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Hi all, preferably someone with Dell Inspiron 8600...

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Question by Delkeo
Submitted on 2/26/2004
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Hi all,

preferably someone with Dell Inspiron 8600 multibooting experience.

Current scheme is
1st Primary: "Dell" FAT 47Mb, [boot files, drivers, and other Dell files]
2nd Primary: "D:\WINDOWS" FAT32, 4GB Empty(Pretending it to contain WIN2K)
3nd Primary and active: "C:" 37Gb NTFS (Currently with XP Home in it)

I'd like to set a dual boot WinXP/ Win2k in my new Inspiron 8600. The laptop came with XP home already installed. I've been doing some research on the net. I found 2 options there, most recomended is to uninstall the XP (delete partition and uninstall OS), then proceed with normal win2k installation and last re-install XP --->[seems to me that's tuff because Dell has this 47MB primary part which seems to me has something to do with the boot sector]

The second option would be to install Win2k having kept before a copy of the XP'sNtldr, Ntdetect.com files in order to recover them after win2k installation. [Problem is my Win2k doesn't want to update a more modern OS]

0)What option would you recomend?
1)How can I make sure all this changes won't affect the first Dell partition?
2)Is this Dell partition really important?
3)Shall I do a backup of the Dell Partition? How? I can't explore it only with Partition Magic 8 but ain't rights to copy/change its files.

Thkx a lot, any help will be appreaciated. Please, step by step I'm new on this.


Answer by max000love
Submitted on 5/29/2004
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run partiton magic creat 4 partitions that are 4102.2 in size each
1 put in 98 cd that is bootable

2  start without cd suport

3 fdisk ya drive (will get rid of that stupid 47 meg crap)

4 put on xp and copy all the op sys u want to the rest of ya space on the h/d (i chopped up that too two 5s an a 10)

5 fdisk xp off ya system

6 start 98se instalation after a format of c:\

install 98se
then me corp
then 2000 pro
then xp
then 2003 server


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