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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -25- I'm using the Movie Library to create QuickTime movies using Apple's Video compression. When are default key-

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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                frames placed in a QuickTime movie made with the SGI
                movie library?
Date: Mon Mar 25 10:04:18 PST 1996

  For releases prior to Irix 6.2, key frames are placed by 
  default every fifth frame.  

  Beginning with WebForce1.1 and IRIX 6.2, it is possible to
  control the keyframe distance.

  To do so in a program, set the parameter 
  DM_IMAGE_KEYFRAME_DISTANCE parameter when you create an 
  image track.

  The tools (dmconvert/makemovie/movieconvert) also have 
  options to allow you to control keyframe rate.

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