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can the gas with ethenol be used in a 2001 Dodge Grand...

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Question by sally
Submitted on 12/1/2003
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can the gas with ethenol be used in a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan with all wheel drive?

Answer by n-a
Submitted on 2/14/2004
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Yes but you'll notice a drop in fuel mileage and perhaps a sluggish engine. I know I do.
Check your owners manual. I have an 02 Mazda that warns against using the ethanol blend and using such blend can void the warranty. I ,myself, don't like the stuff but where can you go to get non-blended fuel? Beats me.


Answer by n/a
Submitted on 4/8/2004
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Get used to ethenol blend fuels they are good for the car and good for the economy. We need to start adding more to the mix and using less arab oil.


Answer by chris mccoy
Submitted on 5/24/2004
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can ethenol fuel be used in my 95 chevy silverado without making any changes to my engine


Answer by Chris (Grizz)
Submitted on 10/21/2004
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it is better to have ethenol in our fuels it could lower gas prices and raise prices for farmers crops benefiting the economy. I get better fuel mileage and better responce from my truck. all you have a potenchal  in doing to your vehicle is drying out the gaskets in your engine if it is not equipped to run high blends of ethenol. but most places only have a 10% blend so it wont effect your vehicles (in my opinion)


Answer by Kathy
Submitted on 3/16/2005
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One answer above states that ethanol blends are good for our automobiles, one says they are not. What is the real answer? I would like to support an increase in ethanol usage, but not so much if it causes problems for the automobile.  


Answer by Walter
Submitted on 9/15/2005
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Ethanol is actually a very good fuel.  Brazil has been on an ethanol economy since the early 1980's!  Today, filling up a gas tank in Brazil with gasoline, will cost about $40, and with ethanol, about half that.  Even high performance race cars will use pure ethanol.  

That being said, ethanol does burn properly  in an engine designed to run on gasoline, but can run.  The difference is that the boiling temperature of ethanol is higher than that of Gasoline, requires a slight difference of air mixure, and an adjustment to the fuel injectors.  In Brazil, the auto manufactures produce 'duel fuel automobiles and trucks' so that they can burn either fuel efficiently.  They put in a small computer that senses which fuel (including any ratio blend of the two)is being fed to the engine.  The small circuit board tells the fuel injector to adjust and the air mix to adjust.  We (the US) has really lagged in this area, as 1) the ethanol burns with less smog, and 2) is far cleaner to produce than gasoline, and 3) a renewable resource, 4) is far cheaper to produce.  Brazil now produces approximately 450,000,000 barrels of ethanol per year, which has reduced their dependence on imported oil to between 10 and 15 percent!

In Brazil, that process is derived from mostly sugar cane, but in the U.S. the fuel source will probably come from sugar beets or corn, but can be made from other sugar rich vegetation.  'Would certainly put our farmers back to work.  Incidentally, ethanol is the same as that in whiskey or rum.  Never, ever use methanol (also a deadly  poison).

I hope that this has been helpful.
Walter, HLE


Answer by Thunder
Submitted on 10/2/2005
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I am in the process of building a still so I can make ethenol. I have a 95 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with a v10. I am tired of the oil companies making 500 % profit on my hard earned money.


Answer by Chelle
Submitted on 10/26/2005
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Can ethenol be used in my 93' Ford Escourt?


Answer by gramar2
Submitted on 3/25/2006
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I have problems when I use ethanol in my 95 Oldsmobile. It stalls while I am driving. Very scary. It starts up again, but still is a bit dangerous. I don't think it is the age of the car as I used it all the time in my Chevy Celebrity and that was an '87. I sure would like to know why this happens and if something could be done to correct this problem. I live in Iowa and it is getting increasingly hard to find plain old unleaded gas.


Answer by bear4541
Submitted on 4/9/2006
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Answer by billy
Submitted on 4/19/2006
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can my 97 ford explorer run off ethenol


Answer by Richard Taft
Submitted on 5/25/2006
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Can I safely use 85% E fuel in a 97 Dodge 3.8 engine.


Answer by Dave7.3
Submitted on 9/3/2006
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We are having problems with ethenol here in the north east, due to humidity and temp changes, ethenol absorbs moisture causing poor running and poor fuel mpg's, In some cases we have had complete breakdowns, from fuel pumps and hoses that are getting eaten up buy the ethenol, not all rubber fuel line is rated for ethenol, so clogged injectors, ect, is a problem. I look for fuel without the ethenol. good luck!!


Answer by Tony Zarzecki
Submitted on 1/24/2007
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i have a 2000 ford ranger it's  a flex fuel truck. gas mileages is slightly lower but performance is great !! at 105 octane its like a muscle car. cost for ethanol is 10-15 cents cheaper, I've been using it for about 8 months now.


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