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How do I write a algorithm for a program that asks the user for a currency in dollars. It... by Tommy DESl2/18/04
     my favorite game by aditya 8/28/04
     if the droller as been in droller then stop if not proced by solomon 11/12/04
     How to write a algorithm for getting a drink of water from a water fountain. by leigh 9/27/05
     Surely you'd need constant currency information. And there are hundreds of languages. by SA 4/20/2006
     breaaa<<< by breaa 5/21/2006
     question by sreejith 8/22/2006
     dsghsdh by hgsdgh 11/28/2006
     , ed ded,f,.3 by qqq 4/29/2007
How do I get my email back? by Carol2/4/04
     You don't. by Weasle3/25/04
     someone took my email by tamara 3/6/05
     the power was off for a while and i was able to get everything back but mt email. i put in... by MFEMFE MFEMFE 6/5/05
     fvdd fvkjlgb ijbcmbdekjflkjfdb hgdebfiuje by sfaibdivdv 1/22/2007
     hi i want back my password if you can by iam_premer 3/4/2007
     hi i want back my password if you can by iam_premer 3/4/2007
     idontknow by eliane 5/27/2007
     how to get my e-mail back it got stolin by rayan 7/6/2007
     adidas by adidas 7/9/2007
what is the relationship between an algorithm and a computer program by KKN7/13/03
     An algorithm is a system independent idea; a program is a concrete implementation of that... by Juergen9/2/03
     Most programs, with the exception of some artificial intelligence applications, consist of... by killermachine 10/4/2006
     are you from carnegie mellon? by CMU freshman 1/21/2007
am trying to format primary drive but cannot get past the message "drive in use by another... by don skinner8/13/03
     Depends on what your operating system is. Under Windows, it will most probably be the swap... by Juergen9/2/03
     i have a ? i have a harde disc and cant get past the password dose ne one now how and i... by pinkfloydfan 12/7/05
     Open cmd, FORMAT (drive letter like D: for example) eg FORMAT C: and that... by ROB52 2/8/2007
     I had that exact same problem. :( by Noob 7/9/2007
I am doing a report on sugar gliders I want to see a map of where they live in Australia,... by nance  is me2/10/04
     go here: then click the link to the austrian pages and then go to the... by austrian junky 11/9/04
     are you special i think that is a dumb question i mean come on smarty by hoffy  1/3/2006
     Google is your friend: http://brainmuseum. org/Specimens/marsupalia/sugarglider/suga rgli... by BA Baracus 2/3/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     I don't think that you are still working on your report, although im sure there is a map... by Kristin 10/5/2006
     sorry no idea by by nida 1/13/2007
     Jump to: navigation, search How to read a taxobox Sugar Glider[1] Conservation... by Eyorefanatic1234 2/19/2007
     How in the world am i supposed to show you a map of where sugar gliders live?? Weirdo. by Whatever 5/2/2007 Petaurus_breviceps_distribution.png :) by Beck 7/9/2007
My 1995 Jetta reverse gear ( 5 sp manual transmission ) went, started off making noise,... by VW junkie5/18/04
     Go for it. It is easy. Much to the dismay of my wife, I rebuilt one on the kitchen table... by bubster007 10/5/04
     We are having the same issue by rupzip 12/24/04
     Hey my '97 Golf did the same thing. I have the tranmission out of the car, need a manual... by HarrisFD 1/19/05
     It can be fixed but, it is pretty involved, it a small gear that is easly damaged. You... by Daryn 5/18/05
     The not engaging, I don't know. Must be a worn gear. I know the n01s3 is normal, but... by Yalon 7/26/05
     I have a '96 with the same problem. The reverse broke when somone slid into the guard... by erik 11/6/05
     I have the same problem pleASE GIVE DETAIL EXPLANATION. tHANK YOU by kumar 1/23/2006
     i also had a 95 jetta that made a clicking noise in reverse! all the other gears worked... by sarah 1/23/2006
     help by cool60vet 4/8/2006
     Your reverse (st gear) is chewed off in the lower gear case. you may also have damage to... by JAB 1 5/7/2006
     you'll probably need a new tranny. sorry. by blingho 6/14/2006
     cunmmama]am by George 11/13/04
     Vapour is liquid turning into a gas under normal conditions; the molecules bouncing around... by EMK 6/27/05
     boat name by mut 10/10/2006
     it is water vapor arising from boiling liquid water. Steam is hot. My question though. ... by joan 1/29/2007
     what is vapour by l 6/6/2007
1995 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.2 all wheel drive. I have a whining noise coming from... by Mike9/27/03
     If you have a solid axle front end, check the fluid level in the front differential. There... by n-a2/14/04
     How much does it cost to fix the front differential that is leaking and a transfer case... by Danielle 9/13/05
     Fuel consummation with the 5.3 Gls, engine of a Gran Cherokee Limited 1995 by Laco 6/20/2006
     i have the same problem and all of my fluid was empty i might of got a cup out of it so i... by Matthew 9/7/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     I Know what makes the noise. The 95 Jeep front axle has a hose that allows air into the... by Dave 4/21/2007
My Bearded Dragon wont eat dry food, how can i make the food more appetizing to him? by Kayzee5/30/04
     try soaking the food in orange juice, and if he doesn't eat it you might just want to... by dumblondie166/22/04
     feed him real food not that stuff by dave 11/25/04
     my bearded dragon is 2 tears old but lately he WONT eat anything lately, its been weeks... by Cobain_lover 12/16/04
     first, the last persons didn't mention they can not eat citrus juice. Try water. However... by merella kk 2/20/05
     I had the same problem with my ... by CAMDEN DEWBERRY  12/18/05
     MY dragon isn't eating very much. He dosent eat crickets and will barely eat super worms.... by Andrew 6/7/2006
     What do you mean by 'dry food'? Just try lettuce and carrots by mulanbabi1231 6/15/2006
     Try soaking the food in water or juice to make it soft and more appatising by bornRebel 10/12/2006
     They really need to have vegetables or they will die after 3 years. I found something on... by carmesin 11/10/2006
     you should never give your bearded citrusy products,like OJ by reptileJoe 11/25/2006
     can i feed my bearded dragon strawberries by Marie 1/24/2007
     you can blend up lettuce and water and put it in a dish and it should eat it. by Redeye 3/3/2007
Is there anyway i can track an IP address from an email? by Phil Pearce4/21/04
     Yes. Look in the email header. Most headers (unless they are forged) will contain the... by Tempest5/13/04
     i dont understand what u talk by kaku7/1/04
     yes.... u can do that ... like this... open the mail, click on full headers and find an... by tolukosi7/2/04
     This site will explain it to you: http://www.safer-internet. net/noadults/en/email_0.asp... by Jadelyn7/3/04
     this shows u how to html by sudakar chopra 2/8/2006
     i want to hack into someones computer, but i hsve no phyical access by lee 3/4/2006
     How do I no who done it all I get is a hostname what do I do with that? by Ell 4/14/2006
     yeah, but what the hell are you supposed to do with the IP adress hmmm? by Ahnnge 5/6/2006
     I cant find where it would say full headers i am on hot mail by niki  8/16/2006
     how do i track an ip address from a blog??? by badboydoinit 10/16/2006
     I don't think the website address you gave is valid Jadelyn. Any other recommended... by bec 12/18/2006
     So if a person is using a router there ip address cant be traced??? by pebbles 1/20/2007
     Which part is the sender email ip in the email header? Tempest by iok 3/11/2007
     is there anyway that you can trace somebodys IP when they are on a forum? by alex 7/6/2007
How the heck do you get a password to sign onto newsnet(s). by pudge6/6/04
     no by sunny 10/27/04
     i want to know how to get password when i have lost my [password and i lost all my earlier... by monjeet 12/10/04
     forget my password please help me by hezel 2/22/05
     My nickname in KOP. by KHS 3/1/05
     hi how r u u by irfanff_2 5/11/05
     To access into my login. by Saeed 12/25/05
     i am a good boy by lucky 4/9/2006
     my nik name by mik 10/5/2006
     how to heck a password of my boyfriend by zunni 10/16/2006
     I hope this password does reaiiy good for me. by Amber 1/15/2007
     I want to have a password for a by Ladybug 2/18/2007
     My name is manish by Manish 3/9/2007
     Yes I think that password is good for me. by ki-ki 3/30/2007
How to read the BMP file through C by mottai11/19/03
     A BMP is made out of a header part and the pixels. The header contains basically 2 records... by w00t2/12/04
     Hi! First of all, let me thank to w00t for the information! Second let me contribute... by Marius6/6/04
     are you guys computer freaks or something by loot 7/26/05
     hi this how u can access the Bmp file header this is working fine.. Thanks to Maris.....f... by Gaurav 10/2/05
     Yoy can test for MS VC++ 6.00 with the pre-processor variable _MSC_VER which would be set... by LeLorrain 1/7/2006
     I have tried this kind of code before but I always get incorrect info, but cannot seem to... by Wezel 2/4/2006
     How i can make a BMP file from the Data(After Decoding the file)...I have Decode a... by Apurba Saha 3/2/2006
     cvatoi by cvatoi 5/5/2006
     WEARD QUESTION by CRYSTAL 10/2/2006
     How can I make 4 bytes into a long i am not programming in c but in gml i can read bytes... by MegaByte 1/19/2007
     This info was helpful me too thanks Marius and w00t by Fren 2/3/2007
how can we change the Constitution of the United States? by Tiffany1/13/04
     With an amendment. by Bobo1/16/04
     you change the constitution with an amendmant by TRent1/30/04
     YOU DONT KNOW? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! (Ahem) Sorry about that,... by ZFreezeZ2/24/04
     Every man should have the opportunity to stfu and stop shooting his fellow americans. by Knif3/30/04
     duh... with an amendment,dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by person 8/30/04
     With an Amendment is the formal way. Also by Supreme court decisions, custom and usage,... by tara 2/12/05
     Any other ways known? I have something w/homework by Mac 9/13/05
     in order to change a constitution, first you need to propose an amendment. you will need... by Joe Chen 10/29/05
     I think that the question is whether the constitution is "changed" with an amendment or... by Daisy 1/12/2006
     The constitution need to become a living document which changes and evolves IF freedom is... by PIAGET 1/28/2006
     you can change the constitution with an amendment, judicial review, or political practice by Smarty 3/2/2006
     You change the constitution by making an amendment, such as the 19th Amendment. BBBBBBBYY... by Katie 3/22/2006
     IDK!!! by ME 9/13/2006
     by an amedment ..reat by ma 2/21/2007
I have an ASRock K7VT2 mainboard and a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ CPU but i can only set the cpu... by Dimondantist7/16/03
     I have the same question, only with an xp 2400 cpu. There are two jumper settings on the... by petfrog7/21/03
     ok first of all get your motherboard manuals handy becouse your going to need them. ... by Pini7/30/03
     The jumper setting is just underneath the AGP slot on the board. he default setting is... by Graeme8/12/03
     I have the same question, only with an xp 1600. FSB setted at 133mhz but it comes... by m1ckey768/26/03
     hmm, are you 100% that it is not 'underclocked' (set at 100) by Adam 8/28/03
     i can not find a connector for monitor on k7s5a pro by tuy  9/7/03
     how do i reset the bios, unfortunately i changed a setting from auto to manual and then... by sniborp9/20/03
     I have an ASRock K7VT2 mainboard and a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ CPU but i can only set the cpu... by gigaman 9/26/03
     i have a problem too the manual or the original manufacturers page tells that if i upgrade... by jorma 12/8/03
     Try to reboot several times, you'll get a boot failure message and then you can enter the... by William12/9/03
     bios-advansed-cpu host frequency to manual and actual frequency to 133-160 i have 150 ... by jake7/12/04
     well i have done all of the above a few times but now ive over done it a little and it... by matth 9/2/2006
     Iros todos a tomar por culo amercianos de mierda by Neo 11/23/2006
     my computer doesn't boot and the fan keep spinning what should i do by jody 12/23/2006
How many Quarters does a 5 gallon water bottle hold? by M9/17/03
     when would you, anglo-saxons step to the metric system that's a lot easier: everything is... by Sugaar10/5/03
     Depends on how densely they're packed, but to get a first-order approximation, do the... by tom10/25/03
     about 4000us dollars by jay11/9/03
     WHY the hell would you want to know that unless you are cheating on something for school. ... by Me1/29/04
     $4000.00 is absolutely correct. I work as a bartender and often take 1 gallon jars of... by bob16ic 11/10/05
     $3,500 by logan 4/4/2006
     Idiot, I will tell you when I fill it up, Just thought somebody had already done it.... by Eleazar 6/3/2006
     23409 quarters in five gallons assuming no loss of volume to dead space which there... by quarter 6/11/2006
     my volunteer group has a claim pending for a stolen 5 gallon bottle full of coins. In... by cjb 6/13/2006
     my volunteer group has a claim pending for a stolen 5 gallon bottle full of coins. In... by cjb 6/13/2006
     All quarters is about $4,000 if you use pocket change the mix will net about $2,000 if the... by Richard 6/24/2006
     "Me" should really think about what he says before posting a message. I personally wanted... by OJ 11/26/2006
     Don't measure them by volume, measure them by weight. Weigh a quarter. Then weigh the... by Jake 4/15/2007
Do dogs have overactive bladder problems? What are the signs that a dog has this ... by Pamela12/28/03
     dont change the dogs food or give table scraps that might help by lp 675/8/04
     My dog is about 11 years old. She recently began dripping a little pee when she would lay... by stevec6/10/04
     my dog pees all the time. okay, most of the time, anyway. she wears a diaper but it... by teh metal militia7/20/04
     my dog pees all the time. okay, most of the time, anyway. she wears a diaper but it... by teh metal militia7/20/04
     My dog pees all over the floor or carpet regardless of being walked or taken out on the... by Dr. Beans 8/11/04
     You are describing a psychological problem. The dog is insecure. See a pet therapist or... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     Call your vet or take your dog in for an examination. They'll know what the problem is. by Pie 5/18/05
     Dogs can get bladder stones, very painful; they cause frequent urination. Take her to... by MissyN 6/27/05
     my dog is turning 8 next month and he has peed all over the house and recently right in... by beck 7/1/05
     ggggggggggggggggg by gigggggggggg 8/30/05
     Herbal supplements such as black cohosh or blue cohosh given daily will help to tone the... by Mum 10/31/05
     My dog always pees all the time. by AdamG 2/24/2006
     I think they do mine does the idiot that said his dog eats his poop needs to be shot!!!!!!... by Agent kim 3/2/2006
     Take her to the vet! This could be a kidney/bladder infection! ~Chesara Kennels,... by Beauceron 3/9/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     my dog is a male pomeranian he constantly wants to go out and pee any suggestions or... by linda 1/17/2007
     It all comes down to poo. by George Strait 3/18/2007
What is the behavior of Pitt bulls? by lizzy3/30/04
     Well, it depends on how you raise it and treat it. If the pitt bull is raised or taught... by Victoria 12/19/04
     Pitt bulls are very aggressive ,and they bully other dogs. by Zeke 12/19/04
     they are excellent dogs well mannerd and loyal, its all in how u raise them by fapnickoli 12/27/04
     Pitt Bulls behave how their trainer teach them to behave.My pitt is a year and 4 months... by tyt2k3 12/29/04
     Pitt Bulls are only mean and agressive if they were trained from puppies to fight and be... by shorty 1/6/05
     pit bulls are what you make them... by backy 1/11/05
     Can be vicious and aggressive. Growing up we always had dogs. It wasn't until we raised... by hapagirl71 1/11/05
     gentle if treated right it is not the dog it is the owner who makes them mean by ladydi61 2/10/05
     Pitt Bulls can be like any other dog, it is just how they are trained. if you train them... by JP 2/15/05
     I have two Pitts and they are wonderfully playful and energetic. I have one that is two... by Shauna 3/7/05
     I have a 5 month old pitt bull who is very loving and playful...very smart and can already... by brandy 3/26/05
     i have a female and she is great with other dogs kids and babies. She has never been ... by kim 4/25/05
     it depends on how they are treated. if you love on them a lot and don't beat on them they... by laura 8/21/05
     they are typically very active dogs that love to play and run. they are typically highly... by free4everme 8/30/05
     Depends on how you raise them by maree 9/25/05
     depends on the dog by les 9/29/05
     Pitt bulls are predisposed to be dog aggressive. However, like every other breed they... by Lissa 10/4/05
i have a pure breed puppy that was given to me but the owner cant find its papers. i... by sara ortega3/19/04
     no papers then by the one 12/10/04
     You can register your puppy with the CKC by downloading a form from their website and... by Teresa 1/6/05
     hi there you did not say what kind of dog it all depends on the breed is it a big dog or... by karin 2/27/05
     Have the papers re-issued by the breeder if they are willing to do so. by Red 4/29/05
     You might consider writing the registering agency (American Kennel Club?) and requesting... by rogue 5/12/05
     if they gave it to you for free, i wouldnt try and go breed it (its probly not good... by Sourdog 7/6/05
     the breeder can get a nother copy for you. by rooster 7/6/05
     Im not sure bvt i was told that u could find some website and send pics of ur dog and info... by Liz 10/31/05
     I'm pretty sure you ask the register under which it has been registered by the breeder,... by Neko 2/1/2006
     I'm pretty sure you ask the register under which it has been registered by the breeder,... by Neko 2/1/2006
     Ask the person what registry it was. search for it on the net and ask them. by farmer  3/5/2006
     The previous owner (person whose name the dog is registered to currently) must contact AKC... by niteowl99 3/7/2006
     You won't be able to get one, you should have put more time into finding a responsible... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
     kkkkkkkk by pppp 3/14/2006
     The American Kennel Club may help you retrive your papers. AKC, P.O. Box 37902 Raleigh, NC... by Sunfire 12/11/2006
     ask you friend if the dog kennel club reg and if it is just get he address and ring them... by claire 3/18/2007
I have been looking for A word processor that's discontinued. It is a Panasonic 1500w I... by Herb9/2/03
     i have a panasonic word processor. multi function, can act as typewriter, wordprocessor. ... by kyle10/3/03
     There is one KX-W1510 Panasonic Word Processor on ebay right now. Item# 3446269969. It... by ebayer12/13/03
     Hi I am also seeking an old Panasonic word processor as I have some disks that I would... by Robert6/7/04
     once someone wrote how to convert a k1500 panasonic wp disk files into modern files so... by 9/29/04
     I have an KX-W1510 , make an offer,item is located in Sydney Australia. by prion 10/11/04
     I have a Panasonic W1510, if you are still looking. e-mail me at by quitecool71 10/28/04
     I have a Panasonic word processor / typewriter w/ unopened ink replacement cartridge(7)... by jmq0 11/27/04
     A very important thing to keep in mind in connection with Panasonic WP'sis the hard drive.... by cozyone 1/19/05
     Yes We have what you are looking for.. a W1500 panasonic word processor alarmguardsecur... by gary 3/2/05
     I have a panasonic w1510 word processor. I don't really intend to sell it, but could read... by warren peace 3/17/05
     Herb, I may be two years late but I do have a Panasonic W1500 Word Processor. I have... by Bill Edwards 7/27/05
     I need a packet of doritos. Where do I buy them? by albert ( alber 8/15/05
     I have a Panasonic KX-W1510 Personal Word Processor that I am looking to sell, only... by Jared 9/26/05
     I also wish to retrieve my information stored on my 2DD flopy disc (Panasoic formt. But my... by David E. Evans 12/25/05
     I have a Panasonic KX-W1505 word Processor. I would like to sell it. by Newt 3/5/2006
     I too have a Panasonic Word Processor KX-W905 which needs a new floppy disk drive (FDD). ... by HB 4/9/2006
     I have a word processor model 1500 and it is working good, are you still interested ?? by pandore 9/22/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     I am looking for a Panasonic word processors with compatible printer. The model numbers... by Nick 1/30/2007
do you know any lyrics to any Japanese songs? by attitude2/24/04
     Yeah. I know the words that are in English. by Anna6/9/04
     Yes.. Sukiyaki, Itsu Made Mo, and a couple of others. Funny thing is, I'm Hawaiian, not... by Vel6/18/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     YUPZ~ i knoe a lot of japanese lyrics and translated in english ones too you should hear... by Kapeechz 11/1/04
     What is the longest word in the world? by Pun Chittapraneerat 12/3/04
     This song is known as "Sukiyaki" in the West. Ue O Muite Aruko Words by Ei... by Uncle_Gweilo 1/23/05
     Yup It has a lot of the anime lyrics, plus some j-pop by Dormarth 3/5/05
     I know about 15 or so, but not the English words. by Blaze 6/17/05
     omadato chrisumasu omaydaato chrisumasu omadato chrisumasu owe mae she ma show by maddie cabanaw 11/2/05
     That is funny. by sakura  12/8/05
     yes...I know lyrics of dango sankyo dai,ue omoite,ojiisan no tokei and many other..japanes... by shruti pai 12/10/05
     Yes i know Every Heart in Japanese And I speak Japanese But I'm Mexican <(^-^)> by Nala 1/13/2006
     Yes I took Japanese in middle school so I know "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" (Atama... by carebear 2/22/2006
     Yeah, I know "Butterfly" by:Smile Decay. by sanyu Kiwi 2/25/2006
     asalolz ka japanese song hinahanap ko! tae by asalolz 3/7/2006
     Man my answer is the best ever like Paul Waul. The Underground is mine i treat it like... by Ace  4/14/2006
     does anyone know how to say "i just want you to hold me" in japanese? by megan 11/5/2006
     yes.. the english translation of kimi ga yo.....i do know it because that's our project in... by jhel 12/27/2006
     hello all hoez by bit _ch 1/19/2007
     no, sorry <a href="">no, sorry</a> by John 2/22/2007
I recently adopted a male Bishon Frishe between 4-6 years of age. He was very matted when... by MadamLaRue9/20/03
     I also own a bishon,although I do not have a problem with him, I did have one with my... by cody10/23/03
     I have owned many bishons. I would only use an herbal shampoo and conditioner. i would... by barb77mur11/6/03
     I also have 2 bichons one of them has a skin problem, we tried many approaches but... by freddy1/28/04
     It is best to use a dandruff product called nizoral (over the counter shampoo and... by irenee4/11/04
     try a new dog food with out corn, it worked for me. I started with PETCO Solid Gold, then... by edkayelee 8/6/04
     i want a baby! by ashleyhart 9/29/04
     I had the same skin problem with my bichon. Although she don't play in the dirty. I... by Chris 11/2/04
     I also recently adopted a 4 year old male. Your story sounds very much like my own. ... by Peg 1/1/05
     I would strongly discourage from washing a dog with a baby shampoo. I made the same... by MD 4/21/05
     Tell your vet about the situation and ask what grooming products would be best. by Pie 5/18/05
     I have two bishons and one did have a skin problem where he would scratch until he bled... by Tam 8/10/05
     I have a problem finding a good groomer here in Leesville, La. I have tried most of them... by maggie 11/1/05
     thats grody... kick it in the grill!!! by death by wet dog 11/18/05
     Bathing him every day might dry out his skin, so do it ONCE a week, then use only herbal... by Kelli 1/21/2006
     T3dMLBZ3gRb Spxp3gQZ0Cq sE2nA1RWW8XOe7 by NQ5kurxpVL 2/19/2006
     I just got a 2 month old Bishon, she is just the best little one you could ever see, I... by suzzie 3/31/2006
     I have a 2month female bishon who keeps scratching Is this her diet? I have been using... by Nicole 11/28/2006
     walk your bishon the grass and simply clean his tummy and paws with a wet wash cloth and... by johnf75712 1/29/2007
     I have had two Bischons now for 15 years and both have only been washed with warm water... by greggy 2/23/2007
     Do bichons get liver spots as they get older? by vlt7779 7/14/2007
How do you regerter a dog with out papers? by skittles7/22/03
     i dont know I have 2 Pit bulls that we want to breed but need papers please help ... by Amy12/26/03
     To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get papers is to register the dog with the... by georgeshaeffer@ij.net2/19/04
     Based on the assumption (since you didn't specify) that your dog is a purebred, you can... by D. Man4/29/04
     who can i do junior handing if i dont have my puppies paper and another question i have is... by kelley5/14/04
     don't ask me don't know by tui5/18/04
     what if you got your dog from a fiend that had lost the dogs papers? by angel 8/11/04
     how do you get akc papers on a dog? you can email me at by craig  8/19/04
     i need papers for the mother and her six puppies.3males and 3 females by Jack E Morrison 2/11/05
     to:kelley, i ust to have the same problem. the dog sould get his papers after 3 month's.... by pupies 2/28/05
     i have a pitbull puppy but i dont have papers on her how do i get papers on her? by babygirl 7/14/05
     i have a pit bull puppy but i don't have papers on her how do i get papers on her? by babygirl 7/14/05
     iv just bought 2 pedegree dogs and i want to breed them, but how do i go about getting the... by boover 8/3/05
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     What if you can't get papers of the parents can you still register your dog? by Austin 2/24/2006
     i got a rottie she is 2 yr old and she dont got papers. How can i get her papers and get... by jeanette 3/28/2006
     how can i get papers on my dog if i dont know who the owner of the dog is and i know that... by bruce 3/31/2006
     i wil not let u by becka boo 4/4/2006
     I recently bought a pit bull. the girl I bought it off of does not have papers, how do I... by amanda 6/1/2006
     way off the subject but are schnauzers a very good dog? I am getting one who needs to... by big mak 8/13/2006
     Going to the owner of the ADULT dogs won't help. Most breeders will sell a DOG with PAPERS... by Puppy Lady  8/13/2006
     hey im new to this site but i have a male pit bull and he ran away a year a go when me and... by amanda 10/14/2006
     I certainly assume you have the best intentions in doing this, but I would like to point... by Jeff 4/7/2007
     WIFENAME by FORREST 4/12/2007
     Say i found a boxer that already had its ears clipped. she was runing around in my front... by big zo  7/9/2007
i love talking to people about Charmed because i love the show! i'ma huge fan, if... by Jen3/16/04
     i love charmed beacuse it gives me a sense of feeling that i am invoved in the magic it is... by lutesh4/27/04
     i love charmed beacuse it gives me a sense of feeling that i am invoved in the magic it is... by lutesh4/27/04
     i like charmed coz wen i watch it i feel like im there with them and i no this might sound... by loz322546 9/10/04
     i love charmed i have liked it since it has ever came out i will never stop loving it and... by elisha  2/28/05
     i love charmed do you my bffs are demi and jessica aka piper and paige lol i get exited... by charming dom 3/9/05
     Charms is the best thing ever.When I watch it if I've seen it before I'll say it with... by firegirl 5/28/05
     Jen i love charmed too who is your fave? by molly 8/18/05
     i love charmed, coz its magic but not scary black like Buffy. who's ur favy charmed person... by harriet 12/23/05
     I love charmed so much, i think its so great. i miss Pru though very much but i like... by phoebe123 2/16/2006
     u know what i love is when piper and leo a having sex behind the bar of p3 i loved that by love goddess 2/18/2006
     i love it because it takes ma away from the really world and i wish there was a place... by eva 3/1/2006
     i love it beacuase it takes ma away from the really world and i wish there was a place... by eva 3/1/2006
     i love charmed because i like magic and i like the charmed ones and Billie all of the... by sophie 3/16/2006
     i love charmed i see it evreyday by callum may 4/30/2006
     i love charmed!and now the season is ending! *sniffle* i wanna cry! by Akura 5/19/2006
     I love charmed because it feels like I am there using magic and saving people with the... by Brittany p3 5/23/2006
     i love talking to people about charmed because i love the show i watch it all the time and... by becca 6/26/2006
     i love everything about it . i love the characters they are so kept in... by charmed 8/5/2006
     I love charmed because It give'sme advice on everything. in every show they do it has it... by lula 10/29/2006
     i think charmed is mint i av seen every episode n i luv it if ya wana tlk mi addi is... by slim 2/6/2007
     i love charmed piper is my fav charictor by jam282 2/27/2007
     i really love charmed it is the best show ever and i cant believe it is ending i love all... by Chicken Legs  3/15/2007
     hello by serta500 3/20/2007
     i love it like i kinda like leo well the witches are pretty cool wish i was them it would... by Mb 6/19/2007
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Where can I find easy magic tricks that I can learn online and are free? by GamerGuy21/2/04
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     <a href=" pintura.html">Técnicas de Pintura</a>... by 6/1/2007
How do you create a homepage or profile for an aol aim name? by tina2/28/04
     My friends belly button got a yeast infection it swelled up like a ballon she changed it... by Eugina or fanny tompson3/16/04
     i got me belly done it hurt like hell and i cried for hours i thought i was going to die... by smelly ellie3/20/04
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     hometown by Brit 2/26/2007
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Write a recursive C program to reverse the singly link list by Gaurav Gupta4/21/04
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     #include<stdio.h> struct node{ int val; struct node *next; }; /*... by Manoj Gupta 10/18/04
     /* This program is designed by Manoj Kumar Gupta My email id is manojkumargupta@gm... by manojkumargupta at gmail com 10/26/04
     /* This program is designed by Manoj Kumar Gupta My email id is manojkumargupta@gmail.... by manojkumargupta 10/26/04
     /* This program is designed by Manoj Kumar Gupta My email id is manojkumargupta@gmail.... by manokkumargupta at gmail com 11/5/04
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     #include <stdio.h> int count = 0; struct ListObj { int num; ListObj*... by radium 9/19/05
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I am in need of plans for a wooden go cart. I just want plans to build this with an 11 yr... by Karen4/10/04
     i live on the island of Tobago. our road was just paved and the kids are trying to build... by paul4/26/04
     I'm trying to bulid a kart also for a school assignment, any of your plans or ideas would... by Megz4/27/04
     hi i would like to have plans on making a go cart that can go up to 25-30 mph.I need to... by go man5/8/04 com/gocartplansguy/Go-cart-title-page. html Some plans here by mungbean5/29/04
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     If you find some plans please share them with by luckymotts7/13/04
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     Hi I have a page all about my wooden electric go kart which was a success. see it here:... by andrew 8/14/04
     FREE GO-KART PLANS Check out some these cool links at this website: http://metals.about.... by Mystic 8/27/04
     Check out http://metals.about. com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http: // by Mystic 8/29/04
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     Ok karen, there are three things you can do to to get plans for your 11 year old hottie. ... by weirdo bob 11/6/04
     Yo i think this is stupid by 50 Cent 11/15/04
     i need help how the hell do i make a go-cat, help would be greatly apreacited e-mail me... by jack-z 11/16/04
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     I need plans too by Taylor Preston 2/21/05
     I want to build a go-cart from wood and iron bars for the summer but i am not quite sure... by Danni 4/7/05
     i am doing a go kart with my friends we going to use a lawnmower engine which will go ap2... by andrei   4/19/05
     My son and I will be building a go cart this weekend. I found these plans on the net. ... by Krissych 4/29/05
     we are making a wooden go cart also, we need ideas for plans to. we live in england by Grant and Jordan 5/28/05
     I'm 12 and I have some plans I found. Here they are... by Lightnin 6/1/05
     i am 15 and i want to make a wooden go-cart with no engine. can i get some plans? i want... by chase 6/16/05
     fu by m x 6/16/05
     ha ha your gocarts are not going to last long by loger 7/7/05
     i am trying to build a downhill go-cart out of wood and i need to know how can i make a... by WE$ 8/1/05
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     Try this site... cart.html by Tonyana 9/19/05
     u guys suck im welding 1 by crazy shortie  9/21/05
     i wouldn't mind trying to build something like this. by scott 9/25/05
     I want to make a cool go cart.If you have a plan put it on here. by alex 9/26/05
     11 horse power in a 100-150 pound gokart can go 80=95 kph depending on the gearing ... by Gokart man... 10/2/05
     i would like wood in order for me to build a wooden go cart. this project is for a club i... by lawrence allen 10/4/05
     me and my 11 year old brother want to make a wooden go kart but we cant find the right... by kane 12/21/05
     A go cart has a engine and metal frame. look for "soap box derby plans" .good luck by dave 1/7/2006
     i have made a go kart and it iis easy to put brakes on all you need is a metal handle from... by powles14 4/28/2006
     How do I turn win I have three wills by Drake 5/7/2006
     How to hook the engine up to the wheels? You'd need a clutch, a variator or a transmission... by Erlend 6/17/2006
     Hi, I relly want to make a go cart with an engine out of wood but i have a very... by Freddie  6/20/2006
     i m in progress of making a go kart for a school project 3 days afters cool and we have a... by K DOG 7/18/2006
     My aunt sister and me need to have a wooden go-cart built by the end of this summer. We... by HelpMePlz 7/23/2006
     Its a bit old, But bud. 11hp would be fine to get started by Thoma 8/2/2006
     I need plans and need to know where i can get the parts. by d 8/5/2006
     Materials: Wood, large bolt and 2 nuts with 2 washers, 2 sets of wheels complete with... by Meme 9/7/2006
     you can reach me at msn: please contact me id love to share... by MK DESIGNS 9/13/2006
     down hill or motor driven by toby 9/22/2006
     i am a 11yr old boy and i need plans to build a wooden kart for my friend tristan.s.a. iv... by fantom 9/28/2006
     hi i need free wooden gokart plans were can i get them by notgiven 10/2/2006
     an 11 horse power engine is pretty darn fast it is faster than most lawnmower and... by fat chick 11/21/2006
     i am in need of instructions on how to build a wooden go-kart? thank by franks  11/23/2006
     i live in barbados were we have alot of go carts races and stuff and we dont need brakes... by gregory 12/3/2006
     Hey i'm from the u.k and i i'm planing on building a Kart check out Wooden go karts on... by leeisme13 12/28/2006
     i want to make a downhill kart without a motor can you send me some plans by jakster1 12/29/2006
     i am 10 i like Go Karts by luke 1/20/2007
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     Wooden go-karts are made of wood, the move, they have wheels on the, and are made of wood.... by GO-KARTER 2/7/2007
     hey man if any of you guys get a good plan for a wooden go-kart just post it on here with... by little deman 2/10/2007
     Lol people who are asking question s have da fing in da answer box. wats up wif dat by Emo 2/23/2007
     I'm 13 and need instructions on how to build a go-kart that actually acelerates uphill and... by Gangsta 3/11/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE HT E DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     http://www.kartbuilding. net/woodenkart/plan.htm THIS IS A GOOD SITE THE DIAGRAM IS BASIC... by SAEED  3/13/2007
     Here's a good site: Kart_Plans/index.html by Bill 3/15/2007
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     a 11 horse power engine will go 11 horses per hour. by bright star 5/9/2007
     a 11 horse power engine will go 11 horses per hour. by bright star 5/9/2007
     Yah go to by Scrap Kila 6/24/2007
     Yah go to by Scrap Kila 6/24/2007
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IN THE MOVIE,MR HOLLANDS OPUS,Did Mr. Holland write an Opus?? by ray1/19/04
     Yes, he did. Loved the movie. by Vel6/18/04
     Yes, he actually wrote two. One was musical piece, the other was the influence of his life... by Toad 3/14/05
site that shows how to re-key Schlage doorknobs and deadbolts?, I rekey Kwikset locks for... by RICK5/1/04
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Am wondering if other owners of black labs have witnessed a sudden paralysis of the hind... by Sherrie11/10/03
     my mother's pooch had this happen around age 9 (she's now 16 years old) and no, she's not... by GirlfromTx1/4/04
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Iwant to know what The habs mean in Montreal Canadiens. by Bruiser3/22/04
     Long long time ago, the Montreal's hockey club was named "Les Habitants de Montreal". That... by SomeOneFromMontreal3/24/04
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     here's the truth guys... i forget who the manager of chicago was at the time, but the... by Leafs fan4/16/04
     Close, Leafs fan. Really close. It was Tex Rickard, the owner of Madison Square Gardens,... by Jackie4/20/04
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     jackie is right in a point but not in a other. not just because they called them habitant... by hab boy 4/19/2006
     puh a toronto fan,hah GO MONTREAL!!!!!!!!!!!aka habs,and i`m going with the first answer... by kelsey 4/30/2006
     I think your all wrong because habitants were french canadian farmers. They started a... by Giggletit 5/10/2006
     Well the term "habs" as a frenchie quebecer guy I am comes from adversary english teams... by canadien 11/28/2006
     it doesnt matter, they're freakin canadian i'm just kidding i love your country by Bruinsfan 11/29/2006
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Is it best to make up your own spells/ are there actually real spell books other than... by j3vuz10/12/03
     What are you talking about? Sound interresting... by Joe Lou10/27/03
     say CHOOSEL with a magic wand and it will make the other person for ten minutes by kya11/28/03
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     No i don't think it is best to make up your own spells because if you decide to be a witch... by NICOLE2/28/04
     I make up my own spells and they all work if you believe that they will work. for example... by mandy4/30/04
     say magic that only do make my head turn small by ashley6/4/04
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     yes there are but you have to be experised like me and remember what ever you do it will... by kez t 9/15/04
     i made a spell up and it really worked you wanna here it shatter this glass turn in to... by jade 10/11/04
     "Wicca is originally a form of fake white magik that people of the modern age have... by Faust 11/3/04
     i don't think the question is, should you create your own spells, i think the question is... by vine 11/12/04
     I hope that this is not a load of crap. by Mrfoofoo 11/29/04
     Is there a spell anyone knows to shoot like blasts out of their hands by unknown 12/10/04
     i would really like to make spells up of my own like lady henson makes up all my spells i... by witchgirl3000 1/12/05
     Hi, i was just wondering whether guys( males) could be wiches or are we just Sorcerers? by Cute_Kitty 2/21/05
     a witch is witch and she who knows it, holds the power.YOu must own it, believe in it and... by Rebeccah 3/14/05
     I think magic can be used in BOTH ways not just dark magic.You can make your own spells. I... by Sabrina 3/22/05
     Hey everyone. Y didn't any of those spells work for me? I have a wand from Alvan's and I... by Megdog5000 3/27/05
     Although irrelivant, magik is a matter of pure faith, simple laws of the universe, some... by ZuensDeNautico 4/19/05
     i think that making spells of your own is a good idea, if you know what your doing. I may... by moo poo 6/10/05
     Your spells won't work. There is no such thing as magik (or magic or magick or whatever... by EMK 6/27/05
     I make up my own spells. Sometimes, they work. Like some help with magic? Email me at... by Mac 6/28/05
     Making up you're own spells is great tou can do anything by Rohan 7/28/05
     i recently watched charmed and was facinated with magic. i want my own book of shaddows... by -*Charmed*- 8/3/05
     I think you could make up your own spells but i think you should only do it minimal and... by DDR 8/5/05
     Sounds fun, I created one my self that makes your opponent shrink to the size you... by Greeno 8/7/05
     there is a girl by the name of kalisa. I see her and my heart is desperate for her to feel... by live life loud 8/29/05
     I do spells like Harry Potter ones not! the real ones of course, i´m going to look for a... by Slayer6 8/30/05
     I would like to say that I began my powers at an advanced stage. I had knowledge of... by karissa 9/1/05
     you should really listen to your own instinct and do you own thing when you are ready. if... by spud 9/2/05
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     HOW DO GET POWERS by ZERO 9/25/05
     say aloho mora and it will unlock doors or anything that is locked by aus 10/2/05
     I am pretty new to all of this but i do beleive that if you want a spell to work enough... by Twiggy 10/3/05
     Uhhhh....yea.....dunno... by Kelly 10/7/05
     I think that you should start out a beginning witch and use spells and tips off of the... by Cassandra 10/22/05
     Ok 'Answer by fake witches beware' you obviously have never heard of Gerald Gardner.... by Morning Star 11/1/05
     hi i have strange abilities like being able to manipulate air and i was just wandering is... by macman 11/12/05
     I love making my own spells i use them in battle mostly against shades 4 that i made up... by death wizzard 6 11/27/05
     If u believe in something u like u should go on and do it u should not listen 2 other... by Julz! 11/28/05
     Hi I just have a reply to fake witches beware: My family has been wiccan for as long as... by PrincessOf The Moon 12/1/05
     If you go up to someone and say "SECTUSEMPRA" there face will all be coverd in blood how... by Jonesy 12/5/05
     I think you can you just need to believe that they will work such as this spell In just a... by bb 12/9/05
     I say go for it! wen u use ur own spells, it really werks! it werks for me, but i use a... by Jaineymays 12/14/05
     you have your own choice to use magic by Rebecca Fisher 12/31/05
     look make up you own magic spell my will need a magic squares for thaem by bendog 1/3/2006
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     Oh my god i just actually astro projected i literally left my physical body and was in two... by Emeline 2/7/2006
     i am telekinetic by poddy 3/20/2006
     I think ypu should make your own spells or you shouldn't, but most of all, if you make a... by Tate 3/26/2006
     You have a choice to,do black magic or live on the moon as a selesgial princess which... by MoonSilver39 4/29/2006
     can any of you actually do real magic? i have been wondering about it for a couple... by yo momma 5/2/2006
     i think it is sometimes but not all the time. by horsetransformer 5/27/2006
     do what your mind tells you by Katie 6/9/2006
     wheres the best website for a real magic wand. by tan 7/9/2006
     everyone has the powers or magic that this site is based on, but the abillity to focus... by drendan 7/20/2006
     if you make your than you know what it does by celiene 7/22/2006
     make up your own spells to be someone else it can be fun(wink wink) by tyina 7/24/2006
     ok... so i do do witchcraft and you can either makeup your own spells or use someone elses... by witchcraftfreak 7/25/2006
     So, know any of u any REAL site for REAL spells? If do please send me at lusifer-king@hot... by Snake 8/2/2006
     can anyone help me find a cute boy to kiss I'm13 and i want a boy thats 13 or almost 13... by Emma 8/14/2006
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     its true by jkxuygck 9/14/2006
     there are no such thing as spells or magic if you believe in god then you will know that... by 2brated 9/23/2006
     look everyone in here....magic is what you make of it...magic is the four elements...every... by Andrew 9/27/2006
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     i think yes make up spells itll be fun by chisle 11/25/2006
     It will be by my pointing finger by matt 1/14/2007
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     can i learn magic by alexzander 3/26/2007
     Argghhhhhhhhh! Boring! by Halee 4/10/2007
     It is not good to make your own spells, unless you know what you are doing. Here are some... by Taltos 4/22/2007
     Fire, water, wind, and earth are the corners you idiot. You make stupid stuff up because... by Taltos 4/22/2007
     i do not beilive in magik but i think that it truly is in the person to have powers by john 4/22/2007
     I possesse the power of the wand its pretty cool. I can do loads! by Elemental 4/26/2007
     heyy im new to this magic n spells .. i really dunno how to make ne thng work everythng... by yazi  4/28/2007
     i am writing a book on teen witches and find it quite interesting how i can realate to... by aly 5/7/2007
     My witch color is Orange. And I only found out I was a good witch when it was last year...... by Horsekisses 5/12/2007
     you are gay by black sky 5/26/2007
     my cat by roxy 6/3/2007
     I have a question.. What if i am not a witch or wizard but i want to be? can i make my... by Ricca 6/19/2007
     I think you can and should make up your own spells, you just have to be careful using... by Magickal Me  7/11/2007
     Yes it's ok to make your own spells...infact they are more powerful because they are apart... by nunya 7/12/2007
How much is a two dollar bill stamped with red ink worth? by LiLDaddyzGurl2202/18/04
     It's worth two bucks. $2 bills are uncommon but they're not exactly rare. Keep it for... by Professional Peanut Taste Tester4/5/04
     If it IS a $2 bill. $2. If it is a Silver Certificate, a bit more. That Is a collectors... by MrEd4/26/04
     How can I get a $2 bill? I know they are in circulation but I never see them. Will I be... by davidh134/26/04
     Big Dave, You can walk into almost any bank and and buy some off of them. Many (most?)... by Dr. Morty M. McNutt5/2/04
     I have a $2.00 with red ink #'s and seal, but it does not state that it is a silver... by jjacobs5/26/04
     I have two dollar bills in red ink none of them have a series stamp on the left side,... by us4fsu7/16/04
     i think that it is worth however the person thinks it worth. if its over two dollars its... by hi 9/22/04
     i have a red 2 dollar bill with no series stamp does this meen its worth more??????otherwi... by macthis1114 11/7/04
     I have the rarest two dollar bill in the world. It is appraised to be worth 10000 dollars.... by Yo daddy 11/12/04
     I have a two dollar bill dated 1837, I think and wonder how much it is worth. Thank you by GOOD 11/22/04
     i have a 2 dollar bill blue stamped and its a silver certificate can you tell me if its... by the vortex 1/13/05
     i have a two dollar bill and i was worndering how much it is worth by jose  1/24/05
     Whys is it in Red, I got one, why? by Me 2/23/05
     I have a two dollar bill from 1928. It has a red ink stamp on the left and other red ink... by wicksnsticks 3/27/05
     i have a 1976 2 dollar bill hand singed by the treasurer is it still worth 2 bucks by mark 4/1/05
     20 dollars for a two dollar bill by red x 5/26/05
     I dont know by big daddy741963 6/18/05
     its worth $5000 by loser 6/20/05
     I have a two dollar bill 1928 F series, fair condition, no tears, series number D39402060A... by Angie 7/22/05
     How much is my two dollar bill 1953 A series with a Red Seal in Great condition? Thanks by tracey 8/13/05
     Two dollar bills are not rare at all-you can get as many as you want at your local bank... by Andrew Pike 9/12/05
     What if you have a red stamped 2 dollar bill with the White House on the back? by mjs51796 10/12/05
     How much is a one dollar bill worth without a face of a president and other items? I was... by chris 10/25/05
     How much is a 1953 two dollar bill stamped w/red ink worth by Brandon Anderson 11/17/05
     I have a $5 dollar bill with red ink, is that rare? and is it worth more than 5 bucks? by Liz 1/4/2006
     what is a silver certificate 2 $ bill red seal worth from what to what. examble 20 to 40... by redseals? 1/22/2006
     its pretty good by tyler 2/28/2006
     2 dollars of course. god. u guys are idiots. i had the same question. by crazi 3/5/2006
     where can u find how much a two dollar bill is worth. this site is useless. by crazzi 3/5/2006
     this site is retarded by hehehe 3/26/2006
     you all are stupid by jhgf 4/9/2006
     It pains me to say that I'm also at the current moment of april 20, 2006 in the afternoon... by David 4/20/2006
     i have one thousnd dollars for the red ink two dollar bill by big john 4/28/2006
     I have four $2 dollar bill's that have been Mailed thru the Post in 1976. Can anyone tell... by Rocker 5/5/2006
     I have a two dollar bill but dont know the value. Tried for a while but still think their... by Robin Carlisle 5/11/2006
     I have a 2 dollar bill stamped with red ink as well. not sure if it is worth anymore... by JZ 6/3/2006
     yum yum by xtraspecialxxx 6/10/2006
     TWO dollar bills are rare there worth $4,000,000 dollars by will smith$$ 6/20/2006
     I have the same question . I have two 2 dollar bills dated series 1953a ,the serial... by jenn 8/8/2006
     Will a 1953 series b two dollar bill be worth a lot of money some day, if so do you know... by jt 8/11/2006
     Yeah - I think many of the posts are missing the fact that the RED INK is the unusual... by El Loco 8/24/2006
     why are some 5 dollar bills ( or any bill) stamped in red? by Bit 9/15/2006
     a two dollar bill bill with red ink is worth 1 thousand dollars by jojococo 9/15/2006
     2$ bill red ink 73 years old what now by nikula 10/15/2006
     The red print ones are NOT worth only two dollars. While 2 dollars bills are not uncommon... by sd 12/10/2006
     I have an older two dollar bill from 1928, It has the red seal and several signatures of... by Ryan 12/18/2006
     I HAVE TWO DOLLAR BILLS by PIE  2/1/2007
     Your $2 bill with red numbers and a red seal is a United States Note, they are worth... by DVS 2/26/2007
     jbhjjgjhjgjgk by 125213 3/23/2007
     they are only worth 2 bucks try wait a couple of year and see what happens by kid 3/28/2007
     what is a two dollar bill worth that has a red stamp ? by pink 4/7/2007
     I have a series 1953A with red seal, red numbers on left, and right it also says " Will... by Lexi1352 4/9/2007
     what about a two dollar bill with a red serial number im not sure how much its worth but... by confused 4/21/2007
     The 2 dollar bill is uncommon and should be held on to but the red stamp makes it more... by TomJohnsonamerica 4/23/2007
     i have a two dollar bill with a red seal over the two lettering the numbers are red too... by c money 4/25/2007
     i have a two dollar bill and it's date 1776 how much is it worth? by redsoxs423 4/28/2007
     I have a $2 bill its a 1953 series b. It has red ink how much is it worth? by amaris 6/25/2007
     YES< ITS VERY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!! by GGREGGGG 7/1/2007
What is the origin, history, and facts of sailing? by Jennifer1/19/04
what is involved in becoming a singer and while you are a singer by Annie12/31/03
     how do i get a recording contract? by tammy3/25/04
     How Do i get spotted? by Hannah6/14/04
     Wouldn't you have already been on American Idol if you were any good? by Vel6/18/04
     First how do you get there? I mean if you know that you have a good voice then how do you... by tamo7/7/04
     how do i get to become a singer? by kaci 8/13/04
     Where can you try out to become a big hit singing like Britney Spears and all of them ? by Arii 8/17/04
     i would make my own CD'sand sell them by Natasha 10/6/04
     if you are going to be a singer you can't be shy you have to be able to sing in front of... by katie 11/14/04
     how to i become a singer by Annie 12/12/04
     how did you get your information on becoming s singer? by lil smokey 2/25/05
     i hope that you could give me some information about how to become a singer by lil smokey 3/8/05
     i hope that you could give me some information about how to become a singer by lil smokey 3/8/05
     ppl keep sayin dat im a gud singer ( which im sure u ppl r 2 ) but azwell az u im tryin 2... by lil jj rox 5/4/05
     get spotted / create a stage show, make yourself seen by patrice 6/4/05
     im a talented singer, i have had no singing lessons, i'vebeen singin since i was 5 and i... by Sarah 6/26/05
     If I want to be a singer then how can you tell if you're really with a good record... by Kourtney 10/3/05
     If you have a good voice and you want to start singing , but you don't know how to get... by Michael 10/25/05
     how is it posible for me to get noticed. ive tried for so long and it really hard! by opal lehrer 12/7/05
     OK this is to vel. There are tons of people who try out for American idol. I'm one of... by cherie 1/11/2006
     u should get into some competitions. i would like to b 1 2 by beautifull 1/23/2006
     I would love to become a singer, i would.. but how like when say if off of america idol... by daniella 2/22/2006
     How hard is it to get signed on a good record label company? by Moochi 3/6/2006
     how do you become a singer i live for singing by sarah 3/18/2006
     Becoming a singer involves getting to know the right people. You need to also create a... by Ebone 5/4/2006
     Can i have a singing contract and still go to public school? by baby eeyore 5/5/2006
     If you have a good voice and so many talents how do you get those talents recognized.I... by Jakeitha 6/14/2006
     i dont know if yall can answer this question but how can i start a singing group without... by aunjanae 3/5/2007
     how do i get spotted if I'm already a singer? by Sammi 4/13/2007
What do you do if you,by mistake, put diesel fuel in a motorcycles tank? by rebecca6/30/03
     I think the best is pump it out and fill the tank with the right product. Diesel is more... by May7/3/03
     drain all the fuel out of the tank, fuel lines and all , refill it with gas get the gas to... by Aaron7/8/03
     As stated by Aaron, drain the tank and carburetors. There is usually a plug on the bottom... by Dan7/10/03
     to make a correction to what May said, diesel is actually the less volatile (and hence... by John10/16/03
     I once drove a small four cylinder carburated gasoline engined car from Atlanta to... by gannamede1/22/04
     I fill up 40% diesel in my new HONDA C-RV tank in highway 5 and drove 100 miles, there was... by Tim 8/10/04
     The fuel tank of my (gasoline) car was empty and I put in 4 gallons of diesele in it... by pat 1/9/2006
     The reason I'm at this site is precisely the reason for the original question... I... by Chuck 3/18/2006
     what happens if you put diesel fuel in a honda accord engine? accidentaly put diesel fuel... by derrick 4/4/2006
     cloggs injectors over time by jonnie 7/20/2006
     does it really ruin your motor if you put diesel into a gas motor??? if not what should i... by onoc 7/20/2006
My 4month old Min Pin. Has black spots on his tongue. Why? by axel2/12/04
     IT IS GENETIC! DONT WORRY ABOUT IT :):) by Alison4/13/04
     Some dogs just have spots or black spots on the roof of there mouths and it just them ... by Skwanto 10/31/04
     It's genetic. He's perfectly normal. A lot of dogs have that. by MinPinLuver 5/28/05
     My min pin has 1 extra toe on each of his back legs...i dont know what they are called but... by J 7/9/2006
     it has chow in it by Cornpone 9/21/2006
     my five month old min pin has those black spots on his tongue too. so it must go along... by megan 10/23/2006
I want to know my friend 's Yahoo! ID . Her real name is Chan by aNd6/2/04
     abdulghani by abdullahghani    rock_hhh_80 9/4/04
     wan to create new account by ria 9/15/04
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     My yahoo id by wazzey 2/24/05
     i want to no the e-mail of my friend Kathrine Johnson from USA Texas by wazzeyoly 2/24/05
     kinzaji by jinie 3/2/05
     how do i find out my friends other id on yahoo and how do i find out who hes chatting with... by issie 4/24/05
     hi i want to friends id of yahoo her real name is rajlakshmi nayak by heroman1111 5/28/05
     sathiya by swapnil 6/30/05
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     will like to locate a friends yahoo id by safia abdul 9/13/05
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     i want online yahoo id's by zeeshan 11/1/05
     You should know your friend by the way they act around you and how comfortable you feel... by Cece 11/6/05
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     good luck by stein 3/17/2006
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how can i tell the difference between a male and a female guinea pig by lisa3/17/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     Eewe, sicko. That's actually a really good question, lisa. I've had female g'pigs my... by Eleanor 10/28/04
     Hey yo momma kid u r correct-but you are gay! by better than yo momma 4/4/05
     all ya gotsa do is jus lift da legs up n look and as fer u u can come find out if im a guy... by B 4/11/05
     ok, ur mama is a gross perv. To the point, you'll probably be able to tell when they are... by guardgirl89 4/20/05
     just go to a pet store and they will show you how to tell them apart by mightyblue12 4/23/05
     i have had i guinea pig for ages and it is not desexed and the other day i got a baby one... by becca 5/23/05
     well.....if u press the stomach a penis will come out if it's a male and if it's a female... by Goodygoody 6/3/05
     Serouiosly, that doesn't make sense. Tell me properly. by lisa11 7/4/05
     i don't know by rhdhjliugy 7/6/05
     Isn't it vulgar how a person like ^ visits these sites just to make rude sexual comments? by M monster 9/25/05
     how do i tell the difference between a male and female siamese fighting fish by nightkiller 10/7/05
     what is the personality differences between baby male and baby female by christola 10/14/05
     that's gross. does this person have issues with beastiality? Anyways, I think you can... by Summer 12/24/05
     you need Jesus in your life by peanut 1/9/2006
     put a boy guinea and a girl guinea beside each other lyin on there backs the girl has one... by robin 2/28/2006
     u can tell the difference between a male and female guinea pig by looking at his/her... by banana 3/2/2006
     what type of guinea pig? If it a human well im afraid you have a job cut out for you!These... by rob 3/14/2006
     A Boy is a Doted i And a girl is a y by Dusty 5/13/2006
     you pervert.. by mike 6/11/2006
     When they are about a week old, turn the babies over and examine their genital area. You... by tinyshafi 8/13/2006
     one has a dot sticking out the female does not by taylor 10/21/2006
     press your index finger and your middle finger lightly on above the privet if a penis... by seesee 3/8/2007
what is the meaning of "milkshake" in the milkshake song by kelis? by kelis4/26/04
     vaginal discharge by yera5/11/04
     Actually, it's NOT vaginal discharge. It's female ejaculation, which is VERY different... by Ediekins 8/3/04
     Nope, it actually means anal sex... see, the milkshake its actually the female (or... by Drugly 8/21/04
     I'm not quite sure what the meaning of Milkshake is, but this site has a good interpretati... by Zolan 8/30/04
     My pokemon brings all the boys to the yard and they're like, 'you wanna play cards'. Damn... by Michael Jackson 12/10/04
     her brown body by G 1/3/05
     Oral sex - substitute "deep throat" for "milkshake" next time you hear it. http://forum.l... by jayjfadd 1/6/05
     that is the most mingin answer by flame girl 1/11/05
     thats just disgusting by Comment by Julie 2/2/05
     She is talking about giving boys hand jobs. by Monishamiqua 2/8/05
     it's about sex ! by gayathri 3/20/05
     Basically, She's talking about tossing a guy off, Hence the Milk and the Shake. Milk being... by Livibelle 6/15/05
     showing her boobs and sick things that dont need to be on her video i think she is a dirty... by shoty 6/29/05
     it means to shake your groove thing by pyro 7/22/05
     gadg dfdafxvfdef gfdszvcvedgewgf dcxcxcaqefdcxczxcfsacxzc by gaga 10/12/05
     I would guess it means her ass boobs or her body cuz that forms the milkshake by Ninja 3/4/2006
     Cummulation from a male penis. by a 4/21/2006
     oh yeah by nick 5/19/2006
     to shake your boobs by adam 5/25/2006
     where does her milk shake? moron by yaya 6/6/2006
     what is the meaning of the Milkshack song by Les 7/31/2006
     There has been much debate as to what the song's seemingly nonsensical lyrics actually... by silly 8/2/2006
     blowjobs by JENI 8/21/2006
     bewbs/arse by BLARGH 9/18/2006
     Her Boobs by The Spooky Guy 1/1/2007
how much is one american dollar worth in korea??? by Lilpunkergrl48113/31/04
     y r u planning to hire a prostitute? by DeATh6/3/04
     One US dollar is equal to 1,160 South Korean Won. by stevec6/10/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     wow! I would keep your dollar and move to south Korea! Hello! You can be rich in Korea... by pinaypunkjenna 7/17/05
     would u like any stamps with that? by fjyhsgff 7/21/05
     Probably 20 bocks, thats my guess. by rffff 1/19/2006
i am getting an error message 554 client host rejected: access denied. i can't find the... by lisa kelepolo10/22/03
     The server used to send your emails is called an SMTP server. So far as I know this... by John 8/3/04
     http://www.iwon. com/ct/help/webmail/bounce.html by ju 2/19/05
     A 554 is a general SMTP error and can have a number of causes, not many of which prevent... by AlwaysLearning 7/23/2006
     This error message means that whoever you are sending your message to uses a mail server... by 333hlfevl 2/21/2007
My dog started bleeding from the end of his penis. If I pull down the surrounding skin to... by Kerry1/2/04
     try sucking on the penis by bobby_hill2/23/04
     yeah id suck it why dont you by hairy warts 11/2/04
     Thats what i always do by F me 11/20/04
     Call a Vet. Sounds like a possible urinary tract infection. by Lynn B. 4/6/05
     If you gently stimulate the penis with your two fingers, it should stop the bleeding. by CarlosTheMexican 6/19/05
     I have the same problem...I'm kind of worried about it.. by Tiff-Tiff 7/16/05
     If sucking on the penis doesnt work, try shoving it up your ass. by Hank 2/24/2006
     your dog is dieing pray for me! by jay 3/5/2006
     my dog has the same problem, he is an ENGLISH BULLDOG, the sucking on the penis is a... by my name is Jeffery Miller 5/19/2006
     i guess sucking on it wouldnt be wrong in a medical sense. but it's still a stupid answer.... by gabi 9/28/2006
     yea its tru, suckin on it will relieve tension so he wnt hurt himself wit his nails when... by dgluvr 1/26/2007
     OMG. this is occuring with my dog too. by michy 3/5/2007
     LMAO ^^ by lol 4/16/2007
     For gawd's sake don't suck on it (smart a**) and get that dog to a vet! by Seneedra 7/15/2007
where or how can i play kung fu or karate games without having to download them and for... by olasile fasugba9/27/03
     i really AM cool by riverrat3/31/04
     Songebob is the best character ever! Awesome, like total freak me out! by spongebob4/15/04
     What's wrong with you peeps? he asks a question, and you just put yer own useless jabber... by Thranduil 10/9/04
     try by bjay 3/11/05
     yep, spongebobs the best by nam 4/21/05
     He makes good films like in the titanic by Marco 6/1/05
     were i can find karate games by david 6/18/05
     THIS GAME ROCKS by emma 6/24/05
     OK by emma 6/24/05
     spongebob sucks u nerd... by spongepeoplehater 8/16/05
     just go to their web site by sadman 8/31/05
     i raelly cant find good karate games by anthony lang 11/10/05
     it is cool by eric 2/14/2006
     anto ff by anto 3/22/2006
     Duh?! In the court yard! by michelle 3/29/2006
     I really am in karate!!! by Austin 6/9/2006
     i go to willow grove middle school by ojyheslayer 6/19/2006
     I love pizza by ojyheslayer 6/19/2006
     Tyler is my name im in shame. by TyTy12 8/11/2006
     answer by:marcel by marcel415 12/21/2006
     hello by jemal 1/26/2007
     the internet! by Runescape Rules 2/1/2007
     I am good, think I can perform batter. by Lillian 3/10/2007
Need the wiring diagram for a Craftman electric drill model 315.10514. I purchased a new... by Henry11/18/03
     i have the sameproblem. by josh 5/31/2006
     Thank you. by beep 1/4/2007
How do you sterilize a 14 gauge piercing needle? by Hallie5/17/04
     Leave It In Alcohol Overnight. by PiercedKing 9/11/04
     How do you permanently ruin what God gave you perfect?. Starbucks by bubster007 10/5/04
     Hallie, your piercing needle should already be sterile in the packaging. DO NOT reuse the... by ArkAngeL 10/9/04
     Hold it over a flame first...then soak it with achohal. by kris 12/3/04
     How do you pierce your stomach yourself? by Kissable 12/7/04
     To sterilize you need sterilizer. which is expensive. I would recommend to by it for... by Geo 4/25/05
     When i had my belly button pierced i washed my hands then put on a pair of brand new... by Sarahjo 9/26/05
     Well, the best way to get a 14 gauge sterilized needle would be to buy one. It's not very... by Matt 10/31/05
     i dono i just want see others answers i have the same question by avafava  12/1/05
     stfu prep by shelby 2/9/2006
     well you don't do any piercing's yourself if you don't know how to sterilize something,... by johno 3/11/2006
     ummm well id say NEVA EVA use a needles twice but if u have to and i mean HAVE to then... by straw berrys and ice crea, 3/17/2006
     autoclave??? by johnnyboy 6/28/2006
     were do i get a 14 gauges peircing needle and clamps o a lip peircing set? in toronto:P... by tasha 8/4/2006
     To sterilize needles it's best to use an autoclave which is one of the only ways to kill... by rusty 1/10/2007
     You bleach it.Alchohol won't kill aids hep a b c and other things so put it in some high... by OverLOrdRain 1/11/2007
     i dont know, i want to know as well by tasha 4/18/2007
     first boil it in alchol then dip it in porxide burn it with a non gas fire this should do... by rigel9 4/26/2007
     i dno i tried peircin mi belly 2day wiv mi m8s buh it hurt like hell so i punked out,... by xxxxkrishyxxxx 5/11/2007
How do i refine platinum from catalytic converters .does aqua regia disolves it better and... by Adeyemi Ezekiel6/30/04
     This will expose you to deadly poison and it is a horrible death. You would not wish this... by bubster007 10/5/04
     i would like to kinow' by b 2/20/05
     grind in a tub by dwight 8/26/05
     how do you refine platinum by ur mom 9/13/05
     how i do refine platinum from silver? by tiru 2/28/2007
     I am trying this as well by jjohio1 4/4/2007
     Check out for the easiest most effective recovery method by Platinumills 4/22/2007
     datory gretry megetry by jmfb 5/7/2007
How do we make a hologram? Erin by Erin1/19/04
     how to make a holoram by kamia5/16/04
     kl;kl; by i[pl;'kl 1/22/05
     you lick nuts by ;o;;0[;o; 2/8/05
     well, very carefully by James 3/16/05
     Take a look at the the article at htm. It's a... by Bonnie 11/13/05
     gvvvvhhh by Ron weasly 1/28/2006
     Holograms are interference patterns. When light passes through these patterns it reconstru... by breezydog99 11/16/2006
how long do dogs get there period? by teresa12/30/03
     How long does a 1.5 yr old boxer dog get their period? by chaos4/11/04
     I think the "period" you are referring to is the time that a female dog goes into what... by JamieC6/2/04
     Usually a dogs period last from 6 to 21 days, the last couple of days of her period is the... by MissyMae 8/26/04
     So how long is not very long? A month? A week? by Greg 9/26/04
     their heat lasts for 3 weeks, the first being the swelling and no bleeding, the second... by khuff 11/22/04
     how long does any girl dog get there period. by kiki 11/23/04
     i know what people are going through because i have a girl dog and my dog has her period... by haasan 1/2/05
     how long do periods last? and what do u do while its happening? by Kandi 1/6/05
     How long will a 9 month old Cockapoo have her period for? Hurry I need a answer... by Cleo 1/7/05
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     I also have female boxer she 1yrs she be 2 in Sept. she just stated don,t want puppys yet... by star 4/1/05
     This can vary from dog to dog, but the average is three weeks. It can also can be shorter... by Pie 5/18/05
     What should I do when my dog is in heat? by Jasmine 6/6/05
     can a dog get her period after she is spayed? by jee 7/11/05
     dogs don't get periods. sorry by shan 9/1/05
     How long are dogs in HEAT my dog has been in HEAT for 2 weeks and it's still is going?????... by kk 10/9/05
     Should I breed my dog during her period? I mean during her menstruation by Eliene 10/13/05
     how often does dog get there period by latina18102 11/1/05
     what really is this heat that everyone is asking and what dogs don't have a periode. by Kameron 12/29/05
     how long does boxer dogs have there period? by Danielle Gillian 1/4/2006
     i think that dogs should get it less then humman get there's by justine 1/30/2006
     how old does a Boston terrier have to be to get their period by lilcandygirl 2/17/2006
     when do dogs get there period? by bedi b 2/20/2006
     they usually last about 3 weeks by tink 23 2/20/2006
     dogs dont get periods cuz well, i dont know. just google it by nikki 3/21/2006
     dogs are cool by naruto 4/18/2006
     well my female dog just had her period last week i asked the vetenarian and said they dont... by Heydi 5/2/2006
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     Actually, I female dog's period lasts about 2-4 weeks depending on the dog, not the... by Mando 12/10/2006
     My chocolate lab just got her first period last night, she is 7 months old. When will she... by Jess 2/12/2007
     Dogs stay in heat for about 3 weeks. the best thing to do is place your dog in a confined... by christina_14 2/19/2007
     JamieC your doumb dogs get there period when there about 8 months old at least that is... by moses  3/18/2007
     well i have a female dog and she is now 1.6yr old i would like to know when about would... by lauraita 3/31/2007
     General Information Estrus ("heat") is the mating period of female animals. When estrus... by ERIKA 5/11/2007
     so how long does it last lol by yuygh 5/24/2007
     Do dogs get their period, and do they get it while they are still puppies by deran 5/28/2007
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     how many days does the period last ??? by muffin friend  6/10/2007
     It depends on the dog, but it's usually 3-4 weeks in length. by Anonymous 7/9/2007
how many computers are connected to the Internet by mightyduck2/24/04
     just over four billion computers because you can have up to 254 x 255 x 255 x 255 with... by englishtosser3/15/04
     just over four billion because you can have up to 254 x 255 x 255 x 255 with the quad ip... by englishtosser3/15/04
     The assumption is wrong, since the ip numbers above 220.x.x.x are for special use and the... by google5/2/04
     I found a link at Internet Public Library in the almanac section stating 605.6 Million... by spidermnky20035/31/04
     Actually, this number can never be known because of technology that does NAT/DAT. This is... by Al 8/19/04
     How many computers are connected to the Internet? Posted by Jean Polly on... by Net Mom 9/3/04
     and 34 of them are ours ;) by devudu 10/14/04
     you forget computers that are in their own internal network that is connected to the... by toma24135 2/21/05
     one day we will run out of space for IP addresses what will happen when this happens? will... by mrwabbit 2/24/05
     That's not really true either. Don't forget that in a home network you can have x amount... by Tidus4Yuna 4/19/05
     no only one is online you fags by bum 5/13/05
     just over four billion because you can have up to 254 x 255 x 255 x 255 with the quad ip... by aussietosser 11/6/05
     I just saw that the number or host/servers as of 2004 was just over 233 million, so... by pdurand 4/11/2006
     Im not telling any of you. ha ha ha!!!1 by chicken turbo 5/18/2006
     4.000 by Rob 5/18/2006
     Im not telling any of you. ha ha ha!!!1 by chicken turbo 5/18/2006
     yuitvofdsjyut yug what what what??? hahahaahha eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... by yullooii 8/7/2006
     Right now (Summer of '06) there are about 400,000,000 different HOSTs connected to the... by schizo 8/10/2006
     None of the above answers are complete because they forget about NAT (Network Address... by Ghent 10/2/2006
     that is a scary figure by arsetickler_anon 11/24/2006
     ur all gay by t 2/12/2007
     you find it your self by sighfried 2/12/2007
     1 computer is on the internet by Sanjay 6/1/2007
how much is a 1953 five dollar bill worth? by ladron256/5/04
     5 dollers by dumbbass 11/22/04
     misty sebring by Tim 12/16/04
     5 dollars by flipster 3/4/05
     1953 five dollar bill that happens to be a silver certificate by Steven Bock 3/22/05
     1 million!!!!! by sarah 4/16/05
     five dollars by kong 1/11/2006
     $4,500 by Josh 1/27/2006
     five dollars by illy 2/1/2006
     I have a 1953 Series A printed with red ink in the seriel # and also seal on the right... by sherry p 7/20/2006
     HOW MUCH IS A 1953 5 DOLLAR BILL WORTH by SHEERA 10/29/2006
     i would like to know also. by metoo 6/25/2007
     1953 five dollar red seal by flaca 7/13/2007
can you show me an example of a real world expert system by yoli2/16/04
     rehytyxkji mh bfhu trfy kimg bd by baba 9/12/05
what is the conversion between kilobytes and megabytes?? by Anna9/28/03
     dear god.... have you ever taken a math or science class before?! simple explanation is: ... by John10/16/03
     Funny thing about this is that the answer given above is wrong. There are 1024 bytes in... by Bink11/18/03
     Ahh yes..... good catch Bink, how many bits are in a megabyte? by Teaser1/26/04
     There are 8388608 bits in a mega byte. 1 byte=8 bits,1 KB=1024*8=8192 bits 1MB=1024... by gayatri2/18/04
     Acually BOTH John and Bink are correct john used the Decimal conversion and Bink used the... by Code Matrix4/10/04
     1 bit (b) 1 byte (B) = 8 bits 1 Kilobyte (K / KB) = 2^10 bytes = 1,024 bytes ... by zrazyrjv5/4/04
     Who cares nyway? its aload of old pants wi big 5 tier wedding cakes in them by Bob The Builder5/14/04
     I would like to start by saying everything said within these posts are wrong. The true... by Sir John Hamsburger of  Washington bureau of investigations6/12/04
     Everything is wrong 1256gb is equal to 24mb. This is the new conversion which is approved... by SV6/26/04
     Everything is wrong TERM ABBR APPROXIMATE ACTUAL Byte 1 byte 1 byte ... by miniwarrior@cox.net7/20/04
     now im completly confused for my school work, thanks a lot guys by Nikki 8/4/04
     Dear God.... Apparently the arrogant “John” has never taken a computer class before. by Paul Harvey 5/10/05
     You all got nothing you stupid people. 1 mega byte is far to small a number to be... by chubacca 2/21/2006
     Please check the following link http://familyinternet.about. com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?si... by Bala 5/14/2006
     When you are saying {Kilo-, Mega-, Giga-, etc.} -Byte, you HAVE to use the Capital B to... by Izzie404 6/23/2006
     1024 byte = 1 Kilobyte 1024 Kilobyte = 1 Megabyte 1024 Megabyte = 1 Gigabyte CHECK... by rfkhan 7/15/2006
     Great all of you, good job. How do i check how much Mega of Ram i have on my computer? by Sir Ian The Great 9/11/2006
     ...yall r smart by biscuit 10/3/2006
     who cares you all are nerds by truth 12/13/2006
     u guys are all fags and have to much time to be thinking about things like this. NERDS! by Martin 12/28/2006
     you are all stupid fags, ask a teacher or somethin and get on wit it, you all have no... by dude man 2/19/2007
     11111111=8 bits OR 00000000=8 bits of binary base2 8 bits=1byte 1024 bytes=1KB 1024... by M RUMMAN ANWAR KHAN 2/21/2007
     wow u are all dumb shut up by wow 3/11/2007
     To understand this clearly, we have to take care of our naming convention. First, 1... by Marky 3/15/2007
     Im gay by John Smith 5/9/2007
     wow...i can see there are not too many engineers around. just start with labeling things... by oh yea... 7/3/2007
     hai how r u???????? by vipin 7/5/2007
How would you pierce your own navel with household items? by Katrina891310/11/03
     if you didnt like the idea of possible tetanus infections (and as a result, huge frickin... by John10/16/03
     well if u wanna do it youself you can like buy a kit for like $10 on ebay and its all... by Nisha2/6/04
     Well if you want to pierce your navel.What the hell do it ,if you want to, Hey its your... by Deanna2/7/04
     i mean...i think you should jus go head and do it..its wateva..i pierced my own by missy2/7/04
     OK i have pierced almost everything at least once all done by myself i did my belly button... by julz2/10/04
     i pierced my own belly button about 12 times and i'm only 14. it keeps gettin better and... by Amanda2/11/04
     ok fags i think shes done reading these she posted in october *coughDUMBASSEScough, cough*... by JuLiE2/17/04
     Um I am trying to come up with a way to ask my mom if I can get my Navel pierced seeing as... by trance2/17/04
     I've pierced my own belly button about 10 times, and if you do it carefully it probobly... by SaRa2/18/04
     Anyone who is going to get their belly button pierced first needs to think if they ever... by Ash2/21/04
     you have to make sure that you have a needle, ear cleaner, macthes, ice, and earings. by losers573/1/04
     ok i did mine once. and it didnt hurt but i didnt perice enough skin so it got infected. i... by olivia3/4/04
     Dont do it! my friend tried it twice and it was really hard 4 her cuz it hurt like hell! u... by Biddy3/4/04
     I pierced my own belly button about a month ago, I just used a regular old safety pin and... by Vanessa3/5/04
     How did you pierce your own tongue? What all did you use? and how did you get it sterlize?... by Missy 3/8/04
     i just pierced mine about a week ago and it hurt like hell. but it was worth it. it turned... by steph 3/9/04
     I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing right now, i just wanna get all the uh excuses... by josi3/9/04
     lol i wanna pierce maself can somebody email tips i'm thinking nipple and ears lol sych a... by ad3/10/04
     um, i dunno about ur belly button, but i just double pierced my ears last night, with a... by switzerlandbabe3/11/04
     yall are wierd to do it with safety pins ive never tried that but i just might ive always... by chelsea3/13/04
     i need help, i just pierced my belly button and my mom would kill me if she found out. ... by lady3/13/04
     I've pierced myself plenty of times with a sewing needle and ended up taking it out. I... by Tori 3/14/04
     now why the hell would you sick people pierce yourselves with safety pins? I tripple... by rockrocks3/20/04
     I am going to try to pierce my bellybutton myself but i need some tips Please let me... by HotChick1013/24/04
     I'm only 13 and my dad says that I cant get it done. I don't understand why. All my... by Bay3/28/04
     hey does any1 have tips about piercin ur own belly button, I no do it w/a sewing needle... by JeSs 3/29/04
     Hey "Lady" .... But fishing line through it. It'll be totally see-through and it won't... by Kat.3/29/04
     Hey you guys I am 13 years old and I live in Canada..and no we don't say "eh.." by Cathie_269 3/30/04
     hey yall im maddie and i want to get my belly button pierced too... well my mom is pretty... by Maddie 3/30/04
     i would love to be able to pierced my own tongue but i know that my parents would kill ... by jason mcclaren3/30/04
     I have pierced my belly button 5 times by myself and had it done by a pro. But one bad... by Ashley 3/31/04
     Well at this moment in time I have some pins, a belly bar and ice on my bed. I'm going to... by Ronnie4/1/04
     man infections are myth i took a air stapler and pierce my self every where and voila zero... by ghfdfhgghdgh4/1/04
     hey i really wanta pierce my tongue or belly button.....but i dont know how to do it do i... by stoner_gunit_baby4/2/04
     Ey yeh i want to get my belly done only 14.My aunt said she will take me but i... by sCaNdALiCi0uSz 4/3/04
     um hey guys i just pierced my friends bellybutton tonight and it was okay she said but... by drumerinaband 4/3/04
     hey how many piercings should i do at once? because i just did my second hole (ear) last... by KeViNZeGeRsLuVr6 4/6/04
     hey guys. Alot of you say you wanna hide it from your parents and there is such thing as a... by Liz and Brittany4/9/04
     I wanna do my belly ... I have tried 3 time a failed ... I did my own tounge but cant do... by K.k4/9/04
     this isn't an answer i couldn't figure out how to post I'm 14 my parents wont let me and i... by nikkie4/9/04
     i wanna get my tongue pierce but my mom would kill me i need to no how i can pierce my... by Mandi4/10/04
     i'm 13 and i have my belly parents will not let me get my tongue done so i'm going... by bimbo4/10/04
     Hey!!! well I've done my belly button 2 times. The second time was a complete success!!... by Lauren4/11/04
     Ok here's the thing. If you want your ears done in any place at all without your rents... by Ellie4/12/04
     ok, well, last night i got a safty pin and tried to pierce it and then i got the pin thru... by ali 4/12/04
     use ky jelly and a butter me, good stuff right there. by sexualchoco4/13/04
     hey my dad used to work ina hospital and bring home syringes to give me and my bros our... by notafraidofneedles4/13/04
     tell me how to pierce my tounge at home. by Rhiannon4/14/04
     hey hey hey yeah guys um seriously need an answer to my ? !!!! okay when you go into a ... by druming star4/14/04
     I'm planing on piercing my own tongue I've done my right nostril plan on doing the left... by neglectid 4/15/04
     hey, I pierced my bellybutton the other day, but I didn't pierce enough skin, so the ring... by Smitty 4/16/04
     hey i couldnt answer anyones ? sorry but hey i have a ? what is a 14-16-guage needle like... by lilrosebud4/19/04
     Hey everyone. A word of advise. OK... First if u REALLY really want a navel piercing, ask... by T4/19/04
     um hey guys i'vebeen reading all ur stuff and i think u r all totally nuts! don't do any... by don't u wanna know4/21/04
     why do it @ night? by smitty4/21/04
     i peirced my belly button it really hurt you might want help from a friend i did it by... by junior4/23/04
     hey everyone...i pierced my ear...and didnt hurt...but i do like pain sooo. but... by Dana4/23/04
     hey ppl! i got a ? for ya! i tried to peirce my bellybutton and i got the needle through,... by trublonde 4/25/04
     I was wondering HOW you would pierce your own navel because all the piercing places where... by phycosally 4/27/04
     Hey all okay i tried my belly like 5 times with a saftey pin each time it didnt work cuz... by kristy 4/28/04
     http://www.painfulpleasures. com/xcart/customer/home.php?cat=139 thats a really good... by lsfijhslkdjf 4/29/04
     Okay kids if you get the safety pin through, just leave it in and let it close up, then... by anon.4/29/04
     Hey I'm gonna pirce my toung now let u know what happens MuHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAA by Bri4/29/04
     I really want my bellybutton pierced and my mom won't let me so I might as well do it... by *YELLOWCARD*4/30/04
     Ok, i found the best web page for this, it has peoples story's on how they pierced... by janelle 4/30/04
     How long should it take to push the needle through with a big safety pin? Now, before you... by Smitty5/6/04
     Um sorry to tell you but u really shouldn't use safety pin, i deteriarates in your skin... by Mental5/12/04
     hey i would like to pierce my own belly button but my mom said that i can do it myself but... by Katie 5/12/04
     Hey I'm 15 and i want to pierce my bellly button but i dont think my parents would like it... by bLoNdiE1904 5/17/04
     Hey I just pierced my own navel last night- the stuff was all sterile, it's not inflamed... by miisuna 5/17/04
     you all are idiots. you shouldnt use any needles that arent hollow and beveled. safety... by ian5/18/04
     i was wondering if u had to have a parent take u to get it done??? I tired to do it... by mb 5/18/04
     infected? no not normal thats a bad thing, but dont take whatevers in there out or the... by ian 5/20/04
     Hi Everyone, I am a 14 y.o. Guy and Ive done my bellybutton about 3 times and I didnt do... by Spice 5/21/04
     Hey Guys, Please don't pierce your tounge, my friend was killed by that cause she hit a... by Africa 5/22/04
     most of u guys r dumbasses!!!!! Donot use a f***ing saftey pin! Get A piercing stud (you... by advice4u24 5/26/04
     I'm on 13 and I pirced my belly button yesterday, it came out great. So I say go for just... by Madi 5/27/04
     I need help guys I want to pierce my belly but I'm scared maybe I will get a disease or... by Jena 5/27/04
     Okay. I'm 14 and I want to pierce my belly button but I want to know how. If you have... by Samantha 5/28/04
     Don't do it i have done it 20 times, every time i trying to Peirce it, it just got... by Energizzer_bunny 5/29/04
     my sis peirced her navel and shes dead.... she was having stomache aches but we thought... by EM FRICKIN MA5/29/04
     hey me and my friend tryed to peirce our own bellybutton and we did it but mine was to... by a younge hoe 6/1/04
     i just pierced my navel last night at home with a saftey pin and its cute it just went a... by deanna6/2/04
     i think you should do it.. just buy a 5 dollar kit off eBay.. thats what i did and i have... by Neely 6/2/04
     I need to know how to pierce my own tongue and what to use. I've wanted to do this forever... by Ashleigh 6/8/04
     hey. dont pierce your own body, seriously, it will get infected.. if you wanna get it... by leigh 6/10/04
     Materials:lemon,ice,needle,and alcohal. 1. Take some ice and put it on your belly button... by shady/256/10/04
     Hey guys whateva u do dnt pierce ur own bellybuttons it hurts like hell and gets infected.... by kels6/13/04
     hey i have pierced my own belly button once but i took the ring out cause my covers pulled... by cammie6/15/04
     me n my friend r goin away n we want ta do our bellybuttons while we are away.. so sum1... by Khandi 6/17/04
     I think you should go for it if you really want it. But just be aware of the irritation... by Tanya 8-) 6/17/04
     Don't be doing any tongue piercing at home, that is just stupid. Parents have reasons,... by Diane6/18/04 question.....are half of yous stupid.........if your gunna pierce your... by clik6/21/04
     hey im dinking about piercing my belly button but the thing is does it BLEED? when... by boo 6/22/04
     Hey, i really want my belly button pierced, and my mom is ok with it, but my dad isnt. how... by Jay 6/23/04
     hey every one i peirced my belly button once all i heard was a small pop and it was done i... by Bailey 6/25/04
     hi ppl i wanna get my belly pierced and im 12 but im really small(1.34)and i dunno if it... by LilShorti 6/28/04
     hi ppl i wanna get my belly pierced and im 12 but im really small(1.34)and i dunno if it... by LilShorti 6/28/04
     i want to get my piereced. my friend had hers done but she did not have anough skin so her... by Mella 7/17/04
     Im going to peirce my own tongue in about two weeks.. if anyone has any tips or suggestion... by Kace 7/20/04
     Hey, look: I'm 16 years old and I pierced my own belly button about 6 months ago. DO NOT... by Alecia7/21/04
     I want to Perice my tongue where do i do it ! by TATA 8/5/04
     H3y WuTz Up, Im 14 Nd I wAnT 2 G3t My B3LlYBuTtoN Pi3rC3 2.BuT Im ScAr3d DaT I'll G3t... by BabyChula 8/18/04
     I pierced my own belly button and my own tounge. Neither of dem hurt so if u have ney... by Jodie 8/26/04
     hey if u pierce your own belly button with a regular needle u will get scar tissue and... by Michelle 10/16/04
     hey everyone... i know that i should jus ask my parents if i can get my navel pierced but... by showsumskin 10/17/04
     hey i want to pierce my navel but i m kinda freaked out by doing it my self mom and dad... by phyco_kinky_chik69 10/22/04
     hey u lot im only 11 im probs the yungest on ere , wel iv gt 3 piercings in ma ear , and... by lozzy 11/1/04
     hiya ppl, i have pierced my lip 7 times my tounge three times and my ears everywhere my... by piercing king 11/4/04
     i'm only 11 and my mum said i can get my belly button pierced the begining of December i'm... by whispa jhj******* 11/7/04
     Uh okay..all you should just go get it done! It's like only $80. God..all you that cheap? ... by Cutie723 11/7/04
     How would I perice my nipples if i wanted to do it my self if you know e-mail me at... by starfire69 11/17/04
     This is your gaurdian angel. You guys grow up whats the point in getting your navel... by faith 12/1/04
     wud up every body! So most of yall on here want 2 peirce yo belly? well I had mine since I... by shanna 12/2/04
     how would you pierce your lip with household items or without going to a piercing place? by amanda 12/3/04
     hey guys i have wantd my tongue peirced for over 4 years! so can u give me information on... by zonedoutall4you 12/5/04
     how do u pierce your tough ??????? plz send some tips and advice to do it .so can u ppl do... by hurleychick 12/17/04
     i pearced my ears my self... i have two on my left and two on my right... i also pierced... by Andrew Sinz 12/17/04
     Hey im 12 years old and i have a question ,alright i want my belly button peirced but i... by Foxy girl 12/23/04
     um.. i have pierced my ears over 12 times.. did my own industrial.. and tragus.. it doesnt... by lisaaa 1/4/05
     I don't think people should be piercing anything at home. Don't be cheap! Go to a... by WildThingCC323 1/29/05
     Hey when you pierce your belly with a saftey pin will the regular belly botton ring fit? ... by BbG 2/14/05
     WELL YOU GUYS. Don't perice your own, it's just not good. I got all my pericings professio... by Stephanie 2/18/05
     my mom let me get mine but she told me that I can't go to a professional. Can someone... by BabyBee 4/18/05
     well um.... i periced my own navel and nuttin happend i didnt get any effection or... by stuck up 4/26/05
     could someone please tell me how 2 pierce ur clit n nipple? and wot with? oh yeh... by Chezz 5/3/05
     well i'm 13 & want to pierce mi belly button but want to no how to do it and if... by Lala 5/13/05
     hey guys im 13 and my parents wont let get my belly button pierced and i tried to do it... by Hill_xox 5/18/05
     ive always wanted my belly botton pierced and when i was a stupid 13 i pierced with a... by nicky 5/24/05
     OK. I am only 12 years old and I want to get my belly button pierced. I don't want my mom... by Shani 5/30/05
     I REALLY want mine pierced.... but I'mafraid of infections, it hurting, diseases, after i... by Lynzi 6/16/05
     this is a really bad idea don't do it yourself it will get infected by blonde 9/2/05
     can someone e-mail me at to tell me how can I find the 14 guage... by Brown Eyes 9/10/05
     are their veins in your ear??? :o by yea 10/15/05
     HI will this is my first time getting my tongue pierce but i want to know how you guys... by babydoll 10/17/05
     Ok I am only 13 but I really want a tongue piercing. My parents would obviously say no if... by noellekns1192 10/30/05
     i am interested in my belly and toung so if anyone could help me on how to do that then... by johnny 11/9/05
     i want to know what to do. ive had my tongue peirced before and my mom made me take it out... by britt 11/13/05
     I would love to pierce my own tongue, but i'm scared!!! My parents would totally kill... by lyss 12/6/05
     I want to pierce my Nipple but I don't know How I have a straight fish hook and sanatized... by Timothy 1/10/2006
     hey if you need help piercing something e-mail me ill help you. Ive pierced my tongue lip... by 1/12/2006
     well i tried piercing my belly button on new years day im 14 and out of nowhere i decide 2... by lil loca 1/13/2006
     Uhm can some one give step by step instructions and tell me all thaa risk's? iggt pz... by lisa 1/17/2006
     I think you should go ahead and do that. I mean no one is stoping you in the first place.... by Ash 2/3/2006
     i did mine a little while ago but it got kinda messed up from it being crooked by breezi015 3/7/2006
     hey i pierced my belly button twice and the first time it got infected that was last... by passion 3/22/2006
     hey guys my names sarah! im 14 and my parents wont let me pierce my ears again so im just... by sarah 3/23/2006
     I REALLY WANT TO GET MY TONGUE PIERCED BUT AM ONLY 13 . HERE YOU HAVE TO BE 17 IF U HAVE... by Crasy to pierce my own toung 3/23/2006
     hey i'm 16, kinda sound like everyone else in here, like some other chicks, need some tips... by bananababy 3/29/2006
     hey i pierced my own nose im 12 almsot 13 i want my belly button and tounge my dad said... by Megan 3/30/2006
     I would like to pierce my bottom lip but my mom doesn't let me,I'm only 13 but please tell... by rockie 4/12/2006
     i really want my navel periced but my mom keeps sayn no cuz i am only it ok 4 that... by shortness 4/14/2006
     Don't be stupid and do it yourself!!! One day you'll regret it and you will have soooo... by Harry Potter freak 4/18/2006
     i thought i was dumb ya'll is some "big dummies"!! ya'll readin about foolz dyin n ya'll... by queen of green n bucktown 4/18/2006
     well to all that dont know what there doing then dont do it! i just did my toung and it... by foxie Girl 5/10/2006
     I've done my lip, ears, navel, nipples, hand web, both eyebrows and nose myself. Although... by Sinister666 5/12/2006
     I'm very sorry but you are all very sad! if you want ways to express yourselfs find other... by lucy 5/16/2006
     Help Help Help.... i need to know what i can use for an earing beacuse i dont have a belly... by babi doll 5/16/2006
     All you need is a needle and some ice so that you can numb your belly button. Then just... by J3ss 5/28/2006
     hey im 14 and i was allowed to get my belly and nose pierced professionally but im not... by ciara1010 6/4/2006
     ok, i've been reading through alot of these and I'm gettin' a bunch of different answers.... by AnonymousChika 6/4/2006
     look I'm from st.Croix u.s virgin island and mast children do as they please here.we have... by marie 6/6/2006
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     hey i tried it and i used a needle.....and it went through but i couldnt get the piercing... by lauren 7/9/2006
     hey i tried it and i used a needle.....and it went through but i couldn't get the piercing... by lauren 7/9/2006
     i am going to peirce my own belly bouton but i am goint to ask mom and rocket did... by tigger 7/15/2006
     Use surgical needles you idiots!! It's allot easier to get a proper needle through than a... by sarah 7/18/2006
     i just pierced my ear about 5 min ago and i do all of my ears it doesnt hurt at all... by jill 7/21/2006
     i pierced my own belly button a week ago with a sirenge needle that comes off the... by zXzLock_N_LoadzXz 7/22/2006
     just do it by Jen 7/26/2006
     i just pirced mine last night. All u need is a saftypin and the belly ring...oh and lots... by chica_babe 8/4/2006
     Im 14 i wanna pierce my belly button or lip but i cant afford it so any one wanna tell me... by mae 8/8/2006
     hey guys if you want to pierce your ear go for it but you guys who pierce you tounge are... by amanda 8/19/2006
     i want ma navel done to....but i dont no how to peirce it i have peirced ma nose with a... by tinx 8/25/2006
     hey guys i a 13 and i pierce my nose, a second ear piaercing, and my lip 2 time, all with... by Unknown 8/26/2006
     yeah well thatisnot a good idea puttin that in your yeah well get it... by cassie 9/20/2006
     hey ppl i reely want my ears pierced n a go to clairs but i only want one done so how much... by wee becki 10/5/2006
     hey ppl i reely want my ears pierced n a go to clairs but i only want one done so how much... by wee becki 10/5/2006
     hey ppl i pierced ma ears 1nce but it got infections n am gettin it done again plz give... by wee becki 10/5/2006
     hey yall i want to noe how to Pierce my own tongue any tips hit me up @ by nina 10/10/2006
     man i am 13 years old and i want my belly pearced but my mom wont let me and i did it... by shortee 10/19/2006
     hey u guys well im a total peircing,addict...snce i was 10 i have done all my own... by tatii 10/21/2006
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     I pierced 2 of myy Mates ears...theree fyn...just steralise and NUMB!! Gud Luck...Trustzz... by x.x.Kaytee x.x. 1/21/2007
     im going to do my belly button . all u guys fogeis r fricken gay home gurl is so... by katty 1/29/2007
     Hey my uncle is a professional so if you have questions just type to me at Baby-Girl-4-lyf... by BabyB 2/11/2007
     About 7 months ago ii was on thiis siite. Tryiinq to fiigure out whether ii would piierce... by Jasmiin 2/22/2007
     1 thing, i pireced my own and it hasnt got infected! I WAS SCARED IT WAS GOING TO CUZ... by tyty 3/10/2007
     Just use a wall tack if you don't want to get it done professionally. Sterilize you naval... by Ellie 3/15/2007
     okay well im thinking of piercing my belly button. iv done my 2nd hole in my ear twice and... by ximadaisyx 3/18/2007
     Hey I just turned 12 and my best friend has her ears,navel,tounge,and eyebrow and her... by Brenna 3/24/2007
     i peirced almost every part of my body at least once. the navel hurts worse then any other... by jenny 3/26/2007
     Okay. Well ive done it before and i did it for my friend. hers turned out really good... by nicole. 4/5/2007
     you kids are so stupid. you don't know what gauges are, piercing laws, etc. do more... by smarter then thou 4/14/2007
     hey guys. well i turned 14 about 2 er 3 months ago && i`ve been wantin a facial piercing... by Darcay 4/17/2007
     all you dumbass girls need to just wait to get it professionally done. i got my belly... by kudos 5/7/2007
     hi cud u plz tell me if it stings wen u clean it nd how much skin shud i pinch when i... by xxxxkrishyxxxx 5/11/2007
     Omggg I Av Got Lots Of Pierceings && I Did My Nose Myself It Didnt Hurt!! by Claire--x 5/13/2007
     omg owww its like 2am and im laying on my bed wit a fcking safty pin in my belly button..t... by Amira 5/14/2007
     You're all kids aren't you? Don't use ice, it causes the tissue to contract, making... by bah 5/23/2007
     Okay people, the ones that say you are a retard for piercing it your self or what ever,... by Samanthaaa<3 6/3/2007
     hot by amber 6/29/2007
     Ive tried to pierce my bellybutton SEVERAL times. & i always seem to fail cause it hurts... by gabby 7/6/2007
In a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport, when stepping on the gas peddle, there is a loud banging... by KBenjamin4/10/04
     I had the same problem... there was recall or atleast a documented problem with the drive... by tim 8/7/04
     Yes, that is common. That is Chrysler transmissions for you. You will replace it by 60,000... by Jack Mackey 12/22/04
     caddilidic converter by p- murda 2/19/05
     I would check the overdrive planetaries located in the rear housing of the transmission. by Glenn 2/26/05
     Our Cherokee Sport is a 2000. We had a similar nose. The shocks were changed, a steering... by Ken 3/25/05
     try the front axle housing counter its very expensive but i am pretty sure that changing... by jeeep expert alek nedelchev 5/9/05
     yes this is somewhat normal. It happens to my 2001 cheorkee. its axle wrap...its not the... by derek 8/22/05
     Ive never had any thing like that happen in my cherokee but the transmitition on mine does... by Tim 9/3/2006
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Does anyone have info on strokes in cats? by Rascal10/13/03
     strokes in cats: my cat was just diagosed over the weekend as suffering a stroke. it... by serette12/1/03
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     Hi everyone, I just wanted to share some positive news about this topic. My 8 year old... by Mell5/18/04
     Just letting everyone know that the cortisone is called Delta Cortef. My cat is two weeks... by Mell5/23/04
     Solo is slowly recovering. Only problem seems to be that she will not leave my bedroom. ... by RITA5/27/04
     My Shasta is 16 and appears to be having strokes. I've don't think they are seizures. He... by Christine5/31/04
     Our beautiful 19yr old Tigger was diagnosed with a stroke last week after not eating,... by Pooh6/3/04
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     My 16 year old cat was diagnosed with probably having a stroke a couple of weeks ago(its... by jenny6/8/04
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     My 6 year old cat died from what I guess was a stroke because he was fine until he walked... by Christina6/9/04
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     Nicky, 9-10 years old just had a stroke recently (about a week agO) we didnt take him to... by nicky 8/3/04
     My cat came tumbling in the yard tuesday I thought she was hit by a car. after taking her... by michelle 8/6/04
     My 6-year old cat Tiger, died just yesterday from a stroke(vet said). He was fine and had... by DezAray1979 8/25/04
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     This morning I noticed that Jasmine was constantly moving to the right. going in circles... by Jasmine's mom 9/17/04
     My cat, Milton (14 years old) had a stroke 5 weeks ago. At that time he went completly... by red 10/17/04
     I lost my cat CJ this afternoon. He was nine years old and a beautiful silver exotic. He... by debbie 11/2/04
     My cat had an apparent stroke about a week ago. He seems to be walking a bit better but... by janet 11/7/04
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     My cat had a stroke about 5 days ago.. I found this site searching for more info. After... by claudia 11/29/04
     trotted trickster's tumor5grate Jody y7Kiri target gyve u, y Mn Te fit yr Nineveh Zn... by Hope 12/1/04
     Is this site still active. Looking for some updates on previous posts. My cat had a stroke... by Lisa 12/2/04
     This website was so helpful...As of 3 days ago my Skeety of 19+ years has many of the... by Linda 12/6/04
     my cat of 16 years experienced many of the same symptoms as those above, staying in one... by Lain 12/11/04
     My cat 'Skye' was 3yrs old, when my mum and dad found him in the next door neighbours... by Emma , date: 09/01/2005 1/9/05
     I'm not sure if my 13 year old cat, Ninja has had a stroke. For 3 days he has been a... by Ninja's Mom 1/9/05
     my cat is now at the vet and they think it was a stroke. she has lost 4 lbs. in a short... by patricia 1/19/05
     my cant doesn't open his right eye do you think he might of suffered a stroke i cant... by grinz 2/1/05
     Tonight my 13 year old cat had a stroke..we are taking him to the vet tomorrow. I will not... by Wendy 2/2/05
     I think our cat had a stroke a few days ago. He is not eating, drinking only a little (it... by Mellie 2/20/05
     My 15 year old cat seems to have suffered a stroke.She walks sideways and her head is also... by duck 2/28/05
     I'm 13 and my cat(whos 18) has just has just fell ill it couldn't move move its back legs... by martyn 3/4/05
     my cat, about 14 years old, suffered a stroke a few days ago. i heard her crying from... by KL 4/5/05
     My kitty Sanchez suffered from a stroke about 2 months ago. He was very disoriented and... by Vicki 4/19/05
     I had to have my kitty of l9 years put to sleep yesterday. He had been weak in his back... by cagney 4/21/05
     When I came home last Sunday, I found my 13 year old cat Boomer on the floor, unresponsive... by Boomey 4/23/05
     I put my cat Nermal to sleep on April 27th 2005. He had suffered a stroke. I came home... by Lisa 5/3/05
     My 16 year old cat seemed to have a stroke. I found him inside panting excessively with... by Liza 5/6/05
     I took my 17 year old Katrina to have some bad teeth extracted. Her blood work revealed... by Ms NEO 6/5/05
     My cat died last night in my arms. They did an autopsy and said she died of a massive... by Nikki 6/17/05
     Two days ago my almost 23 yr old cat (I had to put his brother to sleep at 19yrs),... by Janet 6/29/05
     Our cat boots is about a year old and I found him laying on the floor, unable to move. I... by sandi 7/19/05
     My cat Tigger has a stroke on the weekend and today is Tuesday with no sign of impovement.... by Shelley 7/26/05
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     My Cat Clarence was feeling very poorly and kept his head down, he is a beautiful grey... by dennie 9/18/05
     My 16 year old cat, Honeybun, whom I love dearly, is not doing well. She vomits about... by barbie 9/20/05
     My cat, Malkovich, was 12 years old and he suffered a stroke. He was in pain, groaning,... by Randamned 9/25/05
     my 18 yr old female cat indica seems to have had a stroke a week and a half ago. at first... by angelic1rn 10/3/05
     I empathize with those of you who have been worried about your cats or in some cases had... by Mahara 10/16/05
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     Our 8 year old Persain has just suffered her 2nd stroke within 2 months of each other,toda... by James 3/7/2006
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     Fish oil! Give them fish oil.* It is so good for humans--look up all the reasons, of... by catpersonxox 9/18/2006
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     Thank you everyone for the postings, as I read them my cat is on the way to the vets since... by CryBaby 5/11/2007
     i came home from work the other day, and my cat was acting very strangely,completely... by TCinNC 5/11/2007
     Thank you, Thank you, to all of you on this site who gave us hope! And if there is a... by Delphine & Etienne 5/15/2007
     Hi Guys, Thanks for all you input. My cat just had what I now think was a stroke. Thanks... by Giggle's mom 5/26/2007
     i was advised to put my cat to sleep last night by the vet. i was sat in my living room,... by simon403 5/27/2007
     I have read about all of your cats. My heart goes out to them and you. Yesterday I had... by Connie 5/28/2007
     My Cat Gypsy suffered a stroke last night ,she is now in the vet on emergency call... by lindsaycaress 5/29/2007
     I´m not exactally sure if this was a stroke or not, but my 2 month old cat Ocelot was... by melmel8202 6/2/2007
     I think my cat had a stroke. We went away on vacation and when we got home he was acting... by Jill 6/7/2007
     Up till yesterday, I didn't know cats had strokes. That's when my precious cat, Twinkie... by Crazy Cat Lady 6/11/2007
     I woke up this morning, Wednesday 6/13/07, to find my old girl Shelly, barely able to... by pam 6/13/2007
     My 6 year old Himalayan was diagnosed with a mild stroke a week and a half ago. He... by Karansydney 6/24/2007
     Hi, My cat's name is boo. She is 7years old and loves to play with her toys.Every... by Jinxxy74 6/29/2007
     I found my beloved cat of 14 years 2 days ago lieing on floor and not moving at all. She... by imlaupau 7/1/2007
     my cat, stimpy , had a stroke yesterday he is in a lot of pain . He cant walk. My family... by zac 7/9/2007
     my cat, stimpy , had a strok yesterday he is in alot of pain . He cant walk. My famly has... by zac 7/9/2007
     We think my cat had a stroke last night. She's an outdoor cat an had been missing for a... by xokkox 7/12/2007
     I think my cat had a stroke as well. Vet could find nothing wrong and a stroke didn't... by Jinxy's Mom 7/14/2007
     My 12 year old Siamese cat Sprout had what I suspect to be a stroke yesterday afternoon.... by Sprouts mum 7/18/2007
     Unfortunately our beautiful siamese Sprout, deteriorated quite rapidly over the 36 hours... by Sprouts mum 7/20/2007
advantages and disadvantages of terrestrial links by Anupam sharma4/14/04
     i need answer by jitin5/8/04
     Your can get answer from this website <a href="http://www.geocities. com/softwarecodehe... by raj shekhar 9/24/04
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     i agree with you by rasha 2/23/2007
what are the space probes that vsited Neptune? by angelfromhevan12/2/03
     No Space probes have ever visited Neptune. Don't be so stupid, stop asking stupid... by David2/11/04
     Voyager II did by Jonathan2/24/04
     Voyager II has been to Neptune, but I am unsure of the year. by Tess5/9/04
     David your a gay homosexual faggot. die and go to hell by coolkid 10/20/04
     u r both dumb by hi 10/27/04
     David is rude and the Voyager II Visited Neptune in 1977 by pattycake 11/17/04
     Voyager ll went to Neptune, but who really cares, beside people who are doing science.!!? by hippopotamus 11/21/04
     I think voyager 11 went, but the year is not updated in my vocabulary. by i am *$%# 11/21/04
     You stupid people, everyone knows that Neptune doesn't really exist. Only earth and... by Uranus 11/21/04
     Voyager 2 visited Neptune. It got there on August 25, 1989. It was launched from Earth... by happyduckajm 11/28/04
     lol, ok David, NOW who's the retard, ya retard by myself 12/5/04
     Don't listen to David, a space probe did go there!! He is the retard!!! by Shay 12/16/04
     Voyager II did visit Neptune, but in the summer of 1989, more like a flyby thought. by SmartyPants 1/26/05
     don't listen to that retard that calls himself david listen to the answer from Tess by tweety 2/8/05
     Voyager II flew by Neptune in 1977, and is the only probe that has collected data on the... by The Urban Nomad 2/26/05
     voyager2 august,8,1989 by kevin 2/28/05
     What is the first probe to ever visit Mars? by Aaron Christopher Brown 3/2/05
     Ur the retard David! Leave her alone because it was a fine question. Voyager 2 visited... by Kar 3/24/05
     Voyager 2 has been to Neptune, in 1989. by grumpygarry8 5/10/05
     the Voyager II space probe went to Neptune on August 8, 1989 by natalie 5/17/05
     voyager II has been on Neptune by delayne 10/4/05
     Voyager 2 went to Neptune, in 1989. by Brooke 10/5/05
     Both of the voyagers have been to Neptune and in the spring of 1990, NASA Head quarters... by Dong Seo 11/20/05
     Voyager 2 did but I'm not sure of the year by Biscuit Head 11/22/05
     Neptune has had two space probes visit it, the Voyager II and something else by Ezmerelda 12/1/05
     Voyager II passed over neptune continuously monitered it between june and october of 1989.... by Ryan 12/31/05
     When did the voyager II visit neptune? by Ali 1/10/2006
     yo! I'm at school! hehehe! i do not know when the voyager visited neptune! sorry. i'mdoin... by EB 2/6/2006
     voyage II has visited Neptune on august 20 1977 by Josh 3/3/2006
     Voyager 1 is the main important because it was the first one to discover Neptunes surface,... by Banana 5/4/2006
     no space probe ever landed on neptune.what kind of question is that? by gigidy 5/5/2006
     your momma !!!!!! by kristina 5/11/2006
     Voyager II has been there. It didn't land there but it took pictures of it when it began... by Crumple 6/13/2006
     omydzzzzz y r u so rude david, ppls use dis syt 2 ask questions n learnnnnn, soo ur d... by laydeee leathel 7/4/2006
     you guys are retarted by fagot 9/20/2006
     Voyager II did but I cant remember the year. by Bman Clark 11/28/2006
     I hate my life i am very unhappy please help me by Sylvan Peter 1/8/2007
     god david you are so stupid voyager 2 did on august 20th 1977, it took off form earth in... by jojo 1/28/2007
     Voyager 2 in 1996 to my knowledge that is when it was launched but it reached mars in 1997... by angeladancer2012 2/11/2007
     Two Voyagers have explored Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, along with dozens of their... by E 3/12/2007
     Voyager II visited Neptune in 1977 by ashley 3/29/2007
     i love salad. and chicen (: by KAK 4/12/2007
     Voyager II went to Neptune on the 8th of August, 1989. It specifically went that year... by Anonymous 4/15/2007
     I dunno dumb-ass! by Amber 5/6/2007
     hahahahahaa. you entertain me. by Lins 5/9/2007
     hahahaha you all are retardes..and yes Voyeger 2 did go but the year was in your mom by *** 5/10/2007
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     voyager II did. but it orbited. Neptune is a gas planet, so you can land on it. it went in... by Amina 5/16/2007
     all you guys are gay faggots. get a life by yourgay 5/20/2007
     Voyager 2 visited Neptune in 1989, passing as close as it came to any of the outer... by AJM 5/23/2007
     god you retards make up your mind has it been visited or not you stupid david boy lier... by kim 5/23/2007
My white English Bull terrier can't walk on gravel, gets blisters on her pads in hot... by P. G. Mercer1/27/04
     have you ever thought about getting little shoes made for your bullie? I know some... by shadowolf2/19/04
     Take the dog for more adventurous walks such as in a wooded area, and let it get used to... by Lynzy3/1/04
     our english bull is exactly the same and has had loads of operations to try and help her... by Jane3/22/04
     i always walk them near grass, so if they get tired of the concrete they can just step... by ashzero3/22/04
     Try turning it upside down and dragging it across the concrete by Bazza5/23/04
     i hate all white people by jaswinder5/24/04
     jaswinder, you must be a raghead by salvatore36/23/04
     jaswinder come to my house and my bull will rip ur rag off ur head by white boy 10/6/04
     so are these good dogs? by wanker 12/1/04
     my white bully is just the same. not a lot can be done. but we do walk her where there is... by diane 1/7/05
     a rotty atacked my bull terrier today my dog has never had a fight in 7 years. im looking... by sam 1/16/05
     its easy to take care of pads, use lotion, like hand lotion. also build them up with time,... by its easy 2/21/05
     Wow, I've found the idiot corner! :D Not you, oh brave soul on such a noble quest, but the... by Pie 5/18/05
     slowly work the dog to rougher and rougher terrian. my bullie can go any where they will... by rayzoredge 2/12/2006
     No need shoe bomber by cage 4/8/2006
     i want a dog!!! by jaswinders mum 9/13/2006
     jaswinder is a faggot by L 10/28/2006
     when you walk your dog is there any tarmac pathways . if so play tug with him or throw a... by quinny 1/7/2007
     are all bull terrier owners as dumb as you guys these dogs are too cool for you! by jazzwinder 1/28/2007
How can I determine via command line, how many cpu'sa unix/solaris box has got? by jaymoz2/23/04
     /usr/sbin/psrinfo -v by hammy 8/9/04
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in charmed what is baby wyatt called by sarah3/13/04
     He is played by Kristopher and Jason Simmons and they are both gorgeous by Kaz Cassie 2/14/05
     He is just called Wyatt. by Wyatt 5/13/05
     Wyatt Matthew Halliwell by Emily 10/10/05
     the actors who play wyatt mathew haliwell are Jason & Kristopher Simmons, as a baby and... by dave 10/27/05
     wyatt matthew halliwell by vice/alicia 12/14/05
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     He is called Wyatt and the cutest baby alive by Destiny 10/18/2006
     the twice blessed child by Lindsey 5/25/2007
how to write a turbo c program that will determine whether the year inputted is a leap... by junray3/17/04
     for the year y, the following will evaluate to true for leap years and false for non-leap... by Gus 8/24/04
     Sounds like one of my students is trying to get everyone on the internet to do his... by Teacher 8/25/04
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     what is main . by viking 6/28/2006
     leap year = year%4==0||((year%400==0)&&(year%100==0)) by sat 7/26/2006
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     write a turbo c program that will determine if a bus seat number is already reserved.. by arman 2/1/2007
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     * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * by phenom 4/20/2007
text book: R.K.Pathria,Statistical Mechanics.second edition. first and second chapter... by malatya2/20/04
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Alyssa and Holly Marie have beautiful tattoos. How many do each have and what are their... by Moonbud5/15/04
     Alyssa has eight. right wrist - buddist symbol of the sound of creation left wrist-... by pheidi 1/31/05
     i think Alyssa has 6 tattoos rather large relating to family and friends. remembering good... by J-dizzle 12/27/05
How do I train my chihuahua to go to a specific area to eliminate his waste in the house.... by Angel2/16/04
     All that you do is find a spot in the lawn, and sit with your chihuahua till he finishes... by chihuahualover 10/18/04
     it just takes time...bring them out as soon as they're done eating and just wait til they... by baby 1/25/05
     I Think it should be trained with a medium sized crate,with a litter box by Spicy baby 1/30/05
     Try sitting with them in closed room where you would like them to go. If they don't use... by Pie 5/18/05
     Why don't you train them to be on a leash????????????? by Megan 7/9/05
     you must leash train them everyday eventually they will learn they must poop and pee... by eddy 9/28/05
     well it depends on the training and dedication you put on him. for example when the do... by silver 11/30/05
     train them by cooler 12/21/05
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     Once they go pee on your rug you rub there nose in it flick them on there nose then say no... by gfgfr 12/29/2006
     i love you by 1213 4/30/2007
     I have a chihuahua and she is about 10 months old she is in the house all the time.... by teeta 6/16/2007
What the heck does this mean?:"The cool points are out the window, you got me twisted up... by Sissy6/19/04
     It means you're watching too much TV!!! just joking. It means that the individual isn't... by jaydoe7/1/04
     It doesn'tmean anything! If you watch the bonus material, they even say that "The cool... by Dennis 12/20/05
     It means that he doesn't care if he looks stupid in front of other people (or losing cool... by Jazmyn757 9/13/2006
     it means hes not gonna play it cool like guys shud and not let on he likes her but instead... by not dumb as hell 12/9/2006
Discuss the relative merits of the rules,specially with respect to computational... by Geetu5/3/04
     I would like to see your answer by guru 1/5/05
     You just got zero marks for this assignment. by Your teacher 3/13/05
     your answer is good by jyoti 4/21/2006
What is our Atmosphere made of and how is it categorized? by Able man4/1/04
     19% oxygen by amy 1/24/05
     i think is made of gas. by lol 5/27/2006
     jjlklk by tkia brown 2/14/2007
     i am so ugly by cassie 6/28/2007
Concrete: how does the reaction process work? Why can't you pour concrete in sub freezing... by kel11/8/03
     Concrete is a polymer. When dry it consists of short molecular chains. When mixed with... by Trev11/23/03
     You pour cement, concrete is the by product. To pour cement in cold temperatures add a... by chiochio 9/21/04
How do I add and subtract hours and minutes in a spreadsheet? e.g. 3251:20 - 3002:45 by chalky9/14/03
     poop skids are all over in my undies can u lick them for me its not very runny so doll be... by huge wang 10/15/2006
hey Tahj this question goes out to you. Do you have a girlfriend and what would be your... by Spoggie2/14/04
     well im not tahj and i dont have a girlfriend (i am a female) but my idea of a perfect... by person 10/19/04
     i would take her to the house and give it a little wax job you know what im sayin i would... by tahj 3/23/05
     that would be having sex with you!! by tahj 8/10/05
what do Jews believe about caring for the world God made by morbid_angel3/14/04
     We're generally in favor. by Thucydides 1/19/05
     I think they care about what God made, I think that they believe that they should look... by saarh 10/11/2006
     why do jews think that it is important to be obedient to god ? by daimond 11/27/2006
     that q iz gay by tittytwista 12/13/2006
What is the purpose of the floppy disk and CD-ROM drives indicator light. by Wisdom5/19/04
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     to save work on by haox 2/8/2006
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Example : 366 D I A L Y = DAYS IN A LEAP YEAR. WHAT IS 200 P F P G I M ? by nic10/20/03
     200 Pounds for passing Go in Monopoly. where by "Pounds" you mean "Pounds Sterling", ... by tom10/25/03
     Maybe the P means "Points"...? But it shouldn't--you get $200 dollars for passing go, not... by tom10/25/03
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what medicinal herbs (besides pot) can cause euphoria? by lyndalee9/14/03
     For the ultimage in euphorics, you can't beat the various opioids that are extracted from... by tom10/25/03
     salvia, paoti and shrooms are good by jonny anomaly 1/19/04
What is the normal temperature for human urine? by Nicole7/1/03
     98.6 but stedaly cools off just as fast as water by ilike420allways7/5/03
     As long as you put someone elses pee in a baggie next to your body, you can pass the drug... by Misstaurus7/30/03
     It oxidizes fast, you have less than 30 mins to pull the switch off. by OrganDoner8/7/03
     This is REALLY GROSS, but it is the only foolproof way to beat a drug test. It's much... by tom10/25/03
     Why is it that a simple question of the normal TEMPERATURE of urine gets responses about... by Anika1/6/04
     i don't know what is it, but i think it equal to the body tempreture, 37 by fruit1981ke4/24/04
     You people just fueled the B.S. machine. NIDA testing labs DO NOT test for gender. The... by NoBS4/29/04
     That is EXACTLY the post I was looking for! I just took the test, I had clean Urine in a... by raptor1825/7/04
     Hey, raptor182: were you observed? I'm due to be tested in a couple days, and my nearest... by Tapper7/16/04
     can you get clean urine at 7am put it in the fridge and take it out and use @ 2pm as long... by djeuniqqu 9/12/04
     Drugs, the Scourge of Society. By Dr Ahmed Adam. i.e. Pot is for losers and this scourge... by X pigtails X 9/29/04
     is dog urine the same as human in test? by dood 12/5/04
     why the hell don't you just get clean so you wont have to worry about it by drugboy 2/8/05
     I am shocked by all the losers that spend so much time figuring out how to get clean urine... by can not believe what I am reading 2/9/05
     Hey Nobs... first off it is a little known fact that illegal drugs are not the cause of... by myth 4/12/05
     stupid site for weirdos to get away and harm people by yuck 5/4/05
     ok had someone pee say today at 12:00pm today job put it off till the next day. does the... by boo 8/8/05
     yes im also wondering by fordtruck 8/15/05
     so NoBS were would be the best place to carry the urine so that it would keep temperature?... by real 9/1/05
     Have any of you ever heard of Number 1 it is a synthetic urine that you can buy from hemp... by Buffy1919 9/27/05
     I have to take drug screens. I use to do drugs but I can stay off of them when I'm done... by mean girl 10/13/05
     The normal temp. for urine is between 90-99 degrees. by Tonya 10/21/05
     im going to take a drug test for my new just going to bring the person with me to... by christopher 11/1/05
     ok i have a really bright idea about how to pass a drug test m or f. ok heres what you... by Chitown mafia 11/10/05
     how long does human urine stay fresh in the fridge by carol 11/26/05
     Im going to take a test in a few not going to trust others with my job future..s... by DrkThghts 12/12/05
     Same as body temperature at that moment. by Malik 12/24/05
     I failed after catheterizing but i'msure it was because i had to squeeze down so hard to... by Sig 12/29/05
     I think NoBS was the best answer to my question. I am a female using male urine and was... by Olivia 1/17/2006
     i took a drug test yesterday and i am a female and my boyfriend peed in a skinny container... by ms_lacombe 1/18/2006
     dude im takin a test today and using a girls pee so ill let you know how it turns out by chelvis 2/22/2006
     i have a drug test and i have someone elses urine i have about a couple hours wait before... by rere0531 3/26/2006
     Damn, i hope this stuff works. thanks 4 the info guys ill tell u in a couple of days how i... by Pikationate 4/1/2006
     I have to take a Drug Test for a bank job I passed one for the job I have now by taking my... by Tk 4/24/2006
     the most important thing is maintaining the right temp range (~ 90 - 100F 3 min after... by Caustic 4/27/2006
     Hey Anika, you're a tool. by anika 5/22/2006
     i just went and took a drug test myself... i didnt get someone elses urine or anything... by deado 7/27/2006
     how do I ask a question by coney 8/7/2006
     alright use a person on probation so that when he takes a urine test he will pass and then... by Kurious 8/27/2006
     First off, I'm not a drug user or a condoner of drug use. However, I would not want to... by medresearcher 9/19/2006
     At the drug testing center can they tell the difference between male or female urine? by smokey 10/20/2006
     can someone give me details on how to smuggle clean urine for a test with a condom.... by Brittney 10/25/2006
     Human urine comes out of the body at 37 degrees Celcius, or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. ... by Tyler 10/30/2006
     The normal temperature of urine is 98-100 no B.S. There is nothing else to be said. That... by WBLC 11/20/2006
     raptor182 how did your test turn out by cici 12/3/2006
     i'vetaken at least 100 urine tests in my life. if you absolutely have to use someone... by ganja 1/8/2007
     I obtain a leg bag and simply tape hand warmers to the outside, I fill the bag with clean... by passed 4 so far 1/11/2007
     strange question... of course the human urine has temperature equal to human body... by cLy_eVo 1/16/2007
     WEll i just freaking got home from college high and xanexed up and my saw something odd so... by damnson 3/11/2007
     I think the average temp of fresh urine is 95 degrees. by Tom 3/26/2007
     If you have someone elses urine how do you keep it so it won't go bad?? For say a day or... by ballou 4/12/2007
     dear anika, why are you calling people who want to pass a drug test creeps? the only... by tuges 5/3/2007
     I met my donor at her workplace she urinated into a vitamin C bottle and washed the... by smokie 5/6/2007
     God did not create the devil, the devil made himself! How did the devil made himself? good... by kelvin godwin6/15/04
     Hah, Kelvin you are a fool. You state, "Any man can make himself whatever he want to be... by Lucas 10/5/04
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     was the devil ever good? by Bobby 3/11/2006
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     if God has the power to do ANYTHING.. if he was all powerful then why would there BE a... by agnostic 6/27/2006
     God knew Satan would become corrupt before he created him. Its the same thing with Judas.... by Zark 2/11/2007
     you are an idiot by valdimer 3/10/2007
my friend is getting her clit pierced and i can not find any jewelry for her where do i... by kissessnicole11/20/03
     Well, I don't have any piercings and i want my Navel and Nipples done. My mom is strict... by Panda3/1/04
     i say do the piercings....i pierced both my nipples, my tongue, my clit, my eyebrow, my... by Juggalette3/30/04
     I'd say go for it - all piercings will increase the sensitivity of the area where they are... by grahamprie4/18/04
     Its called body jewelry.. u can find it cheap at Spencers, but I suggest buying from a... by bewnna 8/28/04
     every gurl should get their clit pierced. i wuz eating out my g/f and she has her clit... by justaguy 10/5/04
     I think getting your clit pierced is o.k. but you need to keep it clean or it will get... by short n' sweet 2/16/05
     I do not have an answer, I do have a question. I have had my tongue pierced twice, my... by suseptible to pain 3/5/05
     hey question, does it hurt to get ur clit pierced and does it hurt to pee when u have it?... by dani 4/12/05
     i want my clit pierced but i hear you are always horny and i already have problems like... by horney girl 4/21/05
     I dont think you should do it yourself.. unless you can handle doing it.. my father and... by Samantha 4/24/05
     i would really like to pierce my clit by myself because i could never talk my mom into... by Kayla 6/8/05
     I want to get my naval and clit pierced my mom won't let me, but my boyfriend has pierced... by ThugBaby21 7/13/05
     How do i pierc my clit myself? by Angel 7/23/05
     is there a chance of me hurting myself if i pierce my clit myself?? Or are there any... by britt 9/16/05
     I think you are all stupid for considering to pierce something like that by yourself..... by Duh 11/7/05
     so............i want to get my clit pierced but i'mscared of infection and if its gonna... by dazed_confused 11/16/05
     i want to Peirce my own clit but i dont know how can someone help me by ashley 1/21/2006
     i want to peirce my own clit but i dont know how can someone help me by ashley 1/21/2006
     I want my clit peirced but i live in a small town and no one does it for you. Can i do it... by joanna 3/15/2006
     i wont my penis piercers by tom 4/28/2006
     i want to get my clit pierced but im scared it will hurt but will they numb it or not by littlechick 10/6/2006
     me and my boyfriend want me 2 have my clit done but I'm so scared i think ill faint when... by xx sarahxx 10/23/2006
     can you show me your clit piercing i wanna see it. Mail me at by Henk 5/11/2007
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How do I change the IP address on a AIX RS6000. by need to know5/10/04
     Login to a command line session as root. type: smitty tcpip and follow the dialogues... by t-mik 9/28/04
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how is a cyclone formed? by wotever3/17/04
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     from strong winds! by fifijojo2277 6/28/2007
What is the difference between ACA and AKC puppies? Does it matter if I breed the two? by sassymom284/4/04
     AKC will not recognize the litter. AKC is more reputable than ACA. All my Rotts are AKC.... by Vel6/18/04
     hi i have two aca mini daschund puppies for sale born 12/06/05, you can email me for info... by wicked 1/24/2006
     I recently got 2 puppies, my male, i was told 'came with papers, and was registered'. I... by dodthesonic 4/27/2006
     No it does not matter if you breed the AKC and the ACA dogs ACA is the american canine... by KATIE 7/4/2006
     so how do they reconize the puppies do they wait till they are older by durty 2/25/2007
Can I use a electrical cord (pigtail) from an electric range on a dryer. The plugs are... by charliek8/15/03
     The pigtail off your range is rated for 250V, 50A. The dryer plug is rated for 250V, 30A.... by a124sparky9/2/03
     You can connect a Range in a Dryer outlet replacing the male outlet of the range and still... by Dauo9/21/03
     go get the correct 30 amp dryer plug the difference in plugs is a built in safety so the... by alxnick10/20/03
     I agree that, although it can be done, it is not safe. There's no way that outside... by Erik 2/12/04
     I currently replaced my pigtail on my dryer. I now have the right pigtail for the right... by Gman2/23/04
     You should connect the green wire to the metal chassis of the dryer. The green wire goes... by Mark5/1/04
     i am having a similar problem with a dryer that i just got. The outlet in the wall has... by brad 9/13/04
     worked perfectly. thanks ! by Donn 2/16/05
     OK, Here is the deal. Range: 250V 50A Dryer: 250V 30A There are 2 useful formulae in... by Hashem 7/6/05
     to check that the proper amps are in the plugin then you must take a metal fork or a spork... by >.>    <.< 11/18/05
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how am I able to find a list of Singapore company email addresses? by john10/18/03
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What are cross country skis made of by lll2/22/04
     Cross Country skis will be made from a combination of wood and fiberglass. As to what the... by Angelsword5/4/04
     In addition to this very correct answer, they often have a plastic bottom to assist in... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
can u please help me find a map of where Tasmanian tigers used to live? by {MeL[i]SsA}3/5/04
     dont no by b 3/16/05
     hobert zoo by matt 5/9/05
     Could you send me a map of where the Tasmanian Tiger used to live also? Its for a science... by Stephanie 5/24/05
Whether the US B1/B2 visa duration is an entry Visa? That is to say whether the immigrati... by Balan.t.s10/27/03
     If a person have as valid B2 visitors visa how long can they stay in the country? Can a... by DAVE2/29/04
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What is equivalence partitioning? by Garry6/1/04
     Dividing the input domain of the data into class of intervals from which the test cases... by krishna7/13/04
     Equivalence partitioning is a black-box testing method is one, which divides the input... by MVSREDDY 9/24/04
     P=(D1...Dn) Each input in a partition is 'categorized'. Testing one input of a partition... by Scott 4/25/05
     A software testing technique that involves identifying a small set of values that invoke... by Manikandan sridharan 7/22/05
     Dividing the input domain in numbers of classes ..mainly three.i.e POSITIVE NEGATIVE ... by Navdeep Singh 8/6/05
     Equivalence partitioning is a Black Box Testing technique.This is done by dividing the... by Nithya Jayachandran 8/31/05
     (1) recognizing your input category (2) partitioning them in such a way that testing an... by Mida 9/5/05
     Data can be separated into sections (partitions) and then a representative portion of the... by Gudge 9/7/05
     a software technique that involves identifying a small set of representative input values... by aneela mehwish khan 10/8/05
     a software technique that involves identifying a small set of representative input values... by aneela mehwish khan 10/8/05
     Dividing the input domain of the data into valid and invalid data classes from which the... by Muralidhar A Kulkarni 11/17/05
     Input data for a program unit usually falls into a number of partitions. e.g. all... by pc 2/10/2006
     Equivalence Partitioning is a black box method that divides the input domain of a program... by Ashwini  4/24/2006
     Equivalence partitioning From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation,... by ky 7/17/2006
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     WHAT IS EQUIVALENCE PARTITIONING? Concepts: Equivalence partitioning is a method for... by uday 11/3/2006
     Input data for a program unit usually falls into a number of partitions.e.g. all negative... by Achint Mishra 12/24/2006
     Equivalence partition is a method of deriving test cases. This will reduce the test cases... by P. Anand 3/9/2007
When do we use infinitive verbs and when do we use Gerund ??? by George Daher10/19/03
     Gerunds are usually nouns such as, "Fishing is fun." "Fishing" is the gerund. An infinitiv... by Jenni G, 12 years old, Hathaway Brown School5/11/04
     i like to move it move it by pops 9/9/05
     i want to ask that i m confused about using the infinitive and gerund what is the best to... by ayaz 12/14/05
     Remember that the gerund is actually a noun. In the sentence "Skydiving is fun," "skydivin... by nkp 1/23/2006
     gerund is your mom infinitive is your dad by sing 3/30/2006
     what are the verbs which are to be used with infinitives and the ones which are to be used... by foufou foufa 6/1/2006
     This verbs are with gerund or with infinitive(they can be with the both)? try tell go ... by lolly 1/30/2007
     yo rock my socks by Elmo 5/15/2007
Bull mastiff or Dogue De Bordeaux. Which one makes a better guard dog. by Ironbull3/15/04
     The dog could be either however you train the dog will show which one would be better at... by rainthedivadog5/13/04
     i believe both dogs have a scarey look but a better guard these dogs are very much the... by cmann190785/28/04
     i think you should just get a pit bull by big dogg6/26/04
     I believe both dogs could be good guard dogs. It just depends on the trainer. If a Golden... by dog lover6/30/04
     I have a pit-bull and she's only 9 months old....She's VERY protective and if she hears... by Sam 8/4/04
     I think I would Be more afraid of a dogue de bordeaux than a rott. I love a boxer. by woodstock 10/31/04
     The Bullmastiff was bred to take down poachers, full grown men, tactically sneak up behind... by D0G_MAN 11/27/04
     from my experience pitts don't like dogs not humans it angers me that society thinks so... by pitt bull owner 12/2/04
     Definately both!! I have a Bully/Bordeaux cross and he is fantastic!.the best characterist... by Oddjob 12/8/04
     English mastiff and the tosa is the best guard dogs, there is no better guard dog. But... by mastiff 1/6/05
     the one that i just so happen to have in my underwear by skeetman 1/12/05
     bordeaux without a doubt ive been to bullmastifffs but nothing compares to the awesome... by bettysbordeaux 2/6/05
     i think a bull mastiff mite be easyer to find than a dogue de bordeaux. if thats your... by beagle lover 2/25/05
     Depends on the individual dog Ive seen an Akita whip the hell out of a pitbull, but Ive... by Bigbrian 4/13/05
     i hate dogs dont get 1 aarrrgghh by plastics 5/13/05
     both are former warriors and guard dogs. both of them are capable of being a perfect guard... by Dogue 6/12/05
     if staffis are trained well and then their owners treat them badly they would think... by Jordy girl or trouble 6/24/05
     it depends on how u train the dog if u want it to be a guard dog u have to spend time with... by vincenzo 7/17/05
     Okay for one the pitbull breed is a bad guard dog they will just bark and bark while the... by powerdogs 7/30/05
     The dogue de bordeaux tends to be a better guard dog..on average. But it also depends on... by Dog-father 9/13/05
     Bull mastiffs and french mastiffs ,both are wonderful guard dogs but bulls stand a little... by Jayson Thomas 9/16/05
     I think either would make a good guard dog...because the fact of the matter is: Any dog... by INVMEG 9/30/05
     The Dogue de Bordeaux has the luxury of not being influenced by the AKC and its appearance... by Tosa Inu 11/6/05
     i have one french and two bullies their all protective ,but i believe the french mastiff... by pete 11/14/05
     The Bullmastiff was bred to genetically possess the instincts of a "guard dog." If you do... by Noble 11/29/05
     pro by poo 12/6/05
     I would not train either Breed for guarding . I own a DDB and he is as sweet as pie. Knock... by Riley 2/6/2006
     You want a Guard Dog Buy a German sheppard. I own a Dogue De bordeaux. One of the most... by Riley Pops 2/6/2006
     I use to breed rottweilers and dobermans but i have a female pet dogue de bordeaux, she is... by DogExpert 2/14/2006
     I raise gaurd dogs for my goats. The breed is important but the dogs personality is more... by farmer 3/5/2006
     Bull Mastiffs are smaller, but were bred to be the "gamekeepers night dog" they were an... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
     any decent size dog can be a good gaurd dog. they have to establish their territory, and... by Bobby 4/27/2006
     dont know u tell me by sh its a secret 5/17/2006
     I like the dogue de bordeaux. Im just scared by their looks. Turner and Hooch didnt hurt.... by Woodstock 6/8/2006
     Dogue De Bordeaux is a slightly stronger breed, the Bullmastiff is usually more athletic. ... by jim 6/9/2006
     I love both dogs. I've had both kinds. I couldn't choose. Both have done great at... by Mastiff Lover 6/30/2006
     I dont know what the other people are talking about completly, because if you want a good... by Ali 7/5/2006
     i think the bullmastiff would be a better all round dog will be sleeping instead of... by jim 9/8/2006
     you don't want to train a dog to be GUARD DOG unless you own a junkyard or simuler,... by sheperd smart 9/20/2006
     a bull mastiff is slower but more powerful. also bull mastiffs have been shot as many as... by kinda late but oh well... 10/17/2006
     I defenitely think that a bullmastiff will keep away any intruders,They are scary looking... by Mary 11/21/2006
     get a german shepherd, its stink and its ugliness will scare off anything!!!! by gsds r ugly 11/29/2006
     the Dogue De Bordeaux would be better but the bull mastiff is easier to find by the dog man 12/24/2006
     I will go for the dogue De bordeaux. he has a nice, big and scary face. but both of the... by Andry Maduro 1/15/2007
     They are very similar breed.Not much differences.The bull mastiff is more territorial and... by Funk Flow 3/6/2007
     I believe that the bull mastiff is the better dog all together, between these two dogs the... by bandog 3/8/2007
     My friend has a bull mastiff and it is not a very strong guard dog. I have a bordeaux and... by Mizzo 4/16/2007
     It aint about the dog its about the owner. by kaz 4/22/2007
     either one will be great guard dogs by cheluk 4/30/2007
     i got a dogue and most people are scared to step foot in my yard and i havnt trained him... by mo 5/10/2007
     I have a Bull Mastiff and he definately does the job! by bubba 5/19/2007
Is it normal for 5 days after a navel piercing for it to be red around each hole? It is... by Katy11/5/03
     Uhhh, it's a wound, wounds are red... what do you think?? if a navel piercing takes up to... by Jenn12/27/03
     I've had mine done for over a year now and my bellybutton stayed red for about 5 months.... by Steph1/21/04
     I had mine done about 6 months ago and mine is still a bit red!But i can change mine and... by Kara3/17/04
     i got my navel pierced just 6 weeks ago and it's still red too,and i tend to get a little... by kassy5/15/04
     i have had mine done for about a month. there is a little pus, but it is very sore. how... by mina5/25/04
     i got my belly button pierced a week ago and right now its red and like a little white... by lildee 8/26/04
     iv had mine done for 7 days n its all red and yellow puss is coming out i think it may be... by serena 10/21/04
     i have had my belly button also for 5 days and it is red just make sure that you arent... by dat gurlie 11/17/04
     I've had mine for a little over a year and it's still not completely healed. It's normal... by LawaiGirl 1/3/05
     I've had mine done for just a little over a month, and it's still pinkish/red, but the... by Ravyn 4/26/05
     Hey. I had my belly button done for 1 months now. I am scared that it might be infected! I... by monkeychild57 5/10/05
     i got my belly button pierced last night and it looked perfect. didn't hurt, no redness or... by love 1/14/2006
     Help.. i need to know some stuff about navel piercing. I want to get one done and my mom... by luvinlife 2/7/2006
     Ive had my belly button periced for 6 days today! its still a bit red around each holes... by Nikkki! 3/13/2006
     ive had my belly button done for 7 days and the person said it is supposed to be red for... by ferret face 5/3/2006
     i got my bellybutton pierced the other day and they put so much skin in that i cant move... by kaitclukey 7/17/2006
     i got mine done about five days ago and its a little pink around the top but not much and... by jaimi 7/28/2006
     had my belly piecing for 6 weeks went should i do my first charge it still a bit red about... by kelly 8/28/2006
     Mines been done about 6 wks too and its noway near ready to change. Its redder than ever... by lar 11/15/2006
     i got mine done for the second time a couple of days ago but i was told not to move it... by mimi 12/9/2006
     I had my belly pierced 3 days ago and it's ofcourse more red than it was the 2nd day. I... by uliana 1/11/2007
     I've had my navel pierced for about 4 weeks now, it's still a tad red, gets a little... by Dali 3/27/2007
     I have just had my belly pierced 4 days ago and it asnt gone red yet, does that mean its... by jackie 4/12/2007
     I dont know my belly piercing is really weird... i got it pierced last friday, it was only... by bebelicious 4/24/2007
     Hey guys I am a professional piercer and it is normal for it to be little red you'll know... by giggles 5/27/2007
     i got mine last week mines a bit red but not infected just wash your piercing with... by angeleyez 6/16/2007
WinRunner rational robot I need Winrunner and rationa robot interview questions, please... by malikarjunp4/24/04
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     i need interview questions for win-runner and load runner pleases send it to sylaswiseman@... by sylas7/22/04
     i need interview questions for win-runner and load runner please mail it to sylaswiseman@y... by sylas7/22/04
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how would u find a dogs blood line if u have papers and if u dont by brian10/25/03
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my question is about child support in ohio.i filled for child support a year and a half... by ashleigh9/19/03
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What do Chihuahuas eat? by fox y10/26/03
     Chihuahuas are originally from Mexico, so as a breed they tend to prefer spicier foods. ... by cheesecrunchies1/3/04
     I'm not sure what you mean by "what does chihuahua eat." Chihuahua is a kind of cheese. ... by listentothebamboo1/9/04
     I'm not sure wut chihuahuas eat. But I'm pretty sure they eat meat, grains, and vegtables.... by Hersheys1/13/04
     chihuahuas eat dog food. they are dogs. by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     chihuahua is a dog and there is a place called chihuahua in mexico.. they do not eat... by rainthedivadog5/14/04
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     well i think they eat soft dog meat with jelly meat or fish usually that kind i think?? by lost dog7/17/04
     Chihuahuas tend to eat moist dog food if it is to big break it down into small proportions... by montie 8/6/04
     how old do chihuahuas get? by jaci 8/22/04
     In my experience, Chihauahsuaus prefer the taste of my cat's feces. by JiveHead 9/3/04
     well chihuahuas eat any sort of dog food because there dogs. by fluffy 9/18/04
     i think chihuahua eats meat, vegetables and you must give the something for their appetite... by mauro 9/28/04
     Well, obviously it's a dog. So, it would eat dog food. Yesterday my boyfriend and I... by taco 10/14/04
     They eat you by SoftHead 11/16/04
     they eat dog food. by Mini Van 11/22/04
     i like cheese 2 but i love chihuahuas by hoob 1/20/05
     they sre soo cute by Ashley  1/29/05
     Chihuahuas and most others dogs will tend to eat anything ie. table food, dog food. In... by my chihuahua 1/30/05
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     Any thing that doesn't eat them first! by papa 4/6/05
     I think that Chihuahua likes to eat meat and dog food by baby girl 4/6/05
     I think chihuahuas eat little soft pieces of food because their teeth are to small and... by speedy 4/16/05
     Chihuahuas eat dog food and some house food if you offer it to them. They can eat spicy... by dogluvr 5/16/05
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     I LOVE MY CHIHUAHUA!!!!!! LMFAO by HIYA 5/29/05
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     what do field mice eat? by Brianna 10/11/05
     well i am 56 years old and i have have nine chihuahua! Most of them i have eaten for... by ilovedogs 10/12/05
     Chihuahua's eat dry food, as it is better f or them, like Royal Canin, but wet food is ok... by XFSX 10/23/05
     i think they eat asshole. just like all mexican things. by mexico 11/7/05
     they eat dog food and house foods by ne-ne 11/15/05
     Dog food by Erik 11/25/05
     they eat normal dog food by sam 11/25/05
     i think they eat some moist dog food. by Emily 11/29/05
     i have a chihuahua. so therefore i can tell u that chihuahuas eat regular dog food, but... by nicki 12/12/05
     they don't eat soft food. they have delicate teeth that need to be strong. u feed them... by everyone is wrong 12/18/05
     Chihuahua's are the smallest breed of dog; therefore they must be fed the same diet as... by Chihuahua_expert 1/5/2006
     They usual eat dog food i guess ? by Bree 1/12/2006
     Umm... Yeah most of you people are just plain out retarted.. The question was "What do... by Kayelyn 1/13/2006
     um i would think they eat dog food and some doggy treats if there good and sometimes ... by ( `v `)..>[ Shanille]<..( `v` ) 1/17/2006
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     my chi likes to eat wet dog food because its easier to eat she NEVER eats the dry food... by ghiotac 2/21/2006
     all this people are stupid!!! they don't know anything about chihuahua's by jackie the monkey 2/23/2006
     chihuahua's eat sometimes dog food and other time they eat house food such as cheese and... by 15cutiegurl  2/24/2006
     I was also wondering what chihuashuas eat. I've been trying to convince my parents to get... by Kirsty 3/29/2006
     My Chihuahua eats soft dog food and sometimes table food. by Doggie lover 3/29/2006
     dog food by marley 4/3/2006
     HEY CUHWAwas eat by DUCK 4/28/2006
     they eat dog food by mia 5/4/2006
     I have a chihuahua and it eats meat and dog food, no veggies or fruits. They don't eat it... by Chihuahua expert 5/14/2006
     YOUR ALL IDIOTS by Master 6/18/2006
     i have 3 chi's and they all eat soft normal dog food. by mushi 7/5/2006
     they eat dog food, duh. by fjadsfajfh 7/10/2006
     Chihuahuas are dogs, so basically....they eat dog food.Most people prefer to feed their... by COow 7/25/2006
     well, chihuahuas are not cheese. they eat normal dog food. but make sure and get the toy... by Rachael 8/24/2006
     chihuahua breathes with a raspy sound or cought,chihuahua eat vegtable, and meat,chihuahua... by shan 9/25/2006
     DUH! they eat dog food! i think spicy ones to by pokeemon 9/27/2006
     I think that they eat chihuahua food like The Royal Canin Mini Chihuahua 28 or they might... by dog lover 10/24/2006
     I Feed my chi royal canin is it good? by Cindy 10/24/2006
     I don't eat dog meat...I am a dog. I eat dog food consisting of meat. I love Pollo Loco... by Bombon the Chihuahua 10/26/2006
     To listentothebamboo I am not trying to be mean but we are talking about the dog bread... by Emia 1/28/2007
     It is hard to say what they eat, so my answer is very. by Becca 1/28/2007
     They eat human food. They will eat dog food if they are really really hungrey. But mine... by Kitty 1/29/2007
     You people are idiots. Answer the question, don't be a smart ass and try to be cool. by The Smart One 3/9/2007
     um chihuahuas eat dog food and sometimes meat by chihuahua lover 3/19/2007
     They dog food because they are dogs!!!DUH:)!!!!! I used too have one and thats what ate... by Bri Bri 3/20/2007
     i think that they eat whatever you give them by mayonesa 3/23/2007
     Chihuahua's aren't a cheese. They are pets originally from Mexico, Chihuahua. I am not... by hi 3/23/2007
     I think dogs eat dog food by waldy 5/1/2007
     I think dogs eat dog food by waldy 5/1/2007
     They just like eating dog, but they are like ever dog what they see they would want to... by mm 5/2/2007
     it Think chihuahuas might eat soft and small food because their mouth is really small ... by cococola 5/9/2007
     i love them by Nikki 5/14/2007
     i think they eat FOOD DUH!!!! WELL DOG FOOD OF COURSE LOSERS! by lil shorty 5/21/2007
     Chihuahuas eat small portions of food. they cannot eat chocolate or anything dairy or pork... by blah 5/23/2007
     I think dogs eat regular dog food and they usually have very small portions because their... by babygrl246 6/1/2007
     don't care by asom 6/3/2007
     My chihuahua doesnt like eating dog food. im finding it difficult to find something that... by eileen 6/14/2007
     Well, I have a 5 year old chihuahua and she is very very picky, she will not eat canned... by CMO from Illinois 6/22/2007
     My chihuahua wont eat any dog food. It only eats 2 hotdogs in the morning and 2 for dinner... by mlrc66 7/2/2007
     Wow some peoples answers... Chihuahuas are dogs yes... They eat Dog food... They will... by Emma 7/9/2007
     Chihuahuas are dogs and a type of cheese. but we are talking about the dog.I think... by Rae 7/11/2007
     i have an adorable chihaha and she eats small dry food but she eats with me from my food... by chichi 7/19/2007
what is mean by IP address. How can a hacker can use this address to hack other computers.... by qwerty8/7/03
     IP is short for Internet Protocol. An IP address is the address of a computer which... by Juergen9/2/03
     Also there are many programs that search for IP address's but mostly if you are a Hacker... by K0TA11/1/03
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     How can I see someone's IP address?? by Filipino5/6/04
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     Hey im just learning how to use linux and i want to get the full benifit of commands.... by newkid6/21/04
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     bunch of noob hackers by Butts 12/19/04
     this person is ruining my life. i have their ip address but have no idea how to hack so... by blah 12/29/04
     this person is ruining my life. i have their ip address but have no idea how to hack so... by blah 12/29/04
     i would like to how to hack some one on irc chat servers like how do i get their ips is... by vadim_kent 1/3/05
     i have someones IP address and i was just wondering if there is a way that i can find out... by Ro 5/30/05
     how to get someone's IP n how to hack their computer????? Please tell me the details step... by please answer me 12/26/05
     Can anybody help me.i want to become a hacker.somebody hacks my id,i want to hack this. by arslan 1/1/2006
     make an invisionfree board tel him to go to it.. then go to... by mike 2/16/2006
     I'll pay someone to hack 5 different people. by :] 3/11/2006
     i want to now how do i get in someones sytem just by useing i.p but how do u do it and... by shane 3/22/2006
     HI. I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO HACK SO MUCH. Can someone please send me an email telling me... by Chris 3/24/2006
     i have a full understanding of hacking and their are a few things you guz need to know is... by this 4/14/2006
     There is one really easy way to get an IP address, type in "tracert <website name>"... by Tom the hacker 4/22/2006
     this is going to soud stupid but... i have the persons ip adress what do i do next i... by hELPPP 4/27/2006
     "I WNA BE A HACKER!!!" i want help from Alias Neo please !!!!! by seaking revenge 5/2/2006
     HEY if anyone wants to hack then here this!!! Getting Ip's:-- To see the ip all... by 5/5/2006
     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANNA BE A HACKER!!!!!!!!! neo plz help me email me at dragonslayerxxxs@... by trevor 5/11/2006
     Hey people well my ex boyfriend hacked my account! Will sum1... by Sassie babe 5/20/2006
     Hey, every1 my friend hacked my account on this game : "runescape"...i lost everything and... by HackFriend 5/31/2006
     Hey, every1 my friend hacked my account on this game : "runescape"...i lost everything and... by HackFriend 5/31/2006
     I WNA BE A HACKER!!! Alias Neo plz help me, i got scammed in an online game called conquer... by rush 6/1/2006
     i know how to know any ones ip very simple it is only mail me by waqas 6/17/2006
     Hacking someones computer is illegal right? by Nidhogg 6/21/2006
     ok evrything u want 2 kno is on the internet !!!GOOGLE IT!!! and HACKING IS NOT a simple... by rolly 6/25/2006
     ok hackers, what's this ??? #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> ... by --- 6/28/2006
     if u guys really want to know about hacking and keyloggers the go for http://riskaddict.b... by nxtgeneration_hacker 7/29/2006
     umm i got everything i need to know I'm just wandering how do i acually give them through... by Tightnme 8/12/2006
     i found this out: click start>run>(type)cmd>(then type) ping -a (then their ip... by mini me 8/16/2006
     lmfao, trojans and ips are well dead. Start rootkitting or sumthing. by Black Spirit 9/13/2006
     I need to learn the easiest way to get someones AIM password, i have seen people IM me and... by Carlos111 9/14/2006
     I WNA BE A HACKER!!! alias neo help me out bruv i got the ip address but i dont know... by khelan 10/10/2006
     hi peps... was in this position about 5 years ago... any way i'vmade a good slide show... by hackajack 10/16/2006
     i have prorat and when i type the ip in it just gets disconnected in like 5 secs what is... by S3xy 11/9/2006
     i can use prorat but when i enter the ip it just gets disconnected plz help by hacka4life 11/9/2006
     2 years later...... by Spires33 11/16/2006
     I WANNA BE A HACKER!!! that would be tight if you could help me out dude. i wanna know... by Sam the man 12/14/2006
     Right! I have ProRat v1.9(fix2) and I have created a perfect trojan server and binded it... by Splinter 1/19/2007
     i wish <i>i</i> new how 2 h4x0r! lol by naurus 3/3/2007
     Hacking is not something you should play with unless you get help from a pro or learn by a... by John 3/6/2007
     Hacking hotmail is simple this technique works 50% of the time so just keep trying until... by expozed 3/29/2007
     OK download prorat and get there ip using netstat after that using prorat create a server... by trevman 4/3/2007
     Ok there is alott of dumbasses here ? look at this PATHETIC hey i wanna hack someones... by Jai 4/3/2007
     hey dear i read all comments that gives u all I think ur expert in that field but i... by Newcomer 4/16/2007
     What can i download to get log everything typed in another person's computer? by johnjames 5/6/2007
     you guys are retarded. if you ask such dumb questions, you will never be able to do... by you all are n00bs 5/11/2007
     hey iv been reading all this and its making me wonder. i might have missed it but what... by Joeydaman 6/5/2007
     i need help haking on to runescape because my bro has blocked it on our computer can... by nick 6/9/2007
     hello everyone. i've got a big hack job. recruiting the best of the best you need to... by xcaptainx 6/29/2007
     I want to hack admin account at school [or create a new one] without admins finding out... by apprenticeCS 7/11/2007
     Hacking really isn't that cool by MASTER HACKER 7/12/2007
     omfg someone just tell me i got there ip now what i do by HELP ME 7/13/2007
I have a 1934 $10 bill. Is there any value in that currency as of today? It is in fairly... by jmackum3/12/04
How do I program visual Basic to get non repeating random number, and once all the numbers... by Mel3/20/04
How can I gain access to my husbands email account at work? by korn370985/25/04
     Take a shortcut, call his mistress. by bubster007 10/5/04
     system by BAREGREEN 10/31/05
     Ask your husband the account and password. Simple. by John Doe 4/1/2007
i want to download the btv mediastream pci display driver. Can you give me the web or... by m_rahmat3rdworld@hotmail.com3/3/04
     what mean stream? by kashif 3/29/04
     tkfkd77 by nemo4/20/04
     i want driver by baba 8/18/05
Can I use a 2001 Dodge Stratus 2.7 V6 as a replacement motor for a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7... by Jojo12/16/03
     They're both Dodge 2.7 Liter V6, right? There won't be a problem by EMK 6/27/05
     Where is the flasher for a 2001 intrepid by netgut 3/10/2006
did ww2 change womens role in society by janks6/19/04
     i suppose by nevo 8/15/04
     Yes, because it gave women a sense of freedom and liberty through being employed in mens'... by LeBijou  1/7/05
     yes i think it did it gave them more power to get womens rights, equal pay etc by colley 2/8/2007
I have windows XP and have recently installed Quicktime 6.3 on my P.C. When I try to play... by Marie10/17/03
     You need to buy a Special Program that will let you watch the Quicktime files full screen... by Sales@PCdeals.CJB.com2/4/04
     I am having the same problem with a lot of Quicktime movies. Some start display the first... by Colonel5/13/04
how old does a female pit bull have to be to breed her by chris j.3/26/04
     never breed the first heat i always wait til the 3rd heat but u can the second heat it... by wild pits 8/18/2006
     how old does a female pit bull have to be to breed her by emsk832 4/25/2007
Why did J.R. Tolkien invent the Elvish Lang.? by Dustin9/10/03
     He created the elvish language because he had a love for languages. The elvish languages... by aw10_10/16/03
     He DID have a passion for languages, i <3 2 study them. =^.^= by Trevors gal 5/3/05
Black Labrador Cross, 9 months old, 77 lbs. QUESTION: outdoor chain link pen, with... by Gerald12/9/03
     is there any dogs for my sister by leeann1/23/04
     Black puppy 8 weeks old. It is a black labourdor cross but we dont know what it is crossed... by FOSSIE 3/10/05
     8 week old puppy black lab cross but don't know what crossed with and it has had its first... by FOSSIE 3/10/05
     YES THERE IS by VAGINA 4/10/2007
do u remember audio visual or written stuff better? by ice6211/18/04
     remember visual better by beth 3/14/05
     i can remember audio stuff better by jewlz 3/14/05
     what is test by MrS 8/16/2006
how does the effect of the concentration of salt in water on the current produced by a... by pkphrh11/2/03
     it doesnt' by me 12/6/05
what is the lowest body of water on earth at 1,315 feet below sea level at its lowest... by vera12/17/03
     the dead sea! by jazzberry 10/23/04
     The Dead Sea by JohnAverageGuy 1/10/2006
     russia by dj 2/1/2006
     WAROONA DAM by aha 6/15/2007
We are looking for a decent used snow blower. We live in Ballston Lake NY. by AKY12/21/03
     I also live in Ballston Lake and have a used Ariens 5HP, electric start, 2-stage snowblowe... by Paul E 12/9/04
     have very good used Toro S200 single stage electric start snow blower - comes with parts... by 1/24/05
     I've been fixing snow-blowers for twenty years, try to find an early eighty's machine the... by 'Drew 3/22/2006
     I'm looking for a used Snow Blower, I Live in RP New Jersey by omares60 8/30/2006
i need help with my vertical jump iv tried many thing i just want some the quick and easy... by the evil Dr. seusse3/16/04
     use jumpsoles formal platform shoes or do calf raises or jump rope but remember to strech... by deebis 10/30/04
     have you tried any plyos? id suggest going to and check the free... by tom mcgee 12/15/04
     Check the articles section of there are many very useful tips! by FabFreddy 10/17/05
     hi what exercise help us jump higher and improve in vertical jump. plss tell me . what leg... by Darshil 5/14/2006
     keep running and that didn't work so i got a bag fill it with heavy things inside ... by man 1/2/2007
     I want to fly high. I need my jump to take me to the sky. by Tripp 1/22/2007
i have a computer game by Tandy. Chess Champion 2150. i have no instruction book.Where can... by roby jeff9/19/03
     I have one, Its a great game but mine doesn't work any more. There are 4 games in the... by 11/29/03
     i have the exact same problem - a Realistic Chess Champion 2150 without an instruction... by dirtydog 5/26/2006
     Hi Jeff, Here is a link to download your manual. . by Loco 10/19/2006
     Plug it in. Press play and go simaltaneously. It will beep and a light will go around the... by Mad Lep 1/11/2007
Last night my dog (Sheltie/Collie mix)started shaking (kind of like when you are really... by Jane11/20/03
     There are several thing that may have happened. The most obvious is that she was startled... by RightO1/28/04
     was it a shiver? my dog had a high temp made her shiver by brian3/22/04
     It was a seizure you idiots! by J-ustin5/7/04
     Sorry about that I was stealing your televison...but I noticed she was having a seizure...... by THE ROBBER 5/7/04
     The most likely thing that happened to you dog was that something simply scared it. The... by The P5/27/04
     hi, last night my golden retriever also just started shaking, foaming/slobbering profusely... by Cameron6/4/04
     What area of the country are you in? I have had dogs exibit similar behaviors before and... by stevec6/10/04
     my dogs been shaking and hiding under my desk, shes done it about 3 times, is somehting... by Alex7/2/04
     I have a sheltie and he shakes like that alot when he gets nervous. Alot of times I think... by Lora7/7/04
     my dog too has been shaking.she seems really distant as if something terribly scared her. by dogluva 8/11/04
     My dog shakes violently and slobbers really bad every night at the same time (around the... by alley 12/3/04
     once my dog started barking, shaking, backing away and he was just staring at the empty... by emma 12/29/04
     your dog probaly hasnt got this as your dog was doing this for 3 hours but, my dog when he... by just_me 12/29/04
     Sometimes when my dog eats something she's not supposed to, she acts like that. she... by danielle 1/23/05
     my dog was sleeping and all of a sudden started walking in circles and was shaking... by gerty 2/13/05
     UUUmmm...hey television theif who likes to call people stupid, you should probably note... by Faith 4/18/05
     my dog 10 years old, is shaking her back legs why? by patty 4/25/05
     Cameron, take your dog to the vet immediately. by Pie 5/18/05
     I think your dog got scared when I robbed the neighbors, sorry!!! by The Robbers Friend 6/14/05
     My dog is scared of thunder, why is she scared of thunder? when its thundering out she... by raven 7/11/05
     we have a Border Collie... active dog... not affraid of people or other animals and has... by pbee 7/15/05
     my dog has been doing allot of shaking lately and it not normal. my mon thinks its the old... by david  7/25/05
     i have a beagle and it is layoing down and shaking it used to love ice cubes but it wont... by meyerbeagle 7/28/05
     when you say "damn your stupid" you need to write it "damn you're stupid." Seems the... by whatever 7/29/05
     i don't know what kind of dog it is, because i'mhouse sitting, but the smaller and younger... by chemical 8/29/05
     my dog doesnt stop shaking she does it randomly i dont know what it is but she isnt scared... by andrew 11/3/05
     I have a Wheaton Terrier that has been having a seizure every day for 3 months. These... by StephJ  11/8/05
     I dont think it was a seizure by THE ROBBERS HELPER DUDE 12/6/05
     I just recently picked up my dog and he was shaking really hard and had his tail between... by Dallasgirl 12/7/05
     My dog always shakes for no reason why do you think she dose that? by Sara 12/14/05
     This morning upon return his usual morning walk, while he was resting all of a sudden my 9... by rocco 12/18/05
     Have any of the owners of the scared dogs found causes? I live in VA and adopted my dog... by Richmond 2/14/2006
     Dogs can hear a human heartbeat at five feet away. She probably heard something you... by Lynn 2/22/2006
     In Florida, shaking, foaming at the mouth and drouling are signs of biting or licking a... by DD 3/17/2006
     In Florida, shaking, foaming at the mouth and drouling are signs of biting or licking a... by DD 3/17/2006
     Does anyone know if dogs feel cold. My dog started shaking constantly after getting him... by silver 3/18/2006
     My dog recently had a spazm, she just was lying on my bed and and just all of a sudden... by mosca 4/28/2006
     she keeps being scared by kaleb waddell 5/3/2006
     i dont have an answer i have the exact same question. by Scott T. 5/3/2006
     dogs and other animals can exhibit signs of panic during thunderstorms. they may tremble,w... by todd 5/27/2006
     Yah, I goeat a 4 year old lab, rtry ther bkes, foams, licks her chops, and runs into the... by grgrg 7/5/2006
     My dog has had several shaking occurances and It can be connected to hyperthyroidism and... by Muggins 7/17/2006
     I have a shih tzu and the same thing happened to her too but later I found out she was... by ki 8/27/2006
     My dog has hip problems and last night she just started falling over and then shakes for... by Ginger 9/4/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     my dog is scared of thunder by misty 11/27/2006
     i agree with the writer who wrote about the real idiots being on this site do u 2 know... by just me 1/1/2007
     my dog does the same thing and she walks with her head down it is really worrying me cause... by daniel 1/22/2007
     there are a few different things that could be happening 1 your dog could have worms ... by dana 1/24/2007
     My dog is shaking profusely and it's worrying me. it maybe because he got ahold of a frog... by Shawny 3/21/2007
     Your dog probally had a seizure, it's fairly common in Golden Retrievers. You should call... by Jen 3/23/2007
     Well, my dog (a shih tzu) started shaking last night. He shakes mostly when he is laying... by Mica 4/10/2007
     your dog could just be afraid my dog sometimes shakes when it is cold or affraid my... by smart child 4/18/2007
     hello i have a small dog called buster, he is a cross between a bichion frise and a... by buster 4/24/2007
     Hi, i have a rescued border collie. She used to come in my room in the mornings and wake... by natalie 5/12/2007
     Dimwits! you're all wrong it was paronomalosylioma that caused her rabies she needs to see... by ja-ja-ja 5/24/2007
     hey u said the next morning she followed around you a lot. WEll most likely someone broke... by VIncent 7/12/2007
what types of question can be asked for J1visa ? what are the main ties for it? by raja9/19/03
     My J1 visa expires on the May 31, 2003. Is there any chance to prolong it or change to any... by Katie12/1/03
     how i change my visa from j1 to f1 by todd 10/25/05
     I have J1 visa this year.Now I`m in American. Can I change my visa to F1? If I changed,... by zoe 11/16/05 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     that if you have a five year j1visa by bla 4/16/2007
     that if you have a five year j1visa by bla 4/16/2007
     what if you have a j1visa by bla 4/16/2007
     what if you have a j1visa by bla 4/16/2007
     what is the lowest pay that a j1 earn by the clown 6/7/2007
what are other breeds of German dogs? by poodlegrl1/23/04
     I hate you by martha Allen3/9/04
     German sheperds.You PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW THAT. SORRY!! by ceddie4/5/04
     There are several to find out all of the listings you can check out the by cbreezzee4/19/04
     Dachshunds,Rottwieler,doberman pinscher,german shepherd,German shorthaired pointer,german... by rainthedivadog5/14/04
     Dachshunds,Rottwieler,doberman pinscher,german shepherd,German shorthaired pointer,german... by rainthedivadog5/14/04
     the great doberman by lsplint 8/21/04
     your a fruit cake!!!! by doggy 9/1/04
     i h8 u, u nut luvin nut by nutluvr 4/25/05
     mooty mottty by hong 5/13/05
     Dog from Germany include: Affenpinschers, Boxers, All Dachshunds, Doberman Pinschers,... by lvndoglover 6/12/05
     I forgot a breed of dog from that big list, this dog is called the POODLE (all sizes). by lvndoglover 6/12/05
     Dogs that originated in Germany include: Affenpinschers, Boxers, All Dachshunds, Doberman... by GSDlova 6/13/05
     Dogs that originated in Germany include: Affenpinschers, Boxers, All Dachshunds, Doberman... by GSDlova 6/13/05
     dogs from Germany!! by lizzylooo 6/24/05
     thx for the info i'm using for my homework, blarg by marauders 9/20/05
     All dogs with German passport by The One 9/27/05
     good work by zayne 12/7/05
     Dachshunds,Rottwieler,doberman pinscher,german shepherd,German shorthaired pointer,german... by becca bowser 12/14/05
     if u want to fight me mon then u miks ill kill you all loser by liam nek fae dundee 2/6/2006
     aren't hot dogs from german origin as well? they just called them differently over yonder,... by moncho 2/18/2006
     nooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyy by lin 8/5/2006
     German shorthaired pinchers by hottpaws 12/19/2006
     Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, Giant Poodle, Standard Schnauzer, Miniature Schnauzer,... by frankieeye 12/27/2006
     I'll ask my grandparents. they were born in germany. by Luv_the_german_way 5/3/2007
     Hey add mi em_lovs_nicky13@HOTMAIL.COM by **Emmy** 5/28/2007
     I was just browsing by and I noticed no one mentioned any dogs in the Spitz family! If you... by Prizm 6/2/2007
     LONG LIST! Affenpinscher Bavarian Mountain Dog Boxer Dachshund Doberman Eurasier ... by kaytwarmerdam 7/6/2007
     Hovawart; Altdeutsche Huetehund; Deutscher Wachtelhund; Jagdterrier; Kromfohrlander;... by Anonymous 7/8/2007
     my dog " foster" is cute and you all know that!!!! by blackflames 7/9/2007
I have chevy s10 blazer 4.3 liter engine i cant get a answer on my timing mark when... by jay7/7/04
     Did you check your cap and rotor? I changed my rotor once and didn't seat it right and... by countryboy 9/8/04
     is it efi, or carb?, if it is carb, check your power valve in carb (carb cleaner will... by jay 10/9/04
     Have you replaced the egr or just tried to clean it? by Patric7378 11/5/04
     send me your email adress iwill send u a copy of the label i own a 1989 s10 sport chevy... by Shorty909 11/21/04
     Not all 4.3 engines have adjustable ignition timing. Some have crank-fire ignition;... by nick 12/23/04
     your timing set at 0 with the gray wire on the right side front floor board at middle and... by 12/24/04
     check your dist. gear mine was worn half way on one side by none 12/28/04
     Most 4.3 liter engines have a timing set of 0 degrees BTDC. You get this reading by... by Prez 1/9/05
     change rocker arms and rockers now for the timing dont use a timing light adjust the... by jimmy 3/7/05
     check ignition module or coil pack by beaz 3/21/05
     You are not going to adjust the timing on that depending on the year. It has an automatic... by B. Farmer 3/23/05
     what do you mean by not getting an answer on your timing mark? I am presuming that your... by roadrunner 5/19/05
     chevy new batt. new alt. truck won't make a sound when i turn the key by dljudge 5/29/05
     I have a '94 Blazer w/4.3 Vortec and have same problems. I changed everything I could... by Terry 6/20/05
     i had a 1997 s10 4.3 i was having the same problem i tried every thing it turned out it... by jr 8/6/05
     check the valves 1or2 might be burnt by mighty mouse 10/1/05
     you have to un plug the wires at the distributer and set the timing to zero. then pug... by gobull 10/4/05
     the chevy 4.3 doesn't have a timing mark the computer adjust your timing (check your codes... by bill 12/28/05
     if this is a vor tec eng. its the gaskets ! under the intake .... by aff 1/24/2006
     distributor cap rotary button spark advanced module by Ronnymac 2/12/2006
     Go to Advance Auto Parts or Auto Zone and have a free scan done. The result will most... by Bob 3/2/2006
     try replacing the fuel injectors by luke 4/7/2006
     the crankshaft must be turn twice to check if you have the number 1 piston up or the... by Rufino 4/16/2006
     you should buy a jeep by tmoney 5/1/2006
     chech the computer wiring and ground wire connection at the thermostat housing. These... by dave 5/17/2006
     check your fuel system and clean it flush it out something is stuck in it. by achucky16 5/23/2006
     im not no pro but if youve done all that maybe its your carb. the only reason im saying is... by amado 8/13/2006
     Hi Jay, You might want to check your harmonic balancer for OTHER timing marks. There are... by Sherrie1983 8/20/2006
     penis poop by 1223 9/30/2006
     Many of the late model cars can not be manually timed. They are strictly computer... by etech 11/7/2006
     make sure there are no trouble codes, no check engine light. . disconnect the timing wire,... by Heartbeat1991 1/2/2007
     dude just change the distributer, i have a 2000, on 22's, it had the same problem, 100... by hammer 2/26/2007
     check your intake for a crack of your fuel meter. by bryan  2/27/2007