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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -26- The Movie Library has calls to play a movie in a file, memory or a file descriptor. But all of them seem to

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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                assume that the complete movie is available locally.
                How can I play a movie all of which is not available
Date: Wed Nov 16 13:04:20 PST 1994

  It's really not possible at the moment.  The Movie Library
  needs access to both the header/indexing information stored
  in the movie file, as well as the media data itself in
  order to play the movie.

  It may be possible to do this by passing a socket
  descriptor instead of a file descriptor.  There definitely
  is a problem of seeking to a particular frame.  If the whole
  movie is streamed in with no mvSetCurrentFrame() kind of
  calls, it may work.

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