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How come i cant read Nostradamus's predictions online...

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Question by Ashley
Submitted on 7/6/2003
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How come i cant read Nostradamus's predictions online instesd of buying his book?

Answer by s
Submitted on 8/2/2003
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because information is not free


Answer by the producer
Submitted on 8/14/2003
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You can actually all of Nostradamus' predictions at the following website.  They are listed in their french iteration and most have been translated.



Answer by Grace
Submitted on 8/19/2003
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Was Nostradamus the person that predicted the we would have 3 days of darkness? And if it was not him then who was it?


Answer by tkd
Submitted on 8/20/2003
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There are many prophecies about 3 days of darkness.  A lot come from the Christian bible.  See this web site.


Answer by Grant
Submitted on 10/27/2003
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Answer to Ashley --

You can read all of Nostradamus' prophecies with French and English translations and a search engine to boot at:

If you'd like to check out something brand new on Nostradamus, check out this site:




Answer by Doughboy
Submitted on 12/26/2003
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Human knowledge shouldnt have a price. Human knowledge isnt a privledge, its a right.


Answer by Mike
Submitted on 12/28/2003
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i wondered that too, is this old stuff copyrighted, i really doubt it


Answer by prof killer
Submitted on 1/14/2004
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Nostradomus was as nutty as a fruitcake! Nothing more than a blittering idiot! The only thing he predicted correctly was a nice income for himself...The last thing he ever wrote was "I can't believe you idiots are trying to figure out what I meant by that", P.S. I have no idea who or what Hister is!!!!!


Answer by omi
Submitted on 1/19/2004
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i agree with prof killer nostradamus in him writings he is to common example:a great disaster is going to happen, no duh he had to be more specific


Answer by Dirky
Submitted on 1/21/2004
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Not only does Hister come close to Hitler,
it's also the Latin name of the river the town Hitler was born in lies next to.


Answer by AT1000
Submitted on 2/4/2004
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hmmm..... random nonsense that people try to decipher.. good thing this hasnt taken over our culture


Answer by princessholly
Submitted on 2/24/2004
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NO idea what your talking about....why dont you worry about something under your control...like...what u r doing next week!


Answer by plutonic
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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the predictions are in french and all though they are there are still ways to find out what it means. like going to a different web-site.


Answer by Katie B
Submitted on 3/31/2004
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Nostradamus predicted there would be a World War Three that would happen between 1994 and 2003 that would wipe out 80% of the population. Hello? The world population is still intact and I'm positive that I'm not living under a rock.


Answer by gereminator
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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Nostradamus said there would be a world war 3 after 9/ll it hasn't came yet. I think it won't either.


Answer by gereminator
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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I know!!!!!!! that nostradamus did not predict 9/11. Because he didn't write that quatrain another guy did it was a sham


Answer by Russell R
Submitted on 4/21/2004
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Nostadamus didnt predict anything about 9/11... he predicting something close 2 it.. but it didnt resemble 9/11 at all.. some1 just modified what he said.. what nostradamus did predict,. was WWI, WWI, alot of stuff in Frace, about their kings.. Hitler... and he predicted stuff about the USA, and USA wasnt even known back then


Answer by markymark
Submitted on 5/28/2004
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he was right about alot of things; 9/11
-----taken from the book ... u decide----
At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

The King will want to enter the new city,
Through its enemies they will come to subdue it:
Captive free falsely to speak and act,
King to be outside, he will keep far from the enemy.

Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into the Tub,
Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur.


Answer by angie
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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Just go to google.com and type in Nostradamus predictions. There's several pages of info for you to read. Half of what he said has come true. the rest is yet to come.


Answer by angie
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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Just go to google.com and type in Nostradamus predictions. There's several pages of info for you to read. Half of what he said has come true. the rest is yet to come.


Answer by Ari
Submitted on 9/10/2004
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I believe that Nostradamus's predictions are true..if you look at past events 9/11, world wars, modern technology you will see he predicted most of these things which have happened. and this thing about world war 3 after 9/11 he never stated when it would exactly happen after 9/11 just that it would happen.. and he also states that while he made these predictions the future isnt set in stone..and that his predictions are more warning signs then anything else..so we can choose a different path to avoid these tragic things...if it was predicted that you were to die in a car crash tomorrow you wouldnt get in a car would you..NO you would avoid it so you wouldnt die.. maybe more people should take more note of his predictions..and who cares if just anybody can make a prediction its what people choose to do with these predictions ..they either choose to take a different path to avoid tragic happenings or they be ignorant and narrow minded and find out the hard way.. even if you dont believe in seeing into the future and other such abilities why not take what others say into account...maybe if we had started taking what others believe into account...the world may be a better place..


Answer by ?
Submitted on 11/5/2004
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The world will be distroyed in the year 2011

A asteroid will hit the earth knocking it off its axis...


Answer by armydude199
Submitted on 11/15/2004
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I do think that Nostradamus made most of those predictions though since I have found it in many places.


Answer by joseph
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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his books are available world wide


Answer by ben
Submitted on 1/9/2005
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Nostradamus predicted so much stuff,

he predicted fighter jet..
At night they will think they have seen the sun,
when the see the half pig man:
Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.
The brute beasts will be heard to speak.

the half pig men, the early oxygen mask, if u were seeing that for the first time, u would think it looked like a pig, the battles seen fought in the skies, if u don't understand that, then your stupid..and the brute beasts will be heard to speak..he could have heard them talking over the radio


Answer by Darren Shai-Hee,-Sydney, Australia
Submitted on 1/13/2005
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Nostradamus saw the overall future picture of our own current time, from his point of viewing it, he saw everything in a certain but specific time frame, if you think he missed a certain event which we think is important,-then he could of described it in association with another event hidden from the public which is occurring near or at the same time, you must understand that he had to describe everything he saw in his own limited vocabulary, how could for example a 15th or 16th century person describe a computer or a nuclear submarine or DNA?
Give Nostradamus the benifit of the doubt, Give him credit for even being concerned about whats happening in our time.

He is describing ww3 as a totally different war from any other so far, forget about any thought or pre-conceptions about what you think ww3 will be.

No this war will be played out by a whole new set of rules,-that is-"No Rules" it will be totally insidious and the whole world stage is being set up for this.
Yes ww3 will have the hall marks as being a planned war, but planned by who? No one knows Yet for sure, but you can bet that who ever is behind this has evil intent, Not that you will recognise it, but the world is being set up to creadte the circumstances for such a war to happened.  
Read Revelations in the Bible, but read it with open eyes, You don't need to be religious to read it. It has symbolism in it similar to Nostradamus readings, but you need to read between the lines.

WW3 is a mixture of war and peace-but not the peace you know it today,- so that we don't really know when it actually started, we won't realise we are in ww3 until we see Mushrooms sprouting in certain countries, then we will know its been planned, but by that time it will be too late. Remember you don't start a war unless you are prepared for it!

But don't ever think once the mushrooms have finnish sprouting that ww3 had ended,-as ww3 would just be in another phrase something like stage two of the ww3.
Remember WW3 is unlike any other war-For this War has No Rules!


Answer by purpleprincesspal
Submitted on 1/23/2005
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you can also go to http://www.sacred-texts.com/nos/#prophecies which gives you the predictions...personally, i find his quotes quite bogus and very vague but, I have to do a report on the man so.... I hate the fact that reports must be unbiased...and the fact that i can't choose topics but...so i hope the link helped..


Answer by Human
Submitted on 2/24/2005
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The WWIII has come... Hello... AIDS is the WW# it will kill many ppl... suddenly


Answer by m-h
Submitted on 2/28/2005
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Hey if you really wanna see Nostradomus' true things go to
www.welivetogether.com!!! ITS AWESOME!


Answer by m-h
Submitted on 2/28/2005
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Hey if you really wanna see Nostradomus' true things go to
www.welivetogether.com!!! ITS AWESOME!


Answer by Jizzo
Submitted on 3/3/2005
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The date Nostradamus spoke of was 1999 and 7 months which could be the date that Saddam and Osama started plotting on the U.S. also he speaks of two people which could be Osama and Saddam. The war is not over yet everyone knows that. The New Land has always referred to the U.S. That is What Christopher Columbus named it. He found it 1492. Nostradamus was alive in the 1500's so The U.S was around then. So all you skeptics have ever done is say people are wrong. With no physical proof to prove your beliefs yet you demand it from others.


Answer by stuey
Submitted on 3/20/2005
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man whoever said the last thing nostradamus said was "i cant beleive you idiots are trying to figure out what i meant by this p.s i have no idea who hister is" that person is stupid coz that is the bloody prediction u idoit he predicted wed be trying to figure it out and gave us a clue that he got hister wrong!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by michelle mccance
Submitted on 4/3/2005
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Question:What were his predictions on the death of the 3rd king?Could he be referring to the pope?


Answer by P.N. Eze
Submitted on 4/4/2005
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I think that Nostradamus's fans are taking his predictions beyond the scope. As far as I am concerned, Nostradamus was only trying to keep himself busy. I cannot rate any of his predictions 100% correct. It's all a game of guessing


Answer by Jonninamus
Submitted on 4/12/2005
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man, yall dont know, they made a movie about his predictions before 911 and showd it,crazy, no, he predicted so many things i am wondering how did he do it. dont believe me... check it out yourself.


Answer by dr.turi
Submitted on 5/24/2005
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To All my Readers;

As always let me take this opportunity to wish you and your loved one healing love and light.

So much has been written about the great Seer and some of those findings are so ironically deceptive but if it makes money who really care? Well this is not exactly what the great Prophet had in mind and why he wrote a "curse" for those perpetrators.

Last Night's Interview reveals a connection between Nostradamus and Mayans...12/10/03
My dear friend Mitch Battros (ECTV)~ You may go to Mitch's site, he regularly invites Nostradamus "authorities" and if you missed last nights interview with Adam Rubel, another surprise was announced. Adam has now stated he has been "told" by Mayan Elders, that Nostradamus was a "student" of one of the tribes from Guatemala. Adam did mention the name of the tribe, but I could not understand the word as he announced it in Maya language. Adam stated he was told by three Mayan Elders, one of which was Carlos Barrios, that they "believe" Nostradamus was a student, and this is were he learned his technique of "water and a tripod". It is said using a bowl of water on a tripod is called "scrying". It is a technique used by those trained to "see/view" other places without being "seen" by those they are "viewing" (spying on), or to help them foretell the future. Since last night's interview, I have been told this technique was used by many cultures long before Nostradamus discovered it and put it to his own use. Nothing about Nostradamus studying with the Mayans can be more erroneous or incorrect.One must use common sense when dealing with any form of information, Nostradamus traveled all over Europe carrying his books and belongings on the back of a donkey. Cars, trains and planes were not yet available and a trip by sea to take a study to Guatemala with some Mayan Elders would have been very expensive and time-consuming for the doctor who was very much in demand for his services against the plague affecting Europe during his existence. I know for a fact that Nostradamus spoke a few languages and I do not know about the Mayan dialect.

For centuries, famous writers from all walks of life have sought to translate Nostradamus' work on his prophecies, the Anti-Christ and his own life. First I must make you aware of what is really needed in order to successfully attempt to do a sensitive study on "Les Prophecies," or to even remotely understand his celestial gifts. First, a full translation of the 16th-century Old French into our modern French language is needed. The vocabulary was very different and sentencing unique. Second, he was born in Provence in the southern part of France, and you must master its quickly disappearing local dialect called "Le Provençal." ONe would have to take a course in such languages as, Greek, Arabic, Latin and Italian. Third, you must master and practice his rare method of Divine Astrology which has nothing to do with modern Astrology methodology. Fourth, this also means taking references in the disappeared old calendar's alignment of planets and a myriad of other spiritual studies. Most of all, you must be born with a unique Astrological chart in order to understand where the Prophet was coming from in predictive Astrology. There are NO schools producing geniuses and it is your inherited stars which will dictate, as with Nostradamus, Einstein, Beethoven and Mozart etc. your future and natural inborn abilities. Note also that notorious healers, and prophets such as Edgar Cayce and Madame Blavatsky were also born with the same dragon as Nostradamus. My January newsletter will elaborate on that topic. Not aware of the "curse" placed on fools by the Seer, charlatans, writers or incompetent Astrologers and many who have directly or indirectly hurt Nostradamus' integrity will have to answer and pay the price for their ignorance. I strongly recommend anyone remotely involved with Nostradamus' work to read his own words in the following very carefully.


To those of whom, and there will be many throughout the centuries, who want to translate my verses, I offer this warning. That, when they read them, they reflect on them profoundly, so that, in their great understanding, they will find words to keep the profane and the ignorant far away. Likewise, popular Astrologers, deceiving writers, fools and charlatans.

"Let him who ignores this warning be cursed, according to the rites and ceremonies."

Time does not exist

To love, to want, infinitely

that is all, and all is that


Le 27 Juin 1566 ~ Michel De Notre Dame


The following is an exact translation from the preface written by Nostradamus to his son Caesar:

Events of human origin are not certain, but everything is ordered and governed by the incalculable power of God, inspiring in us not through drunken fury, nor by frantic movement, but through the influences of the stars. Only those divinely inspired can predict particular things in a prophetic spirit For a long time I have been making many predictions, far in advance, of events that have since come to pass, naming the particular place. I attribute all this to divine power and inspiration.

Pronounced events, both happy and sad, have come to pass within the 'climate' of the world with increasing promptness: However, because of the possibility of harm, not just for the present but also most of the future, I became willing to remain silent and refrain from putting them into writing. Because the reigns, sects, and religions will make changes so diametrically opposite, that, if I came to reveal what will happen in the future, the great ones of the above reigns, sects, religions, and faiths would find it so badly in accord with what their fantasy wishes to hear that they would damn that which future centuries will know and see to be true. As the true Savior said, "give not that which is holy unto dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn and rend you."

This has been the cause of my withholding my tongue from the populace and my pen from paper. Later, because of the 'vulgar advent,' I decided to give way and, by obscure and perplexing sentences, tell of the causes of the future mutations of mankind, especially the most urgent ones, and the ones I saw, and in a manner that would not scandalize their delicate sentiments. All had to be written under a cloudy figure, above all things prophetic. Now or in the future there may be persons to whom God the Creator, through imaginative impressions, wishes to reveal some secrets of the future. Let it be in accord with judicial Astrology, in much the same manner that in the past a certain power and voluntary faculty came over them like a flame, causing them to judge human and divine inspiration alike. For it is by this, together with Divine inspiration and revelation and continual watches and calculations, that we have reduced our prophecies to writing.

But what I do want to make clear to you is the judgment obtained through the calculation of the heavens. By this, One has knowledge of future events while rejecting completely all-imaginative things one may have. With Divine and supernatural inspiration, integrated with astrological computation, one can name places and periods of time accurately, an occult property obtained through Divine virtues, power, and ability. In this way, past present and future become but one eternity; for all things are naked and open.

With love always - Your father, Michel De Notre Dame


In the next January newsletter I will do the full chart of Nostradamus and expose his celestial identity and his view on the Anti Christ theory - Using His own Divine Astrology Methodology I will explain his prophetic powers and how he used them.

Excerpt from my book "The Power Of The Dragon": The great prophet Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in the Southern part of France in a small village called Saint Remy De Provence. Keep in mind that Nostradamus did not use a computer over 400 years ago, and not many of the people of his time could afford or even read watches! Consequently, only a minority of extremely wealthy, educated and privileged select could have had recorded the precise times of their birth. Still, Nostradamus will always be the most incredible Astrologer of all time. Contrary to what modern-day Astrologers may believe, the extraordinary method used by the seer was very simple and did not require much mathematical work. However, 200 years later, around the 17th century, this mathematical approach to life and an inclination toward details separated Astrology from Astronomy (which used to be only one science then).

Clay tablets were used by "early scientists" to predict, mathematically and accurately, the time of an eclipse. Thus, a slow deterioration of man's cosmic consciousness took place, to be replaced by a more scientific approach to life. Some of those former Astrologers (they became scientists/astronomers later) did not have, by birth, the "cosmic gift" or the needed spiritual tools (advanced Mercury) to enter the divine intuitional domain of the stars, or stated as the difference between an insightful man (spiritual old soul) and a skeptical/rational man (young soul). Abolished by long-established, politically and financially oriented churches, Astrology suffered enormously. The damage done to the oldest science of the world seems, somehow, irreparable. This manipulation (fear of hell and devil) imposed upon the uneducated masses throughout the centuries by Christianity may take years to counter. Incidentally, I firmly believe that the New Age of Aquarius (Anti-Christ) will take care of man's naiveté, fear and foolishness "in good time."

In the future, Divine Astrology will be reintegrated into where it belongs - in our colleges and universities, accepted as a valuable therapeutic science. The perpetual ignorance of God's Universal Rules can only bring serious penalty to mankind. This lack of spiritual regeneration leads generations toward despair, depression, murder, promotes suicides and brings total chaos to our rapidly deteriorating society. Looking at the tree leads to missing the forest, and this is what has happened with modernized Astrology as practiced today. Combined with ignorant religious fanatics, financially oriented (900 numbers/Mrs Cleo endeavor/newspaper horoscopes/etc.) Astrologers, fools, charlatans, and so-called psychic television programs, all of these things have participated in seriously hurting the integrity of the old science.

Many famous Astrologers have attempted to do Nostradamus' Astrological profile and all, without exception, no matter their degree of fame or accomplishment, have failed miserably in their explanations. This lack of knowledge is mainly due to their mathematical background and lack of cosmic consciousness. Chances are that many famous Astrologers do not have, themselves, the intuitive power (gift) at birth. The location and aspects of Mercury to Uranus or Pluto, and especially to the Dragon's Head/Tail are a serious contribution "given at birth" to be attracted to, to relate to, or even understand the deep message within Divine Astrology. Nostradamus inherited these great gifts, and this promoted the famous French doctor toward a slow but extraordinary cosmic consciousness. His ability to understand and use the archetypal realm of consciousness in time and space was the golden key to tab on the future. Divine Astrology, unlike modern Astrology, does not require the exact time of birth (no rising sign or Ascendant is used). This eliminates the chance of error in the interpretation of the housing system if a wrong time is given. This also allows people who do not have their "exact" time of birth to benefit from the interpretation of their horoscopes.

As for "Nostradamus Defined through Astrology" which reported the exact time of birth (12:03 p.m.) found in the great book, Nostradamus & the Millennium by John Hogue, it seems to be the product of someone's vivid imagination. Based on the "witless" birth time information, the rising sign becomes the focus of the definition, thus, the interpretation of Nostradamus' Astrological profile becomes totally erroneous. You will read the right information in my next newsletter when I deal with his stars his own very way. The Prophecies of Nostradamus, translated and edited by Erika Cheetham, reports a different but sensible time (12 p.m.). She seems to be closer to the truth pertaining to Michel's difficult upbringing. However, lacking true information, both of these modern Astrologers did not use the Seer's unique Divine Astrology method in their interpretations and completly avoided the incredible power and vital information based upon Nostradamus' Dragon Head and Tail location.

Contrary to what has been commonly claimed by many writers, Nostradamus was born in an attic at the hands of a local midwife. He was not from the illustrious line of Jewish-Italian doctors working at the Court of King Rene of Anjou. As for the reported time of 12:03 p.m., I also believe that the midwife was more concerned in keeping the child alive than at looking at a clock that was not affordable, if yet in use. The newborn mortality rate was very high at this time due to the lack of hygiene, the cold and disease. The preciseness of this given time, 400 years ago, 12:03 p.m., is sure proof of the misleading information.

Incidentally, 447 years later, in the same area of La Provence, a local midwife helped my mother in birthing. Some of her children (eight of them) were born the old-fashioned way, in the same old house, away from the now-modern techniques, educated doctors and sterilized facilities. No "exact" time was immediately recorded of my birth, but mother told me it was night time. In my case, Dr. Vieux (now gone to the great beyond) assisted her. In Nostradamus' case, I doubt very much that the busy midwife glanced at a clock or watch and recorded Michel's time of birth, that is, if she could even read the time, or write! Chances are that with all the excitement of a newborn and the immediately following celebration with our great French wine, the poor old lady had enough problems of her own to even remember where she lived!

Note: My own mom told me that in the fifties, she could not afford a clock, she had no TV, no radio, no car and rode all over on a bicycle. What could have happened 447 years earlier? Use your own common sense. She remembered watching my exuberant dad and Uncle Louis, plunging my entire tiny body into a "lessiveuse" bucket full of white wine. No expensive champagne was available, but they all got seriously drunk, including the local doctor. I was the desperately wanted first boy following three girls.Keep in mind that vital knowledge was passed down from one midwife to another, and hand-to-hand experience was the way of learning. Obviously, many of those good local ladies could not even read or write. My own birthing situation could have been only much better than in 1503, over 495 years ago!

Unlike what many have professed, the upbringing of Nostradamus was harsh and dramatic, and he was not born either with money or a high social standing. To counteract the possibility of error, an intuitive Astrophile would use the constellation where the birth took place as house No. 1. Divine Astrology starts the housing system, not by the rising sign but by the month receiving the constellation of that specific Astrological sign. Keep in mind that old calendars have been changed many times to fit modern man's mathematical adjustments. In the process, constellation locations have been misplaced with newly applied mathematics. This new-fashioned knowledge did not apply to Nostradamus' way of looking at the stars 400 years ago. Such mathematical jargon might also be one of the reasons why many intuitive souls (the ones who are really gifted) have become fearful and have lost their interest in an overloaded, mathematically oriented, modern Astrology.Astrology is an art, and art does not dwell too much on numbers; instead, applying intuition leads to the understanding of the symbolic power and divine essence hidden within the symbols of the Zodiac.

You may go to NOSTRADAMUS GALLERY on my website at http://www.drturi.com/gallery.html - Check all the beautiful pictures and click any one of them to view in a larger format.



Answer by Steven1961
Submitted on 7/19/2005
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Did Nostradamus ever see Jesus returning to earth? Did he see more American presidents killed after JFK?


Answer by whatever
Submitted on 8/16/2005
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sometimes people are scared to believe in reall..everything is talking the same things not only Nostradamus..look around...everything is speeking the end is not too far...so whatever believe you in his predictions or no..cos i know you believe your tv that speaks only terorrism, killing and climate problems...so?


Answer by zef
Submitted on 8/26/2005
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let time decide , til den enjoy da fiction or truth,as u like it. There is one prediction regarding the last day....we will see how true it is


Answer by Susan
Submitted on 9/6/2005
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Dont you think its possible that maybe nostradamus was just writing about the things happening in his times. And maybe history is repeating itself again.


Answer by jeebus
Submitted on 9/7/2005
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The bible and Nostradamus' writings can all be interpreted subjectively.  All this 'its come true'; is a bit of a stretch for the imagination.  

Although interesting reading, I would hardly believe it to be fact.  Nostradamus' predictions can be googled, but it's just someone's interepretation and skewed as such.


Answer by dart
Submitted on 9/15/2005
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no he predicted the 3rd world war would start some time in 2005 (lead by an antichrist)and end in 2012 when the world is deystroyd


Answer by nar-nar
Submitted on 9/17/2005
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some of you have no faith in anything do you? It's an interesting thought to think that someone was maybe odd enough to predict future commings and get some right. Yes some are not quite exact but to err is human...


Answer by nicky
Submitted on 10/23/2005
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Don't you think with everything happening around the world that Nostradamus is correct in saying the world is coming to an end!


Answer by shorty
Submitted on 11/28/2005
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OK u say this stuff isnt true we are in world war three ohhh dear lord a few years off that's more than u could ever do he has gotten everything right so far so read the facts and learn that's my griping for the day! Thank you on the " the rest is yet to come" because it's happening


Answer by Kayne
Submitted on 1/6/2006
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Nostradamus does not like to give too much info about what will happen, pretty genral sort of stuff, i could also tell you there will be wars in the east next year, earth quakes in asia, and floods will make many people homeless,  talking about this subject, Ellen G White, Prophet?


Kayne Davis


Answer by Cody
Submitted on 1/10/2006
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Markymark, that last one sounds like The New Orleans Disaster.  Right, I do believe that some of Nostradamus' Predictions are correct but others have been forced to fit.


Answer by Menthy's
Submitted on 2/13/2006
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*sigh* you can access information on the e-net but it can never be right, we do no know what he talks about, yet all we can do is relate to what he says and relate to present day issues and problems, wars and corruption and see if it matches. Ex.    In the year 1999 and seven months
     From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
     He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols;
     Before and after war reigns

this is one of Nostradamus' many predicions. There are many aspects though to what this means. We might be wrong, it might not even be something we noticed but yet we beleive what seems right. Even if you buy the book you can never be sure is it is correct, its all up to Nostradamus.no one knows what he refers to unless we were to talk to him in present day. To bad hes dead. =.=


Answer by candy
Submitted on 4/17/2006
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I have wondered about his predictions too, and have found that he was a fake. Lets say someone wrights down that one day we will have flying cars. Well (some) people will try harder to make that prediction come true. Then both people are possibly more popular and remembered.Nostradamus was a very intelligent man. He know that what he wrote down would eventually happen, but he  did not predict any thing sadly


Answer by sfguy
Submitted on 4/23/2006
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Actually Nostradamus did predict the 9-11 attacks. Check out the following quatrain:
Century 10 - Quatrain 72
"In the year 1999, and seven months, from the
sky will come the great king of terror.
He will bring back to life the great king
of the Mongols. Before and after war
reigns happily"

The year 1999 is actually a numerical anagram. It is read as 9111 (simply inter
change the numbers).  The seventh month
according to the calender that Nostradamus
followed is September. The great king of
terror striking from the sky looks a lot
like sept. 11th. It also predicts wars
before and after the event which is what
is happening right now.


Answer by online directory main
Submitted on 5/6/2006
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Answer by heinzmoleman
Submitted on 5/14/2006
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nostradamus was specific ith his predictions but he had to be careful because oif all the withc hunts so he sort of put it in codes u guys just lack ontelligence

hister refers to the river that hitler used to go to think about his evil deeds when he was a baoy


Answer by a_margaret
Submitted on 5/18/2006
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In Nostradamus' years what he does is called witchcraft and he would be burned if he didn't keep it secret. He used many languages in his quatrains, and he used a lot of metaphors. He couldn't go for the details unless he wanted to die.


Answer by Coco
Submitted on 5/21/2006
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Just so you know Hister is what Hitler was going to change his name to but he couldn't remember how to spell it so it changed he name to Hitler instead.


Answer by Punk_Princess
Submitted on 5/31/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
well i rekon some of it is true cz he sed sumat bout the twin towers being burn, well i believe ht was right, wasnt it !! and he was dead b4 that hapend so wat u hink now =P js coz some ov it aint cme true dont mean its a sham ! he's not gonna get everything perfectly right is he mun !!!
Nat xXx


Answer by Kingy
Submitted on 6/3/2006
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I think that the predictions are right, I THINK, they do sound very convincing, and almost right, tho he got the prediction wrong about the 1994-2003 world war.


Answer by Johnny
Submitted on 6/3/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Hes a moron, don't believe him, people say he was passesed by satin, that's why he said thoes predictions. The 9-11 was just a qeuincedence.


Answer by Blue Man #1
Submitted on 6/12/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
You have to give Nostradamus some credit, he did make these predictions 500 years ago so he couldn't have gotten every date or the specifics of every single prediction he made correct. i mean come on, this is Nostradamus. Not That's So Raven.


Answer by Blue Man #1
Submitted on 6/12/2006
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WW3 is supposed to start around 2006-2012, it will last 27 years and be the worst war yet. According to Nostradamus.


Answer by Nostradamus him self
Submitted on 6/24/2006
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yes i told some to type this for me in the year 2000 and plus 6. wow its me yes a big war will come people will die. no one will know what to do. money will rain down. gold from the ground will mix with blood. pleople will join in groups that will fight.
and you people will blive even this.
thanks and good knight.p.s open your eyes and ears before its to late!


Answer by Nostradamus him self
Submitted on 6/24/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
yes i told some to type this for me in the year 2000 and plus 6. wow its me yes a big war will come people will die. no one will know what to do. money will rain down. gold from the ground will mix with blood. pleople will join in groups that will fight.
and you people will blive even this.
thanks and good knight.p.s open your eyes and ears before its to late!


Answer by bbp_bigbadpeanut
Submitted on 6/27/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
This guy is a load of bob sorry guys lol he said Spain was to win the world cup of 06 but in that French decipher crap well you know ;) thats my opinoin Spain did good though still, and another thing I can guarantee there will be another world war 3 isnt it quite simple there is many wars yet to come. but I do not beleive there is a anti-christ


Answer by Hank
Submitted on 7/10/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
The guy made some pretty precise shiet. Like the whole JFK/RFK stuff. Pretty frickin accurate.


Answer by 187
Submitted on 7/16/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
who the hell are uguys talking about?? and who the hell is nuttydumass


Answer by Me
Submitted on 7/29/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
You asshats.


Answer by znznz
Submitted on 8/29/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
when will pakistan destroy?& canada will progress or not


Answer by Bob
Submitted on 9/12/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
I think you are all trying to hard to give him credibility for somethings that he only predicted. There was some old stuff he predicted that didnt come true also. Only about 400 of his like 1500 predictions came true. Look ill make one right now and i'llbet you a million dollars it will come true. Here is my prediction:  The world will come to an end sometime between now and the year 420356072098456064678943456875467893607546456546565463456  Now you tell me if im right or not. Remember there are lots of asteroids in space that could hit earth also


Answer by iseultte
Submitted on 9/18/2006
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Oh man. I love the idea of Nostradamus, but I think it's mainly an IDEA. Who actually KNOWS if he predicted the things we think he did? Depending on what you look at, you can make a case either way.


Answer by Brian 3000
Submitted on 9/20/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Prof killer and all who agree with him are idiots Nostradamus already predicted half of the stuff that has happened and it is only a matter of time before the other stuff happens.


Answer by kayla
Submitted on 10/8/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
this is all bull. none of this stuff is going to happen. no world war III.


Answer by argos
Submitted on 10/19/2006
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Oh ye people of 2004, such fools!!  If only they had listened to the profecier and not just to their own whims of reverie..  Your future will be internment.  And SULFUR!!!  I have millions and millions of dollars in assets.


Answer by Sophia
Submitted on 1/3/2007
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I just wanted to mention a prediction of Nostradamus which sort of goes with a bible story. In John 2, there is a letter to "the chosen lady and her children." I went to Spain in the summer of 2006 and met a local witch. She told me that the girl Nostradamus talks about is the same in the bible. The woman is also referred to in Revelation 12.
Most think this woman is Mary in Revelation, and the child she gives birth to is Jesus. This witch told me that it was a woman that will bare four children with three different men. She will be American, but a minority. The woman Nostradamus talks more of her children, which are four.
The witch told me that she will be famous for her writing, and will be in the public eye before 2010. She gave me the initials V.J. The last child she gives birth to will rule Israel until the end of the world. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Answer by grathen
Submitted on 1/14/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Wasn't the Third Antichrist born in 1986?


Answer by Jovon green
Submitted on 1/25/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Nostradamus predictions or at least some of them have came true.Not all of it can be deciphered correctly until we discover the
key to unlocking to true behind what he truly meant.But given the info we already have know and speculate about it is only a matter of time before we know if any of this is going to happen or not.my question is why is the being,god or gods,so afriad of a bunch of humans living on this planet that we all have to be judged and killed on based on what we do.we have free will but all religions point to either oblivion or a new chance at life after everything goes down.We as a people should not even have been created
or exist in the first place if we all going to be killed or go to haven and be stripped of all free will and thought to worship so selfish and lonely god or being that wants us to gravel at their feet i say scw that!i want my freedom in life and my afterlife to go on with my mind as i see fit on into eternity.I just hope i can find peace of mind and no more death and suffering on into the afterlife thank you very much.otherwise there is no reason for my existence in the first place to begin with. p.s. To have lived and loved and be human once is to have experienced much-jovon green


Answer by Dave
Submitted on 3/23/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
you all need to shut up, my god. you cant deny that what he said was fake. he said that one king would be killed, with the visor of his golden helmet pierced in a joust.

the king of France'sdaughter got married, so he had a joust to celebrate, and he challenged one of his counts. the count killed him WITH A LANCE TO THE FACE directly into the visor of the kings golden helmet. explain that, and if u say "conspiracy" your an idiot. no one can purposefully have that kind of accuracy in a joust, when heading towards each other, bouncing on horses, and going 50 miles an hour. not to mention that the king challenged the count, and not the other way around.


Answer by JBunit
Submitted on 4/14/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Well is is kind of weird but honestly he predicted stuff about USA!! Usa wasn't even a country back then.


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