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alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt FAQ Version 20 (modified 06/18/97)

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Archive-name: homebuilt-comp-FAQ
Posting-Frequency: Every two weeks

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This file contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) and general information
pertaining to the newsgroup alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt. It is maintained
by Mark Sokos ( It is posted every two weeks to the
newsgroup alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt. The latest version may also be
obtained by sending an e-mail request to the above address.

This file is available via FTP from


A DOS text version is available from:

   * Dave Baldwin's FTP site
   * The Computer Journal (TCJ FTP)

An HTML version is available online at:


This file is (C) copyright 1996, 1997 by Mark Sokos. It may be freely
copied and distributed as long as this notice remains intact and the file
is not modified, and no fee is charged for its duplication.


1.0 What the group is about

     1.1 What the group is about
     1.2 How to deal with the Cancelbot
     1.3 Who is PRR?

2.0 Questions
     2.1 Can I post ads on the newsgroup?
     2.2 Can I post questions involving hardware problems?
     2.3 What's this about a new homebuilt newsgroup?
     2.4 What is a "Wally"? (and other terms specific to this newsgroup)
     2.5 Where can I get an EEPROM/PLD programmer?
     2.6 How can I make my own SIMMS?
     2.7 How do I interface to an IBM Clone?
     2.8 How do I interface to a Mac?
     2.9 Where can I find bus timing and information?
     2.10 Where can I get hard drive specs and interfacing info?
     2.11 Where can I find MIDI and other musical interfacing information?
     2.12 How can I make my own circuit boards?
     2.13 What is the Net Station?
     2.14 How do I homebrew an LCD controller?
     2.15 How do I make good front panels/cover plates?
     2.16 What are PDF and Acrobat files?
     2.17 Where can I get technical information about Game Boy?
     2.18 How can I build a POST code reader for my PC?
     2.19 Where can I find information on IR standards?
     2.20 How can I make a mouse serial/ps2 or ps2/serial adapter?
     2.21 How can I convert video formats?
     2.22 Where can I find caller ID information?
     2.23 Where can I find information about projects?
     2.24 Where can I find standards for multi-processors?
     2.25 How do I make loop-back plugs?
     2.26 How do I make a null modem/laplink cable?
     2.27 Where can I get schematic drawing, circuit simulators, schematic
     capture programs, and PCB layout software?
     2.28 Where can I get software developement tools?
     2.29 Where can I find operating system information?
     2.30 How do I interface to DRAM/SIMMS?
     2.31 How do I turn myself into a cyborg?
     2.32 Who makes kits?

3.0 Where to get more information
     3.1 Semiconductor Manufacturers
     3.2 Vendors
     3.3 Internet Resources
     3.4 BBS Numbers
     3.5 Book/Magazine List
     3.6 CD Rom

4.0 Misc.


1.0 What the group is about

1.1 What the group is about

This group was formed for the discussion of homebuilt computer hardware, as
the name implies. The term "homebuilt" or alternately, "homebrew", refers
to the hobby of building electronics at home, generally with a soldering
iron or wire wrap. No knowledge or experience is required for posting to
this group. Postings may deal with real hardware, or absract concepts, and
are not restricted to any specific cpu or architecture. Topics may also
include homebuilt peripherals added to existing off the shelf systems, or
hardware hacks to existing systems/accessories.

Please note: Unfortunately, the term "homebuilt" causes a great deal of
confusion amongst IBM clone builders, which leads to a large number of
inappropriate posts on this newsgroup. This group, as a general rule, is
not for discussion of IBM related hardware, unless there is some aspect of
home built electronics involved, such as connecting your own device to an
IBM serial/parallel/game port, etc. or using IBM clone hardware as part of
a homebuilt design (non-IBM design). Common IBM clone hardware hacks, such
as overclocking and changing the UART chip, are best discussed in one of
the IBM related newsgroups. An IBM clone hardware questions pointer is
posted frequently on news.answers, and due to its length the information
within it will not be repeated here.

Warning: Any post that may be considered an "" post is likely
to draw flames or intentionally misleading advice from the regulars at
a.c.h.h. Following such advice for a "fix my PC" type post may be damaging
to your computer. You have been warned.

1.2 How to Deal With the Cancelbot

Because of excessive noise (mostly involving off topic "fix my PC" type
questions) a cancelbot has been set up on this newsgroup. Failing to inform
the cancelbot that you have read the posting rules may result in your post
being automatically cancelled. To let the cancelbot know that you are aware
of the posting rules, you must add the letters "PRR" (without the quotes)
somewhere in your first post. PRR stands for "Posting Rules Read". These
letters do not need to be included on subsequent posts.

Questions or comments about the cancelbot should be directed to

1.3 Who is "PRR"?

See the previous section. Some people mistakenly add PRR to every post
(only your first new thread needs these letters). Some people have mistaken
it for a signature. Because the letters may be included anywhere in the
post, some people have taken to creative uses of the letters, which include
the fabrication of information about a mythical person with the initials
PRR. At the time of this writing, PRR has been in the hospital, and is
known to have an affection for Milk Duds. New readers are free to
contribute to this on-going "story".

2.0 Questions

Answers to specific questions are included in this section. Many of the
answers are only pointers to more information, so that large volumes of
information are not duplicated unnecessarily.

2.1 Can I post ads on the newsgroup?

As a general rule, alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt is not a forsale group and
thus does not allow advertising. An exception is made for advertising that
is directed specifically for electronics homebuilders, and is not otherwise
available on the net in general. Examples of this are device programmers
and electronics parts. Trading between homebuilders is encouraged.
Items that fit well into other existing forsale newsgroups should not be
advertised here. PC related advertising, such as hard drives, motherboards,
and other standard PC clone parts, is not permitted. While CPU
advertisements in general are permitted, CPU advertisements for the common
PC clone CPU's (such as 486 and Pentium chips) are not permitted because of
the existing PC clone forsale groups that already provide plenty of
coverage for these parts.

2.2 Can I post questions involving hardware problems?

This question was asked to the group in general, and the overwhelming
response was NO! The only exception would be if you are having a hardware
problem with your homebuilt hardware, not pre-fab hardware. As Andrew noted
in an early version of the FAQ:

"Since EVERY SINGLE ONE of the replies I got re: the FAQ said "no, this is
not the appropriate place for questiongs about PC building and pre-made
parts and compatibility between them, the answer obviously is a very strong
NO. This is not to say that you should not post questions, but only post
questions about homebuilt computers, not computers built from pre-made
parts. The difference should be very clear. If you post here about your
hard drive that you want to slave, i doubt if people will have much mercy.
It is getting on peoples nerves."

Replies to PC hardware problems are also strongly discouraged. Such replies
should either be posted on the appropriate groups or should be done via
private e-mail.

2.3 What's this about a new homebuilt newsgroup?

It has been suggested at times (often sarcastically) that a new newsgroup
should be made up with some name other than alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt, so
that the group would not be plagued with off topic pc-clone related posts.

A newsgroup specifically for "homebuilding" in the PC clone sense of the
word (alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt) has been created. All PC questions
should go to that newsgroup.

alt.comp.hardware.homedesigned was created in an attempt to provide a low
noise alternative to this group. It has since been abandoned.

2.4 What is a "Wally" (and other terms specific to this newsgroup)

   * A/D - Analog to Digital (converter)
   * ACHH - Alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt
   * a.c.h.pc-h. - alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
   * ACK - Acknowledge
   * ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit
   * ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
   * ATA - AT Attachment (aka IDE)
   * Basic Stamp - a processor that is programmed using Basic, manufactured
     by Parallax.
   * BCD - Binary Coded Decimal
   * BIT - Binary Digit
   * BJT - Bipolar Junction Transistor
   * Bug - [1] A hardware or software error [2] An Integrated Circuit (the
     black plastic and silver "legs" look a little like an insect)
   * CAD - Computer Aided Design
   * CAE - Computer Aided Engineering
   * CCD - Charge Coupled Device
   * CISC - Complex Instruction Set Computer
   * CLK - A common abbreviation for clock (signal).
   * CMOS - Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
   * CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
   * D/A - Digital to Analog (converter)
   * Dead Bug - Non-functioning IC chip
   * DEBUG - Remove errors from hardware or software
   * DED - Dark Emitting Diode (a burnt out LED)
   * DIP - Dual Inline Package
   * DMA - Direct Memory Acccess
   * DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory
   * DSP - Digital Signal Processor
   * (E)EPROM - (Electrically) Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
   * EISA - Extended Industry Standard Architecture
   * EPLD - Electronically Programmable Logic Device
   * ESD - Electro-Static Discharge
   * FD, FDD - Floppy Disk Drive
   * FDC - Floppy Disk Controller
   * FET - Field Effect Transistor
   * FP - [1] Floating Point [2] Flat Pack
   * FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array
   * .h - An abbreviation for alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt generally used in
     conjunction with .pc-h
   * FPU - Floating Point Unit
   * GAL - Generic Array Logic
   * GaAs - Gallium Arsenide
   * GND - Ground (signal return).
   * GPIB - General Purpose Interface Bus
   * HD, HDD - Hard Disk Drive
   * HDC - Hard Disk Controller
   * HDLC - High level Data Link Control (ISO standard)
   * Homebrew - referes to the art of designing and building electronics at
     home, and has nothing at all to do with alcohol (usually).
   * IC - Integrated Circuit
   * IDE - [1] Integrated Drive Electronics [2] Integrated Developement
   * IIC, I2C, I(squared)C - often written as such since a superscript 2
     (meaning squared) cannot be displayed on an ASCII terminal.
   * I/O - Input/Output
   * IRQ - Interrupt Request
   * ISA - [1] Industry Standard Architecture [2] Instrument Society of
   * ISO - International Standards Organization
   * JFET - Junction Field Effect Transistor
   * KBD - Keyboard
   * LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
   * LED - Light Emitting Diode
   * LSI - Large Scale Integration
   * Midnight Engineering - refers to designing and building devices at
     home. Anyone who has stayed up till the wee hours of the morning
     trying to get something to work knows the origins of this term all too
   * MIPS - Millions of Instructions Per Second
   * MOS - Metal Oxide Semiconductor
   * MOSFET - Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
   * MMU - Memory Management Unit
   * MPGA - Mask Programmable Gate Array
   * MUX - Multiplexor
   * NTSC - National Television Systems Committee (Joke: Never the Same
   * PAL - Programmable Array Logic
   * PC - [1] Program Counter [2] IBM Personal Computer (or clone).
   * .pc-h - Alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
   * PCB - Printed Circuit Board
   * PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect
   * PEEL - Programmable Electrically-Erasable Logic (ICT, inc)
   * PGA - Pin Grid Array
   * PIC - [1] a microcontroller, manufactured by Microchip. [2]
     Programmable/Priority Interrupt Controller
   * PIT - Programmable Interval Timer
   * PLA - Programmable Logic Array
   * PLD - Programmable Logic Device
   * PROM - Programmable Read Only Memory
   * PSU - Power Supply Unit
   * PSW - Program (or Processor) Status Word
   * PWB - Printed Wiring Board
   * QFP - Quad Flat Pack
   * R & D - Research and Developement
   * RAM - Random Access Memory
   * RISC - Reduced Instruction Set Computer
   * ROM - Read Only Memory
   * RX - Receiver. Often used with TX.
   * SBC - Single Board Computer
   * SCR - Silicon Controlled Rectifier
   * SDLC - Synchronous Data Link Control (IBM protocol)
   * SECAM - Sequential Color and Memory
   * Si - Silicon
   * SIMM - Single Inline Memory Module
   * SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide
   * SIP - Single Inline Package
   * SRAM - Static Random Access Memory
   * TEC - Thermo-Electric Cooler (Peltier Device)
   * TTL - Transistor-Transistor Logic
   * TX - Transmitter. Often used with RX, as in TX/RX for
   * UART (USART) - Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (Universal
     Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter)
   * UJT - Unijunction Transistor
   * UV - Ultraviolet. Typically used in reference to PROMs that are erased
     using UV light. May also refer to the erasing equipment.
   * V+/V- - Supply voltages (positive and negative)
   * Vcc -
   * Vdd -
   * VLB - VESA Local Bus
   * VLSI - Very Large Scale Integration
   * VT - Video Terminal
   * Wally - someone who posts off topic noise to the group. No offense to
     real persons named Wally is intended (the term apparantly comes from
     the TV show "Leave It To Beaver"). "Getting rid of the wallies" is a
     common thread on the newsgroup.

2.5 Where can I get an EPROM/PLD programmer?

   * Advin Systems 1050-L East Duane St. Sunnyvale, CA 94086 1-408-736-2503
   * Alta Engineering
   * Andromeda Research, PO Box 222, Milford, OH 45150 1-513-831-9708
   * BP Microsystems
   * DATA I/0 (
   * Dataman Programmers (
   * Digikey 1-800-344-4539
   * General Device Instruments, (408) 241-7376
     408-241-7376 Sales 408-241-6375 FAX
     408-983-1234 BBS All software to demo free
   * Intronics, 612 Newton Street, Edwardsville, Kansas 66111
     (913) 422-2094
     1-800-339-5152 (sales only)
   * Jason-Ranheim Company, 3105 Gayle Lane, Auburn, California 95603.
     (800) 421-7731 Orders Toll Free (800) 421-7748 From California
     (916) 878-0785.
   * JDR Microdevices Orders: 1-800-538-5000 Cust. Service: 1-800-538-5001
     1850 South 10th Street, San Jose CA 95112-4108
   * Logical Devices, 130 Capitol Drive, Golden, CO 80401 1-303-279-6868
     1-800-315-7766, tech support (in Flordia) 1-305-428-6868
   * M2L Electronics 3526 Jasmine #4 Los Angeles, CA 90034
     310 837-7818 (9am-5pm)
     BBS/FAX: 310 841 6050
   * Microchip Technology Inc 602 786 7200
     2355 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler AZ 85224
   * Mouser Electronics 1-800-346-6873
   * Needham's Electronics 1-916-924-8037 Fax: (916) 924-8065
     4630 Beloit Drive, Suite #20, Sacramento, CA 95838
     BBS: (916) 924-8094
   * Stag Micro Systems. 1600 Wyatt Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054
   * System General
   * XELTEK unipro Universl Programmer that programs: Eproms, EEProms,
     Bipolar, Epld, Flash, Gal, Pal, and some Microcontrollers. Also tests
     3563 Ryder St. Santa Clara, CA 95051
     (408) 524-1929 (voice)
     (408) 245-7084 (fax)
     (408) 245-7082 (bbs)
   * Lists of available programmers:

Plans for making your own can be found at:

FTP sites:


WWW pages:

   * A HREF="">

PIC Programmers


PAL/GAL Programmers:


A simple eprom emulator circuit and DOS software can be found at

   * Popular Electronics, in the July 1982 issue
   * "Popular Electronics", Feb 1978, page 41
   * "Build This PLD Programmer" by Robert G. Brown
     Electronics Now (magazine), May 1994
   * Various kits and software are available from R.G. Brown, 30 Wicks
     Road, E. Northport, NY 11731
   * "Project: GAL programmer" by Manfred Nosswitz.
     Elektor Electronics (magazine), May 1992
   * "Project: GAL Programmer Upgrade" by M. Nosswitz
     Elektor Electronics, June 1993
     The software and PC boards are available through the Elektor
     publishers/franchises in various countries.

          Old Colony Sound Lab
          P.O. Box 243, Peterborough, NH  03458
          (603) 924-6371 or -6526   Fax (603) 924-9467
          In the UK
          Elektor Electronics (Publishing)
          P. O. Box 1414, Dorchester  DT2 8YH, England

   * The June '96 Elektor Electronics (UK edition). has an EPROM programmer
     and emulator
   * "Generic Array Logic (GAL)" D. Gembris
     Elektor Electronics, April 1992
   * "EPLD programmer design" John Cromie
     Electronics & Wireless World, February 1989
   * "Create Your Own IC's", Bill Green
     Popular Electronics, January 1990
   * If you have a Linux system you can design for Xilinx X3000 FPGA in a
     subset of VHDL. There is a free package named Alliance. It is
     available from, or similar sites. Fire up your search
     engine and search for ALLIANCE.
   * "A PAL Programmer" and "Getting Started with PALS" , Robert A.
     Byte, January 1987

2.6 How can I make my own SIMMS?

September 1995 issue of "Electronics Now" starting on page 35 has plans for
30 pin SIMMs

SIMM blanks may be obtained from:
In the US:

   * AutoTime Corporation
     6605 SW MacAdam Avenue, Portland, OR 97201
     (503) 452-8577
   * Memory Conversion Products,
     428 N.W. 9th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97330-6133
     tel: 541 754-5000, fax: 541 752-8009
   * JMS Technologies, 4217C S Mellen Dr. Mountain Home, ID 83648
     FAX (208) 832-7897

In Germany:

   * eMedia GmbH, Postbox 61 01 06, 30601 Hannover, Germany
   * There are several
     versions of blank SIMM boards available from the UK including 1x1 ZIP,
     1x1 DIP, 1x4 SOJ and 1x1 SOJ.
   * Web page offering a
     number of unpopulated PCBs for making 30 and 72 pin SIMMs.

SIMM pinouts are available at

Motorola's data book - Dynamic RAMs and Memory Modules

2.7 How do I interface to an IBM clone?

   * has info on various ports
     (parallel, serial, keyboard, etc.)
   * The* FAQ (posted on news.answers and, available via ftp from contains
     connector/bus pinouts and other useful information.
   * IBM,
     Technical Reference, Personal Computer AT, 1984
   * "The IBM Personal Computer, from the Inside Out" by Sargent and
     Shoemaker (published by Addison-Wesley) provides a lot of information
     about interfacing an IBM type PC to various things.
   * Talking to a floppy control from NC4000:
   * Using a non-DOS machine to talk to a DOS disk
   * and Look up the
     datasheets for their super-IO parts, which have Paralell Port, Serial
     Port, RTC, Floppy Controller, all in one chip.
   * 16- and 32-bit DLLs for port I/O may be found at:
   * WINio.Dll and WIN32io for Windows 95
   * Accessing PC I/O ports in Windows
   * EDE300 Application Note #1: Device Control via the PC In the 'Integrated Circuits'
     section under 'EDE300'

Also, see each sub-section below.

The section "Recommended books/magazines" lists several books that may also
be helpful.

2.7a Parallel/Serial/Game Ports

Parallel Port:

* the filenames are: *lpt.faq;
ibmlpt.faq, tomlpt.faq, and krislpt.faq. each meets different skill levels
and needs.
* PC Magazine,. Oct 27, 1992 pages 367-376
* A web search for IEEE1284 (using the search engine of your choice, such
as Alta Vista) will provide numerous links.

Serial Port/Mouse:

   * "Using a serial port for discrete I/O operations" September/October
     issue of MicroComputer Journal.
   * Dallas Semiconductor has a PDF document on RS-232.
     (home page) App Note 83 Fundamentals of RS-232 Serial Communications (App Notes page)
   * National Semiconducor AN-681: PC Mouse
     Implementation Using COP800
   * --Schematic diagrams showing how
     to wire up RS232 connectors with handshaking and without, loopback
     plugs and null modem
   * MicroChip has a very nice app note on rolling your own mouse. Both the
     Microsoft and Mouse Systems versions are covered. You might have to
     read a little PIC code to find what you want, but its there. The app
     note can probably be obtained from the microchip web site. App # is

Joystick Port:


2.7b Keyboards

   * Articles about XT and AT type keyboards can be found in April/May 1995
     issues of Circuit Cellar Ink.
   * An early copy of Micro Cornucopia ( March-April 1990 ) has the details
     about standards, interface chips etc
   * John Voth has keyboard interfacing information at:
   * A PC Keyboard FAQ has been written by Mark Schultz. Send e-mail to for details.
   * Go to the Aminet site (eg. and go to hard/hack, there
     you'll find 2 or more files for PC keyboard interfaces to Amiga. There
     is some documentation for the AT keyboard protocol.
   * Check out the Philips site. There is supposed to be an app note for PC
     keyboard to serial format.

2.7c BIOS code

   * Annabooks sell a 'bioskit' that is a complete BIOS, written mostly in
     C, with source.
   * Assembler source for a V20 BIOS has been published by c't magazine
     ( The disk with the code and the burnt EPROM is
     still for sale.

2.8 How do I interface to a Mac?

   * Brian A. Cole's ( Repository of Macintosh Information
   * or (Hardware
     Descriptions and Technical Notes)
   *, follow the links "computer" "apple" "loeten am mac".
     Has information about interfaces, including a mac to VGA adaptor.
     Note: This site is in German.

2.9 Where can I find bus specs and interfacing information?

   * The VMEbus FAQ is at or
   * The I2C FAQ is available from:
   * Universal Serial Bus home page:
   * ISA pinouts can be found at
   * ISA, EISA, VLB, and PCI pinouts, signal descriptions, and timing
     information can be found at
   * "AT Bus Design, IEEE P996 Compatible", by Edward Solari ISBN
   * Official standard for the EISA bus are available from BCPR services
     (Texas) Tel: 1-713-251-4770
   * Standards for the EISA bus are available from Global Engineering
     Documents, Englewood, Colorado USA at phone: (800)854-7179,
   * The PC/104 Consortium has a page at
     Request a resource guide and spec document.
   * The PCI specification may be obtained from: PCI Special Interest Group
     P.O. Box 14070, Portland, OR 97214
     (800) 433-5177 (503) 797-4207 FAX: 234-6762
     (503) 797 4297
   * Other PCI information:
   * AMCC makes a chip which provides an interface to PCI on one side and a
     fairly simple generic interface on the other side. AMCC is in San
     Diego, California. Their telephone number is (619)450-9333. The part
     number for the PCI interface chip is S5933.
   * Ziatech, has the CompactPCI spec in Acrobat.
     CompactPCI uses the PCI timing and pinout with a eurocard format and
   * D Prutchi, "Hot Swapping on the PC - An Active Extender Card for the
     16-bit PC-ISA bus", Circuit Cellar Ink, Issue #62, 62-71, September
   * PCMCIA specs are available from (not free) The
     PCMCIA association lists manufacturers with links to webpages, also
     links to books.

2.10 Where can I get hard/floppy drive specs and interfacing info?

(IDE is also known as ATA)

   * Information on ATA 1,2,3 can be found at
     Technical information about Seagate drives may be found at
     Western Digital technical support 1-800-275-4932
     See the ATAr4c.txt and ide-tech.txt files for more info.
   * "Yet Another Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ" is posted on and .misc. It is also available,
     together with related material, by FTP from
     and by WWW from:

   * Enhanced IDE FAQ
   * For a complete treatment of IDE interfacing to 8-bit CPUs
     (particularly the Z80 family), check out issues 56, 63, 64, and 66 of
     The Computer Journal.
   * There is a simple IDE interface for the Z80 called GIDE (Generic IDE).
     It should be possible to adapt it to other 8-bit processors. There is
     an article about it on the TCJ Web Page. Click on 'GIDE'.
   * Connecting IDE devices to 8 bit machines:
   * SCSI:
   * The specification for ATAPI (IDE) CDROM drives can be obtained from:
     In here you will find the complete command set detailing how to play
     audio tracks (among other things). The file is in postscript format.
   * Floppy drive information can be found in the data sheets for many FD
     controller chips.
        o 82078 (from,
        o 82C710 (from
        o FDC37C665 (from
        o PC8477B (from National Semiconductor,

     Intel's Embedded controller handbooks also contain some info.
   * Dave Brooks has interfaced a FDC37C665IR floppy controller to a Zilog
     Z80182. You can find some details at:
     Follow the "P112" links.

2.11 Where can I find Midi and other musical interfacing information?

   * DEC PDPs and Music/Sound
     Synthesis Summary

2.12 How do I make my own circuit boards?

There are several methods available. Most involve etching, where a mask is
drawn or transferred onto copper clad board, and the board is immersed or
sprayed by an etching solution. Boards and etchant can be purchased at most
electronics hobby stores, and various manufacturers products are available
via mail order. Some methods use iron-on transfers, and others use a
photo-etching process. There is even a method using conductive ink and
laser printers. Some people have reported good results using Vector wire
and Verowire (UK). These methods are more similar to wire wrapping than PCB

PCB FAQ written by Vincent Himpe
( at

PCB FAQ: the PCB section.

DynaArt Designs, 3535 Stillmeadow Lane, Lancaster, CA 93536
Voice: (805) 943-4746, FAX: (805) 943-3776
Web Site
Home of the "Toner Transfer System"

Coffman Enterprises,
Email: scoff PerfectBoard purple paper process to make printed
circuit boards.

Electrolube : Photo Resist, developer, Lacquer , Nickel spray, Etchant
Electrolube Limited,Blakes Road,Wargrave,Berkshire,RG10 8AW U.K.
Tel. +44 1734 404031 Fax + 44 1734 403084

Isel: Etchant ,plating solution etching equipment etc.
Isel Automation, 6419 Eiterfeld 1,Germany

Sifco : Plating Pen, 5708 Schaaf Rd. Cleveland OH 44131 USA
Tel +1 216 524 0099 Fax +1 216 524 6331

Vero Electronics can be contacted in the US on 1-800-242-2863.

Circuit Works Conductive Pen is available from Ocean State Electronics,
(800) 866-6626.
The catalog number is CW2200

Also see the section entitled "Where can I get schematic drawing, circuit
simulators, schematic capture programs, and PCB layout software?". Some of
the software packages are designed to allow the user to enter a schematic,
test the circuit, and provide an output that can then be used to directly
fabricate the PCB (either an electronic format or an actual printout that
can be used for etching).

2.13 What is the Net Station?

The Net Station was a project whose goal was to create a computer
architecture and operating system that would be freely distributed on the
net. An agreement on the architecture, etc. was never reached, and the
project seems to have been abandoned. The thread does see occasional
revival, but little practical progress has been reported lately (to the
group, at least). There are unconfirmed reports that the project is still
being worked on, but details are presently unavailable.

2.14 How do I homebrew an LCD controller?

LCD FAQs can be found at the following locations:

   * or
     An LCD FAQ is in the misc section, file lcd_faq.htm
   * pub/cookbook

2.15 How do I make good front panels/cover plates?

"K-SUN"'s "Letter Quick" Electronic Lettering and Labeling System. American
Draftsource, 1152 Marina Blvd. San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 352-8688

Toner Transfer System by DynaArt Designs is a wet method for transferring
laser prints for making printed circuit boards. The maker claims it can
also be used for decals and faceplates. This material can be obtained from
All Electronics, (818) 904-0524.

"Copi-Tak" is a peel and stick plastic sheet that you first print on with a
laser printer. You can cut it to fit your panel shape and then peel &
Fidelity Products Co.
5601 Intl. Prkwy. P.O. Box 155 Minneapolis, Mn. 55440-0155

3M Dynamark II system uses a photo-sensitive label material is exposed to
UV light - through your negative - in much the same way as you produce
prototype PCB's. It is then developed and produces a very nice professional
3M House, 28 Great Jackson Street, MANCHESTER. M15 4PA. Tel: 0161-237-6142
Fax: 0181-237-9320 3M Specialty Marking Systems Project St. Paul, MN

2.16 What are PDF and Acrobat files?

Most semiconductor manufacturers use this format for data sheets. A PDF
viewer (Acrobat Reader) may be obtained from Many
semiconductor manufacturers either link to Adobe or have local copies of
the viewer on their own sites.

A freeware pdf viewer for Xwindows systems is also available, do a search
for xpdf. This is useable for systems they haven't ported acrobat to, even
homebuilt ones.

2.17 Where can I get technical information about Game Boy?

Jeff Frohwein's Gameboy technical page,
Follow the links for Technical Information and Gameboy.

2.18 How can I build a POST code reader for my PC?

Aug. 1993 Electronics Now magazine, page 31 "Post Code Reader For Your PC".
It is idendical to the card sold by JDR.

July 1993 issue of Popular Electronics

2.19 Where can I find information on IR standards?

   * For a linux driver, see
   * computer controlled IR remote control:
   * There's an application note entitled "IrDA-Compliant Transmitter/
     Receiver," with lots of detail about the standard, at the SHARP web
     site, and data sheets at
   * The home of the IRDA standards organisation,
     somewhat messy, but they do provide the standards free for

2.20 How can I make a mouse serial/ps2 or ps2/serial adapter?

Serial mice and ps2 mice do not use the same type of communication. Some
mice can detect which type of port they are connected to, and adapters for
these are not standard. Consult your specific mouse manufacturer to find
out if an adapter is possible, and the necessary pinouts.

Microsoft and Logitech have produced mice useable in serial and PS2 ports.
Connecting diagrams/details may be found at

2.21 How can I convert video formats?

   * (in the USA) (better for Non-USA)
   * It has the schematic
     and drivers for VGA to TV adapter. That adapter is for TVs which have
     RGB inputs, but can be connected to an external RGB-NTSC chip.
   * Raytheon TMC2360 - Documentation is unavailable via the web, but the
     faxback system (415-988-2123) has it as document number 1129.

The following links provide information how to use workstation monitors on

   * SVGA-Sun

2.22 Where can I find caller ID information?

ITU Technologies, makes a Caller ID to PC interface kit

2.23 Where can I find information about projects?

   * Hilary D. Jones, Building a Computer from Scratch, BYTE, Nov. 1977.
   * Ingo Cyliax from Indiana University made a good project wich mixes a
     68030 and a VGA card on a ISA bus. Schematics and info are at:
   * A free MC68K hardware/software design is available (they also sell the
     computers complete)
     For further information send mail to
   * Z80 project:
   * Instructions for building an 8051 sbc may be found at:
   * STM, a 32 bit RISC processor, designed in an HDL.
   * how to interface to the six
     button Sega Genesis joypad controller
   * Simplex III, an all TTL homebuilt computer.
   * links to
     homebuilt CPU's
   * There are schematics and other info of 8255 based 84 line I/O card for
     PC ISA bus at
   * There is an ASCII schematic of an ISA parallel port adapter card at filenames
   * PCIO and PCUC projects (ISA interface) More detailed info
     and schematics are on the German page
   * Parralel port ide interface: Texts of the circuit are
     in Finnish and there was no driver when last checked.
   * There is a zip-file with schematics and PCB-layout for a parallel port
     IDE interface at
   * - It's a linux driver site, but
     has a lot of technical info about 20 or so different implementations
     of the LPT to IDE hack
   * D-BOX, is an 8031 based device which controls up to 8 SONY LANC
     devices, and provides a simple ASCII command set to the computer via
     standard serial port. There is some information on the LANC commands
     etc. in the documentation. Look for
     DBOXKIT.ZIP in the file area

   * ISA "backplane" box:
     "Interfacing to the IBM Personal Computer" second edition by Lewis C.
     Eggebrecht. Chapter 9 goes over two designs, one for a four slot
     expansion of up to three feet and the other is for a ten slot
     expansion of up to eight feet.

   * Homebuilt PDA:
   * - CS/A 6502
     Gecko Computer, a small self-designed and self-built computer based on
     the 6502 CPU. Circuit diagrams and software.
   * Wally'sWorld of Driving Simulators - Build your own Wheel and Pedals

2.24 Where can I find information about multi-processing standards?

Intel's FTP site has information on the intel SMP spec, in the event that
you would wish to build a multi-processor computer that is compatible with
this specificiation. (

2.25 How do I make loop-back plugs?

Norton Diagnostics uses these:

9 Pin Serial - DB9S Connector (Female)

2 3 7 8 1 4 6 9
|__| |__| |__|__|__|

25 Pin Serial - DB25S Connector (Female)

2 3 4 5 6 8 20 22
|__| |__| |__|__|__|

25 Pin Parallel - DB25P Connector (Male)

2 15 3 13 4 12 5 10 6 11
|__| |__| |__| |__| |__| --Schematic diagrams showing how to
wire up RS232 connectors with handshaking and without, loopback plugs and
null modem

2.26 How do I make a null modem/laplink cable?

Pinouts for most IBM cables (laplink serial/parallel, etc) can be found in
the* FAQ, which may be obtained via ftp from: --Schematic diagrams showing how to
wire up RS232 connectors with handshaking and without, loopback plugs and
null modem

2.27 Where can I get schematic drawing, circuit simulators, schematic
capture programs, and PCB layout software?

   * AIM-Spice (student version available free)
   * Deutsch Research: DR SPICE
   * Microsim PSpice
   * PADS software PowerPCB, WIN95 and Unix
   * Spectrum Software: Micro-CAP V (SPICE, PSpice compatible)
   * SynaptiCAD: WaveFormer Pro
   * Simetrix From Newbury tech
   * Home Page for DrVGB
   * Intusoft - WWW Directory Listing
   * Intusoft are releasing their schematic editor for Windows 95 and NT as
     freeware; the beta version can be downloaded from
     It is about 5Mbyte of code, installed. The much smaller Circad package
     is available as a not-too-seriously crippled demonstrator from
     PSPICE Links
   * Unofficial List of
     SPICE Resources
   * Logysis is part of the simtel archives at (and
     other mirror sites)
   * TurboSIM
   * Windraft from Ivex (shareware CAD schematic editor) and Winboard (PC
     board layout tool) Both can be obtained at . Ivex also
     has a webpage at
   * There is some free pcb layout software offered by Protel, at
   * Go to the FreeBSD homepage ( and follow the
     links to the "cad" group of "ports". Look for "pcb" for PCB layout and
     "chipmunk" for schematic capture. Also, there is a digital schematic
     tool called 'diglog', and an analog version called 'analog'. For general
     information on FreeBSD ports:
   * Niche Software's PCB Designer (Windows based PCB CAD program) A
     fully-functional (except for printout) demo is available from

2.28 Where can I get software developement tools? PALASM 4 v1.5 from AMD,
Texas Instruments offers a free copy of CUPL for windows. The manual in
word 6 format.

2.29 Where can I find operating system information?

* Linux:
* Free BSD:
* NetBSD:
* OpenBSD:
* SCO Unix:
* Forth:
See the newsgroup comp.lang.forth. Their FAQ is archived at
* CP/M:
On Sept 10, 1996, Caldera, the company that bought all of the Digital
Research assets from Novell, announced that they are going to release all
of the source code for those products including CP/M and DR-DOS. See for details.
* Minix:
See the newsgroup comp.os.minix. Their FAQ is archived at

2.30 How do I interface to DRAM/SIMMS?

Tim Olmstead has written a paper on interfacing to DRAMs (look in the section titled "On-Line articles") The paper can be viewed on-line, as an
HTML document, at:

2.31 How do I turn myself into a cyborg?

Wearable computers and virtual reality (VR) equipment are also discussed on
the newsgroup sci.virtual-worlds.

2.32 Who makes kits?

   * Heathkit is still in business, but unfortunately now makes educational
     products and not the kits that the used to make.
   * DIY Electronics has a list of kit manufacturers on their web page.
   * Personal PBX: PCB with parts placement diagram, printed schematics and
     source code on diskette. Eprom also available. email:

3.0 Where to get more information

3.1 Semiconductor Manufacturers

   * Acapella
   * Actel:
   * Adaptec:
   * Advanced Hardware Architectures (AHA):
   * Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
   * Literature distribution by Telephone is at 800-222-9323 which is also
     a fax-back number, or at Tel. 408-749-5703. 408-732-2400
     Facts-On-Demand. 1-800-222-9323 Option #1
   * Advanced RISC Machines (ARM):
   * AKM Semiconductor:
   * Altera (800) 5-ALTERA e-mail:
     Literature Dept: 408-894-7144
     BBS: 408-954-0104
   * AMCC:
   * Analog Devices:
   * Austria Mikro Systeme (AMS):
   * Advanced RISC Machines (ARM):
   * Altera:
   * Atmel
     1-800-365-3375 Fax 408-436-4300 Faxback: 1-800-292-8635
   * AT&T Microelectronics:
   * Benchmarq:
   * Brooktree:
   * Chips and Technologies
     2950 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134
     (408) 434-0600
   * Chrontel:
   * Cirrus Logic:
   * Cypress Semiconductor: 3901 North First Street,
     San Jose, CA 95134
   * Cyrix:
   * Dallas Semiconductor:
     FTP archive is at
     Fax-Back (214) 450-0441
   * Digital Equipment Corp. 1-800-332-2717
   * Elantec:
   * EXAR:
   * Fujitsu Microelectronics, IC Division

          1-800-642-7616, fax 408-954-0616.

   * Harris Semiconductor

          (407) 729-4984, fax  (407) 729-5321.

   * Hewlett Packard:
   * Hitachi Semiconductor:
   * IBM Semiconductor Division:
   * Integrated Circuit Systems (ICS):
   * ICT, Inc:
     2123 Ringwood Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131 (408) 434-0678
   * Integrated Device Technology, Inc.:
   * Intel:

          800-548-4725, 800-468-8118.
          Fax 800-628-2283, 916-356-3105.
          PO Box 58130, Santa Clara CA 95052-8130

   * Lansdale Semiconductor:
   * Latice:
   * Linear Technology:
   * Logic Devices:
   * LSI Logic:
   * Matsushita Electric:
   * Maxim

   * Microchip Technology

   * Micro Linear:
   * Micron:
   * Mips Technologies, Inc.:

          800-998-6477, 415-933-6477.
          Fax back: 800-446-6477, 415-688-4321.

   * Mitel Semiconductor:
   * Mitsubishi Electronics America: 408-730-5900
   * Mosel Vitelic:
   * Motorola 1-512-928-6800, 1-800-441-2447

          Motorola Literature Distribution
          PO Box 20912, Phoenix, AZ 85036
          automatic fax-back information: 602/244-6609
          regular fax: 602/994-6430
          BBS: 512-891-3733 9600 V32 8N1
          European Literature Center, 88 Tanners Drive
          Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5BP, England

   * Music Semiconductors:
   * National Semiconductor 1-408-721-5000

          2900 Semiconductor Drive, PO Box 58090 Santa Clara, CA 95052

   * NEC

          401 Ellis St, PO Box 7241, Moutain View CA 94039

   * Oki Semiconductor, Inc.:

          408-720-1900, 800-654-6388
          Fax: 408-720-1918.

   * Orbit Semiconductor:
   * Paradigm:
   * Pericom Semiconductor:
   * Philips Semiconductor

          800-447-1500, Fax.708-635-8493
          Faxback 800-282-2000.

   * Ramtron:
   * Raytheon


   * Samsung:
   * SGS-Thomson Microelectronics:
   * 602-867-6100, Fax 602-867-6200
   * Sharp:
   * Siemens AG:
   * Silicon Engineering, Inc (SEI):
   * Simtek:
   * SMC:
   * Sony Semiconductor:
   * Standard Technologies Co
   * P.O. BOX 325 Canonsburg, PA 15317
     PHONE:(412) 746-8696
     FAX :(412) 745-8596
   * Synergy Semiconductor:
   * TEMIC Semiconductors, Inc.

          408-988-8000, 800-554-5565
          Faxback. 408-970-5600.

   * Texas Instruments, Inc. 800-477-8924.

          PO Box 655012 MS 308, Dallas TX 75265
          Product Info Ctr: (214) 644-5580

   * Toshiba:
   * 714-455-2000.
   * USAR systems:
   * Via Systems:
   * Western Digital:
   * The Western Design Center, Inc.

          TEL:602-962-4545 FAX:602-835-6442

   * Winbond:
   * Xicor

          Tel. 408-432-8888, Fax. 408-432-0640
          Faxback. 408-954-1627,
          BBS. 800-258-8864, 408-943-0655.

   * Xilinx:
   * Zilog:

          1-408-370-8000, Fax 408-370-8056.
          technical center 1-215-653-0230

Links to manufacturer's data sheets:

Semiconductor manufacturer websites

If you are interested in just the programmable logic suppliers, and
subsequent links to the Web pages, you can also point your browser to:

3.2 Vendor List

Electronics Resource Center: (links to distributers and
manufacturers web pages)


   * Active Electronics
   * 11 Cummings Park, Woburn MA 01801
     237 Hymus Blvd, Pointe Claire, Quebec H9R 5C7 1-800-677-8899
     1-514-630-7410 (International)
   * All Electronics
     PO Box 567 Van Nuys, CA 91408
   * Allied Electronics 1-800-433-5700 1-817-595-3500
     FAX: 1-817-595-6444 Modem: 1-800-433-5003
     7410 Pebble Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76118
   * Alltronics 1-408-943-9773
     2300 Zanker Road, San Jose CA 95131
   * Almost All Digital Electronics
   * AM Research
     SBC's, parts, embedded controllers, software
   * American Science and Surplus 1-708-982-0870.
     3605 Howard Street, Skokie, IL 60076
   * Arrow Electronics 1-800-93 ARROW
     1860 Smithtown Ave, Ronkonkoma NY 11779
     Catalog Division: 25 Hub Drive, Melville, NY 11747-9828
   * B.G.Micro 800/276-2206, FAX 214/271-2462
     P.O.Box 280298, Dallas, TX, U.S.A. 75228
   * Circuit Specialists Inc 1-800-528-1417 1-602-464-2485
     PO Box 3047 Scottsdale AZ 85271
   * Computer Component Source 1-800-356-1227.
   * Dalbani
     1-800-325-2264 Fax: 1-305-594-6588. Int. Voice: 1-305-716-0947. Int.
     Fax: 1-305-716-9719.
   * Dan's Small Parts
     Box 3634 Missoula, Montana 59806-3634
     (406) 258-2782
   * DC Electronics 1-800-423-0070 (orders) 1-602-945-7736
     PO Box 3203 Scottsdale AZ 85271
   * Digi-Key 1-800-344-4539 (1-800-DIGI-KEY)
     701 Brooks Ave South, Thief River Falls, MN 56701
   * Electronic Goldmine (602) 451-7454
     PO Box 5408, Scottsdale AZ 85261
   * Eric Electronics (408) 432-1111
     2210 Lundy Ave, San Jose, CA 95131
   * Fry's Electronics (310) 364-3797
     3600 Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
   * Gateway Electronics 1-800-669-5810
   * Gateway Products Corp. (954) 974-6864
     PO Box 93-6397, Margate FL 33093
   * Heath (Heathkit) 1-616-925-5899
     Benton Harbor, MI 49022 1-800-253-0570
     1-800-44-HEATH (US/Canada)
     1-800-444-3284 (Canada)
   * H&R Company 1-800-848-8001, 1-215-788-5583
   * 18 Canal Street, PO Box 122, Bristol PA 19007-0122
   * Hosfelt Electronics 1-800-524-6464.
     2700 Sunset Blvd, Stuebenville, OH 43952
   * Images Company (718) 698-8305
   * International Components Corp 1-800-325-0101 US/CANADA, 1-503-336-4400
   * 1803 W. Lincoln Way, Toledo OR 97391
   * Intronics
   * Box 13723/612 Newton St, Edwardsville, KS 66113
   * ITU Technologies
     (513) 574-7523 E-Mail: OR
     kits and electronic products
   * J&M Microtek, Inc. (201) 325-1892
     83 Seaman Rd, W Orange, NJ 07052
     PIC programmers, 68hc11 dev. systems, eprom emulators, etc.
   * Jameco (components) 1-800-831-4242 Fax 1-800-237-6948
     1355 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA 94002-4100
   * Jason-Ranheim Company
     3105 Gayle Lane, Auburn, California 95603.
     1805 Industrial Drive, Auburn, Ca. 95603
     (916) 823-3284 Technical Support
     (916) 823-3285 & Outside The USA (800) 421-7731 Orders Toll Free (800)
     421-7748 From California
   * JDR Microdevices Orders: 1-800-538-5000 Cust. Service: 1-800-538-5001
     1850 South 10th Street, San Jose CA 95112-4108
     International Sales 1-408-494-1400
   * Kelvin Electronics 1-800-645-9212, 1-516-349-7620
     7 Fairchild Ave, Plainsview NY 11803
   * M2L Electronics 3526 Jasmine #4 Los Angeles, CA 90034
     310 837-7818 (9am-5pm)
     BBS/FAX: 310 841 6050
   * Marshall Industries 1-818-307-6000 Fax: 1-818-307-6187
     9320 Telstar Ave, El Monte, CA 91731-2895
   * MCM Electronics 1-800-543-4330, 1-800-824-TECH
     650 Congress Park Drive, Centersville OH 45459
   * MECI (Mendelson's Electronics) 1-800-344-4465
     340 E. First St. Dayton, OH 45402
   * Mountain Instruments 1-770-413-6016 (free catalog)
   * Mouser Electronics 1-800-346-6873, 1-800-992-9943
     958 N. Main Street, Mansfield TX 76063
   * Newark Electronics 1-312-784-5100
     4801 N.Ravenswood Ave, Chicago IL 60640 (Attn: Catalog Dept)
     Canada: 1625 Trinity Drive, Mississuaga, Ont L5T 1K4 (800) 463-9275
     International: Export Dept, 500 North Pulaski Rd, Chicago IL 60624
     1-416-673-7799 1-312-784-5100
   * NTE Electronics, Inc 201-748-5089
     44 Farand St. Bloomfield, NJ 07003
   * Ocean State Electronics 1-800-866-6626 (orders), 1-401-596-3080
   * PO Box 1458, Westerly RI 02891
   * Parallax, Inc., 3805 Atherton Rd. 102, Rocklin, CA 95765
     (916)624-8333 Fax: (916)624-8003 BBS: (916)624-7101
     (Basic Stamp)
   * Parts Express 1-800-338-0531, 1-513-222-0173
     340 E. First St, Dayton OH 45402
   * Powell Electronics 1-800-235-7800 (Call for local office)
   * Scott Edwards Electronics
     PO Box 160, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636-0160
     Phone : 520-459-4802, Fax : 520-459-0623
   * Small Parts, Inc 1-305-557-8222 orders 1-305-558-1255 catalog
     13980 NW 58th Court, PO Box 4650, Miami Lakes, FL 33014
     Mechanical parts - good for the home builder
   * Technological Arts
     voice & fax number is: (416) 963-8996 (Toronto)
     309 Aragona Blvd. Suite 102-418, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
     1644 Bayview Ave. Suite 1704, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3C2
     email address is:
     Microcontroller modules, socket adapters, other products
   * Zebra Systems, Inc. 1,000 ZX81 computer kits and
     books for sale in the US and Canada.

The Electronic Source Book is a publication that lists component
manufactures by brand names, and type, their original locations, and their
local sources. The book is regional, you purchase one for your region in
U.S. or Canada. It is published by Interec, at (800) 217-3372, or (913)


   * Accelerated Data
   * Active Electronic
     800-363-7601 Canada outside Quebec
     800-363-6592 in Quebec
   * Global Semiconductors
     800-668-8776 tel
     800-387-6980 fax
   * ECG Canada Inc.
     1928 St. Regis Boulevard
     Dorval, Quebec H9P 1H6
     (in USA known as Phillips ECG)
     sorry no phone, try 411 or white page. They have regional offices.
   * Electrosonic
     416-494-1555 order desk
     416-494-1666 general office
     416-496-3030 fax
   * Future Electronics
     237 Hymus Blvd, Montreal (Pointe Claire) Quebec H9R 5C7
   * Powell Electronics Canada
     3100 Guenette Street, St Laurent, Quebec H4S 1W5


   * Anzac Components Ltd., 822 Yeovil Road, Slough, SL1 4JA.
     Tel. 01628 604411. Fax 01628 660662.
   * Arrow Electronics (UK) Ltd, Cambridge Road, Bedford, MK42 0LH. Tel.
     01234 270027. Fax 01234 214674.
   * B.E.C. Distribution (used to be called BONEX) 12 Elder Way, Langley
     Business Park, SLOUGH. Berks SL3 6EP Tel: (01753) 549502 Fax: (01753)
   * Bull Electrical, 250 Portland Road, Hove, Sussex, BN3 5QT Tel 01273
     203500. Fax 01273 323077
   * Chelmer Valve Company, 130 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2
     Tel. 01245 355296 or 265865. Fax 01245 490064. Valves (Vacuum tubes),
     RF power transistor specialists.
   * Colomor Electronics Ltd., 170 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8HJ. Tel.
     0181 743 0899. Fax 0181 749 3934.
     Valves (vacuum tubes) and semiconductor specialists.
   * The CR Supply Co., 127 Chesterfield Rd., Sheffield S8 0RN. Tel. 0114
     255 7771
   * Cirkit Distribution Ltd., Park Lane, Broxbourne, Herts. EN10 7NQ Tel
     01992 448899 (Sales Desk); 01992 444111 (Schools, colleges, account
     Fax 01992 471314.
   * CPC plc, Component House, Faraday Drive, Fulwood, Preston, Lancs. PR2
     Tel. 01772 654455.
   * Cricklewood Electronics Ltd., 40-42 Cricklewood Broadway, LONDON NW2
     Tel. 0181 450 0995 and 0181 452 0161. Fax 0181 208 1441
   * Display Electronics, 32 Biggin Way, Upper Norwood, LONDON SE19 3XF Tel
     0181 679 4414. Fax 0181 679 1927
   * Dubilier, Hewgate House, Rabands Lane, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP19 3RT.
     Tel. 01296 393233Yorks.HG2 8QT
     Tel 01423 879787. Fax 01423 879030
     Distributors of new and surplus electronic components.
   * ElectroValue Ltd., Unit 3, Central Trading Estate, Staines, TW18 4UX.
     Tel 01784 442253 Fax 01784 460320
     Suppliers of quality components to industry & constructors since 1965.
     Exceptional range of SIEMENS inductors and ferrites, also test
     equipment, tools and other components. Shops in Manchester and Egham,
   * Electromail Ltd., P.O. Box 33, Corby, Northants. NN17 9EL. Tel. 01536
     204555. Fax 01536 405555.
   * ElectroSpeed Ltd. Boyatt Wood, Eastleigh, Hants. SO50 4ZY. Tel. 01703
     644555 (Sales). 01703 641111 (Technical). Fax 01703 610282.
   * ESR Electronic Components, Station Road, Cullercoats, North Shields,
     Tyne & Wear NE30 4PQ
     Tel. 0191 251 4363. Fax 0191 252 2296.
     Variety of discrete components, i.c.s, transistors, p.c.b. materials
   * Farnell Electronic Components Ltd., Canal Road, Leeds, LS12 2TU. Tel.
     0113 263 6311 (sales); 0113 279 9123 (Technical Support); 0113 231
     0160 (Data line).
     Fax 0113 263 3411
   * Flint Distribution, Walker Road, Bardon Hill, Coalville, Leics. LE67
     Tel. 01530 510333. Fax 0153 051 0275.
     Large range of surface mount components.
   * GMS Sperry-Sun (UK) Limited Phone:+44-1242/265534-544
   * Fax : +44-1242/221336
   * Gothic Crellon Ltd., 3, The Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane,
     Wokingham, Berks. RG11 2EY.
     Tel. 01734 787848. Fax 01734 776095.
   * Genalog Ltd.,Gills Green, Cranbrook, TN18 5ET. Tel. 01580 753754.
   * Greenweld Electronic Components Ltd., 27D Park Road, Southampton, SO15
     Tel 01703 236363 (Sales & General Enquiries). Fax 01703 236307 Surplus
     electronic boards, new components, test equipment, video & audio
     accessories etc.
   * HB Electronics, Lever Street, Bolton, Lancs. BL3 6BJ. Tel. 01204
     525544. Fax 01204 384911.
   * IQD (01460) 74433, Fax: (01460) 72578.
   * John Birkitt +44 522 520767 1, The Strait, Lincoln
   * Keytronics, P.O. Box 634, Bishop's Stortford, Herts. CM23 2RX. Tel.
     01279 505543. Fax 01279 757656.
   * The Macro Group, Burnham Lane, Slough, SL1 6LN. Tel. 01628 604383. Fax
     01628 666873/ 668071.
   * Magenta Electronics Ltd., 135 Hunter Street, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs.
     DE14 2ST.
     Tel. 01283 565435. Fax 01283 546932.
     Well known range of kits from UK magazine projects, also other kits,
     test equipment etc.
   * Maplin Electronic Supplies Ltd., P.O. Box 3, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8LR
     Tel. 01702 554161 (Sales Orders); +44 1702 554000 (International
     Enquiries & Orders); 01702 552911 (Non-Technical Enquiries); 01702
     556001 (Technical Enquiries, p.m. only); Fax 01702 553935. (sales) (technical)
   * MPS (see Maplin)
   * N R Bardwell +44 742 552886 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield
   * Omni Electronics, 174, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5DX. Tel. 0131
     667 2611
     A wide range of components aimed at the hobbyist constructor.
   * Polar Electronics Ltd., Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. LU7
     Tel.01525 377093. Fax 01525 378367.
     Franchised component distributors. Famed for its Microchip PIC Owner's
   * Rapid Electronics, Heckworth Close, Severalls Industrial Estate,
     Colchester, Essex, CO4 4TB.
     Tel. 01206 751166. Fax 01206 751188.
   * RS Components Ltd., P.O. Box 99, Corby, Northants, NN17 9RS. Tel.
     01536 201201 (National orders). 01536-402888 (Technical help). Cash
     with Order or credit card customers should refer to Electromail Ltd.
   * Tandy (UK) Ltd., Head Office, 5, Bilston Road, Wednesbury, W.
     Midlands, WS10 7JL.
     Tel. 0121 556 0786.
   * Verospeed: (01703) 644555


   * DIY Electronics
     PO Box 88458, Sham Shui Po, HONG KONG
     Voice: 852 2720 0255. Fax: 852 2725 0610
   * Farnell Components
     72 Ferndale Street, Chester Hill, NSW 2162, Australia Tel (02) 645
   * Oatley Electronics
   * RS Components GmbH - Nordenstrasse 72-76, Postfacht 1365, 64528
     Morfelden- Walldorf - Germany
     Phone 061 05 401 234 Fax 061 05 401
   * RS Components A/S
     Rugvaenget 21 , 2630 Tastrup, Denmark
     phone 38 33 33 11 fax 38 34 22 32

3.3 Internet Resources

FTP Sites:

   * U of Alberta (Canada) Electrical Engineering
     archive, (electronics cookbook, m68k FAQ, etc)
   * ( E&L FTP server robotics,
     Mini-Board, and other projects
   * - Motorola, fuzzy, risc, etc.
   * /pub/user/rstevew - FAQ's, Tutorials, Great Internet IC
     Masterbator (GIICM), PIC, Basic Stamp
   * Everyday Practical Electronics
   * - Microprocessor, PIC info
   * -Circuit Search Database
   * -IndustryNet FTP Archive
   * - Intel's FTP site
   * - ITU Technologies
   * /pub/ddj - Dr. Dobbs Journal FTP site
   * - National Instruments
   * Dave Baldwin's (
     ftp site for schematics for simple basic circuits. Single 'A' size
     pages and in GIF format.
     Various FAQs and information about The Computer Journal are also
   * - SimTel mirror site
   * - ftp site of Parallax (Basic Stamp)
   * Information about Sun parts,
   * /pub/mchipsoft contains numerous .zip files
   * - Small C (subset of C)
     developement system for Z80 microprocessors
   * - Texas Instruments FTP site
   * /pub/electronics/ FAQs, cookbook, repair, etc.
   * /pub/philips - Philips "mini ftp site" set up by
     Phil Wood of Philips, 8051, i2c FAQs
   * Circuit Search Database
   * - mirror of
   * - U of Alberta EE archive
     m68k, spice, cookbook (schematics)
   * - Usenet FAQs
   * - basic stamp information

WEB Pages:

   * Beck Systems Inc.
   * (circuits, info, apps)
   * Electronic related
   * Aad Offerman's
     chip list comparing different CPU's.
   * Jeff Frohwein's web page Technical
     information, links to various sites
   * Motorola
     Microcontroller Web page
   * (Motorola) Motorola's
     microcontroller WWW page
   * AIM-Spice (student
     version available free)
   * - CPU Info Center
   * Info on FPGAs,
     including FPGA based computing machines
   * Diana Todds's electronics
   * CyberCircuit
   * Weather Instrument
     Notes Web Page
   * (Motorola) Motorola's semiconductor WWW
     page, Master Selection Guide, etc
   * - Lansdale Semiconductor
   * http://SuperSite.Net/Semiconductor - The Semiconductor SuperSite
   * - Barry Brey's Microprocessor Textbooks
   * - Dan's Electronic Experimentation
   * - Steve Walz's web page
   * Cross
     assemblers (SimTel site)
   * - Actel
   * - Analog Devices
   * - All Electronics
   * - Allied Electronics
   * - Alltronics
   * - Altera
   * - AMD
   * - Advanced RISC Machines (ARM)
   * - Richard Steven Walz's Home Page Many
     electronics files, GIICM
   * - Atmel
   * - microcontroller FAQs
   * Home Page Automation
     and Process Control
   * - Benchmarq Technology
   * Connecting IDE
     devices to 8 bit machines:
   * - Brooktree
   * - Burr-Brown
   * - CERA home page, embedded, DSP, Industrial
     Computing, Microcontroller-Microprocessor index
   * - Acquisition and Control
   * - IBM Microelectronics
   * - Circuit Specialists, Inc.
   * - the Computer Applications Journal, from
     Circuit Cellar INK
   * - Cirrus Logic
   * - Electronics WWW page
   * - standards related material
   * Microprocessor
     Instruction Set Cards
   * Links to
     manufacturer's data sheets
   * Stepper Motor Home Page
   * Hobby robot web
   * - Ramtron
   * - Simtek
   * Official
     Support-Page: Hardware - Software - Utilities - FAQ - Docs for Z80
   * - Cypress Semiconductor
   * - Cyrix
   * - Dallas Semiconductor
   * - Dr. Dobbs Journal web page
   * - Digital Equipment Corp.
   * - Digikey
   * - DynaArt Designs
   * Electrical
     Engineering FAQs and Info Home Page
   * Worldwide TV Standards - A
     Web Guide
   * "The electrical Engineering Circuits
   * links to
     homebuilt CPU's
   * - Electronic Engineers Master catalog
   * - Electronics Industries Association
   * - EIO
   * Electronics on the Web - a practical
     electronics webzine
   * - Embedded Controls Page
   * Everyday Practical Electronics
   * - The Basic Soldering
   * electronics, medical
     equipment, gas analyzers, nuts & bolts, etc
   * - Electrical Engineering on the World Wide Web
   * - Exar
   * - Fujitsu
   * - The electronic pages
   * Electronic reference, Tech
     Tips, Projects, Links, News, etc.
   * - Harris Semiconductor
   * - Hyundai
   * - Hitachi
   * - Hitex Developement Tools
   * - on-line basic logic tutorial
   * - Home Team (automation)
   * - High Tech Horizon (Swedish) Basic Stamp
   * - Integrated Device Technology
   * - DX designs
   * Big Dave's
     Electronics Workshop
   * - Intel
   * - Electronics Workbench Home Page
   * Electronics Design
   * info. on computers built from
   * - Technological Arts
   * - Infrastructures Semiconductor Index
   * - Information Storage Devices
   * - ITU Technologies
   * - Ivex web page (schematic capture, PCB layout
     tools, etc)
   * - JDR Microdevices
   * - DonTronics (PIC, I/O boards, z80
     dev system, etc)
   * - Lattice Semiconductor
   * - Logical Devices
   * - (unofficial) Atmel AVR
   * - LSI Logic
   * LG Semicon (aka Lucky
   * - Lynxmotion Robotic Kits
   * - Marshall Industries
   * Semiconductor Desk
     Reference (monthly) from Marshall
   * - Microchip web page
   * - Mendelson's Electronics & Surplus.
   * - Micron Technology
   * - Micromint Home Page
   * - The Hardware Web Midi projects, company
     lists, information on electronics in general, links to software and
     information also at
   * - Mouser Electronics
   * - Eclectic Home Page, developement tools,
     audio circuits, more
   * - Maxim
   * - National Instruments
   * - National Semiconductor
   * - NEC
   * - NEC
   * - General interface
   * - Programmable Logic Jump Station
   * - E-Lab
   * - New Micros, Inc
   * - NexGen, Inc.
   * - National Semiconductor (old site name, but still
   * - NeuroSystems Incorporated
   * - OKI Semiconductor
   * Online Technology Exchange -
     http:/ - Orion Instruments home page
   * - Paradigm Genesis
   * - Parallax Inc. web page
   * Home-made PAL/GAL Programmers, LCD
     FAQs, links to other FAQs
   * Online
     searchable version of "The Giant Internet IC Masturbator"
   * - Electronics Homeworld
   * - elementary math-articles.
   * The Computer Journal (TCJ) Web page
   * - Rambus
   * - PCMCIA PC Card FAQ
   * - Rockwell
   * - Samsung
   * - Siemens
   * - Seagate home page
   * - Global Semiconductor Datasheets Library
   * - Mitel Semiconductor
   * - Philips Semiconductor
   * - Siemens
   * - Home Automation Systems
   * - SEEQ Technology
   * - S-MOS Systems
   * - Sony Semiconductor
   * - Silicon Systems
   * - SGS-Thomson
   * - Synergy Semiconductor
   * - Advanced Risc Machines (ARM)
   * Diana's Electronic
     Information Files
   * - Adnav Electronics
   * - Texas Instruments home page
   * - Toshiba
   * - OS/A65 (operating system and
     6502 based computer by Andre Fachat)
   * - Microchip Technology
   * - The VME Bus International Trade Association
   * Technicians Toolbox
   * - Western Digital
   * - AirBorn Electronics
   * - The Electronic Guide Semiconductor
     manufacturers adresses, Newsgroups, Mailing lists Software site for
     microcontroller applications (MCS51, 68HC11 and PIC) Employment
   * - Wotsit's File Format Collection
   * - X Engineering Software Systems (XESS)
     FPGA/Elastic Computing products, etc.
   * - Xicor
   * - Xilinx, Inc.
   * Linux Application and
     Utilities Page
   * - GIICM (Giant Internet IC
   * (Chip Directory) or (Mirror site) Chip Directory, compiled
     by Jaap van Ganswijk
     Semiconductors/Resellers (all on one line)
   * Yahoo
     Microcontrollers Hot List
   * - Zilog home page
   * - Stanford EE sites
   * - EE/CS Mother Site

Mailing Lists, E-Mail, etc: Index of Publicly Accessable Mailing

   * Homebuilt-L has been established as a new outlet for the
     alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt. This is a forum for the exchange of
     ideas, opinions and information among computer builders interested in
     the above subject. To subscribe to homebuilt-l, send the following in
     the body (not the subject line) of an email message to
     "": "subscribe homebuilt-l" If you wish to
     subscribe another address instead (such as a local redistribution
     list), you can use a command of the form: "subscribe homebuilt-l
     other-address@your_site.your_net" (Without the quotes, of course)
   * "Hotwired" mailing list: (information courtesy of John West) Hotwired
     (the name is not my fault) is a mailing list for people interested in
     home-built processors - anything from software simulations to piles of
     TTL to FPGAs to custom silicon. The address is
     and the message to send to it is: subscribe hotwired <your name> archive
     of mail to the hotwired mailing list.
   * PIC mailing list Administrative requests should go the the listserver
     at address "". You may join the list at any
     time by sending a "SUB PICLIST" command via e-mail to the above
   * The PIC-1 mailing list is available to all users and other interested
     parties of ITU Technologies' low-cost PIC-1 programmer for the
     Microchip PIC16C6x/7x/8x family of microcontrollers. This list is
     designed to keep users up-to-date on issues relating to the PIC-1
     programmer and PIC microcontrollers, such as new software revision
     notices, web and ftp site updates, application examples, and new
     product announcements. To sign yourself up to the PIC-1 mailing list,
     simply send a message to: To remove
     yourself from the PIC-1 mailing list, simply send a message to:
   * - Email (not ftp) send Email to get information
     file on services available All Circuit Cellar INK and BYTE related
     files available

3.4 BBS Numbers

   * Circuit Cellar, Inc. (203) 871-1988
   * Diamond's BBS: (408) 325-7080 (2400bps)
     (408) 325-7175 (9600+bps)
   * EDN magazine (617) 558-4241
   * Electronics Now (516) 293-2283
   * General Device Instruments (408) 983-1234
   * Intel American Marketing Applications Support Bulletin Board System
     (916) 356-3600
   * Intel's BBS +44-(0)1793-496340 2400,n,8,1
   * Parallax Inc. (916) 624-7101
   * Motorola (Austin Texas) BBS (512) 891-3733 (Austin, Texas)
   * Munich, Germany: 49-89-92103-111 (2400 baud)
   * Stuttgart, Germany: 49-7031-275496 (19200 baud)
   * San Diego, California: (619) 279-3907
   * Toronto, Ontario, Canada: (416) 497-8989
   * Philips Semiconductor (parent company of Signetics)
     (800) 451-6644 or (408) 991-2406
     Netherlands: +31-40-721102

3.5 Recommended books/magazines


   * "AT Bus Design", By Ed Solari, Published by Annabooks ISBN
   * "The Art of Digital Design" by Prosser & Winkel ISBN 0-13-046607-7
   * "The Art of Electronics, 2nd ed." by Horowitz and Hill. ISBN
     0-521-37095-7 (Also, "Student Manual for The Art of Electronics," by
     Thomas C. Hayes and Paul Horowitz ISBN 0-521-37709-9)
   * "A Beginner's Guide to Computers and Microprocessors - with projects"
     by Charles K. Adams, from TAB books
   * "The Best of Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar" ISBN 0-07-011025-5
   * "Best of Interface Age, Volume 1: Software in BASIC" Carl D. Warren
     (ed.), dilithium Press, 1979, ISBN 0-918398-36-3
   * "Bit Slice Microprocessor Design" by Mick and Brick ISBN 0-07-041781-4
   * "Bit Slice Design:Controllers and ALU's" by Donnamaie E. White ISBN
   * "The Book of SCSI" by Peter M. Ridge ISBN# 1-886411-02-6
   * "Build Your Own Low-Cost Data Acquisition and Display Devices" by
     Jeffrey H. Johnson ISBN 0-8306-4348-6
   * "Build you own Universal Computer Interface" Covers a lot about serial
     interfacing and designing circuitry. ISBN #: 0-8306-3122-4
   * "Build Your Own Z80 Computer: Design Guidelines and Application Notes"
     by Steve Ciarcia. ISBN 0-07-010962-1.
   * "The Compact Disc Handbook" (second edition) By Ken C. Pohlmann. ISBN
   * "Computer Architecture, a Quantitative Approach" by Hennessy and
   * "Computer Structures: Readings and Examples" by Bell and Newell
   * "Controlling the world with your parallel port" Jamco Electronics
   * "Controlling the World with your PC" by Paul Bergsman
   * "Design of oscillator and other harmonic oscillators " by Benjamin
     Parzen (Published by John Wiley and Sons) ISBN 0-471-08819-6
   * "The Design and Drafting of printed circuits," Darryl Lindsey; Bishop
     Graphics, Inc.
   * "Designing Cards and Drivers for Macintosh II and Macintosh SE" ISBN
   * "Designing with Programmable Array Logic", Tech. Staff of Monolithic
     Memories, McGraw-Hill, 1981
   * "Design with Microcontrollers", John B. Peatman
   * "Digital Design with Standard MSI and LSI, 2nd ed." by T. R.
   * "Digital Design Principles and Practices" by John F. Wakerly Published
     by Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-212838
   * "Electronic Drafting and Printed Circuit Board Design," 2nd ed., by
     James M. Kirkpatrick; Delmar Publishers
   * "Electronic Prototype Construction," Kasten, Stephen D. Originally
     published by Howard W. Sams, Inc.

   * "Handbook of software and hardware interfacing for IBM PCs", By
     Jeffrey P. Royer, Published by Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-381849-7
   * "High Frequency Switching Power Suplies:Theory and Design" by George
   * "High-Speed Digital Design, a Handbook of Black Magic" by Johnson and
     Graham, PTR Prentice Hall, 1993
   * "How to Design, Build & Program Your Own Working Computer System"
     Robert P. Haviland, 1979, TAB Books, ISBN 0-8306-9810-8 (0-8306-1111-8
   * "How to program the Z80" by Rodnay Zaks
   * "The IBM Personal Computer, from the Inside Out" by Sargent and
     Shoemaker (published by Addison-Wesley) provides a lot of information
     about interfacing an IBM type PC to various things. ISBN 0-201-06918-0
   * "The Indispensable PC Hardware Book".
   * "Inside the EISA Computers", By Tony Dowden
   * "Interface your microcomputer to virtually anything" by Joseph A. Carr
     ISBN 0-8306-0890-7 ISBN 0-8306-1890-2 (paperback)
   * "Interfacing to the IBM PC" by Lewis C. Eggebrecht. Signals, timing
     diagrams, example circuits, etc. ISBN 0-672-22722-3
   * "Interfacing to the PowerPC Microprocessor" Ron Rahmel and Don Rahmel,
     SAMS Publishing
   * "ISA & EISA: Theory and Operation" by Edward Solari (great info and
     timing of the bus hardware -- essential for HW design)
   * "Making Printed Circuit Boards" by Jan Axelson, Tab Books, 1993 ISBN
     0-8306-3950-0 (hard) 0-8306-3951-9 (paper)
   * "Mastering Serial Communications" by Peter W. Gofton ISBN
   * "The Microcomputer Builder's Bible" by Chris Johnston, Tab Books, 1982
     (hard back cover)
   * "Microcontrolers. Architecture, Implementation, & Programming" by
     Kenneth Hintz and Daniel Tabak ISBN 0-07-028977-8
   * "The Microcontroller Idea Book" Jan Axelson
   * "Microelectronic Circuits" by Sedra and Smith
   * "Microprogramming" by Husson
   * "Microprocessor Based Design" by Michael Slater, Prentice Hall, 1989
   * "Microprocessor Logic Design, The Flow Chart Method" by Nick
   * "Microprocessor Systems Design" (68000 Hardware, Software, and
     Interfacing) by Alan Clements. ISBN 0-87150-095-7
   * "Musical Applications of Microprocessors" by Hal Chamberlin ISBN
   * "Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic systems" Ott, Henry W. ISBN
   * "The PC Handbook" available from Annabooks
   * "PC Programmer's Handbook" by Sanchez and Canton (code examples of
     programming the DMA chip)
   * "PCI, Hardware and Software" Edward Solari,George Wilson ISBN
   * "The PCI Handbook," Brian Dipert ISBN 0-929392-25-6 - "PCMCIA System
     Architechure" Don Anderson and Tom Shanley
   * "The PowerPC Architecture" IBM book number SR28-5124-00
   * "Programmer's Problem Solver for the IBM PC, XT and AT", By Robert
     Jourdain, Brady Book, ISBN 0-89303-787-7 info on timer, keyboard,
     video, disk, parallel and serial port hardware resources, and software
   * "PS/2 and PC BIOS Interface Technical Reference: Second Edition"
   * "Single- and Multiple-Chip Microcomputer Interfacing" G.J. Lipovski
     ISBN 0-13-810557-X (Prentice-Hall Edition) ISBN 0-13-810573-1
     (Motorola Edition)
   * "The SCSI Bus and IDE Interface" by Friedhelm Schmidt. ISBN
   * "Stack Computers, the new wave" by Philip J. Koopman Jr. Published by
     John Wiley (Halstead Press) ISBN 0-470-21467-8
   * "TTL Cookbook" written by Don Lancaster
   * "The XT-AT Handbook" by Choisser and Foster
   * "Z-80 Microcomputer Design Projects" by William Barden Jr. ISBN
     0-672-21682-5, published by Howard W. Sams & Co. Inc
   * "The Z80 Microcomputer Handbook" William Barden, Jr,
   * "The 8088 Project Book" by Robert Grossblatt. 1989 Tab Books - ISBN

Technical Book Vendors:

   * Annabooks:
   * PROMPT Publications, a division of Howard W. Sams & Company. Free
     catalog (800) 428-7267 or e-mail (including a shipping address) to
   * Tab/McGraw-Hill(1-800-822-8158)


   * The Computer Applications Journal (Circuit Cellar Ink) PO Box 7694,
     Riverton, NJ 08077-8784 (609) 786-0409
   * The Computer Journal (916) 722-4970 1-800-424-8825 FAX: 916-722-7480
     BBS: 916-722-5799 P.O. Box 3900, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-3900
   * Computer Design (508) 692-0700 One Technology Park Drive, P.O. Box
     990, Westford, MA 01886
   * Dr. Dobbs Journal (415) 358-9500 411 Borel Ave., San Mateo, CA 94402
     ftp site - www site - BBS -
   * EE Times (516) 562-5000 600 Community Drive, Manhasset, NY 11030
     Electronics design
   * Electronic Engineering Times (516) 293-3000 500-B Bi-County Boulevard,
     Farmingdale, NY 11735
   * Electronics Now (computer/electonics/hobbyists magazine) 800-999-7139
     Reader Service Dept PO Box 5192 Pittsfield MA 01203-9989
   * Electronique Pratique
   * Elektor Electronics (603) 924-6371, 924-6526 Old Colony Sound Lab,
     P.O. Box 243, Peterborough, NH 03458 World Wide Subscription Service
     Ltd Unit 4, Gibbs Reed Farm, Pashley Road, Ticehurst TN5 7HE, England
   * Everyday With Practical Electronics +44 1202 881749 EPE Subscrptions
     Department, Wimborne Publishing Ltd. Allen House, East Borough,
     Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1PF Editorial
   * Historically Brewed Historical Computer Society, 10928 Ted Williams
     Place El Paso, TX 79934
   * Microcomputer Journal (formerly Computer Craft) 76 N. Broadway,
     Hicksville, NY 11801
   * Nuts and Volts 1-800-783-4624, 909-371-8497 fax 909-371-3052
   * Popular Electronics (800) 435 - 0715 Subscription Dept, PO Box 338,
     Mt. Morris, IL 61054-9935

3.6 CD-Rom

CD -ROM from D.A.T.A. Digest
1-303-799-0381 1-800-447-4666
fax 1-303-700-4082
Over 1.25 million active devices from more than 1000 manufacturers. These
cover trnasistors, linear, diodes, optoelectronics, digital and

CD dedicated to microcontrollers - Equinox Technologies Tel: 01204 491110

Farnell Components UK have released a semiconductor CD-rom.

Lattice ( has a CD-ROM available, which includes
full documentation on the Synario package, ABEL-HDL, schematic entry, and
all of the Lattice devices.

4.0 Misc.

Special thanks to Andrew for the first version of this FAQ. Thanks also to
the following for numerous corrections and additional information (in no
particular order): Robert Boys, Todd Parker, Howard Matthews, David Wilkie,
xian the desk lisard, Sandy Harris, Hai Pham, Alan Winstanley, Dwight
Elvey, Gareth Attrill, Gilad Barak, Jan-Derk Bakker, Ian Blythe, Jean-Marc
Calvez, Dave Baldwin, Frank Miller, Roethig Gerd, Joakim Ogren, Alan Ogden,
Douglas Beattie Jr, Nico Coesel, R. D. Davis, Mike Loving, Paul West, Ian
Stirling, John D. Baker, Jeff Sampson, and my sincere apologies if anyone
was accidentally left off this list.

I attempt to make sure that all information in this FAQ is current and
correct, but I'm only human. If you find a mistake, please let me know.

Your comments/suggestions/contributions are welcome. E-mail to

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