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Hi, My HCL digital camera got wet and now the LCD display is not working. All other... by Smitom 11/5/05
how soon after conception can you get them tested by wes 3/18/2006
1996 Sebring Convertable How do you turn off/ disable factory alarm without keyless... by Crystal 12/25/05
I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX with approximately 30,000 kilometer or 18,000 miles. We have... by vincent 12/15/05
My 2 year old Rotti female is chewing me out of house and home. She is great, sits when... by Lil 11/10/05
I have a question ?. i wanna get my nose & tongue pierced. How bad is it to get them both... by Jordan 11/5/05
I've got 80 common phrases with only the first letter of each word shown. I've completed... by flyboy 12/15/05
Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest a title that covers the... by Sally 11/4/05
I'm a United States citizen, born and raised. And my boyfriend is from Germany also born... by Renee 11/4/05
What is the password for by Jackie 12/17/05
I have an error cut ten dollar bill. Is it worth more than ten dollars? by mhelm5 11/3/05
I am here on the visa waiver scheme (I am from New Zealand) and I have a 90 day visa. Am I... by tash 11/3/05
my 92 f-350 deisel 4x4 is draining alt. and batteris, looking for help by david 3/13/2006
When do you replace a timing belt on a 2000 VW Jetta 2.0 litre gasoline engine by nelly 12/12/05
why is it not necessary to have a neutral in a three phase supply by mac 3/12/2006
how many times can a pit bull give birth by jr 3/20/2006
Which country/countries have been australia'sallies? by cassie 11/5/05
i like a guy so much he flirts with me and stuff all my friends say he likes me and i want... by totalyblonde 3/11/2006
I have a 7 month old female chi who is not potty trained. I am away most of the day and I... by loca 11/1/05
what is the 8 spark plug 4 cylinder engine of ford called by cooter  3/14/2006
where is the fuse for the brake lights located on a 1998 chevy S10? by MastaE1024 12/19/05
where is the timeing mark on ,a 1984 chevy claveiler0 by duke 3/12/2006
my dog lost his toe nail what should i do. by hayley 3/16/2006
I have a 4d receiver. I need the factory master reset number by james wilkerson 12/11/05
How do I disable the anti theft alarm on the 1995 dodge avenger by Sandra D 12/11/05
Do mark 2 wheels fit on a mark 1. the car is a golf gti.any help apreciated thank u by killer 12/6/05
I have a 61/2 month old pug very loving but sometimes she goes poop and pee in her pen I... by Kim 12/6/05
i recently acquired an 86 vw gti 4 wheel disc 5 speed car .it doesnt have an engine and i... by jonmec 3/5/2006
My 2 year old yellow lab has a lump on her back, I took her to the vet, and said it might... by Renee 12/9/05
Several yrs.ago i removed the electric baseboard heaters in my house. I now have to... by Scotch 12/3/05
i need some info the graff co. potbelly stove, pittsburg pa. theman no. 23 by roho 3/3/2006
I AM 10+2 PASS. CAN I EVER GO TO USA? by SONA 3/1/2006
Did Wayne Knight the actor who played Newman on Seinfeld make a guest appearance on MASH? by skibunny 10/31/05
Is smalltalk primarily a functional language, an imperative language, or a logic-programmi... by Steedav8 10/31/05
I have a flat tire on a 1994 Dodge Caravan, and the tire is under my van. The Problem is I... by jordan 12/1/05
I need to Find a Female Jack Russell to mate with my male. by Wishbone 12/3/05
which fuse do i replace when the ciggarette lighter and the horn is not working on a 1996... by alex 12/9/05
what is the head bolt(s) torque specification on a 93 3.3l caravan ? also the intake... by jesse 1/29/2006
Anybody knows the name of singer/band who sing a song name "to be in love" and what's the... by Tudtu 10/29/05
My 1 and 1/2 year old male Boxer seemed to have scratched the mole on the left side of his... by angie 10/28/05
When did slavery start in America? by scoodie94 11/15/05
Who is your best tennis player and why by funny 12/5/05
how to write a c++ program without semicolon by saurabh 3/4/2006
I changed the Shifter on a 1967 Beetle, how do I get it adjusted properly so it is smooth... by RKT 10/26/05
Why do car brakes lock on a 91 Park Avenue Buick? by Kim 10/28/05
How difficult is it to replace an AC Compressor on a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus? Do I need to... by Rick 10/24/05
My chihuahua recently had puppies, there too tiny to eat "puppy" food. Their teeth are... by Mayra 10/24/05
where is the heater core on a 1989 dodge spirit located? It's a 4 cylinder. thanks ... by tdgolden 12/4/05
I have a 2000 chevy s-10 blazer 4x4, 4.3 engine. My A/C works and the air flows through... by Bee 10/23/05
What does an eightball tatoo mean? by Vic 11/10/05
my husband has a 1988 pontiac grand am and can not locate the oil filter. Can someone... by huny 12/2/05
we have a 31/2 month old male chi and have only had him a couple of weeks. .we put him in... by charlie 1/22/2006
my dog is pregnant and she began having milk come out f her nipples about 3 days ago i was... by kat 1/21/2006
I have a 12/2 wire that will power 2 baseboard electric heaters (1500 watt each) and 2... by Bryan 10/21/05
Where is the egr valve located on 1999 Dodge stratus for replacement? by charla 10/20/05
I'm doing a research paper on the comparison and contrast of how Japanese perceive suicide... by Shi-san 10/24/05
Anyone know how to change the clock setting on a standard stock clock/radio on a 95 chevy... by orgfert 10/19/05
Are 2.5 litre v6 camry short block engine cylinder heads the same as 3.0 litre v6 camry... by Joe Watson 10/24/05
Where do I get the form to sign up for Citrix? I have looke all over and can't find it! by Maria Wilson 10/24/05
My 12 yr old yellow LAB has several 'fatty' cysts on his body that don't seem to bother... by Colette 10/18/05
list three differences between jews in western and eastern europe. by clenb 2/28/2006
Remote won't unlock doors,new batteries not the problem, on a 1998 Chrysler T&C Minnie... by Max 11/28/05
My husband owns a 800 Suzuki Intruder that has a rattle in it when it is reved up or... by Lesia 10/18/05
i have a 2 year old female rottweiler thats fixed and a male thats not .. how do i keep... by hope71us 2/28/2006
What is the philosophy of a shamanism? by jenny 10/25/05
how much is a euro in norway worth in american dollars? by sarah smith 1/20/2006
We had a 15 year old lion , she passed away but we would like to know if there is a age... by Cat _man_Dar  11/27/05
Is there a way to get rid of the words from a song and just keep the beat? If so, how? I... by Jessica 10/21/05
I have a 7 month male yorkie. He get a little nervous in the car when we take him to the... by carol 10/16/05
how do i know what is my email address if i forgot it? by annabel 1/19/2006
Why did my starter get very hot for my 95' Dodge Neon? Why did I hear I high pitch shreek... by Dustin 10/15/05
getting power to fog lights but they still not working brand new lights by pops 2/25/2006
I have several questions 1)in which film was the famous phase bond James bond used. ... by Rob Catlin 10/15/05
I pierced my cartilage with needle and then put string in it?...How can I make it big... by doneeeeee 10/14/05
Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1987 GMC Safari SL? by Joe  10/17/05
how do i remove dash panel to install stereo by dreson 2/27/2006
86 chevy siliverando stall engine by smussel 3/12/2006
Please Help,,My pogo games wont load,, I have cleared cookies and deleted temporary... by 11/24/05
i have a small jack russell dog and her pup that is over a year old now got her pregnant... by kitty 2/22/2006
have a 2001 s10 and can not locate the emergency break release. the break is on and the... by ohio 2/22/2006
I attack my opponent with a 7/7 Broodstar, and he declares an 0/2 ornithopter to block it.... by Jag 10/12/05
How much is a 1935A Hawaii silver certificate with a brown seal worth? by Barbara Morano 10/11/05
2000 golf 1.8 t and both tail lights out. bulbs ok, which fuses are for the tail lights?... by bean 1/10/2006
how do you adjust the headlights of a 2000 tahoe? by frustrated,,,, 1/13/2006
My 1998 Volvo VNL Semi Truck keeps having the same problem over and over again. The Power... by AMD Trucking 11/25/05
I have a 1990 Chrysler New yorker Landau.I have tuned it up ,put a new fuel filter and a... by Geri 11/19/05
How long are female yorkies pregnant? by carol 10/16/05
My husband had an affair last year. He still is in contact with her. I had a dream that... by Krystie 10/8/05
Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 1993 Dodge Shadow? by Grease 10/8/05
The repair manual I have is very little information on the vacuum circuit for the 1986... by James 10/7/05
who was the president at the beggining and the end of the war? by kathleen 1/10/2006
what is the part number and where can i purchase replacement bulbs for the overhead... by Bill 1/7/2006
Need diagram for wiring a 1996 dodge ram 1500 series. by dodgeman 11/20/05
my question is how much was 16.000 worth in 1884 plain and simple by Deborah Russell 2/17/2006
My ShihTzu has small ear bumps (white bumps) on one ear. Any idea on what it might be.... by Chicago 11/16/05
I have a 1935 A series silver certificate.In good condition.there are numbers on the front... by Jessica 11/16/05
what is the diagram for 90 plymouth voyager timing belt by jimraiann 2/19/2006
If I am stripes, can I use the other player's solid to knock my stripe ball in? by Ashley 10/5/05
I have a pic saved as a .bmp file that I would like to print and it's all blurred. I was... by nnjd0217 11/20/05
I have put a 92 dodge 318 mag engine in a 64 ford F250 and I need to know what wires go... by Donald Weston 10/5/05
How do I change the air filter in a 2002 Passat V6 V30 by wes 11/17/05
My American Staffordshire terrier is pregnant and should be due anytime now. How can i... by jessie 10/3/05
in my 99 nissan pathfinder, i connected a sony xplod deck,pioneer amp,and pioneer subs. ... by stickman 2/12/2006
Can anyone tell me about a 1963A $2 legal tender note with a gold seal?? by clldbjec 10/2/05
i have 1989 nissan maxiam and the car acts like it is going into a higher gear when i go... by louise 2/12/2006
what in the temperature for 1998 dodge diesal,blew ahead gasket and need to know by louise 2/12/2006
what did the civil war have to do with slavery by savannah 2/15/2006
How do I change the EGR valve on a 2004 Dodge Stratus? by Smitty 10/4/05
1991 Plymouth voyaur electrical problem. Daytime running lights stay on by mac 12/30/05
i have a 2000 chev impala and it makes a loud humming sound in only in the morning from... by poppy  2/10/2006
What is the % of u.s.major religions breakdowns? by kojack 10/2/05
I recently purchased a Samick SDP 200G Digital Piano. I did not receive the manual and... by Linda 11/9/05
how do I change a shift cable in a 2000 Intrepid es? by daklane2000 11/22/05
How do you know a hurricane is forming? by Fluer 10/4/05
my friend has a penny minted in the Philippines for the USA in 1944 or 1945 that was not... by WYO 12/25/05
Where is the oil plug on a 1991 GMC 1500 Sierra, 4.3 litre engine by Anita 11/4/05
my car charger dosen'twork can someone tell me what to do and where are the fuses for it.... by may 2/4/2006
what are the license requirements to implement Terminal services by Microsoft? by destiny 11/11/05
Have a 92 Plymouth Acclaim, all at once I have lost my radio, rear window defroster, back... by ray 11/1/05
What is the cause or the problem with my 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 24 valve engine when... by Bleutruck 9/30/05
I have a five dollar bill with the face of the bill printed on both sides, date 1983. Is... by Deanna 9/30/05
how do change a thermostat in a 99 windstar by littlebit711429 2/7/2006
What does Ms karten means when she says that"why don't many organizations realize,that... by sarah bukhari 9/29/05
are cockapoos prone to seizures? My dog is 3 years old and appears that she may have some... by LINDA 11/8/05 Hello Readers, The reader of this mail may B anybody,a... by 12/17/05
I have a new Hunter ceiling fan, how can I >stop< that very annoying hum on the fans... by Ernie.......sparky 9/26/05
I want to learn to train service dogs. Is there a facility in the Chicago area where I... by Kathleen 9/26/05
Is it better a VW tranmission to put the parking break up before you shift the car in... by nickakajules 9/26/05
What's the differance between a hurricane in Florida and a hurricane in Austrailia? by chris 9/25/05
I need to know the amount of torque for the head bolts on my 93 geo metro? by pebbles 9/25/05
can shih tzus and malteses live together by ttashawna 2/3/2006
Hi all, I just got a 2 year old black lab mix neutered male. He's great, but my wife... by Tony A. 9/25/05
How much is a 1953 Two Dollar Bill-Red Sealed? by crazy 9/28/05 Hello Readers, The reader of this mail may B anybody,a... by crackpal 12/15/05
Our female dachsund puts out this very fishy smell at random times! It seems to be... by Fortuna 9/29/05
i have a 1990 jetta and it will not fire by tagen 2/2/2006
Where is the A/C drain tube on a 2001 Dodge Dakota? My A/C is leaking water onto the... by allredutx 9/24/05
I have a 95 chry cirrus 2.5 4sp auto its going in limp mode code says solenoid pack 2-4... by Robert Barnes 9/23/05
fractions number sstories by kira 3/1/2006
My long haired persian has come to me in the night 3 times now with his mouth wide open... by Linda 9/23/05
what is the algorithm for isometric parallel projection views for 3D objects? by push 11/2/05
multiple the data in RAM location 22h by the data in RAM location 15h: put the result in... by nancy 12/11/05
what is the octane requirement for a 1992 Chevy blazer with a 4.3 W engine? by zak 11/1/05
I would like to convert liters of ULP petrol, 4 stroke engine oil and consumable tap water... by Pedro 10/30/05
I have a 4 months JRT. What can I do if he can't go to the bathroom to poohs. He tries but... by tiko 9/20/05
Please help, owner of 1989 dodge ramcharger 4x4,5.2 engine fuel injected. Been trying to... by brian 10/30/05
I bought a hot tub. I now need to install a new breaker, and outlet for this hot tub. ... by Julie Berry 9/20/05
Is 7 yrs old too old to breed my rat terrier female? I would like to breed her with a jack... by halfpint 9/19/05
i have a problem my 97 ram 1500 sounds like it has a crank bearing going bad makes... by studey67 1/29/2006
What are the affects of drugs on art, and artists? by taras 9/22/05
Question : 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager, 119K miles. Upon acccelerating from a stop my... by navymike 9/23/05
I'm looking for information from the vietnam war in regards to the 17 construction, 9... by Stevo 10/28/05
List of the cops names that played for pine valley police dept. by angela  10/31/05
graphical programming in vc++ by neha 2/16/2006
HELP!! Hello and here is my question... My puppy (which is 6 months old) was purchased at... by Monica 9/22/05
my dog(a rotwiler)4 months old growls and bark when i go near her food bowl iam woried... by samuel 1/27/2006
I see advertising for stuffing envelopes at home and make as much as $5.00 per each... by Lester 9/17/05
i have a 1988 dodge colt import does any know the timming marks for the belt i know the... by robert 1/26/2006
95 plymouth neon speedometer doesn't work the tac doesn't work sometimes. you hit a bump... by dave 1/26/2006
can a dog get pregnant again after giving birth by eks boxers 1/26/2006
How do people have dreams? by Yunay 10/4/05
how do i change the fog light on my 2005 durango by re 1/28/2006
I would like to install a light fixture or ceiling fan in one of my rooms. Here is my... by pdx2mmh 10/25/05
I found a baby rottweiler on the street with no collar. I think she got ourt of someones... by karla 9/15/05
I have a 1998 Dodge RAM 1500. Problem is headlights will not come on and I am unable to... by MIkeyG 10/25/05
How do work out the mean, mode and median of a set of numbers? by abritishempire 9/18/05
Just got a 1997 Cavalier that is making noise when turning corners, mainly right. "Sounds... by jean 10/24/05
How do i replace a radiator on a 97 Dodge stratus by mario 10/26/05
How do I replace the rotor on a 1995 CIVIC EX. It is on their sideways and it looks like... by galaktikid 9/13/05
where is the fuel pump relay by ben 2/10/2006
what is the number fuse for the dome light in my 1999 E250 ford van by Nev 12/1/05
My 1996 Plymouth voyager just had the oil pressure switch replaced, but the engine sounds... by marni 9/11/05
My guinea pig has a growth on her foot that looks like poop. Can I soak it and cut it... by jen 10/21/05
I am trying to install an aftermarket radio. I know the wiring for the radio but I need to... by Rick  10/20/05
Salam, I am married to a muslim man and I myself just recently decided to become muslim.... by Ingrid  S 9/10/05
How offend do Yorkies go into heat - Abbie had her first litter last Oct 19 waiting to... by kathy 10/19/05
What was the name of the game show that you had to read differnt pictures to get a word or... by ttnblk 10/19/05
How do i turn off my alarm system on my 1999 vw jetta gl by shogun 10/22/05
I have been asked to marry an american citizen and he wants me to go live in the states... by polive 10/19/05
How is hexadecimal representation of packet arrival time in tcpdata? by preeti 9/9/05
What chemical surfactants can be used to eliminate methane without any toxic or dangerous... by ALLAN 9/9/05
The oil on the dip stick is at maximun,but the oil lite stays on, what are the probal... by glass_man1952 9/8/05
Hello, Firstly, please email any response to as well as posting for... by Jay 9/7/05
how can i find my brothers address in durham ,he is not on the phone but lives in pity me by ruth 1/16/2006
what is probation and how do i get out of it or lesser of a punishment by knockout 1/16/2006
I have a 1998 Kia Sportage, and it sometimes will not start due to an electrical ... by DonLA 10/16/05
i have 1996 Dodge Dakota/ I have replaced the fuel pump but now having problem getting... by ljm 10/25/05
how can i find my son's e-mail password by sexy indian 1/23/2006
I saw a residential system that had 24vac light switches that went to relays with 120vac... by robert M 9/4/05
will a 2000 dodge neon motor fit a 2000 plymouth neon by amanda1981 1/17/2006
how do i get on the good side of a judge or a probation officer by knockout 1/16/2006
windows 2000 with lexmark Z32 printer will print test patterns but stopped printing ... by tbird 10/23/05
Our 5 mo old puppy loves to jump onto our breakfast bench. How do we keep her from... by Lucy 9/2/05
Where is the starter located on my 1994 Chrysler Town & Country van (3.8L)? and does the... by Joe Oven 9/2/05
How does one replace the rear center brakelight on a 1997 Sebring convertible? The owners... by Rany L. Simms 9/1/05
What is the Gestation Period for a Jack Russell Terrier by Larry Pascal 10/14/05

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