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Question / AnswerRatingDate
I have a $20, dated 1929, from the Peoples National Bank of Lynchburg, Virginia. The bill... by Heather4/19/04
I just purchased a female rottweiler and she has a tiny whit spot on her toe the person i... by Rottygirl4/13/04
What happens to a file on your hard drive when it is deleted in either Linux or Unix? by DAZA4/7/04
Hi, > > I have built a vpn on a pix 515 E (6.2) which is Ok. Unfortunately, when... by Fred4/7/04
1994 Plymoth Voyager..How do I remove the upper console (on the interior roof),to replace... by Nick5/22/04
How do I preserve homemade peanut butter so I don't have to refrigerate it? by Corene5/18/04
     The ingredient would not allow you to consider it "Homemade" any longer. There would be no... by bubster007 10/5/04
I am getting the following error when I am using the command 'startx' from root error:... by vishal6/24/04
     Yes, I get the same too. by Javahead 5/21/05
How was the United States affected by D-Day? I need information on U.S. involvement,... by TxQtee20043/1/04
we are asking, how many channels did CBAND have and thier frequency by lil_smart5/28/04
How do I fix the C.V joints on a 1980 Subaru Sedan. by Bob4/6/04
Why is my English Bulldog loosing her hair down her side and up her back. Please help by Terri McCormick6/3/04
     My bulldog has the same problem. It can be either hypothyroidism or focal alopecia. My... by joe 3/1/2006
If I catch a mahi mahi (38lbs.)again this year can I sell it?? and to who. I did not last... by cm4/26/04
     yes you can sell the meat and it is fairly valuable by Critter 5/5/2006
Is a U.S. Five Dollar Bill - Series 1950C worth anything more than it's face amount? by Mary Chris2/25/04
In my attic I have two fixtures on two different runs coming into a single pole switch.... by www2/21/04
Have bought a second dog. The established dog repeatdly attempts to mount the puppy. There... by neil5/29/04
     Sounds like your established dog is trying to be dominant (in the pack and not sexual... by Glads 11/4/04
I am a beginner of OOP programming of C++, want to develop a programm for numerical... by Amy4/12/04
     I personally think that when beginning programming its better to start small and from... by h20programmer 3/26/05
Please give me some creative ideas of writing a program for a musical tuner (the tuner... by A Bottle of Apple Juice2/12/04
Why would a male cat have blood coming from his rectum? He is about 6 mos. old. He... by vic4/11/04
     Cat's often have dry or hard stools, causing irritation when they defecate. Most often, if... by Reubs 1/26/2007
I want to simulate running up a 3 degree incline while running on a flat outdoor course. ... by giornaliere2/9/04
I have a halogen lamp which is not working. When I took the old bulb out, I noticed the... by Anil4/4/04
     There is a cleaner you can purchase. It's called No Flash Electro Contact Cleaner. by cindy li 3/27/2007
HI! Where do I found documentation of exit status 130 in system IBM-AIX 4.3? I give it... by Vincent2/3/04
My male guinea pig is in a lot of pain. He squeels alot and his stomach is all hard.On the... by fat rupert5/6/04
     i dont know the answer but my guiney pig has the same problem by bexrox 6/30/05
How to print 1 to 100 & 100 to 1 without using any loop(for, while,if etc)? by Nilesh3/31/04
     The idea is to use recursion int fn(int j) { if(j <= 100) { printf("%d... by Karthikeyan 9/24/2006
My Vet has my 62lb Pitt Bull/Chow mix on 200mg of Penicillin 3 times a day for an inner... by Ice3/29/04
     shut up girl i know wats wrong wit yo dog you fked it up by mixing it dats why its a... by da_truth 4/30/2006
My Brother has a Dell Laptop with: X1 Rcom Cardbus Ethernet 100+ Modem 56 com When I... by Mike C1/28/04
I am seeking information on Italian rail travel. From my research, it seems that for a... by ROBYN O'H5/25/04
     Yes, you can hop on and off any point to point train journey as long as it is an open... by MichaelRailman 6/29/05 venice florence and rome in 24 hours????hahahahahahahaha what you will look... by giorgio 7/20/2006
what is the need for Quality Assurance? by shweta5/8/04
     to assure quality . if left unchecked long enough people will let anything go. by techiein06 6/8/05
what does code # 27600VC Mud flaps mean ??? by Tree3/4/04
My American boyfriend and I was submitted an fiancee application form and supporting... by Ilyn5/13/04
     good luck by amerigaijin 5/17/05
     ý want to meet handsome and young boy friends by nemesis 10/24/05
Does AOL have any American, English speaking, understandable employees that actually know... by DRSLETMEDOWN5/10/04
     I SOMEHOW ENDED UP WITH Y aol home page coming up in spanish. Can you please correct this... by MELVIN W. OVERBY 4/3/05
     Absolutely agree witchoo man! Racist if you complain, idiot if you don't. How do these... by Billeebones 11/28/2006 pops up everytime that I log on line, and I want to know how to remove it... by Aggravated6/17/04
     log em1ho by miguel 11/5/04
     If you click on the about quicksearch,on the quicksearch page, some instructions will come... by jenand8285 10/15/2006
What company manufactured the outer plastic for the 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager headlights... by Carolyn1/7/04
hi i want to know more about kuwait banks so kindly send me whom shall i trade with in... by mustafa6/17/04
how do I replace the trunk struts on my 1996 chrysler convertable. Need a diagram by irv5/26/04
     I need one too. by mikesbosox 4/25/2007
eye infection of 9 mo. old shih tzu. what home remedy could i use until going to dr. by patty6/4/04
why is autocad 2004 is very slow in launching ? by pietro4/28/04
How do you find what spooling system you are using? AIX vs System V by ramien2/20/04
     what is spooling system by hawa murshidha 10/28/2006
anyone that can help stop at+t from billing for internet overseas calls from a private... by timebuster5/2/04
are there any illegal chemical formulas out there? by bratmsb16/14/04
     Yes...visit 114/dcd/chemistry by dafio 7/17/2007
What does it mean when i receive an invoice and the terms are 1/2fa+10%. Can someone... by ANITA1/21/04
Where will they put the mermaids and other submarine adventure sights? by parktree2/7/04
     ahh i have no idea by Jenna 10/13/2006
I have to pick up email addresses stored in a word doc and send emails to these addresses... by jaan2/5/04
     go to hill by 3/15/2007
Who are the owners of Disneyland-paris? by mummy-alive2/7/04
     me by stibbit 9/19/05
how we do know port addresses through C-programming ? by sreeram2/11/04
     Know the individual interrupt no and their respective service routinf in IVT from an... by tridip3/10/04
how do I get the name of sender by e-mail address? by tininjun721/21/04
I would like to get a puppy, and was wondering how much, if any, does the Cavalier shed? ... by Leslie1/26/04
     Sorry to say, but the Cavalier sheds A LOT!! I have been reading a book about dogs and it... by EJ6/24/04
     helo, i would like to get a puppy for christmas ethier a chihuauhua or a jack russel and... by stef 11/1/05
Is it possible to avoid illegial copying (cd to cd) or taking backups by ameer3/3/04
     no its impossible. i mean, think about it. computers nowadays have the ability to do... by sammyg 8/3/04
is there a way to make a homemade dietarysupplement to cleanse your body by hotrod25255/2/04
dodge durango pcm stall by knappy6/10/04
how did Walter Rodney connected to Rastafarian ism? by Al1/12/04
I recently bought a 8wk old chihuahua and she wouldn't eat. I took her to the vet and she... by OlChi12/27/03
Where can I get free help with GOLDMINE (contact manager) and WINFAX (faxing) sofware? by Strong in Christ1/24/04
     It's not easy. THe easiest way we found to find EFFECTIVE help was to look up dealer's in... by lsparl 3/29/05
I am trying to set up a DSS system and have found that various transponders have markedly... by thekid12/19/03
i am a practice nurse who needs to create a leaflet relating to diet advice for university... by carol richards4/29/04
I would like to buy the machinary for production line. by shobeirt4/29/04
     i will like to bye machine for making bandage and cut plaster for nepal if anyone want to... by suroj maskey 10/14/04
     I would like to start a cornflakes production unit I want details regarding this. Send... by sai krishna 1/11/05
Bitra Hold. With Avril Bitra dead why would such a horrible individual get a hold named... by Craig12/15/03
Hi everyone, I got a liteonit cd burner model#ME320X given to me but the person could not... by Rich3/15/04
     PNP for 2000-xp. win 98 needs cd. by extdisk 4/5/05
     you dont need any software. i have never needed software for any dvd recorder/reader. ... by paul 5/9/2006
How do you use statistics within a paper? Do you have to use the whole quote or can you... by mike12/14/03
I have an old version of masm86 and i want to get the newest. what have to do? by Assmishot12/12/03
I have 2 problems. Firstly, I want to make an a1 size poster, are there any packages of... by Carla12/4/03
Wenn ich ein jpg Bild einfügt (mit graphicx) setzt Latex den Dateinamen neben das Bild.... by mm1/1/04
     Es scheint mir so, als würde das passieren, wenn im Pfad zu der Grafik Leerzeichen... by El Fabio 7/29/05
8051 and Pic family in comparision by hai6/16/04
     pic family sex gallary by mis 4/9/05
     this sucks!!!!! by baby girl 10/5/2006
My computer is still being shut down by something other than the MS Blaster, the lovesan,... by Mary12/3/03
My pc on startup has changes all the fonts to some garbage language. I have to do a... by mineraljeff2/6/04
     Can you help me out on that one:| by Ross 4/3/2007
my 13 1/2 yr old miniature poodle has renal disease. Why do they shiver? jfritzmft@hotm... by Joan2/14/04
     My poodle is at least 10 years old and has diarrhea and, I have changed to single source... by gina 5/17/2006
i want to know how to renew my britain visa by Ann6/8/04
     i have a working holiday visa i want to stay when it finish because of the political... by dee 7/10/05
where can i find alot opf hugh mundell lyrics especially "my mind", guitar tabs wuld be... by jeff4/2/04
I recently heard an interview with Harrison Ford on TV where he stated that he stapled his... by Elaine11/5/03
     I have been wondering when ANYONE would ever ask this question! There is no way a human... by chrisfayejones12/8/03
     dont believe everything harrison ford tells you by jonny anomaly1/19/04
I purchased a box of Lipton Cold Brew. After tea had brewed, I put some sugar in the tea.... by Bill3/30/04
     Don't put sugar in tea, ever. Hope that helps! by pete 6/17/05
     Yes, sugar should only be added to the individual serving to stop the moldy film from... by Dan 5/11/2007
What should I do if my instructor is coming to class under the influence of alcohol? by concerned1/20/04
     report your concerns (not accusations) to the Dean immediatly!! by also a student 1/23/04
     Ask him if you can buy him a drink after class by Bob 11/18/05
What are nonlinear 2D & 3D Seismic wave equations? by Arun Kumar Gupta11/21/03
We work with a B21 robot at the Technology Park of San Sebastian (spain). Our model is 6... by pauQ4/27/04
     PLease replay to: by pauQ5/7/04 by gandolf 11/13/04
     I love the movie of the cheah girls. by julia 8/27/2006
where can i find a picture of bolivian money? by damarrio6/24/04
     You can find it at http://www.hotelrosario. com/la_paz_eng/bolivia/money.htm with... by ezeta 2/10/05
     here by gina 5/19/05
Where can I download an application for medical marijuana use in California? by RaiderWizard6/15/04
     DEA.COM ask for Officer Starbucks by bubster007 10/5/04
     thats a good question by titofelixjr 2/19/05
     kfglf; by Jen 2/24/05
     spider man's gf....mj by marion 5/4/05
who owns singer island? in florida...east coast.... also...who is the richest man and... by johnnie42002/9/04
When somebody writes Seasons Greetings,is an apostrophe appropriate in Seasons? My... by TERRY11/29/03
     The apostrophe is required. It indicates the possessive case. "season's greetings" means... by Alec1/21/04
Which band did Captain sensible front by dances12/9/03
ralationship amoung unix system v,unix 4.4 bsd,mach and osf/1 by ashish5/2/04
     do not know by mun 5/12/04
My dog is a four year old small terrier mix and has developed a weakness in one of her... by Chum11/18/03
     My 7 year old Terrier Mix who is still active as a puppy, sprained his leg last year and... by Sam1/13/04
it regd. installation, during intallation of packages, i received a message like: "There... by vijay2/10/04
     same here ! by neil 5/2/05
When Potassium Permaganate is added to acetylene gas a colour change occurs. How can this... by helpneeded10/14/03
Hello when I type: latex file.tex the terminal returnes the following: This is TeX,... by kiano12/17/03
     ./scr: line 10: syntax error: unexpected end of file by ./scr: line 10: syntax error: unexpected end of file 3/9/04
how to adjust an electric wood hand planner for use and how to sharpen its blade. by sajjad4/19/04
     adjust an electric wood hand planner for use and how... by SUENG 2/26/2006
What is Java's current status in the IT field? by Padan10/9/03
After my daughter banged on my keyboard all music plays slow in both windows media... by ned kelly2/12/04
     hmm.....sounds weird. sure that's all that happened? cant see banging on the keyboard... by r00ted 12/17/04
     beats me by philrx300 4/5/05
Please explain the web as a client-server system. Include the protocols invovled among... by Naomi11/3/03
     bernadine by Jelisa5/3/04
     you dont fagget by Bill Cosby 5/31/05
when did Aaron slight start racing motorbikes by bob2/17/04
     1979 at Gladstone near Masterton New Zealand on a Yamaha YZ 80 by JD4/12/04
     hi how r u Doing? by billbob 11/1/2006
Can you help me find a poem in the year 1842-1914? by chana2/12/04
     (i'myoung and i'mpositive i'mthe future i'mgonna tell it like it is , i wont let anything... by lilbird 2/4/05
     sorry no by d 4/11/2006
do you have to be a certified tatoo artist to purchase a tatoo gun? by honey2/25/04
     what are the salary ranges. by skippy 9/30/04
Do preservatives such as sodium benzoate and sodium bisulfite effect invisible ink when... by Alli Baba2/22/04
     Why is it safe for us to consume sodium benzoate? Why does this preservation technique noe... by Michael Jordan 9/3/05
     they will definitely have effect on invisible in because of their ability to retain and... by istifanus zamani from samaru zaria 9/28/05
     Q81l7PR7PVHuI lG8OLjGffi 8IA6NTDdyMO1 by hZQ6WkYVcA 2/19/2006
Two years ago I adopted a Siamese kitten. Now her mother, three, is up for adoption. Mom... by Lala9/24/03
What is DaVinci's IQ? Please answer the question only and don't state your IQ. I think... by Philosopher6/19/04
     His IQ was 220. by Dan 1/6/2006
     it is 220 according to some sources by xasxa 4/1/2006
     yes by faiz 11/29/2006
     Having an IQ of 210, is pratically unheard of in history, although DaVinci was a genus, I... by Annie 2/3/2007
I was wondering if a 20 dollar bill from 1934 is worth more than face value. If so, how... by Kami Vance11/18/03
     I have a 1934 series twenty dollar bill and was wandering if it was worth more. by B.D 9/27/2006
I need to find out if it is normal for a guinea pig to store food in his cheeks? I'm sure... by Dobee9/17/03
I'm a Ugandan boy aged 17 years old,iam looking for education sponser from Switzeland or... by Ronald Ntege3/26/04
     yeah i am intrested in some XXX rated things by Bullet 4/26/05
     I am a Ugandan Boy aged 20years old and was supposed to sit for Senior 6 December this... by Nsubuga Mike 9/10/05
     i don't have any answer but i know people that can help so i will email you and let u... by meme 12/7/2006
HPUX 11 - How do I stop and re-enable a serial port. It seems to be hung up and I don't... by scottm10/24/03
How to pass the values from one page to another in ASP .net. by Sivakumar k.s3/17/04
     We can access the values from one page to another page by means of the following code. ... by Jeyakar5/31/04
     dkfjsljfksldjfs by gus  12/17/04
     please check my answer by safdar 6/15/2006
     Copy adi kaatha da pundalaka by temp 6/1/2007
My fourteen year old Shih Tzu was throwing up, and now he will not eat anything. He has... by Bereza10/19/03
i want to know information on water puppies! by chrizzy5/31/04
     what do puppies do by puppy 3/29/2007
     jtgjprgugj by itgioerutu 4/18/2007
Who would you recommend going to (east coast and west coast), as a discrete tv, to have... by wonda9/3/03
I am planning a trip to U.K.for the summer. Any cool sites for die-hard Stones fans... by zip11/2/03
What pyrotechnics are legal in westmoreland county.What township permit them and the ones... by tigereyz1/10/04
     what is the longest lasting firework made in the u.s.a. HOW MANY KNEW FIREWORKS ARE... by jameson lee canady 2/2/04
     Our company is a large enterprise specialized in manufacturing confetti.In China we take... by Alice 1/17/05
need to know how to put in a rear window in a car don't know how to do it and want to know... by mmacqueen1/5/04
how do I adjust parking brake on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country LXI minivan? by chip12/14/03
     Set & release the handbrake 10 to 20 times. This action moves the adjuster slightly each... by Mickey Wray 6/29/2007
value of 1935 series E Blue Stamp Paper Dollar Sereal #L80818767H Very Good condition. by Rich_ex11/22/03
Where can I find Howard Stern Radio Show Interview with Def Leppard from June 11, 1999 on... by Christine 8/21/03
     Christine, I've got the full show in .mp3 format... email me at by asmodeus71812/31/03
What kind of messages can snmp trap and can or how can an application trigger such an... by BDS_Peter10/1/03
how can you get to London Paddington station from Elstree, Hertfordshire by pinky11/14/03
What constitutes a typical Quaker Funeral? by Peggy8/29/03
Is there any health problem in the Lhasa Apso breed that causes diabetes or breathing... by sharp9/23/03
When I open up my browser page, images just cant seem to load. Where an image should be,... by Kenshee9/23/03
I am installing lights under the cabinets in my kitchen (small round halogen sport... by Ross10/12/03
     You can hardwire most under counter lights. using the wire that came with the lights,... by llkindt 8/29/05
If you eat a pound of food at lunch, will you weigh a pound heavier right after eating? by P-Nut11/30/03
     No. You burn calories while eating the food. by lyghtningrod12/22/03
     In practical terms you'd gain a pound instantaneously. The 'eating' would burn up... by Professor 2/9/05
Is there any Computer Graphic School located at Chicago? Coz im planning to study at... by Munchkins8/8/03
I have to write a paper on AI. Could you please give me some places that I could use to... by Vicki9/2/03
     fgdfgdfg by fgh4/15/04
what colors represent what so i can install a cd deck by justin2/11/04
     how to install a cd deck by sOn 3/9/05
Write a program to count the number of words in the given text by sha9/3/03
what was the breed of professor peabody by joker506/11/04
     The same breed as Brian, the dog from Family Guy. by KJoshui 1/8/05
     Cartoon-- dog by jpbeck 12/6/05
     Beagle by haynow 2/18/2006
How do you program the factory alarm to lock the doors when key turned on and reverse when... by Aubrey8/16/03
     Well, I've been a Chrysler tech for 12 years and most of their systems are programmed by... by Master Tech1/15/04
What does "Unconditional surrender" mean? Having to do with war? by Shadow11/25/03
     unavoidable surrender by oi82mch 1/27/04
     It means to surrender and accept any restrictions imposed by those accepting the surrender... by EMK 6/27/05
I purchased a 3 horsepower 60gal 230v single-phase stationary air compressor. It does not... by Rome9/19/03
     last name 7 numbers by palmiter 11/24/05
is training a puppy easier than training an older dog? by karlee2/20/04
     No it is not easier, but it can be done. You have to be patient because you need to... by Mary 11/4/04
     a puppy by Lee 1/6/05
What is the value of a $500 bill-series 1934 Washington, DC I also have a $50 bill & $5... by chris10/14/03
     best bet would be to go to either an appraiser (insurance or the like), or somebody who is... by John10/16/03
     How many $500 bills do you have? Several hundred were stolen (can't remember the history... by dr. john 1/8/05
How will you include a bitmap file in C or C++? by gopalakrishnan s.a11/17/03
     yes but i dont know how .. one person give me a chalenge to include bitmap file c by anu 2/9/05
     mjelecom by mjelecom 4/30/2006
I'M fairly new to Html and have being using anchors within the same page but I have a... by pstark8/22/03
Where does one find medical assessment templates/forms for mental health? ... by Nicky9/8/03 php?site=medicmenta&mcat=Medicine&scat=Me ntal%20Health by a friend 10/26/04
1997 grand voyager 3.3 where did the hide the starter? by gasgun11/11/03
give good advises on sun safety dangers of skin cancer how does the sun effect your skin... by paterico3/16/04
     Well, i'mdoing a project for school on skin cancer, and it doesn't seem deadly, like all... by Kitty 11/22/04
     always wear sunscreen that is spf 15 plus b/c it protects you, and examine head to toe at... by cutie 5/23/05
I declared a variable of type va_list. then i am using va_start() function to fill the... by Keerthi8/7/03
Has Mariah Carey got any children? by Sara2/23/04
     i don't know if she has children by kay 9/20/05
     Mariah Carey does not have any kids because she fears they would struggle with the fact of... by Jose 12/8/05
     I don't think so. But I think she should today, don't you. Mariah is very special. ... by Pic6 1/30/2007
     i would like to sing whith her by stephne 3/14/2007
At what velocity would a Honda Accord be traveling to overturn a Toyota Sequoia, hit... by Giancarlo Paoli10/1/03
     FHA Stella what is velocity define by 10/14/2006
what is difference between male voice and female voice? by vaibhavkumar5/31/04
     Male's voice is between100 to 130 Hz,while female's is 131 to 500Hz by Ashwin Kumar 8/31/05
     male voice sound more authoritive by flori 10/18/05
     maybe frequency by dsp 12/17/05
     my lunch number by amy-d 5/15/2006
my dog is a small breed dog she is a Jack Russell mix and he got hung up with and a big... by baby girl12/7/03
     In the future my brother has a Jack Russell mix also and is wanting to breed him with... by lallendaigle 2/17/05
     my dog is a cross bread an has grown his full size but i want him to be bigger how do i... by don  9/25/2006
Please explain an exercise for gluts. Thanks Wes by WES9/30/03
     in order to work out the gluts. i find that the best way is to go for a 45 minute walk... by inside he burns 9/6/05
what did the atomic bomb look like by rel5/16/04
     the atomic bomb looked like u'r head!! by tiff 5/30/05
     you what your mom? by mightymouse 1/10/2007
     denimmatter by byiytycyhy 4/30/2007
What is the story behind the English idiom" make no bones about something. by Art 11/22/03
     000 by 000 4/23/05
     I think the meaning this English idiom is to do sth timidly, maybe the people is always... by Jenny 5/20/05
How can I get in contact with the artist 0(+>? by Chipa8/11/03
     what answer am i to give is it about my password. pls just get me incontact with one or... by Sunday  Emmanuel D anladi 4/2/2007
I want to write a generic c function which will take any basic data type and returns its... by Shailender Govil12/11/03
     The fastest and easiest way that I have thought of to do this is by using a table, like... by Ledom Ipsong1/31/04
     #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #define SBYTE 8 #define SSBYTE 16 ... by slarun 5/21/04
     C Functions (a) Need not return any value (b) Should always return an integer (c)... by j 9/20/2006
hey, i have to do some biology homework and im having problems finding the answer to- why... by JeNnY3/6/04
     The similarites in vertebrate appendages and skeletons of different species is due to... by Nicole 9/15/05
     cause the food will rot and have disease and then da ppl eat da food and da ppl get sickz by MarY j. Park 2/12/2007
     yajiek by a 4/14/2007
My chocalate labrador retriever was just dx. with Lyme'disease, which he may have... by dede10/6/03
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     Lyme Disease has many symptoms! Was it a slight positve? ~Chesara Kennels, breeding... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
i would like to know why jack russll terriers eat so much by marie11/13/03
Does "very occasionally" make sense? by botak9/26/03
     Frequently never. by Margot Channing9/30/03
     Yes, it absolutely is proper English. by BEATLESNUMBER9 10/6/04
can you help me find the european currency called the euro by nina11/10/03
how acdc got their musical training by kevin11/9/03
what are the notes for the theme song for M.A.S.H??? I would like to know the notes for... by eureaka10/8/03
     The themesong for mash is "suicide is painless." by jenny3/21/04
     If you can get ahold of GuitarPro, has tablatures/sheet music that people... by Ohm0 6/26/05
I've recently downloaded pgp 8.0 (freeware), as a compleat novice to the computer world,... by Mr obfuscated.7/24/03
     LHd8GtN4S6 0i6upEduBXxK cVQTnEQL9k by gwU6v59vjb 2/22/2006
Who is the youngest computer file/data hacker? by cagampan19916/16/04
     It didn' just slowed down by bubster007 10/5/04
     Oops, Wrong answer... by bubster007 10/5/04
     fervid by thanhhungdx_84 8/5/05
     Hi! i want to hack in nordicmafia by Tyleras 9/30/05
     ><><>££%&%*&*)(*_()&*^%&$^ %$£%" by I.S.F.P  7/14/2006
     Neeraj Pattath from India I read about him in a international computer magazine and... by John 8/10/2006
     Ankit Fadia by Lost 9/12/2006
Hi, turned off my truck and it wouldn't restart. 93-dodge-Dakota 3.9L 4x4. From prior... by dodgewontstart12/18/03
     On the drivers side of the truck under the hood, ther is a wiring harness. In side the... by newlife 6/12/05
     It could possibly be the computer this happened on mine but it is a 2wd and mine also... by Hawk 2/17/2006
     check wiring harness that runs to buss fuses and relays on drivers side inner fender,you... by mike 12/5/2006
where is the fuel pump shutdown relay for a 1996 Chrysler cirrus by Jason9/28/03
     gasoline by jojomy6/25/04
i have a virus in my computer that re boots it every 15 minutes or so. i scanned it and it... by Theo10/30/03
     It could be blaster worm... You can remove that safety with FixBlast. download it from:... by Maurize 11/15/03
What is white chocolate if it's not actually chocolate? by Vicky11/23/03
     Whit chocolate is not a chocolate. there is noreal coco butter in it. I've reasearched... by Michal A.2/11/04 shtml It doesn't necessarily lack cocoa butter... by DeTard 2/29/04
     White chocolate isn't Chocolate because it doesn't contain cocoa liquor in it, but it... by Shadow 12/4/2006
     Does it really matter if white chocolate is really chocolate? NO, so who cares? by Retard 24!!! 3/14/2007
what are cylinder head torque specs for 95 ply neon 2.0 DOHC by brokenbar12/14/03
     2.0 DOHC Neon Cylinder Head Torque specs and procedure This is a revised version.... by mrwrench.com1/31/04
     What are the cylinder head water pump and manifold for a 1998 Chevy venture. torque Thank... by Juan 1/4/2006
     What are the main bearing assembly torque specs? by Mike 5/20/2006
Can I travel to the US on a B1/B2/F1 in the 2- year HRR(due to J1) by Radhika7/28/03
     Can i travel in Moldova and to came back in U.S.A,if i got F1 visa,and how many times i... by Olga 10/12/2006
what do you do if your chihuahua dose not bark at anyone. He loves everyone. The only time... by MJT8/25/03
     It is normal for any dogs to stay silent when strangers walk by or enter your house. This... by Kay2/15/04
     be VERY happy my chi barks at everything...and NUTHING...NON STOP... by r6baby 10/26/05
My son was born in NYC to myself (a British citizen) and his father (an American citizen).... by joanna warner8/15/03
     joanna, your question will be most authoritatively answered by an immigration legal... by joanna 10/2/03
     If your son has two passports, why did you not have both of them? It would have prevented... by EMK 6/27/05
How we Test a web based application manually? by Jithin5/17/04
     all right by dnyanesh 5/1/05
     he is ideal god by Tinku 12/14/05
     How we test a web based application manually? by lery 3/31/2006
     Guidelines while developing software Product Strings • empty string • String... by Archana 6/11/2006
     when we test web application , check the access of site ,time required to open the site ,... by shukriya 3/28/2007
     good question by karan 4/10/2007
     kishore by kishore 5/21/2007
Is there anything I can do or give to my black lab to stop it from drooling so much? Thank... by Blix8/4/03
     nope, not that i've heard of. Plus, dogs are cute when they drool! :) by cutie8/20/03
     Dogs sometime drool if they have a lot of tartar on the teeth. Try taking the dog to a vet... by Goddess 10/18/03
     BEAT IT UP WITH A TOOL by JJ 8/25/05
which system files are not effected by virus when some virus attack the system. by srini10/13/03
     Viruses only <em>infect</em> program (.exe) files. However, the payload... by tom10/25/03
SYBASE UPGRADE from ASE 11.0.3 to ASE 12.5 I have been trying to upgrade ASE 11.0.3 to... by bobok8/13/03
     please i don't know by emmanuel  agbenyah 9/1/04
     I think you could try migrating data in power builder with data pipelines.... this... by edwin 10/9/2006
My lab/doberman mix 5 month old puppy has very sensitive gums and is bleeding from the... by Jenny 10/10/03
     Jenny, I would seriously examine what I am feeding my dog. Food deficiencies of certain... by Jeremy 10/30/03
     I want to get a female Golden Retriever and I want a whelping box as well by augwin 6/23/2007
     Change his food all together if you are feeding a commercial dog food. Try feeding him raw... by Stabbath 6/25/2007
I want to change my J1 Au pair visa to a J1 student visa.How can I do it. by Nicki2/19/04
     I would like to change my j1visa to J1 student visa . I am a aupair in U.s.a and I... by le 3/18/04
     you cant so f uc k off back to whence you came stupid by golden penis3/26/04
     the man by rhinohere7/2/04
     I do not think so by ge 5/31/05
english langauage is an indisperable tool for commmunication in nigeria? by chris8/7/03
Hi i'm a soon-to-be father who's found out that my wife carries the hemophilia gene. My... by medipri10/6/03
     Why would you not want to respect your wife's wishes of not finding out what the gender... by sez 11/4/03
     There is nothing wrong with wanting to know the gender of the baby..!! Consult an... by Vel 6/18/04
can we perform the umrah with the name of a person who is alive suppose my father is ... by md abdul hai9/7/03
test case on date . just dd/mm/yy by anand4/30/04
     my question is test case of date by dudegul 4/7/05
     i need some test cases for date field by debidattap 1/18/2006
     qqqqqqq by qqqqq 8/10/2006
     password by stanly 12/15/2006
Questions: 1. For developing mail server on Linux, which language is most preferable at... by Vrushali9/30/03
     no answer by mydoosra4/4/04
     no answer by mydoosra4/4/04
you have personalized your Hayes-compatible modem settings. What command should you issue... by cynthia8/21/03
     AT&F AT&W by Ed12/4/03
     AT by fat wnker 10/15/04
I want to assign one CPU to few processess how can i do it..? by Jeevan6/30/03
     You cant unless u have two processers one CPU can do only one process at a time and if u... by Mahen7/6/03
     Intel P4 HT processor can take up the 2 proceses at a single time as is not the case with... by Nikhil Mulley8/19/03
     Windows NT from 3.51 up is also capable of doing that. by Juergen9/2/03
Do Border Collies shed ? by james3/24/04
     do border collies shed a lot? by monica 1/9/05
     i dunno thats why i am asking by i dunno  5/14/05
     i don't know by J 2/12/2007
     yes .. they shed a LOT by britt 5/31/2007
     yes they do by Arty 6/21/2007
     I do not know but I know how to know. go to the search site you have and look it up.( I'm... by banana 6/27/2007
can a bullmastiff have a healthy litter of puppies after having uterine inertia and giving... by goldilox39uk8/20/03
Is Two Dollars bills that have red righting on them that are from 1953-63? Could someone... by Tess2/8/04
     i have two dollar bills are they worth more by bigbill 2/2/05
     its pretty with the red writing. Isn't it? by billybobjoe 11/10/05
     worth. Two dollars with red rigthing are from 1928. by Efrain 1/24/2006
     Look at the top of the bill. If the red on the bill is the red seal (not green\black\blue... by seanhaggerty 2/11/2006
     Look at the top of the bill. If the red on the bill is the red seal (not green\black\blue... by seanhaggerty 2/11/2006
     Worth two dollars by Joyce 1/30/2007
My mac performa 550 is displaying an icon that resembles a floppy disc with a question... by faz11/4/03
     my mac performa is displaying an icon that resembles a floppy disc with a question mark... by ruth 2/28/04
     Your system cannot find the startup disks. Mine is having the same problem. You need to... by russell seldon 1/26/05
     The flashing question mark in a floppy mens that the mac is unable to locate a working... by oldmacguy 4/26/2007
     quote:My mac performa 550 is displaying an icon that resembles a floppy disc with a... by ruth 6/20/2007
1876 $1000.00 usa bill, how much is it worth? by dcraney9/4/03
     likely nothing. in 1876 a $1000 bill probably wouldnt have existed. check with the... by John10/16/03
i want to download the drive for a hewlett packard scanner model 4300C by frosty11/21/03
     nothing by huy 7/29/05
     awdefef by shadylady 3/29/2006
     could you download me the scanner4100c by mogwy 10/28/2006
How old do you have to be to become an apprentice for a tattoo artist? (Scotland) by Sivan8/23/03
     I may be of no help seeing that I'm not from Scotland but my advise would be to go talk to... by angelXwithXbloodyXknuckles 10/8/03
     how old do you have to be to get a butcher apperntiship by brocko 5/24/2006
     Can anyone become an apprentice? by Kema 3/5/2007
why does an alka-seltzer tabblet disolve in water? by wanky1/4/04
     Because it does, no duh! by chika4/6/04
     Because of particles of baking soda by Archi 10/9/04
     YhjFMJleOPV2 8qmuxSCiBIpg DgWMkwtIXs by 9kxljEQRhF 2/23/2006
     Because it does, no duh! by Answer by chika 4/5/2006
black belt certificate for sale?? by ricardo9/8/03
     I think buying a certificate is destroying all that martial arts stand for for most... by 12th Degree Black belt In Tae-kwon-Do 9/23/2006
what is the opinion of the catholic church on drugs/drunkeness...or destruction of the... by roger4/28/04
     no idea by hi 3/7/05
     the catholic church and there feelings to drugs are strong. the catholic church loves... by ben 9/6/05
     i think belonging to a catholic church that the use of drugs are fine to be able to sit... by j dogga 10/23/05
     what is the opinion of the catholic church on drugs/drunkeness...or destruction of the... by timmy 4/2/2006
     St. Thomas Aquinas distinguished between drunkeness and the culpability involved in... by Mack 4/30/2006
I just bought a 1988 Plymouth Voyager 6 cyl Van that has a water leak. The guy I bought... by BeckyB4/24/04
     Most likely, that pulley is the pulley that drives the water pump. It sounds like the pump... by Andrew 9/18/04
     Sounds like a leaking water pump. Not terribly expensive to replace. Although, depending... by TAE 12/11/04
     Hi I also own a voyager, your problem is most likly your water pump.. Which is located... by les 3/31/05
     Hi I just finished fixing the same problem, I think it is your water pump, which is... by verne04 5/1/05
     Their is a return hose that drops down behind the AC unit near the oil pan. The hose... by mdobert 5/9/05
     water pump most likely....not to hard to fix... by Simon: 5/30/05
I have a 1995 Jeap Grand Cherokee. The battery voltage starts out at 14.5 or so but as... by wynn7/17/03
     Try a new temperature control sensor. I changed mine in my 94 Grand Cherokee and my... by Rich 10/25/03
     Wynn , i have to say, everything you said seems for me that everything works fine as it... by Mikee    95 gr cherokke 8/23/05
How many tricks can young ferrets do? by rose7/25/03
     wouldnt that all depend on the ferret? by John10/16/03
     It Depends On The Ferrets Surrounding's and trainer by Sammy D 5/11/04
     It depends on how much you train him. Doing it is a good practicing drill. by Whatupdawg@Carnage000005/26/04
     Depends on the individual ferret and, of course, the trainer. I wouldn't count on it using... by Pie 5/18/05
     what are good tricks for a ferret by hello 1/15/2006
I've had my belly button piercing for about 6 months now. It looks like it's healing well... by Sarah3/23/04
     If Your Allergic to fake metals, can you still get your belly button pierced? by Jen3/25/04
     I've had my belly button pierced since March last year. It's going fine, the key is to not... by nicky4/4/04
     i got my navel pierced last July on July 3rd and everything went fine but this week i... by stepha88 3/2/05
     alright i just got my belly button pierced like 4 days ago it wasn't red at all! i'vebeen... by tinkhoney 8/29/05
     Is it normal or ok for your lower navel piercing to bleed just a little the morning after... by manda 6/30/2006
     I have had my belly pierced for around 3 weeks, and its be coming very itchy... does that... by Claire!! 7/11/2006
     is it true that you're not supposed 2 get your belly button pierced b4 you're 16? by fobfan 8/19/2006
     Hi, I'm a part-time piercer at my local salon, I'll try to help any way I can (even though... by Hannah 9/21/2006
     jen yes you can still get your belly peirced if you are alergic but you haver to say to... by morgan 5/4/2007
A medium-size jet has a wingspan of 120 feet. An albatross is a bird with a wingspan of... by Shawty4sho11/28/03
     10000 feet by fish 11/23/04
     ! by dua 1/27/2006
     the albatross would have to be a lot lower... (yeah, i know... "duh!") by trace 7/14/2006
     Plane altitude: 1 foot Albatross altitude: 83,700,000 miles (if the shadows are cast... by Warlock 9/8/2006
     albatross 12000 feet; plane 100 by Bean 12/6/2006
does anybody know the episonde in Dumpwater Florida with an Axe murderer running around a... by Jeff9/5/03
     You are referring to a 2 part episode that started the second season of Married .. With... by dorkboy 10/30/03
     Great Episode. by Scooby Blue 4/1/04
     We only got two things--a serial killer and the man who met Andy Griffith. by John 1/8/2007
What should parents give to baby when he is not willing to take food at 12 months by shikha11/14/03
     a good spanking by kalito11/16/03
     I know my own children each showed signs of being picky about eating at about 1 year. What... by dawn12/9/03
     Then they wont eat untill they learn. They will give in sooner or later. by yh5t6e4fv 1/26/04
     Ask a pediatrician. by Me 1/28/04
     I've eaten some pretty strange stuff once I was hungry enough. You'd be surprised what a... by n-a2/14/04
     Everyone needs substanance to get through the day. If your child won't eat, be sure to... by Marsha 8/24/04
     give them a GOOD HARD SPANKING!!!!!!! by Meh... 4/25/2006
I have a 2000 SR5. I have had the drive train lock up while moving 9 to 12 miles an hour... by 401J10/23/03
     HI. It was the bearings in the rear end. It caused the main gear off of the drive line... by 401J 1/10/05
     looker by lucky 3/31/05
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/15/2006
     Hi! car site insurance. auto insurance, insurance... by insurance auto 6/15/2006
How long do you have to wait before getting married after a divorce in Illinois? by Sandy Crooks8/6/03
     6 month by crystal10/6/03
     After I get my divorce finalized in Texas how long do I have to wait before I can get... by Sally 10/13/2006
     how long i have to wait to get married after a dovorce by cecilia reyes 5/7/2007
     what would happen if i get married a day month after i got divorced by cecilia reyes 5/7/2007
I want to get a tattoo on my inner lip. I just wanted to get a little understanding about... by OpenBenjiBook6/4/04
     A self applied shotgun blast to the frontal lobe area should finish it off nicely. That... by bubster007 10/5/04
     well, I just got my inner lip tattooed with Gundo in script with a G like Guinness. As for... by GUNDO 12/9/04
     It heals in a day or two Doesn't hurt fades easily by Dsdjklfnkjfsd 3/22/2006
     i want 1 2 by geeghio37 5/30/2006
     i recently had my inner lip tattood. you don't really need to do anything for aftercare... by gnarkill 11/9/2006
     put some semen on it by dubhouse 11/28/2006
     If I was you I would not get a tattoo on your inner lip, because I got one two days ago... by C-CRAW 1/17/2007
     there really is no aftercare for a lip tattoo.. it fades quite fast though... it requires... by jordan 5/7/2007
What is the perfect reptilian pet for a small tank and is able to take care of its self... by Jess8/9/03
     Well it depends how long your expecting it to take care of it self. I would say probably a... by squirrelluvr 8/23/03
     Id say a leopard gecko. All you do is leave the light on 24/7 which is what they need... by got lots of em 11/26/04
     a gremlin by magical trevor 4/9/2006
My question concerns the use of the articles "a" and "an". Should they agree with the... by Ron7/24/03
     Short answer: The adjective. I assume you mean something like: 'a/an adjective... by John Nowakowski7/29/03
     It's fairly simple. You use "a" when the next word begins with a consonant. You use "an"... by shelley parker 8/21/03
     ... so for adjectives the same applies: a good answer an inadequate answer by shelley parker 8/21/03
     Is it "a whole 'nother" or "An whole other" or is it "a whole other"? by EMK 6/27/05
why is the sierpinski triangle important and how did it affect the world? by Danie9/12/03
     The Sierpinski triangle (or gasket) is an interesting self-similar (fractal) computer... by tom10/25/03
     suck your mother by tuto 10/26/04
     According to Barnsley - any random walk rule converges to the Sierpinski gasket or... by Gregg 5/8/2007
What is the average age for Keeshonds? by Stacy12/5/03
     about 50 kilos by word 11/9/04
     Keeshonds will live the same average age as any pure breed canine. 9-11 years. However,... by Jenna 2/19/05
     "Keeshonds live from between 10 to 16 years of age." by Colonel 6/26/05
     10 to 16 years by Katie 7/16/05
     according to the american kennel club, females should be 17 inches at the shoulder and... by KittyLaura 2/2/2006
     The plural for "Keeshonds" is Keeshonden, it's a dutch thing.... 12 - 13 years. by Beauceron 3/9/2006
what 1995 movie was the first film to feature characters who attend weekly plastic... by jonesy7/27/03
     Seinfeld by sparker781 10/5/04
     Toy Story by Joe 12/7/04
I have a 1984 water-cooled VW Westfalia Camper van. The engine and starter turn, but the... by jrcatm110/17/03
     my 84 vanagen runs starts but dies when accelarating by ryan2/18/04
     These engines have difficulty starting if left idle for some time as the gas leaks back... by track4/20/04
     The valve timing is out, ie: broken cam by studley hungwell 6/29/05
     it the cheap points... use german!!! by thebigmf 7/14/05
     could be you dijet box under the third seat by jimmy l 11/16/05
     hi my name is christian i work on vw check if the injector negative side is pulsating with... by christian Duclos 12/22/05
     Set a match to it and call your insurance company. by Vanman 5/21/2006
what is your favorite sport? by emo9/12/03
     SOFTBALL! it needs no explination! by calvisi5/3/04
     snowboarding by poo 11/4/05
     Basketball by Jonas Kiselis 11/14/05
     softball is great iplay too by sam 1/24/2006
when the concept of rtos came by satya8/28/03
     the concept of rtos started from 1989 when the requirment for games with random movement... by sukh 2/27/05
     In the normal embedded application CPU will Handel only one task if the interrupt come ... by hari 6/1/05

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