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A patient got a 24 hour urine protein test done. The result...

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Question by rs
Submitted on 9/3/2003
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A patient got a 24 hour urine protein test done. The result shows the urine protein as 414mg/24 hour. The total volume of urine is 1800ml for 24 hour.

Now for the question :
For a 24 Urine Protein routine in case the patient included the first day's (day 1) first sample also, by how much would the test result be skewed. Do we need to do the test again.

Answer by The Pro.
Submitted on 10/13/2003
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Scientificly speaking you need to conduct the experiment more then once, recommended over 30 times and what you are checking for is for the valadity of your experiment.  You are making sure the results are reliable. In other words you cannot flip a coin and it ends up heads so automaticall you assume the next time you do this it will be head again. I recommend that you do this for the next 30 days without changing anything or doing anything different from the first time.  This way you know you cover your six.  The resulst may be skewd by difference in eating habbits and activities the person may of had..so it is important to do it many times that way you can get an average.


Answer by ds
Submitted on 3/10/2006
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i had a 24-hour urine test done two weeks ago and my protein in the urine was 236mg and a week later i had to do another 24-hour urine test and if this one come back high how does the doctor do the results do they combine them or add both up or if they both are bad do the doctor would have to induce the labor or what going to happen.


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