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If you breed an AKC Registered dog with an ACA Registered...

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Question by katydid
Submitted on 7/20/2003
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If you breed an AKC Registered dog with an ACA Registered dog, how or who would be responsible for providing papers on the litter?

Answer by Tara
Submitted on 12/16/2003
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AKC will not recognize the litter or give it a registration number


Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 12/30/2003
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I had that problem too. Of course AKC is a terrible company to work with. It took them two weeks to answer an e-mail and over 2 months to answer a letter. It took APR only about 5 days. To AKC it's all about making money not serving the customers and everyone I've met that has experience with them hates them so I'd go with ACA. Hope this helps.


Answer by Westie Owner
Submitted on 2/21/2004
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I recently bought a puppy at a pet store . The papers I received with it says it can be registered with the ACA Association. I did not notice this until after the sale, and do not know what ACA is, or what it stands for. Can you Explain? I bought this puppy for a pet but feel that I was deceived as to it background. Am I wrong in feeling that I should have been informed before I paid the considerable amount that I paid for this dear puppy.


Answer by Sabrina
Submitted on 2/22/2004
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Had the same thing happen to me too.  Wasn't until we were at the register that I found out he wasn't a Chihuaha AKC registered pup.  By that time, my husband was sold. I don't regret this puppy one bit, but I feel I waaay overpaid.  Opinions, anyone?


Answer by Westie Owner
Submitted on 2/24/2004
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I submitted a question on 2-21-04, although I received a reply I did not get an answer to the main question. That is, what does ACA stand for.


Answer by aroberts97
Submitted on 2/27/2004
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American Canine Association.


Answer by Angel
Submitted on 3/9/2004
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I hear that I can "double register" my AKC registered miniature schnauzers with ACA. Is this true, and if so where do I get the forms? Please email me at angelprather@hotmial.com


Answer by Angel
Submitted on 3/9/2004
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I hear that I can "double register" my AKC registered miniature schnauzers with ACA. Is this true, and if so where do I get the forms? Please email me at ngelprather@hotmail.com


Answer by ANNIE
Submitted on 4/15/2004
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Answer by Cyndy
Submitted on 4/19/2004
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Today's episode of Judge Judy was about this very argument.  AKC vs ACA.  Judge Judy ruled in the case of a woman who bought a Yorkshire that didn't end up looking like a Yorkshire when it started growing up.  Judge Judy said she'd owned tons of AKC and the breeder misrepresented it by saying it was registered because (apparently) ACA (which she never heard of) doesn't hold to the same standards as AKC which is basically the gold standard as far as breeds are concerned.


Answer by Facts About Registries
Submitted on 4/22/2004
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AKC is the best in America and yet they still are not excepted by FIC standard. CanKC (Canadian Kennel Club) is the next best thing here and that is NOT CKC ( Continental Kennel Club) either. The reason for people, breeders specifically, using these bogus registries is because you do not have to prove parentage, so basically you can take your poodle/dalmation/mastiff mix and register it through them as a purebred anything you want it to be. They will just "take your word" as far as parentage goes, you can check that out at yet another bogus reg. APR, just type it into your search engine and read how to reg. your dog with them. Another reason that backyard breeders, puppy mills and comercial breeders do this is because they do not have to do DNA testing, show records, or allow for quality of living for their "breeding stock". So the puppies from these registries are often a result of a breeder with a poor breeding program with unfit living conditions and/or incomplete or inaccurate records, and by buying this puppy (especially from pet shops, which are VERY well known for selling puppies from puppy mills) is allowing that horrible person with no more than pet quality/low health puppies to treat future puppies and dogs horribley by giving them money (wich is their sole motivation in life) and room for more. Your local SPCA should be able to give you information on puppy mills and comercial breeders also watch out for brokers! They are middle men for puppy mills, no responcible breeder will allow a puppy to go to a home that they themselves have not chosen. To the first two posters, how can you expect AKC to except these puppies as purebred to begin with? You will not find a better registry in America than AKC (American Kennel Club), they and the breeders who work with them to better their breed and it's health are out there being picky because they want your pet and my pet to live a long healthy life and because they want your pet and my pet to be the best representative of it's breed that it can be. One last thing that I myself have heard right from the mouth of a person using APR and ACA to breed "If a AKC breeder sells you a puppy on limited registry, you can use any other registry to breed it anyway" Meaning if a puppy or dog has a known health problem or is pet quality and should not be bred, you can use a puppy mill registry and breed it and it's health problems anyway. This is not safe breeding for people want their beloved pets to live the longest life possible.


Answer by mdm
Submitted on 5/6/2004
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For the information you are looking for go to acacanines.com. It doesn't matter what registry you brag about there are people willing to rip you off in all of them. Some of them get extra papers when registering a litter and then a non AKC puppy is a AKC puppy. It is mated and has what are suppose to bee purebreds but are not. You have always be careful no matter what the registry is. And if it is true that puppy mills supply brokers that supply pet stores then there must be some AKC puppy mills because there always some kind of AKC puppies in pet shops? Not all breeders that leave AKC and join a different registry are selling bad puppies. Some have left because AKC has become about the money and not the dogs and puppies. Just be sure to check paperwork, ask questions about the puppy and get as much info. as possible about the puppy.


Answer by kewpie
Submitted on 6/5/2004
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about reg papers . yes there are allot of breeders leaving AKC. not because they have anything to hide but because the cost . they can cost a private breeders allot of money they now make you micro chip all your dogs . that can cost .plus you must have a scanner on premises . they cost $325. then you must DNA .it cost $25to reg a litter plus $2extra for each pup wow adds up. plus they can charge into your home at any time .and you must let them in and they can spend 4 hours at your place. looking at all your records .DNA to pups fathers mothers. what a night mare.


Answer by FTERUIGO
Submitted on 6/9/2004
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Answer by Cassie- Dachshund breeder
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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There are TONS of illegitimate registries out there now days (ACA, APR, NAPDR, etc). Watch out & do the homework. In a post above the only big trustworthy registries for getting a "PUREBRED" dog is AKC or the Canadian Kennel Club. There are others like UKC, etc but in the US it's best to stick with the 2 big ones above. BE VERY LEERY of CKC even because Continental Kennel Club is also CKC... and this registry in my opinion is a joke. You have 2 witnesses sign a piece of paper stating the dog LOOKS like a purebred dog & all of the sudden your labrador retriever is now a dachshund!!!

No reputable breeder will place their pups in a pet store. Any kennel club involvement specifically prohibits this behavior in their codes of ethics.

When looking for a pup the best way to go about it is to find a reputable breeder through a local or regional breed club & spend the $ to have the piece of mind that breeder is behind you 100%. You're getting a dog for a lifetime- spend the $ & do it right the first go around.

I breed & show miniature dachshunds. I strive VERY HARD to do what is right by my breed. It irritates me to no end when people are out there backyard breeding & registering with bad registries & charging top dollar for their pups to unsuspecting/uneducated homes. It really sickens me!!!


Answer by Cassie- Dachshund breeder
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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AKC only comes to your house & inspects if you have 7 or more litters per year. If you have that many litters per year that should be a red flag in my book. Also- AKC does NOT require microchip. Please check out www.akc.org for Identification requirements. To register a dog through AKC it's $15.00... to register a litter it's $35 plus $2.00 per pup. If you cannot afford that you should not be breeding. When you sell a pup for hundreds that is a MINIMAL price to pay.

Please see your local breed clubs codes of ethics... and also the types of things AKC as a kennel club spends their money on. They charge $ for a reason & use it so that purebred dogs out there are representing what they should be. I want my dachshunds to look like dachshunds 20 years in the future. AKC sets the standards so that compliance happens. That isn't saying there are bad breeders out there using AKC as a registry.


Answer by Cassie- Dachshund breeder
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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AKC only comes to your house & inspects if you have 7 or more litters per year. If you have that many litters per year that should be a red flag in my book. Also- AKC does NOT require microchip. Please check out www.akc.org for Identification requirements. To register a dog through AKC it's $15.00... to register a litter it's $35 plus $2.00 per pup. If you cannot afford that you should not be breeding. When you sell a pup for hundreds that is a MINIMAL price to pay.

Please see your local breed clubs codes of ethics... and also the types of things AKC as a kennel club spends their money on. They charge $ for a reason & use it so that purebred dogs out there are representing what they should be. I want my dachshunds to look like dachshunds 20 years in the future. AKC sets the standards so that compliance happens. That isn't saying there are bad breeders out there using AKC as a registry.


Answer by Cassie- Dachshund breeder
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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As to breeders being greeders. I'm sorry you feel that way. I can tell you that when you are breeding LEGITIMATELY every penny and MORE you make is recycled back into your dogs. To show 3 of my dogs 1 day at a show costs me upwards of $60 per day... and during the summer I'm showing about 3 weekends per month. Then you have a litter that goes bad like I had at the beginning of June. The c-section alone cost $841, then formula to feed, then all but 1 of the pups pass anyhow. It will take me another litter just to absorb the cost from this 1. And LEGITIMATE breeders only have a couple litters per year. I expect no more this year- so my first litter in 2005 assuming it goes ok MAY pay for this one. Then what about my show costs????

Not all breeders are greeders. That's why most sites say go to shows to meet reputable breeders. It speaks a LOT!!!


Answer by BRANDY
Submitted on 6/13/2004
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I bought a yorkie and the breeder told me that he could only be APR registered.. because of the cost. Does this mean now that I can't breed him? It really p me off to think that these breeders think they are cutting cost like this. We are still paying puppy prices..


Answer by annrmirage
Submitted on 6/15/2004
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I recently purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a private party who bred her two pet dogs.  She advertised the puppies as AKC.  After three months and still no papers, I served her with small claims papers.  She then provides me with APRI pedigree and an application to obtain a certificate for my puppy.  I feel I overpaid for the dog and that the seller misrepresented the value of the puppies.  Should I go ahead and ask the court for a judgment to reimburse some of the money?  Or is the APRI registration sufficient?  


Answer by shagen
Submitted on 6/15/2004
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I think I am going to start up my own breed registry.  I will call it UEDB...It's an acronym for Uneducated Dog Buyers.  Would Anyone be willing to send me $35 to register themselves.  I'd stand to make a lot of money.  
I guess this is what I think of APRI.
Really.  I am sorry that everyone above has been mislead.  Before I purchased my English Lab I did my homework.  I waited for 14 weeks to receive her. This means she wasn't even born when i agreed to purchase her.  I found her breeder through the AKC.  I have been very pleased with my decision and she has been the best addition to our family.  Good Luck to all and Beware of someone trying to make a quick buck.


Answer by md
Submitted on 6/21/2004
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Here is a web site to a 1995 article from "THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER" which talks about the AKC and puppy mills. http://www.golden-retriever.com/inquirer_2.htm
Just copy and paste to read some very interesting info about AKC. If it is against the code of ethics to place your AKC puppies in a pet store why are there AKC puppies in most pet stores? It wouldn't be because the are breeders in AKC are not following the rules is it? If there not following that rule who knows if they are following any rules or even breeding the dogs they say the are? All the AKC puppy mills have to do is breed six litters under one name and then breed another six litters under another name and AKC will not check them out. I think no matter what registry the dog belongs to you need to check the pedigree, the dog, and the breeder's location to see how the breeder takes care of the animals they own. If a breeder is not willing to show you the parent dogs or the dog's area be careful, there may be a good reason not to deal with them. As far as show costs, everyone knows if a breeder has a dog that wins, the breeder is going to raise the price on the puppies. If you enjoy showing dogs in shows why complain about the price to be in them?


Answer by pooochgetterr
Submitted on 8/4/2004
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I  bought a pomeranian from a private party they gave me apri registration papers but he is not registered yet if I apri register him can I use him to breed?


Answer by Cavalier Lover
Submitted on 8/15/2004
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I raise Cavaliers and they are ALL AKC registered.  I would not think of going with any of these fly by night registries.  AKC supplies a 3 generation pedigree unlike these newer registries.  You basically say they are a certain breed and you get the papers.  On AKC you can check a box that the dog is not to be bred.  Some people are breeding them anyway and since they are unable to register them with AKC they are going with ACA and some of the others.  AKC is a trusted registry and has been around for a very long time.  Will the others?


Submitted on 8/23/2004
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I too found out the hard way reguarding registering a new puppy. I own a 3 year old AKC female and bought a 5 month old male who is ACA registered.  If I ever breed the two I will have to register the litter with ACA since AKC will not reconize the lineage. Seems alittle funny that you can send a copy of my female dogs papers in to ACA along with the litter registration papers??? So why won't AKC do the same homework to verify the lineage???


Answer by Byron
Submitted on 9/17/2004
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Fools buy dogs from pet stores and fools sell to pet stores.  Smart people buy from reputable breeders.  The only reason for the other registeries is to get around the strict standards of AKC.  Such as, limited registration, the people who have left AKC did so purely for the money.


Answer by Jenn
Submitted on 9/20/2004
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This is such an  interesting site!  I bought a beautiful black Cockerspaniel about 3 years ago...and about a year later I bought a gorgeous buff female Cocker. The female was 600$ and male was 500$. My female was ACA registered.  I decided to breed them together because we have three little children who loooove puppies and we figured it would be a good way of getting out money back from the dogs.  Both of our dogs have exceptional personalities and we just love them.  Well, we had one litter last year and it went GREAT!  Our kids loved it, the pups went really fast.  We decided to do it again...and now I have 6 cocker babies.  I wouldn't call myself a breeder BUT this is an expensive business to be in!!  I pretty much need to sell two female cockers at 450$ each to pay for all the vet work done so far.  THAN all my time (my goodness it takes alot of time and work) to take care of these babies and the mom...it's not CHEAP.  I hardly believe I"m greedy at all for selling my dogs for 450$.


Answer by Nikki
Submitted on 11/19/2004
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I've read everything that all of you have said and to be honest my head kind of hurts. I don't know what to think now. I spent most of today calling the breeders of my dogs and calling AKC and APR and trying to figure something out. I have two miniature doxies that I plan to have a litter with in the future. My male is AKC registered and I've done my research with him before I got him. The breeder I bought him from was, in my opinion, legitimate and I trust that she breeds quality dogs. However, I bought my female before my male and it was a kind of spontaneous thing. I bought her at a pet store and I didn't realize until recently that she is APR registered and that she went through a middle man. Her breeder sold her to a kennel which then sold her to a pet store. Now I don't know what to do. With whom should I register their puppies with? AKC won't register them thats for sure and I'm not sure if I want them to be APR registered. I'm not even sure if I should breed them. Of course I am only planning one litter because I think my female and my male are both beautiful dogs and I would love to have one of their puppies. Any other puppies in the litter would probably go to family members anyway, but I would still like to give the puppies the chance to be at least in agility contests, because my dogs love that now and will hopefully get into some contests themselves. Help me, what should I do in this situation???


Answer by Melinda
Submitted on 12/3/2004
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Just because a dog is registered AKC does not mean it is a "QUALITY" dog.It just means that somebody kept up with the AKC paperwork and fines. If you have a desire to show your dog in AKC sanctioned events then it MUST be registered with the AKC. If you know you have a nicely built dog that is not AKC registered but is registered ACA or CKC< DRA etc...then breed your dog if that is your desire. But you should take responsibilities for the puppies at all stages of their lives as well as future generations. After all it was your decision to bring these babies into the world.


Answer by silentskream
Submitted on 12/16/2004
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what if i've got a purebred dog (i know it's purebred because i've seen both parents) but neither parent was ever registered, is there any way to get my dog registered with either of the better organizations? or am i just stuck with a paperless dog?


Answer by snowball
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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I have an akc male pug and an aca female pug can they be bred or have I been mislead??


Answer by Cindy
Submitted on 1/5/2005
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I would like to know how to get the ACA forms to fill out..please email me at greeneyesinu@hotmail.com..thanks so much and I love reading all the Q & A here..Cindy


Answer by blbrown4@yahoo.com
Submitted on 1/5/2005
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How can I find out if the Rottie I just bought is really ACA Reg or not. According to the papers that I got from the previous owner she is. However I am learning a lot more about this sort of thing now. Can someone out there tell me what to do?


Answer by Kristina
Submitted on 1/16/2005
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I have an AKC registered boxer but the only stud i have been able to find is ACA registered. I know that AKC will not recoginize the litter....but will ACA provide  me with papers? Anyone who can help please email me @ Spaklin72@aol.com..thanks!!


Answer by ChihuahuaGirl06
Submitted on 1/17/2005
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Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible to double reg. my AKC male chihuahua with ACA as well? I want to do this because I Would like to breed him later with my ACA female. I also want to know does this make him less valuable if he is double reg or if he breeds with my ACA female? You guys all have some very diff. veiws and I like that I can get diff. perspectives on things! Keep arguing! LOL


Answer by rae
Submitted on 1/19/2005
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I just recently purchased a puppy from a breeder of AKC. I saw the parents everything was great puppies looked good, and everything else. Then I registered my puppy and got back the pedigree line and to my surprise his great-grandfather is the same dog on both the mom's, and the dad's side. I was disappointed and disgusted to say the least. How in the world did I (a nobody) notice this and yet the world renowned AKC did not. Are these what is considered High standards?????


Answer by woody32
Submitted on 1/21/2005
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i have two great danes.  through a move i made due to me being in the military, i lost both of my dogs papers.  is there anyway to get a copy of the papers or am i SOL?  also is there anyway that you can register a dog that is pure breed with the akc that never has been registered, i have a boxer in that situation.


Answer by beth
Submitted on 2/5/2005
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do you have breeding rights with an aca registered dog!!!!


Answer by JM
Submitted on 2/6/2005
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ACA rocks an its better than AKC!!!

PeAce OuT PeoPlE


Answer by SHTUP
Submitted on 3/4/2005
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Answer by JBR
Submitted on 3/29/2005
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Breeders that charge more if their dogs win?!!  That's ridiculous!  If there are breeders out there that do that, stay away from them.  They are not in it for the right reasons.  Breeders should be in it for the betterment of their breed.  AKC too expensive?  When you think about the lives you're created, isn't it worth it?  I don't breed to make money.  I'm lucky if I break even.


Answer by TSone
Submitted on 4/1/2005
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I pick up my new Bichon tomorrow morning.  The breeder says that she is APR Registered, and that she can be AKC registered if I desire for an addl cost of $27.  Is there a way for me to get the APR papers on her and then do the AKC registration myself?  Wouldn't that be a tiny bit cheaper?  I'm buying her as a family pet.  But, in the future if the opportunity arises, we may let her have a litter, so I'd like to be prepared.  Any advice is welcome!  Mail to tsone11@hotmail.com    THANKS!


Answer by marliemay
Submitted on 4/16/2005
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I have boxers, I recently purchased a puppy that is registered with aca. My female is akc.  How much should I charge for my puppies and who do I register them with?


Answer by Terry
Submitted on 4/22/2005
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Years ago we purchased a AKC Shetland Collie,  and he was a year old.  He came straight from a reputable breeder.  My mom paid a fortune for him.  Within days, he went to the vet due to his snapping at all of us all the time.  The vet told us that he was no where near one but was close to 6 years!  We were shocked.  We were also told that he was probably used to breed and that that is why he was so snappy.  When we received the AKC papers, we notice that the MOTHER, was born after him!!!!!  
We wrote to AKC immediately and they never responded for six months.  Then, they told us that they didn't know what happened with the papers and that they were not a mistake!
When i wrote back they never responded.  Same thing happened a few years ago with a mini pin that was AKC.  They said we couldn't register him due to a problem with his papers, but they never told us what it was and he was purchased from a reputable breeder that they recommended.!  Never to this day did they answer!  


Answer by pipbaby
Submitted on 4/25/2005
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I purchased a mini schnauzer from an individual as the "pick of the litter".  I was told that she was registered because I said I wanted to breed her possibly for show dogs.  After I bought her, brought her home and fell in love with her, I find out that she is ACA registered NOT AKA.  Her Sire is AKA registered but her Dam is not.  Therefore, my puppy cannot be AKA registered.  That pretty much leaves me out in the cold as a breeder.  Talk about being misled - I was.


Answer by supersgirl
Submitted on 5/1/2005
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As for all of this, I have been involved in akc breeding for many years, did the dog shows and all that bit. My mother ran a very small reputable kennel. IN my experience, AKC breeders can be as elitist as they want to be, but it is about the $$$ not the dogs. If you really cared so much about the dogs, then the "standard" would not call for dogs who are so long that their back breaks and they are paralized, or dogs with a snout so short they can't breathe or drink water without practically drowning themselves. You can fool yourself into beliveing it is for the health of the dog, but you would be an idiot to think that. Limited registration, spay/neuter contracts, all of that is fine if it were really for the betterment of the breed and to prevent unwanted animals for dying (I also volunteered at an animal shelter which puts animals to sleep which was heartbreaking), but you can be honest, we all know it is not. It is to keep the breed exclusive, and to keep the prices for their puppies high. And then people buy the animal for these exorbidant prices, only to be told theat they have no rights to the animal or the bloodline they paid for. It is a travesty. I am not a backyard breeder at all, I have one male dog, he is registered with the Ukc,  but I can tell you that he is the healthiest dog I have ever had. Mutt or not. Also, think of this high and mighty breeders, how do new breeds come into existance? All dogs are mutts you idiot.Your piece of paper does not make you a good moral person or any better than anyone else.  Chew on that.


Answer by Buck Naked
Submitted on 5/12/2005
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Wow, Most people like me are only interested in a pet. People who breed to show a dog are sick. You guys are all about creating the perfect dog and kick the non perfect ones to the curb(and their defects). I have seen so many stories of breeders like you interbreeding to get the perfect dog. How sad. And the AKC is stuck up. All we want is a well tempered and loving family member. You all act like anyone not selling an AKC dog is out to screw you. Yes you might get screwed, just like anything you do in your life. What is the point of living your life in fear? Anyway i love our ACA registered Pinka and our AKC registered Mr. Bubbles. You see we actually fell in love with them and aren't going to try make a buck off of them. Their love is good enough for us.


Answer by Tab
Submitted on 5/23/2005
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I have read all your comments. I bought a Maltese puppy from a kennel 9 years ago. He is beautiful! He has the blackest nose and lips you've ever seen. He also has naturally black eye liner. As an adult he weighs a little over 7 lb. I bought a book on Maltese all of the above meet the AKC standard, according to the book. He learns fast. He sits, stands, lays down, rolls over, and heels, at my command. He is ACA registered and I think he's CHAMP ABOVE ALL.
It doesn't matter what you all say I believe my dog is perfect, and his registry is as real as any. Tell me what makes any registry above any other? Rules?
Regulations? I have always heard rules were made to be broken.I believe the dog speaks for itself. Their is no way any registry can assure me or the next buyer that breeders are doing what they tell them to do. I agree with the person above, it's up to me, the consumer, to decide if I want this pet. If it's the pet you want who cares what a piece of paper says. I say thank Goodness for breeders. Without them I would not have my dear little Marvy.


Answer by mountaineersiberianhuskies
Submitted on 5/31/2005
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AKC does not require breeders or anyone to microchip they're dogs.  Although, they should.  AKC is top of the line.  Anything else is a wanna be.  DO NOT BUY PUPPIES IN A PET SHOP.  THEY BUY FROM PUPPY MILLS AND OVER PRICE THEM. Support the little man.  The dedicated responsible breeder.  A note to everyone, do your research.  Any responsible breeder will show you proof of AKC registration BEFORE you buy they're puppy.  And no responsible breeder will send you home with they're pup without checking you out first.  It's in they're better interest to see they're pups go to loving homes, with time to care for them!


Answer by Marne
Submitted on 6/24/2005
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We are the proud owners of two shelter dogs, one of which is AKC and the other ACA.  Neither is better than the other, they are both wonderful in their own right and I think that there is too much emphasis on purchasing dogs.  Each day thousands of animals are euthanized due to irresponsible people and breeders.  I understand the need for a certain breed and/or pedigree for showing, but for those of you who wish for a loyal, loving pet, try a shelter.  Every animal deserves a loving home no matter what their acronym is.


Answer by Eris
Submitted on 7/4/2005
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Actually, most puppies in pet stores are NOT AKC registered, they're ACA registered.


Answer by Mandy
Submitted on 7/12/2005
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i have a 6 month old Shih-Tzu that is ACA registered and a 7 week old Shih-Tzu that is APRI registered, I wanted to breed them in a year or so (together) can i register the puppies? and what would the be registered as?


Answer by UsedToUseAKC
Submitted on 7/26/2005
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Really, the only thing a buyer can do is research their puppy's breeder. Get references, ask to see parents, and get a 'feel' for the person.

The papers are only as good as the breeder. There are plenty of AKC dogs that shouldn't be registered... but have papers anyway.

There are still puppies sold in petshops with AKC papers. AKC is like the DMV... they don't guarantee the quality of the car, only that they have maintained the paperwork properly. That's all they do. Nothing more.

CKC (not canadian) will let anything that looks like a purebred in.

But then, AKC lets the breeder collect the DNA themselves. So, hey, if your CH can't make babies, just collect his brother's DNA. If you don't think this happens, you're just plain foolish.

APRI ***ONLY*** registers dogs with AKC lineage. The don't register CKC dogs unless it's proven the dog is an AKC ***ONLY*** descendant. What this means is you get an AKC dog, without the b**s**t of the AKC. APRI ***ONLY*** registers purebreds. Not cross-breeds.

Instead of regurgitating things you read on the internet... think independently. Call them yourself and ask!


Answer by Sherri Tracy
Submitted on 8/4/2005
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I have A.C.A. Dog's and I am very Happy with them. Some are doubled with A.K.C .I don't have any problem with anything as far as selling or people bying them . after all alot of our Presidents own A.C.A. dogs good luck to all.


Answer by ACA breeder
Submitted on 8/9/2005
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I breed yorkies and they are registered ACA(I bought mine as ACA).I like the ACA registry and what I get out of it. Go to http://www.acavet.com and click on "WHY REGISTER". My yorkies are all pure breed. They are sometimes even better looking then an AKC registered yorkie. Some of these AKC breeders ask way to much - if you really care about the dog you would consider taking a little less - just because a person does not have $2000 does not mean they will not love that dog. People will find ways to cheat everything. A limited AKC dog can still be registered as some other registry and AKC puppies are sold as some other registered letters. They are still good dogs. AS far as Im concerned registry does not mean anything.Just be sure to see the parents of the puppies and research the breed to make sure what they are to look like. Standards, after all - is the apperance of the dog. A good breeder is proud to show you all of their dogs, will answer all questions,give you helpful information and will not try to hide anything from you.


Answer by swoosie
Submitted on 8/13/2005
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I do not understand why some of you are even questioning the answers you've gotten. But then I do not understand why some of you spend hundreds,even thousands of $ on what in any 'registry' is a mutt.
There are unscrupulous breeders that sell AKC registered pups. It is a fact of life. But they are definitely in the minority.
You HAVE to do the research necessary to find out about the dog you're buying, the breeder/store(ugh) you buy from and whether you are willing to deal with the idiosyncrasies (they all have them) in both health and personality of the breed of dog you want  and that's true even if you go to the local SPCA.
Mutts are great dogs which is why you folks are spending so much money for them at pet stores. Do yourselves a favor, go to the SPCA. At least you'll get the most honest answer possible about the dog's bloodline.


Answer by lady griff
Submitted on 8/22/2005
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the akc has got people trained as to it being the only game in town ,,,they are not  ,,i have delt with akc and aca and have been treated as a person by aca and a number by the akc..they are a biasness and they reg puppy mill dogs too  ...for years they did this then with bad press they have required  dna [more money for them] and they do this rhru the mail [if really true it would have to be done by them or a vet] they are in this for money and they have been caught with turtles as a reg dog ...   the public should know that competion keeps the world a fair place a one company market is a bad idea,,,aca is a reg that you can transfer the akc reg dog to you cannot reg a dog with no papers,, they require proof just like akc,,but they treat the person doing the breeding with respect..and they respect the time of the breeder by answering emails and phone calls and paperwork..the akc does not .


Answer by Katydid
Submitted on 8/29/2005
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After asking that question several years ago, I look back at some of your answers and would like to clarify the issues.  I have both an ACA registered dog and an AKC registered dog.  While AKC is considered by most the Cadillac of clubs, it is a lot for nothing.  It cost $25 per litter plus $2 per pup to register and you get only that...registered.  Unless you are going to show the dog in a show you are done, unless you want to pay for all the extras such as pet identification, ask a vet, etc.  Now let's look at ACA...You are able to register the entire litter for a flat fee of $16.  With the registration you get free pet finder services, free ask a vet services, and access to health and history of past generations.  ACA also accepts cross registration, rather than keeping people and their pets out because they are registered with another kennel club although they are recognized and the dogs can be proven pure bred.  To refute a few of the other statements, ACA is recognized and has been recognized by even the president and vice president during 9/11 as one of the premier agencies in the nation after provided rescue dogs at ground zero.  About the Judge Judy statement, let me tell you how those shows work...A former judge hears cases from people who have agreed to drop their cases from regular court...the reason they do this is so that it can be sensationalized on the show and then the show actually pays any judgments etc. that the judge determines....keep in mind that the main actor in each episode is the judge...in other words, although they may have been a judge at one time, they aren't any more, they are actors who are paid to sensationalize something and maybe throw in some legal stuff here and there...anyway, one more issue to refute...no matter if it is ACA, AKC, CKC, etc. almost all of the clubs handle their genetic testing for breeders at a standard, most over 7 times a year being mandatory, all of these clubs require pure breeding along these guidelines and all keep a list of heredity going back multiple generations, and this is what the clubs are about...so choose which one you like...the reason for AKC being so popular is that they have been sensationalized by marketing...ie AKC approved this and that, AKC Breeders Championships, etc...  the truth of the matter is, after having both AKC and ACA registered dogs, I find that ACA is much more professional and deals better with me as a breeder, provides much better services for a much cheaper price, responds to questions faster, and provides a much better registration service than AKC has ever thought about providing.  Just my opinion, but then again ACA is not in the business for sensationalism, AKC always has been and always will be.


Answer by craftylady
Submitted on 9/4/2005
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I want to breed my ACA female with a AKC male can I register the litter ACA.....


Answer by decides
Submitted on 9/8/2005
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there are unethical dog breeders (akc, ckc apri,aca, ect.) just as there are unethical insurance agent, bankers, real estate people, car salesman and lawyers.  those bad apples leave a sour taste in all our mouths.
there are back yard breeders who are more ethical then your "show breeders", people who are genuinly looking to improve on type and TEMPERMENT of individual breeds.  Of course show breeders say they are the elite I was once at the home of a show breeder of shelties the 30/40 dogs she had lived in crates (big enough for them to turn around in) and were let out into a play area 2 maybe 3 times a day for about 10 or 15 minutes. talk about inhumane. THEN THERES LINE BREEDING LETS GET REAL JUST SAY INBREEDING.  Now there are back yard breeders who are no better.
do your home work when dealing with a breeder ask to see the parents and the whole litter, get a health certificate from the breeders vet and take your new pet to a vet of your choice asap.  use your head and if you don't intend to show lucky you. many a great dog are not breed for show.  wacth animal planet even some search and rescue dogs are found in local shelters, who verifies thier genitics????  My point being the people picking these dogs know what they are looking for and they go get it!
A last note in defense of CKC continental kennel club, not only do they ask for two wittnesses but they ask for photos of the dogs when there is not proof from another valid registry like AKC.

do your homework know your breed standards (realize that not all purebreeds fall into these standards as they are designed for show dogs) but they should come close and find that special pet who will love you unconditionaly no matter she be CKC, AKC, whatever.  Find a human whether it be breeder or someone in a retail store that is willing to work with you and your vet in reaching your needs!!!!!!


Answer by Lola
Submitted on 9/9/2005
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Several months ago, my sister suggested that I breed my AKC-registered female Scottish terrier with a male Scottie that belonged to one of her co-workers. I said,
"Why not?" and the next thing I knew, she was whisked off for a long weekend--followed by a pregnancy several weeks later.

She had a litter of three. It was only when I went to register the litter that I was told the male Scottie, the father,  was registered with the CKC; I assumed that the male was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. I spoke with someone from the AKC and was told that the only way to make the litter registrable with the AKC was to register the male Scottie with the AKC, also.

Meanwhile, the puppies were growing and I was having no luck getting in touch with the male Scottie's owner. Finally, I made contact--only to find out that the father is registered with the Continental Kennel Club, not the Canadian Kennel Club. I feel HORRIBLE because I sold one of the puppies to an acquaintance with the promise that I would present her with AKC papers within two weeks--an impossibility, from what I gather.

I have learned my lesson and will never breed a dog again, but any suggestions on how to handle this terrible situation will be appreciated.


Answer by goldie
Submitted on 9/14/2005
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I used to raise Cocker spaniels, some years ago, I sold five of my females to this one person, after a few months, I come home to find puppy papers in my mail box, Ihad no pups, here she was raising pups and signing my name to the papers, 52 pups, when I called her she didn't denied it and told me to do what ever I could so I had her arrested,when I showed AKC that she was found guilty  AKC did nothing didn't take her breeding right off of her or nothing, she is still breeding dogs AKC and selling them to pet shops, she has six different breeds in her back yard and does not know who is breeding whom. When I called her on using my name she had the nerve to tell me while I was at work she came over and used my Chocolate male to breed her females, and she used the papers from a male she had.She also bred brother and sisters together. What I am getting at if a person wants to breed and don't follow the rules no matter what club they are in or not in, they will do it. If you go to buy a pup try to buy it from someone you know well and check out the mother and father.


Answer by ssgtusmc
Submitted on 9/16/2005
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my son breeded a mini doberman pincher ACA with a AKA. The ACA mom has 6 champions just back 3 generations are the puppies not worth as much ? How could he find out what they are worth ?


Answer by bassetlover
Submitted on 9/23/2005
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None of this is true you can easily do a dual registry of the puppies. There have been many cases of ACA/AKC registered puppies


Answer by hartsafire
Submitted on 10/13/2005
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Listen folks I have had much trouble with AKC. when i get my dogs papers back I will register her with another registry.. AKC is not all they are cracked up to be.


Answer by Minpin
Submitted on 10/22/2005
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I have bought a Miniature Pinscher from a petland, the first dog I have ever bought. I bought her to be a companion for my Doberman, and maybe to have puppys someday. She is ACA Registerable which I thought was a good thing untill searching the web. She has a Lambriar Inc certificate that shows her family tree and it has a Champion sire that they told me was a Champion AKC dog. Are these certificates a lye? Do all of the Lambriar certificates have a Champion on them to make them sell better?
How does it all work, by her ACA form her breeder was a guy named Clay Scott, then went to Lambriar, then petland. Does that mean that this clay guy is just someone that works in a puppy mill, then lambriar checks them out, puts a microchip in them then sell them to stores? Is there a way to look up Pedigree Registration # to verify her parents and maybe find this clay guy?


Answer by Peadiddle
Submitted on 10/27/2005
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I am a hobby breeder and I know how the price is terrible, but I do not spend any monies on any thing but my babies. You see they have to be in tip-top shape to have babies, that means a Vet.; to check them and shots, good food, a warm and cool bed, blankets, washing, flea & heart guard, food and when the babies get here I clean more poo in a day than most people do in a life time,LOL not that I mind. I love these little guys and I would do any thing for them,I also want the new Moms' and Dads' to love them like I do. But if you can not meet the AKC requirements, some thing is WRONG! I did not know they were an ACA. I have to get on more often. For real if you want a canine, check out all, if the person can or will not give you an answer, move on. People are out to take the best, and they will. When you start your shopping, make a list of all the things you need and want to know, stick with the list. Do not settle for any thing less.
The people that have a canine or feline registered with any thing except the Canadian or Europe,Australian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club will not except. Nor any off-springs they have. Happy canine shopping! a hobby breeder.pdiddle


Answer by Krisi
Submitted on 11/20/2005
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There are so many conflicting stories about what a registered dog really means, one wonders if you can ever know if the dog you purchase is of "good quality."  I have an AKC registered Rottweiler and one that was only registered with the ACA, although when the breeder said she had "papers" I just assumed she was AKC.  Both dogs are wonderful dogs: affectionate, friendly with everyone they meet and well-behaved, as well as beautiful examples of the breed.  Are they show quality?  Probably not. But their pups will make great pets for people who don't care about showing their dog.  We didn't intend to breed them, but the male was more determined than we provided for in separation techniques and now we have a beautiful new litter.  I will tell prospective buyers the dam is not AKC, but I will also have to sell them for a couple of hundred dollars if I can.  Those who think this a breeder ripping off consumers... Do you know how much it costs to raise a litter properly, with whelping box, heaters, formula for more pups than the mother can feed, immunizations, etc?  This is not greed; this is to ensure than a owner will get a well-raised pup.


Answer by cassie
Submitted on 11/29/2005
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I have a Shih-tzu who is AKC who got my female Shih-tzu (ACA) pregnant. Can I register the puppies through ACA??


Answer by K9Trainer5
Submitted on 12/6/2005
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ACA & AKC are basically just breed tracking registries.  The main difference is that the ACA does less of the show and dog sports than the AKC does.

Don't be fooled into thinking that just because a dog is registered as AKC that it is somehow a "better" dog than a dog registered as ACA.  This is simply not true.  The AKC recieves more than 26,000,000 dollars annually from the registries of puppies bred in puppy mills, which is why you will never hear the AKC put up much of a stink about shutting down puppy mills.

The person who said, "No reputable breeder will place their pups in a pet store. Any kennel club involvement specifically prohibits this behavior in their codes of ethics," doesn't know what they're talking about.  I work in a pet store that sells puppies, and most of them are AKC.  We have a certificate from the AKC in our store saying that we have passed AKC inspections to sell AKC puppies, and the AKC reps come out once a month to check out our facilities and our paperwork to make sure everything is up to their "standard."  We still have puppy mill dogs, most of them from the Amish.  And they are AKC registered.  The AKC doesn't care, as long as they get their money.  

I've seen more AKC registered Labs in the past year that have muzzles like Dobermans than a little bit.  That's not a quality dog.  But they're still AKC registered.  Right now we have two AKC registered labs in the store from an Amish farm that are cow-hocked and have splayed feet.  But theyr'estill AKC, and people are still paying big money for them.  AKC doesn't care.  On the other hand, I bought an ACA registered Shiba Inu and he's extremely typey and perfect.  

From now on I'm boycotting the AKC.  My eyes have been opened.

Bottom line:  Know what to look for before you buy any dog.  Know that dog's faults, disqualifications, standards, and what genetic problems the breed is plagued with.  The more you know, the less likely you are to be scammed.


Answer by Trainer
Submitted on 12/7/2005
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I breed CKC registered Rottweilers, and they are some of the best ,the breed has to offer. All you have to do is look at them , and you will know. My inlaws own a AKC Rottweiler, they bought him before I started breeding. There AKC Rottweiler is way under size, and is in no way standard, but yet it is AKC ? So to me, AKC does not tell me anything, it is the dogs parents that matter, what do they look like, what is there temperament like? To get the best idea how your puppy will turn out, look at the parents, not the AKC papers, to me they don't mean a thing. I would never sell a puppy that came from my inlaws Rott, even if it is AKC. My CKC Rottweilers, that I registerd with CKC, win that match up hands down. And CKC does not just take your word for your dogs breed, you must send in pictures off all sides of the dog, and it is checked on a computer program, with photo enhancement, also you do have to send in a D.N.A. test if you are ever challenged. They are a new registry, but AKC also had to have started out new at some time, they just use a paper trail now, and by looking at the AKC rott my inlaws bought, it does not matter at all what the dog looks or acts like, just the long paper trail, with mybe good rotts 20 yrs ago , but not today. So beware of AKC as well as the others, they are no better, and make sure you do your research, on the parents, not just there papers. And do not just take it for face value, the people that tell you that CKC does not check out there breeds, they no little about what they are saying. Go to the CKC website and judge for yourself.  


Answer by AKC
Submitted on 12/7/2005
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I have seen more , and more runts get there AKC papers , and are bred with even more AKC runts. To sell puppies , just look in any local paper everyone has AKC papers, and are selling junk. They do have some good dog shows, but so do others. They show there top dogs, and that is great, but most that you see in the paper are purebred junk, with AKC papers. If you want the best, then you have to see the parents, not the papers. That is like a mail order bride, with out any pictures. Who knows what you may get?


Answer by Jarrett
Submitted on 12/14/2005
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If the breeders were not trying to charge so much for their pups you would not have the amount of people you do trying to put these dogs that are not pure breed and from puppy mills out here, and then AKC would not have do to all the things that they have to do to try and insure that these dogs are pure breed... All of you greedy breeders that think your dogs are worth thousands of dollars are doing this to your self and now look at all the dogs you are sitting on... I laugh at this and hope it gets worse for you all.  All I hear about is how breeders are striving to preserve there breeds, the only thing you guys are striving to do is line your pockets with your own puppy mills while you bad mouth everyone else's dogs to try and sell your own.  You are driving the economy out of your own business.


Answer by Margarita
Submitted on 12/21/2005
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I registered my new puppy on ACA website a few weeks ago and still did not get certificate.
Now I can not access the website www.ACAInfo.com
Do they have a phone number?

Thank you


Answer by BILL
Submitted on 12/29/2005
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akc is the worse people to do business with they took three months to send my papers to me ,even after I called them on numerous occassions I'll take ckc over them anyday plus when I talk to akc about registration  they were very rude no thanks


Answer by COCKER S
Submitted on 12/30/2005
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Answer by Eddy
Submitted on 1/7/2006
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Well this isn't an answer, it is a question. Please email me at eye2eye763@hotmail.com if you can answer my question. I think I know the answer but, I will ask anyways. If I breed my AKC female with a CKC male, will AKC register the litter? Will CKC register the litter? Will ANYONE register the litter? Probably not but I would appreciate some feedback to my email address. I don't visit this site much. Thank you



Answer by Brenni
Submitted on 1/14/2006
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As long as everyone allows AKC to run the dog show/breeding circuit, any other dog but the high priced, inbred quality of AKC will never be good enough.
AKC only allows a litter that is born to AKC registered parents, which means that they are most likely inbred, oh, they allow those that come from Europe, England etc..
But they have to be in association with the AKC. Most likely, unless you paid the correct amount of money and received the correct papers from AKC personally, That isn't going to be your dog.
I think if we opened our minds to other pet registries and allowed them to be "HONEST" and gave people more of a choice than AKC, We as well as a lot of pets will be very proud and happy.


Answer by rds040800
Submitted on 1/14/2006
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As far as APRI, it is a kennel club that was started from a group of AKC people that were tired of high prices. The only animals they will accept are AKC registered or UKC with proof of 5 generations of pedigree.


Answer by doglover
Submitted on 1/18/2006
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Buying a dog is a crapshoot. My friend's AKC registered shih tzu is snappy, very nervous and has health problems. I bought my shih tzu from a local breeder that wasnt registered through the AKC. I met both the parent dogs (extremely friendly and very cute shih tzus) and got to see the home that they were raised in. Needless to say, i now have a two year old shih tzu, that i never bothered registering any where except at the vet, because i bought him as a companion not something to brag about. He has a wonderful temperment, is very healthy and is great with children. If i had to do it over again i probably would have done a little more research on breeders but i dont regret my decision because i couldnt have asked for a better dog.


Answer by SANDEE
Submitted on 1/26/2006
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What does POP mean when you see it in the ads in the newspaper?


Answer by boxerlover
Submitted on 1/27/2006
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I have a boxer.  I adopted him from a neighbor.  He is a beautiful dog.  However, we are not able to locate the parents or the original breeders to get papers for him.  We want authentic paper work.  Are there test that we can run to register him?  How do we handle this?


Answer by sl
Submitted on 1/30/2006
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I have dealt with AKC and have come to realize that they believe in inbreeding their dogs. I for one do not believe in this practice for any animal and when I received the paperwork on a puppy I had purchased that was AKC I found that the father to this puppy was also the grandfather to this puppy. I feel that this practice should be unacceptable. The breeder would not take the puppy back and when I reported this behavior to AKC they said it was acceptable. My dog is very hyper and yippie which is not a characteristic of her breed. I now deal with NSDR or ASCA when I purchase my Austrailian Shepherds.


Answer by J.P
Submitted on 2/2/2006
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My husband I saw our first French Bulldog about 6 years ago. As of late we have decided we would like one. We live in Ohio and the pickings on breeders is slim to none, and the amount of purchase is $1800.00 and up for anything trustworthy. We like the looks and structure of the dog, but for that kind of money for a family pet seems steep. I feel cheated because I can't afford to purchase such a dog I can't have one. It has been suggested to go to a pound or buy a mixed breed for less! I have found myself lured to people reguesting half the money. Maybe to cure a problem we need to create a better solution on breeding and pricing. I am not planning on showing or making money of our family pet, therefore why are we put into that catagory. In car terms I want a compact and I am paying for top of the line luxury. I am scared to death to trust any breeder who is priced low in fear I am forcing some poor crippled starved female dog to produce pups on her death bed. Help!


Answer by Sara
Submitted on 2/3/2006
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Thanks to everyone that has given people like me the information I need.  I too have placed a deposit down for (2) Doberman pinschers from a breeder that is AKC registered.  I have only heard of AKC and know they are the best.  I starting looking to maybe receive a boy from someone else so that I can breed.  The puppy I was looking at is ACA (not knowing what ACA was) Now I understand thanks to everyone that has either posted a question or from ones who have answered the question posted.  My family and I were looking at a white Doberman Pinschers not know that these puppies are a result from in-breeding.  AKC will not recognize this color for Doberman Pinschers where ACA will that's the difference AKC takes pride in what puppy they are registering where ACA doesn't care it's a money game.  To the person that stated that AKC was just all about money, I would rather pay to make sure the puppy I was getting was going to be in good health.  Instead of paying the same price for a puppy I'm getting from ACA and I have no idea if the puppies parent or grandparents have ever had any serious health problems.


Answer by Laura
Submitted on 2/10/2006
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I own 2 Saint Bernards, one AKC and one ACA. Didn't know the male was ACA till after i purchased him so the female will be registered ACA. I'm new to the breeding world and not looking to make a quick buck just a dog groomer trying to get into the world of breeding and showing. So far i am very pleased with the customer service alone of the ACA. I have a million questions for the AKC and can't get an answer to one. Yet when it comes to quality you can see such a difference between the AKC female and ACA male in my dogs.


Answer by shellygirl0101
Submitted on 2/18/2006
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I want to know if you breed a male aca with a female akc will I get papers ?And from which aca or akc?


Answer by Casey
Submitted on 2/23/2006
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Okay, this is for everyone.

First off, AKC is just as unorganized as any other registry. They are the snobs who go to the Golf Course on the weekend, so to speak not in literal terms.

No matter whom you register your dog with it can still be questionable regardless if it's AKC or otherwise. The only difference is AKC costs more and for that reason has more money than the other registries.

Now, as for the person posting about a Yorkie not growing up to look like a Yorkie? There are some seriously strange looking puppies that will come up with longer legs, funny shaped noses, etc... It's more or less like a birth defect. A Chihauhua can end up being 25 lbs or have longer legs and still be purebred. It's happened. It may or may not have anything to do with whether or not it's purebred.

As for Breeders being greedy... Yes, some maybe. But not all. I've raised litters from working with breeders in the past. It takes A LOT of hard work, A LOT of $$ is invested. Vaccinations, microchipping, Veterinary visits, mama's Veterinary visits, blood tests, hip testing for parents, etc etc... This all adds up and it doesn't cost a merely $200 people, give me a break!

If you want a nice quality purebred dog, then contact the registry and ask who is the best breeder to go with. Sometimes it's word of mouth so ask around, but be leary about Breeders who are busy badmouthing other breeders because those are the people to stay away from.

Depending on the breed of dog, if it's imported or not, what the bloodlines are like, and whether it's Show Quality or not the price will range. If you have a Puppy, regardless of registry, who has no champion in their Family Tree, and is a Golden Retriever (which millions are bred every year worldwide) than you're looking at spending $200-$400 but if it's registered expect to spend $300-$500. However, if it's a Saluki (of which there are only 5 litters per year WORLDWIDE) and it has Champion galore in it's Pedigree or imported from the Arab countries than you're looking at spending $1000-$5000 and possibly not even owning it outright! YES, IT'sTRUE, how would you like that? It's because the Breeder cares about the breed and the puppy itself so they take the time to make sure it's going with one home and one home only or coming right back to them. People draw contracts, but those are easy to disregard. Now, ownership is hard to avoid.

These are the facts. Deal with it or go to your local humane society and adopt a dog or cat, or if possible get yourself a free mixed breed puppy out of the paper.

Make sure to read and study about the breed you're interested in to figure out whether or not it fits your lifestyle. And if you're at work often find another means to have it taken care of, like Daycare or Petsitters you can trust. If you can't trust anyone and don't have the time than a dog isn't for you!

People breed to better the breed of their dog, if they are breeding for the money they shouldn't be breeding but as we all know there will always be those people who will continue to do so. Yes there are zillions of mills and many of them go through AKC as their registry!!!!!

It comes down to this, if you are ignorant and feel you have to get an AKC registered dog, than go get one. If you can't afford it, look elsewhere. Make sure you know about the breed before you buy it. If you must, ask the breeder why they are selling it for the price and if they give you an explanation have them prove their explanation... Plain and simple.


Answer by amzach
Submitted on 2/27/2006
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You should learn more about the dog breed and breeder of your choice before you pay hundreds of dollars on a life long companion. As long as there are people willing to pay those outrageous prices there will be those breeding for the money.


Answer by suzielab
Submitted on 3/17/2006
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I have min. schnauzers. One is akc and ckc reg., the other is aca. Should I just go with CKC considering the hassle with akc ? I'm new at this and would like someone appionion on this matter.
Thank you,


Answer by Ladybug
Submitted on 3/24/2006
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All the answers are confusing--especially the ones with such bad mis-spellings.  PLEASE explain,  does AKA "except  (meaning not-allow)   or "accept" (meaning allow to be registered)  Except is not the same as accept.  Please be clear to those of us that need accurate information.              


Answer by redneck0730691
Submitted on 3/29/2006
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this is a good thing i found this site because there's is this guy on our local internet that is giving away an aca labrador (chocolate)female and me and my wife to be are raising akc labradors and it stunned me when i seen aca i didn't know there was one we where going to get her for our male akc labrador and then i thought to my self the same how would i register the pups through akc and then i found out through this site that akc would not register them thanks for the info


Answer by horselover160
Submitted on 3/29/2006
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Thank you all for you great information!  We just got a male lab for a companion to our female lab.  He is eligable for ACA and she is AKA registered.  We have been having trouble finding out the difference.  Someone told us that we can have him AKA registered, we would just need to pay a fee.  Is this true?  Thanks!!


Answer by Jeremy
Submitted on 4/4/2006
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I just Purchased a 2 month old Akita from a pet store, and they told me he was registered. I Paid $1500.00 for him then they told me he was APR Registered! If anyone can help, what is this? This dog cost me half as much as my Race car. Did I get Suckered!


Answer by Jbaby21_32
Submitted on 4/10/2006
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When buying a puppy you should always ask questions.  The pedigree is the most important thing you can look at next to the dog and if a breeder isn't willing to show you a copy of either dogs pedigree than that should definitely raise a red flag.  AKC is not perfect either some animals still have health or other defects its not guaranteeing that your animal will be perfect you should ALWAYS do you your homework and look into the pet you are buying talk to the breeders look at the parents if able to. I feel the most risky I believe is buying your puppy on-line how do you know that the parents they are sending pictures of are really the parents. Especially if you are purchasing a puppy that is not born.  Personally I wouldn't buy a puppy that wasn't already born and if i could i would buy one in my area just because its always fun to look at the little guys running around and there is always that connection with just one where he/she comes over and rubs against your leg and you think ohhh so cute.  As to how much you pay for a puppy you are right prices are getting to be outrageous but think about vet visits and shots and food and if the breeder chooses micro chipping and other things.  Why pay more for what kind a brand (akc,ckc,napdr,aca) dog you get. Look at what you get with the dog. Its like going to the grocery store and paying different prices for the same thing because its a different brand. You should look at the dog and the facts behind it. Especially if it is just going to be a house pet.  


Answer by dogone
Submitted on 4/11/2006
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AKC, CKC, and ACA are 3 registries that i have dealt with. AKC seems to be the top dog and have alot of rules, but that keeps things  on the up and up. ACA is fast and friendly to deal with, and it nice to have a dual registered dog. To some people it means double the shows you can attend. In any event, buyer beware, and do your homework before buyen a dog from any one. There are several people raisen dogs like livestock because it's a quick buck. So be sure to see the parents and a pedigree if avaliable.


Answer by truthurts
Submitted on 4/27/2006
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The reality of the pure bred dog trade and the dog show aura is that it's a good ol boys club.  Plain and simple.  If any one outside of any breed circle suddenly takes an interest in the breed to a point where they want to aquire a few more great dogs of the same breed and begin showing them and perhaps seek to build a kennel name and serve towards improving thier dogs towards a better representation of the breed for conformation.....guess what.   The bastards  who call themselves legitimate breeders also will make it a very frustrating effort to get your foot in the door.  These bastards look down their noses at anyone else and require you prove yourself for years under their scrutiny until they agree to put positive referrals out there to the rest of that breed community and allow you to pursue your interests.  That is a monopoly and completely unethical.  If the breeders want to prevent you from getting all the necessary tests to ensure your dog passes on any genetic flaws and your dog proves to be a good specimen for show then they should not sell you the dog.  They should shoulder the entire burden of bringing the new litters into the world, continue inbreeding and trying to convince themselves that is improving the breed and being responsible and the dogs that they can't take care of should be euphanized or sent to a shelter.  Screw them.  They want to charge me over $1,000.00 for a dog because of pedigree then they I will damn well breed it and pursue my own hobby interests as well.   If they want to prevent me from breeding because of a spay or neuter contract and my dog does pass on all breed defects...I'm gonna request the AKC turn over the limited registration and sue the breeders ass off for trying to tell me what to do with my dog.  If it does have defects then for the good of the breed I will spay or neuter, but if there is no history in the parent lineage and my dos pass there will be hell to p[ay for trying to monopolize the industry at my  expense.  


Answer by shilohs human
Submitted on 4/28/2006
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I have ACA min pins, and I can say they are all top notch dogs.... I breed for quality, not quantity, But the sell of one litter barely pays for the litter.  I checked into AKC, just because my buyers always thought they were the best... Well, AKC would not allow me to double register or change over.  ACA has been very helpful to me... and my pups are magnificent ACA registered Min Pins


Answer by Lhasa
Submitted on 5/2/2006
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You should not be breeding, unless you have 2 AKC registered dogs.  Most APR, ACA breeders are puppy farms, and are breeding for the money, and not the quality of the dogs.  AKC is a great organization.  I was able to register my litter, and puppies in matter of minutes.  Every question I have asked the AKC has been answered in minutes, a day at the most.  My first Lhasa was a APR dog that I didn't know where he came from.  After a year, he had Canine rage.  IF YOU WANT A PUPPY, GO TO A LOCAL DOG SHOW, LOOK AT ALL OF THE BREEDS, AND TALK TO A BREEDER.


Answer by Ken-Ken
Submitted on 5/5/2006
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I raise puppy on a hobby scale and I can tell you there is bad in every thing. The reason they want so much for an AKC pup is all the paper work and the extra test and fees. My pups are registered ACA and APRI they do check paper work. We raise them in a good home and love pups. We do not regulate that you must spade or neuter them you paid for the pup it is yours no one has the right to tell you how to raise your pup it's like telling you how to raise your child. I sell only to individuals no brokers no pet shops. A pup can be in a pet shop for up to four months and what they do with them after that is any ones guess.


Answer by egk
Submitted on 5/9/2006
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AKC is the best association without a doubt.  As a rule of thumb, a person should buy a dog from an AKC hobby breeder, but check out AKC hobby breeders thoroughly.  Ask about number of litters, breeding stock, OFA, and eye certifications for 3 generations, etc.  It is not sufficient for a breeder to be AKC...still do your homework.  Go to the breeder before the pups are born so you can objectively evaluate the breeder's operation.  AKC hobby  breeders are not created equal.  A good breeder will be there for you after you take your puppy home, too.  Until you have a puppy, you can't appreciate the importance of this help.  Best case scenario, the breeder is a mentor, especially for a first time owner.
Now for a word against the AKC.  They definitely want to promote the highest standards of the breed.  Generally this means healthy, show quality dogs are bred only.  How about healthy pet quality dogs, too.  Why?  To widen the gene pool.  Diversity is a good thing.  My Wheaten'sdad should not have been bred because of his liver colored nose and light, light brown eyes.  Yet, he's healthy, biddable, smart, and good looking.  His coloring does not further the AKC show standards of the Wheaten breed, but my Wheaten has the classic coloring for the breed, he's healthy, and a lot of fun, and will be neutered; he's still a pup.  AKC standards for breeding run the risk over the years of creating limited gene pools, particularly for the less popular breeds.  Granted, there's a paradox, since AKC seeks to protect breeds from over breeding such as the Dalmatians; yet, if the protection is too stringent and primarily based arbitrary show standards, the gene pool is also negatively affected...in my opinion.


Answer by maltese<3er
Submitted on 5/14/2006
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I am looking at an ACA puppy which is out of our state. How do I go about getting a background check on the breeeder in that state? Is there an informational hotline?


Answer by tm
Submitted on 5/31/2006
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I was wondering what was so bad about ACA. I bought a schipperke and she was registered through AKC,ACA, and APRI is it worth my time and money to register her through anything but AKC. I want one or two litters out of her.


Answer by RJ
Submitted on 6/24/2006
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I put a huge deposit down on a Yorkshire Terrier that was advertised as AKC registered. I was willing to pay the extra 100 dollars the breeder was asking to purchase the full registration, not limited.
The breeder e mailed me back and said that she had noticed when filling out the forms that the pups would be APRI registered, and offered to send my money back. I had no idea what APRI was. It seemed like a "bad thing" to the breeder herself, so I took the money back. I then purchased a great pup from a breeder that has ACA and AKC pups. All the pups that this breeder has were great, and it was hard to make my decision, however, I did notice that the AKC pups were priced a little higher. This breeder spoke very highly of both AKC and ACA, but not APRI. I just wanted a healthy pup!!!


Answer by PatyaKat
Submitted on 7/16/2006
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The only real registry for dogs in America is the AKC - American Kennel Club.  In Canada  the CKC - Canadian Kennel Club and in Great Britain the UKC - United Kennel Club.  The rest are alternate registries that will register any dog, be it purebred or mutt.  The AKC holds conformation shows all over the U.S. and the others in their respective countries.  These shows are to see how the dogs being bred are comparing to the breed standard.  What the absolute best dog of that breed should look like.  To win these conformations is a great honor.  And I think shows that the breeders that operate in the guidelines of the AKC are always trying to breed dogs that will meet this standard.  Not just for the sake of having puppies.  Granted, it is not real expensive to register a litter with AKC, but the total price for bringing in a litter is very expensive.  And I have yet to have a litter that paid in what I paid out.

Here are some of the alternative registries, with whom anyone at all can register a dog regardless of its parentage as long as you pay the fee. Many *register* mixed breeds and require no proof of parentage and are promoters of the commercial breeder and puppy reseller (broker to pet stores). Please note that some of the registries have similar or the same initials as the older and well established registries. This can cause confusion for consumers. Don't be fooled.

ACA - American Canine Association.   Advertises that over 3000 adult breeding canines are registered each week. Only registry endorsed by Petland. **Caters to commercial breeders.** Refers puppy seekers to pet stores.

APRI - AMERICA'S PET REGISTRY INC.   Advertises free registration for commercial breeders. Non Profit 'dedicated to the preservation of the professional pet industry', dogs and cats. Founded by retailers of pets (commercial breeders and resellers).

CKC-Continental Kennel Club (do not confuse with Canadian Kennel Club!)  
CKC will recognize a cross between any two purebred dogs, and will issue a registration certificate on their offspring. These crosses are not registered as purebred dogs but are registered as the offspring of purebred dogs. CKC accepts no responsibility for any inaccurate, false, or fraudulent information submitted on registration applications. They sponsor no shows or championships. They also give big fee breaks to large kennels registering lots of dogs (such as Puppy Mills). Will register dogs not registered with other recognized registries.

UKCI - Universal Kennel Club International(can also be found under the name UKC - Universal Kennel Club.  Do not confuse with the United Kennel Club).   Caters to the commercial dog industry and promises 'Complete Privacy Protection' for all breeders. Does not have a Code Of Ethics and brags about that. Does not currently impose any fines or penalties upon its members for violations of its policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, programs, restrictions and systems. * Registers* mixed breeds for breeding purposes. Will register unknown pedigree.

NAPDR - North American Purebred Dog Registry    Dog that does not have registration papers or proof of pedigree may be registered with NAPDR

DRA - Dog Registry of America
No DNA certification, registers unregistered/unknown/mixed pedigree dogs, brags about added value for sellers and confidentiality.

APR - American Purebred Registry   Will register unknown pedigree dogs/cats, does not sponsor any shows, no proof of purebred required.

UABR - United All Breed Registry   Advertises free registration of adults when you register a litter. Caters to the commercial breeders. Started "Gold Label Pets" for commercial operations, and promotes retailers.

WWKC - World Wide Kennel Club Will register dogs registered with *any other* kennel club

WKC- World Kennel Club Registers ALL dogs that are *pure-bred*, which may or may not be registered with any other kennel club or those that have no previous history of their Sire or Dam.

FIC - Federation of International Canines Special bulk discount for volume breeders

ARU- Animal Registry Unlimited    Guarantees they will register your pets of unknown pedigree, encourages cross breeding. Special prices for bulk.

CRCS - Canine Registration and Certification Services     Caters to commercial breeders.

NKC – National Kennel Club     Appears to registered unknown pedigree dogs with *inspection*.

Finally, USDA registered puppies come from commercial breeding farms, commonly referred to as puppy mills. Mills sell to stores and brokers, and this is commonly where pet store owners get their puppies. No breeder associated with a breed club and bound by a breeder’s club Code of Ethics will sell or consign a pup (or kitten) to a commercial pet store.


Answer by Sassie
Submitted on 8/4/2006
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I've read all these facts about the kennel clubs,and I have to be honest, Seeing people talk *CRAP* about all the "OTHER" Registry Clubs is simply drama. First of all IF you READ on AKC own site it states,they are nothing but a registry for pure bred dogs. NOTHING ELSE, just a registry. This means,keeping track of your pedigree and recording your breeding program. Talk about big brother watching . . . I personally own AND breed Chihuahua's,and Maltese. ALL of my dogs are pure-bred and registered.
I don't care WHAT breeder you talk with THIER dogs are always better than all the rest! I think it's the same with Kennel Clubs IE: AKC,CKC,APRI,ETC. . . When in reality, they do the exact same things. Keep track of your pedigree. AKC require'sAKC parents,CKC require's3 picture's right/left/front and 2 witnesses OR signiture of your Licensed Vet. You can also have dna testing done as well and recorded with CKC. They are hassle free and at this point don't seem to be in it for the almighty dollar. You can ALSO register Mix-bred Puppies with picture's and they'll be registered as MIX-BREED.
I'm not sure we're placing the blame on the right people here, seems to me, the people lying about their puppies and registering them as something their not should be held accountable. Registries only have the info supplied by the breeder.
As with human life the more letter's after your name the better you look and registring litter's with more than one registry is most certainly NOT a bad thing. It's a choice we all make at one point. I have AKC and CKC dogs and there are no differences with them except their paper registration don't both say AKC. My home is open 5 days a week to anyone who wants to see how I care for my pet's. God forbid USDA come since all my dogs sleep with me and my house is NOT pervious to moisture! Be real, they're MY DOGS, I bought them, and I intend to spoil them! Bets the devil out of living in cages.
Register your puppy or BUY a puppy with ANY regitry you want, Aquire this puppy because of the puppie NOT it's registration. It isn't worth the paper it's written on except to the people racking in the cash!
That's just my opinion.
Sassie - www.rnstravelpaws.com


Answer by GSP
Submitted on 8/5/2006
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i just wanted to know if anyone has any idea how i am supposed to register my German Shorthaired Pointer in AKC. he is full blooded but the was rescued so i have no info on the breeder or sire and dam. all i know right now is that the litter was registered and the only other puppy that lived was registered through AKC. when i called them about lost puppy papers they told me that there was no way to register my dog. .  . . so is this the end? i don't want to register him in another organization but I've met a brick wall. HELP! ~~Lost.


Answer by Ptown909j
Submitted on 8/6/2006
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Im in the process of purchasing a AKC pomeranian pup for my God-son and the pomeranian has champ bloodlines. I am going to get a female AKC pomeranain (champ bloodlines), but Im thinking of puting my dog in shows. Im new with the whole pomeranian things, but recently purchase some books. (maybe) in the future I want to breed her but I kind of want to fix her. Dont know yet because I want my dog to be healthy. My question is... can I register the future puppy to akc and Candian..KC ?? I know I can register to AKC but Can I also do it to Can..KC ??? what are the rules or restictions...etc..


Answer by Jamie
Submitted on 8/13/2006
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How can you say that ACA is a puppy-mill-registery.

They were founded in 1984 by DVMs, they strive to put an end to genetic disorders, so all dogs must have a clean Health Certificate and they DNA dogs, and they must have microchips.


Answer by kp
Submitted on 8/28/2006
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There are dishonest people associated with every breeding organization in the world. The AKC is the best in the US - bar none.

You do NOT have to microchip your AKC puppies, although it is a very good idea. I do not find the cost prohibitive, and certainly don't begrudge a non-profit (akc.org - not .com!) group from attempting to cover their costs with fees.

ACA, FIC - not interested. They have ridiculously low standards for breeds, as can be seen by the erratic results in the puppies - Yorkies that don't look like Yorkies, etc. AKC requires DNA tests to be submitted for all studs used more than a certain number of breedings - not for the first one. But even this is better than nothing.

If you want answers about the AKC, go to AKC.org. Everything you want or need to know is in black and white.


Answer by Wiem Owner
Submitted on 9/18/2006
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I believe that everyone has aright to register their dog with their club. But try registering a Weimaraner. YOU have to be approved not the dog. Even if you have papers a mile long THEY don't care. But I love my Weimaraners better than any other breed. I register them and tell the and I am very honest with the people that I sell them to or give them to. And yes I sometimes give them away when I meet a family that wants a good quality dog and I am sure they will take care of them I might just surprise them and give them one. Everyone should try this at some time in there lives, if they are breeders, You will be surprised at the business that these owner can and will send your way. The last time I did this the dad was getting ready to pay me and I told him to just buy me a coke and we would call it even. The look on his face was priceless, and I made a lot of contacts that are his friends.


Answer by Rondadon
Submitted on 9/19/2006
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The AKC is a joke anyway.  They are only in it to make money.  They recently teamed up with Petland, the large pet chain who refuses to stop selling its puppy mill puppies.   http://www.almosthomerescue.org/news/news.htm
For those of you who are looking for a companion and not a show dog, do the responsible thing and go to a shelter or rescue group.  Think rescue dogs are only the worst of the bunch??? ABSOLUTELY WRONG.  There are many amazing, beautiful, incredibly smart dogs in the rescue system.  They end up there for a variety of reasons, but 95% of the time, if the dog is thought to have a problem, it's the owner and not the dog who truly has the problem.    


Answer by nopuppymill
Submitted on 9/25/2006
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Breeding, raising and selling registered puppies is a business. Most breeders are loving and caring and strive to raise healthy and happy pet quality puppies. No matter what registration, if they want to stay in business, they have to put in a lot of time, effort and money to make sure their customer (you and me) receives a puppy that is healthy and is a good representative of the breed they chose to purchase. Most people only want a pet and could care less what registration they are. Don't be misled by all the propaganda that AKC and other extremists put out there. You always hear about horrible puppymills, but in the whole scheme of things, these are very rare. If there wasn't a need for other registrations, besides AKC, then they wouldn't exist. AKC is like the bully on the school yard. CONTROL...CONTROL...CONTROL


Answer by bernerlover
Submitted on 10/6/2006
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I had a similar problem with a puppy that I had purchased.  I was told she was AKC registerable and when I got her papers weren't available so they were mailed to me.  Well low and behold they weren't AKC papers they were APRI papers.  I immediately called the breeder they apologized and offered to take my dog back and refund my money.  Well I am not going to return my dog because of papers so I kept her.  Papers do not make the dog.  The breeders (well owners of the dogs) had just gotten the parents and the mother was pregnant at the time of sale and that was the parent dog's registry.  My girl is happy and healthy.  I would just do my research on a breeder and unless you decide to show I would go with the best breeder you can find whatever registry they use should not matter.


Answer by Ladyview
Submitted on 10/11/2006
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I take offense to some of the comments on here. I raise dogs and some of them are registered AKC, some APRI, and some CKC. I started raising dogs because of the outrageous price most people charge and because of the horrible conditions I saw dogs being raised in. My dogs are fed a Premium food. Have indoor / outdoor runs. Have exercise yards. They have toys to play with, bones to chew and get some loving attention every day. It doesn't matter who they are registered with, we treat them the same. We try to sell them for a reasonable affordable price. What people don't understand is how expensive it is to raise dogs. Not to mention the time involved in doing so. But we love our animals and enjoy what we are doing. That is why we do it. Unless you are planning to show your dog in AKC shows, it doesn't really matter what papers they have. If a pet is all you want, the best thing to do is look at the parents and the place that is raising them. Pet stores are the worst place to buy from. They know nothing of the puppies back ground. The health and temperament of the puppy and the parents should be your biggest concern. You can get good dogs or bad dogs no matter where they have been registered. Stop blaming the registries for inferior dogs. Blame the unscrupulous people that are doing the breeding and blame your selves for not doing your homework and finding a good breeder.  


Answer by sonia
Submitted on 10/27/2006
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if breeders are using all these registration because AKC is costly then why are their dogs sold ACA the same if not more expensive then an AKC dog? i mean dont you guys think its a bit contradiction to say i dont register the pups because AKC is expensive then sell a pup for 1500.00 i sell my pups for 500 and i register AKC pay it OK it doesn't make me poor so why are these so called breeders jacking up prices so much if the registration is cheep?????


Answer by looneytunes24701
Submitted on 11/8/2006
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i like the akc. i had a problem with them sending my puppy papers to the wrong address. within 4 days i had my new papers! i have ckc also (continental kennel club). they will let you register mixed registered puppies. (where both parents are registered but not the same registry...) people dont seem to want to buy ckc unless its just for a pet...which is a good idea. akc is very strict and for good reason.
go for akc!


Answer by jen
Submitted on 11/9/2006
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i am going to be getting a german rotty puppy tomorrow. he is ACA registered. Is this a true registry? I have been seeing alot of ACA puppies in the papers as well as AKC, UKC, and CKC.    


Answer by Heather
Submitted on 11/21/2006
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Hello, i am a new breeder. im very confused, i don't know if i should register my puppies with AKC or APR. the parents are AKC. i spent a lot of money and time finding both of my dogs to breed them. the female is champion bloodline. i don't know what to do. my breeder is telling me to go with APR .. all i hear is APR is better, but i don't want people to think that my litter is a quailty puppy.

also, yes i breed dogs. this is my first litter and i study and read up on everything i need to know about this process. I make sure my puppies are healthy and were bred to improve the breed. But, becuase i don't show my dogs, does that make me a backyard breeder? what excatly is one.

Please email me at jessicasblackberry@tmo.blackberry.net


Answer by brittany
Submitted on 11/26/2006
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i just got a 4 month old belgian tervurn whos litter pedigree is under aca... does that mean she cant be registerd under akc too? And if she stays as just aca can i still show her?


Answer by Bug
Submitted on 11/27/2006
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Can an AKC dog be bred with a CKC dog and how would you register them? e-mail me at Staciab2005@comcast.net


Answer by puglyn
Submitted on 12/5/2006
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As an unexperienced pug lover, I purchased a male pug advertised as purebred registered.  I didn't look further and ended up with a lovable, studly pug w/papers from ACADEMIC KENNEL RECORDS.  Same breeder charged $575 for him w/a hernia.  As many have said, do your homework and don't trust whatever is advertised.  He is a fine dog.  They (we have a female also) just had their first and only litter of 4 female fawn pugs that I will have much trouble registering as one is AKC (female) and one AKR (male).  Any suggestions?


Answer by Amber
Submitted on 12/13/2006
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I bought a male yorkie and like some of the other stories i heard. He is APR registered. If he is bred with an AKC female, what registration will the pups have???


Answer by Nikki D
Submitted on 12/14/2006
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Don't let all the AKC breeders convince you that AKC is the only way to go. I have personally delt with AKC and a few breeders and AKC allows and encourages inbreeding and/or line breeding. this is breeding sister to brother, grandfather to daughter, ect. This is not healthy and if these breeders knew what they are doing they wouldn't think that this makes lines stronger and with better attributes. This causes an array of genetic problems and proven weaker immune systems. And this is the way that most of the AKC dogs are bred. I won't touch another AKC dog with a ten foot pole, not to mention AKC dogs are highly over priced. Why pay $800 for a registered Lab when you can spend $100 on a Lab at a shelter and save a life not contribute to inbreeding and line breeding.


Answer by charlie
Submitted on 12/21/2006
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I bough a cocker spaniel pup the pet store said thay were not puppy mill puppies. I believed them because they are a friend of a friend.They said akc papers would come in 8 weeks its been 3 months +. how do I check up on the breeded now to see if he, the puppy is a pure breed.


Answer by Yaya
Submitted on 1/2/2007
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If I want to transfer my APRI papers into someone elses name that already bought my dog, how do I go about doing that?  Also, is it going to show where I bought the dog from on the form once I have it transfered over?


Answer by crazybird6305
Submitted on 1/10/2007
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You know all this is good and fine.  But the truth is it doesn't really matter what registry you use.  It matters what breeder you use.  The breeder is either good or bad.  The registry is only to show of purebred status.  Some breeders have multiple breeds and have no clue which dog bred to which.  And they go ahead and name one of the same breed dog as the father, even though the breeder has no idea.  That is the problem false breeders, the registry has nothing to due with that.  Some of the registries are just trying to make it cheaper to register a dog so you don't have to charge as much as a breeder.  And yes AKC is one of the best, but they are now worried more about the money and not so much the dogs.  I know plenty of bad AKC breeders and AKC has done nothing about it for years, so they are just like the rest.  There are just too many liars out there breeding.  Thank you and research your breeder and there dogs, always ask to see the parents.  


Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 1/16/2007
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can my boy dog that is AKC register breed with ACA register?


Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 1/16/2007
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can my boy dog that is AKC register breed with ACA register?


Answer by bikerdaddy
Submitted on 1/18/2007
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Look the fact is you get what you pay for in life.Its a buyer beware world.I'd rather buy an AKC pup with a pedigree.Not to be able to show or breed.but so I know I'm getting a dog thats been bred for health,temperment ,and to meet the breed standard.Nothing can break your heart like watching a pup die young from a disease that a repuatable breeder could ,and would have avioded.I know I spent hundreds trying to save our pugs life to no avail.She was bred by a puppy mill and died from a paresite in her blood stream 3 weeks after we bought her.The vet said it came from the pup being left in thier own filth at the kennel.I watched my little girls cry for weeks after this.
So its not just about the money .These dogs become a part of your family,and who would want to go through that?


Answer by Crazywhiteguy
Submitted on 1/22/2007
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I just bought a chihuahua at a local store for my fiance without doing homework prior and i payed 1400 dollars and i got fed the whole aca purebreed blah blah blah so i fell like a dummy o well just letting you guys know that it happens to people and it sucks but i still love the dog he is awesome but i still paid way to much!!


Answer by Jessi
Submitted on 2/18/2007
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I feel AKC is better as far as organizations, if you can afford it. It doesn't cost much to join, but shows and other things are costly with AKC. I am looking for a Boxer breeder, and I've only found 1 within 200 miles of me through AKC. I am not rich and I am not willing to pay more than 500 for a dog that is nothing more than a pet. The all white that my fiance wants doesn't meet AKC standards, but we are looking for a house pet, not a show dog or breeding dog. We've done very in depth research and we can only register him through ACA since he doesn't meet the AKC standards, even though both his parents are AKC registered. What's the big deal of registering with any organization if you are not breeding or showing or competing? You can also go one step better and go to a rescue group for the breed you desire. Save euthanization and give a homeless pet a home if you don't have to have a puppy. It's where our next one will come from!


Answer by bettyboop74
Submitted on 2/23/2007
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My Chihuahua's are both ACA registered and I am about to register their pups. But I wanted to register them all with AKC, since I was told that AKC was the best.
But I went on AKC web site and I can not register them while have the ACA. Does any one know why? Or better yet should I even both with AKC and just stay with ACA?


Answer by Stef
Submitted on 3/5/2007
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I think AKC is somewhat unfair because they are so hard to please but yet they dont give alot back in return. EVERYTHING from them costs money which i guess is understandable but its almost like what am i getting. But, anyway I think my experiance with them will pay off after I start breeding. Its just the initial start that they get you on. I am sorry some think that breeders are greedy and trying to make money off people who arent educated on the matter. Facts are you have to have all questioned asked before you buy including those of AKC or CKC etc.


Answer by FITCH2004
Submitted on 3/5/2007
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If i breed my AKC female with a non registered male will the puppies still be AKC?


Submitted on 3/5/2007
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I found my little guy through a friend of mine, who had a friend who breed Yorkies, who had another friend that just had a litter in Texas. (We are in California) They are all wonderful people and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a healthy Yorkie from a reputable breeder. http://www.yorkiedoodlekennel.net/

I found this web site and have found all postings on this site to be very helpful. I have an 8 pound male Yorkie (AKC Registered) http://www.detour23.com/WINCHESTER/
and have had a few people interested in breeding. I  have one person who has their female registered with ACA and I am not sure if I should breed him with a non AKC registered female Yorkie. Any comments would be helpful!!!


Answer by chihuahua mom
Submitted on 3/6/2007
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It's amazing all the hullabaloo we are hearing about registries.  I bought my pup from someone in another part of the country who was willing to show me several pictures of the dog, his siblings and his parents.   She was willing to talk to me on the phone reassuring me and answering all my naggy questions.  Now I have a beautiful dog, ACA registered, that is the talk of the town.  Every other chihuahua breeder I've shown him to, AKC and otherwise, is dying for me to provide him for stud service.  The vet says his heart, limbs, teeth and coat are absolutely perfect.  We are trying to find another of his quality and are having a hard time.  I could care less about registries, I just wanted a good looking, healthy perfect specimen of a chihuahua with a great temperament.  Forget the documents, look at the dog!!!


Answer by roxie
Submitted on 3/11/2007
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This is interesting.  I bought a Shih Tzu pup almost a year ago.  His parents are APRI registered.  I have not registered his papers yet, however.  The thing is I checked both parents against the standard and the environment.  What I got was a pup that would rival Lastat (Best in show winner).  He also has perfect teeth and a very nice coat.  I wanted to breed him because he would make a good addition to the breed...good temp. and no health anything..Does anyone know is there anyway to make him a better reg. dog?  I can prove and trace back to him grandparents and would pay for any testing.  He really is a good example of the breed.  I have not registered him yet. I wanted to find an answer to this question first.  No matter what registry I have to go through...I will only breed to excellent and moral breeders.  Thank you for your help


Answer by nita
Submitted on 3/12/2007
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Answer by beginning beagle breeder
Submitted on 3/13/2007
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I have a female 13" beagle that is AKC registered.  I would like to breed her with my ACA registered male.  Can o co-register them in either so the litter can be registered?


Answer by GEORGIA
Submitted on 3/19/2007
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Answer by phoenixfire6
Submitted on 3/21/2007
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When I first decided to get a dog I tried rescues.  It's the best place to start.  Unfortunately, the breed I wanted is a rare one and there were only about 50 dogs in rescue at any given time in all of the US.  Which is a great sign that this breed is neither over bred or given up often.  Well, I tried to get a dog though rescue for about a year before I decided to look for a breeder.  I started with the information found at the breed club.  Armed with a list of AKC breeders.  I called each one to see if they had what I was looking for. Sure it sounds like I'm impulse buying but I wasn't.  I found one that had the right dog I wanted at the right price.  She told me she was selling it cheaper because she wasn't selling it with registry, because of a mix up with the DNA.   What really sold me was the multiple questions she asked me.  She really wanted, not just to match the dog to the prefect owner, but also to make sure to was going to a good home.  She wanted to make sure I understood what I was getting myself into with the breed.  I still keep in contact with my breeder. Its great to have someone to talk to who shares the same passion for a breed as you.  Now I'm looking for another dog, a different breed.  I'm back to where I started .  Except this breed isn't rare just expensive. Since this breed is prone to get some serious health problems, I'm taking my time to find the right breeder.  I looking for a breeder that test their dogs and can provide health records. I've found some very good breeders.  Now I waiting for my puppy to be born.  I guess the best advise I can offer is, do your research.  The only people I can think of that buy from pet shops are those that impulse buy. We all have done it at one point. NEVER let a cute face win you over before being sure that you've got the healthiest pet possible.  I've seen some very nice looking pet shops, but why would I buy from them knowing they only do basic vet checks, they don't know or care half the time where these animals came from, If something wrong with the animal you'll only get an exchange not a refund (most of the time the exchange time is less than a month), and lastly why would I want to pay a middle man?  I'm not saying I wouldn't buy from a pet shop (I do buy fish), I just saying there better options. It really doesn't matter what registry you use so long as the pet you get is the healthiest possible.  That being said, I would go with the advice given by Facts about Registries.  I work more with AKC because I feel comfortable with it.  I may not trust all the breeders (why should I, I don't know them), but that's why I do my research .  Once you find breeder you feel comfortable with, go with it.  Better to pay a few hundred now than thousands later. If you don't understand the registry don't buy the dog before you do some investigating.  Remember your going to be with your pet for a very long time, make sure your happy with every aspect of it.  Also remember, your buying a pet not a registry.  Always keep the old saying in mind: Let the buyer beware. I really hope this helps someone.  


Answer by Mazlee
Submitted on 4/1/2007
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Well, I guess I am considered an " uneducated dog owner" however, when I bought my puppy (from a pet store) I really didn't care about papers or registries. I bought the puppy (Min Pin) because I fell in love with the dog. Yes, he was expensive and yes, I can register him with ACA. I have not done that as of yet. I'm wondering if there is a way I could register him with AKC if he meets criteria. Maybe he is as "perfect" as an AKC registered dog. Who sets the standard and how can one obtain info. Is there a possibility that my puppy is worthy of AKC registration?


Answer by sprighet
Submitted on 4/2/2007
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I have to add my two cents in here! I can not stand CKC (continental kennel club) the only reason people are changing from AKC to CKC is because they must be doing something wrong, or why would they WORRY about AKC coming to the door of their home. I personally will NEVER change over to CKC! You can register a cow and say its a ShihTzu and thats what it is to them! I breed ShihTzu's because I love the Breed. I and my whole family love the puppies when they arrive, and I am choosy as to where they go to live. I get so sick of hearing people talk down about AKC, thats why when you go to the flea markets and places like that, all you see are CKC puppies, It's the PUPPIES that I feel sorry for. I need to come down off of my soap box, because I could go on for day's about this.............Just check your Breeder out, If they are not asking YOU questions just as well as you are asking them, then BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by Jo Pinkie Poodles
Submitted on 4/19/2007
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I am a Poodle Breeder. I have both ACA and AKC reg dogs. The only Difference I see is that if your Puppies are AKC they bring more money. If your Buying for the TITLE of the Registery then you arent any better than a backyard puppymill. My sugestion is find out as much info as possible from the breeder. Go to their home and see for yourself that is the best way.


Answer by BD
Submitted on 4/23/2007
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She didn't say that the AKC code of ethics prohibits selling to petstores, she said that breed clubs prohibit it.

AKC has much higher standards for parentage, quality, and care of puppies than any of these other registries (except the Canadian Kennel Club) and the AKC STILL will register poor quality dogs for puppy mills and all manner of irresponsible breeders.

So, if the AKC is lax and problematic then you can only imagine how bad these other registries must be if the people can't even meet the AKC'slow standards. They are lower than low. If your dog is CKC (Continental), or APR, you bought a puppy of extremely dubious background from an unscrupulous breeder. Your dog may or may not even be purebred. These dogs should not be bred and the people who are selling them to make a buck should be boycotted.

These registries are a red flag - BUYER BEWARE!!!


Answer by Katy
Submitted on 4/24/2007
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So is it possible to register a chihuahua to the AKC even though the parents aren't AKC registered? Please email the answer to me at: katyac23@hotmail.com thanks.


Answer by swammy
Submitted on 4/30/2007
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If I have a dog registered akc and want to breed with a aca registered dog can I register the pups aca? Do I need to register my dog aca? If I register my dog aca will it void the akc registration.


Answer by mmmbo
Submitted on 5/11/2007
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Answer by John L.
Submitted on 5/23/2007
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WOW!!! Strict adherence to breed confirmation standards is exactly why your dogs are unhealthy.  To maintain the rigid conformation standards required by AKC or UKC, inbreeding and line-breeding is routinely practiced.  The breeding results in physical and temperament problems.  Precisely why it is necessary to deliver  pups C-section, artificially nurse them on formula, and most of the pups do not survive.  I'm sorry, this not the sign of a hardy breed regardless of type.  Working dogs are dogs bred for specific tasks or performance and not rigidly  bred for conformation.  This requires less stringent registry requirements if the breed bloodline is to be recorded.  Therefore, it is not unusual for breeders to out-cross to other similar breeds or bloodlines to get "fresh blood" into their foundation stock to either eliminate undesirable physical or temperamental traits.  This practice is quite common among the working terrier, southern hunting dogs, and shepherding groups.  In fact, as soon as these types of dogs gain AKC recognition into the registry, popularity rises, and more breeders enter the scene.  Shortly, the breed begins to experience degradation because of the rigid adherence to conformation standards and the resultant inbreeding and line-breeding.  That is the exact reason it is necessary to have hip, elbow, retinal, and a host of other health
certifications on certain breeds.  The best practice is to view both parents physical traits and observe their behavior.  I always have both parents of the terriers I breed on hand for prospective purchasers to observe.  I have had 2 pups returned in 10 years of breeding.  Enough said.    


Answer by pm
Submitted on 6/5/2007
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I recently registered my dog with the ACA.  I requested and paid for a 4 generation pedigree. I received 2 complete generations and the rest of the information was partial or missing.  The great grandparents of my dog's were listed as having a foreign registration, information request pending.  What is the significance of this?  I should also acknowledge that a check for half of the pedigree fee was returned to me with their apology.  A phone call ACA headquarters resulted in a hang up when I asked to speak to their pedigree department.  A second attempted phone call was blocked.  This ACA registry is a racket as is Petland the original source for my dog.


Answer by SH
Submitted on 6/13/2007
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I recently bought a Boston Terrier from a breeder in Palm Springs.  I didn't know that she was registered with ACA... I had been thinking the whole time she was with AKC.  But when it comes down to it, she is a fantastic breeder and my puppy is a very healthy loving dog.  The vet told me he is one of the finest Bostons he's ever seen.  The breeder was not AKC because she wants to keep costs down.  But she is very kind, her facilities are wonderful, and I couldn't be more confident in my purchase.  Now granted, my experience may not be the norm for these "alternate" registries.  But I just want to let everyone know to not just take someone's word for it.  Just use your brain.  Inspect the facilities.  Meet the breeder and investigate them.  If all seems right, then you might just get yourself a perfect little puppy.  Mine was only 500 bucks!  In California, that's unheard of!  But I lucked out, really.


Answer by shawn
Submitted on 6/13/2007
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First off, (CKC) is one of the easier working kennel clubs. When you have two diferent K.C. dogs that breed together those two clubs will never regester the pups, this is when you turn to CKC. I hope that everyone out does however have the chance to view both the parent dogs and as well see both there paperwork. This will be one of the only ways to make sure that you are getting a "purebred" dog.


Answer by Julie Humphrey
Submitted on 6/29/2007
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I am looking for a copy of my dogs registaration papers.


Answer by liz
Submitted on 7/9/2007
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ACA is good, AKC is Good. AKC got its name because they set out to make it seem like they are the best. My sister has an AKC Pomeranian, with many birth defects. The dog died before it was 4 years old, from heritary problems. So AKC, ACA, CKC, they just register your dog and give it their papers, not one of them can detect or give you answers to birth defects, heritary problems or anything else. The papers are just to state you have a Purebred Dog, not a mixed breed, not a designer Pup, which is the same as a mixed breed. So if your dog is registered and doing well, has no major issues, You are a registered owner of a PureBred Dog.


Answer by pj
Submitted on 7/11/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
I have a APR registered Boston Terrier, in which I didn't realize she was not AKC, They listed her as having papers. She is a wonderful Boston Terrier and beautiful. I have Bred here with my Mom's male who is AKC. If the pups are healthy and happy and for pets,does it really make a difference whether they are APR or AKC. They will not be for show dogs.


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