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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is one of the Silicon Graphics FAQ series, which consists of:

    SGI admin FAQ - IRIX system administration
    SGI apps FAQ - Applications and miscellaneous programming
    SGI audio FAQ - Audio applications and programming
    SGI diffs FAQ - Changes to the other FAQs since the last posting
    SGI graphics FAQ - Graphics and user environment customization
    SGI hardware FAQ - Hardware
    SGI impressario FAQ - IRIS Impressario
    SGI inventor FAQ - IRIS Inventor
    SGI misc FAQ - Introduction & miscellaneous information
    SGI movie FAQ - Movies
    SGI performer FAQ - IRIS Performer
    SGI pointer FAQ - Pointer to the other FAQs
    SGI security FAQ - IRIX security

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are certain to be out of date. The contents are accurate as far as we
know, but the usual disclaimers apply. Send additions and changes to

Topics covered in this FAQ:
   -1- Is there a QuickTime movieplayer available for SGI?
   -2- I cannot play a QuickTime movie on my Silicon Graphics computer.
       How can I make it work?
   -3- I cannot play a QuickTime movie created on a Silicon Graphics
       computer on my Macintosh.  How can I make it work?
   -4- What version of QuickTime does Silicon Graphics support?
   -5- How can I create a QuickTime file on an SGI?
   -6- I need to play MPEG movies.  Does SGI offer MPEG support?
   -7- I created a movie with Capture, but now I can't edit it with
       Movie Maker or play it with Movie Player.
   -8- How can I write a program to create, edit, convert, or play
       movies?  Where can I get a copy of the SGI Movie Library?
   -9- I can't use images exported with Moviemaker in any of my
       applications.  What image format does Moviemaker use?
  -10- Can anyone provide details on the SGI movie format?
  -11- Can anyone provide details on the QuickTime movie format?
  -12- How can I convert from SGI movie format to MPEG?
  -13- How can I convert from Microsoft AVI movie format to SGI movie
  -14- Is there a way to bring up a movie (using movieplayer) within
       Showcase using a button click...and having it place itself
       automatically in a certain location and start?
  -15- I am using Mosaic.  When I try to view a movie, movieplayer
       starts, but then shows a message: no movie.  How can I make it
  -16- I have the Galileo (or Indy Video/Indigo2 Video) option, but I
       can't get Capture to use it.  When I run it, the IndyCam shows
       up.  What do I do?
  -17- I cannot get the right video to show in the Capture tool! I get a
       video source other than the one I want or the screen is black.
       What do I do?
  -18- Why does Capture tell me to "Please Stand By", instead of
       capturing video?
  -19- Capture just grabbed a file for me, but now I can't find it.
       Where did Capture hide it?
  -20- Under IRIX 5.3, my system has a video board and/or IndyCam, but
       Capture won't let me use it.  It just greys out the video options
       on its menu.  How can I make it work?
  -21- I created a movie with audio using makemovie, but the soundtrack
       plays back really garbled and choppy.  What do I do?
  -22- Does anyone know the maximum size a movie file that MovieMaker or
       MoviePlayer can handle?  Is it limited by free memory, or will it
       play from the hard drive?
  -23- How do I write a program to access the pixels of a video frame in
       a movie file for image processing purposes?
  -24- How do I write a program which can write individual frames from a
       movie file out to a still image file?
  -25- I'm using the Movie Library to create QuickTime movies using
       Apple's Video compression.  When are default key-frames placed in
       a QuickTime movie made with the SGI movie library?
  -26- The Movie Library has calls to play a movie in a file, memory or
       a file descriptor.  But all of them seem to assume that the
       complete movie is available locally.  How can I play a movie all
       of which is not available locally?
  -27- When programming with the Movie Library, can we insert and delete
       frames from a playing movie?
  -28- When writing frames to a movie with the Movie Library, if we fix
       the image track parameters, does the byte size of the frame
       remain constant across frames?
  -29- How do I write a program to play a movie entirely from memory?
  -30- How do I capture movies from live video within my application?
  -31- How do I write a program to read and write compressed data to a
       movie file?
  -32- I want to write a program which creates a JPEG-compressed movie
       file, but I need to control the compression quality.  How do I do
       this with the Movie Library?
  -33- I want to write a program which can create a JPEG-compressed
       movie file compatible with the Cosmo Compress board, SGI's
       hardware JPEG accelerator.  How do I do this?
  -34- I simply want to create a JPEG-compressed movie which is
       compatible with the Cosmo Compress board.  I don't want to write
       my own program.  How do I do this?
  -35- I want to capture a still image from video using a shell script.
       The Capture tool doesn't seem to be appropriate because it waits
       for the user to click the mouse button. How can I accomplish

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