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Question / AnswerRatingDate
What is a heavy coat yorkie? by smmrpmhmm 2/4/04
Where can I purchase a ready made circular Caesars Cipher ring. by siriwardena 2/26/04
I would like to know of a Web site to find out about the old group Kris Cross. by Sammy 6/25/04
     i don't know but i'mlooking! by me  11/24/04
     where are they? by prissy 5/8/05
i have recently gone on vacation to cancun, mexico and while i was there i met someone... by Briz 6/25/04
Can anyone please tell me who made the storm 3 in one remote control for TV? by wannalota 1/15/04
I have a 96 Chrysler Town & Country gives me a 32 diagnostic code for open or shorted in... by Rob 1/15/04
Samuel Pepys has just reached maturity and has started running off to chase other... by Pepys 1/15/04
would you please write for me ,the 8086 cpu8086 program that can multiple 2 numbers ,which... by negar 6/5/04
     if you still need the program write me then. by someone 6/25/04
what would happen if i put 4 litres of unleaded in a diesel engine? by joanne 5/15/04
Does anyone remember a skit about tourists visiting V. Lenin's body in the mausoleum. I... by julie 1/14/04
how do start with SNMPv3 ? by mebfred 3/22/04
I am looking to put my new lab puppie in to reterval school but i cant seem to find a good... by remington 1/13/04
What is the color of a Cairn Terrier's stomach? by Tina3713 3/16/04
     u stupid dumb donkey y do u want 2 no what color is a frikin dogs stomach?? u gonna... by ithinkurdumb 2/11/05
Is there anyone in Southwestern CT interested in doing a chocolate-related demonstration... by Rev. Skip 1/12/04
How do I get my computer to stop defaulting to my old MSWorks 3 program. Every time I go... by meadowlark 2/22/04
Any info on when trackworker hiring list #1024 is going to be put into use? thank you. by Sal 1/11/04
In canada how old do you need to be to get a piercing? by Teneille 1/14/04
how can someone block you from phoning them,from your house phone. by magz 6/21/04
Stroke? Our Westie has had what I think was a stroke. He appeared to be disoriented... by Polo 1/11/04
I am looking for information on Blackfoot rowing frames. I have one and I am looking for... by scott 2/21/04
There was a Mash episode where Klinger was trying to master Colonel Potter's signature in... by Tom Crossgrove 2/20/04
Hi I have single hard disk with two partitions. I installed Linux first successfully... by ali 1/10/04
I have an old Zenith portable, transistor circuits, has no fm, is S/W and AM only, has a... by woody 2/19/04
The Quran forbids recreating any living thing because no one should copy what Allah has... by kimmy 1/9/04
What is the name of the James Brown song that Paul sings? by Air Bud 1/12/04
Where can I go online to post information about an exciting singles event for people over... by artsfem 1/9/04
2 questions: 1.what happens when you reveal your mantra to someone else? 2.Is it... by loklub 2/29/04
Can a foreign state establish a child support order without jusidiction over all partites... by Dead Beat Dad 1/9/04
My boyfriend and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months and I finally got... by poohbear 5/9/04
     Guys are absolutly affected by this type of news, just in a different way then a woman.... by K 5/22/04
     When girls get pregnant and they get to tell their boyfriends about the news, they get... by Cindy 5/23/2007
I am from trinidad and would like know if anyone heard about ,immigration amnesty program... by josephpera 2/18/04
the lookup function returns an inaccurate answer if it cannot find a perfect match is... by Amelia 6/18/04
I receive an alert bell each time when I tape an error command. How can I disable the... by lyxa 1/8/04
I have not deleted old emails for some time. Mailbox was getting full. Went to delete... by 6/17/04
     I want to retrieve my old deleted emails. by 3/14/05
     I want to retrieve my old deleted emails. by 3/14/05
My ch pro usb pedals stopped working correctly after 1 year. The left differential brake... by Paul 2/17/04
I need to know the episode that Klinger needed to go home and Henry pulled his records out... by Vicki 2/17/04
do you know the artists who sing the song that goes "m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a, sweet sweet,... by sara 2/26/04
How many Formula one World Championship points does the winning driver receive at the... by bopper 2/16/04
I became a U S Citizen about 8 years ago, I have lost my citizen card, How do I get a new... by Ruth 3/6/04
     uhh u should just talk to the goddamn citizenship staff! by McBob 10/9/2006
There was a challenge game show in the 80's where celebrities or athletes competed on... by sport 6/16/04
     challenge of the network stars by bingo 1/31/2006
     Battle of the Network Stars by marcus 5/24/2006
I want to know whether we want have to be expert in all languages for getting trained in... by Saravanan 2/16/04
discuss in a datail "system evaluation " what is inwadred, examines it concept ,procedures... by kingsben 6/15/04
what is the most effective as well as cost effective way to rid 20 acres of land of wood... by wrango2001 5/4/04
What did Nostradamus predict for the crack in the earths shift vault around the North... by misterycookie 1/4/04
I'm looking for a mix of a poodle and Schnauzer by Animal _lover123 4/17/04
     Good luck! I just adopted a schnoodle and am in love, instead of trying to buy one that... by in love with my schnoodle 6/3/05
Hello, I am stuck with how to remove the water bypass hose Under the Thermostat housing, i... by Tom G 5/9/04
     hello, not sure if you ever found out how to do this, but I just had the same problem and... by Randy 10/25/04
     yank it, i ripped mine all up by asdfsad 5/17/2007
1)what is the time signature of a song. 2) description of a "riff". by gaffer 6/14/04
There is a possibility that I may be marrying a lady from Belarus in the next 18 months. ... by Robsrussianfantasy 1/3/04
what was the test that was used to distinguish a replicant from a real human being?? what... by jay 4/23/04
     I guess you are referring to Blade Runner. so the name of the Test is Voight-Kampf (or... by Mobius 12/26/04
Can you tell me if dachshunds are ok for folks that have asthma and allergy to pets? by puppy lover 1/3/04
I am traveling to China on Jan. 7th 04 for business. I have a lap top, can I hook-up in... by Muskie 1/3/04
I am seeking educational software in Spanish for Spanish speaking people of all levels. ... by Bob 2/13/04
What was a canoe like in the old times? How was it made? by Naina 1/5/04
What ada in full? by Frank 2/10/04
after doing animation&computer graphics what kind of jobs do we get in india and what are... by supriya 6/12/04
The 1991 movie, Switch..........was that a remake? by moneytawk 1/4/04
just dropped my LX200 on ciment floor... video now veryyy poor. I have connectivity pack... by jclmontreal 3/31/04
If I am on the bar and I roll a double, can I use all 4 values of the double? by Wilton 1/1/04
Please email me at I am really interest in selling my... by Mrs Lennon 6/11/04
     listen, the drugs they give you to sell eggs also make cancer cells grow faster so please... by squeaks 6/14/2006
     Just Email Me...I know EVERYTHING !!! by JohnyZZ 6/11/2007
Subject: Camera generated jpegs are in color under IE, only b/w in editor New Samsung... by ron 2/11/04
can anyone tell me where I can get the English translation for Mi Tierra.Thanks by jo 5/30/04
     buy the cd, dah by arm 2/17/2006
Features description and examples of each ... by julie007  2/10/04
I'm trying to find the name of a old western where Dub Taylor is sitting in a large pot in... by Blau Blau 6/10/04
     i got nothing by luke 11/14/05
     Not sure, but it might be in the new documentary about him (see by ThatGuy 3/13/2007
what is the voltage of the back up battery of aero 1500 series by ady 6/13/04
Can you tell me anything about a radio my husband and I found in his late parents' attic... by Lynne 1/4/04
looking to find out about a jetronics radio model 987? is it a bussness radio? ham? or ... by chuck 2/19/04
where can i find the artist 'luniz'? by snowy 5/7/04
I have a 3 year old yorkie, who loves to ride in the car, 2 months ago, she starting... by Kevin 2/9/04
how do I get my taskbar from the buttom of the computer? by mary powers 2/22/04
No Screen Display by Zero^Fighters 3/15/04
I just reformated my kids hard drive,,my problem is I cant get it to use 32 bit color,,whi... by Southkixs 4/7/04
     florin by florin 12/24/05
custody and disables parents Where C.P.S. removed from disables parents. by trina lowder 3/26/04
I am doing a research paper and i need to know exactly what acoustics are. by Osha 2/6/04
Please tell me what the equivalent instruction is in Borland TASM for "sizeof" in... by Amitai 2/6/04
what are the laws on people who get married to come to the united states. what are the... by snoopy 6/6/04
What is the surface area of two spherical zones if a sphere of radius r is sliced by a... by A Ally 2/5/04
I have a 71 type 3 and a really good condition 69 type three Fuel injection harness. If I... by 2/5/04
please help to find the address my mail id is by gurpreet singh 6/5/04
hi, I'd to know if there is a way to set a button disabled but let the text that it... by Sei 3/24/04
I can't get troff to recognize my tabstops. I've tried \t and tried redefining the tab... by wendy erdwurm 2/3/04
I need to find and research some information on trouist attractions for euro disney. by dan 2/3/04
what's the totally case of skin cancer in Malaysia?i want the graph. by kk 6/12/04
     what is the statistic of cancer in Malaysia by Siah 9/21/04
     they Anders is that a biased that is found in the outer layer of quo skin by bunny 6/20/2006
how do i design interactive or atleast look and feel GUI'swith vxworks. i also have a... by jai 3/22/04
Which sentence is correct: Christians consider the serpent or snake a symbol of evil,... by johannes 2/1/04
Would like the mailing address or web site address of a resource who lists land deeds in... by mitch 2/1/04
i have been trying to get in contact with someone about my scripts. and if i can still use... by vicki powell 6/1/04
from minneapolis to las vegas nv in the order of the widest seats list all airplanes going... by gary 6/1/04
I have a 15 week old German Shepperd who has black spots on the back of his tongue, he is... by ned6194 2/1/04
What was the first film to cost over a million dollars. My friend says it was Von... by C.D. 2/6/04
after I hooked up my speakers and amp my dome light, or the "ding" that sounds when the... by Lindsey 2/8/04
I have a dog that just gave birth to a litter of 5. She had them Sunday and she ate fine... by Bobbie 4/27/04
     I would take her to a vet just to make sure. There are so many things that could be wrong... by Chriss 1/19/2007
where can i go for cisco training network by lk 6/5/04
what type of team organization would be appropriate for developing library information... by sumita 4/25/04
greetings michael, no (faq), not that i can find. i recently purchased a nec 16 line pbx... by owlguy 3/15/04
y wante Greebles by Aboudy 4/23/04
how can we remove cooling coil corolla 2004 Pakistan assembled and how can we open... by haroon 2/5/04
Boning up on some differential math, have a question regarding a document downloaded(... by seanhunt 4/29/04
     Wich means the same as 6 hundreds and 13 tens a.613... by lintaisha 1/18/2006
     That 2x is the derivitive of x squared by jsfrfla 3/5/2006
are there any casualties ,physical damage ,monetary damage done by hurricane carmen? by suga 4/23/04
my new terrier's nose s very dry, he is 4 months old, but I've only had him for 2 days.... by amanda sto. 2/2/04
where do i found my car's NHTSA campaign number by jana mae 3/14/04
how do i submit this code btnExit? by rich 2/29/04
winrunner cannot recognise objects in my application? by seetharam 4/24/04
I got a speeding ticket in the in the morning... however, the ticket reads the wrong time... by Irieblues 2/20/04
     "I got a speeding ticket in the in the morning... however, the ticket reads the wrong time... by lwpat 3/11/04
what is monster truck to public eyes? how do you start into industry systems? what does... by bobwrestler 4/19/04
What would happen to a planet whose atmosphere was transparent to the infrared radiation ,... by Brianna 2/19/04
     cuz of blakc body radiation by jdawg4359 6/5/05
Auto shut-down relay recently i was in a wreck. when i shut the engine off, i couldn't... by Richard Lackey 2/18/04
     1234567 by cuongnmdkh 12/8/05
what issue was Janet Jackson ? the month, year please ! by starkatts 2/6/04
I was wondering if it would be possible to get my navel pierced on the side, rather than... by emma 2/23/04
     i dont think that it is possible unless you do it your self which is easier to get... by xo Melissa xo 3/7/05
Toy Hairless Rat Terriers by usajapan 2/16/04
I am looking very hard to find a female poodle in the Niagara region. Does anyone have any... by Kat 2/18/04
     i am looking for some body i can trust, love and cherish until the day i die. by bea 3/20/2006
I have several pallets of butcher block material. Some average sizes are (18 1/4 x 19 1/2... by James 1/28/04
how are automatic mutual funds sold or traded in what form? by shorty 4/20/04
would you be able to help me with my e-mail address. I forgot it by Black Girl 5/10/04
     to myspace! by nana 5/28/2007
I am trying to find out how to calculate the static charge on mylar basefilm traveling at... by Jmlyn 1/27/04
what are the theorems of A.I.? by faisal odeh 2/25/04
I have 10 vol. set Crowned Masterpieces of Literature-That have advanced civilization.... by 5/27/04
     So do I! Who cares? by sdog 3/6/2006
     Hello , Rusty I have a set of these books too . I would like some info on how much these... by fireofgod 1/7/2007
Who is the celebrity that Conan had words with at a celebrity softball game and referred... by lanie 2/16/04
     Michael Bolton. by Not a Slave 12/17/05
why the sound waves are longitudinal? by h.niad 4/24/04
I am looking for a powerfull detective program that will give me the information i seek... by rabyj12 1/25/04
need pedigree for a dog named's a boyles/eli cross from the mountain man.bbkenn... by ga boy 5/25/04
how old is too old to breed a shiba inu for the first time? by gimpy 2090 4/17/04
Can oil leak from a gearbox end driving flange and through the axle boot of a vw beetle... by R. B. Weerasekera 2/14/04
     hello, i was looking for gear box oil leak topic and found your name... anyway i am from... by mr srilankan 5/6/2007
They (the marina) were trying to put my boat on my trailer and they dropped it about 5... by Lindy 2/13/04
     I am a first boat owner. I never experience putting a boat onto a trailer from the water.... by TheTither 10/11/04
are many Americans going to far (Plastic surgery)to emulat the "perfect" look Hollywood,... by roxanne 5/3/04
     yeah...definately, i reckon they should just deal with it like the rest of us do. everyone... by ni 10/4/04
Please help me clicking this by ambalam 3/23/04
     love by lachhu 10/28/2006
Can anyone respond me what to do after reading my story clicking by ambalam 3/23/04
     The Matheson Twins 1. The Rope Loss In the mountains of Sherwood... by Hannah Wigg 8/13/05
I'm looking for jumper settings for an Imprimis 94211-106 H/D. by PaulO 1/22/04
I'm trying to find the viscosity of Sarin and not having any luck. Can anyone tell me... by Shelley 2/11/04
     I located this website recently and it helped. Good luck! by Shep 4/12/05
is there any other software other than cdrwin that will copy cdgs and allow edit by chas 5/21/04
How do I remove a person who is referred to this web-site to call my home phone. This... by Judy 1/21/04
describe the culture of the Jews? by pennie 2/18/04
How to draw horizontal and vertical line in a java application without a paint method or... by Emi Retna 5/20/04
     HAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB by hjjk 12/10/04
     HAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB by hjjk 12/10/04
Please help. When launching Adobe Illustrator 10.0.3 on a G4 Mac running OS X 10.2.8 it... by adam perrett 2/10/04
     How are U? by jajoo 3/21/2006
i need 95 thousand dollars for my home .how i get this money loan for long time? by ms.chand sultana 6/9/04
     haha u can sell drugs or prostitute.. ALOTT or become a stripper by sarah 6/17/2007
why is efactorial mathmatically incorrect by Amie 5/27/04
I have a friend who has a 1999 Dodge 250 Full size van. When he connects the fuse for... by jtmac812 1/19/04
When a handicap plate is issued, can it be used in any vehicle the handicap person is... by Maria 4/9/04
     I need info on how to get a handicap plate by Pauline 12/1/04
     No a plate attached to the vehicle must stay on that vehicle, what you need is a placard... by bob 5/30/2006
i am looking for a scale of notes for the guitar saying string1 2 3 4 5 6 fret 1 -15 note... by jack 5/19/04
translation of the word niaz into english by jjj 5/26/04
How much is a 1935c silver certificate with the serial number N49427708E. It has no tears... by git-r-done 1/17/04
What formula do you use to move through a list of titles. If I type any letter I want to... by Ron Lavigne 1/17/04
Only for those who possess pity.My husband's job may depend on his solving a formula he... by trolly 2/7/04
     oy. A circle has a circumference of 2*pi*R, or in this case, 314.16. A circle also has... by helpful 4/21/2007
I just had a heart transplant and the meds are making me very sick. I sometimes throw... by Brock 2/7/04
     I don't have a answer for you but i would like you to know that you are not alone and if... by 5/11/2006
In a tutorial for Mysql there are directions to execute some commands, ./configure,... by ---G 2/6/04
     they're linux/unix commands, mysql has it's own install file for windows, use that and... by anon 8/26/04
why does sadr always have his finger on his forehead in pictures? by paulie 4/6/04
a 1993 cougar with 5.0 motor. will the transmision fit a 1990 ford areostar van with a... by mytzdog 5/16/04
How do you set the string separation on a 12-saddle bridge? I recently installed a... by Kletus 2/11/04
     Assam days by sad 1/27/05
2001 Tundra. Vehicle is in Drive. When I push the accelerator, the engine rpm increase... by Michael F 1/26/04
why one should go for management education? by miki 4/14/04
My Black Labrador has an amount of grey nearly white hairs in its tail, the puppy is 10... by Hunters owner 3/15/04
     My dog also has this. But they have gotten whiter near the base of his tail. Check your... by Rabbit 9/20/04
about two years ago we get 2 new born boxers and loved them ever since...well know about a... by BoxerLoverVT 3/24/04
     are they good dogs to have and r thay playfull by rosie cooper 3/16/2007
Is it proper writing to place a period after a zip code on an address listing? by eskimodog 2/4/04
     Not only is it not proper, but it isn't functional. by Marsha 9/10/04
last nite on t.v. sorry, do not know channel, they had specialty cars made for millionare... by rick62 1/23/04
what are the typical lifetime of the tropical cyclones by category? by alframa 4/3/04
Table with two dependent columns (example. Height1 vs. Capacity1). Now I want to create... by Milia 1/12/04
What kind of plant is E.T carrying on his departure from earth? by veruca salt 2/4/04
     I believe it was a type of mum. by marshafinch 9/10/04
complete list of rules by chris 6/18/04
I have a 10 year old siberian husky and every year from since he was 7 years old he has... by Laura 1/9/04
What is the Church of Satan's opinion on Roman Catholic religion? by Juniper Jasmine Jade 4/2/04
     UGGLY by ALEXIS311 11/22/04
     i believe every religion is based on the reality of inhibitions and weakness.we tolerate... by madison 10/5/05
hi there, i would like to know if this online pharmacy is safe to use and if it is... by Ronald 2/28/04
I would like to know how many internet kafes are there in Germany by _T|nA_ 1/11/04
what causes a healthy 7 yr old outside dog to suddenly get a very distended belly,... by joan 1/18/04
please tell me How to switch in kernel mod in windows NT using visual c++ to access... by Mahmood 2/28/04
How can I delete Webmail folders? by Georgia Knuth 2/26/04
     I do not want webmail I only want webmail by 6/22/05
Does anyone know if the following can be done: On 5x5 grid of 25 dots, join them all... by Chas 1/8/04
Captain Johnthan: Vogages Raptillians: went through the worm hole: their... by A. Geroge Dave prince 1/7/04
hello how do i find out about dog allergens where can i find out books to get him or how... by marce 2/27/04
I just aquired a newton 2000 and I want to know where I can get the software to hook up to... by Frank 1/6/04
i'm a sysadmin on aix and i want to join Ur group. what should i do? by yuvraj 3/16/04
     i want to send a letter to JORDAN from England. by star 5/28/2007
what is ozone depletion? by Ally 4/24/04
hdfgsjfkgakglkgjksdgidugiovj iugoirtkdjfls kjdsifuoiwufi ufiduf udiofuoisfu idosuifoduf... by xckdl 5/5/04
I have a bundled photography system from Kodak. I'm told it's a Sun Sparc. It, has a... by Bob 1/5/04
I have a recipe for a crockpot "Taco Soup" that calls for ranch-style beans, along with... by Ginger 1/24/04
     If you go to the grocery store in the canned aisle where chili beans etc. are you should... by dawn3/11/04
     The ones you want are common in Texas, harder to find elsewhere. They can be found here: ... by spudboy 8/20/05
I am looking for anyone who marched with the Northmen of Rochester New York when we placed... by Darnell Johnson 1/4/04
1989 Plymouth horizon 2.2 L w/Manual trans. When engine is cold 40 degrees or below and... by Dennis 1/12/04
I visiting London 3/22/04 for 1 week. Any suggestions on a nice, mid-priced, b & b near a... by Robert 12/31/03
what does the real doberman look like by rj 5/9/04
where can i buy,in england,a mag-box,for treating injuries,and also info on hand-held... by callanist 5/1/04
Who caused and profited from WW II? "October 1, 1946. Attend last days of trials... by Eric F. Magnuson 1/9/04
I want the detailed informatiom about java. by viru 1/6/04
how can i copy my cass based tapes over to cd to use on car stereo that only has a cd... by stuart 3/27/04
Are there specific televisions that the DVD player won't be compatible with? by Karrington 12/26/03
how long does a person have to stay in the hospital after an organ transplant, and how... by Rocky 3/26/04
How is the best way to take words and put them in a format to be uploaded for screen... by 12/25/03
can anyone fill me in on the last couple of years on another world. they showed it here... by scottish aw fan 3/25/04
Having been given a Compaq 2820D computer I am having problems opening it. It keeps... by Danny3/24/04
     Hello I too have a Compaq 2820D which I am trying to convert to use as a Firewall/Route... by Jimmy 6/17/04
     What kind of operating system does it have? e-mail me back a by Tony 10/5/04
Sometimes the sound of my f-files computergame doesn´t work! It works all the time, but... by mcDffA 12/29/03
Does the roast (high or low) effect how much caffeine gets into the coffee? by jon 12/23/03
how do you use this thing!!! by korn 5/26/04
Hello! This is an extremely "long shot", but I wonder whether through your contacts you... by Eric Curnow 12/27/03
what is a writing style? by zarra 4/29/04
Are the piercers able to put a plastic retainer in your tongue after you get it pierced... by emily 12/21/03
can you help me to create a code on how to add, delete a record with data environment... by borgs 2/11/04
I have a pioneer elite PD 65, an older CD player that uses single bit legato processing. ... by Robert 1/20/04
     first you go to hell. by ted 6/23/2006
i'mnot able to connect to an undernet irc network. the answer is allways "To many... by mitlove 3/5/04
     ce faci? by Dummy420037 5/5/05
hi i am trying to authenticate users on active directory. i understand i have to go... by john hunsley 2/10/04
Ookay, this is hard cuz i dont have alot of info on it, but the song on the episode of... by Stina 12/19/03

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