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Question / AnswerRatingDate
How do i get symbol for partial differentiation.(dopa) by kamy8/3/03
Im looking for a newsgroup of suppliers where I can buy some parts of machines. Where can... by kit7kat6/28/03
How can I (using Lotus 123 Ver 9)create a macro routine that can access a Lotus Script... by BORIS8/21/03
     HOW DO I CREATE LOTUS 123 IN WINDOWS 98 by UMA 6/24/04
I would like to know of a reliable and java report generator that can be embedded and... by antaryami pradhan11/30/03
     wherere are you when gsfgfs by mattu 7/18/05 by jenny maranda 3/8/2006
I need to replace some wiring (which was eaten by critters) and can't find anything like... by John Traynor9/15/03
     well it means (partially) that its temperature-rated to 105 degress celcius, is 22 gauge... by John 10/16/03
how do i get to Highams Park Chingford by public transport from totteridge by Mckenzie8/20/03
     34 from barnet to walthamstow then take a 212 that will take you to highams park by bella9/25/03
My Jack Russell gave birth 1 week ago and one of her mammary glands is swollen, hard and... by lisa9/9/03
     that was good i am having the baby now! by cat 5/4/2007
what laws are there when an email has been clicked send by xx11/8/03
image must be in color or grayscale resolution of 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high 24... by zico11/2/03
I need to find some statistical information on various countries in South America. by Joseph Halt8/29/03
     Read the relevant entries in the CIA Factbook. by tom 10/25/03
i installed eibach springs on my jetta 4. after compleating the job the metal cap does not... by paul10/28/03
I have a Gateway 2000/ came with a 233mh processor/ I want to go DSL and must upgrade to... by Rick8/2/03
     GET A NEW COMPUTER!!! by bob12/16/03
can 10 horses be put in one stall by pipi2/9/04
     Yes. Build a very BIG stall. by Cowboy Pete 3/16/2006
     write out the words ten horses with no spaces and it will fit in 9 stalls by Hope 12/24/2006
How dsl works step by step? What is main purpose of this technology? How to install dsl... by tey10/6/03
     How dsl works step by step? What is main purpose of this technology? How to install... by shani3/31/04
     How dsl works step by step? by Shawn 9/5/05
     When you connect to the Internet, you might connect through a regular modem, through a... by Shakti Sharma 11/30/05
Has anyone ever heard of the Dacbert Music Co. in San Antonio, TX. I have seen a trumpet... by satchmo779/15/03
     i have a dacbert music co. trumpet 74355 by boomer5/3/04
     David Dacbert, the owner, sexually molested me. He is no longer in business. by jm 6/18/05
will i get the admission in the iim in the coming 2004 year by saris10/15/03
i wouldlike a step by step guide on how to construct a hanglider by mokushjg10/15/03
Recipe for making faux plaster out of cheap, non-toxic, ingredients. We need to manufactur... by Patricia10/3/03
     1cup flour with 1/4 cup oil and 3 Tbsp. sugar. it's just a ratio. also try not to get it... by Intra 8/19/04
     PMBNnVpqhq dsKE2Gvsv2 icuGbQSJmC8 by ml6Hms6mYG 2/20/2006
A patient got a 24 hour urine protein test done. The result shows the urine protein as... by rs9/3/03
     Scientificly speaking you need to conduct the experiment more then once, recommended over... by The Pro.10/13/03
     i had a 24-hour urine test done two weeks ago and my protein in the urine was 236mg and a... by ds 3/10/2006
I am using a VPN firewall FVL328 from Netgear with firmware version 1.4 Release 17 i have... by psecas10/27/03
     What mode FVL328 worked with? NAT disable or enable? If disable, You can add more. If... by Carl_Net3/10/04
     do not use the fvl328, it has tremendous problems. Use the fvs318 instead. the fvl 328... by hercky4/23/04
     The FVS318 is not a substitute for the FVL328. The 318 handles only 8 VPN endpoints while... by wangvs 11/6/04
i have aol instant messenger but i have friends that use aol. theres is someone using aol... by lukeswfy18/25/03
how does Litchi fruit juice or squash help the children to grow and to be active by sush9/9/03
     haha i really dont bored by dolly***daydream 3/29/2007
     Fuel Pump Relay driver side Front ..~ I have a major Prob Like Yourself,,,,,,,... by DSmooth1ds7/22/04
     The fuel pump is in the gas tank.....gonna replace mine too. I just replaced the... by Verde SAR Dog 10/6/04
     I've found that replacing the fuel pump is the best solution to that problem. by redeyeb58 10/23/04
     Just replaced the fuel pump in my 1994 Dodge Dakota. Cost for the pump was $267.00. ... by Jerry Olson 11/30/04
     cold be crank sensor by jonny   1/3/2006
     i am trying to find a used fuel pump for my 94 dodge Dakota. IT STOPPED WORKING WE TOOK... by Dess 7/13/2007
My code contains cat FILENAME|while read A B C do ----------- ----------- done. Wile... by raj8/22/03
     Use a gum to fix the broken pipe by junk2838905/27/04
     I can't. I cribbed something, viz. <code> while read line do echo $line done... by jgooner 6/25/05
what to do when your hydrolic lifters stop adjusting properly after only 16ooo miles? 2... by juicy8/5/03
what is the price of the captain pirate hats with embroider? by ky10/7/03
     hi by della 8/31/05
     I love Steve Irwin by CC 8/10/04
     I WANTED TO KNOW what Steve thinks about the problem in Florida with three people being... by Paul Poehling 5/18/2006
     Bush by Baz 9/6/2006
1. What happend in general whan a computer program is executed? 2. What are the... by Siraj ul Hassan7/12/03
     Hi, Answer 1: This can vary depending on the type of central processor unit and the... by Chris Hale7/14/03
     fred said go to bed by libby 10/31/04
I am replacing a 230 V water pump with a 115V can I use one side of the existing wiring? by Norman7/15/03
     Yes you can. Joint one wire(white) from pump to ground neutral. Joint other(black) wire... by Nick8/24/03
     that shoudl work, in theory. depending on how everything is wired for you... just make... by John10/16/03
     because of the different amperage draw amps double when voltage is halved the wire may... by alxnick 10/20/03
     One cause for vomiting blood is exposure to anti-freeze, which many outdoor/stray animals... by sydney 1/29/05
     The cat may have eaten another cat that had sharp nails. Thus cutting the inside, you... by tim 5/27/05
     it sounds like he might have had Feline leukemia :( by natasha 10/18/2006
While using ADO Library 2.0, the WillChangexxx, WillMovexxx and WillCompletexxx events for... by Abbasi8/25/03
     please i need your help on how to connect ado to vb.i want to know how to use willchange,w... by daniel onah 7/1/04
     While you are using ADO 2.1 or new version, when you use Adodc you have to change the... by aShaikh 11/20/05
What is Defect Matrix? by Malu8/22/03
     Traceability matrices are used to trace requirements to test cases in order to ensure that... by Nagraj 12/23/04
     Defect Matrix lists and describes the defects fixed in a release by Nagaraj 3/23/05
i have been weight traing for the last 4 years but i just dont get weight . my height... by sameer12/20/03
     how can I get the best looking arms without the supplements????? by Redman 1/19/2006
     i need to lose more weight by sally 1/28/2007
What is the opposite of the word opposite? by Erica11/8/03
     same, identical, alike something like that by dawn12/9/03
     opposite of the " sad" by khamphet1/9/04
     similar by Nyachoti Sambu 9/7/04
     LAME what is your problem people by Dude man 9/27/05
how to share internet from one system to another by basha12/20/03
     ok by sagar 6/9/05
     i dont know i also want to know about this by saji 3/6/2006
what is a credit card number by justin1/25/04
     What is a CARD NUMBER. by Rodrica 12/13/04
     idghjm mn,kml,kl hgfjnncv vcdfghytjyj by sadie 5/2/05
     I DON'T KNOW by EKANEM 6/1/05
I would like to know the usage of 'If and only if' and the meaning of the same in a... by Ritesh9/15/03
     "X if and only if Y" expresses the 'material equivalence' of X and Y. Logically it is the... by John Nowakowski9/22/03
     Ritesh, "If and only if" is generally used in common language to emphasize to someone... by Mikey9/28/03
     Mr. Mikey: I humbly apologize for my rudeness in objecting to your error. However, I... by John Nowakowski9/30/03
     I humbly apologize for my rudeness in objecting to your error. However, I believe it is... by Mikey 10/1/03
     Ha! Thought you could get rid of me that easily, eh? You ARE correct (except in one... by Mikey 10/1/03
     Jeezz..wotta mess.. John, if you want to see what I really said up there (especially my... by Mikey 10/1/03
     Mikey First, let me say I am not necessarily disagreeing with your pronouncements on... by John Nowakowski10/1/03
     Rats... Stand by, John. I haven't left in a huff, it's just that the "real world" keeps... by Mikey10/3/03
     Wanted to Thank you both, John and Mikey, and Ritesh, for the question that started that... by marv11/9/03
I adopted a 2 1/2 year old JRT- Howie, without having read about them first! And now I... by Lolly7/25/03
     place the dead carcass around his neck for some time after he kills a fowl. by guinea8/16/03
     Each breed of dog was bred for certain characteristics, both physically and behaviorally. ... by Lisa8/24/03
     I have a JRT and he just loves anything he sees. I have found that as long as what ever he... by Sarah11/4/03
     Well, you used the work 'adopted'...... and that means for better or ...... We have a... by Wanda Witherington 1/25/2007
Hi could anyone tell me how to get the movies I download in rar format to play on my... by tommo10/7/03
     The format you are downloading it in.. you can rip the movie into many different types of... by The Pro.10/13/03
     i need to downloading a movies with that paying by lil'ej 9/8/05
     hi anyone know any sites where i can download videos that are in rar format or something... by bob 10/5/2006
     hi i like to know what is the best site to download movies from and also the best torrent... by jasmine 11/9/2006
can two fax machines receive the same fax on the same line? by bobsanders4910/7/03
     No they will not. A fax machine has a modem built into it that demodulates the audio fax... by Steve 3/20/2006
     No. (took 4 years for someone to answer this??) by Me 6/20/2007
how do anyone get their comic books story, pictures of cartoon characters and pictures... by ricardo kellam3/4/04
     i was told that you can put it in an envelope and mail it to our address and when it comes... by killer kasper5/11/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     comic books are for little soldiers like you James, who have no control over reality, and... by your biach! 9/21/04 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     You put your name then c with a circle around it then the year eg 2007 & that will cover... by Domingio 2/12/2007
if you have once smoked but don't anymore can you become straight edge? by adam8/1/03
     yep read the link http://www.faqs. org/faqs/cultures/straight-edge-faq/ by cheesey8/21/03
do you have a javascript source code for polynomial function computation and graph... by spirit7/30/03
     Try this: http://mathstat.carleton. ca/~amingare/mathzone/download.html by Phil 8/13/03
i wanted to save the output which appears in the console window in running a normal c++... by sridhar kidambi9/18/03
     That's a bit tricky. It's easy in Linux--you use the "tee" command. In windows, you can... by tom 10/25/03
     redirect the output to a file. for eg. in the command prompt, C:\>Killme >... by jana 12/26/03
I have a 98' Neon DOHC ... with strange set of symptoms... The NEON fuel pump would cut... by Don10/26/03
     Actually I'm having the same problem with mine. It draws the codes 1-2 4-3 4-3 5-5 I... by McFly 1/2/05
     The 12 code is just the mark that your battery has been disconnect in the last 50 starts,... by Serge 3/26/05
     Check inside of the power distributor (where the relays and etc are) sounds like a loose... by KoBushi 6/21/05
     did you find out what is wrong. I have the same problem with my neon by Bob 11/14/05
     clean out the fuel rail to start with u might have a case of neonits by jeeppower 3/23/2007
how to write random number generation program in 8085? by amit10/3/03
     You should use a library random number routine rather than writing your own. Getting a... by tom10/25/03
     119,056.69 by Ball Ronson6/5/04
     hkghk khkjh khkjh khjk kjhjk . by xxxx 9/28/05
i am looking for the name of a song i only know a few line......theres a tree out in the... by layla2/28/04
     I was trying to find the same song. THe artist is Reba Mcintre. Did you find the whole... by jERRY 12/20/04
     last name? by radioactiveboy 1/26/05
     If I can not sleep with you maybe I can have a date by gypsy  2/23/05
     It's by Tanya tucker.... by MJ 2/24/05
     Strong enough to bend by Tanya Tucker by apmk329 5/5/2007
what is mirtazon by just me10/15/03
     The antidepressent mirtazapine. by tom10/25/03
     Helps People Commite Sucide Yay! by Neil 11/13/2006
what country makes baclava by aecuite12/7/03
     That's a Greek dessert. So yeah, Greece by CelticArcher12/23/03
     most Mediterranean countries e.g. Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Greece and may be... by peelee1/9/04
     Haven't you ever been to greek town that food is all over there so I'd have to say Greece by Meremey 12/8/04
     Recently I found that also in Near East Asia Baklava is a known desert. It appears to be... by philip 3/7/05
     You forgot Romania by eu_ro 3/7/2006
     i have hardly any and i don't know why by Shannon5/13/04
     hello were you the one also who said you went to school wiith her prince and mani were... by niecey 12/14/04
     Yes. Mani actually came over last night and dropped off a box of fresh toronto oranges and... by Sagnik 2/14/05
     Idk i would like to know to if you want um, can contact me at xmusicologybabex@aol.... by Nikki 5/7/05
     I would write to Paisley Park for the attendtion of prince rogers nelson and also mani. ... by Ian 6/6/05
     time to release the inner shift key within all of us I suppose by BooDOoo 6/27/05
     how did world war 2 start by dillon 4/28/2006
I'm interested in any feedback on the Roland SI-24. Specifically the pre-amps. Thanks in... by smudge9/14/03
     There are no pre-amps..... by blah1/5/04
     There are 8 decent sounding pre's All of my recordings have come out sounding excellent. ... by B 4/23/05
     There are Pre-amps but they only provide 15v of phantom power, not the standard 48v by Kablam 8/12/05
     There are pre-amp but they only provide 15 rather than 24v. There is an XML file that you... by SI-24 Owner 9/23/2006
     Ive worked with one ,there are preamps on every mic channel and they are surprisingly... by Kenn159 12/16/2006
how do i play halflife on a Local Area Network between my two computers, i cant figure it... by mike8/24/03
     i have no clue' by B Dogg 3/15/04
     not clue by bye 4/5/04
     kimono by benoben 9/9/2006
     Karmen by benoben 9/9/2006
how to find an e-mail address in pakistan by helpsecker4/5/04
     hi which to join u here ok by lijjy 1/21/05
     hi i find girl 16 and also good friend by nomi 3/12/05
     my contact number 021410957 by shahid 7/13/05
     A friend of mines lives in Lahore Pakistan. His name is Nisar Khawar help me locate his... by Val 6/2/2006
     hi salam sab ko by afaq 8/26/2006
     zalay sarhadi by kalis 2/4/2007
     yabinda by haris 5/24/2007
what is the chain surveing? by mido9/23/03
     surveing by ramin2/13/04
     The survey accomplished with the help of chain and tape to measure the linear distances... by Rajenra acharya 5/22/05
     utgkfy by africano 11/24/05
     wild factors by habib 11/28/2006
troubleshooting guide for 89 dodge caravan 3.0 motor by dan10/26/03
     89 dodge van transmission stop working was not going bad fluid still red hit a pot hole... by houseboy 11/28/05
     When installing my deck it is not receiving any power, neither is any of the interior car.... by PeterPat 10/21/2006
     My daylight running lights will not go off. I can not find a switch or how to disconnect... by Leonard @ Wilcox 4/20/2007
     ihave a dodge 1990 a 3.0 when it gets wormd up and driving for 15 miles then stop at the... by raymond   5/28/2007
I'm 22 years old and I've suffered with severe emotional distress and mood swings my... by Sarah8/12/03
     Hi Sarah, I know somewhat how you feel. I've also dated someone for 6 yrs who seems... by phil8/13/03
     The symptoms you describe are consistent with bipolar disorder (aka manic depression). ... by tom10/25/03
     I believe I have some form of mental disorder. I cry at the drop of the hat. I become... by Help 12/13/03
     i'm10 years old i need a cell phone my mom said i can get that is why i trying to win a... by vanna1/21/04
     i dont have an answer, just looking at myself and hearing bits and peices that i relate... by troubled caveman 2/28/2006
     Its possible that you don't have a mood disorder, but a personality disorder. Borderline... by razortongue9000 4/29/2006
     Get a strong moral and spiritual life!!! Be consistent in how you do things...Am 22 years... by Sam 3/25/2007
how is the sound produced on a thumb piano?????????? by aussi2/7/04
     The sound on a "thumb piano" is largely a function of the rate of vibration of the "key"... by stevec6/10/04
     HOW IS SOUND PRODUCED ON A PIANO ????????????????????? by franx 9/1/05
     Thumbsilly? ??? by .mark 10/21/05
     The sound is created by the force you use on each key and it vibrates.So that make the... by imashutu 12/30/2006
The boat used in the film Jaws is located on the beach of which USA town? by Tony9/24/03
     It's on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Gloucester, maybe...? by tom10/25/03
     Amity Island in Massachusetts. by stacey10/30/03
     Jaws was filmed on Marthas Vineyard island in Massachusetts. I have recently seen a... by Bobo1/16/04
     Amity Island off America's East Coast by xstaceyx5/21/04
     Jaws WAS filmed on Martha's Vineyard off the coast of southern New England. The fishing... by Jonny UK7/10/04
     hi i sont know where it is by Lo 9/24/04
     We vacationed in Menemsha this summer and surveyed the remains of Orca II. It rests on a... by Passages 12/19/04
     the boat is in gloster MA legalseafood bot it by vin 5/27/05
     Martha's Vinyard is correct. There is NO actual 'Amity Island' on the East Coast. The... by killer 12/12/05
     Amity Island by ME!! 1/15/2006
     Jaws was filmed on Martha's Vineyard. There is no Amity Island, and if there is...... by MVFISHERMAN 11/23/2006
How big of a truck does someone use to tow an Ericson 27'. My husband and I have been... by Kspit8/31/03
     I looked at towing capacity on a regular toyota tundra, they are rated at 5230 lbs. An... by Landon 11/12/03
     We just bought a 2003 24ft Springdale Travel Trailer. The dry vehicle weight is 4000. We... by AAkins 3/24/04
     I just purchased a 1975 Ericson 27 in the Los Angeles area. I drove down and pulled it... by Ifly2 9/17/04
     get a ford excursion by fay 1/21/05
     Hi - While motorcycle racing, I towed a 6x12 box trailer all over east of the Mississipp... by mrbluenose 8/18/2006
     I have towed a Balboa 27 approx 6000lbs. for years and thousands of miles from Wa. state... by H.A. 9/23/2006
     I may have a pristine Ericson 26 (1985) available for sale by 7/1/2007, as I'm considering... by Mark 6/26/2007
what is adolescence by billbis8/25/03
     Life after Puberty. Life before Adulthood. by GrowKey 8/29/03
     typically 13-19 by John 10/16/03
     Nature's sense of humor. by bubster007 10/4/04
     Determined by the time and place due to not every culture having a prolonged period... by Caz 3/12/2007
     adolesence is to be in a puberty stage. by langutanimasingita shibambu 4/23/2007
if anyone can help me i am looking for my father and other reletives in Germany. I... by scottish shadow2/29/04
     hi "scottish shadow", here i am! i hope you are not just kidding. well, your approximatio... by surfdog 3/30/04
     Hello, i'm Manfred Ehlert, the brother of your father and I live in Bremen. If you have... by Manfred Ehlert 7/23/05
     can you help me find my dad please , by Lindsey 8/23/05
     i need my dad please help i miss him i just want him to hold me please. by Lindsey 8/23/05
     help help i need to find my father and aunt and cousins by natasha jones 9/1/05
     Michael Jordan by Clayton Jamar. Mills 12/20/05
     I am looking for my father Dennis Ivan Rosenstock I am a love child I really need to know... by Adlena Jones 1/12/2006
     I'm looking for my dad I'm15 and I'mhis only child his name is Eddie Charles Roberts 37 i... by beckahof spades 1/5/2007
     You should post your question on by Gt 1/19/2007
     hi my name is kristine l wakatani. i am locking for my dad . i will like to see my... by kristine l  wakatani 1/20/2007
     i need to my real father. i need help. I'm sick and tired of my mother. sometimes i rather... by raven simone ford 4/26/2007
what was the building connor Clapton's died in falling out to his death? by no7/15/03
     a skyscraper by felix 3/19/2006
     The Trump Tower by Susan 5/1/2006
     he fell to his death in a New York aparment bless him i feel really sorry for him when i... by emma 5/2/2006
     Eric Clapton's four year-old son, Connor, fell 53 floors to his death through the open... by Maria C 5/23/2006
     somewhere in NY. a 53 story. by Dermetzger 6/30/2006
     williams tower by zack 7/26/2006
     De Santos Highrise by Ricky 8/27/2006
     Connor Clapton fell from an open window in an apartment on the 53d floor of the Galleria... by pioneer 9/7/2006
     Apartment by BoomSheka 2/10/2007
     Out of respect, you shouldn't ask these questions, how'd you feel if you were reminded... by RC 4/12/2007
why girls always be the victims in love life by fatyn8/23/03
     because the guys are, too. by Nokey 8/29/03
     Girls are victims because they are not street smart. Most are gullible and are easily... by Gringo9/1/03
     Because they are very sensitive by TaaToo6/20/04
     because guys leave them when they get what they want from them by Raven7/3/04
     because men are superior to women in every way by steve7/18/04
     i think guys leave girls when there the most sensitive because girls want to start a... by Joe 9/4/04
     Kokopelli is hanging out in Canton,Ohio How else would 65 High School girls become ... by Kokopelli 8/23/05
     Girls aren't, it's just that girls are the most prominent cases of victims. By love life... by unrequited 12/2/05
     cheeze balls u lick the ball sack every night and wank over ur sister fingering her ass... by cheeze 3/5/2006
     Because we are stupid and can't see through men's lies, if we slowed down a little and... by Krystallyne 7/30/2006
     because girls are so fabulous boys are always there by pretty 8/22/2006
where can i find the different kinds of viruses? by ram10/3/03
     Any decent book on microbiology will give you a broad taxonomy of the different types of... by tom10/25/03
     For computer viruses, you should poke around the Symantec and McAfee websites. by tom10/25/03
     I started in Amsterdam and worked my way out. by bubster007 10/4/04
     I started in Amsterdam and worked my way out. by bubster007 10/4/04
     I think you should probably go to ask Jeeves and type your ? there. he might have a good... by jo 11/10/04
     i dont know know tell me. by boxcarracer565 12/16/04
     go away by none of your buiness 2/26/05
     uighuihuihuihuj by lllllll,'l 12/1/05
     I invented a invention that is supposed to help kids to do homework, but Instead it picks... by Kay Lyons 4/27/2006
     twittered by the student by win win 1/26/2007
     Well what u should try is go to the local corner and find u a NICE HOE and take her to you... by Big  4/4/2007
     supercalifragalisticexpealidocious by emily 4/23/2007
Does anyone know where to find good black light posters besides one major .com company... by iggybug2/1/04
     We sell blacklight posters as well as movie, music and a lot of other posters. What are... by 9/19/04
     I have several from the late 60's and early 70's. Most are of the Beatles, others are Bob... by gloriejean'smom 1/11/05
     no but if you or anyone else want to get some cool new stuff for £20 which is $40. then... by shulsberg 2/24/05
     ebay is the best place by D 2/24/05 by n3wv 4/11/05
     I found the best Black Light Poster site: They have... by Andy 5/4/05 custom blacklight posters for that one of a kind gift! by terk 6/7/05
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     We create and print our own 3-D black light posters. 3-D based on color. So we provide ... by wizardangel 6/29/2006 has a ton of black light posters. by Troy 10/4/2006 makes custom blacklight posters by terk 2/26/2007 cfm by LNWD KDD 6/20/2007 They can make any picture into a blacklight poster. I had a... by Terk 6/24/2007
     First of all why do you have an 8 week old puppy? Responsible breeders do not let their... by Sue11/16/03
     everyone thinks that chihuahuas are fragile because they are small. treat him like you... by jonny anomaly1/19/04
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     Just take your puppy to an vet as soon as possible. And they will let you know everything... by Karico1/30/04
     first of all this woman sue doe not know what she talking about. Second of all I have a... by jk1/31/04
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     DON'T feed pedigree. I fed it to my puppy chihuahua, and it suddenly had stomaches. I... by anne2/1/04
     Where ever you bought your puppy from shouldnt be selling puppies. The breeder i bought it... by Tanya2/2/04
     The puppy throwing up clear liquid is pretty common after you first bring him/her home. ... by jk2/2/04
     Sue - great answer!!! You criticize the man but offer no remedy or corrective course of... by Javi2/9/04
     i agree , this sue women should shut up ! i'm looking for a chihuahua 2 and am finding it... by lilly3/10/04
     Lilly, When I was looking for a "teacup" chi, I went to my local dog parks, and talked to... by Chilover3/14/04
     nfsknksfnvlfsl;flsb;vs;Fb;DFJ;blbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb... by jkkk3/17/04
     I am getting a Chihuahua in 1 week from today. I am a little nervous cause this is our... by saran253/19/04
     Chihuahuas do not go well with children but I'm sure it can work. I've just been told that... by Phoebe.3/20/04
     Vets and breeders are completely against Pedigree. I went to a rescue once and the... by Phoebe.3/20/04
     By the way, to all new puppy owners. If you lock them up, expect a buttload of yelping.... by Phoebe3/20/04
     I just got my first chi puppy two weeks ago. He was 10 weeks old. I love him, he is so... by jean3/24/04
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     Vic, Does your Chihuahua have its first set of shots yet? Let me tell you, it doesn't... by maple274/5/04
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     i have a chihuahua she is 19 months old and would like to add to the reply saying... by lou 8/13/04
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     I have one year old chihuahua and can not get it to stop going to the washroom in the... by kim 10/25/04
     i have a 6 week old chihuahau and im not sure exactly hwo much to feed it so i have left... by jj 10/25/04
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     As far as potty training your puppy, I find if you use a kitty litter box works well in... by Colorado 11/4/04
     new account, need help with 4 week old chi. her mother was run down by a car. by lost, help. 11/9/04
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     i would like to ask i am getting a new chihuahua on thursday and i am absolutly petrified... by chichilover 12/28/04
     hi there, we are getting a 9 week chihuahua tomorow and we dont really know much about... by Gemma Lock 12/31/04
     hi there, we are getting a 9 week chihuahua tomorow and we dont really know much about... by Gemma Lock 12/31/04
     Me and my girlfriend have a 2 year old chihuahua and we recently switched his food to this... by jgk 1/3/05
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     yous all needs to learn yourselfs bout rite gramer. mine chih are better than yous chi, n... by grammar nazi 2/9/05
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     I have a one year old pomeranian dog, he's been sick, and I read that grapes are FATAL to... by Little Pom 3/16/05
     sorry to be off topic, but i have a 9 week old pomeranian puppy, and she has a couple of... by rileysmypom 4/5/05
     I have a 3 yr old chi and i am feeding him biljac frozen food to get his wieght back up..... by buddyboy 4/21/05
     Chihuahua's are not like large breed dogs, they are very fragile! Do not be deceived by... by SKeeto 5/2/05
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     Hi I Just got my 5wk old chihuahua and I was just wondering how much they really need to... by Jessica 8/30/05
     first of all whoever said that you cant take a chihuahua away from its mother untill its... by charity 9/11/05
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     i dont know. by taffy 9/25/05
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     i just think that sue is a real jerk,what a loser by fast eddie 10/8/05
     i just think that sue is a real jerk,what a loser by fast eddie 10/8/05
     Phoebe is wrong about Chihuahua's and children. Lady please i have 2 chi. and they are... by NinaChiluv4ever 10/29/05
     i have a 9 week old chi here. im not quite sure if she is sick or not. she seems to be... by giee 10/29/05
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     ok Sue needs to not post. her answer was the dumbest, most uneducated and unhelpful... by ChiOwner 12/5/05
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     Just make sure that you watch them very close I only know this because I a 6 week old... by Kari 2/28/2006
     If you just brought a puppy home he will take some getting yous to. if he throes up do not... by dog girl 3/13/2006
     Hi the whole thing of a teacup chi is all a joke there is no special sized chihuahua you... by VLanderos 3/15/2006
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     darlene, where isshe? ohhhhhh its cold by darlene 4/15/2006
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     Sue is CRAZY...I Raised Chi's for a long time since i was small...8 weeks is a good answer... by Abbs 4/17/2006
     I am not so sure about the pedigree. The breeder that I got my puppy from fed her pedigree... by KATY 4/17/2006
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     hey i sell chihuahua n oda pets so if you wanna buy any contact me by 4/22/2006
     This is in response to "lilly". I'm sorry to hear that you're losing hope of finding a... by ali 4/22/2006
     to-saran25 raising a chihuahua puppy around three small girls would probobly be o.k... by dwells 5/20/2006
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     I'm worried because my new Chi is very little and when we walk she starts to yelp. I pick... by Chrissy 6/16/2006
     Jk has a good knowledge of k-9 behaviour. I was an animal control officer in the state... by pizzamanisback 6/18/2006
     Jk has a good knowledge of k-9 behaviour. I was an animal control officer in the state... by pizzamanisback 6/18/2006
     My tea cup chi is trained to potty on potty pad,he is 1 year old,I got him when he was 2... by MissLeasa 6/19/2006
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     In my opinion poodles are best for people who are allergic to dogs. I have'nttested this... by Rachel Wants a Dog 10/27/2006
     To honeydropx, switching food types frequently can cause diarrhea and other stool... by Rachel Wants a Dog 10/27/2006
     Hi everyone, just discovered this blog in an attempt to find a feeding ratio for our 12... by JohnNSarah 11/2/2006
     All natural dog foods are much better for small dogs. All dogs, actually, but small dogs... by Jetsetter 11/9/2006
     I am looking to get a chi to. I hope that he/she will get along with my eight year old... by chi jen 11/19/2006
     I am looking to get a chi to. I hope that he/she will get along with my eight year old... by chi jen 11/19/2006
     you are all so weird! stop fitting about an 8 week old puppy!!!!!!! by popstar773 12/2/2006
     I have a question.I have a teacup chiuahua that someone abandoned, the vet said its 4-5... by katie1977 12/13/2006
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     i am getting my chihuahua in mid april i just wanted to know if it is safe to keep her in... by arabella 1/19/2007
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     I know a very good place where they sell chihuahuas. It is in Dallas Texas. Her name is... by anne 1/25/2007
     I would like to reply to sues comment. Who do you think you are to say that to someone you... by Juesethi 1/27/2007
     for the person with the 6 week old chihuahua you should try "imas smart puppy". it has a... by nudoll 1/30/2007
     chilover...ur talk of teacup chihuahuasis incorrect. You are right..a lot of people will... by bellachica 2/25/2007
     cgrigfh ughhgh hrh ghhgt hghgth hgthgth hgthh hgth hgh fejrggtgttgr gtjgtj jtjk hgrhbhhgrh... by chaihaha puppy dul, gmhmd nfnbngnb 2/26/2007
     Chihuahua's are so cute!I have 3 ! by bitta-boo 2/27/2007
     i jus wanned too know if this is speshal ed room/ i eed sum of my kwestions ansered so... by jimmmi 3/3/2007
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     HI my sister and I are picking up our chihuahua next week from a nice mennonite lady whom... by Maejean 6/30/2007
     i have a 12 week old chihuahua and the guy i got him from said to feed him twice a day.... by devin  7/5/2007
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     I am considering getting a chihuahua and would like to know what the differences are... by Cat 7/10/2007
Can anyone give me information about minature english bulldogs? by rbw2/10/04
     pugs little dogs with baggy skin by Sean4/7/04
     There is really no such thing as a miniature bulldog. There are American Bulldogs which... by Katie4/8/04
     you better watch out they can turn on you by daniel4/14/04
     no such dog by tigercats124/20/04
     i believe it is a mix between a pug and english bulldog by Floridahomeoptions.com5/12/04
     There are some US breeders. You can find their websites by searching for "miniature... by Rudeboy Jon 9/2/04
     Well, I own and breed Miniature bulldogs. I can tell you they do exist because they were... by bulldogsmn 9/3/04
     My understanding is that the miniature bulldog is a new breed of dog established in the... by brm 9/8/04
     there is a such thing as minature bulldoggs i have one and she is great by jenn 10/1/04
     The above mentioned answers are incorrect and not based on a knowledge or fact to put it... by Xlntz 8/23/05
     Minature bulldogs are a recent development and their breeding is being tracked by the IKC.... by cinminroz 10/18/05
     Katie and daniel you are wrong. Katie there is such a thing as a minature bulldog. Google... by mike23 1/8/2006
     Correction...There are Miniature Bulldogs that are AKC registered as minibulldogs. ... by RosaAKC 3/11/2006
     Correction...There are Miniature Bulldogs that are AKC registered as minibulldogs. ... by RosaAKC 3/11/2006
     From what I understand there really are minature English Bulldogs. It is because of... by bullybabies 5/3/2006
     There is a miniature english bulldog! Check this out ... by Cmac 7/13/2006
     i just purchased one, basically it is referred to as a 'toy' or 'minature' bulldog, the... by iceman 9/6/2006
     There is a minature bulldog was created in 1980 check out below websites http://www.mbcoa.... by jewels 9/28/2006
     Supposedly they're crossing bulldogs and pugs to get a smaller english bulldog. Search... by me 10/15/2006
     The minature english bulldog will have early training along with photos of its progress.... by Bob 12/19/2006
What is the advantage of Polymorphism?Anything to do with the memory? by Sudeesh3/4/04
     Clarity. From clarity springs maintainability. In short, it keeps you from having to... by Gus 8/24/04
     |-- coercion |-- ad hoc --| ... by kosco 9/28/04
     wefasfaf by tom 10/6/04
     Uh you mean like, capitillas and pasgetti? by yo mama 10/22/04
     dude polymorphism has everyhting to do with the memory.. update ur system and then shove... by idiot 11/9/04
     Its called genetics, and no. A polymorphism is a mutation in a gene. by [skorpion] 6/26/05
     nothing, nope by moon 6/26/05
     -Polymorphic variables help with memory use, in that a single variable can be used to... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     D&D does NOT translate to real life. by Koschei 6/27/05
     Polymorphs are the creation of man... they take your emotions and feed on them. Memory of... by Jimmy 7/25/05
     to doing many task at same time by suresh 3/7/2006
     Polymorphism is nothing but a mechanism which hides the data and behaviour of perticular... by Ravishankar 3/7/2006
     Yes, polymorphism affect the solubility and dissolution properties. by Kamruzzaman 6/3/2006
     sir i dont know plz tell me by radhika 12/23/2006
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The Question Is I Got This Snes Emulator Snes Means Super Nintendo. I Enter A Code Then It... by Harry Madison8/21/03
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     oh and super metroid is awesome. if u go to go to top ten and it'll be in... by katz12/21/03
     Hans an emulator basicaly makes your computer pretend its a consol system allowing it to... by Cypher1/19/04
     Actually, most emulators support a cheat code. You just have to find them on the net. ... by Hades2/9/04
     I want to get a snes emulator and super metroid but when I download it it does not work I... by pvw4/13/04
     Try they do a lot of good emulators and roms. by Fraz4/16/04
     SNES means Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Duh! by johnHesterisCool6/7/04
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     Its okay you can look for roms at any rom site so thank you by alec 2/26/2006
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     The ZSNES is basically the best emulator for the SNES out there. I highly recommend it. ... by Yougotburned 9/30/2006
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Does blocking cause a creature to tap? For example, If a Glory Seeker attacked me, could... by Russel Parson5/24/04
     Blocking in MAgic The Gathering does not cause a creature to tap. You are correcting in... by Jennekee6/11/04
     I don't know the answer because I don't care you loser why don't you stop playing cards... by bill 8/6/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
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need to get acces to my dell d800 password protected (-595b) by usb3/10/04
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     Is there an other way to remouve the bios password without opening the computer pls... by Phat-Phil 3/8/05 is down, try by jack 4/16/05
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     check this www dellpassword net ms by jose 5/29/05
     If anyone knows where that jumper is, I would appreciate if you let me know. by Indigo_Boy 6/27/05
     look here, it works by Jose 7/9/05
     The only original is available at by pete 9/3/05
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     The pages at no longer exist :( by Thoth 6/12/2006
     I got this two weeks ago. Its awesome! by Tomc 9/11/2006
     I am saleing this guide to anyone that need professional instructions with pictures. You... by aleman 10/10/2006
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if you want to give yourself a tattoo can you use india ink? by Dem8/20/03
     no and don't try it. go to a tattoo artist with a good reputation. by smasho8/21/03
     my friend did it. years ago. still had it and dosent look bad. still tho.... go to a... by dylan10/1/03
     DO IT!!!! by willard10/6/03
     Okay are you stupid or 12? You'd have to be a complete moron or WAY too young to get a... by angelXwithXbloodyXknuckles10/8/03
     I agree with u angelXwithXbloodyXknuckles I have done it and paid the price.... That was a... by jimbob10/15/03
     Listen, i did tis to my self, just without the ink, i made a smiley face on my knee, it... by Anonymous11/18/03
     i did the smiley face on my knee as well, its faded now tho. by me11/29/03
     I just gave myself a perfect replica of tupac shakurs cross on my left ankle, and it looks... by Weener boy12/2/03
     Use Bic ink, It won't blead as much and its actually cleaner. I gave myself the veritas... by Ender12/5/03
     The Boondock Saints have hella cool tattoos. im working on giving myself one, that’s how... by TheWatcher12/9/03
     as long as you keep the needle sterile it shouldn't cause an infection make sure to clean... by son12/10/03
     About two weeks ago, I burnt my name into my leg by heating a needle over a fire and then... by E-Zee12/14/03
     E-Zee, If you've no signs of infection now, you are likely free and clear. As for the... by oOoSticky12/18/03
     yeah i need to kno how to tattoo yourself i mean yeah this is gr8 wat do i use wat ink do... by slick12/29/03
     i think you should do what you want and not listen to other people. The week before i got... by Brittany12/30/03
     Hey i did my own tattoo of a blue star on my right ankle on the top of the bone stickin... by hot_kitten_babe12/31/03
     i just did a tattoo on my thumb with a sewing needle and green sharpie, and it seems like... by liz1/6/04
     Hey, I don't know if this msg board is still active, but what kind of ink works best? I... by miss_bittersweet 1/7/04
     i have a bottle of black india ink, which i heard was best. i am doing this on my ankle... by doppelganger1/8/04
     Hello ppl!! Hey all..I see at you talk about tattooing yourself here..Well many tattoo... by Benzz1/8/04
     India ink? I'll have to try that if this doesn't stay...(I re-inked it last night with ink... by miss_bittersweet1/9/04
     i wanna get a tat on my shoulder and i have no clue what to do can any one help me? by bubble 1/16/04
     India ink contains poison. It probably won't kill you but it can make you extremely ill.... by Robyn1/16/04
     um, i tried to do a heart tattoo with a sewing pin and food coloring...LOL I don't think... by steph1/16/04
     when you all say you "re inked it" what does that mean? the tat i did w/ food coloring is... by steph1/17/04
     by re-inked I mean that I touched it up...anyhoo. The ink from the bic pen only stayed in... by miss_bittersweet 1/17/04
     i got some bic pens today and i really wanna do some people are saying it does... by steph1/17/04
     just far enough so the ink goes into my skin but doesn't cause any bleeding... by miss_bittersweet 1/18/04
     the BIC ink only stayed in a few places the first time i did it, last night, and it was... by steph1/18/04
     how can you tell that the ink has gone into the skin? how do you tell that it's not just... by steph1/18/04
     I couldn't really tell either, I just assumed...that's probably why it only stayed in some... by miss_bittersweet1/19/04
     well, we're both new at it, and until we get some decent advice, it's trial and error. i... by steph1/19/04
     ok well i did mine with a safety pin and went beyond sterilization i heated it i washed it... by Zarboz1/19/04
     well, when i did mine, i didn't go that far...i used fire and rubbing alcohol but i didn't... by steph1/20/04
     Yeah, I'm waiting a week for the scar to heal a bit before I try again...I know what you... by miss_bittersweet1/21/04
     I used neosporin on it and its kinda got the swelling down but its still realy red and... by Zarboz 1/21/04
     well, see i have the opposite problem, miss_bittersweet. i didn't mind telling my friends... by steph1/21/04
     i used a gun and a safety pin to touch up i cleaned the skin and the needle but it went a... by Zarboz1/21/04
     p.s. if your interested we can figure out a way to talk personaly as in AIM yahoo msn or... by Zarboz 1/21/04
     Let me know how it turns out! What kind of ink did you use? by miss_bittersweet 1/22/04
     BIC florescent pink...hehe! yeah zarboz, aim, too miss_bittersweet,... by steph 1/22/04
     Hey, just thought id put my 2 cents in here... i have a gorgeous mushroom i tattooed on my... by ChEeToS1/22/04
     yeah,ChEeToS, that didn't help any one of the three of us... by steph 1/22/04
     msn, My scar is healing over pretty well so I'm... by miss_bittersweet 1/22/04
     hey my name is chris and i took india ink with my tattoo gun and put a multice cross on my... by chasto561/23/04
     hey you want to share the plans for your gun???? lol if you will please email me at... by Zarboz 1/23/04
     hehe! my heart is soooooooo adorable! it's perfect! next week sometime (maybe this weekend... by steph 1/23/04
     Please clean any area to be tattoed with alcohol. (Rubbing, not drinking) Do not leave the... by oldenoughtobeyourmom1/23/04
     MrPIBBXTRA123 that would be all :D by Zarboz 1/24/04
     oldenoughtobeyourmom, the alcohol thing is true...and I'vebeen doing it, i don't cover it... by steph1/24/04
     Yes, I agree with steph....we appreciate your concern, but don't worry - we won't dry... by miss_bittersweet 1/24/04
     :D have you redone the spiderweb yet? by steph 1/24/04
     Yup, last night...I haven't washed off the extra ink yet though, so I don't know if it's... by miss_bittersweet 1/24/04
     it's a, you look at it and you're like, wow! it's a heart! but it's faint... by steph 1/24/04
     Very cool! Congrats! I'm going to touch up my spiderweb today...the ink came out in... by miss_bittersweet 1/25/04
     i don't know about it now, it's kinda fading i think...ahhh I'mgoing crazy! by steph 1/25/04
     you wanna know why its fading cause you didnt go deep enough sriously you need to go a lil... by Zarboz 1/25/04
     Yo i put a cross on my arm its big its on my forearm and it looks good lol and i used a... by roro1311: on yahoo all the time!!! 1/25/04
     hmmm...i don't think it's actually fading, i just cant see it b/c my skin is really red... by steph 1/25/04
     well im new here, but anway i smashed a printer the other day, and got a print cartridge.... by tweaq 1/26/04
     well im new here, but anway i smashed a printer the other day, and got a print cartridge.... by tweaq 1/26/04
     Well, I'm new at this whole self-tattooing thing, but your method sounds painful...*shudde... by miss_bittersweet 1/27/04
     I cant believe you idiots talking bout this stuff man.Stop being so cheap and get a real... by WhatdaFck1/27/04
     hmm...brain? whats a brain? i don't recall having...wait, I DON'T RECALL ANYTHING...guess... by stephanie1/27/04
     I did my own tat but i cut myself with a knife but not too deep then used the ink from a... by Maria1/27/04
     hello all, i see that this q&a has been going on a while. i'm 21 and have a number of... by element1/27/04
     While I see where you're coming from, element, I'd just like to point out that laws... by miss_bittersweet 1/28/04
     yeah, same here, I'venever even heard about that (illegal to tattoo your hands...???)and... by steph1/28/04
     hey ummm i want to do the safety pin thing. i am having trouble with it, i got a boc pen... by vinny 1/29/04
     hey ummm i want to do the safety pin thing. i am having trouble with it, i got a boc pen... by vinny 1/29/04
     You shouldn't go too deep - if you bleed, that's too deep. When I did it, I sort of... by miss_bittersweet1/29/04
     Hey everybody, I am just wondering if any of you have tried a really sharp exacto blade,... by sunkissed 1/29/04
     well, i dont really know that my deal heart isnt visible all the time! i'llbe... by steph 1/29/04
     my spiderweb seems to be okay...I touched it up yesterday afternoon, just in a couple... by miss_bittersweet 1/29/04
     probably. just washing my hands and having such cold temperature outside is causing mine... by stephanie 1/29/04
     lol, yes, they do....We should really research this a bit more. I'm trying to find a way... by miss_bittersweet 1/30/04
     i have plans to make a tatto gun if u want them email me at by Daniel1/30/04
     ohoh!!! whats the recipe? i have vodka!!! (whoo hoo go bryanne, finally something you gave... by stephanie1/30/04
     I was wondering..what i could do if i saw this design on paper that I wanted on my ankle.... by steph 1/30/04
     Hey all! I'm new to this board, so.... HI! Anyways, I have a tattoo that I got done... by Johnny 1/31/04
     ok you weird children everything eventully will make u sick and die from cancer so get... by nikki1/31/04
     ok, to nikki, what ever you said didn't make one bit of since to like, used one... by stephanie 1/31/04
     Hey, i really wanna give myself a tattoo on my wrist a dark black star.. but im not sure... by -ome- 1/31/04
     Here's the link to the recipe for tattoo ink: http://chemistry.about. com/cs/howtos/ht/t... by miss_bittersweet2/1/04
     hey, ome, use a sewing needle and bic, but be brave about how you stab yourself, it needs... by steph 2/1/04
     i looked at the thing, and i dont have that much vodka, guess i'lljust have to drink what... by steph 2/1/04
     Thanks steph, Im looking to do this on my wrist,and i dont want to stab into my veins,... by -ome- 2/2/04
     yeah, stabbing your vein...that would suck... we've just been doing a few millimeters.... by steph 2/2/04
     The best way to describe it is to "firmly scratch" your skin, if you understand what I... by miss_bittersweet 2/3/04
     miss bitter sweet try making a tattoo gun i have the plans if u would like them then the... by daniel 2/3/04
     you all are scaring me when you say tattoo gun! by steph 2/3/04
     daniel can u e-mail me the plans my e-mail address is Thnks by maria2/3/04
     daniel can u e-mail me the plans my e-mail address is Thnks by maria 2/3/04
     it dont hurt to use a tattoo gun i think it hurts less then with just a needle an ink i... by daniel 2/3/04
     hey everyone!! like daniel said a gun hurts alot less than a plain needle. i made a gun... by poohbear5582 2/3/04
     miss_bittersweet I was wondering about your recipe is it 7 or 8 or 7/8 like a fraction?... by Violet 2/3/04
     I did three dollar signs and a cross on my own like four years ago using India ink... No... by theratchild 2/4/04
     I think it's 7/8, like a fraction. by miss_bittersweet 2/4/04
     Ok thanks, also if you know of any other recipes that you don't have to use Vodka for that... by Violet2/4/04
     an easy way to get a desing on to your skin is to take the picture you want an trace it on... by daniel2/4/04
     what does a tattoo gun require? by steph 2/4/04
     I found plans for one online...Mostly everything you should be able to get from a dollar... by miss_bittersweet 2/4/04
     i have plans to make a tattoo gun where u dont use a guitar string u use a needle by daniel2/4/04
     Don't Tattoo guns require motors?? Im no mechanic. by -ome- 2/4/04
     yea u take a motor out of a walkman by daniel2/4/04
     hey Daniel can u send me them plans??? for the needle one cause mine might use some... by Chronic Smoke2/5/04
     hi i was just wondering how i the best way to give yourself a tattoo which way worked best... by LolipopGirl540 2/5/04
     My Tattooo worked out awesome !!!!! I'm freakin happy bout it a nice cross on my forearm... by Chronic Smoke 2/5/04
     hey lolipopGirl540 u like to suck?? ahhahaha I'm sorry that was mean... hello anyways by Chronic Smoke 2/5/04
     chronic your an ass ... the tattoo gun was the best out of any method i tried and i still... by Zarboz 2/5/04
     list the required stuff for all of your tattoo guns...if you can. by stephanie 2/5/04
     - bic pen - 4 or 5" section of guitar string ,second one from the smallest. -... by miss_bittersweet2/6/04
     Hey I found out some kool stuff. I will get it for you it kinds neat. by Violet 2/6/04
     ok, miss_bittersweet, let me know if you get yours to work and how well it does by stephanie 2/6/04
     whoa, this is funny and crazy at the same time. Most of y'all are what 12-15, LOL, damn,... by DragonflyandFairies2/8/04
     bittersweet, the tattoo gun that you gave me the instructions for...i don't get,... by steph 2/8/04
     hey miss bittersweet that gun sux major ass and the one that whats his face at aol hade is... by Zarboz 2/8/04
     I haven't actually tried it yet...Was going to do that this weekend but never got around... by miss_bittersweet 2/8/04
     I'mgonna try it the other way again...the gun is too invasive by steph 2/8/04
     Hello! Just thought I'd contribute my little story: When I was about 15 I wanted a tattoo... by written_image 2/9/04
     ok, i went to that site, and it just gave me the same tattoo gun that ive been seeing... by steph 2/9/04
     Ooh, if you can find the crest spinbrush one let me know...sounds like it would be a lot... by miss_bittersweet 2/11/04
     let me see where i found it... i now have a personal fan...complete with motor and way to... by steph 2/11/04
     bwa haha this sounds sooooo simple!! why the hell am i doing it this other, much more... by steph 2/12/04
     If you can, sent me the plans to a tat gun and tell me what ink to use. I am 17 but don't... by Dumbass 2/14/04
     i cut my skin with an exacto after i sterelied it and i just put some permi inck and its... by airsoft 2/15/04
     hey, dumbass, i have the stuff for you, but when i sent it, it wouldn't go through. let me... by steph 2/15/04
     I did a tattoo by myself but it hurt really bad so get it done by a pro! by stargazer1300 2/19/04
     Well all, lots of people say use india ink lots of people say don't use india ink. well... by InkSlinger 2/19/04
     i finished my heart tattoo on my hip on Friday and it's Thursday and it hurts like... by steph 2/19/04
     I have had homemade tats done, they lasted awhile like a year or so, but slowly faded... by Jazz 2/20/04
     mine i did myself didnt hurt too much. it was really funny when i was doing was... by steph 2/21/04
     About the india ink being stupid, how come they use it with cancer patients? http://www... by rawpower 2/22/04
     Hey Rawpower they use it because it has special radation resistent properties that allow... by Code  2/22/04
     I also went ahead googled "effects of india ink" and I got this faq. They say its safe to... by rawpower 2/22/04
     dont try already know some of the outcomes if you read what we have already... by stephanie 2/22/04
     rawpower "jailhouse" tats are drawn not pierced. So what they are saying is that you can... by BigB 2/23/04
     Hey, I Did Mine And It Turned Out Great Just Make Sure You Know How To Do It Right!!! by Me/Myself and I 2/24/04
     I just did it a couple of days ago i broke open a sharpie an got a needle i put the ink... by mush 2/24/04
     really, you raped the thread and you drew a mush room? that was the funniest sentence... by rrreeeeaaaallyy?? 2/24/04
     Two days ago i took a safety pin and some bic ink and drew a mushroom and i didnt wipe it... by little c 2/25/04
     Two days ago i took a safty pin and some bic ink and drew a mushroom and i didnt wipe it... by little c 2/25/04
     well, if your looking for it to stay, you shouldnt have scrubbed it. and you have to break... by steph 2/25/04
     Can anyone tell me what kind of ink is the best. I just gave myself the letter M and a... by Angel31187 2/28/04
     welp, ast night i did a small tattoo on my inner wrist, and......i took no precausions, i... by FalsePatriot00 2/29/04
     Well im pretty new to this too and im already pretty much an artist i'd love to be a ata... by Audrey The Retard 2/29/04
     hey . ive been reading most of what everyone has been saying . and i today decided i am... by sammipunkn riot 2/29/04
     Angel 311 87 the best ink to use is indian ink you can buy it at a art supplies store by little c 2/29/04
     haha, audrey, over the counter numbing substances........ booze, simply booze by falsepatriot00 2/29/04
     India ink is the best i have multiple tattoos that where done with India ink and i did not... by playa 3/1/04
     hey ya'll7everyone acts like its a bad thing to give yourself a tattoo they are always... by Big Muffins 3/2/04
     ok I did one of a star on my left forearm ( considering I'm right handed). I did it with... by Danielle 3/4/04
     When people say stab, they're pretty much serious--the needle should go in pretty far, but... by Realist 3/4/04
     well...humm i tryed to give myself a tat a few nights ago but seemingly unable all i have... by Audrey The Retard 3/5/04
     So, i took my oral b cross action toothbrush, poped the brush off, got a small piece of... by I did it!3/6/04
     humm im not really getting any help here <_< >_> >_< man...hummm by Audrey The Retard 3/6/04
     i used a thin like...beading needle to do my tat...i used india isn't poisinous..... by sun ov satan 3/8/04
     that doesnt help my problems u no.... by Audrey The retard 3/8/04
     I have a K tattooed on my thumb my friend did it with pen ink and i tried take it out so... by cutiepie 3/11/04
     i just made a tatoo of an eye in my ankle, and im not sure if what is happening to the... by amanda  3/15/04
     i have a total of 9 tattoos on my arm that i did with india ink about a yr ago they still... by Krayz satans evilnightmare 3/16/04
     Aloha, one and all... Just thought I'd give an update on my progress... The safety... by miss_bittersweet 3/16/04
     I completed my 12th self-attained kanji tattoo.....i use pilot g-2 07 pens and staples in... by Savage_OneEightSeven3/16/04
     Well i have done some tat's and i do them with a homemade tat gun like the one on this... by 3/23/04
     hi i was actually thinking about doing it myself with indian ink and a piece of whale bone... by hannah curtis 3/27/04
     hey ppl. do not use bic ink!!! this works and i have done it: if you have those black... by Satan 3/28/04
     hey can peeps send me there gun plans cuz i wanna do a pentagram on my thigh(so my parents... by cory 3/28/04
     You can get gun plans at http://www.tmbamall. com/hermitware/tattooing.htm. Also contains... by Hermit4/3/04
     Hey everyone, I just gave myself a Sagittarius symbol on my middle finger. (I am really... by Mirey 4/4/04
     my 14 yr.old daughter had a friend give her an india ink tattoo on her ankle this... by stressed out mom 4/5/04
     Hey guys, i really need some help!!! i tried to give my upper-arm a web and i went quite... by sore_&_in_trouble 4/6/04
     i forgot, say that you're doing a star or a heart do you just do the outline or do you... by sore_&_in_trouble 4/6/04
     Actuly anyone on the bord who said to use bick, is an idiot!! bick+tattoo= poisoning. ... by pepper* 4/7/04
     well ive given myself many of "memento like" tattoos and they are all turning out fine.... by sammy jankis 4/7/04
     i tried scratching myself and marking in it with a sharpie and that turned out great so... by cory 4/8/04
     all of you need a pro to help you,and im a pro so Email me and I will help all of you out.... by 4/8/04
     ok so i just gave myself a tattoo and i used a basic needle and ink from a black pen. and... by nicoliepie4/8/04
     just so all of you know i think scratching is a bad way to do a tattoo. you need to poke... by spike12291986@yahoo.com4/10/04
     a week ago i did a heap of dot things with different ink and so far its like BIC ink is... by hurtandvirtue 4/10/04
     my scratch 1 didnt turn out too good it more scar than line so that dont work however on... by cory 4/19/04
     Ok I did this to me also, but It was the letters I.F between my pointer finger and thumb.... by Knives 4/23/04
     I just tried to give myself a tattoo of a heart on that place on my hand where it meets my... by Lauren4/24/04
     First of All what the hell are u thinking even considering doing it yourself. Go to a real... by RealTattooArtist4/26/04
     Hey "real tattoo artist" how much do you charge???..most likely to much for a simple... by thee almighty underkover4/26/04
     I did a tattoo with bic ink and a gun i made myself out of home supplies(VERY EASY) and... by 0utkazt 4/26/04
     I would just like to say that I used india ink and it didn't make me ill. I didn't get... by Lahny 4/26/04
     hey my friend did his own tattoo with some caligraphy ink (pick it up at a craftstore) and... by andrew 4/27/04
     ya i am gonna give myself a tat and i just want to know the certain type of ink that is... by anthony16 4/27/04
     YA you can my dad gave me one just last week i am only 11 he does it for free some tattoos... by TATTOOED KID 4/27/04
     I have a Hollow point needle for piercings, its 12 guages, thats kinda big for a needle. ... by Bedake 4/30/04
     the best ink is caligraphy ink that you get at a craft store. i have used it on all of... by andrew5/1/04
     I still say make a tattoo gun by someone 5/1/04
     I made a tatt gun its pretty scrag looking but it does the job i guess I made a star on my... by vallo666 5/3/04
     I made a tatt gun its pretty scrag looking but it does the job i guess I made a star on my... by vallo6665/3/04
     well vallo666 the best thing to do is buy tattooing ink..and i sell tattoo ink so if you... by 5/5/04
     i got a tattoo gun i built and the needle won't stay in place what should i do to improve... by papi 5/11/04
     I got a tat from my friend using bic ink as most of you have tried, it worked well and did... by Greek5/15/04
     you dum motha f*****s india ink is F***** removable its just like drawing on yourself... by cripedyckrap5/21/04
     ok, cripedyckrap, since you know so much about ink, whats the best kind to use for making... by ian 5/22/04
     i made a tattoo gun and it works good as far as mechanically but i dunno what kinda ink to... by Matt 5/26/04
     I was just looking at all these posts and there's alto of people who think that Indian ink... by Izabell 5/27/04
     does any one know how to make a tattoo gun like a prison gun. if you do please email me... by daveuk89 5/29/04
     hey pplz i just gave my self a tat on my left hand wit just a needle and blue ink from a... by Rashida5/29/04
     your supposed to bleed a little bit. lets you know the ink is going in. if you get a... by ian 6/1/04
     I gave my self a tat about 2 years ago... My friend told me to mix the ink with a little... by stonned_skater_20076/2/04
     india ink should actually work great.its thinner which is good and it holds great. my... by ian 6/2/04
     I've given 9 tattoos with india ink and haven't heard any complaints yet. Just make sure... by Branny 6/3/04
     I just go through putting a tattoo with Bic ink. About 3hours ago and it's fine. I did it... by MacTownG. 6/3/04
     i tried bic ink but it all washed out within a week. by ian 6/4/04
     ok i have done a lot of home brewn tattoos since i was 13 im now 19,ive always used black... by tattooed-git 6/8/04
     tcp??? by cory 6/12/04
     i jus tat'd my ankle and i dont think it work how do yall use a needle when i use a needle... by smo-k 6/14/04
     I made a tattoo gun and i use india ink i have 14 tattoos and no complaints by ICEMAN6/14/04
     when i was fifteen, i used a needle and the ink from a black bic pen to tattoo a heart on... by confidentialFOOL 6/16/04
     Hey I just gave myself a tatty last night and I'm just curious how long I have to wait... by Nick6/17/04
     it will work. my boy gave me a tattoo on my ankle like 2 years ago, n it still looks like... by youngrome 6/17/04
     I totally understand wanting to do all this to yourselves. But, seriously, is this really... by Kay 6/19/04
     Seriously think about it before you get a tattoo. I got a tattoo when I was 22, it's a... by Mom 6/19/04
     I am a professional tattoo artist out of Venice beach california...I've been doing... by Jester's Inc.6/20/04
     How do you do that greywash tattoo & how much water to add?,& how do you do the powder... by Me 6/25/04
     hey um i was reading on how to dos and dont's of homemade tattoos and i used a BIC Dark... by heather 6/25/04
     im new to this tattooin thing but i have a homemade machine and i made it my self and ive... by The 1 and only sniper 6/25/04
     do you think you couls use papermate pen ink if you do not have bic ink? is that safe? by confused 6/27/04
     how do you hide it from your parents when it's somewhere as open as your ankle or hand? i... by mfs 6/29/04
     if you ppl want to know how to make a tattoo gun go to this site has... by Inmate14278 6/30/04
     If you want a tattoo that looks good i suggest a professional or at least get sumone who... by Inmate14278 7/1/04
     Hey people i to am determined to give myself a tat. But i have some questions. Will making... by sk8er3199 7/4/04
     I've done tattooing with homemade ink from burned plastic and shampoo to india ink for 10... by TEX 20/137/6/04
     Hey, i just did a tattoo on my thigh yesterday, kinda a semi outline of a les paul and it... by Smoof 7/8/04
     i had a friend give me a tattoo using a needle nd Indian ink.. it worked quit well.. ( I'm... by warning892111 7/9/04
     i'mjust about to give myself a tattoo,this board really helped me out alot. i already have... by Maria 7/10/04
     I want to thank you ppl for your sharing your advice, expiriances , and warnings. I've... by AlleyTheRuler 7/10/04
     AlleyTheRuler, i don't think it really matters what color the ink is, it just depends on... by Maria 7/10/04
     I'm putting it on my wrist left hand on the side where my thumb is...Yeah i think i will... by AlleyTheRuler 7/10/04
     oh my god... i just realized this, but that's EXACTLY where i put mine. only it's a star.... by Maria 7/11/04
     yes, thats what i on the left side of my left wrist. by AlleyTheRuler 7/12/04
     well me and my cuzin tryed usin india ink to make tattoos. and they didnt stay. how the... by mari harison 7/13/04
     Since I am a Professional Piercer in a well established Body Art Shop, I get to see lots... by Lil Poker 7/15/04
     it's Regardless wether a pro does it or not! I mean obviously wether your a talented... by Adamski 7/16/04
     I had India ink done on me. Ive had my india tat done about 3 years ago and I haven't had... by mayathebee7/17/04
     You kids are playing a dangerous game. It may not show now, but in years it will. That is... by the_only_smart_one_here7/21/04
     Contrary to popular belief India Ink is not a bad Ink to use!! I have use one brand for... by TatMan83 8/6/04
     we dont really give a F*** by cory 8/6/04
     Hey loves giveing yourself your own tattoo is a wonderful experience. though it can be... by 8/6/04
     1st of all india ink is DEFINATLY not poisous. i have j.a.b.j. in cursive letters i had a... by lil Z 8/6/04
     hey! when I was younger I found the best way to do "slow poke" homemade tattoos without a... by shmeg 8/10/04
     what exactaly is india ink by gelhead 8/11/04
     i carve myself if u want a tattoo n know it will go away carve yourself it always works... by joseph 8/13/04
     do you think we give 2 shi*t*s by cory 8/14/04
     do u think we give two sh*ts? by cory 8/16/04
     I have just done loads of tattoos. I gave my self my daughters initials on my arm. I used... by 8/17/04
     i have four tats with india ink, one on my back, forearm, upper arm, and wrist, and they... by Tony 8/20/04
     Do you poke the needle in your skin up and down each time? by Nick D. 8/22/04
     wtf if we cared we wouldnt be here by cory 8/23/04
     hey, i got a quick question. is there any difference between 'india' and 'indian' ink? if... by KURTCOBAIN 8/23/04
     hey i did a tattoo on my hand right between my thumb and index finger last night using a... by jj 8/24/04
     Ficken du!... german by cory 8/29/04
     Ficken du!... german by cory 8/29/04
     Ficken du!... german by coryb 8/30/04
     Okay, like how deep should the needle go. i wanna tattoo something on my forearm using a... by JonZ 9/4/04
     ok you guys thanks for all the advice i think i'll try the "spinbrush gun" it sounds the... by oona337 9/4/04
     hey guys ive been trying to give myself a tattoo and im not sur weather its working, i... by tomey 9/5/04
     you can do it your self but if u wanna get a professional u can rele count on go to... by nevaeh 9/12/04
     yeah yall see -- like i juss did one like last week and i covered it up with a bandade and... by Michelle 9/14/04
     um........yeah..........for all those ppl who r dissin this, i know yall cant tell me that... by bored*sleepy 9/15/04
     yo man the_only_smart_one_here ur dumb man i do tats for ppl im not a prof but i have been... by Dragon_demons_claws 9/16/04
     i used india ink and my tattos are great just touch ups every couple of days though by ivan 9/17/04
     i need help i gave myself a dot just to see and now its puffy and red with green around... by tony 9/18/04
     yes i have done it and they still look great by reaperavery 9/21/04
     all i did for my two tattoos is put ink from a pen on my skin in the shape i wanted it and... by sublime420 9/23/04
     i am a 17 male in maryland. So far i have 7 tattoos. i bought the tattoo kit off ebay for... by tribal cross 9/27/04
     DO IT!!!! if nothing else it'll be something to tell the grandkids =D xxx by The one and only pink rabbit 10/2/04
     I'm gonna go buy some indian ink and Tattoo a small cross on the inner side of my left... by Paul From Oz 10/4/04
     india ink is fine, I have 6 india ink tattoos and some i did do myself and yeah they do... by Midget 10/4/04
     hey Chris how did you make your tattoo gun thingy i am really interested in tattoos and i... by shorty696969 10/5/04
     any single chicks that are 14-15 email me at this address and I will give u da instruction... by 10/10/04
     Well, at this moment i have just givin my self a tattoo on my right hand of a † i was... by TaTMaN 10/13/04
     I have a using a Pilot G-2 with a .05 point...but anyways, it's blue, and im... by Ashley Elise 10/17/04
     hi, i just did my tattoo two days ago. i have always wanted one, but decided at fourteen,... by e~~~.:*EM*:.~~~e 10/17/04
     i gave myself a dagger tattoo on my penis back when i was younger, but now that i am older... by cujo 10/21/04
     I can't believe the people here commenting on India ink and how it's toxic. It's a load of... by Reader 10/27/04
     Yes you can use india ink I have done it multiple times but thats different but I would... by kid_Sensation36 10/30/04
     Yes you can use india ink I have done it multiple times but thats different but I would... by kid_Sensation36 10/30/04
     hey guys... new to this whole thing... really want to give myself a tat.... talked to a... by LoLLiE 11/1/04
     I would just like to say that i have several tattoos a rose,butterfly,double hearts,my... by tattoocrazy 11/3/04
     im 15 and really dumb and im gonna get a tattoo done by bree one of my friends and we r... by jaydude 11/4/04
     I used India ink and my tats came out good. dont use pen ink cause its messes up your... by Isaac 11/8/04
     yes, the_only_smart_one_here does make a good point, but i believe that what really... by andrew 11/8/04
     Ya man my friend gave him self a tattoo a year ago and it SUCKS! I am only 15 but at the... by mark 11/9/04
     Well I Always Use India Ink, It Works Best But Only If You Choose To USe It, Its Up To... by Krayzie Klown 11/9/04
     its great do it!! by juggalo 11/11/04
     i have done a tatto with permanent marker and stabing it with a burn tip needle it will... by keylin 11/13/04
     hey guys that want to make a tattooing machine i have the instructions for one!!!!!!! by CRaZy KiD 11/13/04
     hey i me and my friend wanna do tattoos to ourselves. I wondered about a push pin...or is... by Fruity_Tooty 11/18/04
     omiword my last post was damd long. umm, if ne1s interested in branding, get hold of a... by JCxHC 11/20/04
     I agree with the above i have 2 tats one on inside elbow on on ankle and both are home... by bonghit 11/21/04
     I tattooed the word "BELIEVE" onto the top of my arm last week. I scratched it then put... by God_Of_Fooowk 11/23/04
     im trying to get my boy to do crip tattos on my back he says he will but will bic ink last... by explicitcontent 11/25/04
     I am 14 and i used a non sterilized safety pen( yes that was stupid) and dipped it in Bic... by Ghostrider 12/5/04
     hey people, you guys are the only people on the whole internet talking honestly about self... by hestia 12/6/04
     Its not really a good idea to give urself a tattoo because i have 8 of them right now and... by *~BabyGirl~* 12/9/04
     I'm 15 and gave myself a tattoo on my left ankle with a needle and bic pen. I dug down to... by mark 12/14/04
     this iz all outa date im thinkin. buuuuut- im lookin into it. thou, i want to no afects,... by Crowned_with_crome 12/15/04
     YES!!! i do ink on alot of my buddys and have for some time now. i have never used... by INKY 12/17/04
     YES!!! i do ink on alot of my buddys and have for some time now. i have never used... by INKY 12/17/04
     I noticed that no one ever said anything about after care of home made tattoos can anybody... by katie 12/20/04
     guys this forum helps sh!tloads. im goin to try to get somethin ritten in Elvish on my... by pacmandaniel 12/28/04
     I just carved into my arm a heart and used black BIC ink, but I don't think I went deep... by Lynzi 1/1/05
     me and my buddies r makin a gun tonite and were givin tatts woo hoo by all tatted up 1/2/05
     I used a bunch needles taped together and poked a couple of skin layers down. And i used... by Dr_Jones 1/8/05
     I got my tongue pierced in November, I was planning on doing it myself. I also burnt an... by DeathByChoice 1/9/05
     I am 21. When I was 14, I did a little design with blue bic, and dug out the little holes... by kaoskitty 1/13/05
     well i have, today, done an Anarchy symbol on the underside of my arm, at the moment it... by SuicidalSoldier 1/15/05
     what i always use is the ink out of gel pens that has worked very well for me and they... by blood floe 1/16/05
     ok so i read all your these posts and stuff and they didnt really help... im gonna just go... by margarita 1/16/05
     I have been a tattoo artist for 13 years.I have done tatoo work in all kinds of ways. ... by luke-suiside 1/16/05
     hey i wanna get a treble cleff on my leg cus im into music and all should i draw it on... by helpmeplease 1/17/05
     India ink is no good for the blood stream and can couse a bad infection I own my own shop... by tattoo man 1/22/05
     Don't try it!!!!!! I did a letter "E" as an initial of the guy I liked on my left... by Anonymous 1/29/05
     dude. i tattooed myself with bic ink on my crotch and it got so sevrely infected i cudnt... by AxCeLeRa 2/3/05
     look you are all doing it wrong just get the part and build you a homemade gun.. clean the... by tattooguyandemcee 2/10/05
     ok well me and a friend have really crazy lifes so we gave our self totoos with a... by paige 2/12/05
     ah people im giving myself a tattoo today....any advice? by younganpist 2/16/05
     There are ways to make good tats at your home safely and correctly if you have an artistic... by St. Nick 2/17/05
     india ink will work i used it at 15 i am is still a gun (search the... by patty 2/17/05
     I have 19 tats and am 39yrs old more than 2/3 are India Ink and over 20 years old and... by Oldtimer 2/18/05
     hey does any one know a good site or have any plans that work for makein a tattoo gun? Ive... by sugas_pimp 2/23/05
     would the ink in a pen give u ink poisining? by gangsta312222 3/5/05
     hey guys is this a good idea? What is wrong with India ink? B/c I had a friend who did it... by StReTcH 3/5/05
     hey we need to start this up use india ink...bic ink worse just fine... by sinfull 3/5/05
     I'm reading Nirvana: The chosen Rejects and Kurt Cobain mentions that he and Dave Grohl... by 3/6/05
     http://www.acidbaby. com/DrJeff/tattoos_and_toxicity.htm There's a site... about skin... by Selfmutilated 3/7/05
     you know i started out doing home made tattoos but not one time did i ever do something as... by double dragon 3/10/05
     smoke pot by kev 3/10/05
     I have done it and it was worth it all my friends that i hang around has one or two or... by ryan 3/11/05
     You guys are making a big deal outta nothing. I have five tattoos that I done myself with... by t-la 3/15/05
     can u cut it into your skin and then fill it with ink by Hvy_Mtl_Hed666 4/7/05
     hi every buddy,I have been posting on this forum for a long time and i used to have a web... by geotatman 4/13/05
     hey, I just gave myself an afi tat, I used a razor, steak knife and a safety pin. I used... by jack 4/21/05
     As a fully licensed and practicing tattoo artist I plead with you people to please not... by chris 4/21/05
     You are not playing a dangerous game at all! Im 16 and ive done this twice, using my... by WillyT 5/3/05
     HEY KIDZ. I DID A BLAK HEART ON ME LEFT HAND + IT ROCKS! I USED BIC INC + ITS STAYED IN... by mr.shakespear..........R-I-P 5/10/05
     I've got a fckin dumbass question but can you self tat yourself over scar tissue? I have... by DaMnNn 5/10/05
     indian ink works fine as long as you have a good flash and are very good at art and have... by lastone 5/12/05
     Use Higgins drawing ink! It's cheap, comes in every color and stays without fading. I've... by darkwater 5/19/05
     Ive done one on my waist but its faded. I used Indian ink and it never got infected or... by ScarletXAngel 5/20/05
     Hey, I have just tattooed my hand and i used black indian ink and a sewing needle. It was... by xfredletx 5/29/05
     i just used permanent ink I'm an idiot rite?lol by smiley-on-my-arm 6/1/05
     i giving myself a tatoo, im having a friend draw a skull on my chest and take a red hot... by YeahMan 6/3/05
     go deserve to *@#! yourself up if you are stupid enough to tattoo... by eric 6/8/05
     well, i just made my 6th tattoo gun the other night and i was determined to make it work... by asis 6/21/05
     hey i have a ? should i use india ink. or bic ink and hey should i use a needal or a razor... by tattoo freak  6/22/05
     hey all i have several indian ink tattoos, and while there is definitly a very good reason... by adam  6/27/05
     I have gave four people tattoo with India Ink and two years later still there and look... by court-court 7/1/05
     ok kiddies... i've done many many tatoos w/ machines and w/ jus' a sewin needle... first... by Buckshot Cowgirl 7/4/05
     i just gave myself a tattoo last night. i did it with a piercing needle and black india... by MoreThanAHabit 7/5/05
     I AM FRIGGEN CONFUSED!!!!!! ok my mom's friend made a tattoo her self like 20 years ago... by jo 7/10/05
     I would just like to say please stop trying to convince us not to tattoo ourselves... by Abi 7/15/05
     Dude check out this website. http://www.supyo. com/home/projects/homemade_tattoo/tattoo. ht... by Abi 7/15/05
     hey im not sayin im an expert on this stuff but i totally agree with everybody about the... by : ) 7/15/05
     hey guys made a tattoo not to long ago... all i used was a 12 inch nail and some black tar... by lala 7/19/05
     j/k guys by lala 7/19/05
     hi.i gave myself a tattoo about a year ago on my ankle of a sun.After I done it I got... by Andrea 7/20/05
     hey ive been readin all this an my boyfriend wants to give himself a tattoo with some... by tawntawn 7/27/05
     also my b/f's tat is already a little red an puffy, he just did it last nite. so if you... by tawntawn 7/27/05
     i am 50, and i have a diy tattoo i got in 1978. i did it with a safety pin and indian ink,... by j.t.w_biker 8/3/05
     what i did, was i took a fairly large sewing needle, and rapped thread tightly around it,... by N/A 8/3/05
     Okay so I put a star on the inside of my ankle. I shaded it in. but it keeps getting... by Samantha 8/4/05
     Can anyone help me out. I need help on this whole tattooing yourself do I... by Vin_Dawg 8/8/05
     try rapping string around the needle to hold the ink so it drips down the needle ,thas... by loucy 8/10/05
     Can somebody tell me how to make a homemade tattoo machine by jenna 8/11/05
     hell when i was 12 i just took a sewing needle, dipped it into sum ink, then started like... by DOM 8/17/05
     <used gel ink frm a gel pen to get real tattoo PERFECTO! by Gonzales 8/20/05
     yes you can use india ink and no you dont need a tattooing artist to do it, i gave my self... by XxXContagiousXxX 8/25/05
     hey ppl i took a safty pin and a capfull of BIC ink and drew myself a pot leaf two days... by Shroomz 8/25/05
     ok, I used a home tat gun with a electric toothbrush and it worked good, I used India ink... by The_one_and_only_Jon 8/26/05
     go ahead and give your self one or somebody els one yes you can us inda ink i have been... by chris 8/31/05
     i wanna do an indian ink tatto ive got black ink and needle and thread ive bin told it... by kmart 9/4/05
     i did it and it came out fine by 50&G-unit 9/4/05
     Hey people I am looking to give myself a tattoo on my right arm. I want to do it my self... by wantedtattoo 9/5/05
     Hey all, I self tattooed when I was 14, with non toxic plant based black ink (from some... by Mony_Penny 9/6/05
     I reed you say use sawing machine. I use but when electricity turned on needle go very... by Pablo 9/16/05
     no.............................. anywhos. is it bad to re-ink your tat too often...lets... by dixiedevotchka 9/19/05
     i think ya'lljus need to spend a few bucks and buy tattoo ink at ebay hell you can even... by BeEn_tHeRe_DoNe_iT_aLrEaDy 9/20/05
     ok well im 16 ive wanted a tattoo since i was like in grade 5 im a huge art fanatic and... by OHH WISE ONE! 9/29/05
     alcohol swabs are usefull right? and a burnt needle too by Jay 10/1/05
     hey does anybody know how old you have to be to get a tattoo in Georgia cause i dont know... by Nzizzle  10/2/05
     I kind of agree with the only smart one here, except there are alot of Pros' out there who... by Good_Ink 10/4/05
     Oh my god I want to give my self a tattoo so bad but I'm scared its gonna get infected,and... by jenn 10/5/05
     I think that you all are strange, fighting, and whatnot. I think the stupidest ones are... by ahisee 10/7/05
     thank you so much to all the helpful people who have published stuff. ive been wanting to... by dani girl 10/12/05
     hey everyone I'm 14... so i really cant get a tatoo..unless i get my homie to do it but i... by magalie806noyola 10/13/05 html "The other pigments considered very safe... by Ash 10/13/05
     hey everyone!!!!!i just got done doing a self tattoo,of a cross on my hand...i drew the... by mj* 10/20/05
     you should only get o tattoo if its gonna mean somthing if not theres no sense cuz you... by homie 10/24/05
     hey everybody, i understand its been a long time since anyone updated.i have solutions... by george_o_da_jungle 10/28/05
     how do u make the ink stay in by score 10/29/05
     I've periced myself 6 times simply with a needle and now I'm thinking of possibly giving... by Kait 11/14/05
     I really want to do a pentacle on my back... by Kait 11/14/05
     You know these people are going to do what they want. You people don't have to be so rude... by Tattooman 11/17/05
     I hate it when people tell me I shouldnt get tattoos that I cant cover up later. I think... by Reeves 11/17/05
     I'd like a semi permanent tattoo... something I can do myself, but that will only last... by Allie 11/17/05
     I have a lot of friends that give themselves tattoos and they use india ink and burn a... by nickname 11/24/05
     i had my step-brother do a tattoo on my arm with blue bic ink. it has been about a year... by Red_Cuban_Gyal 11/25/05
     some of this stuff people say is rediculous. first of all ive never heard of it being... by brucey42085 11/30/05
     You guys all suck, i have a swastika on my leg that i did with a paper clip, i heated it... by Nazi Boy 12/11/05
     hey everybody whats all this talk about not to use indian ink i use it all the time and i... by nevaeh_2005 12/12/05
     i just peirced my nipple with a sharpend paper clip. i made sure it was sanitized but how... by taylor 12/12/05
     umm ok.. i have a gun that my brother made.. and he knows what hes doin.. but see.. the... by justin 12/12/05
     I see self tattooing more as a right of passage than a dangerous game. To me it wouldn't... by anchorite 12/14/05
     ok, i love this tattooing thing.. i have had one on my ankle now for nearly 2 years...... by wannaPlay?32 12/18/05
     I'm about to give myself a tattoo using india ink, how far do i stick the needle into my... by indecline 12/29/05
     tatooing urself is the only way u can learn it gets easy er the more u practise getting... by jak 12/30/05
     the only smart one here is a perfect example of lack of fiath in ones self you think... by jak 12/30/05
     im 15 and i want a tatoo what is everybodys opp!!!!!! by twist 1/7/2006
     to tell you all the true it is much safer to do a tatto a a salon and you can get diseases... by sublime_v 1/10/2006
     also one more thing the_only_smart_one_here is right i don't care if you are 17 yrs old do... by sublime_v 1/10/2006
     i did my tattoo of a heart and also did my own party dot. and they are both still here and... by Mz. WOODY 1/11/2006
     I've done my own using needles and indian ink and i was and still am happy with the way... by drTGrL 1/11/2006
     Hey everyone... my name is phil and ive been wanting to give myself a tattoo for awhile... by Phil 1/11/2006
     yes you can use india ink, just make sure that you have a sterile needle and after u do it... by darkartist/Zeth 1/17/2006
     Just to clear EVERYTHING up, I don't know any more about this than you do, but for certain... by SaintShain 1/18/2006 took half an hour to read all that... yeah im 14 and realllly interested in... by xx__pukesoakedheart 1/19/2006
     hi sorry I'm not answering but will it hurt if u just drew a pick with permanent ink no... by LucY-Lu 1/20/2006
     what happens if it gets infected? by mikeyman 1/20/2006
     OK i have a new tat and i did it my self and it is still on me but anyway i am not... by the girl with the new to 1/21/2006
     yer go on do it i do it on my m8s by phonix 1/23/2006
     the way i did it was with a sewing needle and the ink from a pen not bic just some pen i... by papito 1/25/2006
     i dont know if this q&a is still going on. but i have indian ink and i wanted to do a tat... by smiddy 1/28/2006
     yea i am thinking about a tattoo a home made one any tips i wanna do the ink pen and... by rob 2/2/2006
     hey wats up i did my own tattoo like 3 days ago and i used BiC pen ink and it seems to be... by CA_MIAMI 2/2/2006
     so out of all this is indian ink safe or not? by AlexThatsMe 2/3/2006
     ok....i just did that....i put a design on my leg and put ink in to it and iit hasent... by Emily 2/5/2006
     i really want a tattoo and my bestfrined whoo looks like my sister is offerin for me to... by jelly2867 2/10/2006
     ITS WHATEVER by Miami 2/22/2006
     Hey people! well i did this little heart on my foot and my friend said to use eyeliner... by panchita 2/25/2006
     i started with needle and thread, then moved up to a home made machine now i got professio... by dreamscapecustoms 3/4/2006
     Hey ya you cab use vegetabel ink it works gud and is easy 2 get i try it and is gud and... by outlaw_2pac 3/9/2006
     sounds stupid but if you take a knife (this is best for small tatoos) cut what u want into... by crim 3/11/2006
     hey......... im 17 an i have 25 tats every where only 1 is professional ..i do them all... by 17 tattooer 3/13/2006
     well i read this entire forum and i have to say that this was a lot of help even though... by a_little_late 3/21/2006
     well i read this entire forum and i have to say that this was a lot of help even though... by a_little_late 3/21/2006
     HEY I AND A FRIEND ARE GIVING ARE SELF TATS TO Represet Are Group of friends and are gang... by Kody With A K 3/22/2006
     hello ,,i do tatts for a living and i understand where ya all come from .tattooing is a... by scottyboy 3/27/2006
     Dumbasses by Kat 3/28/2006
     over 10 years ago I gave myself several tattoo's using just india ink. They are all still... by zoie 3/31/2006
     well i just did a tattoo on my index finger about 2 days ago with a needle and sharpie and... by meg 4/5/2006
     dude if you want a sweet tattoo take something pointy and steal some india ink from your... by jf 4/5/2006
     All my tats are self did with india ink, at first a saftey pin, then a ahome made tat gun,... by Quasy 4/9/2006
     i totally agree. you are tie smart one her but not the only one. i'vedone my own for 3... by babyblue 4/14/2006
     I just did a small question mark "?" on the bottom part of my right leg.i burned the tip... by the dude 4/17/2006
     you ppl are crazy!!! using ink from a pen? hellloooo ink poisonin and as far as using tape... by onlyme 4/19/2006
     everyone here i need to find out how to make a tattoo gun!!! i just did one with a... by $pencer 4/19/2006
     Hey everyone, i just did a tat on my ankle of a heart and now im all worried its going to... by Nan 4/19/2006
     Hey everyone im new to tattooing and i was wondering if any of u have advice. I take a... by Trey 4/21/2006
     Hey everyone im new at tattooing and i just put a big heart on my shoulder and this is... by Trey 4/22/2006
     hey, this is mainly aimed at steph and miss_bittersweet, this thread has most likely... by etch 4/24/2006
     why is india ink so bad? by Sancho 4/25/2006
     Ok look..ive given myself 3 tats with INDIA ink - the only reason that the other people's... by The_only_one_here_that_knows_what_hes_doing 4/26/2006
     I did my tat two nights ago and it was runny but it kinds of burns but not all like that... by BabyGangsta 4/27/2006
     i say go wit it but if you do go wit it make sure a good artist still dose it and not you... by blazedout 4/28/2006
     Ugh, middle-schoolers and high-schoolers scarring themselves for life. You kids will... by Beebles 5/1/2006
     Awhile ago i gave myself a tattoo with ink from a pen. A few days later it was badly... by Stang 5/5/2006
     Im 15 and i9 put a dot on my arm bout a year ago by writin wit a pen til the ink was... by HOODY HOO 5/8/2006
     hey guys alota great advice n warning i'llkeep all that stuff in mind however i still dont... by me 5/15/2006
     ive got 1 and if u want 1 just do it it doesnt hurt much i done it with india ink and a... by inkfreak 5/16/2006
     I gave myself a tattoo on my wrist in bic ink its safe it looks really good. I used a... by SuperSadist 5/16/2006
     Damn i agree with all the people that said do it i have an angelic symbol on my back and... by Spanky69+420 5/18/2006
     yeah defenetly (i don't know if it is spelled correct but) DO IT by jesse2002 5/21/2006
     I'm 22 years old. I have 2 tattoos both done with India ink. I have done 4 on myself. I... by elexis16 5/22/2006
     Also something I forgot to add The India Ink I'm talking about is the natural kind not the... by elexis16 5/22/2006
     i need to know. i kno someone that carved a star in there arm and put ink in it do u think... by Diablo 5/26/2006
     Ok ... well all you pilons ... i'm 28 and have a BUNCH of tattoo's that i have done with a... by Tattoo'd 4 years 5/31/2006
     i carved out a cross in my hand with a razor blade and then drew in it with a sharpy is... by megadoob12 6/2/2006
     i had a friend do most of my ink work w/ prison ink its a wierd mixture but it works like... by mika_cropp 6/16/2006
     Really i respect self pain.I once was young and cut a star in my wrist i was like 13 and i... by XxPhYsCo<.>PaThIc<.>GiRlxX 6/16/2006
     what kind of pen ink do i use do make my own tattoo by tyger 6/21/2006
     ive done a star on my bicep about a week ago with a Bic pen and it still seems to be goin... by j-morro 6/23/2006
     India ink is a good way to go i have 33 home made tatoos from my elbows down that i did... by Doc 6/25/2006
     Hey guys and girls, I think it's great that so many ppl have taken an interest in a topic... by Casper 6/25/2006
     Hey guys and girls, I think it's great that so many ppl have taken an interest in a topic... by Casper 6/25/2006
     DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT JUST DONT THINK ABOUT IT AND DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by REDNECK O1 6/28/2006
     Well, I don't think anyone reads this thing anymore...but I don't care I am going to put... by DarkStarFairy 7/1/2006
     Well, I did a tattoo of my initials when I was 16 on my ankle with writers ink and a... by Scott 7/3/2006
     Well what can I say, after over 30 hours of professional tattoos on my body I also got the... by Mr.B 7/4/2006
     dont use india ink! the reason is bad for you is b/c it's not non-toxic, or acid free. ... by new tattooist 7/10/2006
     ok, im gonna do it tonight xD if anyone wants to clarify the best way i should do it,... by epona 7/10/2006
     i tryed giving myself one last night with a safty pin a lighter and a bic. i only went i... by lovley 7/14/2006
     i just bought a tattoo kit, and done properly and cleanly, with time and the right money... by james duggins 7/14/2006
     well. i gave myself a tat on my left wrist of a heart. i used a simple sewing needle and... by ed 7/15/2006
     I have a heart tattooed on my lower hip. I used blue ink from a non-toxic pen. I heated up... by Whatshisface. 7/17/2006
     I just carved myself a tattoo on my left ankle. I used a Bic pen and its swollen now...wha... by Dozer 7/20/2006
     I just bought a tattoo gun on ebay, and a complete set to get me started - I plan to... by Peach 7/22/2006
     can u use any normal pen ink ?? please let me no i wana do a tatoo by amyz 7/24/2006
     i gave my self a tattoo on my wrist, and its worked. just take the ink out of a regular... by haleigh 7/26/2006
     can i use pen ink and printer ink and blooil it in a sodia cane im 13 ... by a.k.a friday  7/27/2006
     I tryed a couple times to get a tattoo. I try to make them meaningful to me. I just used a... by iliveinsideout 8/3/2006
     I tryed a couple times to get a tattoo. I try to make them meaningful to me. I just used a... by iliveinsideout 8/3/2006
     hey i have a star tattoo on my toe and i wanna color it in. any suggestions? what type of... by lizzay 8/6/2006
     IF YOU MUST... 1st make yourself a tattoo gun..2nd go out and purchase some TATTOO... by AliKill 8/23/2006
     Hey Ya'll dont worry about it, indian ink is fine, i had a friend do a heart with my girl... by Andrew 8/26/2006
     i gave myself 1 when i was ten and i used india ink .im 18 know and it looks good.i gave 4... by leftnizzle19 8/27/2006
     okay i really really really want a tattoo now and everyone is saying its pretty safe. So... by Melly 8/28/2006
     Just as a general note, The ink that tattoo artist use doesnt have a list of ingredients.... by whatever 9/2/2006
     Okay, so I just tattooed myself today, using India Ink by the way, so far it has turned... by Bri 9/6/2006
     So here is my remark. I gave myself a tattoo today and I used india ink and a needle. So... by dreadlock_princess 9/6/2006
     if u want ink burn checker pises anall the black smoke gather it with a paper and put it... by lagrimas 9/7/2006
     I don't care what you guys say. I know quite a few older dudes that gave themselves... by G-off 9/8/2006
     no i would not advise it i did it myself and within 2 days i was sitting in the emergancy... by dumb ass 9/9/2006
     Alright people, first of all, india ink and bic ink may not be safe, but as long as you... by Markel 9/11/2006
     Well, I am going to do a tattoo tonight. On my ankle. It's going to be a star or a heart,... by Lucifer's Daughter 9/14/2006
     can you use water saluble ink to do a diy tat? cuz i did b4 but it faded away now so i... by modpixie 9/19/2006
     i did an x on my leg cause i really just wanted to test if this actully worked. I don't... by john 9/21/2006
     ive given many tattoo's and im now turning 16 believe it or not but all of my clients have... by docta grim 9/21/2006
     Look its an obvisy answer, ive heard tons of people ask "whats a safe ink to use?" well... by tattoo dude 9/24/2006
     hey i got some india ink and hand needles will that work by littlelovergirl_84 10/4/2006
     Hey I read on a couple sites that India ink can make it so you can't get pregnant in some... by Kalcon 10/7/2006
     I dont know if this debate is still going on, but i would really like some advice on some... by RICK EQUINOX 10/9/2006
     You can use india ink, and it will look okay, but personally i would go for actual ink -... by Henry 10/14/2006
     I just did my own. did an A on my ankle cus its the initial of my first name but i did it... by A 10/15/2006
     I put three dots on my hand and nuttin happened its still here on my hand but yea go to a... by Big c 10/23/2006
     I've been wanting to get a tattoo for long time. But I'm only 16, so I can't without my... by lady 10/29/2006
     i gave myself a tat of a gothic cross using a sterile jagged edge piece of can, and a... by sparhu 10/30/2006
     I just did a small 'x' today. It's located over my heart, is very discreet (almost hidden... by Chiefy 11/4/2006
     dont listen to all the idiots telling u ur an idiot. you can do it yourself. just make... by B man 11/10/2006
     HELP. everyone is saying bad things about india ink and i used it but if i tell my... by robin 11/11/2006
     well i'm considering leting my friend give me one. but i dont know. i really want one.... by LiBbY lOu 11/17/2006
     Hey. so my friend and I gave outselfs matching hearts on out hips. We drew it first... by Princess </3 11/19/2006
     I have done two home jobs on my thighs (the only place I could hide them) and have... by just one more voice 11/20/2006
     yea dude, i dont think nebody cares, we're kids and we wont listen to u, all u said wuz... by tatted and pierced 11/21/2006
     hey guys i put a cross on my left pointed finger yesterday night it didnt hurt and it... by insanekid33 11/22/2006
     So, I just did a tiny cross tattoo with india ink. I used a thin beading needle that I... by fuzzy_bunny 12/6/2006
     WEll you know what, ive givin my slef 3 tattoos one star on my knee and one heart on my... by tisk tisk  12/7/2006
     me and my friend were wanting to do our own tattoos and we were going to use like syringe... by Buhree 12/11/2006
     everyones talkin about goin to get a pro to do it. blah blah blah. what about.if you... by heatherriffic 12/19/2006
     So I've done six or so tattoos in the last few months so I have a good idea of what to do.... by Emily 12/24/2006
     I need help. Does anyone know how to make a homemade gun? by kitty. 1/16/2007
     Uhm, I did one yesterday. I just cut a few mm into my arm with an exacto knife and inked... by Asherr 1/17/2007
     yea i have a question how far should the needle in a homemadde tat gun stick out?????... by lilsaint951 1/19/2007
     o and, you people who think "tattoos done at shops last forever" are horribly wrong.... by mike hughes - tattoo artist 1/28/2007
     you guys are all idiots.. every one of you.. from the 12 year olds who don't even know if... by yeah.. 1/30/2007
     OK so I'm new to this whole tattooing thing and i need some answers what kind of... by Faded:Photo 1/31/2007
     Hello my names Joe i am 17 and have a tattoo i used a needle and black ink from a bic ink... by The Reaper 2/8/2007
     i made a homemade tatto wit just sum ink from a pen i did a big 3, and a cross on my... by chaosthadon 2/10/2007
     well, i just tattooed myself with india ink. for calligraphy. 3rd time. hope i dont... by OxD 2/14/2007
     I did a Tat last night with pen ink and and x-acto knife. It worked prety well theyr small... by Hate...its what I am 2/15/2007
     i think iv tried it 4 times now and it has not stayed there i think I'm going to try it... by the_deadly 2/18/2007
     i think iv tried it 4 times now and it has not stayed there i think I'm going to try it... by the_deadly 2/18/2007
     I am contemplating giving myself a tattoo. I do though have a very low threshold for pain.... by art+music=mylife 2/20/2007
     I did a tatt on me with indian ink when I was 15 and it whent great just do it by spiker 2/26/2007
     This isn't an answer. more of a question, I used a purple gel pen to put a cross on my... by Kasey 3/2/2007
     ok i did mine with bik pin ink and heres how i did it, unscrew your pen take the ink... by yea man 3/7/2007
     yeah. imah do it right now. and for you ppl hating on it. GET OVER IT. its one of the... by laurenloserface 3/8/2007
     okay i have been considering this whole self tat thing and i was just thinking about ... by swirl 3/15/2007
     yeah.. butt cheeks by jdr 3/19/2007
     Why don't we fill hollowed out shotgun shells full of ink and shoot each others legs? Its... by black fetus 3/20/2007
     iight check dis out i jus used a sewing needle and wraped it wit thread wel i used 2... by Ballin 3/21/2007
     wow 3 years since last post dang well this is bugging me since people say indian ink is... by Trey 3/24/2007
     you are all confusing and or scaring me. At first I was going to do this with india ink... by insert name here 3/24/2007
     is this board still open? i just wanted to add what i did. i got an exto blade and cut a... by casper 3/27/2007
     Arright, so most of u guys sound chill enough, im 16 run Cross Country, Track, yeah i like... by Trish 3/28/2007
     i did a india ink tat like 4 months ago and for a while the one on my wirst was green but... by wutevimright 3/28/2007
     hey all, im only 15 years old and i just did a cross on my left forearm. all i did was... by fox racer 3/28/2007
     if you insist on self tattooing,practice first remember it will be there for-EVER! by good advice 4/1/2007
     okay hey guys whats up? so my cousin (16) had made a heart on his arm with he said a... by Jimmy 4/3/2007
     I have a tattoo i got it when i was 14 and i love it by thunderbolt1059 4/5/2007 last night, my first try tattooing myself, i did my own little design of a... by DeathOf~MilkyWay~ 4/8/2007
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     what kind of ink do i use if im going to give myself a tat. bic ink, or india people. so... by looney 4/9/2007
     OKAY,, i worked on it today. ink pen + needle + antiseptic + cotton balls i made a... by LolliPOP 4/9/2007
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     me and my girl briana are giving each other tats 2morrow and we are gonna use bic pens and... by trian 4/19/2007
     ok i try ed to do a tat in the bathroom with a needle and a black sharpie it did not work... by 4/21/2007
     Yes, you can use India/Indian ink. Now i agree with alla these pplz bout goin to a... by tattoo'd-mah-self-n-others 4/28/2007
     poop your dodo by kh 4/30/2007
     maby for some pepole it wont work but i have 3 homemade tatoos with indian ink,and i have... by mike 5/1/2007
     You guys are all way too young to be trying to permanently scar yourselves. I love... by Manuel B 5/2/2007
     i bought black widow spider india ink at the art shop today. i asked the salesperson why... by stephie 5/10/2007
     India ink is toxic, as is Bic and other pen ink. Go have your blood checked for toxicity... by youareidiots 5/11/2007
     um ya instead of using a needle use the blade from a pencil sharpener but clean it first... by someone 5/13/2007
     a couple of days ago I gave myself a tat on my ankle and i used a razor blade and bic ink.... by not_afraid_of_risks 5/16/2007
     I gave myself a tattoo a couple days ago on my ankle with a razor blade and bic ink is... by Not_Afraid_of_risks 5/18/2007
     um..i did one last night and i read this whole page and what everybody said and i have a... by whitney 5/27/2007
     Stick to branding if you want DIY body modification. Its easy, and doesn't hurt as much as... by zanderclause 5/28/2007
     Listen...ive used bic ink and india ink...bic works the best but it will only stay if you... by Been there done all this 5/31/2007
     Also, don't carve.. like I've been reading about you guys doing here.. Stick and poke.... by Shmoopie 6/1/2007
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     Keeping in mind, to all those who wish to speak so ill of doing it yourself, that before... by Drake 6/14/2007
     india ink is safe to use i just depends on how you use it it will stay forever and looking... by me 6/14/2007
     okay so i did one yesterday and what i did was i boliled the ink and cleaned the needle... by terrashea 6/17/2007
     Ok, tattooing is not as big of deal as everyone makes it out to be. You won't kill... by Rovert 6/20/2007
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     i used regular pen ink from a bic pen is that ok by aj 6/25/2007
     so you can just stab yourself with a safetypin dipped in pen ink, and it will stay? i... by yourbaby 6/28/2007
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     hey, im pretty young, and interested in getting a professional tattoo in like, a few... by Lulu 7/16/2007
     hey everyone. i just did a rose on my right hip. originally it was going to just be a... by c 7/17/2007
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