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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -2- I cannot play a QuickTime movie on my Silicon Graphics computer. How can I make it work?

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Date: Thu May  2 16:33:54 PDT 1996

  Here is a checklist of things to try:

  - You should be using the 5.1 MR version of the OS or later. Later
    versions, in particular Irix 6.2 support more QuickTime files.

  - The QT movie must be "flattened".  Use the Apple Movie Converter
    program and choose BOTH "Make playable on non-Apple systems" and
    "Make self-contained" in the Save As dialog.  The file must
    also be compressed with an algorithm we support.  For example,
    do not choose "Cinepak" or "Compact Video". 

  - Try changing the compression to something else, say "none" to see
    if that may be the problem.

  SGI has licensed the QuickTime movie file format and three
  compressors from Apple.  In IRIX releases 5.1 through 5.3, you can
  display QuickTime movies compressed with the RLE or RPZA algorithms
  (Apple Graphics and Apple Video) with the bundled SGI movieplayer.

  If you have IRIX 5.3, you can download the Digital Media Tools 5.5
  product.  This will allow you to create and view QuickTime movies
  using Cinepak compression, and it can also read QuickTime movies on
  Macintosh filesystems which have not been "flattened".  See the first
  question in this FAQ for information on downloading the tools.

  If you have IRIX 6.2, CinePak and Indeo3.2 decompressors are included.
  The CinePak compressor requires a license which is included with SGI's
  WebForce software product.
  Prior to OS release 6.2, the SGI movie tools did not support QuickTime
  movies which contain an edit list; version 6.2 and beyond supports
  QuickTime movies with edit lists, and with multiple image tracks.

  Typically, a QuickTime file on the Macintosh stores all of the movie
  parameters and header information in the resource fork, and the
  actual media (sound + video) in the data fork.  To be used on a
  computer which has a conventional file system (such as the Indigo),
  you must first "flatten" the movie on the Macintosh before
  transferring it to the Indigo.  This is what the "Make playable on
  non-Apple systems" option in the Apple Movie Converter does.

  The Apple Movie Converter is part of the QuickTime Starter Kit, a
  software package sold by Apple Computer for Macintosh systems.  It is
  available from retail software distributors.

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