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Mac Game Resources on the Internet FAQ

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Archive-name: macintosh/games-resource-guide
Last-modified: 1996/03/23
Posting-Frequency: bimonthly

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Mac Game Resources on the Internet

   Compiled by Christina Schulman,
   Last update: 23 Mar 1996
   This guide is intended as a quick reference to the various
   game-specific FAQs, homepages, and other useful Macintosh game
   resources on the net. It is an appendix to the FAQ,
   the Frequently Asked Questions list for the
   hierarchy on Usenet. The subgroups of are:    Announcements for Mac gamers. (Moderated)                Action games for the Macintosh.          Adventure games for the Macintosh.       Macintosh games for sale and trade.     Macintosh games not covered in other groups.      Flight simulator gameplay on the Mac.   Strategy/planning games on the Macintosh.
   Please read the FAQ before posting to these groups.
   FTP it from or
   send mail to with the line "send
   usenet/news.answers/macintosh/games-faq" in the body of the message.
   There is an HTML version of this Resource Guide at A plaintext
   version can be FTP'd from There is a
   list of recent additions to this page at The contents of this
   page are copyright 1996 by Christina Schulman.
   There are FAQs for many of the more popular Macintosh games. Try
   looking in the info or games directories at the major ftp sites.
   Another good place to look if you have WWW access is Dave Stanworth's
   Games Domain, at There is now an
   American mirror of the Games Domain at
   Here is a partial list of Macintosh game resources on the net. I'm not
   responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions, or outright lies on this
   list, but please email any additions or corrections to me at
   A-10 Attack! FAQ:
          Petteri Sulonen's A-10 Attack! FAQ and Primer are at
          Maxis's official A-Train page is at

   Action Games:
          Dave Coufal's Mac 3D First Person Games Home Page is at
          Activision's homepage at has
          information about Return to Zork and the Infocom classic text
   Advanced Gravis:
          Advanced Gravis Corporation, which makes the Mousestick, Gravis
          Gamepad, and other joysticks and Mac peripherals, has a
          homepage at
   Air Warrior:
          John "Wolfman" Wolf maintains a page dedicated to Air Warrior
          on the Mac at For
          general Air Warrior information and a FAQ, try Rocketman's Air
          Warrior Page at There is an
          Air Warrior newsgroup,
          The official Ambrosia homepage is at
          It contains information about Ambrosia products such as
          Maelstrom, Apeiron, Chiral, and Swoop.
          Jason Holtzapple's Angband FAQ is available at
 There is also a
          Usenet newsgroup, 
          The official Apeiron FAQ is available by ftp from
 and on the
          web at
   Appletalk Games Over the Internet:
          Tom Morrison's FAQ on this subject is at
 See also the
          Internet Modem Players Listing.
   Arcade Games:
          John Komp maintains a list of Mac versions of various 80's
          arcade games. Email him at with the
          subject "Mac Arcade List Please" or go to it on the WWW at

   Atomic Games:
          The Atomic Games homepage, with information about Atomic
          products such as Operation Crusader, is at 
          Blizzard Entertainment, the maker of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans,
          has a homepage at
   Blobbo FAQ:
          The Blobbo FAQ is available on the WWW at
 or by
          ftp from
   Bolo FAQ:
          The Bolo FAQ is at
 and in HTML
          form at
          There is an entire Big 7 newsgroup devoted to Bolo:

   Buried in Time:
          There is a Buried in Time page with FAQ, walkthrough, and
          screenshots, at

          The Burn:Cycle homepage is at 
   Card games:
          Jouni Miettunen maintains a comprehensive list of Macintosh
          card games at
   Casady & Greene:
          The Casady & Greene homepage is at It
          contains information and demos for C&G games such as Glider
          Pro, Zone Warrior, and AmoebArena.
   CH Products:
          CH Products, which makes the Flightstick Pro and other
          joysticks, has a homepage at
   Children's Shareware:
          An excellent web page devoted to shareware games for children
          is Tigger's Children's Shareware Page at
, which
          groups games by the age they're intended for, briefly describes
          each one, and provides links to download the games from
          multiple archives. It also has a page for children's shareware
          that will run on black and white Macs at
          The official Chiral FAQ is available for ftp from
 and on the
          web at

          For the Civilization FAQ, send email to with
          the subject "Civ FAQ please", ftp it from
, or go
          to on WWW.
          Mark Lilback's Civilization Page at
 includes a mirror of the
          Civ FAQ and a page devoted to Civ on the Macintosh at
 This Mac
          Civ page includes game hacks and a patch that allows Civ to run
          without crashing on PCI Macs.
   Confederate Grey:
          Confederate Grey, a Civil War game very similar to the old Mac
          version of Risk, can be downloaded from
   Daedalus Encounter:
          The official Daedalus Encounter homepage is at
   Dark Castle:
          Dark Castle was originally a Very Cool black and white game by
          Silicon Beach for the Mac 512k. It is now available PPC native
          and in color from Delta Tao; there are screenshots, a FAQ, and
          a downloadable demo on their Dark Castle '95 page at

   Dark Forces:
          Brad Oliver's Dark Forces for the Macintosh page at
 includes a
          Mac level editor and a patch to allow the game to run without
          the CD-ROM, as well as a slew of custom levels. The Dark Forces
          homepage at
          and Dark Forces FAQ at
 were developed
          for the PC version, but much of the information is useful for
          the Mac version too. There is a Dark Forces newsgroup,

   Deadly Games:
          Deadly Games, makers of WWII strategic games such as Battle of
          Britain and U-Boat, have a homepage at
   Delta Tao:
          The Delta Tao homepage is at
          It contains information about Delta Tao products such as
          Spaceward Ho!, Strategic Conquest, and the new Dark Castle.
          The Discis web site at includes
          demos and hint guides for Jewels of the Oracle and Karma: Curse
          of the 12 Caves.
   Discworld FAQ:
          The Discworld Games Page at

          includes screenshots, FAQ, and walkthrough. The Discworld FAQ
          was written for the PC version, but most of the gameplay hints
          are useful for the Mac version too. It's also available by ftp
   Domark homepage:
          The Domark homepage is at It
          contains information about Domark products such as Out of the
          Sun and Flying Nightmares.
          The Dongleware homepage at has
          information about, and downloadable demos for, the various
          incarnations of the excellent puzzle game Oxyd and the CD-ROM
          game Bolo (not to be confused with the popular tank game).
   DOOM E-zines:
          The MacDoom Review, an independent e-zine in DocMaker format
          that is devoted to news, reviews, and issues related to
          MacDoom, is available on the WWW at

          The* FAQ is available at
          other DOOM FAQs are available at
 and are
          listed on the WWW at

          DoomGate, the entry point to the network of DOOM-related sites
          around the planet, is at I
          don't have the space or time to list the other
          (non-Mac-specific) DoomWeb pages here, but for sheer coolness
          I'll also list, which
          shows 2 cross-eyed stereographic scenes from DOOM.
   Dungeon Master II:
          The Dungeon Master II page at
 includes complete
          indexes of available characters, equipment, and spells. 
   Electronic Arts:
          The EA homepage is at But they've pretty
          much abandoned the Mac, so why bother? 
          Spiderweb Software's official homepage for Exile: Escape From
          the Pit and Exile II: Crystal Souls at
 has FAQs,
          screenshots, and downloadable copies of both games.
          Jim Foley's excellent Exile pages at
 includes an
          online manual for the game and Mark Bradburn's Exile Spoiler
          Rob Lewandowski's Exile pages at
 has a
          detailed item catalogue and a tourbook for the various
          locations in Exile. 
   F/A-18 Hornet:
          Graphic Simulations Corporation's official Hornet homepage is
          Tim van der Leeuw's Unofficial Hornet Page is at

          The Hornet FAQ is on the web at
, and it can be
          ftp'd from or

          The Hornet Tactical Briefing Page at
 lets you
          share your replays with other net pilots.
          The Factory Page at
          includes the downloadable game, a new scenario, and
          The Flashback Walkthrough Page at
 is organized by level.
          The game's publisher, MacPlay, has a downloadable demo at

   Flight Simulators:
          Tom Morrison's Mac Flight Simulator Page, with the world's
          loudest yellow background, is at
          Scott Cherkofsky's Macintosh Flight Simulator Page at

          is a good clearinghouse for Mac flight sim URL's and
          information, including a discussion of the Thrustmaster and
          other joysticks.
          A downloadable copy and information about FloorTiles are
          available at Karl Bunker's web page at
   Glider Pro:
          The official Glider Pro page at
 includes the latest
          updater and a fistful of downloadable houses. There is also an
          unofficial Glider Pro page at
   Graphic Simulations Corporation:
          Graphic Simulations Corporation, makers of FA-18 Hornet, have a
          homepage at
   GT Interactive:
          GT Interactive, which publishes Doom II for the Mac, has a
          homepage at 
   Indiana Jones:
          For hints and walkthrus for LucasArts' Indiana Jones games (and
          everything else you ever wanted to know about Indy), go to
   Infocom games:
          The Infocom page at
   has detailed information on each of the late great company's games,
   including walkthrus, bug reports, and packaging details (now that's
   thorough). My personal favorite: The Lurking Horror! The Lost
   Treasures of Infocom are now available on 2 CDs from Activision.
   Interactive Fiction:
   For information about Infocom games, the Scott Adams adventures, or
   just about any other sort of text adventure, check out the Interactive
   Fiction archive at Also check out the
   Interactive Fiction Page at
   The Usenet newsgroups and
   are devoted to the creation and solving of text adventures. 
   Internet Modem Players Listing:
   This list at can put
   you in touch with others who want to play networked computer games,
   both via modem (sorted by area code) and IPRemote. For an explanation
   of IPRemote, see Tom Morrison's FAQ on playing Appletalk Games Over
   the Internet. 
   Jewels of the Oracle:
   The official homepage at includes a demo, a
   hierarchical hint guide, and an interview with the creator. 
   Kernel Productions:
   Kernel Productions, which makes the Choicestick joystick adapter, has
   a homepage at
   Killer List of Videogames:
   This is an exhaustive list of 80's videogames. Excellent reading for
   wallowing in nostalgia. The list is in several parts at Read the "INFO" file
   A page with more information than you could possibly want about all
   the versions of Lemmings on various platforms is at
   Links Pro:
   The official Links Pro page at includes playing
   tips and information about the various courses. The Links Pro
   Macintosh Tour Page at
   allows you to enter your single-player recorded games in a tournament
   with other players.
   The ftp site for homebrew Loderunner levels is To upload levels, contact
   Ron Hunsigner at
   The official LucasArts homepage is at 
   The homepage for MacPlay, the Mac division of Interplay, is at It includes information and demos for MacPlay
   games such as Castles: Siege & Conquest, Wolfenstein 3D, Kyrandia, and
   The official Maelstrom FAQ is available for ftp from and on the web at
   The best source for patches, editors, hint files, homebrew levels, and
   just about anything else having to do with Marathon you can imagine
   (and lots of things you can't) is the Marathon HyperArchive Northwest,
   maintained by Claude Errera ( at It has hundreds
   of maps for both Marathon 1 and Marathon 2, several complete scenarios
   for Marathon 1, the latest versions of all available editors, shapes,
   and artwork, and links to most of the good Marathon pages out there.
   All files are local, and can be accessed via ftp at
   The newsgroup is a good place to meet fellow
   Marathon Demo FAQ:
   Send email to Aapo Puskala at with the subject
   "Marathon FAQ please".
   Marathon Engine FAQ:
   Send email to Jeff Eaton at with the subject "Engine
   FAQ please". Jeff adds that a copy of the FAQ will be sent
   automatically; questions about how to get past the crushing room in
   Defend This! wil be ignored. :-)
   Marathon HyperArchive:
   The Marathon HyperArchive is a graphical interface to It is at and is
   maintained by Steven M. Wood ( Amug is a
   very very busy site (you're not the only one whose life has been
   consumed by Marathon, you know), so you may have difficulty connecting
   during peak hours.
   Marathon Spoiler Guide:
   The latest version of the spoiler guide can be found at or via ftp at You can also send
   email to Michael K. Neylon at with the subject
   "Marathon Spoiler Guide Please".
   Master of Orion:
   There is an extensive MOO FAQ at and a MOO Strategy Guide
   Maxis's web site at includes tech tips
   and screenshots for Sim City 2000, SimTower, A-Train, SimEarth,
   SimLife, and SimEverythingElse. 
   The Microprose/Spectrum Holobyte homepage is at
   Cyan has lots of information and links for Myst on their homepage at
   Doug Ingram's excellent Myst Hint Page at has a
   hierarchical system of hints so you only see the answers you need.
   Michael Neylon's Myst Walkthru at provides hints
   rather than exact puzzle solutions. And for the truly stuck (or very
   impatient), Peter MacDougall's extensive Myst Help page at includes exact solutions
   and saved games (IBM PC format only, unfortunately). 
   Operation Crusader:
   The Operation Crusader homepage is at;
   and an extensive Operation Crusader FAQ is available at 
   Origin, which produces the Wing Commander games, has a homepage at and a Macintosh product
   page at 
   The Patchlist is a list of fixes that the legal owners of certain
   games can apply to the programs to bypass the irritating copy
   protection schemes. It is available at several WWW locations:,, and
   Pathways Into Darkness:
   David Coufal's Pathways Into Darkness Page at includes the demo and
   upgraders, David Reevely's PID FAQ, "Pathways into Cheating", the "PID
   Basic Survival Guide", maps, and much more. 
   The Poing! homepage at
   includes a downloadable copy. 
   ReadySoft, publisher of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace II, has a homepage
   You can find the Realmz FAQ at, or send email
   to Ivan Chou at with the subject "Realmz
   FAQ please".
   The Books of Realmz at include
   hyptertext guides such as the Book of Items, the Realmz NPC Doc, the
   Book of Beasts, the Realmz Scenario Summary, and the Realmz Acronym
   Dictionary. I recommend these pages highly to any serious (or
   seriously addicted) Realmzer.
   There are several great Unofficial Realmz Pages, including Bill
   Fergerson's at, Jim Foley's at, and Claude Errera's at These include FAQs,
   new game scenarios, updaters, and links to each other.
   Realmz: Prelude to Pestilence FAQ:
   Send email to Bo Lundqvist at with the
   subject "Realmz Prelude Faq please" or ftp it from
   Jeff Eaton maintains a Robosport ftp area at that includes an arena editor
   and a patch to remove the 16-color limitation. Submissions (movies,
   arenas, etc) can be uploaded to
   Scarab of Ra:
   The Scarab of Ra page at
   includes a downloadable version (1.4) that will work on modern Macs.
   Semicolon Software:
   Semicolon Software, producer of Solitaire Till Dawn, Poing!, and
   Scarab of Ra, has a homepage at 
   The 7th Guest FAQ:
   The 7th Guest FAQ is available in hypertext on the WWW at, and you can ftp a
   plaintext version from
   This FAQ does not contain the solutions to all of the puzzles, but it
   has a considerable number of hints and solutions.
   7th Level Software:
   7th Level, which published Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time, has
   a homepage at that includes demos and online
   Sim City 2000:
   Maxis's official Sim City 2000 page is at
   The Sim City 2000 FAQ is on the web at You can
   also get it by sending email to Kevin Endo at with the
   subject "SC2K FAQ please" or ftp it from 
   Maxis's official SimTower page is at
   For the SimTower FAQ, send email to Brad Stuart at
   with the subject line "SimTower FAQ please." It's also available as a
   Web page at
   A downloadable copy and information about Snavely are available at
   Karl Bunker's web page at 
   Solitaire Till Dawn:
   The Solitaire Till Dawn page at includes playing tips and
   a series of in-depth articles on "Winning at Solitaire." Solitaire
   Till Dawn is also notable for having a "magnetic mouse" option for
   addicts with carpal tunnel syndrome. 
   Spaceward Ho!:
   Delta Tao's official Spaceward Ho! homepage is at For the Spaceward
   Ho! FAQ, send email to with the subject 'SPHO
   FAQ' (without the quotes, all uppercase), or anon ftp it from It's also
   available as a Web page at
   The Speedbump homepage at
   includes screenshots and a downloadable demo. 
   Spiderweb Software:
   Spiderweb Software, which writes the Exile games, has a homepage at 
   SSG (Strategic Studies Group), makers of Warlords II, have a homepage
   Starplay Productions, makers of ShadowWraith and the pinball games
   Crystal Caliburn and Loony Labyrinth, have an ftp site with demos of
   their games at
   Strategic Games:
   Michael Hanson ( maintains an excellent
   Macintosh Strategy Games List, with pointers to further information,
   The Simulation Gaming Home Page at isn't Mac-specific, but
   it's an excellent source of information about strategic games.
   Strategic Simulations, Inc.:
   SSI, producers of Allied General, have a homepage at 
   Swoop FAQ:
   The official Swoop FAQ is available for ftp from and on the web at
   Syzygy Cult:
   The Syzygy Cult, makers of Mantra and Space Gypsy, have a homepage at 
   There is a very thorough TacOps Information Resource at
   The author of the game answers questions on in the form of the TacOps Gazette. Old
   Gazettes are available at
   A list of people interested in playing TacOps by email is available at Players are grouped
   into skill levels (neophyte, beginner, intermediate, advanced,
   Thrustmaster, which makes a line of joysticks and other flight-sim
   controls for the Mac, has a homepage at
   Frederik Ekman maintains a list of Mac games related to the works of
   J.R.R. Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, at
   Total Distortion:
   The publisher's homepage at includes hints,
   tech support, and downloadable graphics and sounds from Total
   Trilobyte, the makers of 7th Guest and 11th Hour, have a homepage at
   The Theldrow homepage, from which the game can be downloaded, is at 
   Ultima III:
   The Ultima III Macintosh homepage, maintained by the author of the Mac
   version, is at The
   cross-platform Ultima WWW Archive is at
   Unlimited Adventures:
   There is a large collection of Unlimited Adventures updates, art,
   news, and freeware and shareware modules at ( The files with the .sit
   extension are Macintosh modules.) There is also a UA page at 
   Virgin Interactive Entertainment, which published 7th Guest, has a
   homepage at 
   The official page for Warcraft: Orcs and Humans is at 
   Warlords II:
   The Warlords II FAQ is available at the Warlords II homepage, at This page is
   maintained by Robert Heeter, The
   official SSG Warlords II page is at 
   Wing Commander III:
   Origin has a Wing Commander III page at
   l. The Wing Commander III FAQ is very PC oriented, but much of the
   gameplay information is useful for Mac players, too. It's available on
   the WWW at There is
   also a Mac-specific Wing Commander page at that includes hints,
   pictures, and animation. 
   Wolfenstein 3D:
   Doug Ingram maintains a site at that contains
   everything the Wolfenstein addict could possibly need: level editors
   and random level generators, WolfenCheat, WolfenZoom, and fistfuls of
   homebrew Wolf levels.
   World of Xeen:
   A plaintext Xeen FAQ is available at; you can get it
   by sending email to Rabid Wombat at with the
   subject "Xeen FAQ please". There is also an HTML version at, but it requires the use of
   Netscape 2.0 or higher to view it.
   WWW pages:
   For want of a better category, pages that are collections of Macintosh
   game links are listed here. This Resource Guide is intended to list
   online resources that are specific to particular games or game genres,
   so I'm only listing a few pages here, the ones I consider the best
   available. (It's my Resource Guide, so I get to decide which are the
   best! :-)
   Dave Stanworth's Games Domain is the biggest, most popular
   games-related site on the planet. It's cross-platform; the PC
   predominates, but there is an abundance of Mac links and FAQs. The UK
   site is at The United States mirror at is updated daily and is much faster for
   users on the left side of the Atlantic.
   Juhani Sirkia's Cult of Macintosh is dedicated to "blind faith in all
   things Apple." The collection of games links is at
   The Entertaining Macintosh is now only at Princeton (go tigers) at
   Timo Eloranta's Mac Games Page is at
   Yahoo's list of Macintosh Games links is at
   The Xconq homepage, including a browsable manual, is at Complete sources and Mac
   binaries may be ftp'ed from and, respectively.
   Jeff Till's Unofficial Mac X-Wing Page at includes a strategy
   guide, a screenshot gallery, and a Thrustmaster joystick configuration
   file for the game. 
   If you link to this page, please let me know so that I can notify you
   if it moves.
    Copyright 1996 by Christina M. Schulman, Mar-96

Christina Schulman

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