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Question / AnswerRatingDate
Hi! I am in a desperate search for a copy of the trumpet solo Adagio and Allegro from... by trumpet gal 4/20/04
I have HP/UX 10.20 with LVM Currently have 6 disks as follows: 8gb /dev/vg01/lvol1 ... by satnam888 3/5/04
Is color are effectively plays role making animation movies? by pankaj 5/8/04
     World is palace of color. so anyone can make their world colourful so it is necessary to... by Meera 7/16/04
IAM LOOKING FOR MY NICE IT IMPORTANT Iam looking for a nice of mine email her name is... by Carolyn Johnson 4/14/04
The power to a bathroom light switch has been disconnected. It is a single pole switch... by Joe 3/4/04
I have two children wih A/D/D can they get social security? by donna 5/6/04
     Why wouldn't they be able to? by 12/22/04
I have a male Bulldog,and I would like to breed him. He is 9 months old and his name is... by gloriagrabiak 4/13/04
I am looking to programatically export data for use in MS Excel. What is the best approach... by Allan 4/13/04
Can anyone out there tell me whatever happned to Esme Marshall of 1980's fashion fame? I... by 3/3/04
Is there a way to communicate and transfer data between a Newton 2100 and a Palm T3? How... by Raffi 3/2/04
What I'm looking for is a Quark Xtension that will automatically import a multi-page PDF... by 4/12/04
Hello- I need to know the size of the long allen wrench that is inserted in the bolt... by Frank Graves 4/12/04
what is the Merlin Magic System ? Is this a software can it spy on PC without the user... by ag 4/22/04
on May 1 I took Dutches to the vet she had blood in her urine and her nose was bleeding... by Sue 5/30/04
We have a new 9 mo. puppy (65 lbs) who chews up anything and everything the minute we... by Jodi 6/10/04
     You should crate the dog when you are not at home to supervise him. A puppy should not... by Sharon 1/9/2007
Where can I buy fulgide? by Stephan Malkmus 6/7/04
     Yi Chen, Meigong Fan, and Tiankai Li Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry,... by menkeneimule 12/17/04
Name three(3) methods of television images shown in America and Europe. by nobs 4/8/04
I have a mini Daushaund and recently he has become weak and quiet. This is not normal for... by Heather 4/7/04
Hi all, preferably someone with Dell Inspiron 8600 multibooting experience. Current... by Delkeo 2/26/04
     run partiton magic creat 4 partitions that are 4102.2 in size each 1 put in 98 cd that is... by max000love5/29/04
i need password of: if u know, pls mail me at: by arvind 8/6/04
Write a program in 'C' programming language to list the nodes of a binary tree in the... by Sunita 4/6/04
Write a program in 'C' programming language to list the nodes of a binary tree in the... by Sunita 4/6/04
I just want to know how to take some names off I have on my e-mail list I no longer... by 4/5/04
where may I find a list of bare boat sailing charter companies based in connecticut or... by captain john b 4/15/04
Hi, this is my first time using this service. I'm an engineering student, currently doing... by Laurence 6/4/04
     Hi I m also implementing A new Routing protocol using the same I would like to prefer... by solanki 9/23/04
my indication show osam abin alden withi n NY hiding out .cw44 by cw44 5/27/04
I have a question regarding patching for children with amblyopia. My child's PO wanted us... by worriedmom 4/4/04
My parents were in the audience on April 7. They were visiting NY from California. I was... by alpal 4/8/04
I need to purchase a new HP 9000 base Laser jet printer, part number C8519A#ABA, with 220v... by Alogen 4/3/04
How do I turn off mail services for a user without removing the user from the system.... by asynch 4/3/04
Is there a different in sci.answers/soc.answer newgroup. by Slim 4/5/04
why do ears that have been stretched out stink by lyssa p 8/4/04
I was wondering the number of members the Sierra Club has and how many of them are in the... by Nichole Alderfer 3/31/04
     700,000 by me4/26/04
Who is playing the roll of John Carter's father? Is that Noah Wyle playing a dual roll? by liz 4/29/04
     QwzbWWOvjVpQ6E WyW1LGInzb4AE7 UVKqzHIU7Uxzx4 by 9V5bqPpLCW 2/21/2006
What does BIZNITE mean? by curious 3/17/04
Does anyone have any information on over-medication for bipolar patients? or on societies... by goth gurl 4/29/04
     most psyche meds are trash dont buy into this crap about brain chemicals thats nothing... by winona  1/25/2007
Information on the children's cartoon "Kool Mat Kool. by John Lurvey 4/2/04
I have a friend in Moldova. What is required for her to visit the US. Does she need a... by Chris 2/29/04
We would like a public explanation as to why Bob Edwards is being let go? Unless there... by rails 4/28/04
     This is the answer to my own question: This weekend, at least a year later. I read a... by Ron Vander Kooi 5/4/05
Is there any breed of dog which doesn't molt by Gnna1 4/6/04
When a man is placed on the bar can another man be placed on bar also? by Joanie 2/28/04
I know Edmund and Maria's son Sam was adopted. Who are his birth parents? by Michelle 4/28/04
     Sam is the son of Kelsey Martin Jefferson who is the daughter of Tara and Jim Jefferson... by A Robison 1/20/05
We have lost our registration paper to our beagle where and what do we send to get a copy... by Bill & Mike 2/28/04
is there any scholarship for any 12 and above children for piano lessons in somewhere like... by edey 6/8/04
     aabo ibrahin by mohamedkader{kh/terso 1/21/2006
i need password of: by arvind 8/6/04
why did Bilbo follow the dwarves' commads? by alyssa 4/15/04
how old of age does your gsd have to be before being trained as a k9?must you also be a... by steelwsn53 6/26/04
Hello All: I have installed Intercap ver. 78 Illustrator 2 on HPUX11i. I am getting... by Sue G. 2/26/04
I am looking for someone to insure my dogs for liability insurance in Texas. I own 2... by tclark 2/25/04
I have a $10 Confederate note dated February 17th 1864. What is it worth? Also I have a... by DavidT 4/25/04
     Howdy, I actually just bought a stack of these paper bills today. i have 1,5,20,50,and 100... by Eric 7/4/2006
How do I find financial info on the hospitality industry for holiday inns? by billy 2/25/04
Reicht es aus, wenn der Verkäufer nur eine Postfachadresse angibt? by optschach 2/25/04
I am wondering if you can tell me if there is anyway that I can stop the pop ups that... by becky 2/25/04
How come it is absolutely impossible to find anything to do with the album "Massachusettes... by Specialbeat 2/25/04
do I need to collapse the callipers on a mazada prodage? by princess4/8/04
I have a question on formatting and was hoping you could help me. I want Fortran to print... by Ghassan 2/24/04
Silent Film Actor Earl Rodney? Wife & children names & etc,,? Thank you.. Sonnyd by sunngunn 4/24/04
     earle rodney hupp jr jack hupp by earle r hupp 2/22/05
Where can i found the source code of the basic library ? Thanks by ANdy 2/24/04
what is touch potential and step potential by gopal 8/2/04
Trying to decide on what are primary and what are secondary sensors in a modern day... by spud 2/24/04
when did Arturo died? by Mario5/11/04
In using large lists of email addresses [50k or so] I am having difficulty in dividing... by ibexdata 2/23/04
Where can I find Max Nordau's address to the Fifth Zionist Congress 1901? by Frank 2/22/04
when trying to connect to HP-UX 11.11 machine. It says Boot in single-user mode to get... by Brahma 5/12/04
Where can I find important dates on Togo from 1996 to 2004? by Spam 2/24/04
Is there a list of interesting FTP facts that I can get? by Dowings 2/24/04
I have gotten a host family as an aupair what is required for me or from the family for me... by chiru 3/31/04
My 4 year old grand-daughter developed severe impetigo. What herbal remedy can I use to... by Coral 6/21/04
     Hi Coral, I found an excellent remedy for impetigo that worked really fast for my son.... by jessica4455 9/25/04
     marijuana by aj420 11/18/2006
How do I find out about "French Basset Hounds"? I know someone who has one, and they look... by Steve 6/20/04
     If you'd like allot of info you could try to contact someone. there are also tons of... by Megan 6/30/05
     i dont know sore by skeeterbug 5/4/2007
What constitutes moral turpitude by vincent03 6/18/04
     Is selling cigaretts to a minor a crime of moral turpitude by stupid misstake 1/10/05
How to get winshow off my PC. by nitelilly 4/18/04
WWV and BBC Time Signal Recordings Here's a curve ball related to a current project... by swyster 3/30/04
How to I install two 110V lines from a 220 circuit? Distance of run will be about 50-75... by Reece 2/20/04
how old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced? by boo boo 6/23/04
Where can I find technical specs used by BT for a ground start line? by Shahin 2/20/04
why does my dog pant so much by rudd 8/17/04
There are lots of people who pretend to be girls on the net. How can i tell, apart from... by babee 2/19/04
Do Scottish folds have any kind of lung conditions? by 2/22/04
In sweden,many services are_________,such as education and medical care. by Reneeshia Redmond 3/29/04
Do you need to ground the water lines in a home to the electrical panel ground by Dan 3/29/04
I am an E1 vis holder working in the US. My children are photographic models. Can they... by marlooquar 2/19/04
i. a function that to each assigns a set of loans, where a loan is a pair made up of an... by sam 5/8/04
I am a new Unix user. I was setting up a Keyboard Macro and what should have been a... by Linda 2/18/04
Could anyone tell me where I might possibly obtain some EXBUG 2.1 boards used in the old... by bob baker 3/27/04
Is there a material in existence (or manufactured currently) that responds with color to... by Yankydewdl 2/17/04
World Cup Soccer 94. How do I reset the High Scores and the Champion (H.S.T.D.)?? Looked... by Marty 2/17/04
We have a 7 month old IG who is black with white markings. Lately we have noticed she... by Maryann  2/17/04
Suppose someone said/described something which later found out to be true (like "the Earth... by Tom 3/27/04
Give a brief information about "Internet Firewalls". by mayukh 3/29/04
How do the nations of Europe and the British Commonwealth rank for the presence of popular... by EdwinS 2/16/04
Recently my Sys computer monitor just didn't want to turn on anymore... Do you know where... by chris 6/16/04
     Recycle it. Any Thrift store will take it and they have 20 more to choose from. You can... by bubster007 10/5/04
     Beats me Chris...I was looking for the very same answer this AM when I found my SYS... by John B 11/11/04
I recently bought John Walkenbach's book Excel 2002 Formulas. In Chapter 6 "Working with... by Brian Clifton 4/16/04
     I had the same problem, make sure A1 is the year only (i.e. just the number 2004) and not... by afmutw 4/2/2006
I am unsure of the character's name; but why is he always wearing women's clothing? Am I... by Lee 6/15/04
     Klinger (MASH) I have to admit that I have tried to get into a few lady's britches,... by bubster007 10/5/04
     Are you talking about cpl. Klinger from M.A.S.H.? He wears a dress to try to convince the... by EMK 6/27/05
A few months back accidents occurred caused by ball joints malfunctioning. I own a 2003... by Roy 2/15/04
How do I go about writing a korn shell script to identify current users and then kill all... by Tom Fortino 3/25/04
I have a 2003 Tundra. Every time I start the engine, take it out of park and excelerate, I... by Bob 5/25/04
     That sound you hear is from the brake caliper releasing. Mine comes from the front right... by Kona 6/26/04
Is statechart one of the methods to convert rulebase to hardware? If yes, how does it... by sdsd 2/15/04
Due to response time I need to change from XmText (>10 minutes to render it as XmText -... by mjcrawford2 4/14/04
     how do o change my response time from slow to more efficient ???? by valerie cormoer 5/11/05
I am looking for training seminars in the state of MA to further my knowledge in martial... by Jean 3/24/04
I'm trying to find a copy of the last two shows in Canada on Feb 12 and Feb 13... can... by oilrule 2/14/04
I have a used Rick bass but cannot determine if its a 4001 or 4003. How can I tell and... by John 2/13/04
Hey everyone, would any of you lovely chaps or chapesses remember a cheerful little... by Djpota 2/13/04
I live in New Orleans and would like to find a sort of "comedy buddy" to work with and... by Darrel Thaxton 6/13/04
     Is this the Darrel that used to work at Planet Hollywood about 5-6 years ago? Friends with... by azgeogirl 9/6/04
     I can touch up the hair and makeup on Patches but you'll probably have to re-inflate her... by bubster007 10/5/04
Where the #10 candesignation came from? by quetzal 2/20/04
What was the name of the show that had two ppl on the phone lines and the host asked... by oyeah 3/22/04
I would like to know if is this necessary to alkylate before the second dimension and just... by Christian 2/12/04
Have installed Suse 9.0. On starting x the screen goes black and switches off although... by Roger 5/22/04
     I have that problem on SuSE 9.0, i have a standard video card, my screen goes black and... by LeeT91 5/9/05
Does anyone know of an application for tracking different types of licenses - some for... by Hazel 2/12/04
How Will Border Collies change in the next 20 years????????????????????? by hi 2/12/04
My husband and I are in the processes of receiving a green card. My mother died in Nov... by Lyn 2/12/04
I am trying to locate Movie's that have scenes in them which feature KEYS (preferrably... by Dean Wilson 3/21/04
Hello ,Please sometimes when I'booting some systems all of a sudden l will see windows... by absplash 7/21/04
     Try cutting back on caffine and mind altering drugs just before bed time. by bubster007 10/5/04
     what do you mean by i booting? by srikanth.p 11/11/05
"arginyl alfa aspartyl lisyl valy tirosyl arginin" is apparently a Russian invented... by Gabor 3/31/04
I have a 1 year old male Blenheim Cavalier that is experience back leg problems. It's like... by MargieLAX 2/11/04
How do you deal with a somewhat a boy who is a pervert and your boyfriend? by Jenna 6/10/04
     He is just practicing to be a husband. Just wait. In ten years you'll have kids just like... by bubster007 10/5/04
     you do whatever he wants to do and smile:) by aj420 11/18/2006
My jack russell is only 6 months old ,and he already has jumped from the porch and broke... by walt 2/10/04
I have a Pembroke Female that is 30 weeks old 7 1/2 months. She was the runt and is very... by Foxee 2/10/04
how old is too old to breed a JRT. My female is almost 4 yrs old. I never got her spayed... by thejanetor 3/30/04
I am an Anthropology student and am trying to locate websites and other material regarding... by Sharon 2/10/04
I have obtained two Chihuahua one is really fat weighs about 14 pounds or better he is... by papersackbrown 2/10/04
Help! My roommate was on the show on Feb. 13, 2004 and I forgot to tape the episode for... by Jenn 2/14/04
I live in arlington, va and i'mlooking to purchase a yorkie - any reputable breeders in... by kgd 2/9/04
what can people do who do not have a credit card and want to subscribe to dish satalite? by penny2 6/8/04
Praise! My question... if I would offer to pass on to al Qaeda 800 pages of documents... by Abdulluh The Defiler 2/13/04
Does anyone have a copy of the 11/5/98 show w/Jeremy Schonfeld? by Aimee 2/7/04
I'm looking for Turkish Restaurants in the Greater Rochester, NY area. If at all possible,... by Maria Roca 3/17/04
My nine month old great dane has suddnly started jumping on people when we go for walks. ... by piper'sowner 2/7/04
How can I find qualified commercial real estate brokers in various cities? by commercial property 4/7/04
     We've gotten excellent results from US Commercial Brokers at http://www.uscommercialbroker... by unisysrep 8/14/2006
Thanks anyway, it WAS time sensitive, would've liked to have seen that caution, say before... by Trolly 2/7/04
My Hedgehog (7 months old) has developed a weird growth or bubble in her genital area, is... by Christine 6/7/04
     Hello,... take her to a vet. Just damn. by bubster007 10/5/04
     abnormal... where a condom for now on by aj420 11/18/2006
what should any microcontroller toolbox contain? can u suggest me some site in which i can... by latha 6/7/04
i'vebeen smithing for 10 years at a prominent shop in ohio. we are not a 24 hour... by soupcan dan 6/6/04
I am a retired engineer, not fluent in English and not familiar to AI. My problem is... by Olivier Cahen 2/6/04
Why if i create a database with pictureplus fields and use the copy/paste method, the... by 2/11/04
I would like to know the AURICON Tube Recording Preamp unit manuals, could someone help me... by opacheco 4/5/04
     I would also like to find a manual or information about Auricon sound on film amps. I have... by nathan 4/25/04
I got a interview question today. Background: Assume that you are teaching data structures... by henry2004 2/9/04
Hi I need to Know all the cities that exist in Finland what website should I go to find... by DeDers 2/4/04
How do I unregister a nickname by Kenathon 4/2/04
I am studying Unix on my own. I recently purchases Solaris 9 workstation for x86 platform... by Steven Bauman 5/14/04
     i am cool by Amir 1/5/05
how can we create an efficient fault tolerance and recovery scheme in mobile database... by pushpa 6/4/04
Last Sunday (2-30-04) evening, on our way home coming from a dinner from in-laws, i... by Dominic 2/3/04
I am the manager of a telecommunications division that is in need of some contract... by Ginjo 2/3/04
can you breed the same color labs? thanks by Kathy Severance 6/3/04
I have a 1987 Dakota Pick up. Bought original without a radio. Was given a stock... by DuhDave 5/13/04
     it is a simple as pluging in the 2 connects buy a haynes repair maual for your dakota... by Steven 9/12/05
I'm a little puzzled on this one. Gravity is supposed to be a weak force compared to... by Hector 6/3/04
     In your question you are making an assumption that all Gravity is the same and it is a... by bubster007 10/5/04
     As I understand it, gravity may be a weak force but when an object is dense enough it can... by Thucydides 1/19/05
Any tips on curing reluctant Shih Tzu puppy, 10 mnths old, dribbling and being sick even... by Chris Potts 3/13/04
How can i get a picture on form/picture box/image box from web camera and how to save... by kamal_chap 4/2/04 by 2/19/05
How long do chihuahuas Carry there babies for by Ash 3/20/04
Methods of building Internet Firewalls by mala 3/20/04
I am 67 and have been running for many years. Four years ago while running I experienced a... by Ron 3/11/04
How do I get a copy of a particular episode? I need the Wedding episode from season three?... by Becky 2/1/04
Doesn't recognize password.... happened once before something about your spamblocker. ... by BlackHawk 3/11/04
Is there a way for an immigrant who has lived here and worked without a visa for over 10... by Chlooee 2/1/04
How do I seperate programs in ssd files by Robert Grayson 5/19/04
     KdLfDsvk2jpLSY oUgAJ6AYwBv ZhiIr9MO9v9U by SI8ZrcnnZx 2/23/2006
I am looking for a breeder in Wisconsin who has a black pug. Having trouble finding... by Jenn 3/10/04
How do I register my akc lab in the ukc. I understand that in order to run him or her in... by TY COBB 3/10/04
What is meant by the "seven seeds?" Thank you, Lucie by Lucie 2/1/04
My chi gets spooky when I try to pick her up at times, especially when she can't get in... by Bobbye 3/8/04
My husband applied for F2 , but it was denied (214 b), he is a medical graduate from... by india04 3/8/04
what were the economic and social changes that resulted from World War 2 by Trina 4/27/04
How far apart do the weave poles need to be? by springer 6/5/04
     Far enough away to keep them from fighting. by bubster007 10/5/04
     Depends both on the type or venue of your agility compeitition and whether you are... by 8/9/05
My 3 yr old Fila was spayed 2 yrs ago and 6months ago she had to go on stilbestrol as... by rarity1ca 2/1/04
Discuss the conditions of which Berman speaks in relation to modernity to a contemporary... by dogger 3/6/04
     i wont color nickles by sorup 4/20/05
I am working in US on L1 (Company transfer) and I have my wife here on L2 , she is a... by Ishan 3/4/04
missing EC font I have tried to find an EC font "ecsy1000", and I couldn't find it on... by ccnoack 3/14/04
I want to install unixware 7.11 on a personal computer which already has windows 98... by altaf 3/4/04
I would like to know if someone has a copy of last nights taping, 3/2/04. Please email me... by Bob 3/3/04
How do I create a drilldown report with a header (containing some data) by murali 3/2/04
Several years ago, when we found out my son would need a liver transplant, I was put in... by Elise 1/29/04
I have a fireglow 4001 (OD) APR 1975 RIGHT? It is in good shape but it does have a few... by spoons60 1/28/04
Còmo puedo enviar equipaje desde Alemania a Argentina??. by sylvina 3/31/04
     fijate en by chau pero 1/23/2006
I heard a trivia question that asked "What is the extra month called on the Simpsons... by HOneybunny 5/27/04
     smarch the name of the month is smarch in fact homer says " damn this smarch weather" as... by james 5/31/05
     Smarch by chartreuse 12/8/05
How does a person transmit on shortwave so that other people around the world can hear... by Roygene 1/27/04
I am continually receiving requests why AIX should be installed instead of Windows in... by AIX Believer 1/27/04
When were staffs domesticated and why? What where they like in the wild etc... Help by Sophie 1/27/04
I am over 65 and would like to return to the States to work. I am a Canadian Citizen at... by Allen 1/26/04
I'm looking for metrics for Smalltalk. Who can help me? by Christa 1/29/04
i want to know how to initialize the Intel 386 board. & i have a image of ROM-BIOS for... by chintu 4/16/04
Is an exhaust manifold for a 1989 Lebaron 2.1 turbo interchangeable with a 2.5 turbo? by Lisa 1/26/04
There are 3 parallel chords in a circle. None of them have to be the diameter. The top... by Timothy3/5/04
     Assume all three chords lie in the same semi-circle. Actually they don't, but this doesn't... by colin3/17/04
what is the phrase of this rebus wWoOoL1F by caswill 4/22/04
Wanting tolnow why aolis letting all the Drive by ads in the chat rooms that kids... by Carol 4/19/04
How do I find the bulletin board? by TAExecutives 2/12/04
Is it true that horses will not graze in the same pasture that cows have grazed upon? by Bob 3/24/04
     No, it is NOT true that horses will not graze the same land that cows, and bulls do.... by Mike 6/6/2006
how is corn and spock from star trek alike? by bill 5/26/04
Approximately when people started to use fax on mass scale? by Ilana  Adam 1/26/04
How do I go about spreading the word in and around Merced, California that Merced College... by MC Theatrebitch 1/22/04
Do you like the site Some of it seems not to work, but looks very good... by localman 1/22/04
What is the best answer of the best bug you ever discovered? by shashank 3/25/04
     I do not know by Micharle 2/2/2006
In the mid eighty's (approx) there was a female comedian WHO use to deliver her stand up... by cynesme 3/21/04
     Wendy Liebman by Christo 6/10/04
I would like to know if there is a specific temperature that the wort should be boiled at?... by Greg 1/20/04
I saw a Frasier show last week in Sydney Australia - it was the one where Niles won the... by briiliiant 3/20/04
     "Sirius" by Alan Parsons Project. :) by Night Rogue 6/27/04
What is the significance between WW II Tan khaki's colored military issued memorabilia or... by Tony 1/18/04
What dogs are similar to Havanese? by kelly 2/6/04
Why is it dangerous to break the earth on a live circuit? by k.d.brookes 1/21/04
Does anyone know where I can find a user guide or manual for recent dinosaur, an hp... by Joe 1/18/04
My daughter has found this cert, note bearer bond in her old house in WV. curious if it is... by dtkemp 2/27/04
I need to know if there is a DNA test to confirm a dogs breed. and if there is one were... by saints  1/17/04

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