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AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 4 of 4

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Maybe this is a time when people would like to see these. I am quick to
point out that I had nothing to do with them in terms of credit, although
it's possible I could make some error in posting that would be my error
alone. Original headers at the end with copyright notice. - Donna B
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Archive-name: tv/soaps/all-my-c/ratsa-newsgroup
Posting-Frequency: every 2 months
Last-modified: 1997/12/31
Version:  8.10

(last posted 1999/02/24)

Here's the last of four sections of the AMC FAQ.  You might want to
save it to a file for reference, since it's only posted once every
couple of months.  The AMC FAQ is also available through anonymous
ftp from under /pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/
or send email to with any or all of:
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/general
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/actors
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/characters
        send usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/all-my-c/ratsa-newsgroup

If you know any of the unknown answers below, or have any additional
questions & answers to add, please email me (

(part 4 of 4)

general questions about r.a.t.s.:
	Q:  Do the soap writers/actors read
	Q:  What is the AMC birthday/pigday list?
	Q:  What's the deal with "pigday"?
        Q:  What is the AMC r.a.t.s. yearbook?
	Q:  AMC-specific acronyms which aren't listed in the RATS-FAQ
	Q:  What can I do to make this FAQ better?

Q:  Do the soap writers/actors read*?

A:  The answer to this is contained in the FAQ.
    It is available through anonymous ftp from under 
    /pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq, or send email to with
    "send /pub/usenet/news.answers/tv/soaps/faq" (no quotes) in 
    the body of the message.

Q:  What is the AMC birthday/pigday list?

A:  The AMC birthday (a/k/a pigday) list is a monthly informational
    posting of birthdays of AMC fans that read and
    their families.  It includes birthdates, names, and email addresses.

    At one point in time, many of the AMC ratsers starting sharing
    personal information, including birthdays.  Soon after that,
    Mary Allison started posting the birthday list every month.  As 
    more people read the list, more people asked to be added to the 
    list.  The pigday list is currently maintained by Cathy Sands
    (  If you wish to have your 
    birthday listed, send email to the list maintainer.  You may be 
    surprised by many pleasant good wishes on your birthday.

Q:  What's the deal with "pigday"?

A:  When Timmy Hunter Dillon was feeling very sad and missing his
    mother he thought about getting rid of everything that reminded him
    of his mom.  Laurel Banning (an older friend of Timmy) showed him a
    birthday card that her deceased mother had send her on her 12th(?)
    birthday.  Laurel's mother's handwriting was sooo bad, that it
    LOOKED like the card read "happy pigday."

Q:  What is the AMC r.a.t.s. yearbook?

A:  Starting in 1992, AMC r.a.t.s. readers decided to make a yearbook
    including short bios of the readers along with their pictures.
    The editors get color photocopies made of the pictures,
    print up the blurbs on a Mac, paste the pictures to the blurb
    pages, put them in a binder, and send the "yearbook" to 
    the participants.   Also included in the yearbook are photos of
    AMC get-togethers, creative work done by the participants relating
    to AMC, and candid photos of the actors/actresses.  We've even
    had autographed pictures in the more recent yearbook, plus a
    picture of an autographed script.  Because of the work involved,
    the yearbook may not come out every year, and its format has 
    changed slightly to be more easily produced.  There are still a 
    few black-and-white copies of the 1993 yearbook & a couple of
    color copies of the 1994 yearbook available - email for details.  There is also one color copy
    of the 1996 yearbook available - contact
    Regrettably there was no 1997 or 1998 yearbook.
    No plans have currently been made for a 1999 one.

Q:  AMC-specific acronyms which aren't listed in the RATS-FAQ

A:  AFAC: Anti-FAC (see FAC)
    BABE: Banding Against Brooke English
    BL&P: Brooke Lover & Proud
    CYBW: Creepy Yucky Bobby Warner
    DADD: Dumb-as-dirt Dixie
    DDS:  Dependant Doormat Syndrome (when affecting women) and 
	  Dudley Do-Right Syndrome (when affecting men)!
    FAC:  Favorite AMC Character
    IH*C: I Hate (name of character here) Club
    LCAS: Liza Colby Admiration Society
    PVGD: Pine Valley Glandular/Growth Disorder
    PVTS: Pine Valley Transporter System
    SPERM: Society for the Prevention of Emnity towards Repentant Moms
	   (regarding Marion, Arlene, Vivienne, Janet, etc.)
    TBM: Totally Bogus Moment
    TSS: Taylor/Taylips Smacking Squad

Q:  What can I do to make this FAQ better?

A:  Send additions/suggestions/corrections to

I've also seen some AMC posts which I think would fit nicely as FAQ's,
such as Dave Mackey's character list, or Laurel Cheap's nicknames
list (Laurel - you haven't posted it in a while... I know you have 2
kids now, but come on! :-)).  Dave Vollman is posting a soap opera 
laws list every few months, too.

Is anyone interested in compiling a list of characters and who they've 
been involved with over time, with resulting children in parentheses?
For example (M=married):

	Brooke:  M-Tom Cudahy (Laura-deceased), Jackson Montgomery, 
		Tad Martin (Jamie), Edmund Gray, M-Tad Martin

Carolyn Zaccaria, Frances Yasprica, Mary Allison Wu, 
Erin Winslow, Mindy Wallis, Dave Vollman, Jann E VanOver, Maureen Vahey, 
Jennifer Allyson Turner, Christy Thierstein, Janet Tilander, 
Sharon L. Thompson-Schill, Veronica Tebbe, MaryMolly G. Taylor, 
Shelly Sulski, Kathy Statham, AJ Schricker, Pat Steward, 
Sally Stearns, Marisa SorBello, Anne E. Skove, Katrin Sermat, 
Randi Schweriner, David Schneider, Mark Schaeffer, Joni Snyder, 
Mark Sanders, Charline Saddler, Jenny Sacks, Margaret Rutkowski, 
Nancy Romness, Lorinda Rodrigues, Jill Robinson, Carolyn Robinson, 
Joan Roseman, Lynn Riley, Susan Richmond, Mark Przybyszewski, 
Michael S. Pollard, Annie Petty, Kristy Patterson, Maggie Newman, 
Linda Newberry, Travis Neel, Deena Nathan-Strauss, pauline muggli, 
Bob Mungovan, Jane Mullen, Alexandra Mordecai, Jeff Melius, 
Lori McDowell, Stacey Matsuoka, Debbie Masri, Jan Mason, 
Betsy Mandrus, Christine Malcom, Brenda J Makowsky, Dave Mackey, 
Jim Lukins, K. Long, Ingrid Lo, David W. B. Llewellyn, Gail Littrell, 
Scott Lindstrom, Martha Blum Lindstrom, Julie Lewis, Mary Ellen Levine, 
Vivienne Lee-Teresa, Maggie Lee, Jodie Lee, Ashley Lambert-Maberly, 
Rick Kitchen, Holli A. Kinney, Timothy J. King, Dana Kiehl, 
Karen Kender, Michelle Johnson, Debbi Jacobs-Levine, Tim Ingram, 
Michael J.M. Holmes, Sue J Hildreth, Lynn Heinemann, 
Jennifer Hewitt, Kenneth Henderson, Diane Heckert, Valerie Jorge Hayes, 
Joanna Grymes, Julie Griffiths, Lynn Goods, Francine Goldberg, 
Margaret D. Gibbs, Susan Getgood, Judi Geistlinger, Lisa Fybush, 
Judi Franz, Liz Fox, Vicki Farmer, Brian Fant, Linda Dudley, Marissa Dias, 
Lee Davis, Eileen Davis, Angela C. Covington, Lisa Martina Covi, 
Gina Colacchio, Karin Coffee, Laurel Cheap, Joanna L. Castillo, 
Jayne Carbone, Debbie Cannon, Deb Butler, Susan M. Brumbaugh, 
Mary Elizabeth Brownell, Patti Bowling, Seth Bookey, Jane Bomb, 
Jennifer Bienvenu, Sara Bibel, Ann Bermingham, Leona G. Barad,, ICGGL@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU, (Michael),, (NorskaWood), (Cindy), (Lynn), (Jari),,,,

Copyright 1995-1999 Margaret Gibbs.  Use and copying of this information
are permitted as long as (1) no fees or compensation are charged for
use, copies or access to this information, and (2) this copyright
notice is included intact.

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Subject: AMC: FAQ: (All My Children Frequently Asked Questions) 4 of 4
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