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SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -6- I need to play MPEG movies. Does SGI offer MPEG support?

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Top Document: SGI movie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Date: 4 Nov 1998 00:00:01 MST

  Again, the answer to this depends on the IRIX system release
  that you have.
	- In all releases of IRIX up to and including IRIX 5.3,
	  the SGI movieplayer does not support MPEG movies.

  	- If you use IRIX 5.3 with the Digital Media Tools 5.5
  	  software product or IRIX 6.2, the SGI movieplayer
  	  supports MPEG-1 movies.  
	  You can also create MPEG movies using the dmconvert or 
	  Movie Master (mediaconvert) tools.  See the first question
	  in this FAQ for information on downloading the Digital
	  Media Tools 5.5 software product from SGI.

  For free, you have several options:

  1) You can use the Berkeley mpeg_play. You can get the file
  mpeg_play.Z by anonymous ftp from

  2) A Motif-based MPEG player is available via these URLs:
  3) An MPEG player from Greg Ward <>, who 

  glmpeg_play is a feature-rich, GUI-poor player for MPEG-1 video
  streams for SGI workstations.  It supports memory or disk buffering,
  zooming by pixel doubling/tripling/ whatever, pause, single step
  forward or backward, continuous play, continuous back-and-forth play,
  and a few other obscure features.  It is entirely controllable 
  through the keyboard, and most features are also accessible via 
  pop-up menu.  No pretty buttons, though.  Playback status is
  available through a rather ugly (but informative) text window.

  glmpeg_play is available from

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