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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -9- I can't use images exported with Moviemaker in any of my applications. What image format does Moviemaker use?

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Date: Thu May  2 16:33:54 PDT 1996

  In IRIX 5.2 and earlier, Moviemaker exports images using the
  ImageVision FIT file format.  This library is supported by the
  SGI ImageVision Library and its assorted tools.

  To convert FIT files to another file format, such as SGI rgb or TIFF,
  use the imgcopy(1) program, part of the ImageVision Tools (imgtools)
  product.  The ImageVision Tools are bundled with the basic IRIX

  The following shell script will convert a batch of image files to SGI
  format, using imgcopy:

  #----------------------- cut here ---------------------------
  # iv2sgi - convert a batch of imagevision-supported files to SGI
  # .rgb format using imgcopy
  # usage: iv2sgi <filenames>

  foreach image ($argv)
      imgcopy -fSGI $image $image.rgb
  #----------------------- cut here ---------------------------

  Moviemaker 2.1, which is available in the IRIX 5.3 release,
  supports image export in SGI and TIFF, as well as FIT formats.

  NOTE: the IRIX 5.3 version of Moviemaker contains a bug which
  prevents it from exporting images to TIFF format.  Exported images
  will look all black or all white.  If this is important to you,
  you can download the Digital Media Tools 5.5 software product,
  which contains a version of Moviemaker which corrects the bug.
  See the first question in this FAQ for details on downloading
  the Digital Media Tools 5.5 software product.

  If you have IRIX 5.3 or later, you can also use Movie Convert to
  extract image frames from movie files.  Moviemaster converts between
  movies and images. 32 different image formats are currently
  supported. All sgi movie formats are supported.  Moviemaster can
  extract frames from a movie, build a movie from frames, or image
  convert from one format to another.

  In IRIX 6.2, moviemaker allows you to choose an image file format 
  to output to (TIFF, RGB, etc); choose "Collection of Images" from the
  pop-up menu in the dialog box, and then choose the appropriate format
  from the pop-up menu in the Image Settings dialog.

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