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...normal for the puppy to growl at the kids?I have a 6...

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Question by Amy Rivera
Submitted on 1/6/2004
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Is it normal for the puppy to growl at the kids?I have a 6 month female shih tzu. She is not a lap dog. She is real rough and tumble. Especially with the other dogs. She growls at the two kids age 8 and 3 when they pick her up. She has dug up half our yard. She loves to roll in mud. She has defecated in her crate. She eats it. What can I do? Will she be ok with the kids?

Answer by woo
Submitted on 1/11/2004
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My shih tzu is 5 years old. He absolutly loves people. However, he is not used to being around kids, so when my niece or other kid picks him up, he does growl a little. (Never Bit anyone). He gets a little nervous because kids tend to be a little (rough). It sounds to me that your puppy just needs a little more time with the kids and they need to be gentle and make sure they pick him up the "right" way. make sure that the kids don't seem nervous to the dog when they go to pick him up. I think that is what scares the dog.


Answer by intel100
Submitted on 5/1/2004
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it's simple in what you have to do, first you got to make sure that the dog knows who is boss (the humans of course!!) if the dog growls, you can take her and put her in the bathroom or any place where you repremend her. if you trained the dog before you will know what i mean. it takes time and patience but it works.when she starts to growl, give a firm NO!! if she doesn't, praise her and give her a treat. good luck!!


Answer by Yvette
Submitted on 8/5/2004
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My Shih Tzu is 1 year and she used to snarl and snap at my son.  She has since grown out of it ( somewhat)  now she gives him warning growels.  Take in mind that dogs can not speak up, and children can be quite annoying at times.  My son used to growel in her face and scare her or pick her up really quick.  I warned him, he did not listen, she snipped him.  Teach your children how to approach your pup in a non frightening way. They probably are unintentionally scaring her.  


Answer by shihtzu mommy
Submitted on 9/7/2004
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At six months of age, your baby is still in the process of potty training.  She will have accidents.  Make sure you take her out frequently- like every 1 - 1 1/2 hours- this way she will learn the routine and have less messes.  By 7 to 8 months old, she should be well trained.  

Be careful with your baby and letting the children carry her around.  She is probably scared of being picked up by the kids because are rough, they squeeze to hard and don't really know how to carry a puppy safely or comfortably.  Small dogs can be more nervous or annoyed by children than big dogs because they are small and children can be seen as threatening.  Show your children the gentle, correct way to pick up the puppy.  Make sure they are respectful of the puppy.  When the puppy growls or barks, a simple but firm "NO" and removing the puppy from the situation will let the puppy know the behavior is not tolerated.  Do not hit your puppy when training.  When the puppy is pleasant with the kids, give her a little treat and lots of praise.  Teach the kids how to do the training too.    


Answer by igleu
Submitted on 12/28/2004
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Shih-tzus are normally not agressive dogs.  We had a male that had never snapped or growled at anyone, especially my children.  My two year old son was his best friend, and was very rough with the dog, but the dog never seemed to mind.  Until one day my son took the dog's favorite toy which had become the dog's "mate".  He bit him.  I called the vet first thing who advised me to have the dog castrated.  So we did.  She says sometimes they have too much testosterone and don't know how to control it.  You can't take chances when you have children!


Answer by taz
Submitted on 1/3/2005
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that should not be alloud its not in my house my pom did that and i told her NO BIT now my shih tzu dosnt do that and she is 4 month old and she love kids and people my pom  love kids and people to i just make sure the kids dont pick her up jut let the dog come to the kids when she wants them other then that tell the kids dont pick her up because they do get scared that there going to be drop


Answer by Natalia
Submitted on 1/23/2006
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Most of these issues are behavioral. It sounds like you haven't given your pup limitations. Dogs will defecate in their crate usually when the owner is not consistent with its use. The dog probably has full run of the house most of the time, and little rules. Often people wait in setting down rules, until the puppy is a little older. I would start ASAP.

Puppies will quite often eat their own or another pet's feces. This is normal, and will pass.


Answer by Lindsay
Submitted on 8/2/2006
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My 8 week old shih-tzu is snarling and lunging to bite everyone. I just love him...he gets a lot of attention all the time, and is spoiled rotten. The vet told me that he can't be broken of this and that he is a nasty puppy with bad temperment....does anyone have a suggestion on how to break him of this other than telling him no, or crating him when he does it? please email me at lfitzgerald_916@hotmail.com THANK YOU


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