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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -17- I cannot get the right video to show in the Capture tool! I get a video source other than the one I want or

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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                the screen is black.  What do I do?
Date: Tue Nov 15 15:39:30 PST 1994

  Capture does not allow you to choose a signal source.  It uses the
  system video settings.

  To change the system settings for signal source (and hence the signal
  source for Capture), do the following:

  Run vcp or videopanel.
  Choose the device (VINO or Galileo/Indy Video) you are using.
  VINO is for the Indy's built-in video (both the IndyCam and
  its analog video input port).  Galileo/Indy Video is available
  only if you have those optional hardware products installed.
  Then choose the input.  For VINO, this control is labeled
  "Default In".  For Galileo/Indy Video, this control is labeled
  "Input Source".  You may need to close other video apps
  (including Capture) to do this.
  Don't forget to make sure that your camera or VCR is plugged
  in correctly, and that your camera can see video.  Look into
  the camera's viewfinder to make sure it is working.
  Choose "Live Video Input" off the Utilities menu to check.
  The video you see here is what Capture will use.  Close this
  window when you are satisfied.
  If you closed Capture, start it again (don't forget -ev1 on
  the command line if you are using Galileo/Indy Video; see
  above).  You should get the video you want.

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