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i am getting an error message 554 client host rejected:...

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Question by lisa kelepolo
Submitted on 10/22/2003
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i am getting an error message 554 client host rejected: access denied. i can't find the meaning anywhere. i can receive mail but am unable to send mail to anyone.

Answer by John
Submitted on 8/3/2004
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The server used to send your emails is called an SMTP server. So far as I know this problem is often because the SMTP server is rejecting your email based either on your email address or the subject line. It might be doing this because of your email address being "blacklisted" as a possible source of spam, or maybe your subject lines look too much like spam (avoid being too generic).

If your service provider's emails have been blacklisted one solution is to get a different email address (from a different service provider - it's the part after the @ symbol that matters, not the part before it) that hasn't been blacklisted. Or else contact your service provider to see can they help (they should try to get it unlisted).

However the most common email configuration is to use an SMTP server from the same service provider that you're using to receive your email (the POP server) - in this case it surely couldn't be a blacklisting problem, as they're hardly likely to blacklist themselves. So if you're not using the same provider for your SMTP server as you are for your POP server, you should try doing that first. If the SMTP server and the POP server you're using are with the same service provider, I'm stumped.

(I'm assuming here that you're using POP, another method of retrieving email is with IMAP.)


Answer by ju
Submitted on 2/19/2005
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Answer by AlwaysLearning
Submitted on 7/23/2006
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A 554 is a general SMTP error and can have a number of causes, not many of which prevent you sending to everyone.

Assuming that you are indeed unable to send to anyone two possibilities exist that I can think of:

1) If you are a single user connecting through an ISP and you can't send mail, I would suspect you have configured the wrong SMTP server name or IP address in your Outlook account properties. Contact your ISP and find out what the name of their SMTP server is (usually 'SMTP.ISP-domainname'). Often users put their POP3 server name in both their receiving server and sending server fields.

2)If you are using your own SMTP server then it is possible that its IP address may be on a block list because it has been used for spamming or has allowed spam to be relayed through it. If this is the case, stop spamming or configure your server to deny relaying and then apply to the block list provider to get your server's IP address removed.

The other reasons for getting a 554 error would generally result in your not being able to send mail to some mail servers but not all.

Hope this helps. :) Use at your own risk.


Answer by 333hlfevl
Submitted on 2/21/2007
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This error message means that whoever you are sending your message to uses a mail server that is blocking your ISP.  We block mail servers for various reasons; the most common is due to an intolerable amount of spamming coming from that mailgate.  I hope this has answered your question about the error message.  In order to get this resolved, contact your ISP about the issue and be sure to provide them with the entire bounced email so that they can get themselves removed from the "block" list.


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