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i have a 1988 vw golf, recently purchased, how do i get the radio out of safe mode and... by tprimo 12/8/2006
How do I pull out the motor of a 1998 Dodge R/T Neon? Does it have do come out from under... by Dave 8/8/2006
my new battery in my chrysler lebaron gtc convertible 3.0 drains itself when sitting for 2... by Heidi H 12/8/2006
where is a fuel filter located on a 2000 montero sport? by simone 12/11/2006
i have 1993 jeep wrangler turns over no spark no fuelpump ?????????? y please help by vtcocacola 12/8/2006
What is a good weight for a 6 year old female Bichon? by camper29 8/10/2006
I am having real trouble, removing the front lights on my BMW 535i. I want to clean the... by mishal 8/6/2006
Where is the signal light switch in a 1993 chevy cavlier so I can change it the signals... by christine 9/16/2006
In our 1995 Dodge Intrepid, the abs light came on and the ac and power windows simultaneou... by Storm 9/15/2006
Sabath day...Does it fall on Saturday or Sunday? Give proof. Bible only says 7th day as... by Ben 8/5/2006
How do you replace the postive battery cable on 1996 pylmonth voyagers? by vicky 8/3/2006
will methyl red allow a full reaction between HCL and Borax? by AJ 9/25/2006
I do volunteer work and now after 6 months they want me to fill out an application forma... by Sally 8/2/2006
What is the simplest way to view all jpegs on my computer? by big andy 8/5/2006
I would like to know how to keep my cocker spaniel from peeing and crapping in the house... by sweetthang 9/11/2006
i have a 1996 golf w/ factory radio . when the ignition key is turned to the on position... by bradley 9/24/2006
i have the manual for my 1997 chrysler cirrus which is very much specific about other... by arthur V 10/29/2006
I need the wire diagram code for 1993 ES300 Lexus radio by tonja 9/11/2006
I have a 1998 Town and Country mini van. At various times (no set schedule), it starts... by Jill 9/8/2006
97 ford exployer 4x4 awd, have recent rebuild automatic that has developed late shifts... by Jack Simoes 9/17/2006
Can a 17 year old dog get pregnant? by lee 8/24/2006
What size nut is on a 2001 chevy duramax harmonic balancer i need to get it off to change... by tech-347 9/5/2006
my Mal 4 year old female Mal has developed a bladder problem which started when she was... by sherri 10/30/2006
My window on a 2000 grand caravan is only moving a short distance before stopping. Where... by zobatc 9/5/2006
My 01 blazer wouldn't go into 4 wheel drive. So i took a look under neath and found 3... by navigator 9/4/2006
how do i put a heater coil in a 1999 GMC Jimmy by dan 10/27/2006
My 3-6 month old puppy hasn't been eating for 2 days now has lost weight in the last week,... by James 7/31/2006
I have a 1998 jeep wrangler. I have lost my starter alarm remote. How can i bypass the... by robert jones  9/1/2006
When it rains my 96 Dodge Avenger ES misses and sputters. I have replace the distributor... by Sarah 7/31/2006
When will Vertigo/DC print the available copies of the Books of Magic: Reckoning (Book 3)?... by Leo 7/31/2006
Does anybody know what color wire is for the tail light of a 2006 Dodge Dakota? My husband... by Carly 7/31/2006
I am installing a fan/light/heater in my bathroom. Can I wire it through the GFCI curcuit... by CaliKid 7/30/2006
what is the location of the Cam Sensor on a 1997 SOHC Ford Tauraus by Joe 10/20/2006
I have a 1929 Twenty Dollar bill. It is from Burlington N.H. It is in very good condition... by Ray 7/29/2006
The Handbrake light keeps flashing on/off when I am driving despite the handbrake being... by AH 7/28/2006
I have a '99 Grand Cherokee.My hazzards and signal lights are not working. The bulbs are... by pete 7/28/2006
can't find the power steering unit on my 2004 Monte Carlo by Sissie 10/21/2006
where is the fuel pump crash relay located? in a 1991 geo prism? thanks by sally 11/27/2006
Do you know where I can find the ECU unit on a 1999 Eclipse? Thanks. by scantlin 7/26/2006
How much is a Series 1999 One dollar bill with a star on it worth? by Heather 7/25/2006
How REIKY (touch healing)works? Isthere any association/club working for it? by smritish g 9/4/2006
im 14 i wanna get my navel pierced but i play soccer. i was wondering if i can play soccer... by sugarbum 9/3/2006
I have a 99' intrepid and the tensioner pulley and assembly snapped off don't know what to... by Dizzug 7/23/2006
in a 1996 ford tarsus gl 3.0 liter w/ac & overheadvalves engine, what other models engines... by HARRY 11/23/2006
I am having problems with my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire head lights. Have replaced the relay... by Carolyn   7/23/2006
My 1989 Dodge Dynasty is turning over, out i am getting spark from my coil but not from a... by Ozzy27CMS 7/22/2006
i am trying to find a diagram of a 2001 Chevy impala engine, specifically the 3.4. by psycho 10/11/2006
any one thinks about the possibility of world war III with the conflict in the middle east... by elli 9/1/2006
i download mp4 to mp3 converter from this software... by jamesmp4 11/21/2006
is it necessary to cover the face of a muslim woman in public including hijab?need... by nahrin 11/21/2006
who won world war I? by dalildevil 10/8/2006
How old should a lab puppie be before he gets his Testicles? by Zeus 7/23/2006
my eye 4 x box is f-d up! by ttt 1/3/2007
1990 Dodge 3/4ton with a 360 motor. Start it up runs for little while then dies, wait a... by labbear 10/10/2006
Where is valve to add freon on 97 buick skylark? by Wendy 7/23/2006
my 2000 cummins just had a new injection pump put on after it went out at 127000. Since i... by blake 10/9/2006
I'd like to ask a pretty tricky question about two old actors; Bud Spencer and Terence... by Nina 7/19/2006
I have a 95 chevy truck with a 454 engine. Recently, the tachometer and the speedometer... by mobilius 7/18/2006
What is the life span of a chow chow? by softball 7/26/2006
how do you deactivate the seat belt warning on a 2007 honda accord? by BK 11/18/2006
does anyone know how to replace the lamp/bulb on my 1999 saturn wagon. The dashboard is... by sue 10/8/2006
do I need a car to get auto insurance. Can I get auto insurance on someone elses car that... by dave 10/8/2006
The left turn signal on a 2001 Ford Windstar will not release when the turn is completed,... by Roger 7/18/2006
How do I change disc brakes on my 2004 dodge ram 2500? by Scott 7/20/2006
My E350 gasoline box truck stalls in reverse. It is OK in Drive and seems to run fine. ... by Peter Knight 7/16/2006
dear sir i unable to open my eamil id ( even i know correct... by raju 12/26/2006
what kind of gas milage does a 1998 chevy subruban c1500 get? by 11/19/2006
A friend of mine recused a Jack Russel from a mill. She was in teriable condition. Having... by Pat 7/15/2006
HOW DO YOU ADD POWER STEERING FLUID TO A 96 BMW 318i? by cgg 12/18/2006
I built a miniature potting shed to cover my well pipe. I would like to wire it for a... by cw 7/15/2006
I want to install a receptacle in a wall beside an existing receptacle that is used on the... by Rob 7/14/2006
I have a 1990 BMW 535i with automatic windows. They will not roll up or down now. It... by chris 7/14/2006
My Friends dog is a collie..his name is Rick..he is three years old,and not eating.. my... by loving-friend101 8/24/2006
What is the firing order of a 1990 Lexus LS400? How are the cylinders identified? As... by Tiffy 7/13/2006
I have a 1998 chrysler town and country my signal flashers are not working.Checked the... by billyd 7/13/2006
How do you remove the rear speakers in a 1999 Buick Regal with the Monsoon sound system? by DanMan_Fate 7/13/2006
I need a diagram of 1999 chevy astro van a/c and vacume lines by lisa 8/26/2006
I have a 2001 dodge dakota 4.7 liter, after about 1 hours of driving at highway speed the... by RJJ 8/22/2006
I have a 2001 ford escort that will not shift out of park I think the linkage is broken in... by MikeM68 7/12/2006
In Tycoon City New York I cant build an HQ. Can you tell me how. by RP 8/25/2006
I;m converting my AC from 12-A to 134-A and have learned how to do it. However, I cannot... by Mickey 8/27/2006
how do i change ignition switch in 92 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera by tawnya 10/5/2006
While driving at night the lights flicker on and off - please advise your thinking - this... by Gigi 8/21/2006
where is the fuel filter located on the 1992 buick le sabre limited 3.8 engine? by raiders777 11/11/2006
i had some old 20 us gold doller in 1928A series on platinum plate i wan't to get a good... by meenakshi 8/31/2006
what size speakers are in the doors of a 1999 Montero Sport by sweet24333 10/3/2006
How do I change out the stereo (am/fm receiver, cd player) in my 2002 Chevy Suburban ? by natnic75 7/10/2006
Where is the crank position sensor located at in a 94 yukon GT 5.7L v8 by ang 8/20/2006
I have a 1991 Dodge Dynasty. The left front automatic window does not work. It is not off... by Edward  8/20/2006
Is the voltage regulator internal on a 1991 Nissan Maxima? by Brian 7/12/2006
My bichon is 5 yrs old and I love him to death. He does though, have a problem running... by megjoy2 7/9/2006
name national scout organization of APR by prateek 10/6/2006
I have win xp as the operating system, and the problem is that I am unable to edit the... by shaji_99 7/7/2006
WHERE CAN I FIND THE HEATER BLOWER MOTOR ON A 2001 ASTRO VAN? by herbie kashi 12/10/2006
i wanna know what the mean of MAKAVELI by m.o.b 10/4/2006
My friend has about 10 DAK 1800 feet (545 meter) reconditioned reel-to-reel tapes all in... by Erik 7/6/2006
can someone explain the purpose of the egr vacuum modulator on a 1986 toyota corolla? by m0t0r 11/5/2006
Where is the thermostat on a 1989 VW Jetta located? by Melani 7/8/2006
How long after a 2 year old female rottwieler first comes in heat should you wait to breed... by jukemetwo 8/15/2006
i have a problem with my 1992 ford f-150 custom 4x4. it will idle just fine then when u... by studly#50 8/24/2006
How do I replace a resister in a 2003 Ford Taurus? (blower fan) by lasullivan 7/7/2006
I have a double switch in a 2 gang box. This is the only double switch in my house. There... by Andy's for OU 7/4/2006
I have a 1995 Ford Bronco 5.0 , the # 5 cyl keeps oil soaking the plug and not firing. I... by Rick 7/4/2006
water is mixing in my 99 caravan transmission fluid and in the radiator please email:... by surfer 12/13/2006
will a 91 lumina 3.1 transmission match up to a 94 olds cutless transmission? by cody 11/3/2006
How much is an english pound worth in our American money by Sue 8/16/2006
Does anybody know where i can find a anime bookstore in Cannes? (it is in France) by FaustSecertLover 7/3/2006
I've been referred to a kennel to purchase a havanese. How can I ensure that they are not... by Penny 7/8/2006
Where do i put the water in at for a 95 Toyota Corolla? by Re 7/6/2006
Can We change the Rediff Mail E Mail ID into Yahoo E Mail ID by Pushpa 8/16/2006
At what gestational age should a mother start to feel fetal movement? by shannon 7/2/2006
Where is the oil pressure switch located on a 1994 Lincoln Continental 3.5 V-6 engine? by Thomas 7/1/2006
My husband rebuilt a 375 chevy auto tranny...put it will not upshift. He is a... by mudslingergal 7/1/2006
I have a 1914 oversized $10 bill and I'm wondering how much is worth? by flower 7/1/2006
can I give my dog a non-prescription sleeping pill? by jo 8/23/2006
where is the fuel cut off switch located on a ford orion 1.8i 1992 model by boots 12/10/2006
I have a Lhasa in labor I think its my first litter how long does it take shes panting... by Ruby 8/10/2006
How do you replace the motor mounts on a 1987 Aries K car by Dave 8/8/2006
How do I remove the passenger headlight to a 1997 Monte Carlo so I can get to the bulb. by jim 8/8/2006
What should a pregnant boxer eat? by kwillis19 7/25/2006
How to find where I can put the thermostat on and 02 alero by mike 8/10/2006
Hi I was wondering if anyone could teach me how to plant viruses and hack into computers... by Darkwatter 8/7/2006
i have a 97 caviler and i have a loud ticking sound from the front of the engine it a 2.2 ... by johnny  12/6/2006
what do tattoos of numbers mean? EX:15 .... 88.... by ritzchick 8/19/2006
Need Help 1992 chevy lumina , smoke coming from steering wheel when turn signal is put... by cama81z 8/6/2006
replacing a radiator on a 1997 pontiac grand am by ray 12/9/2006
96 Dodge Neon, Left headlight low beam doesn't work, replaced the bulb, the headlight... by Ed 8/15/2006
need to know how to get to the heater motor on 2000 olds alero to change out a resistor by john 12/5/2006
i need fuel diagram for a 97 s71 4.3l v6 pickup truck or any information regarding why I... by KRICH0720 9/24/2006
MAKE MONEY FAST USING PAYPAL! You Can Laugh at Money Worries - if You Follow This Simple... by l.b 8/17/2006
what's the meaning of testing UV absorbance of denatured alcohol? by hai 8/13/2006
I have a 1979 Chrysler 300 Cordoba that is having trouble starting. When it does start and... by anne 6/29/2006
how much would 5 20 dollar bills in consecutive printing order from 2001 be worth? by fdsfd 10/29/2006
what is the value of a 1942 circulated $10.00 bill by barblinda 12/1/2006
How do I put my spare tire and jack back into the trunk of my Chrystler Sebring the way it... by mjoos5667 6/27/2006
Have 5500 watt gas generator with 4 pin receptacle. Can the 2 110 volt lines be connected... by Marsh 6/27/2006
Where is the infinity amp located on a 2003 dodge ram? I need to replace it. by smittydt 6/26/2006
I have three chi's and my male is the dad of my two females? can I breed the dad to one... by specialladyolin 6/26/2006
(TURNSIGNAL PROBLEMS) Im trying to find out some information about an 2001 chevy camaro ,... by milo 9/16/2006
I need some help, I have a 2000 plymoth neon, and it went in the shop 7 weeks ago and it... by Emtmedical 6/25/2006
In PA, once you have your permit how long do you have to wait to get your lience? by PBabe9 6/25/2006
I have a pug and the person i got it from and i want to know if we can mate her with her... by Katt 6/25/2006
I have a Pekignese who is 8 months old. She appears to be in heat. The neighbor dog came... by Jan Sasker 6/25/2006
I am having trouble with my reverse lights. I replaced them and they still will not work... by Dan 6/25/2006
my son had a bull mastiff that was being treated for lymnes when he viciously attacked a... by terry 10/25/2006
Where is the Crank Sensor located in a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Is it easy to replace or... by Tupac 6/25/2006
I'm having problems with my am/fm radio. I have a 1999 f-250. I pulled the dash cover off... by Doug 6/24/2006
how do i install a turn signal switch on a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird? by joe leon 8/7/2006
I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid. It overheats from time to time, but yesterday the Temperatur... by Draw22 6/23/2006
How old do i have to be to get my belly button pierced in Maryland?? by Meg 6/22/2006
On an adult's IQ test, how good is a 189 if I'm only 13? by Ali 6/24/2006
how many puppies can a teacup pomeranian give birth to? by Angel 10/24/2006
I have a 87 vw jetta gl, and my flasher and signal lights are not working, can you tell me... by Joey 7/31/2006
What is the rate of expansion of a 4" cured concrete slab in extreme prolonged heat? by Bob 6/21/2006
I'm having an issue with a 94' Chrysler Concorde. When the vehicle starts and goes a few... by tart 7/30/2006
i have a 1997 dodge spirit i need the fusebox diagram to find out the fuse for the... by terri 11/30/2006
Who is the music artist and what is the name of the song for the movie: Romancing the... by Bea 7/30/2006
how do i get comcast to update all my emails from my old email account at worldnet.att.... by darline archer 10/20/2006
why is breaking boards called a carnival stunt by some karate instructors? by jri 10/19/2006
I have a 1929 $20 paper dollar bill issued in Chicago Illinois I was wondering if this is... by Kae 7/29/2006
A 1990 Chrysler New Yorker will not crank. There is a single click when the key is turned.... by warpmail 6/19/2006
I own a daewoo lanos 2001 the ecm fuse keeps blowing can anyone give reasons to what could... by mags 7/29/2006
i have a71 chevy pick up iput anew altenater on it im still not getting eny amp reading... by skipper 11/28/2006
i have a 1995 ford mercury cougar and was wondering how do i open the driver side door if... by ally 10/18/2006
my 18month old american bulldog-her breast are getting bigger and are starting to hang but... by Roxy 10/18/2006
How do you access the instrument cluster on a 97 Taurus (sedan) to replace the panel... by Frank 6/17/2006
how can I get someone else's password? by babygirl1 8/4/2006
6.6 duramax diesel problem light throttle hestitation / surging by ken 11/26/2006
I just ran out of gas on a 2001 chevy malibu. will I need to get a new fuel pump? by tarvin 6/16/2006
How does nitrous oxide undergo combustion with gasoline? by PattiM 6/19/2006
I have a 1963 five dollar bill with red lettering. One side is green, the other is black.... by Carmela 6/16/2006
I tried to pay a speeding ticket on line and got a 'duplicate citation issued' error. ... by lebkas 6/14/2006
how do you tighten the pully wheele that conects to the timing belt. When you turn it the... by dennissjodin 9/4/2006
how do i find the power steering resovior for a 97 park avenue to refill .. by lina 11/24/2006
information on a 1991 jeep cherokee laredo rear ends(what type) and info. on replacing the... by raknk 10/13/2006
1993 LUMINA VAN PRESSURE HOSE FOR POWER STEERING. Has anyone ever had to replace.... by GMC505 9/3/2006
hey dose anyone know of any sites i can go two to learn more about breeding grooming ... by laura 11/22/2006
1993 chevey s10 blazer 4.3w.phanton starting,may start 10 times stright ,then it will... by warren stephens jr  ( supersaxx 2) 11/22/2006
How long does it take to get the air out of the engine after changing the thermostat in my... by Clarence 7/22/2006
My modem connects slowly at 21.6kbps as a result it takes a lot of time to download web... by Nimas 6/12/2006
Has anyone had problems with 2001 2500HD chevy axle hub bearings on the front? by Bob 6/12/2006
how do you bleed a clutch on a 1997 dodge dokota sport 4 cyclinder the clutch lets out on... by little_al 11/21/2006
What are the procedures for removing the front brake rotors on a ford windstar? by george 6/11/2006
I'm having honda 99 model my gear is not shifting and don't have any trouble code in the... by yousif 7/21/2006
I am having a hard time finding a replacement fuel tank for my daughters 1991 Geo Prizm... by Doug 7/21/2006
I need a product for killing fleas in my home?They are really in the carpet. by Erica 6/10/2006
replace fuel pump relay by bunk 12/8/2006
how do i get reasonably priced music to burn off my computer since winmix went away? i... by stephanie 10/10/2006
where is the heat sensor on a 1998 pontiac sunfire 2.2 liter? by pat 10/9/2006
when will season 8 of charmed start in Australia by ruby 9/2/2006
can anyone tell me where to find a diagram of the fuse box for a 1994 dodge grand caravan... by hbjb2006 11/18/2006

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