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Does anyone know how Japanese Anime has affected kids...

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Question by Rayia
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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Does anyone know how Japanese Anime has affected kids now-a-days? I'm curious to know whether or not it's a bad influence or not...

Answer by catcat
Submitted on 3/8/2004
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yes it does...


Answer by botan reaper
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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people get obsessed with certain shows like Pokemon dragon ball(Z) and of course the yuyuhakusho.


Answer by VFantice@yahoo.com
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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Also...DONT GET ME STARTED WITH YUU YUU HAKUSHO! its the best thing that has affected me!!!


Answer by mrcrgr
Submitted on 7/15/2004
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Rayia, did you get info on this Japanese Anime stuff?  How does it affect our children?  Especially young girls with high IQ's  Is the material sexually explicit?  Why?  reply to mrcrgr@yahoo.com


Answer by Familiar Stranger
Submitted on 8/2/2004
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Oh anime is not a bad thing it's just a way to entertain people.
Well yeah some people get obsessed with certain animes... I did.. heh...
Dont worry bout this kind of stuff anime doesn't do anything bad to people who watch it (except that time in japan with the pokemon porygon episode which caused seizures and vomiting to almost everyone who watched it but thats it!! :P)


Answer by ibrahim
Submitted on 10/19/2004
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i think that Japanese animation has a lot of both positive and negative influence on children depending upon the content of the particular type of animation which is viewed buy the children


Answer by Vfantice
Submitted on 12/1/2004
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hey, i can answer that for you, absolutly not. As a anime otaku[fan] i speak for alot of people that it does not affect there IQ'sbut it simply extends it. Before i began to watch anime, i had really really bad grades but afterwards, i found that my average range was around 85%...And he has no sexuallity to it unless it is hentai which is for Adults.  Ecchi contains mild nudity but none aimed towards sexuality. Most anime isnt aimed towards sexuallity unless its intended for older audiances and not children.  


Answer by Reddo
Submitted on 9/8/2005
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Yes, it has affected. Anyway, who cares? Every anime describes itself. If a child watches an anime that's too mature, it's either his, or the distracted parent's fault. Japanese anime is the least that has influenced people to do or say strange things. It all lies with the individual. Yeah, so one guy jumped off a building after making a reference to Pokemon, so what? You don't see me taking years of training to learn to shoot spiritual energy from my palms. So the Japanese have different censorship issues with their kids. But guess what? Mostly when they import them and the rights are licensed to some television company and they translate and dub them, they become too corny for words.


Answer by keegan maloney
Submitted on 9/13/2005
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I am going to say this very plainly. Anime is just like American cartoons. Indeed, more often do you find decent morals in anime than in American animation. Most people do not like anime because they do not understand it. people who watch anime tend to think more individually and more creatively. studies actually show a increase in average I.Q. in anime fans by 12.6% . there is another study that says in the next generation 85% of teens will be anime fans and there will be a 32.2% increase in I.Q. That increase is a bigger increase than from the 1400's to the 2000's.


Answer by mizunderstood princess
Submitted on 3/15/2006
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I'm really sorry but i love japanese anime its the best kind of cartoon ever made. I mean they use funky and weird colors for eyes, hair etc. I watch them and I have a high IQ and it has not affected me in any way.


Answer by Animerules!
Submitted on 11/7/2006
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