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We know that by default IIS uses port 80 for HTTP communication. If an application other... by Shankar 9/1/05
94 concord exhaust fumes are coming out the valve covers by introuble 1/13/2006
How do you remove the air filter on a 1996 Dodge Intrepid? by Paul 9/3/05
How do you remove drivers door panel on 1995 mitsubishi eclipse to repair electric window... by spfld 10/10/05
I have a 96 vw jetta not a vr6. It sat for about a week and now it wont start. it turns... by jpryor 10/9/05
I'm putting in new electrical service and I have 3 wires coming out of a mobile home and... by marilyn 10/9/05
have dodge 2002 voyager van, when car is off fan stays on and will drain my battery by al2k107 1/8/2006
Is there a routine in PL/I that calculates the number of days between two dates. for... by nick2usa 10/13/05
why does my 1987 pontiac grand am die when I put it in reverse by chuck 11/30/05
want to know how to replace a timing belt on a 2002 dodge stratus by bob 1/7/2006
I NEED ANY HELP ON CLUTCH R/R FOR A 1998 DODGE 1500 4X4 by Dewey 2/10/2006
how do you set the timing on a 1989 pontiac grand am 2.5L THANKS by buddy 11/27/05
Im installing cruise control in a customers 1991 plymouth minivan, 2.5 ltr 4-cyl. ... by catman 10/6/05
how do i change heater core in 1991 dodge voyger van. by texasbigdog 1/8/2006
How Do I get my email password, though i have forgotten the informations i typed in the... by Francis4serious 10/5/05
i need to find the climate control section for the inside of my 1989 VW Fox GL. anyone... by tyler 11/25/05
I have a NOVAG "constellation Expert" chess set... I have lost the cord.. Its a 9.5 v. I... by stephenmishka 10/3/05
Is it possible to "turn up"the fuel pump on a 1986 vw golf diesel 1.6l. and if so how... by truckinearl 10/3/05
I have a 1974 $50 bill with a crease down the middle caused by a fold. I am wondering if... by Bob 10/3/05
I need to find the location of the thermostat on a 1994 Pontiac Grand AM 2.3L SOHC engine.... by Fred 10/3/05
I need to locate the fuse for my A/C on a 1995 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with a V-8 by Lor 10/3/05
1988 Dodge Aries 2.5 cid engine ...smells from crankcase entering passenger compartment.... by Derek 10/12/05
how long after a miscarrige can you get pregnant by angel27 1/5/2006
after replacing the intake gaskets in our 87 plymouth voyanger the engine misses at high... by lee 1/1/2006
how do i change the oil in a 2001 dodge truck by nancy 1/3/2006
2002 Ford Windstar AC compressor is whinning, when i open the hood i can see the actual... by Aaron Mariano 10/10/05
I have a 1998 Plymouth Voyager and since I disconected the battery, some of the instrument... by jennifer78 8/30/05
My air conditioner is leaking water in the passenger side of the car....just found it. I... by gabrielle 8/28/05
where is the therm. on a 99 cav located by mike 1/6/2006
Photo of a bumper for a 1978 bug?? by John R 9/16/05
What is the replacement part number for a 1997 Plymouth Voyger Headlamp? There seems to... by Linda 8/28/05
2001 Ford Escape blows fuse#14, cigar lighter, when cell phone charger is attached.... by Crossbow 10/8/05
How can the temperature,composition, and motion of an object be determined from its light... by Simba 8/26/05
Why doese my left brake light shows up okay but my right you can't hardly see,but my light... by cdman19 8/25/05
We have a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier which has a power convertible top that does not want to... by glaushouse 8/25/05
What gage wire do I use to hook up my Ooga horn in my car? by jimgrosset 8/27/05
I have VW GOLF III 1993 and it has a starting problem, I already got the fuel pump... by singh 8/21/05
I Have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport, Where is the Flasher Location? The Flashers and Left... by Daniel Boone 8/20/05
Are there any things to watch out for while changing out the power steering pump on a 2002... by AzDodgeGuy 8/20/05
Can't tell if my female pug was in heat or not. This would only be her 2nd time. her... by sashio 8/20/05
need a digram of how to put a plymouth neon back in time 2.0L sohc 1997 by scoop 11/10/05
what type engine does a vw golf gt have? by chris 12/22/05
does getting your nose pierced hurt? by kate 12/27/05
I have a 2000 plymouth neon and i wanted to know where is the oxidation sensor at and can... by keia 8/19/05
Hi, it may seem a silly question, but can MALE puppies be trained to use the litter pan... by Nicholle 8/24/05
I have a 5 year old mini that has gone into heat. She has started yelping when pick her up... by star 8/17/05
My Guinea pig is stuck under a very heavy cubby house how do i get it out? by Rosie9295 8/17/05
i have a 1981 Volkswagon vanagon and can not find the fuse box or why my heater is not... by berryfields 11/5/05
How do we get our adolpted, stop urignating,in the living room.we have try all we... by George 9/25/05
What steps did you go through to get to professinal soccer? by sons 8/18/05
BOARD MANUFACTURER NEEDED. I would like to find a company - preferably in the UK for... by Stan 9/25/05
how do u align the sprockets on a 1987 Toyota Cressida 2.7 in line six cylinder by countryboy83 11/5/05
my problem is related with structures. i have two structures : struct node{ ... by jitendra 11/9/05
What is wrong Cherokee 90 all of a sudden your windshield wipers radio air blower... by AK4854 8/14/05
How much is a 1864 State of Alabama $100 bill worth by Hottie 9/26/05
what is the bloods knowleged by hot sauce 1/10/2006
where do my vacuum lines for my cruise control connect to on the Tran of my 98 dodge neon... by nachobusiness 11/2/05
Hi all. For an agony aunty I'm occasionally seeing someone who has a long-term partner... by grub 8/11/05
how do you get taller? i'veasked many times but i always here: its genetics, its too late... by clueless89 12/10/05
My 98 plymonth neon, over heats about 10 min. in to any drive, when my AC is on, when i... by jolene 8/10/05
What do Siamese cats eat? by Sophie  9/17/05
What is a reasonable price for replacing a cracked head on a 1995 Dodge Dakota pickup? ... by nturnrmlteacher 8/9/05
After running out of gas on my 1996 Trans AM it appears that my fuel pump stopped pumping.... by Rod 8/9/05
I have a question about my cat, when ever he sees me he either bites me or scratches me.... by Zulma 8/8/05
I have a 2 year old male pug, and a friend has a 2 year old female. They're not related. ... by pug love 8/8/05
I have downloaded Sphygmic Spreadsheet in order to calculate daily percentage price... by Alan 9/18/05
i have a 03 chevorlet caviler i changed the started batt. is new and it won't started... by miguel 12/6/05
How much will it cost to replace the oil pump and timing chain cover on a '94 Buick Park... by Ken 8/5/05
I found series 1934 silver certificate 100 dollar bill with serial number B43353099D how... by jofelc 8/5/05
my chihuahua gave birth 5 weeks ago today i noticed that she is still have small amount... by sissycakes 12/5/05
I was given a compaq presario 5000 for my daughter. It did not come with the cd's for me... by Melissa 9/14/05
I have a broken AC adapter for a Sirius Satellite Boombox that converts house voltage... by Spaceman2x 8/2/05
My family has a seven month old male Corgi who is pretty good most of the time. But will... by Harold&Cody 9/16/05
Why does the bicycle needs to loosen the gears when going up the slopes? by h,dxfcfbnhhngf 8/1/05
How do I take off the cover of the dome reading light in my 2002 Town and Country minivan... by Sondra 9/19/05
I have a 1998 ford ranger and one of my friends did something to it and now the gas gage... by pokey 9/8/05
what happened in Russia, December 1916 that was so important i have to write an essay on... by jacz 9/18/05
why we can't create a folder with name"con"? by arpana 12/1/05
I will donate part of my liver or kidney to someone,my blood type its AB+ and I have all... by stan 9/1/05
i have 10 yrs visa i ve already traveled to LA MY HUSBAND WAS THEIR BUT NOW I M GOING TO... by arushi 1/11/2006
Where can I find pictures or drawings of real samurai armor and/or equipments? by ti-rouge 7/29/05
can 220v 50hz appliances(air- conditioner,fridge,microwave,ice-maker etc) work on 220v 60hz... by hooker 11/29/05
i have a 1991 ford probe 3.0 6cyl non-turbo manual car has had a pretty... by anthony 10/18/05
I need help to create a doctors note for work by baby girl 9/1/05
is it ok to hunt with my lab up until she has her puppies? by gregstr56 11/29/05
[[ 注册香港公司]],[[ 注册香港公司]],[[ by admin 9/6/05
I adopted an English Cocker when I retired five years ago. I was never a dog lover growing... by 7/25/05
My AC / Heater fan only works on high speed. Im told it is a bad blower motor resister.... by Mark 7/24/05
how do you get a bigger butt? by clueless89 12/10/05
how do you get good posture? by clueless89 12/10/05
How to find the wiring of the rear defrost on the neon 97 ? by Nicgravel 7/25/05
hey dose anyone know how i can get an tattoo and piercing license? if so could u e-mail me... by original_little_green_smurf 11/21/05
I have a 1998 voyageur 3.0 litre. I notice that it was gushing out oil just under the... by domvar 8/31/05
How to program the Back Button in the Standard Tool-bar of an Internet Explorer, so that... by shaan 8/31/05
how much does the average person drive? by jebuck 11/29/05
MY golden had puppies a week ago and has this discharge something i should be concerned... by valerie 8/29/05
all of a sudden my 5 month old puppy is acting completely different. She cant stay still... by 10/14/05
I just recently (for third time) had to have my front brake rotors replaced on my 2002... by Keith Ford 7/19/05
How do I find a serpentine belt for a 90 S10 4 cyl, w/o ps that bypasses the ac compressor... by jimbo013 8/28/05
What is meant by 'Is pickup and pot factory or aftermarket? What type of pickup? Please... by newtoguitars 7/18/05
My power window on a caviler has fallen into the door. How do I get it out and back where... by shelly 7/18/05
I have a problem, i accidentally clicked on a friends conversation on msn and received a... by Devon 8/28/05
my dog is 8 years old and she was in heat but would never let a dog but all of a sudden I... by angel 10/7/05
the other day i was driving my 1996 voyager and it died as i was driving it,so i tried to... by natalea 12/27/05
i have a 95 s-10 blazer it will not go into park. i have to set the park brake and put the... by otay 12/27/05
Where is the transmission input speed sensor on a 2000 Sebring JXI? by Jerry Usher 7/17/05
I have a 1997 Dodge Caravan. The air condition belt broke and now I can't get the new one... by shadow 8/26/05
HOW DO I PREPARE A VINEGAR BRINE FOR PRESERVING CHEESE ? I have an antique cheese jar and... by JOHN 11/5/05
my toy yorkie "bootsie" who is 16 months old and wrighs a little under 4 lbs., is starting... by stephanie 11/14/05
I can't get all the plastic covering out from under the dash of my '97 Blazer to replace... by gumby 8/29/05
I am interested in getting a tattoo, but someone told me that if i did, I would automatica... by just curious 7/13/05
How can you tell a bulb from a black Hole? If the light if flowing out it's a bulb, if... by juancarlos 7/10/05
I just swallowed one of the balls on my tongue ring - should I be worried and is there... by Dennis 7/9/05
How can I get the oil pump cover off a 1989 Plymouth Voyager, 3.0 engine? Won't come off!... by NoMansLand 7/14/05
my car is a pontiac grand prix gt 1999. the motor is making a whining noise and when i... by christie 11/7/05
1994 Chysler LHS 3.5. Transmission fluid is perfect. Shifts into reverse and 1st perfectly... by dan 8/27/05
I tried to access the fault codes on my 1999 Chrysler town&country van. I turned the key... by mickeyswing52 8/16/05
A person was born in Mexico. This person has already been deported back to Mexico, at lest... by Cole 7/6/05
Where is the PCV valve on a 98' Dakota 3.9L V6? by ifdcaptain 7/9/05
I have a 1993 dodge Intrepid ES model this car is overheating and then shutting down, the... by Shak 7/6/05
How do I remove and replace the ac evaporator on my 2001 jeep wrangler? by Keith 7/5/05
i just changed the oil in my car . it ts a 1996 chrysler sebring 6 cyl. the oil light... by barbara ann marple 11/5/05
my dog have this yellowish discharge coming out from the vaginal area what is it? by attitude 11/5/05
I Have A Boyfriend that Ive been with for the past 6 years. We have a two children that... by Beena 7/5/05
how long is my bearded dragon going to hibernate by briana 12/18/05
How can we Display numbers counting from One to Hundred in vertical list of ten each... by VickyBhai 7/5/05
My year old female Rotty has lost weight & losing it so much she you can see her ribs &... by Aalayah 7/3/05
I had a wheel stud break off when removing the tire on my 1988 Dodge Dynasty. Does anyone... by rw 8/12/05
We recently brought home a 7 month old chihuahua and she does not like to be picked up. ... by Robin 8/12/05
I have tried every way to get my beagle to listen. He will respond to sit, down, stay,... by Amanda 8/17/05
I was given a 1994 Chrysler Voyager Minivan and the windshield wipers do not work, nor... by Cameron 8/11/05
were is the thermostat on a dodge dynisty 98 by country 12/19/05
would like to locate fuse box in 96 chevy four door chevy blazer battery seems strong wont... by zigee 12/11/05
what is a 1934 100 silver certificate worth not great shape by jffracer 12/13/05
what does PIC stand for? by loz 9/28/05
i need a page of infomation about judism by alana 12/13/05
where is the belt tenshioner on a 90 jeep cherokee straight 6 4.0 liter by bryan 12/9/05
what is the adverb of the noun "safe"? by zoba 11/7/05
Why does the electric cooling fan On my 99 Jeep Cherokee Sport not shut off at all! The... by Mike 8/14/05
How do I prime a 4 cylinder Diesel engine? I changed the fuel filter in the car and it... by Ed 8/18/05
I have a litter of 4 week old Lhasas, and one of them has one dark blue eye and one light... by Beverly 8/7/05
trying to find the programming/override button under the dash on my 99 kia sportage to... by andy 12/7/05
where can i get free step by step direction on replace a headlight assembly on 2000 dodge... by me 12/6/05
my chevy 1995 silvarado seat is stuck closed and i cant open it. is there a lever or some... by trucking 12/5/05
I am having Oralce 8i installed in my system. In Oralce my default editor is Notepad. ... by nandita 8/4/05
Where is the vehicle speed sensor located on my 1999 Jeep wrangler (2.4L). Many issues... by gJEEP 8/2/05
when a player gets traded and he wants a number that a player already has , does league... by sid 12/1/05
hello: i'm trying to find the source code for error concealment by a decoder for the... by natasha 12/5/05
I have a shih-tzu. I to mate her. How long will she stay pregnant? by Aba 6/30/05
can eggs withstand a greater force from one direction that from others? by stacie 10/30/05
I have a 1998 Chev. Calalier.2.2 eng. my check engine, and anti theft, light are on. I... by WOMANWITHBROKENCAR 6/29/05
where is the oil filter located on a 2002 grand am with a 2.2 litre engine? HELP PLEASE by melanie 8/9/05
were japanese akitas first bred to hunt bears or fight by akita lover 12/1/05
2005 Caravan base model with power door locks...Can I have a keyless entry system... by Rick 8/8/05
what type of Transmission fluid do you use for a 1995 Chevy 4X4 blazer? by jcalle 8/7/05
how long does it take to get from Elstree to Heathrow by train by neutron 9/20/05
Our little Yorkie-Poo, Sophie is so sweet in every other way, but she is so rough... by Sophie's mom 8/1/05
What happens if I put kerosene in my lawn mower instead of unleaded gas? I replaced the... by caharri 6/25/05
how do i put a cambelt on a metro gti by paul 12/3/05
Where is the starter located in a 1990 Chevrolet extended cab pickup? by Rick 6/24/05
I have a dimmer/switch & fan speed control on one side of a room and would like to be able... by Mardi 6/24/05
I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertable. I need to replace the drivers side rear qtr... by Christine 6/24/05
I've noticed that THE WILD ONE date of release is often cited as 1954, but other sources... by Jorge 6/22/05
How do you tell if a guy likes you as a girlfriend, or just a friend? by BabyIce 6/22/05
Graham, our 5 year old Golden Retriever/German Shepard/Chow mix had a spinal cord injury... by janet 6/22/05
Hey, about cartilage piercings... See, I'm going on a trip in a month or so, and my aunt,... by BJ 6/27/05
What is the worth of a 1976 2 dollar bill? I have a few that are in excellent condition. by Stef 6/21/05
i would like to know when season 3 of NYPD Blue will be available on DVD by Susan 9/11/05
Routers and C# Please help to find how communicate with router trough C# language.. or... by Melisaaa 7/30/05
where do i find the crank position sensor on my 1992 pontiac grand prix 3.1 liter by nancy 11/30/05
i just wanted to know if there are any residency programs in neurology on H1 in USA by suneeta 9/10/05
how do i tll if my crested gecko is a boy or girl? by eve 10/22/05
Looking for a bicycle make Called a Townie, it has flatfooted tech. All aluminum. I saw an... by Dale 7/29/05
i need the symbol for repeater & pc & server &printer&scanner by Alicia  11/29/05
How much is a 1957 Silver Dollar Certificate worth? by Stef 6/21/05
What is the critical phase of a software tester in testing? by rashmi 6/21/05
Are nonprofits tabulated by type, e.g., health, art, other service types? by Griz 6/17/05
I am setting up a table. The bottom of the feet on the legs are rough, looks like from... by quetzalcoatl 6/16/05
i need schematics for the vacuum diagram of a 1987 chevrolet s-10 blazer by anthony 11/26/05
how do you remove the timing belt cover off a Plymouth's breeze 1999 to gain access to... by alexx6 9/6/05
were can i buy cohpa in the uk by susan 12/14/05
how to find someones email addressess by amandamoon 11/29/05
need color coding for stereo on a dodge dakota 1987 by dv77vs 11/28/05
My 4 month lab weighs 48 lbs. She is slender. How big do you think she will be by lynnlout 7/25/05
instructions on how to replace a fuel injector in a 1987 jeep cherokee by Jay 11/25/05
when can i feed my dog after she has had puppies? by Denise  10/18/05
Where is the ac drain line on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler? by Rick 6/16/05
My 2000 Jeep Cherokee's dash security light will come on while driving and than other dash... by Jimbo 7/22/05
My male pug is a year old and is a continual barker. I'm thinking about trying a bark... by jeri 7/22/05
Flew hawaii air from Syd to HA452 May 31 2005 Tues. Went thru Customs. Had to go out into... by michelem 6/12/05
what to do when legal aide waiting on court date for you by lynnie 11/21/05
I have a 1994 Town & Country that stalls after being driven about 30 miles in hot weather.... by g-bob 6/11/05
Where can i find an emulator named PCXS2 and download it instantly by devin 7/21/05
How do you take radio out and replace it with cd player in 2000 plymouth van by Rick 7/20/05
have 1996 dodge sport pickup low beams will not work, replaces bulbs, replaced low /high... by mred 11/20/05

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