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I have a 4 year old APBT who is very dog aggressive,...

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Question by Jessica
Submitted on 11/11/2003
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I have a 4 year old APBT who is very dog aggressive, however, she loves cats, ferretts, rabbits, you name it.  What can we do to break her of this?  We want to be able to take her for walks in our neighborhood without her attacking another dog.  We also don't want to make her wear muzzle, then our neighbors will think she is vicous.

Answer by b
Submitted on 12/3/2003
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you need to bring another dog around her on a chain for a few days to see if the will get along then try to let them run together.if that doesn't work theres nothing you can do about it


Answer by Roxy25
Submitted on 1/3/2004
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First go here www.purebredpuppy.com American Pit Bull Terriers are dog aggressive so I don't know what did you exspect from this breed they were bred to fight each other!


Answer by Jessica
Submitted on 1/9/2004
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This was actually my boyfriend's dog when i met him, but thanks for the FYI.  The breeder he got her from bred for tempermant. I have read up on this breed and i know that if you raise them around other dogs, i.e. take them to the park continuasly, they won't be odg aggresive.  However he did not do this and i was hoping for a way to break her of this now after the fact.


Answer by CH
Submitted on 4/17/2004
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When you raise a dog from a pup you can make it however you want to make it.  But when they are grown, and set in their ways, it is ten times harder.  But, generally speaking, if she respects you as the Alpha and you in a stern voice scold her when she starts to yank at the leash or growl, then she should get the idea that this isn't allowed.  If she doesn't listen to you then it is time for a good switch. (just don't overdo it) Be sure to always give a verbal warning before using the switch. This way she'll start to listen better. One other thing to add... if she doesn't get scolded EVERY time (i.e. she occasionally gets away with it) then it will be nearly impossible to break her from it.  So if someone besides you walks her they must be willing and able to discipline her.  If not then they shouldn't be walking her.  If she doesn't respect you as the alpha, though, you are wasting your time trying to train her.


Answer by RIP
Submitted on 7/8/2004
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How do you know if your APBT loves you and care about you and protect you?


Answer by Fedupwithstupidppl
Submitted on 8/1/2005
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APBT should be naturally animal aggressive. Maybe you should have gotten a Lab or Golden.


Answer by ukkaya
Submitted on 11/27/2005
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every day when i come home from work she waits at the window and when i do get in she almost flattens me with affection,both paws (if i kneel to her height)go round either side of my head then she licks until i laugh,i have 4 kids 15 12 10 6,every night starting with the earliest to bed she lays down until the kid is sleeping,then moves on to the next to bed,then when the kids are done she comes back to us and stays unless she hears something.  


Answer by na
Submitted on 1/26/2006
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is a staffordshire null terier stronger than a german sheperd or pitbull


Answer by TORO
Submitted on 6/26/2006
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When in the pit what does 'scratching' mean, cujian rules  and

Why can you not breed 2 virgins together?


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