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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -20- Under IRIX 5.3, my system has a video board and/or IndyCam, but Capture won't let me use it. It just greys

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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                out the video options on its menu.  How can I make it
Date: Thu Nov 17 09:08:40 PST 1994

  Odds are that you do not have video support installed on your system.

  Here is what you need to have installed, at a bare minimum:

  I  dmedia_eoe.sw.common 11/07/94  Common Execution Environment Components
  I  dmedia_eoe.sw.compression  11/07/94  Compression Execution Environment
  I  11/07/94  Video Execution Environment

  For IndyCam users, you also need the following:

  I  vino.sw.eoe          11/07/94  Indy Video-In Execution Software

  For Galileo/Indy Video users, you also need the following:

  I  galileo.sw.eoe       11/07/94  Galileo Video Execution Software

  For users with the Cosmo Compress option, you also need these
  systems installed:

  I  cosmo.sw.eoe         11/07/94  Cosmo Compress Execution Software
  I  dmedia_eoe.sw.utilities  11/07/94  Media Record, Playback, Convert Commands

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