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Have you ever heard of 3.2% beer being called repeal beer? or have you heard of repeal... by Stan Smith 4/3/04 faq 940725 revision
     In Truman Capote's nonfiction work, In Cold Blood, he refers to Kansas as being "dry" and... by allenbro 12/2/04  
     we called it mere beer where i'm from by anaxander 2/20/05  
     Yeah my uncle in Colorado refered to it as repeal beer. by RobertPueblo 8/22/05  
How can you tell if your cat is traditional siamese or modern siamese? by Cats name: Snowball 11/23/03 rec.pets.cats: Traditional Siamese Breed-FAQ
     Traditional Siamese have a round head, like a regular cat, and a cobby body, with a... by MeezerMaster 1/14/2006  
What Impact does the Bee Gees have on music today? by lorella.sitta 11/26/03 Bee Gees Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/4
     why they called themselves the bee gees by Rachael 7/7/04  
Is there any way to purchase all six 3rd rock seasons on DVD? thank... by sallie 2/3/04 Third Rock Episode Guide, Season 2
     Yes there is. Go and see or these are region 2 dvd but seem... by Romain 5/5/04  
     dso; fioweurio wepoif;lasjdf lkhclsa yodf hasdlklkl kljjjs ajjsmbc jkhask;jld hfuioasey6ou... by idiot5/20/04  
I have a 1898 five dollar bill with REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS serial number Z592572 also on... by Lynn Walker 5/13/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Dear Writer, I was searching for the worth of by bill, when I came across your bill. ... by Nazith7/11/04  
     I have 350 in Rublika Ng Pilipinas. How can I find the exchange rate for American... by Jake 5/7/05  
     AM very stuck by mmou 9/13/2006  
     by jaxon 11/17/2006  
We have a Denon EP-5000 Digital Piano, bought it about 10 years ago. Would really like to... by Jim Collins 2/22/04 General
     I too have a Denon EP-5000 Digital Piano bought in the early 1990s. I cannot find anyone... by mackinnon 6/7/05  
     Hi I've got a manual for the EP-2200. I don't know how similar it is though. It's not... by magicvw 8/26/05  
     @ Jim Collins: I have a DENON EP-5000 too and the same problem as you: it is not... by Endorf 5/19/2006  
My wife and I just returned from a 2 week trip to Alaska and brought back some sourdough... by Ron 11/22/03 FAQ Recipes (part 1 of 2)
     Try going to You will find many recipes................ Welcome... by marjorue 6/12/04  
I am interested in getting a doberman and I also have children, I would like to know if... by janet 4/22/04 rec.pets.dogs: Doberman Breed-FAQ
     Dobermans shouldn't "turn" on you. The only times I've heard of that happening are if the... by Carol 10/11/04  
     Um, no not exactly, it all depends on the way you discipline it. It's all the same with... by Sandra 6/30/05  
     One day it might be "woof-woof", the next day "growl-growl." Amber Age:10 by Amber 11/23/05  
     Im actually my self about to get a doberman and i browsed around looking at information... by alpha 12/19/05  
Where can you find the material that goes on the outside of the speaker? by Danny 11/21/03 FAQ:* Retail 7/07 (part 9 of 13)
     you can go to a fabric store that specializes in dancewear fabrics... they will carry it,... by kodiak60 6/5/04  
why does my 13wk old chis ears fold only on the very top,and when do chis start barking? by Madi 2/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Likely the ears are not quite strong enough yet to hold the entire ear erect. My second... by chimama2/19/04  
     My Chi's started barking at close to 5 months old, I didn't think they would make a sound!... by Nrthngal 12/3/04  
what does "removed" mean on a death certificate? by kristen 2/24/04 Cryonics FAQ 9: Glossary
     yes but i hate it by bigvagina 5/22/2006  
WHAT IS A COMPUTER VIRUS? by NONE 2/19/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     I like to do it with GF all night long by OD4/26/04  
I just got a 6 week old female Chihuahua. I know now that 6 weeks was too young to get her... by Victoria 3/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Contact previous owner if possible and ask what they were feeding. I've fed scrambled egg,... by rams3/11/04  
     Excellent suggestions. Also, get her to a vet ASAP. The pastes can be thinned with water... by chimama3/15/04  
     at 6 weeks it is young but i have the same thing except i cant get her to drink any water... by puppygrl 1/2/2006  
     I agree with the whole vet, because i got my chi at 5 weeks old and the breeder already... by Victoria 3/17/2006  
     I agree with the whole vet, because i got my chi at 5 weeks old and the breeder already... by Victoria L 3/17/2006  
how to prepare a veg sandwich by kat 4/19/04 World Guide to Vegetarianism - USA6
     Things You'll Need Sandwich bread slices - 4 Cheese slices - 4 Butter - 1 tsp... by meiyappan 12/13/2006  
When multiple users use same login id to oracle database and perform tasks. How to find... by Roopa 11/20/03 [] Intro to the Usenet Oracle (Monthly Posting)
     my cat's name by weezie 6/21/05  
Location and replacement of a hall sender for a 94 VR6 Passat. by Rich 1/10/04 General
     hall sender is located in the distributor by nizar 4/17/05  
I'm a 43 year old adult skater. I skate an hour a day, 3 or 4 days a week. I've been... by Barbara Miller 11/20/03 Recreational Figure Skating FAQ - Injuries
     More likely inflammation of connective tissues do to impact of jumping. It is most likely... by anne  3/19/04  
do you know if a conferderate states of America $50 dollars note 1861 no 31357 is worth... by lesley 3/10/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..I believe I answered you on this note but just in case some-other people have this... by Pete 3/13/04  
     I also have a fifty dollar Confederate note. It is signed not printed. It is numbered 1844... by chris1 2/7/2006  
Which form of buffering is used by bridge? by aerooe 2/28/04 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     fsddfs by sasfd 9/21/04  
     dasdasdadas by plamen 10/19/2006  
     Which form of buffering is used by a bridge? by brink 10/24/2006  
how i can programming the fuzzy control in miso bu using vb thank you by maher 5/30/04 FAQ: Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems 1/1 [Monthly posting]
     I need information control fuzzy and Visual Basic 6 I from Peru and study control Fuzzy ... by jlrs 3/18/05  
     Check this product: FuzzyWell on It is in the form of ActiveX... by Joanne 4/11/05  
Hello, I am a French citizen and I plan to marry an green card holder who just obtained... by natthy 1/20/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     just come over u have the right to come here without visa for 6 month by souch1/29/04  
     what is toast by louise5/11/04  
Please forward procedures with input information on obtaining user manuals for HP PC... by Jim Carroll 12/29/03 General
     McFadden by mf db 10/4/04  
what/who is the quakers god? by piglette 5/7/04 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are a Christian religion, and therefore the... by Ariel 1/5/05  
     abba by nique 1/18/2007  
I'm looking for a frame shop on Bradshaw Blvd. in Sacramento. They carry frame moldings,... by Kathy 12/29/03 rec.woodworking Frequently Requested Addresses
     The biggest framing supplier near Bradshaw that I can recall is Delta Mat and Molding. I... by random guy 11/10/05  
The fuse to my heater in Jeep Cherokee 1998 keeps blowing when I switch it on. Any ideas? by Chris 1/19/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     the blower motor or wiring is no good. more than likely is the motor. by villen 1/25/04  
     check the wirering by mudcat 11/21/05  
     don't switch it on by don 8/3/2006  
How can I change color of image ? (e.g. There are different color in image, I want change... by chf 11/18/03 colorspace-faq -- FAQ about Color and Gamma
     masters by Kelly 5/24/2006  
I really want to know what is the name of the episode that Joxer makes the radish soup... by Tricia 1/28/04 General
     In Sickness and In Hell by FunsterJim 6/26/05  
     its called in sickness and in hell by xwp 7/11/05  
my basset has a lump just shy of her underarm-what could this be? by Pat 2/21/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     Hi my name is Sarah and i have a Golden Retriever. She is two years old. She has a lump on... by Sarah 9/22/04  
Hi- I'm compiling apache 1.3.29 on AIX 51-05 using gcc 2.95. I'm coming up with... by Bill Edison 1/28/04 comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 5 of 5)
     Hi, You just have to try with a earlier version of GCC (such as 3.3.2). We experienc... by Franck Bercher2/9/04  
     kmajunghs by junghs 6/21/2006  
Is there any tools available to read GE I.* file's header info? by george he 9/11/03 Medical Image Format FAQ, Part 1/8
     Software such as Chris Rorden'sMRICro ( are free and easily read headers... by Leighton Hinkley4/1/04  
We have a one year old siberian husky who has an amazing personality and an incredible... by orionblu 12/13/03 rec.pets.dogs: Siberian Huskies Breed-FAQ
     My husband and myself have 2 siberian husky, both male, one who's 6yrs. and the other... by Kathy2/12/04  
     I had two Siberians who were brother and sister. We always allowed them to sleep... by Malia 2/16/2006  
     Any dog can be left alone during the day though it is hard on them and isn't a good thing.... by Tanisha 3/24/04  
Has anybody experienced this? The hp48sx screen became narrowed and shortened after... by vbom 11/18/03 comp.sys.hp48 FAQ : 1 of 4 - Common Questions
     Hello, My name is Delfo Bonanno, and I'm an electronic engineer. I've got a... by delfo 7/15/04  
What dus 'ma ta pai lai' mean in English????? by aline 2/26/04 soc.culture.thai Language FAQ
     it doesn't matter by Brewer94538 3/4/04  
     Actually, it's pronounced "Mai Pen Rai". = It doesn't matter. by FromThailand 5/8/04  
     No problem by dfg 11/22/2006  
I need contacts with White Oak Timber Merchant from Finland and I can not get it from the... by Jamshed 1/28/04 General
     I am trying to find the exporters of red wood from Finland. Please let me know if you can... by Prasanth Padman 1/25/05  
     i need buyer of wite oak in Finland by 7/30/2006  
If I play a card that puts a -1/-1 counter on a creature and it dies can that creature be... by Bill 11/8/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Regeneration only prevents a creature from being destroyed. Rule 420.5c says: A... by MillMaster12/16/03  
     correct by infiniteorange 4/17/2006  
I just recently adopted a 3 yr. old yorkie whose owner passed away. I also have a 6month... by magge 2/17/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I am having the same issue. Adopted a 3 year old Yorkie but have a 10 week old Bichon/poo... by Niki 2/21/04  
     All dogs do that when a new dog come around his or her teritory,but after a month or so... by LadieDi 7/2/2006  
     Something less expensive that you could try is just letting your 6month old pup know that... by Saryn 1/19/2007  
I got a big problem here. after reading the passage above about the usenet, i still dont... by Val 1/27/04 What is Usenet?
     Hi Val, You write: << I got a big problem here. after reading the passage above... by Steven 5/9/04  
     and i believe you have just 'experienced' it! by bruce 5/28/04  
What are the side-effects of turning-on the built-in auditing capabilities of sybase? by Choy 11/17/03 Sybase FAQ: 9/19 - ASE Admin (6 of 7)
     Overheads include greatly increased I/O and storage (depending) on the level of auditing... by roi 3/14/05  
is there an easy way to put the trans back in a 1995 vw vr6 passat? please help thanks by luggy 2/17/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     como cambiar balatas by cris arzate 8/9/2006  
I have a eight month old mastiffs and am already getting questions as to am I'm going to... by RICK 1/27/04 rec.pets.dogs: Mastiffs Breed-FAQ
     9/19/04 Dear Rick: Please E-mail me. I have spoken with at least 20 plus breeders the... by Sharon Kay 9/19/04  
     1st wait till he is fully mature at 2 years old(it is usually a breach of contract with... by trixiepixiestix 11/8/05  
What are the policies to control the birth rate in Pakistan? by Lee 10/20/03 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
     i want a birth rate in pakistan since 1980 by faizay10/26/03  
I am trying to find a wax coat or tweed coat to go beating in. It needs to be hardwearing... by shules 12/27/03 Clothing for Big Folks: U.S. (FAQ)
     I can supply you, how many pieces you looking for? B.rgds Lee / Uno Ltd by Lee 1/24/2007  
why is there not a cause for it like a disease? by pooh 4/20/04 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     unknown by booskies 6/22/04  
     So little is known about the brain, even with all our so called "medical technology". We... by Francine 8/27/04  
"i am a nigeria willing to come to canada and i want to apply for visa by lewis 5/26/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Anderson by amychy 5/17/05  
     I am in Australia, would like to get a pistol. Want to know if I can get one in Africa... by maria 6/10/2006  
I've got a RS 6000 Machine#: 7013 Model#: 570. I have no video terminal and I can't start... by Luke 12/26/03 General
     Are you sure you're not plugging your monitor into an async adapter card? You might need... by dreddnott 7/24/2006  
My 1 and a half year old JRT is getting to be a problem.He digs tunnels under the fence... by jrtlover11 6/16/04 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     JRTs dig, that is part of their breed make-up. Yours has found out that there is a reward... by Donna 10/5/04  
     you can buy some kind of repelant at the pet store to keep animals away from an area, its... by tay tay 3/29/05  
     Save yourself and your dog anguish. Get some quickcrete in bags at Home Depot. You can... by jack 11/9/05  
     When u let ur JR out into the garden stay with her/him and when they have been toliet... by j8ster 11/19/05  
     The same with my 4 yr. old JRT. He has been getting out the same way for 4 yrs and for 4... by Peanut 11/1/2006  
What is the torque on the intake manifold on a 95 Chrysler LHS? by Laura 11/19/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     3.5 intrepid is 150 inch pounds, if that any help by rob 4/21/04  
We got our puppy on December 20, we have been feeding him canned puppy chow and kibble. ... by Vicki 12/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     My opinion is that blood in urine or poo is never a good thing. I kinda doubt that he... by Tanisha 1/6/04  
We are interested in selling our Capehart furniture cabinet. The cabinet has been in our... by Connie and Gary 12/26/03 General
     Recently lost a Capehart of similar description in a home fire. To describe, ours was... by Mary Calhoun 8/17/04  
I am starting a skin care business. I am not sure which is the correct english-- would it... by julianne 5/31/04 The alt.usage.english FAQ
     "Integrated" is correct. by Nicole 10/12/04  
     I am want to start up a skin care center in miami around may 2005. My parents run a skin... by emile 12/16/04  
     I am starting a new nail and day spa business, but I don't know what to name for the... by lynn 8/17/2006  
     Moja terma nemoe zakluchenj. Jehona Eir. by Jehona Eir 5/24/2007  
I have a male 1-yr. old poodle who is a beautiful dog. He tried to breed with our female... by storm 9/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding Your Dog FAQ
     Dogs don't have to tie to get bred though it is encouraged. I don't know what to think... by Tanisha2/15/04  
I have a 1988 dodge shadow, the shelby 2.2 turbo. what type of power steering fluid do I... by joe 2/15/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     something like this should do : http://www.valvoline. com/pages/products/product_detail.a... by Nick?Name 3/24/04  
     i think power steering fluid is pretty much universal it wont hurt to use regular fluid by njj 10/22/04  
     I have an 88 shadow 2.2 turbo aswell....regular power steering fluid will work nicly by l. 12/20/04  
can i take yohimbe and saw palmetto at the same time by terence 5/28/04 Medicinal herbFAQ Part 7/7
     i think yes by shasif 4/15/05  
     LegEfBLkopod WECxg4Z0oYZi FRizIhVTXtP by zERynokJWY 2/15/2006  
Can someone tell me what causes scarring of a tattoo and also if there is anything i can... by DertnapJumbiePHILLY 5/25/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     I have the same problem with a six month old tattoo. Sometimes certain areas are red and... by vonnie 6/4/04  
     no idea but thought i'd add that yesterday i put this fake tan stuff on and today a tattoo... by luce 12/3/05  
     Some times vitamin E oil will work for not some scarring. This is caused either by pulling... by tommyguns 12/17/2006  
     i have a tattoo that i got on 8/19/07 and mainly the black ink it what feels swollen... by chandra 4/25/2007  
How do conservatism feel about war? by maggie 11/23/03 Conservatism Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     The idea of being conservative is to be a normal human being with the understandings and... by Jim Kalb 7/28/05  
the 1/1 scornful egotist can morph, but has no morph text. what does the morph do? by adrock 4/15/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     it doesn't have any ability. The purpose of this card is because of the high casting cost.... by abcd 4/15/04  
     Morph is the ability to summon a card face down. It can be countered just like any other... by sWirLyEyeS 1/21/05  
My friend asked me to surf the web to find out about the terms "long Dog"and "Lurcher" ... by val 11/15/03 rec.pets.dogs: Greyhounds Breed-FAQ
     A "lurcher" is a cross breed of dog traditionally used for hunting by poachers in the UK... by Russell4/25/04  
should cryonics allowed & what is the justifications. can you present? by susan 2/15/04 Cryonics FAQ 9: Glossary
     Please perform a Google search for a document title "Engines of Creation" "The Coming Era... by Darrin Jones 3/11/04  
How can we create a object file ( executable ) for gawk program ? (i.e.,) how can we hide... by vino 11/14/03 comp.lang.awk FAQ
     You could convert it to C and compile using awk2c or a2c, or convert it to perl using a2p... by Gus 8/23/04  
how much does it cost to get your nipples pierced? and how long does it take for them to... by sarita 6/14/04 General
     it cost around 100 $$ and takes about 3 months to heal by monika7/3/04  
     it only cost me 40 dollors...for the hole thing. and i wouldnt take it back for nothing ... by casey  9/3/04  
     it can cost as low as $40 or I've only heard as high as $80. it just depends on where you... by bob 1/10/2006  
I have an 85 non turbo diesel Volkswagen jetta and I need to find the timing marks can... by annie burk 6/14/04 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     left side near top of flywheel housing,there is an opening ,you can see the timing mark as... by judicliff 11/29/04  
     Timeing marks are for the cam, to insert a straight piece of steel into the slot on the... by tim 3/2/05  
     Any tips for a 1990 Jetta turbo diesel? by Chris  9/19/05  
     the cam has a slot on the oposite end of the belt. there is a special tool to lock it in... by Rick 7/27/2006  
     There is only one mark on the flyweel witch has to align with mark on the bell-housing.To... by akik 11/22/2006  
There was a black and white rpg'ish game for the mac,where you roamed around a dungeon and... by vladski2003 11/14/03 Mac Game Resources on the Internet FAQ
     It sounds like you're describing Dungeon of Doom. There is also a commercial version of... by Rob 3/27/04  
Has anyone used Henry's luminous clubs? Are they durable? How visible are they? by buskerfly 11/14/03 rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     I bought a set of six henry's luna'sabout six years ago.I am now looking to buy another... by flameboyance 4/13/05  
I have my J1 visa issued. How much time do I have to enter US? by Papar 11/17/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     Hi! Can you please help me? I just wanted to know the procedures to apply for J1... by DeeDee 5/5/04  
What is the value of the UK locksmith business per year? by Martin Ayre 11/7/03 alt.locksmithing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     Can't vouch for the UK, but I'm sure that the answer is "Which business"? Here in the... by Keshlam12/11/03  
     in the state of texas new law say you can not have any locksmith tool until you are Lic... by gopher 11/8/04  
What is the most basic idea of vq? by zaw 11/22/03 comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
     FWREFRWEF by SEL 9/11/04  
if i have two goblin sledder and one other goblin and i sacrifice it will this count for... by joan 6/14/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     You can only use one ability at a time. Each goblin you sac can only pump one creature... by MillMaster 6/22/04  
     you can only sac a creature to something can not be sac'dfor multiple purposes.. by sasuke 6/24/04  
     one sacked creature only counts for one ability joan:P by Joshua 12/6/2006  
how shall i solve through linear programming the most optimum economic price for the... by sweety 3/24/04 Linear Programming FAQ
     I'm finding it hard to understand what i have to do to get the answer right. do i have... by salemsanarab 5/31/04  
timing mark for 96,chrysler cirrus 2.5 v6 engine.also anything else you could tell me... by buddy 5/23/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     check the distributor it is the heart of the chrysler computer system if the computer does... by da boogie man 6/24/04  
     could be the crank sensor...that's what went wrong with mine right after I got it. Only... by jen 4/21/2006  
what was Radar's teddy bears name. by AZZA 3/31/04 General
     IT didn't have a name! It was just know as Radars teddy bear by masher 11/7/04  
     It didn't have one. by FunsterJim 6/26/05  
I need e-mail address of LaFayette, Alabama Pilot Club International. A servce organizatio... by LaVenia 1/23/04 General
     am a guy of 22yrs by wasenega 6/1/04  
     Don't have an email. Here's the address: P O Box 376 LaFayette, AL 36862 by no name 2/24/05  
what is the creation of Hassium by Gotedigddsss 12/1/03 Sci.chem FAQ - Part 1 of 7
     what are some sources for hassium by stretchnuts1/6/04  
Can i creature be enchanted to become more than 10/10??? by Damien 12/6/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     yes you can by magic_master12/7/03  
     There is a creature that is called "B.F.M". the creature is actually two cards. you have... by holtanu3/27/04  
     I heard a guy got one of his monsters to be a 681/ is definately legal!! by JAsel 4/21/04  
I'm putting on a production of "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" in San Francisco. Does... by erinthegirle 11/13/03 FAQ
     may you can send to me same film at may wive side to feel with them that may I ... by kawajawx@yahoo.com3/9/04  
On a stereotactic breast biopsy the pathology report only has gross decscription and... by suzyq 11/12/03 Biopsy Report Guide (monthly posting, 38K, v. 1.2)
I want to get a Golden and a lab somewhere in NH, Manchester. I've been looking everywhere... by Katie 10/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     we have 4 lab puppies in stoddard NH e-mail me and we can talk ... by sue3/14/04  
Some music file from downloads into Media Player 9 do not have any rating at all. Thus the... by Bill 12/22/03 Rules for posting to Usenet
     Grease by Melanie Cooper 2/23/05  
at what age is it the best time to have my pup spayed or neutered? by jeanna walker 1/12/04 rec.pets.dogs: Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breed-FAQ
     The ideal time is about 6 months. That's when males get their maturity and females... by Tanisha1/14/04  
how can i insert line numbers for every line in a file? by viuser 4/15/04 vi editor FAQ (Frequently Asked Question List), Part 1/2
     1G !G awk '{print NR,$0}' by Jim Hertzler 8/7/2006  
     use nl command before editing your file by mouly 1/4/2007  
I Need to find a photo or if I can purchase a polk high jersey. That All bundy wore in the... by Keith F. 12/22/03 Star Trek Actors' Other Roles FAQ [05/15]
     eBay $36.95 by hollywooddippa 2/5/04  
Simple question I hope. I am trying to get awk to look at $3 and if it has an asterisk... by DAVE 2/12/04 comp.lang.awk FAQ
     Try: awk '$3 !~ /\*/ { print $3 } $3~/\*/ { print $4 }' by obrienpx 3/11/04  
     try { if $3=="*" { print $4; } else { print $3; ... by piko 3/23/04  
     You can also try: awk '{if ($3=="*") $3=$4; print $3}' by jeex 10/6/04  
getting a wkwinunl.dll error every time I use any program also wintsk32.exe - not sure if... by barlee 1/1/04 Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
     alkjdl;kja;lkf by asdfjlsfdlsakj 3/20/05  
Family coat of arms : red lion rampant , red hand at top left , red crescent at top right... by SHELTIE352@MSN.COM 12/21/03 soc.culture.scottish FAQ
     MacKeogh, McKeogh, Keogh by cj 3/10/04  
Is Keith Richards playing with an electric or acoustic guitar in the Wild Horses video... by Jim 11/11/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     which clip? if you meant the clip from the stripped '94, he played acoustic. by keefjunkie 2/22/2007  
Who can I notify if I have some PDP8 equipment to give away? by John 11/11/03 PDP-8 Frequently Asked Questions (posted every other month)
     Two mailing lists for vintage computers can certainly find good homes for PDP equipment,... by O. Sharp 11/28/03  
I own a 2001 Dodge Durango 5.9 R/T. My post cat o2 sensor harness came off it's hook and... by W 4/11/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     http://dodgeram. org/tech/gas/Trouble/O2_sensor.htm by bj 11/15/04  
     YOur dodge dealer techs are more than willing to help. Call one up, and they'll give you... by knowitall 5/27/05  
     your best bet is going to be search online for a wiring diagram for it. you will more then... by Vic 12/9/2006  
     Sell your truck as fast possible. I just spent $3,500 on mine because the main computer... by Wayne 2/17/2007  
I have some cabling work done with CAT5 cable D-Link make. I'm shifting the premises to a... by Makarand Shrikhande10/1/03 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     If you are running a 10/100 network you should have no problems using Cat5e with Cat5. ... by P-aul3/3/04  
Hi friends, i really need your help on my project. I m doing a presentation on body in art... by yong1/21/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Alternative Bodyart FAQ
     how am i going to render the help? that is in what way do you want me to help you? by ify2/17/04  
     wellz i wuv gurlz! lol! ur crazzzy! by boyz 11/30/04  
I am very surprised that this question is not covered by your FAQ. Where do I get a... by Robin Forster 11/10/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     Buy the book "JPEG - Still Image Data Compression Standard" by William B Pennebaker and... by Korejwa 5/11/04  
how do lands work? i red somthing about them beint tapped so u can ues their manna. and... by wtf?? 4/15/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     heres the deal put a squirl in a paintball gun and shoot it at your mom. then say i LOVE... by squirly 4/19/04  
     You decide what lands you want to tap, and for what kind of mana (if it gives you a... by MillMaster 5/18/04  
Do Italian greyhounds need any special treatment that you do not have to give to other... by annabelle 2/10/04 rec.pets.dogs: Italian Greyhound Breed-FAQ
     Yes, they sometimes do. IGs are very fragile, they break bones quite easily. I personally... by HKES 8/10/04  
     They require LOTS of love and attention. Don't expect to sit down anywhere around them... by jetlag 9/29/2006  
     da eye ta lee on greyhound needsa to eata meataball befoe eacha race after race it musta... by winona  1/27/2007  
does a 1993 concorde use a pcv valve? by big kim 2/18/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i think so bec i have a 94 chrysler concorde and according to the manual it has a pcv... by kev50 2/9/05  
I have a 2000 Avenger with 72,000 miles. Every Fall when it starts to get cold at night,... by Tom 11/10/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Have you tried to replace the temp-sensor for the computer. Not the gauge sensor. You may... by 12/18/03  
I'putting a service panel in my basement. what to know how far to put it off the floor. by quentin kolar 3/20/04 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     6 feet is standard by electrician  3/24/04  
     48" min to 72" max to the center of the meter. check with your local utility company or... by Mystro 7/6/05  
     Use a comfortable height. National Electrical Code ( I don't think ) sets a height. Most... by master Dave 6/8/2006  
If Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) combustion is replaced with AGRO waste.Will this activity... by Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria 11/10/03 Ozone Depletion FAQ Part I: Introduction to the Ozone Layer
     no it is not ozone friendly by Quiz Kid2/24/04  
what is a jpeg(as-is) images by Wolf 4/7/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     sfdsfdsfd by fred 12/1/2006  
can i use a deck made with cards of different expansions? by Feyopun 4/12/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     i want 2 know that myself lol by wtf 4/15/04  
     Try this website... there are different formats in magic that describe what cards are... by MillMaster 4/15/04  
I have a female JRT and I adopted her @ two years ago from our local animal shelter, she... by vicki 11/9/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Animal skin can change pigmentation with age but if your dog spends time laying in the sun... by Erin 11/23/03  
hello, i use a c shell (cash) and want to set a variable in all new opened c shell. in... by radhia 2/9/04 Csh Programming Considered Harmful
     in CSH, one uses 'set' to define a variable with local scope (subshells do not inherit... by Rob Latham3/11/04  
main() can be void by gopal 4/27/04 [alt.comp.lang.learn.c- c++] - FAQ list
     yes main can be void.The return value of main will be passed to the operating system... by bode 6/8/04  
explain why Australian troops were involved in the Vietnam war? also outline the reasons... by s 5/29/04 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     why Australian troops were involved in vietnam war by discochick 5/12/05  
     why were the Australian troops involved in the Vietnam war?? by lige 5/18/05  
     allies with us who went to viet to stop communismmmm by Paris 8/21/05  
     read this it has your answer uk/VietnamWar.htm by azaa 3/6/2006  
I need the Bass Tab to "Live with me" by JT 12/27/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     Intro (Drums enter) G||----------------|----------------|---- -----... by alan powell in wirral 4/22/2007  
HEY EVERYONE I HAVE GOTTA QUESTION.I HAVE TO WEAR A CLEAR NOSE RING TO WORK,RIGHT.WELL I... by pammie_mammie 6/23/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     BITRWE by KHG 12/20/05  
     well the best thing to do would be go to a piercer and get it redone. but if you want to,... by kyle 3/15/2007  
whats a tip drill by gangster  6/26/04 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     A Trip Drill is a girl that will do ANYTHING... Usually in the bed/car where ever they... by Shorty 2/13/05  
     a tip drill is agirl wit an ugly face but a good body by Abyss 7/29/05  
I have a 1994 Chrysler LHS. The ride at low speeds (20-25mph)has started to roll up and... by George 11/8/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Better go to your local Goodyear store rather than a car dealership: likely a separated... by James 4/25/05  
can a non-basic (like temple of the false-tap for 2 colorless mana use this only if you... by yo 3/18/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     Ummm... you kinda figured it out for yourself. If a card does not say that you can do... by MillMaster 3/21/04  
My grand-daughter attends day-care,and her teacher had a cold sore on her mouth.What are... by LeapinLizurd 1/28/04 General
     In my state there are no rules about cold sores in daycare facilities. A cold sore is as... by Dawn 3/11/04  
     Hi, I work in a daycare and yes you can be there, we just have to avoid contacting the... by Amanda 10/15/04  
where can i get a male fawn puppy? there are tons of people that left answers to other... by murph 2/8/04 rec.pets.dogs: Great Danes Breed-FAQ
     From a breeder! Go on and type in "great Dane breeders", and hundreds of... by Mimi 7/14/04  
Who were the lst and last muslim royal kings (Rajas) of bhimber? would like to know the... by irfan 2/8/04 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
     Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that we are living in Palestine and we are... by ibrahim 7/3/2006  
     Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that we are living in Palestine and we are... by ibrahim 7/3/2006  
I am looking for the board game Wadjet. It seems to be nonexisting. Can anyone help. by Debbie 12/8/03 General
     Debbie, I bought the board game Wadjet a while ago but never played it. If you're... by tiki_57 1/2/04  
     I recently bought Wadjet at Enjoy! ~Kitty by kitty2874/17/04  
     I have some one dollar bills from 1899 that i would like to find the value of... by eve 9/21/2006  
I have Microsoft XP and I am plagued with a virus call mssys.ext which has attatched... by Mark 12/17/03 VIRUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v2.00
     Have a look at www.spywareinfo. com/~merijn/cwschronicles.html. I deleted the program... by The_pangolin 1/21/04  
In what order did these events take place (which one began first)reggeae,ska,mento and... by crisy 3/17/04 FAQ: Ska ( Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1 of 3)
     ska, then rock steady nad then reggae.. i dono abt mento by ah yul 12/7/04  
     It goes in this order: mento -> ska -> rocksteady -> reggae Although mento... by Ska Boy 4/5/05  
     i dont understand the why did the event take place?the qustion by rin_zema2007 3/26/2007  
Can my wife work with the H4 visa while I am on the J1 waiver? Is the time I spend... by Kuyamig 11/7/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     I have a H4 while my husband is H1 (received a waiver for the 2 year home requirement as a... by nalini 4/5/04  
I have a large pit that is often labeled an AM Bulldog. I bought this dog as an 8 week old... by clueless 6/7/04 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     Yes and yes. Its not overly common for pitbulls to be that big, but it can happen, and... by Gun6/14/04  
     Thanks for the answer Gun. AS far as color, he's is about 80% white and about 20% tan. by Clueless 6/16/04  
     As Gun previously mentioned it is not uncommon but far less likely. The larger the Pit... by AmBull Lover 6/29/05  
     whattup in the dogz we trust...... the bulldog is a part of the pitbulls family a pit is a... by AmBull 10/3/05  
     hey clueless you do not have a pit bull. pit bulls do not get that must have a... by pit bull owner and lover 12/20/05  
I am trying to find an address & phone for "Trendlines Magazine", a tool catalog. I seem... by Miz Tilly Green 1/22/04 rec.woodworking Frequently Requested Addresses
     1-800-767-9999 by Tim 4/4/04  
     Trendline magazine can be accssed at the following websites: ... by Malahat 7/9/05  
when did micheal holding start playing cricket. where did he play his first match. how... by Faithfull3/17/04 The RSC/UKSC Cricket FAQ
     i have no idea i was bored so i typed this in. by google 2/9/2007  
what computers are widely used in our days? by kicky 1/5/04 comp.arch.bus.vmebus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     what computers are widely used in our days? by angelica4/4/04  
Do Tonkinese ever lighten with age instead of darkening? by carolee72000 11/10/03 rec.pets.cats: Tonkinese Breed-FAQ
     I have had a Tonkinese since I was very young, she is still with me now and has not... by Kit 2/13/04  
My 4 month old Boxer scoots his behind all the time, why? by John 3/29/04 rec.pets.dogs: Behavior: Understanding and Modifying FAQ
     Your dog has worms.This condition can ,and has caused death. Get medication from your vet.... by Heyseeds7/7/04  
     It could be worms, but more likely your Boxer has impacted anal sacs that will need to be... by Catherine 10/22/04  
     Sometimes when your dog scoots his but like that it means that his anal glands are full... by Alternative Answer 2/5/05  
     This could be a worm problem or it could be anal glands not being expressed on their own. ... by athletej22m 1/30/2006  
what episode of SNL featured the TV Funhouse with Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca? Alec... by JBird 12/26/03 Saturday Night Live FAQ: Recurring Characters
     you sure the host wasn't sylvester stallone ? by j.j. 2/4/04  
WHO IS THE ACTOR WHO PLAYS BOBBY WARNER NOW ON ALL MY CHILDREN? by LALA 3/9/04 AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 4 of 4
     christian campbell, from degrassi junior high and the movie trick by jetboy 7/7/04  
I'm gonna get my naval pierced and i was wondering if i can participate in gym class... by Colombianita 2/6/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     hi i think she should get a ring cause barbell can infect it quickly i have mine pierced... by jen 4/2/04  
     im going to get it done behind my mother anf fathers back cuz they would kill me by becky 1/5/05  
     hey im getting my naval pierced soon and im getting a 14 gauge barbell. i don't want to... by .-=[c o ů я t и з у ]=-.  7/21/2006  
what is androgen, what causes it to produce over excessive amounts, what happens when... by claire 3/16/04 Big Folks Health FAQ
     Hello there i am wanting a bit of advice about imbalalnced hormones. From the age of 16 i... by Mariah 11/9/2006  
hi, I'm interested in frame based expert system shells, I want to know if anybody can help... by behrang 12/31/03 FAQ: Expert System Shells 1/1 [Monthly posting]
     http://coel.ecgf.uakron. edu/durkin/esbook.htm this is a book about I was doing stuff... by MarkusBaer 3/16/04  
I'm using the 8051 for a project, but I need to use external memory. My question is what... by Martin11/5/03 8051 microcontroller FAQ
     thats raiht by babak 3/7/2006  
does any one no where theres a very clean place to get my navel pierced within the Anaheim... by carebear 12/10/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     well umm i really dont know wer ders place in Anaheim, but i could tell u that it doesnt... by J2/12/04  
My Kitten is 8 months old and she has a spot on the back of her leg - we just noticed it... by E 12/15/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     Mange? Some kittens have an allergic reaction to different detergent or the like. by Erin 2/5/05  
Can I add an anemone to my tank if I have live coral in it? I right now have 2 clown... by Patty 11/5/03 [FAQ] Aquaria: Beginning Saltwater
     first the clown fish will have hott pationate buttsex then they will share the anenome... by irunthe386 3/2/2007  
J'aiperdu le mode d'emploide la One for all URC-7510, et je désire pouvoir l'utilisersur... by franck 11/15/03 One for All (telecommandes universelles) FAQ
     Si tu veux j'ai le mode d'emplois de la URC 7510 je peux te le scanner ecris moi à ... by Spin11/27/03  
what is the name of song #4 or 5 on after da kappa 2k4 (where he say he popped his trunk... by mooky 7/14/04 General
     tum-tum of dsr by g gunk 8/13/04  
     04 - Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall - Still Tippin 05 - Big Tuck, Tum-Tum and Fat... by dooz 6/23/05  
     DON'T KNOW by JELLY 7/12/05  
I wanted to know how you people sleep at night. I gave my heart and soul for a woman, and... by Patrick 11/4/03 General
     Hang in there. You'll find the right one. She's out there. Not all women are like that. I... by dawn12/9/03  
how do i go about registering a store bought chihuahua? and how do i get genetic testing? by rose 4/14/04 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Hi Rose, I just bought a baby Chihuahua from a pet store. Most pet stores will refuse... by New proud owner4/29/04  
     In order to register a dog with the AKC or CKC, both parents have to be registered and the... by chimama4/29/04  
     thanks guys, and yes i requested breeder info from the pet store and they wouldn't give me... by rose 5/12/04  
     It's probably a standard form, and you have only a limited amount of time to find the... by chimama5/24/04  
     Try the Continental Kennel Club and the ACA by Chiman 3/17/2007  
I AM LOOKING FOR MY DAUGHTER, SHE WAS BORN SUMMER CHERYL ROSE ANDERSON IN WINNIPEG,MAN. ... by sara r. anderson 3/9/04 alt.adoption FAQ 1: Introduction & Search Links
     I am looking for my daughter, she was born in Brampton On, Canada. She was born at... by Todd Bell 12/19/2006  
Are there any Blue Tonkinese that get lighter with age instead of darkening? by Sam 11/4/03 General
     Yes, Our Tonk's coat has gotten lighter over the past couple of years. by Ginnie 1/31/04  
My boyfriend and I have have to decided to co-habitate, but our cats are not.Syble(my... by Red 1/13/04 rec.pets.cats: Problem Behaviors in Cats FAQ
     you need a nother litter box so they don't see each other soon they will stop fighting... by r.g2 5/6/04  
     Cook one of the cats by Top Cat 12/24/04  
A CHP officer responded to an accident in El Darado County. My friend Bill was in shock as... by sarah g 11/3/03 General
     Your friend was asked to do these tests because the officer was doing a thourough... by answer 11/18/05  
We have run into some graphic files with the extension .fp What are they. And more... by whatisdotfp 11/3/03 Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 1 of 4): General Graphics Format Questions
     We have successfully opened .fp graphic files using Pain Shop Pro (beta version 8.0) by Yoh 12/3/03  
If I have a voracious cobra(first strike and when voracious cobra deals combat damage to a... by Smaug_The_Dragon 11/3/03 General
     No - Voracious Cobra's effect is triggered only on combat damage, whereas the ability from... by Kitsune 4/17/05  
I need to find a cable box part called an "ic" with the model number: m1601-13 Where can... by Felish 3/13/04 General
     Don't Know by Tina 3/16/05  
     i am inform you my msn as is ,could you add me.we can talk about... by angela 11/15/2006  
     accept by avner1111 3/24/2007  
can a wall that is labeled a creature wall be targeted by spells and abilities that... by meed wan 2/3/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     All walls are creatures. Wall is just a creature type, like goblin, or beast. There is... by MillMaster 2/3/04  
What MASH episode has the side plot, where a pilot is shot down, comes to the 4077th and... by defman 5/3/04 M*A*S*H FAQ: Episode Guide
     "Dear Sigmund" Production Order 105 - Aired Order 103. This was one of the best episodes... by BRENTH6/1/04  
     where was the show M*A*S*H shot? by toddison 3/18/05  
     Season 5, Episode 7 -- the practical joker episode semi-narrated by Major Freedman. (not... by Joey Bickel 11/2/05  
     what is the m*a*s*h where i think klinger gets a letter from home and is trying once again... by louie 8/31/2006  
     The Grim REaper by FaceValue4077 5/20/2007  
What if you think someone is using your social security number. by jack 12/12/03 General
     report it to the social security administration by dawn 3/11/04  
     Hahahaha by Nater Tater 10/12/2006  
I have a westinghouse radio, model h-178 and can't find any information. What i need most... by buddy 12/12/03 N/A
     I am looking for the same info on a Westinghouse H-168. by Ltrane 9/12/04  
My boyfriend is from india(born country)and works in kuwait.We want him to come to USA to... by bjbkai 1/12/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     hi hello by st 3/26/04  
     wel come in jaipur today by himalay 6/12/05  
I am looking for data sheet on the Model 501 Accelerometer from BBN Instrument null by Bao Nguyen ( 12/12/03 Active Noise Control FAQ v1996-03-14
     BBN technology kindly sent me a catalogue copy. I can email the pdf file if you give me a... by ziouranio 11/8/04  
can anyone tel me a address of belati ice skate manufacturers by tez 3/15/04 Ice Figure Skating Suppliers FAQ by gail 11/5/05  
if you already applied to petition someone can they still applied for a tourist visa for... by salina fabi 5/12/04 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     can iget a visa by camelle fernandez 12/15/2006  
how can i find exit status of the "grep" command in the following statement:-> echo... by ashish 5/12/04 Unix - Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]
     since getting the exit status via echo $? gives the status of the last command run, ensure... by ponkan 3/2/2006  
     I think, it is impossible to find status for grep command in the above mentioned command... by arunkannan 10/18/2006  
Hi, My name is Clark I'm 14 turning 15 in December my parents hates piercing the reason... by goth666 7/12/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     thing is you havent told us wat piercing you want cos sum piercings dnt leave any scars ! by hannah 1/1/05  
     It depends on the piercing, some facial piercings can seem more noticeable. Most of the... by mizutenchi 3/8/05  
     No the scar will not be noticeable as long as you use like neosporin or something. by Lala 11/15/2006  
     Well Clark... Umm \m/ rock on too? Why would you want to pierce yourself only for a year... by Venla 11/26/2006  
How do I keep my subwoofer from sliding around in my trunk? I have already tried to use... by ignorantchick 12/31/03 FAQ (Part 5/5)
     hey, you should get an 45 degree mounting braket. screw two screws in the bow and two more... by Gunz1/29/04  
     Get some mounting brackets by Dexter 3/8/04  
     glue it whif supper glur by trevor-aus 7/1/2007  
When running in a marathon, Does any one do any walking. by Bud  12/14/03 rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
     Hello. From Ohio by Butterfinger 1/29/04  
We have recently purchased a traditional siamese kitten from a cattery and his eyes are... by kim  6/1/04 rec.pets.cats: Traditional Siamese Breed-FAQ
     I have had many siamese cats in my lifetime, and it is very normal for the eyes to be... by tigersR#1 6/17/04  
     Crossed eyes are common in the breed, although they will not affect your cats health.... by lIETGAV 8/14/05  
     You bought a defective Siamese! NO REPUTABLE breeder will create an animal with... by MeezerMaster 1/14/2006  
     crossed eyes and kinked tails are faults in a Siamese. This is a genetic problem and... by Joyce 3/1/2006  
     This means you did NOT use a reputable breeder, as any good breeder will have eliminated... by Lyla 6/20/2006  
Does anyone know where the phrase about "speaking truth to power" originated, or who first... by Peter 11/1/03 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     The phrase "speaking truth to power" goes back to 1955, when the American Friends Service... by David Spector 5/3/2006  
What was in the boxes Radar mailed to his uncle in I owa? by Vikki 11/4/03 M*A*S*H FAQ
     a jeep by Luc 1/29/04  
How high is standard wiring supposed to be for outlets in walls? by Vicky 11/3/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     no particular height,just whatever you're comfortable with. i uaually run the outlets 12... by tools 5/1/04  
Is there actually anywhere in North America where you don't have to be 18 or whatever to... by Morgan 1/30/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 2E--Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
     Sure. You can always get the drunk guy down the street to do it for you. He'll buy you... by Bill5/26/04  
     ha-ha by b-rad from kenner 1/16/05  
     Hey over here in quebec you can get anything pierced at 16 by Lindsay 6/13/05  
     Go to the village in NY by Nick 2/19/2006  
i want to know about the function of the keyword "pragma" in programming language C. ... by karthikeyan  1/20/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     Compiler instruction by Suma 7/11/05  
     Pragma is compiler directive. Its used to instruct compiler some user options such as... by Tarzan 7/12/05  
Is it a coinsidence that a baby rolls off the bed, lands face down into pillows and the... by KELLI 10/29/03 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) FAQ
     I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not..... but I do know that suffocation CAN be... by Francine11/29/03  
     I am not sure I would say suffocation. My son died at home daycare. The daycare owner... by Tara Kyser 6/13/05  
What year did All My children start? by Erica 11/7/03 AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 1 of 4
     69408777 by hj 4/13/05  
What compiler construction tool shall I use under DOS/Windows environment? by kalyani 12/19/03 Catalog of Compiler Construction Products - Eighteenth Issue
     That depends on the language for which you want to create a parser. The most common... by Detlef 2/3/04  
The low stakes Poker Room near me $1/$2 Hold em ,has almost 75% of players calling the... by Adrian 1/8/04 FAQ
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     Heres a site that sells silver ones. bin/category/bellychain by Horses Rock 3/1/05  
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My naval piercing is infected in some way i think. In the bottom hole when i try to look... by megan9/11/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     mine is doing the same thing. ive had it for about a month. if anyone has any ideas about... by marycasey9/23/03  
     My piercing is doing the same thing, but it is just not healing and I have had mine for 1... by HotAngel9/30/03  
     I've had the same thing! At the bottom of my piercing there is a like tissue or something... by Nina9/30/03  
     If you have a peircing that just won't heal, get some stuff called H2Ocean it is all... by Amberdinni10/2/03  
     I've had mine for two months. I got it done at the same time as two friends. Theirs have... by Kimberly10/10/03  
     my piercing has stopped the discharge but hurts when i touch the bottom hole or when i... by Saz10/21/03  
     I had my piercing done 5 months ago (one week after I fell pregnant). I too have done... by Janey10/25/03  
     Kimberly-I have my cartilage pierced with a needle and ive had it for 2 years now...and i... by Rachel10/25/03  
     hey all of u everyone's body is different right?? so yeah some will have the same... by Shari10/27/03  
     Everyone who is having problems with piercings should goto There is info... by Piercer AhoY10/28/03  
     i've had my piercing for 6 months and just 2 days ago noticed a little painless swelling... by Carrie10/29/03  
     I have had my navel piercing for about two months now and within the last two weeks I have... by Chelsea11/16/03  
     I have a problem i had my naval piercing for about 5 years. I been having so many problems... by Lia11/23/03  
     yak get it sorted by sophi11/29/03  
     Well if you girls are having so many problems with a little belly ring take it out! I dont... by ashley12/8/03  
     i have had my navel peirced for about 4 months now, and at the top hole it has started to... by candice12/8/03  
     HI! mine is soo infectied i think. the top has this blister thing over it, and it's RED... by Lacey12/12/03  
     i was thinking about getting a naval piercing but after reading all of your complaints, my... by coral12/17/03  
     I got my naval pierced about a week ago. It seems as if it it getting worse, it hurt more... by purity122@hotmail.com12/20/03  
     I had my belly button done for about 2 months and it started to get infected..I think cuz... by Rhea12/23/03  
     hey you guys...ive had my naval pierced for 7 months now...i had that same problem with... by Jenna12/26/03  
     i am glad I read all of this, i was thinking about getting a naval piercing and was very... by rethinking piercing12/26/03  
     Um..I just got mine done a week ago today to be exact and its got a redish ring around the... by JustGotITDone12/26/03  
     Naval pierceings can take at least 6 months to heal. You should not change the jewelry... by kcihteteyr12/27/03  
     many of my friends have gotten their belly's pierced and tell me it doesn't hurt at all! i... by sarah12/28/03  
     I am 62 years old and I got my belly ring done 4 years ago. But mine is infected now.... by hotgurl4312/30/03  
     I have had my belly button ring for 8 mo. and for the last three I have formed what looks... by litlis1/7/04  
     Hey, I just got mine done about 5 days ago... In the past two days I've noticed the same... by Dannie1/7/04  
     I got my piercing yesterday. Everyone says to clean it often. Yet how often is often?... by Liz1/8/04  
     Hey there i am 13 and have had my navel piercing for 6 months. It is starting to get like... by Debbie1/11/04  
     someone help me i have an infection i got m belly peirced two weeks back i dunno what... by sophie1/12/04  
     how much sea salt should i soak my belly button with .. like how much water and how much... by nicole1/15/04  
     I got my naval pierced a year in a half ago. I washed it daily for 9 months with antibacte... by Tess 1/16/04  
     hey... im turning 15 on Jan 20, and my dad is finally letting me get my naval pierced...... by GymTwister1/17/04  
     i have just had my belly pierced and it didnt hurt as much as i thought. i fainted wen i... by Kate1/18/04  
     I've been waiting for so long to get my naval pierced! i'mgetting it real soon. but i was... by Brianna 1/18/04  
     I've had mine pierced for abpout 3 weeks now and it seems to be healing fine, but is it... by twisted in hell 1/19/04  
     I have just got my belly done and the person told me to just clean it with water and non... by c me 1/21/04  
     mine did the EXACT same thing...i even though i had a keloid! DONT WORRY! just don't... by stephanie1/22/04  
     I just got my piercing 2 nights ago. So far it's not been too much problem, but from... by Bigdar1/23/04  
     I've had my belly button pierced for exactly a week today. I have taken care of it with... by Amburly 1/24/04  
     I've had my belly button pierced for 5 months now and i didnt have any of the problems at... by Emily 1/25/04  
     can't get peiricing out of my naval i just want to change it is there a trick? by Ashley1/25/04  
     ive had my naval pierced for about three days and it was red from the top to the bottom... by punkymonkey1/26/04  
     I think you should go to a proper piercing studio or the doctors and ask them what to do... by MOLLY1/27/04  
     My sister, my sister in-law, and I want to get our navals pierced but I'm the only one who... by Lefty1/28/04  
     I recomend getting your naval pierced, but only if you are going to be committed to take... by Emma 1/29/04  
     How long Do you have to soak the balls When Your Going to change the jewlery ????? by Cheerleader 1/29/04  
     when do you know your belly button piercing is healed ? i had my for almost 6 months and... by heather 1/30/04  
     I had my naval pierced a month ago, I had a slight infection but kept up with the cleaning... by dreamcatcher1/30/04  
     I need your advice, i am 13 and just waiting for my parents to let me get it done, is it... by MOO2/1/04  
     I just got my belly button peirced a week ago. my peircer told me its normal for it to be... by Maxie2/1/04  
     i got my belly button pierced about 2 months ago and it looks really red and by ness 2/1/04  
     i am 13 yrs old and i got mine done a month ago and the person who did mine said only to... by babygurl2/2/04  
     HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR PIERCING IS HEALED ?????????????????????????????????????CAN. .. by Suzie 2/4/04  
     I began having the same problems with my navel piercing after about a week. In fact, it... by Christi2/12/04  
     I am 13 and I have had my naval pierced for over a year. I don't recomend the h20cean... by Amanda2/12/04  
     The crust is a sign of healing by Amanda2/12/04  
     I think my piercing might be infected but im not sure. I just changed my bellbar for the... by NicoLe 2/16/04  
     I've had my piercing for about 2 years now and I'm pretty sure it's rejecting or "growing... by SpArKLyGrNEyEs 2/16/04  
     hey, im gettin my belli piercing 2day, ur comment r like kinda freakin me out, ummm, i... by serena2/17/04  
     Hey all, well I got my naval pierced 4 days ago and all seems well here. I wash it 2-3... by cutie_putie962/17/04  
     if anyone here is from toronto canada n u hav had no problems wit ur naval ring email me... by irina 2/20/04  
     I want to get my belly button peirced and i just wanna know how to take care of it. Post... by J's Baby2/23/04  
     Hey U guys..i am 20 and i have had my naval piercing for about 5 piercer told me... by Valerie2/24/04  
     Hey Guys, I just got my naval double pierced on Saturday the 21st...and now its all red... by Chrystal2/26/04  
     HEY, i'vehad my bellybutton pierced for 6 months now. I decided i was goin to change it... by Caitlin2/26/04  
     This is to all you girls who have had an infection due to ur belly ring. STOP OVER... by Snowhite2/26/04  
     People, every injury, wether it's a scratch, a bump, cut, burn, whatever, will turn red.... by ExcuseMyBadEnglish2/29/04  
     BTW, that A&D is only once every 3 days, so imagine what Betadine 3 times a day is doing... by ExcuseMyEnglish2/29/04  
     I just got my belly button pierced yesterday. I decided on a barbell instead of the ring.... by Christine3/3/04  
     Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting my belly button pierced and I was just wondering if... by Leenie 3/4/04  
     or go on bmezine its really helpful just type bme on google and youll find it by Molly 3/6/04  
     i got my naval pierced a month ago, is anyones else looking like the skin is growing to... by Help 3/6/04  
     hey guys well i got my navel done about 3 months ago and i thought something was worng... by lizzie 3/8/04  
     hey guys well i got my navel done about 3 months ago and i thought something was worng... by lizzie 3/8/04  
     Your peircing is probably rejecting. You should keep it clean and go to your piercer or... by HEY 3/10/04  
     Hey! I can't guarantee that it will all work out, but if you go to a clean, well-reputable... by Kim 3/11/04  
     How can You speed up the healing process of your piercing ? by Helpp3/11/04  
     Well y'all should just read instead of complain. Everyone is saying the same thing... by onehotbabe 3/12/04  
     ok well i have had my belly button peirced twie now so i had to go throught scar tissue... by amanda 3/13/04  
     Vitamin E and zinc are good for healing. Try eating the pills. by ...3/15/04  
     How can you tell if your piercing is healed enough so that you can change the jewlery... by Amanda 3/18/04  
     Hey guys! Can't help by interjecting some advice. I've only had mine done for about a... by Bree3/19/04  
     I am about to have my naval pierced but can there be any medical problems associated with... by Vicky 3/22/04  
     i dont think that can happen, but like a few other people have said go on bmezine its... by mimi3/22/04  
     I think so too! by Lauren3/22/04  
     I*m 13 and I*m getting my belly button{naval} pierced in a few weeks~!~ YAY~!~ I would... by kris 3/23/04  
     I got my belly button pierced Sat. 21 and I give it a 3/10 for pain. anyone who says it... by Kristen3/23/04  
     I got my belly button pierced Sat. 21 and I give it a 3/10 for pain. anyone who says it... by Kristen 3/23/04  
     Hi iv ahd my belly(navel)done 4 7 mounths an its got like a sticky puss coming out, also... by Sugar plum 3/24/04  
     I have my belly piercing since 5 weeeks ago...N its infected its hurts a lot n it looks... by CuteBabeBoo 3/24/04  
     DO NOT GET YOUR NAVAL PIERCED WITH A BARBELL! i know it looks a lot better with than the... by brit 3/26/04  
     Hey guys, i just got my belly pierced.It is a VERY mild pain,it burns for about 10mins... by Katie 3/28/04  
     hey guys all of you that say it hurts are wrong cuz it is a cool feeling besides my top... by sarah 4/1/04  
     Katie: It is recommended to get pierced with and wear a barbell until your navel piercing... by Nikita 4/1/04  
     Kristen: I have a multipierced navel and my navel done. I can easily compare my navel... by Nikita4/1/04  
     how do you know when your bely button it healed because i want to change my jewlery soon. by ashley 4/2/04  
     My friend and I just got ours done last week. We compare notes. Compared to some of you... by Sasha 4/2/04  
     I just got my piercing 3 days ago and i can honestly say it hurt! When the needle was... by Amanda 4/3/04  
     Hey its me again, its better when u clean your piercing just to pump the dial soap right... by Kate 4/3/04  
     How long does it take until you can change your jewlery? by LEah4/6/04  
     hey all u people that are worried about getting your naval pierced, I'm doing a research... by staci 4/6/04  
     My friend got hers done and I went with her, she came out looking fine, yet I came out... by My amiga... 4/6/04  
     You shouldn't get a naval ring when pregnant. If you have it before you get pregnant, it... by blue4/6/04  
     I can't believe so many of you do no research, surf piercing sites,call studios,talk to... by CareBear 4/7/04  
     Hey, I was supposed to get my belly button pierced about a month ago but when i... by Kristen4/8/04  
     Hey, by the way thanx for all the help guyz~!~ by Kristen 4/8/04  
     well I'm having the same problem as you kristen i just keep telling them how much i want... by Eleanor 4/10/04  
     Hey, To Eleanor: I have already done most of the stuff you have {except I haven*t... by Kristen 4/10/04  
     Hey guys! I'm going to get my belly-button pierced this weekend. It sounds like it's a big... by Dawg4/11/04  
     If u want to get your belly pierced u need to ready to take care of it. If u dont u r... by Katie4/11/04  
     Hey, Well everybody I have left my mom alone for a LONG time now and she still says... by Kristen4/12/04  
     I have had my piercing for about 3 months. I have noticed that little red growth that... by Mimi 4/12/04  
     I am 14 years old & I had my belly button pierced for 8 months now. It has healed & i am... by Laura4/12/04  
     you guys made me scared to get mine now!!!!! by Raylene 4/15/04  
     i have my belly button pierced but also i think its infected because it red but discharge... by sharon 4/16/04  
     Red Bumps...on piercings...or red at top and bottom holes...sounds like a calcuim build up... by SomeoneWhoKnowsHerShyt 4/16/04  
     Yeah I'm 14.. I proved to my mom I'm responsible and mature enough to handle having it... by Eeekers4/17/04  
     hi i have mine done for 5 months and am starting to get a red lump at the bottom, i went... by llollipoppi 4/17/04  
     i usually do sea salt soak and wash it off with antibacterial soap in the shower right... by sandy 4/17/04  
     Hey, I need help on finding ways to prove to my mom i*m responsible enough to have... by Kristen 4/17/04  
     I can't believe some of the things I have read on this chat site. I'm amazed at how... by Sherri4/18/04  
     i've heard people saying that in some cases the skin between the top and the bottom... by landy 4/19/04  
     I have had my naval pierced for three dayz. Yes it is a little sore but what do you... by Cherrie 4/19/04  
     well i'vehad my navel pierce for about 4 months and it's healing perfect, i haven't had no... by Donna 4/20/04  
     No its not infected. Pus and fluids that are white/yellowish are normal for piercings by ...... 4/21/04  
     My daughter, 16 and I, 38, had our navals pierced together two weeks ago. It is obvious... by wytggirl 4/21/04  
     I got my naval pierced about 3 weeks ago, and I think it's great! I don't regret it at... by Jessica 4/21/04  
     I know what you girls are going thru? I got a belly button ring about 1 month ago and it... by sensan1 4/22/04  
     iodized sea salt and regular sea salt.. does it matter which one to use ???? by me 4/24/04  
     I am going to get mine done in less than 30 days. all i need to know if it hurts? (lol) ... by tina 4/25/04  
     HEY! i just got my naval pieced 3 days ago, i can pretty much say it didnt hurt alot, it... by AnGeLiNpInK4/26/04  
     Hey Tina, I got mine done 3 days ago. It didn't hurt when they did it or that night, but... by Audrey 4/26/04  
     i have had my naval done for about two months also. i dont know what is wrong with mine.... by yolanda 4/29/04  
     u don't want to take it out until its completely heal, which varies indiv from 6 months to... by annie 4/29/04  
     i'vehad my belly pierced for nearly 5 weeks now and i'mstill debating whether or not to... by OffTheWall17 5/1/04  
     HEY GIRLS, WHAT STORES CAN YOU BUY SEA SALT AT?? please email me them at qtpiesaugar32@aol... by Sammie 5/1/04  
     hey guys i have a question for you. ok so i've heard some people say its not good to put... by OffTheWall17 5/2/04  
     What do Keloids have to do with getting your belly button pierced? by Hii 5/2/04  
     I have had my navel pierced for about 11 days and i am 14 years old i had it done at... by Paige5/2/04  
     Hey everyone! I've had my naval pierced for 6 weeks. I'm really shocked reading everyone's... by cat22 5/6/04  
     ok now is it normal for your belly button to like change colors at the top-- like after u... by Paige 5/6/04  
     ok, i had my bellybutton pierced for almost 9 months and it looks healed- there is no... by Question.. 5/7/04  
     I just got my Naval pierced on Sat May 1st. I was told not to touch it unless you are... by Kim 5/7/04  
     I have had my piercing for about 3 months now. It is on the bottom part of my naval btw.... by Crystal 5/7/04  
     Also, my email is, if anyone would like to email me to answer my few... by Crystal 5/8/04  
     Is it ok to use acholah on your piercing?? and any types of creams?? or can it get... by rebel 5/8/04  
     This is my second one. The first I had for 3 years and taken out for 4 years. So yes, I'm... by isis 5/13/04  
     Hey its me again!! I can FINALLY change my belly ring.I took it out myself.Before you... by Kate 5/17/04  
     My belly is infected! does anyone know how to clean it.. or any tips that i can do to not... by BABY5/18/04  
     This is for BABY, DO NOT TAKE OUT THE RING!!!Clean it 2 times a day WASH YOUR HANDS... by Kate 5/19/04  
     hey guys! i got my belly button pierced 2 months hurt only a little but it was... by AsH 5/22/04  
     Well, I submitted my problem about 2 weeks ago. My piercing has healed so much. All I have... by Crystal 5/23/04  
     Hey .. i just got my belly button pierced 3 days ago... it hurts badly! like when i move... by Abby 5/26/04  
     i was really considering piercing my belly soon but after reading all this im not too... by nikki 5/29/04  
     i got my belly button pierced just yesturday.. it was recommended to me by washing with... by Rae 5/30/04  
     i got mine pierced 2 days ago and it hurts like hell should it be really red and swollen... by Mali 5/31/04  
     i got my belly pierced for two months but recently i dont really want it anymore. can i... by candy 6/6/04  
     i got my belly button pierced a month ago by a doctor (plastic surgeon) he told me to... by girliegirl 6/8/04  
     This is for Candy: Go ahead and take your piercing out. As long as it is not infected.... by Crystal 6/9/04  
     This Message is for Crystal Above Why do you insist on trying to convince us of why or... by Mys Chrys6/12/04  
     Okay, I don't understand why people keep complaining about their piercing problems when... by Summer6/15/04  
     i've had mine pierced for over a month and i've changed the ring a few times already. and... by sweetheart 101 6/16/04  
     i just got my naval pierced 5 days ago. around my top hole it has a little red ring around... by moocows_213@hotmail.com6/16/04  
     After u can change rings do u have to clean the one your putting in everytime? I've been... by Kate 6/21/04  
     Hey guys. I have had my belly button pierced for a year and four months and it still has... by Teenah 6/22/04  
     this message is for KATE. if your piercing is still healing, then yes. everytime you... by Zyanya6/22/04  
     Thanks Zyanya!!! by Kate 6/22/04  
     Where do you get sea salt from? I've seen bathing sea salts but it is scenting oor... by Vel 6/23/04  
     DO NOT USE REGULAR SALT! if the sea salt seems to be too strong or giving u some weird... by Zyanya 6/24/04  
     My naval has been pierced around 3-4 weeks. On and off it has been going really red. every... by Hoz 6/26/04  
     i suggest you all take care of it good. dont play with it so much cuz your skin will start... by baby girl 6/26/04  
     Hey All. I'm Getting My Belly Button Pierced. I Am A Little Apprehensive About Getting It... by Sasha 6/27/04  
     this message is for SASHA. its normal to be a little nervous about gettin ur belly... by Zyanya6/28/04  
     I'm going to get my bellybutton pierced. could somebody plz e-mail me and tell me the... by Jordyn 6/30/04  
     if its bigger than a shot glass take it out let it heal and get it done agian an d take... by kate 7/2/04  
     ive had my piercing for about 2months and rite around the hole(on top) theres a small... by roxy 7/4/04  
     that bump is called a bubble. don't freak out, it will be ok. let it try to heal it it's... by britt 7/5/04  
     hey guys ! i resently got my bellie pierced . and its red .. i'm scared .. is it... by dana baybee 7/8/04  
     Hey dana baybee, You will be fine! Don't take it out. I've had mine done for about a... by misskenj7/8/04  
     I was just writing to let you kn0w that most people are allergic to the nickle alot of the... by dawl_bayb 7/8/04  
     Look, I just went and talked to a piercer today, I have had mine done for two months and... by Crysta'll 7/9/04  
     HAY GUYS! pleazz help me out, i was jus wondering how long it would take until your body... by jo 7/11/04  
     Those of you who say yours is getting infected go to your nearest drugstore and buy a... by nique 7/11/04  
     hey well i have had my navel pierced 4 about 3 months now... and its still not healed i... by Paige7/14/04  
     I have a ques. I've had my piercing for about 3 or 4 mos now and its still not healed. I... by Monique20 7/17/04  
     hey everybody. i have had mine pierced for about 4 weeks now. the bottom looks good. but... by Taryn 7/17/04  
     hey getting my naval pierced and i was wondering if u were allowed to go... by gurlie7/20/04  
     Hi i have a question, okay-i got my piercing 15 days ago and just changed it today into a... by Julia7/20/04  
     does anyone know how long u have to wait until u go swimmming?i'vehad mine done for a... by taryn7/21/04  
     hey me again!umm. i have had it done for almost 5 wks. now and the bottom is healed like i... by taryn7/22/04  
     how can i convince my mom into letting me get my naval peirced. i really want this... by julie 8/10/04  
     I've had a piercing for 10 yrs and recently tried removing it, but couldn't. Now, the... by sunshine 8/11/04  
     Ok, i have a question about my Naval Peircing. So when i got it peirced, the man put a... by Amanda 8/13/04  
     Ok, i have a question about my Naval Peircing. So when i got it peirced, the man put a... by Amanda 8/13/04  
     i pierced my bellybutton by myself and i took it out and it heald but theres a scar there... by -*-jEnNy-*- 8/15/04  
     Hey ppl, i have had my navel pieced for bout 3 months maybe and it was going really gd... by Ashley 8/18/04  
     Hey all...I have a problem too...and by the looks of it I'm not the only one...but with... by MadeWoman14 8/18/04  
     I got my belly button peirced at "Jess's Fine Line Tattoos" while on vacation in good ol'... by Angel 8/23/04  
     i'vehad my navel pierced for about two months now and yesturday my friend was trying to... by nicole 8/25/04  
     hi i got my belly done 3 weeks ago it has red rings around both my holes it has a little... by lissie 8/31/04  
     wats good i got mi belly button pierced 5 days ago n it hurts like wen i b end ova n stuff... by ReEfZ wIfEy 9/1/04  
     i have had mine done for like .. 5 and a half WEEKS .. and i changed it a few days ago ..... by meg 9/1/04  
     Don't go swimming until your piercing is fully healed - bacteria can linger in the water by Shawna 9/1/04  
     i have my belly pierced for almost 8 months now and it's healing perfectly fine. the key... by aqua 9/2/04  
     I've always wanted to get my naval pierced and my dad says no because hes scared i'llget... by CC 9/5/04  
     Hey all you grls hoo just got it done DO NOT WORRY!!! im 14 n had myne for about 2months... by Prilly 9/6/04  
     Ok, I've had my piercing now for almost 2 months. I don't use the medicated soap, I use... by Whitney 9/10/04  
     I got my naval pierced like 2 weeks ago and there is like this white stuff coming out of... by Curious 9/11/04  
     I got my belly button pierced about 3 weeks ago and yesterday puss started coming out..and... by Cherry 9/12/04  
     Girls, no matter what someone says about your peircing NEVER take it out when it if... by midnightslumber 9/13/04  
     I'm going to get my belly done on Saturday and I'm nervous only because of what you guys... by mandie 9/16/04  
     Umm, hey. I had my belly dun 4 10 weeks n i hope i kept it clean enuf but i took it out 2... by Ellz 9/18/04  
     i had mine done a week ago, it hurts and is red around the top and bottom.. but it is only... by mezza 9/20/04  
     I got my belly botton peirced in July and today i decided to take the ring out and clean... by Ashley 9/20/04  
     i just got my piercing done about 2 months ago, and i'm thinking about taking it out... by sup 9/25/04  
     well i got my navel done last summer it seemed fine for the first day then it went red and... by danielle 9/30/04  
     I have had my navel(top and bottom) done now for about 8 months! I had absolutely no... by Chevy Chik 10/4/04  
     I have had a navel piercing for nearly 16 years, and the best advice I have for you all is... by quarkstar 10/6/04  
     I got my belly pierced like 3days ago, and I have no idea how to take care of my belly,... by cda 10/10/04  
     i have had my belly button ring for about 3 months and it has grown a growth type thing at... by katieidid101 10/20/04  
     hey im getting my belly done on Monday and im kind of scared, not because it will hurt,... by juliet 10/23/04  
     It may be a blister but When I got my Naval done he said he'd rather me clean it with... by Meg 10/26/04  
     I have been reading the majority of your complaints about it being infected and I was told... by Eleanor 11/8/04  
     im scared i will get an infection but i really want my bb pierced wut do i do? by chel'c' 11/9/04  
     Taryn I have mine done and I wouldn't recommend swimming for another 4 6 weeks or so... by boob12 11/10/04  
     you can go swimming after 1 month, it takes about 4 months to a year for it to heal. by dee 11/16/04  
     For those out there who need some help. I'm here to answer your questions...not a... by Jamie Lee 11/17/04  
     i got my belly button pierced about 2 months ago and lately this gooey stuff comes out of... by Hannah 11/20/04  
     Hey! I've read all of these responses and I still want my belly button pierced. The... by K-say 12/4/04  
     Mine, have swollen up somewhat, might have been using the wrong type of jewelry... ... by Naval Nickie 12/7/04  
     Hey Guys, I got mine done about a month ago, I went to the best of the best in Toronto,... by Joanne 12/9/04  
     i'm getting my belly button pierced really soon and i just wanted to know if its smarter... by jazmin 12/10/04  
     my piercing (ive had it for almost 2 months is reaaallllyyy swollen. it doesnt ozze any... by twitch 12/15/04  
     Hey! I gotta question...i got my belly button pierced about 3 weeks ago, and the piercer... by ~!*Stephanie*!~ 12/16/04  
     Hey everyone... well i got my belly button pierced the at the beinginng of December and... by Heather 12/20/04  
     Hey, I had mine in for 7 months now and it is doing fine. If you want to get it done,... by Alayna 12/22/04  
     i had have my belly done don e done 4 5years and mine is fine so it serves u lot right and... by caza 12/28/04  
     hey grls!!!...well i'm 14 and i got my belly-button pierced about 6 monthes ago...they put... by blondebeauti 12/31/04  
     I have had my piercing for about 2 months and I love it! It seems like it's rejecting,... by Leah 1/2/05  
     k, ive had my top belly button ring for about 4 or 5 years and that healed perfect, no... by shell 1/3/05  
     I got mine done a year and a half ago and it looked like it was infected it still does. it... by bubbles 1/6/05  
     I got mine done less than a month ago, and I have cleaned it with Ear Piercing Solution,... by Bizzy 1/6/05  
     i have had mine done since november and my goes all gooey when i wake up but once i have... by mouse 1/11/05  
     I just did mine myself and would like to know the best way of cleaning it and I hear 6... by Superchick449 1/13/05  
     My daughter took 4wks to heal fully suggest not to change out for 6wks problems with belly... by PiggyTails 1/14/05  
     I have had my naval peirced for about a year now, I am very worried and I am thinking... by Krystal 1/18/05  
     I think you all should ask your piercers the questions you are asking people over the... by S-Dizzle 1/19/05  
     Mine is doing the same thing,but unlike the rest of yours, my skin that seems to be coming... by Danee' 1/20/05  
     i got mine periced in october and i just found out that im 2 months pregnant when should i... by heather 1/21/05  
     hey! i'm17 and i got my belly button pierced January 8th. so far i haven't had any... by Cassie 1/21/05  
     I have mine dun iv had it for about 3 months and thers is a little puss coming out and i... by Bikini-BaBe 1/22/05  
     I had my naval pierced a week ago, the person told me to use warm sea salt or "TDC". I use... by Frances 1/23/05  
     hey I'm going to get my belly pierced on the 29th of jan but i have diabeties and would... by fluffy 1/26/05  
     I had my belly button pierced for about 3-4 years. Then i started getting fever after... by Tabbie 1/28/05  
     hey yall......did anybody hace GOOD luck with piercings? im 13 and im gettin mine done 2... by bubbabutton 1/30/05  
     hey y'all, i got my belly button pierced about 4 months ago and i have this like... by Christina 1/31/05  
     okay, i got my belly button pierced about 4 months ago and the hole around the top of my... by brittany 2/4/05  
     ive had my belly button pierced for almost a year now and recently it got pretty infected... by ashley7272 2/9/05  
     I have had my bellybuttiob done for over a year and i have had most og thes problums and... by Crissy  2/10/05  
     for the swimming questions .. its only really ok to go swimming in clorine water, atleast... by Amber 2/11/05  
     if i take out my bellybutton ring and ive had it pierced for about 10 months, will it... by Cereal 2/15/05  
     hey i got ma belly button pierced 7 weeks ago and it is fine....i only clean it with... by scotsgal 2/25/05  
     I had my belly done for new years. Thought it would be cute befor my 30th birthday. I... by mommy of 2 2/28/05  
     if your piercing is infected don't take the ring out. It takes a while for it to heal.... by laster05 3/14/05  
     hey, does anyone have their navel and eye brow done, if so which one hurt more.. i would... by me xx 3/17/05  
     Hey everyone...this response is a little late but maybe people will read it with new... by Allison  3/19/05  
     Hey i'm 14 and i got my belly pierced 4 days ago. It's kind of red around the top hole and... by Rebecca 3/20/05  
     I got my belly button pierced with a ring and i would like to change my piercing now, but... by Pebbles102202 3/22/05  
     i'vehad my belly button pierced for about a week now, and the top hole is still red and a... by Jacky 3/22/05  
     hey girls!! i got my belly peirced about 4 months ago and it was looking great.. i was so... by izzy 3/22/05  
     how much would it hert to do it yourself? by dana 3/24/05  
     i have a lump at the top of my piercing. Ive had it pierced since October. It hurts from... by carmilla 3/25/05  
     mine doin somin like that but it looks like the skin is druping down. It looks like a big... by nicole 4/1/05  
     I got my belly pierced years ago. I never had problems with it ever. i got pregnent and... by EEMIA 4/2/05  
     Hey omm I really want to get my belly button pierced but like some of us have sturborn... by Leah 4/3/05  
     hey everyone i just got this off of a navel has been pierced for 1 yr and 4... by lindseygirl 4/5/05  
     Hey.. For all the girls with belly button rings. I just wanted to let you know i have had... by It's Meee 4/5/05  
     hey I've had my naval done for about a mo nth now and i still have white discharge come... by imurfantasy 4/6/05  
     i had my belly done about 6 week ago but it still hurts a bit wen i catch it on sumat or... by jennydutty 4/10/05  
     monique 20 the yellowish thing is perfetly normal go to by Priscila 4/10/05  
     hey i got my belly button pierced a couple months ago, it has some white ish stuff and the... by rachel 4/11/05  
     My piercing was doing the same thing, it had like a ball of skin popping out where the... by Stephanie Jimenez 4/18/05  
     hey you all r freeks by Valerie 4/19/05  
     Dang I'm still getting mine done! Holla by Whit Whit 4/25/05  
     ~A [slightly biased] View on Navel Piercings~ -Are They Worth It?-* you people... by Mordant Sarcasm 4/26/05  
     Wow, after reading what all of you had to say I feel a lot better. Before reading this I... by Nikki 5/1/05  
     Hey guys,I came across this by accident.However,I have had my belly peirced for about 5... by Magdalena7878 5/2/05  
     I just want to know if I can change my piercing in 6 weeks like Amanda said below or do i... by iTzAPpleZzz 5/3/05  
     ok well this isn't an answer but i will admit that I'm blond and i couldn't figure out how... by shawdy 5/4/05  
     oops! i might need to say my sn is dixieSTANGangel! that could be helpful! by shawdy 5/4/05  
     umm ive had my belly button pierced now for 2 months and i think i have keloids.. i have... by Bailey 5/5/05  
     OMG!! This is pathetic!! Why don't you all go back to your piercer to sort it out and if... by Jaymes 5/8/05  
     My nasvel piercoing recently ripped. it is not infected and i am in no pain, but i dont... by angela 5/10/05  
     hey girls! i've been considering a belly button piercing for awhile. One of my really good... by aaryn* 5/12/05  
     i have had my peircing for 23 years and it is still green. i do not know what i should do... by owl 5/17/05  
     i have had my belly piercing for two months it is infected it has not gotten worse or... by *~supagurl~* 5/17/05  
     hey, well i had my naval pierced for 24 yrs and it is all red and yellow and i need some... by Linda 5/19/05  
     I got my belly button pieced with a barbell i don't know if it is infected and i don't... by Jillian 5/19/05  
     I got my belly button piecerd with a barbell i dont know if it is infected and i dont know... by Jillian 5/19/05  
     I have had my belly button pierced for not quite a year. This morning i woke up and there... by Linds 5/19/05  
     hiya peeps i really need help i have asked to get my belly pierced next month like and... by XxChelzxX 5/25/05  
     One suggestion here... MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ACTUAL BELLY BUTTON stays CLEAN. Just cleaning... by jenjen 5/25/05  
     i had the same with mine and i had to go get shots on it so im thinkin you guys should do... by lilj 5/25/05  
     I have had my ring now for only a week, but it is so increadibly itchy I can't stand it! ... by Court 5/26/05  
     I have the red bump thing happening, but I put aloe vera on it as in I have a plant and... by nicki 5/29/05  
     ive goy my belly button pierced twice and i have to say they both got infected.The bottom... by chloballs 5/29/05  
     I have had my naval ring for about two months. When ever it seems to swell and turn red i... by Jaqui 5/31/05  
     hey guys i had mine pierced 2 weeks ago today and the person who did it was really nice... by shaunagh x 5/31/05  
     i have a question...i want to get my belly button pierced before the summer but im going... by cgilbs 5/31/05  
     sry its me again i have one more also a gymnast...i do a lot of bending and... by cgilbs 5/31/05  
     this is to landy. i have heard the same if your skin does get thinner then take it out... by charlotte 6/7/05  
     I Have had my piercing for over a year now with absolutely no problems and about 4 days... by UAwildcat362 6/12/05  
     hey...i got mt naval pierced twp months friend was over and we decided to... by jessie lee 6/14/05  
     i just got my belly button pierced about a week ago and i think it might b healing crooked... by Des 6/15/05  
     i got mine done and it cool and all but the top ball is like going into it is that because... by brit 6/16/05  
     I have the same blister type thing and i heard it was a granuloma??????? Whats dat, and... by lucy 6/20/05  
     hey girls!! for those of u who r scared about the infection or getting it done don't be!!!... by amber 6/21/05  
     I've had mine for about two years and it was originally like that but after about a year... by Kay 6/28/05  
     ok i'vehad my belly button and it gets infecyed then i clean it and everyrthing but the... by missy 6/30/05  
     for i use bactine too, but use the ointment. just got my... by samantha Dill 7/1/05  
     Hey people i have had mine pierced for like 2 weeks....Its looks healed and everything... by Sam 7/5/05  
     To all you girls who are about to ask a question: READ PREVIOUS RESPONSES! A lot of girls... by Lisa 7/8/05  
     How do you make sea salt soaks if i dont have any seasalt and dont know where too get... by LaDii DeKer 7/8/05  
     I have also had my piercing for exactly a week now. yesterday i woke up with a red bump... by Amy 7/9/05  
     i just got mines today and it really hurt ed the first hour but after like 6 hours with it... by tatiana 7/12/05  
     ive had my belly button pierced for about 2 months now. and everything has been just fine... by ray 7/13/05  
     go to this site for more information.... by Jame 7/17/05  
     im gettin it done tmrw im wondering now all this pussing seems like it aint worth it but i... by dizzyblondee 7/24/05  
     Hey... i got my bellybutton pierced on halloween last year in nyc... i took out my piercin... by 7/25/05  
     I got my narval pierced almost a month now i have had very few problems, it takes alot of... by 7/25/05  
     I got the bottom of mine done and it didnt hurt at all i use to have the top done but it... by Fishy 7/25/05  
     I've had my belly button peirced for about 2 months now, I get white/yellow discharge... by Linzy 7/26/05  
     I have had my belly button peirced for 2 months now. And now all of a sudden it started... by Jessica 7/26/05  
     Hi all! I'm thinking about getting my bellybutton peirced but I'm in colorguard and I was... by KT 7/28/05  
     for all of you out there who are trying to convince your parents to let you get your naval... by jamie lee 7/28/05  
     You guys need to stop! You are scaring people that want to get their naval pierced. You... by Always Real 7/28/05  
     I want to get my belly button pierced. But after reading this, i dont know if i should.... by Alyssa 7/31/05  
     ok i got mines pierced like in febuary and it came out in may.. the gap started gettin... by KiMMy 8/1/05  
     okay alot of u guys keep saying it wont Heall but that might be sign it is migrating ..... by lauren 8/2/05  
     hey .. my bellybutton is weird .. theres like no skin on the top but theres like a cup... by Kristen 8/4/05  
     I got my naval pierced 3 weeks ago i dont think it healing white pus comes out of it and... by BelllyRing1909 8/7/05  
     hey, ive read loads of these wee boxes! lol and loads of u r havin the same problem i am... by FunkyTori 8/17/05  
     hey i love new stuff and this is 1 of them by ***xoxo*** 8/24/05  
     I've been researching naval piercing becuase I really want to get mine pierced. I have... by DownHilBoarder 8/29/05  
     Hi I've had my belly pierced for about 8 months now and there is some white liquid coming... by Han 8/30/05  
     i got my belly pierced and now theres like a red ring around around the top and bottom end... by emo 666 9/2/05  
     ive had my belly button pierced for two months now. im getting the exact same stuff as... by caitlin  9/4/05  
     I have had my belly button pierced for 4 months. It seemed to be healing but then i banged... by Amy 9/4/05  
     hi! im 12 an i just gt my belly peirced em....just over 4 weeks ago!i was cleanin it with... by xx_lil_pwincess_xx 9/5/05  
     My piercer told me not to use bactine because it slows healing time they said to just use... by KB 9/7/05  
     The best thing to use on your piercings, naval,'s purified ocean... by Babygurl5091 9/9/05  
     My navel has been pierced for two months and suddenly, today i felt a hard lump at the... by lisa 9/9/05  
     i have had my naval pierced for about a week and a half. its not healed yet but its only a... by Kimbeam07 9/13/05  
     The proper aftercare for these piercings should have been given to each of you by the... by The Graven Image Tattoo 9/22/05  
     Well mine has done the same thing as everyone elses with that pink bubble type thing on... by Meofcourse 9/25/05  
     i just recently got my belly button pierced like a week or two ago... but the piercer... by Natale 9/27/05  
     I got my navel pierced like 3 1/2 weeks ago and it has gotten infected. The person who... by Kimberleigh 10/2/05  
     HEY!!! Well, i read AL0T 0f y0ur questi0ns/answers, and they have helped me....i learned... by Becky 10/3/05  
     Hiya, I had my navel pierced two times two days ago at the top and the bottom, it still... by 666 10/10/05  
     yea i have had my belly button pierced for about 3 months and when i go to look at it... by trish 10/12/05  
     how do u actually rotate your belly ring? by els 10/17/05  
     I got my belly button pierced about 6 months ago and decided to take the ring out and put... by GTOChick 10/19/05  
     I had my navel pierced a week ago and no problems. there is some redness but I was told to... by Naturebabies 10/20/05  
     0k those who say there skin is ripping apart around there naval bar that is because it is... by gi.zmo 10/23/05  
     Ive had mine done for about 3 weeks ago. I had it done before but took it out because i... by Emma. 10/24/05  
     my navel piercing is read and has little itchy and sore bumps around it. it discharges... by Kayla 10/26/05  
     ***PLESE HELP*** hey i got my belly button pierced about 4 months ago and they put in this... by jada 10/28/05  
     i just got my bellybutton pierced about 2 weeks ago and it looks like its coming out at... by amanda 11/2/05  
     Well I'vehad mine done for 1 month and two weeks. I have this bubble looking red thing at... by Jessica 11/9/05  
     I went to get my naval pierced the other day and as he prepped me up for the piercing he... by chasidy 11/10/05  
     hiya every one im desperate to get my belly button pierced ... partley becasue my m8s have... by zoe  11/11/05  
     hola i have a question, i wana get my naval pierced and i wana do sit after afew days. is... by gog 11/14/05  
     Try 1/3 tps or tbs bactine and distilled water. Put it in a shot glass then hold on your ... by Dizzy 11/18/05  
     my mom said i could get my naval peirced so we went to the place and they said i had to be... by mouse 11/19/05  
     I'vehad my belly button pierced for about 4 months now and it was all fine, i was using... by Mich 11/23/05  
     I went swimming 1 week after i had my belly pierced and it didn't affect it. it really... by Mich 11/23/05  
     take your naval ring out for a week or so, and clean it every day with rubbing achohol, it... by taylor 11/24/05  
     Live With It Loser by Ricky Mc Sticky 12/1/05  
     i had the same thing as you all, and i put sum ointment on it and it made it way beta, and... by jes 12/4/05  
     well ive had my navel pierced and did some research on the internet on how to take proper... by chloe 12/4/05  
     I got my belly done today no problem but I relized there is very little skin layer an i... by jessica 12/5/05  
     hey i got my belly pierced yesterday if its kinda swole at the top just a LIL is that okay... by molly 12/8/05  
     My belly button ring is weird..On one side of the top hole its perfectly fine and healed... by shawna 12/9/05  
     I had my belly pierced about a month ago. It stopped hurting and wasn't red anymore. So I... by samantha 12/10/05  
     hey..i've had my naval piercing for about 3 months now and i haven't changed the original... by wendy 12/12/05  
     I havent got my done yet so my parents said before i get myn done i have too do reach-sea... by mersadies 12/16/05  
     I want to get my navel pierced, but I'm still a little unsure. It seems that many people... by mms 12/23/05  
     well i had my peircing done 6 days ago. i know that it may seen stupid to be worried about... by stevie 12/25/05  
     my belly button has the skin coming out of the bottom also and i was wondering what that... by britani 12/27/05  
     I've had my naval pierced for 4 months. it was fine because i cleaned it regularly. it... by blobleblabla 12/29/05  
     so far no one has mentioned the problem i have. my naval is trying to heal over the ball.... by strawberryy22 12/30/05  
     mines infected, been like that for a while. It's probably because i keep taking it in and... by boohbah 1/7/2006  
     well i got my naval done two days ago--it didnt hurt at all just a little pinch but the... by dats ur girl 1/7/2006  
     hi uhmm ive had my belly button pierced for exactly two months and it gets crusty and if i... by vanessa 1/7/2006  
     i had my belly button pierced like 6 months ago and it got infected for the first couple... by laura 1/7/2006  
     I have had my belly button pierced fora little over a year. However, on the top, and a... by Jen 1/12/2006  
     i had my belly buttun pierced 4 two weeks and 4 days and my belly button looked discusting... by Emily Neusel 1/13/2006  
     how often should i clean it with iodine ?? .. by lubbly 1/14/2006  
     email by Samantha 1/14/2006  
     hey ive had my navel pierced for about 3 weeks now and i am getting a kinda yellow puss... by sophie 1/15/2006  
     hi i am 13 and i hav wanted my belly (navel) pierced for about 6 months now i just want to... by sophia  1/15/2006  
     do yuo have 2 have started ya periods to get ya belly done ? by some ppl ive bin told ya... by .x.georgia.x. 1/19/2006  
     I am thinking about getting my belly pierced. I live in the UK and i was wondering where... by Lexie 1/21/2006 really planning tom get my belly pierced and I'm so excited but i just... by Confused-Pris 2/5/2006  
     hello, ive had my navel pierced for 3 years now, at first i did get crust around the... by tongue_navel_tatoo_gurl 2/6/2006  
     hello, ive had my navel pierced for 3 years now, at first i did get crust around the... by tongue_navel_tatoo_gurl 2/6/2006  
     I got the top of my navel pierced a year ago, and it didnt get infected or anything. It... by Lullah belle 2/8/2006  
     hi i have had my navel pirced for 1 year now and it was fine but i hav had to take it out... by lozza o6 2/9/2006  
     well i got mine done a week ago and it is still not infected. I haven't let it get wet in... by danielle 2/15/2006  
     i got my top belly button pierced in august which was about 6 months ago and recently i... by victoria 2/15/2006  
     hey.. idk a lot about naval peircings but i wanted to kno wat would be better to get, a... by sara 2/21/2006  
     ok, well i think mine is infected the top part is all red and i can't touch it and it... by emmy 2/27/2006  
     Hi, I want to pierce my naval myself. I know there's a major vein i have to avoid. Does... by Leah 3/1/2006  
     hi ive had my belly peirced for 4 mounths now.!! and still there is yellow and greewhats... by jodie 3/2/2006  
     hey, i am 13 and thinking of having my belly button pierced; do you think i should??? does... by alibongo 3/4/2006  
     i have puss n i hate that the hell am i gonna get that to stop? by no me joda b tch 3/5/2006  
     um i have had my piercing for around 3 months and i got this red ring on the top starting... by help please 3/5/2006  
     um i have had my piercing for around 3 months and i got this red ring on the top starting... by help please 3/5/2006  
     um... i think mine is infected but im not sure... i just got it a week ago... its getting... by ali 3/8/2006  
     hey every 1 ive had mi belly pierced 4 bout a month n a little bit now n i get the same... by claire 3/11/2006  
     the top of my peircing the hole is like getting bigger its like the ball is making the... by Jamie-Rae  3/13/2006  
     I got my belly button piercing done over a week ago and i had it puss a bit but it is... by Rinny 3/14/2006  
     i was supposed to get mine done today with a couple sure u do a lot of... by isitworthit? 3/15/2006  
     Omg ma belli is soo infected...i ave dis blister thng on the top whole nd omg it kills...d... by Mary-ann 3/16/2006  
     hey i got my belly button pierced and it forms like a weirdish yellowish and even... by help! 3/17/2006  
     Every time I get my belly button pierced it tends to rip out. I do it on purpose or any... by Teresa 3/20/2006  
     Hey. I just got my naval pierced like one day ago, and the top hole is kinda red. The... by Laur 3/24/2006  
     I'm almost 14 and I just got my bellybutton done a couple days ago on vacation. Is it... by Catey 3/25/2006  
     GURLIE- No, you cant go swimming. You have to avoid hot tubs, public pools, lakes, and... by Catey 3/25/2006  
     If it's red and has a little puss there's no problem what so ever, that's just the healing... by Haggz 3/27/2006  
     I got my belly button pierced almost4 weeks ago it was fine and all the redness pretty... by Isobel 3/29/2006  
     IvE hAd My BeLlY bUtToN PiErCeD fOr A wEeK aNd ItS fInE bUt Im AfRaiD oF mY BoDy ReJeCtInG... by bri michelle 3/30/2006  
     ok so i have only had my piercing for a couple of weeks but after i clean my piercing it... by Lisa 3/30/2006  
     I've had my belly button pierced for about 2 months now. I got the bottom pierced because... by Danceforme 3/31/2006  
     kay so im thinking about getting mi belly button pierced soon for summer... how long do... by lexii 4/2/2006  
     my piercing is completely healed but i have this red bump right beside the top hole of my... by rach 4/4/2006  
     Navel piercings don't hurt but you may feel a sting afterwards it dosen'tlast long they... by ? 4/5/2006  
     my advice to any body with navel prices 1. try to leave the peircing alone {i knew it's... by Amanda 4/11/2006  
     hey guys! i got my belly button pierced sometime in feb... it was doing really well like I... by sisi123 4/12/2006  
     i was wondering what is the sea salt soaks =s can some one tell me please by miss jen 4/13/2006  
     i wanna join this!! by Sweetie 4/14/2006  
     ok look guys i gotten my belly piercing like hmmm about 2-3 weeks ago maybe more and its... by Honey 4/14/2006  
     i really want to get my naval pierced. I was just wondering if it is better to get a ring,... by susie 4/15/2006  
     I have my belly button pierced and the guy said to use all natural soap and to use contact... by Sandy 4/20/2006  
     Well I have had mine done for about 1 year and i just recently got the bottom done so... by Cassie 4/21/2006  
     please help! i have just had my nose pierced and it was fine until today. the stud shrunk... by maniactaz 4/22/2006  
     I got my naval pierced about 8 months ago, it started to look like my body was rejecting... by closed_up 4/23/2006  
     I guess after reading the myriad of complaints about aftercare it makes me wonder why your... by eeryel 5/10/2006  
     Hi i'vehad my navel piercing for about 9 months now and the top part is reddish and it... by marissa 5/11/2006  
     well, i have been thinking of geting my belly button peirced. after reading everything i... by jess 5/13/2006  
     ive had my pircing for three days ive slept on my stomach and i havent had the blister... by nessa_na 5/13/2006  
     la la la la la la by ferro dude chic 5/18/2006  
     OK i have had my navel pierced for 3months and there is like redness on the top hole but... by woried 5/27/2006  
     Mine is quite infected too.. i have a red lump at the bottom of it. I squeezed it and some... by Haddie 5/29/2006  
     Well of course everyone has a different body and everyones body will react differently!!... by cheergurl 5/30/2006  
     ok so i just got my piercing a couple days ago and its really red ontop and sore... does... by Bluee 5/30/2006  
     Hey. I have had my belly button done for over 2 months now. when you push up the belly bar... by emochick22 6/1/2006  
     i have had my naval pierced for about 3 months now. if you are thinking of getting it... by Maggie 6/1/2006  
     hi belly ring is healing juss fine but when i look at other pictures of people... by love_piercing 6/4/2006  
     Ok all of you guys who have just recently had their navel pierced, redness and a discharge... by tonya 6/10/2006  
     I've had my naval pierced twice now..neither time hurt me to get done it was actually... by Jen 6/14/2006  
     Is 14 too young for a naval piercing?? my parents said I am too young but i kno quite a... by ashley 6/19/2006  
     First of all let me start off by saying I am a mother of three and I had all three of my... by karen15717 6/20/2006  
     well I've had my navel done now four weeks and it's almost done healed, did the sea water... by annette 6/20/2006  
     I had my belly pierced for two months now and I was told that after a month I could change... by Ei 6/21/2006  
     is it better to get a ring or barbell? Is it ok to be excersising and stretching your... by nikki 6/22/2006  
     I have had mine now for almost a week I am 16 years old I kinda of touched it alot, so... by megan 6/23/2006  
     I got my belly button pierced at the end of february. since then its healed nicely, and... by pegster 6/25/2006  
     i got mai bellybutton pierced bout 8 weekz had alwaiz sed that if i did he'd... by a[L]ly 6/30/2006  
     HEY YAW. I NO WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. THAT STUFF HURTS. I HAVE HAD MINE DONE FOR LIKE 2... by MELONBABY 6/30/2006 belly pericing is swollen and it makes my whole belly hurt sometimes... by ***Brtiney*** 7/2/2006  
     hey guys i have had mine done for 2 months and i changed it to a 14K gold ring and i woke... by allissa 7/5/2006  
     hey um im thinking about getting my bellybutton done and i wanted to know a few things.... by 7/5/2006  
     Hey guys. I got mine pierced 2 weeks ago. it isnt bothering me at all. i didnt even clean... by Tracy 7/6/2006  
     Ive had my naval piercing for about over a year.gets infected all the time but nothing... by net 7/8/2006  
     hi every one i have just had mine done and i was wondering what i should clean it out... by jaz 7/8/2006  
     i had my navel done about 4 months ago and i just took it out because the skin starting... by gaby 7/10/2006  
     hey every0ne wh0 is w0rried that there belly piercing is infected just relax y0u'll kn0w... by sneakie1001 7/13/2006  
     well ive had mine pierced for 9 days now and it feels fine but theres just a red ring... by lol, my name is Taryn too 7/16/2006  
     Hey, I got my naval piercing 7 weeks ago and i have the red/pink/discharge problem too but... by Nikki 7/21/2006  
     I just had my naval pierced yesterday afternoon. It did not hurt, until I banged it. Today... by jcsmomma 7/23/2006  
     ya i just pirced my navel 2 days ago and i went surfing yesterday..with all the getting up... by chica 8/7/2006  
     hey i got my naval pierced bout 2 or three weeks think its been healing pretty... by Rubi 8/10/2006  
     Ive had my naval ring for 11 years now and it seems to me that alot of you are trying to... by shelly 8/12/2006  
     If you think you have an infection you can go to this website and they tell you about... by Marielle 8/12/2006  
     hey i got my belly button pierced like about 3 weeks ago and when i took it out 2 clean it... by Kaykay 8/17/2006  
     I am thirteen years old and i got mine peirced 5 days ago. I read these things like 24/7 i... by Sara 8/18/2006  
     I had my naval pierced but i think it got infected so i let it close up. It's been closed... by ladylisha17 8/23/2006  
     Heya i got my belly button pierced today n it wrecked lol! Obviously i really really... by Pinkladylu 8/29/2006  
     okay first of all... ive had my naval pierced a week now... and if there is yellowish or... by RoseyPokes 9/1/2006  
     ive had my belly button pierced 3 times now.the first time my body rejected it so it... by *Anna* 9/6/2006  
     I have had my naval pierced for 2 months and 6 days and the only problem I have had with... by PunkChick16 9/6/2006  
     Hey everyone! I'm thinking of getin my belly button pierced but I'm a dancer so have to... by doganiram 9/13/2006  
     okai well i had my top belly pierced and i noticed it wasnt healing rite den ti got ripped... by Karii.ox 9/14/2006  
     in regards to crooked belly piercings: when i got mine done it was crooked, like... by kim 9/21/2006  
     Ok... well I've had my piercing for about 3 months n like a week ago I got this little... by marlene 9/24/2006  
     I have had my piercing for about 5 weeks. The bottom of the navel if fine but the top is... by IRENE 9/25/2006  
     OK i want to get it done really bad but i dont no how long it will take. how long does it... by Jessica 10/1/2006  
     k i just got mine done like a week ago ndd stupid me i went swimming in a public pool but... by stefanieeeeee 10/10/2006  
     I got mine pierced last Sunday. I am getting a whitish discharge. But, I clean it 3 or 4... by Vegetarian. 10/13/2006  
     The reason why it might be infected is you might be allergic to the barbell,or you might... by brenda 10/26/2006  
     i got my belly button done about a week ago and i noticed that the top of my belly button... by morena 10/30/2006  
     i went swimming 2 weeks after my navel was pierced. i put this stuff on called ' metal... by stacey from belfast 11/3/2006  
     well i pierced my belly all by myself.. like 2 weeks ago.. i have taken care of it.. like... by scaredd 11/5/2006  
     I've had my belly button pierced for about 5 months now and its been fine up until the... by Hannah 11/6/2006  
     I think mine is infected but not too bad just yet. One thing thats not neccessarily an... by Lennea 11/6/2006  
     I just noticed someone asking about how to clean, for starters don't use soap or any... by Lennea 11/6/2006  
     Hey All!!! Good Advice for those with infected piercings or ones that have white stuff... by chelsea 11/7/2006  
     hey everyone! my bellybutton has been done for about 3 months now and it still isnt healed... by Nicola 11/11/2006  
     y is my belly piercing still crusty by abbie 11/13/2006  
     For THose Getting Infections, My Piercer Told Me To Use Bactine. I Have HAd My Pierceing... by Angelwingz 11/13/2006  
     i had my belly done a week ago nd it has white/yellow discharge coming out when i puch the... by sanna 11/13/2006  
     omg H2Ocean is great you need to try it it is helping mine heal and its not really sore... by kayla 11/14/2006  
     my belly button piercing has a bump at the bottom sure its infected...i need... by pumpkin 11/14/2006  
     I got my naval pierced about a month and a half ago and some days it seems like infected... by Cecily 11/14/2006  
     Ya'll are a bunch of stupid gits. If you suspect an infection, GO TO A DOCTOR, GET ON AN... by queen beotch 11/16/2006  
     Hey everyone. I am getting my naval pierced in a few weeks and wanted to know some... by Rei 11/17/2006  
     I think that the important thing to remember is that everyones body heals differently and... by WOWGAL 11/23/2006  
     I see some thick brown stough coming out my navel it look like jelly. I know its part of... by Ronie 11/24/2006  
     well, i have had my belly button pierced for about a year now. i just used sea salt,... by Lauren 11/24/2006  
     I got my belly button pierced about 3 days ago, and everything seems to be really good so... by Haylee 11/25/2006  
     ive had my belly peirced for about 3 months, and recently it started to puss blood out. is... by Jackie 11/29/2006  
     all you 14 to 16 year olds.. please wait till your body stops growning than get your... by babe 12/4/2006  
     Ok, i just want to add something. Too all the people saying "Lyk omg i want to get mine... by Morgan 12/5/2006  
     Hey I just got my belly button pierced about 2 months ago and my piercer gave me a sheet... by Kubi 12/10/2006  
     ok well i got my belly pierced just over 3 months ago. im having the same problem. i have... by horselover 12/16/2006  
     Hey ok I got my navel piercing done about one week ago and it was doing fine until... by maya00 12/25/2006  
     hi girls ummm i hav had my belly pierced for about 2 months now and am a little bit... by Teags 12/29/2006  
     hey could someone help me!?! i got my navel piercing about a week ago (at most) and its... by kat 12/30/2006  
     This is for all You Girls out there with so many questions and problems. The One SOLUTION... by swpsweety8 1/3/2007  
     Ive have had my belly button pierced for about 3 months and it hasnt gave me any problems... by Jess 1/17/2007  
     If its pink then crusty and cycles endlesly its probably a yeast infection. by stef 1/19/2007  
     my belly has a lump on my top hole and had it in for 10 weeks is it infected email me on... by beth 1/21/2007  
     i got my navel pierced about 5 months ago, and i have one of those blood blister thingys... by jess 1/23/2007  
     HI, EVERYONE I've 2 gotten my naval pierced and I've had it for about 9 months Mines, was... by cookie 2/1/2007  
     not sure if the piercer is recomending this but, the best thing that i'vedone to my... by tabby 2/2/2007  
     i had piercing done 5 months ago. 2 months back I fell pregnant and ive had terrible tummy... by Tracey 2/7/2007  
     I just got the bottom of my belly button pierced after having to take out the top piercing... by Kelsey 2/8/2007  
     hi, im kristi im not gonna ask the same stupid q's as y'all. where abouts does the clamp... by kristi 2/8/2007  
     You know i think mine is infected too. but i have someone who's gonna fix it. its really... by Maly 2/8/2007  
     ive had my belly ring for about 9 months and now the skin between the bar has got some... by kell 2/17/2007  
     Ok, I just got mine done three days ago. It doesn't have any redness around it. I'm sure... by Jenny 2/20/2007  
     hii im 13 and ive got my belly done. i never felt thing i clean it 3 times a day and its... by Mel 2/24/2007  
     I pierced my navel 5 months ago together with my sister and every now and again it acts... by islandgirl621 3/3/2007  
     I suggest all of you look up the Conception Vessel Meridian and especially what Acupuncuri... by Schnorky 3/4/2007  
     I have the same problem. Both the top and bottom holes of my navel piercing are swollen... by Vampkin 3/7/2007  
     mine had a red lump under the bottom ball but i just thaught that was normal cause my... by leanne 3/7/2007  
     well.. when i pierced my belly botton. i got the botton done, not the top, it was doing... by dori 3/7/2007  
     Hi everyone who has problems with healing their belly button piercing. If your wound has... by Gosia 3/8/2007  
     I got mine done 2 days ago. and honestly it didnt hurt at all!.. the clamp didnt hurt a... by Andrea 3/8/2007  
     If there's a bump like thing on or right next to the hole of your piercing, it could be a... by THATgirl 3/10/2007  
     I have had my belly button pierced 3 times.The last time I had it done about a month ago... by Kat 3/13/2007  
     I am 13 years old and I want to get my belly button pierced I am afraid it is gonna hurt!... by Nicole 3/13/2007  
     OK anyone who does not know whats is going on about there belly piercing here is what i... by baby_girl 3/15/2007  
     Have any of you tried different jewelry, like gold? I had some of the problems you all... by Masecas2004 3/17/2007  
     Have any of you tried different jewelry, like gold? I had some of the problems you all... by Masecas2004 3/17/2007  
     ok puss is dead white blood cells, so if you have puss coming out or have white crusties... by jr 3/21/2007  
     i'vehad my bellybutton pierced for about 10 months now. i'm15 and i got it done at a... by katie 3/22/2007  
     I've had my belly ring for a month now and it doesn't hurt at all its just red.I put madd... by kathy 3/26/2007  
     my belly is swollen and red is it infected by tina 3/27/2007  
     Ive had my belly pierced for about 3 months..Its really red and it kinda grew a bump... by DcChick 3/28/2007  
     After reading all these comments, I realized that most of the respondents weren't reading!... by MessyJesse 3/30/2007  
     My naval piercing is infected in some way i think i got it pierced 6 days ago on April 2nd... by Shortii3e17 4/8/2007  
     hey i pierced mine about two days ago and it looks infected so i took it out and its very... by Dohn  Love    (dawn) 4/9/2007  
     Just out of curiousity, all that are asking about redness, crust, white discharge, what to... by Hrm 4/10/2007  
     HI i have had my belly done for about 3months now it is really red and like swollen around... by Chelsea 4/10/2007  
     WEll i JUSt G0t MY BElly pierced a week ago and it's doing fine !! it doenst hurt and i... by SUlY 4/16/2007  
     i wanted to do my naval but my parents wouldnt know and its summer time already.should i... by kk  4/16/2007  
     I just got the middle of my ear pierced about a week ago and its already infected. My ear... by bean 4/16/2007  
     Hey everyone I was just reading through these and the "it looks like my stomach is coming... by Jacklyn 4/19/2007  
     Where to began, ok I got my belly ring done almost a year ago, it doesn't get funky like... by Jessie_doll 4/23/2007  
     hey guys i want to get my belly pierced but im a bit scared? does it really hurt and how... by babiie angel89 4/24/2007  
     ive had my belly button pierced for only 5 days now. its alright, but the top is still... by Harriet 4/27/2007  
     hey i have had my piercing for about two weeks and a yellow fluid has come out am really... by Rocio 5/2/2007  
     hey I have had my percing for about a year now and i had the little blood blisters but i... by Vbabyappple 5/5/2007  
     hey, i got mine done like, 5 or 6 weeks ago, and its looking pretty normal except 4 a... by *kAiC* 5/8/2007  
     I know this may sound stupid, but for people with navel piercings, how do you use sea... by Danielle 5/11/2007  
     Ok I have the same thing it looks like protrusion coming out the bottom and dry on top and... by rosie314 5/18/2007  
     ive had mine for about 2 months and it never bothers me, but it is still red. i use... by lolol0 5/21/2007  
     that girl that said you can only get h20cean from her is a liar. You can get it at... by naddie louise 5/24/2007  
     k well ive had my navel pierced for bout 2 weeks now. its red, yellow discharge is coming... by Amira 5/27/2007  
     heyhey guys. i got my peircing done like 2 weeks ago tomorrow and its been doing okay.... by jesssss 5/27/2007  
     I'm 13 and i had mine done a week ago and it the only thing i felt was a little pulling on... by *_princess_* 5/31/2007  
     o.k. everything everyone has been saying about what to do and what not to do, i... by ashley 6/4/2007  
     da person dat pierced mine sed dont go in salt water only u sprays cleaning things not... by Beccy  6/4/2007  
     hey all , ma friend went to her doctor to ask about getting her belly done. i was just... by just wondrin xx 6/5/2007  
     gosh sorry but no offence ive had mine dun twice coz da first wun went wrong i dunno wot... by jessica 6/13/2007  
     I had my belly ring for about 6weeks now and it has completly healed and i think that your... by jennifer 6/18/2007  
     Some suggestions Use SOAP not hand sanitizer. (sounds strange but I accidentally... by Dani 6/19/2007  
     Ive had my belly bar for about three months and i changed it about4 weeks ago and it... by xxtashxx 6/20/2007  
     I have had my navel pierced for about 4 weeks now. It does not have any pus coming out,... by Nikkid 6/21/2007  
     hey all. ive had my belly peirced for a month now, i was looking after it really well but... by becca 6/24/2007  
     i got my naval pierced about 5 months ago and it kinda ripped out and got a scar where it... by pooh 6/24/2007  
     hey wow i just turned 15 on jan. 20 like another person i saw reading the comments.. well... by Neisha 6/28/2007  
     HEY there people I got my naval peirced and it is just fine it doesn't't't hurt or... by Snell 6/28/2007  
     Taryn-my belly button is doing the same thing! it's red, but the redness does go away! and... by Christine 6/30/2007  
     I've had my naval pierced for five years. I went thru some of the things mentioned on... by LuvMyBellyRing 7/1/2007  
     for people who are scared to get dont be just take really good care of it i had mine for... by sid 7/8/2007  
     Hey, I just turned 15, I have been wanting to get my belly button pierced for some time... by Sydney 7/9/2007  
     Well, in Charlotte, NC they told me mine was infected, but I didn't have no green... by Lavise 7/10/2007  
     where all of you are saying that it looks like your stomach is trying to come out of your... by stephSLAUGHTER 7/16/2007  
     IM 13 me and my friend got ours done with our parents permission my has a red circle... by XXXASHUHLEEXXX 7/18/2007  
     Hii ive had my belly button pierced 2 times and both times they've been infected and now... by MissCazza.. 7/20/2007  
which piercing place in Boulder has deals on Wednesday that you can get any piercing for... by Joanna 5/12/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     Scarred For Life, offers or at least at one time offered $10 above the waist piercings on... by MNG 10/4/04  
     I think you're talking about Scarred for Life. It is located on Arapahoe. by diamond 4/2/05  
     i want my tongue pierce by bubbie 7/19/2006  
     Scarred for Life. But, they were also closed down for a Hepititis C outbreak. You get what... by A Dawg 2/8/2007  
You like to know a Website with beautifull Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese . www.mascotamig... by Javier 12/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     hallow by amir 1/28/04  
i have a 1000 confederate bill is it worth any thing also have several bills with star... by jamie 7/2/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ can send me a scan of two or three of your notes.Scan front and back and I can... by Pete 7/4/04  
     also, I also several star notes, money no longer made, and a confederate $50 bill by neil 6/18/05  
     I have a confederate $500 dated 1864 can you give me an estimate of its value and possibly... by jrdeernek 6/13/2007  
If a liquid with pressure perturbations enter a small box, how do we design a helmholtz... by kumar 12/1/03 Acoustics FAQ
     There is no specific requirement other than the ususal helmholtz resonator design. by Jimmy Wong 3/19/04  
what australain military divisions went to the vietnam war by brooke 3/4/04 soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: Australian Involvement (1/3)
     Its australIAN by fred 8/21/2006  
I need the firing order for a 1985 Dodge Ram truck, Slant 6 timing. by Tom 4/1/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     the firing order for the distributor is 1 5 3 6 2 4. The timing is 12 degrees by Jon Yarwood4/25/04  
     I need firing order for 1994 Chevy Blazer by katie 7/7/05  
     1-4-3-6-2-5 by samy 9/12/05  
     I need the firing order for 92 Buick V6 by Carter 11/2/05  
     middle name by slick nick 7/20/2006  
Do you know the wiring scheme of data splitting on RJ45 connector, when you want to split... by Alex Kusuma Tjahjana 10/30/03 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     Is this a 5-port HUB.... by black 12/1/03  

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