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I am replacing a 230 V water pump with a 115V can I use one...

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Question by Norman
Submitted on 7/15/2003
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I am replacing a 230 V water pump with a 115V
can I use one side of the existing wiring?

Answer by Nick
Submitted on 8/24/2003
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Yes you can. Joint one wire(white) from pump to ground neutral. Joint other(black) wire from pump to either one side of 230v power source. Cap off other remaining hot wire for safety.


Answer by John
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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that shoudl work, in theory. depending on how everything is wired for you... just make doubly sure that you know what the colour-coding is on the wires (so that you dont get it mixed up by accident if they are different from Nick's reply), and *always* make sure that you have the power off when wiring. trust me, it sucks big-time to get zapped.


Answer by alxnick
Submitted on 10/20/2003
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because of the different amperage draw amps double when voltage is halved  the wire may not be large enough  14 gauge is good to 15 amps  12 ga. is good for 20. the breaker should also be changed to a single pole breaker.   on a 110 volt circuit the white wire is connected to the ground buss in the electrical panel and becomes the netural


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