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Third Rock Episode Guide, Season 2

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Archive-name: tv/program-guides/3rd-rock/season2
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last Modified: 1996/10/14

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Episode Guide for: Third_Rock_From_The_Sun
Copyright  1996 Bonnie Lynne Kretschmer, updated October 13th, 1996

Thanks to: Nathan Humbard and
	and Cal at
Special thanks to Tom Walsh for providing the web page

This guide is available at:

This guide is also posted monthly in,
and monthly in alt.answers and news.answers.

Dick Solomon (John Lithgow): The High Commander
Sally Solomon (Kristen Johnston): 
               A Decorated Military Officer (a Lieutenant)
Tommy Solomon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt): 
               A Seasoned Intelligence Specialist 
Harry Solomon (French Stewart): They had an extra seat
Dr. Mary Albright (Jane Curtin): Anthropologist, officemate
               and obsession of The High Commander
Nina (Simbi Khali): Secretary for Dr. Albright & Dr. Solomon

Producers: Marcy Carsey & Tom Werner

<bios are available at the NBC web page for third rock:>

United States (NBC) Time slot (all exceptions noted): 
1996 Jan. 9th to April 16th: Tuesday, 8:30 EST/PT & 7:30 CST/MT
1996 April 23rd to May 21st: Tuesday, 8pm EST/PT & 7pm CST/MT
1996 August 11th to future: Sunday, 8pm EST/PT & 7pm CST/MT

In 1996 in the UK, it aired on British Sky 1: Fridays at 8pm
	(local time)
In New Zeland, it airs on TV3: Tuesdays at 8pm (local time)

So far, I have no other information about foreign time slots.

Note about Nielson Ratings:
A show's rating is a percentage of all 95.9 million American 
TV's (in the first season) and 97 million American TV's (in the
second season), including those turned off, which are tuned into
that show for that week.  A rating of 1.0 would correspond with
1% or 959,000 homes tuned in in the first season, and 970,000
homes tuned in in the second season.  Thank-you Nathan Humbard.

Nielson ratings are collected weekly from the following URL:

Info on future showings is collected from the following URL:

Sun. September 22nd  Season Premire!
Nielson Rating: 13.8, Ranking: 17th of the week
**See Dick Continue to Run**EP#201 & EP#202
Good Dick, in a box in the basement, writes of the past events.
Evil Dick decides to call them all Tommy and a million other
"humiliating irrational edicts", while making plans to build a
big incubator.  The three bump into Dennis Rodman, an alien from
their planet.  Evil Dick is having a really hard time adjusting
to earth, but continues to court Mary in his naughty way.  We
find that Evil Dick is a disgruntled former employee of the big
giant head, but no one sees the transmission, except Evil Dick.
The others finally find Good Dick and free him (after they talk
Sally into Mutiny).  Dick is freed and Mary is saved but not
without the help of Dennis Rodman who escorts the shell of an
alien that is Evil Dick back to the home world. 
Guest appearence by Dennis Rodman as himself

Sun. September 29th
Nielson Rating: 13.7, Ranking: 12th of the week
**Hotel Dick**EP#205
The aliens see "Dawn of the Aliens" and are disturbed by the 
negative portrayals of aliens.  Dick decides to tell Mary that
he is an alien (much to the dismay of Sally and the others) and
decides that the sci-fi convention in Cleveland is the place to
do it.  As Dick is trying to tell her, Mary misunderstands and
thinks Dick was in a mental clinic.  When he finally tells her,
it is during a sex-game where Mary is pretending to be an alien
and she doesn't take it seriously.  Harry sees the convention as
a place to fight negative alien stereotypes and Sally discovers
the wonders of Room Service... at least until they get the bill
(that must be the population of Cleveland).  But all's not lost.
With the laptop, modem, key and shower cap Tommy transfers the
charges to Mr. Takei's room bill.
Guest appearence by George Takei as himself

Sun. October 6th
Nielson Rating: 12.1, Ranking: 22nd of the week
**Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space**EP#203
Dick's relationship with Mary is going well, but Sally and Mr.
Randall are not doing as well.  August tests Tommy's commitment
to her by asking if he will stay with her even if she became
disfigured, again, and again, and agian.  Harry, feeling left
out, goes to a video dating service.  Between moments with
flavored international coffees... Sally first tries to give Mr.
Randall more control, then was going to mend the relationship
with sex, but neither works, so Sally remains a virgin and even
starts to like being single.

Sun. October 13th
Nielson Rating: N/A, Ranking: N/A
**Much Ado About Dick**EP#204
The close realtionship between Dick and Mary causes friction
between the aliens.  Mary and Dick soon have their own bit 'o
friction when the university learns of the romance and starts
gossiping.  Sally gets a parking ticket and runs into officer
Don.  Don shows Sally the glamorous side of cop life and Sally
wants to join the force.  But when Dick forbids it (based on
something kinda like the prime directive), she and officer Don
are forced to part ways again.  Such sweet sorrow!  Dr. Sutor
advises Dick to ignore Mary to get her back and for as long as
he can, Dick tries.  Mary gets over her fear of what other 
people think at a faculty party and things are peachy again.
Guest Star Wayne Knight as Officer Don
Guest Star Harry Morgan as Dr. Sutor 

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