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How do you change the light bulb in the gear shifter for an automatic 92' Plymouth... by Moose 12/20/04
Where is the Air Pump Relay located on a 2001 Blazer? by 36Pierce 12/22/04
I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport. The radio is tempermental. I receive an FM signal when... by Scott 12/18/04
ok i got my belly pierced and i really wanted to know if its normal if you bleed!!! PLEASE... by JoHaNnA 1/3/05
how do i make white glue from things in my house by nate 4/30/05
Does anyone remember a video that Paul & the band did called "Dress Cool"?!! IT was mid... by horncaster 12/22/04
What Movie had the Line "Be Afraid, be very afraid"? by Sandra 12/20/04
I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler that when put into 4 wheel drive it pops out of it causing the... by kc 12/15/04
What is Johnny Depp's Favorite color? by manders 12/22/04
I was working on H1B visa last year and have applied for SSN in Sept 2003 in Santa -Ana... by Sanjay Deshpande 12/14/04
i need a digram of the timing marks for a 1992 d 50 with a Mitsubishi 2.4 motor by bigkid 2/3/05
i have a downloader agent 11g, dropper agent 4 a g and a which i can find but... by Benny 269 4/28/05
i'mirish, my daughter is an american citizen. can i get dual citizenship for her and can i... by irene perry 3/13/05
I desperately need info on a song that "The Worlds Most Dangerous Band" did, title is... by horncaster 12/18/04
How did the Great Depression lead up to World War 2? by Breezy 12/15/04
my dashound has hurt her back and she can't stand on her hind feet. the vet gave her a... by worried sick 3/12/05
do i have to take the timing belt off when replacing a head gasket on a 95 geo metro... by t 3/12/05
I have a 97 Plymouth neon and the speedometer quite working and I replaced the speed... by missterry 12/12/04
does anyone know if 1847 $20 confederate bill has any value today by maddy 4/24/05
I have a 4 year old male Siamese mix named Moocher. He's the antithesis of the "Scaredy... by Julia 12/11/04
My Volvo S70 power window stopped working, the right front passsenger went first. when... by Steve F 12/10/04
What happened in each chapter of Cue for Treason? by Gosling 12/12/04
Is it true that Anatolian shepherd dogs and Irish wolfhounds kill wolves? by joe 12/7/04
My dogs front paw has been cut and he is in for stitches right now because it wouldn't... by Tanya D. 12/6/04
can i get credit card number with billing address free on-line? by sam 3/9/05
How to interface with a keyboard?any different ways? by ANITHA 12/8/04
I keep getting spoof / fake emails from individuals pretending to be ebay. They ask me... by photoman 12/5/04
HELP!!!I cannot find my hedgehog!!!how can I find him?!?!?!PLEASE HELP!! by hedgie_girl 12/10/04
what is fun. is it is it sufficient by kkc 4/15/05
how much people on average are struck by lightning? by john 3/7/05
I recently bought a spellbook and the author(Silver Ravenwolf) keeps talking about the... by libey 12/3/04
Our 3 year old female doberman has just been diagnosed with Valley Fever. The symptom is... by Pete 12/2/04
my dog was in heat and mated,if she is still bleeding does that mean she is not pregnant?... by chantel 3/1/05
i want to ask that ie i win the visa lottery 2004what are they going to ask me in embassy... by wolex 1/30/05
i am a hbsag carrier.. can i immigrate to france. my doctor suggested that i would no... by chandu 1/29/05
dollar exchange and what is it worth by catracha17 4/14/05
why do people have toes by Im a flower 5/12/05
who goes cookoo for cocoa puffs?? by joshua lance 3/22/05
how do i replace a water pump on a 1993 volks golf gl. by nosajj 4/7/05
my neighbor has a beautiful petite female chow that was neutered this past summer oft... by m 1/23/05
Can anyone tell me if they have had a problem with an exhaust gasket external leak in a... by Jerry Olson 11/30/04
How do you keep your cat out of household plants? by kathy 11/29/04
I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible. I recently started noticing the floor of the... by FN 11/24/04
is there any fee for newsgroups? by pooja 3/11/05
the definition of economy hotel by zhipingli 4/20/05
Can we use main function recursively in C language? by Ashish Vats 11/24/04
How do I retrieve my mail from my old email address and screen name to my new email and... by verronisa 11/21/04
I have a 2000 Chrysler lhs and it started to run hot. If I rev it up to 2500 rpm it will... by pandm 12/31/04
what is the difference between a hurricane and a man soon? by miracle princess 2/24/05
Where can I find an SNL cow bell t-shirt? by Mo 11/29/04
what should i use to perice my own tounge? by sweet_jackass16 2/27/05
Is there a software program for the computer which records one playing a Suzuki-97 digital... by Arlene 11/23/04
what is the importance of census? by ike 3/6/05
i have a 94 ply. duster,i am having a overheating problem,i replaced the water pump and... by snake7247 3/27/05
what is the difference betwen ordinary encoder and reed solomon encoder? by latha 2/16/05
I am interested in buying a begal. Are there any reasons (inherited or otherwise) not to... by greg 11/15/04
my 1986 golf alternator is only putting out 9 volts. i replaced it and it still is 9... by frustrated 2/13/05
I have a cat up a tree how can i get it to come down? by jenny 11/15/04
How do you turn off your check engine light on a 1998 Breeze breeze? by Brendon 11/12/04
I was doing my research on salt water aquarium. There is one thing I can't find: the... by Izzman 12/20/04
hello, low energy lab. any thing i can give my dog to help her get motivated? she is 8... by Kevin 12/29/04
My questions is regarding our beautiful Chocolate Lab that just turned 1 year in October... by Jasmine 11/9/04
What was Weaser's(Shirley McClain) dog's name in Steel Magnolia? by cindylou 11/12/04
I have a Boston terrier that is going to have puppies in a few days and I have always... by cherub 12/19/04
Does anyone know where the Radiator drain plug is for a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus? thanks by Uncle Big 11/7/04
why does the heating system on my 2001 durango not work in the defrost mode? The system... by Ken 12/27/04
how i boot from lan without boot-rom? by girish 2/15/05
I am looking for a tape from an old Anniverary Game Show from the 70's....Any help?? by jfr 11/6/04
I need to find a wiring diagram for an 88-89 Plymouth Voyager, 2.5L, V4, has to do with an... by kimmour 12/15/04
How do you know if you pregant what are the side affects by La'kesha 12/16/04
I understand, that Disney faced some cross cultural setbacks in the early years, that... by Sal 11/1/04
I know this is not actually a question. and what i am about to relate is somewhat... by Saipha 11/1/04
what are process and degradationimpurities in anastrazole API and Anastrazole Tablets. ... by Manoj Singh Mehta 12/20/04
what is the difference between the various versions of windows by soni 3/3/05
true or false. Weed can cause damage to your body? True or False. You can buy weed on the... by jello 12/11/04
how to interface an AT89c51 mircocontroller with the serial port RS232 ? How to create the... by pires 12/11/04
what is a computer virus by juliya 3/29/05
I have written a basic C++ program that sorts real numbers into numerical order. After... by Cavendish 10/30/04
on my 1988 Dodge Aries the heater blower will not work with the blower switch at any... by Derek 12/8/04
Received information in MIME format and cannot read it!!! by Sticks 12/4/04
I'm making a Mexican spread called cajita (sp?) and am trying to figure out a way to... by Sue 10/25/04
Me and my cousin want to be baller's for halloween. But there is one problem I am a girl... by cgcbball 10/25/04
when can u go on holiday legally without parents? can u go at 16? by emily 1/27/05
92 G Caravan with 3L engine - lost vacuum to hot water valve - where do I look? by HISWorks 12/3/04
I am turning 18 and have wanted to get a tattoo for a while and I've decided to get a... by shell 10/22/04
What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing? by Sridevi 10/25/04
Where can I buy ditto machine carbons from? I need it for my tattoo's. by Snake Man 10/21/04
how to solve this problem? Write a method binarySearchAllMatches() for the binary search... by bader 12/1/04
how to make computer virus by nangoo 3/19/05
who long does a mini dixi weigh when it is fully grown? by marla 1/21/05
i have a 87 plymouth voyger van 3.0 liter it will only run for about 30 secounds and the... by chance 2/28/05
how can i get a visa photo to become a canadian citezen and what are the requirement for... by cris 1/17/05
How can I get a blue nose brindle dog? by ruby 10/25/04
Is Kalvin Alverdes Gay? He lives in Tacoma WA. by Crawford 10/20/04
Help! I think my Lil baby hates me! I have a 11 week old chi girl. She was super sweet... by lollypop 10/22/04
What are the best cheeses to be used on pizza? by Lizzie 10/20/04
what will my cousin do?coz she want to married a canadian guy by ella 1/17/05
can i put a v6 in a 1988 dodge shadow? by denaius 1/22/05
Why dose R.O.D ONLY COMES ON THURSDAY. by Oddish 2/22/05
my wife and i just got married in the us but she originally entered the us illegally. can... by pdiddyswas 1/13/05
How dose oranges had it name by Chi Chi 12/11/04
design and analysis of algorithm by mohan 3/11/05
How can i get an account on a news server? by Night Owl 10/20/04
What is the significance of enforcing transit visas? Thanks by logical 10/12/04
I have a 1993 Jeep cherokee lorado V6 i shanged the ristibutor and rotare and now the jeep... by Judy 11/21/04
What is the value of a 1914 $20 large size bill with Grover Cleveland on the front. Blue... by Jan 11/21/04
where is the voltage regulator at (placement) on a 1989 plymouth voyager? by rick 1/11/05
Are there any crips around here? I wunna enrole into da crip side but dont kno much bout... by wowywow 10/11/04
Our 9 month old Shih Tzu has just recently started to make a squeaky noise come out of his... by peg 10/11/04
can anyone tell me how to get into a yahoo id without a password? by bren 1/11/05
i got a hole in my nose septum cartlige and have bad congestiong dose any one have this... by giya 1/9/05
how much does a tribal tattoo on your lower back hurt? i don't take pain very well and i... by BabyBoo7/31/03
     no it doesn't, well not much i have a picture of my mother there and it was only a wee bit... by adam herrick8/8/03
     I got a lower back tattoo yesterday, and I'd say it hurt like hell. I wasn't expecting... by lotus lovah10/6/03
     its not sore. im 15 and i got mine a few weeks ago. anyone who says its sore is a pap like... by julie1/19/04
     I got my first tatt a fully blown tribal design all by free hand so its a bit different... by craze2/1/04
     If you are worried about how much a tat hurts, don't bother getting one by tag2/18/04
     It hurts a little!! I had a lower back tattoo and I thought it was painful but the amount... by Ems3/3/04
     do you think it would look stupid if i got a lower back tatto i weigh 110 lbs by tinka3/5/04
     adam herrick, apparently penis tattoos are really pleasurable, and not painful at all.... by mick3/6/04
     about the penis tattoo, don't listen to the other guy (Mick)"apparently" he dosn'thave 1.... by eric3/17/04
     I am 16 and I am gettin a lower back tattoo this saturday......honestly i am not all that... by JT4/5/04
     I've got quite a few tattoos already but I got my first lower back tat 2day. I've got to... by sammyboy4/7/04
     I'm getting a lower back tattoo in 18 more days. I'm not quite sure exactly what I want, I... by Denisey4/8/04
     Bull! Tattoos do hurt. Anyone who tells you that they don't are full of it. Yes some... by Sirius4/8/04
     i had a tattoo on the my lower back yesterday a celtic design it doesnt feel like needles... by amz4/12/04
     Having a tattoo on my lower back today, have an idea of what i would like. I am quite good... by karendan4/17/04
     I just got back from getting a tribal heart with wings on my lower left back and it didnt... by Nessa4/18/04
     I have got a large tattoo around my left leg and I will admit that it does hurt but most... by Scott4/20/04
     wel i'm a 16 year old girl, and i have a heart on my pelvic area, that didnt hurt, i also... by helz4/27/04
     well its does hert but it is a pain that you can sit though. by jonzy4/27/04
     hey, im 17 yrs old an im going for my first tattoo on sat the 8th an im a bit scared of... by amanda4/29/04
     I really enjoy it. Yes it does hurt in some areas but by and large it is more boring over... by Steven (34 from the U.K)5/2/04
     I'm going to get a tattoo on my lower back on the 5th. It's my 18 birthday Wednesday and... by Budderfli_Kysses5/3/04
     I am 29 years old and have many large tats on various parts of my body. The most recent... by Toni5/3/04
     Well.. im 15 and im getting a tattoo this weekend.. im pretty good with pain, but after... by Maria5/5/04
     Okay i just got back from getting my tattoo. If you want to see what i got then go here: ... by Budderfli_Kysses5/5/04
     The only part that hurt like hell was the outlining. It feels like a hot razor blade... by Budderfli_Kysses5/5/04
     hi im gettina a tattoo done but im not slim i want it done on my back but does it suit big... by carrie 5/7/04
     I'm 16 and am getting a tat for my 17th birthday. Can't wait! I have a friend who got a... by Brandi Lynn5/8/04
     I got my name in Hindi last week. I hurt a bit but not that much. I think it was worth the... by Bri045/10/04
     Hey every1, thinkin bout gettin a lower bak tat but i CANNOt stand pain, wonderin if id... by $az5/12/04
     I have my lower back done and it hurt a little. I have a butterfly with tribal. I do not... by pinkbutterfly5/12/04
     do u reckon id be ok then? lol xx by $az5/13/04
     I have a daisy arm band on my right arm. When I went to get it I had every intention of... by sweetpea6/9/04
     i have a tattoo just below my left hip of a tribal butterfly. to any1 who is thinkin of... by rude gal 6/12/04
     I had my lower back tattoo done 3 days ago. I was quite nervous waiting for the bloke to... by Debs6/16/04
     Hello I'Ive been wanting a tattoo for quite a while now and decided on getting a tribal... by sassiesarah6/16/04
     hey everyone...i'm getting a tattoo on my lower back tomorrow..but i am kinda getting it... by jamie 6/17/04
     I got a tattoo on monday (june 21st) on my lower back, of 5 stars. I had anticipated it to... by Danielle6/23/04
     I am getting one on my lower back and everyone i noe whos had one done says it does hurt... by Shelley6/24/04
     I plan on getting 5 star tattoos on my lower back, Ive heard a lot of things about lower... by Kayla6/24/04
     I just got a lower back tattoo yesterday, and it was very painful!!!! It was my first... by Elizabeth7/3/04
     I got my lower back tattooed and I am 15 I didn't think it hurt...all my friends who have... by Jessica7/5/04
     I got a tribal tat and it took 1hour and 30 minutes. Hurt like hell...worse than having... by Cristina7/8/04
     Hey...My Mom said that I could get my first tattoo on my 16th b-day...(in like 21 days)and... by aBbY81887/9/04
     hey im getting my first tattoo on my lower back on wednesday the 14th and its a small blue... by megz7/11/04
     hey can some one help me out to? what web site can i go to,to see some lower back tribal... by CrazyC7/15/04
     hey im 14 and im gonna get a tattoo but i heard it hurts alot on the lower back wheres a... by Brooke 8/10/04
     I am getting a tattoo sumtime this week, im goin for my 17th birthday. I want a lower back... by Angel_Baby_14 8/11/04
     man i dnt fink tattoos hurt!! im 15 n it didnt hurt tht much!! by nicola 8/11/04
     I am planning to get a tattoo on my lower back and I dont care what n e one says you have... by babygurl 8/12/04
     I would like to know, when guys get there penis tattoo do u have to stay hard or what?? by Spicy20 8/16/04
     can anyone tell me if a lower back tattoo hurts more or less then getting ur belly button... by tiff 8/25/04
     how bad does a lower back tattoo hurt i really want one bad.. and i have for like 5 months... by Coronababy69 8/26/04
     im 16 years old and i have a butterfly as low as possible on my middle lower back its... by tooz 9/2/04
     I have a big vampire tatto all over my back. personaly when i did it at frist it heart me... by Vampire 9/2/04
     Hey,I'm 13 n I'm getting a tattoo in a few days and I want to know what the pain will be... by P!nk fox 9/4/04
     Hey, IMF 14 95 lb. My parents said I could finally get a tattoo. I am a little nervous.... by Buba 9/6/04
     how much do tatos hurt on you arms by evan 9/12/04
     Nope tattoos dont hurt at all my first tattoo was a black tribal design on my side its... by Nana 9/13/04
     I had my tattoo yesterday, on my lower back. I read some of the comments on this website... by Harvi 9/16/04
     I got a large celtic/tribal tattoo on my lower back 5 months ago, and it DID NOT hurt. and... by Aurora 9/16/04
     i wanted to know if anybody has any ideas for getting a tattoo on my lower back i am... by countrycgicky 9/22/04
     Tattoos definatly hurt worse than getting your belly button pierced. Getting my belly... by Angie 9/26/04
     im 14 and im getting the lower part of my back tattooed..I can stand pain but honestly... by Krystal 9/26/04
     Hello, If your thinking about getting a tattoo then great!! be sure that you have thought... by PrettyBaby 10/2/04
     im going to get a small tattoo on my lower back it is a small tattoo maybe an 2inches tall... by me05 10/6/04
     Hi Peepz, i am getting a tat on the 9th of october 2004 on the bottom of my back... by Sab 10/7/04
     hey,im 17 yrs old n i got my first tat on my lower bakk took a hr and that didnt hurt that... by naughty_hotti3 10/8/04
     wooo i just wanna aks you if some of you know how much does it cost to do a tattoo on my... by lil_playgirl 10/9/04
     I am almost 18 and I am getting a tribal tattoo on my lower back that I designed myself. I... by JL 10/10/04
     hiya, im plannin on gettin a tribal tattoo dun on friday my m8 n cousin just had theirs... by sam 10/11/04
     my tattoo on my arm didn't hurt at all by christy 10/16/04
     well i aint long had a lower back tattoo and too be quiet honest it day hurt that bad as... by sab 10/18/04
     Yeah pretty sure my moms lettin me get a tat in january so im excitd - i want one on my... by -MuAh- 10/21/04
     I haven't got a tattoo yet but i am planing to get one in less than a month. I want to get... by obis 10/22/04
     I just had a butterfly/tribal tattoo done on my lower back. I have been told you should... by Gooniegirl33 11/4/04
     hey, i really wanted a lower back tattoo but after all these comments i'mkinda edgy about... by andie 11/7/04
     I plan to get a tattoo in January, I'm having a butterfly with a tribal pattern in black... by becky 11/10/04
     I'm not sure either...i'm 19 and got my first tattoo on my ankle a couple of months ago.... by LeeLee 11/10/04
     Hey i am getting a lower back tattoo on Tuesday the 16th! I'm getting the same tattoo as... by tp 11/12/04
     Hey i got a lower back tattoo today and honestly it didn't hut! it was uncomfortable but... by tommie 11/13/04
     hey everyone, i want a tattoo so bad!! does it hurt! HONESTLY! im am terrified but ive... by kitten101 11/25/04
     hi i know this foroum is quite old but i want to tell you my experecience...i had my... by elisa 12/4/04
     well i think ure all wussys coz i have my whole body pirced and not a single one hurt. by sav   12/8/04
     Okay well Im thirteen and Im getting a tattoo on my lower back for X~mas yeah Im young but... by Britt 12/10/04
     I really don't think they hurt. I am 17 and i have two tats one on my thigh and one on my... by nunu13 12/23/04
     Out of all the places i've been tattooed (arms, stomach, ankles, back) the lower back was... by larissa 12/27/04
     hey. i'm 16 and thinking of getting a lower back tattoo not that big bout 6" wide and 2"... by Emz 1/7/05
     Hi Im 16 and I want to get a tattoo, but I dont know what to get. My friend just got one... by Michele 1/7/05
     Im gonna get my first tattoo in a few weeks time n quite fancy a tribal/celtic design on... by Bellabong 1/10/05
     i want to get one on my lower back and ive heard that its the worst place to get because... by viper 1/11/05
     i got a lower back tat 2 months ago ... it wuz kinda painful durin the outlinin but after... by Jeshara 1/13/05
     Hey Ya' going to get a tattoo on my lower back of a tribal that i drew...i can... by CountryGal17 1/14/05
     hey everyone im 14 and i wanna get a tattoo on my lower back of this hart thing. if u have... by valerie 1/16/05
     hey im 14 and i want to get a tattoo on my lower back of this heart thing..its a meduim... by valerie 1/16/05
     Im getting one soon i hope! imma take the pain. by chelss 1/17/05
     I'm 15 and getting a tattoo done on my lower back for my 16th birthday, Ive found the... by tasha 1/21/05
     Im 14, and im getting a tattoo for my 15th that bad? by Case 1/22/05
     Hey guys, I am getting a lower back tribal butterfly tattoo for my 18th birthday, and i am... by Gina 2/8/05
     i'mgetting mine when i turn 16 on sunday i'mso nervous by cocoa 2/15/05
     I have 2 tattoos, a butterfly on my hand and a fairy on my lower back. And I'd have to say... by Melissa 2/23/05
     I got my lower back done a week ago and it hurt like hell! I have a child and was in labor... by Aquamari 2/24/05
     it hurts like hellllllllll omgggggggg i was dyinggg it took a whole hour and half and... by AbBy 2/28/05
     I want a lower back tattoo and I was wondering how much it hurts and what it feels like.... by spuddy 3/15/05
     Tats HURT A LOT by Dave 3/17/05
     Hello everyone! I went to get my first tattoo yesterday for my 19th b-day:)(which was... by pursey4 3/20/05
     hey! well im 14 nearly 15 n jus ad a tattoo on tha bottom ov me bak, it hurt alil bit but... by kimmie15 3/20/05
     Some people are better at handling pain than others it just depends on the person. by Jennifer 3/20/05
     I have tatoo's on my arms, leg, Neck, and Back. The worst one was on the back. But it took... by The Kid 3/22/05
     it doesnt hurt at all i loved it it felt well nice by sarah 3/22/05
     I am 17 and getting a tattoo on my lower back on monday. i am kinda nervous but i am not... by sweetheart17 3/22/05
     Tattoo's feel like a visious nip or a mild burning imagine a soldering iron sliding down... by Oh99 3/23/05
     hey im thinking about getting a tattoo and i was wondering if it hurts less to get one on... by rilez 3/24/05
     I will be getting a tattoo on my 18th birthday, April 5th, I'm getting a tattoo on my... by Christy 3/24/05
     Pain is part of the pleasure of tats. If you are looking to avoid pain, or just want to... by DALE 3/27/05
     hey there im a 14 year old and ive always planned on getting tattoos for ages (seeing as... by Lemon 3/31/05
     I am only twelve, and I plan to get a Tattoo when I move out, or whenever I get permission... by tattoo_dreamer 4/2/05
     hi im 15 and i am allowed to get a tattoo during the nxt week n i am very scared as my mum... by natxxnatxx 4/4/05
     anyone experience wether it helps the pain if ur stoned? by Torran 4/4/05
     dont wry! im gettin 1 2 n u mite think im in no position 2 tell u anythin but jus remember... by hottattoops! 4/5/05
     Im 18, and Im thanking about getting a lower back tattoo, I am a slim person and I want to... by neenee 4/8/05
     Hey people I am 17 and wanna get my first tattoo on my lower back in about a month I... by Tiff-Tiff 4/13/05
     It hurts but not that bad to were you can't take it. Plus if you want a tatoo does is... by Aleta 4/15/05
     i want a tattoo on my lower back n i also want my belly button pierced but the thing is i... by cordelia 4/16/05
     hey i plan on getting a lower back tattoo that is going to be rather large and detailed.... by volleybalgirl13 4/19/05
     I'm6, i live in Sydney Australila, i'm getting my first tattoo next month but i don't... by $$$ 4/19/05
     I'm getting a tattoo today for my 17th birthday. Everyone I've talked to said that it is... by bigpimptress 4/24/05
     I'm going to have my first tattoo's tomorrow. I'm getting 2 Japanese symbols (one on... by Rhiannon Louise UK 4/26/05
     i think it hurt a little on your back wen they go over your spine but it was all worth it... by naomi 4/30/05
     damn well it hurts,,well,,mine was rather,,"BIG" but,the smaller one didn't hurt at... by gothic girl 4/30/05
     hey everyone, im getting my initial in between a tribal tomorrow, and i think I'm just as... by 420kati420 5/4/05
     ok..I am planning on getting a tattoo on my lower back in a couple of months..I am 15 and... by Marita 5/4/05
     Hey i'm 16 and i'm going to get my tattoo in 2 weeks. i wasn't scared at all. but after... by InnocentGirl 5/5/05
     hey everyone. im 14 and my parents both agreed i could get a tattoo awhile ago but just... by Jessica 5/8/05
     I want to know, please, how much a small tattoo on the back of my neck would hurt compared... by merkin 5/8/05
     i had my 1st tattoo wen i was 15 on my lower back. ill be honest the outline of my tattoo... by jakki24 5/10/05
     by the way.. i have 3 tattooos..going for 3 more. if you go to a pharmacy they sell a... by roarbl 5/10/05
     im having a tattoo just below my belly im realy nervous about it coz im a bit of a... by jadey 5/13/05
     i got my tatto on my lower back in december it hurt outlinein it but fillin in didnt at... by tHeOnEaNdOnLy 5/13/05
     hey am 15 and my mum said i could get a tattoo on my lower bk in summer. i am really thin... by eilidh 5/13/05
     I am getting my first tat soon ... a decorative heart on the arm ... i can honestly say i... by Fran 5/13/05
     Hi, my best friend and I are getting tattoo's in a couple weeks for our 19th Birthdays. ... by Nattyanne18 5/14/05
     hiya people, im 15 and i want a tat but i am scared that it will hurt for me coz im slim... by ~*+stefi_babe+*~ 5/15/05
     hey am eilidh i am 15 and my mum said i can get a tattoo in the summer holidays. I really... by £il$ 5/15/05
     I had a lower back tattoo on Saturday and it was as painful as having a child by jules 5/16/05
     hey i want to get mine done.. but im really scared about the pain... and stuff.. but i was... by MELISSA 5/18/05
     listen a tattoo or piercing only hurts as much as u want it to hurt! its like a car... by Sammy 5/23/05
     oook, im quite concerned at the ammount of ppl on this forum who are getting tattoo's... by Tidge 6/8/05
     im 18 and had a lower back tattoo done two days a go, it stings a bit but its not... by han 6/17/05
     MEGZ i would rather have my tattoo done then have my belly pierced again!I hated it by han 6/17/05
     Getting a tattoo doesn't hurt that much i got one on my hip bone of a little butterfly it... by Crystal Lynn 6/17/05
     well no they dont hurt, the less fat u have the better basically! and it shouldnt feel... by zoe 6/19/05
     i know this message board is for the lower back but im gettin a tattoo in the middle of my... by welsh boy 6/21/05
     yes a lower back tattoo kills and if your scared DONT get 1!! by becci 6/22/05
     Hey, am 16 and getting my 1st tattoo nxt week!! am not nervous just now but i will be when... by Lauren 6/22/05
     I'm 15 and I'm preparing to get a tribal tattoo on my lower back...I'm concerned about the... by Lillybird 6/24/05
     Hehe i had a back tattoo done and ouch! i was very shocked when i went to have one on my... by Roxanne 6/29/05
     Hey i have been searching every where for the perfect tat for me. I want a playboy bunny... by Tay 6/29/05
     hey ppl. i had my tattoo on Wednesday its a tribal pattern on my back. i was so nervous... by stepho 7/8/05
     I am getting a 9 x 4/12 fairy tattoo in a few weeks on my lower this going to... by MissyB 7/11/05
     im 17 and i got a lower back tattoo about a month ago i was really expecting alot of pain... by kaylz 7/11/05
     i am getting my first tattoo tomorrow and i was told is going to take 3hrs so i am a... by eli_80 7/11/05
     hey PEOPLES!!! i am soooo excited i am gettin my tat in a week and i cant wait it is my... by $hazna  -x-  7/15/05
     Don't know if anyone is still using this board but I am getting a tattoo on my lower back... by Abril 7/17/05
     I have a little tattoo on my lower back of a tribal butterfly and i decided to get... by Nikki 7/18/05
     I just got a tribal tattoo done on my lower back today. I cringed like all hell. I'm 5'5... by Melk 7/27/05
     hi I'm getting a tattoo Saturday on my lower back and i was OK till i read what Toni sed... by chrissie 7/28/05
     Honestly asking other people isnt the way to go as you can see already you've wound op... by Kayters 7/29/05
     Im 15 and thinking of getting a lower back tattoo pretty soon and im soooo scared, lol! i... by Kira 7/30/05
     I'd love to have a tattoo, but my mum won't allow it, I'm only 15 so i can see her point.... by XxSuziexX 7/30/05
     i got my whole back done and to all those who said it didn't hurt... IT HURT LIKE HELL... by K1NK3RB3LL 8/3/05
     I'm going for my first tattoo and its a tribal dolphin sorta thing its really cute.It'll... by Dolphin_Princess 8/14/05
     I cant take pain that well but i have 2 tattoos and my tongue and nose pierced and i have... by Kayla 8/18/05
     hey, i'mgettin a tattoo next sat. I alittle nervous about the pain. But i'vebeen askin 4 a... by daydreamer 8/19/05
     I had my first tattoo today - since I wasn't planning on getting more than one I knew I... by Terrianne 8/20/05
     Hey i want to get my lower back done and i'm really nerves i'm not good with pain but i... by DeeDee 8/20/05
     I don't have a tattoo yet. I have one picked out tho for my lower back. I'm making it a... by MayChild88 8/21/05
     Im with Tag - if your worried about the pain - your not ready for a tat. I got my inner... by Clive 8/22/05
     I actually got a kinda huge tribal on my lower back, since last march, and it hurts like a... by frambwase 8/23/05
     i just got a lower back tattoo last sat three letters and its tiny and it hurt like hell... by h 8/24/05
     OK. I'm 14 and i really want a tattoo at the bottom of my back and just recently my dad... by Emzybabe 8/24/05
     Ooh. You're an individual. You're getting a tribal tattoo on your lower back. Looks... by Biff 8/25/05
     i am 12 and i am thinking when i am ready 2 get a tattoo but im wondering where is the... by fifarooskie 8/29/05
     i am 12 and i am thinking when i am ready 2 get a tattoo but I'm wondering where is the... by fifarooskie 8/29/05
     im getting a lower back tatoo at christmas a while off i know! but i was just wondering... by Emi! 8/30/05
     hey i'mgettin a tattoo on my lower back in 3 days. yes im a little nervous about b/c... by daydreamer 8/30/05
     So,I take it if someone is,not so good with pain, and is pretty skinny.. there will be... by CaliLCR 8/31/05
     Eh.. i just got a tat on my lower back and I'd have to say it wasn't what i expected. I... by Sam 8/31/05
     i can see why u lot wanna ask other people what it feels like to get a tat..... but u will... by babygirl 9/2/05
     I am 17, but when I turn 18 I want to get a tattoo. I weigh about 115lbs. I want to get it... by Lexa 9/8/05
     i got a tattoo of a butterfly on my lower abdomen a few weeks ago, and it's true, they are... by April424 9/17/05
     hey wonderin if anyone can help i is gettin a tat on bottom ov my back on saturday n i'm... by playboi_hunni 9/18/05
     I'm 17 now and i have 2 tattoo's i was 15 when i had me first one and i have just had one... by VIKKI 9/21/05
     Hey im 16 years old and i got a tattoo two weeks ago on my lower back its of cherries and... by Brittany 9/25/05
     hey im getting my second tat in like a month the first one is really small but the second... by sara 9/26/05
     i am so scared...i am going to get my tattoo tomorow and i am scared to death of needles..... by brittany 9/26/05
     hey im getting three chinese symbol tattoos on my belly near where i have my belly button... by yasmin 9/27/05
     I got my first tattoo on my lower back about a year ago - it's of my daughter's name and... by Kaz 9/27/05
     heloo everyone i really want a tattoo and my boyfriend is gonna give me one.Hes been... by Roxy 9/28/05
     let me say i must represent the "big gurls" in the house...i am 29 and about 240 lbs..i... by angelgurl 9/30/05
     Heck with that the worst part of a tattoo is the annoying itch that you get after a week... by babychatter69 10/1/05
     if u want a tattoo that no1 else has, then u should design it yourself, not look on a... by sparklyrobin 10/4/05
     I'm dead set on gettin a tattoo for my 16th next month and I'm getting it on my lower... by Kayte 10/11/05
     Had my Tattoo done on my Stomach , its 3 blue stars with pink swirls around it, all... by *+*Missy j *+* 10/16/05
     ok. i have a pretty big one covering my shoulder blade. i dont have one on my lower back... by cherokeerose86 10/21/05
     i got a tattoo on my lower back 3 months ago at the age of 15 i thought that the only part... by kirsty 10/25/05
     WOW all you people that say tattoo's hurt are WIMPS !! i'm 14years/110pounds and i... by allie 10/25/05
     I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow and am really looking forward to it, i'm getting it... by Tanya 10/26/05
     Hi i have a tattoo on my back. Im 17 and the tattoo is my nephews name. Im gettin it... by Lisa  10/27/05
     Lion airmen KGB,m klj ;lj /kljou by nmbj 11/5/05
     hey im lucy i just wanted to know as i am having my 1st tattoo on saturday i wanna no how... by luc 11/6/05
     Hey guys I see most of u are lookin for lower back tattoos. I found the tat of my dreams... by Reenie81 11/9/05
     Hey, i got my first tattoo when i was 15, yea i does hurt a little... but its so worth it... by Jade 11/9/05
     im getting mine tomorrow but i cant wait im hoping it will not hurt i heard after a while... by maribel 11/9/05
     I'm planning on gettign a tattoo in the near future. Can anyone let me know a site that... by Farrah 11/10/05
     hey everyone! im supposed to be getting my tattoo done on friday (in 3 days) but after... by just_erica 11/14/05
     I'm 17 and wanted a tattoo 4 ages if u want one that much do it. mine hurt a little on the... by soph 11/14/05
     IM only 19 and my family was uncomfortable with a belly ring so i got a lower back tattoo... by Aleasha Vinson 11/16/05
     Well I have a tattoo on my ankle and i got it for my 15th birthday.It took an hour and a... by DD 11/17/05
     Hello,im 12 and really hoping to get a tattoo i keep on asking my mum and she says only... by daiga 11/17/05
     I know everyone is saying it either, hurts like hell, or it doesn't hurt at all. I'm 17... by Licia 11/20/05
     Hey, I'm turning 20 in a month and I have 4 tats. I have a tribal gecko(right ankle), my... by cwells1 11/22/05
     Naw they dont really hurt!!!I have one and it didn't hurt as much as i expected!! by KIKI 12/1/05
     lol i have had my belly button pierced twice and that was a nice feeling, also i have my... by omath 12/5/05
     it does hurt ur gona pass out! i got a tattoo 2 days agoon my lower back n it hurt like... by Liacey 12/7/05
     Dont be a chicken any kind of pain is in your head if you dont think it will hurt or if... by zach 12/8/05
     i got a celtic gemini symble on my upper back it is annoying did not hurt when getting it... by cm 12/21/05
     hey im gettin a tatto done in may 4 my bday 16th yay cant wait, iv been lookin 4 tribal... by insane shorty 12/21/05
     I had a lower back tattoo done in june. Put it this way i bit a hole in that chair lol! it... by Loz 12/29/05
     Tattoos are wonderful! I got my first one this past Aug. 2005. Really, I thought it was... by aikidogirl 1/1/2006
     Everyone has a different pain threshold and there are many different factors that... by Katy 1/3/2006
     well im 16 and i have 4 tattoos one on my lower back which is this really cool design it... by Ty  1/5/2006
     I am debating on getting a tattoo on the back side of my right hip. I was wondering if it... by sassycass87 1/6/2006
     does tattoos around the wrist hurt , what about right where the inside is , near the... by havingfun 1/9/2006
     i dont care wat all of you say i had one last week and it killed i was squeling it feels... by kelly 1/10/2006
     To megz- Your lower back tattoo will hurt MUCH worse than a bellybutton piercing. by LaurLaur 1/13/2006
     we are getting lower back tattoos today for the first time and our mom is most likely goin... by becca and jasmine 1/13/2006
     ive got a full back piece... the back really doesnt hurt that bad in all honesty the only... by lokihss 1/13/2006
     i gt a tiny tribal tatt n i wiz sick 5 tymz n i wiz ttl feelin dizzy n i hd 2 leave it... by timiyly 1/15/2006
     Heya, im 17 now and had my 1st tattoo done when i was 16, i had a Blue butterfly in the... by Sa*z 1/19/2006
     thats true i cant find a web site for lower back tattoos either by shell 1/20/2006
     no tattoo dnt hurt that much i ad one on my belly and that hurt like hell......and its not... by chaz 1/23/2006
     heyy - a don't know much about tattoos but ma friends have lots, they say its only sore if... by Nikkie 1/28/2006
     Lower back tattoos hurt like a mother f-er. It was my first one, and it hurt so much. Some... by Jenna 1/29/2006
     i'm15 years old and my mom told me yesterday that i could get my 1st tatoo when i turn 16... by Amber 1/30/2006
     i love the site, they have a lot of tribals! good luck in finding what... by brandi 2/2/2006
     i had my lower back done today of a gecko and i found it not painful i nearly went to... by donna 2/6/2006
     okay anyone who says a lower back tattoo doesnt hurt is completley crazy....i got mine... by Whitney 2/6/2006
     Im 16 years old and i got hand prints on my boobs and i didnt think that it hurt at all. I... by lynn 2/7/2006
     I've been a proud supporter of Penis Tattoos for a while. My cock has a ton of tatts I... by Adam 2/7/2006
     I am 19 and I have a little extra to me. I'm getting my lower back tattoo tonight and I an... by Jen 2/9/2006
     for anyone who wants to know about gettin tattoos.....they hurt, but are not unbearable. I... by dixiegurl69888 2/11/2006
     belly piercings don't hurt (my opinion) you just have to concentrate on your breathing -... by becca 2/12/2006
     Pain is a state of mind. It will only hurt if you think it everyones said it's... by Laurin 2/14/2006
     how much was everyones lower back tats by kjk 2/14/2006
     I got my second tattoo today. My first was 6 months ago which is 4 chinese symbols that go... by Terrianne 2/15/2006
     I'm getting a tattoo on my lower back. i want one in the center. but the thing is i have a... by kelly 2/20/2006
     I Just got a tattoo the other day. It's a Black Panther with a red tribal design around... by Matt 2/21/2006
     Im 18 and have my left sleeve done when I was 17 and recently have jumped into my whole... by GenoCide 2/22/2006
     ive had an ancle tattu of a chinese symbol in english it means cute i like the pattern but... by amy 2/23/2006
     Look I'm 16 and I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow and truthfully I'm terrified but i just keep... by Megan 2/24/2006
     No it doesn't thats just because am a weegie but the best thing to do is to listen to... by sam  2/27/2006
     im 16 and im gettin my first tattoo on my lower back! i jus had a baby and people tell me... by manderz 2/28/2006
     Hey i had my lower back tattoo done yesterday i really thought it was gonna hurt but it... by m 3/1/2006
     will it hurt if i got a tattoo on my foot by liomo-412 3/2/2006
     Im getting a tattoo tomorrow and im no good with pain im really scaerd... i'vewanted one... by MIssHiltonxx 3/2/2006
     Im getting a tattoo tomorrow and im no good with pain im really scaerd... i'vewanted one... by MIssHiltonxx 3/2/2006
     I'm going to get my tattoo done tomorrow and i am very nervous. ż have heard that back... by butterflyyy 3/3/2006
     i got my tattoo on my lower back it's big and i was 16 when i had it done if you like pain... by Becky 3/3/2006
     i had mine done at the bottom of my back a few days ago and its all outline so i expected... by sophi 3/4/2006
     well i would say yes it hurt, but after a while you get used to it, i don't know about the... by Caroline Amy 3/7/2006
     hey!! well I'm getting my first tattoo for my 18th birthday.. My best friend has a... by Bradi 3/9/2006
     Hiii im 16 yrs old and turn 17 on the 20th of march (next monday) .. and im kinda scared... by Beck 3/12/2006
     hey we r gna get a lower bacck tattoo kinda tribal wiv some letters in the middle, tel us... by Georgia n Lauran 3/14/2006
     It doesn't hurt that bad at all I thought mine was going to hurt but you have nothing to... by Robyn  3/15/2006
     I really really wanna get my lower back tattooed but im just really scared that i wont be... by SxcBrunnette 3/18/2006
     Well, im 18 and I just recently got a lower back tattoo and i'dsay it really hurt. So, if... by Shanna 3/21/2006
     Hey, i have two tats and let me tell you they dont hurt despite what some people may say.... by kittenx 3/29/2006
     I just got a lower back tattoo yesterday, but really low.. pretty much goes onto my ass,... by kellz 4/3/2006
     hi! im 18 and really want a tattoo! i really hate needles and im a big wuss! i want a... by joanne 4/6/2006
     Hi I want to get a little tat on the top of my finger like a ring but not a band all the... by steph 4/7/2006
     I got a huge tribal tattoo on my lower back 2 years ago and it didn't hurt at all i have... by Cherry_Poppins 4/17/2006
     Hi every 1 just 2 say im 15 now and already got 2 tattoos 1 on my shoulder and 1 on my... by jazzy_girl 4/18/2006
     hi yall, i have tattoos on each ov my arms, 1 on my stomach and 1 on my leg, whoever says... by chris_ty 4/25/2006 by funnym7 4/28/2006
     hey i'm getting a tattoo at the lower back and im very scared its a butterfly tribal thing... by sam 5/2/2006
     really how much does it hurt on the lower back, im so scared by max 5/7/2006
     Heyy, well im 13 years old but i REALLY want a tattoo on my lower bac in the middle but im... by ~Tori 5/8/2006
     im goin to get a big tatoo on the top of my back.on my shoulders do u tink it wil hurt by john 5/9/2006
     i got my penis tattoed the ova week and it didnt hurt at all apart from when it cut my... by silly billy 5/12/2006
     No new updates sence 2004 come on! by Holy! 5/15/2006
     Seriously, u want a tattoo get it! few hrs of pain is nothing compare wiv havin sumin u... by Kat 5/16/2006
     hey i am 15 and thinking bout gt a tattoo at the bottom of my back, i have no fat on my... by wee kez 5/23/2006
     hey i just got my 1st tattoo on saturday morning mine took 4 hours just because i am a... by britz 5/23/2006
     Getting a tattoo on your lower back can. Some people i know can get up from it but they... by Kate 5/23/2006
     what about your wrist? how bad is that pain? by your mom 5/26/2006
     heya, iv just had a tribal tattoo on my back, im 15 yrs old and i dont know how a load of... by Grace 5/28/2006
     heyy, i'm 15 and i'm going to be getting a tattoo in about a week, i'm really excited to... by missy 5/29/2006
     Hey im 16. An on Sunday its my mums b-day. i want to get a tattoo on my shoulder with her... by Codazay 6/2/2006
     i was 14 when i got my first tattoo and it was a lower back took and hour and... by babygirl 6/4/2006
     i am 14 turning 15 next month and i am really thinking about getting a tattoo on my lower... by Bri 6/4/2006
     i got a lower back tattoo and it honestly didnt hurt and i hate pain it felt like a burn... by rae84 6/5/2006
     i had my first tattoo about 8 weeks ago and i passed out but i didn't fink it was really... by roxielou 6/8/2006
     im 19 and i have a full back piece....well its nearly finished. tattoo's do hurt but it is... by hels bels 6/13/2006
     I just got my first tattoo a few hours ago. It's on my lower back. I wasn't expecting... by Katie 6/15/2006
     The lower back tatt is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy worse than a navel piercing. My lower back... by AHavens 6/16/2006
     well im 15 years old and my ma and dad said i can have a tattoo in the 6 week holidays (in... by Jade 6/18/2006
     id lyk 2 no if tattoos stil hurt once they have been numbed by kelly 6/18/2006
     Hey........ i got a tattoo yesterday, but i only got the out line done.... im getting it... by D.castro 6/19/2006
     hi am wanting a tat but people say it hurts so can you let me know what to expect for when... by becki 6/20/2006
     Hi. im 14 years old, and i am looking into getting a tattoo sometime this summer hopefully... by ohsnap 6/20/2006
     Well girls and boys I recently got a lower back tattoo to celebrate my 50th. It was... by Mighty Mac 6/20/2006
     of course it hurts! all tattoos hurt, you are getting your skin cut and pricked and... by nicole 6/26/2006
     oh boi! im gettin a tattoo fer my 18th bday... i jus turned 17 but my rents wud kill me so... by Krystle 6/26/2006
     I'm 15 and thinking of getting an england tattoo dun of me shoulder? wot u think? by Josh 6/28/2006
     I'm getting a full sleeve in bout month and a half . i just want to know which part of to... by eclipse 6/28/2006
     hey i am 15 and getting a tattoo on my lower back please tell me if it hurts!!! by ready    set  starve!!! 6/29/2006
     I had a lower back tattoo done which took approx. 4 hrs., 2 days ago it waz quite detailed... by Dyanna 7/3/2006
     hey im 17 i will b getting a tattoo soon n im worrie that it going to hurt alot on my... by Zoe 7/3/2006
     hya ppl rite wel am getin a tattoo on my lower bak im 15 and im reeli scared bcoz im quite... by *+* becca *+* 7/6/2006
     hey guys.girls. well im 16 and im considering getting a tattoo i have been looking upon... by lydiarr 7/6/2006
     i want to have a tattoo but i am crap with pain i cant handle it at all! but i really want... by Giggles 7/8/2006
     i got a lower back tattoo and it hurt like hell i was screaming while they were doing it,... by Kalhian 7/8/2006
     I got my first lowerback tattoo today and it hurt just a little not that much because my... by poohbear 7/8/2006
     alright people I'm getting my 1st tattoo on Wednesday n i want Ur opinion wot do u fink... by TYSON 7/9/2006
     alright people i am getting my tattoo on Wednesday and i am a bit nervous about the pain... by TYSON 7/9/2006
     Has anyone heard of a tattoo artist using a topical numbing cream? I am NOT a fan of pain... by MAlien 7/11/2006
     hey I'm 16 and thinking about getting a small gecko tattoo on my right ankle. could anyone... by sunburst 7/13/2006
     i had a tattoo yesturday on the bottom of my back it realy hurts specaily the outline it... by amy 7/14/2006
     i was wandering does anyone have a good idea for a tattoo on my butt. thanks my s/n is ... by Cccutie 7/14/2006
     I'm getting a tattoo on my lower back sometime next week, but...i'm not all that good with... by xemmax 7/17/2006
     Tattoos hurt like hell. I got my first on on my lower back and i passed out and throw up... by Vanessa 7/18/2006
     Hey guys, i've been reading all your questions and answers.. i've been thinking about... by Kirsty 7/21/2006
     hey there... Im 14 and want a tattoo .. i really like lower back tatoos and shoulder... by lolly 7/24/2006
     okie.. am getiin` muh tattOo iin like 3 weekz tym .. ii seriOusly wanna giit iit .. but..... by brOwn-eyez 7/25/2006
     I'm getting one on my sixteenth birthday in October. I'm getting a scorpion on my upper... by Brad 7/26/2006
     Hey I'm almost 14 years old and I'm getting my very first tattoo in one month, I'm already... by Seana 7/27/2006
     megs just think about it like this wen u get ur belly botton pierced its over in about a... by scared sally  7/29/2006
     everyone has different amounts of pain they can take,so u askin someone does it hurt is a... by xXxpaulaxXx 7/30/2006
     Hey i've got two tattoos already on my lower back and on my neck, going to get one on my... by Mel 7/31/2006
     The spine is the killer and your body jolts. I am very slim with not much fat. They will... by Mysticalstar 8/2/2006
     I wanted lower back tattoo now im totally put off lol by Holly Becca 8/3/2006
     Hey! im 16 and am getting a tattoo on my lower back and really nervous about it after... by Rachel 8/5/2006
     Someone said take time picking your design! Well I did I've got 2 personal designs one of... by Stvx 8/6/2006
     I'm actually getting my first tattoo on my lower back in 15 days,but it probably does... by Skittle 8/7/2006
     they killl hahahah by malmsteen 8/8/2006
     I have 3 tattoos. Two on my ankle and one on my lower Back. I just got the one on my lower... by Jennlsnoopy 8/8/2006
     yes it hurts like hell! dont get confused people who are like blah blah the tat on my arm... by robbo 8/11/2006
     i really want a tattoo but im scared of how much it will hurt ?? i wanted it on my hip or... by xloux 8/12/2006
     Ok, so I want a smurf right above my pantline sooo really at the end of my tummy, and I'm... by Ashlyigh 8/14/2006
     Ok, so I want a smurf right above my pantline sooo really at the end of my tummy, and I'm... by Ashlyigh 8/14/2006
     well I had a lower back tattoo 2 days ago, and it def. hurts... i did not cry but i was... by Camila 8/16/2006
     Everybody has a different threshhold of pain. The main thing about tattoos and how... by SoSoDef77 8/17/2006
     Everybody has a different threshhold of pain. The main thing about tattoos and how... by SoSoDef77 8/17/2006
     i want to get a tattoo on the back of my neck, has anyone here had that done? by jay 8/18/2006
     I got a new tattoo on my lower back! I mean on my butt cheeks. it was "YOUR NAME". Yeah I... by hellboy 8/27/2006
     I am getting a tattoo Wednesday august 30 and i cant find what to put. i am getting it on... by Aryka 8/27/2006
     im 16 and i have 2 tatts. one on my left bicep and the other on my right shoulder. i got... by Lil Endian(Detroit) 8/28/2006
     hi I've had a lower back tattoo done and yeah some people say it really hurts some people... by cheekyblonde 8/31/2006
     I fancy something "tribal" on my lower back. Either that, or something which means... by Jackie 9/12/2006
     i had a tattoo on my lower back 2day an trust me it urts i didnt no i cud eva b in so much... by seksy chik 9/13/2006
     i just got my 1st tatt 3 weeks ago on my right lower hip! and i have to say i was... by pattydafreak 9/15/2006
     i had a lower back tribal butterfly tattoo done on sunday,and have to say it wasnt painful... by nette 9/20/2006
     i am 15 with 10 tattoos by little j 9/29/2006
     anyone who says that tattoo's don't hurt are lying, ive been tattooing now for over 20... by Spitfire 9/30/2006
     I have one on my neck, one on my arm and one on my lower back. The lower back was the most... by jnr 10/7/2006
     I have 10 tattoos in all different parts of my body. The lower back took the longest but I... by tequilarose 10/7/2006
     cristina have you had a child to actually know what childbirth is like? by Cat 10/11/2006
     can any body tell me if a lower back tattoo hurts??? i had my belly button poerced and it... by Becki 10/12/2006
     umm hi evvy1..m 16 n m getn ma frst tatt n a couple of wks... its a lower-back-scorpion... by Ta$h 10/14/2006
     I just had my first tattoo done a couple of days ago. I had a memorial tattoo on my right... by dollsRus 10/16/2006
     Hey so i am going to get my first tattoo this weekend. does anyone know if that hurts? ... by Misfitgirl16 10/24/2006
     Piercings are nothing. I've got 12 body piercings on me and they're easy coz the pain... by Claire_Bear 10/31/2006
     i'm 16 and i have wanted a lower back tattoo for a really long time now, im alright with... by luscious 11/8/2006
     im 16 and going for my first tattoo tomoro, im not very good with pain at all. and im not... by Sandra 11/9/2006
     Whats good wit ya, I am 17 and Ive been thinkin about getting a tattoo on my lower back or... by Diva07 11/10/2006
     hey. im 14 years old and im thinking about getting a tattoo on my lower back. its not... by danielle 11/12/2006
     I am gettin a tattoo on friday night, and i am really scared i am a right wimp and think... by stace 11/15/2006
     Anyone who read Cristina's comment about 'its more painful than child birth' just ignore... by Chloe 11/19/2006
     I've been wanting to get a tattoo on my pelvic area and I wanted to know how bad that... by MoonWolf 11/28/2006
     i got my 1st tattoo when i was a freshman in high school. I was so worried about how bad... by jester 12/5/2006
     Im 18 and had one that starts on my lower back and then goes up the right hand side of my... by bumpa 12/6/2006
     hey im gettin a lower back tatto tomoora nd im kinda scared so cud any 1 tell me if there... by rachel 12/7/2006
     i really want a tat - but i worry it will look stupid on me. i am not big, but i am not... by may26 12/9/2006
     OMG!! Seriusly! I'm gettin my tattoo tomorrow and your comments are friggin scary....I'm... by Viktoriya 12/10/2006
     hey everyone i just got a lower back tattoo of a flower and i am only thirteen years old... by amber 12/14/2006
     I designed my own tat for my lower was my first one and i might say its just... by punk_xxx 12/19/2006
     i was thinking about getting one in the middle of my upper back on my 17th birthday. i was... by shorty17 12/20/2006
     I wouldnt say a back tattoo hurts more then getting your hip bone done. I got my first... by Megan 1/15/2007
     I got my lower back tattoo.. last nite.. it did hurt i won't lie but it wasn't the kind of... by Mellyboo 1/17/2007
     hey i wanna no if i stepped on a nail nd pulled it out nothing happened, if i get shots n... by Sav 1/19/2007
     tattoos really don't hurt I've got 1 done on my hip bone and they say that tattoos on... by Zoe 1/20/2007
     i had a stomach tattoo not long ago.. it was my first.. n appaz not the best choice as it... by punk_chik 1/20/2007
     i am getting tattoo on friday cuz my birthday and ill be 16 im not scared just wonding if... by jonny  1/24/2007
     Wel...Hello every1 PLZ help me i really wanna tattoo I'm only 14 and want a lower back... by boing boing beki 1/29/2007
     well i just got one on my lower back a few hours ago and i say it doesnt hurt, when i... by diana 1/31/2007
     Alright, here is my expert advice. I hate pain, by all means. I have a huge tattoo on my... by bablenbrooke828 2/3/2007
     hello im australian and i got my whole back tatted of ned kelly, and yes it hurts!!! by youkey 2/6/2007
     i got a tatoo it did not Hurt a bit ok if u get one ask tatoo man are a woman to speek... by bob  2/15/2007
     I went yesterday and got a tribal butterfly on my lower back. And I was scared to death.... by Jessica 2/18/2007
     I am gettin a tattoo goin up my side and near my rib cage, has anyone els Head this done... by stacey down 2/22/2007
     any 1 no any good sites to look at lower bk tattoos ? by helen 2/27/2007
     I am getting a tattoo on march 10 Im really really scared!!! Im getting it on my lower... by Mizz Queen 2/27/2007
     heyloo im 15 and im wondering if a tatto would hurt at the bootom of your back with... by jessica 3/4/2007
     i have had a tattoo on the bottom of my back and it was fine, i used the cream tho. I am... by GEMMA 3/6/2007
     I have 10 tattoos there all pretty large and not 1 hurt i have a very large on across my... by Sammy 3/6/2007
     hi I'm getting a tattoo in 2 days time i have percings and i didn't handle the pain well... by tily 3/7/2007
     Hello. haahs. I want to get a tattoo on my lower back, but I'm not sure if it going... by undefined. 3/19/2007
     im getting a tattoo on 03/23/2007 and i am so excited should i worry about pain? please... by heather 3/20/2007
     My mate has a tribal tattoo and he said it hurts a bit he said the outline hurts the most.... by smackrat 3/21/2007
     iyaa peepz im a 14 year old gurl n im getin a tato soon wen im 15 o n the bottom ov my... by jodie-h- 3/30/2007
     im thinking about getting a tattoo on my lower back an am pretty much ok with pain.... by jen 4/3/2007
     Anyone who says tattoos dnt hurt is obviously chattin sht!I had my first tattoo when i wuz... by Linzixoxox 4/4/2007
     i am gettin a tat in 2 weeks time, im 16 an i want it on my lower back, after readin sum... by sammie 4/13/2007
     girls, i got my tatoo just 3 months ago under my navel, like just above my pantyline. it... by michelle 4/20/2007
     I really dont think getting a tattoo hurts it depends on where you do it and if you can... by Qu33n b3auty 4/23/2007
     It doesn't hurt that bad!! It's far more annoying than anything else. I got my nose... by Julie 4/26/2007
     Im covered in tattoo's and whoever says they dont hurt is full of bull!! All they're... by InkJunkie 4/26/2007
     hey can someone help me out?.. im gettin a tattoo friday on the middle of my back just a... by jess 5/2/2007
     hey can someone help me out?.. im gettin a tattoo friday on the middle of my back just a... by jess 5/2/2007
     Iv'egot a tattoo on the top of my left foot going up my ankle and it is right on the ankle... by Jessalyn 5/3/2007
     i was wondering if getting a tattoo on your lower back hurts because i want one and it is... by sb 5/4/2007
     hey my name is shannon an i gettin a tattoo soon on my lower back im 16 an i am rather... by hooters 5/9/2007
     i need some websites 2 have a luk at some tribal designs and dragons but i cnt find any.... by SPADE 5/11/2007
     Im 16 and im getting my first tattoo on my lower back. Im a big baby when it comes to pain... by needhelp 5/24/2007
     I am 15 turning 16 in July. i got my first tattoo when i was 14 at a party a town away.... by natasha karschner 5/24/2007
     hey. omgosh i turn 18 tomarrow. and i am getting my tat tomarrow. I AM SOO NERVOUS. you... by clauds 5/24/2007
     tattoo's are painless i have 60 don't worry about it it only feels like being stabbed... by whimps:) 5/26/2007
     I just got my first tatoo 4 days ago its a lower back tribal and let me tell you it HURT!... by Wendi 5/26/2007
     im getting a sick tattoo tomorrow on my lower back. we'll seee how this terns out i cant... by kamikaze 5/31/2007
     I got a lower back tattoo today, my third tat. I don't know what was worse sitting on a... by WinkyT 6/8/2007
     i hear spine hurts the most is that true what about on either side of the spine? by Jewklar 6/12/2007
     I'mgetting a lower back tattoo SOON and I'm not worried AT ALL !!! my mother in law told... by Jen 2 Fly 6/14/2007
     hey i am 15 an i really want a tattoo!! i am pretty slim but i cant decide what to get! :S... by jezza 6/19/2007
     i had my first tattoo on my lower back yesterday!! YES the outline hurt but ownly on my... by loopylou 6/23/2007
     Go to That's where I got my tribal lower back tat design. Always ask the... by Bloodysyren 6/23/2007
     i got a tribal heart with a rose tangles through really didnt hurt that much...ur... by emmylou 6/28/2007
     I just got a lower back tattoo today, and it didnt hurt TOO much. its more like a sting... by cazzeh 7/5/2007
     Hey Girls!! I had a lower back tattoo this week and after reading these reviews had... by Amycharlotteuk 7/8/2007
     ok i was wondering, i am only 15 years old and i am getting my tattoo done in some day (i... by mar 7/20/2007
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