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Does anyone know if Susannah's Song was actually a real song and/or if it's ever been... by angel 11/6/03 FAQ, Part 9/9
     The song of Susannah is probably the poem written on the fence in front of the vacant lot.... by Mikee12/11/03  
     Yeah the poem on the fence on the vacant lot is partly what the song of susaannah is. It... by BangoSkank7/6/04  
     Maid of Constant Sorrow is a song. It is a traditional folk song. King said in the book... by Kelly 8/20/04  
     Hate to tell you Mikee but it is a real song which I know fairly well off by heart. And it... by Blog 2/7/05  
     The song appears to have been written for the Up In Smoke episode of 'Mad About You'. I... by Lawrence 12/17/05  
how do i get the map of cricklewood by mariam 9/24/03 THE PRISONER FAQ Volume I (no spoilers)
     he he he by saaaraah 2/20/05  
what are the software configuration management tools? by menaka12/19/03 mgmt FAQ: General Questions
     Such a big question! Actually nowadays has so many SCM tools: Visual SourseSafe, CVS,... by XiaoKevin 3/2/04  
     This is a question. Does anyone know of someone who is currently involved in Harvest... by Olga 4/5/04  
     Menaka, These guys have a couple of magnificient web pages which answer your question... by Tawek4/5/04  
     I think the most architecturally advanced SCM tool on the market today is most likely... by Josh  1/19/2007  
why that islamics believe in after life by yadith 2/3/04 Islam FAQ (Part 1/15): Welcome & Index
     because we are deeply believing in ALLAH also, in Muhammad and QURAAN too. it is... by muhammadazazi 11/27/04  
     dgdetyrytuj by shams 3/9/05  
     they believe they will die and go to heaven by me 6/6/05  
     My brother, first of all we are not called islamics, haha, nowadays and ever since, we've... by Brother 11/13/2006  
Is it true that birth control pills can be used to regularize or establish the monthly... by Jay 11/25/03 Big Folks Health FAQ
     TPa5lDcJJnWXJ H2k3tnWLSI95X ywrQhEVTbNtTe by qItOihWsQw 3/1/2006  
     HVYi8DHUCkctS1 OooeMoREqh 1HdJKr1TZY by OTMRch1df5 3/9/2006  
     0U7ZR71hzMkC XTPMNJztzLg 3zehdxQ7Gi by Jer6M73bkK 3/17/2006  
     Xn7GOGUv9N271 L5myGv51a81zUR RjV9TNWtjHbx by GKN6q6iFVO 7/12/2006  
     6CpkG1F4Evsm2X Uxxcprw3Npc2 5DFS0za1qNWy by BGBLKJoM19 10/25/2006  
when i try to execute a c program on unix i get a error message : bin/bash: a.out: command... by buddy 7/14/03 Welcome to comp.unix.questions [Frequent posting]
     try ./a.out by selva8/11/03  
     i try to execute a c program in a pico editor it gives too many parameters ,what should i... by chinna 9/14/04  
what is the mening of lorry? by niloofar1/12/04 Ada FAQ: The Ada WWW Server
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/9/2006  
     Thanks!!! auto site insurance. [URL=http://www.insur... by insurance auto 6/9/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/9/2006  
     insurance auto by 6/9/2006  
my pet has been trained to use puppy training pads. She was 99% perfect with this when she... by Susan 4/3/04 rec.pets.dogs: Dachshund Breed-FAQ
     i don't know by BabyDoxie194/26/04  
     You know...Now that you mention it...My doxie has done the same thing. I think they are... by Stacy 5/24/04  
     Sometimes doxies just need reminding. My Bama uses potty mats and has now had an accident... by Brittany 10/23/05  
     my 2yr old doesnt like to use the pad more than two times. if i dont change it... by KC 12/31/05  
     The possibility is she smells her pee and thinks thats the place you want her to pee. Make... by PregoPup1 10/7/2006  
     The worst thing in potty training a doxie or any puppy is using puppy pads thats just... by Nicki 10/22/2006  
     is the puppy being left alone during the day? if so then it is because it could be angry.... by jaja 5/21/2007  
I was going to start building my own computer and I was wondering, what type of mother... by nothing 7/23/03 alt.comp.hardware. homebuilt FAQ Version 20 (modified 06/18/97)
     I would suggest AMD these are very good gaming, and desktop computers while not breaking... by Dobey2/1/04  
     I would agree that an AMD processor is probably a good bet. As for motherboards, there are... by Xanadu2/27/04  
     Hi I have some really good web sites. The sites are : or ... by Jazz 1/7/2007  
having a problem to add user through admintool in Sun O.S 5.8. But allows me to use the... by O.K.HARANATH 7/2/03 FAQ: Sun Computer Administration Frequently Asked Questions
     Getting problem to create user in sun os through admintool by Kumar 8/28/2006  
     Can you tell me what kind of problem you faced when you tried to use admintool? sfaqih@go... by sfaqih 5/20/2007  
Collective Noun A what? of paintings by Vivienne 7/30/03 General
     Gallery ? by Aaron 9/15/03  
     My artist friend refers to the collection of her own art as her "portfolio". by tom 10/25/03  
     gallery by jjj 11/15/2006  
Need to find a telephone number or a site to find if a hotel is on pulse metering? I know... by John Mahon 7/22/03 uk.telecom FAQ, Part 3/3 - Technical matters
     Medellin by Miamiheat 11/15/04  
     do you have the telephone number for the britannia airport hotel in machester postcode... by katy 2/4/2006  
     Need of Phone number & adress of kabir suman by vito 6/5/2006  
what is mirocontroller? briefiy give information about microcontroller with s7yatemic and... by baby 7/21/03 Comp.realtime: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (version 3.6)
     microcontrller is a chip which is used to access the program.then its also used to store... by k.ashwin 1/5/2007  
does the docter have a right to keep in his possession your med.records or your child from... by lori7/21/03 Medical Informatics FAQ
     What does a Docter do? by keke 4/27/05  
is it possible to manipulate image files using c? by chinna 9/23/03 comp.lang.c Answers (Abridged) to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     yes it is possible and depends on the platform and operating system u are using. On unix... by naidu_trk 12/23/03  
     Yes it possible. by Gold 3/8/2007  
1996 Chrysler Cirrus - replaced fuel filter - car won't turn over - new batter - grinds... by denise 10/8/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Denise, I started having the same problem, as well. It only happened when it was cold,... by jbwhite99 3/20/04  
     make sure gas is in it. and then you might have to reset the computer system, because... by jrock 4/2/05  
     Hi my car did the same thing an i work at a auto shop mine was the crank sensor check that... by chad  4/12/2007  
our rottweiler has developed a fair sized lump on his front left leg,in between his elbow... by jono 10/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     jono, your dog needs to be seen by a VET, only a vet can tell you what the lump is. ... by Lucy's Mom 10/28/03  
     hey!!!!!!! its lucys mum again, gonna get me some more gigadee gigadee gi- ga- dee! by poohead11 4/22/04  
anybody knows where is the stripped cover photo shot? by Mertijn 7/21/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     i fhfifdshfudurejjjhfdhfurejjjsnmfifuyernfn fjhfji dont deven knoe u and i dhfinnertufnfhfh... by fuk u 2/8/05  
     rb7:rb4 will remain the same b'cos it is configured as input. if there is internal... by von 9/23/03  
a few years ago i got a ticket for running a red light unfortunately i was an addict at... by lady in distress 9/17/03 General
     Contact the service, they will more than likely only ask you to pay a minimal amount. by Savnt 6/15/04  
     by  12/20/2006  
     I have had many shih tzus in my lifetime....the first one I bought in my... by karen3/20/04  
     All 3 of my Shih-Tzus do the same, as well as my parents 4 Shih-Tzus Maybe they have a... by Jason 12/27/04  
     Both of my ShihTzu'shave done the same...they think it is play time...time to catch me if... by mikki 9/10/05  
     My little shih-tzu does the same thing. She loves to run around like a mad woman. She... by Kathie 10/11/05  
     hello to my baby every day i love her so i dress her up and do her hair every day she like... by key  10/14/05  
I have always liked Yorkshire Terriers. I've wanted one since I was a little girl. I was... by Sara2/25/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     there is no such thing as a teacup Yorkshire terrier. there is only one kind unless it is... by megan4/24/04  
     There is a difference so your friend is right! Some people saya yorkie is a yorkie you... by dar7/14/04  
     Teacup yorkies simply are just a name given by the breeder to an extra small pup. ... by Charisse 10/22/04  
     u suck by madie 1/18/05  
     There's no such thing as a teacup or babydoll face or anything. check out this link: ... by Kristy 7/17/05  
     What are all the different kinds of Yorkshire terriers are there? by Lacy 8/7/05  
     there are different types of yorkies. i have a teacup and a babyface yorkshire. so don't... by brooke 2/1/2007  
     i want a yorkie too, and i have been doing some research but here is a website i found... by Michelle 4/3/2007  
i'am amgoing tommrow to get my belly button pierced and i wanted to know if it will hurt... by Amanda3/25/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 3--Getting a New Piercing
     I want to know if it will hurt also b/c i am going tomorrow too and which is better to get... by Amber 2/25/05  
     pain is relative. what hurts for me may not hurt for you and vice versa. one thing for... by stephanie 8/15/05  
     if elephants were smaller would more people have them as pets? by lynne 9/25/05  
     it does hurt a little but only when the needle goes in. i got mine dun today n was reli... by del 12/3/05  
     Don't worry about it. When I got my bellybutton pierced I was scared as hell! I thought I... by ShayShay 5/6/2006  
y pic microcontroller exicuts the masked interrupt. i cleared all the interrupt enable... by dani 8/25/03 microcontroller-faq/PIC
     abo fayez by Ameer 3/20/2007  
what is the expansion for the computer related term av-seq? by flower 7/17/03 Available C++ Libraries FAQ
     My best hunch would be Audo Video Sequence by Amrendra 12/31/03  
chysler 98 town and country lxi.having problems with dash boad lights.when it gets cold... by maymond1/3/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have had this problem my self,have you looked at the headlight switch.Even if their is... by Keith 4/18/04  
     I have been having the same problems with my 1997 Town and Country LXI. Are there others... by Nancy P 12/17/04  
     another thing is the grounds.if its what im thinking it is. there are two ground wires on... by matt 2/25/05  
     I have the same problem with my plymouth voy1998,same problem,isend a e mail to chyrsler,... by anthony misquita 8/8/05  
     I have problem with 2005 Town & Country. While driving the head light suddenly go off. At... by Airee 2/24/2006  
     Hi there! You may want to check out for the Kidco Safeway Gate. That... by 9/14/03  
what type of metal are computers by kristiana 9/10/03 Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions
     type of metal and I need picture and cataloges in metal by osamah 4/7/04  
My dog has allergies that affect all soft tissue; eyes,bottom of his jaw, his anal area;... by joyce7/12/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Allergies FAQ
     I have two dogs with similar problems. Been through trying to get them treated for years.... by jthomasfl8/10/03  
     my puppy thurs spit and has ye promlems what should i do by lala 4/30/05  
     my retriever is allergic to many things including grass, dust mites, moths etc. he was... by nicky 11/17/05  
I have a 2 1/2 year old pit bull that is in heat right now, but refuses to mate with her... by fernfred 7/10/03 rec.pets.dogs: Beagles Breed-FAQ
     if it is her first breeding then that is normal. If you want her to breed badly, you may... by rack7/22/03  
     You can't force her to mate. That would be cruel! Dogs won't allow mating right away in... by Tanisha2/11/04  
     i am in the same sit. i don't know what to do by rome 3/3/05  
     since her first day bleeding you have to wait about seven days about that time the blood... by wizy 2/1/2006  
the oldest manuscript of talmud available todate by iqbal 8/23/03 soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Torah and Halachic Authority (3/12)
     who are you? by joe 2/13/04  
I have a 5 year old Doberman he's a great dog, there's a ridgeback pup of 6 month old down... by phlcolby 9/20/03 rec.pets.dogs: Doberman Breed-FAQ
     Don't take a large dog wich you cannot controll! you are the sick one! by Maurits10/27/03  
     ???? It doesnt sound like your dog needs calming down. Firstly, is this pup loose? Try... by DieselRox 4/11/04  
     just get a rottweiler much stronger than a doberman by AST 7/8/2006  
     Maurits is an idiot, don't listen to him. You could try introducing them very slowly,... by Stabbath 6/25/2007  
I have a chocolate lab who is 7 years of age...we have had him for 4. Ever since we... by Nell 3/25/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Well the problem here is probably that he can't remember the punishment. If he turns... by Tanisha 3/26/04  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/16/2006  
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/16/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. auto site insurance, car... by insurance auto 6/16/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/16/2006  
     Thanks!!! ringtones site free. [URL=http://www.ringtones... by ringtones free 6/16/2006  
     Hi! ringtones site free. ringtones site free, ringtones... by ringtones free 6/16/2006  
WHY ETHERNET IS CALLED ETHER? by QAMI 9/28/03 comp.dcom.lans.ethernet FAQ
     Metcalfe'sfirst experimental network was called the Alto Aloha Network. In 1973 Metcalfe... by mr_gulible10/9/03  
     I believe Metcalf named the system, ethernet, because he liked Douglas Adams's book, The... by photon7204/16/04  
     the two computers that Metcalfe and 3 others were working on were two of the Altos Xerox... by Maria G 11/9/2006  
code 28 defination and clearing on a 2001 suzuki gsxr1000 by hopper10/22/03 [] QuackFAQ--Frequently Asked Questions about Ducatis (01/02)
     I have 02 gsxr1000 my power commander got messed up form brake fluid.since then my gas... by Davon Brown 5/15/04  
     i have the same problem i dont know what to do about it by kurt 8/9/05  
I have a Pilot radio and turntable console: the radio model number is 1073 (60 lps/240wa... by mrs. madeline matias 7/8/03 N/A
     Hi there Madeline, congratulations on your ownership of your Pilot equipment. Pilot Radio... by Kitphoenixx 1/31/05  
     I also have come across that model as well as the Pilot 172 matching speaker pair and have... by j.hoff 1/20/2007  
     I can't directly answer your question but it sounds very similar to a unit that my... by Nate 6/7/2007  
when some sites i cant abale to open i receving url protection ho can i by pass it by qmp21 8/18/03 Kerberos Users' Frequently Asked Questions 1.14
     can you please explain by userid 12/22/03  
can i use gycoflex on rabbits by speed 9/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     urmm i don't think it would be best to use that substance... but you can if you like by minni 4/10/2007  
ATTENTION!!! Need any info on heat, breeding, pregnancy, whelping, etc? Well if you want... by Tanisha 3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Golden Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     What are the signs of a golden retriever being in heat? My golden is 5 months old and I... by Hubert4/17/04  
     She is probably being friendly. The signs of heat are pretty easy to spot. Her vulva will... by Tanisha5/18/04  
     At 18 months my golden retriever may have conceived at the latter part of her heat cycle. ... by Sheila 11/12/04  
     I was wanting to breed my Golden Retrievers (Candy) (Ginger), but I don't know when I can... by Timothy Lott 5/16/05  
     I have a Golden retriever that I think may be pregnant. I got her only 1 month ago, so I... by Chris983 12/13/05  
     My golden is 2yrs old I think she may be expecting but not sure It was about 2weeks ago... by lisa koch 1/9/2006  
     my 11 month old puppy came into her first heat i left her with a friend that has a male... by sneaux 11/14/2006  
     well my friends dog is 1 and a half and had puppies and i plan on getting mine pregant... by JennaD 7/11/2007  
Hi, I really hope you can help me. I have 6 equations with 6 unknowns, and would like... by Wlotzkas 7/7/03 comp.sys.hp48 FAQ : 1 of 4 - Common Questions
     0123456789 10111213141516171819 20212223242526272829 30313233343536373839 404142434445464... by loser 3/17/04  
     2x+3=6 by rt 5/25/04  
     you're ass... by GOD 3/12/2007  
I have a 1996 Jetta 2.0 autotrans, just replace cracked ignition coil. Now the dashboard... by W2H 11/6/03 [W] TECHNICAL, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     why did u change the coil , my car is burning coils every month . does anyone know why... by trek jetta 11/28/04  
     Call Me 610-496-2546 by Eric 7/5/05  
     Get a real car. by clyde 1/12/2006  
     Well I can answer that... I have a 96 jetta too and the technical service bulletin calls... by bc5000 3/30/2006  
     I have a 1996 jetta and when I put the A/C on there is smok coming from the ventilation... by Carlos 6/7/2006  
SUBJECT: Removing links to other Spreadsheets I seem to have picked up a link to a... by Perry 1/26/04 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
     No Idea, I would like to know also by Richard 1/28/04  
     There are few options for searching the link. 1. Go to Edit and then Link, if you have... by Hasan1/29/04  
     There are few options for searching the link. 1. Go to Edit and then Link, if you have... by Hasan 1/29/04  
     I saw this article ... the FindLink program helped me solved my problem. Good luck ... by Uncle Pooh2/19/04  
     Both (who was first with it) and now Microsoft have an applet you can download--... by Tess4/15/04  
     Easy method that USUALLY works: Open Filename.xls (your file). Save as Filename1.xls... by Henk 8/18/04  
     You can also re-direct the link to the currently opened workbook and excel removes the... by Ryan 8/15/05  
     Just came across the same problem with "phantom" links in excel 2000. Even after... by Swut 11/7/05  
     Dellinks.exe workes for me. Thanx by joop 3/7/2007  
the gen light is coming on while driving by liz 12/18/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     it means that your generator/altanator is not charging.get it fixed or get stuck on foot. by kazmo98 11/17/04  
     So Stop Driving. by S 5/8/05  
     Go to auto zone and have the alt checked out. It may not be charging to full capacity. by McKenna 12/13/2006  
results of ukc world hunt by ddt 9/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: United Kennel Club FAQ
     Rebel is better than Hulster by Cody  Mayne 10/29/05  
Choose 4 prime numbers such that adding the first of them equals the fourth, for example:... by Creigh9/15/03 sci.math FAQ: Unsolved Problems
     You are right, because it's well known that for every prime p > 3, p^2 = 12*n+1, where... by Tapio1/8/04  
     Consider the case, where choosen primes are 3 and three other primes (p,q,r)>3,like... by Tapio1/8/04  
     There is a counter example: 2+2+3=7, because the sum of the prime squares equals to... by Tapio1/8/04  
     except for 2, all the other prime numbers are odds. therefore we can say that x (odd prime... by coman_razvan 9/12/04  
     what number-sis divisible by 66 by babygurl 11/7/2006  
write a program to read 'n' values & calculate avg. of positive values! (write it with... by rozy 12/20/03 LEARN C/C++ TODAY (A list of resources/tutorials)
     dont submit school assignments faqs are not for that purpose its for more than that by naidu_trk 12/29/03  
     i don't know by dasss 2/13/04  
     #include<stdio.h> void main() { int sum=0,count=0,i,n; printf("Enter No of... by Yogita daga( 3/15/05  
where do i get the interleaf files to convert to framemaker? please suggest some about... by brain 7/5/03 Interleaf FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions for comp.text.interleaf
     Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. ( ) provides this service on a commercial... by Mark Gross 11/26/03  
may i download any free software for system summary? by divyang7/8/03 mgmt FAQ: Configuration Management Tools Summary
     Gberto by Gberto 11/4/04  
Moved into a new construction house. The lights dim when the Central Air turns on. Is this... by andy 8/4/03 Electrical Wiring FAQ (Part 1 of 2)
     picture of house by kuntal 1/31/04  
     There is a voltage drop when the a/c turns on due to high demand. Perhaps your service is... by SHOCKING_EXPERIENCE6/16/04  
     I've had a similar problem for years and it looks like it will finally be resolved when... by Jim in Virginia 6/2/05  
     I live in a new subdivision and all of our homes are experiencing this problem. What... by Chasjr 11/4/05  
Where can I find the torque specs for the camshaft bolts for a 92 LeBaron 2.5 liter not... by catmcel 10/14/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Engine torque specs for an international in-line six. by John Wayne 5/18/04 by kazmo98 11/17/04  
     i am from China and our company is in the line of auto parts export and our main product... by hayden 3/21/2006  
     i am from China and our company is in the line of auto parts export and our main product... by hayden 3/21/2006  
i have a 89 dodge caravan but the engine does'ntbelong to everytime i have a problem... by cesar 8/4/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i have 89 voyager with 2.5 more than powerfull enough by duane12/7/03  
     There are several engines that belong in the 89 models 2.5 normal engine (I think), 2.5... by happylada2/12/04  
i have a 1935d blue seal 1 dollar bill ,would like to know value by carl11/6/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi Carl...the value of this note depends on grade and also serial numbers and back plate... by Pete11/7/03  
     i have a john tyler coin is it worth anything by bob 9/22/04  
     i have a 1935a 1 dollar bill blue seal in fairly good condition, and i also have a 1953b 2... by ray 11/15/05  
did i bum out my yorkie by getting another? by dennis 2/11/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     No,of course not.I have a baby yorkie (shes 10 weeks old) and ever since Iv had her,I know... by Chelsea 2/13/04  
     No way. by tyrel 3/23/04  
     no it will be a friend for your yorkie. by caz 12/19/04  
     I want a new puppy but im afraid if my border collie will be come jelous by bubblez 5/23/2006  
     It depends. How is he/she reacting to it? It may be jelous of the new puppy in the... by Lauren 5/30/2006  
tell me about recliners in automobile seats by navesa 8/21/03 rec.pets.dogs: Basenjis Breed-FAQ
     If increasees the compreshionratio for 4-stroke engine(head shave)any advantages and... by raja 8/16/2006  
Who is Juliet Charlie? by catherine 10/11/03 Phonetic alphabets (Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta) (1997/5/1)
     Juliet from William Shakespeare's play called Romeo and Juliet Hence R-Romeo by spektr 10/16/03  
     It's naval code, signal flags, Juliet was a name in a play, and Charlie was a president(Ch... by Hippochan 3/17/05  
     Jesus Christ by Peterf 10/1/2006  
     who is juliet by susan 1/25/2007  
who was the voice on the pa? by pat 7/30/03 M*A*S*H FAQ
     The voice is that of Sal Viscuso by SCOTT 3/29/04  
would my brother who has a brilliant, gifted autistic child but inadequate facilities for... by sbhanu 7/2/03 N/A
     HI. I am married to Canadian, if your brother is under the age of 22, and if you take the... by CC 8/5/2006  
what are the problems face by the project management and the solution to these problems? by op7/2/03 Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
     ineffective communication by Richard 9/1/03  
how do you enter imaginary numbers in awk? do you use i or something else? by Angie 7/1/03 comp.lang.awk FAQ
     If you want imaginary/complex numbers in awk, you'll have to roll your own. by Gus 8/24/04  
I have a very new Intel Zion Processor (1.8 Gh)based SERVER with 128 MB RAM with 2x37... by bhatt_ck 7/31/03 UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Miscellaneous Troubleshooting)
     I have the same problem with a Primergy TX150 (Fujitsu-Siemens). I try to load the driver... by bgest_be 9/19/03  
     Try to download updated instalation disks. ftp://ftp.sco. com/pub/unixware7/ptf7619d/ ... by premier 1/10/2007  
what steps would you take to train a tiger to willingly go into a crate for future... by brians 12/10/03 rec.pets.herp Frequently Asked Questions (1 of 3)
     how do u train tiger p.s tell me by joseph 11/4/2006  
     how to train a tiger by mo 11/28/2006  
     i dont noe by lala867785 3/24/2007  
is there a site where you can go that has pictures of guitars where u can change color or... by 8/10/03 alt.guitar.rickenbacker Frequently Asked Questions
     i dont know by carll 8/2/04  
history of funan during the ancient kingdom(with pictures) by kha 8/9/03 General
     Why did the Funan kingdom fall? by chessie 2/9/05  
UDP sendto() function allows you to mention the destination ip and port to which you want... by santhosh 12/8/03 [comp.unix.programmer] Unix-socket-faq for network programming
     Using TCP you could specify this information. UDP does not maintain the information of who... by socket_newbie 2/13/05  
     When you call sendto(handler, IP_addr, buf, len), handler contains your local source... by Chunsheng Guo 3/16/05  
     You can simply append the source port number to the data sent within the packet, and then... by Isa Muqattash 11/24/05  
     You need to bind() the socket with the source port address. Then use sendto() with the... by Adam 12/5/05  
     Bind the socket to certain address and port before send any data. If you want to send and... by Wolfgang Jia 1/3/2006  
What's the right declaration for main()? by Murugesan 8/6/03 comp.lang.c FAQ list Table of Contents
     The right declaration for main is int main(int argc ,char **argv ,char **envp ){ ... by naidu_trk12/18/03  
     That's a good joke. This question is already in the FAQ, with an answer inconsistent with... by Daniel3/30/04  
     i don't no by bujji 9/25/2006  
     send a virus to and tamatown because they sent one to by cocoa 4/2/2007  
I have a Casio B.O.S.S. from the early 1990s...I'm not sure entirely what year it is from.... by mixi 8/12/03 comp.groupware FAQ: Products2: Frequently Asked Questions
     I bought a Casio B.O.S.S. about 12 years ago. Don't remember the model number becasue I... by El Santo 10/20/04  
     i am looking for operating instructions for a b.o.s.s. sf-5300 can any one help me ? by ritchie rich 10/8/05  
     I have a BOSS organizer as well its a 128 Kb,and a good organizer as well. have you gotten... by CHRIS 6/19/2006  
please give me a list of operatig systems separated by topics. by sina 10/10/03 Comp.realtime: A list of commercial real-time operating systems
     what are four operatig systems that have things simulair and they have comparisons? by alyssa 1/15/04  
     asakapa by janjan 11/20/2006  
35 C for a P T 103 E on the P T 50 W to L your L 435 M of the H by zia 9/6/03 Conventional Fusion FAQ Glossary Part 12/26 (L)
     50 ways to lighten your load by babydoll1/8/04  
     103 E on the PT = 103 elements on the periodic table by albert einstein3/19/04  
     50 ways to leave your lover by Lexxy 4/9/05  
We Have a one year old chihuahua that we have had for three days. In most respects she is... by Jean10/5/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Welcome to the world of chihuahua ownership. She whines because she has bonded with you,... by chimama10/6/03  
     Would like to know what country s do chihuahua come from by pheeeie11/10/03  
     Chihuahuas came to the USA from Mexico. They were known in European countries many years... by chimama11/10/03  
     chihuahuas come from Europe and most come from mexico by jeanette3/15/04  
     my bulldog eat Chihuahuas for breakfast by hi 5/3/05  
     My friend bought a chihuahua a while ago while on vacation. During the vacation the chi... by Yanny 3/13/2006  
     Our household has two chihuahuas.They are both 8 months old and still learning how to deal... by luvyoualwayz 11/11/2006  
     i like socks by ilovesocks 4/16/2007  
why is the sky blue by rob the stud 11/13/03 General
     The sky is blue because the sun is gold. Blue is the complimentary shadow of the sun's... by 12/24/05  
     bcause god made the grass green & the sky cant be the same colour as the grass so he made... by Stefanie 10/8/2006  
pregnancy of german shepherd dog? by dentab58 6/23/04 rec.pets.dogs: German Shepherd Dogs Breed-FAQ
     how do i know when my shepard is ready to have her pups? what signs will she show?? this... by championlmc 9/12/05  
     how do i know when my shepard is ready to have her pups? what signs will she show?? this... by championlmc 9/12/05  
     how long do german sheperds be pregnant? by tanisha 6/2/2006  
     my dog is scratching the carpet and i don't know y ? by adrian 7/21/2006  
     how long dose a german shepherd stay pregent? by diana mendiola 11/5/2006  
     WOOT!WOOT! puppies are sooo cute!! by puppylover 5/5/2007  
     how can you tell if you sheperd is pregnant by gretchen 5/22/2007  
is colitis an std? by matt 8/1/03 Inflammatory Bowel Disease INFO FAQ v4.0
     Yes it is. by Jon Mong 5/11/2006  
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLIENT AND WORKSTATION by farooq 2/6/04 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
     Clients are the computers used by the users and been controlled by the server. while the... by Odiakaose Augustine Uche 11/30/05  
     Clients are the computers used by the users and been controlled by the server. while the... by Odiakaose Augustine Uche 11/30/05  
     is an active derectory by salim 1/27/2006  
     differences between workstation and client by sujeeshkumar 7/5/2006  
ive got a black box12x6x5 when you open it a name plate 132a,sears... by john 8/2/03 N/A
     This unit was sold by Sears as a medicinal aid. The end of the unit puts out high... by surplus_joe 4/11/04  
I WANT TO DEFINE A CLASS SUCH THAT IT SHOULD NOT ALLOW TO INSTANTIATE OBJECT NOT MORE THAN... by irin_cs 7/22/03 [alt.comp.lang.learn.c- c++] - FAQ list
     You can create such a class by defining, a member variable of type int static in the... by amitxlnc8/13/03  
     Have you read the article "Using the Singleton Pattern" by Budi Kurniawan 08/27/2003 ... by David Cary 12/13/03  
I am looking for the value of a 1963 $2 bill the red # on it are: star 00007271 A. In the... by Patti 1/11/04 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     hi i have one also #00014250 A please let me know what you find out by kgbgh6/22/04  
     I've heard that the 1928 ones are worth about two thousand dollars. But so far I only... by Matsuwara 10/27/04  
     It's worth $2. There's many in circulation. by Jim 10/4/05  
     these bills were made in the matrix because everything we see touch and feel is a dream... by neo 11/8/05  
     I was just reading on a site that this bill does have a collectable value beyond that of a... by amoni 3/18/2006  
     i have a red seal $5.00 bill made in 1963 and would like to know the value of it if u have... by jr 10/4/2006  
     The value of your bill is... (drumroll...) $2. They are not at all rare, and you can... by Joepa 7/12/2007  
find a lost young person in Japan by jim5/8/04 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
     In looking for akira ezaki who lived in chiba, japan from 1987 to 1990. i met him in Miami... by sarah 12/18/04  
     I want to find Harumi Saeki, who lives in Japan. by TC 8/25/05  
     thelovegod by paul the love god 11/28/05  
     Kayuko Adriana Sanchez by Poveda 12/31/05  
     Dear sir, I would like to find a person which name is Yasu Minagawa.who is in(sanno 5... by ABDUL WAHAB KHAN 4/17/2006  
     so great..coz now i finding me wife e mail address in japan..canj you help me.. by andrew 12/12/2006  
     use by olaf store 1/2/2007  
3positive/3negative effects of drinking caffeine beverages by tang 10/3/03 Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
     high blood pressure? by Petey 3/1/04  
     nerve damage by israel m 10/10/2006  
I recently purchased a 12 week old female Yorkie. She is very active with a great... by stonyhill 1/30/04 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     You may want to try her on a leash, as your pulling her, gently outside. Praise her... by Camille 2/10/04  
     I have several yorkies and I started them out on the wee pads. I kept moving the pads... by Marte 2/21/04  
     use a leash,praise her when she goes on the leash,and she will eventually do that on her... by Teddy 3/14/04  
     What is the normal tempermant of a yorkie i have read so many different tempermant... i... by mary joe 9/4/05  
     I have a 10 week old Yorkie. She is still very small. How can I train her to get used to... by sixthavexp 11/14/05  
     I have a 14wk male yorkie and his hair seems to be alittle thin...on his head and by Jazzie 10/5/2006  
Is it posibble to use Hemp in to replace Fibreglass for boat building etc? by Davo 7/20/03 alt.hemp CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ
     Hemp has already been used to make boats. An example is a row boat. Some test boats made... by christi 3/5/04  
     Why Not? The hemp fibers have long proven to be strong and durable.It has been cultivated... by Vic5/4/04  
     What is it about fibreglass which makes it so good for use in the hull of a boat? if you... by laura 12/9/04  
     I am interested to read your comments on the use of hemp fibres replacing fibreglass,... by giffo 12/14/04  
what is 0.24 in simplest form? by alexis 9/17/03 hardware.* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 1/5
     by Brandn 10/22/2006  
     I think it is 6/25. 24/100, 12/50, 6/25 by caroline 6/6/2007  
My Yorkshire whelped two puppies last night. Today she has been panting very heavily and... by 8/26/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     You should bring her to the vet... if she didn't eat the first placenta and it is still in... by Kiersten 6/10/04  
     i have a kinda weird question my next door neighbor has a either 3 or 4 month old american... by beckynryan 4/24/2006  
     ok if this happens to anyone take your dog in immediately. this happened to our dog she... by mary 6/19/2006  
     please by kate 9/14/2006  
i found an old book and decided to make bread. i started a sourdough starter and it... by debbie 10/26/03 FAQ.Starter.Doctor
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     Thanks!!! auto site insurance. [URL=http://www.insur... by insurance auto 6/9/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. auto site insurance, car... by insurance auto 6/9/2006  
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Connecticut? by chrissy pearl 8/9/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     you have to be 18 anywhere in the US unless you have your legal guardian present. by Erin2/15/04  
     see i just read that too but the tatoo places say that its some new law that i cant get... by deranged and crazy 1/6/05  
     No. It varies state to state. It's usually 18. But you can get it before then if you... by Lauren 1/13/2006  
what is an experiment for chemical formula for cucumbers? by lala10/28/03 REEFKEEPERS FAQ: Water, Filtration, Lights, Cost (1/3)
     Dear Sirs, Currently, I am having chemical related problem. I could not find the... by Adrianhks78 10/6/04  
     crazy question!!!!!! by Stacy 9/9/2006  
     do pickles have a chemical formula by lolo 5/29/2007  
I recently aquired a rottie at two years of age,he has been with us six months and seemed... by dee10/23/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     Dee, it sounds like he is testing his boundaries. Do you have him enrolled in any... by Lucy's Mom 10/24/03  
     my rott is only 4 months old and is doing that she tries to bully me lucy's mom is right... by angela 12/21/03  
     My two year old has been a pain in the butt she kicks me and talks back to me. by maria 6/24/2006  
     He still might be craving for crack from previous owner by GOATS 10/14/2006  
     My husband and I are considering adopting a rotti and german shepherd mix. Male. 1yr old.... by v 4/17/2007  
when using algae destroyer tablets, if it's not working at all, how often until I can use... by scott 7/8/03 [FAQ] Aquaria: Disease, Algae and Snails
     if the algae destroyer does not work u can continue scrubbing the tank (have you tried ... by tiki7/10/03  
     My Betta 5 gal hex is being taken over by brown algae. I clean the tank once a week like... by Algae Destroyer 10/3/03  
     how much should i use the bleach ,hydrogen-peroxide, copper sulphate to control algae.than... by vinoya 9/23/05  
my car just got towed for being over a year non registered, what fees am i facing to... by swtladyj 7/23/03 General
     At minimum, I think you are looking at your original registration fees, late fees, towing... by Dan9/11/03  
     I own a towing company. Your car was towed from an apartment complex. Am I right? The... by Skyforum 2/17/2006  
What is the best way to sort a series of numbers from least to greatest? (Or greatest to... by Mark 10/22/03 General
     Most existing programs that manipulate tables of numbers (e.g. excel) have built-in... by tom10/25/03  
     Do you mean: 1,8,4,7,2,9,5 to 1,2,4,5,7,8,9? I'm looking for a website to do... by Dark Mythril 5/29/05  
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I have a Chrysler Fifth Avenue. The problem is that it has a manufacture alarm, and the... by Joe 8/22/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     the reason your alarm system probaly became armed is because the battery was disconnected,... by 12/3/03  
     we had the same problem with our 1994 new yorker. had to replace the alarm switches that... by margaritaville 2/11/04  
     how do i take the rear speakers out of my 88 fifth avenue?? please send an answer to... by rudy  9/12/04  
     The alarm system was automatically activated and de-activated, but the car will not start.... by sgefell 12/25/2006  
HOW DO YOU WRITE "TRUST NO FEMALE" by SNOOPY8/20/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Tattoo FAQ 9/9--Bibliography
     Well Im no rocket scientist but Id write it like this Trust No Female!!! by La kLuMzY 5/9/04  
     Trust no female....i think its pretty much self explanitory by Piper5/25/04  
     ....lmfao how about..."female no trust" by paintnbox 7/8/2006  
i would like to no who are the 10th degree black belts in jee yao bok gik kung fu.I have... by junior 10/1/03 rec.martial-arts FAQ part 1 of 4 (LONG)
     there are no such thing as jee yao bok gik kung fu. Even if there is a MA by that name,... by lisaholet 2/8/04  
     I actually studies under Julian Maldonado in Plant City Florida. He is a fake, there is... by JAWoods 10/26/05  
     I cannot believe what I have just read! I have been studying Jee Yao Bok Gik Lum Kung Fu... by Michael Tanneer 7/23/2006  
     new account by doyle t. stoner sr. 8/14/2006  
I want the clisp interpreter for Linux 8.0. From where can I download it by Abhijeet 7/31/03 General
     Try to locate the RPMs for your linux distribution -- usually you... by Juergen 9/2/03 by Aaron 9/15/03  
     There is no such thing as Linux 8.0 (yet). by Mark Byers 7/16/2006  
i would like to create a program in which it will read in a sentence when I enter a... by Aces 3/10/04 comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)
     You'll need to create an array of 26 integers, then read characters one at a time, check... by Daniel3/24/04  
     # include <stdio.h> int main (void) { int arr [26] ={0,0}; int ch; int i =... by harish 4/7/04  
     Monk,datagram daftest Nabokov negativing nigh by jasper 11/2/04  
     What do you use to program? by Mooney 11/13/04  
     Please could someone tell me how to create a program and what to create it in, of... by Ollie 7/4/05  
     how can i create a program here in i have a 3 important headings.. and when i type any of... by mhela 10/8/05  
     #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> void main() { char s[100]; ... by mohan, 12/15/05  
What was the medical term for the mushroom poisoning maryanne got in the Gilligan's Island... by jashemsy 11/19/03 Gilligan's Island FAQ: Episode Guide
     roomus e gloomus by damoss011/5/04  
     Oomis ce Glumis by Mtsquad2/24/04  
     roomus de gloomus by SCUM3/16/04  
     Loomis se gloomus by Drhag7 3/4/2006  
     THE CORRECT ANSWER IS: Loomis See Gloomis "Luis ce glumis" Translated from the... by Jim 9/20/2006  
     Roomis Ce Gloomis by Norvike3 11/10/2006  
Start with AutoLISP. Speed up AutoCAD significantly. Get the book about AutoLISP. At no... by Jos van Doorn 9/28/03 General
     give me the autolisp course by suchawan 10/28/05  
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     Hi! car site insurance. auto site insurance, car... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     thank! by phumta 10/4/2006  
where is the fuel filter for a chrysler cirrus by gary hensen 9/21/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     i dont know that why i came here to find out by bill 2/2/04  
     If it is around a 1997 model, it is right above the fuel tank. And yes, the tank has to... by jmiller1262/7/04  
     what type of problem were you having jmiller126? by jim 3/2/2006  
i am looking for help to see fleetwood mac in greensboro, nc i have followed this band... by b 7/28/03 stevie-nicks FAQ (v 2.5)
     He is so excited to see people come to him. Try not to let him out from the crate until he... by Jo 3/22/04  
     Your little dog sounds like he is either really happy to see people, or he may be anxious.... by shih tzu mommy 9/7/04  
     my dog was the exact same when ever somone she loves comes in she would pee all over the... by candy 10/11/04  
     when dogs ''all dogs'' urinate upon seeing you or whomever it may be they urinate due to... by GUIDE DOG 1/11/2006  
how to export a image file from autocad with a maximum resolution so as to get it... by amit 8/16/03 comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ (part 1/2) - general
     I nearly got crazy trying to export, all the time in vain, but found your entry here and... by Erol 5/26/2006  
how many cc is John Connor's motorbike? by Darren  8/4/03 The Terminator/T2 Judgment Day/T2 3-D Battle Across Time
     100 by d gizzle 3/24/04  
     what is the highest cc rating of a man made 2 wheeler motorbike by daniel 10/12/05  
     80 It is a Honda CR-80 by Foxy 3/17/2006  
I am looking for a breeder in Montana. by erika 7/13/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Hello, I am a Jack Russell breeder in Stevensville, Montana. Please visit my new website... by Jodi Rio7/20/03  
     I have 2 female Jacks for sale. They will be ready 12/23/03. If you are interested, call... by Rachael11/5/03  
     I'm in Glasgow with a black and white JRT. She will hopefully be bred in late December or... by Stephanie 12/1/03  
     I'm not in Montana, but rather Wyoming. I've got a female JRTCA registered dog that is... by Erin 1/3/04  
     I have 6 new puppies as of 2/07/07. If you are interested please call 406-587-5556. ... by rhonda 2/5/2007  
How do I change the default date in the Header of an Excel spreadsheet. I would like the... by Shum 7/25/03 comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ com/?kbid=213742 You have to change the ENTIRE date format in... by Harry T Hill 3/6/04  
     Check MS Knowledge Base 213742 by Harry T Hill 3/14/04  
     This is not true! The date format on headers/footers do NOT take the format from the... by Taco Barbarian 12/30/04  
how to play piano concertos at home without orchschal thanks by john 7/25/03 FAQ-General Topics
     how to play piano by gatot 6/14/04  
Why are men continuing to batter their wives in the 21st century? by hipgal 12/11/03 Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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When Did Jesus Appear? by JJ9/18/03 soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
     you know aboout a.d and b.c.? well the scientists have one defintion for them but they are... by peacegirl11/5/03  
     When he squeezed his tiny little head out of Mary. by Grifter11/9/03  
     AD means Anno Domini. Which translated from the latin means "Year of our Lord". It does... by Jimbo b.2/29/04  
     Jesus Christ was born around 1 B.C., but He actually appeared in the early books of the... by yy u r, yy u b i c u r yy 4 me!3/18/04  
     thank you jimbo b fro pointing out about the a.d bit. anno domini is right, and the other... by angioplasty124/20/04  
     Does it really matter when Jesus appeared? All that matters is the Jesus DID appear. from... by Nato 8/15/05  
     Christ's birth was not in the "0" year between B.C. and A.D. dates as one might assume.... by mgb 3/7/2006  
     we didn't know when did Jesus appear!!!.. and it is true that a.d means anno domini and... by diOnGLay... 3/8/2006  
what is the hottest place in asia by zainab5/7/04 [soc.culture.pakistan] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
     the warmest place in asia by merly 3/27/2006  
     asdfds by abcd 4/27/2006  
     tuguegarao city, philippines by rowel regualos 5/10/2006  
     Indonesia by chrisfreak 7/2/2006  
     what Asia hottest place by magicarrow 9/13/2006  
     Sibbi, Pakistan by tariq52 2/13/2007  
my husband found a 2in gecko at work that came in on a shipment from louisiana. a friend... by lisa 7/24/03 rec.pets.herp Frequently Asked Questions (1 of 3)
     We lived in New Orleans for 8 years. I looked up a roughtail gecko on http://wfscnet.... by neworleansjim 8/13/03  
Help ID childrens fiction baseball book from mid-late 1950's. Main character is a pitcher... by rusty 7/19/03 Frequently asked questions for rec.arts.books. childrens
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     We manufacture all types of wiring harnesses. If you have the old one or the schematics to... by porchelectric 9/5/2006  
When using "Urza's Armor" (8th), does it prevent 1 damage from the total number of damage... by Combo 1/8/04 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
     you take 4 damage. It only prevent one damage of one source by Rune001 1/9/04  
     Actually you take 3 damage. Each creature is a source even though damage is dealt all at... by MillMaster 1/9/04  
     Why 3?........doesent the armor cover the damage from the 1/2 creature by Combo 1/21/04  
     Well, me not being a expert, I would figure "deal" in "Urza's Armor" speaking means that... by Blazer 1/28/04  
     Right, I misread, and thought it was 3 2/2's.. It will prevent the 1 from the 1/2 and he... by MillMaster 2/3/04  
     Actually it would deal only 2 damage. It prevents each source of damage, no matter how... by PassingBy 6/10/04  
     Sweet. Now I can beat my friend who uses lots of 1/1 creatures by ESP 3/29/2006  
i want to buy a midi bagpipe but am having trouble locating one --help! nathan, victoria... by nathan 7/3/03 bagpipe Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), Part1/2
     There are 3 types of actual midi bagpipes. They are: Version MIDI'sMIDI bagpipe which... by TurnStyle 12/27/05  
     You got one bonehead! by nate 6/28/2006  
what are yorkshire terriers used for? by weirdo10/15/03 rec.pets.dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Breed-FAQ
     I've read that they were bred to kill rats... by Jenelle 4/18/04  
     nothing they just sit in wemens lapsand look perty by mack 2/14/2006  
     They were origionaly bred to kill rats in mines. Used to be be a larger dog, up to 6kg,... by Mike 1/4/2007  
Hi... I have loved animals all my life. Growing up we had all kinds of large dogs and... by Willa8/17/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Congratulations! You have just adopted the most loving creature on the entire planet. ... by chimama8/18/03  
     THANK YOU soooo much for your thoughtful and very informative answer. I read every word. I... by Willa8/18/03  
     She may be singing along with you, it's from happiness. If she begins to do more than... by chimama8/21/03  
     Thanks Chimama:)You are absolutely correct about my tiny little "Chi" being much better... by Willa8/26/03  
     i wont to help animals for the rest of my life by kirsty lee 10/20/04  
     hi i see i love my dog to it is awsome to have one he is only 3 yars old by care bear 10/19/05  
     my dog nibbles on me what does this mean? by dwill 1/28/2006  
     Look! We love him..... more than anything in this world!!!!!!!!!!!! by Rocky King 5/5/2007  
what is wide area data messaging by alvin 8/4/03 Data Communications Cabling FAQ
     venkat by venkat 9/14/04  
     Heya. No. by JohnD 6/19/2007  
     i love you. by ftw4t 7/3/2007  
I have a dachshund puppy. She has had seven seizures in one week. All of her blood work... by Abbie 3/2/04 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Epilepsy FAQ
     your puppy had seven seizuers in one week that is scary. i think even if the tests come... by cassandra 3/13/04  
     I hope your puppy is okay now. Regarding the seizures... Your puppy may have been exposed... by Suzanne 4/5/04  
     I also have a dachshund with seizures. he is about 4 months old and we've all tests done... by carol 9/30/04  
     Abbie, did your dachshund puppy have her vaccinations shortly before she started having... by epimom 11/7/04  
     I don't know what is wrong with your puppy(and it makes me sad to hear that) but yesterday... by Megan 3/30/05  
     My dachshund has seizures and we found that it was the coloring in her food! We changed... by madi 4/13/05  
     We had a dapple that had seizures, and was put on phenobarb twice daily. He evidently had... by Mo 4/28/05  
     I have a question. I have a 5 year old dachshund and she has had epilepsy for what we... by GABRIELLE M GALLEGOS 8/22/2006  
is there anyone on here from england that knows when and on what channel we will get to... by deb 9/26/03 FAQ
     Does anyone know when series 8 of charmed will be in england and what channel? doesn't... by harriet 11/10/05  
     Does anyone know when series 8 will be in england and what channel? doesn't look like... by harriet 11/10/05  
     I am a big Charmed fan and have watched the series a few times, although the best was when... by Shadow 5/27/2007  
I need to send an e-mail to the public. How can I send it so it will get the most... by lj50 8/1/03 General
     goverment grants by lilbopee502000 11/15/03  
     An advert on TV, or become someone in power, because when a president speaks, half the... by fred 12/4/03  
     ? by Nu20049 5/14/04  
what does stache mean? by tzutzuyany 11/8/03 Rap Dictionary (part 1 of 4)
     No offense, but are you from canada? It seems like you're frenching the word "stash." If... by d-doo 4/16/04  
     Stache is me it derives from my last name EuSTACHE. It means any and any thing that is coo... by Stahce 8/30/04  
     eyo i wonna no sum of these thingz cuz they told me i needed 2 no dis 2 6e a crip nd 2 6e... by Imma C Rida 3/10/2006  
my intrepid 2000 is getting a rattle under acceleration(in the engine). The mechanic has... by softjade 2/18/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have been told that it is possible these 2.7 v-6 engines tend to egg out the wrist pin... by Dave 2/28/04  
     I had the same problem on my 2000 dodge. I took it to a mechanic and he found one of the... by Ray 5/9/04  
     It's a rod knock, common chrysler engine defect, use synthetic oil to help lubricate... by Apcsox 2/13/05  
     I have a 2001 2.7L intrepid,and I have been to 5 web sites with rattling, ticking during... by wice 3/4/05  
     it's probly your timing chain is worn but nose is because the tentioner can't take up the... by al 4/21/05  
     mine is doing the same thing what do i need to do replace the cam or just the bearings?? ... by jason 7/29/2006  
     2002 Intrepid. I had a rattle that started at about 15 mph when accelerating or pulling up... by Bob Winstanley 9/20/2006  
do jrt have a high sensitivity to noise? can i train him not to be so sensitive? by pat 7/18/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Some dogs can be more sensitive to noise, when I decided to go to a large park with our... by Sunnie2/14/04  
     talk to your dog in a soft voice telling them its ok we have two jrs and they have had... by j8ster 11/19/05  
how to get the size of the data base used in the web page using vb by jawahar 7/7/03 FAQ: (1/95) comp.lang.basic.visual. * General Frequently Asked Questions
     1rtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr by 1 5/3/04  
i currently have 4 lovers. that is what attracted me to the polyamry, the fact that you... by jennifer  7/6/03 alt.polyamory: How (Some) Poly People Meet Each Other
     I would very much like to talk to you about the subject sometime, you can reach me on... by searcysyndicate 12/6/04  
i get an error on the "convert" when i try to run this line of code, why is this? print... by shugarhi 7/14/03 Sybase FAQ: 9/19 - ASE Admin (6 of 7)
     style '113' is not valid by sethu 4/20/04  
     Style 113 is valid. Assign that converted value to a variable set @x=convert(char(20),g... by sengodan 4/28/04  
     Please try following one declare @x char(10) @x = convert(char(10),getdate(),103) ... by manjusha 2/25/2006  
I'm a novelist working on a book set in eastern North Carolina during the 1954 hurricane... by trudy 7/3/03 FAQ: HURRICANES, TYPHOONS AND TROPICAL CYCLONES (Part 1 of 2)
     HELLO PPLE OF THE WORLD by Maura 6/14/04  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Hi! car site insurance. auto site insurance, car... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
i have a 1998 grand voyager and lost the keys how do i get a new one i need help by linda 9/3/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Call a locksmith by tash 9/5/04  
     Go to a dealer and give them your VIN number. They can order keys from the manufacturer. by Juli 3/28/2006  
I have compuserve internet service, I have been going to the forgot my password thing,... by Tina 6/6/04 General
     my10dogs by HarbortopLabs 11/22/04  
     I need desparately to talk to someone about my service. I have not been able to log on... by mimitrombley 12/7/04  
     Please tell me how to cancel my internet service with compuserve. I have had extensive... by calvclmn 1/28/05  
     Please tell me how to cancel my internet service with compuserve. I have had extensive... by calvclmn 1/28/05  
     i forgot my password please e-mail my password to ums4950 by ums4950 2/7/05  
     i have gotten a new computer and i can't remember my password....could u send me the... by nancy ostrom 5/8/05  
     mata913 by epi 5/28/2006  
     yes, i would like to create new password by pnailicious913 6/5/2006  
     How do I get it through these people. That I want a new account, with a new user name ?? by dumbo 4/11/2007  
has my 944 1984 got a crankshaft sensor if yes were can i find it by steve 7/4/03 [W] INTRO, FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)
     what kind of signal does the crankshaft sensor sends to the computer, by logicademo6/28/04  
     I get that feeling whenever I know that I am not living up to my fullest potential.... by lumom12/25/03  
     I had felt that way for years, but lately I started realizing that it's o.k. to be human,... by Beth5/20/04  
     Why i feel that my life i am living,is a waste of time and a feel that i am stranger from... by khan6/15/04  
     sometimes i feel like i just can't go on. i feel like I'm not true to myself, that I'm not... by all cried out 10/4/04  
     Sometimes we fight so hard to just get by and feel secure that we forget life is full of... by Jesse 3/30/05  
     Well i cant say i have felt robotic or empty but i have had similiar emotion to that 1st... by Blondy 4/5/2007  
i need help put the crosman model 664GT back together again please someone help! by will 9/13/03 [FAQ] rec.guns FAQ Pointer
     Hey did you ever find out how to put the 664GT back together? I got a BB jammed in my... by KD7QIS1/30/04  
     If you have found the answer to the awaited question, please forward me the info. My son... by Kanda 3/23/05  
     i have a taurus bb gun and i got a bb jammed and my friend took the thing apart and... by steven 3/23/2006  
     Where do I find the plans to put a crossman 760-A back to gether by sage 3/4/2007  
Does anyone know anything about cockapoos haveing cushings disease? My seven year old just... by mollygirl 6/28/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cockapoos Mixed-Breed-FAQ
     I worked for a cockapoo breeder and have not heard of this before. But there is one... by Carrie9/13/03  
     I've owned two cockapoos in my lifetime and have never heard of cushings and still don't... by 7/6/05  
     My 14 year old cockapoo was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. The vet said that he had... by Trixiemc 7/9/05  
     My cocker spaniel had Cushings and I was told that the breed had a predisposition for the... by libby 1/10/2006  
What is project management fundamentals? by khizz 11/4/03 Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
     management simply refers to doing things through and with people. It is also the process... by fashion4/27/04  
     Project Management Fundamentals are the the components required to address, understand a... by DEEP6/9/04  
     Management refers to the art of managing with resources proactively and reactively.... by BURNOUT6/10/04  
     porject management is the one term which you include planning a certain project, you are... by erwin6/24/04  
     this is the system that create major taus for he project.this is deals with the total plan... by aldrin  4/11/05  
     new account by Eunice 9/22/05  
     The fundamentals of Project Management is in the course of defining and achieving success... by Jguevarra 1/23/2006  
When people have assignments on Australia's issues, outlooks, stereotypes and themes,... by whatever8/14/03 General
     That's probably cos A is too far away from the rest of the European people and so they are... by Ko9/8/03  
     hey so if you need info on the issues of Australia then were do you find in there are no... by kiko3/29/04  
     What are the political motives of Australia's Government on response to "unfair" trade by... by bud 3/31/04  
     re Ko: you've just kept up the misconception of Australians that all we do all day is lie... by kat6/10/04  
     Yet we don't brag like American's? That's cold man, real cold... LoL anyways bring that... by Seer6/16/04  
     metallica rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by man 8/19/04  
Bonjour, Je suis actuellement locataire d'un appartement (via une agence), avec un bail... by Sébastien 7/31/03 N/A
     Absolument pas. Je travaille dans une agence moi même, si le nouveau propriétaire veut... by Vlad8/19/03  
     je voudrais un matalon pneumatique avec un cache sexe s'il vout plait by poohead4/19/04  
     WHO WANTS TO BE A STAR by JUSTI,N 7/26/05  
     Bonjour, Mon propriétaire me demande de payer la taxe foncière est-ce normal? Merci by isabelle 9/20/2006  
I Need the rule book for level 3 enforcement for the Pro tour new orleans qualifier in... by Hippy Spector Master 6/30/03 Magic: The Gathering Rules FAQ, v4.02 (part 1)
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if you are left handed which side of the mouth do you eat on? by jim 9/23/03 alt.lefthanders Frequently Asked Questions
     well I usually chew on MY right. Actually, it's both. Man, i'mnot sure! by Licci 3/16/2006  
     that is a dumb question by beautifull  11/20/2006  
     I usually eat on the left. but if i have gum then i can put it on the right side and chew... by Ben 5/23/2007  
I purchased a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron GTC Convertible. I need the quarter window weather... by fareware 11/20/03 General
     I got mine at the Chrysler dealer. Special order, took about two days to get it. About... by WW2 12/23/03  
     try going to a junk yard and stripping the weather stripping from another car of that year... by Frank 1/5/05  
     i have a question i have a problem with my top going up and down in my chrysler lebaron... by ssanfordlebaronconvertible 7/16/2006  
     most of the convertible lebarons have problems with their windows. my back window on my... by natasha-WI 3/26/2007  
     i have a 95 Lebaron GTC convertable ,the drivers rear window is not working would like to... by geocar67 4/30/2007  
     Sorry, but I also have a 1994 Lebaron GTC, and it has the same problem. Im only 14, and... by Jscottc 5/15/2007  
what is the process for changing blowe motor on 1992 plymouth sundance by wheelsn 6/29/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     Did you ever get an answer to your question? did you replace the blower motor yourself?... by Kurkus 8/25/03  
i live in new jersey and my son wants to get an eyebrow piercing. can you please tell me... by sweet10/26/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 7--Healed Piercings
     age of consent is 18 w/out an adult a child needs written consent from a parent and only a... by piercing jack 8/28/05  
     18, they need a driver's license to prove their age or they can have somebody over... by MusicaChica 9/22/05  
     the age is 14, how much does it cost? by stina611 5/31/2006  
theres this rolling stones song i been looking for a relly long time please help if you... by tony 8/26/03 Rolling Stones FAQ [3/4]
     It's called Moonlight Mile; I've been lookin' for it too and just found it! by annette 9/12/03  
     hi im looking for the name album of a stones song if you know some one who knows please... by mike hill 6/30/2006  
toying around with an old 1987 dodge caravan minivan but can't find the oil sensor where... by christo 7/15/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     if you have a 2,5l engine it will be on the block driver's side oil pressure switch will... by bruno 9/14/03  
     I have a 1987 DODGE CARAVAN and am getting no spark to my plugs. I have replaced the coil... by ELVIS100 9/12/2006  
I need to know what martial art teachec me the most in the least amount of time. I heard... by Eyas 1/24/04 rec.martial-arts Newbie Guide
     The best martial art that can be learned in the shortest amount of time and still be... by rich 2/25/04  
     I've heard good things about Krav Maga as well, though I would second the kickboxing (Muay... by LH 4/19/04  
     I have recently started karate at a school in Australia and i can personly recomend a... by Ruen 4/23/04  
     definately krav maga,been around tried different arts none is as easily remembered in time... by brawler 9/26/04  
     The important element here is the time you, yourself will put into art. There is no art... by tooru 12/17/04  
     Any martial art is a god one, some may just take longer to learn, but after a while all... by Martial one. 8/24/05  
     Hello, We are offering you our best prices for highland accessories, if you need... by zafar 12/15/05  
in Pennsylvania when can i get my belly button pierced by Dev  12/6/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 4G--Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming
     You are the devil. I should know. I am a preists apprentice. by possum pie 2/6/05  
     you can get yours done at stanley steels but u have to have a parent if u are under 18 and... by alana 2/8/05  
     a great place that's very clean is by Freq 9/28/05  
     does it hurt to get or tounge peirced? by e 11/11/05  
     im looking for the same freinds tell me there is a place in McKees rocks that... by nay 9/27/2006  
Not all teens are into "pop" B.S.. So why do you guys push the "media" B.S. on us? You... by bwead2161 9/17/03 General
     Let me see "you guys" I assume you mean adults and by "us" I assume you mean... by angelXwithXbloodyXknuckles 10/8/03  
     pop music is crap and people need to stop stereotyping teens into the same categories time... by lula belle 11/8/03  
     it's not just about pop music adults think all teens like to listen to fast crap music... by smee 9/12/04  
     I must admit I think you're taking the whole stereotyping thing a wee bit too seriously!So... by kiss me i'm irish! 4/1/05  
     mainstream is a gaping black hole that will swallow the weak. that means you. har har,... by wtf 10/2/05  
     Check for Vacuum leaks by hstambaugh 6/5/04  
I need to take a '88 lebaron turbo 2.2 and put a 2.5 in it. The problem I have is that the... by Tommy Boy  (mecnic) 6/27/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     it hard to find stuff for these old cars but try you local salvage yards. sometimes people... by bruno 9/14/03  
     You will need to find a harness for your year/car. I don't know about the rest of the... by TURBO 2/28/05  
     I HAVE A 89 AND I HAD A 2.2 AND NOW I HAVE A 2.5 SO IT CAN BE DONE!! by HEATHER 3/17/05  
I am having a hard time locating a Rottweiler rescue organization in my area. I am in... by Rottilover 11/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Rottweilers Breed-FAQ
     Did you ever get an answer? We are too looking for a Rott rescue and we are also in NW... by terri 3/14/04  
     Have you tried Happy Tails Rescue? They are not in the Seattle-Tacoma area, but they are... by Chris 4/16/04  
     Try Spoiled Rott'nRottweiler Rescue in LaCenter, WA. by Sam 2/20/05  
     I too am looking for a Rott, try by Tracy 6/27/05  
     go to they go but state rescue ..all you have to do is click on by... by hope71us 3/1/2006  
     Hello I live in North East Ohio and am looking for a Purebred Rottweiler puppy. The... by Victor  5/14/2007  
I have a bump around a cartlige piercing and was told to seasalt soak 3 times a day for... by Kris4/16/04 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 6--The Healing Process & Healing Problems
     copy this into your browser read and digest http://www.faqs. org/faqs/bodyart/piercing-fa... by ralphralph 5/6/04  
     the bump wont go happened to me i just had to take the earring out then when it... by andie 6/5/04  
     when is it best to change your earring by kristen 8/22/05  
     how much bigger is an industrial bar size than a regular earring size? i am thinking of... by lustba 8/29/05  
     I have a bump too and I'm hoping this works for me. I hear that the sea salt you say... by pimpynigg 2/17/2006  
     let it heal, and go to a tattoo parlor, because they will use a hollow needle, which will... by addie 3/25/2007  
     let it heal, and go to a tattoo parlor, because they will use a hollow needle, which will... by addie 3/25/2007  
     I had a bump like that for about a month. No matter how clean I kept the piercing, it... by piercing girl 7/10/2007  
     10 gauge by dan4/28/04  
     Gould recommends running no more than 480' of #10 wire to a 1-1/2HP pump. As a licensed... by frankf6/16/04  
     I'm looking at the Franklin Electric Application data. you can go 510' on 10 so you are... by Pump Guy 2/10/05  
     i agree with frankf. you need to take into account voltage drop over such a long... by shua 2/24/05  
     6 square mm copper cable is sufficient to 1-1/2 single phase submersible motor. by ranga 12/4/05  
     My experience has shown me very little voltage drop in 500'. # 10 will work great. Your... by master Dave 6/8/2006  
     I would stick with 10 myself by buzzard 6/20/2006  
Is it normal for the puppy to growl at the kids?I have a 6 month female shih tzu. She is... by Amy Rivera 1/6/04 rec.pets.dogs: Shih Tzus Breed-FAQ
     My shih tzu is 5 years old. He absolutly loves people. However, he is not used to being... by woo 1/11/04  
     it's simple in what you have to do, first you got to make sure that the dog knows who is... by intel1005/1/04  
     My Shih Tzu is 1 year and she used to snarl and snap at my son. She has since grown out... by Yvette 8/5/04  
     At six months of age, your baby is still in the process of potty training. She will have... by shihtzu mommy 9/7/04  
     Shih-tzus are normally not agressive dogs. We had a male that had never snapped or... by igleu 12/28/04  
     that should not be alloud its not in my house my pom did that and i told her NO BIT now my... by taz 1/3/05  
     Most of these issues are behavioral. It sounds like you haven't given your pup limitations... by Natalia 1/23/2006  
     My 8 week old shih-tzu is snarling and lunging to bite everyone. I just love him...he gets... by Lindsay 8/2/2006  
Which Archives do I write to ,to try and get birth date info on my ancestor born "near... by Gail Green 12/14/03 soc.genealogy.german Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/4
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     i would know my birth date by vinod 12/23/2006  
I have a cavalier named Chester. My vet said he has dry skin. I wash him in moisterizing... by sherri 9/3/03 rec.pets.dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed-FAQ
     Try giving your dog a final rinse with a solution of Calgon Water Softener. I make up a... by Amelia 3/24/04  
     I use Hypo A shampoo on my Cavalier. Then I use either very diluted Cowboy Magic or Mane... by brushalot 6/23/04  
     Back again. I noticed that someone else mentioned a dog food allergy. They were using... by brushalot 6/27/04  
     I have two Cavalier King Charles & a friend recommended this web site to buy shampoo from.... by Christine 1/1/05  
     For our dog, we use Vetrinary Formula "Oatmeal & Tea Tree Oil Infuser" and condition him... by Konas  12/19/2006  
     tasm instruction by seira 1/22/2006  
My dog had her pups about 9 days ago. Today we noticed she has some bloody discharge. What... by Kell-Bell 10/22/03 rec.pets.dogs: Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies FAQ
     It is normal for a dog to bleed after pregnancy but it is supposed to stop after a... by Tanisha2/15/04  
     They will have a bloody discharge for several weeks until then put some tissue paper or... by Jo 1/7/05  
     Ok. I am not going to tell you what you should know already by breeding your dog. But a... by 11/5/05  
     a dog is suppose to stop bleeding in about 2 days she will have some very light spotting... by pitbullmama 1/9/2006  
     my staff had 2 pups how long until stops giving birth,from start to finish and there's now... by minime 7/29/2006  
     welll ma dog may be pregnant or she is havin a phantom but im confused about can any one... by strattzie 11/23/2006  
could someone please tell me what font type is used for the text in charlie chaplin's... by krish 8/12/03 alt.movies.silent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), 2/4
     I have no cclue what your putting in netzero,but stop or I am calling the police. that is... by hot chick 11/14/04  
     BernhardFashion BT This is the closest I could find. by Pete 12/5/04  
I'd like to know how to make a ceiling isolation. Do you have any project to make this? I... by mara 8/1/03 Acoustics FAQ
     Please contact CDM in Belgium. They have standard fixing details. Alternatively, there is... by Jimmy Wong3/19/04 by bob 2/20/2006  
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where can i find a fuel tank for a 1988 dodge ram 50 pickup with a 2.6 liter engine and... by james terry 7/10/04 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I too am looking for a fuel tank for this truck. Any luck? by Bert 9/21/04  
     i need a gas tank by jeremy 2/16/05  
     e-mail me at i know where there is a whole truck........ by auto medicz 3/1/05  
     i'mlooking for one as well,,i'mtrying junk yards and someone told me to take mine to a... by bountyhunter 4/18/05  
     i know where there is one but it is in minnesota if interested send me e-mail dlatool@aol.... by Dustin 7/18/05  
     i have no idea. mine leaks too... by melissa 11/20/05  
     I have a fuel tank that I put into a 1987 Dodge Ram 50 4x4 in January. My truck's chassis... by ktcole 8/17/2006  
     I have one. Please email me at if you still have the truck. Thanks,... by daves91ford 5/5/2007  
Who was Tom Bombadil and when did he enter Middle earth? by Nienna 7/3/03 Tolkien: Frequently Asked Questions (1/2)
     Tom Bombadil was the oldest being in middle-earth along with TreeBeard. He was always... by Vladimir 8/13/03  
     Tom Bombadil was actually inspired by one of Tolkien`s sons(can`t remember his name now)... by Lomiel 8/26/03  
     Tom Bombadil is Aule!!!!!!!! by Aule 2/9/05  
     Tom Bombadil was most likely Aule. Read Gene Hargrove's'essay on the nature of Tom. by Richard 9/19/2006  
what is a trademark by latina 9/18/03 General
     [This does not constitute legal advice. If you are in an intellectual property dispute,... by John Nowakowski 9/24/03  
     who the hell wrote that by beautifull 11/20/2006  
i am a young,but large woman. where else apart from evans, can i buy fasionable, affordabl... by charley 6/29/03 Clothing for Big Folks in Europe and the UK FAQ
     try by corine12/1/03  
     Bosomy Limited is Fashion Clothing exclusively designed for plus size real Ladies who are... by Bosomy Limited 8/7/2006  
     Bosomy Limited is Fashion Clothing exclusively designed for plus size real Ladies who are... by Bosomy Limited 8/7/2006  
Please Help Me! I have been searching the WWW to find an answer to my question and I... by Becca 2/3/04 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     I had a similar problem today. I created files, jpg files in Photoshop, that can be viewed... by Wayne 2/5/04  
     Just another twist to this problem. I have burned images to cds or dvd+rw discs off my... by DaveP79 2/13/04  
     I got the same message from Jpegs I tried to open for editing in Photoshop. I found I... by Linda 3/10/05  
     I confirm that saving images which have been opened with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer... by JeffD 7/5/05  
     I have just had the same problem and it's really bad that it happens. I work on a PC and... by jess 7/19/05  
     Okay so I finally got around to dealing with this problem. My conclusion is this is an... by Novice001 9/10/05  
     I have a similer problem ,and that happened when took 300 fotoes with my digital by Alan 2/25/2006  
     Maybe you guys are having a problem with your CD burner, or maybe with the brand of CD... by Nex 7/17/2006  
i have daily migraines and i'mhaving a problem finding a preventative medicine. i took... by jocelyn 5/16/04 Medicinal herbFAQ Part 7/7
     Try a combination blood pressure medication like Norvasc and Zonegran which is an... by Jen 6/21/04  
     I too had the same problem. I have tried a variety of Beta Blockers, Trycyclic antidepress... by Eileen Walsh 7/6/04  
     I'm only 15, and I have daily migraines which interfere with school and other extra... by Shannon 2/9/05  
     I had daily migraines that would get so bad that I would have to go to the emergency room.... by Amy 7/12/05  
     B2 and magnesium. Lots of each. Also, because you can't do just one B-vitamin, do a... by Henriette 12/5/05  
     i have been a migraine/headache suffer since the age of 19, I am now 50! I have tried... by marieanne 8/15/2006  
     Does anyone have any recommendations for a child. My nine year old boy has been having... by fallongirl73 9/5/2006  
     I was put on Toporol XL by a Cardiolgist because I had a mild case of irregular heart... by Les B 10/30/2006  
     I had daily migraines for years and years, as well. NOTHING that western medicine tried... by Daily 2 5/22/2007  
hey everyone. Im a 15 yr old male and 140 lbs standing 6ft tall. Im desperatly trying to... by Nick2/22/04 Hardgainer Bodybuilding & Weightlifting FAQ
     ive been through the same situation. Im 15 years old weighing in at 155 5'8'', in just 2... by vinnie 12/14/04  
     I'm 35yrs old and like to work and am in much better condition than many soldiers in my... by Sgt RalphLambert  in Quwait 4/30/05  
     hey, im 14 and 142 pounds and 6 ft 1. i play basketball and i need to gain weight and... by connor 5/28/05  
     Well you should eat 1 or maybe 2 times a day but alot! That way you metabolism slows down... by Brenda 7/15/2006  
     try eating really fatty foods and not exercising for a bit. by flappers 10/12/2006  
     Yeah dude, It will be very hard for you. I'm trying to gain 15 pounds I weigh about 140... by Shayne Dye 10/20/2006  
     Get sum calorie gainer try 2 hit the gym do lots of muscle movements so make frends with... by Ben 1/20/2007  
what movie does this quote come from 'throw down the gun and grap the canolli' by Ray 12/2/03 LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures
     The Godfather by WitchDr 4/25/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006  
     Hi! auto site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/15/2006  
     ringtones free by 6/15/2006  
trying to find out any information regarding the worlds smallest transistor phonoradio... by anne_thingoes 8/1/03 N/A
     Anne-- I just found one of these among my Aunts stuff- mine works . . . did you find... by FRIZ 2/14/04  
     I have one myself and would love to know anything at all about it, is it worth anything. ... by Jtrain007 10/31/04  
who sang the theme music by gary 11/8/03 M*A*S*H FAQ: Episode Guide
     Johnny Mandel sang 'Suicide is Painless' in the opening scenes of M*A*S*H the movie. by cando 12/30/03  
     This song has also been covered by artists such as Manic Street Preachers and Marylin... by Hawkeye 1/8/04  
     Johnny Mandel wrote the song but didn't sing it. by Noam Uziel 3/22/05  
I just got a 3 moth old male lab and have a crate for him which he hates. He barks for at... by Sonny 10/27/03 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Try: 1. Put some stones in an empty soda can and when he barks shake it loudly. Continue... by Jamie11/13/03  
     Your dog is simply barking cause he feels insecure, there's something about that crate... by Eric 2/13/04  
     If the dog is rewarded (talked to, petted, fed, etc) for whining in a cage they will... by Tanisha 2/17/04  
     Whatever you do, don't give in and let the dog out as he will then think that when he... by Rainey 5/16/04  
     Try putting a towel or some other item that has your scent on it that you don't want... by Ginger 6/23/04  
     I had a similar problem. We adopted a four month old black lab two weeks ago and according... by Michelle  6/26/2006  
i want to be able to hack in and get people's' social securty numbers how can i do that... by Jango Fett 2.0 3/11/04 General
     positive by Tsunami 1/27/05  
     tell me how to hack in to a friends email account by matthew 2/25/05  
     What can i hack that i can make some money off of it? thanks by theman 4/19/05  
     first get in touch with your feminine side, because this stuff you have to go threw deals... by turkeyfart 5/13/05  
     hahaha by ProInGB 6/20/05  
     You Are an idioit! by SmarterThanYou 11/1/05  
     Step 1: Get a magnet. Preferably a neodymium with gauss higher than 10,000. Step 2:... by SA 4/20/2006  
     are you nutzzzzzzzzz by noneya 3/10/2007  
I would like to know if any stores like k-mart, wal-mart, shopko or Hastings book and... by Sunny 7/16/03 General
     is there any charmed books in walmart or shopko? by terry 10/14/04  
     i dunno about that, but best buy has one. i beleive the first season is the only one out... by draine 8/14/05  
     piper Halliwell prueHalliwell phoebeHalliwell LeoWytt charmed Book of shadows ... by becky  6/7/2006  
     trsdtr trdtrdtrdtrdtrdtrdtrdtrdtrdt by gfghfg4/5/04  
     my name is naveed by naveed 2/24/2007  
     iuhkoioplip;ogvio8ujfv79uovv yiy by 8u9oui 3/22/2007  
list of dogs most likely to bite. by sherri10/1/03 rec.pets.dogs: Informational Dog-Related Web Sites
     i have one by pistol12/4/03  
     Don't get a Doberman or Rottwieler or an APBT. They have a tendency to be, as their owners... by Tanisha3/5/04  
     Any dog will bite!! I have a rotti and I can trust her with my life. If you don't give a... by NAH3/15/04  
     a boxer by Jas4/13/04  
     people need to understand that ANY dog will bite. if you look at the number of bite's... by nate4/21/04  
     any dog can bite, but they will only bite you if they don't like you, so be nice by dog owner4/23/04  
     any dog will bite. but the top 10 most likely dogs to bite in order as of 2001 would be: ... by Saheeta 9/2/04  
     the APBT is not the most likely to bite you is a poodle or any number of the small breed... by jim  10/20/04  
     that was 4 months ago, he would be 9 months old on november 4th. i had to put him to sleep... by Brady 11/1/04  
     while its true any dog may bite its owner....ones who trained or bred to fight or guard... by 12/25/04  
     I have a pit bull terrier/lab mix and she is the best dog I have ever had. And actually... by Lane 1/18/05  
     Every dog has teeth. Hence,every dog bites. It's what the media and people who don't... by roggin323 2/11/05  
     poodles one little bastard gave 6 stitches and i own an english bull terrier hes never... by leane  2/12/05  
     Any dog can be a vicious one, but I've heard that dalmatians are more likely to bite due... by Ezyra 2/12/05  
     It is true that any dog will bite. Even Cocker Spaniels and chihuahuas are in the top ten... by whitney 2/13/05  
     Listen it is a proven fact that any dog can bite!! statistically labradors yes people i... by nik 2/23/05  
     any dog will bite, its not the breed its the owner. by panzer426 2/24/05  
     I dissagree with Tanisha because she is half right. the dogs may have and instinct to... by Drew 2/26/05  
     i love all kinds of dogs by Evan Feild 3/11/05  
     Educate yourself with the statistics before jumping to make statements about breeds. While... by Jessica  3/19/05  
     yall are all so ignorant pitbulls are not what the problem is its people imbreeding and... by pitbull owner 3/29/05  
     First of all I totally disagree with Tanisha's answer!!! I have raised APBT for 4 years... by Brittany 5/9/05  
     ANY dog can bite, dogs classified as pitbull breeds are less likely to bite then a chow or... by Malea 5/23/05  
     I have a Boxer and he's scared of everything that moves. Pit Bulls and Chows are ranked... by GlamourRebel 6/2/05  
     I have had Dobermans for the past 23 years, and have never had one bite anyone. I've also... by Terri 6/7/05  
     chihuahuas' are very hyper dogs they bite all the time i should know i have 5 chihuahuas'... by JESUS 6/10/05  
     Everyone warns against chows and then says rotties and pit bulls are sweet, but look, this... by Eth 6/10/05  
     These dogs are not for everyone. They need a lot of time and patients. by luvapitbull 7/19/05  
     Although ANY dog can technically bite...the statistics show that Pit Bulls, Rottwielers,... by mrsembry911 7/20/05  
     All pit type and all dogs have the potential to bite. What make the difference is the... by Bullieme 7/24/05  
     There are no bad dogs just bad owners. Most informed people hear about dog bites and the... by doja 8/2/05  
     Poodles will bite...They are small and might not hurt as bad but they will bite, especiall... by Ashwoneeka 9/6/05  
     Nucca Please, Where The List B At Hommie? by Hurrican Humpsies 9/19/05  
     PITBULL only bite because they are trained to do so. Like children who misbehave, they... by Sassie 9/30/05  
     ME HEHEHEHE by 10/12/05  
     First of all, little dogs are more prone to bite than larger breeds. No dog just automatic... by JilKo 11/1/05  
     There are actually studies done that show a Chihuahua is more likely to bite you than ANY... by Jennifer 11/7/05  
     APBT are NOT dangerous if trained properly. I was attacked by a poodle when I was a child... by dcparker82 11/25/05  
     People give the big dogs bad names. it the punk ass teens who make it hard for the rotts... by Kira 11/29/05  
     do pit bulls really bite more than other breeds by biteme 12/2/05  
     NO!Any dog will bite rotties,pit bulls and all those kinds of dogs get a bad rap for no... by Dr.Palline 12/12/05  
     I own a pure bred red-nose gator pit bull. I also own a gorilla pit, which is a mix of a... by Amber 12/13/05  
     Every dog Will bite, for a certain reason. I know dogs that will bite if they are... by alex 12/30/05  
     Dogs like our skin so help them out and put some country bobs on it so at least they can... by ff 1/1/2006  
     there are no bad dogs just stupid owners who do not fully understand dogs and don't give... by shaun 2/8/2006  
     Hello. Yes, its true, all dogs bite. GIVE THEM THE FREAK-IN CHANCE AND THEY CAN BE... by ultimate dog lover (Lisa)  2/8/2006  
     so, do i find out with my penis? =| by my dog doesnt bite not not not not really 2/10/2006  
     ANY breed can bite! I work at a shelter and see the biter dogs on a regular basis. ... by doggiecleo 2/26/2006  
     A dog will bite when ever it needs too. The dog is probaly scared. by Becca-boo 3/7/2006  
     In general small dogs (toy's and such)bite and there little teeth are like razors but they... by revnwill 4/3/2006  
     I DON"T HAVE A DOG!!!! *sniff* by mamu 4/10/2006  
     a corgi by ,k 4/19/2006  
     Poodle by KT-Blaze 4/30/2006  
     Wow! Any dog can bite, but it's been my experience that unmanaged dogs, dogs whose owners... by jstringfellow 5/24/2006  
     shih tzu by marsha  5/26/2006  
     All dogs bite it does not matter what kind of breed they are its how you train them. Its... by kat 6/6/2006  
     Any dog can bite. The Miniature Poodle is the #1 dog to bite people. To make a good dog,... by pitbull owner 6/7/2006  
     i have owned two chows and four akitas in my life, and while they are on the "biting... by amelia   6/20/2006  
     <a href=' com'></a> <a... by car insurance 6/26/2006 car site insurance. [URL= by insurance auto 6/26/2006  
     Any dog will bite. The breeds most likely to bite unprovoked are small breed dogs. Most... by Pit Bull Lover 8/4/2006  
     like alot of other people said the owner makes the dog is SO true go ahead and buy them... by kihkyho 8/31/2006  
     Any dog is just as probable as the next to bite some one. I would trust a rotti over a... by Krys 11/30/2006  
     Any dog will bit it depends on how you train the dog if you abouse the dog or dont feed it... by Mercedes 12/13/2006  
     Any dog can bite. Any dog WILL bite in a situation where they feel extremely threatened. ... by Owned-by-Boxers 12/30/2006  
     Some pit bulls are nice? Try most. Wow... many of you are soooo uneducated! by Angeleyes 1/9/2007  
     With some exception, most dogs won't bite unless provoked. I have an Akita and outside the... by sunnie 1/24/2007  
     I have owed many dogs, all mine have been nothing but gentle. But I did have one that we... by Use Common Sense 2/4/2007  
     Pibulls, Dobermans, Rottwieler, and any other "viscious dogs" are just as likely to attack... by moo 2/8/2007  
     as everyone says any dog can bite heck a person can bite!!! and it is a dogs owner who... by kayla 2/11/2007  
     ok ive owned a rottie since i was 15 yrs. old. when i got a little older i did get... by angie 2/12/2007  
     any dog will bite you but breeds like (especially)pit bulls, rotties, dobermans, etc just... by the old girl 2/19/2007  
     roughed by bob 2/20/2007  
     What makes me angry is the fact that people are so ignorant about the actual breed its... by Ashley 3/14/2007  
     How come Staffies are known to be one of the best dogs to have around kids but a pit bull... by jun jun 3/30/2007  
     I own a Pitt bull and a boxer, they are the sweetest dogs and very well behaved. If you... by ANGEL 4/22/2007  
     True. All dogs bite. Someone compared pitts and rotts to cocker spaniels,THIS IS CRAZY! ... by poochguru 5/8/2007  
     there are no bad dogs there are bad owners any dog can bite at any time. people are dumb... by iceman 6/10/2007  
     any dog will just have to trust and be calm and relaxed by kristial09 6/18/2007  
     any dog will just have to trust and be calm and relaxed by kristial09 6/18/2007  
Windows 2000 server IIS 5 perl 5.6.1 (activestate) I am trying to run a PERL script... by tbbatccc 11/7/03 comp.lang.perl.* FAQ 0/5 - Introduction
     You need to configure the directory the file is in to recognize the .pl file extension and... by travis 1/13/04  
     I hope I'm not being a fool, but could part of the problem be the "bangline" being written... by justpassingthrough3/5/04  
     If you have not had resolution on this yets... perhaps this will help: I run Active... by Chiddo 6/1/04  
     Bhutnike, madarchod, bhen ke lore, agar kisi ko is ka answer pata ho to madarchodo mujhe... by Sumit Bhatia6/2/04  
     Check your Network settings to see if the TCP IP program is installed, if not it would not... by Rinu Rajan 11/19/04  
     1. Start Regedt32.exe and open the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\C... by D. B. Rawat 11/4/05  
     Gaand mein Danda. by Rahul Singh 5/17/2006  
I have an Acorn Pocket Book II which I understand is the same as a Psion 3. One of the... by Roger 8/26/03 PSION Series 3/3a palmtop FAQ part 3/6
     Don't know if you've found a solution, but the only way is buying a 3Link, a Psion 3a comm... by fernando 10/6/04  
     If you have not already got one you will need the series 3 Link (original one as used on... by LS 8/1/05  
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can anyone let me know where i can purchase a guitar chair for my son.. he is at the... by susie zamm 4/16/04 Classical Guitar Playing Guide
     You might try this site: by tm 5/31/04  
     You may have already found a chair, but if has them. You can... by jeffers 6/6/04  
     You can get the best guitar chair from Gary Platt Mfg. They have a "X-Tended Play" seat... by George7/9/04  
     EBAY has a guitar shaped chair. It is a beautiful and functional piece of art. the URL... by Debi 5/10/05  
     A great looking and functional guitar chair that looks like a piece of art can be found... by Debi 6/28/05  
     Check out They have beautiful guitar benches and other guitar... by BH 11/13/05  
     I just thought I'd throw in that a company called BBR Woodworks has great custom built... by BillyH 12/17/05  
     Check out the multi-adjustable musicians' chairs on especially the... by Lois Stouffer 12/24/05  
My 4 year old black cat Jim has been diagnosed with FUTD (Feline Urinary Tract Disease). ... by Angie 10/15/03 rec.pets.cats: Medical Information FAQ
     Our black cat, BJ, also was treated and hospitalized with a catheter twice for FUTD. It... by Lin 1/20/04  
     Hi Angie: My black cat, Smokey, had the surgery when he was about a year old. He lived... by Pat 1/22/04  
     Hi my black cat Taz has the same problem and they may be performing the surgery in the... by karen 11/14/04  
     My 4 year old tabby, Ian is going in for a PU tomorrow morning...he's had 3 catheters... by Lauren 8/24/05  
     the p.u. is an easily recoverable operation. my boy never noticed anything different,... by cass   9/18/05  
     My cat has been at the vets since sunday morning. they said he wasnt fully emptying his... by Jessica 11/3/05  
want to purchase Lhasa Apso male dog between... by                 eli 7/4/03 rec.pets.dogs: Lhasa Apsos Breed-FAQ
     I have a Lhasa Apso puppy for sale. He is a male, and is adorable. He is 10-weeks old,... by amy 10/25/03  
     interested in dog can be reached at 281 489 6979 Alisa THANKS by Alisa 11/30/04  
     AKC LHASA APSO PUPPIES Very Cute Adorable Pure Breed Puppies. AKC Registered, 8 Weeks Old,... by Anne 9/4/05  
whats a web site that i can go to that will allow me to create words/writings for my... by shadol 7/23/03 Signature, Finger, & Customized Headers FAQ
     hi,how are you ,your has a best program by florie 5/28/2007  
     you are e best by florie 5/28/2007  
I have a 4 year old APBT who is very dog aggressive, however, she loves cats, ferretts,... by Jessica11/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     you need to bring another dog around her on a chain for a few days to see if the will get... by b12/3/03  
     First go here American Pit Bull Terriers are dog aggressive so I... by Roxy251/3/04  
     This was actually my boyfriend's dog when i met him, but thanks for the FYI. The breeder... by Jessica1/9/04  
     When you raise a dog from a pup you can make it however you want to make it. But when... by CH4/17/04  
     How do you know if your APBT loves you and care about you and protect you? by RIP7/8/04  
     APBT should be naturally animal aggressive. Maybe you should have gotten a Lab or Golden. by Fedupwithstupidppl 8/1/05  
     every day when i come home from work she waits at the window and when i do get in she... by ukkaya 11/27/05  
     is a staffordshire null terier stronger than a german sheperd or pitbull by na 1/26/2006  
     When in the pit what does 'scratching' mean, cujian rules and Why can you not breed 2... by TORO 6/26/2006  
I found a 1934 series A $100 bill New York Federal Reserve Bank B. It has one verticle... by Schneidlaw 10/9/03 Paper Money Collecting FAQ
     Hi..well if you note had only one fold it grades AU which is called almost uncirculated... by Pete 10/9/03  
     i found one box of Federal Reserve Bank Series 1934 for Cleveland. Those intersted just... by 8/13/04  
     Poo taste like a pil of horse crap and i also found a $100 BILL ON A PILE OF POO! p.s it... by POo Head 1/13/2006  
     Poo taste like a pile of horse crap and i also found a $100 BILL ON A PILE OF POO! p.s it... by POo Head 1/13/2006  
     I have a series 1934A Federal Reserve B 100 bill it has a little writing on it other than... by Meli 6/10/2006  
     I found 1934 $100 bill Philadelphia reserve federal worth anything. by freddy calvo  10/14/2006  
has any one ever seen or heard of an all tan/brown jrt by bab 9/11/03 rec.pets.dogs: Jack Russell Terriers Breed-FAQ
     Yes. There is a breeder in New Jersey who is marketing black & tan Jack Russells. To see... by Laurie in CT 9/27/03  
     Yep my dog is a black and tan parson jrt! by Niki 3/15/04  
     Is there anywhere else that sells these puppies? by ajblckl 5/18/04  
     Yes. I have an awesome JRT and Beagle mix, Boss, and he is all brown. He does not have... by Boss Mom 7/3/2006  
95 Lebaron Convertible This is my girlfriends car and I've never had a car with power... by Rob 7/27/03 chrysler FAQ, Part 1/6
     I have an 88 Lebaron and the power steering fill is located behind the engine on the left... by Dusty 8/13/03  
     the power steering fill is at top left of engine the rod says power steering by John john 12/13/03  
     I have a 1994 chrysler lebaron the fuse blows for the fuel what could be the problem? by jess 6/24/2006  
     how do i put down the top of a 1995 GTC lebaron Convertible. I have unlatched the roof and... by Convertible trouble 3/12/2007  
WHAT WEEK IS ACCEPTABLE FOR A APBT PUPPIES TO BE SEPARATED FROM THE MOTHER? by BZ10/16/03 rec.pets.dogs: American Pit Bull Terriers Breed-FAQ, Part 2/3
     Pups of any breed should stay with their dam until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Any... by Topdog10/16/03  
     good answer topdog,socializing your dog is one of the most important steps to raising a... by moondog2/6/04  
     Could someone tell me, how old is too old to crop a dog's ears? I have an 81 pound one... by mojones127 3/29/04  
     first, if you have to ask how old. you do NOT need to be breeding anything. and for the... by tigercats12 4/22/04  
     Conventional opinions are now that 7 weeks is the ideal age for puppies to go to their new... by EvilEdna426/7/04  
     Don't take a puppy away from its dam untill it is at least 8 weeks. by bek_bek 4/30/2007  
what is the word for cigarettes in rap lyrics by Maffia 2/19/04 General
     cigarillo by D-MAN 1/11/05  
     loosy, like a loose cigarette. by Z-man 1/31/05  
     Ports (short for newports), sticks, whites, smoke, fag (europe) by Rex Silex 6/15/05  
     I do not know the words for cigarettes in rap lyrics. I do know that in england they are... by Déres 8/3/05  
     My name is jamol i'ma hustla off a street. If you ask about me i just sill some wed. Those... by jamol 10/25/05  
     bogie by p 12/8/05  
I just bought a CLAXTONOLA phonograph,the tone-arm is cracked.It did come with the... by terry 8/6/03 N/A
     I'm impressed! The books are rare as hen's teeth, IMO. I also have a Claxtonola - 1910,... by sbclayton 10/22/03  
     I have a claxtonola victrolla, not sure what year it is or where to look for it. My... by praktikalmagik 3/20/04  
     "Do you have any history on the Golden Throated Claxtonola? by Norm 3/26/04  
     The Claxtanola'swere wonderful machines, I had a Universal arm had a spring in the back... by Jerry 1/13/2006  
     Be careful with your cracked tone-arm. It is not made of chromed brass as stated by... by gjkova 10/18/2006  
     did you find someone to take your dog? by iamsaramarie2/1/04  
     Did you find a home for your German Shepherd? I am interested in a GSD. You can reach me... by Msmeade45 5/28/04  
     I am seeking a GSD for being a service dog for PTSD victims. Call 503-267-7917 if still... by Marc 1/13/05  
     Sharon, I do Shepherd Rescue, please feel free to contact us to see our Rescue... by EchoMeadow Shepherds 8/2/2006  
     hi do you still have the dog... we need a friend. call me victor 503.780.6316 by victor 6/5/2007  
     hi do you still have the dog... we need a friend. call me victor 503.780.6316 by victor 6/5/2007  
do any one knows what i can do about the dog disease call parvo.- by 8/7/03 rec.pets.dogs: Canine Medical Information [Part 2/2] FAQ
     what you can do about parvovirus is get your dog to your vet now.parvovirus is very deadly... by jess1/16/04  
     parvo is a viral infection highly contagious,that attacks young unprotected dogs. there... by litlhypurr 6/14/04  
     I just experienced parvo with a puppy I had. They also say that the parvo virus can stay... by Amy 6/15/2006  
My mother was born in Breslau Germany on 11-16-33 and would like to obtain a birth... by Karine 3/3/04 soc.culture.australian FAQ (Part 4 of 6) (monthly posting)
     From what I hear all the files from breslau where moved to berlin after the war. Maybe try... by Martin 4/28/04  
     My grandmother was born in Breslau Germany also, the treaty of Potsdam 1945 gave Poland... by ken 1/26/05  
     We have Breslau ancestors, and questions of family and birth certificates were directed to... by Ruth 2/20/05  
     I noticed your question about Breslau, I am in the same situation about finding the birth... by jamie 6/27/05  
     I was born in Breslau in 1943 and I obtained my birth certificate through the Polish... by sieglinde 7/26/05  
     Karine, my mother also was born in Breslau I am from Santiago-Chile, She is still alive... by David 8/3/05  
     My mother attempted to get her birth certificate from Breslau and it was mailed to her in... by Claudine 11/7/05  
     If your mother was baptized, try church records. If immigrated to USA, what documentation... by veronika schaper 12/28/05  
     I got my Birth-Certificates from the polish Consulate. by Rudi 4/26/2006  
i have two 96 rav4 with the same complain the jeep will vibrate a loud sounds like the... by emeale liburd 9/12/03 Toyota RAV4 FAQ
     hi..i think it is your diff...a common problem when hitting the gas or releasing the... by peterlines 7/15/05  
     How can I buy cars from japan by Intizar Sundoo 11/10/05  
     try the heat shields on the exhaust by sa 7/12/2007  
Hi, what's the best image compression software you use besides Photoshop, Image Ready and... by liying 7/29/03 JPEG image compression FAQ, part 1/2
     If you want just to compress an image you do not need such a big program like Photoshop.... by protoss9/27/03  
     FIREWORKS! It will compress your raster graphics to jpeg format with at least half the... by David2/19/04  
     Best thing to do is take the original uncompressed image (BMP for example) and compress it... by Catcher 2/27/04  
     of the three, i would not prefer either. I use Optimize Compression tool to do my image... by rc6147 7/30/05  
     Try the new one. It's called Image Compressor. Compressor/30... by Rajet 11/9/2006  
     [b] ! its hardly 2MB to download... its really awesome! by aswin 5/13/2007  
I have won green card lottery last year in June 2002. To date I have not yet received any... by masumaamiji@hotmail.com7/9/03 Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
     please let me know if l won green card. please inform me. lam a deaf man from african in... by Bernard 9/8/04  
     spider by mahmoud_spider 5/12/2006  
     Well, you're a peice of shiiiit!!! by zugg 10/7/2006  
     am castigat by andreea 10/16/2006  
is there a such thing as a skin color eyebrow ring??? by stac 10/1/03 rec.arts.bodyart: Piercing FAQ 7--Healed Piercings
     the only thing i know of that u can use is called a retainer... its a clear barbell that... by milkchokolate-shawty 6/25/04  
     i agree w/ milkchokolate. i have a question of my own,though. If U PIERCED UR EYEBROW AND... by spidie 4/17/05  
     No, there is only pigment by 333 1/31/2006  
     i hate skin color eyebrow rings becauce you can't see them. by cutie 5/16/2007  
Hi, I've got a fairly old (1980's) Sansui amp that's very noisy on startup. The noise is... by Charlie 8/18/03 FAQ:* Retail 7/07 (part 9 of 13)
     I've got the same problem with my sansui amp. Does anyone have the answer? I can be... by howard 2/18/04  
     try this open up your amp some amps just have screws others have wooden pikes just open... by unknown expert4/1/04  
     HI and Shalom Most old amps have bad points in the main switch change it or gamper it for... by Sansuiservice Israel 4/17/04  
     I have a G-9000 with a bad transformer,where can I find replacement? by Trini 4/16/05  
     I Have a 19977 sansui qrx5500 4 chanells I truly love this System. Don't want to get rid... by Clenton Watson 11/9/2006  
whats cryptanalysis by vaibs 12/7/03 Cryptography FAQ (01/10: Overview)
     Cryptanalysis: The analytical and mathematical study of characteristics of ciphers. by /byzero 2/7/04  
     i am cryptography student.but in first terms. my answer : the cryptanalysis is an method ... by mountain_man3/16/04  
     Cryptanalysis is the science of making encrypted data unencrypted by Anuj Sharma 12/6/2006  
     The art of breaking the code without knowing the secret key by Nawaz 1/24/2007  
14. Suppose a candidate running for sheriff claims that she will reduce the average speed... by tracy 7/9/03 General
     what's the answer to this question? by mr. same 3/25/04  
     Yes, she kept her promise with an average of 28 minutes, falling within a .05 sig... by val 4/26/04  
     I can say with 95% confidence that she kept her promise. I know this to be true, because... by ellen 4/8/05  
Has anyone heard of pointer cues the K3000? I am looking for any information about this... by jimmyz71 7/28/03 Pool & Billiards Frequently Asked Questions
     Hey with regards to your question i too am looking for such a cue. i have one and i love... by Tunis 1/9/04  
     i have a pointer is graphite, and has yellow feather like arrows on it.. it has a... by LeviRussell 5/23/04  
     My pool cue is a pointer C-1000... by LeviRussell 5/24/04  
     i have a pointer stick, it is grafite and in excellent condition, it's g-2000,,also have... by mike 11/20/2006  
     I've found some at but I don't know if they still sale that cues by jack_chicago 2/19/2007  
my black lab pup is 7 mos. old and he seem to be wanting to eat more. he is 65-70 pounds... by debi5/5/04 rec.pets.dogs: Labrador Retrievers Breed-FAQ
     Labs will eat anything you give them. They eat all they can and this tends to make them... by Tanisha5/18/04  
     My 7 mo old lab would eat my socks if I would let him. I feed him two cups of Iams in the... by Kona6/18/04  
     our lab is 9 months how do we get him to stop jumping all over people when them come to... by diane 8/13/04  
     he is still a puppy and as stated above its prob just a growth thing my two pups are the... by megan 12/26/04  
     my pup is 8months and he weighs like over 100 and he is always hungrey. by Buddy 1/5/05  
     My Lab is the same way. She is 8 mos old, but gets a lot of exercise and I feed her... by Jmay 1/7/05  
     My lab is 2 years old i had the same problem with him eating to much and too fast. I took... by nick 1/9/05  
     what kind of food and how much can black labs and golden retrivers supposed to have in one... by angelia 3/7/05  
     You should slowly wean him off of so much food and give him more water; yeah he may pee... by Lab Lover 3/8/05  
     Instead of ice cubes clean out an empty milk container and fill it up with water let it... by Dawn 4/25/2006  
I have a 12wk old chihuahua that tends to throw up 2-5 times a day. I have taken her to... by ashley 12/14/03 rec.pets.dogs: Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ
     Do you give her tiny meals often? I didn't have this with either of mine, but they were... by chimama12/16/03  
     mine had the same problem, just not quite as often. i have a deer chi. i got him from... by marie3/10/04  
     i think it's not normal for a chihuahua baby to do that. Probably she does not have good... by Jovanna 3/1/05  
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/13/2006  
     Thanks!!! ringtones site. [URL=http://www.ringtones-dir.... by ringtones free 6/13/2006  
     Hi! ringtones site. Download ringtones FREE, Best free... by ringtones free 6/13/2006  
     Hi,I think I may have some answers for you.1st does your pup have her parvo her 1st pup... by 9/20/2006  
     maby allergy's. my chi is alergic to food w/ wheat & corn . I feed him limited ingredient... by katy 3/26/2007  

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