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Question / AnswerRatingDate
will ash ever find a boy friend??!! by tasha2/13/04
     find a 9 year old boy by Ruth Suter2/22/04
     yes she will in this world every one has a boy friend by sonu  mehta4/9/04
     I thing that she willfind a boyfriend becauze most of the boy like girls. by toocute 10/1/04
     I thing she will git a boyfriend.Most of the boyz like girlz. Iam not saying all boyz are... by toocute 10/1/04
     I would to have a 13yr.old boy to be my boyfriend. by Cheska 4/14/05
     I want 2 find a hot guy that loves me. by jade   5/7/05
     Yes i will find a boy friend thankyou very much by Ash 5/16/05
     i would like to find the rigth boy for me by vanessa 6/4/05
     No. i don't need material thing. by briona 6/13/05
     how old are you and i am 16 by rachael carmichael 7/18/05
     can you send an Male to me as soon as possible by op 12/21/05
     I want a hot 9 year old as a boyfriend. by Abbey 3/31/2006
     yes she will and he will be hot by ash 4/1/2006
     SHES GOT NO CHANCE by max` 6/23/2006
     hiya i look boys by yvonne 6/28/2006
     No she will not find a boyfriend by Cindrella 9/21/2006
     yes of cox she'll get a boyfriend DAT will love her alot!! there are enough boys in this... by oddgirl 1/4/2007
     8312014 by sevan 4/8/2007
     I'mlooking for a 11 year old boy who is extremely cute! by sophie larkcom 5/8/2007
     ilove you by daddy little girl 5/13/2007
     will i ever find a boy friend that is 12 by cassie 5/21/2007
in need to download the soundcard driver AD1816a to use for an IBMpc -PI by skroykolkata9/5/03
     I need to driver ad1816a by pop10/22/03
     please install the driver by ghaz12/1/03
     ad1816a by pashe2/5/04
     yes i do by aristotel2/15/04
     i nedd documentation the drivers by mako3/4/04
     nikfar by ali 3/9/04
     Dem + Did + travail by Demierre 3/15/04
     yes sir very good by ginnu3/22/04
     yes, i need the ad1816a driver for my sound card use by jerrry4/19/04
     Same time need to help by peter 4/23/04
     i want to sounddrive by raju5/2/04
     i need the driver for my sound card by czarna6/8/04
     not at this time by lastlink 8/9/04
     ibm pc machine by rgo123 9/21/04
     yes, I need this driver for my sound card. by bagee 10/10/04
     i need to dodwnlaoad a driver sowncard by tom 10/17/04
     Pakistan by faroooq 12/21/04
     rg_george by Yoyo 2/6/05
     thank you by ichank 2/18/05
     zxcssd by xxxxxxx 6/8/05
     HUSBAND by DEANO 12/5/05
Untill what age can akitas have puppies? by NaNCi1/27/04
     after about 37 years the akita breed can have pups. I personally have this breed and my... by chita4/6/04
     Dogs dont get to that age Chita... Any age of the dog as long as the dog is not... by rainthedivadog5/13/04
     Actually you should probably breed them at there second heat or 2 years old or older. by Rachel7/3/04
     Do not breed until 2 after health xrays and eye exams are done. Last breeding not... by Tami 8/26/04
     Aline Elmann E-mail me at by Ronny Imir 9/6/04
     in dog years they can be 37. that would be 5 years poeple age. I breed akitas and if you... by yatessakitas 1/13/05
     Dogs should only be bred after having passed all health certification and only to better... by rottnpagan 10/15/05
     i dont know....i buy those on dogopoly though lol by cki 12/4/05
     Dogs should only have 1 or 2 litters of pups in their lifetime, and ONLY if they are... by Beauceron 3/9/2006
     yes i would like to create an account. by peaches 7/29/2006
     I thank you shoulde breed your your dog about the age of two. by Jaz 9/4/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     My dog is about 7 month old and she when in to heat and there was a male dog around and... by Vicky 3/11/2007
What percentage of people selected for the show Jepoardy, are Mensans? by Michelle Lampman3/27/04
     i don't know by chelsea 7/28/05
I have 2 questions: 1. I want to take dance class not for a career but to keep my back,... by CHARLES3/25/04
     I am a man and I wear pantyhose every day. Is this O.K. or not. I am not a gay. I am... by Pony 11/28/04
     I wear leotards and tights too as a guy. I have similar feelings that you do, perhaps... by Dave 9/14/05
     I love seeing a guy with a huge bulge in his tights. The bigger the better! The second... by Ronni Scalzo 11/28/05
I am in need of my own personal driving record and point totals for the past 12 mos, and I... by chris1/23/04
     Go to the DMV and ask for your abstract. I don't know what it'll cost you, but in IL it's... by EMK 6/27/05
     There is 840 grams in 30 oz. 2.2 pounds i think. by Raul 12/20/2006
what is difference between passing parameter 1:by value 2:by reference using the... by malik10/6/03
We have just brought a 9 week old Newfoundland puppy and he constantly has the hiccups. Is... by Samantha10/5/03
     We also have a newfy puppy and she also constantly has the hiccups. by carlson's abby girl12/11/03
     make sure the water is not to cold and if that dose not work take him to the vet by the dog man1/29/04
     our puppy is 12 weeks old, and until last week or so always got the hiccups after eating... by zack's mom3/8/04
     puppy's seem to get the hiccups,due to getting to excited,or eating and drinking to fast. ... by ravenkell4/13/04
     Call a vet and ask about it. Though it seems normal judging by the other answers, I'd... by Pie 5/18/05
I heard that Bush is refunding $400.00 per dependant child. Co-workers have recieved... by CJ8/25/03
     if you think that all that doesnt have a price somewhere else (read: TANSTAAFN, or there... by John10/16/03
I'm tryimg to find someone who was in World War 2 but I can't find a website. Where do I... by Kirian1/28/04
     my cats name by kitkatcutie45 5/9/2006
     I need to find some in the war by anthony baker 1/23/2007
     Go on and there you will find someone who survived the death... by Charlie 3/5/2007
     who was in world war 1 by arely 3/20/2007
     suggest you contact the DOD (department of defense) for the name of your local veteran's... by Carlie Pet 5/8/2007
     MARSHMALLOWS!! by boogley3/5/04
i want to retrive .cpp file from its executable .exe file, how can i do this? by pradeep10/20/03
     You can't. The most you might be able to retrieve is the symbol table (list of ... by tom10/25/03
     how can i send a Message to the child Message Q by msh 5/11/05
     or you can get naked and sex yourself by mike4356346 6/28/05
why did Australia become involved in World War 1 by linda9/14/03
     because of its aliance with britain by solidarityke11/3/03
     because there were heaps of gay guys in europe and they were trying to hit on us, so we... by pimp cock11/6/03
     Brad smart loves megan soo bad and meh! by Brad Smart11/16/03
     i have a big muff and i like it very much by nathan braithwate11/16/03
     Mark is king of the mofo'sand loves scott and rodney by MARK STEPHENSON12/1/03
     Because of its alliance with britain by Twandy lunfr12/1/03
     Not only does Mark love Scott and Rodney, he loves his pet slug Evonne and he also bum... by MARK STEPHENSON12/2/03
     all you mofos are gay by bob1/12/04
     because hitler wanted john howard by cleatus2/15/04
     i love ben sooo much! by charznb3n4vea2/16/04
     my friends mouse is invisible!! hahahahaha. rule. pommies arnt gay. go johnny wilkinson!!... by hanz2/19/04
     hello ppl. im bored. world war one...? ne1 no nething bout it? school sux. im doing an... by hannybub2/19/04
     u suck by lenny2/22/04
     bevause i love scott and i always will oh and gabby loves ryan counihan he gose to saint... by sexci2/23/04
     because anita at olsh in yr 9 is a lezzzzzzzzzzz by me2/23/04
     They had an alliance with Britain. But I'm doing an assignment and they want more than... by Me2/24/04
     Because Charmaine from Adelaide is gay and influenced everyone by Charmaineisgay.com2/29/04
     because jack sucks by Ben3/9/04
     Shut up u noobs, or if i may douche bags, ur da biggest losers in da world. by Zekky boy3/10/04
     i need the real answer by carace3/10/04
     You guys are all red Nex And suck the Big ONE by Nickster3/10/04
     Hitler believe that all Germans had racial superiority over all other races, especially... by babyD3/16/04
     hi my name is ashley gordon and i love chris franklin he is fuking gorgous and i love him... by gordo_9233/18/04
     i love to have deep penetrative sex with my vibrator every night before i go to bed, its... by lozza3/22/04
     CASEY WAGNER LOVES KEVN BRADSHAW FOR LIFE by casey_wagner3814/21/04
     ryan is a rammer. he iz the lord of all rammers. he buys condoms off ebay for $1 by fuct up5/3/04
     hitler was in world war 2 but uno n he had a pinna by thu5/4/04
     My name is bwad weeves and i am a weetart. I am gwetting wff over queer eye 4 the stwait... by bradley 5/4/04
     Yeah um, this whole thing meant to be about world war1 you mofos in case you didnt know.... by Chelsea~5/9/04
     because 3 days before the war pressident joseph cook said that "if britain is at war, so... by Jason John5/11/04
     eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by me5/11/04
     ya baby by Codeman5/19/04
     September 3rd Britain and France declared war.As so Australia was a British nation.People... by natty5/23/04
     I like chesse by Grech5/30/04
     Hairy Guy seeks hairy lady for fun and friendship. I am keen to meet a naturally hairy... by Daniel M5/31/04
     if u like cheese then u can join C.E.A.(Cheese Eaters Anonymous). We like to eat cheese... by little mousy likes cheese6/11/04
     hairyguys r shexmy! by brokenhairs6/13/04
     i like sex in my belly buton by fatty6/13/04
     I LIKE MONKEYS The pet store was selling them for five cents a piece. I thought... by Tyla6/21/04
     what the hell is this? by you dont need to know! thats classified! 8/5/04
     I LOVE FILLING BIG THINGS IN MY rectum by allan mora cruz 8/9/04
     the correct answer is oompa loompa told australians to enter the war and we all no willy... by Tomass 8/25/04
     GAY GUYS by Budweiser8EW 8/25/04
     do not bag out Hitler, he was a good man, he never done anything wrong, he fought in what... by 'unknown' 8/29/04
     the monkey story tops it. i love veronica!! by wanknerds r us! 9/2/04
     because tyrone curtis is a fagot John barbour is soooo good on the knee and cuts his own... by ollie 9/4/04
     because i like it by charlie 9/5/04
     please add by anita bath 9/12/04
     i smell like fish and i like it by zoe 9/13/04
     R u guys n girlz all retarted or wat. u's r weirdos luv ya's by hello peoplz 9/20/04
     wats with that cheese dude by hello peoplz 9/20/04
     Emily Leonarder is in luv with cameron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats soo gross considering he... by hello peoplz 9/20/04
     some answers are very stupit. by zindgi 10/2/04
     some answers are very as stupit stupit. by zindgi 10/2/04
     hi wat bout world war one? by ajo 10/18/04
     you guys are all a bunch of faggets wheres you aussie sprit john howard rules latham sucks... by me!!!!!!!iiiiiiii!!!!!!!! 10/25/04
     I LOVE U MY CHILDREN by JESUS 11/1/04
     we lost anzac cove by cat n scream 11/5/04
     • Australia had enthusiasm commitment to support Britain against Germany. • Britain... by suize q 11/8/04
     because kaate n aiimee are friiendz forever!!! by kkaaaattteee n aaiiimmmeeee 11/10/04
     The Australians were involved because the Germans killed/and raped theire kangarros Adolf... by Spike 1R 11/16/04
     all you ppls who have sed all this are all gay!!! world war one is gay 2! by shazza 11/16/04
     wtf u guys r all weirdos by wtf 11/18/04
     o year a ha o yer a h you rilly suck by may land 12/2/04
     ▬£\4♂5j6j▀8£╤_ 57;☼☼ c○τ☼??   ☺... by matt uiniff 12/4/04
     Australia joined because all the convicts thought it would be a good way to get back into... by William 1/9/05
     HAHAHAHA DAN IS SOOO FYN!! :D:D:D x by ?????? 2/2/05
     how do you confuse a gay? ... by Clancie Woodward 2/14/05
     ur all gay by monnkeys suck 2/23/05
     look u guys r stupid! ppl actualy come here for real answers and u feed them crap! some of... by Mature 2/24/05
     so helpful so very helpful! I mean my brain is just bursting with your oh so gorgeous... by tada 2/28/05
     I know the answer i remember at band camp it was a dolphin talking to me and laz'ssistaz... by sOuFsIdE CrEsToWn 3/6/05
     I LOVE HAYDN S. HE IS TOTALLY HOT!! :) by GuEsS wHo!!? 3/9/05
     Why was Australia involved in world war I? The answer is it had no choice. In 1914 it was... by liadanofsevenwaters 3/10/05
     if u read this u r gay by azza 3/15/05
     Australia entered the war because they were part of the British Empire and they felt the... by Randomz 3/15/05
     you people are all crazy! Australia went to war because it was partly afraid of... by tricksy 3/16/05
     That last story touched me in a way i have never been touched b4... whoever wrote that is... by Charley Criston 3/20/05
     Danielle is a crack head by dik likkaah 3/22/05
     i luv robbie and 2Pac 4eva by aliB 3/22/05
     since you faggets are dun the reason Australia got involved is that Britain was about to... by do not now 3/23/05
     becasue australia wanted to see the world by scoti 3/23/05
     australia was part of britan empire. by Champ 3/26/05
     I love little children and i invite them into my bedroom nightly.. look at the pink... by girls on crack 3/29/05
     most of the people who lived in australia were mainly british so if britian went to war... by mariiiiiiiiiii 4/1/05
     australia was and is a part ot the british empire. when britain joined world war one,... by kevin  4/1/05
     how and why did Australia become involved in world war 1????? by lee 4/1/05
     ur all dumb by katie 4/4/05
     Australia joined ww1 because they were an alliance of britain, but also becasue they... by Blondie 4/24/05
     There was no question really whether Australia was at war as well or not because when... by Hey 4/24/05
     Hey does anyone know when did Australia get involved in the WW1? by KitTy buG 4/29/05
     Because Britain need Australia to surport them. by VIN 4/30/05
     Hitlers cock hurts by John howard 5/2/05
     John Howard makes good pie by Hitler 5/2/05
     coz like...australians are good and everyone knows that england wanted them to help them... by Bee 5/3/05
     You guys were so informative -sarcasm- Thanks. by Teeza 5/15/05
     i think australia went into world war 1 because they suck ball LEBANON RULE i live at 16... by shane dean 5/19/05
     please someone give the right answer i love c.w by me 5/20/05
     um becasue they wanted t oget throw wit eps taht looked gay and casue there stupid to get... by brazilian_19chk 5/23/05
     u people a idiot how am i going to finish my essay now geez.. thanx for wasting my time by sweetbox 5/24/05
     you were adopted and your parents dont love you u fat fuka by cockmister 5/25/05
     guys you are all lame some of us actually need the real answer by zahra 5/28/05
     ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i loooove elie b and i looove mathew a i love to hav sex by stu 5/30/05
     Well you lot that wrote those stupid answers are very immature and need to grow up and get... by KitKatPoo 6/4/05
     lol u ppl r funni ive got a gay assignment u i h8 it so this makes me laugh kepp gowin... by lydia 6/5/05
     So that we could betray those British geeks after we finish with the Geremys. by George Ta Ra Man 6/5/05
     You dumb people!!! Hitler is in World War Two... Not World War One!!! And John Howard was... by Banana 6/15/05
     u all suk by lillo 6/19/05
     Brad johnson is the hottest boy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by chicks  6/19/05
     because shel is gay by for shizaaaayyy 6/20/05
     what the hell is go in on wtf ? by ESA 8/2/05
     what the hell is go in on wtf ??? by ESA 8/2/05
     what the hell is go in on wtf ??? by ESA 8/2/05
     All of you have major problems by DD 8/3/05
     Australia became involved because Joseph cook, the leader of the government said "if... by I know alot 8/4/05
     i think sex on the beach would be great apart from getting sand in yo self..he he.!! n e... by sex o the beach 8/4/05
     use are freaks by u freaks 8/22/05
     i tried to sniff coke but the ice cubes got stuck up my nose... by drug poker 8/23/05
     this is soo pointless, half u gay fags are talkin but BiG ONES!!! homo's! anywayz every1... by this is random! i luv surfin 8/24/05
     tom loves amanda by nathan 8/29/05
     cause ryan rooted temea in the berlina by tom danger 8/29/05
     sally love s jb by L bow 8/29/05
     would any one like to join the consterpated cornflake group its so fun...... by poo poo's friend wee 8/29/05
     nathan loves jaye by jordan 8/29/05
     Australia was very closely tied to Britain in 1914. At this time Britain had a lot of... by stanley 8/31/05
     One day a guy dies and finds himself in hell. As he is wallowing in despair he has his... by you gay mofos 9/6/05
     Im A Bone. by Mr Givens 9/7/05
     Hi I'm Warren, but my buddy's call me Wetarded Warren, there so cool. I was actually... by warren 9/8/05
     becauz brett has no shoulders by juby 9/12/05
     i was thinking of screwing the teacher??? by Daniel J Sacket 9/20/05
     i like cheese by mikey 9/20/05
     i will rape u all!!! by Hitler Scaket 9/22/05
     u are all gay and sad by pop 9/28/05
     im fat and desperate by christopher 10/4/05
     some of you guys are nob heads some people would actually want to learn about world war... by 0437154274 10/6/05
     if Germain's didn't think they owed the world so many more people would still be alive. i... by ljones 10/7/05
     hfsuohodhishgojdhgoudhgodu[hgsoghd[uahgou dhgoushgouehdoguhsaoughdugsdfhiughiursghp lupuhgo;... by poo 10/13/05
     this is the stupidest question by woggy 10/13/05
     coz im lookin 4 a Head job u gunna giv me 1 by hitler 10/13/05
     I LOVE TIM SCOTT $ LYF by sexcfull 10/18/05
     u r all really gay and should get a life and you are really ugly everyone who reads this... by wogga is ugly 10/24/05
     asdfjkl; by tt 10/24/05
     because we said so,OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! so there shut up u freaks LOSERs by lala 10/27/05
     Lozza love your answer to that question, lol. the real answer is that Australia was part... by wazupp 10/30/05
     you stupid people are so gay you don't even know what you are going on about .i mean 200... by sparkle shine 11/4/05
     i love regan!! i love you babe mwa XOXOXOXO by ??? 11/5/05
     Britain was in the war therefore we had to join because we are frends with britain even no... by RONAN IS SEXC 11/6/05
     rissati is gay and so are all of u reading this by risatti is gay 11/7/05
     Because i hate lina in yr 11 from parra by Miu 11/12/05
     Wat the fuk this is alod of bull fu k jesus christ by Fuk u  1/23/2006
     if u read this u smell and is gay hehehe dont u assholes know anything about world... by teletuby_smokespink_potblueberry 2/6/2006
     Britain was commited there selves to Belgium's defence so then Australia had to come and... by go 2 hell!! 2/21/2006
     all you fags are extreamly gay. by fly 2/21/2006
     this website is gay by poobum 2/22/2006
     i like to ass rape snails by ass bandit 2/26/2006
     effin weird ass kients by Jess 3/6/2006
     because they where part of britains mass empire and had an alliance to britain by baby123 3/9/2006
     Because they were running around naked chasing us with guns and big diks by parko 3/9/2006
     hi my name iz pookie pookie poo and i like to sniff ass. i like to masturbate my belly... by pookie pookie poo 3/13/2006
     cos of britIAin by sex kittne you 3/17/2006
     Well... thanxx this really helped me with my assignment :) so far i have Australia joined... by || Hot Blonde || 3/19/2006
     Becouse nika got kiled by nika 3/22/2006
     Becouse nika got kiled by nika 3/22/2006
     because john howards grand daddy was a tight ass by stupid 3/23/2006
     AUSSIE'S SUCK.....JOHN HOWARD IS GAY...SO IS GEORGE BUSH....HATE AMERICA LOL, LEBO'S... by lebo_princess 4/2/2006
     please guys look up world war one. that is so so sad that you guys know nothing about it. ... by jayde 4/2/2006
     umm because war is gay and 4 sum gay reason they foourt over sum stupid reason and yeh its... by sezzie 4/3/2006
     because it is all bull . I history.................................. ................ by u suck 4/4/2006
     the africians had destroyed the australians so the australians attacked gallipoli instead... by Hippi guy from africa 4/6/2006
     BRY LOVES BANANAS...also she wants everyone to know that no bananas were involved, if you... by banana 4/12/2006
     well...mary likes wet fudges...just like me :) hehehehehe mmm fudegy fudgey fudgey by bananas part 2 4/12/2006
     i like eggs by carissa 4/27/2006
     this is a site to learn not to write things about sex and monkeys Get a life al of u lol by omg!!!! 4/27/2006
     Australia became involved in WWI because, although by then they were a nation free of... by Sampana 5/2/2006
     hi people i got an asignment and i would like to get further info on we gotinvolved i ww1... by abby 5/2/2006
     i like bannanas, and i love cheese to by boo 5/3/2006
     um wat waz i gunna rite um oh yeh pplz get a life yalla c ya cuz salam by fee fi fo fum 5/3/2006
     i think all of use have the gayest answears wtf i like monkeys seriously by U R ALL GAY  5/11/2006
     Australia became involved in World War One in August 1914 as Britain was preparing to... by Jono 5/14/2006
     yall know nuthun bout the war i dont iether so can ya write sum good answers so i can... by KilLa G 5/15/2006
     I AM GAY by Trevor Choy 5/18/2006
     I AM GAY by Trevor Choy 5/18/2006
     WESTSIDE by JOHN 5/18/2006
     Lurkey: Well on saturday or no i mean sunday is my birthday and i would like every mo fo... by Lurkey_turkey 5/18/2006
     hello people by Mhunk 5/18/2006
     mother of hell..use all suck by luuuluuu 5/25/2006
     this site is dumb no 1 gives right answers whats with the childish things by some1 5/27/2006
     all the fukers in england were screwing our hot babs so were like well help you fight and... by thomas i hate this site i go to jtc 5/29/2006
     whats the matter with you sick people im doing an assignment about this in year 10 history... by ice man 5/29/2006
     kristie, annalise, mara, annalisa, kristi-lee best friends for ever by kitty kat 5/30/2006
     i am a rabbit y'all by goongy 5/31/2006
     Why the hell do you guys talk about sexual intercourse? by Yr. 7 Boy 6/5/2006
     im gay by jess barling 6/5/2006
     well i think charred monkeys are hot! call me! by Jammy 6/12/2006
     i feel sorry for u sad ppl by sad ppl 6/15/2006
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     which is better right hand masturbation or left hand? pls i need to know for my health... by Michael Borter 7/3/2006
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     hilter tryed to create a world where only him and edmund barton and fello nazis by dj howe 12/6/2006
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     coz hitler loves dirty sanchez by sexkittens 2/21/2007
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     it was sumthing to do with the troops getting sent out to samarlia to eat yellow bellied... by the one eyed poo man 2/22/2007
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     was dat writen by a guy? by holly 4/4/2007
     i am doing a major assignment in world war one... talk about a bore... nay suggestions on... by morgan...... 4/18/2007
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     Douch bags its about World Wars by Fuken Mofos 5/29/2007
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what is the difference between capillary whole blood and venous whole blood when using the... by judith Henderson7/23/03
     Capillary refers to the microscopic blood vessels running through your skin and tissues ... by Sales@ReDpc.CJB.com11/9/03
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How much is 5 francs in dollars?? by A6/18/04
     i was about to ask u the same thing by kristin 1/10/05
     two dollars by dj 2/23/05
     Nothing. Francs are worthless now they use Euros. j/k i dunno by B 6/2/05
     i dont know by weird 12/1/05
     how much is francs compared to american money by niger 3/17/2006
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     how many francs to the dollar? by parker 8/1/2006
     who knows by who knows 8/9/2006
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write a programme in Assembly language(8086) for performing a unsigned finally division on... by manish4/20/04
     how do i write a programme? by stephen Anda 9/22/04
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     helo....... i think you still in love with your should think carefully which one... by popeye8/20/03
     There are many ways of interpreting dreams, and very few of them rely on literal interpret... by Jo8/30/03
     I have dreams about my ex. boyfriend too, and sometimes i think its because i want to get... by BabyGirl5/21/04
     i have dreams and feelings like that Every night!! its bloody hard to work out in your... by kat5/30/04
     I think that it has to do with memories of a certain period and what charm this period... by dgj326/8/04
     how bout you get over your ex he's not coming bak to you just cause you have dreams bout... by PeNiS6/8/04
     Well sh*t, i keep having dreams about my ex-g/f and i havnt seen the girl face to face in... by DJ Ghosty EL 9/24/04
     my boyfriend just broke up with me today because he thinks i was cheating on him with one... by allie 10/26/04
     i had a dream about an ex-boyfriend 2 and i think that I'm still in love w/ him and u may... by vannah 11/25/04
     Hey...I like this boy we've been out before but it didn't work out i still like him i mean... by Z@Inab 11/29/04
     i had a dream about my ex-boyfriend and in my dream i really liked him but i didnt know... by sweetheart 1/8/05
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     I too just had a dream about my ex. We were laying together snuggling, hugging, and... by Longing for Love 2/18/05
     I don't stop thinking about my ex i go to sleep most nights and dream about him and wake... by tickle 3/22/05
     Your ex-boyfriend represents your past. Your current boyfriend represents your present. ... by The Monk 9/8/05
     i have similar dreams about an ex-boyfriend, but i have them all most every night for the... by dolly123 11/23/05
     I have dreams about my ex boyfriend even when I'm not thinking about him at night. Don't... by Lorraine 11/28/05
     i broke up with my boyfriend last june and when i got back to school i fell in love with... by punkrocker 12/1/05
     i broke up with mine then had a dream that he fingered me to death. by C*K 12/2/05
     wow i dont think i would take advice from someone named PeNiS....maybe it isnt her that... by sammietizzle 4/10/2006
     I have dreams about my ex bf all the time! good ones like being with him again even though... by bella 4/28/2006
     I dream a lot of my ex boyfriend in high school.... it's been 9 yrs since we broke -up and... by Purple 5/5/2006
     About 2 months after my boyfriend left here I had a dream he had his angry face in my face... by EarthHostage 5/13/2006
     ive been having dreams about my BF cheating on me and just being with other girls. it... by michelle 6/22/2006
     dgj32, I think you make a great point. We are all happy with the things that make us... by Poetmaster02 6/23/2006
     I had a dream last night about my ex, very vivid, the only strange thing is that the... by row 7/4/2006
     I always have this kind of dreams. Now when It happens I know what it means. To hugg... by grapes 7/5/2006
     well i have those kind of dreams too, at first i thought the same thing u do now, but now... by nena 7/7/2006
     I had a similar dream last night. It really freaked me out too. Now, I am wondering if... by Same Dream 7/14/2006
     i had a dream that my ex boyfriend saw me at the store and his friend came up to me and... by la la 12/21/2006
     This is a dream about the mystery of the quotient. Sometimes it is within, and sometimes... by phrexus 12/24/2006
     i have dreams bout the ex to and in the dream things go back to the way it use to be can... by kezza 12/28/2006
     girl i get you!!!!!! me and my ex broke up one year ago! and ever since i can't forget him... by gigglez 1/11/2007
     WTF,, your still at school for god sake,, get a life you idiot and grow up !!!! ... by dog man 1/17/2007
     i had a dream like that the other night. i hugged him in my dream and told him i loved... by koda 1/28/2007
     I've been having dreams of my ex boyfriend...doing stuff we used to do, these dreams... by QT 4/8/2007
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     I have dreams like that all the time of my ex-boyfriend. I think it is a period in time... by Ashley 5/26/2007
     Hello there people. i had the same thing me and my ex split about 2 months ago but the... by Sun Shine Girly 6/1/2007
     i catch myself having dreams about my ex and its dreams bout us getting back together ..... by Jessa 6/18/2007
     hi i sprit up with my ex boyfriend when i was 18 and he was 23 because he was chasing on... by laiura jayne 6/29/2007
     Well ,, I have dreams about my ex bf too,, its just it might be that u'llalways have a... by lilalli121 7/16/2007
I want to get rid of a worm virus, I inherited. by punkin8/13/03
     can you help with a download to get rid of a worm virus by bryan woodfield11/23/03
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I have a 1995 Dodge Stratus. The engine is a 2.4 litre, automatic transmission, with air... by Doug H9/9/03
     How long since your last tune-up. Adjust your feader cable. Look under the hood, have... by Joe Lou 10/27/03
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How do two-way light switches work? by Steffy11/12/03
     It is difficult to explain without a diagram but the electrical supply(the feed)comes to... by Ed11/25/03
     Here's a diagram. You'll need to view it in a fixed pitch font - copy and paste it into... by xpi0t0s1/21/04
     Because it does by Rhno2/9/04
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     The easiest way to understand this(boring) stuff is to find a simple diagram because who... by Nati3/8/04
     A two-way light switch is a way to turn on a light bulb using 4 magnets, batterys, wires,... by Kassie 3/15/04
     Animated diagram: http://img19.photobucket. com/albums/v57/drelnathi/2wayswitch.gif by drelnathi3/22/04
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     Two-way switches are just an easier way to find your way around your home, job, etc.... by seema 2/28/2006
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My dog has a bald spot? What might that be? by martha9/11/03
     if it has a kinda nasty smell to it, your dog licks it a lot, and is pinkish and fleshy... by John10/16/03
     My dog is 7 month old, His fur coat is Dry. On the top of his hip, there are 2 spot, it... by Gunner6/1/04
     he has a bald spot because he has tryed to have sex with a foreign koala and this "koala"... by PeNiS6/8/04
     It's called demodex. It is a mange that pups under a year get. You have to go to the vet... by Tara 11/2/04
     How do you use Smiley Central? by Becca Plushkis 11/20/04
     Pen, get a life you little fat albino ingrate. by Garbage^ 8/22/05
     WtF are you talking about loser... Nothing else to do but put up this ridiculous statement... by this guy above me has no life 9/12/05
     my chihuahua has a bald spot it was verry small and now it became the size of a dime or... by amy paic 10/18/05
     My dog has a almost the exact same problem. I found some "bile " vomit and now 1 week... by lili333 1/6/2006
     U should put anything you could find that is soft!!!! by yan yan 1/23/2006
     I would like to comment that PeNIS's answer is very inappropriate and should not have been... by gracie 4/28/2006
     your dog has skin cancer take it to the vet immediately or it will spread by doctor ethel 6/3/2006
     Pet's nick name by Andrea 7/25/2006
     My dog is a Chihuahua and has a big red and pinkish spot on his lower back, almost all the... by onewithquestions 9/4/2006
     my do is about 7 months and has it im so woried please HELP by SCooby 10/1/2006
     my dog- he's 8 years old, and he has some teeth problems, he also apparently has skin... by gena 3/14/2007
     Martha, listne to John, He's probably right, not PeNiS (He/She is a sad, sad person). -.-... by uhw/e. 3/19/2007
I am trying to migrate to Australia and I have found it very difficult. I have a lady... by Dave11/24/03
     Dear Dave, How difficult it would be will be on a case by case basis. Is there anything... by Edmund Lee12/4/03
     I never tried but always dream about australia. I am desperate to work in australia, in... by Shoukat1/26/04
     Dear Dave, keep a look out for my new Site, it will be up... by christina moore2/8/04
     To whom it may concern, My husband and I are looking into migrating to Australia, My... by Erica2/10/04
     The Farmers Wife, Its is always good to have a job to go to and this can improve your... by christina moore3/1/04
     i want yo migrate to Australia what can you help me by younus idris3/9/04
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     i would like to immigrate to australia i am in the health proffesion. however my husband... by mother of 35/11/04
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     Hi, I currently live in The Netherlands, but am looking at any possibilities of moving to... by Pat7/18/04
     Hi, I can understand. The process can be complicated, but there are several approaches... by Les7/19/04
     I am a UK chartered accountant and Australian Registered Migration Agent with years of... by Louise 8/3/04
     I wish to work in Australia,(As an Accountant/Administrator) what should I do for getting... by Baiju 8/9/04
     hello guys i am doctor and working in pakistan .i worked in ophthalmology for the last 4... by farooq 8/23/04
     I want to immigrate to Australia to have more good living, and all the establishments that... by fawazk 1/16/05
     hi, i lived in Philippines and my husband is working as a seaman they are base now at... by che aquino 4/15/05
     i want to live in Australia and the married there because likt it can u help me here im... by waled mohameed abd elrhman 5/2/05
     hi i m tushar Patel and i wanna to migrate to Australia for permenant residence so ... by tushar patel 7/15/05
     Have a look at the migration pages on . I found them... by JohnAustin 2/20/2006
     We may be able to help. There are usually ways of getting you into Australia. The main... by AndrewM 3/29/2006
     We may be able to help. There are usually ways of getting you into Australia. The main... by AndrewM 3/29/2006
     we are trying to migrate to Australia from Canada but there is no one with clear cut... by kulbir 12/7/2006
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     hi i am trying to migrate to Australia for studying MBA, and want to know whether my wife... by NICKS 5/2/2007
     Hi! I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines, what are the necessary steps i need... by gerwin 6/2/2007
What was the purpose of the Book of the Dead?How does/did The Nile effect Egypt? by lollypop9/10/03
     Egyptians, as most ancient peoples believed that deads' souls went to the underworld.... by Sugaar.10/5/03
     i am not sure what we should be saying ut i fell like typing cause this is h/w and i am... by michael 1/4/05
     The purpose was to show how to get people ready for the after life! by booty beaver 3/8/05
     WHAT SHE SAID by ashley 6/5/05
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what is happening when a chiuahua is shaking really bad has its tail in between its... by katie2/22/04
     Chihuahuas are cold natured dogs so they Shiver often, especially if its short haired.They... by jennifer3/18/04
     My chihuahua shakes so bad he goes into seizures. The vet put him on medication but he... by Spanky Mac Nasty5/30/04
     If you have not taken your dog to the vet to get a check up, please do. She/He can have a... by Lisa 10/27/04
     I plan on getting a chiuahua in the near future, problem is I am clueless on how to house... by Mondu 11/18/04
     My chi. shakes a ton when she's in the car. They shake because they are either 1)cold ... by Missy 11/23/04
     my chihuahua and pom mix would shake when he was cold. very easy to train and attached to... by jody 12/28/04
     My puppy had a 94 degree body temperature. The vet said that it should be 101 degrees. ... by Patsy 1/10/05
     You should look into getting him a companion to keep him company during the day..they'll... by Keesa 2/10/05
     my little guy also has seizures, and is on medication. His legs get really stiff, and... by laurie 2/24/05
     Just stay home for a few days and see how your dog reacts by Sassy 3/7/05
     sometimes Chihuahua shakes because hes scared or sometimes hes or shes cold by angel45 6/2/05
     your chi could have gas. My did the same thing with gas pains. I had to change food and... by plf 7/9/05
     I recently bought my chihuahua and he also shakes because he is so cold. I went out and... by heather 7/16/05
     Dear Spanky, Please get your chihuahua a friend, either a kitten he will love, or... by Phoebe the Chihuahua 12/27/05
     Dear Spanky, Get your chihuahua a kitten he will love, or another small dog with whom... by Phoebe the Chihuahua 12/27/05
     Katie, I shake a lot too. Sometimes it means that I'm scared, cold, or just need love.... by Phoebe the Chihuahua 12/27/05
     My chihuahua is cute,and friendly toward people but when ever I leave home she always gets... by Emery Taylor 2/22/2006
     My chihuahua is cute,and friendly toward people but when ever I leave home she always gets... by Emery Taylor 2/22/2006
     when the dog is shaking that usually mean that it is really nervose..... by katie lynn 2/22/2006
     my dog is always trying to fight and dyeing to be held and has a ton of toys? by tt 3/4/2006
     when my chihuahua shakes it usually means either she has to "do her business" or she's... by holidayroad 3/31/2006
     i think youre talking about ur son NOT YOUR DOG. by doglover 6/15/2006
     m,.mjkjbnnm bnnmbjhguytu5t76rfrtgfgvfcvfbgcfg by opopopop 9/21/2006
     our dog shakes often too,it's normal. we had several difficulties with him when he was... by sen&sasha 10/4/2006
     I Love dogs they are so cute by Cam 12/10/2006
     My puppy is adorable, but he does shake! He shakes when i come home from work or if I take... by beauty_23 12/19/2006
     Shes scared, duh! by H_M_E_Bug 1/8/2007
     i rescued an angel named ipper he was abused and has brown bald spots all over his face... by mr ipper 4/2/2007
     if your dog has issues with u leaving then try leaving the television on or get him a... by Tayls and Beaner(the chihuahua)  5/28/2007
my wife is in love with me and her gf.she is having an inner turmoil about it.I told her... by tim9/9/03
     No definitely not. You have a right to have your wife love you and only you. by dawn12/9/03
     the truth is that one day she will by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     No Let her be herself by Rick4/7/04
     The love between a woman and another woman is different than the love between a man and a... by marsha 8/24/04
     Your wife has a girlfriend and this is a problem how? by EMK 6/27/05
I can find the name of every Illinois Congressman from 1818 to present date. Icannot find... by Patrick3/9/04
Is an American Staffordshire Terrier a "Pit Bull?" by Peggy7/30/03
     No, the Staffordshire Terrier is not a "Pit Bull." They have many similar qualities but... by Asprindog8/10/03
     no, The Staffordshire Terrier is not a Pitbull, but they are closely related. there are... by Dizzy8/10/03
     NO,they are not the same dog.Is a Schiller Hound and a Smaland hound the same dog?They... by database48/11/03
     It depends on who you talk to. I own a male AmStaff and a female Pit Bull Terrier and for... by JaniKay8/15/03
     the akc has classified the breed as an american staffordshire terrier while the ukc has... by chrissy8/18/03
     NO, staffordshire terriers are not the same as a pit bull...they have many of the same... by tracey8/22/03
     American Staffordshires and Pit Bulls are from the same lineage, Staffordshires was the... by scooter9/2/03
     I have three. One of my females is a Staffy, one is an APBT, and my male stud is an APBT.... by Mark Washington9/4/03
     pitbull is not a breed, it is a crossing of several strong dogs to produce ultimate... by SWE9/8/03
     Go here to find out html read the whole page,... by Great Dane Lover9/14/03
     If they are the same breed then why is it that insurance companies refuse to provide... by JMAN9/19/03
     Yes they are the same only breed in two different ways. staff are breed for show but so... by myles9/19/03
     Pit bulls are not a bad dog unless you treat them bad. I have three staffs of my own and... by Andy McCook    [ baldy]10/3/03
     I have a staff and is 95lbs. All my friends with pits rarley get one to weigh more than... by peterbilt291910/3/03
     I dont believe there the same.i have a male staffordshire and he is a great dog.Hes never... by mamadiehl10/5/03
     I'm not sure if they're the same or not but I work for an insurance co and we will not... by Phamous10/16/03
     Pit Bulls and American Staffordshire Terriers are genetically the same breed of dog and... by Owner of  Both10/18/03
     Pit bulls and Stafforshire terriers are not the same dog. They do look a lot alike but... by Tanieca10/18/03
     They are essentially the same breed,however the best pit bulls were chosen and raised in a... by Devil10/21/03
     The American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier are one and the same. They... by Belliemonster10/29/03
     i have an american staffy and he sleeps in be with and he is the biggest sook and i think... by bo10/29/03
     staffs. are of the pit family,although less aggressive and smarter they do not lack in... by pitbully11/2/03
     I am an insurance agent who owns 3 pit bulls. I couldn't insure myself if I wanted to, and... by Cassie11/6/03
     First off SWE is a total eidiot who has never owned a pit or pit-like dog. I think that... by Eleddo11/6/03
     I've been hearing a lot of opinions about these two dogs being different. My opinion is... by kmw197711/7/03
     The Staffordshire is not a pit bull, it is a closely related breed. The Staffordshire... by Lucky Luciano11/8/03
     Let's clear this up- for good!! I have a Staffy. I did a lot of research on this BEFORE... by Nica11/8/03
     Actually I'm pretty sure that they are a little bit different. Like some people said the... by Eddie H11/13/03
     Then a small group of pit bull fanciers decided that their "Grand Old Breed" needed full... by Here11/13/03
     I own a staff, as pit bulls have been banned here in england since the 90s, he is big 95lb... by jonuk11/14/03
     the reason why they look so similar, is because they are both descendants of the Staffords... by Craig11/15/03
     le pit bull et l'americanstaff sont issu des memes chien, pour l'un qui a eut moins de... by MR PROPHETE11/18/03
     The apbt and amstaff are the same breed of dog bred for different porposes.The pit bull is... by novice11/19/03
     The pitbull and the amstaff are two different breeds of terrier. The pit is shorter and... by cluedevil11/22/03
     All of you guys saying that they are not the same breed, are just idiots. Can you guys... by ROXY2511/23/03
     it's obvious that most of the talk on this site is from hear-say. no one wants to do some... by stafflover12/8/03
     i'mgoing to steal an exerpt from a book on staffords to further clarify my previous... by stafflover12/8/03
     the are both good dogs? it's how jou creat them! bad dog= bad owner by bino12/10/03
     stafs and pits were once the same for the most part breed.but like anything raise two kids... by pure colby12/12/03
     The american staffordshire terrier is not the same as the pit. I used to work for pets... by Bug12/16/03
     just keep this in mind when trying to put all of this in perspective...the staffordshire... by stafflover12/19/03
     yes, because there dogs and they can breed so there probly known as a staffordshire. by Neika William2/12/04
     To Stafflover, you are wrong about amstaffs never having ears and tails clipped!!I know a... by amused2/12/04
     its all about the gameness of the breed. gameness is a quality that allows pitbulls to... by beans2/12/04
     i have a am staff he is the biggest baby he sleeps on my bed i have people say that he... by kel3/13/04
     The Staffordshire or Irish Staffordshire's were the first pit dogs. In the UK staffy... by Romeo3/15/04
     I can't help but laugh at how mis informed 99% of you people are. Whoever said the word... by jab23/20/04
     I am not sure about the difference of the breeds, but as a "pit bull" owner, I can tell... by twinoaks24313/20/04
     This one goes out to the idiots. 1) Cassie - I hope you know alot about insurance... by John3/21/04
     hey "amused", read my submission again. i said "staffords" not "amstaffs" never have their... by stafflover3/26/04
     Hi there, not that it really matters but if you really do a study on the differnce of the... by patch693/29/04
     ROMEO ... you see that .. and you allow that to happen you so CRUEL .. for letting thing... by snipe4/3/04
     Here is a question to that donut John. Why do Americans like you think bigger is better?... by Fletch4/9/04
     They are differant breeds. The Staff started out with APBT stock down from great breeders... by J H 4/13/04
     after reading what everyone as wrote about staffordshire bulls ,pit bulls and american... by oats4/14/04
     OK. If you really don't know what you are talking about, please keep your opinions to... by jkbegnaud4/15/04
     which one will win in a fight a pit bull or a Staffordshire bull terrier by jon4/16/04
     Different people can have totally different views on this subject. Yes, American Staffords... by manateegurl4/18/04
     When bull baiting was outlawed, dog fighting, which could be done clandestinely, became... by Dell Boy4/19/04
     It all depends I have heard a lot of people say that the AKC calls them American Staffords... by staffyboyuk4/27/04
     "The dogs were accepted, but the AKC would not allow the word "pit" in the name, and so... by staffyboyuk 4/27/04
     The Staffordshire Terrier is a Pit Bull, and so is a Dobie, and an Akita, a Great Dane and... by Ken4/30/04
     Hmmm....there are some strange people out there! Turning dog questions into American... by thebest2dogs5/5/04
     the difference in the breeds are as miniscule and prevalent as the owners who rant on... by Montruexe5/6/04
     There is no such thing as an AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER. There is the Bull... by SpencerPits5/9/04
     Staffordshire Terrier: males: 28 to 38 lbs. ... by loves-da-pits5/9/04
     well there is a dog called a Staffordshire bull terrier but not an American Staffordshire... by amstaff owner5/9/04
     well there is a dog called a staffordshire bull terrier but not an american staffordshire... by amstaff owner5/9/04
     amstaff owner: "pit bull owners want their dogs to be known as amstaffs because... by La_PitBulls5/10/04
     I would like agree with Spencerpits when he says that he has no experience of Bull... by Sensible Bull Terrier lover5/16/04
     You "Mutton-heads" talking about Staffordshires being shorter than APBTs are confusing... by Doug s.5/22/04
     I thought I would just point something out to the flag waving Americans who have contribut... by Bullseye5/24/04
     It is a pit bull because you could tell that it is. by steven5/25/04
     Do you love your dogs as much as you all talK by pacho5/25/04
     Romeo, you deserve to burn in the pits of hell you heartless a$$hole!!!!!!!!! by babyluv125/27/04
     the thing youve got to realize about pitbulls is theres so many different types have you... by ozzy dave 5/29/04
     Hi, I have owned a breeding pair of english staffy's and a breeding Pair of Amstaff's.... by ScotAfriKiwi 5/31/04
     an amstaff is bigger and stronger and carries more muscle than a pitbull the differnce is... by mrJAWS6/6/04
     Well, I have done much research here. In looking for a GREAT family pet, we ended up with... by avguru6/21/04
     The reason why Pitbulls mostly get such a bad rap is because of their strength and how... by CarmenxElectra 7/12/04
     american staffys have been bred the same as american pittys the term pitty is the type... by melissa7/15/04
     they are in the same family but there not the same.pits have black and red noses amstaffs... by pitbullette7/16/04
     There are 3 breeds often put into the category of "pit bulls" the American Pit Bull... by Sarah/Breeder of both7/18/04
     Pit Bulls and Amstaffs although similar are not.They both are loving and loyal dogs.... by Lis7/21/04
     usa staffys arnt the same dogs as APBT, they have the same background and ansestors... by kyser_amstaff 8/5/04
     Look, you are already on the computer, do some reserch for your self. I read most of... by Aaron 8/21/04
     As far as them being the same breed, yes but with suttle differences. either way, i love... by pit_lover619 8/26/04
     you people have no idea i have been breeding red nose pits, english staffordshireshire... by troystaa 8/29/04
     No they are not the same dog,the staffy is the cousin to the pit,but if i were you i would... by Staffy lover  9/6/04
     I'm no breed expert,but from what I've read not too many who have submitted answers are ... by Some Dude 11/13/04
     i have owned & breed amstaffs, staffy bulls, apbt, & now american bulldogs. just like most... by matt 11/23/04
     I was in England about two years ago i thoght i saw a really short "pit" but it was an... by valepitbull 12/12/04
     I found this an interesting old letter: if anyone's interested.. > From the... by tybrax 2/7/05
     No, They were the same dog until they were sepersted into two different breads. However... by Champ 2/8/05
     no becuase pitbulls, are know as the "american pitbull terrier" and an amstaffs looks... by rottie_girl_pit_2 2/21/05
     I think many of you are confusing American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull... by sunny 2/28/05
     have staffordshire bull terriers got lock jaw by lewis goodison 3/3/05
     hi i reckon that a pit bull and American Staffordshire terrier are not the same because i... by Kirsty 3/14/05
     it is so insane to me that people can judge these dogs as if one is better then the other,... by mrsmarinepit supporter 4/2/05
     I don't believe I remember the name of the book, but I read in black and white that the... by BluePitLover 4/20/05
     I live in London and i want to know where i can buy a American Pit Bull Terrier? by AK 4/29/05
     I just adopted an American Staffordshire terrier thismorning from the local animal shelter... by smakalot 5/16/05
     I don't believe Pit Bulls and AMStaffys are same. I own an AMStaffy and he is the best dog... by Dan 5/16/05
     No, the Am. Staff and the Pit Bull Terrier are not, nore have they ever ben. If one were... by Shaun 6/15/05
     AMPT and stafford terriers are evil man eaters They suck and so do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by alex 6/16/05
     Ok i have a pitbull which is also an amstaff! a pitbull and a staffshire terrier not the... by kerry 6/23/05
     From everything I have read and experienced with these two breeds, they are not the same... by Staffy Owner 8/22/05
     i dont believe anyone who has answered this question has showned any validity in their... by Diesel 8/24/05
     It is ignorance that keeps such beautiful animals bad names. Even owners of these two... by Ignorance 8/30/05
     The American Staffordshire Terrier is a unique breed, and has one of the richest and most... by spiritwolf68 10/17/05
     The American Staffordshire Terrier is a unique breed, and has one of the richest and most... by spiritwolf68 10/18/05
     To correctly give the origin and history of the American Staffordshire Terrier, it is... by angeleyzz 10/18/05
     A breed developed in America, the Staffordshire Terrier is closely related to the... by scoobydoo 10/18/05
     Futhermore, Dr. Brisbin states, "The few studies which have been conducted of the... by mountianwarrior 10/18/05
     The differences between the American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier,... by spiderman 10/18/05
     American staffordshire terriers (amstaffs)are taller and more bulkier than American... by JJ 10/19/05
     First of all it depends on the dog's pedigree. There are American pit bull terriers... by marta 10/21/05
     I don't have an answer to the question. I have another question. What's the difference... by Face's mommy 10/25/05
     I don't have an answer to the question. I have another question. What's the difference... by Face's mommy 10/25/05
     they are both pit bulls one was bred different it was bred to be a gentle dog but some... by josh   12/6/05
     a pitt bull is one tenth staffordshire which is why they look alike and lots of times when... by new yorker 12/31/05
     I own an Amstaff and a Cairn Terrier(Toto from the wizard of oz)and I have to admit I... by dog lover 1/6/2006
     yes they are the same dog and same family. i live in a city in canada where the pit bull... by mark 1/10/2006
     no a pit bull is a pit bull they are what they are .a staffy is a staffy no doubt about... by maddy 1/31/2006
     amstaff & pit bull were once upon a time the same thing. but if you sit them next to each... by ozchick 2/5/2006
     YES! YES! YES! Unlike everyone else in here that is going off hear say that means... by Cristina 3/7/2006
     Well first of all, "A" breed was developed in Europe (Bulldog and terrier)- Staffordshire... by Liz 3/13/2006
     Ok you guys. The American Staffie and the Pit Bull come from the SAME DOG. The... by trainmypoochcom 3/21/2006
     They are the same genetically, with a difference in background of how they were bred and... by Shavon 3/28/2006
     The Am Staff is to brave hearted to be called a pit bull. The Am Staff is not a pit bull... by Dog Master aka Manny 4/3/2006
     Amstaf en APBT gelijk? Zou best kunnen, maar maakt niets uit. Beiden zijn zeer sociale... by Flea from Holland 4/9/2006
     also .. there is really no set size for the APBT.. yes, there are guidelines but I have... by rock 4/13/2006
     My brother recently was given a pure bread 7 month old American Staffordshire Terrier, his... by Michelle 4/18/2006
     I have a mixed pit, my insuarance after 8 years says they can no longer insure us being we... by melanie 4/18/2006
     you idiots amstaffs only are allowed to way 50 to 60 lbs. mine ways 80 lbs. and amstaffs... by keekers96 4/24/2006
     you idiots amstaffs only are allowed to way 50 to 60 lbs. mine ways 80 lbs. and amstaffs... by keekers96 4/24/2006
     I have been an owner of a female AmStaf for nearly 7 years. She was feared when we first... by deej 5/1/2006
     i am a breeder of apbt's. AMstaffs and pits are the same. the difference is the papers. ... by bonz 5/6/2006
     i am a breeder of apbt's. AMstaffs and pits are the same. the difference is the papers. ... by bonz 5/6/2006
     I had a good laugh reading these answers considering a pitbull is at least three to four... by 5/13/2006
     ive got 12 ameriacn pitbulls and there not the same as staffs. there not all vicious... by KRS 5/16/2006
     testing by bull$hitter 5/16/2006
     A "pit bull" is any dog breed that is used for fighting. A Staffordshire Terrier is NOT... by Stephanie 5/22/2006
     Pitbulls are better lookin and have nicer markings, well, at least the texas rednoses. by G 5/22/2006
     the pit bull got its name from rat baiting,(rats inside pits) its a mix of two breeds, a... by tatz 5/23/2006
     i have a apbt. he is 9 months old and is a 60 lbs. lap dog he has been around new borns... by cheech 5/26/2006
     i dont think amstaff and pits are the same even if they look very close alike and that the... by kique 5/29/2006
     yo,pits didn't come from staffy's i know this cause i also did some reserch. anyway pit... by pit lover 5/30/2006
     Pit and Amstaffs are VERY similar breeds. They are technically seperate, but at the same... by Christina 5/31/2006
     i dont no if my dog is an am staff or a very big staffordshire bull terrier can some one... by i love pits 6/1/2006
     there not the EXACT same dog, but yes, they are the same. if anything, the "pitbull" came... by pitbullologist 6/2/2006
     Romeo, you sir are an idiot! I personally garauntee that my amstaff could dominate ANY of... by pitbullologist 6/2/2006
     the 2 breed look alike but different name,i think because if u take the 2 breed pics an... by will 6/6/2006
     Yes they are the same dog the akc does recognize the pitbull as a breed and named it... by Big John 6/27/2006
     YES...The Staffordshire Terrier and The Pitbull Terrier are the same dogs... WHY you... by Tim 7/2/2006
     Has anyone ever realized dogs can look alike and be different breeds, such as the Border... by Ali 7/5/2006
     There is no "pit bull", but only pit bulls - the amstaff, staffbull, and ampit. Although... by pat - owner of both 7/9/2006
     I have kept staffs all my life and I know what im talking about.. Americans call crisps,... by staffy breeder 7/19/2006
     gritty by brad 7/23/2006
     In response to Amused, I also own a Staff who was previously a show dog and she has her... by Whatever 7/26/2006
     I would just like to comment to the insurance agent who said insurance doesn't insure... by REDBONE 8/8/2006
     Yes the American Pitt Bull Is an American Staffy to a certain point. The American Pitt... by Talia 8/9/2006
     it depends on who you talk to and how you ask and/or talk about it by Capri 8/15/2006
     it depends on who you talk to and how you ask and/or talk about it by Capri 8/15/2006
     Everyone- Please tell me- of the three I want one that is loving to people and can get... by Gina 8/20/2006
     Staffordshires are way more athletic they might be the greatest athletic dog ever created.... by Al 8/29/2006
     Just to dispel a stupid myth, there is no such thing as "lockjaw" all three of these... by Mythbusta 8/29/2006
     I have an American Pit Bull Terrier and for a while I questioned whether she was really an... by Logue 9/16/2006
     pit bulls bite hard by paul whitman single again plymouth mass 10/2/2006
     Pit Bulls ? APBT or AmStaff, UKC or AKC. I think the most famous APBT/AmStaff dual... by 10/6/2006
     I'm reading all these informative (and confusing!) responses and realized some of you are... by leewirt07 10/8/2006
     a pitbull like any other terrier was made for sporting purposes. the Bulldog was bred with... by johnboy 10/8/2006
     I have a 1 year old daughter and i own a pitt bull terrier and a bull terrier x staffy... by i love my duketer 10/12/2006
     Comparing APBT'sand AMSTAFF'sis like comparing a 1969 Camaro and a 1969 Firebird. Pretty... by Bullyboy 10/15/2006
     Developed from the Bull and Terrier types of yesteryear, the American Pit Bull Terrier... by pit guy 10/25/2006
     I recently put a deposit on an American Staffordshire Terrier Pup. (After convincing my... by Amstaff911 10/25/2006
     ya know what...I have an amstaff/pit bull....what ever you want to call her. She is a... by TheCybologist 10/26/2006
     I own an american staffy a few of my mates own american pit bulls, to me they look the... by joey 10/29/2006
     when the breed was 1st regonized it was the same breed they used a colby dog primo jr as... by pb 11/3/2006
     yes they are the same dog.i have owned many of so called american staff,bitbull ter. i... by detty 11/8/2006
     There are the amstaff, the staff bull terrier, the pit bull terrier, ive been seeing... by andrew 11/27/2006
     No they are not the same im from P.G.county Md. where there is a band on those particuler... by Big E 12/6/2006
     Yes they are the same dog the difference is where they are registered. My dog is registere... by Cooper's  12/12/2006
     i have a 8 week old American Staffordshire Terrier and i wanted to ask what colour is the... by Fifi 12/17/2006
     hi i have no idea about that at all. Every time I take my puppy out I have people come up... by marsha 12/20/2006
     OK people, the original question has been diverted. IS A STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER A PIT... by Andy 1/15/2007
     until ,time of jeep a celebre and best pit bull-dog in the 18 century who has been eleved... by yann 1/24/2007
     No Stafford's and Pit Bulls Are not the same dog although the pit bull is bred from the... by Treggs 1/26/2007
     Please people, they are from the EXACT same gene-lines!! There are a lot of people,and... by BEN A. ROUND 1/30/2007
     i have a 2 year old male staff, he is great, has a heart of a lion, fears nothing, he is... by dominik brkiæ 2/15/2007
     A 'staffy' terrior is the same as a 'pitty', and size is no matter. 'Staffys' come it two... by Amy (Staffordshire owner/ breeder) 3/10/2007
     They are not a completely different breed! When pitbulls were first introduced in america... by TC 3/13/2007
     the reason the 2 are often confused due to the fact that the american staff is a close... by staffy breeder 3/15/2007
     My friend in Athens found a wandering dog. He put up notices and placed lots of ads on... by mswell 3/15/2007
     All I got to say is how do you say Tomato, or Potato??? The only difference is if a drug... by b 3/22/2007
     There is no such thing as a "pit bull" It is a term used to refer to American Staffordshir... by christina 3/28/2007
     Essentially, yes. If you ask the UKC (United Kennel Club) they will tell you yes, they are... by Longfellow Dals 4/9/2007
     From all my research,I have found that the staffordshire and the APBT are not the same... by Konan Thornblade 4/17/2007
     They are different breeds but are so closely related as to be ALMOST the same breed. While... by DRH463 4/17/2007
     i have a staffy she is gorgeous! she sleeps in bed wit my 2 year old son every night, she... by kazstaffy 5/6/2007
     i have one of each and its a real easy answer on paper they are different looks very... by gost 5/8/2007
     what the hell i own two Stafford shire bull terrier and they are nothing like a pit-ball.... by ang 5/17/2007
     they are the same dog in america only with two regs,only if it has more than 80% white it... by chop 5/19/2007
     I found some this stupid.. firstly "pit" was name after the place (coal pit i think) and... by Ukboy 5/29/2007
     an American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed that is made up of a terrier and a staf. so in a... by Dubz 5/31/2007
     when man FEARS he destroys and when he finished destroying THIS BREED what... by eddie murphy 6/2/2007
     i have a english staffy his three and i just got an american staffy her head looks like a... by muck 6/11/2007
     they are different dogs. staffs are stronger than the pits. and the staffs show more of a... by db 6/20/2007
     i dont think pits have locking jaws,ithink they can just bite as hard as hell.wolves have... by wolfspirit 6/25/2007
     I have owned both a ptbul and an amstaff. Both are excellent dogs the differnce is the... by Mommyof3 6/29/2007
     Hmmmmmmmm........they are two different kinds of dogs, isn't it obvious? if they were the... by Elisha 7/3/2007
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I have what I thought was a "long haired" Chihuahua. He is 1 year old. His hair never... by Kristina12/17/03
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Are neon decorative lights under your car legal in California? If so, are there limitatio... by Stuart3/7/04
     YEs they are as long as you are not driving, while drivig they must be off. by bestolb574/10/04
     ha ha yes! are u serious? cause if so, Yes! by blank.. 5/14/2006
what is virus defination of virus by unnamed10/5/03
     A computer virus is a program that modifies another program to include a (possibly... by tom10/25/03
     Virus s an illegal performance of operating system which is operated by set of instruction... by Gulraze 9/5/04
     virus is one of the self replicating program which enter into the computer, first infect... by priyansu 9/12/05
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     computer virus is set of program which infect computer non-executable files.And when ever... by aman 10/11/2006
I want to enter a contest to win a meet and greet with Mick Jagger. I'm a big fan of the... by jhigh9/5/03
     I suggest you do some research. by Pie 5/18/05
     i dont know the answers ha by moahned 6/17/05
why is the dew point so important to know when doing the weather? by Abby10/6/03
     Dew point is the tempurature that dew will form. This is an indicator of humidity. It is... by Big Daddy1/11/04
     dew point gives the measure of humidity by famis5/12/04
need to find bagpipe music 'song' Here Comes The Bride' please, thank you Jeanne by Jeannep7/28/03
     You can find this and hear it at Bruce Hedman is a bagpiper out... by Gail 8/17/03
     I have that music, but just about any able piper should be able to play it, though some... by cpashoukos@aol.com9/5/03
     The sheet music for "Here comes the Bride" or "The Bridal March" by Wagner (from "Lohengri... by Greenie1/18/04
Please tell me the year and date Jamal Barrow was born. by kim1/14/04
     Why are you asking.Do you like him? Who are you Kim? He has a girlfriend. by nicey1/24/04
     how do you know j. barrow has a girlfriend? are you she? interested to know. and Kim, his... by ms_ elsa1/24/04
     I know his girlfriend if your just curious. by Pia1/25/04
     hmm mmm. sure you do! by ms_elsa1/25/04
     Hmm mmm Looks like somebodys jealous. Deal with it and there happy too!!! by Pia1/26/04
     ok, you both sound like a losers. i'm his girl and have no idea who either of you are.... by lisainbk1/27/04
     F**k ALL You birds!!!I went the prison and saw him and he has my number you dirty ass... by Tammy ada pimette1/30/04
     You girl got alot of hate in your blood, not good, be easy and accept the fact. fall back... by mia1/30/04
     Well count me into the crowd. I thought I was the only one for him! He must write alot... by Melanie C.2/5/04
     Who cares Jamal Barrow is a Dog anyways why are you fighting for him. by Mellissa2/6/04
     Who cares Jamal Barrow is a Dog anyways why are you fighting for him. by Mellissa2/6/04
     c, this is interesting. who new there were all these shyne heads. melanie c he actually... by shyne rocks2/12/04
     Jamal Barrow is definitally really hott. Who cares if he is sentenced to 10 years he is... by BBGG3/24/04
     Well Jamal "Shyne" Barrow is in Prison now so lets just forget about him... by Honey4/1/04
     well i think he is in best position to answer this votes all i want is 4 him 2 come out... by tahir a.k.a cashrule4/8/04
     I'm shocked to see the reactions in this room. For all the bickering, and hating that's... by mina4/13/04
     things happen to us good and bad. if there is nothing good to say, you should keep your... by choosey5/6/04
     I knew shyne a long time ago he was mad cool he used to talk to one of my cousin and i... by missqb 5/14/04
     Hello all, Please remember that Mr. Barrows went through hell to get where he is at NOW!... by Cherokeebnx7/12/04
     What's the name of the prison shyne is in? by mary jane 8/6/04
     I think that Jamaal writes to all of you girls because that is how he passes his time. Did... by Brooklyn sugar 8/6/04
     I think that Jamaal writes to all of you girls because that is how he passes his time. Did... by charlene 8/6/04
     Does anybody have his mailing address because I think that we should all right him and... by shayla shyne 8/15/04
     shyne is a re-encarnation of tupac and i truely believe he is a work of art he sounds like... by mari 8/16/04
     Man, something is really wrong with you all, I'm Jamal "Shyne" Barrow cousin....first cuz... by H.Barrows 8/21/04
     i think all of yall chick are stupid i heard a interview the other day and he's not... by soapstar 8/21/04
     Shyne Po was born in Belize where I'm from. by Belizean 8/31/04
     OK, so...After reading & listening to several current interviews regarding this entire... by Kris 9/1/04
     Not For Nothing i feel bad for him but he is so ungrateful to the people who really love... by Tess 9/7/04
     Hello Everyone Im happy that Shyne is doing good And I hope he comes home soon All that... by Charlotte 9/10/04
     Just recently I was given this Tupac book that was composed by a women whom he wrote to... by Black_Barbie810 9/28/04
     I think Shyne is hot and I luv him. He's doin' his time like a soldier & I give him mad... by keyana_dime 10/4/04
     Im a Fan Of Shyne, And I See Some Of You Girls Have Shynes Mailing Adress on prison, If... by Streets 10/13/04
     His birthday is 11/8/1978. I support all of his music and his testimony...One love. by DabaddstChick 10/19/04
     Hey, I love Shyne!!! He represents for all those Belizeans out their that have changed... by chantel 10/28/04
     What is Shyne'address? by Tank 12/16/04
     aww its a shame, nobody knew his name before he got locked up now trix is claimin they... by karrot20 3/2/05
     "shyne"... You are an unbelievable artist. I look up to you trought the good things and... by nina sky 6/8/05
     Well I would Definitely like to get to know Shyne AKA Jamal Barrows. And I am a grown... by Cimone Love 8/28/05
     I'm a fan of Jamals, i am white, 54, married with 2 girls ( 21 & 23)in Australia, and I am... by Tomcat 10/31/05
     what is shyne's address?? by queen of teh dancehall 11/17/05
     11-8-1978 shyne was born. by meanbone 11/27/05
     Shyne doesn't have a girl but he has a baby mother so whom ever say that she is with him... by Amira 1/12/2006
     I think that Shyne was and can still be the next big thing when he came out he was that... by Sincere 1/16/2006
     when is shyne coming out by gee 1/25/2006
     Who knows why he changed his name? im just a fan but i been all over the net tryin to... by PGH-Blizz 3/7/2006
     jamal is very hot i would love write his do someone have his address by kanairy 2/1/2007
     hey i'm lookin for shyne'z info to write him can n e one tell me it by ADRI 7/2/2007
     when is he getting out of jail tho??? by u guyz r lozerzzzzzzz! 7/3/2007
Where can i find out the history of my last name which is Daugbjerg? by simon12/31/03
     Go to by EverResourceful1/29/04
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     What does my last name mean? by webb 1/19/2007
what is testing methodology? by vijay8/11/03
I am trying to start a bussiness like Chucke cheese and I am a bit lost. I would like to... by Juma5/17/04
     Open a business on how people shouldn't take advise from strangers over the Internet by bubster007 10/5/04
     I too am trying to do that do you have any input by Jo 6/20/05
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     having a financial problem? what is the cheapest to start a bussiness? by vhatchie 4/17/2006
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     beef up your game room by head 11/6/2006
     i wouldn't open a restaurant if i was you i will a department store by ljf 4/24/2007
     I need more information.How do I put my new bussiness with your company and what I need by Bere 6/27/2007
What happens to a developing fetus's bowl movements? How is it done? by Ma2Be5/11/04
     Dont know. dont care. by Hannah6/2/04
     The fetus bowl goes through the belly button of the fetus. It has a long connecting tube... by Dallas0911116/3/04
     I'm assuming that you mean "bowel". In which case, the answer is that babies don't have a... by laznlor6/12/04
     gastroshesesis...SPELLING not sure of. I am getting information from my daughter from... by vicky 2/28/05
     Indeed, babies have no bowel movements until after or prior to birth. The wastes in the... by Pie 5/18/05
If you find out that you are pregnant, how long are you supposed to wait until you share... by Doodles11/25/03
     It is always best to wait until you are 12 weeks along and the main reason for this is... by dawn12/8/03
     Be the best you can be and do your best by danee1/1/04
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     i have not had a period for 1 month and i had sex about a month ago could i be pregnant... by reachel 10/4/05
     I think i am pregnant but i have come on i had this with my other child what should i do by kel 10/20/05
     haven't started my period yet but i was supposed to in a week but this past week me and my... by beth 11/7/05
     Im have not been feeling well for a while I dont know what is wrong with me I took 5... by Kristy 11/28/05
     i been pregnant for 3 months.How much longer do i have. by lucy 12/3/05
     For me I am only 17 and I have got a funny feeling that I am pregnant but I am to scared... by Valley 12/12/05
     my period came on last month and wen'to in DEC12th and how long do you have to wait to... by denise 12/19/05
     i have not had a period for 1 mouth could i be pregnant or not by kelly 3/16/2006
     if i ovulated on the 29th of March and it's now April 20th and i haven't had my period I'm... by ang 4/20/2006
     go to a hospital and ask the doctor for a preganancy test by Jean 7/10/2006
     I had sex and the next day a got my period but a had them for 2 weeks and now a am 2 or 3... by nikii 7/23/2006
     i am 12 weeks and 2 days do you think its around the right time to tell people i am... by **Baby2come** 12/28/2006
     My friend had sex with her boyfriend for the first time. now a week latter she took a... by yaya 3/20/2007
what is hard ware maintainers by tope4/25/04
     qweasdzxc by soso 7/3/05
     my name by chinh 1/24/2006
     which main board is best? by green 3/10/2006
     CHEAP AND BEST by CHUMMA 6/21/2006
     I am 1337 master and I am the king of the world. Ph33r my power and skillz. LOLOLOL. by Mr.Knowledge 9/13/2006
how and why does temperature have an effect on viscosity of oil, chemical reactions,... by Clara1/17/04
     Just like grease when it is cold it is more solid, and the more you heat it the more... by Sales@ReDpc.CJB.com2/4/04
     what is the effect of temperature on the viscosity of gas? by talal5/3/04
     what is the effect of temperature on the viscosity of gas? by talal5/3/04
     The higher the temperature the faster the reaction, therefore there are more collisions... by chelsea 10/23/05
     yall are so stupid to not know this answer to this question by Curtis 50 cent Jackson 10/28/05
     i need to determine if the temperature of a liquid affects its viscosity by curious 11/2/05
     HUI by hioo 11/23/05
     The effect of the temperature on the viscosity of gas is that the higher the temperature... by susie 12/18/05
     temperature effects all fluids' viscosity. As the temperature increases, heat, a tpe of... by roj 1/7/2006
     Synthetic Oil will give your engine better performance by Beam Sword0 2/7/2006
     bbbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!1 by the wimp789 4/9/2006
     Viscosity affects temperature by eating all its blood cells, and pie.It also uses chicken... by Bob Dole 6/14/2006
     when you heat the ice cube(solid) it will turn into a water(liquid) and when you heat the... by ush 8/8/2006
     increasing will increase the viscosity of gas by alaa 10/5/2006
     effect of viscosity by robin 3/11/2007
     Does temperature affect the viscosity of oil/gas? by sharingan 4/15/2007
     i love ya by hott chick 4/18/2007
How can I obtain a password for someone's hotmail email account? by ev7002/3/04
     i don't think thats possible, hotmail know every trick in the book by lala4/21/04
     abukar by abukar4/29/04
     i want to know by amar_r_sidhu5/6/04
     hey people soon this will be opened in my site for hacking e-mail acount password :... by 7/29/2006
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     MY ANSWER FOR WHAT? by lilcaramel 5/5/2007
My mom says that i'm fat and I think that i'm a little fat and so thats why I want to lose... by Janice Gallarday6/15/04
     hi i think you should eat until you are 300 lbs and then you go and lose weight really... by here2help 3/5/05
     the one who got in the wya of the titanic by big bill 7/26/05
     Hi: My name is ezequiel, i want to know, where is the origin gallarday last name. email:... by kelo 8/10/05
     i do not have a single thing that fits by adipose 7/9/2007
What is the song satisfaction by the rolling stones about? what do the lyrics mean? by jo3/8/04
     Its about a sense of wanting more than what is offered by society. Of being offered... by laznlor6/12/04
     What is the timber, tempo, meter, harmony and dynamics of the song Satisfaction by the... by Stewart Davis 9/21/04
     When was satisfaction written and by whom? by Stewart Davis 9/21/04
     its about hardcore rough sweaty hot sex....lots of swass! ;) by ilovecock 10/10/04
     I like the previous answer. It is about the sex aspect, and an inability to express... by Strat Man Dwight 10/27/04
     Its about a man who cant get none...but he tries,lord he tries,he tries, and tries yet... by hawk 1/10/05
     the song sucks so don't even ask by u no who4/26/05
     who sung satisfaction by curtis 5/27/05
     Hey, why don't you interpret music for yourself and quit expecting people on the internet... by Jimmy the Wombat Cake 6/26/05
     Aah, google. It's not just for breakfast anymore! by No Name 10/20/05
     well, there's a # of possibilities. I want to be a songwrite, and write songs a lot. I... by Tony 1/29/2006
     it is about sex and how a guy cant get it when he wants it...least thats what my skewl... by food 3/2/2006
     Its about sex and the locals smokin a big splifff mm by MuffMan 3/29/2006
     dont know by Lara  5/9/2006
     it is about not getting everything you want in life but you get what is needed for you and... by lil w 5/23/2006
     i dont know by bubba sparxxx 6/5/2006
     it was written by keith richards because thats how he felt by g unit 4/16/2007
12 S of the Z? means? by LaRee12/4/03
     12 Signs of the Zodiac by Wahid Khursheed Kunwar12/30/03
     1. Z - the ending of a series or sequence; "the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the... by The-ultimate-evil2/24/04
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     5 Fingers on the Hand. by JK 8/19/04
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     i have nooo clue by Jamzie 1/11/2007
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     5 = F on the H means: 5 = Fingers on the Hand by Smart-One 6/21/2007
     five fingers on the hand by ed 7/5/2007
What are some facts and information on Renaissance religion? by Ayesha11/19/03
     um i dunno by Britnie2/19/04
     What kinda dumb question is that? by High All the Tym3/12/04
     thats a stupied question figure it out on your own. by werd3/15/04
     thaz wut id like 2 no 4 my frickin report so just giv us the d@mn answer! please... by NUN URZ3/15/04
     ask my fricken teacher she noes all those F**** answers. by tyler lova3/19/04
     i don't hav a clue! by sigourney amys3/21/04
     yea, u guys r rude, geez i thought this was a homework helper place by Me not you3/22/04
     poop by blah3/25/04
     I would like to know the same thang! by Mony ka3/27/04
     i hav an answer get a life. by stupid3/29/04
     Does anyone know about renaissance priests by butt monkey3/29/04
     your all stupid for coming on this site loser's by asshole conman3/31/04
     Yall all a bunch a queers by F U3/31/04
     ur all stupid by haha4/12/04 facts--the-renaissance.htm by mmm cheese4/14/04
     Dear god, get a life! by a bored human being4/14/04
     My teacher asked me the same damn thing and i had no idea what she was talkin about. But... by Softball-goosey4/14/04
     It Takes A Queer to know one!!!!!!!!!! by J**kass4/16/04
     ur all a bunch of fukin queers u better of goin to fuk ur mums by gas4/18/04
     Renaissance religion was very different than in the Medival times. In the Medival times,... by SweetSmartie4/21/04
     i need answers on renaissance religion plz help me u hoes by popin caps4/22/04
     I NEED PICTURES of Renaissance Religion. you all r fags, except me of couse! ;) by HopeUgene 4/26/04
     i cant find tha question, what tha hell is it. leave this site n before you leave give me... by a concerned citizen4/26/04
     in the Renaissance times many people had good religious values but others began to stray... by jennyt1234/27/04
     oh my god thank you sweet smartie, only one who answered question, i need to finish a... by Linkdude27 (runescape name)4/27/04
     The Renaissance Religion is Protestant. During the Renaissance is when the Protestant... by girl wit answers for all yous!!!4/27/04
     they didn't focus on religion the focused more on art in this period by me4/28/04
     *assholes by a concerned citizen5/2/04
     to whom it may concern: No period of history can boast of greater beauty than The... by concerned citizen5/2/04
     all u peoples who cuss r really doesn't help ne thing if u cuss all the time.just... by jessica5/3/04
     does ani 1 no wut a religious reformer iz? by yo mama5/10/04
     help me i c dead people by brandon5/12/04
     They were gay like u if u r looking at this!!!!!!!!¥Ü¥Ü£Öÿ by Tiffany5/21/04
     hey yall! this is all REAL!!!!!!!! information that i gathered when i did my report. hope... by Real info chick  (who happens to be catholic) and darn proud of it too!5/26/04
     Does anyone know some facts about Religion.. i know its stuiped but im doing a project, so... by Mel6/2/04
     yeah to mel iam doin a stupid project too and i need some websites 4 da bibliograhy... by someone who is kool6/11/04
     this is so gay! dint even help at all by anka 8/17/04
     i am doin a renaissance essay of 500 words i know how you all feel and god do ya eva stop... by charlie91 9/24/04
     Renaissance religion The Renaissance Religion is Protestant. During the Renaissance is... by FROM A PERSON WHO KNOWS 10/4/04
     ok u guys are all really funny! i thought this was a homework site, but its much better!... by a person who is laughing 10/11/04
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     In the renaissance, people (protestants not catholics because they were illegal) had to... by lil jay 12/4/04
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     Does ANYONE know the customs/ traditions of Florintine during the Renaissance period? by mandy 3/22/05
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     As an employee in the field of education, and a devoted mother, helping her son with... by GW 4/23/05
     As an employee in the field of education, and a devoted mother, helping her son with... by GW 4/23/05
     i need sum info 2 i m doin a project 4 history about the renaissance. I need 2 make a... by me 4/25/05
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     Hey ppl, heres some info about religion in the renaissance. Martin Luther was a monk who... by You know you love me 9/3/05
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     Anyone konws the name of some renaissance religion people. I HAVE A TEST TOMORROW. by Chrissy Y 10/12/05
     SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Ham  10/14/05
     I have a doin a report on whether Martin Luther protestant beliefs were more... by Homework 10/19/05
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     the religion was a roman cathiloc by jewells 11/7/05
     i have no idea but u guys dont have to be so rude she was just asking a god danm ? and... by cchick 11/7/05
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     The religion in the Renaissance was as many people have said different than the middle... by Sarah 1/12/2006
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     Shame on the people who cussed and thank you for the people who answered correctly by Tig 1/18/2006
     hi thank u everybody who gave information. i have a stupid project as well but i need info... by justine 1/22/2006
     hey every1, sorry just learning bout this stuff later by hockeyboy 1/25/2006
     What was the question again? by Why Da You Care 1/28/2006
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     Read the dark side of catholism, Renaissance religions are lutherism,protestants,calvinism... by Rowel 2/22/2006
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     I Hope This Helps!!! The church was not very enthused with the changes in society... by jus lookin for some answers...wanted to help 5/31/2006
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     Ya'lla bunch of suckas. The Renaissance was a period of time when everyone became a... by Playa 10/4/2006
     medieveal view of religion: Contemplation and prayer=good life nature= sinful and... by Satan-man 10/12/2006
     how about everyone grow up. its a homework helping site, not myspace children. and the... by probably the only mature person to view this site 10/23/2006
     i have no clue by Mary 10/24/2006
     During the renaissance the church began to lose power, not only to people such as Martin... by t 10/28/2006
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     can sum 1 tell me why dus romeo nd juliete giv us so much information plzzzz im really... by kayleigh-lou 10/29/2006
     why do i need to make a board game to understand renaissance life? any 1 got any game... by Katie Bug 10/29/2006
     Hey ppl... trying to find websites that would help w/ a renaissance religion report on... by suwakee 10/30/2006
     i still dont no the answer? by rude 10/31/2006
     you all need to get a life and stop swearing, i came here looking for help and instead... by mals 11/7/2006
     There were many different religious reformers during this time. The most famous was Martin... by BlackWings 11/8/2006
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     ask yourself who or what caused the renaissance to occur. exactly WHAT got the middle ages... by another concerned citizen 1/10/2007
     Renaissance religion changed once people entered that time. Before the Renaissance... by fn smart 1/28/2007
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how do salt water effect dolphins?do they have to live in a certain temperature underneath... by chan10/24/03
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what are the houses enviroment animals clothes of Maori's by ash11/19/03
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     TO many to pick up, Juzt enough to build a castle Not enough to have a question on. ... by Appie Buddie4/15/04
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     lol i wood have too say 54 and thats way too much to count !!!! hahaaa by vic 8/15/05
     I have 55 cards... 3 Jokers :S by Ernz 9/26/05
     54 Cards not including jokers by chris 1/26/2006
     duh 52 by meme 5/9/2006
     poo poo. by kriz 6/2/2006
     there are 54 cards in a deck including the jokers.... manila,Philippines 2006 by chad 8/5/2006
     54. Hope I helped.. by Kimika 9/8/2006
     huh???????? by bubble gummm 9/13/2006
     Thanks. But how many of each thingys are there, For example, how many spades? by Safe 12/5/2006
     I like peaches and I think we should all begin to enjoy the incredible wonder of this... by Peachy 2/5/2007
     How stupid can one be? by ass 3/10/2007
     pick up 52 by wolf hottie101 3/20/2007
     There are 54 cards in a deck with jokers. Without Jokers are 52! :) by Domonique 3/27/2007
     you are stupid. look it up. by cheese_eater 4/1/2007
     fdsedasdfsdfsfdsfsdd by freq 4/19/2007
     jojojoshabadoodoo goose goose 54 cards including jokers l.o.l. -.-||| by Jojajo 5/2/2007
     ghghghhgfhfhfhfhfhfhhf by hghghghgh 5/2/2007
     alot or just enough to play a game i call 54 pick up!! by jeez loo-ezz 5/10/2007
     correct on the first two, 52 with without jokers and 54 with jokers by the boz in the hood 5/16/2007
     i don't know by tasha 5/28/2007
     There are exactly 54 cards in a deck of cards but that is including jokers. Without the... by Emily  6/11/2007
     one life. one chance. one game to win it big. jokers and all/ 54 cards to gamble by babeey/ booo 6/19/2007
     54 all to gather by mod 6/27/2007
     54 including jokers by Zan 7/20/2007
i am an over 21 years old unmarried child of a permanent resident.i already here in the... by ajsanciangco4/19/04
     how do you post a question? by Robert Gore 9/13/04
     no, get out of my country, there is no room left, no vaconceys, just go away, we don't... by gandolf 11/13/04
     listin ived like this guy ryan for a long time but two days ago i found out smthing... by 23 2/22/05
     you illegal scum by safh 6/29/05
     stfu n00b by fausd 7/21/05
     No, go back to asdh3sjanchajzzuuggggggggijsdhnnfj, ajsanciangco. by bigot 11/23/05
     not much to say by nnamdi 2/10/2006
     go back to your country by dont be a tool 7/28/2006
     I worked in Saudi Arabia as a staff nurse with MoH from December 1998 to September 2003.... by suni 8/18/2006 <a href="http://jordan-capri-lk.blogspot. com">jordan... by interview questions 9/26/2006
     gfjfggjg by ghjy 10/14/2006
     in simple terms, no by big shot lawyer 4/16/2007
     i think that you should go down to the beach and find a attractive person to date and ask... by bobby  5/1/2007
     WHAT IS YOUR NAME by LOLO 5/4/2007
     ndfnndfnvndfndf by drgfsdgsdfgsdfg 5/23/2007
which is the largest word in English by saurabh4/1/04
     pneumonosilicovolcaniconiosis - a disease of the lungs by name4/13/04
     I'd have to say it's "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll lantysiliogogogoch" (No, I... by CaspianXI5/24/04
     antidisestablishmentarianism by Real long word man 12/9/04
     antidisestablishmentarianism. Just don't ask me what it means. Learnt it @ school. by Lace 2/15/05
     that is an easy 1 its penis cuz thats ur your ass by linkin_park 3/5/05
     It's Methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamyl serylleucylphenylalanylalanylglutaminylle ucy... by Bear 3/12/05
     otorinolaringologitissulaftis by joveth 3/20/05
     The longest word I'm aware of I won't even try to repeat here, but it's the chemical name... by EMK 6/27/05
     "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwlll lantysiliogogogoch" is the longest... by someone 7/11/05
     sgdhneuirndgrheriweriukrowpwhqqvdbxsbrjdb hreherghrhehevwu2iopphebebfqervfhncnvmvnb nvbvbcbv... by hotstuff 11/17/05
     the largest word is tuigrgnvigfnrpgtiuiguigrucifouriturvmtiur igurfiouiodufioeucfiomutir... by 87678 11/25/05
     ohyfoewytpoumrioweyrtwetiudhfjnxjchgvuhcg uhirh;asgaseiurhgeairtgaewrtawyetriyewrui byewuiry... by 87678 11/25/05
     thisisthebiggestwordbecauseithasthemostle ttersinit by aakash chugh 12/28/05
     supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by aadi 1/7/2006
     Example, "What a fhryfnchefhidjcevgdyuebdfhrbchdheydbfoagd okbfhrjifgericompruastkoatrnacil... by pete 2/4/2006
     ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM i am only a little girl and i know that this is the largest... by IvomaHer 2/9/2006
     ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM .. i think so! by Sunny 2/15/2006
     pneumonosilicovolcaniconiosis is is a coal miner's disease by Adam s 5/16/2006
     roentgenocinematography by marshal.m 6/1/2006
     rfgljbsljfk;hgla fdgnfnljhgsalkfl fsgv aegjdabsgfSGDKPL;G J DSGH;KSDGJhfdhjshj fdk fdksj... by fsgsfgsdgasgsd 10/5/2006
     the largest word I read from a book is: 'pneumononoultramicroscopicsllicovolcanoc oniosis.... by Krutika Tawri 10/20/2006
     I would have to say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllll antysiliogogogoch by bree 10/31/2006
     i think u made that word up coz i searched it on the internet an nuthin came up and i... by euro 12/16/2006
     pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconi osis is the worlds longest word that is actually... by JettBlakk 12/30/2006
     ujbyiluyifyhuhlsbuhrtvlueruteutr. uliyreuiyeruiyt. ireoyvviruyior;vyruytytr8eu8yt8reoyv;or8; ... by lexi 2/25/2007
     did i get in? by pood 2/26/2007
     i believe it is jkbnbgnbo;gfnjbhgfnjho;jgopdhgofhgidfhgio dfhgiofdhgidfhgiohdfighdfghidfhgk... by pood 2/26/2007
     spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam by pood 2/26/2007
     i will come to a conclusion later. the real longest word is... lopikujhugacenhihokoloph... by pood 2/26/2007
     i love my piggy, i loves 'em good by pood 2/26/2007
     hi me again spam spam spam spam spam spam spam-stuuf tht is not nessisary spam-meat... by pood 2/26/2007
     pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconi osis by ankit 4/1/2007
     That's easy. "Smiles" is the longest word. You see, there is an entire mile between the... by mamal 4/22/2007
     pneumonosilicovolcaniconiosis by veo 4/28/2007
     pnemonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoisis by winnie the pooh 5/20/2007
     flauxinocinihilipliflication by elham 5/23/2007
     airibelmaniakeelwes3a by abees 5/26/2007
     its smiles. you see its a mile between the first and last letter. loll by saj 6/25/2007
can a rottweiler defeat a pittbull by Big Les5/25/04
     Should you even worry if a Rottweiler can defeat a Pit. Because of people like you a Pit... by sandy 10/1/04
     i think it is irelevent but as a pittbul owner i think that a pittbull would kill a rottie... by matt 10/16/04
     Yes i say it can because i have a rottweiler and once when he got loose 4 or 5 pitts... by DRE.B 11/3/04
     I have a two year rott that can beat a pit and his name is matrix. by pinkie russell 11/10/04
     I'm a pittbull fan but honostly a rottweiler can defeat a pittbull, but then again a... by lil ced 12/9/04
     not in a million years by rudi 12/28/04
     no way by bigbuzz 12/30/04
     no by matthew 1/16/05
     no by trouble 2/22/05
     I think apitbull will beat a rottweiler because a rott will get tired a rottweiler weigh... by Tae 4/13/05
     Yes,I think that a Rottwieler can defeat a Pittbull. by Glitter Girl 4/30/05
     no,dont be so stupid a rotty is a mastif breed and a pitbull is a highly game dog which is... by Rob 5/1/05
     no way a rottie can beat a pitt.That is the dumbest thing I'veever herd. by nate 5/3/05
     no he will never have the staminia or the power and quickness of the pit by eric 5/6/05
     it depends on who's got the bigger bite. If the rotti bites first it will probably win. ... by mike 5/8/05
     Neva Eva no way not ever. Its true to say that a rottie has one of the hardest bites out... by maddog 5/9/05
     no,a pittbull can beat a rottweiler by tyson 5/12/05
     a rottie wouldnt stand a chance against a well trained fighting pit it just doesnt have... by never lose faith 5/23/05
     it all depends on the type of pitt and the type of rottie. it also depends on how the dog... by whiteboy01 5/26/05
     no a rottweiler can not defeat a pitbull by kay 5/26/05
     yes a rottweiler can defeat a pittbull by triploc 8/19/05
     yes if it is strong by tina 8/31/05
     no a rottweiler can't defeat a pittbull by sean 9/9/05
     it depends on the you have a vicious rott vs. a gentel pitt? vice versa? are the... by pakman 9/9/05
     HELL,NO.NOT TODAY,TOMMORRW,NEVER..................... ........................................ by htray 9/10/05
     first of all this q: shouldnt be asked because you shouldnt fight the animals you call... by pitt 9/16/05
     it depends on the temperment of both dogs!!! I current own 4 pittbulls who would fight... by kasper and star 9/29/05
     hell no by ian 10/3/05
     yes a pittbull can by loba 10/4/05
     a rottweiler would never stand a chance against a pittbull because the pittbull is more... by sparkysgrl24 10/7/05
     first of we can't find out which dog can deaft which dog, b/c it's illeagal to have dog... by L.L. Cool A 10/12/05
     i think yes a rottweier can beat a pittbull. i have both a rottweiler and a rednose... by dankbud 10/12/05
     Hell no a rottweiler can not defeat a pitbull. A pitbull has a lock a rottweiler does not... by Donnie Mack 10/14/05
     it all depends on the size by girl 10/16/05
     probly not all depends on dogs but i bet the pitts i know no never by big b 10/27/05
     No, Ive had them both And both were raised from pups and they would get into yard fights... by james 10/30/05
     Not 2 my knowledge.what would happen is this:the rottwieler would win 4 the first 5 to 15... by eaze 11/2/05
     rottwailer can kill pittbulls becouse pittbulls are small and i have seen a dog fight and... by j-money 11/3/05
     no a pitt bull bits any dog by robert 11/9/05
     hell naw by rock 11/9/05
     pittbull by rob 11/10/05
     hell no a rottie can beat a damn pittbull unless the pittbill is stupid by d rock 11/15/05
     Why do you want to know, watch the site of severely abused pittbulls, then you don't realy... by stafford 1/31/2006
     pittbull will destroy a rotty by spoofa 4/5/2006
     yes a rottweiler can defeat a pitbull it is possible i've seen it done before my rottweile... by zeke 4/10/2006
     pittbull by jarrod 4/17/2006
     why are you asking this question are you a dog fighter if so its people like you who give... by ban dog fighting 7/5/2006
     What a dumb question?????? Unless you are thinking of having this two dogs fight.. I... by gipper.. 7/10/2006
     Technically the rottweiler has more stamina to defeat it but it would still defeat a... by Big Boy 7/13/2006
     Why would you want to know, its people like you that create the problems with these... by kerry 7/17/2006
     Who cares you moron, anyone who fights dogs is a weak and pathetic human being. by Luckydog 7/18/2006
     Yes he can by Jirka 7/23/2006
     no. i grew up with Pitt bull'sand once one of my dogs got out and fought the dog down the... by geena 7/25/2006
     Yes, very easily. It really does depend on the agression of each of the dogs, but a... by Seed 8/15/2006
     its going to be a good fight by alex tijerino  8/16/2006
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I would like to know if "xylitol" can help eliminate ammoniacal dermatitis? by lemon5/17/04
     This web site has some great information about Xylitol. Perhaps there might be some... by Helpful 11/3/04
What version of perl and tk do I need to install perl/tk on a solaris 9 platform? Where... by hang43/10/04
1) Is aviation fuel cheaper than automobile fuel? 2) Is there a difference between... by Raj6/28/04
     Jet fuel is similar to diesel fuel, but with a few differences. by Jeff 3/22/05
I am about to buy the canon is 18x50 binoculars. Will the galaxy Andromeda be within my... by Alfaman3/6/04
In the film the untouchables what corruption of the police and others was shown? by Rach3/1/04
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I have a brand new mint condition non circulated £5 sterling note (UK). It has the bottom... by Danny2/23/04
Americans Torturing Americans/please research and publish. * Domestic/Homegrown... by Stefan Keith Howard6/21/04
     Mate, have you tried to monitor the evil-doers that are zapping you? Build a Faraday cage... by Chalky 10/22/04
     I don't know who installed and watching me every day and night in my house. What I know... by Thomas Z 11/11/05
When is the best time to start house breaking your puppies and having them quit biting and... by Puddles6/14/04
     When the house definately needs to be renovated but the smell will probably be the first... by bubster007 10/5/04
     before the can fit in the garbage... after that its hard to get rid of them, they always... by aj420 11/18/2006
Where can i find information on the middle ages in the Irish language? by kelly4/14/04
     Where can I find some very important information about Medieval Ages. by sharda 11/14/05
What do you include in a job letter? by arti4/21/04
     Your cover letter is the first thing the employer will look at, so make it strong. ... by John Nowakowski 5/5/04
I am looking for an equation to use with the Runge-Kutta Fehlberg, or other numerical... by kris3/18/04
SPSS (a statistical software) is only compatible with Windows and not with GNU/Linux. I... by darioncis5/13/04
     I've never had luck getting SPSS to work with either WINE or CrossoverOffice. Good luck. by Chevey Chase 3/10/2006
I have a scramble pinball made by Tecnoplay(Italian)? Everything works great but the... by Adam4/7/04
     Most likely you should check your connectors. Other than that, the electronics appear to... by RCProZ 12/13/2006
write a regular expression for the following statement of C language by prabha4/24/04
I have a 1995 intrepid with a 3.3. The plugs on the right bank foul and it seems to be... by Denny N.1/31/04
How do I get past level 2 world 2 on Frogger's adventures the rescue? by lpokipokipo1/28/04
I have a mint 1840 united states 1,000.00 bill. What is its value?? by nevrtell5/27/04
     Worth ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS U.S.D. by high buck 4/14/2006
     i don't know what its worth thats why I'm asking. the question is how much an 1840 united... by littlej 4/19/2006
i fell a year ago and broke my tail bone i have had no problems until now its getting real... by ninney5/25/04
How much food do they need? What tends to be a popular food for them? by bookie1/25/04
My male friend and I are going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in May. We are... by Kelly3/23/04
     I had heard that there are no longer any commonly used nude areas on the outer banks, but... by okeydokey6 4/26/04
I have a 93 dodge 1 ton p/u w 360 engine. After sitting overnite, it starts OK in morning... by sisu5/26/04
     It sounds to me as if your carberator is the problem. by dough69_us 8/29/04
     try this - Engine - Lacks Power/Hard Starting When Cold Notes NO: 14-04-97 ... by joe 3/2/2007
LOGIN: ERROR- Failed to initialize policy manager. (IFOR_PM_FATAL) : : The status from... by reo6/22/04
     How can i get my mails back because i can't log in again but just only yesterday i wrote... by ringophotos1 11/22/05
     Do you have and answer to this error? by Johng 2/6/2006
I have a question about the Jewish worship experience during the time of Jesus. Were... by Bishop3/8/04
     by ur mum is gay 11/17/05
where can i find some easy how to methods for traning my hyper acitve tiger striped... by kay6/7/04
how do i delete the hardrive on an IBM computer? by garygregory4/8/04
     you can try reformatting the drive. Go to your windows help menu, the information you need... by EMK 6/27/05
94'Jetta III 20.l I have a pinging noise when I start the car in the morning ...will go... by Naz2/5/04
What is the theme song for mash? by Jill5/13/04
     Suicide is Painless by Shakeytictac 11/16/05
     Suicide is Painless by jami 1/18/2006
help me find at wed sit on how to stop doing drugts by kliki5/27/04
How does cold weather effect the kevlar canoe when transporting it on the top of a car in... by Lynn1/11/04
     The Kevlar/Resin composite should be fine at any temperatures that your car will run in. ... by Bobo1/16/04
Eudora has given me a false email address. How do I get a correct one? by Patrick2/10/04
     green day rocks by d.d 7/10/2006
basically, I am applying to become a midwife, and I would like some info on how to prepare... by maureen3/27/04
     iamin year 11 and need info on how to get there after college and was thinking you could... by dav 1/18/2007
I am installing a ceiling fan. My house has red and black wires. The ceiling fan has blue... by vrobinson4/4/04
     I don't have an answer but am looking for an answer to this exact question. by andi 6/1/04
     Was this ever answered? by Siglo6 1/2/2007
IS AGEING A DISEASE? by MORINGLORY008  hotmail6/11/04
i am going on a national lience course any one know what sort of questions are asked by winnie5/12/04
When was the last time February had 5 Sundays? by DW2/3/04
     These are the 5-Sunday-Februarys since the year 1000 a.d.: 1008, 1036, 1064, 1092, 1120,... by ROMAN 7/27/2006
What chemical could you add to Carbon Tetrachloride to make in harmless to the atmosphere... by sassafrass1/9/04
i want to know the war against Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia in the time of king... by zina2/26/04
what is computer virus?sources of computer virus.Classification?causes?features? by olrac3/4/04
     blabla by cracked_flows6/8/04
the working of mail distribution internally? by Gaushiya3/30/04
1984 Rabbit GTI with A/C. My resistor pack for my blower is shot. "4" speed is the only... by VW GTI1/1/04
are smashing pumpkins lyrics related to satanic stuffs or they are just simply gothic... by mcgyver4/29/04
     1979 was written in 1979 when billy was 12 years old. he wrote the lyrics about a... by masta bassa 12/15/04
     no its not it a mad song by hey 2/28/05
My Toyota SR5 Extended Cab 2 Wheel Drive Tundra is leaking water around the air... by Leaky Moisture6/26/04
     Why are you driving through high water. Sure, they do that on commercials. But, it is... by Whatthef 3/27/05
     Yes, Same exact problem...Did you find a solution? by Paul 12/19/05
     I have recently had the same problem. Were you able to get the problem fixed? by gramsey 2/3/2006
I have a white puppy, 9 weks, he has no color. He has the black nose and lips and a dot of... by Susan2/16/04
     I dunno? but he sounds cute by penguin 10/15/04
Need your opinion! Poll: What are INTERNET METAPHORS??? The nature of the World Wide... by Emma12/9/03
how diabetes effect on oral tissues?how the oral tissues are damage?how oral tissue can be... by tayyaba4/1/04
     i think that you need to give a guy/chick head to get rid of your oral problems as this is... by DeAtH6/3/04
whats anthony moraldos screen name? by jessica5/20/04 by j3nna 5/19/2007
I need some info and/or history on a Dictaphone and a universal electric motor type n by carol1/31/04
     i dont know what the question is really by chahee 4/27/05
I am using FreeBSD 4.7 and Sendmail 8.12.9. How can I stop receiving email from the System... by callamo11/19/03
what is combat damage by dan4/16/04
sorry the frst tame my cam to uor saed tank yu by jamal3/30/04
On 1965 in may 6 anything had happened by amanda1/30/04
What does tip drill mean by Nelly by Dolores5/18/04
     tip drill means when a girl gives a guy head and she swallows by Tamisha 3/23/2006
     big asses by jj` 1/19/2007
     WHAT DOES TIPDRILL MEAN by ME 2/10/2007
Do female dogs bleed every month? by Toots3/10/04
     No definitely not every month. I believe it's actually twice a year. by dawn3/11/04
     not sure about how often they bleed. but it should be noted that it is not the same as... by john 3/16/2006
     no they dont at all by meme 5/14/2006
Looking for feed-back on Paslode cordless/cartridge nailers. or other makes. recomended... by Harp12/2/03
hi i have two golden retrievers and i feed them iams dog food but i notice my dogs dont... by strawberryice2/20/04
     I also have a golden retriever who will be 9 months shortly, I started her as a puppy on... by opal 3/22/2006
Car Radio Muting with Sony XR-C290RDS and Nokia Cark 133. I am adding a Mobile Phone... by Adrian12/29/03
     I know you will have the problem solved by now, but it may be useful to someone else. You... by gmcmen 11/19/05
I have just turned 100,000 miles on my truck and my tranny busted at 65,000 miles. I have... by Ben whitfield1/17/04
     What kind of truck is it... it also depends on the maintenance of the transmission by 4x4god69 2/12/04
     if it is old and has bad milage why buy it by carson gauley 3/23/05
I want a airflight schedule of planes leaving from Sanfort, FL by Sarah Roever11/30/03
We have a contest to show six degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon to the following... by Kim11/4/03
     Adrien Brody to George Clooney (Thin Red Line) George Clooney to Julia Roberts (Oceans... by GUNVENOM12/11/03
Explain the importance of the revelation of Torah by Yhwh at Siani. by Matt11/14/03
     If one believes in the revelation of torah by God at Sinai (known as Torah min Hashamayim... by Oren2/18/04
Has anyone used or heard of Oxide allure inline skates with 80mmkryptonite wheels, abec 7... by mik12/14/03
     I've got a pair of these too. Although I don't remember where I saw it, I believe they are... by Mike 1/30/04
What are common gifts you can give to a girl on her Bat Mitzva by unknown11/22/03
please tell me home adrres of person by the email of, its very urgent... by Saima6/20/04
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     i need know the adrres w bellfort 10200 by alex 5/6/05
I was told that Tom Burlinson was sued for the horse actually being shot and killed in The... by Mandy12/9/03
     That is not true. Denny was owned by the Lovick family in Mansfield, Victoria, and he died... by Sarah 3/25/05
what is the website or homepage of the tatoo and body piercing studio (strength tattoo)in... by vicky2/19/04
what is mainframe? what are its contents? by Dilip3/14/04
     by    4/6/2007
How do you convert from JPG format to JFIF by KKARRAR12/19/03
     very easy by prahar3/23/04
what ever happned to radar's teddy bear by radar o'reily4/13/04
     It was sold on ebay for 6,000$. by M*A*S*H fan 7/2/2006
hi i have a compaq pl3000 server where dat drive is not getting detected/working could... by kiran2/25/04
     i can not answer your question , i just looking for some things about PL3000, i also have... by jason 2/25/05
     need to make sure that I have my timing mark lined up properly, compresion #1 cylinder up... by coop 4/3/2006
     need to make sure that I have my timing mark lined up properly, compresion #1 cylinder up... by coop 4/3/2006
I heard that Papa Pilgrim has passed on, is it true? by Biggie11/23/03
     If you are referring to the Papa Pilgrim of the reggae world, the answer is yes. He died... by bowie 2/16/04
What is beliefs of the lubavitch hasidic jews on the land of israel?? by lindz11/19/03
     beard and curly hats hanging off the sides of top hats by mo 3/6/2006
Anybody have a copy of the September 20th show? by jujuju9/21/03
Typing & Research Services Available Cost: $2.50 per page + printing cost „«... by Rockell Clement10/27/03
is air pressure stronger than water pressure? by angel4/14/04
     Pressure is pressure period. Sealed housings may be more apt to leak at lower air... by t-bone 8/10/05
     air is stronger than water because if you take a postcard wet it then put a plastic cup of... by jojo 12/7/05
Everytime I run my VB application, I get a message in the immediate window that says... by Divya9/11/03
I have a 1988 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van v-6 the cable that runs to the heater core has... by Paul Clark12/20/03
     You can access the vent door from inside the cab. You may get lucky with a long shaft... by wrenchdude 10/10/04
I'm looking for last night's episode 11/6/03 with Howard Stern. Does anyone have a copy? by Chad11/7/03
     If you watchthe Howard Stern Show you are such a sick, disgusting pervert. You need to... by Purple Haze monster 7/6/05
I get an error when I run the following VBA procedure: Private Sub NamesCollection()... by John9/4/03
     Australia was involved in the Vietnam war out of fear. The Menzies government highly... by pebbles 11/20/04
I need something in Mesopotamia like a god or a resource or something the invented that... by dudecathotchick1/6/04
     ascetically; by Jamey 11/15/04
     OK by justin 10/13/05
Related to figure skating. Are the basic components of a figure skate blade the following:... by Rae10/3/03
How do i work out a diet for my son who is a daibeteic by pam1/4/04
     dear god talk to a doctor for your child's sake by jonny anomaly1/19/04
     Diabetes can be cured.By natural special herbs.My friend once had diabetes but i gave him... by mike10987 6/13/2006
I have seen my son's friend after he died. He told me to tell everyone that he's ok.... by Donna Lundgren5/30/04
     So, It happens all the time to people. They deliver the message then get over it. 12 years... by bubster007 10/5/04
     If you say's still false. A sensory impression or hallucination does not override... by Thucydides 1/19/05
     Depends on what you call 'real' -- ghosts haven't been scientifically proven or debunked... by FunsterJim 6/26/05
     No, it's not a real experience, you dreamed it. Ghosts and spirits do not exist. by EMK 6/27/05
     maby u dreamed it by chelky  2/9/2006
I want to know what is the description of therapeutic. by sol9/29/03
     why you don'tjust look in a dictionary. it means curing, healing. by Sugaar10/5/03
Has anyone seen these log messages in a Cisco Works 2000 backup log or know why these... by Faye10/29/03
     i want to know because i met same thing by swing 3/28/04
Hi There I have a query related to booking factor, the ATM avails me to overbook a Cell... by Manoj Patel8/20/03
In Blues Brothers 2000, during Elwood's speech to the band after running out of gas. he... by DOWD8/10/03
     robert k. weiss is the producer of both the first and second movies. its an inside joke.... by nileqt878/31/03
How many diffrent type of skin cancer in Australia and how many persent of people have... by mujgan9/28/03
I'm looking for an article called, "Five Commands Your Dog Should Know." I was told the... by Sally S. West8/18/03
I have hosted an after school scrabble club (fifth and sixth graders only) for a short 6... by pterygium11/21/03
     It is really hard to get good sponsors... it is really about getting your community... by scrabble player 10/30/04
Why is it necessary to send a wedding gift if you decline the inviation. by racine11/17/03
     because we all want to be polite. by paul 1/29/04
what things contain caffeine by amen3/3/04
     Everything Contains Caffiene, yep thats right... if you dont want it your screwed by Christopher Call 11/15/05
I have 2 of the MAX TNT units from ASCEND COMMUNICATIONS, purchased by Lucent....I cannot... by Ed8/4/03
How did they get off the island? by Rory10/29/03
     They got off the island helping each other and relying on each other by crazy girl 11/17/2006
where can i find articles on teen suicide in Japan by ann5/10/04 I hope that helps a little. I am also looking... by Vampiric_goddess6667/15/04
     We are three students of Barcelona, the city of love, and we are doing a research about... by Roser Toll Pifarre 4/19/05
     website removed by page 4/3/2006
     LsVyEMsT35B dOfUpo49z6j hGhX4b4yh73pSk by 6Gd3itjyuW 7/30/2006
I am going crazy trying to find a score for two guitars performed by Nikita Koshkin and... by jumpinmortars11/11/03
     i contacted koonce and he mailed me a copy : ) by wood 4/18/2006
I have a Ajax Horizon Horizon positioner on a 10' mesh dish. I recently began having... by Onie7/30/03
The following c-program is giving unexpected result.Is someone know it's reason how it's ... by nik9/30/03
     The reason is simple. Your program can be re-written like this: #include <stdio.h>... by al 10/27/03
I am having problems precipitating MnO2 from a dissolved rock sample. I used anion... by serefif2/25/04
     Rather than doing extraction diractoly do one thing remove impurity step by step if you... by Mitul 3/13/05
     i just wanna ask about my experiment, i have a problem using MnSO4.H2O to get a MnS thin... by Konstanta 6/7/05
     try it with H2O2 and HCl to rebuild MnO2 by luke 10/18/05
     It's more likely that Mn is reduced to Mn2+. MnO2 usually occurs in a basic solution. by PisgahChemist 1/9/2007
which planet look reddish in night sky? by vinay3/11/04
     Mars, I believe. by DJ Dave M4/10/04
     I believe that would be the planet Rouge, not necessarily recognized by all astronomers as... by Bob, just Bob5/12/04
     i believe it is mars by madog 5/3/2007
     a explosion by jonny 6/14/2007
what does a "link editor" do? where can i get some examples related to it, especially for... by linuxnewbie11/3/03
     Dall ls DE Lady j by ken 6/3/04
i have a 92 dodge shadow 4 cylinder my belt broke that goes to the alternator and my motor... by mike1/7/04
     hey man i have a shadow i raced it but i think THINK its a surpentine belt they are tit... by kenny1/22/04
     If you get the manual for the car it should show you how to put the belt on. One of the... by Army Dave 9/7/2006
Our eleven-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi still chews on everything it seems. Is this a... by Kay9/16/03
     You could try getting him several items that he is allowed to chew on. If there are some... by Tanisha 12/30/03
Describe why Usenet is important for business comunicators? by lhen7/18/03
My 8 year old Maltese became blind after oral surgery(7 teeth extracted). He's been very... by Ana10/5/03
     no this situation is not a permanent situation as this might be a case of giving the local... by samy kalra12/25/03
     This just happened to my child, loss of vision in one eye and blurred vision in the other,... by Kevin 5/25/2007
There are five cars on display as prizes, and their five ignition keys are in a box. You... by Gabrielle11/12/03
     It doesn't matter which key you choose, there's a one in five chance of winning. by EMK 6/27/05
     Providing the key definitely fits *one* car, your chances are one in five. If they want... by DaveHowe 6/14/2006
How much is the fee for a California stop, (driving violation)?? by MAT9/10/03
     I would think it would be the same amount as running a stop sign. I don't know actually. I... by Jeff 8/18/04
How do I upgrade from TCPIP V5.0A to 5.1 on OpenVMS 7.2-1 by sp8/17/03

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