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...a coinsidence that a baby rolls off the bed, lands...

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Question by KELLI
Submitted on 10/29/2003
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Is it a coinsidence that a baby rolls off the bed, lands face down into pillows and the autopsy says it's sids. Is it sids or suffocation???

Answer by Francine
Submitted on 11/29/2003
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I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or not.....  but I do know that suffocation CAN be determined during an autopsy.....  there are signs to say that someone has suffocated or not.  SIDS is deemed when an autopsy and investigation show no signs of why the death occurred.  
When my daughter passed, we got to her within moments of it happening, and both my husband and I are trained in CPR and emergency response measures......  we know that if there was an airway obstruction or something similar that had taken place, we had got to her within time to save her.....  it would have been possible.  However, we couldn't save her because SIDS is not soffocation or airway obstruction..... when the brain function is involved..... the baby can't be ressurected.  No SIDS baby has a chance of being saved.......  we just don't know WHY????  No one does.


Answer by Tara Kyser
Submitted on 6/13/2005
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I am not sure I would say suffocation.  My son died at home daycare.  The daycare owner placed Steven face down in a adult bed pillow on his stomach and left him for over a hour.  When she finally did check on him he was gone.  The autopsy report said SIDS but it was not.  I know in my heart they are wrong.  How is it SIDS when their faces are in pillows.  I understand that it is SIDS when there is nothing in the bed to suffocate.  They are using this term SIDS to much.


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