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Question / AnswerRatingDate
Please tell us how to interface 89c51 micro controller with i2c compatible ADC 8591... by project1/10/04
     Please tell us how to interface 89C51 micro processor with Maxim M7218 display decoder. ... by pragyan mishra2/29/04
     I want to know too. If U have the answer, please share with me. Thanks dear friend. by vanya3/3/04
     acat by ha dai duan 6/18/04
     go through the user manual and u will find the answer by satyandra 10/7/04
     Check with its data sheet by Amit 3/16/05
     How can I interface an 89C51 microcontroller to a wireless modem(spectra 910)?? PLz tell... by Iftikhar 9/2/05
     excellent by mcs 11/7/05
     help my at89c51 program c by phong 10/19/2006
What did Donald Trump do to become rich? by Shelton Loving Jr.12/17/03
     He acquire assets from people when they were in harsh times hence bidding at cheap... by oti2/13/04
     What was the first profit making deal Mr. Trump made, and where did he get the finances to... by Lee2/21/04
     The first venture that Trump capitalized on was an 1200 unit apartment complex that he... by James3/5/04
     He was born filty rich thats all by fish3/29/04
     i hate bush; don't judge me.... fark by mr penis4/15/04
     bush sucks by MR BALSLICKER4/21/04
     dogs eat cars by banana6/15/04
     he is simply smarter than you by david maritnez 2/11/05
     If donald trump says all these things in his book about how to help fix the schools and... by jack 5/6/05
     Trump was born a multi-millionaire. He uses his popularity to get investors to give him... by jtpaladin 3/19/2006
     James, what do you mean penny free with backing from gov. loans? by gerald 10/3/2006
     Hi my name is Jose Alvarez, I came to the United States when I was 13 years old... by Tony Montana 10/17/2006
     Trump sucks because he thinks he is GOD by foreskin cutter 12/21/2006
     what does donald trump do??? sum one answer me!!! plz by shylene 12/21/2006
     Whatever he did, he is the the most misery jerk when it comes to donations. Bottom line:... by The Headbanger 6/27/2007
How to convert JPEG format to Bitmap BMP format? by Parul Agarwal9/19/03
     open the JPEG and go to file save as then when the box opens you can choose bmp,gif,jpg... by The Pro.10/13/03
     how can I convert a jpeg picture in bpm one? by Jch 2/12/2007
     The advice was very helping, I had to do something super fast. So thanx alot! :D by Ghermee 6/9/2007
     Try feeding it milk from an eye dropper. We did that with an abandoned kitten once and it... by colin3/17/04
     I would like to have that kitten if I may, I have been searching for one, but don't have... by Kathleen Otis4/9/04
     My cat just had 2 kittens but 1 died the other one is helpless. My cat wont take care of... by shelby4/25/04
     Well, this is way late for the original writers, BUT... There are commercial pet formulas... by MrEd4/26/04
     YES I want to put information in gigolo by frabian5/5/04
     Try KMR - it is powdered formula similar to human baby formula, but it is made specificall... by KittyMa5/8/04
     I have a 3week old kitten.its a girl.i tryin to firgure every thing out day by day!! wish... by Candice5/20/04
     can any one out there help me I have a litter of kittens whom seem well in themselves but... by kat6/12/04
     They are probably far along was she when she was vaccinated? Have you had the... by KittyMa6/17/04
     my dad found 2 day old kittens on a Sunday 27th .........there really cute but me and my... by ba dunka dunk6/28/04
     i have one too but she is soooooooooooooooooo cute that ............................. by poe7/3/04
     you should train the other kitten that is hopeless to try often to clean itself by telling... by bo bo 7/15/04
     well, my sister and i found 7 baby kittens in our barn and it seems the mother is never... by KLynn 8/15/04
     i am getting two baby kittens in a couple of weeks and i was wondering if anyone knows how... by princess17 8/18/04
     I would have a boy cat and a girl cat to have kittens. by Lana 9/12/04
     are you dumb? by um 10/10/04
     I have a question also, I have a cat who has at some point given birth to about six... by Jan From Chicago 10/19/04
     my cat just had kittens just before bout 2 hours ago and we cant find any blood shes... by holl 10/22/04
     along time ago i had a stray cat i always looked after day it had a leach in its... by not tellin 11/9/04
     Yes ure cat can feed ure kitten if they act like mother and dauther/son. by Michelle 11/10/04
     you should put milk in a bottle and feed it to the kitten! by Taylor Smith 1/29/05
     I think you should take the bleeding kitten to your nearest vet. by meowth 2/3/05 cats litter just died and my cat is devestated!she wont eat or drink please help me!... by catsrock! 2/10/05
     help everyone by Deva 3/24/05
     PLEASE HELP! I just got a 4 day old kitten, abandoned by his mommie. I cant buy the... by Sharyn 3/29/05
     We found a 15 day old Kitten and brought it home. It wants its mother and it eats milk... by juli 3/31/05
     I'm having to use an eye dropper on 4 kittens now who's MOM got ran over and killed a week... by liberdy29 4/2/05
     i found like 5 baby kittens and i Ky[t one.. :( by alex 4/9/05
     well that is a good idea but some cats are stubborn and don't want to learn how to use it... by Kakashi  5/11/05
     My cat just had kittens there really cute but heres what i say. one time i found a kitten... by jennifer Zeiber 5/14/05
     My cat just had kittens there really cute but heres what i say. one time i found a kitten... by jennifer Zeiber 5/14/05
     let it drink out of a bowl i have 3 kittens and 2 adult cats that has been raised by my... by savannah 5/14/05
     i also found a baby kitten, it's about 3 weeks old. got the formula, been stimulating the... by lorri monster 5/17/05
     Baby kittens should remain with their mother cat till around 8 weeks old. They get the... by hook 6/11/05
     I found 4 2 day old kittens, I feed them "Ready to Use" formula that I got at the vet. I... by Courtney 6/16/05
     we found one in our barn once. it was abandoned. it ate the wet dog food pretty well. it... by rsmcowgirl 6/23/05
     For everyone out there looking for a kitten, i would suggest you look in the classified... by Pam 6/28/05
     For future reference . My experience with very young motherless kittens and slight rectal... by RENE 7/2/05
     My cat has about three or four weeks to go. and her stomach is very big what should we do... by I love cats 101 7/5/05
     i found 3 babies kittens in a box near a road and i brought them home and my mom asked me... by mara 7/11/05
     KMR is good for baby kittens as is fresh goats milk. A friend of mine has a Scottish fold... by catwoman 7/21/05
     My bother and I found 3 baby kittens but we think that thier mother had abandoned them... by Rebecca(QUESTION HELP US) 8/2/05
     tuft56Ho by iooio 8/9/05
     you can feed the cat w/ a cerringe by bob 8/11/05
     i found 3 kittens on the 20 they were only 2 weeks old but lucky 4 me my cat was about to... by nicole 8/11/05
     I have a 5 week old kitten and it won't drink water, I heard cow milk is bad for kitten so... by somah 8/26/05
     Hey my best friend needs a kitten she can't by one cause she doesn't have enough money...i... by Israa 8/28/05
     I have 4 kittens approximatley 3-4 weeks old I need to find homes for them... Can you help... by spaz 8/30/05
     well i am 11 yrs old and my inguana died 1/2 years ago. and my parents will not let me... by janelle 9/5/05
     i think you should show the mother cat the two kittens.maybe they would take a dish of... by puppy face 9/14/05
     we had kittens like that and they died because they got sick because they got tooken away... by bff 9/16/05
     if you dont know what to do take it to a vet because I have had pets all my life it got... by Starleth 10/1/05
     The plumers came to fix my sink and they had to go down in the basement.They happened to... by Bryson  10/11/05
     hy send The kittins next week. by tyler lewis 10/22/05
     I found two newly born kittens who some unscrupulous owners threw in the trash center of... by joshmarlo 10/24/05
     i think you should take the kitten to the vet and see if she is healthy or if she has a... by hayley mount 11/29/05
     i have a cat her name is tinker bell and i like him a lot she plays with me i just got... by nicki 1/17/2006
     my kitten got out last night and we looked all over the house and outside. i don't now if... by cami 2/3/2006
     If your cat is bleeding you need not to handle her/him just lay her on something soft and... by Cierra 3/16/2006
     if you don't like your kittens give it away or sale it to some won by Ro 3/31/2006
     if anyone wants a kitten go to my e by strawberry  4/7/2006
     i think you should feed it form a baby bottle and see if it will eat it by bballgirl 4/13/2006
     use this: baby kitten formula 4 oz. evaporated milk 4 oz. water 2 egg yolks 1... by key 4/20/2006
     Well we found 4 kittens in our backyard we called the cat shelter and took 3 of the... by JessicaGran 4/27/2006
     i have a cat her name is sugar and she has been trying to kill my hamster what should i... by coolcat 4/27/2006
     She missing so cut black and white in Glassgow HHEELLPP me pleas i love her she the only... by patches 5/3/2006
     I can not believe what happened to these cats. by Natasha 5/18/2006
     BoBo- If you find any poopie on the floor put it in the litter box so the kitten knows... by rosethornblack 5/21/2006
     Iv'egot 2 little kittens 1 week old and both twins.they dont have a mummy or daddy.I got... by maisy 5/25/2006
     The Maples by maple 5/27/2006
     do what ever make u happy by leaky3 7/6/2006
     hi my name is ariana.Iam an animallover and a cat owner.i am advise to you is that... by ariana 7/12/2006
     im gettin a new kitty hes a pound by Angel 7/22/2006
     kill it. by (o)(o) 7/26/2006
     i want to save cats and kittens by minha 7/29/2006
     try feeding it with an bottle nipple and try that by abbi 7/30/2006
     hi anyone want three kittens? my friends cat had a baby and the mother cats abandoning... by hawaii 8/4/2006
     i got a 5 day old kitten and i read that you need to burp it how do yo do that and also he... by kittie kat 8/8/2006
     i found a baby kitten and i dont really no how to look after it and how to feed it some on... by armagh ladt 8/11/2006
     if you still need help.I have a cat that just had 6 kittens and she is taking care of them... by Robin 8/14/2006
     i dont have an answer but i have a question i just found a baby kitten cant really walk... by abbie 8/26/2006
     my cat had five kittens three days ago when can i pick them email me by jonjon 8/28/2006
     amanda wants a kitten today by amanda 8/30/2006
     I do not have an answer but do have a question. My cat just had a kitten and it looks like... by Chrisssy 9/1/2006
     I have a cat named micheal he is very territorial and my mom wants a white kitten so bad... by SpoiledCat 9/13/2006
     I yous to have a baby cat she was vary cute she had a smoll nose. 9-27-06 by... by alli 9/27/2006
     You Shouldn't Feed It Powdered milk Because It Will Upset Their Stomach by Bianca Miras 9/29/2006
     i would like a baby kitten but have no money to buy one i had a kitten but it got ran over... by abz 10/3/2006
     hahe i love kittens dieing by abi 10/7/2006
     well i have a kitten and it needs a home. by baby doll 10/8/2006
     Try to feed the kitten from the eye dropper and then if dip your finger just to get the... by Cara 10/16/2006
     I have 4 kitten and I do know what to do and my cat is fat a I worry that she is going to... by stacie reynolds 10/17/2006
     hi my name is daisy and my cat has just had 3 kittens last night i am selling them for... by daisy 10/28/2006
     i have 2 cats but one die and i had the other one for 10 years and know im going to buy 2... by marquita 11/8/2006
     we found three four week old kitten last week they are so cute, we feed them meow mix wet... by bbunny 11/16/2006
     we found three four week old kitten last week they are so cute, we feed them meow mix wet... by bbunny 11/16/2006
     we found three four week old kitten last week they are so cute, we feed them meow mix wet... by bbunny 11/16/2006
     my grown cat and my 7th month year old kitten keep fighting. what should i do to keep them... by girl 11/29/2006
     i want to buy a kitten but i don't know how much they cost can you please tell ma the... by kittenlover  1/5/2007
     i think that kittens should be adopted by shannon 1/22/2007
     hay look im a bich to you i killd thaT KITTEN OK CUS THER UGLY AS HELL . TALK BACK. by britiny 2/7/2007
     How long can a baby kitten last with out his mother by Some Guy 2/18/2007
     My kitten speedy died. I keep crying every day.should i get over it? or she i get help? ... by speedy 3/22/2007
     please help i got 2 cats and one of them is pregnant and I m scared if she cant take care... by meme 3/30/2007
     my cat just had 3 kittens 6 weeks ago, they have been eating regular foof, going to the... by katy 4/9/2007
     35151362333333334364364353443479327555645 46666666666666666666666666664555555555555 55555555... by sdsa 4/22/2007
     when should i hold my kittens Jane and Jenny they are one week old yesterday by kelsey the cowgril 4/24/2007
     u should kill them all! That would b beter, when ur doughter is at school u could kill ... by Nadilly 4/27/2007
     try feeding it from an eye dropper if that does not work you might try to take it to the... by trixie t 5/23/2007
     I found a cat in my backyard. it just had kittens about 3 weeks ago. But I don't know what... by Sweterson 6/3/2007
     at the renainssance fair i saw 45 or 6 cute kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!... by maang690 6/7/2007
     If your kitten is bleeding in odd places then you should go to the vet to make sure you... by lauren 6/16/2007
     You should try spending time with the kittens.And playing with them. by MJ 6/24/2007
     i have cute pictures of baby kittens and kittens. will you email or... by koolkitten 6/24/2007
     I like cats! by Mike the cat man 6/25/2007
     I always give up my kittens to a nice gook chinaman who make #10 spicey with them............ by large balls 7/1/2007
     hyayethsfghrtefyuegaeffhaeytrrtgaehetthys ghsethdtyrthrsgh46htyy by sue 7/11/2007
     newborn kittens are so cute i like newborn kittens they are really cute. by thailie 7/13/2007
something is wrong with my computer administrator. i cannot download any thin on my... by steve8/28/03
     Your sys.admin has probably locked you out. first off you gotta get admin priviledges for... by Doctor Kipkip9/2/03
     The jim0819734 want let me have access to my computers Aol gave me a screen name of... by jim081973411/7/03
     incorrect password by m2s1/23/04
     i have a question, not answer by peaches3/30/04
     My computer will say shutting system down in 24 seconds. and it will shut down. ONLY... by Dhard 5/3/04
     when i log on to mu account my icons or my start menu button are not on the screen. how do... by chris 6/7/05
     i have a? not an answer. how do i become the administrator of my computer, iv changed the... by amy lynn 10/19/05
     Administrator by Blair Peters 12/19/05
     I want to make my computer admin to install any driver by spiderman 3/8/2006
     hi i am having problems with my computer when ever i try downloading or doing something in... by brenda 4/1/2006
     hav u tryed to lok at your firewall settings or your antivirus matbe it is just bloking... by mason 4/11/2006
     I have the same problem as Steve (8-28-03) I would like to know how to solve it. I lost... by Marty 5/3/2006
     I am trying to log on to administrator. by creame 5/22/2006
     Question by Steve Submitted on 8/28/2003 Related FAQ: N/A Rating: Rate... by quudiye 8/9/2006
     I got a virus on my system and I cannot log in as administrator. It keeps saying "Task... by Tomer 9/23/2006
     my nobs sore by sore nob 1/25/2007
     my comp is acting weired on the start up screen and it gives some kinda number that cannot... by sadaboutthecomp 3/24/2007
How many people died in W.W.2 by Bub The Chub1/9/04
     too many by peabody2/4/04
     not sure?? by kevtherev4/29/04
     Including the U.S. and allied forces, 1.1 billion over the entire term of the war, seven... by Phyllis5/26/04
     52 Million Approximately. 12 Million Germans. by Vijay 2/8/05
     close to 50 million, 25 mil was russions by bob 3/9/05
     1.1billion or 52 million by louise 10/12/05
     1.1billion or 52 million by louise devine  10/12/05
     wow that a lot by bo 9/11/2006
     Far too many. Many good, many bad! by jojo 3/12/2007
     the first fleet by jem 4/11/2007
     10 Million died, 21 Million Wounded and 7.7 Misssing or in prison by Keith 4/24/2007
How can you tell if it is a boy or a girl baby? by wazzu chick5/24/04
     heyyoy by sweetiepye 8/23/04
     how to tell if its a boy or girl by tammy 9/16/04
     They are all boys when they are born. They just pinch the goobers off the stupid ones. by bubster007 10/5/04
     how can tell you having a boy by bev 11/3/04
     If you girls get a big bum then its a boy by Bubble 2/19/05
     hi i hate all yall and i do not know how by haley 2/19/05
     eric21 by angelica  4/26/05
     redrose by Sarah Keller 6/21/05
     If it has a penis, it's a boy; if it has a vagina, it's a girl. If you're pregnant and... by EMK 6/27/05
     initials by xquizidgirl714 11/20/05
     I went to the doctor when I was 11 weeks along and she told me she could tell me what my... by Jane 12/11/05
     Feeling by Rick 1/7/2006
     patrick by Jessica 2/7/2006
     My parnets said it depends on the which side they sleep on. Right=girl! Left=boy! by Cupid 2/9/2006
     john deere by Crystal 2/10/2006
     Sometime you can tell by the beak if you can tell that it is going to have a Red rubber... by Brie girl 2/23/2006
     By if they have a thing or not by Blah 6/5/2006
     i do not know by shahayra 7/6/2007
How do you make a virus and launch it? by weewee6/13/04
     hi goto pez by Andrew 9/4/04
     Frequent promiscuity by bubster007 10/5/04
     Well well well so you want to become a hacher do ye then get ready to be .................... by Your Fanz 11/19/04
     i want to make a virus by skuta 3/4/05
     Just open notepad and delete something an save it: game.bat and send it by Silent 3/12/05
     if i new, i wont be on the website!!!!! by smart one 4/19/05
     first u must have programming knowledge,pearl,ect then u have 2 find a file and infect it... by en!gM@ 6/11/05
     i m hacker but i m not know about hacking by jeetander 10/9/05
     try logging onto and see what happens, you might be a natural, you... by Roby 10/22/05
     u need to learn computer lanuage first by dominu 12/25/05
     look on yahoo by smart boy 4/19/2006
     You cough in a tissue, and wipe it in someones face, Then you do an African Zulu dance... by Your mother 4/20/2006
     You download virusmaker v1.5 on your computer. In virusmaker v1.5 can you easy make a... by The Virus Maker 9/4/2006
     have intercourse with a dirty women and then ejaculate on someone else's face by aj420 11/18/2006
     do your mom. by ididyourmama 11/21/2006
When making homemade peanut butter, what can I do to preserve it for shelf life? by Corene5/18/04
     add a melted 1 square inch cube of preservation wax with 1/4 tsp sugar added. by Intra 8/19/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     You should put an air tight seal on it & put it away by Kira 10/14/04
     5/18/2004 corene i would like to have a copy of your homemade peanutbutter. i have been... by bambii 11/27/04
     Why the heck..unless you live in an underground bunker, would you want to do that? by hawk 1/10/05
     dont eat it?........duh by skeetman 1/12/05
     The only good way to preserve it is to keep it refrigerated. This will allow you to keep... by Lila 1/29/05
     oi by  2/1/05
     Can it the same way you would can jelly or jam. by Devo 3/7/05
     put it in the fridge/freezer by r 4/25/05
     I suppose you could try pickling it... by JJ 4/25/05
     peanut butter in its self has a self life of over a year with no addtional perserities.... by MIKE2507 5/4/05
     the internet by kuarl 6/26/05
     by adding 5ml of vinegar into the mix, it increases the shelf life dramatically. At least... by Krangelus 6/26/05
     ball juice by moon 6/26/05
     Stick your penis in it. Works for me. by Meaty 6/26/05
     Salting and refrigeration are the common ways of preserving nearly all foodstuffs. One of... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     dip your bloody penis in it by dip your 6/26/05
     Well, Corene, the answer is quite simple. As you make the peanut butter, simply kill 6... by Jimmy the Wombat Cake 6/26/05
     Add a spoonful of Nivea's Vitamin-Enriched Oderless Anti-Aging Cream. The chemicals in... by Koschei 6/27/05
     Put it in a jar. by Beltman 6/27/05
     Use preservatives. by ! 7/4/05
     put it into a container you weirdo!! by silly girl 8/10/05
     omg you need to get a f***ing life! like i mean come on!! ok if you have time to make home... by the one that doesnt care 9/17/05
     mix in a little baking soda and parsley. not even a pinch, and you cant taste it but it... by proudgrandma 10/5/05
     eat it. by dude 10/20/05
     i dont know by hadwan79 11/12/05
     you better not do it on the way you thinked. and do it like the way your mum did you to... by lien gangboy 11/29/05
     i want you to give me softwaer to generate name on card and the billing infor my e-mail... by joan 11/30/05
     put it in your mouth and eat it all yummy by bill p.h.a.t. 12/6/05
     The best way is to add canola oil to the top of the jar. by kit 1/8/2006
     the peanut butter preserve for shelf life that time you used the freeze & other things. by nana 1/13/2006
     Place them in mason jars,wrap the lid tightly with rubber bands. Place the jar inside a... by Jimbo McLynchie 2/3/2006
     When you have placed the peanut butter in the jar place it in the micro wave to melt then... by Betty 2/24/2006
     add an advertiser by duke 3/22/2006
     According to the Editors of National Gardening, Peanut butter may be canned for storage.... by Bob R. 4/5/2006
     EAT IT QUICKLY by Beatriz 4/19/2006
     artificial air by tempo 7/7/2006
     well,you can always pur some plastic wrap over the jar.or just eat the peanut butter,make... by 7/30/2006
     mabey in a frige or on a shelf exspamint by Dan 10/20/2006
     A preservitive. I'm sure you can Google some up. by Kami 11/1/2006
     Refrigeration is the only way. Do not leave at room temperature by Tom 12/5/2006
     u close the lid dummy. by Chloe'  bo boey 12/23/2006
     you put it on your balls by kaka g 5/22/2007
     nothing but good Quentin by dill 7/13/2007
My dog is missing a patch of hair and his skin looks as if the top layer is gone.(almost... by julie6/20/04
     that sounds like a hot spot. take him to the vet by Nicole 8/3/04
     did anyone answer your question? I'm searching the web for the answer myself. The inside... by Nancy Kornfield 4/5/2007
I have a 1991 VW Cabriolet. When I drive my car for about 20-30 minutes and then turn it... by Junebug7/15/03
     my 86 cabriolet recently started this same thing- only when i drive it over 2 hours. i... by Rachel8/8/03
     Check your oil. Mine likes heavier oil in the summer and thinner in the winter. It may... by vw kulz8/13/03
     I had a pickup with this problem. Remove your battery ground cable from the chassis and... by Rex8/16/03
     I have a 88 cabby and I had the same similair problem. I replaced a starter 12V relay... by Justin8/28/03
     Actually the whole thing with the oil is true the cabby's like thick oil and run much... by Trav8/28/03
     It has nothing to do with oil. I had the same problem on my 91 Jetta. An after market VW... by Aimenviro9/9/03
     On the CIS engines it is called the hot start problem. There are a bunch of posts on the... by Beachboyvw10/3/03
     I had a 1977 VW rabbit I bought new, and at 30,000 miles developed the so called hot start... by Dave11/3/03
     I have many watercooled vw's with the same problem and it has always been a bad ignitions... by jrmtsm2003@yahoo11/13/03
     I had the same issue with my 87 cabrio. I was told by a VW mechanic to change the... by Chris11/14/03
     I had a 89 GTi 8v, if the car is cranking but not firing up, try a new fuel pump (undersid... by Jamo2/21/04
     VW has a bulletin on this very problem. It only occurs in automatics, and usually is... by SixSRacing3/12/04
     would you have the site address where ican access Both VW and Bosch have step by step... by moms88cab3/25/04
     I own a 1985 cabby...driving on the freeway in los angeles for 30 minutes then stop.... by t1t2 4/16/04
     OMG...I've been searching for this solution for a year. We thought it was an oil issue,... by Jenn 4/28/04
     I have a a 91 Cabriolet and it has an over heating problem, when we put the coolent in to... by Helpmeplease 5/15/04
     Can someone please give the address for the step-by-step instructions. My girlfriend has... by Paul 5/21/04
     My 1990 cabriolet has a problem its haunted!! the radio will turn on by its self and it... by 1990VWCabriolet 5/21/04
     For all you folks having a hot-start problem on VW'sfrom mid 1980's to early 1990's, here... by Volks 11295/25/04
     volks 1129 I made a diagram as per your answer /submission. I want to show it to you... by moms88cab 5/26/04
     Seems VWs are just prone to hot-soak, won't-start conditions. VW has recognized that... by Arnel5/27/04
     Our 1984 Rabbit Cabriolet would not start back up after the oil got to 110C. We replaced... by 1984 Rabbit Cabriolet 8/30/04
     I'd had 2 cabriolets in both I had the same problem 88 and 89 ,but not any more because in... by Luigi 9/12/04
     I have been under the impression that my vw was overheating. But now I am under the... by miracleman89 9/24/04
     I had the hot-start problem today for the 1st time since I've owned my 91 cabriolet.... by Jim 10/25/04
     Answer by Volks 1129 is the B-E-S-T and it really made sense. I owned a 1990 Jetta for... by LtangPE 8/2/05
     it is the wire prob i just got it fixed in my 88cabby. the heat also expands the windings... by VWluver 9/4/05
     Well heres my two cents. After talking with other Cabriolet drivers its basically a bad... by 88Topless 10/26/05
     Hot start problem with after market starter. I'm looking to get the Jetta TSB. I learned... by mk017 10/28/05
     Check this site out. This is a Diagram to Create a Starter relay. http://forums.vwvort... by Jude 12/8/05
     Remove stupid solenoid on starter all togther. Purchased cheap $10 starter solenoid for... by LILKILLER 1/20/2006
     I have a 1992 cabriolet i love it but i need some parts for it and it leaks other than... by rosire 1/23/2006
     For all of the above complaints. Had a '91 Golf with automatic. After a minor accident my... by TedBeen there 1/27/2006
     i have a 92 cabby n its my first one n 1st i drove the car it overheat n steam came out... by jm92 1/30/2006
     Even though this may seem simple i think you have a problem with your ignition. I own a 93... by Dustin H 3/10/2006
     i got a 86 Jetta GL, 5spd manual and most of the time, i have to leave it on in the lot if... by Dan 3/18/2006
     i have this problem before, need a new battery by miata 3/29/2006
     I have a 87 cabriolet.Well I had the same problem.Tried every thing.Only to find out it... by Dan 4/25/2006
     i have an 86vw and when i drive it it pumps like its caughing. As if i were pushing my... by shortyroze 5/3/2006
     I have a '90 Jetta. Drive it for more than a half hour and you had to wait a half hour... by Bernard 7/23/2006
     get a nice boat starter button i put it on the left side of the dash under the park brake... by tim 7/24/2006
     iv got similar problems with my vw 92 cab.iv had eveything changed on the engine and it... by ku 11/3/2006
     I have a 1988 mazda mx-6 and when I run it for a while and turn it off, it want start.... by Mary 11/22/2006
     it may be your ignition switch ($30.00). Your switch is likely worn out, may be shorting... by spike 12/1/2006
     it may be your ignition switch ($30.00). Your switch is likely worn out, may be shorting... by spike 12/1/2006
     I just bought a 90 Cabby and I am wondering what size engine I can put into it? I believe... by Buckey1964 1/6/2007
     I have a 86 VW Cabrio. Last week I was driving it on the interstate and it began to run... by ADel 3/7/2007
     im having the same problem with my car making a clicking noise when i try to start it, but... by janel 3/11/2007
     I think I might be able to help some of you, I have an 89 jetta 1.8 8v (automatic)yeah...u... by Cesar RCD 4/3/2007
     My cabrio just had a new distributer put in it. The firing order is right but it still... by Kickflip34 4/26/2007
     the answer is real simple it is a 10.00 problem... all you have to do is install a ford... by TheManHimself 5/2/2007
     Du musst ein Fachmann sein - wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast! http://www.obiet... by figa 6/12/2007
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Subject MMC loading instruction for Innogear Minijam device. Referrence to Innogear... by Norman Frazier3/11/04
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     Hi to all of you there Dear bad sectors used to be of two types: 1- Physical Bad... by Ali Naqi 10/15/2006
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Are there any training classes or body piercing schools on the virginia peninsula? I... by MorbidAngel7/23/03
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     Seeing that there are about a zillion parlors in VA I would hope someone is teaching... by angelXwithXbloodyXknuckles10/8/03
     Body desighns long islang new york bayshore studio has a class on peirceing. I know... by Tatto'd and Peicred10/13/03
     try typing in something like "tattoo and piercing schools" in your search engine window...... by spider912/8/03
     There is no certification to become a piercer. There are no laws saying that you need to... by skull_tats12/11/03
     hi morbid angle my name is rich owner of primal instinct please check out our web sight... by primal instinct bodypiercing school12/12/03
     There are only two "real" piercing schools I have found one in New Your and one in... by nyyce_gal1/10/04
     There are only 2 reputible schools for Body Piercings the Gauntlet and Fakir Intensives... by Bostonkid1/31/04
     i have my own lil question here for ya...are there any schools in Pa., Im close to... by dana 2/16/04
     i'dlike to know where to learn how to be a professional piercer and have not found and... by LissaSutter3/16/04
     hi lisa my name is rich warner owner of primal instinct body piercing school you can find... by rich4/25/04
     hi dana my name is rich warner owner of primal instinct body piercing school we do... by rich4/25/04
     I've done a lot of research on the subject calling some of the most reputable parlors I... by Alaska5/12/04
     yes there is look in tattoo magazines by fu 9/6/04
     the school in new york "body design" will not teach any one from ny!!!!!!!!!that sucks by u6stringfool 10/1/04
     ive got a question r there any schools in N.Y. for tattooing or piercing and how old do u... by antiflag 10/7/04
     I'm in NC and looking to add body piercing to my salon. I take pride in my business and... by Expressice Male 11/10/04
     i am interested in becoming a tattoo artist when i graduate high school. i was told by a... by tenniewahine05 12/15/04
     ok, i live in washington state and am a senior in high school i don't know what i want to... by Lo 12/22/04
     i need to know if there is any one who knows anything about the health board in roanoke... by tim wilson 1/12/05
     how do we ask for apprenticeship? by 3/29/05
     are there any piercing schools in AK by bootz 4/20/05
     is there any piercing schools in n.c.? by nickel2005 5/10/05
     the only way to actually learn is through and apprenticeship in a real shop. you can't... by ixoguin 7/26/05
     is thear a body piercing school in WA or any one how would train me in WA? by akeira 8/13/05
     Hi I'm 18 years old. and I have desided that I want to go to body piercing school. could... by KoRnchick 8/15/05
     could anybody please help me to find the nearest body piercing school here in the state... by KoRnchick 8/15/05
     Be very weary of on line or mail order training, it's a joke and does not train you to... by Master Piercer 8/19/05
     don't have one by jen 9/21/05
     first hey alaska are you from alaska if so kool ive been piercing for about five years now... by AK killa 11/13/05
     I think if you go get a piercing then there is a good chance someone will screw it up.I... by Gothinkgoddess 1/5/2006
     Does any one know of any tattoo & piercing schools in England, UK? Thanks Kirsty x by kirsty 1/11/2006
     hi everyone, i am trying to find out where i can go to get a apprenticeship to become a... by katarina49721 1/22/2006
     I live in georiga and i was wondering if there was any piercing classes in Georgia. by Kristina 3/8/2006
     is their any in texas near longview?? \ by dude  3/21/2006
     Do any of you know how much money there is to be made as a piercer? I'd love to get into... by Mantha6335 5/17/2006
     hiya - I would very much like to learn to be a skilled, safe, and competent piercer, and... by pointed 6/20/2006
     Has anyone heard anything about "The Tattoo and Piercing Institute" offered by Geo's Tat... by Spider 7/5/2006
     i have done alot of research to. i think your best bet is to find a nice clean shop and... by xXdarkfaerie420Xx 7/20/2006
     hell0 iam zandria and iam looking to become a professional piercer the thing is i am 17... by zandria  8/2/2006
     there are courses you have to do to become a tattoist and body peircer.. email me for... by 8/16/2006
     I would like to know if there are any classes in Virginia at all, because I am currently... by Seth 9/28/2006
     i would love to pursue a career in body piercing but unfortunately my parents do not... by kenny 10/18/2006
     i live in oklahoma and want to become a piercer when i am leagel in age. do u know of any... by jamie 11/14/2006
     hi i am in las vegas til the end of august....are there any training schools out here? i... by the greenfaerie 1/5/2007
     Ya i just wanted to know if anyone out there knows of any CANDIAN peircings school manly... by Joel_x 1/16/2007
     Tattoo Body Piercing Institute has helped people in VA get their lic. Check them out... by dee 7/12/2007
How can I get started as an actress, at the age of 12, with no experience? by Bree8/26/03
     try out for school plays and community plays. even try out for major plays. applying to... by nicole8/29/03
     im in my school play but i want to be an actress so bad im 12 years old i'll do anything... by Galit10/30/03
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     i play in plays am very funny have some drama in me but there's no one at my school to... by Jasmine 12/30/03
     I really want to be an actress. But i dont know how to get started, will u guys help me... by mikaela12/30/03
     On the internet look up http://www.pagenttrymagazine. com/showbiz/maxanna99biz.html and it... by Charabella1/9/04
     i alway want to be an actress please help Oz my sake, i will love you vote me thank you... by passiel2/20/04
     hey every1 hi you all might become actress but you all never know if you all really wanted... by passiel2/20/04
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     ok i really want to be famous and my mom wants me to also but we dont where to find an... by Lindsey4/15/04
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     hi my name is katie I am 12 I have brown long hair and green eyes I would like to become... by katie5/10/04
     I live in Polson Montana and I would like to be an actress to someday. by turtlegirl5/10/04
     i have always wanted to be an actress i am older than 12 but just by a year i am 13 i dont... by savanna 5/12/04
     i have always wanted to be an actress i am older than 12 but just by a year i am 13 i dont... by savanna 5/12/04
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     Hi I want to be a singer and get a reccord and an agent so call 1-706 -743-5540 please ... by dude 6/28/04
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     dear, anyone that will listen for the past couple of years i have really... by wanna be star 7/5/04
     I'm not really putting an answer I'm putting a question.I have always wanted to be an... by Perry [girl]7/10/04
     i think that i would love becomiming a singer because i think that i have the tallence to... by MARCUS BARNETT7/14/04
     Hey every one! I'vealways wanted to be a singer since i was like 6. i also want to be a... by Ariceli7/16/04
     ever since i could walk and talk i have very dramatic. every one i know would say the... by nuget 8/21/04
     sorry its me again and i forgot if any pepolz are neadingmore info on me just e mail... by nugget 8/21/04
     Every one wants to be an actress, for the past six years i have to, but all i really want... by Stephanie jackosn 9/5/04
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     i have always wanted to be an actor like Hillary duff bur iv also want to be a singer like... by kylie 9/10/04
     Write i don't really no what to say apart from well if u all want your actressing career... by kirsty walsh (my name) 9/11/04
     i would like to become a actress because you can be different people not just yourself and... by dancingqueen 9/12/04
     can someone please help i'm 5'5, 13yrs old, blue eyes, dirty blond hair and i need some... by Jasna 9/13/04
     I'M Samantha and my dream is to be a singer and i have always wonted to be a singer and... by sam 9/17/04
     hi my name is tianna i am 13 years old and i have a lot of expeirences ive been in a lot... by tianna 9/22/04
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     hey i would like to be an actress problem is mum school don't do plays or anything really... by Sam 9/28/04
     I would really like to be an actress because i get on great with people iam really good at... by Jessie  10/3/04
     I would really like to be an actress because i get on great with people iam really good at... by Jessie  10/3/04
     Ive seen news reports and even pictures of girls, women, boys and men who had sex with... by Anonymous 10/10/04
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     hi everyone I'm whitney and iam 15 and i would love to act i love when i get to i fill... by sweet-thang 10/22/04
     iam 12 and love to act and sing and have been told i am good oh and i loove to dance by pickles 10/28/04
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     please help me become an actress please i would love the help to be an actress!!!!! by jesabell 12/17/04
     please help me become an actress please i would love the help to be an actress!!!!! by jesabell 12/17/04
     i am 12 and i want to be a actress or singer. I'm always in the Christmas play and all my... by lisa 12/17/04
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     hi my name is melissa my grandma says i would make a great actress i can make lots of... by eminem 12/22/04
     hi my name is melissa my grandma says i would make a great actress i can make lots of... by eminem 12/22/04
     I think anything is possible!Cause as long as you keep your head up and never lose hope... by lil'angel 12/22/04
     I think anything is possible!Cause as long as you keep your head up and never lose hope... by lil'angel 12/22/04
     This is Faith... and if any one can answer my question please do... I can't find anything... by Faith 12/23/04
     Hi i am12 years old and would like to be an actress. I was told many times that i would... by Catie 12/23/04
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     Hi,Im 12 years old and live in a town that you have probably never heard of. Its in... by tolora26 1/6/05
     I want you to make my dreams come ture yours turely, ashley by cocco 1/7/05
     Before I start, I'm not putting in an answer, I'm putting in a question. I'm 11 years old... by Nicole Shelstad 1/9/05
     Before I start, I'm not putting in an answer, I'm putting in a question. I'm 11 years old... by Nicole Shelstad 1/9/05
     I want to be an actress because... my family is almost poor and I want to be a role model... by Nicole 1/9/05
     hi everybody please to vote me and i really really love become actress/acting on TV and... by Pascial 1/18/05
     Ive always liked to be a actresss and i loved to i got the talent and I now i can do... by Elizabeth 1/26/05
     Hi. I have been singing since I was 4 years old. I was on Show time at the Apollo when... by Baby Girl  1/26/05
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     I am sooo excited!!! But My true fellings about acting words cant even describe. All I... by Jessica 2/24/05
     Acting to me isn't about the money it's about having fun.When I act I can be who I 'am... by Ally 2/25/05
     Hey! Iam interested in acting, and I want to become an actress.I don't know where to... by Neilab 3/3/05
     I always dream of becoming a actress ever since i was born. I always brag becoming an... by Shuntae 3/19/05
     hi, i am 13 years old 4'12 and have short layered blonde/brown hair. blue/green eyes! i... by shelby suite 3/19/05
     hi im kendra and im a female and im 12 y/o I've always wanted to be an act,model,and a... by kendra 3/19/05
     I have my family members take pictures of me and show them around to everybody they know. ... by Mrs.Jigifli 4/3/05
     hi, im 12 going on 13 on april 27th and i want to be an actress soooooo bad its unbelievab... by morgan  4/9/05
     Hello Iam a twelve year old and I am dying to become an acttress I am always prtenting... by kim 4/10/05
     Hey guys,I love singing dancing and acting I have been entered in the school talent sgow... by Jazmine 4/18/05
     I remember when I turned 8 and I was watching a movie i don't remember what it was but... by Jenny 4/19/05
     hi, i have just gone through this website and thought to myself... being an actress isnt... by hattia 4/30/05
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     I'm a great actor and singer, I'm in a musical, which is great!!! Everybody said that I... by Stephanie Goins 5/10/05
     I wont to be an actress, i'm 11 going on 12 i have black/brown short hair darcish ligtish... by Mack 5/11/05
     ok i have been in alot of plays in my school and i have been in plays at the Elenecoles... by sydnee 6/19/05
     hey every one!i would love to become a model.ive won calender girl at my middle school,but... by mariah 6/27/05
     i want to become an actress more than anything. i am thirteen and 5'6. i am going into the... by Amanda 7/7/05
     my middle school has no drama clubs or anything that relates to drama. i need help!!!!!!!... by alexis 7/8/05
     my name is hillary i live in a small town in canada and want to be an actress sooooo ... by actress wanabe 7/9/05
     Id love to become an actress!!i love to do plays with my cousins and its so fun !when my... by marissa 7/10/05
     My hole life I have always wanted to be a famous actress just like Teri Polo!I have a lot... by Eve 7/11/05
     hey my name is jessica and i'm going on 13 in august and more than anything in the world i... by jessica 7/18/05
     YA i would really like to be an acctres but there is so much other thing i wont to be i... by sunnkissed_by_drama  7/29/05
     how can a 12 year old turning 13 in august 15 get started in being a actress. she loves it... by ally 8/5/05
     please just take me away i really need your help. im a great actress i practice every day... by Laura 8/6/05
     please just take me away i really need your help. im a great actress i practice every day... by Laura 8/6/05
     please just take me away i really need your help. im a great actress i practice every day... by Laura 8/6/05
     please just take me away i really need your help. im a great actress i practice every day... by Laura 8/6/05
     Hey..I don't actually have an answer. But I do have something to say. I hope all of you... by Dezzgirl 8/21/05
     i would realy like to be an actress or a singer but they are 2 different things im 12 and... by sandy  8/30/05
     Hi I have just graduated from modeling classes, it was really great. When I was a little... by Heather 9/6/05
     How can I be a couple. by Lashea 9/9/05
     hi im laura, and im 12. my whole life ive wanted to act. when i watch tv it inspires me i... by laura diaz 10/4/05
     hi im laura, and im 12. my whole life ive wanted to act. when i watch tv it inspires me i... by laura diaz 10/4/05
     I would LIKE to KNOW MORE about you for a project my grades are almost low and as bad... by Linzey 10/6/05
     hey im beth oneill and ever since i was a little gurl i said to myself i want to be the... by beth 10/13/05
     i guess there's not much to say except to believe in yourself and get in the acting thing... by quell 10/21/05
     Hi...I have always wanted to become a model or actress mostly model and i have had... by Ashley 11/15/05
     I would love to be an actress because it seems like it is fun to re-memorized parts.Well I... by Cheyenne Clowers 11/20/05
     Hi am 13 years old and i would love to act its my favorite thing to do. My friend and i... by Marina* 11/23/05
     i want to be an actress at the age 13 1/2 staring in a movie where i can kiss Jeremy... by kiki robillard 12/5/05
     I really want to become an actress i've always wanted to sense the first time i seen full... by HeavensKiss 12/14/05
     Please give me an oppertunitie to be an actress. It's been my dream for as long as I... by Monique 12/19/05
     im 12 n ive always wanted to be and actress,not for the money just cause i just love... by chloe 12/22/05
     i'veALWAYS wanted to be an actress, but i just don't know how to start. i know how to act... by Courtney  1/2/2006
     I have always wanted to be either an actress or a singer mostly my whole life! I hope you... by gummibear 1/2/2006
     hi, my name is rily and my nickname is noddle because im skinny ,im 12 and weigh 85 pounds... by rily (noddle) 1/7/2006
     Hi My Name is Mackinzie Here Is My Information Age:12 turns thirteen on april 10 Hair... by Mick 1/15/2006
     I'm only 11 and want to be an actress not for the money,but to be a role motel to kids... by Alexandria 1/16/2006
     Give it your all. Search the web for things like I want to be an actress, but I'm only... by PrepPrincess 2/4/2006
     my dream has always been to become famous. i love to sing and act and I'm always open to... by nikki 2/15/2006
     i think that first of all get experience join an acting group that way when or if you want... by michaela garrett 2/24/2006
     hello, i want to be an actress, i think i have experience, u can try me.. by tani 2/28/2006
     Hello, My name is brittany siders and I am 12 years old. My dream is to act. I am in... by Brittany Siders 3/6/2006
     hi im crystal diedrich and i want to become an actress i have been in three plays i have... by crystal diedrich 3/8/2006
     When i was young i always wanted to be an actress. i probably wont because I'm 10 and... by Briana 3/9/2006
     Look good and never quit just try out for anything u can get your hands on and always... by Gabby 3/10/2006
     how can i make my parents let me be an actress when im only 10 ive wanted this since i was... by graciebabes 3/13/2006
     i want to be an actress to I'm 11 so does my cousin robin I'm jasmine beautiful balck and... by Jasmine 3/18/2006
     I would love to become an actress to cause it has been my dream 4 ever. here is some... by ~Kay~ 3/19/2006
     please i want to get money to help us get a new house. I can act really good i mean... by diamond 3/21/2006
     why i want to be an actress its cause i can help get money for my family and i try to get... by diamond 3/21/2006
     Hey,I'm 12 and wanna be the next actress.I have all it takes from comedy, to the smile,... by Kamille Jones 3/30/2006
     Hey,I'm 12 and wanna be the next actress.I have all it takes from comedy, to the smile,... by Kamille Jones 3/30/2006
     Hi i'vealwats wanted to be an actress or model how can you help me by Amy l sheppard 3/31/2006
     I have a hidin talent i'tssinging!!!!!!!If you can sing mail me at by Sam 3/31/2006
     hi i am 12 years old and i really want to become a actress and i want the younger and also... by lashayla 4/2/2006
     Hi, my name is Susan and I will love to become an actress when I am older. Can you please... by Susan 4/3/2006
     hey,my name is Melissa and i really want to be an actress . I am 10 years old and love to... by melissa 4/4/2006
     i have no expe5rience but i would love to become an actress also a vet i love animals and... by Abbey 4/9/2006
     I've always wanted to be an actress since i was like 6 years old and i wish i can i am 12... by TrInA 4/9/2006
     I've always wanted to be an actress scince i was like 6 years old and i wish i can i am 12... by TrInA 4/9/2006
     I would really like to become an actor because i take the time off to practice even though... by t-baby+shad gregory moss 4/13/2006
     Hey everyone! i just want to say that i have wanted to become and actress for so long... by megan  4/16/2006
     I may not be the kinda material that your looking for, but it has always been a life long... by Jessi 4/23/2006
     hey, I wanted to become a actress since I was 6. I have never been in a movie but I have... by Mandi 4/23/2006
     well, what I would do is go out for everything, like school plays,community plays,and take... by lexxi 4/29/2006
     Hi I am Maggie ever since i was little i have always wanted 2 be an actress i am aloney 12... by Maggie 4/30/2006
     i truely would like to become an actress it is my destney i am 13 years of age and i have... by birdy 5/1/2006
     hi all of you ,this must sound a bit stupid because everyone is saying the same thing but... by jassyjellybaby 5/9/2006
     hi, all you girls have the same dream as me, but u dont realise the facilities you have on... by emma 5/28/2006
     I want to be an actress. i am 12 years old. choose me. email me at that_so_raven118@earthl... by Ashlea 6/3/2006
     Hey every body! My name is Megan Benitez, I have light brown eyes and long dark brown... by Megan Benitez 6/4/2006
     I want to be an actress more than anything in the world!!! i want my dream to come... by Sarah 6/6/2006
     oh e-mail is by Sherry 6/7/2006
     i want to be in a movie where i can kiss a hot boy and i also want to be in a movie with... by sammy 6/11/2006
     i want to become a singer that people will notice and want to here by Samantha 6/11/2006
     hello im samantha and i want to have a chance at becomeing a singer iv wanted to sence i... by Samantha 6/11/2006
     i wanna act by skf211396 6/13/2006
     Okay well all you need to do is get in some plays go to acting school and maybe play in a... by Shayne 6/16/2006
     Since I noticed everyone was posting here on wishing to be an actor... I guess I would... by Robert 6/16/2006
     i would like to be an actress because i have a nice shape by crystal 6/19/2006
     I am not putting an answer I am putting a question, well questions. How do you become... by Pop Princess 6/19/2006
     only you can make your dreams come true. Look at me, I am a star on Disney Channel. by ? 6/22/2006
     I would like to become an actress because. i see actors and other actress that i would... by kekey 6/24/2006
     i always wanted to become an actress.It is my dream to become an actress.It looks so much... by Iriel 6/29/2006
     i have always wanted to be an actress but i am to afraid to try out for school but if i am... by vanessa 6/29/2006
     well I think that you should ask people at school and see if they want to play in your... by Maddie 6/30/2006
     I would like to become an actress because its my dream ever since i was 11 years old and... by Josie Strathearn 7/7/2006
     Hey , im Katrice iv always wanted to be an actress lol i am going to go to Acting school... by Katrice 7/9/2006
     I've always wanted to be actress! I think it would be really fun to act! It would be a lot... by actress/24/7 7/12/2006
     You can sign up in a drama club as a really important role then get someone to film it and... by Emma Watson 7/13/2006
     Its so difficult...I desperately want to be an actress too. You just dont know if its... by Rose 7/13/2006
     ugh hi im 13yrs old & i am shy but ill do almost anything to become an actress! how can i... by johnny depp fan 7/15/2006
     I and i expect loads of 12 year old girls would love to be an actress. At first i wanted... by Sol! 7/19/2006
     i have a dream of becoming and actress so please help me! by alex  7/28/2006
     i relay want t become a actress and a singer i want to be just like Hilary duff she the... by rosie 7/29/2006
     everything is good by janehuong1983 7/29/2006
     I can star in major roles in the famous theatres and might even meet good people. Just the... by tso tso 7/30/2006
     i wanna be an actress, i have always wanted to be one but i have been thinking and i... by Kandy 8/3/2006
     xx hya ppl!! xx I would love to start acting at the age of 13 but i dont no where to... by sophi 8/5/2006
     How can i be an modell or actress. In age of 11? by Linda 8/8/2006
     I really want to be an actress soon. I just turn 13 and I want to get started soon because... by Bianca 8/8/2006
     hey if you really want to be an actress and have a dream about acting just fallow your... by Nicki 8/14/2006
     Hi, my name is Mariam and i love acting, i watch a show called Zoey 101 and that got me... by Mariam/Maz 8/15/2006
     I've always wanted to be an actress. Not only because I would have fame and fortune, but I... by GoIvys 8/17/2006
     I haven't been in school plays but I really will like the chance to perform in television,... by Anonymous 8/18/2006
     i haven't been in any school plays but i act when i am at home all my life i have always... by samantha 8/20/2006
     Well, I've been asked MANY times by acting agencies If I would like to become an actress... by Karla_R. 8/22/2006
     hi i am Betty, i REALLY REALLY want to be an actress. i am going into year 7 in September.... by betty 8/28/2006
     i want to be an actress so bad please help me become one by sam 8/28/2006
     hi my name is Charlotte i don't no why anyone writes here to tell everyone that they want... by charsharks 8/29/2006
     i am 13 and i always wanted to be an actress. i would do anything to be one. but i don't... by jordan 8/31/2006
     hi my name is monica i,m 13 and i have all ways dreamd of becomeing a atress and a singer... by monica lewis 9/1/2006
     Well i don't know where to begin but iv'always thought i should have been on the red... by Tabitha 9/3/2006
     Acting has ALWAYS been my biggest passion. I have gotten calls from different modeling &... by Mish 9/4/2006
     this isn't really a question or an answer its just somewhere I randomly found on google. ... by Zoe/zobo 9/4/2006
     I want to be an actress, but I don't know how. I'm a great one, but if only I could get... by Wildthang 9/5/2006
     hiya katie here im 13 and love tracy beaker i realy want to play in it so if i can have a... by katie 9/10/2006
     You can look on the enternet and click on every site you think is the right on and sing up... by isabella 9/11/2006
     I will like to be an actress because I am great on acting by nana 9/15/2006
     I want to become an actress so badly. But I just don't know how to get started,so please... by colleen 9/17/2006
     Hey every1!!! Iv always been interested in the industry but neva get tha chance to act and... by Helen 9/23/2006
     hi peeps im jess i have wanted 2 be a actor and singer...4 life i am a good singer and a... by sxc jesi  10/1/2006
     Er..yeh. well. I just found this place. but I'm still not going to give up. hi everyone,... by Jennifer 10/1/2006
     I really want to be a singer/actress. I have Piercing blue eyes. I am good at channeling... by Chris Greenwwood 10/1/2006
     i think that people who have a dream to do something should do every thing in their power... by bri 10/1/2006
     Okay. I'm 13 years old and I'm in love with acting. I've been in drama groups musical... by Breanne 10/8/2006
     i think that if u keep trying and never ever give up u will be an actor or a singer by b-tray 10/9/2006
     Hi, my name is Katy and I really want to become an actress my cousin, Miley cYRUS IS AN... by Katy 10/15/2006
     if u need to be an actor just get into some school plays and maybe one day u will it takes... by kali 10/18/2006
     Hi my name is Kali and i have always wanted to be an actress to but it takes time.I'm... by kali 10/18/2006
     I really want to be an actress but my dad wants me to be a doctor. I know everyone will... by charlotte 10/20/2006
     I want to be an actress also. We have to get an agent first.Then our dreams will come... by Eveie 10/23/2006
     i want to become an actress because it is my life dream i love to entertain people and... by Emely 10/24/2006
     i badly want to be an actress ill do better than any one put together please make my... by bekah 10/28/2006
     hi every one .just to say im addicted to acting. its one of my best talents. i can also... by xp3 10/28/2006
     Haii people my name is victoria and i really really want to be an acctress it has been my... by Victoria  10/28/2006
     I have always wanted to be an actress, my dream is to get lots of money (don't worry im... by Possum 10/31/2006
     My dream is to be an actress but im to nervous to stand up on my two feet but i am going... by Allanah west  11/5/2006
     hi i really want to be an actress i c people in movies and soaps and i want to be just... by swanc_chick 11/6/2006
     i want to one to but the best thing is just to get involved till you get noticed by zoe 11/10/2006
     hey please I've thought about it its not for the fame i just love acting every time i see... by disney lover 11/11/2006
     how do i get an acting job at the age of 11/12 acting is my life i love it pleace anyone... by superstarstacey  11/15/2006
     Ya I know how all of you all feel. Sometimes I turn my CD player up really loud and I... by Sarah 11/19/2006
     Hello my name is EIleen and I really want to become an actress. If you dont have any... by Eileen 11/19/2006
     plz i want to become an actress i always work 110% all i need is a chance to act in films... by teen who want the chance 2 forfill her dreams 11/20/2006
     please i want to become an actress i always work 110% all i need is a chance to act in... by teen who want the chance 2 forfill her dreams 11/20/2006
     im a 13 year old girl who always works a 110% and wants a chance to become a film or T.V... by a girl who wants a chance to forfill her dreams 11/20/2006
     I am called Daniele and i am 15! Im from colchester! i have always wanted to be an... by Danielle 11/21/2006
     gggggggggggggggggh by flobity 11/24/2006
     I would really like to be an actress because it feels so real and you can go were you've... by Gee 11/25/2006
     I would really like to be an actress because it feels so real and you can go were you've... by Gee 11/25/2006
     Oh My God guys shut up please! Everyone is putting messages like - i really wanna b... by *StarryEyed* 11/26/2006
     hello my name is dani. when i was 4-5years old i started acting and i am duing drama... by dani 11/27/2006
     i always wanted to be a actor on Disney channel and a singer i will die for that chance by channa 11/27/2006
     Sup my name is alesa and i also have had the dream of becoming an actress, i am 13 years... by alesa 12/1/2006
     I love acting and i'lldo ALMOST ANYTHING to be an actress. Ive had people put me down and... by Sahara 12/1/2006
     Hey! Me and my twin sister have always wanted to become an actress we are good at acting... by the two twins 12/12/2006
     i really want to be an actress in drama everyone says I'm funny I'mnot really confident... by kebabz_in_da_house 12/12/2006
     i always wanted to be a actress. now i am 12 and nothing happened. but everything comes at... by nicol 12/16/2006
     I would do anything to be an actress i have been in 101 plays since i started school my... by Jess 12/16/2006
     hey i want to be an actress because i know i have got talent in it and even at school... by amie 12/17/2006
     hi i have always wanted to be an actress for about 6 years now and my dream is to be on... by kayla 12/17/2006
     Hey every one! I've always wanted to be an actress ever since I could remember that is all... by Britney 12/18/2006
     hi i would love to become a actress because i belive i have the patential for someone... by janoah 12/18/2006
     Hi, i'mJami I'm 13 years old.I have always wanted to be an actress since I can remember I... by Jami 12/27/2006
     Hi people!!! I wanted to be in a hit movie sequel like Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone... by Monika 12/28/2006
     Ive Really wanted to be an Actress for the past couple of years not because about the... by Christian 12/28/2006
     Hey yall! I want to be an actress so bad i'm very talented.!! I a quick learning on lines... by Danielle2011 12/28/2006
     Hi,my name is Tara and I'm 13 . I always wanted to be an actress,first of all because Im... by Tara 12/29/2006
     hi i love.............. acting!!!!!!!!!!!! eveyone calls me a drama queen. i do dancing... by Bethany 12/30/2006
     All i want to tell you all out there that you can never say dreams will never come... by annie thi 1/2/2007
     For as long as i remember I've wanted to act. I have a little stage fright but I've had... by Krystal 1/3/2007
     For as long as i remember i'vwanted to act. I have a little stage fright but i'vhad... by Krystal 1/3/2007
     my life long dream is 2 become a actress but most of all i would love to be in a spy movie... by katie harrington 1/3/2007
     I lOVE aCTING!!!!!!! by Tyra 1/4/2007
     hi i have dreamed of being an actress since i was little but i don't know where to got to... by baby j 1/5/2007
     would love to be an actress i have been (DREAMING)of this since i was a little girl. I... by jenna 1/6/2007
     My parents always say that i wont become a actress but i know i can do it i am determined... by justbeingme! 1/6/2007
     Hey, I'm 12 years old and ivhad many dreams of becoming an actress. Ive been looking on... by Annalisa  1/7/2007
     i turn 13 last December i want to be a actress from when i was 5 year old please make me a... by catherine clark 1/7/2007
     My name is Hebe (Pronounced 'Hee-bee') Bailey. Im 13 years old. Ive wanted to be an... by Hebe Bailey 1/7/2007
     dear to who ever is out there i really want to be an actress!!! ever science i stared... by shailo 1/9/2007
     I don't have a proper answer but ever since i was three i've wanted to be an actress i am... by Betsy 1/9/2007
     hi to anyone who is lissening hi my name is shailo and i am 12 years and i love 2 be an... by shailo 1/9/2007
     i would like to be an actress because its been my dreams in forever. i practice sometimes... by amber 1/11/2007
     if anybody knows how i can be an actress at the age of 9 then please email me at monica086... by Kimberley 1/11/2007
     hey every one i go to drama classes and do shows they help alot but i would like to be a... by abbie 1/12/2007
     heyah ! well I've wanted to be an actress for as long as i can remember I've been to a... by x paige x 1/14/2007
     check out my site its all about acting thanks xx by x  paige x 1/14/2007
     hiya everyone, i auditioned for the part of ginny weasley in Harry potter, and got a call... by Claire 1/14/2007
     Hello, my name is Georgia and I want to be an actress so bad. I asked my Mum how I could... by Georgia 1/14/2007
     I am 12 years old and have always wanted to be in a movie. i have been in school plays. i... by Katie 1/15/2007
     I live in he UK and I am 18 years of age. I really do only look about 14. I have wanted to... by Becky Kajfasz 1/16/2007
     i wish i was an actress because i get to meet my favorite actors and actresses ... by jessy 1/17/2007
     We really really really want 2 be a actress. when we performed the play ' Catching sheep'... by Jenna and Steph  1/18/2007
     how do i become an actress on Disney channel? i always wanted to be an actress on Disney... by Raven's #1fan 1/21/2007
     sfe ppl iv always wanted to b a singer but no i dont ca it will b kinda borin bi da way... by xx_knoby_xx 1/22/2007
     I know its strange writing to a website but i hope you reply.I am 10 years old and I want... by Lil'Princess 1/22/2007
     MY ANSWER IS NO by MARLEN E 1/24/2007
     HI,my name is Tania.I really need help on becoming an actress ,this is my dream.I love... by TANIA 1/28/2007
     Hi my name is Miranda and i love to act. I am currently in drama class and it is my... by Miranda 1/29/2007
     I am 13 years old and have been in forty different plays!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to... by sarbear 2/6/2007
     go on the internet google or yahoo search become and actress by Quateisha 2/7/2007
     My name is Sarah. Im 14 years old. i enjoy acting as much as you do. im acctually going to... by sarah 2/8/2007
     i have always wanted to be an actress and i have a cousin in Hollywood who has an opening... by kaitlyn 2/15/2007
     I really want to be an actress since i have entered school i have been getting A+ in drama... by Natasha 2/15/2007
     well im not shoreyou could get acting clases an dtry out for ardishions for a comershial... by miliy cyris 2/16/2007
     im am 13 years old and i really wanted to be actress since like the age of 3 and 4 and i... by mickey 2/17/2007
     hello my name is lydia and im 12 years old and i am English. i used too have drama classes... by Lydia 2/18/2007
     I always wanted to be an actor .My parents want me to play tennis .But I want to move to... by Zefron Lover 2/20/2007
     I want to be an actress. I am better than Miley Cyrus by Maranda 2/20/2007
     Hey, do you want to be an actress? Well all you have to do is Write a letter to a Disney... by Ashley Tisdale 2/21/2007
     i need sex by alicia ethelton 2/22/2007
     i really want to be an atress ive wanted to be one since i was little i love to act and it... by becca  2/26/2007
     i want to become an actress I'm13 and my mom Say'swith my weight i could be an actress or... by paige 2/28/2007
     i WANT TO BECOME AN ACTRESS. I have been at malls to go sign up...and well then there was... by Vicky/Vanessa 3/1/2007
     Hi, I've passed the age 12, but I am 13. My whole life I have thought to my self, what... by Jessika  3/2/2007
     Hey. So many 12 year olds on here are begging for someone to give them their big break.... by mercedes 3/4/2007
     Yes i do want to become an actor when i grow up i always did. actully it has been my dream... by yoli 3/5/2007
     i would love to become an actrass i see all those other little kid out there and i would... by lissy 3/6/2007
     think positive and maybe 1day u will be by mega megz 3/10/2007
     i really want to audition for a Hollywood movie and i want a exact address please email... by ivan  3/16/2007
     hello im 10 years old and i love acting and i relay would love to be one i got to a drama... by yasmin steadman 3/16/2007
     . Hi every one I'm Nichelle and i want to become an actress i live in Canada but when i... by Chelley 3/18/2007
     How do I become an actress at age 11? by Annie 3/21/2007
     I think if you want to be an actress, get yourself signed up for drama classes and never... by Cryssiee<33 3/21/2007
     Since I was a little girl I wanted to be at least a singer or an actress. I been thinking... by Jackie 3/23/2007
     i wanna be an actress so i can help the homeless and endangerd animals and to give money... by katie 3/24/2007
     Heya! since i was 2 y-old i've always wanted to be an actress... i'd go to ballet class... by Manna 3/24/2007
     I am a teenager and i have always wanted to be famous some how.Either singing,dancing,or... by Eboni 3/25/2007
     Hey. My friend and i wanna be an actress. were 13 and we are hecka funny. we make up... by ALESiA aka SH0Rty! 3/28/2007
     hey guys I've wanted to be an actress for like ever my friends say I'm funny so if u can... by rachel 4/2/2007
     I'm not 12 i'm 14 and i'vealways wanted to be an actress. I'm scared i wont get the chance... by Alishia 4/2/2007
     all my life I've wanted to be an actress but my parents keep pulling me from my dreams... by STELLA 4/3/2007
     Hi, I agree with the people telling you to get off your computers and work hard to... by becki 4/7/2007
     hi i'm12 and i'veonly just started to want to become an actres but i don't know how or... by welly-elly 4/9/2007
     I want to act very badly, and its hard because I don't know what to say when I do my... by Adette 4/10/2007
     i REALLY want to be an actress but dakota fanning and i will never catch up! remember it... by Amy 4/11/2007
     hi my name is 13 years old and my biggest dream is to become an actress but i... by laura 4/14/2007
     I have always wanted to do something artistic and creative with my life. I decided that I... by niki 4/14/2007
     Hey guys i am an actress and I have stared in 3 big movies. and i know that every one... by lisa 4/17/2007
     i really wanna be an actress too, and also I'vebeen trying to get involve in acting... by angel 4/17/2007
     i hav been searching for weeks and years for an answer 2 my prayers and dreams. the only... by shaz1234 4/19/2007
     i have always want to be an actress and make my own show at the age of 17 please make my... by pinkg 4/21/2007
     all i wanted is to be a actress and i got what is takes even though i have no expericence... by tiki0123 4/22/2007
     Hi My Name Is Shannon Ia 13 Years Old I am In All My School Plays Love Acting out singing... by Shannon 4/23/2007
     I want to be an actress so bad on the Disney Channel. How can I get my dream to come true by Christina 4/25/2007
     I want to be an actress so bad on the Disney Channel. How can I get my dream to come true?... by Christina 4/25/2007
     heres the deal i know how to walk the walk and talk the talk and im not giving any... by none ya 4/26/2007
     i want to be an actress SO bad.....i have gone to auditions but i didnt get it! I WILL DO... by Meghan 4/27/2007
     Every since I was little I have always wanted to act! It is my dream to be on the red... by Jasmine 4/28/2007
     this is a request iv always wanted to become an actess. My family thinks ill never be... by Rebekah 4/29/2007
     i wanna be and actress but i dont know where to go to be noticed because my mum says im... by Actress nicole 4/30/2007
     Please Help.. I have always wanted to be an actress. I'm 11 years old. In school I... by Marisa 5/2/2007
     hoi i all west dream to be an actress beas evary time when i look at a movie i onder stand... by kim girl 5/3/2007
     it's okay by actress 5/6/2007
     i have always wanted to be an actress or an singer but i don`t know how to my mum sister... by desiray 5/6/2007
     okay my life sucks right now and all i have left is acting all i want to do is become an... by i need to be an actress 5/6/2007
     I'd advise you to move to a major city such as New york or Los Angeles there you will be... by Kay-leigh 5/7/2007
     I'd advise you to move to a major city such as New york or Los Angeles there you will be... by Kay-leigh 5/7/2007
     i think that if you were born to be an actress than it will come to you really easily. if... by Morning Star 5/7/2007
     for my entire life i've wanted to act and I live in a very small town so there's really... by Morning Star 5/7/2007
     Hi I'm Indiana Evans from Home and Away and Snobs. To become an actor go to a acting... by Indiana Evans 5/8/2007
     oh k for all you people that want this badly! ha ha this cracks me up but yeah oh k. ... by lauren 5/8/2007
     I want 2 be a actress so badly. i want 2 be rich, famous, sucessful etc. i dont know where... by hollywoodwannabe 5/12/2007
     Skip the boring stuff and go straight on to follow your dreams!! take chances, be yourself... by Aly 5/13/2007
     Ok in my theater arts class we are doing Grease and I got the part of Sandy! My mom and my... by Airbear 5/15/2007
     I REALLY WANT TO BE AN ACTRESS I have searched on-line and have been in every school play... by caitlin 5/16/2007
     I'm almost twelve and I REALLY WANT TO BE AN ACTRESS ever since I was born I even read my... by caitlin the hopefully soon to be actress 5/16/2007
     ok i`m 12 years old and when i was 6 years old i went to malibu talent and almost became... by chantel  5/16/2007
     ok im 12 years old and when i was 6 years old i went to malibu talent and almost became an... by chantel  5/16/2007
     ok im 12 years old and when i was 6 years old i went to malibu talent and almost became an... by chantel  5/16/2007
     Hi, My name is Laura. I really want to become a film actress. I am 12 years old and I go... by Laura 5/19/2007
     hi i want to act i'm16 female not that experiences but i can do it because this is my... by liz 5/24/2007
     I love to act and i have huge drama but dont know how to be discovered. please tell me at... by puppy girl 5/25/2007
     Hey Guyz, Before i start i just want to let you know its the real miley here sitting... by Miley 5/28/2007
     i really want to become an actress because i love the show hannah montana and i'vereally... by kalina mae offenhammer 5/28/2007
     i love e acting and its my life =ream by Chelsey 6/5/2007
     I wanna be an actress 2 :( by lllllllllllaaaaaaaaa 6/9/2007
     hi am laura i am 15 years old and love acting ever since i was 13 i have been wanting to... by laura sanderson 6/9/2007
     Hi. My name is Kat and I am a fourteen-year-old actress. It seems like a lot of you could... by Kat 6/10/2007
     hi guys u probly wont come on here anymore but its worth a try,, me and one of my best... by kristinn 6/13/2007
     hi everybody!!!i ma 11 yrs old..i've been wanting to sing since i was 6...and ever Since... by yessi 6/18/2007
     Hey everybody. I've wanted to act for a long time. It's something I've been wishing for... by Brittany 6/20/2007
     Hey everybody. I'm Brittany. Since I was little, I've wanted to act. I practice acting... by Brittany 6/20/2007
     it is my DREAM to become an actress AND a singer...i want this more than anything i will... by Samantha Martinez 6/21/2007
     Hi my name is Millie. I have wanted to be an actress since i watched the first episode of... by Millie 6/21/2007
     it is my DREAM to become an actress AND a singer...i want this more than anything i will... by Samantha Martinez 6/21/2007
     I would love to be an actress too, I'm only 12 yrs old(13 on Saturday) but wouldn't it... by Bec 6/21/2007
     Hi my name is Hannah and I'm 12 years old. I really love acting and my dream is to become... by Hannah 6/24/2007
     I am 11 and I really want to try out for a part in a new movie called Baby-Sitters Club... by Taylor 6/24/2007
     Hey guys! It would be a dream come true for me to be an actress. I love acting in school... by Korilynn 6/26/2007
     This is sort of a question. My name is Cheyenne. I have been wanting to be famous since I... by Cheyenne 6/28/2007
     Hello.I'm Mike.I am only 10 years old. I would like to become an actor on Disney Channel.... by Mike 6/28/2007
     I am 12. Got a great voice, can act, very funny and looking for someone to act for. If can... by Emily-Anne Mowitt 7/2/2007
     I Love Actressing! ive always wanted to become an actress my whole life! It seems like a... by Nikki 7/2/2007
     my name is sarah and i have all ways wanted to be an actress its a dream of mine i just... by sarah 7/2/2007
     hey... i have always wunted to be an actress but my parents dont like the idea so... by Beth 7/4/2007
     i would love to be an actress i have been in loads of school plays and my dream would to... by nicky 7/5/2007
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     please make me an actress i love to act please i want people to know me everywhere i go by crysti 7/9/2007
     my dream is to act it is my favorite thing in the world please help me do my dream to be... by peaunt 7/10/2007
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     I am 9 years old and i really badly want to be come an actress.Please help my dream come... by Michelle 7/12/2007
     I want to be an actress. I will love to do any role. I promise i will do my best. i anyone... by star 7/14/2007
     hi my name is alyssa i have always wanted to become famous! I always play the most... by acisthebest 7/15/2007
What is the temperature of a red star. Primarily HAMAL of the constellation Aries. by Stephanie11/19/03
     bjkmn vghcdh tsut ouihkjh by uiuhj1/11/04
     I would really like to know please tell me. by Becca3/4/04
     What are the temperatures for the stars in the Aries Constellation by Katie5/20/04
     i am a ugly little hamster/pig!!!!!!!!! by Lauren marie jones6/1/04
     I just let a silent one by CAM F 3/3/05
     why don't you ask the ancient god of shut the hell up by grandmas meatloaf 11/18/05
     Im Loving It by Craven Morehead 1/10/2006
     kay...anyone know the longitude and latitude of aries..? by J-Lynn 10/12/2006
     Stars form inside relatively dense concentrations of interstellar gas and dust known as... by Smart person 11/27/2006
     you f###### mom b by dfrtghgft 6/6/2007
what are the top 2 breeds of blue/grey pitbulls and the general prices for them by rueben4/5/04
     We bought a Blue, AKC certified. The breeder sold it to us for $500.00, with the papers. ... by Vel6/18/04
     greyline, razoredge, and gotti. prices anywhere from 500.00 to 3000.00 dollars depending... by Ron 10/30/04
     razors edge is a great breed over $1200 by dude 1/13/05
     razors edge over $1000 by dude 1/13/05
     You are so dumb, AKC don't even allow pitbulls in there. You have a American Staffy idiot by Master 2/2/05
     I have a friend whos going to be selling blue/grey pits without papers and they will be... by oreocreaming 3/8/05
     i have a female blue pit that i bought for 1500$. she is watchdog/grand champ art... by joe 5/13/05
     greyline, razors edge, or gottyline are the best blue pitbull bloodlines. They range any... by cricket 6/10/05
     the 2 top breeds of blues are razors edge an watchdog bloodlines by pit crew 8/6/2006
     1000 by irfan 12/23/2006
pergo flooring how to finish the edge at the fire place the last plank was ripped in half... by pete11/4/03
     Use two end pieces. Stack them one atop the other to give a flexible end line. Ste them... by Gumby2/21/04
what is SD RAM, DDR RAM and what is the difference between the two? by uday3/11/04
     i don't know about it?? by waseem5/20/04
     DDR ram has a bunch of pins where they connect into the port on your motherboard, the pins... by chordieleforge7/3/04
     SD RAM stands for Single Data Random Access Memory. It has a different paging system, for... by Robert7/5/04
     The SD Ram's Mx frequency is is 133mhz where as DDR 's Minimum Frequency is 266Mhz and... by sasikumar7/13/04
     My answer to the difference is yes there is a difference and a big one if you sit down and... by Red7/20/04
     what is the different between the fire wall and anti virus?? by dexoptic2001 8/17/04
     pins difference is the best answer by dhyanyogi 9/22/04
     Where does Single Data RAM come from? I've always heard that SDRAM is Synchronous dynamic... by JD 10/5/04
     SDR Stands for single data rate/DDR is for double Data Rate( Syncrhonous Dynamic Random) ... by Ritesh Dadhich 10/13/04
     SD RAM - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory - Oldest currently used - Up to... by dojon 11/1/04
     well actually sdram is known as Synchronous dynamic random access memory where did you... by bob 11/4/04
     There are three main types of memory in common use today. SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM),... by Guest 11/9/04
     Performance wise which is better SD or RD by Raja 12/31/04
     u NEEEKs by hi 1/31/05
     SD RAM is synchronous (single) dynamic random access memory.In SD RAM data on positive and... by PARIMAL CHAUDHARI 3/18/05
     Short for Synchronous DRAM, a type of DRAM that can run at much higher clock speeds than... by JB 3/23/05
     1.SDR RAM (single data rate random access memory as some would know) come in as pc66,... by harish 3/24/05
     Can I buy a 512MB SD ram to replace my old 128MB SR ram? by PoohSR 4/24/05
     Hey, thanks. This has been really helpful. by Joe Schmuck 4/24/05
     I am a little puzzeled by this. My computer is currently running one 512 MB of PC133 Ram.... by Fernando 5/5/05
     DDR: This is a new type of RAM called Double Data Rate RAM. It is used in some of the... by Javed armani 5/12/05
     Hi I got a question. I'm not too familiar with computers and would like to know that if... by Hero 5/18/05
     Simply DDRRAM is Double Data Rate RAM. this is RAM which handles data at twice the speed... by ramasujan 5/21/05
     Hi All I have a question ? The vendor from which i got my laptop says the RAM is DDR II... by Manish 6/4/05
     I had a question.. About video cards..does the kind of memory in that make a difference..... by Cerealkiller 6/20/05
     I see it's been a while since anyone posted to this page, but if anyone still cares... ... by fugly 7/5/05
     I think SD is slow and DDR is fast. Where SD uses one side of its technology. But DDR Ram... by arockz 7/12/05
     i had visited one website regarding this it states as The first time we heard about the... by JP 8/2/05
     thanks a lot, your answers really help by windex 8/4/05
     Most of the differences are covered ..just to add them..generally DDR is designed for... by Asad Uz zaman 8/14/05
     Most of the differences are covered ..just to add them..generally DDR is designed for... by Asad Uz zaman 8/14/05
     Most of the differences are covered ..just to add them..generally DDR is designed for... by Asad Uz zaman 8/14/05
     It's simple, SDRAM is Synchronous dynamic random access memory delivers bursts of data at... by charu joshi 9/21/05
     SDR has two pin divider, while DDR has only one pin divider. by bug0y 12/4/05 by RTFM 12/7/05
     my answer is that ,,as my friend SASIKUMAR had already said SD Ram's Mx frequency is is... by Balaji 12/7/05
     The SD Ram's Mx frequency is is 66 to 133mhz where as DDR 's Minimum Frequency is 266Mhz... by 2/13/2006
     They are spelt different =) by Tony Pepperoni! 3/1/2006
     deear sir i hav intarsted ddr ram blk by shivnath singh 3/24/2006
     DDR- stands for Double data rate RAM. and SD - stands for Single data rate RAM. ... by sitaram 3/30/2006
     the difference is DDR is double the speed of the SD ram... by theva 4/2/2006
     i am very satishfied. yur answer is correct thanks regards Binod by Binod 4/7/2006
     A very interesting RAM type is the DDR RAM, which was expected to hit the market in 2001.... by Am 5/17/2006
     A very interesting RAM type is the DDR RAM, which was expected to hit the market in 2001.... by Am 5/17/2006
     SD RAM stands for synchronous data ram and DDR stands for Dual Data RAM.DDR has got a... by Anand 5/31/2006
     yes it is true, ddr ram is double data rate and is in the process of replacing single data... by another guy 6/7/2006
     SD RAM means Single Data Random Access Memory and DDR RAM Means Dual Data Transfer Random... by Prakash 6/15/2006
     SD Ram isn't SDR SDRAM it's just though DDR is DDR SDRAM. I made this foolish mistake once... by the_raw 6/25/2006
     SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR is short for "DDR SDRAM"... by rpg 6/26/2006
     ddr ram is new and latest version of sdram and it more faster than sd ram now all mother... by niki 7/10/2006
     Your computer probably uses both static RAM and dynamic RAM at the same time, but it uses... by ALBY 8/2/2006
     F*ck u, assholes by Tha Great 8/3/2006
     SDR RAM means Single Data Reading Random Access Memory which has two Cuts in it and this... by 8/21/2006
     DDR > SD (DDR is pretty much double your ram) 1GB=2GB by King Bot 9/2/2006
     1> SDRAM means synchronous dynamic random access memory which is a type of solid state... by Neol Miller 9/24/2006
     what the maxiumum RAM support in VIA matherboard the type of RAM is(sd RAM). by mohammad 9/30/2006
     All what people are saying here is true.actually there are differences in DD and SD... by Chedan 10/4/2006
     ithink there is no dfrnt by dodo 10/13/2006
     SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR is short for "DDR SDRAM"... by Nirmal 10/15/2006
     SD RAM is "Single Data Random Access Memory. it was uesed in old computers because of the... by prem 10/19/2006
     SD RAM is "Single Data Random Access Memory. it was uesed in old computers because of the... by prem 10/19/2006
     In a clock cycle there is a leading edge and a falling edge. The SDRAM transfers data only... by A J 11/8/2006
     My existing computer is equipped with 2 * 64mb of RAM. ( type PC100 ) I am seeking to... by 11/14/2006
     Yeah but whats the differance between DDR and DDR 2 and DDR 3 and DDR4 by Loner 11/15/2006
     yes Thanks by prakash gosavi 12/4/2006
     may b m ADDICTED m out of control the onlyy drug tht keep me from DYING may b m a lier but... by ROCKY 12/13/2006
     The difference is SD / DDR by DDR 1/16/2007
     how may pins are there??? u big geeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by ict geeks are on this site! 1/18/2007
     SD-RAM: As the name itself suggests SINGLE DATA RATE RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY i.e., when data... by Bobby 2/10/2007
     i am also supporting the sd ram because u will check out hat type of ram is sutable to our... by bhanu 2/16/2007
     SDRAM means synchronous dynamic random access memory which is a type of solid state... by Pramod V Maladkar 3/1/2007
     http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/DDR_SDRAM#Chip_specification Fallow the above link you will... by Kiran Kumar 3/4/2007
     my ans. is that the SD-RAM is a static dynamic randam access memory has two notch looks... by sam 3/9/2007
     DDR ram can read write at the time, where as SD can only do a single function plus the... by ardwlf 3/9/2007
     The diffrence between SD Ram and DD RAM is that SD RAM transfer the data on the rising... by Ahteshamul Haq 3/13/2007
     SDRAM(Single Density Ram) have ICs built at single side of PCB Board.It is slower memory... by sunilsadh 3/21/2007
     kick wasim out by khalid 4/3/2007
     I would like to know what the difference is between SD RAM and SDDR Ram by 190574 4/6/2007
     sdr ram stands for SUPER DoopER REtaRDED RAM and ddr stands for DOUBLE DOOPER RACY RAM by wayne kerr 4/26/2007
     Can someone tell me about Megahertz compatibility.... What does it mean when your computer... by Milk 4/28/2007
     Usually with two notches, one close to the center and one further to the side. These are... by sunil shinde 5/18/2007
     In electronic engineering, DDR2 SDRAM or double-data-rate two synchronous dynamic random... by Rizwan 6/9/2007
     SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR is short for "DDR SDRAM"... by fk 6/16/2007
     idont know by suma 7/2/2007
     My answer is differ from others, DDR is more power full and more extensibility but... by Dashani Kutty Amma 7/2/2007
     please the speed of my computer in depend to the ram or the ram+ anything by beter james 7/19/2007
     iipo998o9o9oppoi by kukyy6yi 7/19/2007
What is the body temperature of a Baboon, Bald Eagle, Camel, cat, chicken, cow, dog,... by britt12/1/03
     what u have to concer by eftfg 11/22/04
     look it up yourself by jo 12/1/04
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     What is the body temperature of a baboon, camel, rabbit, and a lion? by jeane 12/1/05
     I haven't looked these up, but they're close and all individuals vary anyhow. chicken is... by lowri 2/6/2006
when is the red dwarf movie going to be out by smeg head6/25/04
     as soon as its made by zimmer_rimmer 12/16/04
     here are a few things I found just doing a google search engine .... 21st September... by typo 4/9/05
     Shortly after the Red Dwarf movie has finished being made by Fat Guy No. 5 7/3/05
What is the value of a 1953 red print five dollar bill? by russell5/6/04
     100 dollars by klippel 1/17/05
     i dont know by cooljsa 9/24/05
     What is the value of a 1953 red print five dollar bill? by mickey 3/22/2006
     hey.... the value of the bill all depends on the condition. If you can, send me a scan of... by cjustice 5/14/2006
     about 1,000.00 by tybadboy8 12/30/2006
     what is the value of a red print five dollar bill by deanne 3/7/2007
When is some on going to make a Kingdom hearts 2. by wade9/1/03
     do you know when this game will be released in Australia by paul roach2/3/04
     It will be coming out next year but before kingdom hearts 2 there will be kingdom hearts... by Dark mage 3022/9/04
     hi you are stupid, it is already out. i have 10 of them already it came out like 1 year... by hi2/15/04
     I've Wildly been anticipating the arrival of KH2. In GI (Game Informer) i think it said it... by Agua2/18/04
     I have been all over the net and I didn't find the exact date it was coming but I do know... by Trey2/21/04
     you people are idiots. you dumb heads it came out on 2002 dummies. YOUR NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by kimberly fought2/22/04
     *sighs* if you're insulting them then I'm assuming you are American idiots... which is the... by Eldar the High-Elf2/23/04
     For the love of god, will you all please, Shut up!! by Big Balla3/13/04
     Hey Dark Mage, You don't have to do the time trial in the hades cup You just have to win... by BRockz13/14/04
     You guys are wierd. Well. See ya later. by rew3/16/04
     How much will it be? I haerd it'll be about $50. by Shadow Girl3/16/04
     yes it is about 50$ by Tiffany3/17/04
     I read about there things up there and I think there the idiots! Kingdom hearts 2 is... by Tdog3/17/04
     I haven't heard anything except I think its coming out in December 2004 but ok do any of... by K.P3/19/04
     they never came out with a kingdom hearts 3 in japan, hence there will never be a kingdom... by Bowel_Movement3/21/04
     I don't know when kingdom hearts 2 will be out because I live in Washington and I don't... by michael maki 3/21/04
     Will Kh2 come in december? are you guys certain? by BloodyAngelus4/7/04
     um i heard kingdom hearts 2 was coming out on September like 11th or something like that... by zyzan4/9/04
     its coming out on december 2004 and how do u get to the 100 acre wood in the first one? ... by chris4/9/04
     The way you get to Hundred Acre Woods is by going to Merlin's house and clicking on a book... by Murdering Sora4/10/04
     It is coming out on Dec. 30, 2004 and it is going to be ten times better then the first... by cam4/10/04
     I cant wait what was that about something for gameboy before the next one by Keyblade master4/11/04
     I know a whole lot about Kingdom Hearts 2. If anybody wants to know tell me on here! Bye!... by Princess Sarah4/18/04
     Everyone needs to stop putting others down about there questions! I didn't know that KH2... by Jay dawg4/26/04
     Kh2 is coming out in dec. 2004 and CoM isnt coming out till a long time.its coming out in... by you guys are stupid4/28/04
     KH2 is comming out december 20, 2004 and I am positive about that date.(my dad works for... by hey5/2/04
     Kingdom hearts 2 is not out yet but it maybe in website is offering to let u pre... by das5/5/04
     First of all Kingdom Hearts is and Ok game. You have got to try the final fantasy series.... by bill5/6/04
     when does kh2 come out i love that game the mall dont even konw when it comes out by twik5/17/04
     When does Kingdom Hearts 2 come out. I heard it was coming out in December but what... by kingdomheartsfan6/13/04
     this is all the info i got on There has as of the moment been limited... by darkmaster6/19/04
     Chain of Memories: The Turning Point of GBA RPGs Although its for the Gameboy Advance,... by darkmaster6/19/04
     Will There Be Kairi And Riku In Kingdom Hearts 2 In This Video Game That Will Be Coming... by Ryan Pace6/20/04
     the first one sucked i don't see why you guy's are all wraped up in a stupid video game... by evin6/21/04
     hey i was told it was comming out on sep 11 in Aus but i think the guy got it mixed up... by Cherry~Lee6/26/04
     I really want KH2 to come out real soon but i live in the UK and have no idea of the... by sora,kairi6/27/04
     hey, person from UK! Well I heard it'll probably come out sometime in January. Oh, Evin,... by Trey Patton6/28/04
     xlkfzjkdcjdgujegrufjkdkodzdkoxofcjigjssdi uriiitidjgirutdritsdri8eusriertoesutoesut teiotyei... by kimbely fought6/30/04
     i want everyone to know that i have KH and finished it so if any body needs help write... by kairi7/3/04
     KH2 loooooks awsome!!!!!!!!!! Oh and all you @$$'s who dont like KH1 and 2 suck!!!!!! by heartless hunter 8/8/04
     I heard that kingdom hearts 2 is coming out this year in November in Downey in a game... by Juan 8/22/04
     i heard that kingdom hearts 2 will come out around the middle of next year. i also heard... by polly 9/7/04
     i am a bigger kingdom hearts fan than any one in the whole world.I have finished kingdom... by kane=skill 9/14/04
     i need to have some straight answers please!!! i am from australia and i want to know... by Miccy  9/18/04
     I live in Hawaii. Will that change the date of the games arrival? You heard me....HAWAI... by Soku girl! 9/23/04
     I've pre ordered KH2, and its meant to be coming out on the 17th December in the UK. I... by Rinoa 9/29/04
     Hey guys, that zyzan was right. It comes out sept. 25 of 2005. Go to this website for more... by Millburg 10/2/04
     hey evin..dont submit n e thing if ur gunna say all that crap. and since you just insulted... by Millburg 10/2/04
     When does Kingdom hearts 2 come out in America by Big boy 10/7/04
     please if anybody can help me when is the exact date that kingdom hearts 2 is coming out? ... by clooud is sooo hot! 10/10/04
     kindom hearts 2 should come out in 11 days so save your money i cant Wait to find more... by scott 10/30/04
     KH2 is coming out in December 20. by kiara31061 11/6/04
     Evin you stink KH is the best , just shut up. by Beku 11/15/04
     If any1 wants to know it is for sure coming out on December 20, 2004. oh and evin ur the... by DarkShade122 11/18/04
     i heard it might come out around January 11, of 2005 by KH ROKS! 11/20/04
     i beat kingdom hearts in five days and got everything in record time and got to the acre... by Dark E.J. 12/3/04
     Please tell me when KH2 is uming out! I live in Australia,I heard It's coming here... by Kingdom Hearts Seeker 12/3/04
     I think it's coming out 9/14/04 by Kingdom GUrrrl 12/17/04
     yo everyone kingdom hearts is da best dam game around and for all of those people who is... by Darkmatta54 12/18/04
     when will Kindom Hearts 2 come out for the Playstation 2? by KHLover57 12/21/04
     i need help with the white room in Kingdom Hearts COM (GBA). What are you soposed to do... by WhiteWolf 12/26/04
     well i dont no when kh2 will be coming coming and id like to get it on ps2 i hope it will... by kingdom hearts rock 12/28/04
     Is King Mickey really evil? In the previews KH; COM and KH2, King Mickey is wearing a... by Gamedude 5 1/8/05
     Can someone please just tell me if they know when kh2 is coming out for sure? no more of... by riku 1/8/05
     god ur all idiots its freaking 2005 and im waiting like he;l!!!!!!! by FatFace 1/19/05
     yall r idiots it comes out december 2005 by Alex 1/20/05
     Kingdom Hearts 2 Is comming out September 9 2005! OK and its an awsome game and I cant... by Anonomys 1/21/05
     u all suk ass KH:Com came out like a month ago and KH2 is suppose to come out september... by KeybladeMaster 1/21/05
     Kh2 is supposed to be incredible accdoding to what i know there willbe new key chains and... by Marluxia 1/21/05
     I have heard that Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out on the 14th of September, 2005 in... by dooms day 1/25/05
     ummm its like january 26 2005 and its not out yet when does it come out in america by person 1/26/05
     hahahaha ur so stoopid! kh2 is gonna be released in september 2005 lolz. and 4 that person... by Khanh 1/29/05
     i read a few reviews in Australia and some of them point out that in America it will be... by paul roach 2/7/05
     yeah 'evin' why are you on here if you don't like KH?DUH! that was the best game ever! hey... by princess of heart 2/12/05
     it's probaly coing out in mid 2005 fr Australia by bob 2/19/05
     You don't haved to get anything besides beating the game to get the valley scene by Brendan 3/3/05
     I'm confused.disney adventures said Kh2 will be released in summer 2005,while GI said... by RikuaiganstHades 3/13/05
     Both KH are really cool THE GOOD THING IS... IT IS THE #2 GAME IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Bob 3/23/05
     it coming out 9/26/05 by know it alllllllllllllllllllll 3/28/05
     I read a new paper artical on the creater of kingdom heart and he says that it comes out... by Tsuyama 3/30/05
     kh2 i cant wait and like what bill said and trey patton sayed and i think evon is gay by leprechaunking 4/9/05
     all you guys are fukin idiots it's comin out in austraila in a few months and already in... by i'm right  4/12/05
     KH2 is most likely coming out in australia in 2005 about mid-year. I read it in a PS2 mag... by Zidane 4/15/05
     i love kingdom hearts,2 will be cool 2. soz i don't know when it comes out by cass cass 4/22/05
     Every ones got it all wrong Kingdom Hearts 2 will be coming out in America in September.... by Dan da man 4/23/05
     when kh2 comes out..We'll definetly see kairi will we! by SSD(reddevil)  4/24/05
     i think its coming out DEC 2005 by yo homies 4/25/05
     is kh2 coming out in island? by liam 5/7/05
     ok its 2005 and its not out. will it ever come out in america? how long does it take them... by zack 5/10/05
     Kingdom hearts 2 will not come out in 2004, it will come out late 2005- early 2006. It... by someone who bothered to check their spelling 5/18/05
     kingdom hearts rocks if you like the first one you will love the KH2. its coming out in... by blake 5/25/05
     Kingdom hearts 2 is coming out in November 2006 no questions asked oh by the way dont ask... by Kingdom fan 5/26/05
     Kingdom Hearts 2 is comin out Dec.1 in 2005 if you want cool pics and trailers and stuff... by ro 6/5/05
     For all the people who said that it will come out in 2004 in America it's past 2004 and... by Christina 6/8/05
     i don't mean to be rude, but 2004 has already passed and kh2 has NOT i repeat NOT come out... by eragon 6/20/05
     Does anyone know how to beat ansem when u fight the 2nd time with just sora?? its hard i... by person 6/21/05
     when is kingdom hearts coming out on playstation 2? by tayari appiah 6/23/05
     KH2 is coming out in 05-06 its freaking 06/30/05 and no single comercial by jslim 6/30/05
     Dude, KH is cool 'n all, but you guys should all just CHILL!!! by Kaylynn 7/1/05
     i think that its coming out in fall :( by mad man 7/1/05
     is this all about the USA what about england by luke_steele234 7/3/05
     omg yur all idiots it hasn't been out yet and it's august 2005. it's going to come out in... by ugh 7/23/05
     your fat by jedi 7/24/05
     does KH COM have anything to do with KH2? cuz i dont have a gameboy so i cant get COM by rachel 7/25/05
     When is KH2 gunna come out in the USA? ANYBODY? by Soradude11 7/25/05
     it is 2005 now. it is coming out december 4 2005. dddddduuuuuuhhhhhhh! STUPIDHEADS by keeterbeat 7/26/05
     Im in America oregon its 2005 and im not sure when KH 2 comes out so if you can tell me... by kindomheartfan 7/27/05
     OK! Kingdom hearts 2 is has been confirmed that it will be released in the Winter of 2005.... by Josh 8/1/05
     i have beaten kingdom hearts i am basically the master. i know every keyblade every spell... by evan 8/2/05
     yeah its coming out on the first of December 2005... it came out in America in june.. by AIMOSS 8/5/05
     i saw previews of kingdom hearts 2 and its like number 1 and i really like aron from ff by sora the keyblade master  8/10/05
     kh22 should come this year in December by sean 8/11/05
     first of all i dont think there's gonna be a kingdom hearts 3. ive gone to lots of sites... by AJwolf  8/26/05
     February 2nd 2006 is when KH2 comes out for USA, I strongly advise you to completely... by I like peanuts 8/27/05
     in america its coming out sometime in late november i went to gamestop and pre ordered it by cj 8/27/05
     guess what people k wait first of all who ever said kh2 is coming out 2004 are stupid. I... by AJwolf 8/27/05
     If your waiting for kh2 to come out, have you defeated the snake monster in Agrabah,... by Donald 9/2/05
     look guys its sep 6 2005 right now i just went to the store and theres NO DAM GAME! plus i... by zebrak 9/6/05
     hey dose any1 no when kh2 (kingdom hearts 2) well be comin to wa australia coz im dieing... by georgie 9/9/05
     When will KH2 be coming out in the USA? by Fricke 9/9/05
     who cares if u have completed it i have 2 its no big deal well its good . great... by dude 9/14/05
     Pfft, you are all wrong. Kingdom hearts 2 is coming out in america on September the 17th.... by Fondled 9/17/05
     Hey um CAN SUM1 PLZ TELL ME WEN KH2 COMES OUT IN AUSTRALIA.... i rekon KH1 was awesome and... by Rin 9/17/05
     KH2 is coming out some time in September 2005. Today the date is September 23 and it still... by Casey 9/23/05
     kh2 is coming out on Feb/2/06 im certain of it by feb 2 9/25/05
     kh2 is coming out on Feb/2/06 im certain of it and its multiplayer by feb 2 9/25/05
     i heard its coming out a mach 1 by dfgdfg 9/27/05
     lol its out dec 2005 in japan so we will probly get it 2006 (we means uk and amarica) by dante 10/6/05
     kingdom hearts 2 has not come out and its already 2005 ive heard it doesnt come out until... by moonwolf 10/7/05
     kh2 comes out early 2006 so stuff you all muahahahahahahahahahah if you want any informati... by Riku2112 10/8/05
     It Still didn't come out. everybody said it come out in DEC 2004.ITs Oct 2005.IT STILL... by Andy 10/9/05
     Does anyone know when its coming out in Australia yet?? by Sally 10/25/05
     when is kingdom hearts 2 coming out please contact as soon as you know by biscut 10/31/05
     kairi how do you defeat ansem easily by riku 11/1/05
     Evin you are the gay one with closed mind a game is in different ways to us it lets us see... by leroy lee 11/2/05
     u r all idiots kh2 is not out it wont b till december 2005 by ganondorf 11/3/05
     i was looking on the internet and found out KH2 is coming to Australia on the 15th of... by Corinne_is_the_the_BEST 11/4/05
     when is kh coming out,but in australia by DRAGON_Slayer 11/4/05
     im sorry everyone, but the game won't be coming out until decenber 23, 2005 by bubblebutt 64 11/5/05
     hey all you idiots i heard that the game might come out dec. 05 by jmanz 11/6/05
     when will kingdom hearts 2 be out in australia as it is not out yet by jane 11/8/05
     Hello? I'm from the philippines and I just finished KH 1 and OMG it was sooo coooooolll.... by frosty13 11/9/05
     when does kingdom of hearts 2 come out by twix5768 11/9/05
     Um ok just so you all know the release date for the American version of Kingdom Hearts II... by DarkWolf623 11/11/05
     dam it what are you guys on about you guys say KH2 is coming december 2004 jebus christ im... by one winged angels 11/18/05
     Why do i have to fight ansem 3 times? by dark sora 11/18/05
     I heard that kh2 was coming out November 16 by dark bloodz 11/20/05
     I believe the date it is coming out in the US is Feb. 2. Japan/China December 22. And for... by weasledude 11/20/05
     i think that you ppl ( who like kh2 are awsome) ppl who dont likr it why do you even... by anime junkie101 11/20/05
     PLEASE someone let me know when KH2 comes out in the u.s. not Australia or the u.k. just... by Sweet52 11/21/05
     when is kingdom hearts 2 really going to be out and dont try to lie by j 11/23/05
     I heard that Kingdom Hearts 2 will be released in Japan 12/22/05. I was very disappointed... by Cloud Strife 11/23/05
     You guys are all idiots!In USA it is coming out in 2005 or 2006.And I think Australia will... by Sakura 11/25/05
     Ummmmmm this has been a little useful...but who defiantly knows the real date by Aimz 11/25/05
     kingdom hearts is coming out when JApan Dec 2005 Amreica March 2006 Europe 2006 by Rob 11/26/05
     All of you are stupid because it does not come out until 2005 on Dec. 2 you idiots. COM... by Best KH playa 11/29/05
     I bet you just read this lol :P by me again lol 11/30/05
     hey i live in us and i dont think kh2 came out yet! by jared 12/3/05
     I'v read all of the answers and you guys are all dumb kh chain of memories came out like... by p cubed 12/7/05
     When is KH2 coming out in Australia? I already finished The first one!!!!!!! And i wanna... by Sora 12/10/05
     i heard it wont come out till may 2006 by roxy 12/10/05
     the normal kingdom hearts came out 2002 by roxy 12/10/05
     FF is awesome but Kh is better by cman 12/17/05
     kingdom hearts 2 comes out on the 2/2/06 by sora 12/20/05
     this is for Eldar the High-Elf, Americans are not idiots. I'man American and it only took... by Rikku2 12/21/05
     Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out in 2005 Christmas or early or mid 2006. It did'ntcome out... by ***Filo_Jason*** 12/23/05
     In Australia KH2 comes out in january 2006 by Hans 12/23/05
     Kingdom Hearts 2 was released in Japan on the 22nd of December 2005. The English Version... by Anonymous 12/26/05
     you guys are all stupid kingdom hearts 2 isn't coming out until march 2006.or so that's... by I love KH 12/30/05
     i need help on kh com by zsfgs 12/31/05
     your all idiots it comes out this year on the 28 of feb......jeeez ask your bloody game... by oblivion_942 1/3/2006
     I am seriously confused. When is KH2 coming out in AUSTRALIA? I need to know. please if... by SORA,  KAIRI,  RIKU  1/5/2006
     ok i know this will break all of your hearts but um its not coming out till spring 2006. i... by Danielle 1/7/2006
     Um guys its 2006 and kingdom hearts still isnt out lol by sam 1/7/2006
     if u go to your nearest eb games store they will tell you that kh2 is coming out 1/4/06 i... by Ballet_boy 1/9/2006
     i liked the 1st kh alot i think that the second might even be beter i hav also finished... by sora 1/10/2006
     kh2 is coming out in march 22, 2006, and you all suck by you_guys_suck 1/13/2006
     your all wrong it ain't coming out until 2006. stupid idiot's by king of the keyblade 1/14/2006
     ur all dippys its not out yet and its 2006 i wana know when it will be out in au! by im no dippy 1/19/2006
     For all of your guy's and gal's sakes...........KH2 in UK is already out! KH2 is also... by Boo 1/19/2006
     it will come out march 30 2006 or th 15 or 1... by raz 1/24/2006
     i heard it comes out in aussie late in o6 by Aid 1/26/2006
     Ive heard that KH2 comes out on March 15th 2006 in the United states. Also, Kairi, ive... by kingdom hearts king 1/28/2006
     I really want a chance to play this game because I beat the first one billions of times... by Riku's blade 1/30/2006
     there is great news for all the KH fans KH2 will be released this year new worlds and new... by paul roach 2/5/2006
     YOU ALL SUCK KINGDOM HEARTS IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! AND YOU CAN JUST... by WerdupGangtas 2/5/2006
     Kingdom Hearts 2 will come out in March 2,2006.I am sure because the people in Gamestop... by Manjot  2/6/2006
     Kh came out in 2002,chain of memories came out in 2003 or2004,and Kh2 is coming out march... by Kamerin 2/8/2006
     OK, Your ALL WRONG! KINGDOM HEARTS 2 COMES OUT IN TH U.S. ON MARCH 30, 2006!!!! IT CAME... by Derek 2/8/2006
     you guys are retarded its coming out in march either the 28th or the 31st. by start11blink182 2/17/2006
     Now, since this was written 2 yrs ago, i can give u the answer, as far as i no, Kingdom... by Mitch 2/18/2006
     i think kingdom hearts II is supposed to come out 3/1/06 in U.S.A, they keep pushing it... by Air 2/20/2006
     When is KH2 coming out in America? by adventchildren73 2/22/2006
     ok...well im new here so from what I heard KH2 is coming out March,25 or 28,2006.And there... by riku 2/28/2006
     Kingom Hearts is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And does anybody like the Fullmetal Alchemist... by riku 2/28/2006
     I had Kingdom Hearts 1 but i'vefinished, so I could get Kingdom Hearts 2 for Playstation... by Cody Johnathan Douglas Ellis 3/3/2006
     i'm'mvery sorry, i'm'min 28 Chisolm Cresent Seymour Victoria Australia Earth Milky Way and... by Cody Johnathan Douglas Ellis 3/3/2006
     you retords the kingdom hearts 2 game is coming 3/28/06 in the u.s by evin 3/5/2006
     This is to evin, i think you are gay! Kingdom Hearts is the greatest game ever! And... by La La 3/10/2006
     All Australian people Kingdom Hearts 2 will be released on the 11th Of May 2006. So its... by JViola 3/11/2006
     every single one of u are retards. kh2 came out in jap in 2005, december 22nd, i think. in... by justam 3/12/2006
     hello everyone kingdom hearts 2 hasent come out yet and it is 2006 by butters 3/13/2006
     Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming out on the 3rd of September 2006 in Australia 4th and 5th in... by 3/14/2006
     Ummmm............. let me just say u guys are numchucks Kingdom Hearts 2 is comin out this... by Shadow Saz 3/14/2006
     OMG its March 2006 and its coming out this month, no way kh3 will come out this year, lol.... by BIll 3/15/2006
     I now when it really comes out for the US and canada 03/28/06 by Mike from canada 3/20/2006
     I now when it really comes out for the US and Canada 03/28/06 by Mike from canada 3/20/2006
     you guys are all dumb its coming out this month in the USA by Jewls 3/21/2006
     I just found out when its coming out march 28 2006 thats awesome by Jewls 3/21/2006
     thats australia's KH2 release date (around) by axel 3/21/2006
     kingdom hearts 2 comes out march 28 2006 by jksonn 3/23/2006
     I really need to know when KH2 is coming to australia it is now 2006 AND IT'S STILL NOT... by missymossy 3/24/2006
     I just want to know when it's coming out in US plz somebody tell me the date. by black water mage 3/26/2006
     when is kingdom hearts 2 comin out in Western australia by bumsucker 3/27/2006
     it's due for release in June in Australia but it's not confirmed yet by sam 3/27/2006
     No one has answerd us when kh2 is comin out!!!!! by ???????? 3/28/2006
     I thought kingdom hearts 2 would come out in 2006 march 28 by Darkking100 3/28/2006
     KH22 is has came out in the u.s.a on th 28/3/06 and the price it is going for is $59.90 i... by digegirl 3/29/2006
     omg i havent even finished the first one, im still in the world after neverland XD but i... by joanna 3/30/2006
     omg 2004 someone said right??? its like 2006 now and im about ready to commit suicide cuz... by kingdomraider 4/1/2006
     KH2 is out in the u.s.a but coming out in australia ether in april or may juging time for... by roxas girl friend 4/4/2006
     hey i have a question i've already beat both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom hearts 2 how is... by Leeanna 4/4/2006
     It came out March 29 by Popop 4/8/2006
     When will it be out in the UK? by XxHeartlessxX 4/10/2006
     All your dates are way off, it's been showing it on the official website of Kingdom Hearts... by Dana 4/12/2006
     it came it out in 2004 december 20.But the hard thing that you didnt know that it wasnt... by sora blade 4/12/2006
     I heard kh2 (not kh chain of memerois)i heard it comes out in april srry to ruin suspense... by sipher34 4/12/2006
     OMG u all r stupid kingdom hearts is out in 2006 (America) not Dec. 2004 retards. I just... by juaklasd 4/12/2006
     i need help beating Ursula the first time i am about at level 29. by blazimaster 4/15/2006
     when is kh2 is coming to Ireland by p 4/16/2006
     whens there going to be a kingdom hearts 3 i already beat # 2 by (unknown) 4/16/2006
     o my god u retards the first guy said Australian release date A U S T R A L I A N god... by kh freak 4/17/2006
     well your all wrong cause its now 2006 and the game still is not out in australia!!!!!! ... by toothpick 4/17/2006
     this is 2006 jakass by rr 4/17/2006
     well i also am dying for the realease of kingdom hearts to, in AUSTRALIA might i add for... by s0ral0vskairie 4/20/2006
     I can't believe it! It's 2006 and it still hasn't come out! How long are they gonna delay... by Shadrow 4/20/2006
     Hi I'm new so will there be a kingdom hearts3 I"m dieing to know I beat kingdom hearts 2... by KIngdom hearts super fan 4/20/2006
     Hello, im not sure if anyone would be going on this still but its 2006 and still nothing... by Ultima 4/22/2006
     Oo 'Kaaaayyy.... by Kairi 4/24/2006
     when is kingdom hearts 2 coming out omg i am so horny over sora by mitsy 4/26/2006
     hey kairi i need help on the last time you fight riku when he is in his heartless mode by Sora 4/29/2006
     ur all ####### brained people it comes out late 2006 4 australia amerca has it and japan... by b 4/30/2006
     omg you guys. KH2 is already out silly heads. by poopie 4/30/2006
     When will kh2 come out in Australia i asked eb games when its coming out they said maybe... by Magon 5/2/2006
     SO yeah, you totally aren't answering none of the questions, i am a girl i love kh2, good... by ThisMuhScreename 5/2/2006
     Hey pplz i love kingdom hearts and cant wait til it comes out in aus. yay. UMmm the gurl... by Jay-d 5/5/2006
     well pplz hoo eva sed mid 2005 ur a bit rong aye. Its like mid 2006 n it still aint out... by Jay-d 5/5/2006
     It is out September 21st 2006 in the UK.. by Nextbigthing 5/5/2006
     KH2 is over baby, i beat it, the person with 2 keyblades, the name is roxas, and they all... by joop 5/6/2006
     it 2006 and kh2 still isnt out how guy im speakin from aus by the way by duude 5/7/2006
     hi so when is it coming out in AUS cause it 2006 and i havent seen it out in AUS yet and i... by chunky M0nkey  5/9/2006
     listen kindom Hearts came out in canada like April or may 2006! but i wont to know will... by roaxus 5/24/2006
     I cant figure out how to make the carpet go faster on kingdom of hearts 2. Can someone... by Tylar 5/27/2006
     do's any one know where the keyholes are by keyblade holder 6/14/2006
     Everyone KH2 came out in the US in the beginning of 2006!!!! So you all are retards!!!!!!!... by Ryan 6/15/2006
     ur all stupid i live in America and got the game a few months ago it didnt come out till... by troublemaker 6/16/2006
     Kh2 is coming to Australia 28 september 06. found it on wikipedia by gaybo 6/19/2006
     were can i buy kingdom hearts 2 by sam 6/19/2006
     Your all idiots. Its already 2006 and the game still hasnt been realeased for PAL ps2's... by the correct answer 6/24/2006
     KH2 hasnt come out yet in australia and you guys said it would come out in 2004, your info... by watsos 6/28/2006
     when is kh22 going to come out in south Australia no1 cares about when its coming out in... by desi giotas 6/28/2006
     it will come out in september some time by sorasdaman 7/7/2006
     american assholes get it early 2006 but australiana have to wait till aug 06 by ehehehh 7/9/2006
     They do have Kingdom Hearts 3 it comes out in December 2007 in Australia and Febuary some... by Hearty 7/12/2006
     I just started, and I'm at the Disney Castle, and I can't find the gummy ship. Could... by Kitten 7/12/2006
     Does anyone know if they r going to come out with a kingdom hearts 3? And if they do,... by yankeeplyer 7/16/2006
     it is coming out some time this year in september an i can not wait cos the worlds inclued... by Heartless 7/18/2006
     when will kh2 be out in australia, i have fully clocked kh1 like 10 time, no kidding,... by Kai 7/23/2006
     its coming art in august by lewis 7/24/2006
     kh2 is already out in america i went i went there a few months back, i live in aus' it's... by Riku94 9/11/2006
     KH2 IS OUT IN Australia now, It will be available 28th september 2006 by Sora  9/15/2006
     KH2 is coming out on the 28th of sept. 2006 in Australia and has many new worlds but still... by KHFOOL 9/26/2006
     Do you guy's know if there will be a kingdom hearts 3 by Green day 11/15/2006
     I really just wanna kno if there is gonna be a Kingdom Hearts 3... cuz if not ima b... by Girl_Sephiroth 11/16/2006
     kingdom hearts 2 already out u all idiots by Sora 11/23/2006
     i need help on kh2 phone 07900411218 if you will help by cloud 12/2/2006
     Attention for the folowing users, We will be making Kingdom Hearts 3 coming soon by Tetsuya Nomura 3/17/2007
do you have any pictures of the real Hannibal Lecter? by cz21allstar8/3/03
     No, I do not. Though you can simply search for pictures by going to by Morbid Speculation11/2/03
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     I have seen the movies and I have seen the real person. he is in side us all every time we... by Jeremiah Johnson 10/7/04
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     Look for the movie manhunter 1986 by JUSTME 6/26/05
     Silence of the lambs and The texas chainsaw massacre are both based on the real serial... by Info finder 7/2/05
     Hannibal was based on real peeps like texas chainsaw, but u planks shud stop sayin u r... by punkipenguin and seb 7/4/05
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     hannibal lector is not real but the the person out of silence of the lambs is he was real... by kyle  morris  10/30/05
     He is based off of a real killer. The char used in the novels and movies is not real, but... by C. Richard 11/5/05
     He is based off of a real killer. The char used in the novels and movies is not real, but... by C. Richard 11/5/05
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     well i like totally think like that he is like stalking me and like dude whoa like hello... by yo mama is hanibil ector 5/29/2006
     i have see real pic by parand 6/27/2006
     Lecter is actually based on a real murderer. Thomas Harris was inspired by him by Lecterfan666 7/25/2006
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     all of you are stupid hannibal lector is rel person his real name is Hamilton Albert Fish.... by diva 10/31/2006
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     The story created by Thomas Harris, is infact a fictional tale. Though, it is based upon... by criminalpsychologist 4/6/2007
     Im actully Hannibal Lecter!!! I was serching the internet here today and i saw you needed... by Unknown 4/13/2007
     hannibal lecter is a gay. by allsmiles 4/29/2007
     his name was albert h fish!!! search him! @ @ @ @ @ @ @ ... by morgie82 6/3/2007
     Look hannibal lecter is indeed real. ok there is no reason to make it all up. After... by Someone 6/13/2007
     Hannibal was a serial killer who killed people and his signature of killing is cannibalism... by Jeremy 7/3/2007
     i have watched the movie "hannibal rising" and i have been searching everywhere to see if... by sabrina 7/14/2007
     hannibal lecter himself is fictional but the real hannibal lecter is albert fish here is... by H-lecter 7/16/2007
Does anyone want a free chocolate female lab with papers? by STEPHANIE11/11/03
     how old is she? where are you located? by lablover2/26/04
     I would be interested in a female chocolate lab. How old is she? Where is she located? by bubba4/15/04
     my parents made me get rid of my puppy I would love a chocolate lab,and give it a whole... by keri 11/16/04
     If you haven't found a home for her yet email me at just delete... by Rob 11/24/04
     I'd love one. Where is it located? How soon can I get it? by doglover 12/17/04
     amal2bloc k n 118 cym rabat 10050 morooco by mahdibadi 1/23/05
     I would love a female chocolate lab with papers... do you still have her? Where are you... by Bekah 12/7/05
     Could you give me information on her? And why our you giving her way for free? by Boomer 1/25/2006
     I would love her! But what's up? You are selling her for free! by Hay-Bay-Say-Kay 1/25/2006
     First off, DO NOT say where you're located to these freaks. They could do that, find you,... by LabbyGirly 2/9/2006
     by scooby doo 3/13/2006
     i don,t know by Danielle Ostrow 3/25/2006
     Stephanie, I live on a farm north of whistler b.c. Does she just need more time than you... by cam 4/14/2006
     yes i would be interested. how old? where are you? is she good with other dogs because i... by pink shorty 7/12/2007
What does 7 H of R mean? by ChazNora12/30/03
     7 holes of rain by dc1/29/04
     It's "7 Hills of Rome", moron. by cobaltx3/11/04
     7 Hours of Rest by Bryan 12/18/04
     my little brother said it was 7 highstops of reconciliation. lol by hanwil 12/22/05
     seven hours of rest by Jen 3/5/2007
     dude cobalt is right it means 7 hills of Rome. and moron is right what is your grade x- by toner 4/30/2007
how many people are in the world by asmita1/26/04
     Well, I'm pretty sure there is between 6 to 8 billion... I was just trying to find out... by Lindi4/15/04
     Currently about 6.4 billion actually! :P Number who have ever been born 106,456,367,669... by rICh5/26/04
     well I came to this site wondering how many people are in the world to compare it to the... by Jules5/27/04
     Ah, but if you believe God put man(kind) in charge of his creation - to manage it - then... by johns6/9/04
     There are about 8 billion people in the world. by Apor  Hobo 8/11/04
     There are 30 billion you idiots by Damnit 8/18/04
     I think about around 6 billion by ash 9/12/04
     * 6.4 billion people in the world * 25-50 billion animals killed each year as a result of... by Sam 10/11/04
     there are 646759600 people in October 17 2004 at 13:59 by tthedead 10/17/04
     I am only 11 but I think how you all want to know this kind of stuff is fascinating!! ... by Tanner 11/10/04
     i think that there are a lot more than six billion!! probably about 999 trillion or... by Movies1264 11/28/04
     wit yez aw oan a boot by fannybaws 12/8/04
     Jules, I see your point but... Animals are not near as important as humans maybe we... by hunnybunny 12/31/04
     just imagine if they all were alive, are you going to feed them? where do they all come... by jl 1/7/05
     UR ALL GAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! by Magri 62 1/9/05
     Wow, somebody is either lying through their teeth or are really misled or really stretchin... by davea0511 1/13/05
     obviously there are going to be hundreds of billions of people on earth but in england it... by Omnimoshu Tenakai 1/14/05
     there are actually 06491643642 :P by -ChArLiE- 1/19/05
     i fink that there's loads n loadz n loadz n loadz u cnt fink how many there iz it just... by ema 1/24/05
     a google by poop 1/27/05
     Actually i gathered this info of a scientificly calculated program and at the moment it is... by BLAKBOT 2/8/05
     You've got alot of faith by habdulkh 3/2/05
     We think that animal testing is cruel and unfair. I mean think if you were that animal... by A.V.K 3/5/05
     yow soon the worlds gonna sink from so manny people an come to a end by pooty 3/16/05
     i think there is approximately 6 to 8 billion people in the world. by Musarrat 3/19/05
     i think 6.4 billon by katie 3/26/05
     I think currently there is 6.4 billion people in the earth and people are growing up... by Musarrat 3/26/05
     there are 6.4 billion by mark 4/5/05
     The answer is 6.4 billion. I don't care what other people say. I needed to find out but I... by John Higginson 4/11/05
     1000000000000000 billion is the correct answer by ffff 4/13/05
     i reckon about 689 billion by bits 4/18/05
     1, because I am the only one who counts. by booing 4/18/05
     8 million by hi 5/3/05
     God has left us alone to our own devices. It is our choice whether we do it or not. I... by mar 5/16/05
     U have to be retarded to think that 25 to 50 billion animals are killed a year, thats more... by jon 6/19/05
     Probably about 7.9 billion. As of August 19th, 2005 by Becky 8/18/05
     i am 12 and I've had sex. and now Im pregnant. what should i do? Keep haveing sex? by Ray b 9/12/05
     roughly 0655327475 by benjamin 9/15/05
     6,470,818,671 people in this world! (I saw it on One Tree Hill last night) =] by Kim 10/6/05
     Recently there have been few people in the world as compared to ancient days due to... by Hentry 10/29/05
     how many people have my name? by yoselin 11/6/05
     For sure 6.4 billion are in the world that is the precise answer i am a scientist who... by Shell Bell 11/21/05
     You people R all nuts! Ya there is a lot of people in the world, but who cares! That's... by dancer 11/24/05
     there r wayyy too many pple in the world...we're so over populated and yes animal testing... by native 11/29/05
     6.4 billion people are in the world when you calculate your numbers correctly. First i... by harold 12/15/05
     6.4 billion people are in the world when you calculate your numbers correctly. First I... by harold 12/15/05
     actually about 9 billion. by dude 400 12/16/05
     about 3-4 billlion people by but head 12/21/05
     6.5billion are in the world not including my sis:D SHE DEAD by nick 1/9/2006
     you guys are weird eat me by mimi 1/10/2006
     6.5billion by nick ca** 1/10/2006
     A totall of 10 hundred people. by Mia 1/27/2006
     How many people are in the world by CHIN 2/6/2006
     please! Im so sick of thease animal rights activists.Animals are not people.Thats not to... by sara 2/26/2006
     please! Im so sick of thease animal rights activists.Animals are not people.Thats not to... by sara 2/26/2006
     You can never know how many people are in the world but I think about 6 to 8 billion ... by Georgia 3/2/2006
     Johns in the bible it also says that humans should not kill living animal. by Josephine 3/8/2006
     ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 01234567891011121314151617181920 by ======================GIOTJHFLGHTLGHTLHYRLTJHLTJHLTNLHNTKHYL 3/16/2006
     really there's about 6trillion people and by the year 2010 there well be a little over 7... by niki 3/20/2006
     Personally I'monly a kid.10 years old to be in fact!but I think there are way more people... by Riley Hutchens 3/29/2006
     u guys r fags i wana c the actual number not some fagget writing by :D bunny 4/12/2006
     Aniaml testing is sick n twisted i only agree wiv medical testing but 4 make up n stuff is... by Animalluver 4/17/2006
     I do not accept the validity of the 25-50 billion animals killed for animal testing. ... by Fiona Thompson 4/30/2006
     the real answer is 21 people the rest are robots or aliens just shoot people in the face... by SmokyMcPot 5/5/2006
     approx. 6billion and more very day. but you got to consider the people who die. so its an... by emmy 5/7/2006
     you are all wrong there are exactly 8.2 billion people on the planet due to the hidden... by Hillary slut 5/23/2006
     i think 20000000,00000000000000,0000000000 billion bilion thousand trilion google......!!!... by paja 5/25/2006
     6 billon by brandon 5/30/2006
     last time i check it was 22 billion but there is a growing amount every day by bear 5/31/2006
     last time i check it was 22 billion but there is a growing amount every day by bear 5/31/2006
     i think that there are too many people in this world and that we need to cut down on how... by hetbet 6/17/2006
     I think there is around 6.4 billion people in the entire world. That is my answer. by Noah 6/18/2006
     how many people are in the world? by shruthi 6/25/2006
     i think theres about 6.4 billion people on earth. by lalo 6/28/2006
     the world will never know. by tetbug 7/5/2006
     I just went on a website it says that 3 people are born every second and two die...wierd by abbster 7/20/2006
     i would say about seven billion by devin 8/11/2006
     there is about 6 to7 people in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! by shell 9/6/2006
     you cant say cause every sec and baby is born and someone dies by lee 9/8/2006
     i think there is roughly 6 billion people to 6.4 billion people in the world... maybe... by annie 9/12/2006
     My teacher says that there is aprox. 3000 people in the world. I now know she is WRONG! by brooklyn 9/19/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     I think that their is over 6/8 million people in this world by India 10/2/2006
     There are 6,548,461,318 people in the world. I found this out on a website, but by the... by Tiffany 10/5/2006
     i think there is one.... me!!! by jimmie 10/9/2006
     I think infant because people are Boy everyday. by peyton 10/20/2006
     approx. 6,000,000,000 and counting! by sir eatalot 10/27/2006
     6,554,164,716 that is how many people are in the world exactly from 1st of november by Jack134 11/1/2006
     by cccccccc 11/15/2006
     hmm.. i some how dought "Quote" (every year 25 to 50 billion animals are killed) are they... by Shimmy 11/16/2006
     fcuk reggins by niggranoise 11/17/2006
     bnbnbnbnbmbmbmbmbnbnbnbnbmbmbmbmbnbnbnbnb mbmbmbmbnbnbnbnbmbmbmbmbmbnbnbnbnbmbmbmbn bnbnbnbm... by nlopgjgjgjgjgjg 11/20/2006
     6,525,170,300 by zakimus 11/24/2006
     acually, the real answer is on google! There are aproiximatly 06684932953 or something... by Jamie Tucker  12/20/2006
     there are about 6,525,170,264 people in the world but 2740 people die in 9/11 so there is... by erin 1/5/2007
     there are exactly 6,678,986,452 by gag 1/8/2007
     7.5 billion people are in th world by benny 2/17/2007
     Every second there are 3 babies born, and if you look up "population density" on the... by lj 2/27/2007
     6,525,170,264 I know that is right for sure by levi 3/5/2007
     this it not a good answer because u don't even no what it is man ya proper gay like if ya... by abc123 itz abc123 abc123 yes  3/7/2007
     i dont think any one knows EXACTLY how many people are in the world but i say over 10... by bree 3/7/2007
     i belive that golba warring will make the world harder becuae sickness bird flea all over... by world 3/11/2007
     too many, the only way to fix the enviroment, is to kill all people! kill! by jamieezz 3/12/2007
     Thanks guys...I had to write a paper about this and you helped a lot! Did you know that... by Stephanie 3/18/2007
     all i wont to know is how many people are in the world by alexandria 3/22/2007
     about 7 million people minimum by tweety b 3/29/2007
     6,525,170,264 (July 2006 est.) by Yogie2 4/16/2007
     If you don't tell us about How Many People Are in the world I Will Hit The Person who runs... by tay 5/7/2007
     789,987,456,876,543,223,345,712,634,911 people are in the world by mily 5/19/2007
     7 billion by yusuf 5/21/2007
     I think there is about 7 billion to 9 billion because I just thought about how many people... by Jack 5/25/2007
     yeah i was wondering that same question.i believe in god but im still worried about how... by anthony 5/31/2007
     6.6 billion by lanky 6/7/2007
     60billion i would say because there are hundruds of pepole in the world you can't count... by chloe  6/9/2007
     I THINK THERE Is ABOUT 5 BILLION. by TUGI 6/20/2007
     6,725,455,953 people are on the planet. by Angela 7/3/2007
The SCA and weight, what are the statistics on obese people in the SCA, I have noticed... by azwolf10/14/03
     fat people are discusting. They should lose that horrable layer of fat. I want to throw up... by yuiop1/26/04
     yuiop: you are a repulsive person for saying something so demeaning!! For your information... by freddy1/28/04
     i would have to are with freddy. we all have skeletons in our closets, whether it be... by kathleen2/2/04
     Yuiop needs to go back to 5th grade spelling class and not worry about what others look... by yuiop's a butthead2/14/04
     im a queer by yuiop2/14/04
     Ok so there are medical reasons for obesity but i think the sufferers of these conditions... by blahblahblah2/15/04
     blahblahblah, you are partially does make me angry to see anyone abuse... by kathleen2/17/04
     You have a nerve saying something like that!!!If you think fat people are gross then, let... by Cbreezzee4/19/04
     Please don't encourage people who are hateful. by Elaine5/1/04
     I actually just asked someone about this (the actual question, I mean). The answer: it's... by jelly5/13/04
     I believe that jelly is on the right track when stating that since obese people are not... by Grace7/20/04
     blahblahblah and disgusted people, even if people were to stop eating as much as they are... by Ashley 8/11/04
     Go to hell fatties, lose a few. yuiop has the right idea you tubs of lard. by whatever 10/4/04
     losing weight is not easy. obesity would not be a problem if it were easy. i have had an... by HearMerRoar 10/26/04
     No one has the right to judge any one. That is why we all will some day reach judgement... by Melissa 11/29/04
     Im not convinced that fat people are that way because of bad genetics. My roommate... by College Kid 12/16/04, you ALL need to go back and learn how to spell...O_o, Yuiop you the queers are... by hehehe... 1/6/05
     I hate fat people, they embarrass the nation. by j bones 2/13/05
     Ok u know what! Some people can't help that the are over weight. Obesity is mostly cause... by Chickity chick chick 3/21/05
     there are some people that are fat even if they dont eat alot and there are people who... by spincter 4/16/05
     People that have little body mass themselves have a harder time suiting up in full plate,... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     ive had enough of people saying obesity is hereditary. Eat less and you wont get fat,... by Jay 6/27/05
     i belive fat people have probems in there life AND NEED TO SORT THEM OUT by bb boy 9/29/05
     i love u by stupid 11/3/05
     fat people shouldn't breed they are bringing down our respectable aryan race they are a... by slim jim 11/14/05
     I hate people who pick on fat people. That is wrong. Besides iam fat. Anyone got... by Joshua B. 11/20/05
     Well, I am fat. I weigh 230lbs and I'm only 5'2. I have always been big, which is most... by mamabear 1/6/2006
     i agree with blahblahblah and grace. and it's true that for some it is a medical issue. my... by jesse 2/16/2006
     I think everyone should just mind their own business. Everyone has issues in their lives... by A.Co 5/6/2006
     woooooooooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaa by chicken 5/10/2006
     I think what yuiop said was harsh, but I agree with it for the most part. When I see a... by bubblygut 6/5/2006
     I believe that obesity is the cause of a fearful and scared society, one in which people... by steven frank 7/17/2006
     hello Rikki people in africa suffer from hunger.OBESE WAKE UP DON'T EAT TOO MUCH that... by BUBA 8/3/2006
     blahblahblah, i completely agree with your comment. My view on the obesity situation used... by sammy 8/24/2006
     I agree that there is a much higher than average degree of obese people in the SCA, and I... by Magnus 9/10/2006
     Yes some people have medical problems when it comes to obesity however that accounts for... by Natalie 9/18/2006
     FAT PEOPLE NEED HELP GIVE IT TO THEM HELP THEM OUT. BUT ALSO IT IS THERE FAULT YOU HAVE TO... by FattyPatty 9/22/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     so what's a SCA?? i'd like to know.... by miles 11/19/2006
     im a fat bloater i find your comments offending me and my fellow americans see having... by swarbz 12/5/2006
     why cant a fat person exercise? they get fat, complain about it, and drag other people... by anti-fat 12/12/2006 Medical science now knows that obesity is not just... by Daniel 1/27/2007
     Yall are all CRAZY! Who freakin cares? People are people. Whether they are fat or... by Fag 2/27/2007
     I don't think its very cool to make fun of "bigger" people. But I also don't think its... by alisa 3/28/2007
     fat people are cool as espicaly for hiding things in it. so leave them alone they are... by ur mum 4/23/2007
     your all homos excpet yuiyup all nerds have no life if u wana see a fat person try dylan ... by ur mum 4/23/2007
     its not there fault! by yo 5/15/2007
     its not there fault! by yo 5/15/2007
     yuiop i agree with you 100% and you have good spelling by alamalarjskalc 5/17/2007
     I think that we should give fat people alone it's there choice no ours! so leave them... by Wateva 6/3/2007
     The worst is when I see obese children, which seems to be more often as each year passes. ... by Steel Roots 6/13/2007
     In response to blahblahblah, i understand your point, but I do not agree. Food is... by arwz 7/9/2007
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does using tampons means you're not a virgin anymore? as it is a relegious querie. by noodo11/18/03
     No tampons do not penetrate the area that causes you to not be a virgin by dawn12/9/03
     No, of course not. Being a virgin means you have never had sex. It doesn't matter where... by Andre1/19/04
     use logic by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     Technically you still will be a virgin but for all intents and purposes you will not be if... by http://PCdeals.CJB.com2/4/04
     You're not a virgin if you enjoy the feeling of anything being in your vagina before your... by brokenthigh2/7/04
     Your a freak okay!!! by Shawntee2/24/04
     Once again you do not affect your virginity in any way by using a tampon. You have a wall... by dawn3/11/04
     HI! how are you junior just here in class. Reading what u wrote. It is really go. by lamorenita4/1/04
     your are a virgin until u have been penetrated by a mans penis. tampons have nothing to do... by homegirl034/19/04
     The condition of the hymen isn't an accurate definition of virginity. A virgin is... by AdriannA5/2/04
     i would say you are still a virgin. to me, losing one's virginity means engaging in... by sony7/15/04
     i have been usign tampons for 4 years now and i got told by the doctor that my hymne has... by goof 10/15/04
     yes you are still a virgin even if you use tampons. tampons do not reach the wall inside... by meko 10/24/04
     i think that if someone uses a tampon it means you are not a virgin, this is because you... by *`advice`* 11/24/04
     Your still a virgin if you use tampons. by Ephemerality 12/28/04
     i use tampons and have been reading and i think that it tears your hymen and when you go... by jay 3/9/05
     What i mean is will a guy feel that i'ma virgin even if my heymen is broken, coz i'mstill... by Angle 4/20/05
     can the ginacologest tell if your sexually active by person 6/18/05
     Being Rape means you can lose your virginity.Having any sex encounters with the lower part... by Dr.L.M.Hanna 7/21/05
     OK a tampon can even reach all the way to the hymen any ways so defiantly yes and another... by peewee 7/27/05
     oh my god my mom thinks i am not a virgin because i use tampons! help! by MizChrissy 8/19/05
     r u still a virgin if ur hyman did not pop becuase a penis would be the same as sticking a... by jade 10/10/05
     i say that if you use tampons, clearly u are not a virgin cos as the tampon increases... by tayt-toe 10/20/05
     So if a tampon can break the hymen can the hymen be broken if you get fingered? I mean yes... by alexis 10/23/05
     I'd just like to say that using a tampon doesn't affect your virginity in any way. I have... by Lyn 10/23/05
     uhh..i never use tampons cause im scared of putting anything in my vagina. lol i know this... by buffy 12/5/05
     2uwtbX7RRpTFJ Fkj4NptgJtb5yX xoj9nxVmPicT by L8HXsdGCA4 2/23/2006
     I have this friend, she's so scared of wearing tampons..and I've told here that tampon... by unknown 5/10/2006
     my god by nickie 6/28/2006
     How the hell could a tampon be classed as sex, if that were the case anyone selling... by Funny guy 8/6/2006
     your a dumbass by twiggy ! 10/5/2006
     my mom said if you you'stampons then your not a vigin does it really havt to go up that... by lovey 10/17/2006
     OK that's just dumb, SERIOUSLY by Poo 11/30/2006
     Theoretically a virgin is someone who's never had sex before. But in some cultures,... by gUrL 1/20/2007
     i think that Tampon is a great piece of technology by The Egyptian King 1/24/2007
     My boyfriend used his finger inside me. Am I still a virgin? by Pre-teen 2/5/2007
     I want to ask something: If a girl who is a virgin use a tampon what it will happen with... by stupid one 2/10/2007
     This girl she used a tampon and then she went to the gynocologyst and they said she lost... by penis 2/15/2007
     im 11 and im a virgin and dam proud of it by nick name is  3/12/2007
     i think ppl concentrate on this to much.. don worry abt it.... if u can get a tampon up... by fagol 3/20/2007
     I have to agree with smartass that tampons are non-sexual, I don't care how many times... by nonvirgin25years 4/2/2007
     you are still a virgin if you wear a tampon that has nothing to do with wearing a tampon... by jocelyncane 4/2/2007
     ok... i should tell you.... the hymen WILL fade away in your teens years whether or... by yoshowgal 6/1/2007
     no because their is relay no strait definition on weather u have had sex or not 2 have sex... by a bomb 6/22/2007
     technically u r still a virgin... by fiji 6/24/2007
     i use tampons and i dont believe u lose your virginity by using them, i told my friend... by angelina 7/11/2007
     CPU contains the storage unit which helps to store informations in the by mchenry5/23/04
     no by eko6/9/04
     cpu functions by rad 9/13/04
     The guy above me is weird by Rich 9/14/04
     The hardware of a computer is the thing that makes the computer run. Without it... by Pugley 2/16/05
     my qts is the rating will be in which country by iqra imtiaz 4/19/05
     retriview,proccess and registering datas by sir andy 5/26/05
     your all a bunch of nerds especially mchenry & eko by m,djfh,dgmh 7/13/05
     Blob:wooooooo! I'M ON THE INTERNET! HI MOM!!!! ooo, cookies! Thoshy: O_O....This isint... by Blob and Thoshy 8/30/05
     the cpu is the brain of the computer where all computations are carried out before being... by Bunmi 9/5/05
     Yeah babygurl your smart by Babygirl 10/31/05
     to control the system buses to schedule timing for computer processes to accept input ... by Britah 11/23/05
     its a little man who writes 1 and 0... by man 1/15/2006
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     CPU contains the storage unit which helps to store informations in the by jabanil 7/3/2006
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     the functions of a cp u are unknown an i doe really care.jss so yalll ppl wif nun 2 do... by manio 9/8/2006
     A typical central processor unit (CPU) consists of the following interconnected functional... by gayani 9/25/2006
     Abbreviation of central processing unit, and pronounced as separate letters. The CPU is... by petewwfc 12/14/2006
     A CPU is the fundamental device in a computer that assists that computer to compute... by Mutiga 1/14/2007
     dont know by ut0ksabaw 2/7/2007
     I am a retard. by Kevin Da Bevin 2/14/2007
     how to get a CPU to function by raven 2/23/2007
     how to get a CPU to function by raven 2/23/2007
     Abbreviation of central processing unit, and pronounced as separate letters. The CPU is... by stokes 3/26/2007
     CPU is the brain of a computer. It performs all the arithmetic, logical operations of... by Debjani 5/22/2007
     I DON'T KNOW YOU SILLY BILLY... by 'SILLY' 7/19/2007
how do i fix my sound drive by san5/1/04
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     try to eat chicken with your eyes closed sure that will help by GangStar 8/17/2006
how much does 1 gallon of gasoline weigh. by chad4/18/04
     6 pounds by cleve 7/30/2006
     8.88 @76.6degrees by trizon 10/27/2006
why are husky's called huskys?did they do something special? by ashton11/11/03
     I'm not sure why they're called Huskys but with their thick coats sometimes they do look... by Tanisha12/30/03
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How does one adjust the Volvo 850 driver seat to avoid and stop hip and leg muscle pain... by Ar1/6/04
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     by ary 5/18/2006
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What are the reasons behind the Holocaust? by chula2/23/04
     Well, there are a lot of different answers. All in all, I would go with this. Hitler... by Matthew4/10/04
     THe holocaust is BAD n hitler was a stupid HOMOSEXUAL (it is proven) he juss covered it... by fiGrl11344/16/04
     The Reason for the Holocaust is because Hitler wanted the world to be the same, he did not... by IveGotTheBrains144/16/04
     Hitler was evil n nasty. there was no need in what he did. descriminating ppl 4 what they... by chel n soph4/20/04
     I think that what Hitler did was wrong. Everybody has a right to believe what they want... by Fiesty4/21/04
     Everyone here who spells like; n ppl r gay u HoMosexuals, are complete idiots. Learn how... by LADEEDA4/21/04
     ... Okay, you're saying Hitler is a homosexual in a derogatory way... Please, enlighten... by TeKnoSiS4/23/04
     I think that hitler was an individual who did not know how to think straight. People... by me4/26/04
     yay genocide by dan4/28/04
     Hitler and many other German politicians form the Nazi party were looking for a scapegoat... by Cameloen2475/12/04
     Dan I think your comment was excellent and forget what that idiot Cameleon247 says by shadow5/27/04
     Hitler was a faggot like danny hernandez whos phone # is 323 2331180 245 E. 55th st. 90011... by shadow5/27/04
     lK BoIz N Da gYaLZ i rKoN HiTLeR WoZ DoIn dIS fO ShIzZi Coz He Wnted cOMmUnIsM dOzZlEd n... by GaN$tA8/20/04
     Hilter was simply stubborn. for a man to think that a world could be under his ruling is... by Kay 9/15/04
     This is a very serious question and should not be taken lightly, so whom ever is writing... by Bella  9/26/04
     you be all retards by haha10/6/04
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     after world war one, among other things, the u.s. told germany that they had to repay all... by jade_poon 10/27/04
     Hitler was a terrible person but "All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of... by coolio10/28/04
     listen everyone who reads this: everyone has sinned but God sent his son Jesus to die for... by coolio 10/28/04
     HI! I think that hitler was mean! And I agree with Fiesty! I think that person is correct!... by Lenachka2003 11/13/04
     The reason the Holocaust begin was because the Nazi were against other religion then their... by cougar2004 11/22/04
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     The reason behind the Holocaust is easy. Hitler hated Jews because his father was a Jew... by Extremly Fine 12/7/04
     you people should all get lives, it's great if you have something educational to say, but... by no name12/8/04
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     hitler was gay with dave martin, they loved eachother ... by fatty 1/18/05
     Hitler was very very bad and naughty by Bigman 1/21/05
     You people are all stupid losers who know absolutely nothing.. i have all the answers. go... by the person who knows everything 1/23/05
     hitler was gay alright and why aren't you submitting my stuff you jew by nash1/24/05
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     I do not support Hitler in any way but I know he was not stupid. A man who almost took... by jazz 1/28/05
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     i am a 16 year old female from Australia and have been researching the holocaust for a... by emily 3/6/05
     The reason Hitler hated the jews was because his father was a jew. He was also insane.... by SanePerson 3/7/05
     i think dat yall r just hatin on da homosexual ppl.not dat im a hom or anything.juts worry... by krazygurl 3/9/05
     maybe Hitler was angry at himself because of his history and then directed all his self... by pie 3/15/05
     OK, first of all, you people are not finding the significance of this man. You feeble... by Jake aka 3/24/05
     Hitler was a very bad person that had no right to live because he was such an ass whole.... by non ya 3/30/05
     i love hitler! by sarah 3/30/05
     i think your all a bunch of faggots who have to much time on there hands and you copy and... by LilFoe4/4/05
     Hitler was a jerk who murdered thousands of people just because he was unhappy with... by nicky 4/5/05
     I think Hitler was the the most Idiotic man ever to walk the Earth and although many... by shorty 4/7/05
     Jews have been scapegoats for hundreds of years and Hitler was bought up in a small town... by Caulie 4/14/05
     i hate homos by zak 4/18/05
     You guys are not mature to be in a web site like this. You need to go back to pre-school... by me 5/1/05
     I think the Jews disserved it same wit the rest except the handicapped. Hitler was not gay... by Leon Rauch 5/10/05
     justin christenson is gay just like hitler and he does not like jews because they raped... by shadow 5/16/05
     hitler is a queer and hes gay and i think genocide is gay and queer and i like to eat... by yo mama's best friend 5/17/05
     th3 j3w1sh h0l0c4ust w4s th3 w0rst 3v3r 4nd y0u 4ll 4r3 g01ng t0 d1e. ....y3p, 1m... by gh3tt0_g1rl 5/25/05
     ummm, someone please explain to me just why gays are "worse" that anyone else. Is there... by hahayeah 6/1/05
     Hitler wanted his own race. It was not Christianity that he wanted, but he wanted his own... by amanda 6/7/05
     All Hail Hitler he did what need to be done by #1 Nazi 6/10/05
     Hitler had a fanatical obsession with the Jews and considered them the reason for... by hannah-chan 7/3/05
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     u guys dont know anything about the halocaust that is true. go to the libary and read... by silverwolf101 11/3/05
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     Hitler started the Holocaust in order to wring out the insecurities he had within himself.... by Lizzy 1/20/2006
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     I know that what I reply on this website will not matter to some of you, you will make fun... by discouraged 2/19/2006
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     hitler was not nice he was a big meanie!!! hitler wanted the world his way and obviously... by moo 3/7/2006
     u guys r all fked ,..... wtf r u doing, farout y doz any1 care bout any of this...get a... by getfked 3/8/2006
     i think hitler is racist by gay boi  3/9/2006
     hitler did it cos of the Aryan race, blonde hair + blue eyes, and the jews, he just loved... by elfsteed 3/12/2006
     -Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter. -Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer. -Time... by Dusty626 3/14/2006
     Yeah nice one this is a website for reasons behind the holocaust not criticizing peoples... by TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 3/21/2006
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     Hitler was sick and crazy. he shouldn't have killed all those people. I think he done it... by Jaman 3/23/2006
     i think, Hitler was crazy for killing those poor innocent Jews, and others. he was just... by me~!!! 3/23/2006
     HAIL HITLER P.S. counter strike owns go buy it now... by HITLER 3/26/2006
     Ha Shadow you are amazing! Hitler was seriously mental he thought that the world should be... by Your Mother 3/27/2006
     im bored and doin a ss/ english research paper and its soooooo boring and i couldnt really... by WEEEEE! 3/29/2006
     I don't think that Hitler really did all that much. He was just the one who lead the Nazi.... by Gotta Love Me 4/5/2006
     Hitler was a stupid fag lol, and he like needed food cuz he's poor and thought that jew... by ur mums sisters wife 4/6/2006
     There were many politcal, econmical, and social reasons that Hitler taregeted Jews. One,... by Harneet Singh 4/9/2006
     you are all stupid you some of you act like hitler by main event 4/10/2006
     Hitler was the greatest man ever in history and should be aknoledged, by Napo 4/11/2006
     shut up, ur all gay ok!!!! by jonny boi 4/15/2006
     I believe that Hitler needed someone to unload all of the wrong things that have been done... by Jamee Lynne 4/17/2006
     Hitler is'not gay he was a nice guy but was brought up the hard way. He listens to his... by p tha g 4/18/2006
     I believe that Hitler believed in something known as ethnic cleansing. He wanted everyone... by K.T.  4/19/2006
     but why did Hitler hate the homosexuals?? by XxXmeXxX 4/22/2006
     hail hitler by one of a kind 5/1/2006
     hitler was sick i love him by yo 5/2/2006
     I think hitler was cool as stuff..the germans had nothen and he gave them power so just... by Big nico 5/4/2006
     Hitler blamed the jews because the were incharge of the soviet union after the bolshvik... by northern Haring 5/9/2006
     Hitler was the stupidest, dummest and most bizzare person of all time! I love how he had... by MissSeriousness 5/13/2006
     I think Dan and Shadow need a serious reality check. The exact definiton of genocide is... by fidget 5/14/2006
     hitler ws a bad man nd wat he did was wrong by greeny 5/15/2006
     Hitler was a very clever man.. he wanted to be in world history and he not... by halil 5/16/2006
     You can't blame hitler for wanting to have a perfect world...but the world isn't meant to... by jade 5/18/2006
     Nobody can justify what he did, no reason in the world can justify it, but getting angry... by cait 5/21/2006
     all u ppl r rong u rlly rlly nd 2 get a life!!!! Hitler would kill all of the Jews in a... by lozange 5/22/2006
     yall, i may be country and hick, but i think that half yalls answers make sense. and... by yall lose! 5/24/2006
     i think that hitler wanted and did respect the jewish enough to agree with their religion... by ?????????????????????????????????? 6/2/2006
     Hitler: Rise to power, background, family life, days before suicide, speeches, Mein... by dupidy 6/7/2006
     Hitler believed that the Aryan race was superior to all others and tried to promote the... by JCHU  6/15/2006
     If you dont be somebody you be somebodys fool! by mr.t 6/28/2006
     Hitler was proven to be mad.He had an obsession with power, and was racits,but his way... by katie 7/5/2006
     Hitler was stupid and couldn't think straight. He was a gay man and did a very wrong and... by SBS 7/10/2006
     I'm sorry, but what has danny hernandez got to do with the holocaust??? by cute poison 7/12/2006
     HI HOW R U STUPID HEAD HEAD by shlHFDA 8/29/2006
     what was the rationale for the mindless, indiscriminate killings? by blah 10/23/2006
     i believe that hitler was crazy, he wanted a dominate race. which isn't possible, because... by chevy 10/26/2006
     i believe that hitler was crazy, he wanted a dominate race. which isn't possible, because... by chevy 10/26/2006
     You're all forgetting. the question was about the Holocaust, not Hitler. but by Leet ninja 11/2/2006
     Hitler wanted to control the world. Everyone had to be the same. He killed over six... by ROXY 11/5/2006
     There are no reasons for the holocaust! muh ha ha by boo 11/7/2006
     I am the God of you all i hope you die! by Hitler 11/13/2006
     Hitler was a sick twisted freak...and he didnt't know what he wanted..all he wanted was... by Chocolate 11/13/2006
     The Holocaust happened for no reason but the reason of on man who believed something... by Little Parker 11/16/2006
     Hitler wanted the world to be the same. Basically, he wanted all the power and because the... by anorexicmuffin8370 11/20/2006
     why did he do what he did its not there fault they were trying to do what is best for... by shorty 11/20/2006
     You all have problems by jsslennk 11/21/2006
     Adolf Hitler needed a reason for the loss of the First World War, so, as many others have... by katie NZ 16 11/23/2006
     Hitler was a god in my eyes... i know that most people will call me crazy, but i believe... by Shelly 11/27/2006
     okay. so im doing a report on the reason for the holocaust and i dont know what to... by tinkerbell 11/30/2006
     I believe that the Holacaust happened because of anti-Semitism. Germany obviously hated... by Jordan H. 12/2/2006
     Hitler was really a god for his seems he had a grand plan for the world... by kaushal  kishore 12/3/2006
     The young who put his number is gay and slow. I think that you need help i dont know waht... by Andreyou help3000 12/7/2006
     okay now people who think genocide is a good thing are just as bad as Hitler. and so are... by KitKat 12/11/2006
     Hitler burned them all reeaaaall good. by I <3 Hitler 12/14/2006
     cuz hes mom was raped by Jihoon 1/14/2007
     Hitler was a Schizophrenic. He also had parkinsons disease. Hitler did not kill himself... by Linzey {bens girl} is a [taken] *jew* 1/21/2007
     of course p.s hi by dude 1/22/2007
     he had a racist opinion and because of that one thought, millions of innocent people died!... by jd 2/3/2007
     He killed the Jews because he wanted money from them and was scared because they would... by Kilner 2/6/2007
     I think Hitler was a very intelligent man and I also think that anyone that's going to... by melissa 2/8/2007
     The reason for the holocust was Hitler believed everyone in the world should be the same... by Sav 2/20/2007
     Hitler was a complete idiot who had a messed up life so he wanted to make life worse for... by nelly 2/25/2007
     HAIL HITLER! by paco 3/6/2007
     you are all stupid he was not a homo and you all should look up more information and while... by stupidhighschoolkid 3/7/2007
     hitler did things wrong. he criticized people's race. He wanted a perfect world. He... by suicide. 3/10/2007
     looking at it from a psychological aspect, Hitler felt threatened. Having so much power... by vron 3/12/2007
     hitler only did it to get attention, and for the sick satisfaction of being in control. he... by larnie-baybeh*...x. 3/16/2007
     hitler is held up to be the key for all that was evil in the holocaust. we have to... by ak 3/18/2007
     Hitler was a crazy person who just didn't see the damage he was causing. I think he would... by becauseisaidso 3/21/2007
     I think Hitler was a load of bull......he is so disgusting.........he makes me sick......t... by hottie 4/3/2007
     Hitler not only had mental diseases but he also needed a group to blame Germany's problems... by Kisame556 4/4/2007
     The problem with saying that everyone has a right to believe what they want is that then... by enna 4/7/2007
     Ummm... HITLER IS OR WAS AN COMPLETE IDIOT. by nene 4/8/2007
     Okay, some of you people really need to learn how to spell and stand up for yourself. ... by Nikki_Baby 4/12/2007
     Innocent, helpless humans were murdered because of their race. They were just like you and... by Rhea 4/15/2007
     First of all, it's really low to get back at somebody by putting their phone number on... by saxychicks4life 4/16/2007
     The reason for the Holocaust started with WWI. Hitler wanted everyone to be the same and... by nick dawg 4/22/2007
     i think that hitler thought he was in so much power that he wanted to control the world.... by ashanti12 4/26/2007
     hitler was just a big gay homo like andres garza whos # is 956-687-9684 in mcallen tx. by anthony 4/27/2007
     hittler started the war and we all know it by hot babe 15 5/3/2007
     Hitler was messed up in the head because he had a very troubled child life. Hitler was... by deedles 5/7/2007
     i think the holocaust was so sad and i reach my heart out to the survives of it by lilbit84 5/11/2007
     I think Adolf Hitler was the greatest man to walk this earth and if anyone disagrees your... by Satin 5/15/2007
     You are all stupid. U say ppl and n and gay like they are swearwords you call hitler a... by Crazy Gal 5/15/2007
     The most likely reason why Hitler was capable of ordering the mass killings that occurred... by Zap 5/17/2007
     Hitler's ideas were radical and in the beginning he was a joke to the German people. It... by Knowledge 5/19/2007
     lol sif n00b by dylan 5/27/2007
     dan ur answer is messed up. y ould u want to incourage genocide? by olivegardenrocks 5/27/2007
     Why did Hitler dislike Homosexuals so much when he was one himself? Why did he want... by October 5/27/2007
     There are many reasons, all of them valid. However perhaps the largest reason for the... by Willardhe 5/28/2007
     hitler was a baldy ald fart with 1 testical i know i sucked his cock :P jewish ppl are bad... by sex god and jewish rape 6/8/2007
     How can something as atrocious as the Holocaust be turned into a petty fight over who's an... by Molly 6/9/2007
     what about the tutsi in Rwanda? by Albi 7/20/2007
I have 7 dogs. Rott/LAb mix.5 of them are 11 months old and the other 2 are the mom and... by Christine9/4/03
     well when they go to the bathroom show it to them and say "what is this bad dog" and smack... by hi9/9/03
     I have done that and they still do it. I give them a treat when they don't do it, by christine9/10/03
     Please tell me that this is a joke and you are not hitting these dogs! These puppies are... by lorry9/26/03
     importance of computer by obiora10/13/03
     This works! Try rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Do not saturate, just a small amount... by Rebe11/5/03
     Rebe, I am going to try your suggestion. I sure hope it works. This may be the answer. ... by seppy7 1/4/04
     NEWSPAPER by Me1/28/04
     DO NOT hit these dogs. As before you are only teaching them violence. Do not say a word... by dog lova2/4/04
     DO NOT hit these dogs. As before you are only teaching them violence. Do not say a word... by dog lova2/4/04
     Well hate to join everyone else, but, hitting rott/lab makes the aggressive.. I have 2 (I... by Brat3/23/04
     You people who think its OK to hit dogs, or even tell them they are bad, are extremly... by dogboarder 4/8/04
     The idiots who hit and put alcohol into their dogs mouths should not have animals! And... by pegtig4/19/04
     I think that the newspaper does work and you don't have to hit them just treaten them with... by JeresyRican 7/22/04
     I have a Rott-Lab mix too and He is the best dog i have ever had. I got him from some... by Lacey  8/20/04
     Many dogs don't respond well to being beaten. I'm pioneering/testing a new training... by JiveHead 9/3/04
     screaming loudly "bad dog..bad potty!" with a nice smack on the rear works nicely... by hrcguy 9/6/04
     You need to crate the dogs when they are not attended. Do not let them be in the house... by yvette 9/20/04
     I find it hard to believe that someone would put rubbing alcohol in a dog's mouth. My... by jenn 1/12/05
     If your dog just had an axedent don't hit it, or if your dog did something really bad. Get... by Melanie 4/10/05
     If your dog is bad in any way get a newspaper and beat the dog,if it does not work buy a... by Melanie 4/11/05
     Gah! DO NOT hit the dogs and DO NOT try Rebe's suggestion! Listen to lorry, she knows what... by Pie 5/18/05
     You guys are all animal loving homosexuals. I have a German Shepherd, who I would beat... by Hydro 6/20/05
     I've found that with most breeds, a good thrashing at a young age does tend to create a... by dogtrainer 11/13/05
     try to take your dogs outside every fifteen for one hour.and tell tell them "ya gotta go... by kelly 12/4/05
     We have a four month old Boxador (Boxer/lab). She has potty trained very quickly using... by Animal lover 4/9/2006
     We have a four month old Boxador (Boxer/lab). She has potty trained very quickly using... by Animal lover 4/9/2006
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     Oh, so the hitting, chocking and alcohol feeding is bad... ooops.. by OXYMORONIDIOT 7/7/2006
     haha all people who say that hitting you dog does not work are stupid, my dad has been a... by Josh 9/6/2006
     Hell, do NOT smack your dog if he does his business indoors and then usher him outdoors... by Catspaw66 9/14/2006
     Don't hit those dogs, it will just make them do it more and worse behavouir even they... by Diamond 10/3/2006
     i have 9 dogs. one is Rott, 7 is Jack Russell terrier X Pomeranian X Chihuahua X mini Foxi... by goluvyadogs 10/14/2006
     i have 9 dogs. one is rott, 7 is Jack russel terrier X Pomeranian X Chihuahua X mini Foxi... by goluvyadogs 10/14/2006
     I own a Boston Terrier, a very small dog. I don't want to say that it is ok to feed your... by WiseGuy 10/20/2006
     we simply use a shock collar ... they learn in 2 days by gomer 11/14/2006
     I adopted a very large dog from an animal sanctuary and he was 1 1/2 years old at the... by Tracy 1/17/2007
     Punishing a dog after the fact will not work. Dogs do not get this. It just makes the... by Sheik Yerbouti 1/22/2007
     hitting your dog hard is not the anwser, but a tap on the nose wouldn't hurt. The easiest... by doglover 2/19/2007
     You ignorant dummies, i do not agree with hitting dogs but its nesscary to cause the word... by Jonathan 2/28/2007
     All of you hippies are pathetic. Your dogs probably sleep in the bed and you sleep on the... by gds 3/26/2007
     You people who say you can't smack a dog on the nose when he's been bad are just f-in... by zeuss 3/29/2007
     Trying to house train 7 dogs at once is extremely difficult. Try using kennels when you... by Ape 6/4/2007
     o.k do NOT hit them, it just cause violince!! this is how i trained my dog like this: when... by i love puppies!! 7/7/2007
     I have a 6 month old Rott/ Lab mix is there any hope that they will still be able to learn... by Shorti 7/12/2007
     i beat the crap out of my bulldog with a stick , i want him to be aggresive , where i live... by aassddd 7/18/2007
how long does the light reach earth from the sun? by alex10/6/03
     Distance from the earth to the sun is about 93,000,000 miles. The speed of light is about... by tom10/25/03
     can i call people on AOL call alert. by gremlin1/4/04
     Ift there is light on Earth? by Banana1/27/04
     That's a very deep question and one that deserves a deep answer. Perhaps a better way to... by n-a2/14/04
     cool by cooooooooooooooollll3/16/04
     hi anomanapia by carina6/1/04
     I like pie! by Fatboy 5/18/05
     i agree with tom by 2kool4u 11/15/05
     the light doesn't come from the sun, its just a myth brought down by THE MAN!!! its... by The Man 11/18/05
     watever by free fall 4/25/2006
     Have you boys heard of negative time? It's nuts by Coldplayer 10/20/2006
     i don't know :) by hop 12/30/2006
     is a new planet by brandononio 3/7/2007
     how is it 8 minutes? how did you work that out? by monkey 4/20/2007
     well it my awnser is the same as the first guys by baybee j ov s9  4/30/2007
who made the song Cinderella first cheetah girls or play by redrosetink11/21/03
     Play had the song Cinderella first. They have the song on there first album and that came... by 3lwfan12/7/03
     I5 was the first group to come out with this song; then came Play's version, then the... by KLPStyles12/29/03
     Ever Since my friend Miryane called me over to see The Cheetah Girls movie I got crazy... by GalleriaGirl12/30/03
     i think averyone'squitions were very good but i love the cheetha girls thank you so much... by lindsey1/13/04
     I think the null girl has to won . Because null the best one go ... by Melissa1/15/04
     my answer is that i love the cheetha girls your movie was so good to see i love it... by lindsey1/15/04
     hey, i love the cheetah girls, actually i never saw the movie but i love the songs i love... by meg1/15/04
     I think the Ceetah Girls because they are the best,me and 4 of my frinds have a group... by Bubblse1/16/04
     I love the cheetah girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my three best friends copied of the... by Rachel wolfenbarger2/14/04
     THE HOLE GROUP by DEE2/14/04
     hey, this is jessica(doe) and shelby(aqua).we love the cheetah girls.we also have to... by Doe and Aqua2/14/04
     hjj'j'j//j'/j'/'hgh/h''/'h/'/'h/'/'/h'h/' h/'h/'h/h'/'h/j;'.j;./.;j.l...xl. lg,lg,lg,hl,hl,h... by plylpyhlhy;ph..h;h.;hh.;h.;.h.h2/14/04
     I love the Cheetah Girls!!!!They are my favorite Girl group!I have the soundtrack and I... by Danni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2/18/04
     I would like to know why they don't show the movie Cheetah Girls anymore on Disney... by Monica Rulz4/1/04
     i love the cheetah girls they rule. bye for now by jozelle4/3/04
     ilovseeyoy you by Chantel4/12/04
     me and my friend Mira raven Monica aqua Keeley channels we think deedee our ... by monica4/16/04
     I have loved the Cheetah Girls since the day I saw it. I love the song Cinderella and I... by Landis AKA. Chu Chi 1014/17/04
     I have loved the Cheetah Girls since the day I saw it. I love the song Cinderella and I... by Landis AKA. Chu Chi 1014/17/04
     I think it was the cheetah girls and anyway even if it was play.i think she do not know... by samanthacheetahgirl4/19/04
     dear people hi i am so happy you put the note i wrote. Melissa me and sharnif and... by samanthacheetahgirl4/22/04
     hey girls ready for the cheetah girls 2 it is awesome it kind of is like the cheetah girls... by samanthacheetahgirl4/24/04
     I really dont know who created the song first. I do know that Cinderella by the "CHEETAH... by Karyn4/24/04
     the cheetah girls rule i wish they would put it back on disney channel so all the kids in... by sharonda4/29/04
     the cheetah girls rule i wish they would put it back on disney channel so all the kids all... by sharonda4/29/04
     the cheetah girls rule i wish they would put it back on disney channle so all the kids can... by sharonda4/29/04
     I think Play did the song first. I didn't like the movie The Cheetah Girls that much.But I... by shoey5/2/04
     yo! please rate my answer!!! by shoey5/3/04
     i still think that play did the song first.what do you think? and some people i know... by shoey5/3/04
     play did come out with it first buy the cheetah version rocks by the real chuchie5/16/04
     cheetah girls...... i really like the song noh.... grabe talaga by tim5/17/04
     I recently purchased a CD from Tata Young. She is a Thai artist who recently came out with... by Mateo5/18/04
     all of my friends tell me that i look like dorinda!!!!for a school talent show me and my... by jenna5/18/04
     I don't care who made the song first. I LOVE the cheetah girls. I can sing (lol), I have... by Galleria-look-alike6/1/04
     My best friends and I were in a talent show together. We did the Cheetah Girls but only... by Chanel and Doe6/7/04
     raven i am and love with u u look so good by LIL. D6/10/04
     We LOVE the Cheetah Girls!! We are their #1 fans!! Elizabeth,(Allison's Sister)and us... by Allison And Cuz' Jessica6/10/04
     YOU GUYS RULE!! There is nothing more to say!! Allison and Jessica LOVE YOU Raven,Adri... by Allison and cuz' Jessica6/10/04
     My friends and I made a group called the Cheetah Sisters like the Cheetah Girls cause... by Bubbles6/13/04
     This kid down the street likes you Chanel! Well no matter how much he likes you we love... by Allison And Cuz' Jessica6/14/04
     We love you, Cheetah Girls!! Kiss! Kiss! Allison and Jessica by Allison and Cuz' Jessica6/16/04
     CHEETAH GIRLS YOU ARE TH BEST!!! AND I LOVE ALL OF YOUR SONGS!!!!!!!! And to the... by Marissa6/17/04
     u guys r so cool i loved your movie by limelover6/20/04
     play all the way but i like the cheetah girls version better by nat6/20/04
     I love the cheetahs girls I seen there show so much that when the dvd comes I'm going to... by Jessica6/22/04
     Hey y'all. Us and our friends Camren(yes, she's a girl.) and Paige play Cheetah Girls... by Galleria and Chanel6/24/04
     I haven't heard Play's cd but I have heard the Cheetah Girls. They are so good that me and... by ReecieCup6/24/04
     cheetah girls when i hear your song i feel so so good i love it your number 1# fan... by ivelys6/24/04
     cheetah girls when i hear your song i feel so so good i love it your number 1# fan... by ivelysquintana@yahoo.com6/24/04
     i seen the cheetah girls movie and i liked it! and my favrotie song is cinderalla because... by just say im a fan 6/25/04
     I think the Cheetah girls had it first. Sorry Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Samantha6/26/04
     accutaly play did write the song cinderella but the ceetah girls re wrote it and now its... by brittany6/28/04
     Are you guys gonna get the DVD? I am I already got the CD they r off the chain by Chuchie6/28/04
     I love the cheetah Girls My friends and I always PLAY THE cheetah girls. Taryn:Raven ... by Vanessa/A.K.A Nessa6/29/04
     i dont know but i do know this you guys yep i do mean Guys cheetah girls are cool by peweys7/1/04
     I think the Cheetah Girls made the song Cinderella first, not Play. I like the Cheetah... by jojava7/3/04
     I love Galleria!!!!!!!!!! by Moley7/6/04
     i think cheeetah girls are the best every one knows that we are doing a show on the... by samantha joanna ramirez7/6/04
     My favorite Cheetah Girl is Dorinda. That's why my name is Dorinda wanna-be. by Dorinda wanna-be7/8/04
     Omg we love the Cheetah Girls sooo much we always dress in cheetah outfits and pink and... by Zoe (Bubbles) and Ally (Chu Chi)7/8/04
     ohhh my gosh we r soooo stupid! aqua is her nickname!!!!!!!!! but u can still email me... by zoe aka galleria bka bubbles & ally aka chanel bka chu chi 7/8/04
     OUR CHEETAH SISTAS Zoe-galleria-bubbles AlyssaR-chanel-chuchi Alex-aquanette-aqua ... by zoe aka galleria bka bubbles & ally aka chanel bka chu chi 7/8/04
     Sup' Diggy Dogs?! by Allison Mary7/9/04
     To answer your question, PLAY created the first "Cinderella" in 2001-2002. Then Cheetah... by Drea7/9/04
     Cheetah Sista's Dani-Chanel April-Aqua nicole-Dorinda alexis-Galleria by Dani7/12/04
     I love the Cheetah Girls. They are so original. I love Auqa she is cool. Anyways i have a... by Jane 7/13/04
     hi well u know my name i think the cheetah girls move and their song are nice but they... by ayona lala lanore7/13/04
     I think they just brought it up with the songwriter but thier songs were tight to let you... by Chanel 7/13/04
     the Cheetah girls are the bomb! at home me and my friends play the cheetah girls.its the... by Alynna Krause7/15/04
     the Cheetah girls are the bomb! at home me and my friends play the cheetah girls.its the... by Alynna Krause7/15/04
     The Cheetah girls rock! At home me and my friends play the Cheetah girls.Its the best... by Alynna Krause7/15/04
     The Cheetah girls rock! At home me and my friends play the Cheetah girls.Its the best... by Alynna Krause7/15/04
     raven i m so dis obonted by neka7/18/04
     yes i do have a nice day. by ariel jones 8/2/04
     i have three friends we sang girl power!!! we won 1ST we did flips front hand springs we... by Aqua 8/2/04
     I think the Cheetah girls are great. My friends and I wish we can meet you Raven,... by kendragochat 8/6/04
     I like cheetah girl since i was small i like cheetah girls [= smile by GaNgStA GUrL15 8/8/04
     Always be happy i love cheetah girls and i like to go search bout the cheetah girls[= ... by GaNgStA GUrL15 8/8/04
     you girls are the best ever sins you been doing this singing group I've been crazy about... by shenall 8/8/04
     i love the cheetah girls there the best girl group play play me and my friends hate play... by ashley 8/16/04
     Da cheetah gurls is off da hook and I think that it should but and part2,about da cheeta... by Bacardi 8/18/04
     I love the Cheeta Girls! I wish I was one of them!I kinda like the songs better than the... by Danielle Vandonhuvel 8/18/04
     HI,I love the Cheeta Girls! I wish I was one of them!I kinda like the songs better than... by Molly McEntire 8/18/04
     15 actually had Cinderella first, then Play's version then The Cheetah Girls' version.My... by Chanel & Aqua 8/28/04
     I love all the Cheetah girls They are all great singers.I you want to watch the Cheetah... by raven lover 8/30/04
     I love the cheetah girls my best friend and i have tons of cheetah stuff!!!! We even had a... by jenni 9/4/04
     i have a group of cheetah sistas i am: aqua deandra:chanle shnqic:doe zuri:gallari... by kamri 9/17/04
     Well, the cheetah girls are like soooooooooooooooooooooooo tan coolio and we think that... by Chuchie and Bubbles 9/25/04
     I can't belive yall thought PLAY (WEIRD0) Made the song bye gtg by Aqua 9/29/04
     i love your movie its so and my friends was in the talent show together and sung... by baba_gurl 10/2/04
     Tang you !!! the group Ertha girls !! by girls 123 10/3/04
     We are the real cheetah girls!!!Bye reahearsel by The real Galleria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the real Aqua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/3/04
     I read your book loved jigiejungle I know play sang Cinderella first but you sang it... by Crystal 10/5/04
     I think the Cheetah Girls made the song Cinderella Because I love their movie and last... by Alexis Roberts 10/17/04
     hi my name is Tyrekia i am your#1 fan i know all your songs i listen to them everyday and... by Rekia 10/20/04
     Play had the song Cinderella before The Cheetah Girls. Me and a couple of my friends have... by Aqua 10/28/04
     hey people look i love the cheetah girls. When they first came out I went crazy.Well I... by aqua23 10/30/04
     i love the cheetah girls.that is what brought me and my friend friendship closer. ... by chuchi4life 10/31/04
     lol i love raven symone she is so hot by ravensman4eva 11/1/04
     i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove them by boggore 11/1/04
     another version of the song is by tata young by liana 11/5/04
     raven is a good singer on Cinderella but i don't know who rote the song. by jazzypoo 11/23/04
     My name is Gabrielle. Me and my 5 friends are in a group of "cheetahs" too. My name is... by Chuchie ( gabrielle) 11/27/04
     Hey cheetah girls I lik the cheetah girls movie it was so cool to Galleria it was cool... by Aqua 11/27/04
     The Cheetah girls is a good movie and good sound track CD. I want to be just like you! by Kat 12/3/04
     create new account by Mili 12/8/04
     I love there movie i also love their song Cinderella by kkkjjjccc 12/10/04
     I LUV THE CHEETAH GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FRNDS -N- ME ALWAYZ LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC! WE... by Bubbles 12/18/04
     i think it was play first.but i like the cheetah girls more.i love your keep it up... by Melia 12/20/04
     Every time the movie cheetha girls is on me my cusen and my sister sing and dance at the... by vanessa 12/22/04
     i luv the cheetha girls i have the cd, the movie and i watch it everyday i might probably... by maria 12/23/04
     The cheetah girls are the my girls! they rock!send me a cd!we'll chat later. by fanny 12/27/04
     Dear people, I really like the cheetah Girls!I have the movie.It is so cool!I know... by Alexis  Garcia 12/31/04
     I loved the movie. I loved it so much I almost taped it. Galleria, Chanel, Aqua or Do you... by Bubbles 1/3/05
     I love the cheetha girls so much I play as Channel. My friends and me win the talent show... by choche 1/5/05
     i would love to be in your show a i would love see all your outfit and your show... by iesha 1/6/05
     the cheeta girls movie was fab my bff ariana and i evan made another group of the cheeta... by Sara 1/16/05
     you girls were fanatic by teasha 1/25/05
     hi my name is brianna me and my friend sandra and lisa have are hand shake just ... by BRI 1/31/05
     Here is what i wrote for all of u who love the song here: [GALLERIA:] When I was just a... by abby 2/9/05
     Here is what i wrote for all of u who love the song here: [GALLERIA:] When I was just a... by abby 2/9/05
     i think that it is cool and that it was of the jboog by jboo 2/11/05
     The cheetah girls RULE!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best band out there. by anne 2/23/05
     I thank the cheetah girls are good and the when I like to be is okra because whan she... by tee tee 2/26/05
     i love da cheetah gurls..i think that thur tottally original!!lots uv pplz at ma skool... by vicky_angel_15 2/28/05
     i know i belive that the cheetahs wrote,sorry but i know you didn't write... by ChUcHi 3/11/05
     Ok, to correct people that have said Play came out with the song first -- you're wrong. ... by SuperGirl 3/14/05
     I love Cheetah Girls you are my favorite i love the songs Girl power and Cinderella i just... by Ashley Kiger 3/27/05
     i think the cheetah girls rock! me and my friends keyla(doe)me(bubles)and steph(chuchi) by bubbles 3/29/05
     We'll I know by a fact that play wrote Cinderella first,but Cheetah girls way sounds ... by Galleria and Chanel 5/7/05
     me n my friends last year made a cheetah girls group and made up our own songs the only... by aqua 5/10/05
     hey every on i ready all of the messages the were all good not all good u know.Any ways... by BaByGiRl SaBiNa 5/23/05
     hae cheetah girls i love your songs and your show by emily 6/5/05
     I love your show.My favorite person is Chanel! she is so pretty.I love how you sing!How... by cara 6/13/05
     Hey, I like the cheetah girls 2, and i gotta lot of dope cheetah stuff. I'm tryin' to... by Chuchie 6/14/05
     Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!... by Amanda 6/19/05
     cheetha girls stunk bad haha! by maggielicous 7/4/05
     Play wrote it looooooooong before the Cheetah girls came out, The Cheetah Girls came out... by Neph 7/21/05
     unicorn elephant alligator electronic imagination they are all cool. so no bookcase ... by white and mona 7/27/05
     unicorn elephant alligator electronic imagination they are all cool. so no bookcase ... by white and mona 7/27/05
     I love all cheetha girls songs because they r all so cool. but I think nit would be best... by white and mona 7/27/05
     i have seen the cheetahs girls movie so much and i don't no were to get the album because... by cheetha girl 8/1/05
     hey raven me and my friends enter the talent show every year just to sing your song we... by yanerys melendez 8/11/05
     we LOVE the cheetah girls they rock the world PLAY YOU AINT WORTH $@#% ... by katie and melissa 8/15/05
     play made it up first. i got the play cd a long time ago, with the cinderella song on it,... by renee 8/23/05
     hurry up and rate mine to a 4! lol :) oh and again, play wrot it first by renee 8/23/05
     The Cheetah girls are so cool. Hey they are going to have a cheetah girls two out. Raven... by Raven fanatic 8/28/05
     the cheetah girls are stupid by cory baker 9/18/05
     Hey!! I LOVE the Cheetah Girls!!! My friend and I are in love with them! I am Bubbles,... by Bubbles 9/24/05
     Hey Marissa! I rated your comment GREAT! Kiss! Kiss! Bye! by Allison and Cuz' Jessica 10/12/05
     I love the cheetha girls soooo much and my favorite character Galleria. ... by Lacycia 10/18/05
     Duh it was play! Hello, cause play made their CD before the cheetah girls even came out!... by Kel 10/31/05
     Play came out with it way before. I have the album. They came out with the song two years... by Lilly 11/5/05
     Raven please can I meet you. you are so beautiful and polite!!!! I love cory he is nice... by kenisha haye 11/16/05
     You guys are the boom!!!!!!!! i love you guys a lot because you sing good! and because you... by Nina Godbout 11/26/05
     I know that in the Master of Disguise, that scene in the bar they play "Cinderella." I... by Chuchie 11/26/05
     me and 4 of my friends are named after you we love the cheetah girls except why is... by kim 11/27/05
     I love the cheetah girls!!Me and my friends play it and try to remember every line.I can't... by Aquagurl101 11/30/05
     I like this movie a lot and I love how they sound and I saw them in Macy's Thanksgiving... by dance princess 12/2/05
     i think the cheetah girls is the best movie and songs are the best i don't even like play... by ashleyaqua 12/3/05
     OMG!(that is oh, my, gosh.) I LOVE THE CHEETAH GIRLS! You guys, Your'enot the only ones... by Answer By: Alyssa (nottelin'ulastname.) 12/3/05
     we named our friends just like the cheetah girls. Jessie is {chuchie} jasmine is {bubbles}... by Keiley2 12/4/05
     the cheetah girlz movie is my favorite and my friends sarah made a group too. ... by bublicious 12/5/05
     the cheetah girlz movie is my favorite and my friends andi made a group too. ... by bublicious 12/5/05
     hey girls we got something for u my friends and me made a group too. shaylee-galeria ... by bublicious 12/6/05
     I like your everything, i even made a remix of some of your songs i love you girl. by Little blue cheetah 12/13/05
     hey you are my favorite fan and your outfits are cute .we made a group like yours and we... by keonna 12/14/05
     play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by snob2 12/14/05
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     you girls rule by ariel 1/1/2006
     I think the one who wrote the song ''Cinderella'' was RAVEN SYMONE by dominican girl1243 1/3/2006
     why isn't raven in the group no more by oliie 1/6/2006
     Dear cheetahgirls I have been lisening to your song like for ever.I can't belive I'm... by Rufia 1/20/2006
     Dear cheetahgirls I have been lisening to your song like for ever.I can't belive I'm... by Rufia 1/20/2006
     hey yall me and my friends love yall im lacey as raven and laiken aqua and shiann is doe i... by lacey and laiken and shiann 1/20/2006
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     I love the Cheetah Girls so bad and when me and my friends play this is who an Shimaral-... by Chuchie 3/6/2006
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     Cheetah Girls suck!They are all losers!And you people need to get a life!And please spell... by Cheetah Haters 4/29/2006
     Cheetah Girls suck!They are all losers!And you people need to get a life!And please spell... by Cheetah Haters 4/29/2006
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     I've been knowing you for along time Tanya me Kali And Amy singing since we were little We... by Aqua as Brianna Portwood Dorinda as Tanya Groholski Amandalyz Narvez as chanel Galleria as kali Huettl 6/13/2006
     We are your best fans.Once we saw your movie we made a group called The Power Girls.we... by Dorinda as Tanya Groholski, Aqua as Brianna portwood , Galleria as Kali huettl, and Channel as amandalyz Narvaez  6/13/2006
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     Hi, my name is Nisa~Lynn and I'm a big fan of the CHEETAH GIRLS!! After seeing the... by Nisa~Lynn 7/9/2006
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     they r cool i like there song because i can sing like them and i love there songs and i... by DEANA&LACEE 8/12/2006
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     you may thank I to old to listen to you but I 24 years old and I love you guys very... by brandi goodlett 8/18/2006
     you may thank I to old to listen to you but I 24 years old and I love you guys very... by brandi goodlett 8/18/2006
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     hey Cheetah Girls I love your movie especcially the songs.The songs they make me getup and... by valeria 8/24/2006
     hey Cheetah Girls I love your movie especcially the songs.The songs they make me getup and... by valeria 8/24/2006
     whUHFLAKSHFSLKAGJKSADHGISDHKL; by emily dimarco 8/25/2006
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     hey cheetahs I love your movie especially the songs.When I hear the songs I always get up... by valeria 8/25/2006
     hey cheetahs I love your movie especially the songs.When I hear the songs I always get up... by valeria 8/25/2006
     i want on America's got talent and if i win i will fly up to meet yall (as they say in the... by erika 8/26/2006
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     This question is for Andrieue. In the movie ALL YOU'VE GOT at the end it said you brough ... by Qu-dir 8/26/2006
     jkl;sadjfkl;sd ksdlfa;fjksdfj sdfksla;fsdkfksdfjsdfsd;ajsdkfl;sd fskldfjsakdlf;asjfksl;dfj... by jkls;dfjsdk klsd;ajl 8/27/2006
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     The Cheetah Girls by Abercrombie 9/5/2006
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     the person that made Cinderella is galleria from the cheetah girl by raven 9/16/2006
     Here are the facts on the song "Cinderella": The 5-girl U.S. group i5 recorded it first... by CookyMonzta 9/17/2006
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     The cheetah girls r soo cool luv dem but dey wouldn't b nefin without raven-symone... by bob 10/24/2006
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     i like your movie a lost cool? by alexandra 1/12/2007
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     Everyone says Raven is pregnant, is that true? by Jess 3/11/2007
     i have the movie I so it so I am correct at what I said by bill34 3/29/2007
     i really dont care who came out with it first, i heard the cheetahs version and love it... by brianna(chu-chi) 4/5/2007
     hi ya love your movie but me better not- what do i do if i like a boy by ciarra.romero-cj 4/10/2007
     i think averyone'squitionswere very good but i love the cheetha girls thank you so much... by iraida 4/15/2007
     go cheethas.......... by kk 5/11/2007
     Raven made the song i know dis cuz she always do it if ya ll din know dat yall crazy... by Nikiya 5/23/2007
     play made the song first. i remember when i was little i had the play cd, and i was so mad... by katie 6/7/2007
     I took a quiz and I'm like galgal I look like you to. bye ... by alexandria leigh sullivan 6/14/2007
     I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOVIES by alexandria 6/14/2007
     I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOVIES by alexandria 6/14/2007
     Ok, after all the worthless spam from cheetah girl fans. The real answer is i5 which... by I'm Right 6/29/2007
     hi you guys my name is kencey and i am 12 years old.Me and my friends play the cheetah... by Rea Rea 7/17/2007
who was the person who invented cds by pimp10/2/03
     Somebody in Philips (Electronics/hifi company) in Holland. Don't know the person's name... by Trev11/23/03
     john charles in 1987 did. He worked for Philips in holland. by j3/25/04
     no-one by gymnast4/26/04
     what sup yall by your buddey5/12/04
     i don't know by lilzigzag5/12/04
     sherlock homes invented cds. he liked to rap while he was on the crapper. by spiderman5/13/04
     Nate is gay ass by I hate Nate5/13/04
     John Charles by bay5/21/04
     it was john charles by jv5/21/04
     It was sony and Phillip by lk6/7/04
     John charles in 87' by baller 8/15/04
     was john charles gay?? by slayer 2/9/05
     John Charles by kat 7/3/05
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     what the f^#* is this s#*&!!!!????? by pancake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/26/05
     i think it was phillip and sony but we will never really know because lots of people... by bobbymarie brown 11/17/05
     Ithink it was John Charles in 1897. by *smileformedaddy* 12/4/05
     yo whats up dogs by p diddy 12/11/05
     I know it was John Charles. Thank the Lord above for him. by I love Ethan 1/30/2006
     Nate the Great by punkbabe14 3/12/2006
     Barry Hundeep invented cds in 1989 by Stu 3/15/2006
     7tgoip7ujt5gkyjiogjkllp, by unuhnmio 3/16/2006
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     Emma watson is so hot!!!! by I love emma watson  3/23/2006
     phillip holland some thin like that by hi 3/30/2006
     IT WAS ME.... YALL BE HATIN CAUSE IM RICH by look@me 3/30/2006
     your mom did. by DEvon D.. 4/10/2006
     u r all fags by psycho13 4/19/2006
     john charles by princess 9/6/2006
     Like everyone else said. Some gay dude!!!! Named John Charles who also worked for Phillips... by someone 9/22/2006
     tyler clayballs by andrea 9/27/2006
     Ok I made a little mistake... but James T. Russel did invent the cd in the late 1960's.... by melangel727 10/4/2006
     john charles by lil shawty 10/29/2006
     ur all gay by u suk 11/5/2006
     YES ITS TRUE EMOS AER FAGS THEY SHOULD ALL GO DIE BUT THEN THAT WOULD BE BEING EMO AND... by EmOs aRe fAgS 11/5/2006 am i supposed to know ....i barley speak inglish by kool chick 11/9/2006
     Joey S is hot by Im a nekka<3 12/17/2006
     Bruce Springsteen by TT 2/23/2007
     yo mama by dah man 4/2/2007
     you's just a big old pumkin head by pumkin head 4/18/2007
     John Charles invented the CD in 1987!! by peeyourpants8 5/1/2007
     wasn't'tit that dude john Charles by roxy foxy 5/10/2007
     The companies Sony and Phillip both contributed to making the actual inventor of the CDs,... by JH  5/13/2007
     john charles who worked for phillips in holland by socks 6/4/2007
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Does water with salt evaporate faster than water without salt by Donna Worley10/9/03
     Yes,water with salt evaporates faster than water without salt. by B_525211/16/03
     No, water with salt boils at a higher temperature, as you probably know. That means that... by Dan11/22/03
     Saline water evaporates in a higher temperature and freezes in a higher minus temperature... by Reza12/9/03
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     Old school by jbgjbrgbrgbrgPENGUIN5/13/04
     You people are so stupid. Anyone who read this thread is dumber for having done so. I... by JESUS CHRIST5/15/04
     "Jesus Christ" is right by ?guess? 8/15/04
     yes because if u boil salt water and just water the salt water will start boiling faster by ninky 8/24/04
     yes it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by brittany watson 9/9/04
     i think that Jesus needs t stop being such a jerk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. .. by brittany watson 9/9/04
     you people suck. by bob 10/5/04
     Well i think that water do evaporate faster then salt water ,because water is used to the... by mrs.tweety 10/6/04
     my many experiments have proven that salt with water will evaporate faster than water... by me 10/13/04
     i don't know by pe oe 10/15/04
     but doesn't the water just ecaporate and leave the salt behind? i need to know cuz this is... by Janelle 10/17/04
     Water boils at different tempetures depending on how much salt you add. I did an experimen... by Laurie 10/21/04
     waz up my homies are you read to get the bubbles floating YEAH.So lets do the A-Town stomp... by Lil Jon 10/28/04
     salt water evaporates faster than regular water skrew you jesus by gabriel 11/4/04
     I have done this experiment and the result was that water with salt and water without salt... by Cloe 11/6/04
     Nah neither of dem dumb behind waters evaporate faster they do it the same so stay off my... by Ya gurl Nique 11/8/04
     all of these anwsers are stupid and this website is sooooooooo gay and retardet by Nesha 11/8/04
     water with salt evaporates faster by juli 11/14/04
     I don't know I was just looking for a real answer to my question by wiggle dancer 11/15/04
     Losers don't no nuting. Water evaporates first. by Yvee 11/17/04
     duh,didn't I teach yall better than that. Yall are about dum as daylight.All yall little... by your mamma 11/18/04
     no because water with salt has more density good day people!! PEACE OUT!!! by heathergee 11/23/04
     You people are so so dumb !!! by Meci 12/2/04
     Yes I think water with salt will evaporate faster than water without salt because if it is... by Brittany Symank-jwi 12/3/04
     Yes, water with salt evaporates faster then water without salt because salt dissolves when... by Jeanine  12/8/04
     I believe that it would evaporate faster with salt because, salt would make it boil at a... by maria  12/9/04
     The answer is that water evaporates faster with the salt.Think of it like when the roads... by Brandy 12/17/04
     water evaporates because the sun is warm and bright so it shines obn the water and the... by april 1/1/05
     whoever says that saltwater has more density than regular water is a moron. saltwater has... by me 1/8/05
     that person who answered as Jesus Christ needs to shut up. i think what they did was... by ME 1/16/05