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Question / AnswerRatingDate
WE have an open client server in RPC'swe are using open client datatypes (CS_INT, CS_CHAR)... by Venki 4/29/04
I am trying to run a program on an old Apple IIe. I can load it with the "load XYZ"... by Mary Virginia 4/29/04
Have a clutch plate from '98 Golf TDi with splines worn away. Everything else seems in... by petermac 4/28/04
Hi, I have 2-eyelet receptacles at home and I wish to add some wiring. the recepticles are... by junior 4/28/04
I have just purchased a 1995 3door Rav, unfortunately it does not have an owners manual. ... by Spence 6/27/04
     Walk-up to a total stranger that has the same auto and ask them to loan the handbook to... by bubster007 10/5/04
Is there a "break-in" period for new wheels? I just replaced mine and I am slower than i... by Deb6795 4/26/04
Where can I find an instruction manual for an ILCO #2182-B milling type key cutter? Thanks... by john m. adams 4/26/04
Hello. How does one join one of these groups or post questions? I am interested in... by Meownica 4/25/04
Is their such a thing as telephone IP viruses? by Jerry 4/28/04
Where can i find out about copyrights? I have a website and am worried about some of my... by cyborg 4/25/04
can I connect a g4 flat screen to a g3 tower? by len 6/5/04
Our 11 yr old retreiver mix has all of a sudden gotten a rash on its neck and is losing... by jmp828 4/24/04
I have a 92 Chrysler Concorde. When I press down on the gas pedal it sticks before it... by Sandy 4/23/04
My sister had a GreenCard and she lived in US as a GreenCard holder for over 11yrs, then... by Anamika 4/28/04
I am looking for a portable SW that has SSB and Aircraft I have looked everywhere. I can... by Wiztom 4/22/04
I need info on a tropical plant by the name of aralea, what is the latin name, where is it... by lauryn vaughn 6/22/04
     So does the health department. She has been quite prolific. by bubster007 10/5/04
I appeared on a Letterman show in the early 80's when he was on NBC, is there any way to... by John K 4/21/04
If I've been living in the U.S. for 13 years,have school records that go back to 5th... by Alfredo Sanchez 4/21/04
wont my computer be obsolete just as soon as i buy it? by jjoedieter 8/24/04
I am looking for David Letterman's 10th anniversary special show. If anyone has it, Please... by derrick 5/30/04
When should siblings from birth parents be introduced to their sister. What age is... by Taleah's Dad 4/20/04
Does anyone out there know how to convert a PDF file to interleaf? My current version of... by Belinda (Phoenix) 4/20/04
I want to know how do you find 4 letter usernames (as-is) cause i was singing up on that's... by Cierra 6/20/04
     I found a large hammer usefull in creating 4 letter words spontaniously. by bubster007 10/5/04
Is Thunder Hoc is the same as Hockey? Does anyone know what thunder hoc is? by hunni 4/19/04
Where can I find the most infoin the Iron Wolf? by Dave 4/22/04
What happens to the matter that is sucked unto the oblivion of black holes? by bob 4/19/04
If Some one have some materials on a given topic plz kindly send me on (cecosian4u@hotmail... by cecosian 5/29/04
I am just getting "seriously" into X-men and would like to start reading from when it all... by mspike 4/19/04
Explain, in terms or the mechanism of contraction why the presence of calcium and the lack... by whitroc 4/18/04
If you already have a dog that your parents are making you give it to somebody else could... by Jo 4/18/04
My 8 year old terrior as begun urinating in the house. We cordoned off the carpeted areas... by Linda 6/17/04
     yeah, beat the crap out the dog... man up punk by aj420 11/18/2006
I recently decided to breed my 3 yr old male with a 3 yr old female that belongs to a... by Dorrie 6/17/04
     you should show the dog where to " put it"... and stop watching them , they are probably... by aj 420 11/18/2006
I have or had only shih-tzu'swith the exception of my Lhasa Apso. I love them very much... by Corrine 4/17/04
How do I find out whether a particular work is copyrighted? by susan 4/19/04
I am a CPA. I have a tax specialty relevant to mutual fund and annuity investors. I... by CJ 5/26/04
We got our Black Lab about the time he was 7 weeks old. He is now 2 weeks old. Overall... by Browning HaNa 5/26/04
I would like to get the information on the TCP/ip protocols architecture on the physical... by Thandeka 5/26/04
How does 1 go about repairing the a/c for a 94 Grand Voyager.... by trixx 5/28/04
what is the EIA responsible for? by wemin 6/2/04
What year did World War2end? by Lasondra 6/22/04
     It didn't... It just slowed down. by bubster007 10/5/04
I am looking for any information on a WWII bomber training base in winslow,az. The base I... by nighthawk 5/23/04
How can I mount a Netware Volume (NSS) on HPUX by Kabouter 5/26/04
In July, 2003, the wiring to the brake cylinder and dash burned up, Gulf Chrysler, done... by Jerri Holman 4/18/04
Can anyone tell me about the actor who plays the owner of the nudie bar. I know I have... by Nicholas 5/23/04
Where can I find a Ragdoll kitten in Louisiana? by Lauren McKay 4/16/04
Write a program in 'C' language to merge the contents of two binary search trees into one.... by Ani 4/12/04
when and where was the beginning of the christian religious services by 9/22/04
Can I recover insurance money, that was to go to me; but was put in my brother's account.... by Oma 4/16/04
Can anyone tell me the name of the lullaby Bianca sang to Miranda after she gave birth? by Andrea 6/11/04
     It was probably the same as before she gave birth. by bubster007 10/5/04
I've been receiving calls late at night for the last few weeks where the person calling... by Dani 6/16/04
     What else does a mime have to do to win your affection. by bubster007 10/5/04
The other day I was out driving and came upon a very large, unmanned car swerving from... by alimic71 6/10/04
     When I go, I want to peacefully pass like Uncle Harry. Not like all the other passengers... by bubster007 10/5/04
I want to get the general introduction of main English and America newspapers and... by Young 5/20/04
What age is too old for a Dalmatian female to breed? She has had 3 litters in the past... by sarah is someone 4/9/04
I have no idea what the job of a solenoid value does which is on the intake manifold of my... by Nat g 6/8/04
     It is on there for a purpose. Is a burnt solenoid serving that purpose? Blonde? by bubster007 10/5/04
I have been trying to find an older Shih Tsu or a puppy in the local area of Boston. ... by kbilion 6/8/04
     Try looking for a shih tsu rescue. They have great dogs looking for a wonderful home. My... by karene 9/26/04
Is it commom to have growling, snapping and biting (breaking the skin and bleeding a... by Phyllis 6/8/04
     he'll grow out of it... i have one, wait till he starts licking your balls by aj420 11/18/2006
Is there any easy way to tell what network adapters are configured that your system is... by Leah Higgerson 5/18/04
What caused the mistake that led to the wrongful termination of buttle? by falcoron 6/8/04
     It might have something to do with the secretary he mounted on his desk like a hood... by bubster007 10/5/04
How do I open a console while executing the TLC code in windows or the equivalent... by velmourougan 5/18/04
Looking for documentation for operation of National Semi-Conductor Model 103A, Data... by Velvet Antler 5/17/04
I Have a database in which I have created 5 schemas. Assume the schemas as Sch1 to Sch5. ... by Chandra 5/17/04
This has got to be one of the best websites I've encountered so far related to understandi... by Diep Tran 5/21/04
How do I become an authorized dealer for Lenox and Swarovoski? Thanks by lyndia 4/6/04
Subject: customizing dsssl stylesheets I am trying to create a custom stylesheet that... by jcstou00 4/6/04
I have a collection of paper money and coins from countries other than the USA dated from... by racheek 6/6/04
     i have a dollar from 1862 virginia treasury note i would like to know the value ... by nelson hernandez 11/6/05
What are the trade-offs between client/server, terminal emulation and file transfer?Explai... by katkootah 6/6/04
     Nothing, if you don't get caught and then deny everything. 1-800-Johnny Chochran by bubster007 10/5/04
What tool is a snake used for in one of these jobs and what job is it? Carpenter, Mason,... by chels 4/5/04
Where is the fuel pump located on a new yorker 3.3 1990. by michfrommich 5/18/04
Why did my male Chihuahuas tail bend at a 90 degree angle when he was 5 months old? The... by Handyman85341 6/5/04
     Is a male Chihuahuas suppose to lift their leg to go to the bathroom? by Zoom 8/31/05
When is the 6th season of mash coming out? by mistyblue1956 4/13/04
What is the name of the Gilligan'sIsland theme song? by Ray 4/7/04
I was given an email address from someone I met on a cruise. The person I met resides in... by foodcrazy 6/3/04
     yeah get a life!!! by aj420 11/18/2006
Using the 80C52 Basic and placing an ASM program in EEPROM starting at 9000H causes an... by Tom Barnett 4/3/04
What is the best way using power management technology? by madeira 4/6/04
Is C-Band REALLY going to be here in five, or even two years? It's gone from 3-million to... by BigAl 4/2/04
Our AIX 5L 5.2 installation hangs on CDE since upgrade. Will eventually fail with a DT... by jdieffenbacher 4/2/04
I am trying to implement LZO data compression and decompression in real time streaming... by The_Indian 4/2/04
I am interested in the Battalions that served in Vietnam. I am currently trying to get a... by Britto 5/12/04
I recently bought a January 1966 325s completly original except the new jetglo refinish... by Rob 5/10/04
I don't have a question, i was reading the FAQ's and someone asked where to go to get a... by Ann 5/10/04
Does any one know where I can get a tape on canting the Kaddish Ya tom. I am trying to... by Billy 5/10/04
What is the the current trend of ANN by yuvaraj 5/18/04
If wen hiring goods, in the process dropped them and damaged them before an agreement was... by Aim 5/9/04
I'm moving to Toledo in August. I have two labs (one rescue mix) that need lots of... by Jane 4/4/04
Our theatre is putting on a production of "You Can't Take it With You" and we NEED an... by Kimmie 6/4/04
     We're doing the same show. I bought a mask at a costume shop and am painting it "badly".... by Jools 7/2/04
I need to know how to spell Generation in Norwegian as soon as possible. ... by Edith Larsen 5/6/04
I have a network in my office and my workstation is the only computer that is connected to... by Habib 5/6/04
When are the Northwest regional sunday games starting by #1EGOFAN 5/9/04
i need help in syntax for Solaris 2.9 make. trying to include a bourne shell construct... by ron 6/24/04
I am doing a research on tattoo with Chinese characters (kanji). I would like to converse... by D.L. 5/4/04
i have kept a Labrador for the first time,a dog for the first do toilet train... by mehra 5/14/04
Is listening to music ha ram? by diyar 4/22/04
Before the seeds are roasted what do they do? by Brandin 4/2/04
where did If you need help call on me.aint nobody better than me come from by bo 6/23/04
What is the definition of a tipdrill by Prince 5/11/04
how can i simulate an inelastic collision between 2 balls bye using C? by kal8 5/13/04
I need to know were I can go to look up Adoptions, On myself and try to find family... by sibtiger 5/2/04
A man ran the toll booths in Oklahoma back in l974 or l975. Paul Harvey commented on this... by Sharon Davis 5/2/04
I put a hot wire to a light and I tested it with a tester. when I put the neutral wire... by charles 5/2/04
I put the black wire to the load and i put the white to the load and they both are hot by charles 5/2/04
I put a hotwire to one side of a light and the neutral sid e got hot to ... by charles 5/2/04
how long is a cockapoo pregnant? by need to know 8/19/04
My teacher tolled us to do this project on RT-S's as the following: ---------------------... by denserlow 5/6/04
I have a HP 9000 E45 having HP-UX 10.2. I have certain old DDS1 Dat tape containing data... by Sasa_knp 5/1/04
Tired of playing on the kitchen table. Looking to build a poker table 8-10 players. ... by LM22 5/30/04
     If you need help figuring this one out, We have to ask, is it safe for you to be playing... by bubster007 10/5/04
a compound has the formula XY3. if X has an oxidation number of 3+, each Y has an... by ella 5/10/04
What rights should individual have beyond any union contract or organization's policies? by Jackie 3/30/04
What supplies do I need when whelping? Do I just put a blanket down for the mother and... by Diamond  3/30/04
We have a 22 room surgical suite. How can we fairly give everyone vacation time without... by 3/29/04
How do you set up and indirect in cell drop down list using VBA? I get an error. Here is... by bailee2203/29/04
is adolesence the same everywhere by laura 9/27/04
I am currently building a project that requires shelves(pie safe). Plans call for shelves... by jrieger 5/28/04
     Go buy a pie safe. by bubster007 10/5/04
define ozone depleting potential. by ranjeet 9/26/04
Once a military member is accepted as a NASA astronaut, how long will he/she work for... by Sarah 3/27/04
brian's most hated item in my house by amy stuart 9/25/04
Where will i find information which would tell me how to form a sentence of a word. In... by Dinesh 3/27/04
Is there a horizontal control switch on the original galaga machine by midway? by Kenny 3/26/04
My husband averages 1-2 flights a week for business and when he comes home he complains of... by Judy 5/26/04
     Men have been flying for 100 years and there appears to be no serious fly boy syndrome.... by bubster007 10/5/04
Was the soap "All My Children" originated from another soap opera ? by Richlady 5/25/04
     No, it is actually a rerun from 50 years ago with all new actors. (The original cast is... by bubster007 10/5/04
How can I extract from unix memory amount either used or available? I am a beginner? by Shawa2003 3/25/04
My JRT will be 2 years old in May. For along time he only had markings on his head and... by DeLaine 3/25/04
I did HP Basic programming 1986 thru 1996. I am trying to find companies or consultants... by 3/25/04
I've got a file with a single line and a number in the line .How do I put single quotes... by Bob 3/25/04
I have completed a diploma course in Sound recording & Reproduction,i have some books of... by Badrinath 5/24/04
     You wait until you have a degree in a subject then you ask this question. Where did you... by bubster007 10/5/04
Did anyone tape the episode of 3/16/04 and would you rent it to me???? by Stan Rocklin 3/24/04
there used to be a website a few years back, when you registered, you were asked what... by q-rious george 5/4/04
Who won the election in north lebanon??? by dl1981 5/31/04
     An Arab by bubster007 10/5/04
Can anyone explain in simple terms why it is common practice in some parts of the uk to... by Baz 3/23/04
Is the colour of clothing usually worn by students (ie. black or white, depending upon... by Amy Black 3/27/04
What was Father Mulcahy's favorite baseball team? by Bob 3/25/04
The LCD display on my son's V W Polo has gone blank. The stereo still works but the unit... by DudleyD 5/27/04
     VW=Electrical Nightmares. Read the Internet before you buy a car. The Dealer is going to... by bubster007 10/5/04
Just purchases a 1995 Pass at VR6.The automatic trans fluid was very dark and sweet... by Joel Braun 3/22/04
I am planning on moving in 3 - 6 months and will be sizing down. I have a fair amount of... by PaulN 3/21/04
I have a 94 Chrysler Concorde. The air conditioner works fine but only blows out of the... by James Stegall 5/21/04
     yes, i like to join your offer by jonhny 9/8/04
We've adopted a 3 - yr stray female IG & have now had her for 2 mos. Unfortunately, we've... by Pat 5/21/04
     Ask yourself, What are the practical reasons for having a pet? by bubster007 10/5/04
Dear INND Gurus, I have recently updated to INND 2.4.1 and have noticed a number of the... by Howard Yuen 3/20/04
The card 'Flaring pain' states "Damage can't be prevented this turn." Would all my... by Evilprophet85 5/20/04
     Uh... no. Creatures can still be blocked - blocking doesn't count as damage prevention.... by Zod 9/13/05
Does anyone know where I could find the lyrics to Micheal Cards song, "Why"? by Angel 3/20/04
How many times does a tropical cyclone spin around in 1 second? by Anonymous 3/23/04
If you lived in Ohio but now are a resident of California and your ex and children still... by ladyblonde920 3/19/04
I live in Golden, Colorado and want to buy a sweet little Tea Cup Chihuahua. Can you... by Dorothy 3/19/04
Describe in detail how a message is delivered by TCP/IP protocol suite (or TCP/IP... by Raja 4/28/04
How can I find out the status of intermail mail? I am trying to find out if my internet... by Carolyn 3/18/04
My cat is about nine years old and since Saturday, April 24th his meow is more of a breath... by Sherry 4/28/04
My 3 year old Cocker is beginning to show symptoms of PIE. She had a serious attack around... by krazz 3/17/04
I have a 1991 Dodge Spirit 2.5l with automatic transmission front whell drive. The... by IDATA 7/17/04
     If you need a new transmission, I have a 91 dodge spirit. I just had the transmission... by Adam 10/28/04
     I have a '92 2.5l spirit, and my tranny is funny acting... it shifts when it wants to and... by bronwentrask 2/28/05
I have a five month old chi. She started eating her poop about 3weeks ago. I have to keep... by Dena 3/17/04
Does anyone know where I can get an apple II game called Fit IT. This is probably the... by zornzorn 4/26/04
my wife is involved in lungs diseases with effect from september 2003.i check up my wife... by Muhammad khawar ilyas 6/6/04
CAN TWO MALE RUSSELL'S BE KEPT TOGETHER OR IS IT UNWISE. I have a 6 year old male who... by keith maddern 4/25/04
When resetting my mileage when filling up with gas, the trip mileage went crazy and the... by Bill 3/15/04
i have a 6 month old not nutered male that suddenly meows at odd times when he is normally... by 8/25/04
My question is how do I get on my local sports teams charity list and what would I have to... by TBoris54 4/25/04
In 1999 I saw a play at the Aotea centre in Auckland titled "SKIN DEEP". It was about a... by Elizabeth 3/15/04
I have data on 10 Dept's,with all relating data on numerous worksheets , instead of... by smackey 3/14/04
does anyone know where i can get a conversion guide for putting a 2 litre 16 valve red-top... by chis 8/24/04
How can I find the existing Host to a web page. See the problem is that we had a guy who... by Tamica  4/23/04
I have a two year old female lab that has stopped eating in last two days and last night... by Angel 4/23/04
What is the penal code that relates to debris encountered on the highway? Specifically,... by s stone 3/13/04
we have RS/6000 44P servers. we are finding problem in power management. 1. screen gets... by Naimesh 6/3/04
i have a sears roebuck,1991 model(62654522094)chassis model (PTV 375-A001).it has great... by sunny 6/3/04
Looking to buy 2 sheep in St Louis Area. 618 area code. by Pat 6/25/04
     I have a sheep i live in the same area =] by Sheep owner 1/15/2006
What causes fluid to come out of vent on a 1966 c-4 transmission by Doug 4/25/04
Im a keen pool fanatic in the hertfordshire area,can you advice me where I can start... by matt 4/22/04
Hey everyone i am trying to figure out what all i need to do....befor i can pierce peoples... by SexyBrownEyes242 4/27/04
If i have a chart shows the battery dischargment in Volts to the Y axis and the disharge... by Michael 3/12/04
We are using minicom to communicate a device through the serial port. Our application... by Jagan 3/12/04
What are some specific companies that fund for homeless shelters? Any government organizat... by K-LA 3/11/04
how can I prove that I lived at a certain place to get my full worth of my council... by bracken 6/1/04
Can male dogs that have gone sterile, do to arsenic levels in water, become fertile again... by trueluvfrenchies 3/11/04
I would like my friends e-mail becauce I forgot. by Smitha 4/24/04
I was just informed that the TV Show, "Dark Shadows", was taken from an early radio show... by Gloria 5/11/04
     There was a radio group called The Mummers who broadcast "The Hermit's Cave." One program... by Lushie 8/18/05
I have got change of status approval from INS for E1,E2 catogery,but US ambessy refused to... by Zahoor 3/11/04
Who illustrated Don't touch my room By Patricia Lakin? How many pages, who published it... by Fergshill 5/11/04
     Patience Brewster. by Katrina 3/30/05
How can I insert a graph to my tex file? The system keeps telling me the file extension... by wei 3/11/04
1991 Chrysler Grand Caravan has developed a condition. Pulling a grade at 30-40, the... by johnamazing 4/30/04
How do I get to see what ai have check out of the library by Lorraine Minto 4/23/04
I'm looking for info about the Remote Procedure Call initiated by NT Authority/System... by Amanda 5/15/04
     I've heard that 2 things can cause this: 1. the Blaster worm. 2. an expired license key... by blarf 12/7/05
Black lab in Colorado scratching and developed bumps on face. The scratching increased... by ME 5/10/04
     I have a black lab that does exactly the same scratching and rubbing you describe for your... by LAM 9/28/04
Is there a com file that I could run on my old vax systems that would report the hardware... by stan 3/10/04
Where are you located? by Cory 6/18/04
     On Line. DAAAA by bubster007 10/5/04
How do i change my p2p network to a win2000 client/server by dizzy1595 6/23/04
     How do i change my p2p network to a win2000 client/server? by ulduz114 10/1/05
I am building a detached garage which is about 200 feet from my house. I have a 240 mill,... by rod 4/19/04
About how much would the Cray C916 cost by Someone 4/27/04
Can a column with swBoolean data type be null? by nick123 3/12/04
My 1989 Chrylser New Yorker, with a 3.0 L, with optical ignition, won't start, or starts... by desertrat 6/19/04
     this is a bad car by david berumen 6/5/2006
How does the present star trek differ from the original? by bilbo_m 5/12/04
     It's very... difficult to explain such a... question with a.... short, and simple answer. ... by FunsterJim 6/26/05
What a some of the limitations in using ML over other languages? by nan 3/11/04
Player before me scratches and I now have the cue ball (ball in hand) The 8 balls is... by sue 3/8/04
Is Euro Disney smaller or larger than the American Disneyland? by Joe 3/11/04
Hi, This is regarding the hotkey activation for a widget. I basically want to use ... by Karthik 3/8/04
i am trying to get into Arizona State Laws for tatooing . i need to know what kind of... by La Pisca 6/2/04
Has any body ever heard of the MTM trading platform If so give some detail and send info... by canard 4/17/04
Milton Florida dog needs new home. Mixed breed dog no longer happy at my home needs... by Pauline Trawick 5/6/04
     I want a dog who need a home but it have to be a pitbull.And it have to be a puppies by corky barrera jorga 1/21/05
Is there anything that I can apply on my face when it is exceptionally warm feeling,red... by Linda 3/6/04
The lights on the buttons which control the my 1198 Plymouth Mini Vans rear wiper, air... by louis 4/16/04
1999 Sebring will not crank up when starting, it takes several cranks inorder to get it... by pebbles 4/26/04
How to calculate MOON RISING in a particular place & date. by Ajay Joshi 6/19/04
     Find a date/time for a phase of the moon, and use that as a reference. Then calculate the... by shane 1/29/2006
I found a mother Mockingbird who has laid her eggs on the ground by our community pool. ... by Donna 5/6/04
     this is a cool answer by abe 5/19/05

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