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I have a 98 Ford F150 that I need to replace the rear view mirror. Can't find way to... by Tom McD 6/5/2007
I drive a1997 pontiac grand prix. I had the battery replaced last week and ever since my... by susan 7/20/2007
Can someone help me with how to replace Exterior Rear Passenger Side door handle for my... by Manish 7/14/2007
What is the chemical equation for the reaction when dying your hair? by BB 6/3/2007
I am curious about my Red 4-door 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800/V6 w/Gray flame/racers on... by Burgundy 7/13/2007
I have a 2000 Durango. Driver side window came off track or clip broke. Trying to find... by kkay 7/13/2007
How do you reset the theft mode on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier... I tried to hook up a tack and... by nurselynnaie 7/13/2007
How do change water pump on 1994 V.W. Passat GLX V-6 by HEAVY D 7/15/2007
How to replace the cigarrete lighter by rangel 7/20/2007
How do you tighten the cooling lines in a automatic transmission on a 99 Chevy. blazer? by dw 6/2/2007
I have a 1997 BMW 528i,my right rack and pinion boot was loose.Placed a plastic clamp on... by mobileparrotthead 6/2/2007
How do I change the steering-gearbox on a 1978 Jeep Renegade? by badgirl 6/5/2007
I'm trying to install and EQ in a 2006 jeep wrangler, the radio is stock, without slicing... by Freddy Garza 7/11/2007
I was told I needed new struts for my 2000"sport" F.Escort on front and back.They said... by SANDY 6/5/2007
Where is the low pressure fill on 5.8 1983 ford van engine for the ac by Lynn 7/10/2007
I would like to replace the factory radio in my 2001 Ford Ranger right now it is an am,fm,... by Dean Pavlik 7/10/2007
Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 95 240sx- behind the center console? My cd... by crystal 6/4/2007
How do you replace an evaporator core and case in a 99 blazer? by kimba 6/1/2007
2002 Oldsmobile Alero 2.2liter, Where does the fuel pump relay fuse get it's supply... by deaker 7/18/2007
Where is the tach (signal) wire located on a 2003 Dodge Neon. I need to hook up a cruise... by Bwana 7/7/2007
my door ajar sensor keeps ringing while I'm driving and all doors is do I... by pebbles 7/16/2007
Need a diagram of my 1993 Honda Delsol fuse box,so I know where to replace correct fuse... by jdh79 7/3/2007
My car is stuck in between park and reverse when i try to crank my car it does nothing... by butterfly 7/3/2007
Looking for under hood wiring schematic for 69 camaro big block. by Rick 7/5/2007
Well about 4 days ago my husband and I replaced all of the front control arms in our 99... by jamies_wifey 5/31/2007
Can anyone show me pictures of a 1990 Mazda GTX motor and turbo set up as mine has been... by Hemi 7/1/2007
Upon installing Leviton illuminated 3Way Switches with a fixture in-between I show 67v at... by Ramsfan 5/30/2007
How do you set the timing on a 1997 GMC suburban 350 engine? Is there a fuse to disconect... by norm 5/30/2007
What to do when a two week puppy has a white tongue and cant breath right? by mary 5/29/2007
What is the least amount of days you could stay in rehab for alcohol? by person with the face 5/29/2007
The tail lights on my 1994 Chevy suburban went out. The front blinkers work, but when... by tonia 5/29/2007
what is the spark plug firing order for a 2001 dodge ram 1500? I cannot find this info... by trac 7/14/2007
Does anyone know if u can find someones phone number if u have their e-mail addy? My... by cymthia68 5/27/2007
How to install airbags on 1999 ford explorer sport 2door? by misterh 5/30/2007
How do you change the low beam headlight in a 2002 Nissan Altima? by jr 5/29/2007
where is the IAT on a 1995 ford thunderbird with a 4.6L? by stacy 7/9/2007
Where is fuel pressure sensor and/or regulator on engine of 1997 Chevy Astro Van? by GENERALGARY 5/26/2007
Whats the best sources (website or other) to research frame & wheelbase dimensions for... by dr j 5/25/2007
where do I get keys made for a 1986 Pontiac Firebird using just the vin #? by Baby Blue TA 7/5/2007
Any ideas on how to remove a stuck body mount on a 1993 F150 4x4? by Alita 5/28/2007
where do i put oil in my a/c compressor? 1991 Chevy pickup 2500. it is making noise &... by ed 7/5/2007
A/C stopped blowing cold air 3 days ago I do not hear Compressor coming on does it only... by mel7461 5/24/2007
Does anyone know how to remove pivot pins without special tool on steering column of 91... by Abbey 5/24/2007
My 2001 Plymouth neon hit a bump and the horn is now stuck. How do I access the part that... by South Dakota 5/23/2007
Where is the fuel filter on a 93 Buick LeSabre? Is it relatively easy to replace? by Mike 5/22/2007
I need to see the diagram of the timming belt for a 1993 Chevy Lumina? by snooopy 5/21/2007
I have a few silver certificate blue stamp One dollar bills 1935 B66 and 1935 E D8434,... by Corinne  5/21/2007
I have an 86 Dodge 350 dump body with dual rear tires. How do you remove the rear drums... by MoparMan 5/20/2007
How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in longmont or boulder by Brie 6/29/2007
Where is the anti lock combination valve on a 1995 Chevy Tahoe 4 dr 4 WD?? Apparently when... by Amy 5/19/2007
What are the torque specs for rockers and head bolts for a 1998 Buick Park Ave non... by David Schmidt 6/29/2007
Fuel pump location on 87 Honda Accord and how do I change it? by Laura 5/18/2007
I have a niece in India who holds a degree in physiotherapy. She wishes to pursue her... by Malik 5/18/2007
I own a 93 Dodge Caravan & am having problems with the fuel gauge. Most of the time the... by Neateo 5/17/2007
I am trying to find the crankshaft sensor on a chevolet caviler 3.1 1993. Can you help? by fireB23 5/17/2007
What are the different companies in Pune which works in VXWorks? by deepa 5/16/2007
I have a 1994 Dodge Caravan and the horn stopped working. I know about the 2 fuse panels.... by gypsy 6/25/2007
What are the differences between the Spirit and the Soul? by Mohsen2100 5/18/2007
Just noticed engine oil coming out of an round filter like hole on the left side of the... by maferalfa 5/14/2007
I just changed the rear gas tank on my 91 ford f250 351 four by four and now it won't run.... by leopisa 5/14/2007
I have a 1976 lincoln town car V8 460. The battery keep on dying on me. I have replaced... by greg 5/14/2007
I have a 1963 $5.00 bill G1 series serial number A01405212A, it has red writing. Is this... by Christy 5/14/2007
I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix that has no power. It starts fine and starts out OK but... by Eva 5/14/2007
I have a detached shop that is about 50 yards from my home and there is a 220 volt line... by Bruce 5/13/2007
How to replace spark plugs on a 1998 pontiac grand am 2.4 by chippy 6/26/2007
Do you have a wiring diagram for the in dash ignition switch on a 1972 Chevrolet c20 v8... by Nodough 6/23/2007
What is the likely problem with my 1985 Toyota Cressida when two power windows (LF and RR)... by Joseph 5/12/2007
I need a diagram for a 2003 Dodge 1500 Truck Relay and Fuse Box? by Melissa 5/14/2007
I have a 1996 Ford Windstar with 2 problems with the A/C(dual system). When you turn the... by Dustin 5/11/2007
How to remove the inside door panel of a vw golf CL so that i can access the electric... by Malcolm 6/21/2007
I can't figure out how to replace rear right signal. How do you get access to lamp? 2005... by tj 5/15/2007
I have a Bank of England red ink note yr 1928 and would like to know what its current... by bones 6/20/2007
How do I set cam timing for a Toyota camry 1992 that has a twin overhead cam 4cyl engine by Daniel 6/18/2007
I have a 1983 Toyota Camry that has developed an oil leak under the dash on the driver's... by Kenneth Ware, Jr. 6/18/2007
Where are the flasher relays located on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 ? I have no... by Dio 5/8/2007
I own a 00 vw Cabrio and the mileage and clock stay on when car shut off running my... by DeeDee Kincaid 5/8/2007
How do you remove a stereo out if a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis by queen b 6/21/2007
I have H4 visa stamped.I have not yet entered USA and does not have I94.Now I filed for H1... by chanti 5/7/2007
Needing a diagram or something showing fuel lines for a double gas tank fora 1985 Chevy... by Jess 6/17/2007
Can you put a motor from a 97 pontiac sundance into a 91 chevy corsica? by Peppie 5/7/2007
In a few episodes there is a nurse that never smiles or says anything. Name please? by swiftydavep 5/6/2007
Where can I find the speed sensor in a 1999 F350 super duty Ford truck? by new 5/5/2007
I have 2001 Nissan pathfinder and all new tires it shakes at 100 ks and smooths out at 105... by Beech 6/15/2007
My cairn is 1 year old and since she was six months old she has been loosing her hair. Our... by Ginger 6/15/2007
Is there any link betweern eating uncooked chicken bones and bladder stones? My Bichon has... by johncogs 5/4/2007
O'Hara is 1 year and very active. Almost too lovable to strangers. He is crated at night.... by gerry 6/14/2007
i am thinking about getting into programming, but i know close to nothing. my question... by asprin4themasses 6/24/2007
Can the trans-shift points be reset on a 2000 ram ( 318 )? by james 5/6/2007
Why does the porridge bird lay its eggs in the air> by wiggles 6/16/2007
I have a 2000 taurus sedan no matter how much coolant is in the resivoir it says low... by sk8kat1 5/3/2007
We have 2 full sized male dachsunds. They are not getting along with my male 2 year old... by Sudha 5/3/2007
GM y2000 5.3 engine spark plug change. Do the metal shields installed over plugs come off... by don 5/3/2007
What are the timing marks on a Chevy 2.2L? by Johnnie y 5/11/2007
Are the bolt patterns the same for a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Wheel and a 1993... by Jay 5/2/2007
how do i change an oxygen sensor on a 1999 Honda Civic LX? by Joel 6/25/2007
I have a 2001 Tahoe and the ac belt broke.I had it replace and they said my compressor was... by MODESTA MARCELLA CHAVEZ 6/12/2007
I have a 2001 tahco and tha ac belt broke.I had it replace ond they said my comperiser was... by MODESTA MARCELLA CHAVEZ 6/12/2007
Surban 2007 winshield wipers go on for no reason. Has anyone experienced this and is... by Parker 6/12/2007
How can I tell if my Boston terrier is pregnat or just having a false pregnancy???? by augie 5/2/2007
How do you recharge an air conditioner in a 2002 2500 duramax diesel half ton? by lynn Johanson 5/2/2007
I have a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville SSe with the supercharged 3800 engine and it seems to... by Bobk 5/7/2007
Changing cabin filter out in 2000 chevy z71 which way doe the arrow of filter point to the... by Mike 6/11/2007
What are social & religious factors account for the harsh response to witchcraft? by don 5/1/2007
My horn stopped working on a 1995 Mercury Sable Where is the horn relay by Mike 6/10/2007
How much should a 4 month old doberman weigh? by lu7cky7 5/7/2007
I have a 97 chevrolet blazer and the rear window wont release how do i fix it by heather 6/8/2007
What can you pierce youself? by BOBERT 5/26/2007
I am moving my hot tub about 30 feet from my patio to my bedroom patio it is presently on... by majik44 6/8/2007
1988 Buick Regal fuel gage stopped working. Any ideas what may be the cause? The fuel... by John 6/17/2007
i have a bmw 525td 1998, it ticks over uneven occasionally, and sometime when i change... by Mick Seaton 6/16/2007
Where is the fuel filter located on an 1996 Intrepid (Dodge) by Skeeter 6/5/2007
Does a 16 year old need any other paperwork other than a passport to board an internationa... by 6/5/2007
Were is the low side service port on a 1998 Chevy blazer by Odie 6/8/2007
How do I change the rear brakes on my 2004 Malibu I have tooken off the old brakes but I... by Gary James 6/4/2007
Where can I find a picture of how the brake assembly looks (for a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix... by Earl 6/4/2007
My chevy astro stall when gos thru pudle 15 minutes later will run fine by Joey Fierro 6/4/2007
How do you replace the ac clutch on a 1993 gmc pickup by benny 6/7/2007
How do I replace the thermostat on a 1985 Honda Civic 1600 by Bob 6/7/2007
The ABS light on my 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme comes on when I move my car. This... by Roy 6/8/2007
Do you know my 1991 Chevy Corsica idles fast? by ham 5/1/2007
Why are gas prices going up? by cj 5/21/2007
how do I change the starter in a 1994 pontiac sunbird 2.0 litre? by tabby 6/12/2007
what rear end was offered in a 1997 Chevy s10 blazer , 2 wd, auto ? by WIL 6/11/2007
to install a new electric mirror on my 2002 Chrysler Sebring do I have to take the door... by Ron 7/20/2007
Is there a problem to find an available ISDN line in Korea for telephone use? by OG 4/30/2007
In the 1995 Mercury Tracer if the timing belt breaks do the valves necessarily bend? I am... by tufftimes1 4/28/2007
My Grandfather came from Ireland. His last name was Kennmare. He dropped the "E" on the... by Brenda Kenmar Harvey 4/27/2007
i need info on the instalation of the drive belt for a 1994 Jeep Cheroke. what should i... by Redhawk 7/17/2007
i need to reset my door lock for a 2003 Ford Windstar. Please Help. by Annette 7/17/2007
Why when I start my car it cuts right off after you start it? Do you know why it does... by Lonnel 4/26/2007
Is there a $50,000.00 Canadian bill? If so what colour is it? by KellyB 4/26/2007
Submitted my paperwork for Irish Citizenship in November, 2005 = almost 18 months. Is... by Robert 4/26/2007
My fuse blows everytime i step on the brake pedal ever since i replaced my ignition switch... by clay pierce 6/1/2007
I have a 2007 Toyota corolla and I am trying to disable the seat-belt alarm,,, I have... by Jay 4/25/2007
How do you change the heating core on a 1989 Ford F150? by Pete 4/28/2007
I have a 6 cd changer in my ford ranger that has somehow locked up. Is there maybe a... by Stacy 4/25/2007
My 1996 Chevy Van 1500's door locks burned up. I replaced the relay that burned and it... by DaveH 4/25/2007
What are the steps to replace a timing belt 1996 Honda Accord LX 2.2 engine? Do you... by JOHN 4/24/2007
I am looking for a radio wiring diagram, for a 1996 Buick Skylark. The original radio &... by darkstryder 4/24/2007
I have a leak in the floorboard of a 1989 jimmy 4x4, 6cyl. New heater core. What is... by jvanellen 4/24/2007
I have a 95 Explorer. The power mirrors on the 98-01(?) Rangers look the same, but there... by Gee 4/24/2007
I just bought a 1993 Convertible Le baron 3.0 that was sitting for over a yr. I changed... by pshade 4/24/2007
The horn on my 1917 Ford Escort LX starts blowing for no reason while it is parked and no... by murray 4/23/2007
How do I replace a drive belt on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier 4 Door? by Ricochet 4/25/2007
how do i reset the flashing amber AC dashboard lights (both the AC & recirc) lights flash... by grand caravan dave 7/12/2007
How do I replace the door lamp in the passenger door of my 1999 Silverado truck ? by Don 4/21/2007
My older female cat (13) quit eating and meowing about 48 hours ago, I'm going to the vet... by Ace 5/30/2007
How do you change the drivers side electric window gear and cable for a 1999 chevy... by Jimjames 5/28/2007
I'm not 100% sure this is a virus, but I'd like to create a ripoff from the Microsoft... by Ioosef 4/18/2007
How do you remove the power steering pump from a 2000 Dodge caravan with a 3.3 liter motor... by Wildcat 5/27/2007
Where can i get a wiring harness diagram for a 1991 dodge shadow 2.2 liter by columbus 5/27/2007
How do I remove & install the passenger side headlight assembly on a 1998 Jeep Grand... by tomjen 4/17/2007
I am looking for the episode that aired on June 20,2001. I would like to have a video... by Cindy 4/17/2007
I have a 1995 cavalier that runs excelent but has suddenly developed a problem with fuel... by James 5/26/2007
What size wrench is needed to remove the brake lines attached to a master cylinder on a 95... by Isatright 4/16/2007
What should i do to remove the evaporator in 1996 ford windstar 3.8 by jjc07 5/26/2007
How do I replace a water pump on a 1993 acura integra 1.8 double over head cam. by George Kelly 5/25/2007
How do I replace the front signal bulb (driver's side) on a 2003 Ford Taurus? by Danny 4/15/2007
I need matlab code for lolimot. please help me soon. by 5/27/2007
What is the setting gap for a 1994 GM 350 V8.GMC 4x4 Thank, Joe by Joe 5/24/2007
How do you talk your mom into letting you date? by Danny 4/17/2007
Can some one please explain why the glow plug light stays on/ flashing after the engine... by Gray 5/24/2007
How to repair accessary lights on button controls in steering wheel of 2003 Chevy Tahoe.... by Dwayne 5/24/2007
I have a 2003 eclipse recently it ran of clutch fliud and i had to replace the slave... by Ernie 4/13/2007
I have a '97 Z71 w/5.7L Vortec that knocks on acceleration. I have changed the anti knock... by mannsvillain 4/13/2007
My steering wheel is loose, but it's not the tilt steering, it's right under that, down... by Mcsw12477 4/13/2007
I have b1,b2 business visa from India for 10years.This is my 4th trip to U.S.A ,every... by pankajkumar choksi 4/12/2007
92dodge 318 Dakota no spark where do I start,Rx by rh 7/5/2007
How do you replace the high beam bulb on a 1995 k2500 Chevy w/ composite headlights? by ws2o 4/12/2007
When I open a 'JPEG' image and then click on the button "closes this program and opens the... by Banks 4/11/2007
I am a green card holder and would like to petition for my son that is unmarried and under... by marie 4/11/2007
The instrument and door lights went out on my 2001 MC SS. How do you fix the problem? ... by SSKeri 4/10/2007
I need to know the diagram on a 92 Plymouth Acclaim alternator bracket by Lamar Mouling 5/20/2007
I have a 99 Ford Windstar. The tail lights (not brake lights)come on about 4 seconds... by Ron 4/10/2007
Who do i contact to see about replacing money that was burned in a house fire. by Lucy 5/20/2007
I write all my code ,it is tedious and tiresome. I also use MAYA, and 3&4"D" visual... by compuman2153 5/20/2007
I have a 1992 Honda civic the heater wont blow warm air,it was flushed out and the water... by Calvin49 5/19/2007
i have 99' mustang and the passaenger seat belt is stuck and i don't know how or where to... by aMy 7/4/2007
I need to know what fuses I should have for 91 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme 3.1 engine and... by Christina 5/18/2007
where is low side recharge port for air conditioner on 1997 Chevy Malibu? by Paul Drahushuk 5/27/2007
I own a 1994 ford taraus gl v6 I have a oil leak coming from my oil pressure switch I,ve... by BLADE 5/14/2007
I would like to know where is the PVC valve located to replace it myself by Jose 5/14/2007
I have a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron Town&Country Station Wagon that I just recently purchased... by MommaBloc 5/14/2007
Why is my VW 1993 Passat getting under 16 miles per gallon. Spark plugs and wires have... by dustyeyed2 5/14/2007
WHERE CAN I GET A (2001 vw golf 1.8 t shop manuel) by WWW.EL3FITNESS.COM 5/17/2007
what affects did the Vietnam war have on the returning Australian soldiers and how... by sarah 5/24/2007
my 97 chevy tahoe air/heater is not working properly, the blower sounds like it is... by mick 5/22/2007
My wife pregancy now with 6 month If she came USA on H4 the insurence is free to her? by sridhar 4/2/2007
I have a 1979 GMC Sierra w/305cu. I need to replace the rod bearings. Where are they and... by Roland 4/2/2007
I need the spark plug torque spec's for a 2001 Ford V10 by Helmet (5/14/07) 5/14/2007
where do you add refrigerant to a 2002 gmc Sonoma? by helpless 5/24/2007
Why are the red eared turtle are sucked in from the sides? by juan 4/4/2007
I have printed the last part of a possible quote. I want to know if Nancy Pelosi really... by Judy 5/10/2007
what is the answer to Alpha quiz- '9 P in a S A'...? by sandy 5/22/2007
i have a 96 Pontiac grand am SE and i believe my air just needs recharged because it blows... by Patty 5/18/2007
I need a vacuum schematic for a 1971 Grand Torino V8 302. by 5/8/2007
what is the location of camshaft sensors on a 98' f150 4.2L? by carolina1979 5/20/2007
1997 Chevrolet Venture Window wipers stop in up position, can we fix this? Also... by Linda 5/17/2007
how to change power steering pump hose 2003 ram 1500 4.7 and what size wrenches or tools... by jcpataus 6/26/2007
how to troubleshoot cruse control on a 99 Buick century ,wont engage,, fuse is ok... by ssgdul 6/25/2007

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