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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -4- What version of QuickTime does Silicon Graphics support?

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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  Silicon Graphics does not provide support for the QuickTime
  programming library, but only for the QuickTime file format.

  The definition of the QuickTime file format has not changed since its
  original release.  Apple's enhancements have mostly been in the form
  of performance improvements and new features to QuickTime which have
  not changed the basic file format.  So, in some sense SGI supports
  every version of QuickTime.  But to answer the question practically,
  we do not support every features which Apple has introduced in later
  releases of QuickTime, such as MIDI tracks in QuickTime files,  
  or QuickTime VR.
  SGI is working very hard to enhance its QuickTime support over time.
  In the Digital Media 5.5 tools software product for IRIX 5.3, SGI
  provides support for reading and writing QuickTime movies with
  Cinepak compression, as well as support for reading "non-flattened"
  movies which contain separate resource and data forks.
  To download the Digital Media 5.5 tools, see the first question in
  this FAQ.

  In IRIX 6.2, SGI also provides support for reading QuickTime files 
  stored with Indeo3.2 compression, and also other features of QuickTime
  which were not previously recognized.

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