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Question / AnswerRatingDate
what is the geo-strategic and geo-economic importance of Afghanistan by hassan2/24/04
     geo-economic importance well about 75% of all seized opiates were Cultivated in Afghanista... by Big Daddy K 7/14/05
     The geo-strategic importance of Afghanistan is very limited. Being a mostly landlocked... by Errant1 9/12/05
     Heroin, pure and simple. Cheap, wonderful heroin. Our dusky goddess. Hope this helps... by Keth 12/28/05
     Does Sep 11 ring a bell? by Lnell 2/1/2007
how many ewes does one ram serve by Allie LeGrand12/27/03
     i don't know ? but i was wandering about your last name that was my maiden name. it is... by tessyk 11/2/05
How do I replace the headlight bulb (passenger side) on my 1998 VW Jetta? It is a small... by cavalier5/26/04
     Are you Blonde? Challenged? How figure out how they got in in there and... by bubster007 10/5/04
     I have a Pontiac 2002 Gran Am and I am trying to release the clips holding the Light... by Giditgood 10/31/04
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/15/2006
     Thanks!!! ringtones site free. [URL=http://www.ringtones... by ringtones free 6/15/2006
     Hi! ringtones site free. ringtones site, Free nokia... by ringtones free 6/15/2006
     I need to know how to replace my bulb in the front left headlight of my 1998 jetta sedan ... by acenurse 2/24/2007
     how so i replace the headlight bulb on my 2002 dodge Durango? by wendy 3/9/2007
How can a housewife clean calcium deposits from drinking glasses? I have used CLR(commerci... by deputy dawg9/25/03
     Pure acetic acid (vinegar) should do the a gallon of distilled water and use... by Kristi4/2/04
     i am so sorry i have no answer. by Adexblack 9/29/04
     Try the vinegar, but put dried rice in the bottom, swish it around, and the dried rice... by Meri 3/9/2007
What crooner's music does Ozzy Osbourne listen to while hitting dressing room walls with... by Topmop9/24/03
     Paul Mcartny by brady carlisle3/9/04
     He Does not cos Ozzy RULES THE GOTH WORLD by Death 7/3/05
     this may not relate but gays suck. by fine 11/14/05
I would like to know how to determine / characterize an unknown metabolite via LC/MS/MS... by Nguyen7/29/03
     dude, they have something called a, computer. by dddd 1/19/2006
     Dear Mr.John Cheek, I would like to discuss your question on the phone, I have couple of... by Tufan1/7/04
what are the biological factors that affect the production of sheep? by hailz10/7/03
     Dont know by Unknown 3/23/05
I am a nursing student who needs to write a culture paper. I choose to write about... by wendydawn9/16/03
     I need one as well, in the next cuple of days preferably, i need ti really bad, i dont... by Jeff 8/20/2006
     I need it to be on Ordinary Culture by Sarah Abegglen 4/30/2007
52" samsung has power light but will not come on by chuck9/19/03
i want to manually change icon of folder in windows 98.. by Chirag Sheth2/18/04
     i need to change my icon by meryl 10/5/04
     cpsany by sany 1/21/05
     i want to crack password of yahoo mail. plz forward tips & tricks to me on my account ... by Chirag P. Sheth 10/20/05
how am i suppose to sign up? to get an email address!! is there any way u could help... by villz villz2/29/04
     by Temper 11/28/05
     by Temper 11/28/05
     goodas fi dem by Rhajine 7/18/2006
     goodas fi dem by Rhajine 7/18/2006
     My best friends name by Rhajine 7/18/2006
what is affect of virus on software? by yasminenc03@yahoo.com9/14/03
     A computer virus modifies a program to include a (possibly modified) version of itself. ... by tom10/25/03
what do you say for couples that are getting married (in arabic) by omar8/30/03
At start-up, my '88 Jetta Gl idles fine. But after driving a few minutes it begins to... by andrew12/28/03
     I'm certain you could find the correct setting by looking in a Chilton's manual for your... by Angelsword 5/4/04
     I used to have a VW Fox many years ago. I had a similar problem which was almost inpossibl... by stevec 6/10/04
     I own an '89 VW Fox, and i am currently having the same problems. It happens typically in... by Angerson 7/10/2006
i want excel to total hours and minutes in the following format ie. 7.45am to 3.15pm =... by chrised8/15/03
     i need the answer by babal 3/11/2007
My rottweiler is seven years old. He has always been in excellent health. A week ago,... by Mr8181@msn.com11/15/03
     How is your dog? I have nine years old rottweiler. She has always been in excellent... by Poochibibee4/30/04
     my golden had a gran mal seizure and has been fine since im not sure what caused it or... by marriageishell 9/28/04
     My best girl is a 10 year old rottweiler who began having seizures about a year ago. She... by doggielove 4/13/05
     well i have a 7 year old female rott and she is also having seizures. we took her to the... by john44 9/22/05
     I have a 11yoa male Rottweiler, He has been in excellent health. About a year ago Simba... by dernit 10/19/2006
my parents are divorced and i live with my mom but i would rather be living with my dad... by kristina12/23/03
     I think you should listen to your heart...not to what you are told by judy 6/2/2006
     Why do you want to live with your father? If he loves you more or cares more about you... by ANGEL_OF_DARKNESS 5/24/2007
     its your choice you decide who you want to live with when your high school starts ... by girlwhoknows 7/8/2007
my question is that if b1/b2 visa has been expire but you can go back to your country to... by abby10/2/03
     No it isn't alright to apply for a student visa. Unless you have a good reason why you... by Kishia 3/18/04
     I have a b1/b2 visa and would like to attend college do you think i'llbeable to go and... by Janice 8/24/05
where I can fine a interpreter jos in nc? by tari8/5/03
     I guess that would depend on what language you speek. My sister is an interpeture for the... by sherri 2/1/05 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
I have 2 pristine 10 shilling notes. What are they worth? by HilaryP8/20/03
     I have an unbroken series of 78x10/- notes, all new and unused. Last time I checked a few... by Jake 3/6/04
     I also have a collection of shillings. For every coin i have, i have been offered at least... by Julia Grunt 2/17/2007
     Ł3.20 on ebay on 21st March 07 by WFSpark5 3/22/2007
when was the LZW compression technique incorporated into the GIF format? by bendu4/26/04
     this is important to compression due to the piston rings not holding the gas and airw it... by lcs 11/9/04
     The LZW compression method was first published in 1977. The use of LZW compression, and... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     Does it matter? by Koschei 6/27/05
     The same date the GIF format was created, June 15th 1987. by Scott 6/27/05
     The LZW compression algorithm was part of the initial GIF87 file format, released June 15,... by Paul Ding 1/28/2006
     I have nooooooooo idea. by Morty M. McNutt 3/30/2006
     The LZW compression algorithm was published by Welch in 1984 as an improved implementation... by Akari Takai 5/14/2007
Currently I use a mortgage calculator to figure out my mortgage payments. Does any body... by Fred 10/2/03
     Use the PMT function within Microsoft Excel. by Billy Waggens 2/13/05
     create a new account by donna 5/4/05
     its easy to figure out. first you Take the interest rate for example lets say 1.9% divide... by meesau 7/10/05
     How to calculate a mortgage payment without a calculator? by Chris 5/27/2007
how much weight should a chihuahua gain during pregnancy. by tracy3/14/04
     i am not for sure either i was wondering the same thing my little girl is about 4 weeks we... by amandakennedy3/20/04
     I think it depends on the number of puppies she is having. by Rachel7/3/04
     I agree with Rachel. It depends on how many puppies she's carrying. You should bring your... by Pie 5/18/05
     If you have to ask this question you are a BACK YARD BREEDER!!! Ur only purpose is to get... by Jennifer 2/8/2006
     hi i was wondering how do you tell how far your chihuahua is along in her pregnanacy? by chihuahua friend 4/5/2006
i just bought a new sound card, its a sound blaster live 5.1 and its not working, every... by scott8/23/03
     The .dll's are driver files and they usually go in the Windows system folder. If the... by Tiny1/15/04
     man u just confused the crap out of me by lil TURBO 4/19/05
     I think that you should jump off a bridge. This would solve all the problems. by Hank the Prank 5/16/2006
I purchased a black pug from a breeder. The dog is about 1 year old. I recieved papers... by gsa6/14/04
     the white is a break through in genes, to breed your pug it should be solid black. it... by estee 8/13/04
     The fawn parent can mask some white spotting genes, since they don't show up as strongly... by mysticelegance 9/29/04
     I had a fawn pug and she had a white spot on her chest, I don't know if it's normal........ by Jess 10/27/04
     My PUG is just 1 year old , born on X-mas 2003, All she wants to do is sleep !!! Is this... by surfjme 1/4/05
     I pasted this from (they can be useful). Hope it helps! * Color and... by Kacie 4/1/05
     pugs can be black and white. the special name for it is a mismark. by cassie 5/31/05
     It's not at all unusual to have a little white on the chest or feet. They marks tend to... by alohapuglady 7/28/05
     I also have a black pug with a little bit of white on her chest, about 50 hairs. It is... by Jochimsen 12/1/05
     Some white on the chest is acceptable. On the feet is not. by Kimchi 3/22/2006
I have been searching for the software "Microsoft Visual Basics V6.0 Professional" but to... by Julie Irwin-Cotton7/2/03
     Hi, Visual Basic 6 was discontinued in 2002, although support for it is still... by Chris Hale7/14/03
     You can download it on Kazaa, not sure about how legal it is though :) by Flux 7/17/03
     not legal at all :P by mbundy 3/24/04
     it's good enough. by usaid_sam 4/6/05
I have a 1992 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 V-6 and would like to check the timing but I cant... by Tom D1/16/04
     You can not adjust the timing on that truck it is something that Is computerized by oleblue61 9/1/04
     You can not set the timing in this truck. It is controlled by the on board computer. You... by AmatureMech 1/6/05
     yo mutha,the timing on these viechles can only be checked/ corrected w/ a diagnostic... by ken 4/22/05
     Your vehicle has computer controlled timing by Ramey 1/25/2006
     old cell by Boneyard 8/17/2006
     Sound like the tranny is screwed over by jim 12/7/2006
I can't get my 4 month old puppy to stop chewing woodwork when he is alone. I have... by Maria11/10/03
     Your puppy is 4 months old! This is his teenage years. How much attention does he get... by DrDolan4/1/04
     when does a puppy start barking? by Chrissy 1/14/05
     I have that same problem you can try puting bitter apple on the spot that he chews. by kerry 7/12/05
     My Boston Terrior will not stop chewing on anything. He acts like he knows it's wrong but,... by Donald 7/18/2006
I was wondering how I can find the bug repellent called Skedaddle in stores. I am proof... by Krissy7/18/03
     i don't know about "skedaddle" but if you are using (or it is used) as a bodily repellent... by marv 11/9/03
     Go to ask Jeeves and type in bug repellent+skedaddle OK! by 12/24/03 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
could you please tell me what some good changes after world war 2 were by bretty8/26/03
     hitler was killed, lol by i'mbored 12/6/04
     your question doesn't make sense. by gemma 4/24/2006
I have a Chrysler Seabring Convertible '97. I keep blowing the starter fuse every time I... by Dre10/23/03
     my question is my car will crank but will not start,there is no spark going to the coil is... by adam 9/8/05
     BjsndkfjhsafuForget U jsdaludhfajfnajg haksfh by Laughter 11/17/05
     Buy a Ford by fooled by chrsler 12/4/05
     I beleive your starter realay is right next to your fusebox its a black box on the right... by Josh  9/2/2006
     I have a Chrysler Seabring Convertible'97... My vehicle has been flooding when it rains. by ERS 11/15/2006
My daughter has a '97 Dodge Stratus and has taken exception care of it. All regular... by SailorJack4/9/04
     I have had 2 status's with oil plug issues. 1st was a '95 with plastic oil pan that had... by dperr 10/6/04
     I also have a 97 Dodge Stratus and approximately a year ago, I was told the same story at... by teeniebean 10/26/04
     The ansewer to your problem is called the striples driples drain plug.It's a rubber plug... by hunter 1/22/05
     I run a quick lube and have seen this problem hundreds of times over the years. I am sorry... by xtremegto 4/24/05
     I got a 97 strtus, and hope i neva run in to that problem cause its my first car, and that... by Timmy B 5/12/05
     I've done a little research on this topic. I own a 1998 Dodge Intrepid ES with 101,xxx... by per940 9/19/05
     My daughter has the same year car, and related problem with threads stripped on the oil... by Fireman#9 11/26/05
     This is pertaining to the dodge stratus oil pan issue! i had problems with my oil pay... by bigwill 4/26/2006
My JRT, Sugar, is a Great dog but, whenever we are taking a walk and we pass another dog,... by Haven127/2/03
     have you thought about squrting her with water? by karin 2/28/05
     I'm not really sure about this one. Has she ever acted this way towards other dogs before?... by Pie 5/18/05
     your dog probably hasn't been socialized enough... by native 11/29/05
     Put her on a choke collar, when you walk by another dog and she starts acting up give her... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
Having a cracking noise in steering wheel posible causes by Ryan Atherley10/13/03
     most steering columns have a joint of sorts in them. That may be damaged and binding up as... by n-a2/14/04
     Believe it or not, look for the simplest thing. Lack of clearance where the base of the... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     What is "The Club"? by Andrew 4/4/05
     ukighoityjtuhkutyiougjhkjghjgh by Danny 11/5/05
     I have a 2000 ford Taurus and when I turn the steering wheel I hear a dry tight friction... by Thomas Crymes 12/23/05
It is about a Ford Taurus 94 with ABS. Both rear brakes get really heat up on a stop and... by IONEL8/26/03
     love me tender by ramzes69 11/27/03
     had this problem. rear rubber brake line was partly collapsed. had changed with no further... by fred1/4/04
     Yes sounds like the brakes aren't releasing all the way. So a crimped line would make that... by n-a2/14/04
     Put your foot on the floor and keep it off the brake peddle. its like Your rideing the... by Zek 10/29/04
     Had the same problem with my 94 Taurus...The rear flexible rubber brake hoses had a... by Charles 12/17/05
     Yasmine by Obi1 12/6/2006
where can i find information on past counterfeit money cases by green_ivy1984@yahoo.com12/3/03
     How much counterfeit money is placed into circulation in the USA each 1 year. by jacks1 12/9/04
     I want to know too,who can tell me ? by JOEE 5/6/05
     Yes, i would also like this information. by andehhh 9/19/05
     How can I find out about any counterfeit money used back in the day? by zinnia 6/6/2007
I have a 92 audi 100 cs quattro. The car has run for 2 years in seattle without sudden... by bill t7/20/03
     New Ignition switch solved my problem on my 94 100 cs by Huby8/30/03
     I to be from czech republic(europe) mute I English, I have only pc translator. whole life... by gameover2/16/04
     you have got to check fuel pump. Maybe you will find your problem there. Its in the... by robbie 10/22/04
     hahahahahahahahahahahaha by wizo 1/23/05
     My 92 Audi CS 100 has a problem with the oil light it beeps many times to signal that the... by Jeb 9/17/2006
my year old shih-tzu has had four episodes where he was fine one minute and the next has a... by amy d9/19/03
     Oh my. Poor little dog. Perhaps you should take him to another vet? by Pie 5/18/05
     I have a shih tzu as well the only advice I have for you is to not pick him up by the... by Karlie 8/27/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
i own a kdc 515s and everytime i flip the face down to eject a cd it turns off not... by blair7/20/03
     the kenwood stereos have a flexible cable. that one connects te face whit the stereo and... by arturo1/6/04
     I have the same problem. Is it possible to fix? or is it time for a replacement? Thanks by dreville 8/23/04
     so how do you fix that? or can you? by average joe 9/22/04
     Mine started going off every now and again untill eventually it lit up when faceplate... by Scott 4/20/05
I am in Florida and I do permanent makeup. I need to know about migration. How does it... by Lela5/19/04
     You marry a Gringo, they treat you like dirt until you get your greencard then you sue... by bubster007 10/5/04
     Did you find any info on migration? I recently got certified to do permanent make up & I... by Suzbirdhouse 10/16/04
     Pigment migration is a result of thin pigment,wrog needle tilt & or skin thickness Always... by EsKala 12/22/04
     i do not know how to put makeup and i do not know what matches with me by sam 1/6/05
     Pigment Migration is a result of thin pigment, wrong needle tilt, and skin thickness. ... by Eskala 1/9/05
     okay migration is loose ink, possibly ink that has moved under the skin. This can happen... by karla kwist 1/18/05
     Migration occurs when pigment is implanted in an area and the vessels grab the pigment and... by Facecrafter 7/26/05
     Migration - Migration is the bleeding of color away from intended pigment placement. ... by Cheryl_Doss_RN 4/15/2006
     I do permanent make up also. migration happens when you hit a blood vessel and the pigment... by -C 12/14/2006
     Migration can be caused by not holding the needles upright. If they are slanted, you could... by slojo 5/27/2007
     Dear Webmaster, We are looking quality link partners for our site and your site is ideal... by Sandeep yadav 6/7/2007
where can i get the source code for "image compression using neural networks"? by vinothjerome12/19/03
     I need source code image compression by krishna1/28/04
     source code on image compression and uncompression by krishna2/25/04
     NEW ACCOUNT by HARSHA4/19/04
     i need matlab/c source code for lbg algorithm by karthikeyan 10/9/04
     ghdgfh by df 1/21/05
     u can get the source code at by innut 4/25/05
     please help me find image compression source codes.. this is in completion for our... by kaye 12/7/05
     upwinds by misiek 5/17/2006
     Hi i am doing a Hadamard image compression whereby user can input the % of compression... by 4/29/2007
     Pros: they can detect small voltage leaks and trip a breaker quickly enough to prevent... by tom10/25/03
     If a circuit has multiple devices on it, and there is a fault, and if the circuit is... by Tim Janof3/11/04
     Keep in mind that one GFCI outlet protects somewhere near 3-6 outlets downstream. That in... by dr.bob4/11/04
     the last thing you want to do is put household motor loads on a gfci unless you can make... by ncbrink 12/28/04
     What would cause a dishwasher to trip the GFCI breaker and not a regular 20a breaker? by Scott 6/6/05
     how many pulg is hold on a 20amp breaker? what is the height that a plug should go on a... by iave3 11/7/05
hi, i have a 62 ford falcon/futura, the rims are four lug 13". does anyone know what... by murph5/9/04
     I think the rustang rims up till 93 will work, but haven't personally tried them by tj 8/4/04
     most ford thunderbirds have 14 inch rims i have an 85 thunderbird that does by josh 8/11/04
     1966 Falcon also had 4 lugs but you can go with a 8" diff and it has 5 lugs but is has to... by Rod 12/17/04
     1965 Falcon has 14" rims by Doug 7/28/05
     1983-87 Thunderbirds had 14" four lug rims stock.... by Handegard 9/1/05
     I have a 65 Falcon and it has 14 inch 4 lug rims. you can also check out mustang rims. If... by Doug 10/30/05
     A 1966 six-cylinder Mustang has what you're looking for. by Dan A 11/24/05
     if your bolt pattern is 4" on 4-1/4", there are many cars and some trucks that had 14" and... by lambo 4/1/2006
     The 6 cylinder Ford Mustangs had 14" wheels from 65 - 68. by Sid 5/11/2006
     Do you want to sell me the 13" rims? Andy by Andy 6/14/2006
     1996 Ford Contour by wayne 6/30/2006
     I had a 93 5.0 with 4 lug. I believe they still have 4 lug on most mid sized fords like... by SHIZONinVEGAS 5/24/2007
where would i find dildos by tyler10/9/03
     an obvious place to look would be an adult video store/adult toy store. or look it up... by John10/16/03
     I recommend The store is woman-owned. Their main store is in San... by tom10/25/03
     some internet sex shops have been created for people who would like to keep their personal... by Miss Bethany J Peacock  4/26/04
     u dont need a dildo baby ill come and do it for u by stud7/13/04
     Hmm, all the answers but the last seem well and good... HOWEVER. NEVER buy on off eBay... by Pie 5/18/05
     http://mywebpage.netscape. com/bestlaywer13/canadian-immigration- lawyer.htm <a href="htt... by chicago-personal-injury-lawyer.htm 8/4/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006 <a href=" html">preache... by childbearing 10/7/2006
I can't believe Bourne and Kraatz decided to split! Why??! I am devastated...I mean that... by pea10/21/03
     Get a life! by Dude1/26/04
     get a life, what is wrong with you by your a freek1/29/04
     Is that like a new drink or something? by n-a2/14/04
     how bout you go play hide and go F**K yourself. by HiSh FaRsEr 6/7/04
     no 1 knows what ur talkin bout u will live in a dumpster u stupid cracker!!! P.S.... by im black 1/13/05
     Man, you guys are MEAN. by Nya Nya 4/21/05
     Now, now. It's not nice to make fun of other people's obsessions. However...I would... by Pie 5/18/05
     I feel your pain, I suggest suicide immediately. by Roger 12/10/05
     you gay bastard by fag 3/26/2007
My cat is acting strange.She is trying to climb or jump on door frames, it is a full moon... by Lindsay8/9/03
     The phase of the moon has no proven effect on cat behavior. by Artemus Ward9/6/03
     It really doesn't? Maybe it's a psychic cat - animals also have different personalities. by Sugaar10/5/03
     Your cat is probably suffering from a disease called being a cat! by wierdo10/21/03
     I had a Siamese cat that loved to straddle he top of open doors. I think it was comfortabl... by drdoctor11/4/03
     Hey,My cat is acting really weird!!!!!!!! if I Do some chirping nose to him he will make... by Katy 4/24/04
     I've had my cat for awhile, buts ive moved out of my mums house a few months ago an had to... by mekakeisei 8/30/04
     um? what's wrong with sounds more like you are bragging about his abilities?... by whatever 10/30/04
     Hi! my cat is pregnant, and keeps throwing herself against the freezer door, and scratchin... by catseyes 5/10/05
     Look, my cat is being CRAZY i need an answer ASAP she used to go outside all the time and... by Mina 2/10/2007
     My cat has been acting strange, she makes weird noises, rolls on the carper, meow'slike... by fluffkins 2/20/2007
     My cat goes "Shreeh!" and dodges, bares its teeth and stares at me when I try to thmack... by Coozins 4/15/2007
     it's a full moon now and my cat's are acting out of the ordinary. my one cat who's... by LC 6/30/2007
Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Green Dragon school of Kung Fu,previously... by Patrick4/10/04
     I worked with them in 88 while at KSU. They sponsered an intramural martial arts group. ... by Jeff6/10/04
     You can still find their ad in Inside kungfu still selling the forms that they make up by grasshopper7/2/04
     probably admitted to the nut house... by kung fu dude 10/21/04
     Green Dragon Studios c/o Sifu John R. Allen P.O. Box 1601 Stow, OH 44224 by Abdul Haleem 11/1/04
     Jeff, I believe that the exercise you're talking about is called the Snake (Reptile)... by Jeremy 12/8/04
     This question was just answered in fair detail over at (Forums, External... by Hagar 1/9/05
     The exercise is called "Snake Turns Over". It consists of 10 reps, adding one rep each day... by SavateNJ 1/30/05
     The isometric exercise that was taught in their program at KSU was called "Snake Turns... by Wade 3/18/05
     The technique you are speaking of is called "snake rolls over." Green Dragon club is... by G 3/30/05
     If they make up their forms they are pretty good at it. It looks like authentic chinese... by Joseph 7/19/05
     Ashland University has a club that is supervised by a student of Sifu Allen. They are... by Lost_Bit 8/29/05
     You must not know much about the group if you say they make up forms ... Mr. Allen has... by Plum Blossom 9/19/05
     Jeff - I believe the exercise you mentioned is called "snake turns over." It works VERY... by sbowers2 10/29/05
     Hey, the exercise set you are thinking of is called snake turns over. It is part of a... by Dude 3/12/2006
     I believe that those were called arm drags. You started with 10 for 10 days and then... by stang 4/4/2006
     For anyone interested. It was called Snake turns over (the isometric fist exercise). I... by kung fu practioner 4/9/2006
     Hello, I was also searching for these answers. I recently took a Kung Fu class. To do... by sgamer1770 6/19/2006
     The forms presented by Green Dragon are authentic. "grasshopper"= sad and pathetic... by Franklin Fong 7/21/2006
     i trained with John Allen in the 70s amd 80s The exercise is called the "Snake Crane"... by BIG ED 10/29/2006
     I was also in the intramural class in 89,90 good class, great work out, of course... by mike 11/30/2006
Where can I see re-runs of Saturday Night Live on any channel? by Clairbear2/4/04
     I have been pondering this myself.Besides just on DVDs one place to look is on NBC.On... by Houdini5/18/04
     "E!" the Entertainment Channel shows Saturday Night Live reruns several times a day. by marsha 8/23/04
     You can see re-runs on Comedy Central. Usually late at night during the week or in the... by DottsyZ 10/28/04
     try try Global TV out of Toronto,Ontatio.... by shannon 11/5/04
     You can watch them on Comedy Central by Sarah 11/15/04
     Why would you want to, it is a cheesy dumb program and is not funny but stupid by crocodile 12/30/04
     You can see the reruns of SNL on chanel E! by Lauren 1/4/05
     they show re runs on E! by nick 1/9/05
     comedy channel by Oklaneal 2/16/05
     E! shows two SNL's everynight I believe. They are usually the last season before the... by Devo 3/7/05
     comedy central lost the rights to E entertainment television by lp 5/27/05
     I think u have 2 get the DVDs. the channel's 4 Saturday night live are usually only on... by Jacks 6/6/05
     the comedy channel usually has them on get tevo and type in sat. night live if its coming... by techiein06 6/8/05
     e! network re-runs SNL by ian 6/26/05
     The cable channel "E" plays SNL reruns, Comedy Central doesn't play them at all anymore.... by EMK 6/27/05
     I believe re-runs air on E! on sometimes. Comedy Central does not show SNL anymore. E!... by Bleached 6/27/05
     E! has reruns (also check other NBCUNIVERSAL channels as they may have some) by Youralldumb 7/1/05
     SNL can be seen on E! channel @ 12am est by Big Daddy K 7/14/05
     pwnt like a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiatch by asgbhjk; 7/21/05
     You can find re-runs of SNL on E! Channel. by BtrFlyKissez 9/14/05
     Well, Com Central actually sold SNL to E! so only mad TV is on Com and SNL plays nights on... by M Monster 9/25/05
     you cant get TVO by caroline 12/4/05
     ummm check the E... sometimes i see reruns there~! by Leaf 12/11/05
     If you have satellite or digital cable.. then you can do a search for'll have to... by Tahnee 12/15/05
     I see those SNL reruns on channel E! all the time. by Summer 12/24/05
     E! Entertainment television aires SNL reruns, and also they aire a "vintage" SNL episode... by Doctor Who 7/10/2006
     Where can i see cute pictures of Zac Efron. by nina 9/22/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     Get a government grant to start up a TV channel and air SNL all the time. That would be... by Kami 11/1/2006
     old SNL episodes are on E! all the time by lizzle 11/4/2006
     check the TV listings, dum dum. by chloe bo boey 12/23/2006
     The e!channel sometimes show old episodes by Danny 1/11/2007
     on E! by katie  2/19/2007
i would like to know if there is a busy buses video or dvd out? as my 3yr old son wants... by deano12/19/03
     Are Busy Buses DvDs are the stolen works of Alan Brunwin's by Alan brunwin, BUSY BUSES1/21/04
     Chatsworth T.V.Busy Buses made me an offer of Ł100.000 for the copyrights of my stolen... by BUSY BUSES, belongs to Brunwin1/21/04
     Alan go for mit its great to bring these chatswort down by john2/13/04
     Chatsworth TV. you are a shamefull company to take this man's work. Alan Brunwin I hope... by Terry Ward. Busy Buses.2/19/04
     Alan Brunwin wants you to apolijize to him for your remarks on his site ... by Peter Kaye . Pheonix nights2/19/04
     If you would like to read the British Goverments report from the House of Commons on Alan... by CHATSWORTH T.V.2/22/04
     iTS Terry Ward who should sort this mess out. by John Banks, VTR plc3/18/04
     "Brian Conley". be a good man and STOP working for the Busy Buses Chatsworth TV children's... by BRIAN CONLEY 4/19/04
     Are the works of Alan Brunwin. by Busy Buses Animation.5/12/04 a web-site all about my stolen work by Chatsworth TV and VTR... by Toonhound, Children's Animation6/18/04
     John Banks MD.Shares in a stolen children's program. ... by TV4C. BUSY BUSES.  CHILDREN'S PROGRAM.7/12/04
     yah me and your mom made one together. ps im black so thats y she is walkin boe... by skeetman 1/12/05
     i have no clue by cko 12/4/05
     A program obtained not legally by Terry Ward Director belonging to Alan Brunwin children's... by tv4c. 1/5/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
Has anybody used If so, what was your experience and reccomendat... by caplanc@palmerlogistics.com12/1/03
     Yes - it was fantastic; had the same seat on Delta to Amsterdam that I would have had... by JOJO 10/2/04
     I've used on numerous occasions to purchase airline tickets to... by Doc Abel 11/16/04
     Hi, I used them to book flights within Europe. They saved me over $500 a ticket. They... by BJ 12/16/04
     CHURCH by TOPKOP 12/20/05
     had really good luck buying tickets with them to Japan. Had a few more stop overs than... by M.S. 9/11/2006
     I used them to Spain. The flights and layover times were perfect for traveling. The... by freelove 11/15/2006
     I used airline consolidators for my last trip to France - in 2004. I was very concerned... by merry Mary H in Eugene OREGON 3/1/2007
     I've used them twice with no problem either time by rebbi 3/20/2007 ARE BAIT-N-SWITCH EXPERTS (the following is the email I sent to... by KATHY 5/22/2007
what percentage do mountains cover the earth? by conron2/25/04
Where can I buy you candy bits called "Tastations"? I haven't been able to locate them... by Betty Quass9/6/03
     try supermarkets at the checkout. by John10/16/03
     I cannot speak for all, but at least one major grocery chain has discontinued "Tastetation... by gusylok12/2/03
     In the Virginia area, Shopper's food warehouse and Food Lion both discontinued TasteTation... by Starship1/12/04
     My Mother-in-law wants these candies.... where can I get them by B. Cullen1/18/04
     That's a good question - my wife loves those things and is so disappointed that it is... by Mark M1/19/04
     When I was in a local Shoprite store, the store clerk was removing them from the shelves. ... by Pete2/6/04
     tastations are available at click on the ups box located on the right... by don3/31/04
     Tastetations at http://www.hometownfavorites. com/shop/candy_cat.asp by Bruce4/1/04
     I just called Hershy's They have discontinued this product, however if you do a search on... by Mj4/7/04
     I am unable to locate a retailer in Wisconsin that sells the Hersheys " Tastetations" Can... by Dale4/7/04
     Does anyone know WHY Hersey's discontinued these candies? by hrjc4/9/04
     They are also available at: Click on "Products" then "Candy... by Paul Van5/6/04
     Hershey's advised that these little treats could be saved if they received enough... by FYI5/9/04
     Let's start a mass emailing and urge people to call Hershey's and bring back Tastations. ... by TSC5/26/04
     tastations were carried by K-Mart, Wal-mart, wal green drugs but not longer. The mint... by F. Eckhoff5/29/04 candy_cat.asp Neither has... by Mick6/17/04
     I bought 10 bags of these candies thru back in October for a friend. She... by kathyw 6/19/04
     I have been desperate to find Hershey Tastations. I'm so sad they are gone :( I called... by kelly24096/22/04
     I have been looking for Tastations for 7 mos. Can't find them anywhere. I love them. ... by Pat7/4/04
     Mint Chocolate Tastations are still available at Select the... by stf7/12/04
     I've been looking everywhere...even the sites that list them are sold out. Hershey's said... by Margot 8/19/04
     I also have searched everywhere here in Oklahoma. I love Tastations for my diet. I lost... by Georgia 8/23/04
     I am also searching for the Hersheys Tastetations, Butterscotch, flavor. They helped me... by Na Shopping 9/5/04
     I can't believe I've found a site where everyone is looking for Tastations. My mother... by Chris,  Canada 9/20/04
     We love Tastations. We've looked for them in several stores. I sure hope Hershey's... by Joan 10/18/04
     I, and many, many, people I know love the butterscotch tastetations. Let's all PLEASE... by make that call!! 10/19/04
     Tastations were my all time favorite candies. Please bring them back!!! by Ricci 11/4/04
     Ahhhhhh..... I WANT MY TASTETATIONS BACK!!!! by Dave 11/20/04
     I also am desperate to find caramel taste- tations and can't find them locally in IA. by kgf 12/8/04
     I miss these candies a lot. They always satified my need for a sweet without too many... by Answer by Jude 1/9/05
     I wrote to Hershey they are no linger producing Tastations. Maybe if enough people write... by TSUE 1/24/05
     I have a few bags of Hershey Tastetations (Carmel) candies. by Ladyred 1/25/05
     I want them back they are the best thing ever. The mints are great! by Scorpio 2/1/05
     Help - where can I find. I already called Hershey months ago. by Claire 3/2/05
     Your tastations are my 91 year old mother's favorite candy. PLEASE DON'T DEPRIVE HER OF... by Annette 3/4/05
     AT THE MALL OF AMERICA! *dance dance* They didn't have pocky. It made me sad. :( But no,... by Pie 5/18/05
     Ilive 5 min from hersheys it is because the bought out lowery by HopedaleStocker 7/18/05
     4gfOE2AX08zdG OENqeWcVMOypW sGPsUPwq7V by K8hyLq3d3l 3/2/2006
     I love the tastations and have told so many people about them and now we can't find them... by gail 4/14/2006
     O1fqb4FmEvlv87 pRiMEcwOwYO Goku5udq3NxuH4 by WxZipeDfn7 7/7/2006
     B5QZKWRFWLm CPhhc7fQvv4 y3dMB8ru9oV1k by ei0g4V95XK 8/11/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     i cannot find the butterscotch hard candy in the stores.WHERE CAN I FIND THEM? by larry decker 12/6/2006
I am looking for a Stevie Nicks Christmas song, Silent Night. Any ideas where I can get... by Lynn7/26/03
     It is on "A Very Special Christmas 5" according to the Stevie Nicks web site (http://www.s... by Bob11/27/03
     Actually - A Very Special Christmas, the first one. by Jenn12/11/03
     i bought version 5. but that is not the version that i have heard played on our local... by vicki 12/2/04
     ACTUALLY, it's on both 1 and 5! by JB 12/7/04
     Hi Yes I know where you can get the me at and I will... by stephgem 12/3/05 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
Can you get a tattoo over a preexisting tattoo? by Ally5/23/04
     Yes, but you can't change the mentality that allowed the first one. by bubster007 10/5/04
     how do i scan pictures with a printer/scanner by janeen 7/13/04
     How do I scan a picture from my home computer.. by Tiffany 11/24/04
     My answer is i want to know how to scan pictures. by 11/29/04
     ???????? by acca 1/1/05
     listen man u should probably leave it to the pros and take it into a photo express that... by lil TURBO 4/19/05
     Read the manual. by Pie 5/18/05
     Use a scanning service like to put all of your old photos on to CD or... by Fotoman 11/1/05
     how do i scan pictures?? to put it on by m&m 5/27/2006
     how do i scan my pictures at my home? by priss 7/3/2006
     Help Me Please by golden 7/5/2006
     scan pic, convert rft to jpg, print picture by mick 10/22/2006
what is the port royal grammar? by khadija12/19/03
     The Port-Royal Grammar was published in 1660 by Antoine Arnauld. It argued that mental... by anonymous 5/14/05
     Port Royal Grammar is a universal and rational grammar written by Antoine Arnauld and... by Baiba 1/13/2006
     study of how our mind organizes our thoughts and ideas. by des kartes 4/12/2006
     Port Royal was grammar that was made by Claude Lancelot by nphu 7/19/2006
     "Port-Royal Grammar" was a universal grammar book written by the French Claude Lancelot... by Môni 3/25/2007
How did the area called the "Bullpen" get its name in baseball? by Red Dog11/7/03
     Before a bull fight, the bull is corralled in the bullpen. Then, when the bullfighter is... by NoBull 8/25/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     The term bullpen was used as early as 1809 to refer to a stockade or jail. By 1903 it was... by techiein06 6/8/05
     caps lock broken? dumass by ssfdasf 7/21/05
     Many early baseball games were played in fields near the stock yards, fenced in areas... by saltydawg 7/28/05 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
what is the most economical way to transfer 8mm film to digital &how is this done. by jd9/14/03
     I would like to know how to put 8 mm on DVD. Does anyone know? by Barbiegirl2/1/04
     You can actually get good results by shooting video of film as it is projected on a small... by Spence2/5/04
     I do this as a hobby/business I am located in South Africa. Anyhow, I have acquired... by Gerhard2/12/04
     We have tried different stand-alone DVD burners for converting the camcorder film to DVD.... by Lynn 9/21/04
     I would like to transfer 8mm projector film to DVD. I need to know if there are any... by James 5/10/05
     or just take the film to a develpoment depo, they can do that for you these days, on2 most... by Mikki 3/2/2006
     Use a camcorder that has a minimum of 3 CCDs and the ability for manual exposure control. ... by 9/13/2006
     The problem is that using any kind of camcorder produces video that is about 30-50% less... by Brad Hinkle 10/29/2006
     DIY transfer, been there, done that! Word of advice!.... Trying to transfer 8mm & 16mm... by Jim Bower 4/9/2007
Dear sir I have received a file from my friend in Rasterize generic EPS format. ... by Arthanari ramasmy1/11/04
     account needed by aeliayousaf 11/17/04
I am a physician who completed residency on a J1 visa. I subsequently obtained a J1 waiver... by bk4/13/04
I have a 1998 Chrysler Town & Country LXI minivan. Every one to two weeks after I turn... by Bob4/11/04
     Sounds like a relay is sticking to me. I have heard that it is under the battery and has... by Jeremy5/23/04
     The Town & Country is my favorite, it has ANCO wiperblades and also, I named it after my... by Chrysler Man 11/30/2006
     HELP! My 2005 Chrysler mini van has a problem the dealer cannot replicate or repair. From... by Kathy 4/3/2007
how long does it take to detect a pregnancy in urine? the reason why i as is because i... by toya5/4/04
     How long does blood test to detect pregnancy take by micky6/10/04
     I have a question. How long does shall u wait to do a pregnanct test cuz my period is 10... by Jeniffer 2/16/05
If my I-130/I-485 is still in process, can I attend university in USA without F1 if I am... by Caz2/27/04
     yes, just take the letter from INS showing your application status........... by deedee4/25/04
     No, unless you have work permit, the school may accept it. some school depends. by hojorl 9/23/04
     In order to attend university here in the United States you have to have a valid permanent... by ron 8/20/2006
I am looking for the full version of Grag and Thor Bonkheads. It was made by 1 AM... by Juanita5/1/04
     hey i myself am looking out for the full version of bonkheads by rinku and dollu 7/10/05
     please give me Bonkheads Deluxe by bhushan 7/20/05
     hjk;np98y by toom00000000 10/2/2006
     Yeah i want those bonkheads too...i had a demo long time ago i think it was 1997 but i... by MasterXXX 1/20/2007
     go to google and search fordsf by xcv cxv cv 5/24/2007
     EVEN I NEED IT. if u get it kindly send it to my id thanku in... by CHANDRU 5/25/2007
Best free links teaches how to write effectively by Kareem12/1/03
     How to start off writing a paper? by red 6/28/2006
     9277773 by Tashea 8/7/2006
     Yo mama is not fat by JT 12/12/2006
I would like to know the name of the poem that was recited at the funeral of a gay man's ... by GEORGETTE2/15/04
     The name of the poem is "Funeral Blues" and it is by W. H. Auden by Anon 3/30/2006
     Funeral Blues by W H Auden Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog... by Taoski 6/27/2006
     http://homepages.wmich. edu/~cooneys/poems/auden.stop.html by Claudia 9/15/2006
     Sorry, I didn't read your message until today. I love the poem you mention and, in case... by Carmen (Spain) 1/3/2007
     Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy... by meme 4/5/2007
     W.H. Auden Funeral blues by Mia 4/11/2007
how to find someones e-mail address by tera12/29/03
     how do find someone's E-mail address by jamesthekid4/26/04
     whats Kelly Davis e-mail by logan 9/17/2006
     good job by djoker 10/6/2006
If each side of a tetrahedron is an equilateral triangle painted white or black, five... by Craig Wing11/4/03
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     More than that. by Razorman 10/5/04
     -All white/black -Any one white/black -Two white/black, both adjacent -Two white/black,... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     27 distinct patterns. 9 different situations: 8B/0W, 7B/1W, 6B/2W, 5B/3W, 4B/4W, 3B/5W,... by jcm32931 9/12/05
     Nineteen. by AuKt87 3/28/2006
     If I'm correct, there are 12 different possibilities: all white, all black, 1 side white,... by barryc10 10/28/2006
I can't find a clear scripture that says it's not a sin to kill in self-defence, or in... by Zach4/12/04
     In the bible it speakes on how god sent David into war, and David conquered his enemies.... by sk8_for_jesus4/21/04
     But GOD told David that through David's son Solomon He would build a temple because... by Emi Retna5/21/04
     I beleive the answer is motive. If in self-defence or war, you must look at the person's... by Landon6/26/04
     killing aka the 10 commandments..thou shalt not kill...should be translated...thou shalt... by cafrnymic7/20/04
     youre crazy dude. who do you want to kill? by dora 9/20/04
     Your soul is trapped in your body while your body is alive. You do not need scripture... by Bubster007 10/4/04
     The accounts of wars and killing in self defense were righteous wars directed by Jehovah.... by Erika 8/2/05
     yea go David, but how he died. by sss 1/19/2006
     Ok no its not a sin at all to kill just to kill yea its a sin duh but self-defence killin... by Sweet_C 4/20/2006
     Good answer cafr also to Emi the reason God said David's hand were filled with blood was... by hani 6/5/2006
     You cannot call yourself a Christian if you say killing in self defense is ok to do. NO... by Mike 5/29/2007
what is the name of any of jesus' sister and brothers by j wash 5/14/04
     Bernice was his first half sister-- sort of. Joesph was a widower and his wife died... by D-O-G-onlyone 3/7/05
     Salome Miriam James Joses Simon Judas by rod 3/27/05
     Apparently he had a brother named James. by FunsterJim 6/26/05
     Jesus' brothers were: James the Just, Simon the Zealot and Judas the Zealot (Thomas); his... by lynn 8/23/05
     What is Jesus brother or sister names. by arlen  10/8/05
     What is Jesus brother,sister names, by arlen 10/8/05
     salome,miriam by danilo 12/21/05
     Gwendolyn by dragon 3/7/2006
     Marriam/Mary/Mary Anne/Anne Magdelaine also wife. by jim 8/7/2006
     James, Jose, Jude, Leah, Salome by pam 10/31/2006
The song, "My Best To You" written by Gene Willadsen in 1942 was the theme song for what... by Micki3/29/04
     "My Best To You" was written by my mother, under her pseudonym Gene Willadsen. She was an... by Laurie 7/20/05
     "My Best to You" played on a program My Best to You which were request for songs dedicated... by TED 8/29/05
     it was also Jan Garbers opening theme song...great question........ by lynn 6/6/2006
where can I find a web site that can locate cellphone numbers,reverse numbers,unlisled... by mike_rudy1/11/04
     I find this website helpful, I use it all the time,...http://www.reversephonedirectory. com... by TayLee2/7/04
     Where can I find a web site that can locate cellphone numbers,reverse numbers,unlisled... by romica373/14/04
     the number by Nikkie 11/9/04
     Inever thought i would need this as much as i do by hollywood 1/16/2006
     azz by kracker 1/27/2006
     rastis by gomez 2/8/2006
     cellphone numbers for free by teresa 2/13/2006
     dont know by tazzy 5/4/2006
     I have a cell phone number and would like to find out the name of the person calling by cmjohnson3 7/21/2006
     I have a cell phone number and would like to find out the name of the person calling by cmjohnson3 7/21/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006 schronisko ogólnopolska baza zwierząt przebywających w schroniskach. by ssdsd 11/15/2006 schronisko ogólnopolska baza zwierząt przebywających w schroniskach. by ssdsd 11/15/2006
I need a whole house water filtration system em that will eliminate iron, magnesium and... by Don1/26/04
     Where can I find a house water filteration system? by steph 2/5/2006
     by R1ko 3/13/2006
     Why? You need sulfur, magnesium and iron to live, believe it or not. Iron is what helps... by barryc10 10/28/2006 by tony 4/22/2007
please tell me how weather probes work and where do they go? by Abbey 2/19/04
can u find me some photos of springer spanial puppy by krusty6/1/04
     try uk/jjjwb_puppies.htm there are other doge but also a huge... by lollz 8/31/05
     can you find me some puppy pics by dami 10/22/05
Why are there no more on the street bits with 'Rupert G'? by Robert12/25/03
     Because he opened a deli and performs his shtick from there now. by Yogi Sirrat 1/24/2006
     Cuz he's a n00b! Dave doesn't like n00bs. by Freight48 8/6/2006
My 1995 Chrysler Concorde's 3.3 V6 engine stalls and re-starts when driving down the road... by 95Concorde3.36/18/04
     I am having the same problem with a 95 cirrus. I have no answer but could sure use help. ... by stewart 1/6/05
     it may be your cylinder head i have a 91 dodge dynasty that was doing the same thing and... by Coolrunning2005 3/13/05
     I also have a 3.3 V6 '95 Concorde. It SOUNDS like a transmission problem that I ran... by Jay Hughes 5/9/05
     i think u have bad gas in it, try and empty it out then fill it up with new gas by carguy 5/9/05
     mine stalled and wouldnt start...i dont know if it is a sensor of somesor or a fuel tank... by LIDA 6/30/2006
What software do you need to be able to access usenet? by katty8/25/03
     Since the interface to the user is very similar, most of the email clients that are... by Juergen9/2/03
How can I protect an excel worksheet from being printed. The contents must be viewed,... by niska11/20/03
     Simple. Purchase AdobeAcrobat (full version, not the reader) and create a PDF file out of... by SecretAgentMan 8/26/04
     Hi! I am also facing the same problem. Can anyone help me.. by Mike 1/11/2006
A friend of mine has given us a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. She is only 7 weeks old and we... by Bev2/18/04
     First, you should not feed your dog eggs. Second, ALWAYS contact a vet when you are... by AggieAsh6/8/04
     First of all, try hard to stay away from any human food. Period. I have two Yorkies, and... by Britt 11/11/04
     go to the vet by g4gail 12/20/2006
     We are also having some issues with getting our newest addition to drink water. He is... by New Yorkie Owner 4/21/2007
     How long do I have to wait to try again after a miscarriage on November 20, 2004. I... by Jennifer 12/30/04
     how hong i have to wait after miscaragge to get pragnet a gane by karen 4/6/2006
     You should be asking a doctor this question. by mg 4/17/2006
do fleas have a color preferance. because my white cat gets fleas more often than the... by baby11/18/03
What is causing my Ignition Fuel Starter fuse to blow? It is fuse no.8 - Run/Start,... by nezzer11/27/03
     I just heard about a recall on the Sebring. You should check with a dealer. by n-a2/14/04
     I have a question, where is the best place to get a snowboard? I found a place that has a... by alaska15 11/25/04
     Did you get a resolution to the problem? by iguana 4/12/05
What do i use and how do i clean the inside of our Cocker Spanials EARS? by poppa5/24/04
     q-tips? That's how we cleaned our rabbits ears. by 12/22/04
     thats not a bad Q, i have just what you are lookin for. 1st you get a can of home made... by dog lover 1/27/05
     During the time that I've worked at a veterinary clinic, they always cleaned an animal's... by Pie 5/18/05
     ...I typoed. Also, I don't think you'll need the cleaning solution, depending on how... by Pie 5/18/05
     Epiotic (sp) Get it from your vet by Katykanuk 7/19/05
     warm water and cotton wool by Mikki 3/2/2006
     take a Q-tip with alcohol(rubbing) and clean their ears it is easier than a cotton ball... by tm 6/4/2006
What Year was Adam Wade the host of MUSICAL CHAIRS? And when did the show premiere? How... by Michael7/21/03
     i was a contestant on "musical chairs." the musical group working the show with adam was... by gary shell1/2/04
     I once tutored Adam Wade when he was making the transition to more upbeat music.I also did... by billy proctor 1/5/05
     I loved this show because it was the first time I ever saw a Black man host a game show. I... by Gloria Asbury-Covington 10/6/05
what are the principles of play in rugby union? by wlehsman10/20/03
     Go Forward Support Continuity Pressure by Cleo3/4/04
     i think ur name is suposed to be welshman. ur probably wales' star rugby player if u r... by sean7/13/04
     Cleo, your talking rubbish! Why send that in when you don't have a clue! In Rugby... by Johno 5/15/2007
I have a 2 yr old Schipperke who has just started a very odd and irritating behavior.... by DebinPA8/5/03
     ask the vet by hi9/9/03
     your dog needs more time to run around outside by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     I'd go with the above answers. Also, he may have seen something new outside and thus want... by Pie 5/18/05
     Is he neutered? It may be that, even if he is, there's a female dog in heat somewhere. ... by Wolfie 6/3/05
     I have a 10 year old schipperke and he has been doing the same thing for years. All it is,... by Shanoquo 6/29/2007
Can this poem be passed on to Ozzy fro Cheers Ozzy Is a... by jJimmymac12/11/03
     Ur a guy? by Barely Legal 4/1/04
     This is my first time on the website because I saw it on the computer, so could someone... by Moley7/6/04
     dude you must of knocked your sister of the computer you are so desaprate to meet ozzy.... by emmegirl 9/30/04
     Well, it wouldn't hurt to try. Can't guarantee it won't be junked by the people who filter... by Pie 5/18/05
     OZZY ROOLZ, ( Rock on Dudes) by Corry-Spawndance 9/19/05
     i want to get in touch with ozzy to show him my well written poems plase let him speak to... by yazmin floyd  5/9/2006
     You just typed. EL COOLIO HUH??? by Rick James 7/20/2006
Looking for audio compression/decompression programs in the x86 assembler using DPCM and... by ntimi19829/29/03
     Yip, I'm currently working on it. Should be finished about middle October. by boompie10/2/03
     Could you plz send me the compression/decompression program in the x86 assembler using... by Logicc 10/21/03
     Could you plz send me a copy too, would be much appreciated. thx. by Pryntus 10/22/03
     Plz send me a copy too. i'm in an urgent conditions , plz help me . by Samar 7/15/05
     Plz send me a copy too. i'm in an urgent conditions , plz help me . by Samar 7/15/05
My daughter has a 1990 Dodge Shadow that we have serviced, checked the radiator etc. but... by Wendy10/30/03
     Try to remove the thermostat, then run engine to check if still overheats. if its okay... by Alfonso B. Cabrera3/23/04
     There is a small, creeping leak of coolant (anti freeze) throughout the vanes of the core... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     your gay! by assclown 12/12/04
     try the coolant temperature sensor. unplug the clip going to the sensor with engine... by Matt 2/19/05
     My girlfriends 1990 dodge shadow leaks a stream of anti-freeze out her exhaust pipe. Is... by Shaun 3/7/2007
     suggest car repair shop, mienike, on oak /fell9the one that goes west)and franklin... by Carlie Pet 5/8/2007
What is the symbol ~ and why does it appear on my desktop? by dabondu12/17/03
     Well I don't know what its really used for but i use it as a tongue lol :)~ by TayLee2/7/04
     the ~ symbol has a couple of uses I know of: a) In math means "more or less" or "about"... by Alberto2/18/04
     mmmmm! i dunno what it is, but it keep'sappearing on mine too. by daggers5/18/04
     The file appearing on your desktop with the filename ~, commonly known as a tilde, is a... by illEagle6/5/04
     I would have to agree with illEgals response, as I after reading it, realized that after... by Jasper 11/5/04
     thanks..i thought i had a virus :O)~ its ok to delete this right? by didi 12/3/04
     No idea. I thought it was used for drool, though. :b~ by Pie 5/18/05
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by free ringtones 6/9/2006
     Thanks!!! ringtones site. [URL=http://www.ringtones-dir.... by ringtones free 6/9/2006
     Hi! ringtones site. Download ringtones FREE, Best free... by ringtones free 6/9/2006
     its a french fry ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... by Rick James 7/20/2006
How do you look after a pregnant Shih tzu dog? And how do you help the dog deliver it's... by Cassie12/27/03
     what about i do it by annie  7/14/2006
     well frist of all you can do 2 things one is do some research on your dog and you should... by candy 11/15/2006
when does the new season of alias start? by bobi8/8/03
     when is the new season of alias coming out by bob 9/17/04
     January, 2005 by jeff 9/28/04
     when does the new season of Alias start? by sam 10/2/04
Where can I get an Angus Young schoolboy outfit(black velvet). by ANGUS9/20/03
     Hey - I've been looking for one too. All i knows is that when he wears black - he plays... by ACDC_Andrea4/16/04
     Now I'm kidding you guys. I'm a Rock 'n Roll historian. You need to see a seamstress or... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     ANGUS is the best guitarist in the world!!! Eddie, Clapton, SRV, Jeff Beck suck. by AT&t 11/5/04
     joe mother jerk off dumb face by jo mother 11/23/04
     angy is so hot by angy fan 007 1/19/05
     Hello there... im looking for an outfit too =),..Anybody?! by AC/DC_Mika 1/19/05
     i need help in finding one too, but have not a clue... by voltage acdc onlooker 3/28/05
     My answer to many a consumer question. EBAY! by Pie 5/18/05
     i would do any thing for one by Super Ang 6/14/05
     It would be a good idea to make one. My father used to play in an AC/DC tribute band, and... by Erika 8/2/05
     Actually, Angus Plays his red Gibson SG when wereing the blue school uniform, and the red... by ACDC GIRL&ANGUS YOUNG FAN 8/12/05
     get one made by angus young 9/29/05
     i would like to have one by angus 11/16/05
     I just use a blazer and some shorts. i can't find a hat though. by Angus Fox 12/1/05
     well i no were you can get one (off me!!) my dad was good friends with Angus young he gave... by rocker 12/29/05
     all one would have to do is create one yourself. by jangus 2/6/2006
     Angus Young never wears black its either red or green if you want the real thing by Angus 4/23/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     also check this out its a myspace profile and you dont nee a myspace to see and there's a... by angus,,/(-.-),,/young 10/19/2006
     I can't find it either but i have a friend searching for one and if i get it, i will send... by Indiana rocker 10/25/2006
Why are t.v soaps called "soaps" by pete3/14/04
     A quick search on reveals the following: "From its originally having... by James Stewart4/21/04
     If I'm not mistaken, Pete, the old soaps used to come on the radio. Like James said, they... by JamieC6/2/04
     its called that because the people that invented it liked to eat soap. by SeX6/3/04
     Because back in the day women would watch soaps while washing and or drying clothes... by Kyrinshai6/27/04
     Coz it wants to, no 1 cares by Bob 9/14/04
     t.v. soaps are called soaps because some t.v. soaps are dirty and need to be washed and... by Jack o lander 11/27/04
     they are secretly telling you your ass stinks so you need soap to wash you nasty ass soap... by Escalade 1/14/05
     the real answer is because the companies who sponsored the afternoon shows were all soap... by who shot jr 1/19/05
     "Soap Operas" - a coined phrase pertaining to an ongoing daytime dramatic television... by Red 4/29/05
     why r soaps called soaps can any1 tell me please by Kirsty 5/16/05
     Because people like to wash with soap whilst watching them by Supagal 5/26/05
     because it's called soaps by lol lol lol lol 6/6/05
     soap is tasty um marinara by tinker 6/24/05
     because they used be clean fun programmes by bandit 7/11/05
     because sex in the world can not be enjoyed without soap by sehar 10/3/05
     beccause they used to be sponsered by soap companies in the old days by angie 1/23/2006
     Some questions are best left unanswered! by Morty M. McNutt 3/30/2006
     I am 63. When I was a boy, the majority of television shows were supported by advertising... by Speedy 6/11/2006
what is a motet and what are its characteristics? by clint9/12/03
     Good question. The development of the motet as a musical form follows the early developme... by John Nowakowski9/24/03
     df;dfk;lfmkfmb;kdfmbds;kbnmsd;fbmg;fkhmsd fgb;ksfmgkbms;dgbkmsdf;gkbm;gkbms;gkbmsk; lgbmkg;b... by dfstkhj;dfk 12/21/04
My Mp3 player has an Dos error 1 and i have no idea what it is can u tell me whuts going... by manny11/18/03
     if it is a compact flash card, it has probably been formated with fat32 under windows 2000... by stupidCFcards7/13/04
     Mine also does but it isnt reconised by windows so i cant format it im guna send it bak... by Nick 4/20/05
     plez translate first message into english by what 6/20/05
     Yes, re-format it as FAT (not FAT32), it will be back to normal again. It fixed my... by Henry Wang 7/29/05
     what can i do. my mp3 say doss err by michael 1/21/2006
     you're the best!that was it! a billion thanks by kastoraki 2/3/2006
     i have same problem with my mp3 player but its memory has been damage and it is uncureable... by amer hassan 3/20/2006
     I am you verry gradfull becose my pm3-player was alrady down for like 6 months. And i look... by Thank you 5/10/2006
     this is info to Thomson Lyra PDP2201 but should help anyone 1) format Flash Card with... by vlastikw 7/7/2006
     format it again! by cxl 7/31/2006
     To --- stupidCFcards Submitted on 7/13/2004 ---------------------------- THANKS, ... by shofique  4/23/2007
     To --- stupidCFcards Submitted on 7/13/2004 ---------------------------- THANKS, ... by shofique  4/23/2007
     tengo mi mp3, viaje a otro pais y se dańo y dice DOS Error by cristian rios 7/16/2007
How can I remove pine tar (sap) safely from my dogs fur? by Tader6/5/04
     Rub his fur with peanut butter! by chiochio 9/21/04
     Get a razor and shave him. Fast, painless, and effective by CDNpostal 12/27/04
     if you put a penis in its back side until you think your about to cum and masterbate it... by doggystyle 1/19/05
     Hmm. I'd try warm water and soap, but don't forget to rinse thoroughly. If that doesn't... by Pie 5/18/05
     Butter. Believe it or not, it takes care of pine sap. My cocker spaniel with LONG hair... by ks 5/24/05
     Shave him. by EMK 6/27/05
     if your dog stepted in tar will it hurt him if he tries to lick it off? by ccalba 9/2/05
     i need pine tar or pine sap in large quantities by mike 12/2/05
     A bath, and a brush by Mikki 3/2/2006
     try campher from the chemists by fearless 5/11/2006
     I don't have an answer, that is my question? by MaryJo 8/11/2006
     I read some where that mayo gets pitch off of hands.. So i would imagine it would work on... by Roy 8/14/2006
     Use peanut butter (I'm a little surprized that nobody has answered this yet after more... by Former Tree Climber 9/12/2006
My 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan's front heater select switch suddenly only works in the high... by Mark1/17/04
     Just replace the resistor block,just behind the glovebox,on the blower motor.First unplug... by Mr.Woodslee1/27/04
     I agree, the blower resistor relates a specific voltage to the blower fan. This could... by Prez 1/9/05
     Had the same heater blower problem on my 2002 Grand Caravan with 3 zone heating. The... by jersun 1/22/05
     My 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan's front blower. I checked the "fuse" and the front blower... by Dusty 3/18/05
     I also have this exact same problem with a 2001 Dodge Sport Caravan. I replaced the... by Bill Corbett 11/13/05
     Question? I've replaced the Resistor Block three times over 2 years. What is the reason... by J R Y 911 2/27/2006
     <a href=' com'></a>Thanks! by car insurance 6/17/2006
     Thanks!!! auto site insurance. [URL=http://www.insur... by insurance auto 6/17/2006
     Hi! auto site insurance. The autos insurance... by insurance auto 6/17/2006
     Same problem, so I replaced my resistor block only to have it go after two weeks. I talked... by kench 7/8/2006
     Also look at replacing the under dash ACC filter that sits in the air flow Pass side left... by Melvin 9/10/2006
     I had a 2002 with the same problem, easy to get to, right behind the glove box. Empty... by FIY Mike M 10/25/2006
     take ur car 2 the car doctor.!!!!!!!! if u dont wanna freeze. by chloe bo boey 12/23/2006
     Many thanks to mr. Woodslee. Saved me a lot of time and effort. George by george 12/27/2006
I am training for a Marathon in January. But I am having trouble with my knees and chin... by Bev8/12/03
     No offense, by the way. It's just that if you're in pain, that's not a good sign. Don't do... by Pie 5/18/05
     I am having trouble with my chin splints. I need help. What is the most effective way to... by Big Boy 10/15/05
what is the girls name who sings good times bad times give me some of that on the geffen... by ken7/13/03
     Edie Brickell by aline_deville7/21/03
     question: who has the clip of her, put it on the net please? by Gotsave8/27/03
     I have but, you can find it in any W95 CD... by Cesarion10/7/03
     :-D i was just seeing if my win95 cd still worked and i was going through the files and... by FIE1/10/04
     Yes! I just saw her anonymous video yesterday for the first time and was very impressed... by Steve Sedberry2/11/04
     Edie Brickell's by POISON3032/11/04
     http://www.vh1. com/artists/az/brickell_edie/25726/album. jhtml by kawika-j3/5/04
     I believe that Edie hails from Texas and is/was married to Paul Simon. She is a member of... by Ags3/14/04
     Jesus! People I've been searching for this song for a long while now. Hopeffully you... by TrexyMan4/15/04
     Dude, I´ve always wondered that! Now I finally did this internet search after digging out... by MD6/12/04
     Edie Brickell dll?p=amg&uid=UIDSUB020407070311330786&sq ... by zmr7/7/04
     thanks a lot guys... i always hear that song on the radio but i dont even know the... by GitzJoey 9/27/04
     I have to thank you guys so much for putting this on a forum!!!!, I allways want this song... by ga1512 10/4/04
     http://www.bodyofwater. com/woyaho/video/goodtimes.wmv by Fil 12/18/04
     yeah she is hott n i was wondering who the heck she was too, thanx guys now i can go buy... by joecamaro17 1/9/05
     Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo oooooooooottttttttttttttttt by blek 2/9/05
     All i want to say is thanks for telling me that answer, i have been trying to track her... by Nanny_bell_2004 2/12/05
     what is the girl name that sings good times bad times by hime 2/12/05
     When I first watch her video clip from the Win 95 CD in 1998, her 'good times' song has... by Zoo Ray Mee 3/23/05
     I want to call my baby girl Lapaix. Does anybody knows that this is a real girls name? by fredandtoad 3/25/05
     thank you, internet! i found the name who sang that song. I've been searching for it for... by conke_667 6/6/05
     Well now.. i see that there still are ppl listening to good old music.. :)) Anywayz i had... by HalfMoon 7/25/05
     hey guys, does anybody know actually the name of the song? by sobe 7/27/05
     I finally found out who she is.. by Dudeson 9/4/05
     im so glad im not the only one who wondered about that song. it was driving me crazy... by MasterShake 10/18/05
     Here's the video for it: http://hobbes.nmsu. edu/pub/multimedia/video/avi/winavi/goodt ims.a... by belovedgeliebt 11/2/05
     Ah, good times! :p by Pietje 11/5/05
     Here's the video itself: http://hobbes.nmsu. edu/pub/multimedia/video/avi/winavi/goodt ims.a... by belovedgeliebt 11/9/05
     boso by steve 12/27/05
     Wow. I have been searching for this song ever since we got a new PC and now finally it is... by Adriaan 2/12/2006
     Thankyou thank you!!! everyone i have been looking for this song for forever! I used to... by Ratana 5/16/2006
     God, i was looking for this music for long time.... it's so good by Gustavo 5/18/2006
     My god, thank you guys... I thought the video and the girl would be lost forever in the... by Fearandir 6/28/2006
     Heehee that's so funny. i found myself singing this song recently and was like, oh my gosh... by hey 6/29/2006
     Thanks guys. I've been searching for this lady's name for ages :). Now I've got it! At... by eni - poland 8/10/2006
     OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me find this song, I have been looking for it FOREVER!!... by cadreamn 8/13/2006
     I have liked this song for 10 years now exactly and I was 8 years old when I discovered... by Martine 8/20/2006
     Thanks guys! I wanted her name and site where I could locate the song and video Good... by TTotally 8/28/2006
     2006 and i'm still thinking about her! so yep well hot. thanks people for telling me the... by mong 8/29/2006
     Here's the Music Video com/watch?v=fIM00STcKbY by impu 10/30/2006 com/watch?v=3A_X4m_tlY8 a clip of the song on youtube :) by Superman 1/6/2007 com/watch?v=3A_X4m_tlY8 a clip of the song on youtube :) by Superman 1/6/2007
     Had the Win 95 CD. Lost it! Upgraded, Of Course! Does Anyone know where a clip... by xlnt 1/29/2007
     I thought i was the only one searching for the girl's name... this song has been in my... by ewelina 6/16/2007
     woowww! i was wondering what that song was...i remember listening to it when i was younger... by shy 7/11/2007
My dog acts like he is afraid of most men. He barks and growls at them, yet he backs away... by pamela_sagley7/5/04
     Your dog is acting defensively aggressive. It has probably been hurt by a male in the... by Mike, trainer of dog owners   8/22/04
     It sounds like your dog has been mistreated by a man. Dogs have an inner sense about... by marsha 8/24/04
i live on the 9th floor of a high rise building.How can i get rid of pidgeons? by
     Pigeons have a natural fear of predators (e.g. hawks). Hang a fake hawk out where the... by tom10/25/03
     In New York we use big ugly owl,Very efficient! by artisane 10/19/04
I need the video clip of "Toonces the driving Cat". It was probable called "Urban Toonces"... by dermandm5/1/04
     oh, I also need videos of toonces!!! I need them!!! by Sanafabich6/22/04 avi by Someone 9/23/04 by ebeth 3/8/05 by oscar 9/11/05 by B 11/29/05
     i also love and would like to obtain that particular skit. by the tooncinator 12/19/05 by Anonymous 1/16/2006
     I have a video of Toonces. If you need episodes, come to my house. by Ian Roberds 1/25/2006
How can I find old episodes of the gameshow Just Like Mom. I was a guest on this show... by Doug1/25/04
     Hi Doug...I too was a guest on the gameshow "just like mom"....and actually won! I... by Kelly 9/2/04
     looking for the same thing by paul e a 8/27/05
     I looked once too. Unfortunately, the studio said they destroyed the old tapes (why?!!). ... by josephfamily 10/25/05
     contact CFTO television audience relations in Toronto. I believe they have copies of all... by cr 11/13/05
     DID YOU WIN THE TRIP TO DISNEY? by Bill 12/25/05
     password by BUNG - Hilary MacLean 8/10/2006
     I would like to find out as well, I was also on JLM, I would die for that episode by Alice 8/18/2006
     Hey there, I'm in the same situation, but found this. by Sally 8/25/2006
What is telecommunication engeneering? details? by mnv10/16/03
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     what is multimedia?.what about their properties?.what is the important of multimedia in... by baski 2/7/05
     Telecommunications would encompass at least most aspects of getting information from one... by Ohm0 6/26/05
     Telecommunication 'engeneering' is where communications are 'engeneered' through teleporte... by SA 4/20/2006
     It is the aspect of engineering that concern with telecommunication system design by 9/23/2006
     Saikot by Saikot 11/26/2006
     This page has lots of <a href="http://www.everytattoo. com">tattoo pictures</a>... by bob sinclair1/13/04
     i want to know where there is some phat letters by krankdawg 1/20/04
     i like eminem :) he is cute by angel5/7/04
     I LOVE THE GAME !!!!!!! <3 by hot game 5/19/05
     SEX SEX SEX by rewygtt 3/11/2006
     Its really good & great by DON 11/2/2006
what mutual funds invest in commodities? by bob4/28/04
     I don't know by jim 1/24/05
     create new account by theresa 9/5/2006
how i can find a friend of my address in japan by fernanda6/9/04
     i miss my friend in japan named katie SO much she lives in tokyo I'm in the us so i... by matt  o 4/15/05
     T 141 SHINAGAWA KU HIGASHI GOTANTA 2.2.2 TOKYO JAPAN TEL : 3345 - 9318 by ksl 7/18/05
     I also would like to know! I have been trying to find a friend in Japan. by amt 12/8/05
     use search engine by poondi 12/25/05
     i want know a friend in Japan. by nantes55 5/24/2006
     It's my understanding that because of the unorthodox ways the Japanese present home... by Tony 12/22/2006
     Information or tourist by mediline 4/22/2007
     i don't know i am trying to do the same by 1999 5/23/2007
     he lives in tokyo by john 5/29/2007
what does blood stand for by c square7/14/04
     BROTHERS LEAD ON OF DEAKNESS by bloody mo 8/20/04
     Blood Love Overcomes Our Depressions by fifty_cent9242 8/27/04
     blood love overcomes our depression by ck all the way 9/21/04
     B - Bortherly L- Love O - Only O - Our D - Dawgs by StRaIgHt OuTtA CoMpTOn 11/23/05
     Better Look Out Or Die by Juvi 1/6/2006
     Blood Love Overcomes Outside Depressions by REDRUM 1/15/2006
     Brotherly Love Overcomes Our Depression by BLOODLOVE_031 2/10/2006
     Blood Love Overcomes Our Depression by Tony 2/26/2006
     brotherly love over come our depretion by red devil 4/26/2006
     Blood Loves overcomes our depersion by lil ck 5/8/2006
     Blood Loves overcomes our depersion by lil ck 5/8/2006
     Blood Love Of Our Depression Cedar Block Piru All Day by G-Squad P.S.C 5/12/2006
     Yo Dawg, u a cKrip? Anyways our code B.L.O.O.D. stands fo' Blood Love Overcomes Our... by Kiba 8/8/2006
     Black Liberation Organization Of Defense by NUKKA B 10/9/2006
     Blood Love Overcomes Our Depression by J-Dogg 12/30/2006
     GO to, and click on goodblah forums by thugluv 5/1/2007
Can Ferrets swim? by rose7/25/03
     All animals can swim, including, surprisingly, elephants and even newborn human babies. ... by josi30062/27/04
     Yeah they can if you give them floaties. they also need some goggles and flippers stupid... by Escalade1/14/05
     Yes, and they seem to like swimming, too. by Pie 5/18/05
     yes mine really likes to swim by bubba 6/8/05
     all animals cannot swim and if you think that you are crazy! by dakota  8/21/05
     can ferrets swim cause my mum is asking and she wants to know cause i cant find it on a... by XxX_Annie_XxX 9/19/05
     any one can swim...... by asas3156 11/22/05
     my friends ferret could swim. hippos can't swim according the san diego zoo. i've heard... by pope 7/9/2006
     I have a question Can ferrets swim in swimming pools? or is it bad for them? by bam 6/25/2007
     my ferret can swim, we take him to my dads pool sometimes. he loves it! :) and wtf?... by AmBeRR 7/7/2007
What are the best pilates workout videos? by CINDY1/29/04
     The Kegel Exercise series is top notch. I've been dry as a bone for nearly a year after... by RITA3/3/04
     If you are looking for a bit of a change in the routine the Caribbean Workout: Pilates DVD... by TracyDo 6/18/2006
     I really link pilates yoga. It is a neat combination of two great exercises. Check it... by Jabber 9/16/2006
What is the bright "star" or "Planet" seen in the western sky each evening as soon as it... by nancy1/20/04
     Jupiter by repairguy3/3/04
     sorry repair dude, its venus(the "evening star"). the suns rays illuminate venus but we... by JCxHC 11/20/04
     Venus. Found out in by Manuel 12/3/05
     hot by boumeddine houari 3/5/2006
     saturn by lol 5/27/2006
     I thought it was the space station by jon_henry 3/30/2007
     If your talking April '07 it's Venus. by notanidiot 4/17/2007
     the planet your seeing in the western sky is Saturn. currently (5/22) in the constellatio... by skiknee 5/22/2007
     well i just think everyone should care about them selves by Nina 5/23/2007
     Wrong, it's Venus. by lougdas 6/12/2007
     Its not Jupiter. Its Venus by Venus 6/13/2007
     why brighter if it is Jupiter by sammy g 6/30/2007
     Venus (The evening Star) and Saturn. by jellaloota 7/5/2007
Where do I go to find an AKC registration number for a dog that I had 11 and one 9 years... by tinahelene4/22/04
     DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ENGLISH SETTER?????? by rainthedivadog5/14/04
     Go to the AKC website and inquire. by Vel6/18/04
     i need akc registration number for yorkies by matini 6/18/2006
     rainthedivadog, check rescues. They have many purebred registered dogs cheap that need... by Jenny 7/3/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     pony boy by izzy 1/13/2007
     boxer 1&1/2 years old female by abigile bridge creek 4/1/2007
     boxer female 1&1/2 years old by Abigile bridge creek 4/1/2007
     looking for no. for my dog. wife passed away and can't find registration by Linda E> Harris 6/26/2007
I am an International Student In Canada - Can I Apply for PR? IF so what is the time... by Oursus3/10/04
     Dear Sir or Madam: This is Nisar Emal from Afghanistan now living in Pakistan and I am 19... by Emal 12/9/04
     I am an international student now doing a two year diploma in computer field (the course... by catherine 6/10/05
     i want to know about point system for pr of canada's by karkar mahesh g. 2/20/2006
I can't decipher an email(MIME format)I recieved from Australia on windows XP. Tried ... by MICHAEL THOMAS3/20/04
     I have the same problem by raybo 11/23/04
     I am in the same situation. Would like to know the answer myself by SANDHYA 5/14/05
     Try writing back to them and telling them that you can't read it, with the email attached.... by Pie 5/18/05
     i have got one too did u get any answers thanks peter by ptrcannings 6/3/05
     same problem but you did not answer it!! by edward 8/22/05
     use mpack/munpack tool to decode the mail by geo 9/15/05
     I don't know by anasmar 9/25/05
     I can`t decipher an email (MIME Format)recieved from Perú on Windows XP. Tried by Alvaco 10/6/05
     yeah the same thing happened to me by jad 1/31/2006
     how can i open my mail in MIME FORMAT i tried have every thing, everything and still no... by vicky 3/6/2006
     I have the same problem by Axe 6/15/2006
     I don't know,Change the format by Axe 6/29/2006
     how do I get pictures converted from MIME to AOL by Memver7488 7/29/2006
I have a sub-zero refrigerator model 642 and recently noticed the word "SERVICE" and fault... by cruter510/3/03
     I'd put this question to They're pretty good about helping out with... by Matt Warmuth 5/11/05
     Turn off the circuit breaker and leave it off for 10 min and let the computer reset. Mine... by Bert 5/14/05
     #1. The fact that the control panel is giving you a default code tells me that it's... by jane 5/25/05
     the refrigerator is not cooling by gladiols 2/25/2007
how old do you have to be to get a job as a body piercer????? by rose10/19/03
     well how old are you right now and i can answer your question because i am a body piercer... by bob 8/30/04
     thats wat i wanna kno by deos 8/8/05
     i do not no by willly wonky 11/30/05
     ello there.i think u have to be 1689 by muffin<3 4/28/2006
     Do have any job that 15yrs by Bennie Oakley 6/17/2006
     hi and by amy bambridge 8/12/2006
     you can work as a body piercer when you are 35 years old. by Carebear 8/30/2006
     can you piece my..................... by katie 10/1/2006
     can you piece my..................... by katie 10/1/2006
     can you piece my..................... by katie 10/1/2006
     how old do i have to be to become a body percer? by chimpi 11/27/2006
     I am 14 and 5 months and I would like a job now by rosie  12/9/2006
     um, I think you have to be atleast 18 or older.. by Heather  1/31/2007
     When ever you want. just get a needle and a brother or sister that has money.:] by Fudger 4/3/2007
what are the long term effects (if any) of diphenhydramine (benydrl). By long term, I... by lapista1/7/04
     I was looking for an answer for the same question. My request is for a child from the age... by My Question TOO3/29/04
     I'm really interested in the answer to this question as well. by Bob 10/30/05
     I am glad to see someone else asking this because I have been looking for an answer to... by LilyStar 3/25/2006
     Don't know, but I would like to know the answer to this question as well. Benadryl helped... by SignerGrrl718 5/30/2006
What is the origin of ear and body piercing by Le Besse12/9/03
     dude, not going to dignifie that with an answer by sirus2/10/04
     how long has ear stretching been around for by nate4/21/04
     sorri peeps have no idea at all, bit ive got ma belly pierced and twice on each ear, do... by sxc sophie 11/2/04
     The Origin of piercing is in Egypt, over 20000BC when Israel was a slave nation to Egypt... by john doe 11/30/04
     The origin of ear-piercing derives from the ancient akutabi jang-jang tribe in the ... by Professor Pierce 2/3/05
     First off, sirus, if you're going to be rude and act like you're so intelligent, at least... by Jester 6/29/05
     according to ayurvedic methods ear and nose piercings (if you use gold) is good for... by kookiemonster 8/3/2006
     Ear streching started in the ancient days. The tribes of africa invented it and as time... by addyant 8/4/2006
     Ear piercing has been said to be somewhere around the dawn of our species, or around... by KO2P1 10/8/2006
What is Cyprus' history in 16th century such as its population, territory, and politics of... by Chuchi5/18/04
     fghfhfghrfs by jlo 9/8/04
     asdfsdaf by asdf 2/13/05
     it was cool by okp[ 3/14/05
     very difficult by scotty221 10/26/2006
     very difficult by wired22 10/27/2006
     i am not really sure by lisa 2/13/2007
     The parent should get some kind of legal status to grow their children (citizen of USA)... by loyal alien1/28/04
     No the parent does not get any kind of withhold from deportation, I have faced a similar... by ftalha2/5/04
     If I give-birth my baby at USA while I am visiting USA with a visit visa will I be... by Nusrat6/1/04
     all i can say is how bout no one has sex so there will be NO FOREIGN BABIES. by PeNiS6/8/04
     My child is born In USA in 1999 during my visit to USA and this time me my wife and... by yogesh chandra patel 8/21/04
     I need to know if I have any rights for being a foreign u.s. citizen mom to obtein my... by titisud 9/30/04
     Anyone born on United States soil is a citizen, regardless, and the parents can get... by 12/22/04
     i want to know the answer in law too. who can give me the answer? by Sunny 12/31/04
     The parents of the Child cannot stay back, the child will only be able to sponsor his... by zerosentiment 2/14/05
     ghjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj jjjjjjjj... by jjjjjjj 3/8/05
     No, parents don't automatically get US nationality till the child is I guess 16 years old... by zuni 3/31/05
     unless one of the parents is a us citizen, the baby is not a us citizen, it acquires the... by jellyfishattack 6/27/05
     I am working on L1 visa here in USA,i am pregnant,if I give birth to my baby in USA..will... by shilJai 7/11/05
     Yes. Any child born within the borders of the United States is an American citizen. As for... by Erika 8/2/05
     my cousin is married to an American has done law degrees over there has two children and... by vicky 10/1/05
     Is a sparrow a baby ? by asparrow 10/9/05
     I gave birth my daughter in USA when I worked there, and then we went back China till she... by Alison 10/26/05
     when a child born , i saw by adnan-s4u 11/6/05
     For the entry by "PeNiS" the USA is a nation of foreigners. From Ulster to Mexico foreign... by Peter 11/29/05
     The law of jus soli must be tempered with the jus vivendi meaning the right to pursue of... by Roland 4/22/2006
     if a child born in u.k. we lived 4 years in u.k.still child is 13 years.we have lots of... by lalitha 4/25/2006
     PeNiS- I hope you're sterile! by bth 5/15/2006
     -the child is a citizen but the parent is not they still have to go thru procedure - if... by get real 5/25/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     hi i want to know if i can become a citizen because my child was born in the usa.pls... by gagi 1/25/2007
     The child will be US citizen you will got no favorit becouse you are the parent, once the... by Mo 4/7/2007
     PeNiS is really an absurd person. He has given such a fool answer to this sort of answer.... by Mitra 4/12/2007
What is the horses name in the movie, Neverending Story? by Penni9/8/03
     If my memory serves me right his name was pegassus like the horse with wings.. by The Pro.10/13/03
     The name of Atrayu's horse in the neverending story was Artax by Romey12/3/03
     Ok, the horse's name was Artex..and he died during the filming of the movie. by Tynnalily1/26/04
     Two comments. (1) I'm amazed that you came here to ask that question instead of just... by aTwoHorseRace 8/26/04
     what is the name that the boy screams out at the end of the movie/show? thanks by mylissa 9/12/04
     The horse's name was Artax. In real life, they had to train the horse for four months for... by Meg 11/9/04
     The horses name was Artas. It died when the hoist, designed to raise and lower it in the... by wordwiz 2/25/05
     It was Artax. I love that movie... ;v; by Pie 5/18/05
     Actually Romey is right, it's Artax. It sounds like "tex" but if you read the book it's... by Wolfie 6/3/05
     The horse's name was Jonathan. by Bert 11/4/05
     IT WAS ARTEX FOOL by POOP 6/28/2006
     artax...who the next year fell one race short of winning the triple crown by losing the... by dever 6/16/2007
How long do dogs stay in heat? by Jody1/6/04
     One week coming in heat One week in heat (this is usually when they will accept the... by Starbuck1/15/04
     Well about 3 weeks by Miss know it all4/6/04
     how long between the time dogs come on heat? by sarah5/5/04
     i have a question...if a dogs vagina is still big after 3weeks does that mean she's... by angel 8/18/04
     I have A 2 year old yellow lab, first she is mean and want to fight with my other female... by lubo 9/10/04
     7 days coming into heat, 7 days in heat, 7 days going out of heat, so about 21 days give... by haileysmom 9/26/04
     One week coming in heat One week in heat (this is usually when they will accept the... by ANGEL 10/2/04
     every 6 months by Baby Pup 10/10/04
     can a dog get pragnet only when they are in heat by smile 10/13/04
     about 3 weeks the most... by Taren 12/11/04
     I was wondering after your dog stops her bleeding when should you be expecting puppies? ... by sable 1/21/05
     if my dog has only been in heat 1 week and then she became out of heat is that bad for... by Lexi 3/2/05
     During this "coming in" and "going out" of heat period, do they bleed? My new dog has... by stefgib 3/15/05
     dogs are in heat twice a year. by Chihuahuagal 4/7/05
     A female dog's cycle is 6 month between times she goes into heat by Nick 4/17/05
     Three horrible weeks, but you can buy doggy diapers to help by guardgirl89 4/20/05
     As the original question has been answered, I will hereby take up the task of answering... by Pie 5/18/05
     Well, from my opinion as a trained veterinarian specialist, I have noticed a trend that... by Dr Wise 5/22/05
     That's what I want to know. I think it's like a week. (Miss know it all has no clue... by Fall Out Gurl 5/23/05
     I took a friends dog from him and she is a 8 year old Akita and i have had her for 3 weeks... by Lynx097 7/4/05
     How often do they go into heat? Is it Once a month like us or is it more like once a year... by Beck 7/13/05
     Dogs are in heat twice a year. by Chihuahuagal 9/10/05
     ng,gmbndmbmbdhdnbhbjhbgjhjhshbthubgujgbwj bgbuwugytugbugbbhgghhwuieowrgbnvbvnbhgjhw jhgujlkh... by hi 9/18/05
     Estrus ("heat") is the mating period of female animals. When estrus occurs, animals are... by Vet 10/19/05
     durp... by errrrrrrwin!!! 11/9/05
     when do dogs start heat by hg 11/13/05
     Dogs are in heat for a total of 3 weeks or sometimes longer or shorter depending on the... by Smart one 11/16/05
     Once a month? by Lizz 11/25/05
     too bloody long by roxie dog 11/29/05
     some dogs stay in heat for 6 weeks by LINNELL 1/22/2006
     My dogs come on heat about every 6 months. by malcamsweet 2/27/2006
     3 weeks by just copieng everyone elses answer 3/11/2006
     when do they eceppt the male? by mike 3/31/2006
     Im not sure if my boxer is starting her cycle...she is about 9 months and there is dark... by boxerbabe 5/19/2006
     Good day, I was wondering if my dog can get pregnant anytime of the year or only... by Summer 5/23/2006
     how long does it take before the dog has puppy by bernadine 7/19/2006
     A dog normally comes into heat every 6 months, so 2 times a year. by The Board Ninja 9/2/2006
     They will come into heat every 6 months by Mike 9/3/2006
     When during heat does the dog bleed? by killa 1/2/2007
     A dog comes in heat about every 6 months. by missy 1/3/2007
     if a dog is on heat how long does it last and if an accident should happen... by madison 1/9/2007
     can my dog get pregnat on her going out week? by Kathy 1/28/2007
     Female dogs normally come into heat once every six months. But each dog is different. Once... by Amy 5/8/2007
     My dog has been in heat for a while and he is CRAZY for our other girl dog by Jake 6/13/2007
     how long will my mini dachshund's stay in heat? by brigde 7/3/2007
     In regards to Sarah's post: Do you mean how long from the ending of one heat to the... by Anonymous 7/9/2007
what happens to people after death when you are Islam by looking9/30/03
     life on earth by nadz12/16/03
     does it matter by 04/29/04
     i do not know by bever 9/14/04
     people float into the sea and become mermaids by bobby 10/28/04
     Well, all I know is that the men believe they will be surrounded by beautiful women, so... by 12/22/04
     u become homosexual by noijh 2/3/05
     If you arent christian when you die, you simply just die. No afterlife, nothing. Oh yeah... by imagawayoshimoto 3/16/05
     They go to paradise and get 72 virgins. Doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl or gay.... by bullybrown 6/23/05
     thay get buried by vicky 10/1/05
     You either go on to heaven or hell, has reward or punnishment of your deeds or sins on... by naddamuslimstuddyforhistory 2/16/2006
     You either go on to heaven or hell, has reward or punnishment of your deeds or sins on... by naddamuslimstuddyforhistory 2/16/2006
     i want to know more.. but eventhough i know i get confused.. imagine how confused we will... by ameera falaknaaz 2/18/2006
     According to Qur'an, a person after his/her death is questioned about his/her deeds done... by Sam Hasan 7/27/2006
     When a man or woman dies, he or she is consigned from this world to BARZAKH. Regardless of... by islam  1/17/2007
     it's very exiting and mystries out of memery between humans amd merciful allah by haji siraj 2/15/2007
     The day of judgement by gabriella 5/2/2007
Propeller Shaft Bolt Torque Does anyone have the torque setting for a Tundra 4X4? I... by Rob in YUma6/5/04
     No, I'm looking for the same information. by E 10/13/05
Why do some adult dogs nurse? by gonzo4/12/04
can i give my dog benadryl for itchy paws? by juan11/3/03
     I'd like to know too by honey1/10/04
     Yes, you can give benadryl to dogs. Dosage is 10 mg for dogs under 30lbs, 25mg for dogs... by Rachel3/26/04
     how many times a day can you give the benadryl by sunnychoices4/24/04
     If you can give benedryl for itchy paws, will it also work for a very runny nose in a dog?... by jandkds5/15/04
     According to my vet, Benadryl can be given for a runny nose twice a day. Our dogs itchy... by Always7/14/04
     My dog was itching badly and there was no fleas, red marks, hot spots etc. When she would... by Carol 8/9/04
     My puppy sneezes alot? Doesn't have a fever and has a healthy appetite. His eyes water... by Ida Hasson 8/14/04
     Benedryl dosage is 1-2mg per lb. by christy626 8/16/04
     Sulfodene shampoo also works great for itchy paws (or itchy anything). It is available at... by b 8/19/04
     That's cool. Is this reliable information. I don't want to kill poor Kira by DaaBree 8/23/04
     I too have a poodle with allergy problems. I haven't had much such with the Benadryl, but... by esimps 11/10/04
     the dosage info given a few answers up is partly incorrect. The dosage should actually be... by Dr Danny 3/14/05
     My Daschund is preganet and has hives can I give her Benadryl by audone 7/9/05
     thanks for this info. Our dog is suddenly itchy round her nose, rubbing it on the carpet,... by annamae 7/14/05
     Will Benadryl work if your dog has open wounds??? by jesswithproblems 8/25/05
     I love my dog so much that I give her benadryl to calm her. She is just a year old now... by I love my dog 9/10/05
     will benadryl help if the dog is sneezing and if the eyes get watery? by Dog Lover 12/14/05
     my dog suffers from itchy paws i feel i have tried everything bathing them in salty water... by laura 12/24/05
     believe it or not theirs alot of common things we use for are own well being that can be... by April 1/7/2006
     I called my vet today to see if I could give my dog benadryl for flea allergies. The vet... by genjon1 2/16/2006
     My vet said yes. by Adam 3/17/2006
     can i give it to my dog for dermatitis?? by Tiffiney 4/10/2006
     My dog has a sore on her nose that she keeps breaking open. I believe it's because it's... by klouder 5/11/2006
     benadryl by johnny 5/21/2006
     Hi there , my 100 lb mastiff/pit has atopic dermatitis :( We have been spending over $400... by Mandy 5/26/2006
     How much children benadryl do you give a 9# poodle? Itchy feet and biting.Also how often?I... by Brandi05 6/23/2006
     i give 50 mg to my labs when they get bad mosquito bites around the eyes. by nemo 6/25/2006
     my dog hates the fireworks. can benadryl help with that also? same doses? by nails 7/4/2006
     Hi, My dog is always itching his nose, it worries me. by Lee 7/18/2006
     my stepmums golden retriever is allergic to fabric softener and bites her paws when shes... by heapal 8/8/2006
     Please make sure your Benadryl is pure Diphenhydramine. There are some Benadryls that... by Gotaro 8/8/2006
     My understanding is that a common symptom of food allergies is itchy may want... by Isabel 10/5/2006
     Will Benadryl also work for Hot Spots....or do you know any home remedy that does work? by MsKarenToo 11/12/2006
     itchy paws and skin isnt always external allergy related...a lot of people dont know that... by andrea 4/15/2007
     I used ivory bar soap on my poodles feet seemed to stop itch and also kills fleas.Dries... by ng34 4/25/2007
     Also, if you pet suffers from anything else that causes them to itch you can give about a... by Buddy 5/27/2007
     will it work for hot spots caused by allergies by jlisbon 7/1/2007
Does the port number need to be 5000 only in the sql.ini file in the NT server. I have... by Rekha4/12/04
How do I get access to individual e-mail addresses? by Lamar6/26/04
     Try soft music and candle light. Flowers are a good idea too. by bubster007 10/5/04
     619 by 3Rabbit 10/19/2006
How long do you have after a wedding to send a gift? by ArnieH2/9/04
I am developing a software validation plan for the software requirement specification, but... by James4/27/04
     http://www.fda. gov/cdrh/comp/guidance/938.html by Martin 1/2/2007
hi, i have created a program in java. to write to a file. individually this program is... by atco6/18/04
Since you can break the tabs off the side of a standard outlet and create two separate... by jackthedog1/7/04
How can I get CNN unscramble channel at digital receiver in Middle East? What is the... by Konneh, ML6/10/04
     i dunno by J 12/29/04
     You can get it on NSS 7 CNN Up there is free good luck by Dink 2/10/2007
     how can i insert keys into to unscrambled the scrambled channels by limse 3/26/2007
I'm tring to find a copy of the release forms you fill before you get a tattoo at a... by The Lone Poet1/19/04
     just type in tattoo release forms in your web browser and a list of links that have them... by cottncndymama 6/29/05
Trying to access x-news subscribed groups, all of a sudden I'm getting a 480 error... by Vagabond1/9/04
     Press "T" at the bottom of the form. Or just press "T" on your keyboard. This will toggle... by Barb 9/29/04
My sister in-law is over due on her pregnancy. I know there are natural ways to bring the... by Cheryl2/8/04
     1 sexual intercourse 2 nipple stimulate 3 orgazim with or with out partner 4 walking ... by annl 1/13/05
My VGA-planets doesn't run with my windows-XP software, Can somebody tell me how to... by kane11/27/03
     Right click on the program file and click properties, then choose to run it in VGA mode on... by Sales@ReDpc.CJB.com2/4/04
What is the address of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research? by Lynda Hunter11/12/03
     O.S.I.R. Public Affairs P.O. Box 461779 Los Angeles, CA 90046 by Lloyd_Black12/30/03
Some travel information about Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2005. Please provide details on... by G Sharma3/25/04
     default by subhash 3/27/05
     Kindly let me know the travel detail of kailash manasarcver, for t6he year 2006 with... by V.Ramachandran 9/16/05
One of my cats suddenly lost hair around the base of her tail and on her hind legs. Does... by Hoop1/25/04
     what sould i do if my cat ran away and i havint seen him sence wensday by maddy 4/23/05
I have a wall switch that controls the operation of an outlet in a bedroom. I would like... by wink10/21/03
what's a subnet and how can know more about it? by zaccary3/23/04
     VISIT GOOGLE by PERCY 5/4/2007
One of the home made cabinet doors is warping. Is there anything I can do to straighten it... by Tom12/20/03
     We welcome you as a customer if you would like new cabinet doors. Joe Kaufer Maple... by Joe1/31/04
     how wide is the door? If its over 24 it will most likely warp...remove it, turn it over... by Don2/16/04
What is the impact of 32kv hi-tension lines on the health and electronic devices like... by Mihika Tottempudi12/22/03
     Sensitive electronic devices should be shielded to prevent damage from and eddy currents... by Bobo1/16/04
     i hoob that you haby linced for you by joo 5/7/2007
what is quality control by manisha6/24/04
     quality control is validation of an application in the software industry by rohan 1/10/2006
     Quality control in medical is solution for checking the blood gas machine in the laborator... by mohammed roony 6/28/2007
I had bought a glass disc about 3" dia which was kept in a quantity of milk before... by Pervez5/15/04
     I have one, it is of the brand Pyrex and I bought it in France, I cannot find it either,... by Agneta 11/3/04 term/t--38216/boil-over.asp this link tells what it... by BiAmethyst 12/20/2006 term/t--38216/boil-over-preventer.asp by . 5/10/2007
     Your question is three years old, but you can find it at by Val 7/18/2007
does linda macphee sell fabric from her home ? if so what is her address and phone ... by rothmason2/4/04
     No she doesn't for the simple reason how does she know your not a crazed phyco fan or... by mellie 5/28/2007
how can i stop thinking about women by bob4/2/04
     Think about something else. Think about sports, hobbies, recreation, your interests. Do... by Angel 12/22/2006
I wish to install a light in my hall closet. The closet is 4x4x8 without any AC outlet. ... by Fran Rosten12/11/03 by tom2/1/04
Under what circumstances can i get married to a us citizen and stay in America on a j1... by ballu 11/25/03
     i need to know how quick once you get married you get your working permits by moss 5/24/05
How do you find out who sent you an e-mail if youyou met them in a chat room by Jess11/3/03
     Im not sure but i am trying to find out i am having a problem with that i have gotten an... by quick fix 12/14/2006
How to boost our self confidence? by sumedh10/10/03
     Does having sex for the first time hurt? Can you take anything for it not to hurt? by confused 11/1/05
whats the best way to remove the crank on a mountain bike by ged1/30/04
     Take it to the bike shop. Seriously, unless you have the crank puller, you can't do it... by EMK 6/27/05
why does my puppy eat earthworms? by julie5/3/04
     Dogs apparently eat earthworms because they smell and taste good. They are generally a... by pete the vet 8/8/05
     Dogs apparently eat earthworms because they smell and taste good. They are generally a... by pete the vet 8/8/05
     earth worms have a high protein value and might therefor be natural attractive to your... by me 9/12/05
Where can I find Purplesaurs Rex kool-Aid & Root Beer flavor kool-aid? Do you still make... by San1/20/04
     It has been discontinued. however you can recreate Purplesaurus Rex with this formula: 2... by Purplesaurus Tex 3/17/05
     The indeed sell root beer kool-aid made by Favor-aid ... but its only sold outside of the... by babybluz75 8/24/2006
     I no i cant find it anywhere by dudette 4/15/2007
     i'm looking for the root beer too. by Zoe 4/19/2007
How do I block PORN newsgroups from my children? by shoman7/20/04
     Your internet connection should have some type of parental control that you can download. ... by marsha 8/24/04
     You can't. Face it, you made babies in the 21st century. by bubster007 10/5/04
     YOU DONT! by Sparky 3/29/05
     There are all sorts of software programs out there for filtering out what you don't want... by EMK 6/27/05
     Hi,you can use NetDog Internet Filter, NetDog can block porn effictively and it's easy to... by KivinLee 3/12/2006
     you can download a software "NetDog" from that's will block... by tttaaaaa 4/2/2006
     I would like to create a new account. by CASSIE 5/4/2007
Use Microsoft Access with VB Usually I use the following: Dim dd As Database Set dd =... by jen8/12/03
     Set db = DBEngine.OpenDatabase(file_name, False, False, "MS Access;PWD=people") by oaks12/23/03
How difficult is it to housebreak an older dachshund? Do you go about it the same way as... by Debbie8/8/03
     you should go about it the same way by julie 8/23/04
In the Pilot Father Mulcahy was played by George Morgan and then William Christopher took... by v. baum8/3/03
     George used to be in a rock band and was very used to being pampered to the level of... by Pampered 8/26/04
in the tv series record breakers how did they help cheryl baker down from the velcro... by david hunter11/22/03
     They grabbed one leg and put it back on the floor and then grabbed the other leg and put... by David Hunter1/26/04
     my girl is Josy by sidsupreme 3/6/2007 sugar gliders lately have been switching up there sleeping pattern..i don't know it... by Angel9/8/03
     Try to change when you feed them. by matt 4/11/2007
In the Excel Solver for a nonlinear optimization problem, what is the definition of the... by Tom Bon7/23/03
     i do not know, i really dont by tonyx 12/21/05
How can I change the rotation direction of a single phase motor? by Mohammad Hossein Habibzadeh12/21/03
     reverse the polarity of the start winding by coyne2/4/04
     You may use three phase H bridge to control the direction of single phase AC motor. you... by Liyth 11/9/05
     It's a common error that is changing the polarity of the start winding will change the... by ramitheone 5/16/2006
     turn the motor up side down by mike 3/8/2007
I need to know where the fan switch resistor block is located on a 2000 plymouth grand... by cahalanj3/7/04
     I'm having the same problem on my '97. Let me know what you find out. youthpastor@classi... by rdebok 8/16/05
     I FOUND IT! I looked all over the internet for the location of that darned resistor block... by youthpastorryan 8/16/05
     The resistor block is located behind the glove compartment by dave 8/14/2006
     It is behind the glove box. With a 5/16 screw holding it on. by higgy 9/25/2006
     Where is the resistor block located on a 03 Dodge Grand Caravan located. Need this... by Vince 3/25/2007
What is the roles of Middleware in Client Server Computing by vinay9/22/03
     Middle ware is kind of glue to join different pieces of puzzle. in other word its a... by Hasnain Baloch1/27/04
     middleware is a software component which lies between client and server is a... by lalley pm 11/29/04
I'd like to know the chracteristics of a Labrador breed Dog by Neeraj7/22/03
     i love dogs by holmes 9/20/2006
I am in the process of getting a divorce and my husband won't let me refinance my house... by ronnigal7/7/03
     If your husbands name is not on the deed, you can do whatever you want! by Vel6/18/04
     i have been married 30 years doi desevere my home and alimony? my health insurance? i... by mom 4/5/05
What is the difference in M Database and Relational database by Aarti7/16/03
     Tell me first What is M database then i will send u the answer of this question. by avishek 9/29/04
I am 14 years old -- how can i disect a straight into (say: 10 equal parts) without having... by di-di12/19/03
     It is hard to say the best I can do is tell you that you can divide lines equally in half... by Angelsword5/4/04
     it sucks by manda 3/22/05
     hi im amy by amy 6/1/2006
     deddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddd... by gggggggtftrd 11/3/2006
if there is two doors one door leads to daleth the other door leads to wealth each door... by annie3/28/04
     Ask him which door the other guard would go through to get to wealth. Then go through the... by Ian7/10/04
     Ask "Which path would the other guard tell me leads to daleth?" and take that path by Kenni 3/30/05
     ask either of the guard if their human or not, or ask them if they are guard or not.. then... by batic 6/27/05
     I would ask the guards, "Which door would the OTHER guard say to go through to get to the... by Dr. Cranky 6/26/2006
     Ask one of the guards,"which door will the other guard tell me to go through to get to... by mej 1/2/2007
how much and how many times should you feed a chihuahua we have a 9 week old male and we... by criss2/7/04
     Definitely feed him more than 2 times a day! Some chihuahua's are prone to low blood... by Kaya 8/31/04
     4 ounces by cece 3/15/05
     how much should you feed a chihuahua? by purplegirl11 3/14/2007
what is difference between a file with extension .ppt and a file with extension .pps. ... by hemant sharma1/5/04
     the last letter of the file extension, the rest is exacly the same. Files with the... by Peter Bos 8/3/04
     There is no difference in content, the only difference is the way PowerPoint treats these... by foobar 3/2/05
     A .ppt is the editable file. This one will open in PowerPoint, which then you can edit or... by lyssalynn13 5/21/05
what is the program named access? by juan10/19/03
     Access is a database program. It's included with Microsoft Office. by tom10/25/03
     Access is a database program. It's included with Microsoft Office. by sanju 2/27/2006
do many diabetics feel numbness in their feet and hands? by Katrina Harris2/17/04
     My mother is a diabetic and she has numbness in her feet and hands. It has something to do... by 12/22/04
     Yes, many diabetics feel numbness in their feet and hands. High levels of blood glucose... by Martin 3/13/05
     Yes, feeling numbness in the hands and feet is common in diabetics. I'm not sure why this... by Pie 5/18/05
     girlfriend by Ivan 8/5/2006
Want to learn code how to use it ,break it by mit2/13/04
     Yes, Yes i do. Very badly.... Please teach me by bonehead3/26/04
     uh...yah please...what are you talking about by Jadoo 8/18/04
     i want to learn by vishnu_hacker 9/20/04
     YES YES i really want to learn how to code and stuff like that please teach me. by Alfredo 2/6/05
     Also.... Talk to me on aim. ACDCRulez1991 or msn by Alfredo 2/6/05
     please by duh 7/30/2006
     whale75 by whale75 4/8/2007
I Have a Cannondale F800 with a lefty fork is there any way to set up a computer ?? or do... by Boomerang4/15/04
     All you need to do is buy a computer mount for your lefty shock. by Corey5/2/04
     or you can try to set it on the back wheel, but you will need a longer wire. by kimlo5/4/04
     I have installed a cheap $20 odometer and have run it for almost 1000 miles with out it... by X - Dirt Biker  9/29/04
     I have attached a bike computer to my F800 with a lefty. i attached it to one of the tines... by rayma 5/10/05
     look in your manual, you can mount it below the boot and put the magnet in the disc rotor by jekyll678 5/31/05
     all you need is a wireless salomi boonjabi made by fink fast corp you slamma lamma ding... by jon 8/8/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     Sure. You can set it up on your front tire with some good glue. No problems by doctor 2/5/2007
     you only need one side of the fork for a bike speedo/trip computer so it wouldn't matter.... by johnysmith67 3/16/2007
Is there an upper limit on the number of tabs an Excel document may have? by joseph.field@penske.com8/5/03
     Hello Joseph, I assume that by "tabs" you mean individual sheets within an Excel... by Eric8/25/03
     Is there any way to pass a hair folicle test for marjunia. by Eric3/11/04
     no yelow by yelow 4/9/04
     stop using by bigfoot 5/21/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     YES!!! by sweetie 3/29/2007
what is the need of file transfer by kish9/21/03
     NO VLAD by gh 2/15/04
     Uhh...what kind of files? by Pie 5/18/05
Where can i obtain a user guide for a SCHNEIDER Video Recorder SVC 215 by Lawson Robbins10/30/03
     Hallo ! I have just buyed such a video recorder in germany at internet "ebay". This... by jens11/19/03
     Cerco user guide Italian by 9/7/04
     user guide italiano for a SCHNEIDER Video Recorder SVC 215 by 9/7/04
     user guide for a SCHNEIDER Video Recorder SVC 215 by 9/7/04
     manual user Schneider svc 215 uk by 9/7/04
     SCHNEIDER Video Recorder SVC 215 User manual by 9/7/04
     SCHNEIDER Video Recorder SVC 215 uk 215 user guide by enav 9/7/04
     Schneider Videorecorder SVC 215 user guide by 9/7/04
I have a Chihuahua. Her name is Peanut. I need advice on trying to housebreak her. I... by Peanut11/16/03
     have you tryed litter box training like a cat. If you have a litter box or crate training... by angel22012/14/03
     I trained each and everyone of my dogs by taking them outside every 2 hours, and ... by Starbuck1/15/04
     I agree with the last person. I think you should take the dog out every 20 mins at first... by dog lover2/4/04
     Yes, every dog training book, trainer and veterinarian will tell you not to rub their... by Shannon3/1/04
     Thats easy for you to say! I do take my dog out every 2 hours and he goes out gives me a... by Gigi 11/13/04
     i have a 8 month old chihuahua his name is lucky,he is very special he was born with a... by gracie 12/17/05
     that is true, don't rub their noses in it. it's bad for them. i have a chihuahua and i... by dudette 6/12/2006
     I have a question or should I say worry. My 5 month old chihuahua ears are floppy, they... by Brenna 8/29/2006
     I got a baby chihuahua, only had him 4 days now and what I have done with him is trained... by New 11/12/2006
     Chihuahas are very small dogs owned by very big people. You bought this breed of dog for... by ex dog whisperer 3/10/2007
The cam sensor on my 1996 Plymouth Breeze has failed again. This will be the third time... by andrewt8/26/03
     Perhaps there is excess voltage in the entire system, meaning excess discharge from the... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     ck for oil at connector connection or loose connecting mates. ck for debree metal... by auto 12/23/04
     Are you replacing the sensor with OEM parts or aftermarket? Sometimes this can make a... by Prez 1/9/05
     Duh it's a plymouth get a new car stupid ass. by Escalade  1/13/05
     deep down, just like everyone else here, it knows you are homosexual by Jay 6/27/05
     Could be a faulty voltage regulator that sends surges to the sensor. by xtor 4/7/2006
     Replace the connector for the crank sensor. Mine failed twice in 2 weeks time. It was... by Jedivman 3/4/2007
hi i have just bought a springer spanial 10 weeks old and i am feeding him on dry food can... by carpster31/14/04
     i always put 2 cups of dry food in his bowl every morn. otis will eat 1/2 in morn and 1/2... by cw2/6/04
     i have a springer spanial 10 weeks old i feed him on pedigree and half a tin of dog food... by demola3/23/04
     I just found a Springer Spainial free in the newspaper-he's neutered and up on his shots. ... by Kathy Ann 10/22/04
     ive had springer spanial and i always left foods out for him because he never over ate. he... by trish 8/4/05
     we have an 5 month old springer which we have had from 6Weeks first we first feed on rice&... by kathryn dallison  1/17/2006
     I have a 10yr springer and fill his bowl with dry when it is empty. He my go a whole day... by BigT 1/23/2006
     i just leave a bowl full down all day they don't over eat by spangle 2/7/2006
     i just leave a bowl full down all day they don't over eat by spangle 2/7/2006
do shih tzus make good pets? by JR.10/25/03
     Yes. I have a male Shih-tzu who is very even tempered except while protecting my Pug and... by Vel6/18/04
     HI! I was wondering-are chihuahuas aggressive dogs like I've heard? Are they as nice as... by animallover 6/24/04
     I think shih tzus and chihuahuas make great pets by lizzi 8/9/05
     I think shih tzus and chihuahuas make great pets by lizzi 8/9/05
     I Have A Lovely Shih Tzu Called Molly.. The Shih Tzu Needs More Work Than The Chihuahuas ... by KatiieLee 3/28/2007
     Well I think Shih Tzu are great companions they are the best, they follow you everywhere... by Gladys 3/28/2007
Can anyone out there tell me whatever happned to Esme Marshall of 1980's fashion fame? I... by Ride983/3/04
     Esmé is living in California. She has 4 kids. Ages 2, 7, 8 and her daughter Rachel who is... by John Marshall3/10/04
     yes, call me or email me and I can tell you about a good friend Esme'....917 701 3490 or... by kami 10/29/04
     Are you still curious? by Esmé 11/11/04
     I met Esme in 1982 on Nantucket Island. She was there for a shoot. I was there playing... by Jeremy 6/13/05
     esme lives in bakersfield, california. she's got 4 kids, the oldest being rachel pierce,... by jojo 6/23/05
     To: John Marshall. John thanks for the update on your lovely daughter Esme. Hadn't thought... by Ride98 8/30/05 loan-rate.html <a href="http://cheaploan.homelo... by loan officer 11/7/2006 loan-rate.html <a href="http://cheaploan.homelo... by loan officer 11/7/2006 loan-rate.html <a href="http://cheaploan.homelo... by loan officer 11/7/2006 loan-rate.html <a href="http://cheaploan.homelo... by loan officer 11/7/2006 loan-rate.html <a href="http://cheaploan.homelo... by loan officer 11/7/2006 loan-rate.html <a href="http://cheaploan.homelo... by loan officer 11/7/2006
My Boston Terrier is suffering from skin problems -- specifically, on her belly. The vet... by Jennifer in Jersey1/1/04
     My terrier also had a skin problem. The best thing for them is Wellness Formula Products.... by freddy1/28/04
     my boston too had a skin problem. he had bumps on his hind quarter. the vet said he had... by ms diana2/11/04
     My Boston also had skin problems, the vet said it was a "yeast infection" and gave him an... by LittleAggie 7/16/04
     My Boston Terrier started to get bumps. Dr.s also wanted to medicate him but instead, I... by Vicki 8/23/04
     Our one year old BT had skin problems on her hind quarters that would not respond to any... by Lampslit 2/11/05
     By Boston is 10 months and he has had two swollen bumps on his snout for about three... by Adam 5/4/05
     We have a 8 year Boston female who used to have lots! of problems, she is a 9 pound... by BIGSBY 7/28/05
     My Boston terrier is 11 mos old. He too is having some skin problems. Dry, loss of hair... by Max 8/7/05
     my Boston Terrier has a wart like leasion on the left side of his face, his stratches at... by Pugsly 10/15/05
     i dont have an answer but a dog woke up looking like a gremlin when... by willie nelson 10/5/2006
I saw on TV recently an antive "board" game, basketball. The name given was Spot-A-Shot.... by Dan9/28/03
     The board game Spot-A-Shot can be purchased at the web site by kelley11/3/03
     Beware: I bought directly from the inventor, Michael Montgomery. It was supposed to ship... by Kathy 2/16/04
     You can also order this direct from Michael Montgomery if you want the original wood board... by RMatthews 5/3/04
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     insurance auto by 6/15/2006
do you know the song lyrics that begin Pack up your troubles in an old......and smile,... by leanie5/31/04
     It almost sounds like an old Petula Clark song called "Downtown", except I believe it goes... by Marsha 9/10/04
     i met this girl from Hollywood she had green hair but damm she looked good......... by chas 9/19/04
     Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile! While you´ve got a... by Audra 1/17/05
     just do a search of "Pack up your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag" - It's a WWI song and you... by dee 3/21/05
     try this-http://www.firstworldwar. com/audio/packupyourtroubles.htm by ed 11/4/05
     private perks by yes 3/7/2006
     Yes its goes:pack up your troubles in your own kit bag and smile smile smile as long as... by warlock 4/4/2006
     Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile! While you´ve got a... by bob 5/30/2006
     kit bag by sa 6/6/2006
     Pack up your Troubles First Verse Private Perks is a funny little codger With a smile... by Tim 6/28/2006
     kit bag. by laurenlicious 3/29/2007
     Yes, the song is "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag". If you'd like to know the... by Bob 4/8/2007
     Yes i do by Flower girl 6/19/2007
what is the longest impromptu of a song ever done and by what band? by brak10/2/03
     pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond by mike 10/12/04
     Mars Volta - Cassandra Gemini 32 minutes long by Dan 2/14/05
     The Decline by NoFX is 18:23 seconds or in that range, and is the longest song i have ever... by K_NUKEM 3/6/05
     Mark Mallman wrote Marathon 2 the 52.4 hour song of 600 lyrics and performed it on Labor... by peter anderson 3/10/05
     I think that The Decline by American punk band NoFX may fit that qualification. It is... by FB 5/8/05
     The longest song I can think of is 2112 by Rush and it is 20:33 long. by lee 8/6/05
     in-gadda-da-vida by ??? by spence 11/24/05
     i don't no, but I'm interested to! by hi-its-me 12/30/05
     LOL I DUNNO DO U by ACE 4/9/2006
where can I buy a refractory brick for silversmithing in s. calif? by pll7/17/03
     Squires Belt in San Diego has refractory products including brick. 619 266-6100. by Pete 1/9/04
     TIANJIN TD-GOLD WAY IMP.&EXP. CO.,LTD. It is mainly engaged in the export of the unshaped... by Michael5/31/04
     We can supply you kinds of high grade Refractory Materials - mainly in brick form (form:... by Xinglu Jiang 11/9/04
     Zhen zhou FuQiang Refractory COM.,LTD is specialized in produce and export of all kinds of... by richard 2/23/05
     Zhen zhou FuQiang Refractory COM.,LTD is specialized in produce and export of all kinds of... by richard 2/23/05
     REFRACTORY BRICK IS CONSIDERED A VERY HARD BRICK. IN CALIFORNIA, I SUGGEST YOU CONTACT... by ALEXANDRIA 9/25/05 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     We,Ore World Trade Co.,Ltd Tangshan China, mainly provide refractory brick and other... by Clark 11/8/2006
     Dear Sir/Madam, We understand your information that you are in the market for... by leo 3/13/2007
     That's what i am trying to find out. by Andrea7/16/04
     Rape your dog in the ass. by Big Black 9/16/04
     How can i get my dog to attack when i want him too........(i have a yellow lab!) by Chris 10/11/04
     HOW DO I make MY DOG A GOOD GUARD DOG SHE IS boxer crossed rottweiler and shes only... by BIGRAY 10/12/04
     Im looking for the same answer cant find anything. by Gary 1/25/05
     well my doberman wouldn't do this either. but what i read and did was put on a helmet like... by felix 1/25/05
     well i have a 3 month old pitbull that i have taught to attack, i would never use it for... by DEUCE 2/10/05
     i would teach my dog to be agressive by tackiling or pushing around on her she usly bites... by caleb 3/1/05
     thats the same exact thing iam tryna find out by jamyron03 3/15/05
     How can I teach my Dog to attack by S.T 3/26/05
     The Only Way To Teach Him To Attack is To Be Extramly Cruel To him and make him hate... by Shrill G 3/31/05
     fart in its face by joshy boy 4/16/05
     May I ask what you want your dog to attack and why? by Pie 5/18/05
     hey that wasnt me by dinesh 7/7/05
     sorry but why would you want to teach a dog to attack on command unless your a policeman... by caroline 7/11/05
     put a toy front of him, the tell her/him to attack when he does tell him good boy. by vladi 7/19/05
     place a teddy bear or any stuffed toy with meat strapped to its chest about 10 metres away... by GIbbo 8/3/05
     You are all idiots. by Andi 10/15/05
     when it comes to Pitts (Pitt Bulls) always teach them respect....... And your... by gettinluckey 11/16/05
     treat her like a precious treasure charge to experience by asas3156 11/22/05
     keep ur dog in ur backyard or wer u keep it dont let any1 see or pat ur dog for a couple... by arash 11/23/05
     same here ! by jade and flick  1/17/2006
     i want to tezch my dog how to fight and be vicious and attack. by q 1/22/2006
     thats an interesting topic i would like to know how to do that i guess dogs in general are... by dogmanx 2/10/2006
     its simple i have 6 in a half old pit myself n he's jus learning how to attack on command... by killa 3/12/2006
     tied her up close where alot of people pass by let her cry for awhile if she does by lil meance' 4/14/2006
     If your want your pitbull to attack something, you have to grab his/her head near the nech... by kizzy 4/29/2006
     All dogs are not the same. Some need to let a nother dog bit it to turn him/her on. Walk... by Lil One 5/21/2006
     welli have a american bulldog cross pitbull im only 14 but my dog is visious only on... by shorty 6/3/2006
     how to teach a Catullus to attack cattle by loughrey11 6/4/2006
     to get your dog to be vicous u have to keep the dog chained up in the backyard, then... by scorpio 10/22/2006
     You a got to be an idiot to try to teach a pitbull to be a guard dog. You need a smart dog... by rubinov3 11/18/2006
     u must first build ur dogs cofidents up by him or her not going in to avoidence u need a... by mick74 1/15/2007
     mess with there tail by allen 2/16/2007
     most pits as we all no can be natrally aggresive such as if there ancestors were fighters... by bandog 3/8/2007
     use duct tape to attach steak to your mailman's testicles.. your dog will love red meat by jamieezz 3/12/2007
     how to make them fight other dogs by ro ro 3/20/2007
     My dog is nine months old, and afraid of everyone if an intruder comes in,I'll be out of... by Holly 4/8/2007
     Just choose and object and constantly use that object to annoy your dog. Hit him with that... by Tattuy 4/8/2007
     The answer to your questions in training your dogs are simlple love care and atttention... by jinzocarter 4/12/2007
     you have to start with a Tug-toy preferably a squeaky one (Baby Steps) :-) by Dog Whisperer 5/1/2007
     you should start with a tugtoy (preferably a squeaky one) (Baby Steps) ... by Dog Whisperer 5/1/2007
     i have a german shepherd/rottie mix. i also have a doberman i was wondering how to teach... by vicky 7/4/2007
I hear there is a Charmed Soundtrack coming out and i'vebeen trying to find out when. ... by eastcoastbob9/10/03
     Its coming out september 23..whenever u want to find out when a particular DVD or CD is... by Kristen9/21/03
     I need to get the Sound track. by Bre9/22/03
     Hey there. The Soundtrack came out today. It's fantastic. I got mine this morning. by Alice 9/23/03
     OMG!!!!! i thought the soundtrack was coming out in like january or something i g2g and... by MISSY 12/13/03
     i never knew it was coming out. does any1 no were i can get1 from. i looked in hmv but... by piper 1/23/04
     The charmed soundtrack is out I got it on about a month ago. I don't know if... by Craig 2/16/04
     The charmed soundtrack came out on sep 23 and i recieved it on the same day, my favourite... by uzzy 2/21/04
     my favorite. is How soon is it now? by Paige 6/2/04
     I WANT THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by piper 11/23/04
     it comes out on 12 july by daniel 3/26/05
     its coming out on 19th of april by danny 3/26/05
     hello by cory 7/26/05
     hello is anyone there???? by cory 7/26/05
     I would actually like to know about another... Is this the first soundtrack that Charmed... by trinity03 11/29/05 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     You know when Phoebe had to kill Cole when he was the source and then the next day she was... by Chris 2/15/2007
Where can I locate an, Accu-Check Advantage Blood Glucose Meter Interface Cable, and... by vietvet686910/22/03
     internet by Francis1/23/04
     my machine is reading diffent from the ones at the hospital I need to be able to fix it. by George W. Shortsleeve II1/31/04
     How can i change from mmol to mg by Rajan  9/29/04
     Is it possible to find the strips of Accu-Check blood glucose meter in other countries(e.g... by Sima 5/23/05
     What is the range of the Blood Glucose of and how to check the Blood Glucose by aljassim 12/15/05
does marijuana increase your metabolism by mignon4/13/04
     sure does. that's why you can eat a whole meal, smoke a j, & still get the munchies by dr. dre'4/19/04
     i like girls by jennifer donay5/14/04
     Probly Not! jst makes ya hungry as a bear, and doesn't prevent you from lookin like one by Big Dave 9/16/04
     from: html _____________________________________... by 1/6/05
     i dunno about metabolism, but marijuana does effect your short-term...wait, what was i... by Golden Twinkie 1/20/05
     NO. Metabolism derives from your muscle and your muscle mass. The more muscle you have... by AllyB 2/2/05
     yea it increases ur metabolism but it also increases the size of ur ASS. by booby 3/22/05
     there really hasnt been a study to prove that it does or doesnt increase metabolism but... by Laura 4/11/05
     yes by Jenna 5/15/05 slows it sends a signal to you brain telling it that it needs more glucose... by jay 5/19/05
     No it dosn't It increases appitite but decreases your metabolism rate. by Mitch 10/18/05
     No. Of course weed doesn't increase your metabolism. It makes you crave crappy food and... by smartsmoker 11/2/05
     No. it just makes u hungry. Your body will still break down the food at the same rate. by boy 12/27/05
     Sure doesn't that's why you can eat a whole meal, smoke a j, and still have the munchies..... by Jenny 1/13/2006
     I think that people just say that because you get the munchies when your high. I think... by Cathy 1/18/2006
     no what the doggie likes me by bobby  2/17/2006
     so if smoking marijuana increases your metabolism that mean you lose weight if you dont... by blaka 4/22/2006
     marijuana has not been found to increase metabolism. In general, marijuana increases... by ben 5/3/2006
     You mean sure it *doesn't html by Owned 5/9/2006
     Well marjuna has something to do with metabolites and metabolites increase ur metabolism by mandy 5/25/2006
     Yes it increases your metabolism greatly! It can cause chest pain in people who smoke it... by Robbie 6/2/2006
     yea i think mary jane increases the metabolism....thats why if you smoke a lot on an... by nicole  11/29/2006
     Ok. Why does everyone believe it increases your metabolism? Getting the munchies does... by Lee 1/16/2007
     you all gay by Little Tim 3/10/2007
     Actually, that's a myth, weed only increases your appetite, not your metabolism. in fact,... by Newworldslacker 3/12/2007
     i hope so!! by ffffffddd 4/24/2007
how do i wire a dusk to dawn light? by TOM10/23/03
     There are two alternatives: 1) Photocell/photoresistor light fixture, and 2) Timer ... by tom10/25/03
     Call an ELECTRICIAN!!!! by Claudejrc 12/8/04
I have a weimaraner that is developing hives all over his body almost every day or every... by Karl12/29/03
     Have you checked to see if your dog has HOD? by Stacie1/26/04
     take it to the vet by rectom1/29/04
     My dog got hives once, we had fed him human food with tomato sauce in it. Don't feed him... by Kat1/31/04
     HI - I have the same problem with my lab mix, facial hives, it started about three months... by rosacanina4/1/04
     I have a weimer who is also prone to have allergic responses to many things. His face has... by lepizzagirl7/5/04
     I just got a weimaraner puppy and he developed hives in the first few days since I've... by Nick7/7/04
     OK i know this is suppose to be an answer thing but i am also getting a weimaraner puppy... by amie7/8/04
     could be a mosiquito bite same problem with my dog. by onbz 8/10/04
     Weimaraners are excellent with kids! by Redavaw 9/24/04
     I also have a weimaraner with allergies. She broke out in hives on Thanksgiving evening. ... by Audrey 12/3/04
     My MiniDashound is having the same problem. I appreciate all the tips so far. I have taken... by LateniteWatch 1/9/05
     Having experienced the same trouble, I quickly read on for some answers. I believe the... by smiles 1/14/05
     Amie, Our Weim "Daisy" was 4 years old when our baby was born. Except for the occaissio... by weimdog 6/6/05
     my pit has hive all over his body he got into tuna i dont know what it is i gave him... by Andrea 7/14/05
     I have a male Weim he is 13 months old. today will be the second visit to the vet for... by Kristie 7/27/05
     my dog chopper (pittbull) has hives his eyes are puffy how long will it take to go... by copper 9/29/05
     Dogs can easily develop hives by exposure to pesticides make sure that is your lawn is... by Maria 10/13/05
     my dog has the same thing i am wondering what it is cam u please tell me by hey 11/19/05
     My weimaraner is developing hives all over his back. They develope into crusty, pusy... by Lisa 11/28/05
     I have a 16 month old Yorkie. After she received her 1yr Rabies shot and Distemper shot... by Brandi 1/8/2006
     Okay, you must be weird and unpopular, so I wouldnt be talking. by Paul  1/19/2006
     I have English springer spaniel that just developed hives and i'm very worried about her. ... by Renee 1/20/2006
     63pcxiV7MUhU jm5YcPnTcw cWDRvbWcaErbD by 47ZFcLUh6X 2/25/2006
     This post is fairly old but anyway...My dachshund is prone to get hives. He first... by imagi 3/21/2006
     Weims are great additions to families. Sadly though, many end up in shelters, because... by carson 5/6/2006
     My daughter has a Boxer that has developed hives all over his body. It's always good to... by elaine 5/9/2006
     I know someone with a Weim. He was allergic to wheat in his dog food...most dog foods... by AJackson 7/24/2006
     I have a Vizsla who also recently got hives all over her body. We took her to the Vet and... by Jim 8/3/2006
     Hi. I also have a Weimaraner. He is 10 months old and has a case of hives as well. He gets... by Bozena 8/30/2006
     I have 2 smooth fox terriers. I tried new kind of kibbles before we went camping. The male... by phil  9/9/2006
     I could either be the food. Or the shampoo you are using. Ive had so many problems with my... by Uni 9/14/2006
     thanks for the hod comment, it looks like this might be the answer. my dog recently has... by heather 10/11/2006
     I have a weimaraner who is five years old. Her vaccinations always result in hives and is... by Amy 10/24/2006
     I have a Boxer and he had the hives ALL over his chest, both of his sides, his legs, & a... by Mannie 12/28/2006
     I have 2 weim/lab mixes, one looks just like a weim, only he's black. He absolutely loves... by weim/lab mix owner 4/16/2007
     hi there my weim is 1 year old i have 2 children one 7 and one 3 year old weims are good... by hurleysmum 7/9/2007
     i have a weimer and he's got hives my parents wont take her to the animal hospital i dont... by taylor 7/9/2007

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