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rec.pets.dogs: Bullmastiffs Breed-FAQ

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Archive-name: dogs-faq/breeds/bullmastiffs
Posting-frequency: 30 days
Last-modified: 10 Nov 1997

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   Nancy Milinkovich, c/o
   _Nancy will be offline for several months beginning Feb '97. All
   correspondence will be held for her until she is back online._
   The AKC standards, club names and breeder information were all
   provided by the informatiion given out by the American Bullmastiff
   Association, INC.
   Additions, corrections, and suggestions all welcomed.
   Thanks to Jon Dawson for providing materials on the standard, etc.
Table of Contents

     * Breed Purpose
     * Breed Characteristics
     * Exercise Requirements
     * Specific Health Problems
     * References
Breed Purpose

   Originally Bullmastiffs were a combination of 40% English Bulldog and
   60% English Mastiff. They were bred specifically to accompany
   gamekeepers on their rounds, being able to track well and having
   sufficient size and strength to tackle and overpower a poacher.
   They are classified as a Working Dog. The English Bulldog from which
   the Bullmastiff is bred from is quite different from today's modern
   version. The English Bulldog of the 19th century was a more athletic
   dog than many of today's, although the loyal and calm temperments are
   still the same. Description AKC Standards removed due to copyright
   violation concerns.
Breed Characteristics

   They present an aristocratic, attentive and intelligent look. The
   Bullmastiff is distinguished from the English Mastiff by its smaller
   size and more compact face.
   They have been described as: intelligent, loyal, stubborn, laid back,
   family oriented, stoic, and even-tempered. Bullmastiffs rarely bark
   unless there is a reason. There is a minimal amount of slobbering
   associated with a Bullmastiff, usually after eating or drinking. They
   are a dog that requires consistent and fair training. They do not take
   well to being bullied into something but will accept leadership.
   Obedience work with Bullmastiffs can be challenging as they are
   independent thinkers, but once learned it sticks!
   The Bullmastiff seems to be very easy-going and as such tends to
   integrate well with other dogs. But as with any breed, you should
   start socialization early. Puppy kindergarten type situations are
   definitely recommended. As far as the Bullmastiff's relationship to
   other animals (other than dogs) I can only draw on my own experience;
   my Bullmastiff is extremely gentle with cats, birds, hamsters, etc.
   (can anyone else give me any info?). I have heard from others that
   size rather than aggressiveness is often more an issue when being
   around other animals. Often Bullmastiffs don't realize their size and
   can hurt a smaller dog, or cat, with rough-house play.
   One note of caution, e-mailed to me by a long time breeder of
   Bullmastiffs, is that, being a territorial breed, sexually in tact
   males and females put together, may lead to problems. Caution should
   be used when introducing studs and bitches to one another - unless you
   know they are extremely passive.
   In relationship to people, Bullmastiffs tend to be one family dogs.
   They bond extremely close with "their" people and can be suspicious of
   strangers. Early puppy interaction with lots of different people is
   key to overcoming potential problems due to this trait. This being
   said, if the family is loving and welcoming, getting a grown
   Bullmastiff dog through rescue contacts is a wonderful option, for
   those that don't want to go through the early "puppy" years. This is a
   quote from a long-time breeder of Bullmastiffs and rescue contact, "An
   overwhelming percentage of rescue dogs (dogs who have the most reason
   to be wary) settle in new homes with the greatest of ease. Almost all
   of the Bullmastiffs I meet in other people's homes are immediately
   outgoing and interested in being my best friend. Believe it or not
   Bullmastiffs can be quite cuddly and demonstrative. They must be
   integrated as a member of the family. I would say they are not very
   suitable for being an outdoor dog.
   Bullmastiffs are also very good with children. Their easy going nature
   and calmness, tend to make them able to tolerate the energy of younger
   kids. But again, due to their size constant parental supervision is
   They are a naturally protective dog. They have a suspicious nature in
   regards to strangers and "size" people up. Sufficient socialization is
   extremely important due to this fact. They also naturally "guard"
   their family members. Bullmastiffs are constantly attentive and
   curious about their surroundings and will be alarmed if any danger is
   perceived to their pack. These two factors make, in my opinion, make
   on-going training and early puppy socialization, all important.
   Without it, Bullmastiffs can become over-protective and
   over-aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, etc. The most
   amazing thing about Bullmastiffs is their ability to sense people's
   intentions - they seem to know instinctively the difference between a
   "bad" person and a harmless visitor to their property.
   Bullmastiffs do not tend to tolerate LARGE variances in temperature.
   They do not like extreme heat or extreme cold. I have heard from
   people that some Bullmastiffs do like the snow.
Exercise Requirements

   The Bullmastiff is not a high-energy dog. One longish walk every day
   should take care of required excercise. But play sessions, trips to
   exciting places and other highlights should be incorporated as they
   will otherwise tend to get bored.
   NOTE: Bullmastiffs do tend to have a high tolerance for pain and often
   will not complain about discomfort until the condition is quite bad.
  Suitability for Working People
   The Bullmastiff seems to tolerate being left alone well, and would fit
   into a family where both parties are working. Although it should be
   noted that any puppy will require someone coming home during the
   Please note that puppies of any breed are a LOT of work and require
   without a doubt, time, energy and love. On average a puppy requires at
   least 4 hours per day and probably more if you are into any type of
  Grooming Requirements
   Bullmastiffs are a short-haired dog which have minimal shedding. The
   brushes I have found that work the best are: rubber palm brushes used
   in a circular motion to lift out dead hair and bring the oil to the
   surface followed by a slicker brush to trap the hair. A grooming
   session at least once a week should be sufficient.
   Ear cleaning is a must as is nail clipping.
   Would recommend teeth cleaning using an enzymatic toothpaste.
Specific Health Problems

    1. As with any large to very large breed, hip dysplasia is a problem.
       Suggestions are to make sure that both parents and grand-parents
       have been screened for hip dyplasia, either vet-cleared or
    2. OCD "osteochondritis dissecans" - in the elbow can be particularly
       bad. They now OFA elbows.
    3. hypo-thyroidism - this can cause many problems and you should ask
       about this in parents and grand-parents. Although it can be
       controlled with medication I would not knowingly buy a puppy or
       dog at risk for this disease.
    4. eye problems "cherry eye" - can develop problems with the bottom
       lid poking through - this can be corrected with surgery. entropia
       - eyelashes growing inside the eyelid. This can be corrected with
       surgery. The symptoms are: puffy eyes with discharge, eyes that
       look half closed.
    5. renal failure - probably mostly due to the hypo-thyroid condition
       if it is present.
    6. lymphoma sarcoma - have talked to some Bullmastiff breeders who
       are seeing an alarming trait in some lines with the development of
       lymphoma sarcoma. I would talk with the breeder to make sure that
       this trend did not exist in past litters of both parents and
   While this seems like a large list it should be remembered that the
   occurrences of some of the above conditions is rare. Hip dysplasia
   probably being the most common condition. As far as the breed as a
   whole, my vet has said it has very few commonly occuring medical
   problems as far as her vet science books are concerned.

   American Bullmastiff Association
          Pres: Peter Aczel 1380 Masi Rd. Quakertown, PA 18951-5221
   Secretary: MaryAnne Duchin (1995-1997)
          P.O. Box 37 Dayton, KY 41074 606-291-3127
   ABA National Rescue/Information
          Barbara Brooks-Worrell 9840 South 222nd St. Kent, WA 98031
          (206) 850-6319
   Rescue/Central Linda Thompson
          P.O. Box 399 Conifer, CO 80433 (303) 697-0547 FAX (303)
   Kelli Johnsen
          P.O. Box 1902 Manhattan, KS 66502-0022 (913)539-5741
   Southern (including TX)
          Anna Williamson 934 North San Jose, Abilene, TX 79603 (915)
   Eastern Anne Lewis
          Rt. 1 Box 2475 Berryville, VA 22611 (540) 955-2562
   Bullmastiff Fanciers of Canada
          Amy Hayward RR #6 Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada E0J 2B0 Ph.
          506-325-2658 Fax 506-328-0802
   Bullmastiffs of NO. California
          Connie Urbanski, President Patricia J. Potter, Secretary 1957
          Everwood Court San Jose, CA
   California Bullmastiff Fanciers
          Carol Beans, President Mona Lindau-Webb, Secretary 1934 South
          Holt Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034
   Delware Valley Bullmastiff Club
          Adele Millett, President Helma Weeks, Secretary 133 Chase
          Avenue Iveyland, PA 18974
   Eastern Atlantic Bullmstiff Association
          Roxanne LaPaglia, President June Moeller, Secretary Box 69
          Rohersville, MD 21779
   Glass City Bullmastiff Fanciers
          David Schwieterman, President Zoe Murphy, Secretary 7326
          Starlight Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551
   Great NY Bullmastiff Fanciers
          Ed Silva, President Jude E. Newton, Secretary 517 Commack Road
          Islip, NY 11751
   Heart of America Bullmastiff Fanciers
          Lance Wright, President Izetta Wright, Secretary 215 St. and 69
          Hwy Bucyrus, KS 66013
   Midwest Bullmastiff Fanciers
          Ben Baratto, President Linda Haskett, Secretary 514 South 700
          East, Marion, IN 46952
   Northwest Bullmastiff Society
          Mark Worrell, President Laura Doll, Secretary 9840 S. 222nd St.
          Kent, WA 98031 (206)850-6319
   New England Bullmastiff Association
          Cindy Sellitto, President 147 Janet Dr., East Hartford, CT
          06118 Jean Gomes, Secretary
   Piedmont Bullmastiff Club of Greater Washington
          Greg Swain, President Sue Andrews, Secretary 14040 Esworthy
          Rd., Germantown, MD 20874-3312
   Southeastern Bullmastiff Enthusiasts
          Andrea Jiles, President Jane Fleming, Secretary 2587
          Willowbrook Circle, Birmingham, AL 35242
   Southwest Bullmastiff Club
          Vickie Lang, President Vickie Miller, Secretary 3700 Hialeah
          Dr., Arlington, TX 76017
  Breeders (ABA) (United States)
   Dr. John G. & Susan M. Crawford DOX Bullmastiffs
          505 N. Ridgeland Avenue Oak Park, Illinois 60302 (708) 524-9788
          (815) 673-2068 e-mail:
   Lea Reuter Sound Off Bullmastiffs
          11605 Pythian Cave Road Yreka, CA 96097 (916)436-2578
   Helene Neitsch Banstock Bullmastiffs
          14 Dodgingtown Road Newtown, CT 06470 (203)426-8194
   Pam Kochuba Shady Oak Bullmastiffs
          52 Walnut Tree Hill Sandy Hook, CT 06484 (203)426-7735
   Karen Skiba Avonlea Bullmastiffs
   46 Vista Drive Danbury, CT 06810 (203)743-0880 WEB page:

   Chris Lezotte and Alan Kalter Happylegs Bullmastiffs
          6283 Hellner Road Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 313-741-7326
   Mickey & Dick Mullen Crossbow Bullmastiffs
          3899 Kingston Oaks Cove Oviedo, FL 32765 (407)365-6760
   Reyna & David Blasko Crossbow Bullmastiffs
          3493 Soda Canyon Rd. Napa, CA 94558 (707)252-8850
   Mimi Einstein Allstar
          377 Mt. Holly Rd. Katonah, NY 10536 (914)232-9166
   Patricia O'Brien Bullmast
          1012 Dolores Dr. Fullerton, CA 92633 (714)870-5235
   Kathy McAlister Sedentary
          Box 549 Hayden, CO 81639 (303)276-3196
   Carol Beans Tauralan
          12131 Arroyo Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714)544-1824
   Bud & Pauline Smith Torous
          Box 1415 Oakhurst, CA 93644 (209)683-8537
   Taun Brooks Wild Heart
          56372 Paseo Las Ninas Yucca Valley, CA 92284 (619)369-2400
   Brian & Tracy Ferrick Wild West
          15455 Rockwood Rd. Escondido, CA 92027 (619)745-5756
   Gail & Scott Lucas Wakulla Bullmastiffs
          203 Mullis St. North Augusta, S.C. 29841 803-593-2823 ABA &
   Joyce Nelson
          113 Winifred Rd. Landsdown, MD 21227 410-242-1961
   Merry Johnson
          11824 Harford Rd. Glen Arm, Md. 21057 410-592-2859
   Melinda Agee Melkev's Bullmastiffs
          2808 Greenbriar Rd Mt. Washington KY 40047 502-538-8822
   Cindy Sellitto Camelot Bullmastiffs
          147 Janet Drive East Hartford, CT 06ll8 (860)568-9074
   Virginia Rowland Blackslate Bullmastiffs
          PO Box 325, Templeton MA 01468 fax/ph: 508-939-5300 email:

  Canadian Breeders
   Mike and Cheryl Kelter Blackmoor Perm Reg'd
          15412-84th Ave, Surrey, B.C. V3S 2N4 (604) 597-5205 E-Mail-

   Sylvia and Roy Lawton Kinanama Kennels
          17318 24th. Ave. Whiterock, BC V4B 5E7 (604)531-3895
   Amy & Lanson Hayward Nytestok Reg'd Bullmastiffs
          RR #6 Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada E0J 2B0 PH 506-325-2658
          FAX 506-328-0802
   Larry Christie Crimsontyde Bullmastiffs
          RR6, Site 11 Barrie, Ont L4M 5P5 PH 705-436 1960 FAX 705-436
          7533 e-mail
   Joan and Jerry Minks Thunderlove Bullmastiffs
          11428 - 64 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5W 4H7
   David & Charlene Ball Shire Kennels
          1544 Sunrise Drive Parksville, B.C. V9P 1X7 (604) 752-6532
          email via
   Danier Kennels
          9 Isle Vista Drive RR#3, Pefferlaw, Ontario L0E 1N0
   Paul and Lynne Rehsler Banbury Bullmastiffs
          R.R.#1 1363 Duffield Road Cobble Hill, British Columbia Canada
          V0R 1L0
  UK Information
   Mr & Mrs D. M. Fernandez Ferlines Bullmastiffs
   Mrs. Assink Ghislaine The DOG of ORLOK
          Vivaldipad 43 1323 AJ ALMERE the Netherlands +31 365362744
  Danish Information
   Web site (in Danish only)
   Danish Bullmastiff Club
          Sandbjergvej 44 DK-2950 Vedbfk Phone 45 42892843 President, Mr.
          Frank Hansen
   Magazine: DBC-News
          Tornbjergvej 26, P.o. Box 6 DK-4130 Viby Sj. Phone 45 56821116
          Fax 45 56820175 Editor, Mr. Henrik Hyttel Eriksen E-mail

   Breeders reg. in DBC:
   Kennel Asethor v/ Jens Erik Pedersen
          Moenstedvej 28 DK-7470 Karup +45 8666-1413
   Kennel Bedste v/ Lis Lingskov
          Kamillavej 4 DK-4593 Eskebjerg +45 5929-2056
   Kennel Big-Bull v/ Johnny Linder Pedersen
          OMoellevej 130 DK-3630 J?gerspris +45 4750-6070
   Kennel Brak v/ Elin & Erik Madsen
          Favrbovej 22 DK-4591 Foellenslev +45 5346-8778
   Kennel Bullgaarden v/ Bill Linder Strand
          Bautahoejvej 36 DK-3630 Jaegerspris +45 4753-5254
   Kennel Bullstone v/ Ralph Smidt
          Tranevaenget 5 DK-4160 Herlufmagle +45 5375-7043
   Kennel Downland v/ Henrik H. Eriksen
          Tornbjergvej 26, Postboks 6 DK-4130 Viby Sj. +45 5682-1116
   Kennel Drot v/ Rune Thomsen
          Langgade 50 DK-9000 Aalborg +45 9813-1285
   Kennel Farmerdog v/ Ronnie & Bente Petersen
          Gammelrand 10 DK-4470 Sveboelle +45 5929-4493
   Kennel Kialixi v/ Johnny Jonasson
          Middelfartvej 125, Ore DK-5400 Bogense +45 6444-2867
   Kennel Werdoland v/ Dorthe Werth
          Dalbyvej 52 DK-4281 Goerlev +45 5355-9363
   Norway Breeders:
   Kennel Rambull Mary Heli
          7354 Viggja,Norway phone/fax +47 72867876 90741662

   *NOTE: I am not guaranteeing the quality or honesty of any of these
   breeders, you should contact them directly and also call the local
   club for references. (If anyone would like to provide more breeders
   names please feel free to contact me via e-mail at
   Oliff, Douglas B. The Mastiff and Bullmastiff Handbook. Published by:
   Howell Book House, INC. 230 Park Avenue New York, NY 10169 U.S.A ISBN
   #0 85115 485 9.
     Beans, Carol and Adele Pfenninger. A Practical Guide to the
   Bullmastiff. (Carol Beans # (714) 544-1824)
     Beans, Carol. Bullseye.
     Hoflin Publishing (Colorado). Bullmastiff Annual.
     Hubbard, Clifford L.B. The Bullmastiff. Published by: Nimrod Press
   15 The Maltings Turk Street Alton Hants, GU34 1 DL ENGLAND.
     Walkey, Bill. The Bullmastiff Fancier's Manual. Published By: Coast
   Arts Publishing P.O. Box 363 Sechelt, B.C. CANADA V0N 1V0.
    Bullmastiff FAQ
    Nancy Milinkovich,

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