penny!!!! We are not a puppy mill, and our dogs are raised inside, and have the best personalities!! best of breeding! and best of care!!We require a contract signed that we have first choice in buying our puppies back if someone cannot keep him or her. Not all cars are the same price, and not all Bostons are the same price!  WE also will not sell one to just anyone!!! you must have the right kind of home!!! anyone can visit our web site and see for themselves! It's http://www.blue-skyz.com Thank you!! Retha HIll


Answer by Jackie
Submitted on 3/12/2004
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I am from Southern Indiana and was wondering if someone could tell me about any AKC breeders near by. Feel free to e-mail me at jdutley@usieagles.org


Answer by Misskris
Submitted on 3/20/2004
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I am on my second Boston Terrier and I paid $500 for the female and 450 for the male (12 years later).  I think recently, due to the popularity of the breed, the prices are becoming inflated.  Judge for yourself from the puppy's demeanor and the breeders attitude towards the dogs. Don't bother with show dog prices if you want a family dog! There are lots of Boston mixes at pounds.


Answer by lizvann
Submitted on 3/21/2004
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I am looking for am puppy male or female.  I want one for my daughter. She bought one on the intenet and it died in an emergency clinic within 30 hours.  We have a male I bought for her, but we love him and cannot give him up  help!!!


Answer by randisavage
Submitted on 3/29/2004
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Hi! My husband and I are looking for a boston terrier puppy to join our family. We live in Herndon, VA in a townhouse, and are currently installing a fence so our little pup can have its own yard to play in. We prefer a male that has the typical tuxedo markings, and we would like to deal with a reputable breeder to minimize the possibility of health problems. However, most of the breeders we have spoken with do not do testing (e.g. CERF, OFA). We are willing to spend 600-700 (including shipping, if not nearby). We will drive pretty much anywhere in VA, MD, PA, DE, and southern NJ to pick up our pup. If you have a pup available in April or early May, or know of a reputable breeder who does, please let me know! (randisavage@yahoo.com) Thanks so much!


Answer by claud9
Submitted on 4/8/2004
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Can anyone help me find a responsible breeder in the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area.  I have contacted the Boston Terrier Club of America but only one name appears on the list within the general area.  We are looking for a black/white pup to add to our family.  Please contact me at claud9@ix.netcom.com


Answer by BTfor me
Submitted on 4/11/2004
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My female Boston cost $1200 from the breeder someone mentioned earlier on Long Island. My dog is absolutely gorgeous, with perfect markings, and not a hint of white in her eyes. Though her parents weren't shown, she comes from a long line of Champion and American Champion Bostons. Because the breed has many health issues, I think it's worth paying that little bit extra.


Answer by Nicki
Submitted on 4/25/2004
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I have 2 male Boston Terriers now. I have had Bostons for 13years now. And love them so much, I live in FL. and want to purchase another one male or female. Please e-mail me if any knows of breeders in FL. thanx alot


Answer by Barbara
Submitted on 6/5/2004
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My Boston passed away quite some time ago and I would really like to have another one but can seem to locate Blue-Skyz in north Fla. or Anny's Boston Terrier's in Daytona, can anyone help with e-mail address, phone number, or physical address.  Thanks. Barbara


Answer by Jenn
Submitted on 6/27/2004
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i really want a baby boston terrior for around $300.00-350.00 email me @princessjh21@hotmail.com THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH


Answer by Grandmaof4
Submitted on 7/2/2004
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I knew nothing about BT's but went to my local animal shelter in VA to adopt a pet. They had a 2yr old male Boston Terrier purebred.  He is brindle color with perfect markings. He had been there for 2days; I felt so sorry for him, he was scared to death. His owner had developed Alzheimer's, had no family so the  nurse who was caring for the man  took "Scooter" to the local pound.  I couldn't resist him.  He is a big lovable baby, and great with my grandkids. He has already visited the vet for a checkup. Our Vet was amazed that we found him at the animal shelter. He told us he was a great specimen of the BT breed.   We will give him a loving forever home.  After reading the previous post, I realize now what a great breed of dog I purchased for $25.  He has already stolen our hearts!!


Answer by Paige
Submitted on 7/4/2004
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I have three male CKC Boston Terrier puppies.  They have perfect markings and are very sweet!  I am selling them for $400.00. If anyone is interested, email me at epaige1966@aol.com

Thanks, Paige



Answer by richard
Submitted on 11/4/2004
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I have three Boston Terriers. they are great dogs, very loyal and affectionate. i've grown up with them and had them all my life (14 years) we bought all of our breeding dogs from 300-450$. they are a great breed and i wouldn't have any other.


Answer by marc edwards
Submitted on 11/15/2004
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I am interested in purchasing a boston terrier.  However due to money constraints my wife and I can only purchase for $100-$200.  If anyone could help us find someone selling them for around this price please let us know.  We live in virginia but are will to ship or travel to buy. My email address is medwards108@hotmail.com.



Answer by Tina
Submitted on 11/19/2004
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I have two adorable male purebred Boston Pups, mom and dad on site. I am asking $500 each. They will be smaller, mom is only 9 lbs and dad is 11. I took both the mom and dad in , mom was already pregnant. I see nobody has mentioned the high cost of vet care to keep the mom healthy during pregnancy, sonagrams, etc.. and with my female she needed an emergency C Section,which was extremely expensive.. as I had taken  her  in already pregnant , the people didnt know her due date, so I couldnt pre schedule the C Section. Bostons obviously are prone to Sections because of their large heads, and thats what happened to the girl I took in. Unfortunatly, 2 pups died, but 2 made it and are chubby and healthy. I feel if someone cant afford $500 for a lifetime pet, they arent the home I would be looking for, for these special guys. Located in the Niagara Falls Ny area, and can send pics of the pups.


Answer by Tina
Submitted on 11/19/2004
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PS.. If anyone is interested in the two male Boston pups I have ready 12/20 my email is puppypower63@aol.com. Pups will be vet checked and have shots. Niagara Falls Ny area.


Answer by Cody Branscom
Submitted on 12/10/2004
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I am in Wyoming and have a liter of 7 Boston Terrior puppies.  They were born on 11-2-04.  These pups are registered with the United All Breed.  They have had their first shots and their tails docked and dew claws removed.  These are special puppies, they have been hand raised , in the home and are used to kids and other animals. They are very active , healthy, fat and sassy.  If you want a good dog, not a puppy mill animal, contact me at 307-265-2497 or 307-267-6402.  I can email you pictures if your interested.
Cody Branscom


Submitted on 12/29/2004
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I have four male CKC Boston Terrier puppies.  They have perfect markings with brindle and so beautiful!  Both Parents are on site.  I need to sell them before I get too attached to them.  I am selling them for $400.00 only if you have a good home. If anyone is interested, email me at BaghdadMedic@yahoo.com I can email pics, etc.

Thanks, Jarrod Hinckley


Answer by k bean
Submitted on 1/6/2005
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I have a male BT that I purchased for $475. I was originally set to purchase one for $850 but found this breeder instead. I would say that you get what you pay for.  He is the most wonderful, lovable dog I've ever come across. A true testament to the breed. However, the cheap breeder apparently did not worm the puppies or feed them properly. I went to pick up the puppy at what I thought was the breeders home by the directions given. She was directing people to a home that was behind a Burger King and they would be outside in the yard with the pups and the parents. Not the case! The BK was there, the "yard" was a grassy area next to the BK. That's right! I have a puppy from a puppy mill. Many people would have left. I couldn't. I realize I enabled this person to continue her business, but I just couldn't leave him there. If I could have I would've purchased them all. It makes me love him more knowing that I rescued him from a poor beginning. Be careful. When searching for a new member of your family, it's worth spending more in the beginning. We spent more in vet bills than we would have if we bought from the original breeder.


Answer by bamboosmom
Submitted on 1/14/2005
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we are looking for a boston pup.  We are located in Punta Gorda Florida.  That is S.W. Florida near Ft. Myers.  If anybody knows of a breeder or has pups available, please email me at rosannaeso@comcast.net


Answer by Sandy
Submitted on 1/26/2005
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Hi I raise Boston terriers and their are the greatest dog ever. I have sold 4 litters and have not had any problems. I will say this my are A.K.C registerd and sell them for $350.00 and my get spoiled before you even get them if you want me to use a name that you have come up with than i will start calling them that name. I have papers for all my puppies i also have mother,father and grandmother in my home and you can see them all I will have a litter in about 3 week and will enjoy then very much. I believe that Boston Terriers are the only dog that are in this world that his great with childern and a great family pet.


Answer by jpattyjack49@aol.com
Submitted on 3/16/2005
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I am looking for a female boston to breed with my male.  I am looking to purchase one.  I am having a difficult time finding one in the area I live in.  I live in Palestine, Texas.  If anyone knows of a breeder close by please let me know.  I am looking for one that is about 2 years old.
My email is jpattyjack49@aol.com


Answer by LI'L  MAN  657438
Submitted on 4/21/2005
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The Boston Terriers are the most perfect dog as a family dog. I bought a pure bred BT for about $1200. Even if it costs a lot, it's completely worth it.


Answer by Beth
Submitted on 4/23/2005
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I think Bt's are a really good breed. Their lovable and are really cute. I saw a Boston Terrier in a Pet Store yesterday. They were selling it for $550 I don't know if thats a good price or not. The breeder said that he had all the tests and he was up to date on his shots. We are really interested.


Answer by Beth
Submitted on 4/23/2005
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I think Bt'sare a really good breed.  Their lovable and are really cute.  I saw a Boston Terrier in a Pet Store yesterday.  They were selling for $550 I don't know if thats a good price or not. The breeder said that he had all the tests and he was up to date on his shots. We are really interested.


Answer by Nicole
Submitted on 4/24/2005
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Iam really interested in a male boston terrier. Iam having a hard time finding a breeder.If anyone is a breeder or knows a breeder that I can go to please email me at nikimags2001@yahoo.com
In or around the NY area


Answer by Cal
Submitted on 5/1/2005
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Hi. I am looking for a breeder of boston terriers in new jersey.. please email me if you know of any !


Answer by sarah and devan
Submitted on 5/31/2005
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Answer by boston lover
Submitted on 6/13/2005
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i have a Bostons terrier that i purchased for 1,500$ her name is baby and she is a wonderfully dog im currently pregnant and im sure she will be a great small loving dog to keep instead of a big dog that will step on my child. ouch that would hert........... my ears to have to hear a baby scream and it would hert my feelings too. Baby is a good dog and is also very smart. If you buy a boston at any price you are just lucky to have such a wonderful dog.


Answer by ceridwen
Submitted on 7/24/2005
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we're getting our pup for $250, no papers, from a friends mother who breeds them.  she invited us over to see both the parents and the pup, and she is beautiful...fabulous markings, and her parents have a wonderful temperament.  she is just going to be a pet, not a show dog.
i would recommend getting a deal like this if the breeder encourages you to come meet the parents, see where and how the live, etc.  she is a very nice lady and is very pleased that she knows we will be taking excellent care of her little girl.


Answer by red
Submitted on 8/5/2005
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I have 3 AKC male Boston Terrier pups that I would love to see go to a good home. I have both parents living with me. My asking price is $400. I am willing to deliver to Arkansas counties Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Frankiln, Sebastian, Logan, Scott.I will also deliver to O.K. counties boarding any Arkansas counties above. jred_2000@yahoo.com


Answer by Lily
Submitted on 8/31/2005
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Hi, I bought my puppy in April of 2005 for $600. The breeder was ok but his kids were a nightmare so we're glad we took our pup outta that house. He had some dietary issues (our vet recommended Science Diet which cause digestive issues), anyways, he's the best!! I'm looking into getting a second one. My only recommendation is to trust your gut and buy from someone that truly loves their pets (our breeder loved his dogs more than his kids!). You can't put a price on the unconditional love of a loyal pet!!


Answer by Kathi
Submitted on 9/7/2005
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What's wrong with you people??? There's plenty of good bostons available from your boston terrier rescues. Not puppies, but young and old and lovable and deserving of another chance. I'm with my fourth, fifth and sixth boston. The last is a rescue.


Answer by Monkey
Submitted on 10/19/2005
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I got my Boston free but he was 4 and no one wanted him. The guy i got him from sold all his litter mates for 850$.

I'm not so sure about the blue eye. My dogs Mommy had a blue eye and so does he. They can both see and hear fine and i personally think its supper cute. Also they are allowing Bostons with blue eyes in shows now. Not many shows will let them in but a few are starting to.


Answer by amber
Submitted on 11/17/2005
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hi i just recently bought a little male boston for 437 dollars.  he is adorable and just turned 6 months old.  bostons are great breeds and i hope you find one


Answer by Mike
Submitted on 12/9/2005
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Answer by terrires in Dexter
Submitted on 12/11/2005
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I have 6 pups for sale 3 males and 3 females, do I sell females for more or the same price? I have them priced at $225, is that a good price? you can e-mail me at larissa8352@sbcglobal.net to let me know.


Answer by Leti
Submitted on 1/1/2006
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Seeking a female BT...live in Philadelphia, Pa so looking for folks that are in area. Can email me at egeahi@aolcom...thanks


Answer by Overcash
Submitted on 1/3/2006
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Hi, I breed Boston's and have now for about 4 years, they are the best breed I could ask for especially with my 5 children.  Their temperments and affection are completley amazing.  Anyone is welcome to email me at movercash@hotmail.com and also welcome to come and see my dogs and all pupies.  We are in Arkansas, we just moved here so nobody really knows us yet but all are welcome.  


Answer by Andrea
Submitted on 1/25/2006
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I live in Orlando, Florida and am looking for a male boston terrier puppy. I have been looking endlessly online for responsible breeders in my area and have been unlucky... If any can help, please email me @ Rosie6420@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your help!


Answer by dyamond
Submitted on 3/10/2006
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Im looking for a boston terrier. I see that there are so many different kinds Im not sure on what is the best for me to choose. How do I do the the puppy will not be sick or came from a puppy mill. I seen red BT are the accepted by AKC. Don't get me wrong I only what him for a family pet. please feel free to email if you think you could help@ dyamonds740@aol.com


Answer by tammy lucas
Submitted on 3/27/2006
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I have a boston terrior that 3 years old and is spoiled rotton. I got him given to me as christmas gift when he was five weeks old. My hubsband had him named before he was even born. PUGSLEY off the ADAMS family. HE has no enimies no children he doesn't like. At 5 weeks old he went to the front door and has never wet or messed in the house. He sleeps with us and very gentle to every one . Like his sunshine and likes to play frisbee,and football. He knows when mommy or daddy is sick he right there beside of us. He is a very specail compaigin to me . Pugsley is more of a child than a dog. We are looking for a play mate boy or girl or a female to breed with pugsley soon. We have only breed him one time and we had 5 puppies he was a very good father to the puppies.He has a moon-eye and a lot of brendle on him. He is a very smart dog and loves every one. Puglsey phone number is (304) 325-5822. His address is 517 5th street Bluefield W.V. 24701. We got plenty of pictues to post. pusley bed time is 8 o'clock every night and he has mad this his own schulde ever since he was born. Pugsly say' good by!



Submitted on 4/20/2006
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Answer by sal
Submitted on 5/2/2006
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I recently got a Boston Terrier.


Answer by rich
Submitted on 5/6/2006
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we have a male &female unrelated boston terrier for sale 400.00 for female 400.00 for male would like to keep them together 6months old perfect markings email me at mrbearhug50126@yahoo.com        ....... ocala florida


Answer by Zack
Submitted on 5/20/2006
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I would like to purchase a Boston for a good deal. I live in Pennsylvania. If you are selling Boston Terriers and live somewhere in the Central Pennsylvania area would you please email me at zack_zeigler04@yahoo.com

Thanks, Zack


Answer by Bob
Submitted on 6/27/2006
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One of the price problems for BT's now relates to the recent national TV ads using BT's. As soon as those ads began appearing in 2005, the price for a pet quality BT jumped by about $300. Three years ago, my wife and I bought a perfectly marked AKC BT male for $250, then the going price. When we began looking for another AKC one last year, we ran into prices ranging from a minimum of $500 upward to $2,000. After searching for a year, we finally found one for $350. One problem is that the CKC will accept AKC bred dogs, but not visa versa, so keep that in mind. CKC's usually sell for slightly less than AKC's.    


Answer by cook
Submitted on 7/30/2006
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i just love boston terrier!!!!


Answer by smoran
Submitted on 8/21/2006
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I just purchased a 5yr. old  from the paper. She has the best temperment, and when I went to see her the first thing she did was lick me. I could not resist. I had done some research on  before I bought her so I was pretty aware of what to look for. Unfortunately she does have one blue eye and one brown. I asked the owner about it and she said that the dog was born like that, and that she doesn't have any problems. "Bella" can see fine, and here perfect, would a  with blue eyes be born deaf or could it develop over time? She is registered, and was breed twice before I got her, she is only 5, but is it smart to breed her any more, I have no problems spaying her. If I could get some answers that would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at zueszilla2000@yahoo.com. Thank You.


Answer by hobsie_4@yahoo.com
Submitted on 8/31/2006
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I have a Boston terrior and some what saved her from the family that had origannaly bought her. can you give me any advice on her she is very loving and fun to watch play. she looks as though she may be a brindle is that reare or normal? if you can help you can email me at hobsie_4@yahoo.com


Answer by marie
Submitted on 9/3/2006
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hi-we are seeking a family dog and love the bt breed.  can anyone tell me a little more about the aforementioned health problems and what a reasonable price would be in the nj area?  if anyone knows of a reliable breeder, please forward that to ldcmarie@yahoo.com


Answer by Griz
Submitted on 9/8/2006
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I just Purchased a Boston terrier from Moondoggies a pet store in orange, he is so adorable, I originally wanted a french bulldog but due to all the health problems the dogs face with their respiratory system, I decided to get a boston terrier, I purchased a 4 month old male pup for $1600, looking at the prices listed I think i might have over paid, but I'm content with my cute pup thus far.  I know you always over pay @ petshops but I don't know any breeders in my area, I would like to purchase a female though, if you know of any breeders in California I live in Ontario, please let me know, and if you have any info on the mature size of boston, I wanna know appox. how big he will get, and any special instructions on how to care for him!  Thankx a bunch


Answer by Erika
Submitted on 11/16/2006
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I have a Boston Terrier that I adopted from a Boston Terrier Rescue.  I paid an adoption fee of $275 for a not-exactly breed standard Boston.  She is completely white and deaf.  But it shouldn't be the markings that make you want to take the dog into your life, it should be the personality.  I wouldn't sell her for a trillion dollars and haven't even thought that I wish she looked more like a typical Boston.  Her deafness does not affect her lifestyle.  I would recommend seeking a dog from a rescue before searching out a breeder and definitely before purchasing one from a pet store.


Answer by cook
Submitted on 12/5/2006
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hi, i would love to have a boston terrier for about $300..


Answer by Susan-Texas
Submitted on 12/14/2006
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I have a Boston Terrier whom is Mya-Mae. She is my first one to own. I love her so much. She is a wonderful dog and is good with children and others as well as cats. She is a people pleaser. She is my lil baby girl!!! Anyone wishing to get a BT should do so, you will have alot of laughter with it. They are very comical and fun....  


Answer by Stacey
Submitted on 1/4/2007
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I live with my boyfriend, Dan, and he bought a Boston Terrier 6 months ago. Dan grew up with them and missed having them as a pet for years. I grew up with a big dog...a Lab...his name was Yogi. He died when I was 22 years old, and at the time I was devastated and thought I could never love another dog again. Now I'm 44 and have fallen in love with our Boston Terrier. Her name is Casey, and she is the sweetest dog you could ever know. Although they can get tempermental when they don't get their way, they are very loving and devoted. If Dan and I leave the room she is in, she will get up immediately and start looking for one of us...they don't like being left alone (unless they are crated, and they do great...they are calm in the crate). I didn't think I would like a small breed because I thought they all barked, but BT'srarely bark, unless you're playing with them and teach them to bark...Casey knows our hand signal for "Speak" and she'll bark when she sees it. I have thanked Dan (who I have always called my puppy!) for bringing this second puppy into my life. They both make my heart full. :-)


Answer by snuffy0919@yahoo.com
Submitted on 4/8/2007
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I have two puppies for sale. I have a female for $550.00 and a male for $500.00. They will have had their first vet visit, shots and worming prior to deliver. The parents are AKC registered and I have lineage information for the grandparents as well. The dogs can be delivered within a 800 mile radius form my location for an extra $100.00. Please contact me if you are interested in these fine dogs. The Boston Terrier breed is a wonderful breed of dog.



Answer by rachel
Submitted on 5/25/2007
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we just got a boston terrier we wanted a small dog and i saw this one she was a ckc female for $450  has perfect everything we are wanting to breed her out  we are located in jacksonville florida if anyone knows a good breeder please let me know thanks


Answer by MiCHELLE
Submitted on 5/29/2007
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Hi my name is michelle & my boyfriend and i are looking to purchase a boston terrier & i am really interested in the $200 boston terriers for sale i just would like to know how much shipping is ? & im looking for a black female boston terrier thank you =)


Answer by johnny
Submitted on 6/17/2007
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i can give anyone 1 for free because i breed them.


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