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Question / AnswerRatingDate
what does the first page of the book say @ the beginning of the show? It flips open so... by melneeton 5/3/04
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/15/2006
     Thanks!!! ringtones site. [URL=http://www.ringtones-dir.... by ringtones free 6/15/2006
     Hi! ringtones site. ringtones site free, ringtones site,... by ringtones free 6/15/2006
We have two Sun E3000 boxes running Solaris 8 and a Cisco Catalyst 3550 routing traffic to... by davepa 10/23/03
Please some help: I has p,q primes and different. Let p<q. We want is know... by teecher 12/3/03
anyone know of a fast food diet for a 22 year old first pregnancy?/ by trouc48 1/22/04
What are satanists view on the apocalypse? by researching 10/30/03
Is it possible to complete the bulk of law school by correspondence or via the Internet? by Pony Boy 10/21/03
I plan on purchasing a Brunswick table from my neighbor, the table needs to be taken... by Rudy 11/30/03
I believe I am poly. Or, I should say, I want to be poly...and feel it is a good fit for... by lillie 10/20/03
The group "above the law" had a song with the same music as juvenile's "set it off". What... by casey 10/20/03
Well i was wondering if you go to Vietnam what essential and recommended travel itms would... by Shelly 11/29/03
where can meet people with the same medical condition i have ? by reggie  1/22/04
Is there any method to click a 3D object in the window? Means Can I touch a 3D object at... by Srikanth 10/19/03
does anyone know of a person who sells this mis dog breed, half st. bernard and half... by boo 1/19/04
We have a 1yr old rotti,he has been having a problem.He get'san erection,urinates and... by DANIEL 11/28/03
Hello. I'm working on an article for The Sacramento Bee about the history and psychology... by Rasmi Simhan 11/28/03
I just purchased a Black female Lab, I have fallen in love with her already, as she is a... by Sandi 12/18/03
     You can register your litter with CKC but, your value will not be as high. You might want... by Ann 4/6/05
What is the original word that is now commonly replaced with the "X" in Xmas? and the... by Pat 12/18/03
     It had something to do with the P through an X. I can't remember the rest by redhawk 1/13/05
What is the different between Client server and others servers? by Sanjay 10/20/03
if b1>1601 b2=1.5 if b1<1600 b2=2 if b1<1500 b2=3 if b1<1299 b2=4 all this... by baffled 2/26/04
We have adopted a rescued husky . she is 4-5 years old. She is terrified of my husband,... by denise 12/16/03
     We have a chow that we took in that was very afraid of us but especially my husband. We... by dawn 3/11/04
Can you hang a 5 to 10 pound weight to a collar for a pitbull? by CHICO12/19/03
     Can I hang a 50lb weight to your neck asshole. by Whateva 2/16/05
Where did cannabis orginate? by weeksy 11/4/03
What schools have classes geared towards an education in rollercoaster design? Ke44zo@aol... by Dan 10/20/03
What 's online help? by chrs 11/3/03
I am having trouble making a verticle hem in nylon drapery sheers. The hem wants to get... by nonibonnie 11/25/03
i have a supposedly golden retriever puppy and my question is is it a full breed when... by flavor84 2/24/04
Repost. Thought System would prompt for Email. ( Where can... by Dave 10/14/03
Under what circumstance do organisations / companies write in the first person (and thus... by Christie 10/14/03
start key on power windows and cooling fan malfunctioned. key off. next key on both worked... by gear head Wittman 1/13/04
I've made my own player model, but when I play an OP4 internet game, other people only see... by GreenGraph 12/13/03
     eileen, kenya by Sunny 1/25/04
i want to know the working procedure of netants. can any one tell me the thing, how the... by sravankumar 2/23/04
Is anyone familiar with the version 12 business works software? by dolphins 1/16/04
     Yes I have been working with BW 12.4 for a while now 631-752-0055 by Ivan Reyes 1/22/04
     Hey Ivan. I tried to call you number but maybe its too late or something. I was wondering... by Speed 4/25/05
Frage zu Java3D: Warum bekomme ich beim Ausführen aller meiner Testprogramme nur einen... by Carmen 10/13/03
how do you give computer verses by god 3/10/04
Where can i buy good new/used childrens ice skate dresses in scotland. by kerrie western 11/22/03
what is the meaing of lans by neth 3/9/04
What is the result if you put a saltwater fish in a freshwater aquarium? by Caroline 1/11/04
     Most likely death... by Saviour 4/5/04
     it will explode like a A-bomb- to a saltwater fish , fresh water is like nuclear water to... by brap 9/26/2006
I am looking for a male yellow lab that is multi titled both in breed champion (conformati... by Loretta 2/20/04
     i need a small yellow lab male by hi 12/31/2006
I just purchased 4 1/2 mo. old female JRT. Her tail was not docked at birth. Can this... by emily'smom 11/20/03
I'm reading The Iliad in Classics at college, and I've been away for some of the work.... by Slushie 10/10/03
My 10 month old chocolate female has just gotten threw her first heat "Wheew", and her... by Jim 10/10/03
Its not a question/ This message is for people,and companies that flood peoples mailboxes... by Jim 11/19/03
Installing heater core on 1966 Belvedere, can someone help? by 1966 Belvedere 10/12/03
I have a 3 year old scottie that just started having leg cramps. Is there anything that... by DiAnne Johnson 1/9/04
     shorten her diet and put exercising back on the list. by yomen1/11/04
     Your scottie may have "scottie cramps" it is a genetic disorder and vitamin e is the... by GNEBRD 1/13/2006
The programming assignment is to create a “Long Integer” library with the following... by smart 11/18/03
is there a video l can watch on internet for every day amc soap by wasaga9 2/18/04
I would like to know how to juggle two diabolos. please help. Chris. ... by chris2/18/04
     get a life by dj 2/4/05
     well, first you have to be very confident with one diabolo. You need to be able to spin it... by Beardo 9/3/05
I am wanting to get a copy of the Oct.6, 2003 Monday night show with Jessica Simpson. Did... by Tiff 10/8/03
Is it possible for a hunting dog to discriminate the difference between a male and female... by Craig 12/8/03
     I don't think they have it in them instinctively but if you have male and female pheasants... by Skwanto 11/3/04
Hi, I would like to know if there is a UNIX version binary diff program that can be run... by yuma 11/17/03
I'm getting the following cryptic error message: error: abscissa values not monotonic In... by Israel 10/7/03
Which leg of the 240v circuit should I use to convert to a 120v recepticle, or does it... by Brian 10/7/03
I am trying to setup the Zxyel software. However, I cannot access it. I would like to know... by Shaun 10/6/03
Why would I find Newsgroups beneficial and how could I make use of them.In which way would... by catherine 11/16/03
am i a 12th or 1st house mars , ill give full details to those who request them , but... by peter_pan 2/16/04
I really do need help. There's an old issue of Tattoo Flash from 1996 or 1997, maybe 1998... by Eden 11/16/03
Experiment to compare the concentrations of sugars in grape fruit juice, lemon and fresh... by ivo 2/16/04
     I think the sugar concentration is the most concentrated in orange juice, followed by... by Rebecca 7/4/05
     bindhu by Ash 11/16/2006
how can i give input in the same line in read command? mean to ask when i give "Enter... by amit 11/26/03
can two ethernet protocols can be directly interfaced with each other without any... by kapil 2/15/04
how an i show bmp graphic in charater mode ? also i want to know how to view jpg? by foxbill 3/4/04
     all passwords by shygurl 12/18/04
My 6 month old puppy has frequent hiccuping fits. sometimes they are little, and other... by Tiffany 3/9/04
     pls dont worry - all dogs shake when they hiccup! by p 1/7/05
     it is not normal by clo bo 1/10/2006
     My 2 month old pup (lab) gets hiccups whenever she wakes up or gets excited. They scare me... by Corinne 5/11/2006
If my husband and I will be approved for a landed immigrant status, can I still go back to... by aly 10/4/03
We have inherited our son's 7-year old chihuahua who has developed over the last few years... by Barb 11/19/03
Ballpark, what's the ratio of 6x9 printed pages to 8.5 x 11 manuscript pages? Thanks by Luke10/3/03
Hi, I have question regarding immigration. My fiance , she is on V2 visa. her father... by Mike 12/3/03
     can i file for my adult sister, i have a green card by pooh 12/21/2006
List of name,year,category,and damage of the costliest hurricanes to hit the united states... by Dominique 11/13/03
Is it YaYaYaz or something else? by mel 12/31/03
     its the Yeah yeah yeahs if your talking' about the singing group by Skwanto 11/3/04
Do you know about the courses of Graphics & Animation ? by sal 10/6/03
I have an OES named Buffy.... she waits patiently for my return from work each day and... by Dennis 10/3/03
How can i make in-page links that will take you to diffrent sections of the same page in... by JavaMan 11/2/03
     You don't need to use javascript for that, its just HTML anchors, like this: <a... by ryan calgary5/14/04
I am a college student at Miami University. I was wondering if it would be impossible for... by juicy 11/12/03
i want to build my own usb devise i have one at present and i use a key board usb chip... by harry flight 2/12/04
Please give annotation detail about SPOT image i.e. date of acquisition,band number,sun... by MURUGANANDAM R 11/12/03
Mail server with self authentication for spam control: 1.We want to maintain a list of... by Basant 11/12/03
when did the dutch begin to build settlements along the Hudson river? by ernie 11/21/03
What was the TV show or movie in which there was a restaurant called The Greasy Spoon... by Dancedivam 10/1/03
can you tell me any thing about a melody majestic cruizer by jake 2/14/04
Explain the Instruction execution of 8051? by Rahul 10/9/03
can a dog have more than one dad by adam aldridge 4/18/04
     No only 1 sperm cell can get into the egg and fertilize it by Skwanto 11/3/04
I have a windows me which connects to internet through modem, i have installed red hat 9... by siva 11/8/03
2002 explorer valves and valve guides on the exhaust side went bad.Can someone tell me... by bobojo001 12/28/03
Hello! I'm doing a research project for a course I'm currently taking. I'm trying to find... by MrsBucky 10/3/03
I have a 1991 VW Passat, I need to know how to reset the radio so I can enter my radio... by Auxx 4/8/04
     Contact a VW dealer with your VIN No at hand VIN= Vehecle Identification-Number Proove... by Volker Reddig 5/2/04
     I have a 1991 vw passat gt the electric windows have stopped working there is 12v to the... by Bryan 10/12/04
     You will also have to provide them the serial number off the radio itself. Some dealers... by TheB3e.Com 12/17/04
I live in Austin Texas and I would like to know where I can find some groups or just... by Troy 11/8/03
what is Sudden Infant death syndrome? how does it occur? by shaey 11/21/03
i am anant (pursuing B.E.mech final year)please help me about solving the problem of... by rana 12/28/03
What are renie numerals? by TJ 11/5/03
i am looking for a toy male shih tzu. i live in northeast ohio. if anyone has info related... by jen 2/7/04
how to add to favorites? by dev 2/5/04
what is a shooting star? by Arnold McDrasckimpars 3/23/04
     A shooting star is actually a comet, made out of Iron, Silicate or both. when it is... by Hazel 10/7/04
after makeing full aqustment on the feeding arm.. the arm is not close enough to the... by dave 11/15/03
I have just changed to Eudora 6.1 and am receiving only the heading of my messages. but... by Beryl  Bleakley 11/3/03
We are trying to get cub scouts going in our town. Can you tell me what we need to do to... by Possum 11/3/03
I am trying to clone a mksysb from an h50 to an s7a. when the clone finishes and reboots... by Allyn 11/3/03
i want to see the hard disk free space of each drive on windows. also i want to access the... by bhavin 4/3/04
     i want free hard disk in network by ake123 11/23/04
when is key west woman's week in 2004 by carrie 2/10/04
what was the day at 4-august 1993 by Ali hussain 2/29/04
why do you think Cypher wants to return to the matrix? Do you think this is true for... by nicole 2/11/04
     i dunno by D 10/5/05
     things happen. by Catalyna 11/8/2006
i want to know about the impart internet would have on entertainment by mike 4/1/04
     WHAT IS INTERNET? by SHER 9/6/04
I purchased a male 5 month old shiba pup who is afraid of being in the house. He is much... by Saki 9/30/03
I am having trouble sending with Eudora and processing with the Mailwasher. I have checked... by looneylupine 9/29/03
Hello! what is it said on the chorus of "guilty" after line : make it a crime to be lonely... by gust 11/4/03
What does the ITO acronym refer to? by Dave 12/15/03
     ITO = Information Technology Outsourcing by Kitty Carlyle 10/12/04
are elemnt fiberlites easy to break.i only weigh like 90 lbs would that make a... by chadwick 2/27/04
     due, I'm 11 and 100 lbs. Fiberlight boards will not beak as easy as other boards. ... by Wll Rhodes 11/22/04
E:mail sent to Greta Britain using outlook is not reaching the addresses. Not receiving... by Bill 11/27/03
     you are soorry how much moony did you make off of holloways death i bet you dont care... by young blood 6/3/2006
What are the symtoms of a defective airmass sensors.I have a 94 GLX Passat. It stalls... by rich 11/1/03
what is its life cycle? by dave 1/14/04
everytime I try to get into the internet explorer the following pops up "performed... by April 11/5/03
what does the word milkshake refer to by jj 2/3/04
I am looking for the brass handle for a GE S22 radio. Does anyone have one for sale?... by John Graber 9/25/03
Who was the musical guest singer on Friday night's show - 2/20/04? She was terrific. by Ozzie 2/24/04
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/17/2006
     Thanks!!! car site insurance. [URL=http://www.insura... by insurance auto 6/17/2006
     Hi! car site insurance. car site insurance, The... by insurance auto 6/17/2006
I made almond bark this weekend and the next day the chocolate was spotted. Why did this... by Wendy 11/24/03
     Did you temper the chocolate? by LA Cook 10/22/04
I am an American Citizen and my wife is a green card holder. Because we're having our... by EPITT 11/24/03
     i'ma morocan male aged 23 years, i'ma morocan citizen now .i haven'tany problems i have a... by mohamed akrajai  8/28/04
We are using SuSE 8.2 and the filesystem uses the type reiser. Why is it impossible to... by sabine 9/23/03
We have a Denon EP-5000 Digital Piano, bought it about 10 years ago. Would really like to... by Jim Collins 2/22/04
     I too have a Denon EP-5000 Digital Piano bought in the early 1990s. I cannot find anyone... by mackinnon 6/7/05
     Hi I've got a manual for the EP-2200. I don't know how similar it is though. It's not... by magicvw 8/26/05
     @ Jim Collins: I have a DENON EP-5000 too and the same problem as you: it is not... by Endorf 5/19/2006
were can I find dobies in Ogden,Utah by chris 12/20/03
Qantas Flight 1 departs Sydney on January 2, 2004. Could you please tell me what time it... by Patricia 10/31/03
i want to know if anyone has a diagram of a pie that is cut into 16 pieces using only 5... by hayes 1/31/04
Location and replacement of a hall sender for a 94 VR6 Passat. by Rich 1/10/04
     hall sender is located in the distributor by nizar 4/17/05
Looking for vb weight software to determine items left after sales of small products by ayres 10/30/03
Why is there a timing problem with a fax when using account codes? by sonew 9/19/03
Please forward procedures with input information on obtaining user manuals for HP PC... by Jim Carroll 12/29/03
     McFadden by mf db 10/4/04
i read somewhere that there is a detectable difference between left/right, up/down in the... by joeg 1/28/04
I really want to know what is the name of the episode that Joxer makes the radish soup... by Tricia 1/28/04
     In Sickness and In Hell by FunsterJim 6/26/05
     its called in sickness and in hell by xwp 7/11/05
I need contacts with White Oak Timber Merchant from Finland and I can not get it from the... by Jamshed 1/28/04
     I am trying to find the exporters of red wood from Finland. Please let me know if you can... by Prasanth Padman 1/25/05
     i need buyer of wite oak in Finland by 7/30/2006
We are a small group doing research and we encounter the problem of running out of memory... by Newbie 9/17/03
Does anybody know the name of the book that Roger Bannister's coach wrote and Terry... by Jay 9/17/03
where is the fuse box in an 86' dodge aries by mitch 1/30/04
I've got a RS 6000 Machine#: 7013 Model#: 570. I have no video terminal and I can't start... by Luke 12/26/03
     Are you sure you're not plugging your monitor into an async adapter card? You might need... by dreddnott 7/24/2006
Compression for SVGz to reduce by 75% any experts out there? by lisa 9/19/03
We are interested in selling our Capehart furniture cabinet. The cabinet has been in our... by Connie and Gary 12/26/03
     Recently lost a Capehart of similar description in a home fire. To describe, ours was... by Mary Calhoun 8/17/04
I recently accepted a position as a construction inspector (new construction) for the... by TomFitz 9/15/03
Has anyone been able to interpret CI Q68, CII Q80 & 82. I believe I have and they all... by scoptus 10/24/03
how much does it cost to get your nipples pierced? and how long does it take for them to... by sarita 6/14/04
     it cost around 100 $$ and takes about 3 months to heal by monika7/3/04
     it only cost me 40 dollors...for the hole thing. and i wouldnt take it back for nothing ... by casey  9/3/04
     it can cost as low as $40 or I've only heard as high as $80. it just depends on where you... by bob 1/10/2006
what was Radar's teddy bears name. by AZZA 3/31/04
     IT didn't have a name! It was just know as Radars teddy bear by masher 11/7/04
     It didn't have one. by FunsterJim 6/26/05
I need e-mail address of LaFayette, Alabama Pilot Club International. A servce organizatio... by LaVenia 1/23/04
     am a guy of 22yrs by wasenega 6/1/04
     Don't have an email. Here's the address: P O Box 376 LaFayette, AL 36862 by no name 2/24/05
How many albums have the BEE GEE'Smade by media_man 10/31/03
I would like to remove the AC system. Does any one know for any guides on how to remove... by Hondas_For_Breakfast 9/12/03
How do I get a copy of a Letterman show (July 25, 2003), Dave was talking about his dental... by Rick 10/22/03
I am new in C++. Following syntax does not work with Windows XP: .... ofstream outFile;... by DjKresa 9/17/03
how a receiving fax machine receives a faxed message by pop 1/24/04
Do I need to purchase a house now or wait until my husband goes to school we are in r... by Chrystel 10/20/03
Where can I find the ballast resistor on a 92 Dodge Van? by Den 9/12/03
how much is a ticket 2 go 2 whales by babygirl 1/27/04
I have a female GSD and what I'm wanted to know is: Is there any successful handling for... by Dancer's mom 9/8/03
My grand-daughter attends day-care,and her teacher had a cold sore on her mouth.What are... by LeapinLizurd 1/28/04
     In my state there are no rules about cold sores in daycare facilities. A cold sore is as... by Dawn 3/11/04
     Hi, I work in a daycare and yes you can be there, we just have to avoid contacting the... by Amanda 10/15/04
I am looking for the board game Wadjet. It seems to be nonexisting. Can anyone help. by Debbie 12/8/03
     Debbie, I bought the board game Wadjet a while ago but never played it. If you're... by tiki_57 1/2/04
     I recently bought Wadjet at Enjoy! ~Kitty by kitty2874/17/04
How does one distinguish between the nuances of the English language, including the... by Swati 9/8/03
     I have some one dollar bills from 1899 that i would like to find the value of... by eve 9/21/2006
What made the sealers in the 18th century come to New Zealand? by ranze 9/10/03
I have a new puppy, he is younger than the breeder told us he was. He is 5 weeks, 2 days.... by Caryn  9/11/03
detail of link list by shikha 2/24/04
3 Postproduction Clients of mine have asked me to find several very Imaginitive, Artistic... by David from animatedpeople 10/25/03
what is the name of song #4 or 5 on after da kappa 2k4 (where he say he popped his trunk... by mooky 7/14/04
     tum-tum of dsr by g gunk 8/13/04
     04 - Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall - Still Tippin 05 - Big Tuck, Tum-Tum and Fat... by dooz 6/23/05
     DON'T KNOW by JELLY 7/12/05
I wanted to know how you people sleep at night. I gave my heart and soul for a woman, and... by Patrick 11/4/03
     Hang in there. You'll find the right one. She's out there. Not all women are like that. I... by dawn12/9/03
We have encountered a possible Motif bug where doing an XmDeleteAllItems call on a ListBox... by Jonathan Fredland 10/14/03
Are there any Blue Tonkinese that get lighter with age instead of darkening? by Sam 11/4/03
     Yes, Our Tonk's coat has gotten lighter over the past couple of years. by Ginnie 1/31/04
A CHP officer responded to an accident in El Darado County. My friend Bill was in shock as... by sarah g 11/3/03
     Your friend was asked to do these tests because the officer was doing a thourough... by answer 11/18/05
how can I go about transferring my AA frequent flyer miles to a pool to be used by... by Bill 10/23/03
If I have a voracious cobra(first strike and when voracious cobra deals combat damage to a... by Smaug_The_Dragon 11/3/03
     No - Voracious Cobra's effect is triggered only on combat damage, whereas the ability from... by Kitsune 4/17/05
I need to find a cable box part called an "ic" with the model number: m1601-13 Where can... by Felish 3/13/04
     Don't Know by Tina 3/16/05
     i am inform you my msn as is ,could you add me.we can talk about... by angela 11/15/2006
     accept by avner1111 3/24/2007
looking 4 info re; the rides known as looper lindy looper, & rock & roll , the diffs, who... by ken 1/13/04
what is the number for the declaration cafe bar in arbroath please by shirley 1/13/04
What if you think someone is using your social security number. by jack 12/12/03
     report it to the social security administration by dawn 3/11/04
i am here in USA since march 2001. Continous stayed for 30 months. can i apply for... by annu 10/22/03
i would like a copy of Dave's Oct. 15th interview with Brian Green to show to middle... by zeke 10/22/03
How is the orbital period of a planets satellite determined.? Forgive my naivety, but i'm... by Michael. 9/2/03
I open my program file in Windows and there is nothing there, except the window say that... by Jford 9/2/03
Have a 3yr old female. Looking at adopting another female same age. Can I put them... by gordon 9/2/03
what is the party of the vice presidentand the presidedint :( by 01543 1/14/04
My mane is Lori. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have a 16 month old male... by Lori 9/5/03
What are the pros and cons of both having our male 8 month old neutered? by jack 10/20/03
1973 Carver Santa Cruise Greetings, Hope you can help me with this question: Should... by Greg 10/20/03
I am doing a report for school. I need to know about hoses and belts in a neon 2.4 turbo.... by olds87 10/10/03
Any samples for this: A chapter that explains the design of the spreadsheet when... by Sara 10/10/03
I have adorable bassett pups with great pedigrees. I beleive that a couple of them have... by quivverfull 10/8/03
How do I find a college that existed in 1987 in Mesa AZ. Previously called American... by lady s 10/8/03
why are search engines free? by Mick 2/26/04
     Just like television (advertising) by dawn 3/11/04
Is there a comparison list available on the Internet of bug or defect tools and their... by Rod Sharp 10/8/03
how the qur'anwas given to muhammed pbuh by suntannedkez 1/15/04
where can i find some recipes on vegetarian sushi by sierra 3/10/04
     look for a cookbook, it's old, called Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin, at a used... by bikerbarbie 3/25/05
what is the production number for my special edition caprice impala by redd 5/7/04
     12 because it the day of my birthday by merly 11/3/05
     1973 chevrolet caprice convertible by sbrathwaite 1/1/2007
Does anyone know what to do about the relentlessness of TV Guide advertising? This is a... by pip 9/1/03
How often do sugar gliders breed? by gremlin 9/24/03
im looking for dean bulers email address in leeds by denise 3/8/04
     keplinger by jason 8/15/2006
bonjour Est ce possible de modifier une chaine de caracteres d' une variable et comment... by henry 10/15/03
where could I find a job that I would haft to use the computer. by tee 11/24/03
how to decompress a image in Java project and give the source code? by akila 10/14/03
What Rolling Stone song contains the line "No One Else's hand will do." by LouAnn 10/3/03
Getting error message sysplanaro has detected a problem the service request number is... by jima10 12/2/03
     Hola Hombre, this means you have the same problem, than a little sheepf*cker down in... by boelli 1/25/2007
Are you familiar with the strategy games @ ? by Keoke 8/31/03
I would like to know the guest bands last week on the conan'sshow. Can't find any info by goose 10/1/03
What are the procedures used in Redox Direct Method or Caraway Method? The principle use... by Chel 8/30/03

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