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Question / AnswerRatingDate
im 12 and still suck my thumb,does anyone have any tips on how too quit? by cliodhna101 1/8/2007
my 88 cutlass sierra is jerking is it a miss by rlkb 2/26/2007
I have a 85 Chevy K/10 350. I'm having a hard time with my wiring from my ignition to my... by butr 11/17/2006
How do I remove the front passenger side door panel of a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan to... by markband 10/7/2006
Hi. I was about to take a vacation on oct. 23, 2006. i will stay there for at least 4... by len 10/7/2006
I have a 1992 Jetta with a Turbo Diesel, standard transmission and power steering. Its a ... by MadDogMike 10/7/2006
i have a 2002 oldsmobile alero that is idleing rough and wont stay running. what could be... by tony 1/7/2007
Recently purchased a Taylor NS34CE with Savarez 520R nylon strings. Every 2 weeks the 4th... by DanG 10/7/2006
when i first download x box live for my 360 it tells me i have to update it but wheni do... by lil vato 1/7/2007
I am looking to purchase a Boston Terrier puppy, male or female. Can someone recommend a... by Tania 10/7/2006
Put in a new 4l60e in a 95 Sonoma 4X4 now there is no 4X4 function and no passing shift... by billy 10/6/2006
How do I wire a single pole outlet switch to control wall outlets by Pauline 11/19/2006
Legally Eliminate Your Entire Credit Card Debt Without Repaying Your Current Balances... by DEBT ELIMINATION 11/15/2006
My 19 week old puppy has a yellow green discharge coming out of his penis he also licks it... by Sanders 10/5/2006
were is the power steering located on the 2004 grand prix by jonathan  2/18/2007
I would like to post some photos but don't know how to post them. Would someone care to... by ristone 10/10/2006
I am a newcomer to software testing field. -I Want to know all Possible manual testing... by Sangeetha 11/14/2006
I have a hunter fan, no model #, the switch is out of it, & I want to install a new one.... by vernon 10/4/2006
If I put a battery on do I need a code too turn radio back on a 2002 Chrysler Sebing... by Sweat 11/14/2006
hi i am in the uk how do i wire a 3 light semi flush fitting i wired it according to the... by satchman 2/14/2007
Can I get my nose pierced with a clear retainer? ... by SHAY SHAY 10/3/2006
does anybody have any info for factory settings and how they operate for the dash and... by mike 2/13/2007
how do you replace a 2002 chevy silverado the bearing in the a/c compressor clutch... by bill06 1/3/2007
I have a 2001 sebring, what does it mean when the battery light comes on and your interior... by billybob 10/3/2006
Are there any base standards for falidating an email address? by semiwildbill 10/6/2006
Can you be an organ donor if you have a tattoo? by Splrtybird 10/6/2006
1.what is online and offline mode? 2.can a universe connect to multiple databases? ... by sriram 1/3/2007
does anyone know what the recomended torque is for the 1994 Pontiac Grand Am 3.1ltr V6... by JACK 11/22/2006
1996 chevy silverado with a 305 vortec. The oil is blowing out oil from the filter as... by jeremy 11/22/2006
I have a 1908 indian head penny. How much is it worth today? by Evie 10/5/2006
A few months ago, I purchased a Taylor NS34-CE nylon string guitar. Iíve had problems... by Dan 10/1/2006
how to change wiper motor in 1997 nissan maxima by taivail 2/14/2007
I need direction and picture if possible on how to change valves seals and oil gaskets,fo... by amzoun 11/10/2006
oil leak by oil filter was told housing seal or mounting plate please help by John 2/10/2007
How do I repair the back window on my 2003 Buick Lesabre? by The Doc 10/3/2006
why did WWII happen? by Ries 12/8/2006
how do i cancel getting emails from freecycle in pueblo, co. by juatnita 2/12/2007
information on real time expert systems by mani 2/17/2007
my 1989 jeep Cherokee Laredo over heats. i replaced the thermostat,the hoses seem to be in... by walt 11/19/2006
i got my labret peirced about a month an a half ago and the out side is a little bit red... by bebe gurl 2/8/2007
I have a 2003 dodge ram 4.7L. The motor wont rev up over 3500 rpm, and it wont start... by cole397 11/8/2006
what size serpentine belt do i use for a 4.6L engine on a 92 ford crown victoria by jr 12/28/2006
I have a 95 plymouth grandvoyager with the 3.3 ltr engine. When you first start it the van... by weasel 11/7/2006
I am wondering how i can find screen names that i don't have for a friend that lives in... by Judy 11/6/2006
where is the pcv valve for 1996 dodge caravan 3.0? Are these a common problem that causes... by Bo 11/15/2006
We are looking for a porch lite that also has a plug outlet on it is there such a product... by corky 11/4/2006
1992 Mazda MX6 ,The fast idle / cold start valve sticks open at 1500 rpm and wont close... by Ron 12/24/2006
I have a 1950 five dollar bill how do I go about finding out what it is worth by bro 11/3/2006
what does XLT mean on the side of a car? by dixon 11/21/2006
1994 ford econoline 150 van wont start says fuel pump mca to ground where/ by spear 2/2/2007
how do i get a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1987 crystler conquest turbo by tony 2/2/2007
how do you put on a switch interrupor for a 1997 stratus by ron 2/5/2007
How do you literally remove oil pan from a 1984 ford ranger pickup after you have removed... by yamaha 11/1/2006
my 2005 chevy Avalanche 1500 4wd flashes the service 4wd light at times. and sometimes... by cj 11/7/2006
How do I remove the fuel tank from my 1984 Dodge w350? I can't see an easy way just... by dano 9/27/2006
1992 Cadillac Brougham 5 liter v8. Stalls when warm as too much fuel is sooting up the... by tenor2 12/15/2006
A polled loop system polls a discrete signal every 50 microseconds. Testing the signal... by Divya 11/4/2006
what causes a 1983 chrysler fifth avenue to sputter while you are driving along at... by smurf 11/9/2006
what is christians real name? by tink 1/12/2007
what is a bypass hose by posey 3/1/2007
Where is the the idle increase solenoid valve located on a 1997 Ford Contour with a 4 cyl.... by JohnJ 9/23/2006
show me how to remove the motor off my 2002 Dodge Neon? by eddy 11/6/2006
I was given the Commissioner's Arrowhead Award many years ago. I am now a Cubmaster, but... by Bob 9/22/2006
How do I know my systems licence code? by mindaer 9/30/2006
I own a 1985 volvo DL and am trying to figure out why my battery keeps dying. I have... by chadley692001 9/21/2006
I need an answer have a new doublewide every time it rains water stands under doublewide... by sunshine 9/21/2006
need help with finding dash lights not working on dodge neon 1995, already checked and... by bigjoel 1/31/2007
I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu which is leaking and I need to know where the drain plug is. ... by Karenah 10/31/2006
I have an 05' Chevy Impala with dual(separate)driver and passenger AC/heat controls, but... by sgoodie66 9/21/2006
Flame Shield Location Can someone tell me where (geographically) the flame shield is... by james 9/25/2006
I was told that brother and sister are only considered siblings if they come from the same... by Kerry 9/20/2006
how do you adjust the AC compressor belt on 1988 Audi 80 4 cylinder engine. by dobble o 12/10/2006
how do i reset a factory alarm on a 2000 k1500 chevy silverado by tazz99 1/29/2007
How do you replace the cv joint axel on a 2000 Nisssan Altama? by Heather 9/22/2006
i have a full grown german sheppard we keep outside most of the time.We own a home and he... by shepardgirl 12/8/2006
i need to find some info and pictures on the relay switches for a 1993 chrysler new yorker... by wanda sue 1/27/2007
My 2001 DODGE durango will not start when i turn the ignition by pissed 10/29/2006
How do I replace the power steering hoses on my 2000 Dodge Strattus? by scottpjwk 9/16/2006
i need to know where to find the relay for the cooling fan on a 96 jetta 2.0 by johnny 1/26/2007
how to put a blower motor and a fuel pump in a 86 caprice classic by d 1/28/2007
how do u put in a ignition lock on a mazda progta by will 1/28/2007
I have a Chrysler 2001 Town & Country 3.8 I think I need to replace the blower motor. ... by suzie 10/25/2006
A friend of mine has a 2001 Chrysler sebring convertible. It has a fairly severe stumbling... by Lou 9/14/2006
I have a 1991 honda lx and my driver window will not go up, What Do I need to do? by TJ 9/13/2006
I need a diagram of a wheel bearing assembly on a 2002 dodge neon or how do i tell if the... by driver 10/23/2006
What are the names of Carol Hathaway's twins? I think one is Tess? by Amy 9/13/2006
Where can I buy Tanelorak roses from? by web writer 9/21/2006
I am currently applying for immigrating to Canada, I need to obtain a police clearance... by nina 9/13/2006
I need to know if anyone can tell me where the Ignition Control Module is located on a... by Butch Haggerton 10/22/2006
Who is the actor that played most of the drivers in episodes? He was fairly tall with a... by loweland 9/11/2006
I have found some notes that are all numbered #8894, stating on each of them: The Bank... by Kathy 9/16/2006
I have a 1993 Honda Civic 3 door GTI(straight 4). I would like to know what the tappet... by katie 10/21/2006
My Daughter has a 2000 Kia Sportage and I'd like to change the fuel filter for her. Can... by Lizzardden 10/21/2006
I need instructions on how to replace heater cables on 1988 Dodge Aries K car without air... by Derek 10/21/2006
I have a 2001 silverado it will not start unless you pour gas in the throttle body then it... by scotmstyus 9/11/2006
Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 1996 Chevy Suburban 4x4 w/5.7L v8? by tbone 9/10/2006
I have a VW Polo Y reg, petrol 4 door model. It does not have central locking or an alarm... by Jan 10/20/2006
my truck lid does not open with my transmitter but my power doors and my alarm works with... by robert williams (yvrn) 1/20/2007
To make a document look professional, what would be the correct way to write, The meeting... by Debbie 10/19/2006
i have a 1929 $50 that reads national currency. has federal reserve bank Cleveland OH.... by genny 10/29/2006
How do I get spam? My address is by Spammy 9/17/2006
Where is the location of the oxygen censor for a 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX by Franklin1964 10/18/2006
Have 98 jetta. 4 cyl 2.0L. Alarm goes off randomly, usually late at night. Can I disconnec... by Greg 9/7/2006
My 11year old dog kita has nasty brown stuff comming from her nose when she sneezes.She... by jessa 9/7/2006
do the hotel come with a kettel and hair dryer by base 2 1/19/2007
Where can i get details regarding voice over ip and what are the protocols we are using in... by dev 10/16/2006
I have a 1934D series 100 dollar US bill, it is missing "In God We Trust" on it, is this... by febeswp 9/5/2006
How many hurricanes have hit in the U.S. in the past five years? by daddy big bucks 9/8/2006
how do i remove rear speakers from 2001 pontiac grand am by neil 1/18/2007
Hi guys, I have a VW Polo, 1995, Petrol and am having a problem with stating. When I start... by Ed 9/5/2006
I have a 1999 VW Passat 1.8T. It recentely started to lose power. When engine RPM'sdrop... by tim 9/4/2006
I'm a disable vet, with a handicap placement tag. Who can I call or what number can I... by johnny 9/4/2006
I have a '91 Dodge Spirit RT. I am getting spark and fuel but it will not fire. Any... by Terry 9/3/2006
Around how many people do believe in Christ? by MT 9/11/2006
I have a 1996 Windstar that shudder or vibrate and it increases as speed is increase. The... by GEORGIE 10/13/2006
i have a 2001 pontiac grand prix and my cooling fans will not cut off when car is running.... by bob 10/23/2006
How do I change a the starter on a 1987 chevy suburban? by Sarah 9/6/2006
I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy SLE and I have this "Service Engine Soon" light that keeps coming... by computerdoctor 9/2/2006
1990 Chevy Camaro? what and where is the reset for INFL? by Sue 10/22/2006
What is the procedure for opening hood of a 1995 GMC Vandura Van with a broken hood... by Stach61 9/7/2006
Does anyone have an ABS diragram for a 2003 Ford Windstar? by Kenny 9/5/2006
Hi im jessica and i wanted to know of any good breeders in the ny nj area for yorkie pups... by Jessica 10/11/2006
The transmission in my 86 Lincoln Towncar will go to neutral when i slow down and i can... by Wildman 9/1/2006
was there any one dollar bills printed in 1963 that did not have a serial number on... by cardoff 11/30/2006
I have a 1994 ford explorer eddie bauer and the anti theft device keeps going off my... by tom 10/10/2006
Installing Serpentine Belt on Chevy t10 blazer by Mr? 10/13/2006
Need help are the Fuel Rail and injectors the same for both 3.5L engines in the 1993... by Vader 10/10/2006
Two questions, does anyone know what size aftermarket head-unit will fit in my 1990 ford... by joe 10/9/2006
how do you tell if your snake is a boy or a girl. by ALEX 1/9/2007
where do i find a breakdown picks of a 1994 Plymouth voyager 3 spd transmission so i can... by jimpi 10/15/2006
how many fluid ounces in 500grams by jeremy 1/31/2007
if a person gets a positive test result for steriods, how long will that stay in their... by cubbie 1/3/2007
how much do i feed an 11-month old neutered male shih-tzu? he's really getting BIG!! ... by bunny 10/18/2006
i have a 1998 Dodge Caravan,only with 41000 mile original nothing added to the vehicle,... by Ric 11/23/2006
also if you know any other place i could go to that resembles something of animals that i... by laura 11/22/2006
I have a cx210x notebook and a hp 1120C. I would like to hook them together but the... by Allen Miles 10/2/2006
How old do you have to be to get your tragus pierced in Pennsylvania? by susie 8/31/2006
where is a fuel sensor located on a 1992 Honda civic by pete 11/24/2006
which of the following is not an accepted code inspection technique? 1.Domain analysis ... by vasu 10/11/2006
how many times a day do i need to feed my min pin by puki 1/3/2007
I went for an internal sonogram at a supposed 8 weeks and 5 days. All that was present was... by jlavalley 8/30/2006
why does my 1987 chrysler fifth ave have surging problems by nicholas 1/3/2007
what episode had fresh eggs when hawkeye wanted the cook to make french toast a certain... by khmargolies 12/29/2006
would like to know why I have a smell of unused gas in my 94 GM jimmy when u open the... by fireman 11/18/2006
this really nice guy has started working with me, i really like him and we have lots of... by Manda 12/28/2006
do i need auto insurance if i plan to drive someone elses car? Does sr22 insurance cover... by dave 10/8/2006
Where is the DRL module(Daytime running lights) located in my 2002 Ford Ranger XL 4x4? by Steve O 8/28/2006
does anyone know where you can find a paying job in california at the age of 14? by will_turner_lvr 12/27/2006
where is the fuse for the turn signals in a 1994 Olds 98 regency located? by burndr 10/7/2006
what should the crankshaft timing mark be on for a 1995 Chevy S=10 Vortex-6 pick up ext.... by Deeb 11/16/2006
Damp carpets on the driver side of my golf vr6 1997, has anyone got an idea where the... by ian 8/26/2006
Can you have euro tail lights made for a 2001 deawoo leganza? by Britt 8/28/2006
how can i get Internet Protocal address of a computer system by subhash 11/18/2006
My 96 cavalier is leaking coolant. I thought it was the water pump but I don't see any... by robhall25 8/24/2006
this site is useless by fred 2/2/2007
How do you change the low beam headlight bulb on a 2003 chevy malibu? by Bobby 8/24/2006
Which character on MASH dies? by John B 9/12/2006
my friend has a pincher and she is in delivery the first thing that was delivered is a sac... by nat 12/23/2006
Does anyone have a copy of the Late Show with David Letterman in which a sales rep... by Dave 8/23/2006
I saw a movie in 1963/64 where a the killer gets chased in a boatyard, tons of chain falls... by kate 8/28/2006
can orthodox Jews have others work for them on shabbat, even if they do not pay them until... by dj 10/2/2006
have you ever seen the Rollingstones postcards with the original five band members? by j 10/2/2006
Net worth of 1864 Confederate $50 dollar bill? by Mindless 8/25/2006
Where is the thermostat located on a 2001 Sebring, 2.7L engine? by Mike 8/25/2006
how can you get the spare tire off the back of a 1994 Chevy Blazer if you don't have the... by debbie 11/11/2006
my and my wife is expecting our new baby,and our bloud groups are similer O+ and any... by abc 10/1/2006
How do I change the Blower Motor Resistor for on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES, 3.2L? by bmh73 8/21/2006
1999 LHS - interior lights occassionally flashed bright, then with increasing frequency.... by Dean 10/1/2006
I keep getting a bunch of these crap Russian(?) e-mails and I want the damned thigs... by Old-Navy 8/25/2006
Hello I having a problem I have a 97 plymouth neon and I need to know where my relay... by loveu2 9/29/2006
We have a 2000 VW Jetta VR6 that is overheating. I can not hear the aux fan running and... by DF 8/19/2006
95 chevy lumnia apv just had the head gasget done but I was driving the van and the car... by Gavin Williams 11/9/2006
How much are 14 euros in American money? by beatlebette 8/27/2006
I have a akc reg dog and want to breed with Ckc. and want to reg. pups Ckc, is this... by barb 8/19/2006
My boxer over a two day period developed the following symtoms: drooling, labored... by trigger 8/17/2006
Looking for a boston terrior stud for my 1 1/2 year old female. She is AKC registered and... by Gayle 9/27/2006
do Sydney allow birthday party? by paris 10/4/2006
Please can some one show me the eatest way to remove a compressor for 1993 ford tempo or... by Charlie 9/26/2006
I have a 1990 Toyota Pick Up that wants to stall when the oil fill cap is removed while... by Mike 8/16/2006
My 8mth old rat has been sneezing since 2 moths after i got her she was 4 months then. i... by please i need help ERGnT 9/25/2006
I have a single phase, 220, 3hp, 1740rpm, motor for a large blower for a vehicle painting... by Sharon B 8/19/2006
What do you do with a CA driver license when you find one? by tb 8/17/2006
Trying to replace a burnt out dashboard light on 99 Toyota Corolla. Have removed the the... by rocksail 8/14/2006
What is the head bolts to be torqued at, on 1989 mercury tracer by Russ 9/27/2006
I would like a New Zealand Recipe for Rhubard wine please by cj 9/26/2006
I rescued a 6 month old female dane, I would like to know how often to feed her and when... by Daisy  8/13/2006
How do I change the evaporator core on my 2001 dodge ram? by bri 8/16/2006
How many pounds do i need to tourque a chrankshaft bearing on a 350? by mishypeachy 8/12/2006
how do i tell if my ratsnake is a boy or a girl? by 12/15/2006
I would like to have instructions on how to remove the egr valve on a 98 chrysler sebring.... by kefas72 9/21/2006
How can i find the password of others e-mail id by sumit kishore 11/4/2006
1991 Prelude 2.1 SI. The wires pulled out of the oxygen sensor plug coming from the wiring... by Blaine 9/30/2006
Radio and clock on my Dodge Dakota stop working.How can I fix it? by Jerry 8/13/2006
Derivation of the Algebraic Identities by Archanaa 9/27/2006

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