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Question / AnswerRatingDate
why can't I find a site on mixed dogs by kk7/30/03
     Because people don`t think about Mixed Dogs!! That is like animals abuse and that is... by Goliath Frog11/15/03
     Actually, you can find websites on mixed dogs. You can go to and search for... by Snoopie11/27/03
     I just went online and typed in "mixed dog" and it brought up all kinds of sites. I wasn't... by Tanisha12/29/03
     look for feral dogs by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     Mixed dogs are very popular these days. There are snoodles snauzer / poodle ,also... by Deb2/9/04
     There are lots of sites for mixed breeds.All you have to do is type in mixed breeds. Is it... by carolyn2/23/04
     It's really a matter of what a website developer uses as their key words for you to search... by Joy5/17/04
     there are alot of sites about mixed breeds all you have to do is take the time to look for... by TRU EDEN 12/29/04
     hey i need help why can`t i find a web on mixed dog by katy 2/23/05
     It is not like animal aduse ok their aresome places you can find mix dogs but not alot... by The Koolest of them all 1/8/2006
     I have the same probelum. Maybe u should try to go to google and yahoo and any other sorce... by Mol 5/20/2006
how do i find out a specific phone number and whose it is by webby3/29/04
     to what question? by telli4/8/04
     flower by flower 8/5/05
     this number keeps calling me 07914 506999 and hanging up by teddy 9/9/05
     who's number does this belong to 626-391-9440 by lilone 5/4/2006
     I am not sure about any RFC documents related to your question, but if you are receiving... by andrew 5/13/2006
     whose phone number is 01634 713292 by robbie 6/29/2006
     the number that keeps calling you is from around kingston, pa. you can find this out by... by hntg4evr 7/5/2006
     I need to know whose phone number this is.The person lives in Penn Yan, New York.She keeps... by sunnyd74 9/6/2006
     I have a phone number on my husband's phone bill. Is there somewhere I can search to find... by OkieMom 9/22/2006
     I need to find out whose number it is. by Dani 11/13/2006
     My Daughter by Nikki 11/14/2006
     tristin by ashley 3/26/2007
     put a block on by keithrick 3/28/2007
     Go to and click reverse search by Kate 4/4/2007
     supp!? by vindicctiv 4/12/2007
     WHAT ADDRESS DOES THESE PHONE NUMBERS BELONG TO 01526 342358 (IN UK) 07845137560 by NICK 4/25/2007
     monkey7 by monkey 5/14/2007
     Phone them back! by Karlosar 6/5/2007
     mykayla by kristie 6/26/2007
how can i remove websites address from title bar which i had visited previously on the... by shadow_cat1/30/04
     click on tools at the top of the tool bar then click Internet options. Then click on clear... by dawn3/11/04
     How can you really remove website history? Even if you press clear history, the websites... by YoYOYO4/11/04
     Try MRUBlaster: http://www.javacoolsoftware. com/mrublaster.html by answers 8/3/04
     There is a way of deleating the typed urls (urls that you have typed into the address... by Dude 6/18/05
     I completely clear my history (and everything else) once every few months by re-formatting... by EMK 6/27/05
     delete websites from address bar by Alex 9/2/05
     okay go to the Internet and then go to tools and click Internet options--on the top it... by someone 5/9/2006
     how do you remove adresses from your account by james coult 6/6/2006
     How can you really remove website history? Even if you press clear history, the websites... by rohan 6/18/2006
     click on tools then internet option then clear forms. by Gajender 7/6/2006
     I actually have a question and don't know where to put it. I have so many web sites in... by help!! 10/7/2006
     You click tools on your tool bar. Then you click internet options it will give you some... by Angel  10/21/2006
     You must delete the temporary files just above the clear history button, to remove those... by andrewj 12/3/2006
     hey babe, I love u by yaya 4/7/2007
     Well i think what the first person said was correct by Ragnos 5/21/2007
Would like to know how to Interface a GSM mobile to a 8051 Microcontroller? by napa2/26/04
     yes, I want to know gsm interfacet to 8051 microcontroller. by chinnasami3/13/04
     I have no idea by stan33 9/28/04
     yes i want to know how to interface the GSM mobile with the microcontroller and vice versa... by abcd 12/31/04
     So what the hell to do by tiwana 4/20/05
     You can connect Ericson GF768 ,688 and Siemens M35 Sets directly with 8051.simply connect... by Sohail 10/10/05
     yeah i wanna know about this.... by hema 12/9/05
     hello how to Interface a GSM mobile to a by jeevanteja 1/13/2006
     mobile by indranil 2/11/2006
     yes please if any one has one i want to do it by mudaser 2/21/2006
     i also want to know about interfacing the mobile with 8051 by Ammi 3/29/2006
     i want that by hamada 4/28/2006
     Yes i will like to know by hassan 6/6/2006
     yes i want to know by waleed 7/1/2006
     yes of cource by momo 10/11/2006
     I would also like to know how to interface GSM through a 8051 microcontroller. Please... by rizwan nazir abbasi 11/1/2006
     interfacing gsm mobile with 8051 microcontroller by jasmeet singh 11/4/2006
     om it is possible by qasim2312 11/16/2006
     donde esta la respuesta? by pepe 12/13/2006
     how to interface mobile with micro controller by piyush 12/25/2006
     i dono answer by ravi 1/11/2007
there is this song by enya called love song by enya she sings it but i cannot find it... by tabbie2/27/04
     I downloaded Love Song off Kazaa, along with two other songs by Enya called Dreaming and... by B4/8/04
     I found out tonight that the song called Love song is not Enya's. Ronan Hardiman sings it.... by Effie Emilce5/12/04
     enya's song is with me... mail me at i'll send it to you. by kundiman 9/9/04 html asp?mg=11... by Sunciayi 11/23/04
     You could always try Best Buy or eBay. by Pie 5/18/05
     Ronan Hardiman is male. He is a composer, I'm sure it is Enya that is singing the song. by H 11/7/05
     Hello, i've checked this Ronan Hardiman, for I have a CD "A day without rain" with 9... by Aquarius 12/31/05
     does anybody know where to get the lyrics for this song???? by Awz 5/24/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     I've been looking for the song sing by enya which is called 'Love Song'. Until this day i... by FitDifferent 3/16/2007
How is it that I have fleas in my house and do not own any pets & how do I get rid of... by Barbi11/26/03
     there are products you can buy to spread on your carpet to get rid of them. fleas aren't... by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     Sprinkle bug dust(like u use in a garden) all over your carpet like carpet fresh, let it... by TayLee2/7/04
     dust with borax just as you would carpet fresh let it set a couple of days and vacuum it.... by Anney May 9/12/04
     You know, I have the same problem! No pets, but every morning I wake up with more bites.... by Noelle 10/4/04
     Usually if you have left your house unoccupied and shut up for a few days, this seems to... by Lace 2/15/05
     You can use course sea salt which you should be able to buy at the supermarket, sprinkle... by Teree 2/7/2007
If you marry a foreignor who has no green card, how long does it take to acquire one... by laadydee12/23/03
     how long does it take to get a greencard after you marry a u.s citizen. Can a person with... by toss4/20/04
     how long does it take for a person to take his permenint green card for ever so they can... by lila 5/21/05
     bjiiiiiiiiiiit by cane - kurda 9/1/2006
What was the size of Vera-Ellen' waist in White Christmas by Bags12/3/03
     According to the IMDB, about 21 inches. by Just Looked12/27/03
     nineteen inches i do believe by dancerchicklet8712/30/03
     Vera had a very small waist. I think 17-18 inches. At one time Vera's waist was 18 earlier... by Dancergirl24 1/8/05
     20.5 inches by Sheri 10/28/05
     It wasn't for good reasons. She was anorexic. by Polkat 12/25/05
     21 inches by Gomer 5/8/2006
     <a href=' com'></a> by free ringtones 6/18/2006 ringtones site free. [URL=]r... by ringtones free 6/18/2006 ringtones site free. Download ringtones FREE, Best free... by ringtones free 6/18/2006
     Its 6 inches I swear! by Jannay=nay  12/22/2006
     17 inches by irene 12/25/2006
Why shouldn't a diabetic soak with Epsom Salt? by Flora Paule11/29/03
     A diabetic shouldn't soak with Epsom salt because the salt has a high percentage of... by Haha-im-ccool4/13/04
     This is not true. Magnesium deficiency is very common in diabetics and magnesium may... by Dawn7/7/04
     can I take epsom salt for a laxitive I heard it's bad for diabetics but it's the only... by baldpolly  3/18/05
     what the deal? one say magnesium works for diabetes while other said it's not. Which one... by yeyethediabetesboy 7/16/05
     chTEWJa4ZkawqY xmhWvWN1sjvNa 4EQW3tEckRzej by 8b4PhYij9G 2/17/2006
     I have been trying to find the answer as well and from what I have found, Epsom salts... by clh 4/21/2006
     Diabetics who want to soak, especially their feet, should use warm (never hot), soapy... by MD Pete 5/6/2006
     To my knowledge magnesium (Epsom Salts) increase insulin sensitivity, therefore it can... by Paul 11/8/2006
Do any airlines permit smoking on intercontinental flights? by cahk8/7/03
     Yes, some do. Take a look at the following link: by Lenny9/16/03
     i think there must be a long haul carrier who lets you smoke by sue 6/7/05
     That list is outdated. By now you can strike Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, Cubana de Aviación... by Zenon 11/21/05
is there a web site were you can make your own tatoos by mony12/24/03
     Kristen by Refi4/21/04
     yes actully.. my friend found it but i dont know the websites name by little gordo6/26/04
     i would love to thank my mom and daad for helping me do all of the thing that i have... by Maria  11/10/04
     Anthony by Tre 1/7/05
     make my own tatoos by Christopher MacCrossen 4/20/05
     yes there are a few: one is where you can either get them to do it or... by hoffa 4/27/05
     heather brooks by carrollsoccer5 11/30/05
     my name is Omar by bluebird 3/2/2006
     create account by iggy 5/11/2006
how can I find if someone is employed in a company without phoning the company ... using... by caf1/15/04
     Where does Bryan Culwell work? by bakertnt2/19/04
     How can I find information on where someone is employed by dawn59 8/2/04
     where does Todd Alford work by marie major 8/16/04
     I need to find out where my ex is currently employed. How can I do that?? by helpme 11/22/04
     i dont know by kirby707 1/6/05
     MON VON ZAK by Monny 9/20/05
     i dont know by marc  10/25/05
     son's name by zachsmom 11/8/05
     cat by mickey 1/31/2006
     How can I found out where a person in employed by searching on line? by Peginator 5/6/2006
     How do I find if someone is employed at one company and employed in another concurrently? by java_hut 5/3/2007
How long can a green card holder stay outside of US, when they already have used their... by Bena10/8/03
     12 months by Mitch1/5/04
     Any Green Card holder looses all rights and priviliges after 6 months and one day outside... by bubster007 10/4/04
     can a USA resident holder invite a family friend,a green card holder to be specific by gbesele 10/25/04
     how long can a greencard holder stay outside united states of america. as i want to know... by rinki 11/30/04
     I have no idea by aran 12/5/04
     I got an immigration visa and need to enter the States by July 2006. Is it possible to... by Lala 12/26/05
     not sure by narotia 3/22/2006
     how long can a green card holder stay out of the us by bb 9/18/2006
     How long could i stay outside u.s if i have greencard.ITS 4 MONTH FROM NOW I AM OUTSIDE... by kavita 1/5/2007
     how long can a green card holder stay out of US. In the year 2006, I left the country on... by Ken 4/1/2007
how do i restore my system to its original settings? by manda4/21/04
     how do i restore my system to its original settings? by almasry5/17/04
     restore original settings by rick4no9 9/13/04
when ever i try to save yahoo mail as save as in file menu i am not able to see the... by kumar3/10/04
     just g back to the old version if u don't understand it by just someone! 10/19/04
     The reason you can not save the email is most online email services use java/flash in... by Mike 7/18/2007
where do i buy hot pink felt for the pool table by tess2/4/04
     Hi - I can help you with this if you are still looking. My website is and... by cgbilliards 9/30/04
     the answer is in the name baby ;) by everything's in my ass 10/10/04
     At a store called the Games Room. They are a chain of stores. by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     How do you re-felt the bumpers on a pool table? by Butch 12/30/04
     you get it at the same place you get the leapord thong for your mom . then you molest her... by Escalade 1/13/05 by brian 2/9/05 by Jenna 2/19/05
     Any fabric store might have it. by Dormarth 3/5/05
     i am also looking for pink felt by alex 3/7/05 php?id=FELT1&google=felt&k=felt by Dzzzz 3/30/05
     Well, you could dye your current felt pink...? by Nya Nya 4/21/05
     Find a felt manufacturer. Pay them money. by red  4/29/05
     Try looking on eBay. by Pie 5/18/05
     The anal superstore by Jay 6/27/05
     Mueller Recreational< they got lots but not pink, however,... by No Clue 9/16/05
     I would go to Walmart by hotie 2/21/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     hi i have no idea i really NEED a pink pool table for a party I'm having it is very... by pineapple head 12/11/2006
     you just can buy any table and ask them to change the felt from whatever it normally... by andrea 1/22/2007
i am trying to connect 2 home computers, so as to enable file sharing. one system is... by david norman11/11/03
     Your crossover cable should cross wires 1 and 2, and 3 and 6. ie, on one end, swap 1 & 2,... by Trev11/23/03
who sings the opening theme song for charmed by debz10/30/03
     The song is : " How soon is Now?" By: Love Split I'm pretty sure who sings it! ^_^ by Jess12/2/03
     Just so you know though, the original was done by the Smiths. Much better version. by Mari1/18/04
     actually, it's sung by Love Spit Love - How Soon is Now by CeReaL1/25/04
     iT IS DONE BY BOTH ACTUALLY IN THE FIRST 3 SEASONS ITS Love Spit Love but in the 4 and... by CALY2/2/04
     love spit love by fareiboy2/19/04
     The song is "How soon is now" originally sung by Love Split Love, then by The Smiths, and... by Talina5/31/04
     How Soon Is Now by Love Split Love by xXx6/28/04
     the original was sung buy the Smiths, and written by them, an English group by tak 9/19/04
     The Smiths released how soon is now in 1984, Love Spit Love released it in 1996. by nicole   10/1/04
     originally sung by "the smiths" but in the show it's sung by "love spit love" by BoYcRaZzY 11/5/04
     LOVE SPIT LOVE the first 3 seasons the forth it was the Smiths by Charmed 11/24/04
     How soon is now THE BEST AND ONLY VERSION IS BY THE SMITHS . . . DON'T SELL YOURSELF... by morrissey love 12/6/04
     People.. get your facts straight.. here's enough proof. by runetide 12/29/04
     It was originally sang by the Smiths, but they both sang it. The Tatu version is okay, its... by Krispy 1/8/05
     the original version is sung by the smiths then it was remade by love split love by LilmissRED 1/16/05
     Love split love sing it, and original it is by the smiths... sorry about my bad English,... by ..Some-1.. 2/8/05
     mmmm doesn't also the Psychedelic Furs by rhesildinho 2/17/05
     How soon is now by Love Spit Love by Charmed 3/9/05
     there are 2 other people who sing it too Morrissey, and Harry Perry by charmed_lover 4/21/05
     Yes, yes. I love the t.A.T.u. version. xb I wonder if they'll ever have it...? by Pie 5/18/05
     No its by everclear how soon is now by .. 6/30/05
     love split love, how soon is now first. then the smiths then tatu by she of the large 8/9/05
     The theme song is How Soon Is Now by Love Spit by Leanna Artrip 10/21/05
     but come every time i try and look up something on love split love, i cant? by me 11/1/05
     its origanally sung by THE SMITHS but is sung for charmed by LOVE SPLIT LOVE!!! by :)louise:) 11/8/05
     yea it's definitely the smiths. in fact, I'm listening to it right now! so beat that... by OggaBooga 11/16/05
     how soon is now! by love spit love but, it was originally done by the smiths by val 11/17/05
     love split love then smiths thats it by charmed fan 11/18/05
     penis penis penis by lolz 1/16/2006
     The TATU version is one of the best! I liked the The Smiths version too. Thanks for the... by Vinosec 2/13/2006
     The song "How Soon Is Now?" was released in 1984 by The Smiths on their album Hatful ... by YouHandsomeDevil 2/13/2006
     Mari is correct, Talina is incorrect. "How Soon Is Now" was originally a song written... by Soon 2/20/2006
     Oh how I danced the night to this SONG, who cares who sings it. Play and Loud and DANCE... by Easy E 3/7/2006
     y by boobies 4/3/2006
     you guys are smart and cool. Thanks, I can breathe better now. =0) by debs 4/19/2006
     Morrissey wrote it but the version they use is by someone else but it's a Smith's Song by Fred Ex 5/4/2006
     um first of all, it was originally written and performed by The Smiths, but the theme song... by likeBAM! its emma 5/6/2006
     This song was actually originally done by The Smiths....Morrissey wrote it when he was the... by Dagmar21 5/8/2006
     yes it is love spit love by troi 5/9/2006
     It's is actually ORIGINALLY sung by the Smiths. Love Spit Love did the remake and did it... by Sarah 5/22/2006
     NEW SEASON OF CHARMED TONITE C4! by xlove_scopesx 7/16/2006
     You're all wrong. the Smiths put the song "How soon is now" out in 1985. Love Spit Love... by Ink 8/8/2006
     I wanna bone all of the sisters at the same time!!!! by Neegrodomus 8/30/2006
     its Love spit love by Lania 9/17/2006
     http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/How_Soon_Is_Now? it was originally sung by the Smiths...there... by udntnom306 9/17/2006
     How soon is now by Love Split Love by Drew 9/26/2006
     The Smiths sung the original song and then Love Spit Love covered it, and that was used... by xochi222 9/27/2006
     its sung by smiths so shosh by phoenix 10/26/2006
     i think that the smiths sang it and tatu by girl 10/31/2006
     find the truth at uk/charmed/charmed_theme_music.htm by Chaos 11/14/2006
     The song How Soon is Now was written by Morrissey of the Smiths, but was first played by... by JCRamirez 11/15/2006
     "How soon is now" by love spit love also by the smiths and tatu and morrisy by Dominix 11/27/2006
     i would like to know who does it NOW! by kay 12/10/2006
     How Soon Is Now? By The smiths I didn't find this song by Love Split Love. Only by The... by power of 3 12/31/2006
     The theme song is, "How Soon Is Now" performed by Love Spit Love, written by Steven... by kernel-panic 1/1/2007
     the smiths first did it in 1985, then love spit love in 1995-1996 for the movie the craft ... by kat 1/6/2007
     The Smiths sung the origional...then love spit love...wikipedia is your friend http://en.w... by ozzy 1/11/2007
     This has also been done by Hundred Reasons. by Predator 1/12/2007
     this song is good by rachel 1/23/2007
     I just thought I would let you all know that the name of the song is "How soon is LOVE" by Me 2/8/2007
     love spit love~~~how soon is now? the lyrics are... i am the sun and the heir i am... by niki 2/25/2007
     the smithes did the song way better!!!! by HeartBroken181 3/11/2007
     You pubescent dorks who think that Love Split Love did 'How Soon is Now'--are you even old... by Hooter 3/12/2007
     Thanks that helps :) by hazeygirl 3/29/2007
     love split love's version is better 'actually', in my opinion by me 3/30/2007
     Who sings the girl version on the Theme song? by Anaid 4/6/2007
     I ♥♥♥ Charmed and the theme song is how soon is now! No arguments! ... by caro 4/17/2007
     the song was originally done by the smiths and was covered by love spit love for the... by youronlygod 4/20/2007
     it's "love spit love" not "love split love" by niccky 4/20/2007
     THE SMITH'S DID IT FIRST!!! JUST LOOK AT WIKIPEDIA FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! No respect for the... by Enigma 4/20/2007
     Actually it's just Love Spit love who sings the opening theme for charmed, the smiths... by kkkk 4/30/2007
     you guys are fags by cwilson 6/10/2007
     "How Soon is Now?" is sung by "Love Spit Love" and " The Smiths" by 20272 6/21/2007
     For gods sake do people know nothing about music? "How Soon Is Now Was" written by... by Inkey 7/15/2007
IN IBM 360 model 65 and 75 address are staggered in two seperate main memory units( all... by sudha3/25/04
     if u got the answer please update the site... by sai3/28/04
     I have no idea Sorry!!!!!!! by fartomatic034/25/04
     Probably to speed up double word access. A lot of floating point used double words, and... by MGS4/27/04
     Sudha, did u get anything? by eli 5/18/04
     Maybe the purpose is to distinguish whether the particular address in main memory is... by awi_ok 1/26/05
     The memory is divided into two blocks, even and odd blocks called low order and high order... by INAM BARI 8/31/05
     I don't know now by fanjialin 3/26/2006
     please what's the right answer!!! by jhezz 7/13/2006
     can u please give another answers???i guess there would be a better answer to this... by daldal 7/21/2006
     sudha if u got the answer plz mail it to me coz i also searching answer for the question.... by rip 9/1/2006
     I have the same question by Andu 4/26/2007
     I have the same question by Andi 4/26/2007
     how do i put thread on a bobbin from a portable sewing machine #7011 and how do i... by Joe4/21/04
     help by imber 8/10/04
     how do I thread the bobbin? by dixie 11/24/04
     How do you thread a bobbin on a singer merrit 9608? by blue 1/21/05
     how do i thead the bobbin on my singer sewing machine by sally 4/7/05
     Does anyone know how to thread a bobbin on a singer 185k by Mariamarti 8/7/05
     how do i thread a bobbin, see i go this old sewing machine and the bobbin is not taking... by trish 1/22/2006
     Create new Account by MSRyman 2/9/2006
     How the heck do I thread a bobbin on my 'Singer Machine?'..... * HELP PLEASE * P.S... by A_L 5/20/2006
     Err I Dunno? by Emily 11/30/2006
     biconcave Assisi's Jude Mo wigwam's CD n n n by brookeeeeeeyy 3/29/2007
     i want to know how to thread a singer sewing machine and bobbin by cindy 7/2/2007
     I want to know how to thread a singer sewing machine and bobbin. by cindy 7/2/2007
Do cocker spaniels shed fur? by Jessie5/17/04
How early can you test for pregnancy? by lizzy11/7/03
     after the first missed period sometimes you can get an over the counter test that you can... by dawn 12/9/03
     There are test that you can puchase that can be taken 8-10 after ovulation. The test is... by Missy Dawn 8/31/04
     will be 3 weeks late still negative result by F R I E N D 12/18/04
     You can get an exam by the doctor between seven to ten days after. by Mitsune 3/30/05
     You have to wait until your first missed period or 19 days after unprotected intercourse by Lola 6/1/05
     The brand First Response can detect the pregnancy hormone about five days before your... by Erika 8/2/05
how do you get all the characters on super smash bros. melee by Jadman4/27/04
     Jigglypuff:Beat Classic or Adventure mode with anyone once or play 50 vs mode matches ... by Kevin 8/27/04
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My dog keeps licking his rear end for extended periods of time. There does not appear to... by Lori10/11/03
     take your dog to the vet; there is a medical condition (for dogs) in which the anal glands... by John10/16/03
     John is absolutely right. But also if your dog is a female, when she is on her period(heat... by Animal-Lover5/15/04
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     And then people let dogs like their face and lick the ice cream cone they are eating. Now... by Harley 2/10/2007
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i want to practice wicca so bad but i need someone to guide me through the steps needed to... by twin2/7/04
     hey! i know a little about wicca cuz alot of my friends are wiccan, if you have any... by bella~ 9/12/04
     If you ever need any assistance email me at by Wiccan Laken 3/26/05
     At first find out as much as you can about wicca from books,internet etc. I know alot... by WiccaGirl 1/22/2006
     You don't need to find a coven. You don't need a guide. There is a book "A Guide for the... by jenn 2/1/2006
     you need your fairy god mother and her magic wand i also advise you to leave those... by winona 1/27/2007
How do you pronounce the name of the glassmaker Riedel. I've heard it three different... by colin12/9/03
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
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     REEEEE-dle like the word Needle. by saaamsoak 2/18/05
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     Like 'Needle', I got this from the Reidel Australian office and also from an official... by Anton 2/24/05
     Ree-dell right? by ljlite 3/5/05
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     Riedel glassware is Reeeee-dle, like needle, and not Reye-dell like Ridell High in Grease by noidretlaw 5/2/05
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What happens to older dogs after recieving radiation treatments every day for 3 weeeks? Do... by Lional 1/24/04
     Dogs LOVE radiation. To see if your dog likes it, put your dog in the kitchen microwave. ... by Shelby 1/28/05
     It all depends on the dog and how healthy he/she is at the time. We just finised radiation... by barb 2/26/05
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     It depends what the treatment is for, and what severity. Generally the treatments will... by Dormarth 3/5/05
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     i did that for my dog and something went rong and it died (i wudnt try it) by me! 1/17/2007
     THey die because of drinking too much semen! you jew jap dumass!!!! fag by Justin Galusha 3/16/2007
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     Compromise of 1820, 1833 and 1850. he died in 1852 by Manda 1/26/05
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How do I get rid of a Virus called "BKDR_SANDBOX.A" it is located in my C:\Windows\System... by Howard Myers4/14/04
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How do I delete files based on a date and time. Ex: I would like to delete files which... by unixnewbie1/29/04
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(1) Breeding for high yield and disease resistance in maize. (2) Breeding for high... by Arowosegbe 10/10/03
;;#198;Ì;æ 7;ÇÆÝ;ÇáÍ&# 223;... by 6/18/04
     ž  by  10/25/2006
Discuss the use of seed fill algorithm with a simple illustration. by Md. Afzalur Rashid11/2/03
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     by Emma 6/3/04
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     shoot them both in the head with a .357 magnum good luck !! by axace 8/17/04
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If you breed an AKC Registered dog with an ACA Registered dog, how or who would be... by katydid7/20/03
     AKC will not recognize the litter or give it a registration number by Tara12/16/03
     I had that problem too. Of course AKC is a terrible company to work with. It took them two... by Tanisha12/30/03
     I recently bought a puppy at a pet store . The papers I received with it says it can be... by Westie Owner2/21/04
     Had the same thing happen to me too. Wasn't until we were at the register that I found... by Sabrina2/22/04
     I submitted a question on 2-21-04, although I received a reply I did not get an answer to... by Westie Owner2/24/04
     American Canine Association. by aroberts972/27/04
     I hear that I can "double register" my AKC registered miniature schnauzers with ACA. Is... by Angel3/9/04
     I hear that I can "double register" my AKC registered miniature schnauzers with ACA. Is... by Angel 3/9/04
     Today's episode of Judge Judy was about this very argument. AKC vs ACA. Judge Judy ruled... by Cyndy4/19/04
     AKC is the best in America and yet they still are not excepted by FIC standard. CanKC... by Facts About Registries4/22/04
     For the information you are looking for go to It doesn't matter what... by mdm5/6/04
     about reg papers . yes there are allot of breeders leaving AKC. not because they have... by kewpie6/5/04
     There are TONS of illegitimate registries out there now days (ACA, APR, NAPDR, etc). Watch... by Cassie- Dachshund breeder6/11/04
     AKC only comes to your house & inspects if you have 7 or more litters per year. If you... by Cassie- Dachshund breeder6/11/04
     AKC only comes to your house & inspects if you have 7 or more litters per year. If you... by Cassie- Dachshund breeder6/11/04
     As to breeders being greeders. I'm sorry you feel that way. I can tell you that when you... by Cassie- Dachshund breeder6/11/04
     I bought a yorkie and the breeder told me that he could only be APR registered.. because... by BRANDY6/13/04
     I recently purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a private party who bred her two... by annrmirage6/15/04
     I think I am going to start up my own breed registry. I will call it UEDB...It's an... by shagen6/15/04
     Here is a web site to a 1995 article from "THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER" which talks about... by md6/21/04
     I bought a pomeranian from a private party they gave me apri registration papers but he... by pooochgetterr 8/4/04
     I raise Cavaliers and they are ALL AKC registered. I would not think of going with any of... by Cavalier Lover 8/15/04
     I too found out the hard way reguarding registering a new puppy. I own a 3 year old AKC... by JANETTA /  ROTTWEILER OWNER 8/23/04
     Fools buy dogs from pet stores and fools sell to pet stores. Smart people buy from... by Byron 9/17/04
     This is such an interesting site! I bought a beautiful black Cockerspaniel about 3 years... by Jenn 9/20/04
     I've read everything that all of you have said and to be honest my head kind of hurts. I... by Nikki 11/19/04
     Just because a dog is registered AKC does not mean it is a "QUALITY" dog.It just means... by Melinda 12/3/04
     what if i've got a purebred dog (i know it's purebred because i've seen both parents) but... by silentskream 12/16/04
     I have an akc male pug and an aca female pug can they be bred or have I been mislead?? by snowball 12/29/04
     I would like to know how to get the ACA forms to fill out..please email me at greeneyesinu... by Cindy 1/5/05
     How can I find out if the Rottie I just bought is really ACA Reg or not. According to the... by 1/5/05
     I have an AKC registered boxer but the only stud i have been able to find is ACA registere... by Kristina  1/16/05
     Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible to double reg. my AKC male chihuahua with ACA as... by ChihuahuaGirl06 1/17/05
     I just recently purchased a puppy from a breeder of AKC. I saw the parents everything was... by rae 1/19/05
     i have two great danes. through a move i made due to me being in the military, i lost... by woody32 1/21/05
     do you have breeding rights with an aca registered dog!!!! by beth 2/5/05
     ACA rocks an its better than AKC!!! PeAce OuT PeoPlE by JM 2/6/05
     Breeders that charge more if their dogs win?!! That's ridiculous! If there are breeders... by JBR 3/29/05
     I pick up my new Bichon tomorrow morning. The breeder says that she is APR Registered,... by TSone 4/1/05
     I have boxers, I recently purchased a puppy that is registered with aca. My female is akc.... by marliemay 4/16/05
     Years ago we purchased a AKC Shetland Collie, and he was a year old. He came straight... by Terry 4/22/05
     I purchased a mini schnauzer from an individual as the "pick of the litter". I was told... by pipbaby 4/25/05
     As for all of this, I have been involved in akc breeding for many years, did the dog shows... by supersgirl 5/1/05
     Wow, Most people like me are only interested in a pet. People who breed to show a dog are... by Buck Naked 5/12/05
     I have read all your comments. I bought a Maltese puppy from a kennel 9 years ago. He is... by Tab 5/23/05
     AKC does not require breeders or anyone to microchip they're dogs. Although, they should.... by mountaineersiberianhuskies 5/31/05
     We are the proud owners of two shelter dogs, one of which is AKC and the other ACA. ... by Marne 6/24/05
     Actually, most puppies in pet stores are NOT AKC registered, they're ACA registered. by Eris 7/4/05
     i have a 6 month old Shih-Tzu that is ACA registered and a 7 week old Shih-Tzu that is... by Mandy 7/12/05
     Really, the only thing a buyer can do is research their puppy's breeder. Get references,... by UsedToUseAKC 7/26/05
     I have A.C.A. Dog's and I am very Happy with them. Some are doubled with A.K.C .I don't... by Sherri Tracy 8/4/05
     I breed yorkies and they are registered ACA(I bought mine as ACA).I like the ACA registry... by ACA breeder 8/9/05
     I do not understand why some of you are even questioning the answers you've gotten. But... by swoosie 8/13/05
     the akc has got people trained as to it being the only game in town ,,,they are not ,,i... by lady griff 8/22/05
     After asking that question several years ago, I look back at some of your answers and... by Katydid 8/29/05
     I want to breed my ACA female with a AKC male can I register the litter ACA..... by craftylady 9/4/05
     there are unethical dog breeders (akc, ckc apri,aca, ect.) just as there are unethical... by decides 9/8/05
     Several months ago, my sister suggested that I breed my AKC-registered female Scottish... by Lola 9/9/05
     I used to raise Cocker spaniels, some years ago, I sold five of my females to this one... by goldie 9/14/05
     my son breeded a mini doberman pincher ACA with a AKA. The ACA mom has 6 champions just... by ssgtusmc 9/16/05
     None of this is true you can easily do a dual registry of the puppies. There have been... by bassetlover 9/23/05
     Listen folks I have had much trouble with AKC. when i get my dogs papers back I will... by hartsafire 10/13/05
     I have bought a Miniature Pinscher from a petland, the first dog I have ever bought. I... by Minpin 10/22/05
     I am a hobby breeder and I know how the price is terrible, but I do not spend any monies... by Peadiddle 10/27/05
     There are so many conflicting stories about what a registered dog really means, one... by Krisi 11/20/05
     I have a Shih-tzu who is AKC who got my female Shih-tzu (ACA) pregnant. Can I register the... by cassie 11/29/05
     ACA & AKC are basically just breed tracking registries. The main difference is that the... by K9Trainer5 12/6/05
     I breed CKC registered Rottweilers, and they are some of the best ,the breed has to offer.... by Trainer 12/7/05
     I have seen more , and more runts get there AKC papers , and are bred with even more AKC... by AKC  12/7/05
     If the breeders were not trying to charge so much for their pups you would not have the... by Jarrett 12/14/05
     I registered my new puppy on ACA website a few weeks ago and still did not get certificate... by Margarita 12/21/05
     akc is the worse people to do business with they took three months to send my papers to me... by BILL 12/29/05
     Well this isn't an answer, it is a question. Please email me at if... by Eddy 1/7/2006
     As long as everyone allows AKC to run the dog show/breeding circuit, any other dog but the... by Brenni 1/14/2006
     As far as APRI, it is a kennel club that was started from a group of AKC people that were... by rds040800 1/14/2006
     Buying a dog is a crapshoot. My friend's AKC registered shih tzu is snappy, very nervous... by doglover 1/18/2006
     What does POP mean when you see it in the ads in the newspaper? by SANDEE 1/26/2006
     I have a boxer. I adopted him from a neighbor. He is a beautiful dog. However, we are... by boxerlover 1/27/2006
     I have dealt with AKC and have come to realize that they believe in inbreeding their dogs.... by sl 1/30/2006
     My husband I saw our first French Bulldog about 6 years ago. As of late we have decided we... by J.P 2/2/2006
     Thanks to everyone that has given people like me the information I need. I too have... by Sara 2/3/2006
     I own 2 Saint Bernards, one AKC and one ACA. Didn't know the male was ACA till after i... by Laura 2/10/2006
     I want to know if you breed a male aca with a female akc will I get papers ?And from which... by shellygirl0101 2/18/2006
     Okay, this is for everyone. First off, AKC is just as unorganized as any other... by Casey 2/23/2006
     You should learn more about the dog breed and breeder of your choice before you pay... by amzach 2/27/2006
     I have min. schnauzers. One is akc and ckc reg., the other is aca. Should I just go with... by suzielab 3/17/2006
     All the answers are confusing--especially the ones with such bad mis-spellings. PLEASE... by Ladybug 3/24/2006
     this is a good thing i found this site because there's is this guy on our local internet... by redneck0730691 3/29/2006
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     When buying a puppy you should always ask questions. The pedigree is the most important... by Jbaby21_32 4/10/2006
     AKC, CKC, and ACA are 3 registries that i have dealt with. AKC seems to be the top dog and... by dogone 4/11/2006
     The reality of the pure bred dog trade and the dog show aura is that it's a good ol boys... by truthurts 4/27/2006
     I have ACA min pins, and I can say they are all top notch dogs.... I breed for quality,... by shilohs human 4/28/2006
     You should not be breeding, unless you have 2 AKC registered dogs. Most APR, ACA breeders... by Lhasa 5/2/2006
     I raise puppy on a hobby scale and I can tell you there is bad in every thing. The reason... by Ken-Ken  5/5/2006
     AKC is the best association without a doubt. As a rule of thumb, a person should buy a... by egk 5/9/2006
     I am looking at an ACA puppy which is out of our state. How do I go about getting a... by maltese<3er 5/14/2006
     I was wondering what was so bad about ACA. I bought a schipperke and she was registered... by tm 5/31/2006
     I put a huge deposit down on a Yorkshire Terrier that was advertised as AKC registered. I... by RJ 6/24/2006
     The only real registry for dogs in America is the AKC - American Kennel Club. In Canada ... by PatyaKat 7/16/2006
     I've read all these facts about the kennel clubs,and I have to be honest, Seeing people... by Sassie 8/4/2006
     i just wanted to know if anyone has any idea how i am supposed to register my German... by GSP  8/5/2006
     Im in the process of purchasing a AKC pomeranian pup for my God-son and the pomeranian has... by Ptown909j 8/6/2006
     How can you say that ACA is a puppy-mill-registery. They were founded in 1984 by DVMs,... by Jamie 8/13/2006
     There are dishonest people associated with every breeding organization in the world. The... by kp 8/28/2006
     I believe that everyone has aright to register their dog with their club. But try... by Wiem Owner 9/18/2006
     The AKC is a joke anyway. They are only in it to make money. They recently teamed up... by Rondadon 9/19/2006
     Breeding, raising and selling registered puppies is a business. Most breeders are loving... by nopuppymill 9/25/2006
     I had a similar problem with a puppy that I had purchased. I was told she was AKC... by bernerlover 10/6/2006
     I take offense to some of the comments on here. I raise dogs and some of them are... by Ladyview 10/11/2006
     question. if breeders are using all these registration because AKC is costly then why are... by sonia 10/27/2006
     i like the akc. i had a problem with them sending my puppy papers to the wrong address.... by looneytunes24701 11/8/2006
     i am going to be getting a german rotty puppy tomorrow. he is ACA registered. Is this a... by jen 11/9/2006
     Hello, i am a new breeder. im very confused, i don't know if i should register my puppies... by Heather 11/21/2006
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     I bought a male yorkie and like some of the other stories i heard. He is APR registered.... by Amber 12/13/2006
     Don't let all the AKC breeders convince you that AKC is the only way to go. I have... by Nikki D 12/14/2006
     I bough a cocker spaniel pup the pet store said thay were not puppy mill puppies. I... by charlie 12/21/2006
     If I want to transfer my APRI papers into someone elses name that already bought my dog,... by Yaya 1/2/2007
     You know all this is good and fine. But the truth is it doesn't really matter what... by crazybird6305 1/10/2007
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     can my boy dog that is AKC register breed with ACA register? by Sarah 1/16/2007
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     I just bought a chihuahua at a local store for my fiance without doing homework prior and... by Crazywhiteguy 1/22/2007
     I feel AKC is better as far as organizations, if you can afford it. It doesn't cost much... by Jessi 2/18/2007
     My Chihuahua's are both ACA registered and I am about to register their pups. But I wanted... by bettyboop74 2/23/2007
     I think AKC is somewhat unfair because they are so hard to please but yet they dont give... by Stef 3/5/2007
     If i breed my AKC female with a non registered male will the puppies still be AKC? by FITCH2004 3/5/2007
     I found my little guy through a friend of mine, who had a friend who breed Yorkies, who... by WINCHESTER'S MOM 3/5/2007
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     Well, I guess I am considered an " uneducated dog owner" however, when I bought my puppy... by Mazlee 4/1/2007
     I have to add my two cents in here! I can not stand CKC (continental kennel club) the only... by sprighet 4/2/2007
     I am a Poodle Breeder. I have both ACA and AKC reg dogs. The only Difference I see is that... by Jo Pinkie Poodles 4/19/2007
     She didn't say that the AKC code of ethics prohibits selling to petstores, she said that... by BD 4/23/2007
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     I recently bought a Boston Terrier from a breeder in Palm Springs. I didn't know that she... by SH 6/13/2007
     First off, (CKC) is one of the easier working kennel clubs. When you have two diferent... by shawn 6/13/2007
     I am looking for a copy of my dogs registaration papers. by Julie Humphrey 6/29/2007
     ACA is good, AKC is Good. AKC got its name because they set out to make it seem like they... by liz 7/9/2007
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     If the puppy was separated too early from the litter it would not have yet learned bite... by Doogie4/10/04
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     We have just added a male puppy to our family, he was just 1 day short of 5 weeks old... by Loren4/25/04
     My pup was 1 day shy of 6 weeks old when I got her. I feel she is doing exactly what... by mikejson5/2/04
     Just should all get a good book on dogs. Only.....I mean only buy from a... by shagen6/15/04
     I have a 9 weeks old rottweiler puppy... and he is is very sweet and never growls when i... by Amadeus 6/16/04
     Keep telling him "No" in a stern voice every time he does it. Consistency is the key to... by Vel6/18/04
     Sounds like you need to get control, but gently at first and then firmly. I pick them... by Phyllis7/17/04
     Doogie..when you said to put the puppy in his crate for a 5 minute time out...this is... by rotty_luver7/20/04
     when your puppy bites you or anyone else at all you need to hit it on its but or on its... by niesha 8/3/04
     Wow i just got a 7 week old puppy rott just about to turn 8 weeks and he does the same... by VkreW 8/10/04
     Hey. I have a 10 week old Rottie pup and he's sweet.. when he's asleep. When he's awake,... by Est805 8/13/04
     um.. i know that taken little pup's from mom at like 5 weeks old but i have a greater... by puppycare 9/1/04
     I was wondering if a rottweiler would be okay in an apartment or do they need to be... by apt guy 12/6/04
     look you are not write by Jami Spears 12/29/04
     My vet told me to do this when my rottie puppy growls. Hold him firmly on his back and... by julie 1/8/05
     don't pick up the puppy and don't exercise any dog under 3 months old because there heart... by bigwill 1/13/05
     I just received my Rotty and I beleive he was taken way to soon from her mom. What should... by Chrissy 3/7/05
     My rottiweiler will not pee on it training pad...but it pee everywhere else and my stepdad... by torrie101 3/19/05
     rottweiler ok then rottweiler are very powerful dog and my rott took on a full grown pit... by jabs 3/22/05
     rottweiler ok then rottweiler are very powerful dog and my rott took on a full grown pit... by jabs 3/22/05
     I have 3 month old rott and im in the process of housereaking him. He seemed to be doing... by B.G 4/1/05
     i worked for a day clinic for 3 years and now have work at an veterinary emergency clinic... by abbylou 4/13/05
     quwstion: what is the most effective way to start housebreaking a 9week old rottie? by Serg 5/5/05
     My 9 week old rottweiler female also growls,snarls and tries to bite when I pick her up... by daytona's owner 7/9/05
     dont flick on nose it will werk sense for nose so say no and point finger out and pull... by booboo 9/1/05
     if the growling and the biting still goes on then do what the mum would do, take him hold... by bigmama 9/4/05
     My 10 wk. rottie was trying to bite us when we picked her up. This lasted a week. Our... by tree 9/17/05
     My rottie.. Kaiser... is 12 weeks old now. I have had since he was nearly 6 weeks old. He... by kiyah1972 9/18/05
     hey my name is korinne and i wood lkie to have a puppy by sam 9/27/05
     My 9 week old puppy bites, but bear in mind that they are teething at the moment, noone... by Bennett2kuk 11/4/05
     Rottweilers can be very aggressive, and yet they are still considered puppies until 2... by Alicia & Billy 11/29/05
     i have a 10 week old pup and he sometimes growles but hes allways biting me and i keep... by rottiehelp 12/4/05
     Doogie said: After which lock the puppy up in its crate for a 5-minute time out and repeat... by N.A 12/22/05
     I have the same problem. I have blue heelers. The difference is that I had the litter. ... by birdhouse 1/12/2006
     i just have a question and dont know where to go to ask one i have a rotty pup and he... by salli-j 2/1/2006
     I was thinking about rescuing a puppy whose litter mates died at birth. He does not have... by Texas 3/24/2006
     I was thinking about rescuing a puppy whose litter mates died at birth. He does not have... by Texas 3/24/2006
     I just got my 8 week old rotty this weekend. hes the cutest thing and loves to play. He... by Maca 4/10/2006
     Putting a dog in its crate for a timeout is not a punishment anymore than putting a child... by Powder Puff 5/22/2006
     The pup has to be properly socialised, no early should it be taken away than 7.5 weeks. My... by TilliRotti 5/26/2006
     I have a Rott pup that likes to nip at our ankles. We try pushing him away gently on the... by Mary Anne 5/26/2006
     hi, i am interested in having a rottweiler puppy. never had a rottweiler before but i... by GIANNI 7/8/2006
     i have a 9 week old rottweiler and i try to put my hand in his bowl to train him and he... by zeus 7/11/2006
     He probably doesn't like to be picked up try training him and getting him used to being... by hh 8/27/2006
     i have a 9 month old terrier, i live in a unit and whenever it is time for bed i have to... by methedog 9/7/2006
     SHE IS A PUPPY RELAX .... Simple redirect her... you keep a toy, ball, or other object she... by Spree 9/22/2006
     basicaly i have a 9 week old rotty when he bites bite him back by ABZ 10/8/2006
     I just purchased a 8 week old rotti in Fl.. I also have a 1 yr old GSD,who doesnt have a... by JenJenn 11/10/2006
     Actually when your dog nips, bites, or growls when you or someone eles picks him or her... by dog queen 11/12/2006
     This is not an answer but rather a plee for feedback. My husband found a Rottie puppy at... by haley 1/17/2007
     This is not an answer but rather a plee for feedback. My husband found a Rottie puppy at... by haley 1/17/2007
     i have a 10 week old rottweiler puppy and he keeps biting every thing and every one will... by Erin 2/10/2007
     i have a 6 week old pup and he wont use the bath room outside can someone plz help me by carlos 3/4/2007
     I also purchased a beagle at 6 weeks. The owners said they didnt expect responses right... by Gina 5/1/2007
     Hi I am a new owner of a 7 week old puppy we have had him from 5 weeks old, he doesnt seem... by LIZ 5/12/2007
     I live in Spain and I fully understand that a puppy should not leave his mother until at... by LIZ 5/12/2007
     Hey everybody i just got a rottie and she is 8 weeks old we just named her today anybody... by My Dog's name is Cookie!!! 5/30/2007
     <a href=" pintura.html">Técnicas de Pintura</a>... by 6/1/2007
     I just got a 5 week old rot/pit mix. She won't eat regularly. We have tried softening... by Cat 6/10/2007
     I did not have a choice on the age I got my rott pup. She was stranded in the middle of... by Lauren 6/27/2007
     I dont agree with doggie i do not think you should use a crate as punishment AT ALL. You... by diesel mom 6/30/2007
what does Iris mean by Cheetah4/27/04
     It is the colored part of the eye Or it is a flower by faxy 11/7/04
     1. (Class. Myth.) The goddess of the rainbow, and swift-footed messenger of the gods.... by DigMeUp 3/16/05
     What is iris mean? by Adriana 3/29/2006
What are the importance(advantages) of being a gynecologist? Importance if I want to... by Fatema1/29/04
     great u should become a gynecologist. great job............. coz my gf wants to become... by john 2/16/05
     i also want to know by aku 5/3/05
     hi my name is shonise foster and i want to know how much do a gynecologist make a year...... by shonise  9/9/05
Are the early Traci Lords movies considered as legal in some Scandinavian countries, i.e.,... by JEMSKIER3/9/04
     I am not certain about Scandanavia but they may well be in England. The age requirement... by stevec6/10/04
     tracilover by tracilover 9/6/04
     If her age in the movies is over the age of consent, then the movies are legal. by EMK 6/27/05
     No, I do not belive that the movies are legal in denmark and sweden.. In denmark you are... by Kenhead 1/30/2006
     It is my view, if You are old enough to do it, even 14 years and above, Why Should you Be... by Mike 1/30/2006
     First u convert image into text(integer) by using Matlab then u access VHDL using File... by swaminathan 4/23/05
     don't know by murali 5/3/05
     brother by chidaks2004 8/23/2006
Does the IRS owe me any money or any other people? by Aruthur ALSEPT4/10/04
     i don't know.. by marcus Fowlkese5/24/04
     yes the IRS owe me money from 2002 by raymond  callahan 11/25/04
     no ne ever got money owed them by jackiepooks 6/9/05
     smooth by mikefndly22 8/23/05
     YES THEY OWE ME MONEY by ROD 10/7/05
     does the irs owe me money by melissa 12/8/05
i want to transfer data(Microsoft Access Data or Sql Server Data or text file) from one... by santosh kumar jaiswal11/9/03
     i want to transfer data(Microsoft Access Data or Sql Server Data or text file) from one... by kannan 1/25/05
     office email by pradeep fernando 9/15/05
what were the causes for world war two? by suz5/5/04
     One of the causes of World War II were unresolved problems from World War I. The peace... by History expert 12/17/04
     Well hitler was w3ll funni and so dis woor startud by sdrgsdfgsdfg 1/8/05
     Germany wanted to get back at the treaty because they took germany's power from them. ... by eeyore 2/9/05
     it was really ur fault(hilter wanted to tale over the world by frek u 5/4/05
     because Hitler was an asshole by Jules 5/22/2007
short note on computer virus. by kayboi8/5/03
     Definaction of virus Cheristies of virus by Jai11/17/03
I have a HP15C that I purchased when it was new, way back when. I would like to know what... by maaryalb8/17/03
     I use VARTA V357 by ikke 9/2/03
     Next to the battery cover, you'll see "871B", which is one of the names for this size of... by rootbeer11/2/03
     I've been using SR44 or 357, since they are Silver Oxide, not Alkaline, and last a lot ... by RLR3/8/04
     I am looking for a HP15C manual (english, spanish or portuguese), can be a eletronic... by Carlos 6/6/05
were can I get more info on collies & get told what they like and stuff cuse I'm only 6 &... by Alexis10/25/03
     I would like to know more about collies by buddy2/2/04
     what do collies do and where can you buy the things you need for a collie? by Lil' Meow3/15/04
     I would like to know what the breeders of collies are. Is a collie a mix of a lab or... by collielvr3/21/04
     You should have your parents do it. Where are they, leaving their six-year-old child on... by Pie 5/18/05 by secilee 2/12/2006
how to make the fuel for the rocket ship to fly. by ryan5/24/04
     all ya do is mix water with saw dust. no really it works. by piya 1/24/05
     borne secy by nichoas 2/14/05
     put achoo in to the rocked by nicholas 2/21/05
     don't know by dolly 5/23/05
     how to make roket fuel by tothpick 1/9/2006
     how to make a roketship in 6 days if you can answer my idea i'llgive you a millon dollers by spyboy8 4/9/2007
Character actor Willie Best was in a movie , it was a comedy, he said, Feet don't fail me... by Ambie8/11/03
     Ghost Breakers by Bob G11/23/03
     Willie Best said this line in a Harold Lloyd movie called, Feet First. by Nikki 6/1/2006
     I just watched the movie the Smiling Ghost and I think he also said it in the movie. He... by cjv 6/8/2006
     The whispering ghost by little p 6/8/2006
My Pit Bull terrier uses his paws to rub his face as though he's trying to rub something... by coachlong12/3/03
     Have you talked to the vet about it? My Pit Bull has thin hair on his chest and his collar... by Hotharley6/14/04
     All dogs rubbe their face with their paws because,theirs no other way to rubbe their... by Katie 12/19/04
     The behavior that you described may be normal, but I would suggest using a q-tip and... by Dormarth 3/5/05
     Check the food you are giving. Dogs can react/develop allergies to the chemicals used in... by Cheetah 2/20/2006
     I would take him to the vet, sounds as if he may have skin allergies. ~Chesara Kennels,... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
     A few years ago I discovered that a particular bird lice could affect dogs and humans. ... by DOK 6/6/2006
     he may just have an allergy. my dog has the same problem and i talked to the vet and had... by sheperd smart 9/20/2006
     well, my dog isnt a pit bull but hes a rat terrior. He was red on his stomach and we think... by sky 5/18/2007
i want more hints for graphics programming in c by sari7/16/03
     if you want to know about graphics programing in c then refer the book "graphics in c",by,... by aman3/22/04
     what hints do u want by arun_r2k33/29/04
     I know a little about "c" .But I want to be a graphics programmer. Tell me, How it is... by Pradip Panda5/1/04
     Graphic programming in C will become easy only if u go on practicing clarify your... by aparna devi6/12/04
     Graphics programming is a very wide area, so only practice makes you perfact in it.So read... by rahul shri 2/26/05
     new account by ravi kumar 3/28/05
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     Send any program to my e-mail id by Thiyagu 1/16/2006
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     please tell me about sites graphics by rajesh  7/2/2006
     I want to know about photo filtering by graphics in C? by Manu 7/6/2006
     go through any simple book.practice of drawing any 2d pictures.get clear in c by binu 8/14/2006
     I want to knowledge about graphic programming in c by Sukh 10/26/2006
     Alternatively you could purchase one of these and then you never have to worry again if... by heyhey1/9/04
     how do i get my keys out of my car when all the doors and lock and the window's are up?... by hawaiian 2/11/04
     In case of emergency: BREAK THE GLASS. by bubster007 10/4/04
     On my Nissan Pathfinder, it is in the glove box on a little sticker...a locksmith told me... by Steven Wood 12/12/04
     key code for gm door lock by henrycc 5/29/05
     I have a camry vienta, and i need the key code. i was told its on the side of the lock... by Roger 3/29/2007
My son has a 1994 Dodge Dakota v6 auto transmission that shudders sometimes as it shifts... by Tom2/20/04
     Try tightening your locking pin under tranny by Tex 11/10/04
     i like go to chat room and speck about mechanic. by behrouz 2/23/05
     i like go to chat room mechanic. by behrouz 2/23/05
     mounts by mooman 3/3/05
     Well i just got a 2002 dodge dakota 4*4 v8 great truck but it does the same thing if you... by Collin 11/6/05
     the shudder is more than likely from a bad torque convertor. have it replaced by oldbaboon 3/29/2006
     I had the same problem, I have the same truck and if you hit the gas very hard the whole... by Chris 6/22/2006
     dumb ass the transmission is going to go out by Trent 7/2/2006
     I also have a 1994 DAKOTA I had the same thing with mine the shifter linkage needs... by RUSS 7/3/2006
     Eyah... My truck did that too for the first 3 months I had it. It ended up being the... by DakotaMan 2/2/2007
     Switch the transmission fluid to Amsoil synthetic and your problems will be soved. by Al 7/18/2007
what is the value of a 1950 five dollar bill by kari wikstrom4/28/04
     5 dollars by bob 7/21/05
     $10.00 by Jim Boy 8/27/05
     value of 5 dollar bill? by Money 9/21/05
     not sure by dizz 9/8/2006
     5 bucks by mike 9/12/2006
     Do it have any value be side being five dollars. by patty 10/26/2006
is there anything here about chihuahua dogs not hotels by tigger10/23/03
     hi im 16 years of age and would like to get a chihuahua.Ive been doing alot of research on... by Victoria <33/26/04
     chihuahuas are not really a good breed bark and shiver you shouldnt get one you can never... by mad4/16/04
     Try the American Kennel Club (internet) for starters.Don't neglect the local Humane... by Mike, trainer of dog owners 8/22/04
     Missy is my chihuahua and she's a good dog and very nice and behaved and very loving I... by tish 8/28/04
     that is so far from truth!! i have two chihuahuas that travel with me everywere and they... by ada 10/26/04
     Hiya im 12 and i really want a chihuahua! but i dont fink im eva gonna be aloud one! ... by Flo 11/9/04
     go to and type in chicuahuas by bambii 11/28/04
     I have a chihuahua that is being bred right now. I can send you photos when she has the... by Melissa 11/29/04
     I have 2 Chihuahuas and (nasty and vicious) are the 2 furthest explanations of my dogs. ... by Melissa 11/29/04
     thats not true ...i have a chihuahua and she is very sweet! it all depends on how u raise... by baby 1/25/05
     Hi, Chihuahua's are great pets i raised my grandmas for 3 weeks and it was a blast! I am... by Pog 3/2/05
     Chihuahua's are not vicious unless you do not socialize them which is the same with any... by Jade 4/9/05
     They bark all the time, they are horrible with strangers(and people who aren't there like... by guarfgirl89 4/20/05
     Don't listen to mad chi's are very considerable breeds to get and they are very friendly... by Unknown 11/3/05
     jhtghdxtju by gjgjd 4/2/2006
     not really true chihuahuas are very loving dogs and they only bark because there scared... by ally 4/9/2006
     First of all chihuahuas are not loud and nasty. I have a 6 month old chi and hes the... by jackie 9/3/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     its nice having a chihuahua by rosita_dog 2/4/2007
Why did the late chinese immigrants leave their country? by lil j10/28/03
     to have sex by f-u2/13/04
     to have a better life, then do it by f-u is stupid 9/3/04
     why are you telling us to write it if we are asking you? Click me if you are with me.... by LOL Nick 11/14/04
     why are you telling us to write it if we are asking you? Click me if you are with me.... by LOL Nick 11/14/04
I want to use the COUNTIF statement, looking at a Column of dates. I want to count the... by Robin7/17/03
     I'm trying to use this formula to see how many SMITHS have NEW =COUNT('Not Open'!B2:C10... by BJGE8/12/03
     Robin: The trick to using complex COUNTIF statements lies in using the contatenation... by Eric8/25/03
     =COUNTIF('14-Issues'!C3:C100,"OPEN") I want to make 14 the Row() of the current row not... by WaleedSeada 6/8/2006
BAROMETRIC PRESSURE What is the maximum / minimum barometric pressure range? What are... by Taz5/14/04
     According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the lowest sea-level pressure ever... by Nemesis 9/14/04
     26.15/32.33 by mbm 9/15/04
     30.6-28.9 by r 3/8/05
     highest at the dead see, 800mm Hg or 31.465 inches mercury. Lowest non-tornadic pressure... by bstar 8/26/05
     no idea by james 3/10/2007
     barometer by OLTA  5/24/2007
     40 to 20 by JT 6/28/2007
Im 5 months pregnant and i cant decide a name for my baby give me suggestions girl or boy?... by Cutilicious4/11/04
     karen, for girl, and dameon for boy i am also 5 months and having problems also. by lisa5/11/04
     This makes me feel better about not having a name for my son yet =). If it's a gurl, I've... by Jessica5/13/04
     i am 5 months pregnant.. girl angelina or zoe and for a boy braden or ace.. good luck by wendy6/8/04
     girl madison, neve, emily, boy connor, mitchell, by sam 8/17/04
     halle for a girl and jaden for a boy by cyandog10 8/26/04
     I am 5 months pregnant right now with a baby girl and my boyfriend and i already have a... by Tatiana 9/30/04
     joseph for a boy, jasmine for a girl by rachel 10/5/04
     I am 5 months also Girl Boy Sincerity Taurel Trinity... by Missy 10/17/04
     I personally like the names Girl: Hallie, Chloe and Ellen Boy: Devin, Drew, david not... by hey sheesh 12/31/04
     Hannah for a girl. Samuel for a boy. by Tiffany 12/31/04
     hey i am having problems to i;m also 5 months pregnant and i am having a girl. what do you... by sveta 2/12/05
     I am having a girl ( 5 months pregnant )... My husband & I have decided to name our baby... by Amanda 3/11/05
     Kiana for a girl....Thomas for a boy by De 4/8/05
     I am also five months pregg I dont know the sex of my baby for another month,so I cant... by Amy 4/16/05
     I'm also 5 months preg. I'm thinking of Kayleen or Aubriana for a girl. Hayden or Elijah... by alissa 4/19/05
     i am 5 months and i am naming my daughter ava. if i have a boy one day his name will be... by lil bit 4/20/05
     I like Daivin as a first name. In fact, I've loved it for all my life... i just decided... by Daivin 5/12/05
     I am 4 months preg and I have dicaid for name for girl OITTA for boy ERIS by trina 5/26/05
     I am also 5 months pregnant. John Luke if its a boy and Ruth (or Ruthie) Haven if its a... by Laura 6/10/05
     Im five months pregnant too and im goin to name my lil girl Kiley Nicole by christy 8/12/05
     Sierra Mystique for a girl and Jordan DeQuan for a boy. by Shani G.  8/26/05
     I too am 5 months and have no idea on names.. The father of the baby and I can't agree on... by x4dababyx 10/12/05
     I am 5 months pregnant as well with a boy i am naming him Jordon by mika 10/18/05
     Karma for a girl, Syi for a boy by rachel 10/26/05
     i am 5 months pregnant and the only name i can think of that i like is Mackenzie we also... by 5 months also 11/7/05
     im almost 8 months and before i knew i was going to be a mother since i was a little girl... by jess 11/10/05
     I am having a boy, or so the Dr. seems to think and we are thinking about Skylar Micah if... by Answer by Cheryl 11/18/05
     Well I am not very creative in the name department, but.... My name is Tawny and everywher... by ynwat 12/9/05
     Emily or Aylani for a girl, Julian for a boy by Marla 12/15/05
     We are naming our boy Noah..bye know i'msure you have named it.. will you post it.. by Will 12/16/05
     I m also five months im naming her Na'Leila NA LAY LA. If you go to some website on here... by Nikki 12/19/05
     for a girl I have isabella or chloe, charlie for a boy by chas 12/20/05
     I like Zoe & Braden. Hope this helps! Good luck! by tara 12/30/05
     i think emilly for a girl is cute and Dylan for a boy by lyne 1/4/2006
     i can think of a couple of names for you all, for a girl, Jeyda, Mellissa, and for a boy,... by mrskaradag 1/13/2006
     Oceania for a girl Atrayou for a boy by YTB 1/18/2006
     Hunter or parker for a boy and jaylynn or cami for a girl by Amt 2/21/2006
     I am having a boy and can't decide between his fathers name Owen or great grandfathers... by stephanie 3/11/2006
     Girl: Kate, Cambry, Preslee Boy: Charlee, Collin, Joe by Trinity 3/13/2006
     I am almost in my 6th month and i just now have decided on a name... My boyfriend doesnt... by Rachel  3/23/2006
     for a girl Naomi and a boy Rolando by shirhonda 4/24/2006
     I m 5 month pregnant i don't know if boy or girl . i m 17 year old and my... by Alycia 9/25/2006
     I'm five months pregnant also and just can't decide on a suitable name for my baby, iv... by Jen 11/3/2006
     I'm also 5 months pregnant and do not know the sex of the baby. We just had an ultra sound... by Stephanie 2/14/2007
     I am 5 months pregnant also, Keegan for a boy & Shanna for a girl by Amelia 3/10/2007
     libby 4 a girl n harri 4 a boy! by Anna 4/8/2007
     Lexi is always adorable for a girl. For a boy? Maybe Devon or Marcus? by Kaz 6/7/2007
I have a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I can't make sharp turns after the wheels and axles... by Jeff7/8/04
     hey man this is justin if you have your jeep on tires bigger than 31 in than you need to... by jusin evers / or florida 11/3/04
     This is happening to my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee, too! Have you learned anything? by littlefoot303 1/16/05
Where can I find a kidney donor? by Cheeka2/11/04
     im a 68 year old male canadian in dire need of a kidney.could you please help me find... by larry morrisson3/4/04
     To answer your question Mr. Morrison as well as yours Cheeka you can contact me via email... by Anonymous3/8/04
     To your answer Mr. Morrison as well as yours Cheeka ...Perhaps i can help too. you can... by anonymous3/28/04
     I would like to give one of my kidneys to you! Contact me! Im female 39, very fit! Some... by Peri6/23/04
     Dear Sir: I am looking for a person, as well, to make a kidney donation for my father. ... by Desiree  8/18/04
     WHAT I AM IN NEED OF by jAMES 12/16/04
     I need a kidney. I am in good health. Blood type O positive. by Belle 1/4/05
     Look on EBAY they have everything. by Escalade 1/26/05
     I'm trying to find a perfect donor for me. I'm in need a a kidney transplant I have been... by Megan Dunnagan 3/6/05
     I am a 35 year single mom of a 16 yrs old daughter. I am in need of a kidney transplant. I... by Helen 5/22/05
     I am in need of a kidney and seeking help from someone. I am a 35year single mom of a 16... by Helen 7/18/05
     I am in need of a kidney. Who will donate a kidney to me? My blood type is A positive. by bradford smith 10/11/05
     help me find a kidney by tony c 1/27/2006
     My grandmother is in need of a kidney we dont know what to do or how to go About getting a... by Lililuvsme 1/29/2006
     I am a 63 year old male desperately in search for a kidney to keep me surviving..up until... by gurcharan birak 2/23/2006
     whats my telephone number by dorthy jones 2/27/2006
     I'm male 27 i wont to help some one who need 1 of my kidneys my E-Mail: by Teymur 4/23/2006
     My father is in need of a kidney with o+ blood. He is currently on 12 hours home... by Janet 4/26/2006
     My father needs a kidney with o+ blood. He is on 12 hours a day dialysis. If you can... by Janet 4/26/2006
     I NEED A KIDNEY!!!! i was a very hard working lady, and now i can't barely walk and... by Lora 7/2/2006
     I just turned 20 and I'min need of a kidney .If anyone can help me ,i would sure appreaite... by Jacqueline 7/8/2006
     Hello if any of you have a B or O blood type and would like to donate your kidney my Uncle... by crazy084 8/2/2006
     This is a wonderful site, if it truely works. I am Stuart's wife Susan. Stuart just... by Stuart  8/29/2006
     This is a wonderful site, if it truely works. I am Stuart's wife Susan. Stuart just... by Stuart  8/29/2006
     hello my name is percy and i need a kindey transplant very bad and i wanna live so where... by percy 12/23/2006
     Hi, My mom is a diabetic on dialysis. She is miserable on dialysis and I see her dying... by Lisa 1/4/2007
     Hello my names ashley and im a 19 old boy. i would like to sell my kidney. please contact... by ash 1/9/2007
     I am a 42 year old very healthy individual, with blood group O, no smoker nor drunk,i am... by Mathew 2/3/2007
     I ready to become the donor kidney. I 35 years, blood (B+), health excellent, I ready to... by Sergey 2/21/2007
     I am looking for a kidney transplant for a 25 year old men. thank for any help to keep... by William 3/3/2007
     My Father is looking for a kidney as well. He lives in Colorado and i sure would appreciat... by stretzy 3/14/2007
     I am looking for someone to donate a kidney to a friend that is very sick. Please let me... by Iris 4/8/2007
     hi my name is micah sargent i am deaf and hard hearing i am looking for an donor i am 20... by micah sargent 5/21/2007
     please watch my side and contact me mr. morrison thomas boyksen by thomas boyksen 5/22/2007
     Hello I am a 40 Canadian male looking for a kidney donor. I am looking for a individual... by jsabey 5/31/2007
     my mom needs a kidney and if i was allowed to give her one i would in a second, but i... by anonymous 6/6/2007
     I am looking for a kidney donor please anyone please contact urgently, we don't have too... by Milagros 6/25/2007
how many different breeds of chihuahuas are there? by bec6/7/04
     SCOOBY IS MY DOG. by BETH7/13/04
     im not sure but my dog is full breed Chiuahua and australian shepard, the dad was the... by mandi 7/4/2006
     Well there is all kinds of different breeds starting with the teacup chihuahua, these are... by jessica  12/12/2006
What is the distance between Paris Nord and Paris St Lazare train stations and how much... by veronica8/19/03
     That E:mail is a few months old, did you go? Paris is very central, all based around that... by patti10/19/03
When and Where was the first Public School Established by Victor K. Sneed Sr.4/1/04
     1647 in Massachusetts by Jackie 10/5/04
     http://www.cityofboston. gov/freedomtrail/firstpublic.asp Boston, MA 1635 by Lorrie 12/6/04
     feb 18 by nk 2/4/05
     i don't know. by jay 3/31/05
My one and a half year old, male golden retriever has been having a lot of small bumps... by shelly8/16/03
     we went round and round with our golden and the "hot spots", we cooked, we medicated and ... by scotty9/26/03
     Your dog may have allergies. I have a friend who spent hundreds of dollars trying to... by Hotharley6/14/04
     my dog devin is angrey because my mom had a baby and he growls and crys and beggs hell do... by Amber seljieseth 2/5/2007
I axeeadently deleted rundll32.exe and i cant open alot of things how do i get it. by lauch0001/3/04
     For $258 At You can just buy a new PC with the latest XP SP2.055 by Sales@ReDpc.CJB.com2/4/04
     restore all programs and settings by arcellanaL2/7/04
     Search on google by Hade2/10/04
     insert your windows cd and open a MS-DOS command prompt. navigate to your cd drive (in my... by joe2/10/04
     Simplified answer to your question at this link below by mados3/3/04
     go get a gun and put your computer out of it's pain and while your up get me a beer. by andrewmcgrant 9/3/04
     http://www.spywareinfo. com/~merijn/winfiles.html#rundll32 GO HERE BRO.. I JUST... by demolition 1/31/05
     I get this message when trying to access the control panel.... Cannot find the... by AKIRA_PRANAV 9/14/2006
I want to replace an old room thermostat with a new one. The wiring to the old consists of... by Peter G3/10/04
     Just a guess as I cant see your new thermostat. There are two answers. 1, The bare... by Farton 10/23/04
Who is the model (first name Emily) in all those new television and print ads for Almay... by JPad7/22/03
     Emily Caillon by jeeves8/20/03
     Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp by Lisa 3/17/2006
     Elaine Irwin by Sean Lu 5/27/2006
Our golden retriever has developed skin allergies and I was questioning the effects of... by Brian7/25/03
     Brian, Due to other chemicals in pool water a dog should never use this water as its... by Jeremy10/30/03
     My dog Barney has hot spots on his stomach. Will these products help and what do you... by Hannah 8/11/04
     A word on Allergies and Cancer Allergies are nothing more than an outward sign of an... by Whoofer 4/15/2007
How tall is Mariah carey by Fatty1/25/04
     175 cm by sparti 9/20/04
     how tall is mariah? by virvir 12/20/04
     I think she is about 5'7 by Cici 4/21/05
     1.87 meters by bikkel87 5/29/05
     5'9 shes tall by yeah 7/15/05
     I was just curious how tall she is by meow meow 9/28/05
     5 feet 9 inches by Robyn 1/7/2006
     5 FOOT 8. by BLAH BLAH 5/25/2006
     Mariah carey is 5"9 tall by Fany 8/4/2006
     mariya is about 5.9 by simone 8/25/2006
     she is 5'9 but she is always in heels which makes her 5'11 by ted 8/26/2006
     Mariah Carey is 5"9 by EWE 9/24/2006
     wow omg if someone come up to me and said who is Mariah Carey i would just laugh at... by muppet 1/19/2007
     Mariah is 5'9 by EWE 2/2/2007
     She's 5'9" by Son of a Gun 4/4/2007
how many puppies does a jack russell usually have in one litter by chris10/29/03
     I thank that they have at least 5 puppies in one litter. by Alex2/16/04
     4 Puppies by Zach4/13/04
     Jacks can have anywhere from 3 to 7 pups per litter. It is all related to how you breed... by Kings33999 1/9/05
     jack russel terriers have about 4-5 puppiers in a litter. by dog geek 1/26/2006
what sort of dog is hooch in turner and hooch by clint11/19/03
     Dogue de Bordeaux by melissa12/8/03
     Melissa is 100% correct. I just wanted to ad that they are also known as the "french... by Steven12/9/03
     it a pit bull by michael2/1/04
     a Bull Mastiff by denny2/13/04
     Bull Mastiff by denny2/13/04
     bull mastiff by nikki3/14/04
     the answer is a Dogue De Bordeaux Mastiff or otherwise known as the French Mastiff. I own... by Heather5/30/04
     He' a Poodle! by Tommy BB7/17/04
     Heather is right. I have just found a breeder in New Zealand that is breeding from the... by FFS 8/5/04
     A big ugly dog by majpayne 9/16/04
     Can I please have one? A female? 707-725-5237.Thanks Kevin. by Hey copper 10/10/04
     Shut the F**** up, he isn't a poodle and poodles are the gayest dogs i have ever seen. Hes... by Betty 11/22/04
     a "French Poodle" by heeeey  3/24/05
     Its a dogue de bordeaux!!!!! end of story! by Dogfather 5/18/05
     Hooch is a Dogue De Bordeaux. I have a Hooch, and she is the sweetest dog in the whole... by Maggie 6/5/05
     hooch is a dogue de bordeaux also called french mastiff ,bordeaux mastiff ,bordeaux... by mccoy boy  6/24/05
     i own two of his great grandsons by Sam 6/30/05
     hooch is a dogue de Bordeaux also a french mastiff they are also a butchers dog they are... by dog education 101 7/13/05
     its weak by dogfart 7/30/05
     Ohh everybody claims to have Hooch in the bloodline somewhere.. by Sebastian 8/6/05
     Dogue De Bordeaux, or French Mastiff as commonly referred to. They are not a AKC... by clifford the big red dog 8/25/05
     Pitbull ? Bullmastiff ? :P Come on guys, the 1st answer by melissa was right. ... by whats_with_the_uneducated_opinions? 9/27/05
     Dogue de Bordeaux, we have one called Troy. by honey bunny 10/26/05
     Pomeranian by rach 10/30/05
     Yup, Dogue De Bordeaux. by Cracklin Oats 12/18/05
     neopolitan mastiff by guruprasad 12/29/05
     he's my mom by Amie 1/23/2006
     he is a dogue de bourdex being a vet and all and owning a doggy playground and helping... by Amsta 1/30/2006
     he is one cool dog that can drool alot -----BEGIN KREMLIN TEXT 2.21 MESSAGE----- ... by master 2/7/2006
     An African Ridgeback by Dawn 2/7/2006
     Hooch is not a dog at all but a little person in a dog suit. by mandy lou 2/14/2006
     Does anyone know the breeder of Hooch on the movie? Id be interested in seeing their... by Katie 2/17/2006
     it is a french mastiff otherwise known as a dogue de bordeaux mastiff by tara edwards 3/5/2006
     He has the biggest head i eva seen by pimp dady 3/5/2006
     its a dogue de bordeaux by gibbo  3/6/2006
     um actually im tom hanks and he is a siberian husky if you guys cant tell by turner 3/13/2006
     that magnificent animal is a dogue de bordeaux i have one and he is the best protector and... by lorenzo penello 3/24/2006
     French Mastiff, I own one by rusty 5/2/2006
     Japanese Tosa called Beasley by Terri 5/3/2006
     ITS A BULL MASTIFF!!! YAY!! by Tina 6/3/2006
     its a brown dog by Sandii 6/4/2006
     Its a Dogue De Bordeaux but also known as French Mastiff as i own 1 by serena 7/9/2006
     yes it is actually a dogue de bordeaux a very rare an unknown breed i myself own 3. not a... by louiseddb 7/12/2006
     know it is a Dogue de Bordeaux or you can cal i a french mastiff by lil steph 7/26/2006
     hes a bull mastif i own one of his grandsons by stfu 7/27/2006
     he's a Chihuahua with a thyroid problem by Speklebang 7/27/2006
     cocker spaniel by dimwit 9/20/2006
     Melissa is correct. by Hooch 10/7/2006
     Isn't he a Burmese kitten? by Tess 11/11/2006
     OtherNames French Mastiff, Bordeaux Dog Group Kennel Club Working Breed... by Jay uk 11/28/2006
     its a sheep by me 11/29/2006
     Dogue De Bordeaux by alexis 12/9/2006
     he is actually a dogue de bordeux cross with an english bullmastif by fudge 1/4/2007
     Hooch is soo lovely . And he is a ............ French Mastiff by Dog lover 1/6/2007
     dogue de bordeux or french mastiff and i have a puppy by simonia 2/14/2007
     He's A Frog Mastiff. Half Frog Half Erection.. by Timmy Tiny 3/4/2007
     Bordoski pas iliti francuski mastif (isto) by Milan 3/6/2007
     its a french mastiff! dogue de bordeux ive got 1 by cherri 3/16/2007
     Why are you lot all lying? Hooch was a jack Russell!!! by Hazza 5/16/2007
     whore dog by cummer 5/28/2007
     I was thinking chihuahua. by WetChicken 5/28/2007
What is the difference between a minature yorkie and a teacup yorkie and where can i get... by Minxy1/1/04
     There is no such thing as a tea cup yorkie. The breed you are referring to is the... by yorkie5/30/04
     The Yorkshire Terrier is classed in the Toy Group by both the AKC and Canadian Kennel... by li6/3/04
     I am thinking about purchasing a yorkshire terrier and i was wondering if anyone could... by Lindee7/4/04
     Would a 4-5 lb. yorkie be considered a standard? by Betsy 8/14/04
     Ok I have to Yorkshire Terrier and yes they are called Tea Cups because of there size they... by Chase 10/26/04
     Hi, I am currently in the process of purchasing a yorkie from a breeder. My puppy is the... by kd 11/10/04
     one is a miniature and one is a teacup stupid ass. don't ask stupid questions if you don't... by Escalade 1/12/05
     A miniature yorkie tastes very much like poodle, while a teacup yorkie has much more fat... by Shelby 1/28/05
     "Are they good with small children (5,10)?" Everyone has different tastes but I prefer a... by Shelby 1/28/05
     We have an oversize Yorkie -- in his peak 17 lbs. He has been the most pleasant,... by AzWildcat 4/9/05
     They are not good to have with small children. They are fragile and can be injured... by Pat 6/26/05
     i have to yorkshire terriers and they are brill with my to young children as long as the... by habbo 8/29/05
     n nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn by ';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]l[p]'pl' 10/17/05
     People who breed Yorkies to be as tiny as they can be, without caring about health or... by mel 11/28/05
     I have two Yorkshire terriers, they are sisters two years apart. Fantastic little dogs,... by taz9344 12/4/05
     Yorkshire terrier's do NOT shed. they have hair. not fur. They are great with small... by Melissa 12/29/05
     could what, die? finish youre crap before you type it online. by ffffffffff 1/19/2006
     All dopgs shed. Yorkies have slightly greasy coats, and are not always great for people... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
     Is Puppypetite a good place to purchase a Yorkshire terrier? I was going to purchase from... by Katie 3/18/2006
     yorkies are very gentle but protective animals, they are difficult to train if you are not... by mommalisa 4/2/2006
     HEY! I'm also wonderin' how big yorkies get! My family and I would love to get a... by Like to ask Questions 4/25/2006
     Yorkiesare not good with small children. They're very fragile and they need -alot- of... by PC-Chan 5/29/2006
     I got my yorkshire terrier when i was 6 as a gift, and she was just a few weeks old. I've... by Lesley 6/23/2006
     i own a lovely little yorkshire terrier the question i am asking is she is definately... by butterfly 7/2/2006
     shut up and buy one.If you dont like it toe-punt it over the fence by et 7/13/2006
     To Lindee, I have had two yorkies and they are wonderful pets. They shed like any long... by susanb 7/24/2006
     I was just wondering if all yorkies grow the long long hair. by liza 7/29/2006
     I am not an expert but did own a yorkie for a few years and he was wonderfully obedient... by babs 8/12/2006
     i have a male yorkie he is very good with children of all ages but i have had them since... by becci 8/13/2006
     I have a Yorkie and she's perfect (purchased from the internet) I found her at yorkiepup.c... by Laura 9/17/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     Yes , they do shed , but they do not get that big , 4-7 lbs . They are a lot of fun and... by Sol 9/27/2006
     Yorkies do not shed but require considerable grooming. This is a health necessity since... by Yorkie Rescue 10/2/2006
     To answer your questions - a) No they do not shed b) They grow to about 8-9 inches in... by Yorkshire 10/10/2006
     what is the approximate weight and height of a standard yorkie, I am about to purchase one... by Donovan 11/7/2006
     how big are toy yorkshires by fersu 12/18/2006
     first off there is a difference between yorkshires and teacups. i have one of both. they... by brooke. 2/2/2007
     first off there is a difference between yorkshires and teacups. i have one of both. they... by brooke. 2/2/2007
     you will be very happy purchasing a Yorkie. They are happy loyal little dogs. They do not... by lalie  3/29/2007
     Yorkies are crap dogs, don't get one they are boring!! by bill bryson 4/16/2007
     I used to have a miniature yorkie and they are a very nice and friendly breed. There are 3... by bobby 4/23/2007
     I'd say that you guys are dumba$$e$. Yes there are teacup yorkie they grow to be about 2... by mom 5/15/2007
     teacups are very small and rarer. the smaller the yorkie the more they are worth i have... by diane grooming salon owner 5/30/2007
car will not pass emissions test hc test failed by veron2/14/04
     Move to Hawaii. It's not needed here. by Vel6/18/04
     Use RXP Gas Kicker by RokkinWithDokken6/28/04
     You can come to florida, or do some looking up on how to fool the emission test! Thats... by Low88buick 8/6/04
     listen if it has a smog pump hook it up backwards so that the y pipe in the back take the... by big d  12/10/04
     forget emissions i dont have cats just flowmasters and i get 6 miles per gallon in a... by Jay-Bird 5/27/05
     I failed my test so I put new gas in my car 3/4 of a tank, put in a can of g2p (guaranteed... by jasper 12/2/05
     how do you get it to pass,with the hc 200 over the limit? by james 3/1/2006
     RxP is definitely recommended as it is verified by not only the DOT, but many universities... by qiman 6/28/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     <a href= viagra.html > http://www.bestpytho... by wujgaf 12/29/2006
     i want to buy rxp fuel reformulator i based in nigeria so tell how do i get and i will be... by samuel  osita onuoa 6/7/2007
can i write a program to print "hello" without using a semicolon by poornima8/27/03
     that would depend on the programming language. if it's in MATLAB, it would work, but it... by John10/16/03
     # include<stdio.h> # include<conio.h> void main() { if ( printf("Pro... by Girish 5/4/05
     Basavanna yava castu by jaggu 11/30/05
     write the "hello" in if condition. for ex. if(printf("hello")) { } by Sagar 12/16/05
     mindset ss by md tahir 5/4/2006
     # include <stdio.h> void main() { if (printf("hello world")) } } by Albert 7/8/2006
     # include<stdio.h> # include<conio.h> void main() { if (... by kalaiarasan.s 3/2/2007
What can be done about the excessive shedding? We've even tried lint rollers on a daily... by huffs6361/16/04
     Does anyone know if the Chicken Soup for Dog Lovers is a good brand of dog food? by Sherry2/1/04
     Letting your dog run is the best excercise for her muscles, also, alot of towns have... by sucaduca 6/14/05
     on as of you how muuch brhithey by ballton 8/4/05
     i love her by debo 10/24/05
     Hi lee i think if you want to make your pit stronger then you should feed her raw meat and... by mamasita89 11/19/05
     no clue by chuck 10/21/2006
     Put him/her on a heavy chain once it reaches 14 months and don't feed it that cheap Sh!t. by TMoore 2/7/2007
     i dong know by tra 3/2/2007
     i have a blue pit its a girl and me and my uncle are trying to make her muscular and not... by basiol 3/11/2007
     girlfriend by zamora1 4/25/2007
     how can I make my pitbull muscular by john 7/9/2007
I have a blue Doberman pup. He is 10 weeks old. He has the moth spots on him. He also... by Kim8/18/03
     kim... i have a beautiful blue doberman 2 years old...his breeder gave me some good... by joni9/1/03
     I highly reccomend you order this product called Dinovite, my dog was almost to the point... by balboa 10/20/04
     please email me and I will give you the best advice ever fro your blue doberman. ... by darrengo 11/2/04
     Have you seen a vet? by Pie 5/18/05
     hello i also have a blue doberman she is 5 months old and her fur on her back is very thin... by redrose 9/18/05
     Does anyone know where I can buy a blue Doberman pupply, male? by crashalot28 12/7/05
     I have had a male blue doberman who had his coat looking very similar to what you are... by snelvus 1/30/2006
     Blue Doberman have lots of skin and coat problems, save yourself time and money. Get a... by Fern 4/29/2006
     Thank you so much for the information. I have a 1 1/2 yr old Dobie with the above skin... by Wendy 8/21/2006
     can you send me more pic.. of your.I have a blue that is 1 week.It is a girl. Thank... by kim 9/28/2006
     can you send me more pic. of your.I have a blue that is 1 week.It is a girl. Thank... by kim 9/28/2006
What are cocoa solids? by Vicky11/23/03
     sum of all extract from cocoa bean once all humidity taken out by chloe 12/20/04
     who knows by Dan 5/25/2006
Is somebody having the whole list of vxworks Shell commands? by Ram4/13/04
     kishore by ak 1/11/2007
I am to marry a US citizen(a resident of united states for past 30 years),please tell me... by vibha3/30/04
     asfd asfd asfd asdf. by sarinder7/16/04
I'm exploring travelling from Siem Reap to Hanoi to catch my flight back home and am... by Skybebe3/4/04
     I plan to do the opposite has you. I will finish my travel in Phnom Penh on 31/12 and... by veronique 11/9/04
I want to know which distribution the c++ random function follows. Thank you! by Nadia1/9/04
     Well, if anyone answers u, i hope u post me the answer cuz i wanna know too. sk001_h8r@ya... by sk001_h8r 4/7/2006
How can we use/Install/configure .exe files for Linux platform . I mean to say , how .exe... by Ashish10/6/03
     I too would like to know how to use .exe files with Linux. I have recently changed from... by Shadowx8m11/15/03
     you cannot run .exe files under linux. however, you can download WINE ( and run... by michael11/22/03
     You can also use an emulator on top of Linux such as VMWare and install windows inside it.... by yperion12/2/03
     where i can get by Sachem2/1/04
     I seem to be in the same problem (running .exe files in Linux). I want to go the WINE... by nduzzz5/19/04
     It's by dammitjim6/4/04
     I heard theres a way to hack the kernel to run .exe's but I dont think its possible. Wine... by glyn 6/23/04
     well I am trying to install a Matrix Screensaver on my Linux box, The file is an EXE and... by Kalipzo 9/7/04
     I have tried to run an .exe file (Gamespy Install) under Red Hat Linux 8.0 using wine. It... by Sgt Grim Reaper 9/19/04
     I have heard that in the most newer linux version there should be a plugin so u can run... by inckie 1/5/05
     i just installed mandrake 10.1 and it will not configer my modem and wont install drivers... by pid 1/18/05
     i think its not possible to do so..if it will be the case, there is no meaning for Linux by sat_vij031 3/4/05
     Hi, Every one i am also new to linux and have no *F* idea what i am doing. If any one... by wild_khan 3/14/05
     Linux doesn't support execution of .exe file. Still there's an alternative, we can run it... by satish 5/14/05
     u can find the wine om the but i can find the wine for fedora core... by [ro]templar 6/27/05
     Linux Ubount is the solution!!! by Hellow 8/12/05
     help me install exe fles on linux by ClearKnight 8/27/05
     hai, my nickname is mak by mak 9/4/05
     hi!!i downloaded flex into the wine folder and also on the desktop..but no matter what... by kalp 9/7/05
     if i have xp and SuSE installed is there s way on suse to use the open with feature and... by /-nthraX 9/10/05
     Hello friends, I am facing some problem with Linux. I have install opera, everything was... by Anurodh 10/23/05
     ok... thanks for that guys because my windows won't boot anymore even when full format and... by lynx_raptor99 12/23/05
     OK, Operating systems use different methods to run programs. The windows system uses... by William Ashley 2/6/2006
     I just want to run *.exe file's on my computer with ubuntu but I can't. If somebody can... by DigiFelino 2/7/2006
     I need exe.file run on OS:linux by Long chamreoun 2/7/2006
     how can connect internet throungh ethernet (intel) plz tell me clear i m using windows... by vaibh 3/17/2006
     how can execute .exe files in linux by san 5/15/2006
     It is impossible to run*.EXE file in Linux by Uday Subedi 5/18/2006
     don't try to hack the kernel unless your a highly advanced linux user, you can screw your... by jpgamer 6/29/2006
     I have a wireless network set up and i have a wireless adapter...However, i have a disk to... by tom 7/11/2006
     the winhq site is and it doesn't seam to be up and running yet. by Gandalf 7/17/2006
     i believe there should be da hacked emulator that is free by gonius 8/17/2006
     hi i use windows but i would like to point out that i might switch to Linux when i can run... by dead-eye 8/30/2006
     i can't find certain software in i have also a problem with this,anyon... by Difi 9/10/2006
     just change the mode of exe file to 755 or as per your requirement and put execution... by skdhanraj 9/25/2006
     can be install any program of windows in linux .. directly or required any other software... by sanjeev 11/29/2006
     i can't install .exe fill in linux if any body have solution than plese tell me...... by avinash verma 12/2/2006
     i Don't Know by anand 12/28/2006
     same doubt. How can we use .exe files in Red Hat Linux by venu 1/2/2007
     where i can get by Siva 1/19/2007
     Its actually by Alex 1/28/2007
     i was hoping to switch to linux after seeing all the gr8 videos at a forum or... by slimx 3/2/2007
     Go to my home on internet and download wonderful app to run .exe file in linux http://kho... by pirooz 3/2/2007
     its waste of time by Jitesh Gala 3/24/2007
     huy! guys i am new Linux user,i just switch from windows to Linux,i have no idea dat how... by david 4/15/2007
     hey, how can i install windows drivers onto linux, i have a computer, witch drivers are... by jandzi 4/17/2007
     use crossover-->linux for such games by zulu44 4/21/2007
     http://ubuntuguide. org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy#How_to_install_Virtu al_Machine_Manager_.28VMware_S... by nice 6/12/2007
     this is another link for us to download the WINE .. by reggie 6/13/2007
     what if wine doesn't work? by kwarlito 6/27/2007
     if you use ubuntu go to applaications on top left, click appplacitions, then add/remove... by loser 7/17/2007
     you guys are all stupid by the smart dude 7/19/2007
Which is better for omega 3!s Flaxseed oil or Ground linseeds, sunflower and sesame seeds... by Ghita2/10/04
     Flaxseed OIL has much more Omega 3 essential fatty acids than all of the others......but... by carnymic7/20/04
     sea buckthorn seed oil has more omega 3 and omega 6 than flaxseed hands down. by Peaches 10/14/04
     i use my very own cum but this is a note it taste very odd. by pp 1/18/05
     Hey nerd, you have one yellow star and three white stars, just so you know. by Patt 1/19/2006
     Please elaborate on the cottage cheese!?? by whatsaname 6/7/2007
Why -48 volts is used in telephone system. by rbala8/26/03
     i dont know exactly ,may be for good signal we have to use high voltage signal. by mariajohnpaul10/1/03
     The voltage drop over the copper wires from the phone company's CO (central office) can be... by tom10/25/03
     The line feeding voltage was selected to be negative to make the electrochemical reactions... by ozgurertem 11/16/05
     As to why the voltage is negative, do a search for "Cathodic Protection." by Matthew 8/4/2006
     Its because, negative supply prevents oxidation of the conducting copper. by saravanan 11/23/2006
What website can i find real pirates treasures maps to print out?Write back Spacklepro@top... by jessica1/16/04
     ok i dont know by 3pizzo 6/5/05
     How do I know by Zip 7/11/05
importance of lady doctors in pakistan? by ayesha5/8/04
     importance of lady doctors in pakistan is very important as muslim as well as other's. it... by sb 11/24/04
     pakistan is a muslim country and therefore it is best that ladies are treated by lady... by ashiarshad 9/11/05
How do I find an IP address from an E Mail address like for example by finchu22/1/04
     i did that and it doesn't tell me anything about the ip address by confused4/14/04
     hi , you can use a program like IP finder ... it's FRee ... by <_911_> 10/30/04
     When you open the email from the sender, click on full header. The full header should... by trythis 2/4/05 by mackie 4/23/05
     my cats name by Bri 10/1/05
     hejasn by wille 1/15/2006
     How do I find an IP address from an E Mail address like for example ... by AMIR 8/15/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     this very simple.... u just see every mail.. in every mail header information is... by Muthu 11/15/2006
     Check here how to find IP address from e-mail account: by Tom 4/5/2007
     yesidoitforyou by bombajo1 6/5/2007
I'd like to know how to obtain a free driving record at NO COST and find people, look up... by lilbit3/10/04
     please find my sister by angie 2/2/05
     where does he live and what is his addres by carlos barnes 2/2/05
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     daughter birthday by Kerline Josue 4/5/05
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     "what was the Question"? by mizzjojo70 6/26/05
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     free driving record by tonya price 9/25/05
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     do not know the question by littlebit 9/28/05
     Nothing is free by Amanda 10/27/05
     me too. by me 11/1/05
     yes you can by bran ban 11/12/05
     i dont know what all of this is about all i need is my driving record and i do know all of... by eric 11/19/05
     id like to get a search of my driving record please for free by lastdragonhart 12/30/05
     don't have one. by Doug 1/3/2006
     Can't be done. Most states use something like for a $29.95 fee. With... by JSherard 1/6/2006
     geltab by kc421kb 1/7/2006
     daughter by Patrick Fawks 1/29/2006
     daughter by patrick Fawks 1/29/2006
     I would like to obtain a free driving record at no cost. by bbg 2/18/2006
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     slill working on it by kpel 3/11/2006
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     Sorry im a Idiot. by Robert Murray 3/17/2006
     Sorry I am a idiot. by Robert Murray 3/17/2006
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     its or by joe 4/11/2006
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     where is that site by scooby 6/15/2006
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     my name by Jsalgado 10/19/2006 by RAMIRO TINOCO JRN  10/25/2006 by RAMIRO TINOCO JRN  10/25/2006
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     WHATS MY NAME by DWAYNE 5/27/2007
     I have A.K.C. Reg, Purebreed Female Maltese Puppies for sale. My website is www.toosweet... by Mary 6/8/2007
     lol those dont exist by bert 6/11/2007
     don't know by moses 6/12/2007
     don't know by moses 6/12/2007
     I need to know how to find out how to get a copy of my driving record with NO COST, NO... by hotgurl75260 6/23/2007
     great site by Dan 6/25/2007
     i like dogs by henry 6/29/2007
     wisconsin by frost4life 7/17/2007
is a sea shell a living thing by pat8/20/03
     No--shells are composed primarily of the mineral calcium carbonate, CaCO3. In shells, the... by tom10/25/03
     go jerk off by lessie11/30/03
     Yes, it loves to reproduce w/ its partner in the sand. He bangs off like a dunny door in... by Whatupdawg@Carnage000005/26/04
     A sea shell is not a living thing, but the "home," if you will, of mollusks and certain... by Pie 5/18/05
     my sexual partner is a sea shell ^o^ by YOUR MOMS A WHOR!!! 11/18/05
     you guys totally went off of the subject stay with one thing you perv by me  10/1/2006
     I think a shell is a none living thing because it does not move. They are none living... by jacklyn 1/23/2007
     I think a shell is a none living thing because it does not move. They are none living... by jacklyn 1/23/2007
I would like to know if pregnant dogs get morning sickness? by Heath4/30/04
     dogs do get morning sickness especially in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. by linda milton 10/4/04
     I figured out just recently on another site that they will get something is very close to... by Julie 11/3/04
     yes by bunny 11/23/04
     yes dogs can get morning sickness,approx 3/4 weeks after mating they can go off their food... by angie 1/23/05
     how do dogs get sick by liltisha 3/20/05
     I think that is true about dogs that get morning sickness. My dog has had morning... by Susie 3/20/05
     Some dogs get morning sickness in the begining of there pregnancy. It may last up to one... by Emily 7/7/05
     i don't know by peanut 8/30/05
     i dont know but i would like to as my dog is pregnant and hasnt been sick yet by vicky 9/14/05
     Yes! Pregnant dogs may experience some morning sickness also! It is mostly due to the... by heathermenefee 9/29/05
     i would have thought so as thay have hormones to by vicky 10/1/05
     what if i be having moroing sickness by honey 11/1/05
     yes they do get morning or even all day sickness just like people. at least my dog does. ... by duksad 11/19/05
     need to know if dogs get morning sickness by serjhn 12/17/05
     i want to know if i can be pregnant i am 16 yrs old and i got to pee allot and every... by Tina  2/1/2006
     dogs will have sikenes by edith gonzalez 9/28/2006
When removing dew claws from the front feet, wherein the dew claw is considered bony. ... by deb10/13/03
     It really all depends on the age of the dog. Most breeders(or Vets)remove dewclaws of... by CelticArcher12/22/03
     i had my dog's dew claws removed. She is 7 months..I can tell you for certain,,,,,it's... by g.bower7/21/04
     why do dogs get dew clawed? by kiki 1/16/05
     why remove them in the first place? if evolution made them have dew claws then who are we... by magic-zebra 1/23/05
     Our dog had this horrible procedure done as a puppy, and it was done incorrectly. At 9... by doglover 4/6/05
     What are dew claws? by Andrea 5/18/05
     my dog popeye was climbing out of the pool and ripped his dew claw back over what apears... by renee 7/3/05
     he have a jack Russell who is now 1 and in pup she has only a few weeks 2 go now but... by peggy 7/4/05
     Having had experience with the giant breeds I much prefer to have their dew claws removed... by Greatsaints 7/20/05
     Having just assisted in my first removal of the dew claw I can tell you two things. One... by Omar 8/5/05
     I would like to know if it is too late to clip the dew claws (myself) - my puppies are 10... by dcalgranny 10/3/05
     do you know of any sites where they show you how to remove dew claws by puppiessoon 10/25/05
     I just got a puppy, and one of the dew claws on his back leg is barely evan attached to... by angie 12/31/05
     How do you remove the dew claws? Cut them at the base? by Michele 2/16/2007
how to use a game genie? by paul8/3/03
     put it in the nintendo by coboldude3/19/04
     u give me by can u use a snes game genie for codes for game boy games on the super game boy?4/21/04
     How do i use a game genie for a mac? by bob 3/4/2006
     Try checking out the page:www.digg. com/gaming/How_Game_Genie_works You can get all... by JoJo 6/21/2006
     fffffffffffffffffffffffff by fffffffffffffffffffffffffff 6/24/2006
     how can i use game genie with emulator? by jo 11/5/2006
My RAM is shared with the display adapter. How do i increase the allocation to my display... by Bazooka12/25/03
     i don't think such a thing is possible. probably u might have gone wrong. As the video... by anoop3/19/04
     i think anoop dont understand what hes saying, maybe hes just an average computer user... by b_boink9645/30/04
     If your PC's not a lappy, install a real video card and you'll be away! by johns6/9/04
     in my bios it doesnt have the integrated peripherals section, in fact it's a pretty... by jameswhe03 9/25/04
     Yes, definitely a big problem. I use a 2.4 ghz laptop with 64 mb onboard shared vram which... by kraheja 1/8/05
     just want to say that the video memory CAN be shared with RAM by bladescar 1/10/05
     my laptop bios does support shared video memory up to 128MB, its really nice, lets me paly... by oki 3/15/05
     IM JUST LOOKIN 4 SOMTHEN LIKE THAT SO FUK U by Gangsta_0000000000 4/25/05
     there is a program called memmax that frees and balances video memory do a search on... by josh 5/8/05
     could you explain how to do this step by step? by ry 6/30/05
     hi, same problem. mines already set at 64 MB, but in windows it only shows up as 4MB. by celebraces 7/30/05
     I want to increase my display memory.In bios it is showing 64MB where as at the desktop it... by ravi kiran 9/17/05
     I am also trying to increase my shared video memory. I have tried going into BIOS, but... by confused 9/26/05
     i didnt understand a word that came out of that man i would like to be able to increase my... by computer illogical 10/25/05
     anoop is talking out of his ass by awsomedude 11/22/05
     is it possible to take 64 MB from each module... i have two and it'll add up to 128 MB by haha 12/4/05
     hey dudes...first of all....let me say that yes the previous answer is right......we can't... by ravi 1/18/2006
     anoop is just pretending.. wahaha by hate_anoop 1/24/2006
     I'd like to be able to take credit for this, but to be real, b_boink's answer is the real... by Mad John 2/6/2006
     eminem by matt 3/9/2006
     This topic has gotten alot of wierd feedback, I'll help set everything straight. Some bios... by tetsusaiga83 3/18/2006
     bazooka go to bios click on video configuration and select agp aperture 128 mb by SAHIL 4/27/2006
     you can minimize amount of shared memory by going to motherboard setup(you enter setup by... by GUR 6/7/2006
     enter the BIOS setup and go to integrated peripherals, then to video option, and then... by rambus 9/25/2006
     enter the BIOS setup and go to integrated peripherals, then to video option, and then... by rambus 9/25/2006
     How do i increase my PC Video Memory if i have 128MB RAM and P4 Processor and Intel... by Deepak 10/14/2006
     I am having the laptop and i too also have the same problem when playing onimusha3 that... by diyasuki 1/16/2007
     im just asking how to enter or open the bios setup where do i start becuase im not a... by Maikeru 2/7/2007
     trying to get up nig by aifjwpjfiwpajf 2/8/2007
     I have a sony vaio laptop .... i have a total available graphics memory of 358 MB ,... by anuj 7/14/2007
     In my motherboard(MSI)-pro(AMD64) combination, i dont have any option like that. Does that... by lazyboy 7/18/2007
What can I clean a Bischon's weeping eye? by Lynne Gauthier3/14/04
     my vet told me to clean my bischons weeping eye everyday with a diaper wipe... they are... by loua 6/15/05
     According to my vet, its an effect of the tears ducts being blocked. he gave me some... by persia 10/7/05
     the groomer have told me to make a paste of boric acid and rub it on their eyes just be... by Trina 1/27/2007
Where can I find Joan Leslie clothes online? by Harry7/2/03
     Can I purchase Joan Leslie clothing online? by Shirley 9/6/04
i noticed a lump in my groan area about 1/2 way up the crease where the leg meets the hip... by bobo11/27/03
     get doctors advice This could be something serious by dawn12/9/03
     my lump in my groan always hurts and my side stays swollen and my back hurts on the same... by sanfi8 4/10/2006
How many times do ferrets need to be bathed a week? by ROSE7/25/03
     Well when it get dirty or twice a week. by Ceres3/12/04
     I'd go with once or twice a week, or just ask a vet or whoever sold you the ferret. by Pie 5/18/05
     how many times am i supposed to give a ferret a bath by animalgirl 1/12/2006
what and when did the first soap opera appear on television? by steph10/25/03
     The first soap opera did not appear on television at all. It was on the radio . by Alec1/21/04
     Indeed, the first sitcoms came in the form of radio Serials, unfortunately this doesnt... by AL4/29/04
     guiding light by ja5/25/04
     The first real prime time soap opera was Peyton Place (1964-1969). by THe7/13/04
     The question still is not fully answered. What date did the first soap appear on TV? by Vern 9/9/04
     MARINA by JUN 3/3/05
     FAR AWAY HILL by REIN 3/3/05
     the question pertained to the first televised soap opera. Peyton Place does not answer... by redgal 3/22/05
     Faraway Hill from 1946 was on network television, according to Wikipedia. by SH 5/17/05
     Why ask the question? by Winters 7/12/05
     Why ask the question? by Winters 7/12/05
     First aired on October 2nd, 1946, Faraway Hills was the first TV soap opera, airing on the... by TheRealAnswer 8/23/05
     i dont know what to put in here so ill just wright this to you all is that ok with you? by smelly fish 10/18/05
     it was on the radio in the 1940's ... i think by blah blah 12/6/05
     The first soap opera did not appear on TV it was on the radio as mentioned by another... by psycho stylist 12/13/05
     what is the first radio soap opera ever made by Ri-Ri 12/18/05
     the first soap opera was in 1946 -per Snapple by stealth 3/15/2006
     faraway hill by trishalynn 5/1/2006
     ship, crap n horse poo by tasha 10/19/2006
     What is the longest running soap opera by bus 11/15/2006
     actually, coronation street was first aired in 1960 by smash 12/6/2006
     The question was WHAT and WHEN did the first TV soap opera appear? NOT radio, Not... by Bludolfin 1/12/2007
     I don't know WHAT the first soap was, but it debuted on TV in 1946. by Kate Mae 3/27/2007
     You are wrong The first soap opera on television was broadcast during the summer of 1946... by Knowitall 7/3/2007
what does th t.v. show mash stand for? by ray1/6/04
     Mobile Army Surgical Hospital by Alec1/21/04
     What conflict did M.A.S.H. work in by Blaster 1/30/04
     Blaster: The Korean War by Matt1/30/04
     Yes, M.A.S.H. was in the Korean War, but there has been an United States M.A.S.H. in every... by Luke2/16/04
     what season was the coloniel killed in? by Hawaiian2/24/04
     The fifth season. by me3/8/04
     NO, it was not the fifth ... it was the third season!!! by MASH Fan3/28/04
     colonel* blake was killed in the last episode of the 3rd season. by jallyn18 1/27/05
     I have a crush on bj the doctor he is so cute how old is mike farrell the ... by shannon 4/16/05
     who is your favorite doctor on mash a. trapper b. bj hunycut c.major winchester... by shannon  smith 4/17/05
     who is the meanest doctor on mash a)bj b)frank or c)charils by shannon  smith 4/22/05
     mash is the worst show to ever air on tv by i hate mash 8/12/05
     get a life, punks!! by bunk 9/13/05
     great show by andrej 10/28/05
     i like hawkeye by kavic 11/3/05
     The show itself was a comment on the Vietnam War, which was going on at the time it was on... by Darkwing 2/22/2006
     MASH stands for Mobile Army Surgical Headquarters. Most people make the mistake of saying... by Jack 6/29/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     Dude whats up? by Tinkie Winkie 11/29/2006
     why was korean in the war in the first place? by MaNsA 12/13/2006
     why was korean in the war in the first place? by MaNsA 12/13/2006
please how can i access free transistor databooks and ic pin number/function directory by bishop3/4/04
     hbfhdovief by raju3/27/04
     i would like to have a data book on transistors, semiconductors,diodes by hitesh 8/18/04
     safeer by safeer 5/20/05
     i need pic thanks by giacmohong_link 11/23/05
     plz give us transistor and ic pin databooks thanks best regards by naeem uddin  2/17/2006
     I need the data sheets urgently by ELECTRA 5/3/2006
     mm arid by khalid mahmood 6/22/2006
Where can I find a monster truck for sale. Every year it seams they are building new... by Derek Cray5/5/04
     Well if you have enough money you could just start building your own. by Tyson Dunham6/28/04
     i want a monster truck by john marston7/6/04
     I would like to find a monster truck for sale so i can buy it if anyone as one le me know by Tj 10/22/04
     Old ones are rebuilt or scrapped. Ask Bill Chandler of the Bigfoot Organization. by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     Hello there Derek, if your seriously looking into a full size Monster Truck for competitio... by monsterced 11/3/04
     Check out ebaymotors. From time to time they have some for sale. by jonathan 11/17/04
     i still dont know where to look for the older monster trucks thanks by vince morell 1/12/05
     screw you by retroactive 2/9/05
     i want a monster TRUCK iam a rich boy who lives on a island( Friday Harbor)!!!!! i love... by lovable nuts 3/15/05
     IF YOU FIND OUT WHERE THEY GO LET US KNOW BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by MAC11 4/27/05
     ME 2!! by Trip FouNtain 6/17/05
     go to they usually have trucks for sale. by justin reece 6/24/05
     well ... i dont exactly have the answer to that, but more of a comment. although id like... by kreestawl 6/27/05
     monster trucks ..... monster trucks by hello 8/14/05
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     I have a Panther series monster truck for sale. 2001 Ford F-250. 9,560 miles on truck.... by cashelclan 10/10/2006
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how do you get rid of dog smell.on the dog by nella4/3/04
     This answer is similar to the answer to "How do you get rid of the homeless smell on a... by Smartie 9/11/04
     wash them by dora 9/20/04
     You can try washing them regularly with a pleasant smelling shampoo by Skwanto 10/31/04
     I don't think you can. Ask a vet or a breeder, though. by Pie 5/18/05
     use activated charcoal powder by atin sikdar 8/7/05
     How we got rid of an odor problem on our dog is by simply finding some kind of spray or... by lotolitata 8/7/2006
     Omg just give them a bath with something that doesn't smell like that dog smell by wow! 8/27/2006
     I recently discovered a product called Odor Free that eliminated our two cocker spaniel's... by ann 9/30/2006
     Kill the dog.......LOL just joking by Wako 4/19/2007
     my dog has a bad smell after a few Weeks , what can i do t prevent this , my wife want... by moncho 4/21/2007
     I had the same question, so I bread a female rednose (old williams family), and she was a... by mike 4/7/05
     no by scooter 4/28/05
     What up i'll breed a all white RedNose mixed mixed a Boxer by Ron 11/1/05
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     If you breed her with a blue bluenose they will come out blue nose and red nose blue pits... by Robert 2/6/2006
     no you will get one or other but not both. might get even get black nose. by p-man 6/23/2006
     I have a Red nose pit mixed with Blue nose the puppie will show more to the red nose than... by T dot 8/23/2006
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how do i scan,save, and retrieve picture from oracle database using vb 6.0?. how do i... by Muyideen mohammed12/30/03
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     i can't get my scanner to work by smilee 3/7/2006
I put a new battery in my remote control key fob. How do I reset it so that it unlocks... by Job5/3/04
     Should be page 24 in the car manual. by getee 4/30/05
     I'm having the same problem , with no warning whatsoever the keyfob would not open the car... by delboy 5/31/2006
     I'm having the same problem , with no warning whatsoever the keyfob would not open the car... by delboy 5/31/2006
     Start your car with it. Shut it off. Then unlock, lock and unlock all the doors with... by Turtle 7/2/2006
     you can find how in your car manual.. how did you change the battery? by EVANGELIONHD 9/1/2006 by Jim 11/3/2006
where the "Bonnie blue flag" took it's name from? Thanks for answer F.Colonna - Italy ... by fjbcol@tin.it5/4/04
     The song took its name from a flag of the Confederacy, called the Bonnie Blue. It was a... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     The "Bonnie Blue Flag" actually carried name took from the longshot farmer hero, "Bonnie... by Koschei 6/27/05
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Our lab is having hot spots. What natural or home remedies can we use to clear these up &... by pgs7/28/03
     Our Lab started having the same problem last year. The first thing we did was switch him... by Chris11/17/03
     Go with high quality food... NOT PURINA< PEDIGREE ALPO or any of that garbage... look... by Brookie12/3/03
     My Mother's dog died from this! University of Washington even studied this dog and could... by candie12/5/03
     Hot Spots are caused generally by chewing and licking. You can try a product called "Bag... by CelticArcher12/22/03
     I agree with the person about purina dog food.I used to use it for puppies that i was... by Deb2/9/04
     I have had this problem with one of my dogs. It seems like during spring and summer she... by dawn3/11/04
     A. A horse lover shared the following formula she used on the mane and tail of her filly:... by LINDA7/5/04
     I had the same problem with my dog and found it to be the food she was eating. Wheat is... by regina 9/4/04
     A remedy for hot spots itch (just the itch) that is great is put a teabag in 2oz of warm... by Tiah 11/2/04
     WD-40? Nooooo, no, no, no, no. Do not put oil on any surface of your dog! Ask a vet if... by Pie 5/18/05
     I tell my lab "no lick!" which isn't very effective. He has gotten them every November x 3... by Rocky 11/23/05
     There Is A Pill You Can Give You Dog Called Nuvet And It Works Great On Hot Spots And... by Crystal 1/11/2006
     I have a Newfoundland dog he started out with mild hot spots I changed his dog food to... by Kristy 3/15/2006
     Corn, wheat, soy and sometimes lamb can cause itchiness leading to over-scratching and... by Adrienne 5/2/2006
     Our dog has had the same problem but we have found out she doesn't scratch as much in the... by thirday3 6/10/2006
     There's a lot of junk out there that is being fed to our dogs, as well scary treatments -... by Larissa 6/11/2006
     I use 1/2 listerine, 1/2 caladryl lotion in a spray bottle. I also give my dog a benadryl... by libby 8/12/2006
     our next door neighbor puts apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and sprays it on his... by meglet5150 8/13/2006
     this works great! except how do i get my dog (4 yr old male chocolate lab) to stop licking... by tildesk 9/4/2006
     My pit bull had hot spots really bad. I took her off of Purina puppy chow, which has... by Amanda 9/6/2006
     My lab gets hots spots a couple of time a the summer. Shave the hair around it... by John 9/17/2006
     WD40? Oh lawd - what kind of hillbilly remedy is that? DO NOT USE WD40 on your animal... by G 9/27/2006
     I tried what LINDA said and it works!! Its really great, you guys should try it. by MAXI 10/15/2006
     I use tea tree oil (because of it's antifungal properties) undiluted, just a few drops... by Lyn 1/24/2007
     Are lab developed the hot spots and two vets could not figure out what was causing them,... by garyc 3/9/2007
     I add one capsule of flaxseed and one capsule of fish oil to my dogs food. It has helped... by Andree 3/28/2007
     I have a 8 yr old Rottie who has been prone to HOT SPOTS his entire life, every summer we... by TigrLady 4/27/2007
     I've tried Athlete's foot spray and that tends to work for a little while too. But I will... by Leslie 4/30/2007
     This works for our Lab Biscuit...Trim the hair around the hot spots. Go to the pharmacy... by Biscuits mom 5/13/2007
     I have a golden retriever. I took him to a new groomer, who then shaved him completely! I... by RUSTYSMOM 5/26/2007
     Just dropped my lab (7 months) off at the vet! He states with labs, they have really... by Tricia 5/30/2007
     We use vicks vapor-rub or plain vicks. Our dog doesn't flinch at all. In a few days the... by elkas 6/1/2007
     my alaskan malamute has been itching like crazy and now has knawed on his rump to make it... by bandit 6/3/2007
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     what is the control structures in C++? what is file handling of C++? what is exceptions... by vikki 9/20/05
     What are the C++ design principles? (i.e. extensibility, portability e.t.c)Please include... by RagingBull 7/11/2006
     Most important feature of c++ is its procedural plus object-oriented nature. The procedura... by Surender  Kumar 11/8/2006
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     Its spanish for insolent/cheeky/rude. by PC_Chan 5/29/2006
does white chocolate have caffiene in it? by sara9/24/03
     well actually white chocolate is not technically chocolate at all. by shyguy12/24/03
     White chocolate is chocolate because it came from a cocoa bean. by fartallec1/7/04
     White chocolate is chocolate IF it has cocao butter in it (not all does) and would contain... by scotty  1/6/05
     I...don't...know! Look it up? by Pie 5/18/05
     White chocolate is not really chocolate, it is vanilla, so it would not have caffeine... by Erika 8/2/05
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     if white chocolate isn't really chocolate what is it? by MollieboDolly 3/18/2006
I have a 1996 Toyota RAV 4 (2WD Front). On the center console there is a button that... by Martin11/30/03
     There should be a button on the stick that is on the left side, and you should have it... by Ani3/6/04
     the ect button is for fourwheel drive and must not be used on hard ground like ashfelt ... by andi4/27/04
     ECT - electronically controlled transmission. It will change points of shifting gears in... by Stan 8/5/04
     The previous post by "andi" on 4/27/2004, stating the ECT button controlled 4WD or did... by mrgoodcheese 8/10/04
     The "Ect Power" button make the transmission shift higher so you have more acceleration... by Geoff 9/16/04
     ect button switches your automatic from normal to sport mode. I have this on my japanese... by traveller816 9/25/04
     The ect button keeps your car in a lower gear longer upon acceleration. by Kathy 11/8/04
     Most Toyota automatics also have an "ECT Power" button too. This button holds the... by GodMonstr 11/13/04
     ECT means electronically controlled transmission you use it on manual for around town and... by remedy5 12/3/04
     I believe the ect button is for changing the gear shift points in the transmission for... by bob 7/15/05
     the ECT button changes the shift point in the transmission it can be used on asphalt, and... by ox  9/8/05
     you are all idiots, it stands for electronic transmission control, and when pushed it... by clayton 11/15/05
     You people are idiots. the ect button simply controls the shift points of your transmissi... by chuck 12/3/05
     Actually Rav4s are always in 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive depending on the model you... by neal 12/11/05
     It has nothing to do with 2WD Camry has it by toyota_77 12/13/05
     This button simply causes the transmission to shift at a higher RPM. It is supposed to... by boogastrich 12/17/05
     I have read that this is the electronic controlled transmission button. it changes the... by jeff 2/23/2006
     ECT has nothing to do with 4WD. ECT stands for "Electronically Controlled Transmission"... by Josh 3/22/2006
     No it's not. It has nothing to do with 4 wheel drive. ECT stands for Electronic Controlled... by Grumpy 4/7/2006
     That button serves for faster acceleration. The shifts changes more rapidly giving more... by a 4/30/2006
     "the ect button is for fourwheel drive and must not be used on hard ground like ashfelt ... by Jack Ophsmore 8/1/2006
     The ECT button (which stands for "Electronically Controlled Transmission") changes the... by Luis 9/15/2006
     ECT stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission. When it's in the "Normal" mode your... by Kuks@TRD 5/20/2007
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I have a chihuahua.... I'm having trouble housebreaking her...She is 3 months... by Peanut11/16/03
     What do you want miracles? Shes only a baby = give it a rest! by pegtig4/19/04
     try taking her out for a good long walk as soon as she is through eating, and if she... by stormy5/4/04
     When your chihuahua goes pee in the house simply take its nose and rub it in the spot it... by skwanto 10/31/04
     Crate training is the best most successful way to train a dog. by Melissa 11/29/04
     Stormy's idea is a very good one. I'd go with that. If that doesn't work, though, you... by Pie 5/18/05
     Oh yes, I'd also wait maybe ten minutes after eating before taking her outside. by Pie 5/18/05
     i have a three month old chihuahua puppy as well and he is doing so..well. what i do is i... by erin 8/20/05
     What dont you kill it for once. by ww 1/19/2006
     I think that maybe you should try getting her some of those potty training items for your... by Licorice 8/1/2006
     buy a box of puppy pads and shove it up your dogs booty by cambo 10/17/2006
     cook her! peanuts with meat 'llbe nice! by chinize 11/24/2006
     Take her out many times during the day. When she wakes up from a nap, after 20 mins of... by mommywithplenty 12/28/2006
I have a 10 wk old mini Beagle. She is wonderful, BUT, I don't seem to have the right... by Carole11/14/03
     How tall do mini beagles get. by Tyler Tonderum3/14/04
     I think you should tap her on the side of her mouth a little hard and tell her no. If she... by Noelle6/13/04
     If your dog is 10 weeks old, she is probably teething. As much time as has passed, my... by Janice Fenton 10/13/04
     i would like to know where to get a mini beagle...does akc reconize "mini beagles"? by sbard 12/20/04
     just thought you might want to know...i hope you didnt pay more for your "mini beagle" akc... by sbard 12/20/04
     just thought you might want to know...i hope you didnt pay more for your "mini beagle" akc... by sbard 12/20/04
     I am looking for a small beagle puppy. I live in South Dakota and willing to travel to... by SquirellyGirl 1/2/05
     Where did you find the mini beagle? I'm interested in getting one. I own a beagle and I... by Donna 10/9/05
     i think you should get a little peice of newspaper,roll it up into a tube and smack her in... by hayley rae 2/1/2006
     I have a mini beagle and I too had these problems when she was littler. She is a year and... by krichanda 4/19/2006
     bifg loss vagas by ytyt555555555555555555 7/9/2006
     I was wondering how big mini beagles get? (height and weight) by beaglelover 10/1/2006
     We had the same problem with ours. We found it was best to tell her no, and then shove a... by Bella 4/9/2007
     My beagle is 3 yrs old. Look at the growl as a play sound rather than a threat sound... by BroBear 5/26/2007
Where can i find real pirates treasure maps? by jessica1/16/04
     go to google by mitch2/17/04
     ON THE CAT ISLANDS!!! by ALI 8/24/04
     what treasure map has know one found? by MONKEY 10/9/04
     where can i get a treasure map by bob 10/30/04
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     Get a life by Phil Macrackin 10/16/05
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     under the grass by kelly 7/12/2006
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     Ask Donnie Rand because he knows evreything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Catfish 11/9/2006
     phhh google wouldnt have any real ones silly! you've got to do research, find living... by mandi 1/25/2007
     at library by zamir 3/11/2007
     like mitch said go to google or the bbc website and go on images and it will have not only... by acaterbartney 3/31/2007
     In a enchente library by Jon 5/26/2007
My wife and I have had our 8-year old, male rotweiller since he was a puppy. He is well... by Erik N2/23/04
     well rotweillers are known for there jealous an mallicious nature. One should not over... by Ali Lasharie 6/20/05
     have him trained and have a professional dog handler to observe the dogs temperament by allan 11/23/05
     The Rotweiller likes it's own personal space and yours may not like the unpredictability... by Heather 11/26/05
     it is possible but highly unlikely, he will not bite her but when he growls he is just... by miguel 2/12/2006
     I have two boys as of date 8 and 12 years of age. Five years ago Cody (Rottweiler) was... by BobClinton 2/28/2006
     yes you should worry,I had a male rotweiller that got along with all people,all people ... by tim 5/27/2006
     My 5 year old was just bit and scratched by a rott. that is described as the same as... by zanerzzzz 7/17/2006
     put the bleeder down he's bad through and through! if the dog is growling at the baby then... by bonno bigguns 7/23/2006
     Although we love our dogs, take note and find your wonderful rottie a home without young... by rottie owner 8/26/2006
     Yes I think it could be a problem. I recommend Cesar Milan's book, Cesar's Way. He gets... by Dawna 9/4/2006
What are some names for a dance group. by Bri Bri6/24/04
     Uh what am i answering ???????????????? by Lisa Ford 8/16/04
     outrageous, sparkle, jem, (initials of your groups' names), slap, chance, kiss, fantastics... by loo 2/9/05
     please select good name of dance group. by Kushi 2/18/05
     trend-setters by ej 3/2/05
     my dance group's name is called UNIQUE fo sho! we reppin the sparkle city south carolina by nikki 3/11/05
     A.S.K. this means Artistik Street Kidz by Yungsta 3/16/05
     daughter by Elaine 4/3/05
     rebirth by Kevin 4/12/05
     What are some names for a dance group. I want something very unique but in a hip hop... by Ariee 5/3/05
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     i don't5 know what kind of website is this it looks boring and it doesn't seem like it... by none of yo business 7/21/05
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     Chang 6 by dye 12/9/05
     ritmo en accion by haly 12/12/05
     illumatic force by stace 12/21/05
     Kamotion by Dizzy 12/23/05
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     new account by mayank 1/20/2006
     dance or die girls under glass by thguangel 1/22/2006
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     jascine by jascine 3/28/2006
     dance group name by apt 4/24/2006
     what is a good name for a krump group by bo, cornbread, t-man 6/5/2006
     showstoper dance group by kakuhay 6/27/2006
     what is one of a group name by crystal 9/7/2006
     because i'm so hott amd fine and i'm all about having fun! by mia 10/19/2006
     Dipset Diva's by Dimplesshowin 11/17/2006
     something that describes me as a person by shanti 1/6/2007
     i need a name for my dance group by jay-d 1/12/2007
     by Pat 2/2/2007
     Uhh good question i need on too so if anyone has any suggestions by Amesterr 2/26/2007
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     help with group name by sliqck bac 3/21/2007
     2exclusive by nikki 4/20/2007
     i need some names for a dance group. can you guys please help me? by liz_0585 5/1/2007
     what is a good group name for our dance group?? by brennan chelsea shelby 5/1/2007
     maximum by Aj 5/3/2007
     Down N' out by ReeRee 5/6/2007
     Down N' out by ReeRee 5/6/2007
     ya nick name by Shiona 6/28/2007
     davonye by yon 7/18/2007
Does winrunner supports .NET.....????? by kalpana5/11/04
     Winrunner does not support .net applications. Quick Test Professional, another Mercury... by aminraj6/1/04
     winrunner supporting VB applications and the .net have similar vb components.In what... by sudha 11/23/04
     WinRunner 7.6 does support .net applications by lavanya 12/10/04
     I would like to inform you that, unfortunately, a .Net Add-in for WinRunner is not... by Jagath 2/25/05
A picture of a Medieval castle fom 500-1500ad and the inside of the parts named. by China Shoulders9/29/03
     it is very well done by jared taylor 10/11/04
     castles by justin 1/16/05
     dadafd by dadfadfadsf 3/15/05
     kl;;;lkj;hkl by ;;;;kkk 4/28/05
     You want one? Try searching on google. by Pie 5/18/05
     what does this question mean by lhyle millar 7/5/05
     the inside of a medieval castle by keita 11/10/05
     cowny castle by Zayna 3/6/2007
Is a 1950 $20 bill worth more than $20. If not, would holding on to it for longer make it... by tkmay6/25/04
     is a 1950 twenty dollar bill worth any thing by jjay 7/12/2006
     i do not have an answer. i would like to know an answer myself by amanda 10/1/2006
     I have a 1950 series A 20 dollar bill... Is it worth anything? by jojo 3/18/2007
How Does neon light glow? by Shaniqua1/23/04
     there is a gas inside i think its argon by brian3/22/04
     its elemetary ya dumb blond by TuffStuff4/2/04
     Hello!!!!! There is NEON gas inside NEON lights. high voltage jumps across NEON gas... by joe4/12/04
     Good shot Joe, but you are not exactly correct. The bulb or glass tube is filled with a... by Mr. Mardy4/22/04
     Mr. Mardy is correct except for when he said they were highly reactive. That isn't... by Angelsword5/4/04
     your mother farts and the neon glows!! by yo-mama6/21/04
     I Love Egor by Brett 10/19/04
     where do babies come from???(please tell me) by jessen 10/25/04
     you guys need to make up your mind get a life!!! by kellie 10/27/04
     Neon is one of the noble gases found at the periodic table of elements. The other are:... by joe fathers 11/1/04
     get ******!!!! NERDS!!!! by suga 11/29/04
     neon is a high voltage gas and your yellow teeth glow alot briter than neon will ever... by neon blows 12/1/04
     by your shoe being laced up tight.... DUH!!!!! i bet ur white. by killwhiteie 1/13/05
     weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee... by Cleminem 1/21/05
     A "neon" light is also low pressure and can also contain other gases, including hydrogen... by Adding on 1/23/05
     deedee by deedee 1/24/05
     i agree with the answer of by yo-mama by yo sister 1/25/05
     umm...I forgot by dina 1/29/05
     screw you by screw you 2/22/05
     there is no gases in an incandescent light correct? by adam 2/23/05
     neOnS gloW AnD hAVe lIGHts AND arE LiGHts by imagawayoshimoto 3/16/05
     yes, there is a gas inside those pretty tubes of twisted lights. And when the light... by becker rooney 4/14/05
     my mane is mr sir by yo mamma 4/26/05
     whaen people fart it causes by yo mamma 4/26/05
     Theres a gas inside of the light bulbe and argon added with energe perduse neon light. by Dev 5/5/05
     neon gas is made up of tiny molacules and it glows when it gets electricity throw them by yoda_9999 5/23/05
     your mother is a WHORE and your dad sucks big cock by your mother is a whore 10/1/05
     ahmm beacuse Neon has gas that fills a glass tube, and glows reddish-orange ??? ... by caroline 11/6/05
     neon is a noble gas and is nonreactive, when energy passes through it, it is electrically... by potter 11/15/05
     Neon is Neon okay leave it alone and go to ask jeeves and ask him Buh-Bye by SexxxiLexi 11/17/05
     The bulb or glass tube is filled with a gas, either Neon Argon Xenon or Radon. These are... by cooper 1/12/2006
     VHapWk3vDAF 6vsFrzj1I3bBI NfuotFxnLpdU by ehhVCxsj1i 2/21/2006
     Neon is one of the noble gases found at the periodic table of elements. The other are:... by peek-a-boo 2/28/2006
     hey! i need facts on neon! cud u help? by tity tee 3/1/2006
     angelsword is true to what he/she is saying but there is one small detail missing from the... by biznatch 3/27/2006
     I'm sorry Angelsword there ARE in fact GENIUSES left in this world. And about the... by maweea 3/29/2006
     i like yo-mama's answer the most by hahahaha 4/24/2006
     i don't get science by yo 5/8/2006
     all u asses get ur scientific ass off from glowing....... by rambus 9/25/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     the tube is filled with a gas in which its electrons get charged and they cant bond so... by justin 10/4/2006
     what is the clarity of neon? by why science  10/23/2006
     thanks mardy i am doing a project at school and thats for helping. big t by T 11/19/2006
     bright light!!!!! hahahahahaha by zzcool 12/12/2006
     The light thingy mijig in the gases lights up because of air seeping into it. this way... by wight and nerdy 12/12/2006
     lol noobs by master pwner 1/12/2007
     Mr.Mardy and Angelsword are both right. But Angelsword, there are geniuses left. ... by Coolio 2/27/2007
     you are an idiot! by fat lard 5/1/2007
how do i write a manifesto?I am standing for the post of School Prefect. by nas7/17/03
     I want to stand for the post of a vice president of our social club by julius10/30/03
     i will like to create a new accout by rockson 2/14/2006
     i want to vie for a parliamentary seat and i want to write my manifesto based on... by tuju evans 8/31/2006
     with a pen by fhhtdytdbgnhjv 6/5/2007
What are the basic rules of figure skating? by ta9/27/03
     The basic rules of Figure Skating are to not fall when you jump, land your jumps by doing... by Fallon 9/28/04
     o0oh.. i am a figure sk8er.. i have been sk8ing for awhile and currently trying 2 land... by >> ashley  << 5/3/05
     i don't know by sally 11/11/05
     7057689 by tara 1/25/2006
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     Hi! I think that one of the important rules is that the code of points is not prevents... by Natalie 2/14/2006
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     purple by rachy 2/15/2006
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     what is the rules of figure skating were asking you please answer the question its for a... by gabby 2/16/2006
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     the rule are to kill every one or eliminating the competiotion in a unfair way by Pual Hay 2/25/2006
     what are the rules of figure skating by mo 2/26/2006
     I don't know, I'm looking for the same answer...If you have Yahoo add horses_are_love by Brittany 3/1/2006
     Yall SUCK by yall suck 3/3/2006
     i dunno by jessi  3/7/2006
     what are the basic rules for figure skating? by mannymanny 3/7/2006
     There are no rules only dress rules by Bree 3/28/2006
     Suck on pen15s by Pen15 3/28/2006
     what are the genaral rules of figure skating by cherqura 6/7/2006
     There is no rules in figure skating. I've done it competitively for about 11-12 years now.... by gumby 6/20/2006
     i don't know by cherry 6/20/2006
     biehunsu rwhdbbndy hsnnnfmej jsnhw sm mmue uyq o5wrg b w t t ttwugtrwgf qtu tgf kg by mac 2x 8/4/2006
     #1 don't pick your nose while skating #2 don't pick your friends nose while skating by chaweener 10/29/2006
     shut up lik ppls can swim in da ice-cream so lik plz dont coz ur wastin de ice-cream ppl! by MY_name_iz_FRED 2/7/2007
     What are the basic rules of figure skating by mi my 3/29/2007
     i don't know by ElSancho26 5/23/2007
how do you do the heel toe?? by ha11/23/03 htm by ABC1/7/04
     what the hell do you mean! by fenderpicker4/30/04
     I think i can explain it! Take ur right foot and place it a little off to ur right in... by nice and easy 8/27/04
     u simply put one foot in front of the other w/ your foot leaning on your toes(back... by kitana 9/29/04
     the dance move? by charlie 10/22/04
     i don't know what the hell u r talking about by andy 11/6/04
     ITS EASY by #1NIGGY 11/29/04
     It's seasy to it is one of my fav party dances it's got a lil bounce in it and it has a... by Amaya 12/12/04
     how do you do tha heel toe? if you know how pleaze email me at by lilmsjackson11 1/9/05
     The dance? by Remedy 1/25/05
     Twist you ankles by Bri 2/4/05
     no but i would like to learn the heel toe and sea walk really bad by UshersBabyGurl 2/15/05
     do u mean the dance??? or the driving heel toe??? by tuttiefruittie 2/18/05
     It just means you put your heel down first, continue the movement and end when you lift up... by guardgirl89 4/20/05
     The Heel toe is pretty simple! What you do is put either foot out in front of the other... by Tish 5/25/05
     i think they mean the heel toe dance, not the heel toe driving method lol by liz 5/29/05
     This web site is wrong. htm Its talking about a... by Kev 7/4/05
     It's a hip hop dance involvin....figure it out, and don't be so curt next was a... by John Doe 7/21/05
     You tap twice with your back foot and you sorta twist your front one at the same time ,... by Sarah Young 8/27/05
     the heel n toe is a type of dance by spongebob 9/23/05
     THIS IS A CORNY SITE by Showtime 10/18/05
     Wth ABC, Thats not what he was reffering to. by Wech 11/28/05
     well its simple you just put your right foot slanted and stand on the tippys of your toe... by crystal  1/4/2006
     hello i like eggs by blah blah 1/22/2006
     ya'llcrazy if u can't do the the heel-toe.IT'S SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by boo boo 1/27/2006
     if u dont know now ull never get it. u cant learn shiit liike dat u just gotta see iit and... by b5mami 1/28/2006
     its really easy you just have to keep practicing. by lemonhead 2/14/2006
     i don't know how by money 4/3/2006
     how do you the tip drill ? by shix 4/12/2006
     yo yo yo when i go 2 tha sto al i do is spend my dough i went to tha sto bought some chips... by weeze f baby 4/25/2006
     how can i do the heel toe in deep deep descriptions by ry  4/29/2006
     She meant the dance. by me 4/30/2006
     Well its really hard to explain you have to watch sombody to c how 2 do it but i'll try: u... by Ree-Ree 5/31/2006
     i know what u mean ha. i cant do it either and fenderpicker how do u not know what the... by ghettogurl 6/10/2006
     They're talking about the dance, not the downshift. by no 7/20/2006
     lol, the question was the heel-toe dance i think bruh.... just practice it, you'll get it by B-MO 8/26/2006
     ask a black girl by hully 11/13/2006
     wow i dont kno but the website above has NOTHING at all to do with the heel toe at least ... by uhmitsme... 11/28/2006
     heel-toe is not that easy but practice..put ur right foot in the front on ur heels with... by streetwalkin 12/2/2006
     but your left foot back on its toe and then but your right foot on its heel in front of... by person 1/8/2007
     you put your feet together and you jump a lil and twist your feet ans soon as they bothe... by mr. biggs 1/13/2007
     the heel and to polka you mean? Okay, you take your partner in the waltz position, and... by West Aussie 1/19/2007
     you just pop the left foot first and then drag the right foot across and spin with a 180... by snoop dog 2/8/2007
     do you mean the dance or the driving technique? by bboy67 2/8/2007
     She meant tha dance honey not "heel toe" breaking by Devi 2/15/2007
     umm, i dont no, thats why im here. by tjizzam 4/14/2007
     you have to....nevermind i don't know. by googoomongo 5/5/2007
How far away is Euro Disney from Charles De Gaulle airport and what is the best way of... by Amanda1/7/04
     can anybody tell me what is the best way to get from cdg airport to dineyland paris as i... by traveller 9/1/04
     what is the name of the airport in paris france that is close to disneyland paris? and... by fadogz 5/22/05
     take the VEA shuttle from the airport with service to one of the Disney hotels, like... by Erika 8/2/05
     I need the same information can anyone help by beef 12/19/2006
Write a non-recursive function in C programming language to reverse a singly linked list... by shukoor10/30/03
     /* REVERSING A LINKED LIST */ /* LINK_REV.C */ #include <stdio.h> #include... by Sapan kumar Dutta3/30/04
     #include <stdio.h> typedef struct link LINK; struct link { int data; ... by gblues4/4/04
     Why is the memory being allocated in the while loop every time for Counter for list-revers... by lucky 10/8/04
     template<class T> void chain<T>::rev() { chainNode<T> *temp=first;... by don_semaphore 10/17/04
     #include <stdio.h> typedef struct _tag_node_st node_st; typedef struct... by Sridhar 12/2/05
     TAHI by PPP 4/2/2007
Are pregnant cats supposed to recieve vaccines when they are pregnant, I was told by 2 cat... by jennifer forney10/26/03
     This is true, never vaccinate your cat when she is pregnant, as this can cause serious... by cLaRa1/28/04
     if the cat is pregnant and its tail is up Wat dose it mean by claaar2/11/04
     How long does it take for a cat to get noticeably bigger? by Vivi2/12/04
     well I want to know what should i do if i already gave my cat shots. by Bandit3/15/04
     how long deos it take a cat to get prenganat by Jordan5/6/04
     how long after a cat so called there water brakes before she has kittens by hello kitty6/20/04
     how old dose a cat need to be for it to be pregnant. by casper7/12/04
     Hey i would like to no if a cat is 7 months old and it is pregnant will she die or will... by Tachia 8/2/04
     How can I tell how far along my cat is? by selena 9/19/04
     how long does it take for a cat to have its babies? by BryBry 2/9/05
     i don't know if my cat whent in labor.her water broke many min. does my cat wate... by kenny  4/18/05
     You gave your cat shots while she was pregnant? Claaar, cats walk around with their... by Pie 5/18/05
     A cat can get pregnant at its first heat, usually around six months of age but sometimes... by Wolfie 6/3/05
     My family thimks my cat is pregnant and i don't think she is. How do you now? by Bubbles 7/9/05
     how do i no what stage my cat is in her pregancy by tay 11/28/05
     i have 2 cats in house one is a pregnant queen the other is the tom who is the father he... by furrycatluver 3/11/2006
     how long are cats pregnant for? by KaTe 6/26/2006
how much is a 1934 10 dollar bill worth mint by jpls2/4/04
     It is worth 10 dollars. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... by Whatupdawg@Carnage000005/26/04
     check out much is that that other person sounds like an idiot i looked it up... by genalie 8/17/04
     10 dollars dahhhh by Rachey 4/5/05
     I really dont have an answer for my own queston, Iwas hopeing to get an answer frome some... by sis 9/3/05
     Yes, its worth 10 dollars, its very rare. Its worth $10 when you buy something with it,... by Brock Stone 9/14/05
     hvikuyk by fhhudu 10/10/05
     dumb asses by robert 6/8/2006
     If the bill is in mint condition (which is highly rare) its value can range from 200 to... by The Bill collector 9/12/2006
     a lot more than 10 dollars because its old by bean 6/12/2007
     a lot more than 10 dollars because its old by bean 6/12/2007
What does running do to keep you healthy? by Paulina9/8/03
     I'm no expert but what I wrote below sounds sensible enough... Running is a combination... by Professional Peanut Taste Tester4/5/04
     running helps you to eats shoes by chris 3/2/05
     Running helps your heart because it prevents you from getting a disease called Congestive... by Jules  4/24/05
     Mm'kay. Running helps build leg muscle and keeps your heart and lungs healthy. If you... by Pie 5/18/05
     does running help form your chest and and add muscle to your legs. by John Remik 6/6/05
     Hedi foo op dissipative Idaho diffused outhits y by The finest chick alive 6/30/05
     Running uses all the muscles of your body. It helps to raise your matablalism, which means... by Sarah 7/12/05
     this website has a lot of false information on it and i'm writting to inform the owner of... by Dr Williams 1/31/2006
     ytyl,IPA,roim by Easha 5/12/2006
     hi im a 17yr old male and i just quit smoking for about 3 weeks and i want to work out get... by nowkillkennys 3/10/2007
     Yo momma by morgan 5/14/2007
does Freddy win or Jason on fredyvsjason revenge 2 by elvis2/20/04
     i think fredy will win by fire2/29/04
     podrian enviarme adelantos sobre proximas producciones de cine de Fredy? by carlos3/15/04
     jason will kick fredy'sass again by ricky 9/21/04
     he is a nice voise by frank 11/4/04
     jason wins you havent seeing the movie or what by vato 5/23/05
     Jason would win by guly 6/8/05
     Last I heard, the next movie will be Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (from Evil Dead/Army of... by EMK 6/27/05
     jasonwins by jason 6/23/2007
what is the fuse diagram of 1998 ford explorer by jeffro5/4/04
     http://www.autozone. com/servlet/UiBroker?ForwardPage=az/cds/e n_us/0900823d/80/0b/a8/f3/090... by Spock 4/11/05
     1998 ford explorer fuses diagram by davexxx2006 5/19/05
     http://img.sparknotes. com/content/testprep/bookimgs/sat2/physic s/0013/simplecircuit.gif by Jay 6/27/05
     I need this too by TJ 6/22/2006
     make/year by jayda 9/9/2006
Did Halle Berry kiss Britney Spears by noyb10/19/03
     yeah shes a les by Tony1/9/04
     No, MaDonna did!!!!!! by 2/9/04
     Go to berry/fr.html and see if Madonna was the only... by dude 3/11/05
     yes she did i saw her in snl or also they did something bigger you know they cut it so... by cathrine 4/10/05
     yeah she did in Saturday night live... they are lesbians!!! by Me 7/14/05
     No i didn't. I'm asking my lawyer to shut down your site and all other sites discussing... by Halle Berry 7/27/05
     you can see it in photos by me 8/15/05
     No she didn't... It was a goof from Saturday Night Live. The scene was cut before their... by pucelle 4/18/2006
     im 15 and i wanted to see them kiss, it looked so hot. man are they both beautiful. by kramer 4/29/2006
     Gyea i hope she did Halle Berry is some one i will like to fuk and B with and if she didi... by BloodyKlipz 6/14/2006
     no but halle beryy IS AHUGE LESBEIGHN by marc 6/25/2006
     yes, halle berry kissed her, by michael 10/30/2006
     yes she did it with pleashure by kisser 11/14/2006
     Probably not......But it would be awesome if they did! WOW!, both of them are GORGEOUS!!!!... by B2 2/12/2007
     well she did kiss britt and so did halle berry...dont believe me go to type in... by d 2/19/2007
     of course she did, i got the video my messenger account is if... by calissta 5/6/2007
I'd love to work with NASA, but I've only completed my graduation in computers(BSc.Applied... by kiran12/8/03
     search in google and contect with nasa by avishek 9/29/04
     I am going to graduate in 2005 from high school and I have a hard time of choosing... by Tehtena 4/7/05
     Do not take this as absolute, because there may be special considerations that I am... by rogue 5/12/05
     you are doing your best keep going by shaid 6/27/05
     Hello, I have a passion to explore the Space and trying to find a way to get into this... by Ram 10/11/05
     I am going to become a Mechanical Engineer.I am interested to work for NASA. Tell me how... by NITIN 2/13/2006
     Kiran i also wanted to work with NASA a long time ago but my dream was shattered when i... by Ali 4/28/2006
     go to nasa and apply, if you couldn't figure that out you probably shouldn't go by aj 420 11/18/2006
I want to be a pilot, please tell me the job prospects of this stream and an approximate... by veenu1/23/04
     yes by Poster Board3/4/04
     how to be a pilot by curtis6/22/04
     Nice to see the high level of intellect fuelling the replies posted in this thread. Still... by jobsworth 9/3/04
     I will like to be a pilot by pilot juwon 2/25/05
     You need to have at least 7 O levals all at grade C or below, the subjects that are most... by captin skipper 2/14/2006
     General Aviation Questions Q. Is it hard to learn to fly? A. No. People of all... by Morthn 4/21/2006
     want to be a pilot. i am searching for a new life in the world. i think the salary of a... by Sohail Ayub 7/16/2006
     What i look for in being a pilot is the salary and the right training by j.p 9/7/2006
     I want to be a pilot, please tell me the job prospects of this stream and an approximate... by Aman Gupta 9/9/2006
     yes i think it would be banter by Lisa!! (not so small blonde annoying girl!) 9/12/2006
     What do you have to do if you want to be a pilot and the steps? by harry 11/1/2006
     Hi, I`m 15 years old and i live in poland..When i was kid i always like watch plane.. and... by oliver 1/20/2007
     Is it too late to be a pilot at age 26 by Vincent 2/20/2007
     how to be a pilot? by maha 3/14/2007
may i know the list of the college in Malaysia by hui12/14/03
     no new account by munawar 12/29/03
     may i know the listed college with the register in kementerian pelajaran (ministry... by ayang_cute4/8/04
     May i know which college have provide the degree of Quantity Surveyor course. by mars6/5/04
     May i know which college provide the course that relate to chef by ling 3/21/05 com/Education/Higher_Education/Colleges_a nd_Universities/By_Region/Countr... by lompot 11/30/05
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What would Madison think about interest groups in modern society and Why? by nic5/4/04
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