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Question / AnswerRatingDate
What is a 40+ year old Bolivian 5000 peso bill worth. by I.M.GOODE 10/3/04
information about surveillance camera control system by hanumanth 1/3/05
My 8 month old, 4lb, chi had a horrible reaction to her shots. Her head was swollen three... by Tricia 10/3/04
i need to set up an email server account like hot mail etc using a language like Java and... by lolly 10/7/04
a factorial program is done through recurrsion, the same is done through pointers which... by sutapa 12/27/04
I am replacing the original 24 volt system in an old military truck with a 12 volt system.... by Bryant 8/25/04
What is mail program and browser window? What are their differences? by Leila 8/24/04
i have a 1929 $50.00 dollar bill with sn# f000045a from national bank of commerce of... by david 12/22/04
how do you make a cask on your belly to keep as a memorabilia?i think you need vaseline... by stela 12/21/04
I'm trying to persuade my parents to go to America so I can meet my penpal. I know he is... by Wyverna 8/21/04
My alternator belt came off and I need to see how to put it back on. I have searched the... by jene 8/21/04
With the present technology, is it possible to extract the existing natural liquid... by Danny Cris 8/20/04
In Hack Infection, how do you use book of Iron, if you can? by AH 8/22/04
Which came first the chicken or the egg? by Majestic Gent 8/27/04
My 1988 Dodge Dynasty 3.0L, shuts off even at highway speeds or in-town. I changed oxygen... by Jack 8/16/04
what style adds styles to each individual tag within the html file? by kay 12/15/04
where is the o2 sensor on a 1994 Plymouth sundance located. also could you please tell... by deedee 11/4/04
What happens when an open neutral condition occurs with a diode bridge rectifier? by DJ 8/11/04
What is the value of a 1929 U.S. twenty dollar bill from the City National Bank of Berlin,... by Lee 8/10/04
could someone show me how kevin is written in Chinese writing by ann clark 11/2/04
I am positively looking for migration to Australia from India I do score more than 120... by pankaj talwar 9/18/04
I brought this comp and it have AOL.and i do not want that i want to no how to take it... by Samantha 9/16/04
Hi, this is sundeep ,iam working as a SQA engineer, i got one doubt regarding winrunner... by sundeep 8/6/04
A vendor sent me a demo software product written in Borland Pascal. I know nothing of this... by ricejeep 8/5/04
How do you get the two center spark plugs out from the 2.0 L 4 cyl engine in a 2000 jetta.... by B2V 9/13/04
Help, my daughter is expecting her first baby in Sept. Her Jack Russell, age 6 is so cute... by Sharon Anderson 8/3/04
common problem using Test Director? by Deepak 10/11/04
Have you ever heard of a 15 lb yorkie that is 22 inches from nose to tail with floppy... by Diane Berger 9/12/04
I have a 1997 VW Transporter TDI 2.5litre diesel. The problem is the following : After... by John 9/16/04
I would like to know the value of some money. It says DOS MIL PESOS, also EL BANCO DE... by vebde 9/10/04
white box testing does not refers to what? by manasa 12/6/04
my cat just had kittens 2 weeks and 5 days ago. when will the kittens start weaning? ... by liz 9/17/04
Where is the heater blower located on a 91 Plymouth Voyager and how do you get to it. by dewd47 9/6/04
Dear sir Please suggest institute of software testing in Pune ,india by yagyapal 9/6/04
I have a 20 month old female rott and she has been passing out blood clots from her vagina... by Dolly 9/5/04
what do they call the thing that allows you to be on the computer and phone at the same... by devil08022 11/27/04
WHAT DOES LIL' G MEAN, I REALLY NEED 2 KNOW???????????????????? by *** 12/29/04
why is that when I print some thing I get another page with all the information printed on... by tiodnaci 10/16/04
I am very new to vxWorks. When I write code to create a file, the file does not show up... by Kountree 8/31/04
i have a moblehome. and i need to try to find where i can buy 2 boors that go to the... by tina 10/11/04
Can Any Body tell me the testing tools that are used in mainframes. u can mail me in the... by Suresh 8/30/04
frequently asked questions in C,C++,JAVA by koti 10/18/04
what is the firing order on a 1990 2.2 chevy caviler by keith 12/29/04
I can only open some of my incoming E mails. I am using outlook express and have MacAfee... by westham 8/26/04
Hello, My nine year old Yorkie...had a cough I thought it was allergies,But today she... by Ava 8/25/04
How do I get the ignition linkage in a 88 Kcar back into the switch box? There is a rod... by gmo 7/15/04
FAQ related to micro computers by ram 9/11/04
What's a US $1.00 in 1990 worth today? by Butch 7/21/04
I have Web Mail that my employer provides. I have not been able to delete two messages... by Tweaker 7/15/04
i have a 96 plymouth breeze, and wanted to know where the oil pressure sensor is? by Green Devil 11/10/04
I am trying to find out if PL/I for AIX is compatible with Enterprise PL/I for z/OS. I... by Scott 8/18/04
does a creature to tab if it blocks in a teambattle?? by tijssie 11/11/04
my 1998 voyager dash stops working tach,speedo,odometer,gas,temp all goes out pops on... by joe 12/18/04
What is better to get a boy or girl yorkie!! by Daisy 8/24/04
what is this answer 1000=w that a p is w by gee_bee 12/18/04
Since I have downloaded Photoshop to my computer all my pictures and a lot of other sites... by JerryB 8/15/04
What are the possible reasons for a task to get suspend? Regards ganesh.vasudevan@... by Ganesh Vasudevan 7/5/04
2000 Chrysler cirrus. heater fan does not work in low speeds. only when switch is on... by imnoman 8/22/04
I need to know the pressure plate measurements for an international 141 tractor and the... by maz 8/10/04
in Adam's Ribs, what's the name of the staff sargeant sitting on the package of ribs,... by gilliedan 8/18/04
I would like to find out about funding to start up a 10 and under girls softball tournamen... by Mike 8/5/04
not able to open while trying to open internet explorer by abraham 12/7/04
is there any software for fleet management? by srinil 11/2/04
91 chrysler labaron odometer not working by jim 12/10/04
I was wondering if there is any way you could explain the diagram for the emission for a... by cindy 6/28/04
I am considering a Harwood Studio Grand from a friend, but can't locate any information on... by jmorphew 6/27/04
Hi, In the product I have been testing there are lot of components, in many -a - times... by Manoj Bhalerao 6/27/04
how do i create an e-mail address by echo 12/4/04
I have a g3 mac with 9.5 system.After getting a number of unknown emails sent to my... by spence 6/26/04
where can I learn how to write a good virus oh and I'm a newbie. so I don't know any... by spankie 8/5/04
I need to access the value returned after executing the dynamic sql. Is this possible to... by Anu 6/24/04
Ever play the text adventure, The Granite Book, a fairly interesting atmospheric TAD game.... by WingedMan 6/23/04
what does the term buck mean? by Apache 11/10/04
I think I want to install two-circuit Low voltage track lighting. This permits two... by drivers 6/22/04
i was just wondering do you get a lisp after you get your tounge pireced? and how would... by Neo 10/22/04
How do I go about getting my wife residency if I am a naturalized Mexican citizen? by vic 6/18/04
What are the software tools used for software design? by Star 6/20/04
when traveling in space how do the people eliminate there wastes? by kassiebell 10/20/04
how do you find out more information about the jury system? by may 10/17/04
A wild CAR CHASE SCENE opened the Infinite Sadness tour in 96, what film was that scene... by surleybear 6/13/04
Please I'mhaving problem with hardware on board P233 .WHEN l boot the system it will come... by absplash 7/21/04
I'm having trouble transferring pics from my camera memory card to my computer. I use a... by marty 7/21/04
If a player gets the anurid brushhopper in the graveyard can they return it to their hand... by Dragon 6/10/04
What is telephone number of the address No.244 lowermain road, mayangone T/S Mawlamyine... by Madonna 6/10/04
I have an electrical wire which has had it's ground terminal cut off. I plugged the... by Dana 6/9/04
I am attempting to calculate by subtracting one time field from another and the results... by Stuart 6/9/04
I am fifteen and although i don't have severe rosacea on the top of my skin the veins of... by rachael 6/9/04
I have been working on running the sip-communicator, a Voice Over IP program. For some... by KJ Wright 6/8/04
The theme music at the beginning of Xena episodes starts with a woodwind/snake charming... by Brian 6/7/04
It is my understanding that the nickname on the side of the plane was "American Pie". Is... by Marv Bloom 6/7/04
We have a five year old Cavalier (pet) and he licks only his paws to the point they are... by Angela 6/7/04
Hello, When I run a script as root user on (AIX v4.3) to redirect to a file everything is... by WilsonT 6/7/04
What is the general approach for determining the dimension of a deterministic fractal in... by erik 7/16/04
How to achieve a minimum file size with JPEG compression with considerable loss in... by Priya 7/16/04
I have a dachshund and love him dearly. He is so affectionate and loves everyone. My... by Sue 6/6/04
I am missing on letter or number from an e-mail address how can i get it? by Eric  6/5/04
Wht was the shortage of IP Addresses. by koffee 7/22/04
How do you copy or export a jpeg graphic design into MS Word? Does it matter what version... by Tamyka 6/4/04
How can I check to see if I have a network card? What is an ECI modem? by akiva 6/4/04
Hi .. I'd like to know if exists any library, in maple, to fractals? and tome no cu! by Benny martelera 6/8/04
Where do I look for responses for my question? by nomar 6/2/04
what is a tiger stripe pitbulls, is it a brindle? by tbell 10/5/04
I have a male short beagle that is JKC registered. I am looking to purchase a female that... by Jennifer 6/1/04
I want to get my bellybotton peirced ,but my mom will not let me . how old do u have to... by fel 8/29/04
1994 Caravan while driving with A/C and Cruise Control both on appear to "overheat" and... by Bob 7/18/04
Hi I am a first class boy scout and I am not sure what the requirements are for the OA. ... by adam 7/6/04
oh yeah my email is bout that guys and ladies lol ... by kotone 11/3/04
I watched a kids show with a goofy presenter, big bouffant hair styled wig and he was... by bigguns 5/31/04
Do you know of any place on the web where I can get the word out re my being forced to... by 5/31/04
toyota stinks...4 sets of rotors in 2 years on a 200 tundra and the dealer says its my... by rick kalsey 8/26/04
How do I replace the ABS computer module on a 1995 Chrysler Sebring LXI? by Slick Ric 5/30/04
1993 Saturn sl1 75,000miles on new motor. My car will not stop squeaking when cold. I... by jeff 8/25/04
Is there a working version of CMU'sIPC for the win32 platform? please email me at... by albertcarmanico 5/29/04
Hello. I have received correspondence from London written in SriLankan & cannot find any... by M.J. 5/28/04
When was this last updated? by annie 6/13/04
It has been 6 months since I sent my immigration application to Australia. I am a cook... by Claire 5/25/04
Has anyone's pug had just two puppies and had a c-section? I'm worried that with just two,... by Patti 5/24/04
What is a typical day like for product managers? What Kind of math is needed for Product... by Chelly  5/24/04
I'm hanging a light fixer in a home built in the 1950's.I have a light blue wire and a red... by Louis 5/24/04
Where can I find a Boot Image creator for the Acorn NS (diskless) systems? I am running... by sysadmin_nz 5/28/04
Why I can't boot from the miniroot after the first step of installation (coping miniroot... by zakrzak 5/22/04
can some one explain the lead up to World War 1 by hunni_palace 8/12/04
OK as I'm getting older and going to figure out what high school courses and college... by AlishaS 5/18/04
Where Can I get books on MASM? I want/need the orginal books from MS if possible.... by 5/17/04
Looking for source for speakers for 40"s - 50"s ac/dc 5 tube radios 5" round and as I have... by RUSS 6/27/04
Hi, I am novice to this MUMPS language. I am aware that MUMPS is programming language... by Hema 5/17/04
We recently got a yellow lab from a K9 rescue. He seem in good health, however every once... by Gene 6/26/04 <http://www.rental-car-canada. com> <a... by Rental Car Canada 8/6/04
How can A Hezrou demon have a caster level of 22 and an attack of nearly 40+ at only... by Alix Feanur 5/16/04
Hi, I am facing a problem in righting a query. I am not able to get the desired... by somu 6/26/04
On the 20 July Roxanne Harris will be applying for a visa but she would not be comming... by boo boo 6/25/04
I really need a tape of last night's show, Wednesday, May 19, 2004. I promised a friend... by KatieP 5/20/04
Could you please give the names of any breeders of wheatens in England or Wales as we live... by Irene 6/24/04
How do you concatenate 2 strings and store it in a variable? by Sri 5/17/04
I have two labs, brother and sister who are seven. Both of them cry out in their sleep. ... by Morgan Souza 5/14/04
How long does it take for an english cockerspaniel to give birth after being mated. by Asia  6/24/04
On the page I read that vcII+ was compatible with 4dtv.I have been losing channels to... by kman 5/13/04
I'm parsing a comma delilmitted data string using sscanf(),but have troubles when there is... by berte74 6/23/04
Write a program in 'c' language to merge the contents of two binary search trees into... by ravindra 5/13/04
Where is the voltage Regulator on a 3.0 liter engine Chrysler New Yorker. Thanks All by Arthur Henn 6/22/04
How to lock the userid /account on HP OS? To unlock the account,the command is: ... by Ashish Gujar 5/12/04
How to include the CGI conecpts in a network program of the c language by ash 6/21/04
I have a 17 week old Berner and for the last three weeks he has had inflammation on his... by Cole 5/16/04
Can i throw a mana card in any stage of my turn, if i did not throw it at the begining of... by Damian69 5/11/04
I would like to know the experience of people who have married in the UK and brought their... by bobby 6/20/04
What is the average percent yield of the copper product filtered from a reaction between... by Student 5/9/04
What is the quickest way to defrost frozen Marinated chicken or other meats? by Myri 5/9/04
In the discussion about shimmy are you considering this to be same as what I call high... by shann on Sullivan 5/8/04
Does anyone know the origin of the word "head" used in the pumping world? by Jac 5/8/04
Where could I find out what the weather is like in different parks of mexico by Eva Rios 6/18/04
I work for a company that produces educational programs for the healthcare industry. We... by J. E. Reinhardt 6/18/04
I am looking for the name of an arranger with the initials R.J.N. who arranged 4 part... by chris 6/18/04
while building cross tool chain for powerpc i'm getting error during glibc and linuxthre... by lalitha 9/7/04
how much would a canadian 1937 two dollar bill be worth? by allan 9/9/04
What is the function of spacing modifying characters? by Glyn 5/9/04
how can a Baha'i (Oregon) get on the official waiting list for the nine days pilgrimage in... by francoise 6/26/04
How can i create a .spec file for an apache-1.3.31 package rpm from the source. ..... Plz... by ash 6/16/04
Why is it that for thae vast majority, People that are prolife are also the same group... by Jim 7/5/04
     Because pro-life and anti-welfare are republican platforms, and a lot of people follow... by EMK 6/27/05
what web site can you go to find out where some body pericings are lacated? by moose 9/5/04
What are the names of Sonic'senemies? by bilbo_m 5/12/04
About a year ago, there was a virus out there that messed up my monitor. The virus does... by Bobby 6/13/04
I am a new programmer and have a few questions, any responses will be appreciated. Why... by Vilanye 5/3/04
Changing the trigger level of the Serial. I'm working on pcPentium. I have a serial... by Sharon 6/12/04
WHERE is alt.movies.silent? by Dan Navarro 5/30/04
Where can I get relevant information on how to start Islamic financial service co? by Idris 5/2/04
i need to know what insteruments were uesd in Emergency by JODA and how would you describe... by girlfriend206 6/22/04
Do we use ISDN or B-ISDN today to access the Internet? If so, how? by shruti 5/2/04
What is accomplished by random assignment? by ame 5/10/04
Battle that stopped the Muslims to advance into Wester Europe? by Alan 5/4/04
Ich habe in der Schule eine Aufgabe bekommen. Ich soll durch Versuche herausfinden ob mein... by Linda 5/1/04
I just bought a Puppy and she is about 2 months old. We have had her for about a 2-3... by Noodles 6/11/04
What's your problem? by FU 5/28/04
Will a King Charles Cavalier get along with a friendly, mellow cat? We'd love to get one... by Carol 5/5/04
I have a few older AIX machines (ver 4.x.x) that can only be reached via modem. When... by caltech68 6/9/04
What is the significance of "x" tattoed on the knuckles? by Maggie 5/2/04
My 10 month old female ragdoll Tess died today from leukemia. She had been at the vets,... by ed 6/8/04
Performing a double-sort I have a list of information that I want to sort by Contact... by Robin 5/3/04
I am a comic who lives close to Chicago and I am trying to find comedy clubs, bars, etc.,... by Big E 6/8/04
Show that seven colours always suffice by giving argument similar to the five colour... by Bonnie 6/8/04
I need to strips off the top N lines of multiple file. This can be done using the unix... by jyo 6/17/04
how much is the exchange of 25,000 pounds to the Canadian dollar? by ginger 6/18/04
what is video on demand? and where it is using ? From where will get the notes about the... by prasad 6/15/04
I own a '97 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L ATM,with ABS. On deceleration I hear a chirping coming... by Paul G 6/5/04
my son is on a student visa which expires sept 06,he has got engaged to an American Jewish... by naina 6/15/04
I have a 2002 Town&country and have the front blower resitor replaced 3 times and it just... by 6/4/04
I have an AK Serial Coyne/Towers $1,000 in solid EF condition. I am wondering 3 things... by Mike 6/3/04
whether it is possible to test stress by winrunner howit is done by thom 10/6/04
i have single 240V/20amp recepticle that was used by the previous owners for a window Air... by LG 6/13/04
what is entry criteria and exit criteria by ekta 10/10/04
i wanna download neocron2 but it says its not valid with win32 can i get rid of win 32 and... by taras 10/1/04
I am moving an awk script from an HP UNIX to NCR UNIX environment where it seems the gsub... by novice 4/30/04
How are computers used (in a good way)at the front gate in your facility? by CHEVEY 4/30/04
how much does getting your belly button piereced cost? with a ring? by brandy m 8/29/04

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